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obeythedemons20 hours ago
When the others knew he loves them [Obey Me! Headcanon]
Obey Me! Masterlist
MC said a dumb joke. It was enough to make Mammon groan and roll his eyes. What made him pause, was the undignified snort that escaped from Lucifer. He looked over at the prideful demon with shock. His crimson eyes were locked on MC, the corners turned up and his mouth formed in a content smile. He looked...soft.
Lucifer looked almost like he did back when they were at the Celestial Realm. He looked back at MC and then back at Lucifer. He gulped, at how Lucifer's attention was solely focused on the sound of MC's laughter like nothing else mattered.
Beel had just walked into Hell's Kitchen with an all he could eat coupon. His stomach growled loudly at the thought - but was silenced when Mammon brought him food.
"Sh-shut up, it's not like I'm here 'cause MC saw somethin' that they wanted and I'm workin' to get money to buy it for 'em or anythin'!" he scoffed at Beel who never said anything to begin with.
He figured he had a crush on MC, but not a big enough of one to do the thing he hated most just to make them smile.
Satan watched with amusement as Levi walked around with a non-manga book in his arms. He was proud that his older brother was finally picking up some real literature. Then, he saw the title of the book. It was MC's favorite novel.
Levi's eyes meet Satan's eyes. His face turned a bright red and he held the book closer to him before hurrying out of the room. Satan's eyes widened as he realized that Levi was actually taking an interest in someone else's interests. His lips pressed into a thin line at the realization.
Asmo watched as he sat on the couch, his foot tapping anxiously. His emerald eyes flickered to the tv, where he paused a crime drama. Just as Asmo was going to ask what he was waiting for, MC came in with a bowl of popcorn and a brief apology for being late. Asmo expected him to be angry, but instead a wide grin formed on his face.
Satan patted the spot on the couch next to him for MC to sit. Once they settled in next to him, Satan covered both of them with a blanket and played the crime drama. His eyes kept flickering from the screen to watch MC's reactions instead. Asmo chuckled quietly and went to resume painting his nails.
Asmo's spiel of how excited he was about his spa appointment to the ever-elusive Devil Hot Springs was cut short when his D.D.D. vibrated. Solomon watched curiously when Asmo's eyes fluttered over the words. With a light laugh, he dialed a number.
"Yes, I need to cancel my appointment," Asmo spoke quickly. Solomon watched in shock, knowing that Asmo would most likely have to wait a couple of years before being able to go to that spa. When Asmo hung up he giggled. "MC wants to hang out today!"
"Ah, don't eat that," Beel warned Belphie. Belphie sighed and rolled his eyes while giving Beel that look. Beel shook his head. "It's not for me. I got that for MC, it's their favorite." Belphie put the food back before grabbing something else out of the fridge. He heard the front door to the house open and Beel zoomed out of the kitchen, not even grabbing something to eat.
Curiously, Belphie poked his head out of the kitchen. Beel was taking MC's bag and jacket for them with a small smile. The pair walked off in the direction of MC's room with Beel following them like a puppy dog, a really big puppy dog.
Levi was getting a late-night snack during a break from raiding while his teammates needed to get away for a second. His foot caught on something walking down the stairs. With a yelp, he toppled forward. Looking back, he shuttered at the glare Belphie was sending him.
"Wh-what are you doing sitting right there?" Levi questioned, but was soon interrupted when the front door opened. Belphie hopped up from his spot and stepped over the Avatar of Envy. Levi watched as Belphie grabbed MC's hand. It clicked. MC had to go to Lord Diavolo's for the exchange program. Belphie actually stayed up to make sure they got home safe. Levi's eyes narrowed at how Belphie was hanging off of them.
Lucifer was having tea with Diavolo when he briefly mentioned the latest shenanigans MC had gotten into with his brothers. The boisterous laugh that erupted from Diavolo startled him.
"Could you tell me more about MC?" Diavolo questioned and leaned forward. For a moment, Lucifer brushed it off as Diavolo wanting to hear about MC as an exchange student, but the way his eyes became half-lidded and the smile he wore when he listened to the stories about MC caused him to pause. Lucifer took a sip of his tea, not knowing how to proceed with this new information.
Diavolo followed the pair in the marketplace, wearing a pair of sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a hoodie like in the movies MC showed him. He was curious when Barbatos had asked MC to tag along with him with one of his daily trips, so he had to get a better look at what was going on.
He watched as Barbatos placed a hand on MC's back, guiding them and keeping them close to him. Barbatos's shoulders were relaxed for once and the laugh he let out was one he's never seen before. In fact, he's never seen the butler so relaxed before. Diavolo frowned.
"Ah, Barbatos?" Simeon questioned. The angel looked nervous as his hands clutched onto a notebook tightly. "Could you perhaps read a poem I wrote? MC asked to read whatever it was I wrote next, so I wrote this for them."
Barbatos merely nodded and happily took the notebook from him. His eyes skimmed over the words. The butler hid the frown that was wanting to break out on his face and instead kept his face neutral. While it wasn't directly obvious, the poem's words describing the beauty and loving embrace of the Celestial Realm were actually about them.
Simeon watched with a frown. Solomon was going through book after book about breaking the curse of immortality. The angel stepped forward to the sorcerer who was on the brink of tears. He placed a hand on his shoulder, causing Solomon to startle.
"I don't want to watch them grow old while I remain the same," he whispered. "And I can't curse them to the same faith I have." Solomon turned back to his books, searching desperately. Simeon stepped back, leaving Solomon to his research.
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mawwart2 days ago
Hey! Could I request Mammon with the headless horseman outfit on with the carved jackolantern in his arm?
Tumblr media
I was confused for a hot minute there bc I thought there was some secret Halloween costume event I didn't know about or smth lmao Anyway grouchy headless horseman is missing his horse 馃挃
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leviathanswingman23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sometimes it's just me and my obeymemes against the world
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gracedcoupa day ago
鈥淢ammon raised Satan鈥 headcanons pt. 2
brainrot part 2, the self-indulgent boogaloo
came up with these while writing the part 1 post on this subject, but didn鈥檛 include them bc I wanted that post to focus more on Satan鈥檚 evolving relationships with all the brothers. these first few points are follow-ups to or extensions of part 1, while the rest聽mainly center around Satan and Mammon鈥檚 relationship specifically (feat. their other brothers occasionally)
鉁燱hen Satan was still tiny and going Rage Mode鈩 half the time, Mammon would read aloud as a way of distracting him. Seeing how effective it was at getting Satan to calm down, Mammon started getting children鈥檚聽books for Satan and teaching him to read. Once Satan got named an official Avatar of sin, Mammon聽promptly dropped a solid chunk of Grimm on books for him; he didn鈥檛 have to take care to hide such聽鈥渦ncharacteristic purchases鈥 from Lucifer at that point, after all. He鈥檇 justified it to the eldest by claiming that he got to take a break from babysitting whenever Satan got absorbed in reading.
鉁(In truth, Satan would ask Mammon to read to him even well after he became a proficient reader on his own. Mammon always did a good job narrating, and he would give all the characters unique voices, too. Satan stopped asking Mammon to read to him after he entered his 鈥渨anting to be seen as a cool and mature person鈥 phase, but he still finds himself wanting Mammon to narrate whenever he encounters a particularly good book. He鈥檚 too self-conscious to actually ask, though.)
鉁燱hile he was still raising Satan by himself, Mammon started keeping a photo album. Most of the pictures are of just Satan, but a good number of pics feature the two of them together. Pictures of Satan with Levi and/or Beel show up about two thirds of the way in, and the other brothers start making appearances towards the end. The album stops at a family photo of them all together.
鉁燗fter the 鈥渢rying to kill Satan鈥 incident, Barbatos鈥 view of Lucifer soured dramatically. It was the ultimatum Diavolo gave to his father that ensured Barbatos鈥 place on the palace staff indefinitely, but Barbatos was the one who chose to care for the young prince. As a result, he got a front-row view of how parental rejection affects a child鈥nd as Diavolo鈥檚 primary caretaker, he was personally less than pleased every time the cheerful prince would deflate after being dismissed/ignored by his father. Though Diavolo was willing to give Lucifer a chance to make amends, Barbatos was just as ready to help Mammon kidnap Satan and run off to the Human Realm; if there鈥檇 been a timeline wherein he could鈥檝e gotten away with it, it鈥檚 exactly what Barbatos would鈥檝e done for a young Diavolo. Barbatos鈥 opinion of Lucifer recovered after the eldest brother finally accepted Satan, but it was a gradual process.
鉁燨nce Mammon had recovered from their fight, Lucifer slowly began trusting him to help out with his work. Previously, Lucifer had fully bought into the 鈥淚 can do this myself鈥 mindset and refused to let his brothers help him. The tasks he relies on Mammon for normally involve surveillance, sabotage, and so on 鈥 stuff Lucifer doesn鈥檛 want to risk being directly associated with, either because it would hurt his status OR because his status would compromise the task itself. He himself never realized it, but both Barbatos and Lord Diavolo noticed a marked improvement in Lucifer鈥檚 disposition after he began interacting with his brother more often.
鉁燗lthough he accepted Lucifer鈥檚 apology for hurting him, Mammon never fully forgave the guy for trying to destroy Satan, or for rejecting the kid for so long. Whenever Lucifer is being especially hostile and makes a rude comment about Mammon鈥檚 irresponsible behavior, it takes restraint Mammon didn鈥檛 even know he had to not fire back with 鈥渁t least I鈥檓 responsible enough to raise a child.鈥 He knows he鈥檚 gonna mess up and actually say something like that one day; he just hopes it鈥檚 worth it.
鉁燬atan is a little more lenient with Mammon鈥檚 sticky fingers than the other brothers. Spending centuries with Mammon as his sole caretaker meant he got to witness firsthand how much Mammon struggles with the compulsion to steal. He still聽gets upset when Mammon steals books from him, of course. (Mammon will occasionally steal books for him as well, though, which Satan certainly doesn鈥檛 mind.)
鉁燤ammon steals from Beel, Belphie, and Satan less than he does from the other brothers. Beel and Belphie are pretty self-explanatory 鈥 neither of them have a habit of collecting valuable objects. With Satan, Mammon claims the family bookworm has so many cursed books just lying around that it makes stealing from him too much of a hassle. The truth is that he knows how much Satan loves reading, and how much the activity calms him. The books Mammon does steal are usually ones Satan doesn鈥檛 seem to care for all that much, or the particularly dangerous ones.
鉁燬atan views Mammon more favorably than he does the rest of his brothers.聽This doesn鈥檛 stop him from joining in on making fun of Mammon, because Mammon really does annoy him sometimes鈥ut Satan is still usually the first to cut Mammon down whenever Lucifer hangs him from the chandelier.
鉁燤ammon taught Satan how to drive, but Satan ultimately decided against getting a driver鈥檚 license. He won鈥檛 admit it, but it鈥檚 so that he聽has an excuse to ask Mammon to drive him places.
鉁燬atan has a standing invitation to hang out in Mammon鈥檚 room if he ever wants/needs to聽avoid any of their brothers, especially Lucifer. Mammon never really makes it a point to clean his room, but he鈥檒l start straightening things up, throwing away trash, etc if he鈥檚 there when聽Satan drops by.
鉁燱hen he first learned about Father鈥檚 Day,聽Satan got Mammon a #1 Dad mug as a joke聽gift. Mammon did NOT tear up over it and totally doesn鈥檛 keep the mug hidden in his room so he can look at it whenever he feels down. (Satan got the same mug for Lucifer, but with the #1 part crossed out. Lucifer stored it away and uncomfortably ignores it.)
鉁燱hen Satan got into his聽鈥淚 am a mature adult and absolutely not a child鈥 phase, he wanted to get rid of most of his childhood things. Mammon, who knows exactly how this goes after raising 5 younger siblings, kept some things he knew Satan especially loved 鈥 a children鈥檚 encyclopedia, a well-worn stuffed cat, etc. He waited a few centuries, then brought it all back to Satan聽in a box, saying he鈥檇 stumbled across it while looking for things to sell. (Mammon counted it as a success when he spotted the cat doll sitting on the arm of Satan鈥檚 chair the next time he visited.)
鉁燚ue to how often Satan would ask him to read them aloud, Mammon still has a lot of Satan鈥檚 favorite childhood books memorized by heart.
鉁燤ammon lowkey wishes he and Satan could be close again, like when Satan was younger, but simultaneously views it as impossible. His lil bro is all grown up and successful聽and accepted by the others now; Mammon wouldn鈥檛 trade that for anything.
鉁燱hen Mammon gets especially hammered, he鈥檒l sometimes text Satan to make sure the other brothers aren鈥檛聽鈥渂ullying him again.鈥 Satan used to view it as just drunken rambling, but the one time he responded that they were,聽he was caught off-guard how legitimately upset Mammon got about it.
鉁燱hen Mammon semi-adopted that one orphan girl and went to Lucifer for help, Lucifer could only sigh and shake his head. What was it with Mammon and unintentionally getting attached to strange children? Was this going to be a recurring thing? (When he hears Mammon refer to Luke as a聽鈥渒id brother,鈥 Lucifer can only sigh again. It鈥檚 definitely a pattern.)
鉁燛xactly two people are allowed to hug Satan: Beel, because he gives the best hugs in the Devildom, and Mammon, because his hugs are calming.
鉁燤ammon is an honorary member of the Anti-Lucifer League, at least in Satan鈥檚 opinion. This is due to the number of times he鈥檚 voluntarily taken the blame for something Belphie and/or Satan did, as well as the number of embarrassing stories about Lucifer (even some from his Celestial Realm days!) that he鈥檚 recounted to Satan.
鉁燗s cruel as it sounds, Lucifer is glad that Mammon and Satan aren鈥檛 as close nowadays. If he had to deal with a united front comprised of Mammon鈥檚 constant troublemaking聽and Satan鈥檚 rebellious streak, his mental health would be in shambles.
鉁燤ammon SWEARS he didn鈥檛 teach Satan how to cuss. Lucifer absolutely does not believe him. (He didn鈥檛, is the thing.聽Satan picked it up from Leviathan after overhearing some Heated Gamer Moments鈩.)
鉁燞e鈥檚聽never said it outright (and probably never will), but Lucifer truly does appreciate all Mammon did to raise Satan 鈥 especially after he was named Avatar of Wrath. Modern-day Lucifer isn鈥檛 exactly good聽with kids, so he can only imagine how badly trying to raise Satan on his own would鈥檝e gone back then.
鉁營nitially, Satan didn鈥檛 want to sleep in his own room. He was used to sleeping in Mammon鈥檚 room, and would usually go over in the middle of the night to sleep there instead. Mammon halfheartedly discouraged this, but didn鈥檛 really do anything about it until Lucifer put his foot down. After that, Mammon tried sleeping in Satan鈥檚 room for a while, sneaking out once Satan had fallen asleep. It did work, ultimately, though there were a few times Satan would intentionally latch onto Mammon before falling asleep to keep him from leaving.
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dicen06a day ago
The Perfect present for Mammon doesn't exis-..
Tumblr media
I know it's super late but I want to make something for his birthday coz' I didn't make any thing last year.
The Money Design.
Tumblr media
Kid Brother
Tumblr media
I hate my handwriting so here's a clean version.
Tumblr media
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boringblackyellow2 days ago
Mammon as your roommate (hcs)
Tumblr media
Summary: Set in a time where Mammon and you live in the same apartment together instead of the House of Lamentation.
Contains: swearing, fluff, small bits of angst and crack, the brothers are humans here
Note: When I said I was going to post this after a couple of days, I lied. Have some spontaneous content of Mammon <3
Tumblr media
Enemies to Friends
Safe to say you did not like each other in the beginning, like A LOT
Mammon was an insufferable prick who always steals your food in the fridge when you're not looking, borrows your money and takes 6 months to pay a quarter of it, rarely cleans, and is just plain loud to be with
You reminded Mammon of his brothers, being a killjoy to his fun and an absolute pain to be around
You would butt heads fighting about who would wash the dishes or get to shower first for months
And then the two of you had lead up to some agreement to take turns which lessened the arguments but that doesn't mean the two of you still like each other.
No, it started when you were having a bad day
Mammon might not be that smart compared to the rest of his brothers but he's emotionally intelligent and could read you no matter how hard you're trying to hide it
"Bottling your emotions isn't gonna help, ya know." He said, immediately noticing your tense shoulders and clenched fists.
"Who are you, my therapist?" He rolled his eyes and went back to cooking mac-and-cheese as you collapsed on the couch with a tired sigh.
"Seriously though, ya gonna be way more of an annoying baby than ya are if ya bottle it all up." You were about to retort, asking if he was the right person to say all that but bit your tongue at the last minute. He was right though. Bottling it all up doesn't help and irritated you way more than before. So, with a sigh, you vented to him.
Mammon usually gave his own opinions and advice (even though some were morally questionable) but he never cut you off. He even joined you beside the couch and cussed out the person giving you a bad time. It was the nicest interaction that the both of you had so far.
"Good thing I made mac-and-cheese then, did ya know it cleanses the soul?" "Says you."
Study Sessions
The two of you never get any work done when you're together
And even if you work alone, Mammon will always find a way to barge in your room and annoy you
You were quite surprised when Mammon asked if you could study together because frankly, you never saw that man study once
The two of you go to the same school and he was always out partying and socializing and generally up to do anything but studying
He mentioned that if his grades don't get higher, his older brother will punish him and close his bank account again
He begged you atleast 5 times a day about studying with you and you were tempted to pull his ear off
"PLEASE Y/N!! YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!!!!" His arms continue to cling to your legs as you try your hardest to shove him off, to no avail,
"Shut up! I'm busy here!" "Y/N PLEASEEE!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP ON THIS!" It shouldn't have surprised you that you would not be having a normal laundry day with your roommate around.
"What do I get for this, huh? Don't think I forgot your borrowed money!" "I- uh- I'll... I'll be your servant for a day! No! A week!"
Hmmm.... that did sound tempting...
A menacing grin appears from your face as you nod, "Alright, Mammon. If you don't follow your deal, you'll be sleeping on the welcome mat."
Teaching Mammon is surprisingly okay so long as he's not around anything that could distract him too much. He was surprisingly good at Math too.
"So, there are ways that miners mine underground. One of them is strip-mining." "Like the Minecraft thing?"
It doesn't take too long for it to go downhill as the two of you ended up screaming at each other and playing Mario Party- But your hardwork does pay off as Lucifer doesn't punish Mammon too much when he had a B+, and you could also order the tanned man as you please!
Family/Friends Talk
For someone who was so determined to leave his home due to a petty argument, Mammon does have a lot of moments of missing his brothers
He would be caught looking at random things that would remind him of them and get sullen
"I wonder if Satan would like the book we saw at the antique shop.."
After leaving his home and staying with you, he pretty much lost some contact with his brothers, not that much that it was depressing but it indeed made him lonely
The only brother who would actively chat with him was Lucifer
Mammon has told you many times about how he felt so it was only fair that he lets you do the same to him
Living independently after being with friends and family turned out to be much more lonelier than you thought it would be
It was even worse if your family and friends live in another country
+Bonus: Grocery Run
So the both of you rely on each other to ease that loneliness away
"Thinking about how far our friends and family really are... It's kinda scary, right?" Mammon asked, wearing a comfortable yellow t-shirt and on the verge of falling asleep. The both of you doing your hardest to stay up and celebrate after a particularly hard week.
"Yeah... I guess the both of us feel homesick. Maybe I should introduce you to them whenever we have the time?" You yawned as the male beside you gave a chuckle, "Of course. I'll do the same and invite ya to meet my brothers. They're a pain in my ass know... I tolerate them."
"Awwww, do you miss them, Mammon?~" "Sh-shut it!!!"
There are times where either of you would end up picking the wrong item or forgetting it altogether
Depending on the time of day, it would be a relaxing and sleepy morning where the two of you would lean against each other while pushing the shopping cart, one of you would sit on the cart while the other pushes in the afternoon, or the two of you would put everything in the trunk of his car and get some coffee on a cold night
Mammon wants to pay less than you but seeing as you did most of the chores in the past, he always pays more for you. It's not like it hurts his wallet or anything! Haha! It does
Anyhow, you got used to each other's taste and subconsciously pick the item that the other would like
And then the two of you would go to a nearby cheap diner and eat! (Not on his car though, the both of you will sit on the floor)
One of you would leave the other while at the register and relish on the panic on the other's eyes
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minteyeddevil2 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 15: Praise Kink
Mammon x GN!MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淚 hope you know you鈥檙e all mine tonight, babe.鈥
The toothy grin he gave them before disappearing between their thighs made their spine tingle first before his tongue slid along their entrance, making them whimper loudly. His hands gripped the underside of their thighs hard enough that they were sure there would be purple and blue marks come the next day, making sure they couldn鈥檛 crawl away from him. He lapped at their hole, tip of his tongue wiggling against it before pressing it in as far as it would go. He pumped it in and out at a slow pace, making them tense and their inner walls flutter around the muscle. The fingers of one hand tangled in his white locks while the other gripped onto the bed-sheet for dear life.
鈥淢y favorite dessert,鈥 he breathed against their entrance, taking broad licks of you before pulling away to make an audible, satisfied hum. 鈥淢y favorite treat to snack on.鈥
MC squirmed in his grip, the flush running high along their cheeks up to the tips of their ears. He tutted them, pulling them back towards him with a wag of his finger.
鈥淣u way. You know better than to take away my treat.鈥澛
He leaned back down, giving their entrance another generous suck. 鈥淭his is all mine after all.鈥
鈥淢ammoooon,鈥 they groaned, covering their flustered face with both hands.
Mammon laughed loudly at their embarrassment, softly patting their sex and making them writhe under his touch.
鈥淐鈥檓on, babe. Say it. Who does this gorgeous sex belong to?鈥
MC moaned as his index finger ran feather-light touches along their entrance, his other index and middle finger opening them up more and pushing them in and out of them. He wasn鈥檛 going to pick up where he left off until he received confirmation from them. They caved, pulling their hands away from their face and breathlessly sigh.
鈥淵ou, Mammon.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 my baby.鈥
He leaned back down, taking a few more laps at their entrance, then slipped two fingers into their tight hole, burying them to the second knuckle. They moaned loudly, clenching their thighs around his head when his lips sealed over their sex, his fingertips kissing the fleshy mound deep inside. They could feel every nerve if their entire being set on fire, and before they could catch their next breath, they were tumbling over an edge that he happily pushed them towards.
He pumped his fingers slowly inside of them before pulling them away, making a show of licking them each clean for them, before climbing up at arm鈥檚 length to tower above them.
鈥淥n your knees for me, baby.鈥
They didn鈥檛 even register their own whimper as they rolled over immediately, letting his hands settle on their hips as he leaned over them, the expanse of his chest encompassing their entire back. His teeth made contact with their ear and they moaned his name, goose-pimples breaking out all over their skin as he tortured the lob with his canines.
鈥淥h baby, am I gonna make you sing for me.鈥
MC gasped when his palm pressed roughly between their shoulder blades, pinning them down to the mattress. Behind them, they could hear him undoing his belt buckle and jeans with one hand, making a whole new wave of arousal crash down on them and pool between their already soaked thighs. They bit their lip in anticipation when the round head of his cock nudged at their entrance, making them press back against him to force it in.
鈥淪o impatient, baby. What鈥檚 the rush?鈥 he teased, free hand gripping their hip to hold them still as his cock slid easily between their thighs, tip barely grazing their entrance.
They whimpered once more, burying their face in their plush pillow as he rolled his hips slowly against them more, the teasing bringing them right back to their previous precipice. He knew exactly what he was doing to them, and they could imagine the smug grin spread across his face without bothering to lean up and look behind them.
The little kisses his tip gave their hole sent heated sensations throughout their middle, and soon they were pressing their hips back against his thrusts, gasping for breath into their pillow. His hand was removed from between their shoulder blades, and came to rest alongside its twin at their hips.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna make you cum, and then fill you up the moment you do. Got it, babe?鈥
MC wordlessly nodded, and Mammon leaned forward to plant a soft kiss to the crown of their head.
His speed picked up to a double time, and they were gripping their pillow for dear life. All that fell from their lips were whimpers of his name and 鈥楶lease鈥. The edges of their vision began to blur as they rolled their hips in tandem with his own, and soon they were thrown over the edge once more; but this time, a much harsher wave crashed down on them as he pressed his cock into them, bottoming out as they felt his hot seed fill them.
Once the tremors passed by them both, he let himself collapse on top of them, nuzzling their exposed neck with his sweaty cheek. His body was heavy, but his heat was incredibly welcome against their extremely sore muscles. They could feel his deep chuckle barrel through their back and into their lungs.
鈥淭old you you were gonna be all mine, babe.鈥
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober day 17: master/slave Mammon and Lucifer
Mammon whined, watching Lucifer lap at your core, you told him to sit there and look pretty while Lucifer serves you. Lucifer was grinning, loving that you鈥檙e letting him tease his brother.
You moan as his tongue glides against a sensitive bundle of nerves. 鈥淐-c鈥檓on鈥lease let me do something.鈥 Mammon whimpering out, trying to get your attention on him.
You roll your eyes and hiss out. 鈥淪ervants aren鈥檛 supposed to complain.鈥 You place a hand on the back of Lucifer鈥檚 head and push him down, purring at the contact.
Mammon lowered his head, trying to ignore his arousal, why did he have to get so turned on from being bossed around?
Eventually you got sick of his complaining and order him to come over. You pull him into a kiss and slide a hand down to fondle his arousal.
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sil-writes-fiction-too2 days ago
Kinda sad(?) headcanon:
Each September, Mammon wakes up worried that everyone forgot his birthday.
He tries not to think too much about certain things, but sometimes he can't help but believe that no one truly cares about him. At least not enough to remember his birthday
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obey-only-mea day ago
HC Big Soft MC By: Akuzondelivery
- Loves holding you from behind and slipping his hand underneath them. They warm his hands and relax him.
- When your back hurts he鈥檒l offer to rub your shoulders or get you a hot water bottle.
- When cuddling he鈥檒l press a cheek against them and turn slightly pink at how soft it feels.
- Loves that you let him casually squeeze and hold your breast. He loves being able to show physical affection so the skinship makes him weak.
- Will splurge on nice bras that are sexy and supportive to help you on bad back days.
- When you鈥檙e asleep he鈥檒l cuddle up and press your chest against his. He likes feeling your heart beat against his.
- Cannot Compute when you explain he can casually touch you if he ever feels like it. You mean like anytime??
- Will bury his face between them during the night. So sofffft~
- Gets Special chairs to sit in when you spend time with him so your back doesn鈥檛 ache.
- Will bother you about your posture until he realizes its your heavy chest weighing you forward.
- Learns different exercises to help relieve back pain and guides you through them when you鈥檙e feeling an ache.
- Likes Reading next to you in bed and just gently putting a hand on your chest and giving little squeezes.
- Loves the skinship between you two. Will occasionally give you back massages without asking because he knows you need it.
- Will press his cheek against your chest when cuddling.
- Also likes putting his hand under them so he can warm his hands.
- Tells you you can do the same to him anytime you want. Beel鈥檚 biddies aren鈥檛 soft but ugh so warm and firm.
- May accidentally lay his head against your chest in public, either not knowing or caring he was in public.
- Big hands just lifting and holding them up helps relieve so much stress to your spine.
- Uh yes!! Soft warm boob pillows? You are the MC of his dreams.
- When you watch TV or a movie Belphie will gently press his cheek against your chest and smile contently.
-He鈥檒l place a gentle hand on the other breast and gently squeeze until he falls asleep.
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obeymesidebloga day ago
Lucifer: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much am I going to hate this little plan of yours?
Mammon: About an 85.
Lucifer: Oh, good.
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7deadlymoronsa day ago
mammon: do ya have a credit card???
luke: I'm a child.
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yandere-sins11 hours ago
Loved by you
Horrortober Day 18: Medicine/Drug 鈥淵ou鈥檒l feel better soon.鈥
Some Mammon today! I think the only yan I currently have that is actually overly emotional about not being loved enough by their darling? Anyhow, it鈥檚 a fun difference to all those confident yans :D
Warnings: Yandere, Drugging, Non-Consensual Touches Characters: Mammon x Reader
Tumblr media
Slipping back into your room, Mammon glanced side to side nervously. There shouldn鈥檛 be anyone home, except, maybe, Levi. But the nerd was probably caught up with gaming and listening to loud sounds through his headphone, meaning he was no risk for his brother. Mammon had left early that day, skipping his last two lessons at RAD. It was risky, Lucifer would hate if he found out, but this way, it would give Mammon one or two more hours alone with you. That鈥檚 all he ever wanted with you: alone time.聽
鈥淗eeey ~鈥 he whispered, seeing your perfect, adorable form curled under thick blankets. You couldn鈥檛 be bothered to open your eyes, and Mammon was pleased by how well the drugs seemed to work. They were supposed to knock you out for as long as possible, giving him a chance to be with you without having to worry about what you鈥檇 think. Mammon didn鈥檛 mind the sweat on your skin as he brushed back your hair, revealing your puffed cheeks. He poked at them gently, grinning from ear to ear as you made a bothered face in your sleep.聽
What harm was there in you being super cute after his treatment?聽
Slipping off his bag, he unbuttoned his coat and pushed his shoes recklessly in a corner before crawling into your bed. You only shivered when he lifted the blanket briefly to join you under it, spooning you gently from behind to make up for the loss of warmth. Immediately, you moved back into him, and Mammon let his arm fall around you while he propped his head on the free one to watch you.
There you were, his adorable, sick darling. Inside of you, you were battling that nasty cold, but on the outside, there he was, watching over you tenderly.
It was terrible, and yet, the best thing ever.
Your inability to speak or even move your fingers was ghastly, and Mammon was ashamed that the state you were in didn鈥檛 allow you to even form a coherent thought anymore. But it was all the more wonderful to care for you, to hold you in his arms while you dozed, play with your hair and tell you about his day without interruption. Even though it was a hassle to explain, once he told everyone you felt sick and didn鈥檛 want anyone to get too close and catch it from you, his brothers screwed off eventually.聽
Not like your sickness was a lie! But perhaps, Mammon overexaggerated a little as he tried to describe it to them. There was a fine line between a cold and breaking out in pustules as if you had the plague, but it worked. Being able to have some time to rest and recover was all you needed, no matter how Mammon achieved that for you.聽
Maybe a common cold medicine would have been enough, but this was just a small, added bonus, right? The Great Mammon did something for you, and he was sure that you were grateful behind your knocked-out mind. He noticed first that something was wrong and immediately sprung into action! 鈥 Not like he would tell you that in person, though. Talking about his feeling was much easier when you were like this鈥 unable to hear him. But as soon as he wanted to say it to your face, he was almost always interrupted by something. It was like a curse!
Mammon鈥檚 hand stopped as he realized that, on occasion, it was him who stopped the confession. His ears grew hot as he thought about how he treated you, often unkindly. You deserved better. You deserved someone who took care of you. So鈥 there he was. From now on, he鈥檇 always take care of you!
A sudden stir made him pull back. Remembering the description of the drug he gave you, you shouldn鈥檛 have been up for another hour! Still, here you were, opening your eyes, extremely exhausted as if you didn鈥檛 just sleep for hours straight. 鈥淢ammon?鈥 you croaked, rubbing your face and groaning. Every move still seemed extremely hard for you, and he couldn鈥檛 deny it was him who put you into this position. Out of love, how he told himself.
鈥淗-Here!鈥 Mammon quickly reacted, reaching over you and bringing the glass of water close to your lips. Holding your head up, he waited for you to drink as much as you could, butterflies flapping their wings wildly in his stomach. He was doing great, right? He was a better help than anyone ever could! Yes, Mammon was taking care of you! He was the right one for the job.聽
Finally, you looked up at him when you were done, one eye closed as you were still too tired. 鈥淲hy are聽you聽here?鈥 you asked, and suddenly, all the good feelings shattered together with his heart. 鈥淚鈥檓 taking care of you! Idiot!鈥 Mammon scolded you, raising his voice but immediately regretting it. Biting his lip, he had to hear you sigh in annoyance, and you tried to get up.聽
鈥淲-Wait!鈥 Mammon immediately held you back, getting up instead. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e still sick! You shouldn鈥檛 just walk around like that!鈥澛
To say what he felt was disappointment was an understatement. Crushed, rather. He did so much for you and went out of his way. So why did you ask him in this annoyed tone what he did by your side? Was the sight of him such an annoyance to you? Was he鈥 not someone you kept in your heart? Did only Mammon feel these wild and brilliant feelings when looking at you?
鈥淭ake this,鈥 he instructed, having lowered his voice again though he tried to hide the pain. In his hand, he offered you another pill. 鈥淲ith it, you鈥檒l feel better soon.鈥
Maybe if you went back to sleep, this would change. Perhaps it would stop wrenching his heart and bringing him almost to tears if he could hold you a while longer. Mammon could feel useful again. Pretend he meant something to you.
Sluggishly, you agreed, taking the pill and swallowing it with another sip of water. You left briefly for the toilet, but by the time you came back, you were already staggering. Mammon caught you before you collapsed helplessly, whispering into your ear, 鈥淚 got you. There鈥檚 nothing to worry about.鈥澛
Carrying you back to bed, he tugged you in, laying by your side and watching as your eyes dimmed, the medication he prescribed to you taking over. And yet鈥 his heart didn鈥檛 get lighter. He brushed your hair away again, nestled into your shoulder. But it wasn鈥檛 the same. All these things he did had been in vain, hadn鈥檛 they? Though he felt hatred and disgust towards himself that he鈥檇 drug you, Mammon had believed it was worth the purchase. But it had only been worth for the time you鈥檝e been asleep, not knowing about him at all.聽
How? Just how could he make you understand his feelings? When would you two be able to see eye to eye on matters? What more did he have to prove to you, provide you with and offer his help? Wasn鈥檛 he your number one demon? The most important? The only one that mattered?聽
Clutching your arms as he hugged you tightly to his body, Mammon couldn鈥檛 hold back the frustrated tears falling from his eyes. All that could calm him was your scent filling his nostrils and the strained yet constant breaths you sent over his skin. If only you could be like this forever. Huggable, sweet, and needy. If only you could be the helpless little human that depended on him and see how much good he could do for you. That he was worth staying by your side and be loved by you.
If only you could be his, forever.
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teeth-fariea day ago
while we're on the subject of small dicks, I feel like lucifer would have a slightly longer cock than satan but less girthy (although I do believe in afab lucifer supremacy thanks to your squirting fic------omg what if afab luci has a longer clit than the average person???????)
poor mammon would probably have a nice average dick but maybe be ashamed that ~the great mammon~ isn't particularly big. please cuddle him and tell him you love his cock <3
honestly of the brothers, probably beel is the only one that id picture being big. but mostly because he's just a big guy so it's proportional. asmo I think definitely manipulates the appearance of his genitals based on his partners desires so I don't really count him tbh. (or levi since I wholeheartedly agree with the hc that he has two cocks)
I diagnose belphie with a tiny dick. like needs to special order condoms because normal ones fall off tiny.
(Skinny dick Lucifer.) Lucifer would be pretty skinny, in proportion to the fact that he鈥檚 skinny and lanky. Afab Lucifer supremacy!! His clit is very prominent and long, sticks out past his labia. (Very nice to suck on, makes him weak in the knees and a whiny mess)
(Also a scenario I can鈥檛 get out of my head: mc- damn your t-dick is getting longer. Lucifer- my what)
Poor mammon 馃槶 he鈥檚 very average, and he鈥檚 upset about that. I mean it鈥檚 not like he鈥檚 putting it anywhere so it doesn鈥檛 matter but you have to reassure him or he鈥檒l get upset. (Though he can鈥檛 deny that he likes the way you鈥檙e able to smother his cock with your hands/mouth)
Beel is the only one with big dick privileges but all the characters here are bottoms so it鈥檚 practically useless. He doesn鈥檛 even know how to use it in the first place, he just ruts against you and hopes for the best. He mostly gets frustrated that his dick gets in the way so he kinda cups it against his tummy for the most part while you鈥檙e spreading him open on your fingers. (One time you smacked his dick and called it a big dumb puppy cock and he hasn鈥檛 gotten that out of his head ever since.)
I think asmos default is pretty small, nice and cute. It suits him very well. He鈥檚 changed it of course for last partners but when he鈥檚 aue natural he鈥檚 got a little cock. (Or when he has a pussy he鈥檚 got a small clit, mostly hidden away- you gotta work for it)
Double dick Levi lives on in my head. They鈥檙e small but there鈥檚 two- which he doesn鈥檛 like. He thinks it鈥檚 gross and weird. Both of them are pretty small too and more reptilian and come from a slit like vent (coochie AND cock 馃憖) you can either fuel his humiliation/degradation kink and make fun of them or praise him about them and make him feel all mushy inside
Belphies little dick should be canon at this point. He doesn鈥檛 use condoms unless you make him wear one for clean up (he can cum A Lot). If you don鈥檛 put one on him he鈥檚 just gonna get his jizz all over the bed and himself and refuse to clean it up (he makes you clean it up, the little brat) special order condoms tho aldjdjdkdkkd the normal kind just falls off him (he could care less tho about his size- he鈥檚 the one getting railed so he doesn鈥檛 give a shit)
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minteyeddevil12 hours ago
First Time: Mammon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dating Mammon was nothing but a rollercoaster of sorts. His lifestyle was sometimes hard to follow, especially given his line of work, and well, being a demon and all; but you always pulled through for him, and stayed right by his side through it all.
This is what made him love you so much. He cherished you for caring for him the way you did.
So when you told him you hadn鈥檛 slept with anyone before him, it meant a million times more to him than he could actually express. You were going to give him one of the biggest parts of you, and he wanted to make it mean everything to you.
He never forced sex on you; even when things would get hot and heavy between the both of you, the moment you pushed his shoulders and told him to stop, he immediately did. He didn鈥檛 care how pent up or frustrated his body felt, he would never push that line.
When the night actually came that you told him you were ready, he wanted to be prepared. He purchased a pack of condoms, some lubricant (he wasn鈥檛 kidding about being prepared); hell, he even figured candles might help you feel like it was more romantic. Granted, he had no idea how to make things romantic, but he sure as hell was trying.
When you arrived at his bedroom that evening, the look in your eyes made him feel like he had succeeded. You were happy with his choice of candles and the ambiance of the room seemed to be perfect for you.
He walked you over to his couch where he sat with you on his lap, kissing you deeply, little moans and pants escaping from you as the two of you kissed. He was revving your fire, helping you find all the little spots along your neck and throat that made you squirm. He managed to wrangle you out of your top, exposing your chest to him, and he pulled away to admire you with a smirk, before leaning in to kiss and nip at your skin there.
鈥淢ammon,鈥 you sighed, tangling your fingers in his white hair, 鈥渨e should鈥e should move this to the bed, no?鈥
鈥淪ounds good to me,鈥 he growled against your skin, picking you up bridal style to carry you to his bed.
He made quick work of your jeans and underclothes, and when you desired to, allowed you to help him undress. You took your time with each piece of clothing you took off of him, admiring scars and blemishes on his skin as you exposed more of him.
Once his top half was completely undressed, he showed a bit of impatience, moving to pin you down before letting you continue.
鈥淚 think it鈥檚 my turn to do a little exploring, don'tcha think?鈥
His lips tickled your neck as he kissed and nipped at the skin there, tracing along your collarbone before traveling down the line of your chest and right above your navel. He was moving rather fast, but you could feel the urge to move along just as much as he did. He came to the apex of your sex, planting a kiss there, before he went for your entrance, lapping at the hole.
You let out a squeak, closing your legs at the new sensation, practically slamming his head between your thighs. But he soothed you by rubbing along your sides, coaxing you to relax.
鈥淚t鈥檒l feel good, I promise,鈥 he spoke, looking up into your worried eyes. 鈥淏ut, if you want me to stop, just tell me, alright?鈥
You nodded, and shifted your legs to let him nestle there once more. Your hands were balled into fists at your chest, as his tongue prodded at your entrance once more, and when the tip of it managed to slip inside, you gasped out loud at the surge of pleasure that ran through you. Your hands immediately went to his head, gripping his hair, as he drew small circles around it.
His fingers came next, opening you up for him to broaden his licks, making you bite your lip to hold in the moans that threatened to leave you. You felt his fingers proding you, searching you, until one slipped into you and your eyes shot open, not used to feeling the stretch you endured suddenly.
You cowered away from his touch at the sudden pain you felt.
鈥淪orry babe, didn鈥檛 mean to make you hurt,鈥 he apologized, moving to lay next to you. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 want to go any further, I understand.鈥
He planted soft kisses on your shoulder, and wrapped his arms reassuringly around you. You cuddled into him, but shook your head against this chest.
鈥淣o鈥o, I want to keep going.鈥
He gave you a look, but before he could ask, you nodded your head this time. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure, Mammon.鈥
He smirked and kissed the tip of your nose, before standing to remove his own jeans. You looked away bashfully, still having not seen this side of him, and kept your face to your pillow as he settled between your legs again.
鈥淵a know you can look, right?鈥 he teased, giving your thigh a pinch.
You nodded, but didn鈥檛 move your face from the pillow, til you felt him kissing along your chest once more, taking a nipple into his mouth to make you gasp.
鈥淚鈥檓 not bad to look at, am I?鈥
That鈥檚 when you turned your head to look at him.
You tried to concentrate on his face and that goofy smile he had, but your eyes wandered further and further down til you finally saw his length. It wasn鈥檛 too thick, but definitely made up for it in length. You bit your lip once more, looking back up at his eyes.
鈥淚 take it you like what you see then,鈥 he chuckled, leaning over to the bedside table to pull out a condom as well as the small bottle of lube he bought.
Your head tilted slightly when you saw the bottle, and he handed it to you to inspect it.
鈥淚t鈥檒l鈥ake things easier for you,鈥 he said with a slight flush to his face, and a deep blush spread across your own when you handed it back.
He chuckled again, settling on his heels as he nudged your thighs to open. 鈥淟et me get you ready for me, treasure.鈥
He put a generous amount of the lubricant on his fingers, and ran them along your entrance, before pressing one of his fingers inside you once again. It felt warm suddenly, making you gasp a bit at the heightened feeling. You felt the other finger slip inside soon after, and you slammed your eyes shut as he stretched your walls. Your hips began to roll as if on their own, and before you got too far gone, he pulled his fingers from you.
鈥淭hink you're good to go,鈥 he said with a wink.
He tore open the condom wrapper, and you watched as he slipped it on his cock, before nestling against you. You felt his tip proding you, and you stiffened.
He cleared his throat to cover a groan that was escaping him, as he looked you in the eye once more.
鈥淟ast time to back out, babe. Just tell me.鈥
You swallowed visibly, but shook your head.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. Take me, Mammon.鈥
A deep sigh left his lips as he sealed your mouth with his, pressing his cock into you. You felt your walls stretch as if you were going to break in two. He could feel tension in your body, and gripped your thighs to ground you as he pushed a little further in. A searing pain ran along your lower stomach, and you smacked on his shoulders to stop. You tensed far too hard, making your muscles spasm and tighten far too much for you to handle.
He paused, but didn鈥檛 leave you, as he waited for your pain to go away.
You wiggled underneath him as the pulsing of the pain dulled down to a small tingle, and soon disappeared all together. You could feel him hard and pulsing inside you, and you moved your hips against him as a sign for him to continue.
He kissed the tip of your nose once more, as he pushed forward, filling you to the hilt with him. The fullness felt amazing, as parts of you that you didn鈥檛 know existed started screaming out for attention. His breath was already turning into pants as he stayed still a bit longer for you.
鈥淔uck, (Y/N), you鈥檙e so tight,鈥 he groaned, trying to keep his hips steady.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.
鈥淢ove, Mammon. You can move now鈥︹
That鈥檚 all he needed to hear.
He rolled his hips slowly at first, barely leaving your warmth as he pressed in and out of you. Soon after, however, his strokes became harder and longer, pressing into you hard enough to steal your breath. His tempo only seemed to increase, and his kisses deepened as well.
You could feel something building inside you as he continued to pound into you, and it was making the edges of your vision go white. A slight fear grew inside of you, and you gripped onto his shoulders as he pushed just a bit faster into you.
It built more and more, the white swirling behind your eyes, until something broke loose, and your entire body went rigid against his. He wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck as he felt your walls tightening and tugging on his cock, pulling him to his own orgasm shortly after yours.
He held you close to him til he felt your body relax and go limp, letting you lay back down on the bed. He reluctantly pulled out of you, making you whine from the sudden emptiness, as he cleaned himself up before laying back next to you.
You snuggled into his side, laying your head on his chest as his arm wrapped around you like a vice.
He cleared his throat, scratching at his stubbly chin. 鈥淲ell鈥as it good? What you were hoping for?鈥
You smiled behind your hand, trying to hold in your laugh. Was the Avatar of Greed really worried about his performance just now?
You sat up to lean over him, giving a deep and loving kiss.
鈥淚t sincerely was all that, and more.鈥
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