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#mammon avatar of greed

Mc: if I got a Grimm everytime somebody tried to murder me I could pay off Mammon’s debt

Mammon: hey!…actually that’s a brilliant idea let’s get that money

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Mc: I love you

Mammon: who do you mean?

Mc: all of you (hugs them)

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i have such a biting thing just want too see mammon opening his mouth and showing off his pretty fangs

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“Ya better not do this for any of the others!”


This was one of my first attempts at shading . It’s not perfect but I’m happy with the overall look of this.

(For no real reason at all I really love drawing the demon boys with pointy ears.)

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Mc: Good morning I would love to get in my bed again

Belphie: same

Levi: what bed?

Mammon: Mc if you have any more nightmares you can come to me

Beel: you had a nightmare? (concerned)

Mc: no, Mammon had one and slept in my room

Mammon: this was supposed to stay a secret!

Mc: shouldn’t have said that I had a nightmare

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Mc: my favourite thing to do is watch scam baiters

Mammon: why would you do this?!

Mc: I guess you take it as a personal insult

Mammon: of course what would I do if you told people how my scams work

Mc: be more creative

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mammon catching us?? mammon being the star of the show?? his outfit? his smile!!!! this is the best event ever i love u

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Lucifer : Okay Guys trick or treating is over so let’s drop our candy bags

Mammon : Ooooo Lucifer I got a snickers

Asmo : Ooooo look Lucifer I got a dick

Lucifer :………..

Asmo : Yeah it says Fun Size

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Mammon’s Reaction to Hearing Something Nice from his Brothers and MC HC!

I wrote Mammon angst and now I’m writing emotional fluff.


  • “Mammon your grades improved marginally since last year. Good job. Keep it up.”
  • It was said in such a monotone “I don’t care” kind of Lucifer voice but I kid you not
  • Mammon almost started crying.
  • He tried to play it off cool and act cocky but as soon as he got back to his room he sobbed happy tears for like
  • Hours
  • His older brother just told him something nice?
  • Holy fu-
  • Afterwards his confidence skyrockets


  • “You got me a in the box, new ultra special limited edition cottage core mixed with punk rock aethstetic Ruri~Chan figure that’s been sold out since the first five minutes after its original release?”
  • “Is that what it is? One of the witches got it as a gift from their fiancé but she’s mad at him and didn’t want it, wrong character or something, so she passed it on to me. Apparently he got the back of the box signed for her too! I didn’t recognize it as something you already have so I thought it wouldn’t be worth much and you might want it. You like it?”
  • “It’s perfect! Maybe deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deeep deeep deeerepde deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down you’re not a total scum bag after all! Still a norm or though.
  • I’m sorry
  • What????
  • He’s…
  • Not?
  • A scum bag?
  • Since WHEN!?
  • He smiles so bright and just acts so cocky about it, not caring when Levi says he takes it back


  • “Mammon these photos are great! You even got the upper angle I wanted! And I look amazing in every shot- as usual! You’re the best!”
  • He’s? The best??
  • He got good photos?
  • “And don’t you forget the great Mammon is great at everything!”
  • Internally hearing that from Asmo makes him want to melt
  • His little brother just called him the best that’s all he’s wanted in like forever oh my gosh-


  • Satan had snuck in a cat.
  • Again.
  • Mammon was at the door about to leave when Satan was coming in.
  • “Hold on I think I have cat food in my room, you make sure Lucifer doesn’t see it and I’ll meet you in your room.”
  • Satan just listens for once and rushes the cat to his room
  • When mammon came back with cat food and seemed to actually get along with the cat though?
  • “Since when do you like animals?”
  • “I have ravens ya know? With them come pesky cats that try to eat them so I found out if you feed the cats they don’t attack the crows.”
  • “That’s actually pretty cool Mammon.”
  • Mammon’s heart is exploding.
  • Satan just indirectly called him cool!
  • He takes the fall when Lucifer finds the cat, taking all the blame for Satan.


  • “Thanks for running with me today, it gets lonely going on runs alone sometimes so it was nice to have your company with me.”
  • Mammon.exe has stopped working.
  • He tries to play it off obviously as if he totally gets it
  • But inside he is squealing
  • He missed being Beel’s work out buddy okay?
  • When he gets to the privacy of his room to take a shower he is doing a happy dance


  • It was Mammon’s day working at Hell’s Kitchen. And boy was he glad it was him and not someone else.
  • “Belphie! You forgot your pillow at Hell’s Kitchen, I snagged it before someone else found it don’t worry!”
  • “Oh, thanks Bruh bruh, I’m going to nap now.”
  • Bruh bruh?
  • Belphie hasn’t called him that since the celestial realm…
  • Mammon is literally so happy
  • He just stays quiet and lets Belphie find a comfortable spot on the floor, putting a blanket over him
  • He also gets out the wet floor signs and puts them around Belphie so no one trips over him and disturbs the youngest’s sleep
  • He can’t stop smiling though-
  • He missed his brothers man


  • If you say literally ANYTHING even mildly encouraging or nice?
  • Mans is out here acting tough and feeling INVINCIBLE
  • Don’t tell Luci
  • He’ll give you praises back of course
  • He feels great after hearing your words!
  • He makes sure you have fun for the rest of the day
  • And if you ask HIM for affection?
  • Oh honey you’re getting so much affection!
  • If there is one thing Mammon knows how to do it’s kiss.
  • And he will happily give you all his attention.
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hc that the reason mammon’s wings are so skeletal is because as they fell he used them as brakes to catch his brothers and soften the landing as much as he could and his wings burned up from the force

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Tysm for requesting this <3 I hope this was what you wanted! Also your profile picture I LOVE IT

Mammon with a (GN!) S/O who’s a tease but malfunctions when receiving affection 

  • let me just say, you and Mammon are perfect for each other, because he’s exactly like this too
  • the first time he saw you get flustered, he thought it was just a fluke and wrote it off as bad timing
  • the second time, though, he started to suspect something, although he wasn’t sure if he believed it
  • his suspicions weren’t confirmed until the next time you two were in an ‘intimate’ position
  • it was a bit later at night, and he was in the kitchen sitting down to eat a midnight snack of his sacred ramen 
  • you, loving the reactions you always got out of him, surprised him by moving to sit on his lap and grind down on his member
  • smirking when you saw his eyes cloud with lust and his hands reach to grab your hips, you coolly moved off
  • to your surprise, though, he stopped you, and laced his hand in your hair while the other held your lower back, effectively keeping you close to him 
  • he kept his eyes cracked open to observe your reaction, and leaned in to press a gentle kiss on your lips
  • you could tell your face was getting red when you felt him smile into the kiss, lightly nibbling on your lower lip to keep himself from laughing 
  • when he pulled away and looked at you, he was pretty damn proud of himself for figuring it out 
  • this man sits back with his hands laced behind his head and the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, and you knew you were in for it 
  • after he finds out, he makes a habit of putting you in positions of receiving PDA (i.e, kissing you in front of his brothers, in the hallways of school, really anywhere in public)
  • you’re not happy about this, because it means you can get away with less teasing
  • that doesn’t stop you from trying, though, and your teasing plus his flustering you leads to intense power struggles
  • some so heated that the brothers have to intervene to finally make it stop!
  • overall, though, him finding out makes your relationship more fun, because now you both know how to make each other tick 
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TW // Depiction of anxiety


I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while, where Kenji’s still dealing with a lot of trauma and anxiety, especially associated with his werewolf form(for reasons that I won’t get into because I doubt anyone particularly cares).

Anyway, that’s all for now. Will this turn into a series? Who’s to say?

(Click for higher resolution!)

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Mc : All right Mammon you gotta man up and tell him what you going to do

Mammon : * all tough * what I’m going to do

Mc : Now do it

Mammon : Imma do it

* walks in the room *

Mammon : Hey Lucifer can I go to my friend’s house

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Mammon Angst HC

I woke up. And chose Mammon Angst.

Trigger warning: angst stuff!

  • Loves you even when you don’t romance him.
  • Has tolerated his brothers’ name calling for so long that he actually believes his brothers don’t care about him.
  • The reason he’d be willing to sacrifice himself so willingly before he meets MC is because he knows the only thing he’d have to live for is his brothers. But his brothers dislike him so they’d be better off without him.
  • Thinks his brothers wouldn’t notice if he dropped dead.
  • He was so generous in the celestial realm that even when he couldn’t give any more he’d still force himself to give someone more.
  • When he fell he tried to grab which ever of his brothers he could spot and had them huddle up together, being on the outside and covering their heads, Belphie or Levi were probably in the middle but he wouldn’t let Beel be the first one to hit the ground.
  • Lucifer was busy so Mammon had to grow up super fast in the celestial realm to take care of his brothers, that’s why he acts kind of childish when messing with Lucifer in the Devildom.
  • He used to be Beel’s work out buddy, ya know gotta keep up his figure, but after Beel started doing Devildom sports and hanging out with the team more he got left behind
  • The reason he acts super tsundere sometimes is because he used to want to fall in love but then his brothers started calling him really bad names so he changed himself.
  • One of his toxic traits is that if you try to break up with him he’ll change whatever he thinks made you break up with him.
  • If you’re the first one to say I love you he’s going to act cocky in public but in private cry and ask you if you meant it in private because no one’s actually cared about him since the fall
  • Just got used to being his brothers’ punching bag
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“Racism” in Obey me (no, that title isn’t what you think it is. Please read what I have to say)

The “theory” or idea is that Obey Me doesn’t deal with racism the same way humans do. For the show “Lucifer”, the angel Amenadiel experiences racism by being a person of color for the first time. Angels in that universe don’t know much about humans, only some knowledge. So when he decides to stay in the human world due to losing his wings, he doesn’t realize the discrimination black people face and he doesn’t understand it. Here’s where Obey me comes in-

I believe Obey me deals with racism within well- the races. Angels, demons and humans. Meaning it’s them being judged by WHAT they are instead of skin color. I mean Diavolo is the king of hell so, it’s safe to say it’s pretty integrated. Simeon is an angel too- so if there was a real problem with skin tone then he’d be judged as a angel for his skin tone. But that isn’t the case, I belive they’ve achieved and gone past judging people by their skin because for them it honestly doesn’t matter. (You know, how normal people should think) It’s mostly about judging people for being- human. Belphie is a good example of this, but it is safe to say it’s more about “race” than well- skin. That being said, I still think Simeon being an angel would cause more “cultural” (I hope that’s the appropriate term, if it’s not please tell me) shock when he goes to the human world since it’s canon that they don’t know much about humans. So he might be confused if he’s ever been a victim of racial profiling but also I don’t think Simeon is the type to dwell on it for too long unless the racism is VERY obvious or unless someone points out the subtle hints to him. Whereas I think Mammon has the best idea of how (some) humans portray POC. Since he is well- the avatar of greed and known for stealing I am 100% willing to bet that he HAS dealt with racism in the human world before first hand. And that he is more aware of it than Simeon. Continuing on racism for Mammon specifically, I think it’s a special case because he IS sin of greed. So it might just be him thinking he’s scummy because of his SIN maybe he doesn’t fully recognize that some people are judging him solely based on skin tone. Where Diavolo falls in this I’m not sure.. we don’t know how often he visits the human world. (Almost never I’m assuming.) We also know that he doesn’t know much about humans hell- they barely know about big human holidays like Christmas. Even if some people don’t celebrate it, it doesn’t change the fact that Christmas is something most people know about. So I doubt they’d know about racism. And about mammon knowing- he’s not the type to speak his feelings out so if he does witness racism towards him, he sure as hell isnt talking about it to the others. This has been my theory, I hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to add more stuff or discuss in the moments!

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for all you’ve overcome

Pairing: Mammon & Satan (PLATONIC)

Tags: Kid Fic, Pre-Canon, Emotional Hurt/Comfort


Truthfully, it’s hard to get the rest of his brothers onboard with the let’s try and help the kid control his anger program because they just simply aren’t around to be party to it. Asmodeus is off starting wars with his dick and Leviathan hasn’t come out of the sea since he left all those years ago. Belphegor and Beelzebub do help out, but more often than not they’re clinging to one another like they’re each other’s security blankets, staying in their room and emerging only to eat. Lucifer—he bites back a curse.

(Satan is a child with a temper to rival the gods. Mammon tries to help, but he’s never been much of a parent.)

Read on AO3: Link

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Mammon: Aye, MC.

MC: Yeah?

Mammon: if you think about it, your first birthday is actually your second birthday.

MC: I- …. 🤨 🤔

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