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#mammon avatar of greed
daplatypusway · a day ago
Tumblr media
Finally ! I finally illustrate this angsty HC ! Mammon's scars. A bit like Beel, let's take a closer look at the resemblance between his demonic mark and his angelic jewelry...
As with the HC of Beel, when Mammon fell from Heaven, his clothes burned in the flames and heat of hell, but not his jewelry. And angelic gold became dangerous to him as he became a demon. The gold therefore burned him very deeply, and unlike Beel who was able to remove his necklaces more easily because of their shape and his strength, I think Mammon had a harder time getting rid of his jewelry. His skin was therefore much more marked than that of Beel, but did not darken afterwards as for his brother. He has large scars all around his chest, and to hide them, he uses a magic that make them look like paint or tattoo marks. He even added a line between two scar on his stomach to try to make the camouflage appear less obvious. (We can see that a line of paint does not correspond to the jewelry).
But that doesn't stop him some nights from waking up from the nightmare of those days, going to his bathroom and checking if those scars are still there, and that it's not just all a big bad dream.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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diemndx · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
obey me steampunk au: Mammon
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · a month ago
Can you do short Mc asking the brothers to bend down so they can give them a kiss.
Short GN!MC Asking The Brothers To Bend Down For Kisses
When you ask him, at first his cheeks will turn the lightest shade of pink. He’ll turn away for a second to clear his throat to hide the fact that he’s flustered, and when he turns back to face you he’ll have this little smirk on his face.
“Of course, dear. Don’t hesitate to ask again when you need another.”
Super flustered, he’s so flustered. No matter how many times he’s kissed you, there’s just something about you asking this… it’s so cute. He won’t even try to hide the fact that he’s flustered. He’ll bend down so quickly for that kiss.
“Yer so cute, babe. My cute little human. Lemme get another one.”
More flustered than Mammon. His eyes will get all wide and he’ll hide his face in his hands to try to muffle the little squeal sound he makes. As soon as he’s recovered, although his face is still burning bright red, he’ll kind of nervously lean in for the kiss.
“Y-You know… It’s really uh… sweet that… you asked… D-Do you want another?”
He’ll let out a small chuckle, mainly to hide the fact that he’s just so smitten with how adorable you are. He’ll probably tease you a bit to give the pink tint on his cheeks time to fade before leaning down cupping your face to kiss you back.
“My precious little kitten, you can have as many kisses as you’d like.”
He lets out this tiny little squeak because you’re just so cute to him. No matter where you asked him, even if it’s in the middle of a busy sidewalk, he’d stop right where he is to bend over so you can kiss him. He absolutely adores you.
“Oh, I love hearing you ask, sweetheart. Say it again?”
He’s used to having to bend over to kiss you, but hearing you ask has him blushing bright red and smiling so wide. There’s just something about hearing you ask that makes his heart kind of flutter. He bends over really fast so you can kiss him, but he also has an idea.
“I can also pick you up for kisses when you ask… If you’d like… So we can be… closer…”
He’ll probably look so smug when you ask, but deep down he’s got butterflies in stomach and just hearing you ask makes him weak. How can a human be so damn cute? He’ll bend over, but he’ll also hold onto you just to make the kiss last longer.
“Maybe I should get out of bed more often… I like hearing you ask for my kisses…”
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salemwitchezz · a month ago
a different type of falling • mammon
pairing: mammon x gn!reader
summary: mammon finds out he’s slowly falling in love with you.
warnings: little bit of angst, mostly fluff.
a/n: i got bored and wrote this bc mammon deserves the world :). also for the people that i’m writing requests for— hang in there! i’m getting them done :)
> masterlist <
Tumblr media
the moment the avatar of greed laid eyes on you, it was a little too obvious to everyone he wanted absolutely nothing to do with you. he hated that his older brother put this responsibility on him out of anyone else, and he hated that he couldn't do anything about it.
mammon felt like this was some sort of sadistic punishment. he had been stuck with this random, stupid human exchange student that would do nothing but get into trouble, and in the end, you always dragged him down with you.
you were a waste of his precious time, nothing but a piece of deadweight he had to drag over his shoulder and protect in order to avoid's lucifer's wrath. you were a parasite, a nuisance, a burden that he had no other choice but to endure, and he went out of his way to make sure you knew that almost every single day.
but no matter what snarky remark or insult he threw towards you, it could never phase you— in fact, you just ignored them, you ignored him. the fucking audacity you had, now he really hated you, he hated you so much in fact that he started paying more attention to you.
mammon convinced himself he was doing this to try and find something to pick you apart with, to find and grab onto a weakness you had that he would be able to use against you.
but then, he started staring a little longer.
he started waiting up for you so you wouldn't have to catch up, he started saving you a plate for dinner so beel wouldn't get to it, he started making sure you were safe without feeling like it was being forced upon him— like he actually wanted to keep you from harm, not that he would ever admit it thought.
he stopped trying to steal your things and instead gifted you most of the things you own, he started recognizing what mood you were in just by one look at your face, he started longing to see that beautiful smile spreading across you face when you talked about something you were excited about, or that frown that he saw when you were upset or sad about something— and he loved knowing that he was the one that was able to fix it into another smile.
mammon soon found out that he started to adore a lot of things about you; your looks, your personality, your laugh, your voice. he loved it when you talked.
he loved it so much, that he started hanging onto to every little thing you had to say, because your words was the one thing that swayed him. his heart quickened whenever you talked or mentioned his name, but it was in a good way.
in fact, he ignored his brother's half of the time, dodging their insults like bullets whizzing past his head and instead was only interested in what you had to say. what you had to say about him.
you never called him a dirty scumbag, you never put him down because he indulged in his sin. all you ever said was good things about him, and now that he got that, he craved it from from you everyday.
and then there were those days and nights where he craved something more consoling from you, when he was at his lowest, when his brothers wouldn't cease their demeaning teasing and harsh words, words that broke him down into tears when he was finally alone, words that drove him to his only source of comfort. you.
at first, mammon was reluctant to leave himself so vulnerable and exposed to someone else, but once you were able to coax him into your arms and have him listen to what you had to say whilst you embrace him and card your fingers through his snowy locks, he'd feel a lot more better.
the nit-picking from his brothers started to decrease more and more each day, and that was only because you gave them an earful one day when you just couldn't stand to see the avatar of greed in tears anymore. you didn't want him to feel like that any longer, like he was a piece of trash that could be easily disposed of. so you stuck up for him— without worrying about the consequences afterwards.
that's when mammon could finally come to the realization that.. that you cared for him— more than anyone bothered to show. you showed him his worth, and you made him feel appreciated when no one else could.
now, whenever you were with him, the demon felt a warm feeling spread through his chest. he felt butterflies whenever he heard your voice. he started looking forward to the time you spent together, when it was just the two of you. when you were with him, there was no place he'd rather be.
but at the same time, mammon was scared.
he'd never felt so strongly for someone before, no one could ever stir up these type of feelings within him the way you did. no one ever treated him the way you did, with such kindness and gentle words.
without you, he felt like like a piece of him was missing. when you were away, he'd feel hollow until you came back to fill in that empty space.
mammon hated that he felt like he had to depend on you to keep thriving, but after a while, he came to accept it. you were his happiness.
but then, there came the jealousy.
mammon got jealous. he hated when you hung out with his brothers, but it was because he wanted you all to himself. mammon was greedy for your attention.
he was greedy for you.
just how how he was right now, the way he was staring at your slightly pouted face because he had whisked you away from beel so he could spend time with you instead.
mammon admired the way the light of the television illuminated your features with a blue hue, and he was finding it hard to concentrate on the movie you two were watching. it was just so much easier to focus on you, but it was so hard to not get caught doing it.
because it would be the absolute end of him if you were to notice his staring.
luckily for the demon, you had been really indulged into a certain scene, giving him time to really gaze at you with an unknown look of love swirling in his royal blue eyes without it going noticed by you.
having his arm wrapped around the backrest of the couch, mammon was able to lean his cheek on his own shoulder and look up at you— watching the way your eyes widened, allowing the little characters on the screen to reflect off of your pupils. his eyes then trailed down and landed on your lips, which were slightly parted in a small breath and glossy in the way the light shone on them.
mammon pressed his own lips together. he really wanted to kiss you.
mammon's eyes studied every slope and curve of your features, and he felt an overly warm feeling swell in his chest. a happy feeling, not the kind of happy he felt when he gambled or won a bet, it was the kind you gave him.
it was love.
he was in love, no matter how much he denied it, it was certain— he had fell for you.
the longer mammon stared at you, the further that warmth spread. his thoughts were racing like bullet trains across his mind, but one had stuck out the most—
"i think i'm in love with you." the greedy demon thought to himself.
he fell in love.. damn it, he was in love. he didn't want to be, because love was a poisonous word, because love had lied to him— because the great mammon never fell in love with anybody, he didn't allow people to make him weak. but somehow, you had. you had stole his heart, and there was nothing he could do about it.
yet, he found himself saying it over and over again in his head like a mantra, and it would never get old. just like how staring at you never would either.
however, mammon was snapped violently out of his trance when you suddenly whipped your head around with an incredibly surprised yet hopeful look on your face, and he was confused to why until he realized that he hadn't just admitted he was probably in love with you in his head, but he had accidentally let it slip past his lips too.
"what?" you almost whispered, and mammon's heart sank into his stomach.
"um.. what? eh, what did i say?" the demon panicked with a quivering voice as dread soon filled him to the brim, and he shot up in a stiff sitting position with a hard gulp that he hoped would go unnoticed by you. shit, how was he gonna get out of this one?
" said you love me." you repeated, almost hesitant.
"huh?! when the hell did i say that? you must be hearin' stuff, human. as if the great mammon would ever—" mammon swallowed the rest of his sentence when he was was met with that glossy look in your eyes, the one when your e/c optics swelled with tears, making them resemble globes right before spilling.
mammon's breath hitched, and not knowing what to do first, he brought up a shaky and uncertain hand up to grip your arm and bring him closer to him. he saw the first tear roll down your cheek, and he felt his heart crack a little.
"hey, hey— no, no, no.. don't cry. why are ya crying—ah!" mammon let out a small noise of surprise when you suddenly pushed yourself forward and tackled him in a hug, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, and mammon was slightly taken aback for a moment before he slowly wrapped his arms around you.
he listened to your small sniffles, confused as to why you were upset, but rubbed small circles in your back anyway.
"um.. maybe," he started, trying to ignore the anxious feeling swirling in the pit of his stomach. "maybe i do.. care about ya, sometimes."
mammon felt you pulling back, and he did as well— but didn't have time to react for what happened next, because you had grabbed his face and were pressing your lips against his.
you were kissing him.
mammon stupidly froze against you, unresponsive with wide eyes. it took him a moment to process this was actually happening before his eyes finally fell shut and he started to slowly kiss you back.
your lips were as soft as he imagined they'd feel, and the simple kiss you gave him was full of love. he felt a wave of relief wash over him and a feeling of happiness bubble inside of him, slowly crawling up his throat until it became a lump he discovered was hard to swallow.
and before he knew it, he felt warm tears rolling down his cheeks like waterfalls.
mammon was sure you could feel him shaking, that you could feel his heart thumping out of his chest at an ungodly speed. he didn't want you to pull away, yet you had— but the smile on your face when you did made up for all the disappointment.
"i'm sorry, i just— i just got really happy." you sniffled, letting out a breathy laugh. "i.. i love you too, mammon, and i.." you trailed off when you finally looked back up at him, only to see his tear stained cheeks with even more rolling down his face.
you were crying because.. you loved him?
mammon was crying even harder now.
your eyes widened, and you brought up a hand to try and console him. "oh, no, i'm sorry. i didn't.. don't cry—"
mammon swatted your hands away lightly with a sniffle, hiding his face with his other hand. "i— i'm not crying, ya stupid human.. i just.."
he had so much to say in that moment, but he couldn't exactly put it into words. so, instead mammon let you embrace him once again, allowing the silence of the moment to speak for itself. and surprisingly enough, that seemed efficient for the both of you.
after all these years of being neglected from the one thing he craved most, you were the one to finally come along and give it to him.
you were almost like an angel in disguise, and sometimes, he actually wondered if you were actually just that. mammon felt like you were the best thing to happen to him, no matter how he felt in the beginning.
mammon had fallen a second time, but this time, it wasn't because of his despair— it was actually the opposite.
it was a different type of falling.
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long-furby6 · a month ago
The Older Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
K so we’re all aware how Down Bad all the characters are for MC, but when does it finally click?
This was going to be all the brothers but like… guess who procrastinated again :/
Tumblr media
Lucifer realizes he likes someone when he starts joking around with them
He’s usually such a serious guy, and he likes to keep up that reputation. However, he’s lost count of how many times he’s had to restrain himself by saying some stupid pun or snarky comment
While he does occasionally join his brothers in their antics (mostly terrorizing Mammon), he never really gets the chance to engage in some premium Tomfoolery. He has to be the responsible, mature one at all times. He is the eldest, after all
Homeboy didn’t even realize when it first started happening
He would flash you a bright grin from across the table after saying an inside joke of yours to someone else, lean in and whisper something in your ear during a Rad meeting just to see you try to suppress an undignified snort of laughter, so on, so forth
Sometimes they would be teasing and sly, others were mocking the people around you, some would simply be lighthearted and playful. And nobody would ever believe you if you told them
As he started to become more and more comfortable with you, these moments turned from rare and fleeting to common occurrence
He just couldn’t help but feel a strange warmth when he heard you laugh. And the knowledge it was him who made you feel that way made him dizzy
It happened during one of these instances, where you were in his office helping him sort papers and he said something that made you to burst out into a hyena-laugh, adding onto it until he, too, couldn’t help but giggle until his eyes felt watery and his chest hurt
When he finally stopped laughing, opening his eyes to see you beaming at him, he suddenly felt like he had the wind knocked out of him
It was so out of character to see him in that moment, eyes wide and cheeks flushed as he stared at you in shock for what must have been a minute, before smiling shyly, looking down and mumbling something about getting back to work
Ever since that evening, he never was able to look directly at you without feeling undeniably giddy
Tumblr media
Mammon realizes he likes someone when he starts worrying about them
He’s a pretty busy Demon (according to him, at least). he has a lot of things to think about, such as his encroaching debt or the fact that Lucifer just overheard him talking shit and is currently approaching at rapid speeds
So you could imagine his surprise when suddenly, his first thought in the morning is about you. He catches himself zoning out in class thinking about some nice thing you said to him earlier
He feels genuine rage at the possibility that you could be talking to someone else at the moment. What if Asmo is sweet talking you?? What if Satan is using studying as an excuse to get close to you???
It’s not like him to overthink so much, especially about some stupid human that he doesn’t care about in the slightest. Nope, he doesn’t care at all!
The day he finally came to terms with his feelings came way later, when he subconsciously headed to your class after his finished. Around halfway there, he stopped abruptly
Why was he going to see you?
Pretty sure everyone in the hallway can see the gears turning in his head, before a look of absolute mortification spread across his face and turned his whole body rigid
Never ran the other way so fast in his whole life. No way could he face you now that he had that epiphany!
Will he ever admit it out loud? Absolutely not. Will he get pissed every time you flirt with someone else and call you his human constantly? Of course
Tumblr media
Levi realizes he likes someone when he starts wanting to be around them
As a self-proclaimed shut in and introverted extraordinaire, he normally dreads the thought of being with others
Social interactions simply tire him out. And his high anxiety levels are NOT helping
So you can imagine his surprise when he catches himself actually looking forward to seeing you. It’s an almost childlike excitement that has him zoning out completely, a goofy smile on his face, before he realizes and tries to bite it back, even just a little
Instead of wanting to be alone after a day at RAD, he finds himself headed to the living room to see you. A semi-public area. The things you do to this man
The weirdest part is, out of all the people he knows, you stress him out the most. But at the same time, you’re the one he goes to when stressed. It seems that as soon as you run your fingers through his hair and tell him you’re always there, everything melts away. In those moments, his entire world is your reassuring smile and your soft yet deliberate touch
Then the minute you leave he full on screams and can’t sleep because a. Overheated and b. Unholy thoughts of MC go brrrrr
Unlike SOME of his brothers, he doesn’t try to deny his feelings. He’s seen enough romance anime’s to know there’s no getting out of this
Instead, he starts berating himself for it. How gross would you think he was if you knew?
So he simply friendzones himself, hoping that one day, he’ll be able to settle for that kind of relationship. But right now, all he can focus on is the anger he feels when you spend time with someone else
Especially with how stupidly happy he was on his way to see you
He’s in Spain but the S is silent
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mammonkissr · 19 days ago
mammon: is extremely powerful and could k1ll me easily if he felt like it.
me: my little meow meow... my small baby... i will protect u for forever... i will keep you so safe.. i will put you in my pocket and hold you so tight... small baby...
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imk1ra · 11 days ago
Y/n: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Mammon: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Satan : There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
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daplatypusway · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday to the great Mammon ! 💫
So luck was on his side at the casino hm ? Well let's give him the wealth he dreams of so much !
Aaah I love to shade gold 👀
Also for his back, it was really not easy to make these wings 😬 Not too satisfied yet, I would rework his muscles again. And for the change of color, I imagine quite well a kind of vitiligo type pattern rather than a simple gradient 🤔
Tumblr media
Hhh open for a better quality
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh and I'm probably going to be working on a rather angry demon for my next backs series drawing 👀
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diemndx · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
first time posting here. hope you guys enjoy my mammon fanart :)
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thoughtfullydopedragon · 2 months ago
Uuugggghhhhhhh they are so cute my heart can't handle them pure idiots I LOVE THEN SO MUCH
Yeah I am gonna talk about Mammon more, DiD wE sUpRiSe? No!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other brothers: *breathe*
Mammon: (*˘︶˘*) I am so proud I swear to-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He just...He just...protecting cute little bros, my heart
Tumblr media
I feel like this feeling more coming from when they were angels
But I think Mammon didn't change his attitue against brothers
Just take my heart Mammon I don't mind
Tumblr media
My heart just go SJKXJDKQJDLCŞVK while I roll on floor from sweetness
Tumblr media
Oh wait I see the reference while I do this post lol
Tumblr media
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 2 months ago
Could i request hc for the brothers Hearing mc tell them "i love you" for the first time ?
Brothers Hearing MC Say They Love Them For The First Time (Headcanons)
He was sitting in his office as usual, and you were there too, lounging in one of the armchairs as he did his work. He liked it this way, having you around, but things were still quiet enough to get his work done. You were looking at your phone, smiling at whatever you saw on the screen. “I love you, Lucifer.” You said casually, as if it was something that you said all the time, but this was the first time he had heard it and his eyes went wide as he finally looked up from the papers on his desk, his mouth dropped animatedly. You quickly snapped the picture, flash off of course, wanting to remember this moment forever. He was still shocked though, staring at you incredulously. It was amazing to hear it, he just didn’t realize how amazing it would actually sound coming from your lips.
“I love you as well, dear. Come over and sit next to me for a while, I like having you close to me.”
Everyone knew that he was in love with you, it was painfully obvious just by the way he looked at you. Even now, sitting across the table from you, it was like the rest of his brothers weren’t even there. In his eyes, it was just the two of you in the room, his eyes never leaving you even if the other brothers asked him something. He never even responded. He was smitten with you, he just adored you so much, it made his brothers sick to see it sometimes. He never stopped talking about you either, even when you were in the room. You were the center of his world, the center of his attention, and it was time to tell him that you felt the same way. “I love you so much, Mammon.” He gasped so loud, finally taking his eyes away from you to look around at all of his brothers to make sure they heard it too. He just needed to make sure he wasn’t hearing things.
“Say it one more time fer me, babe… I wanna hear ya say it again. Please?”
He was still in shock that you had started dating him, so he never expected for those three words to ever leave your mouth. He just felt lucky enough that you’d want to spend time with him, let alone be seen with him as an actual couple. He was on his computer when you walked into his room, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek before sitting on the edge of the bathtub. You knew that you loved him, you could just never find the right time to tell him. Was there a “right time” to tell someone you loved them? If there was, right now felt like a pretty good time to say it. “I love you, Levi.” You didn’t need to question if he heard you through his headphones, the loud gasp that left his mouth and his gaming chair falling back until he was on the floor, staring up at you. It almost looked like he had actually stopped breathing, and for a second you were worried until he started talking.
“A-Are you sure? You love me? Like… Really love me? Really?”
He always had you on his lap when he read, his arms wrapped around you as he read whatever book he had in his hands over your shoulder as your head rested upon his. It was his favorite way to settle down after a day of dealing with his brothers, just sitting in silence as the two of you read the words on the pages in your heads. Satan was very hard to read, and, even if he was your boyfriend, you weren’t sure how he actually felt. Sure, he seemed comfortable in the relationship, but did he actually… love you? There was really only one way to find out, so you turned to look at him, whispering the words quietly. “I love you.” His cheeks turned a light shade of pink and the book quickly shut as he turned to look at you, a small smile tugging at his lips.
“Those three words are more beautiful than any that have been written. I love you too.”
You had been thinking of ways to tell him that you loved him for so long now, but every time you thought that you could, you decided not to. He had heard the words so many times from random people, did they even hold any meaning to him? You were worried that he’d be indifferent to it, and that would be just awkward. The two of you were laying in bed together, scrolling through your phones, it was a normal night, peaceful and relaxing, and you had finally mustered up the courage to finally say it. You needed to say it. “Hey Asmo… I love you.” You didn’t mean for it to sound like you were nervous, but you were. You were nervous about how he’d react. He squealed excitedly, tossing his phone to the side as he wrapped his arms around you.
“I’ve been waiting so long to hear you say that! I love you so so so much, Y/N!”
He was so sweet and he deserved all the love in the world. He would take you out on dates often, just wanting to spend time with you. He was so pure hearted that it was hard to believe that he was a demon most of the time. He was just a big teddy bear, and he would do anything for you. You’ve loved him for so long, that was undeniable, but actually telling him that you felt that way was hard to do, not because you thought he’d reject your feelings, just because it was a little nerve racking to say it for the first time. You didn’t want to hold off on it anymore though, you wanted him to know, to hear that he was loved instead of just feeling it. You squeezed his hand a little to get his attention as you were walking down the street, smiling up at him. “I really love you, Beel.” He froze for a second before returning the smile back to you, a soft blush coating his cheeks.
“Thank you… I love you too, more than food sometimes… You make me really happy…”
It’s not that you couldn’t say it, and it wasn’t that you were too nervous to say it. It was just that you wanted to catch him when he was awake, you wanted him to actually hear you say it. You knew that he still felt bad for what he did and the way he acted towards you, but that didn’t stop you from growing feelings for him, from wanting to be with him. He was sweet in his own way, and he was so special to you. You wanted him to know that, you just needed to time it. What better time than right before bed? He fell back onto the pillows, pulling the blankets up and wrapping them around the both of you before pulling you against his chest. “I love you, Belphie… So much.” You whispered, and you heard him swallow thickly, his arm tightening around you to keep you from looking up at him and seeing his burning face.
“I know you do… I feel the same way. I’m… happy you’re here. Let’s go to bed.”
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rose-lord-of-simps · a month ago
5 Times Mammon’s Brothers Were A Holes to Him. 1 Time He Had Enough.
Warnings: some swearing! Angst no comfort! Mammon has little self worth and thinks he isn’t loved! Mentions of death.
It’d been a great day for Mammon!
He’d found an abandoned wallet on the ground with a lot of grimm in it, his crows were all surprisingly well behaved when he fed them, a stray cat came up to him asking for pets Mammon happily gave, and best of all, he’d managed to steal back Goldie earlier! 
The only thing that could make this day better was if his brothers gave him a hug! 
Mammon, being the greedy for affection demon he normally is, was on his way home to steal this welcomed hug, probably from Levi or Beel. The song in Mammon’s head was some kind of upbeat, pop song that would probably have some lyrics meant to make the listener feel as if they were worth a million bucks, if it were a real song and not just something Mammon had made up on his way home. Doing his happy dance through the door, Mammon hadn’t spotted the absolute chaos in the living room. He almost danced right past it, until Lucifer shouted his name.
“Mammon what did you do!”
“Huh? I didn’t do nothing! I don’t even know what ya talking about!” 
“Then why is the living room in such a state of horror!”
When Mammon turned to look at the crime scene, the first thing he noticed was Belphie hanging from what looked to be a spider web, upside down, and asleep. That could not be comfortable. 
After a second of staring at his youngest brother he noticed the other things occurring in the room. Asmo was being chased by what looked like a chicken, the couch was on top of Levi, and Satan was in the middle of a pile of feathers, looking very red in the face.
“Lucifer, I just walked in the door, it wasn’t me!”
Just at that moment, everyone in the living room shouted.
“Mammon did it!”
And Mammon knew he was about to take their punishment for them again. Well at least his day had started good.
It’d been a fine day for Mammon!
His ravens had learned a few new tricks, which was adorable, and now he could open up a little circus show to get some more grimm! It was also surprisingly nice weather for the Devildom, which helped his mood a lot!
Mammon walked into the door of his home with a little bounce in his step, feeling a bit lighter today than normal. 
“Whats got you so happy? Did you pick some rich guy’s pocket and not get in trouble?”
“I don’t only pick pockets you know Belphie, I also rob!”
Belphegor had been sleeping on the floor near the door, just waking up from what was probably a “nap.” 
“Yeah whatever stupid Mammon, You know I don’t blame you for not getting a real job. You’d probably be too dumb for anyone to want to hire.”
“Oh are we bullying Mammon? Don’t forget that the only people who want to hire him only care about his body!”
That was rich coming from Asmodeous.
“Yeah, but they only settle for you don’t they? They probably just can’t get any better models.”
Well that certainly put a damper on his day.
It’d been an okay day for Mammon.
Nothing exciting happened. Mammon woke up feeling odd and that didn’t change throughout the day. He walked into the house still feeling odd, but also in a weird mood to read. With this sudden want to read, he went to Satan’s room to borrow a book.
“Hey Satan can I get a book recommendation? I wanna read something but I’m not sure what.”
“You want to read? That’s a first. Well I suggest just going to the library or something because you’re not touching my books.”
“What!? I just got home! Why can’t I just borrow one of your’s?”
“I’m not stupid Mammon. I know that if you borrow one of my books you’ll either ruin it with your incompetence or sell it. Now leave me alone, I’m trying to actually read a book here, ya know like intelligent people do.”
Mammon rolled his eyes but left, now feeling hurt and in need of a distraction.
It’d been a meh day for Mammon.
He kept tripping over his own feet but nothing too terrible happened.
The thing keeping mammon going through the day and stopping him from getting too upset was the knowledge he had hidden some spicy ramen in the cupboard. 
As soon as Mammon got home, he went to the kitchen to find his precious ramen.
“Beel what are you eating?”
“What? Oh sorry Mammon, I was just really hungry and I couldn’t find anything in the fridge and I figured you wouldn’t mind. You don’t mind right?”
Mammon did in fact mind. 
But it was Beel.
Beel who just won a big game. Beel who always bullied him the least.
“I saw your name on the packaging, I just figured you could always buy more, ya know?”
“Yeah. Sure Beel.”
Mammon, to say the least, was disappointed. He had been looking forward to that ramen and was honestly too tired to go out and get more. Mammon just retreated to his room and slept through dinner.
It’d been a bad day for Mammon.
His report card wasn’t amazing, to say the least, Lucifer would be mad he knew it, he tripped and hurt his ankle on the way home, his ravens wouldn’t eat for some reason, and Mammon just wanted to take a nap. 
He finally made it home, planning to stop by the kitchen for a snack. Before he could enter the kitchen though, he heard his name being said by a voice that sounded a lot like Lucifer, probably because it was.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do with him.”
“Mammon’s not good at anything, including school, we know this.”
“How did his grades only get worse? I knew he was stupid but not this stupid.”
“He’s the dumb brother, there has to be one in every family right?”
Mammon chose not to listen anymore. He just went to his room, hoping to just pass out and maybe not wake up for a few days. 
It was what will be known to Mammon as the best day of his life. 
“Mammon this can’t keep happening!”
Lucifer was yelling at him, like usual.
“This behavior isn’t proper for an avatar of the underworld and will ruin Lord Diavolo’s reputation.”
Again with lord Diavolo? You’d think Lucifer would love him more than his own brothers or something. 
“This behavior is disgusting.”
Mammon was silent, only thinking about what else could possibly be new.
“You’re a disgrace to this family!”
Now that one hurt.
“2 weeks on the  foyer ceiling- no I want you somewhere I won’t have to see your face-”
Mammon stood up.
“Okay then I’ll just leave.”
It was the logical decision. That Mammon should just leave. 
“You aren’t running away from your problems Mammon.”
Now there was an idea.
Lucifer was now pacing the room, rubbing the bridge of his nose.
“Just go to your room, I’ll come get you when I have enough sanity to deal with you.”
And so Mammon went to his room, but when he got there he started packing a few things. He grabbed the biggest duffle bag he could find in his room and started with the essentials. Toiletries, his sunglasses, clothes, but left Goldie on the bed. 
“How are you not dead right now? With how bad you screwed up I’m surprised he didn’t just kill you.”
Satan never did have a filter around his brothers.
“Maybe he should of.”
Mammon expected Satan to have some kind of reaction, but instead he just brushed it off. 
“Come on, you don’t mean that and I know it.”
“Do you remember when I sang you lullabies when you were a toddler? You could never fall asleep until you heard Los Polloitos Dicen, Pío Pío Pío.”  
“Yeah but what does that have to do with anything? What did he even do to you? You’re packing so did he ban you from the house?”
Seemed like a pretty good lie.
“Yup. Kicked me out for two weeks. 
“I would've given you a month.”
And with that, Satan had left the room, not even giving Mammon a proper goodbye. Little did he know, huh?
Mammon went through his D.D.D. and wrote down all the important numbers he knew he’d need in the future, in a little old notebook with a burger on the front Beel had given him to use to help him manage his money and budget. It was a sweet idea but Mammon hadn’t used it until now. He wrote down the numbers of his modeling agency, majolish, a few of the witches, some gambling friends, and some of his modeling friends. He stuffed as much clothes into his duffle bag as he could, quickly texting a modeling friend if he could spend the night at their home. 
As soon as He finished packing and got a response from his friend, he turned off his D.D.D. and wrote a note for his brothers to find later before finally leaving his room.
Before he left he knocked on Levi’s door, a stolen Ruri~Chan figurine in hand. 
“Go away Mammon! I’m busy!”
It hurt but he did as he was told, leaving the figurine outside Levi’s door for him to find later.
Mammon kept walking the path to the front door. 
“Lucifer finally kicked you out? Damn it now I owe Belphie 20 grimm.”
“Asmo, you and Belphie bet on Lucifer kicking me out?”
Asmodeous had a face mask on, it was Thursday so Mammon guessed it was a mask for hydration if he remembered Asmo’s beauty schedule correctly.
“Well yeah, he heard Lucifer complaining about you and saying he should just kick you out a few weeks ago so we made a bet. How long you gone for?”
Good to know his brothers had faith in him fucking up.
“A few weeks.”
“Alright well see you in a few weeks scummy Mammon.”
“Hey Asmo remember how in the celestial realm I would play guitar while you sand whatever song that came to mind?”
It was something they hadn’t done since the fall. Mammon would make up the chords as he went, and it could be a pain at times but it made Asmo smile and laugh to watch his other brothers dance during his concerts.
“Yeah, why? Do you need me to teach you how to serenade someone?”
“No. Just wondering.”
Asmo had retreated back to his room after the word, he probably had nails to paint. 
Mammon continued his journey to the front door, passing Beel in the Kitchen.
“Mammon? Where are you going?”
Lying to Beel was hard. 
“Lucifer kicked me out for a few weeks as punishment for earlier. I’ll be okay.”
Looking him in the eyes while lying was harder. So Mammon didn’t.
“Oh. Okay. Be safe.”
Just then Beel had enveloped him in a big hug.
“You have your D.D.D. right? Don’t forget the charger. Honestly you kind of deserve this Mammon… It just makes sense you know? See you in two weeks!”
Beel let go and went back to foraging the fridge for food.
“You can have my leftover devildogs. They’re in the back of the freezer.”
“Oh thanks Mammon!”
Mammon wasn’t going to need them anyways. 
He finally made it to the door. His hand hovered over the door knob, hesitation taking over his brain for only a second before he gripped it and left. 
Mammon didn’t look back. 
Lucifer had texted Mammon a dozen times telling him to come to his office, but no Mammon had showed up. Assuming the demon was just being lazy or trying to hide, Lucifer went to him, tripping over a Ruri~Chan figurine on the way.
Lucifer was already ticked off before he pounded on Levi’s door.
“Levi how many times do I have to tell you not to leave your toys in the hall!”
Levi, exiting his room, was very confused. 
“I didn’t leave anything out here though.”
“Look. Down.”
“Hey that’s the figurine Mammon stole from me yesterday! I knew he had it!”
Now Levi and Lucifer were stomping to Mammon’s room, passing a dsiturbed Belphegor.
“Why do your footsteps have to be so loud?”
“Because of Mammon!”
“Fine then I’ll just sleep in his room then so he has to sleep on the couch.” 
With the three ticked demons now one their own personal quests to Mammon’s room, somebody was bound to notice, and not surprisingly the first to nice was Satan.
“What are you doing.?”
“Mammon stole my figurine and just left it on the floor!”\
Not uncommon in the house.
“Mammon indirectly ruined my sleep.”
Seems plausible.
“Mammon is avoiding punishment.”
Now that didn’t make sense.
“No he isn’t, you kicked him out so he left, remember?”
“I didn’t kick him out.”
“Well I saw him packing earlier. He said you kicked him out for two weeks.”
“I most certainly did not. He must of runaway, that idiot. Knowing him he’ll probably be crawling back in a few hours needing money.”
Something wasn’t right, and Satan could feel it.
“I think I’ll join this little trip to Mammon’s room.”
“That scummy brother probably has my other figurines in there if he hasn’t sold them already!” 
With the new addition of Satan, the brothers continued to Mammon’s room, only to find Asmodeous already in there. 
“What are you guys doing here?”
“Well Belphie claims Mammon disturbed his nap, Levi is here to look for more figurines, Lucifer thinks he is avoiding punishment, and I’m thinking Mammon just ran away. What are you doing here?”
“Mammon borrowed some hair product yesterday and hasn’t given it back, I was looking for it.”
“Is it the stuff in your hand?”
“Yes, ever so helpful aren’t you Belphie?”
“Careful with all the glaring Asmo, you’ll get frown lines like Lucifer.”
“What did you say about me?”
While Satan and Belphie continued to poke fun at Lucifer, Asmodeous laughing and recording, Levi looked for more of his figurines. Before he could find them however, he found the note Mammon had left first, along with Mammon’s D.D.D. and Goldie.
“Guys Mammon left Goldie on his bed.”
“He left what?”
“What’s going on in here?”
Beelzebub, the favorite brother of the house, had finally arrived to the party, munching on some snacks.
“We think Mammon ran away.” His twin sort of helpfully supplied.
“No he told me Lucifer kicked him out for a few weeks, he wouldn’t run away.”
“I told him to go to his room. Not leave the House. He is being stupid and running away from punishment again.”
The gears in Satan’s head were turning. Something didn’t make sense. It was clear Mammon had run away, Lucifer having no reason to lie about this, but why would Mammon run away? He’s probably just going to get hung to the ceiling again, nothing new. Mammon also wouldn’t just leave Goldie behind.
“Hey guys…”
With the letter in hand, Levi finally spoke up.
“You might want to listen to this…
Dear brothers, you’ve probably noticed I’ve left by now, and not because Lucy told me to. The truth is I realized you would all be better without me in your life, and clearly don’t want me in it. Lucifer you won’t have to worry about me spending too much money on Goldie, I’m leaving her with you. Please remember to take her out on shopping sprees at least once a month so she doesn’t get lonely. Levi, I’m sorry I stole your figurines. I think your NinDevil Switch is under my bed. Asmo your hair product is on the sink in my bathroom, thanks for lending it to me. You were right, my hair is a bit softer now. Satan, sorry I couldn’t read you one more bed time story. Beel there is pudding in the minifridge you can have. Belphie, feel free to steal my blankets. I’m sorry for being a scumbag and waste of time. I’m also sorry that for some reason you don’t seem to care for me. I think we can all agree we’ll all be happier if I just don’t live with ya. Lucifer please don’t forget to take a break, Levi you too! Your hands need to relax sometimes so put down the pen and controller and get a drink! Satan don’t forget to meet with your new friend on friday, you told me to remind you that day but, obviously, I won’t be there. Asmo write down your schedule and put it on the fridge, this way everyone will actually know when you’re busy with your beauty routine and shouldn’t bother you. Beel don’t forget to take breathing breaks while you eat and drink some water. Belphie, there should be a cassette of lullabies on my rack if you want it for when you can’t sleep.
I left my D.D.D. here so you couldn’t track me.
Ya know what the funniest thing is? I raised 5 of ya, and I know I didn’t do that bad of a job but you still hate me. All I wanted was for you to love me. But I guess that was too much to ask. It should of been me. Not Lilith. Right? 
At first the brothers just shrugged it off, Mammon had tried to runaway before. He would probably be back before the end of the day.
Mammon didn’t come back.
Lucifer was furious, wondering how Mammon could possibly disgrace their family in such a way as to want to leave it. He told Diavolo what had happened and they searched for Mammon, but it was almost like he had disappeared.
Leviathan complained about it to Henry, who was he going to Devil Kart with now!? He tried asking his gaming buddies if any of them had seen someone of Mammon’s description around but none of them had seen him.
Satan contacted everyone he knew in search for Mammon, not worried for the first few weeks and calm. A few had said they saw him but no one knew his exact location, that was what made him angry.
Asmodeous had mentioned it in his devilgram story. Some of his followers recognized the description as one of the majolish models that was still actively modeling for them. When Asmodeous tries to ask if they knew where he was staying, Majolish just said he came, modeled, and left. They sent all their information about modeling gigs to a different mailbox every time.
Beelzebub just ate his pain. He always kept an eye out when he went out to eat, but he never saw the familiar head of white hair or smelled the distinct smell of ravens and gold Mammon always seemed to have.
Belphie just slept. His dreams were plagued with memories of his brother. Some of them were from the celestial realm. Others were more recent. Belphie’s favorite was of the time Mammon had taken him, Beel, and Lilith sledding in the celestial realm.
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mammonssugarmamma · 10 days ago
hello! may i request one-shot/headcanon of mc summoning mammon only bcs they miss him and they feel lonely? thank you :)
mc summoning mammon because they miss him
WARNINGS: kinda maybe sorta proof read i forgot
it was simply a vacation you were going on as the RAD semester was over and you missed everything about the human world. I mean since taking your first steps inside the HoL, you do deserve a break
as much as you were excited for this vacation why did it feel bittersweet as you got the approval and started packing? You knew why and it was all because of a certain demon of greed.
mammon was to put it in simple terms your first. your first friend, the first person to take care of you, the first person you made a pact with, first to take you on adventures around the devildom and sight seeing etc. you always knew that mammon made anything and everything better
you couldn't tell mammon you were leaving, you knew him better than his own brothers and they've been alive for way longer. you knew his reaction was gonna kill you
the big round puppy eyes begging you to stay or at least take him with you and the sadness in his voice when he realizes he can't hold you and see you. calling and texting wasn't enough to satisfy his greedy heart, even for a day it wasn't gonna work out. he had to be around you.
the mere thought of that interaction was eating you inside and out, as you went over different scenarios to try to calm the demon the man in question made his way into your room.
confused at what he was looking at, your clothes decorating your bed and the luggage staring him in the eyes he knew you were leaving but for what reason? was it his fault? it just had to be, he didn't hear any of the others upset at your departure. so many thoughts and emotions ran through him.
you had no choice but to tell him the truth right then and there. and as you predicted his reaction was pulling at your heart stings rapidly and painfully.
a week passed in the human world but you could only feel lost and unamused, you spent the day or should I say week in the house either lying around in bed or thinking about the brothers specifically mammon hell, if you went to check the mail it reminded you of a stupid memory mammon plagued your mind with. 
your heart yearned for him. you wanted him here exploring your hometown telling him every thought and memory from when you grew up and goofing around with your favorite guy.
you never summoned a demon to the human world more or less one of the seven sins, as long as you remembered the incantation RAD and Solomon taught you this was supposed to be a piece of cake
chanting the incantation your bedroom started to shake weirdly while your stuff was mildly floating around the room the sight of it was like a movie fake and impossible. 
his pact mark started to shine on your body knowing he was finally gonna be in your arms and so was he. confused and startled by the sudden summoning and the room change he noticed your voice almost imminently  
in a bone crushing hug he nuzzled his head in-between your neck and whispered I miss you’s and praise on how well you summoned him for it being your first time.
lucifer was gonna be upset and drag mammon back home sooner or later but for right now you wanted to spend some quality time with your first man.
Tumblr media
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