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The 5 lions of the Basel zoo together III by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
I was lucky to see and pohotgraph all the 5 lions of the zoo together in a row! From left to right: Mbali the male, the two older ones and the two young ones who are the daughters of Mbali and one of the old ones!

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I was walking today and at one point I thought I felt something land on my back, but it could have just been my clothes moved weird. I immediately went to touch where I felt the “thing” and didn’t feel anything. I turned around and looked and didn’t see anything near me or on the ground. My boyfriend said he was pretty sure if a bat landed on me he would have noticed even though he was walking beside me. I live in Middle Tennessee and the weather has been 60 and below for the past couple weeks. I had two layers of clothes on (thin cardigan and a somewhat thing shirt) I didn’t feel any bites or scratches or anything, just the “movement”. I haven’t heard anything about rabid bats in my country since 2014, and I’ve been in this part of town before and I haven’t ever seen bats, but I know there is a small population of them in caves around my county. This happened at around 2 in the afternoon, and we were downtown where the buildings are a bit older, so I started freaking out some.

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I know a lot of people might not like the question, but we had a death last year of Rabies here in Vancouver BC, and my anxiety has been through the roof.

Behind our house, there is a creek, and in the summers, you can see bats flying around. Last night, my wife had left the back door opened a bit, and when I woke up this morning, it was wide open. Now I’m worried that a bat could’ve got in. A rabid bat etc. Am I being over paranoid?

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The Rise and Fall of the Tallest Mammal to Walk the Earth 

It arose from rhino ancestors that were a lot smaller, but Paraceratherium would take a different evolutionary path. Believe it or not, it actually became so big that it probably got close to what scientists think might be the actual upper limit for a land mammal.

The illustration of Paraceratherium used in the thumbnail is by Dmitry Bogdanov!

via:  PBS Eons

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The Forgotten Story of the Beardogs

Because of their strange combination of bear-like and dog-like traits, they’re sometimes confusingly called the beardogs. And even though you’ve never met one of these animals, the beardogs are key to understanding the history of an important branch of the mammal family tree.

Thanks to Ceri Thomas ( and Julio Lacerda ( for the excellent beardog illustrations!

via: PBS Eons

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The Hellacious Lives of the “Hell Pigs" 

Despite the name, we don’t know where the so-called “hell pigs” belong in the mammalian family tree. They walked on hooves, like pigs do, but had longer legs, almost like deer. They had hunched backs, a bit like rhinos or bison. But as is often, if not always, the case, there is some evolutionary method to this anatomical madness.

Thanks to Ceri Thomas for the excellent Entelodont illustrations!

Check out more of Ceri’s paleoart at and

 via: PBS Eons

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