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#mammon fluff
mammons-best-boi · a day ago
Continuation of this ask!!!
When you and Mammon wake up, it's almost noon.
He starts to panic for a moment until you tell him that Diavolo excused the two of you. "And now, I can show you why I wanted you to meet me by the garden yesterday!" You tell him happily as you gently hold his hand.
"Been wonderin why you wanted me out there yesterday.." he replies glumly, not meeting your eyes.
"hey," you gently hug him, looking him in the eyes. "If you'd rather not, that's okay. We can stay in here instead." Mammon nods, hugging you tightly.
That's where you stay, gently petting his hair and swaying together. You rest your head on his, humming a human world song as you hold him.
After a while, your stomach starts to growl, reminding the two of you that you missed lunch.
Mammon slowly extracts himself from your hold and sheepishly glances away from you. "Guess yer gonna hafta go, yeah?"
You smile mischievously, "That's what someone less prepared would do, yeah. But, your lovely human has thought ahead!" You get up and grab the picnic basket before plopping the basket in his lap with a huge smile!
"What's all this?" Mammon asks, opening the basket.
"Well, it was going to be dinner and dancing, but it can be lunch and cuddles too! After all, a date is a date as long as you're with me!" You kiss his cheek and sit next to him as he turns bright red.
"O-Of course you'd wanna date The Great Mammon!" He stutters out as he looks through the sweets, that had somehow survived your dash back last night. When he gets to the dried blackbelly newt legs and fried scorpion sandwiches, his face lights up.
"Mc.. ya shouldn't've..." You swear there are tears in his eyes. "Thank you.." he pulls you into the tightest side hug you've ever gotten, and presses a soft kiss to the top of your head.
The two of you eat until you're full and cuddle until your legs are stiff.
You grab your DDD and find a playlist so the two of you can dance, or sway in place and press play.
"Hey Mammon? Would you care to dance?"
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scaramoon · 6 hours ago
darkness clouded his vision, which would have been ironic if he wasn't scared out of his mind right now. mammon was a demon, the second most powerful of his brothers in fact, and supposed to thrive in the dark. that was the whole thing about demons after all - they hide in the dark, preying on humans with wide eyes and fast heartrates.
the roles were practically reversed now.
he was searching desperately in the dark for a human he claims he couldn't care less about, feeling desperately around his bed for your warmth that was there not long ago. sleep still scrambling his mind, he stood on legs akin to that of a newborn colt and felt his way along the wall to the light switch.
the light blinded him at first. slowly, he opened his eyes and adjusted to the new brightness of the room, before his heart sank. you weren't here.
while a more logical version of mammon may not have cared (he tells himself that, although he knows its a lie), the current mammon is terrified. but no, the house of lamentation was far too well warded and protected for some lower demon to sneak in and snatch you right from mammon's sleepy embrace. and he knew you wouldn't leave him... would you?
so where did you go? you would have had no reason to leave. the mini fridge mammon had acquired somewhere in the last century or so held anything you might would possibly need (he refuses to admit that he bought it a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of you not having to leave his room during the night or during cuddle sessions). did humans need anything apart from food, water, and shelter, or was he missing something?
you wouldn't leave him, you wouldn't.
as soon as his fear was there, it was gone. although your voice clearly showed how tired you were, the sound of his name rolling off of your tongue, so worried and affectionate, washed over him and calmed every nerve in his body. a name. that was all you had to say.
smiling now, he mumbles some half audible speech about how you shouldn't have gotten up, that you could have used his bathroom. he didn't mention the part about the power you unknowingly held over him.
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sketch-guardian · 2 months ago
I have the feeling that Mammon wouldn't be too happy about a MC with insomnia,because:
(1) It's bad for his human health! Humans need sleep and as their first, it's his job to make sure they get enough of it! (He just worries a lot when he sees MC tired,but he would never admit such a thing-)
(2) who is he supposed to cuddle in bed if his human isn't there?! He gets lonely, you know? (Again,he would find another excuse to make MC sleep in his bed rather than confessing the truth,something like: "Humans get cold at night,right? Well doncha worry! Why? Because I will let ya stay in my warm room since I'm that great and generous!")
Here is for example a quick demonstration sketch of how Mammon gets Camy(MC),who has a fucked up sleep schedule, to sleep:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only way to make sure Camy sleeps is basically trapping her to the bed(just because she doesn't want to risk waking Mammon up-). Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this silly sketch🙈have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!✨
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Obey Me!: MC no longer minds their curse
Tumblr media
God cursed you with immortality, but after meeting the demon brothers you start minding the curse less and less.
Tumblr media
"Maybe being immortal isn't that bad... Not when I'm with you."
Will stop writing for a second, just blankly looking at his paper
"You shouldn't take it too lightly."
Yeah he scolds you for ""not taking the curse serious enough""
Sir, mc just confessed and this is what you do??
He's wiping tears on the inside, trust me
Feels superior to his father, knowing the curse God put on you is less of a burden thanks to him
Lucifer will be a little more affectionate with you from now on
He goes so quiet, it's genuinely concerning
He stuck in time bruh
Nah, he's just so touched by what you said, he doesn't know what to do, homeboy's brain is fried by the blood rushing to his face
Will stare at you while tears freely form in his eyes
Then when he finally snaps out of it, he'll absolutely lose it, scolding you because you can't just say things like that outta nowhere while he wipes his fallen tears
Mammon will be super clingy for the rest of the day mostly to hide the giant grin and blush on his face
You're lucky he didn't die instantly tbh
He's this 🤏 close to fainting, mc! You can't just attack him like this :'|
Levi's gonna have to excuse himself from you for a few minutes, the demon needs to relearn how to speak real quick
He returns in the same state tho haha
Leviathan isn't really sure how to react to what you said so he just
Hugs you
Real tight
And it's super cute
He'll feel extremely giddy and happy that you feel like this about him
He'll pause reading his book upon hearing your words
Will very sincerely tell you how serious he takes what you just said and how thankful he is that you feel this way
Satan will super romantically tell you that he'll gladly spend eternity with you
Will cuddle you real long and generally hold you close to him more often
He also won't avoid the subject of your curse anymore
Gets super quiet for a moment
Tears up immediately
Will throw himself into your arms while crying
Asmo's always been emotional about your curse
And he's so so happy that you no longer see immortality as such
Asmo is so tingly now ahhh it's really precious
He'll go so friggin' soft like instantly
Literally 🥺 that's him
He doesn't know what to say tbh
Offers you the food he's munching on right now
Hugs you real tight too
Aww this demon just loves you and you totally made him fall for you again
This bitch pretends he's sleeping and didn't hear you
You know he's not sleeping though and deep down he knows that you know... And he's okay with it
Lowkey pushes back tears behind those closed eyes
He'll also cuddle closer to you
Belphie will feel so happy and thankful that you're still able to say this despite of what he did to you in the past
Belphie will start being a little more lovey dovey with you now 💜 he's all ready to spend your immortality together
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by-moonflower · 4 months ago
mammon hears you call his name from two halls down, and though he shakes his head, then pinches the bridge of his nose — thinking, just what the hell does this human want now — he doesn’t move an inch. he’s not waiting for you, obviously, just figured it’d be too much of a hassle for him if you went barreling into anyone else.
when you do finally turn the corner and find him, he can’t hide the way his eyes soften a little.
you look just as you usually do, except there’s tears streaming down your face and mammon’s eyes widen at the fact, realising that he’s never actually seen you cry. he’s had more than enough of your ugly sniffles during the sad movies you watch together — he refrains from making a snarky remark over it because it distracts you from noticing his eyes going glassy — but this time is different; you seem utterly defeated.
“hey—” he begins to say, but is cut short when you suddenly make a run for him. he doesn’t really have time to prepare because you end up right before him in no time and, much to his surprise, you throw your arms around his neck, not even stopping to see if he’d be ready to catch you. he’s flustered for only a moment but improvises quickly when he feels your body slowly slipping down his.
“o-oi! what’s the matter wit’ ya?”
you mumble something outrageously incomprehensive, with your face mushed against his collar, bordering the line that crosses over to his neck — he hoists you up further to prevent your lips from brushing his skin, otherwise he might just lose his mind and drop you altogether.
“what was that? speak clearly, wouldja?”
you lift your head up slightly, “’m upset.”
“why?” he asks, tone slightly harsh but contrasting against the spread out palm he has rubbing big circles on your back. out of nowhere, levi pokes his head into the hall to see you in mammon’s embrace and makes a face, mouthing, what happened?
mammon does everything he can to shoo his brother away without alerting you. get outta here! he mouths back.
“don’t wanna talk about it,” you finally say, clearer. at least your breathing has gone back to normal, your heartbeat too slowing and dropping out of the race. your arms, still secure around his neck, don’t let up though and your toes just barely reach the ground until mammon hoists you up once more. “can we stay like this a bit?”
out loud, mammon lets out an annoyed groan but what he’s not saying, is that he sort of wishes you’d never let go. without any trouble at all, mammon begins to pace, taking you to your room.
“alright, alright! and don’t think i’m doing this because i want to make ya feel better or whatever,” he rambles, “a perfectly good excuse to skip class has presented itself and i ain’t passing up that opportunity.”
you hum against him, the sound reverberating through your chest and his ribcage.
“anyway, if lucifer catches us bunking class, i’m throwin’ ya under the bus without a second thought. ya hear that?”
you hum again.
“and don’t ya dare get snot on my shirt, just ask me for a tissue or somethin’ and i’ll get it for ya. cry your heart out, i don’t care — ”
he pauses, his breath almost catching in his throat whenever you say his name so gently. he won’t ever admit it but he finds it kind of sweet how whenever you’re with the other brothers, you join in on the banter and make fun of him as they do, calling his name with similar mockery, all sing-song and teasing. and yet, when it was just the two of you, the facade fades away. he’s highly embarrassed to be thinking this, but the way you call his name now is like how you call a lover; patient, welcoming, warm.
“mammon?” you repeat and he clears his throat pointedly before resuming his stride.
“you’re so kind, you know that?”
it takes everything in him to keep from freezing again — he knows you’re definitely going to make a comment about it later or something so he doesn’t even want to risk it — but he sure is grateful that he practically has you thrown over his shoulder now, mostly because that means you can’t witness the fire engulfing his cheeks all of a sudden.
“sh-shut up, whaddya mean?”
you don’t tell him what you mean. all you do is mumble a small thank you before tightening your arms and nuzzling your face into his neck.
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saeyoungchoismaid · 4 days ago
can you do a headcanon of mammon tutoring mc in math because it’s canon that he’s good at it 😫😫😫😫 - a simp for mammon anon
okay so as everyone knows, Mammon isn’t exactly...punctual when it comes to classes and working
he’s also a procrastinator, so that doesn’t help at all
this is why everyone thinks he’s a bumbling idiot cause he doesn’t really try in school 
don’t get it twisted though!!!
he’s actually very smart
I think you have to be if you’ve been alive for hundreds of years. You’ve lived through so much, hence why I also think he’d be good at history
math + history > english + science 
everyone has subjects that they’re good and bad at, and those just happen to be his 
so, when you’re asking Satan, Lucifer, and even Asmo for help in math, but not him
he’s offended
he’ll be dramatic when letting you know too
he’ll slam his hands onto the dining room table as he stands up, glaring at you
“I’ll have ya know that ‘u’re in the presence of someone who’s great at math!” he’ll shout, face growing red
you owlishly blink up at him before turning to his brothers for them to confirm or deny
“Yeah, he’s actually pretty good at it.” 
“Surprisingly...” someone further down the table mutters
“Exactly! So, if ya want help with math, Mammon the Great is the one ya should be askin’!”
after that, he becomes your math tutor and he was right, he’s really good at it
especially when it comes to basic math like adding, and percentages (you’re thinking it’s bc of all the shopping he does)
he’s not just good at that though. He’s the type of good where he can see it and process it in his head in just a couple of seconds 
he’s scary good 
the tutoring sessions lead to you two becoming closer and the next thing y’all know, he’s rewarding you with kisses for correct answers <3
whenever you take a test and get a good grade on it, you’ll rush to him so you can tell him first about how good you did
he’ll cheer and spin you around, covering your faces in kisses as he congratulates you and brags that he knew you were going to do a good job the entire time 
his baby is smart, after all <3
⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰
More with Mammon 
Join my discord: 
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onovnii · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— how the brothers kiss you.
— feat. mammon , leviathan , satan , asmodeus , beelzebub , belphegor — genre. headcanons — tags. fluff , mild nsf/w(?) — words. 609 — note. i’m feeling really drained and burned out lately from writing smut lol. needed a quick break for myself </3 here’s some fluff w/ the bros. *yall like the new layout;}
Tumblr media
like he’s scared; a small bit of him is terrified of this being some elaborate joke. maybe you’re messing with his feelings? who knows. a bit of him is also scared that this is the last time he’ll get to hold you. sometimes your mortality hits him and he gets irrationally scared of you dying. point is, he gets scared. when you two are alone, his kiss always turns into a semi-make-out. he doesn’t want to let you go, pulling you impossibly closer to him. arms wrapping around you, grabbing onto whatever he can. they always become sloppy and heated in the end. he’ll sometimes kiss down your body just to make sure you’re still here, and partly because he’s possessive as well. his kisses always leave you out of breath in the end.
hesitant and needy; whenever leviathan goes in to kiss you, at first he’s nervous. he always gets into his head about little insecurities. “does his breath smell bad?” “is he even kissing you right?” “did he miss your mouth….what if he’s kissing your chin..” it takes him a second to fully melt into the kiss. you’ll have to silently reassure him by pulling him close. then, he gains more confidence in himself. he begins to kiss you like it’s the last chance he’ll ever get. his tail is always wrapped around your thigh or waist, reassuring himself that you’re real, you’re here…and that you love him.
soft; satan had always read about kissing your partner with all the love and adoration you contain in your body in stories, he’s always wanted to try that with someone. when he kisses you, he always has a hand under your chin or on your cheek, thumb gently stroking your skin. they’re princely, as if he’s straight out of a romance novel. they always want you leaving more… of course, satan would never pass up the chance to kiss you more.
fun and exciting; his kisses send electrifying chills throughout your body. everything about them is so good, his cherry chapstick, how he always playfully bites at your bottom lip, how they’re always short-lasting in the hopes you’ll chase after him for more. they’re almost intoxicating in nature… during nights alone with him, his kisses become softer in nature. when he’s with you, he allows himself to be vulnerable. they almost feel sad…they make you want to comfort him.
lovingly; everything beel does is with love. every kiss he shares, just makes you fall more and more in love with him. when you pull away, he always has his lovestruck expression written all over his face. eyes looking up at you with all the love in the world swirled in his purple irises. though, the thing about him is that he can sometimes be just as needy as mammon. never demanding it outright, but he’ll always get this pout if you go too long without giving him a kiss. doesn’t matter where really, beel just enjoys your affection.
serenity; his kisses can lull you to sleep alone. his lips taste sweet, they’re unimaginably soft. they always trail down to your neck, and any other exposed part of your body. shoulders, stomach, thighs, anywhere. usually, it’s not sexual. it’s just belphie enjoying your comfort and sharing intimacy he’d never do with someone who isn’t you. his kisses are the easiest to get lost in, he’s always unintentionally (or intentionally ;) pulling you into a deep sleep, begging you to stay in bed with him for a few more minutes…or hours. it’s hard to resist him, and he knows it.
Tumblr media
© ONOVNII - valene <3
Tumblr media
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mammonssugarmamma · 20 days ago
Could I request a short drabble or heascannons with Mammon and an mc who gets random cuts and bruises frequently? Like they have absolutely no clue how they got them, "oh, I have a cut on my arm? Neat. Should I use the Marvel or the Disney bandaid."
mc that gets hurt often
a/n: gosh i feel bad not posting anything for a while but i’m back! i’m writing something else that was my main focus so sorry i’ll try to get it out in a couple days
but here’s this we all need a little protective mammon in our lives don’t you think<3
the more mammon hangs around you the more he loses his mind
it’s like every time he turns around you get cut or bruised and he doesn’t understand, he’s supposed to protect you but he can’t even figure out how you got a cut by walking?
the first time he noticed you got hurt he panicked because one you seemed so calm about it and two if Lucifer saw (which he would see) mammon would be knocked into tomorrow 
because of this he always keeps tons of bandaids on him preferably character ones, glitter ones, and his personal fav grim designed bandaids
the more you two get close the more mammon becomes gentle around you, opening your door like a regular person just in case you’re behind it or something smacks you in the face, he doesn’t death grip your arm he actually just holds you hand now (blushing face and all)
he caries your bag at school and anything else you have in your hands so you don’t fall or bruise your body, at this point he’s gotten so soft around you he once served, cut, and spoon fed you dinner which he got called out for but you were thankful
in more intimate moments he holds you like any greedy demon would but you can tell it’s a little loser and a lot cuter. he noticed that when he holds you like this you tend to not hurt yourself so he does this a lot thought the day 
another plus side is the house is now MC proofed! since the place is basically gonna fall apart at any second and the brothers don’t bother to fix it the stairs have padded cushions on them so you don't get splinters or slip and fall, the kitchen now has baby locks and all hazardous stuff that could possibly hurt you (which is apparently everything in the kitchen) is stored and tucked away so you won’t get to it
all the brothers room are MC proofed in some way like mammon now cleans his room so you don’t get hurt and he now holds your hand whenever you walk around his room (it’s for safety purposes and Lucifer even told him to do it) 
all in all mammon makes sure you’re never hurt not even in the slightest. he's basically your bodyguard, you sweet, caring, tsundere bodyguard and he’ll do anything to keep you happy and safe.  
Tumblr media
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glossytearsposts · a month ago
How they sleep headcannons
Gender neutral
Warnings: none
Socks. No part oh him will be left vulnerable and uncovered.
Sleeps on his back. Sometimes he will sleep on his front, but only if he feels safe and comfortable. Will want to spoon and likes to be both spoons.
He wears classic pj’s, I’m talking button up shirt, long pants, heck maybe a sleeping cap too. No MC, he’s not an old man, it’s just comfortable.
Socks off. Have you seen this man, it’s cannon he sleeps in the nude. No way he’s keeping foot condoms on and nothing else.
Hugs a pillow if he can’t hug you. A grabby sleeper. Will steal the blankets from you. Moves a lot and grumbles a few words occasionally.
NO CLOTHES. The man likes the feel of the sheets on his skin, the sweet feeling of freedom and not being tied up by lucifers rope.
Ruri Chan socks. He’s gotta be faithful, even in his sleep. He will fall asleep barefoot though, but he prefers to be properly decorated.
The man sleeps with a body pillow. No, it does not matter that MC is in the tub too. Ruri Chan stays. Will hold your hand over the body pillow.
Probably wears a big t shirt or hoodie and pj pants. Very warm and comfortable to sleep or game in.
Cat socks. Need I say more? The man has a whole arsenal of cat socks at his disposal for every night of the year. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t wear cat socks.
Sleeps on his back a lot. Likes to have you lean against him while he reads you to sleep. You’ll often wake up hugged to his chest, a face full of tiddie.
Like Lucifer he wears the old man fit, likes to leave the shirt half or fully unbuttoned. No night cap though.
No socks, usually. He needs to let his skin breathe. If it is cold he will pop on a pair of fuzzy socks.
Sleeps like a starfish. Definitely a bed hog.Either that, he will koala himself to the other person in the bed. I’m sorry MC, either way you still have no space to move.
BIG SHIRTS!!! He loves big shirts, they are so comfy and loose. Nice for letting his skin relax. He will absolutely wear some cute lingerie though, if he needs to be kissed back awake he can’t have ugly underwear.
No socks. I just think he wouldn’t wear any. Maybe some white cotton socks after fangol games with salve underneath to help with any sores but other than that, this mans piggies are in the raw.
Definitely a sleep hugger, and comfortably warm. A very comforting embrace. It sounds like a good deal until you realize that he also chews on things when he sleeps.
Sleeps in shorts a lot. Probably forgoes a shirt half the time due to his body heat. If he does wear a shirt he mostly wears T-shirts.
Whatever tbh. He will fall asleep fully clothed so he honestly couldn’t care wether he has socks on or not. He does have a pair of fuzzy socks from Asmo he likes though.
This man mimics death better than death himself. When he is asleep, nothing can wake him. You are lucky he doesn’t grab you in his sleep, if he does there’s no getting out of his grasp.
Any clothing goes, but his favorite is his cardigan or one of Beel’s shirts. Don’t tell Lucifer that Belfie regularly steals one of his shirts to sleep in too.
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salemwitchezz · 3 months ago
a different type of falling • mammon
pairing: mammon x gn!reader
summary: mammon finds out he’s slowly falling in love with you.
warnings: little bit of angst, mostly fluff.
a/n: i got bored and wrote this bc mammon deserves the world :). also for the people that i’m writing requests for— hang in there! i’m getting them done :)
> masterlist <
Tumblr media
the moment the avatar of greed laid eyes on you, it was a little too obvious to everyone he wanted absolutely nothing to do with you. he hated that his older brother put this responsibility on him out of anyone else, and he hated that he couldn't do anything about it.
mammon felt like this was some sort of sadistic punishment. he had been stuck with this random, stupid human exchange student that would do nothing but get into trouble, and in the end, you always dragged him down with you.
you were a waste of his precious time, nothing but a piece of deadweight he had to drag over his shoulder and protect in order to avoid's lucifer's wrath. you were a parasite, a nuisance, a burden that he had no other choice but to endure, and he went out of his way to make sure you knew that almost every single day.
but no matter what snarky remark or insult he threw towards you, it could never phase you— in fact, you just ignored them, you ignored him. the fucking audacity you had, now he really hated you, he hated you so much in fact that he started paying more attention to you.
mammon convinced himself he was doing this to try and find something to pick you apart with, to find and grab onto a weakness you had that he would be able to use against you.
but then, he started staring a little longer.
he started waiting up for you so you wouldn't have to catch up, he started saving you a plate for dinner so beel wouldn't get to it, he started making sure you were safe without feeling like it was being forced upon him— like he actually wanted to keep you from harm, not that he would ever admit it thought.
he stopped trying to steal your things and instead gifted you most of the things you own, he started recognizing what mood you were in just by one look at your face, he started longing to see that beautiful smile spreading across you face when you talked about something you were excited about, or that frown that he saw when you were upset or sad about something— and he loved knowing that he was the one that was able to fix it into another smile.
mammon soon found out that he started to adore a lot of things about you; your looks, your personality, your laugh, your voice. he loved it when you talked.
he loved it so much, that he started hanging onto to every little thing you had to say, because your words was the one thing that swayed him. his heart quickened whenever you talked or mentioned his name, but it was in a good way.
in fact, he ignored his brother's half of the time, dodging their insults like bullets whizzing past his head and instead was only interested in what you had to say. what you had to say about him.
you never called him a dirty scumbag, you never put him down because he indulged in his sin. all you ever said was good things about him, and now that he got that, he craved it from from you everyday.
and then there were those days and nights where he craved something more consoling from you, when he was at his lowest, when his brothers wouldn't cease their demeaning teasing and harsh words, words that broke him down into tears when he was finally alone, words that drove him to his only source of comfort. you.
at first, mammon was reluctant to leave himself so vulnerable and exposed to someone else, but once you were able to coax him into your arms and have him listen to what you had to say whilst you embrace him and card your fingers through his snowy locks, he'd feel a lot more better.
the nit-picking from his brothers started to decrease more and more each day, and that was only because you gave them an earful one day when you just couldn't stand to see the avatar of greed in tears anymore. you didn't want him to feel like that any longer, like he was a piece of trash that could be easily disposed of. so you stuck up for him— without worrying about the consequences afterwards.
that's when mammon could finally come to the realization that.. that you cared for him— more than anyone bothered to show. you showed him his worth, and you made him feel appreciated when no one else could.
now, whenever you were with him, the demon felt a warm feeling spread through his chest. he felt butterflies whenever he heard your voice. he started looking forward to the time you spent together, when it was just the two of you. when you were with him, there was no place he'd rather be.
but at the same time, mammon was scared.
he'd never felt so strongly for someone before, no one could ever stir up these type of feelings within him the way you did. no one ever treated him the way you did, with such kindness and gentle words.
without you, he felt like like a piece of him was missing. when you were away, he'd feel hollow until you came back to fill in that empty space.
mammon hated that he felt like he had to depend on you to keep thriving, but after a while, he came to accept it. you were his happiness.
but then, there came the jealousy.
mammon got jealous. he hated when you hung out with his brothers, but it was because he wanted you all to himself. mammon was greedy for your attention.
he was greedy for you.
just how how he was right now, the way he was staring at your slightly pouted face because he had whisked you away from beel so he could spend time with you instead.
mammon admired the way the light of the television illuminated your features with a blue hue, and he was finding it hard to concentrate on the movie you two were watching. it was just so much easier to focus on you, but it was so hard to not get caught doing it.
because it would be the absolute end of him if you were to notice his staring.
luckily for the demon, you had been really indulged into a certain scene, giving him time to really gaze at you with an unknown look of love swirling in his royal blue eyes without it going noticed by you.
having his arm wrapped around the backrest of the couch, mammon was able to lean his cheek on his own shoulder and look up at you— watching the way your eyes widened, allowing the little characters on the screen to reflect off of your pupils. his eyes then trailed down and landed on your lips, which were slightly parted in a small breath and glossy in the way the light shone on them.
mammon pressed his own lips together. he really wanted to kiss you.
mammon's eyes studied every slope and curve of your features, and he felt an overly warm feeling swell in his chest. a happy feeling, not the kind of happy he felt when he gambled or won a bet, it was the kind you gave him.
it was love.
he was in love, no matter how much he denied it, it was certain— he had fell for you.
the longer mammon stared at you, the further that warmth spread. his thoughts were racing like bullet trains across his mind, but one had stuck out the most—
"i think i'm in love with you." the greedy demon thought to himself.
he fell in love.. damn it, he was in love. he didn't want to be, because love was a poisonous word, because love had lied to him— because the great mammon never fell in love with anybody, he didn't allow people to make him weak. but somehow, you had. you had stole his heart, and there was nothing he could do about it.
yet, he found himself saying it over and over again in his head like a mantra, and it would never get old. just like how staring at you never would either.
however, mammon was snapped violently out of his trance when you suddenly whipped your head around with an incredibly surprised yet hopeful look on your face, and he was confused to why until he realized that he hadn't just admitted he was probably in love with you in his head, but he had accidentally let it slip past his lips too.
"what?" you almost whispered, and mammon's heart sank into his stomach.
"um.. what? eh, what did i say?" the demon panicked with a quivering voice as dread soon filled him to the brim, and he shot up in a stiff sitting position with a hard gulp that he hoped would go unnoticed by you. shit, how was he gonna get out of this one?
" said you love me." you repeated, almost hesitant.
"huh?! when the hell did i say that? you must be hearin' stuff, human. as if the great mammon would ever—" mammon swallowed the rest of his sentence when he was was met with that glossy look in your eyes, the one when your e/c optics swelled with tears, making them resemble globes right before spilling.
mammon's breath hitched, and not knowing what to do first, he brought up a shaky and uncertain hand up to grip your arm and bring him closer to him. he saw the first tear roll down your cheek, and he felt his heart crack a little.
"hey, hey— no, no, no.. don't cry. why are ya crying—ah!" mammon let out a small noise of surprise when you suddenly pushed yourself forward and tackled him in a hug, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, and mammon was slightly taken aback for a moment before he slowly wrapped his arms around you.
he listened to your small sniffles, confused as to why you were upset, but rubbed small circles in your back anyway.
"um.. maybe," he started, trying to ignore the anxious feeling swirling in the pit of his stomach. "maybe i do.. care about ya, sometimes."
mammon felt you pulling back, and he did as well— but didn't have time to react for what happened next, because you had grabbed his face and were pressing your lips against his.
you were kissing him.
mammon stupidly froze against you, unresponsive with wide eyes. it took him a moment to process this was actually happening before his eyes finally fell shut and he started to slowly kiss you back.
your lips were as soft as he imagined they'd feel, and the simple kiss you gave him was full of love. he felt a wave of relief wash over him and a feeling of happiness bubble inside of him, slowly crawling up his throat until it became a lump he discovered was hard to swallow.
and before he knew it, he felt warm tears rolling down his cheeks like waterfalls.
mammon was sure you could feel him shaking, that you could feel his heart thumping out of his chest at an ungodly speed. he didn't want you to pull away, yet you had— but the smile on your face when you did made up for all the disappointment.
"i'm sorry, i just— i just got really happy." you sniffled, letting out a breathy laugh. "i.. i love you too, mammon, and i.." you trailed off when you finally looked back up at him, only to see his tear stained cheeks with even more rolling down his face.
you were crying because.. you loved him?
mammon was crying even harder now.
your eyes widened, and you brought up a hand to try and console him. "oh, no, i'm sorry. i didn't.. don't cry—"
mammon swatted your hands away lightly with a sniffle, hiding his face with his other hand. "i— i'm not crying, ya stupid human.. i just.."
he had so much to say in that moment, but he couldn't exactly put it into words. so, instead mammon let you embrace him once again, allowing the silence of the moment to speak for itself. and surprisingly enough, that seemed efficient for the both of you.
after all these years of being neglected from the one thing he craved most, you were the one to finally come along and give it to him.
you were almost like an angel in disguise, and sometimes, he actually wondered if you were actually just that. mammon felt like you were the best thing to happen to him, no matter how he felt in the beginning.
mammon had fallen a second time, but this time, it wasn't because of his despair— it was actually the opposite.
it was a different type of falling.
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scaramoon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“sit still.”
mammon jerks his head away from you anyway, seething. the pain on his face quickly turns into a pout. still, it’s hard to think he looks cute with a busted lip, an abrasion on his forehead, and a bruise quickly forming just under his eye.
“mammon, if you keep moving this is just gonna take longer.” you tell him again, unaware that your tone sounds harsher than you intend it to. “i know you’re a powerful demon and all, but you don’t have to start a fight with everything that moves.”
he sighs and you move to disinfect the area on his forehead that began bleeding. this time, he doesn’t turn away. his eyes close and his lips press into a thin line, but he doesn’t move.
“alright, see? that wasn’t so bad.” you smile. he doesn’t see it.
the demon’s eyes are trained on a nonspecific spot on the bed where the two of you are sitting. his jaw clenches and he swallows thickly, clearly gathering his courage to speak.
“i’m sorry.”
you pause at the two simple words, hands still busy putting things back in the first aid kit you’d found. eventually you look back over to him.
mammon’s head is down as he watches his hands — they aren’t doing anything in particular, just picking his nails or rubbing his thumb into his palm. though his head doesn’t move, blue eyes travel up to look at you. for a demon, — hell, even by human standards — he looks so small. scared.
of what? you didn’t know.
“it’s alright, mammon,” you give an encouraging smile, one of your hands traveling up to hold his face. “i’m not mad at you, you know. its just that naturally, you’re a lot tougher than i am, but you aren’t invincible, y’know? i’m not mad, i’m just worried about you, okay?”
he seems to think about it for a moment. it’s as though he’s trying to find the right words. a few things pop into his mind in his search for an easy way to explain to you why he’s been getting into so many fights lately. it doesn’t come out nearly as composed as it was in his head:
“that’s jus’ the problem though. y- i’m stronger than you. in a physical kinda way, i mean. lucifer put me in charge of protectin’ ya for a reason.”
he takes a deep breath, trying to compose himself. his voice cracks and you see the tears filling his eyes anyway.
“and i’m- you’re the only one that’s... i just mean that i wanna keep ya around, alright? and demons ain’t dense, they know how to get to you. i, uhm, and i hear things that they say. i dunno what’s gotten into ‘em lately but... look, no one is going to hurt you as long as i still have a heartbeat, okay?”
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sketch-guardian · 3 months ago
Remember the first time I tried to do a Mammon fanart in digital? Probably not-
Anyway here is another attempt, a chibi comic about Mammon only stealing MC's clothes because their scent makes him feel safe and loved, but he would rather die than admit it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope it isn't too cringe, have a nice day night and stay safe everyone! ✨
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devildomsgod · 4 months ago
Obey Me!: Love Letters
Tumblr media
What kind of love letters the demon brothers would give you.
Tumblr media
You find it on your desk.
Lucifer's letter is hidden in a black envelope, sealed by white wax.
You might think it's a letter sent by royalty, but the blood-red rose by its side reveals the meaning of the dispatch.
Inside, you find snow-white paper, delineated with black and smooth writing. It's easy to read but has its style, undeniably composed through a long night with much passion.
Lucifer didn't write much, one page holding everything he deemed fitting for a love letter. He thanks you a lot. For sticking with him despite his struggle to show emotion, for putting up with his brothers, and not basing his worth on their pranks, and he thanks you for being his light.
For getting him through rough nights of work, for respecting the walls, he put up even around you sometimes, for not shying away from loving him, even though he knows he makes it hard sometimes.
By the end of it, he asks you for a date, stating that he'd come by your room later that night and take you out. After all, he's much better at making you feel his love rather than articulating it in such a letter.
"... You understand me, even when I fail a smile or I love you. For that, I am thankful, mc. More than you might think...."
Love, Lucifer.
You find it in your locker.
Mammon's letter is wrapped in an unsealed golden envelope.
The paper is yellowed and lined, black writing covering three pages.
It's messy, seeming rushed like Mammon's thoughts were faster than his hand, and he feared forgetting if he didn't write fast enough.
A lot of words are crossed out and replaced by better, more poetic ones. There's also a small coffee stain on the edge of two pages. Another stain in the middle of one page might be a teardrop, but you can't be sure.
Everything smells strongly of Mammon's cologne. The one you told him you liked best a few months ago, which is also the only one he has used since then.
Mammon writes about all the things he never says. It's a lot.
He especially emphasizes your worth to him, how no money has ever made him feel like you, how he doesn't know what he would do if you disappeared, and how suddenly all the cash he earns is more valuable if he spends it for you.
Mammon also thanks you for loving him and for helping him with all his struggles. He can't stop thinking about the nights you spent mending his mind and body after Lucifer's scoldings.
He says you make him cry a lot. Mammon cries when stray thoughts lead him to the idea of your disappearance, he cries when he thinks of your generosity, and he cries when you're sleeping in his arms, knowing you feel safe with him.
"... Hopefully ya don't think less of me after reading this, but it's how I truly feel, mc! I think it's true love, and ya got me fallin' for it hopelessly. Forgive me for being such a fool, but ya don't mind as long as I'm your fool, right? Please stay with me forever..."
- Your Great Mammon
Leviathan's letter is taped to the inside of your door.
He chose a simple white envelope and sealed it with a blue Ruri-chan sticker.
Inside the envelope, you find two white papers, his words in blue ink. Without lines, his writing isn't fully straight and falls down to the right, but that doesn't steal the meaning from his words.
Besides the letter, there's half of an anime couples keychain. A romance anime, just recently released and you remember watching it with Leviathan, fanning over the plot and characters with him together. It's a lovely memory.
Levi's writing isn't experienced, the way he's using his words seeming unschooled and clumsy, but it makes what he's writing feel more meaningful, drenched in innocent expressions of how much he loves you.
The demon writes about the butterflies he has when you're close. He describes the dizzy feeling of love in a detailed and questioning way like he can't believe it's something normal. He says how much he hates the feeling he gets when you hold his hand, how vulnerable it makes him feel, and then he rambles about how he also can't get enough of it.
On the second page, he mentions the meaning you've given his life.
He writes about the empty feeling that these animes and video games couldn't fill, but suddenly they don't need to anymore. Suddenly, the empty feeling is replaced by excitement for you to come over later, by warmth radiating from you when your body gets close to his, and by happiness when you praise him, denying the things he keeps telling himself.
Leviathan also talks about his fears of losing you, though it only takes a small portion of his letter by the end.
"...and every day I'm scared you'll miss our gaming date because you found someone better, but you always come, with that same smile, that I can't get enough of. I know it will happen, though so until then please still love me unconditionally..."
Your Levia-chan <3
Satan put his letter in a book he recommended and gave to you.
It's wrapped in a green envelope and smells of his favorite tea.
Opening it, you pull out greenly tinted paper and a few dried herbs.
Rosemary, Stevia, and Basil, all herbs, as you later learn, with a symbolic connection to love and loyalty.
Satan wrote one page in black ink. His letters are neat, the consideration he put into each word shining through it all.
The words are poetic, carrying the story he tells in the most beautiful way you could have imagined.
Satan writes about his experience with love. The experience you're granting him.
He compares it to the romance novels he keeps reading, though it no longer compares to his own idea of love. He came to the conclusion that none of these authors must have experienced it correctly because whatever he reads, it never reaches the affection shared between you and him.
He asks if you'd be willing to be his muse for his own book one day. Satan writes you inspire him in a way nothing else ever has, and he finds it painful to waste that passion.
"... I read many stories about feelings between demons and humans. None of them come close to what we have, mc. I'm under your spell so please let me use that spell to tell the world what true love feels like...."
Yours deeply and truly, Satan
Asmodeus leaves his letter on your bed, surrounded by rose petals.
The envelope has a pretty pink tone, your name written in glitter on it.
As you open it and pull the pastel pink paper out, even more petals fall to the ground, Asmodeus' perfume melting off of them to stick to your room like it belongs.
Asmo wrote his letter in deep purple, his handwriting fancier than usual, the prettiest swirls decorating every letter. If you didn't know his style already, it'd be hard to read.
The demon begins the letter with a wave of compliments, focusing on every aspect he was able to think of.
He praises your character, writing that he finds your modesty and self-confidence admirable, admitting that he was never able to find a good balance between those himself.
He writes about your style, how it perfectly compliments and also contrasts with him, making you the missing piece of his accessories he could never seem to find before.
Lastly, he writes that your talents are some of his favorites and even he, Asmodeus Avatar Of Lust envies them sometimes.
Then, he moves on to writing about destiny. Your destiny specifically. Asmo writes that you're meant to be with him and that you're something so dearly special despite the many partners he had, he can't imagine losing you again.
You have to stay with him, mc as there is no one who could match his pace, his elegance, and his temper like you. After you, there will be no one and nothing for him, ever again.
"... and between all my past lovers, I can't find someone as special as you, mc! It's a tragedy in itself! How am I supposed to go on when you leave? So let me ask of you, please don't ever leave me. You can't..."
XOXO Asmodeus ♡
Beel's letter is on the plate of self-cooked food he brought you one evening.
The envelope is printed with orange flowers, lace decorating the edges of it. Almost like a very fancy tablecloth.
Beelzebub wrote two pages, the paper as fancy as the envelope with pretty swirls along its edges and the demon's writing is black, thick, and clear to read.
On and in the envelope you find a few crumbs of food, but the sweet odor they bring isn't something to be annoyed by.
Beelzebub's writing is direct and clear.
On the first page, Beelzebub writes about what you mean to him. How you're what's filling the hunger he can't still with food. He thanks you for the moments spent together, in which his thoughts are allowed to be freed from the restricting hunger for more.
He also thanks you for not judging him. For never getting mad when the growling of his stomach startles you or when he says "I'm hungry" instead of "I love you". He feels like you understand him, a feeling not too common amongst demons anymore.
On his second page, Beel tells you he wants you to experience the wonders of food as he does. He promises to cook for you as much as you'd like and even when his favorite dishes melt your human stomach, he'll find an alternative recipe that'll taste just as good.
Beel wants you to taste the sweetness of your laugh, the heartiness of your desire, and the tenderness of your embrace. He wants you to taste what he feels.
"... even if I yearn with my stomach sometimes, your love reaches me as strong as always. I will return that love, mc..."
Hugs from your Beelzebub.
You find Belphegor's letter in his hand after he fell asleep on your bed.
The envelope has a dark purple color and smells strongly of lavender, caused by the dried plant inside of it.
Besides the lavender, there's black paper, covered in purple ink. Three pages of it. It's soothing to read, the dark combination lulling you into a comfortable headspace while reading.
Besides the neat writing, there are small doodles of sheep and cows by the edge of the letter.
The content of Belphegor's writing is as dark as the paper. He writes about the things he's too scared to say to your face.
Belphie begins with a question. He asks why you're with him.
After killing you, holding your neck tight until the life faded from your human body, he wouldn't expect you to come back to him, but here you were, letting him sleep in your bed while reading a love letter written by your killer.
He blames himself and he blames you, calling you reckless for getting close to him, though all the criticism is immediately soothed by multiple paragraphs of pure thank yous.
Thank you for forgiving him. Thank you for healing his hurt soul. Thank you for giving him a home. Thank you for giving him a reason to sleep less than he used to. Thank you for giving him life.
After the excessive display of his gratitude, Belphegor moves on to recalling memories. He writes about your first date, your first time napping with him, your first time saying you forgive him, and many more.
He mentions how he shed tears over every one of those memories, how he felt recalling them now, and how happy he is, knowing more memories will be added to this collection.
His letter ends with a final 'sorry', its purpose undefined. Maybe a sorry for his past actions, maybe a sorry for his inability to express all of this to your face, maybe a sorry for making you read three pages of his rambling. You don't know, and asking him about it seems indecent. You shall take the sorry for whatever you'd like to be apologized for.
"... and though I hurt you, you let me keep you in my arms when I sleep. The trust you have in me scares me, but as long as it does not terrify you, I shall tolerate it..."
Yours truly, Belphegor
Read the side characters here
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by-moonflower · 3 months ago
your one and only
▸ mammon x reader
▸ 2.2k words
▸ best friends to lovers (woohoo!), mutual pining, fluff, slight angst
with more students coming to RAD, your jealousy streak shows when mammon is assigned to show the new human around
Tumblr media
“has anyone seen mammon?”
as soon as they heard their brother’s name, the demons sitting together at the extended oak study table suddenly appear busier than they did when you first entered the room.
satan finds the need to open up three more text books around him, eyes carelessly scanning through all of them—though you doubt he’s actually reading or understanding anything that quick. levi also makes a show of putting on his headphones despite already having his airpods plugged in his ears. beel purposely begins to munch louder on the snacks he has on hand and belphie, well, he was already asleep.
you sigh out loud, crossing your arms as your stare jumps from one demon brother to the other. “really, guys?”
usually, you brush off the brothers’ indifference to their second eldest as nothing but tough sibling love. on a good day, you might even join them just to spite mammon. but you’re not feeling it all that much today, and the only reason satan eventually speaks up is because he notices that you look quite down in the dumps today.
“um,” he begins to say, donning a thoughtful expression, “i can’t say.”
“isn’t he showing the new human arou—ow!”
beel must’ve kicked levi in the shin under the table or something, because you notice the brief look they share; the way beel slightly shakes his head and how levi’s eyes widen, turning to you with an apology on his face.
ah, now you understand why the boys have been walking on eggshells whenever you’re around. you pull a chair out and join them. “it’s fine.”
from your peripheral, satan watches you with concern. “are you sure?”
“yeah,” you quip. “i mean, mammon helped me when i first got here, so i guess it only makes sense he help the other humans settle here too.”
a few months ago, lord diavolo announced that because the exchange program to the devildom had gone so well with you and solomon, the RAD was opening its doors to take on more human exchange students. though you feigned excitement and congratulated the demon king’s son for what a success the program has been, your jealous streak began to show when you realised that you’ll no longer be the only human that will know the brothers.
it’s ridiculous, but you feel somewhat threatened at the thought of another human getting as close to the brothers as you have. you’ve never said any of this aloud, but with the way the boys have been especially careful in your presence throughout the last few weeks only tells you that they’ve probably figured you out.
“if it makes you feel any better, he didn’t seem so enthusiastic about showing the new human around either,” beel adds.
you want to take comfort in the fact, but mammon was the same way with you at first. you recall his reluctance in showing you the academy’s grounds, how annoyed he’d get when you asked a simple question or how he’d grumble to himself whenever lucifer reminded him to ensure you didn’t get eaten by other demons.
but in spite of all that, mammon had this unwavering commitment to protect you, and you know it was out of his own will and not out of a sense of duty.
when he wasn’t with you, he’d check up on you regularly by text, using a bunch of excuses to make sure you knew he wasn’t worried about you. when he was with you, he’d find a roundabout way of asking how your day has been or how classes are going, while also denying any claims that he has so much of a mustard seed of interest in how you are.
but most importantly, and what melts your heart to utter goo each and every time, is how mammon always runs to you when you face even the slightest of dangers, be it witches, cerberus, stray demons, online scams, or even an angry lucifer.
you and mammon have been through thick and thin and you’re not sure why the mere thought of another human in the picture makes your heart sink. you didn’t like the thought of mammon being that way with anyone else but you.
then again, you don’t really have the right to feel this way because it’s not like you’ve ever told him. maybe his brothers could see right through you like a wall of glass but mammon’s as oblivious as a demon can get. you’d have to tell him straight up to get it through his head.
“c’mon, what’s with the long face?” you didn’t realise belphie has woken up already, lazily leaning his head on one hand. “you know mammon’s only got eyes for you.”
blood rushes to your face instantly, palms getting sweaty as the boys try to reaffirm mammon’s feelings for you. there’s no point in you refuting anything that they say though. again, it’s not like mammon knows how you feel about him.
“also, i’m sure i’ve made it clear to him that i’d beat him up if he ever hurts you,” levi chimes.
“me too,” says satan.
“me three,” the twins say simultaneously. they look at each other for a moment before also exclaiming “jinx!” together and then bursting into a fit of giggles.
you smile at their jokes, keep faking it for a little longer to try and convince the others that you’re doing just fine. “it’s okay guys, it’s not like we’re together or anything.”
satan scoffs, “everybody at the academy thinks you’re together, except you two. isn’t it time you told him then?”
“if you’re waiting for mammon to figure it out himself, you’ll be waiting centuries. he’s the kind of guy that needs everything to be spelled out for him,” belphie says, matter-of-factly.
the only reason that you’re hesitant about letting him know is that you’re not sure how things will change between you and him. mammon’s not just the first demon you came to know since arriving at the devildom, but he’s also become your best friend. even if things did turn out well for you two, how would it change the friendships you share with the other brothers? would any of your ties to them become strained as a result?
putting the others side, you also can’t help but think about the very taboo of a demon and human together. it’s not like you’d be staying in the devildom forever and you know there are boundaries in place that keeps mammon from staying in the human world too. then what is the point of it? why bother at all?
before your thoughts can stray any further, the door to the study room comes swinging open and mammon himself strides in, scanning the room for a bit.
it’s when his eyes lock on you that a big grin begins to spread across his face. “i’ve been looking all over for ya! why didn’t ya answer any of my calls?”
under the table, levi nudges your foot and you feel the blush in your face intensify. “ah, i must’ve left my D.D.D in my room.”
“whatever, that’s fine.” mammon walks into the room with a skip in his step, pulling out the empty chair next to you. “anyway, what’s everyone doin’? it’s friday night and my babysitting is over, so let’s go somewhere!”
right then, satan rises from his seat, all of his things somehow packed already and his bag slung over his shoulder. “actually, i have plans tonight.”
at satan’s cue, as though rehearsed, beel and belphie also get up. “yeah, we have somewhere to be.”
mammon narrows his eyes, “belphie too?”
mammon sighs, then turns to the last demon seated at the table. “how ‘bout it, levi? wanna go to the arcade?”
“the arcade?! sure—” it’s quite obvious the way satan smacks levi on the back, causing the latter to choke a little at the sudden impact, “actually, i- um, i, too, have things to do, yes.”
“exactly, levi has something else planned so, we’ll be taking our leave,” satan says, a sly smile on his lips as he gently pulls levi up by the collar of his jacket.
the brothers can’t be any more obvious with the way they’re trying to leave you and mammon alone together, but as you all suspect, mammon doesn’t take the hint at all. 
“pfft, whatever.” mammon crosses his arms over the table and rests his head, facing you. “anything you wanna do? doesn’t have to be the arcade.”
you can tell that he’s actually tired, seeing the faint bags under his eyes and how he stifles a yawn, but mammon has a certain pride over that, never wanting to admit he’s exhausted when he really is. if you ever ask about it, he’ll go off on a tangent about how the great mammon never runs out of energy.
so, all you do is cross your arms over the table and rest your head too, facing him as well. “do you wanna just stay in tonight? i think there’s a rerun of the sequel to that murder mystery we watched last time.”
mammon thinks for a moment, and it’s only because you’re watching so closely that you notice his eyes soften a smidge. “y-yeah, if that’s what ya want.”
“okay.” you close your eyes, happy, more than anything, to just be sitting here with him beside you. you hope that shutting your eyes would encourage him to do the same if he needs a nap, but mammon calls your name again.
“you know, lucifer’s been bustin’ my ass lately, makin’ sure i show the new human around properly.”
you laugh a little, “why? have you been sneaking off?”
“hey, the issue isn’t me sneaking off, it’s me getting caught.”
with your eyes still shut, you sigh. “you know you shouldn’t be sneaking off right, mammon? what’s the new human gonna do without you?”
“i don’t care,” mammon mutters to himself. you pry one eye open to see that mammon has his shut. “you’re the only human i’m watchin’ out for. what does lucifer think i am anyway? the RAD’s designated liaison officer between demons and humans? as if i got time for that.”
“what did you just say?”
mammon’s eyes snap wide open to find you staring at him. “uh, that i got no time to be babysittin’?”
“no, before that. you said i’m the only human you’re watching out for?”
mammon’s pupils shake, certainly aware of what he just said and perhaps only now realising what it really means. “y-yeah. i mean, you got here first! i already gotta babysit you so why do i gotta show another human around this time too?”
you don’t know what to say, wondering if this is mammon’s roundabout way of telling you the shape of his feelings. you see it in his actions often, but you’ve never seen him try to articulate it, even if it requires you to read between the lines.
in your silence, mammon finds the need to go on. “um, anyway, i know i’m always yellin’ at the others ‘bout how you’re... ya know... my human so- uh, what’s that term again? visa-verse? vice-versa!”
“mammon, what are you saying?”
“you know what i’m saying!”
you do, but you also want him to spell it out for you. “no, i don’t.”
“i— argh,” he groans, lifting his head and hitting his back against the chair. “you do know what i’m tryna say! you’re just makin’ fun of me!”
you shrug, suppressing your smile as best as you can.
“i’m your demon too, ‘kay? happy? you’re my one and only and i’m only yours too.”
mammon buries his face in his palms, shaking his head and muttering how he can’t believe he finally admitted all that. you should be buried in heaps of embarrassment yourself, but his feelings are reaching you so genuinely that you can’t help but sit straight and reach out to him.
carefully, you encircle his wrist, pulling one hand down to keep him from hiding his face. “are you shy?”
“whaddya think?”
“the boys said something, didn’t they?”
mammon glances over. “i noticed you’ve been looking kinda down all week.” a pause. “sorry i didn’t say anything sooner. i thought... i thought i was the only one with these dumb feelings.”
“no, i’ve got dumb feelings too,” you laugh. with your fingers still encircling mammon’s wrist, you shift slightly to slip your hand into his, staring at the table because you’re too shy to look at him. though you can feel him tense at first, he’s the one to curl his fingers eventually, locking your hands together.
“also,” he adds, “don’t do that.”
“huh? do what?” you turn to him.
“get jealous.”
“wha— i’m not- i wasn’t jealous!”
“see?” he says, a slight tilt to his head, “you’re somehow even cuter when ya get jealous. so stop that, or i’ll eat ya.”
“yeah right.”
“i’ll watch the new revengers movie without ya and spoil the ending.”
with his hand intertwined in yours, warm and firm, it feels like there’s nothing to worry about at all. you’re not thinking about how your feelings for mammon will affect your relationship with the other demons when they all clearly know how you two felt about each other all this time.
and for now, you won’t worry about what it means for a human to fall for a demon, especially when the demon has fallen for the human too. maybe it’s a hurdle only the two of you can face, maybe it’s something to deal with later.
you don’t mind though. with your hand in mammon’s, it suddenly seems like there’s nothing you can’t do together.
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saeyoungchoismaid · a month ago
26. Giggling while kissing with Mammon? 👉👈
You two try to keep quiet as you whisper secrets and tell corny jokes, but if Mammon loved anything more than Grimm, it was your laughter. You could sound like a donkey, a whistle, or an angel, he wouldn’t care. He just loves knowing that he’s the reason that you’re smiling. 
So, when he tells a really bad joke that has you hollering with laughter, he doesn’t feel even a little bad when his brothers yell at you two to shut it. Well, that is until it’s the third time you two got a little too loud and he hears loud footsteps coming towards your direction. He tries to shush you between chuckles as he swiftly grabs your wrist and starts maneuvering you through the winding halls of the House of Lamentation. 
You try to smother your giggles with your hand but it was a fruitless task. When he tugs you into a random room and gently pushes you against the wall beside it, your eyes are full of tears from cackling so much. Mammon looks between your laughing face and the door, hearing the footsteps growing closer and closer to your hidden location, that won’t stay hidden much longer if you keep laughing. 
It’s only natural that he shuts you up the best way he knows how. He leans in and presses his lips to yours, feeling your teeth against his lips at first since you were smiling so wide. He starts smiling into the kiss at that, warmth filling his chest at how happy he is to see you act this way. 
You hum in surprise before quickly getting into it. That doesn’t stop either of you from giggling out of pure adrenaline and ecstasy though. You two are on top of the world and nothing can bring you down.
Kisses Ask Game
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jellymoonbear · 2 months ago
Im not sure if you are taking requests but if/when you are, could you write a fem!reader(she/her) x mammon inspired fic by the song dress by Taylor swift? Its all I've been listening to recently and mammon is all I can think about when I hear it
This Dress Is For You
Pairing: Mammon x fem!reader
Words: 5.5k
Content: mammon smut, 18+ minors pls do not read
Tumblr media
The whole world stopped when you heard him call your name, like always. If only it stayed that way; if only you could stay frozen in that moment hearing him chant your name like a prayer.
“Where the hell are ya? The party already started.”
Mammon’s whines were muffled by loud music through your DDD. He’d left early to get ahead of the party and by the time you had finished getting ready, he was already in his element at The Fall.
You wished that he’d stayed with you a little bit longer, that you’d arrive together hand in hand. But in some way, you were glad. You were so nervous to see him that your hand trembled as you hooked the glittering earrings he’d bought you onto your lobes. You appreciated the extra time to calm your erratic heartbeat.
“I’m leaving soon with the others.”
“Tch! Ya better be quick, I… I can’t wait to see ya.”
He went silent after stuttering and the corners of your lips dug deep into your cheeks. You didn’t even give a breath to his words, too taken aback by his confession. With burning cheeks, you forced a strained reply, hoping that he would hear your shaking voice.
“Okay. I’ll see you soon.”
You ended the call immediately, praying that Mammon hadn’t realised how nervous you were as you spoke.
Hands raised to your chest, you could feel your heart hammering, too eager to break out. Any other day, you would be perfectly comfortable seeing your best friend, but today was different.
Today, you were going to give yourself to him.
You were aware of his feelings for you, with all he did for you since the moment you met, it was no surprise that your guardian demon had fallen head over heels for his human. Only, he had trouble being honest with you. You were far too perfect for Mammon to even think that you could reciprocate those feeling, so all this time he sat quietly in his position as your best friend.
It was annoying, sure, that Mammon would deny his love for you whenever his brothers mentioned it. Life would have been a whole lot easier for you if he wasn’t so stubborn.
There was no doubting your feelings for Mammon either, everybody knew that. Apart from Mammon himself. Too convinced that he wasn’t good enough for you, he pushed away any thoughts of being entirely yours.
But tonight, you were going to change that.
You’d tell him exactly how you felt, you were going to show him.
Just the thought of him was enough to make you sway with dizziness. You were so eager to see him, yet so scared. It was a brave move you were going for, but you had no choice. You were simply so desperate for him to be yours.
And for you to be his.
Your heels clicked as you walked over to the full-length mirror – you mentally reminded yourself to thank Asmodeus for finding such comfortable shoes.
You looked yourself up and down, admiring all the efforts that had gone into your appearance.
You were a goddess.
Shimmering in a flattering gold dress, your figure was accentuated at every curve. You’d bought this dress especially for Mammon, what better than to look like his favourite thing. Your skin popped against the gold, the dress flowed down past your knees and settled just above the floor. You looked like a queen made from gold.
Your arms were bare, along with your collarbones. The thin straps were basically invisible on your shoulders and with your hair tied back prettily, your entire neck was revealed all for Mammon.
Mammon would for sure go crazy at the sight of you.
You were a massive tease, in all honesty. Giving him a full view of your neck, of your shoulders, of your back but cutting off the remainder of your glowing body before he could look further. A daring move, but you were bold enough to play him like an instrument. It would only make him crave you more.
Your jewellery glinted in the light and you looked yourself over one last time, and just as you turned, you saw Mammon’s golden mark on your shoulder shine.
His pact mark on your collarbone buzzed like it knew exactly what you were planning. You were smug as you pondered if it ever relayed those messages back to your demon.
Finally leaving the room, you opened the door and to your surprise, Asmo was right outside with his fist raised to knock.
Before he could say anything, he was taken aback by you. You were amused as you watched him with his mouth hanging. He looked you up and down, beaming brightly.
“MC, you look amazing!” He jumped at you and landed a chaste kiss on your cheek.
You took his arm and dragged him along with you.
“Thank you.” You shyly mumbled.
Asmo caught up with you and cuddled tighter into you arms. Your cheeks burned when he leaned in close and whispered.
“He’ll love it.”
You blushed even harder as you excitedly made you way downstairs.
Lucifer was also astonished when he saw you that he had to clear his throat before speaking. “You look beautiful, MC.”
“Thank you.”
He took your other arm and you headed to the club with a brother on each side, making your confidence skyrocket.
When you arrived, they both entered ahead of you, knowingly allowing you to enter alone and steal the eyes of every demon in the club.
And that was exactly what happened. You would have shied away from the attention, but you were so confident, so determined when every being hawked you as you entered. You walked with your head held high, the expanse of your neck pulsed with your heartbeat and every single demon was hungry for it.
Every eye was on you, but there was only one set of eyes you searched for.
And you were drawn to them immediately. Mammon was wordlessly gawking at you, stood leaning against the bar with a hand in a pocket and a glass of Demonus in the other. His snowy hair was bright under the flashing lights making his honey-tinted skin more attractive than you had ever seen.
He slammed his drink on the bar and stood straight when he noticed you walking towards him, and you inwardly giggled at the sight of him almost dropping his glass at the sight of you.
“Mammon.” You smiled up at him with the only smile he ever wanted to see.
Even in heels, you were much shorter than the demon. He was frozen in place, the gold in his blue eyes glistened with admiration. He was so down for you.
“Ya… ya look beautiful, MC.”
There it was. His voice, his gorgeous voice laced with honey melting you from the inside.
“Thank you,” you giggled. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
He grinned at your compliment and admired you over once again. You looked so perfect adorned in his favourite colour. You’d never looked more beautiful and he was ready to drop to his knees right there and then.
“MC, let’s dance!”
To both of your dismay, his brothers had beat him to the dance floor with you, dragging you away to steal your attention. You took a deep breath to clear your mind. You’d been pulled away just as you were about to confess your feelings. Your heart tensed, but you forced your body to relax and move to the music.
The entire night was still ahead of you. There was no need to rush.
You danced with the brothers for a while. Upbeat, wild and stupid dances. Mammon watched you silently as you moved in that dress; he took a sip of his drink every time your dress pulled tighter and revealed more of your curves. Even the loosened strands of hair that fell were enough to make his insides stir.
Every time you glanced to him, he had the same stoic expression. He seemed emotionless from afar, but not once did he remove his eyes from you and that spoke volumes.
You were more addicting than his drink.
As the music slowed, the brothers you danced with fluttered away one by one to get a drink and rest, leaving you all alone on the dancefloor.
You continued to move your body desirously, eyeing the other couples slow-dancing and wondering when Mammon would finally make a move.
As if on cue, you felt a soft hand on your lower back. When you spun around, you landed right his arms.
Your cheeks flushed as the soft mounds of your chest pressed against his hard front. Your flustered staggering made Mammon feel shy too. It wasn’t the first time you’d been this close, after all, sleeping together almost every night meant that you’d held each other way more than best friends should.
Surprise filled both of your eyes when Mammon’s arms locked themselves around your waist; it seemed his body was taking over.
“Dance with me.” He said, his breath tickling your cheeks.
You nodded and wrapped your own arms around his neck. The stretch of your bare arms caught his eye and he ran a finger all down one arm, catching your hand in his and bringing it up to his mouth. Your stomach tingled at the feeling of his lips on your palm.
Your heartbeat was so loud that you didn’t even hear what he whispered as he placed your hand on the back of his neck.
You swayed gently in his embrace, not bothering to keep with the beats of the music.
Nothing else mattered. No one else in this crowded room shared the moment with you.
It was only the two of you.
You’d anticipated this moment for a very long time, and you began trembling once more. After silently pining after Mammon for so long, you were so ready to confess, to tell him exactly how you felt and how much you needed him.
But now that he had arrived, now that he was holding you so dearly, the words struggled to come out.
You caught the eyes of the brothers who were wiggling their brows at you in silly antics; they were just as excited at Mammon finally growing the balls to ask you to dance.
Embarrassed by their actions, you dropped your head onto Mammon’s shoulder to hide your burning face. Brushing your nose against his neck, your buried you head deep in the crevice. His breath hitched when your shy pants glossed over his Adam’s apple.
“MC…” You heard him mutter.
When you looked at him, you saw that he was just as red as you. His gaze was fiery, every bit of him burning from your touch.
“Mammon, I…” You paused to take a breath. “Mammon, I like you.”
His eyes widened and you felt his grip on your waist tighten from the sudden confession.
“Come on, ya can’t go around saying things like that to your best friend.” He scoffed.
“I don’t want you like a best friend.”
He glared back at you.
“I want more, Mammon.” You sighed, purposely breathing onto his skin knowing it would drive him crazy. “I want you.”
Mammon was silent for a while, but you could clearly hear the cogs spinning in his brain.
“Well, then…” He started. “I guess I like you, too.”
He avoided your eyes as he said it, and you couldn’t help but giggle. Even now of all times, he was still acting like the big tsundere he always was.
“Stop laughing.” He growled, but it only made you smile more.
“You’re cute.”
“Tch. Whatever…” As he trailed off, you ushered him to speak more of what was on his mind.
“You know, you can be more honest with me. I won’t judge.” You sincerely placed your hand over his heart as you slowly stepped back and forth with him.
“Uhh… well… I guess, I’ve liked ya since the moment I met ya.” Even when he was stuttering, you could feel how genuine he was with his words. “I know I was mean to ya at first, but ya grew on me. Like, a lot. You were just so perfect, I couldn’t help but fall in love with ya.”
You listened to him intently, drowning out the music and chatter with his words.
“I… I never thought you’d like a scumbag like me.”
You placed a hand on his cheek, not allowing him to look away from you.
“Mammon, you know I don’t think that of you.” Your faces grew closer. “I love you no matter what.”
Your lips finally reached each other, interlocking just as your hands did around his neck. You pulled him in tighter, not giving him a chance to let go of you. He tasted good, and he thought the same of you. The wet movement of his lips against yours was enough to light a greedy fire in your belly. You kissed him harder, sucked on his lips and pulled his tongue into your mouth. You let it dance around with yours before biting it playfully.
The growl he let out made your core clench in excitement and he pulled away, leaving a string of saliva connecting your lips.
“Let’s get out of here.”
You eagerly nodded and allowed him lead you by the hand away from all these people.
Tonight, you were going to be his and his alone.
It didn’t take long for you to reach home and enter Mammon’s bedroom.
Still holding hands, Mammon wandered around awkwardly, dragging you along with him. You could practically feel the panic bubbling inside of him; he was bold enough to bring you to his room without a second thought. But now that you were here, he was too afraid to make the first move.
The nervous sounds he made while he paced around were adorable and you pulled him back to face you. He was clueless as you pushed him down onto the settee behind him. Mammon sank into the soft cushions straight away, looking at you expectantly for your next move.
You grinned at his unsure gaze. He was really too cute for his own good.
Settling on his spread lap, you pushed your body against him as your legs hung over one side. You felt his hands trace up your back, fixing around you once more and holding you impossibly tighter.
You whined as his other hand squeezed your thighs through the dress.
The situation was dire; you couldn’t wait any longer.
“I want you, Mammon.” Your lips started on his neck, kissing and nibbling all the way up to his lips. Your teeth clacked against his in the messy kiss, your lipstick spread all over his lips, marking your territory. He was breathless as you pulled away and before you could dive back into your meal, you felt his hand plant in your hair.
It wasn’t a harsh tug, but strong enough to get you riled up. He gently pulled your head back with the grip he had on your scalp, showcasing the entirety of your neck to his hungry eyes. Mammon licked his lips before attacking your skin.
He started right on your pulse, eliciting a loud moan from you as he lapped endlessly on the spot. He dragged his teeth over it, him too marking that you were completely his.
Then, he slowly made his way along with a trail of wet kisses to the first mark he ever made on you.
It glowed as Mammon’s lips made contact with it; the molten gold of his pact mark spread all over your skin. As you became a fiery mess in his arms, you ran your fingers through his hair, tangling each snowy strand as you moaned and moaned.
He couldn’t get enough of the sounds you made and he sucked even harder, knowing you were weak against his efforts. It felt so good. Your sweet, little parts tingled furiously, begging to be paid attention. But the most you could do was squeeze your thighs together and rub for any kind of friction.
Mammon noticed you fidgeting in his lap, you were so fucking desperate for him.
He chuckled and at last pulled away from your collarbone, worshipping the messy trail he left behind. Your chest rose and fell quickly and he couldn’t wait to finally get a glimpse of what laid beneath the dress.
You caught him looking you over and smirked. Stroking his ear, you cheekily asked, “What are you thinking?”
Mammon huffed at your naughty eyes.
“I’m thinking about what that dress is fucking doing to me.” He groaned.
“You like it?”
“Of course, I fucking like it. It’s driving me crazy, making me think of doing things to ya, things I never wanna admit.”
“I’m glad.” You rose to your feet. He tried to keep his hand on you, but it slowly fell onto his lap as he watched you hover above him.
“I only bought this dress so you could take it off.”
You’d never seen Mammon so flabbergasted. He was wordless, he couldn’t believe you actually said that to him with such a pretty and innocent face. You were going to be the end of him.
“Mammon,” you pleaded. “Take it off.”
He was still in shock, so you began making your way to the bed, ready to tease him further.
But suddenly, you were pulled back and crashed into Mammon. Your back laid against his front, his arm wrapped around your waist and you could feel the bulge in his pants snug against your butt cheeks.
He bit down harshly on your shoulder, causing you to cry out. The pain was unexpected, but more than welcome as he softened his bite and licked it over to ease the throbbing.
Another kind of throbbing came from his pants; he held you in place as he grinding his hips into your ass. You could feel his member twitching through the trousers and through your dress. His low groans penetrated through you.
You figured he was about to cum in his pants with the way his hips stuttered, but he quickly threw you off of him and spun you around to face him. He barely glanced at your flushed face before grabbing your cheeks in one hand and slamming another sloppy kiss onto your lips.
Your knees wobbled and you could barely bring yourself to stand straight in the heels.
Small tears welled in your eyes; you were so incredibly needy for Mammon that you grabbed his clothes and shook him while he was busy on your mouth, silently begging him to take you to his bed.
When he pulled away, you were hopeful and eagerly sucked in the air he was depriving you of.
His white crown dipped lower and he began pressing kisses all down you body. From your lips to your neck, to the valley of your perfectly plump breasts. Even through your dress, he stopped at your stomach and gave a special peck to your belly button, all the way to the pulsing apex of your legs. His hands groped your thighs, rubbing up and down as he went even lower, dropping to his knees.
You ran a hand through his hair and rested it on his shoulder for good balance as he lifted one of your legs. He lifted the sparkling dress and grabbed your calf with such tenderness, placing a wet kiss on the skin. And another on your ankle as he slowly slipped off the heel, freeing your foot from its hold and replacing it in his. He looked up at you through snowy eyelashes and didn’t break eye contact as he teasingly blew onto the skin of your foot.
He grinned as you shivered from his breath and planted an amorous kiss on the top of your foot. His affection was so sweet and delicate, the soft touches making your heart swell. With both hands, he guided your bare foot to the ground and began his work on the other.
Slipping off the shoe, he kissed the crown of the other foot and placed it with its counterpart. You were standing flat and he let the dress hang naturally, gathering on the ground surrounding your feet. His hands traced up your body, shaping your hips and dipping into your waist, flitting over the curve of your breasts and lingered at your shoulders.
His eyes were so incredibly focused on you. He had waited so long to see you bare before him and he was going to savour every single moment.
The calloused pad of Mammon’s thumb hooked under the pathetically thin strap of your dress and slowly dragged it over your shoulder. He did the same with the other and watched intently as your dress became loose.
You gasped as the dress fell from you, past your breasts and revealing your naked hips. The gold dress was now bundled at your feet, but it didn’t stop your skin from glowing.
Mammon inhaled loudly at the sight of you entirely nude before him.
You weren’t shy at all under his starved gaze. His eyes ogled at your breast, gawked at the skin of your belly and hips, riveted at the first glimpse of your throbbing pussy. You unconsciously clenched around nothing as he eyed you up and down.
A small squelch escaped from between your legs as the contracting of your muscles caused a good puddle of arousal to trickle out. With your feet clasped together and thighs squished into each other, you hoped he wouldn’t notice how embarrassingly wet you were.
It was a hopeless cause.
Mammon smirked as he saw your juices leak out onto your thighs and you shyly rubbing them caused the slick to spread all over the plump skin. In all honesty, you’d began leaking from the moment you saw Mammon at the club.
He couldn’t wait anymore.
As he stepped closer to you, you moved in sync and hooked your arms around his neck while he lifted you, carrying you bridal style to his bed. Not once did you look away from his adoring face, and once he laid you down on the smooth, silk covers, you spread your legs wide allowing him to settle into the place that was rightfully his.
The emphasis of you being completely naked below his fully clothed form thrilled you and you watched attentively as he slowly removed the items one by one. First his blazer, then he tauntingly unfastened each button, earning an impatient groan from his human.
He was shirtless as he bent over you, a hand on either side of your head to hold him up. You arched your back and pressed your chest flush against his, pebbled nipples making contact causing you both to hiss with restrained pleasure.
It was getting harder and harder for you to hold back.
As Mammon caught your lips, you raised your hips and pressed onto the clothed tent. The friction of the fabric was rough against your lower lips, but was soon wettened as you grinded on him, stimulating your clit so meticulously that you almost came in seconds. If it weren’t for Mammon’s large, warm hand pressing your stomach flat onto the mattress, you would have already fallen over the edge of temptation.
Stripped away of your sensual gratification, you whined even louder for Mammon to hurry up. He fed on each noise that came from your pretty mouth and gave you exactly what you wanted. Your eyes rolled watching him remove his belt and he sexily grinned down at you, knowing exactly what you were thinking.
His trousers were off, leaving him only in his boxers. You allowed yourself the privilege of gaping at his body. You’d seen him shirtless before, but more now than ever, you greatly appreciated the view of his defined abdomen and muscular chest.
Raking down your eyes, you saw that his designer underwear did nought to hold back his erection. You were afraid it might tear the fabric itself. Mammon noticed your quickened pants and when you sat up to reach for his firm, hard member you were pushed back down.
You had imagined that you would need to take the lead with Mammon, but he was happily taking over the role, spoiling you rotten with his attention.
“You’re not lifting a finger,” he lowered his head and sucked on the flesh of your belly, and then moved up to flick your nipples with his tongue. After sucking for a while, he let go with a loud pop, uttering with hot breaths, “You’re mine, tonight.”
Your fists clenches with his words. You didn’t get the chance to pull him up for a kiss because he had already moved farther down your body to your soaked button. His nose rested just at the top and he didn’t hide the fact that he was inhaling your invigorating scent as if he needed it to be energised.
He breathed you in like oxygen; he was so close.
“Mammon, please…”
“You smell so good,” the tip of his nose trailed lower, tickling the hood that covered your electrified bud. His lips latched onto your soft pulp, slipping right between your labia. He pressed his face harder, sucked you harder and his nose fumbled with your ripened nub as he took another big inhale.
“So fucking good.”
He continued his oral ministrations, practically snogging your swollen pussy lips and swallowing it all like it was his last meal. If he were a dead man tomorrow, he’d be more than happy to have you fully laid out on a table for him to feast on, exactly as you were now.
You cried out loud as his tongue swirled around your hole. You were on the brink of climax. Toes curling, limbs shaking and pussy clenching. Mammon knew this and he wanted to prolong it as much as he could for your first orgasm with him would be more mind-blowing than you could ever imagine.
You were completely at his mercy, wailing endlessly for him to push you over.
And he complied. He brought his lips up and got to work on the hidden bud. He tickled at it with his tongue and glanced up to you to see how far you would go. Your hands flew to his head, yanking while your own head dug into the mattress. You were just about ready to cum.
Mammon played with you, nibbled and sucked until you became a mewling mess. Your entire body shook uncontrollably as you climaxed. Empty gasps and wordless calls of his name, you turned mindless with pleasure and let your body do the speaking for you.
Chilled air stuck to your sensitive parts as Mammon pulled away, but not before diving in for one final kiss. As your clouded mind began to clear, Mammon licked your inner thighs, cleaning up the mess you had made and leaving behind his own slippery liquid from his tongue. Even as he chomped on the podge of your thighs, your quivering limbs struggled to relax.
You didn’t know how long Mammon spent kissing and caressing every inch of your skin, but by the time you caught your breath and soothed your shaking muscles, he was too engrossed playing with the crook of your neck.
You had to pull him back from planting a trail of little lovebites down on your breasts, and when he saw that your hazed attention was back on him, he rested his forehead on top of yours.
“You okay?” He nudged his nose into yours and you giggled.
“Yeah.” You brushed back his hair back, revealing a sweaty forehead and placed a chaste kiss between his brows.
Wrapping your arms around him, you let your bodies become intertwined. He groaned as his stiff dick prodded your hips.
“Mammon…” You whispered his name and that was all he needed to know you were ready for him.
He slipped out his boxers, throwing them to the ground where the rest of your clothes were long forgotten.
Your soft hand didn’t stop tracing over his heated skin as he lined up with your entrance. You had a leg on each side of his hips, stretching yourself as far as you could so your hole would accommodate him fully. He was big, just as you expected, and perfect.
He leaned over, one hand interlocking with yours and the other holding the hefty weight of his cock, ready to push the tip inside.
“Mammon,” you grabbed his lips with your teeth and pulled him down, taking him into your mouth and tasting the remnants of your pussy on his tongue. “I love you.”
Barely parting from your lips, he mumbled back “I love you, too, MC.”
And with that he entered your body.
You groaned loudly as his head stretched you, the sting deliciously painful. He’d only moved in an inch or two and as he rocked back and forth with a little bit of pressure, the pain soon faded. Your canal made way for more of him.
The more he pushed in, the bigger the ache in your belly grew. The muscles in your abdomen were tight as your mushy walls clenched hard around him.
When he was almost in, he brought up his other hand to hold yours; they way he held your clasped hands was truly romantic and you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
“Move…please.” You begged him and after seeing the ferociously desperate look in your eyes, he did as you asked.
He pulled out slightly, his ridged cock brushed against your soft, fleshy walls. Mammon grunted as he shifted forward and situated himself fully inside of you.
Stuffed to the brim, you moaned his name sinfully. The room was filled with your pants and whines and Mammon’s low groans; hearing him only egged you on.
Slowly, he pulled out fully and you relished in the empty feeling as he dragged against your sensitive spot. He hit it again when he drove back in and discovered a second spot as he went deeper. It was an overload of sinful sensations as he roused both of your sweet spots.
He was so intoxicated by you that his weak elbows collapsed and he fell onto you. You didn’t want to let go of his hands, but you were so desperate to hold him and pulled away only to lock your arms around him. One hand went under his arm and hooked over his shoulder, dragging your nails down his back thoughtlessly. At this, Mammon slammed his hips especially hard into you and your other hand flew straight to his head, burying him deeper in your neck.
You gasped and whined as Mammon hooked his arm under the back of your leg and brought it up, stretching you impossibly wider for his sloppy thrusts.
You were wrapped so perfectly tight around him and the rhythmless rolls of his hip brought paradise unto you once more. The fluttering of your walls around him gave him release too, and he cried out your name, carving it into his bedpost as he emptied inside of you.
It seemed too much for him to handle as he stilled entirely, but you weren’t having that.
He gave way as you easily pushed him onto his back. You were sore, but you didn’t care. His cock didn’t even leave you as you settled on top of him and began rolling your pelvis, swirling your hips in rotations. His hands dug into your thighs, into your waist.
You helped him ride out his high by breathlessly jumping up and down and wiggling on his dick and you didn’t stop until his strong hands forced you down to sit motionless with your hip flush to his.
This was enough, far more than enough.
As you both caught your breaths, you crumbled and slumped forward, snuggling into his neck as he traced his fingers back and forth on your thighs.
“That was…” You said breathlessly. “…fun.”
Mammon was speechless. No words came from either of you to describe how incredible that was. You didn’t know how long you stayed like that – silently fiddling with each other and trading swift, playful kisses while you calmed down – but after a while, Mammon tipped you over and laid you flat.
Once again, he was so wordless at how gorgeous you were. Every inch of you was covered in a blush, your skin glowing with sweat. Your pretty eyes glistened ethereally as you looked up to him. Lips swollen and plump, it took all the self-restraint he had left to stop himself from pouncing at them again.
All the marks he’d decorated your body with were fresh and beautiful – he had no qualms adding new ones everyday if it meant you'd always belong to him.
“Ya ready for a shower?” He asked, gently kissing over the sweet bruises.
“Not yet,” your heartbeat was finally returning to normal. “Let’s stay like this a little longer.”
Mind still abuzz, you stroked his hair, his cheeks, his shoulders. You caressed every part of him you could, admiring all the precious things about him.
This man was yours.
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mammonssugarmamma · 2 months ago
hello, i just wanna request a hc of the demons brothers taking care of MC while she's on the time of the month. mother nature is killing me and i need some comfort 🤧 also i love your works 💖
mc's on her period! what do the brothers do?
a/n: thank you for requesting! mine just ended and I'm so glad I can shorts to bed again lol. but I hope you feel better and take care of your self love!!!
also I tried a new format for writing head cannons so tell me if you like it or not!
WARNINGS: mentions of death and kinda angsty for mammons part
lucifer: as a man old as time he doesn't understand ANYTHING about the human body nor does he understand the smell of blood reeking off of your body. he definitely thought someone hurt you and changed into his demon form getting ready to give cerberus a treat for being a good boy. but when you tell him you're just on your period he treats you like royalty, (when he's not working) you’re staying in his room so he can watch you and no one bothers you, makes sure you have necessities likes pads, tampons, favorite foods etc. tell him you just want him to cuddle you with big puppy eyes and a pout and he'll drop the paperwork just for you. (though he'll tell diavolo that he was punishing his brothers for whatever reason :p)
mammon: another one who doesn't understand the human body but will turn everything extreme not just for him but for you as well. you were lying in bed trying to ignore your cramps and sleep it off. you were somewhat asleep before you feel someone gripping your shoulders to death and something wet sliding all over your face, when you shoot up from your slumber you’re awake to find a crying freaked out mammon chanting “please wake up” and “you can’t leave me”. after calming down mammon for an hour you explain you’re on your period and you’re 100% ok just in pain. mammon will spring back to his tsundere self after listening to your explanation and play it off like he knew that from the start but in reality he’s glad you’re still breathing. the rest of the day is your guy’s lazy day with mammon being your personal servant whenever you need him to be<3.
levi: how was he supposed know you were on your period? you didn’t tell him and none of his anime’s manga or video games informed him on what to do! it was only when he dashed to your room to tell you about this new anime he wanted to watch with you did everything take a turn. the heaviest smell of blood coming from your room invaded his nose and his demon instincts kicked in, thinking someone was trying to hurt you he kicked down your door ready to summon lotan to take them out. what he found instead was you lying on the floor passed out due to the horrible pain your cramps gave you. he thought you died as well and made a big deal about it. when you woke up levi was sitting by your side with anything and everything he could find from akuzon to help you relieve the pain. please comfort him he’s super nervous about your health but when you get better he’ll treat you gentler and let you pick what anime you get to watch<33
satan: the only one who completely understands how the human body works and knows what you need and how to take care of you. though as much as he knows all that, he didn’t know you would look so dead and beat up and could barely turn your body to face him. he feels so defeated because all he can do is watch you, seeing you in pain definitely hurts him not even reading can distract him. to pass the time he’ll hold your hand and tell you all sorts of stories to make you smile and laugh. as you fall asleep you guys cuddle till the sunrise and tell some more stories. when you get better he understands how detrimental you are to him and takes you to the cat cafe as a reward.
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hey-its-spades · 2 months ago
Baby brother mc! Prt 1
[ tags: mc is a minor./ M! Mc ( little brother!)/Mentions of drinking/ alcohol consumption but it's not that bad I swear!/ jealousy issues/ mc being a little shit.]
Mc is like 14- 17
- congratulations! Weither you like it or not you've been adopted!! :D
- what is this feeling? Is it? Oh no... it's ...parental instinct?!
- He hates to admit it but damn it all!! Somehow your wide innocent puppy eyes and unquenchable curiosity of everything this world has to offer made his cold dead hearts fill with pride.
- you remind him so much of his brothers when they were still little, especially lilith. She use to play the same pranks as you, even some of your cute little mannerisms were very similar.
- when you discover something new you bring it to him excitedly. He's seen the Same shit for centuries, but now seeing it through your eyes it seems different?
- diavolo noticed that you trail behind him like a little baby duck. Dia thinks its SO CUTE. Well if your so insistent on following you can hold these books for him >:(
- has a big tendency to micromanage things about your life, and by" micromanage " I mean he tries to manage EVERYTHING.
"No ripped jeans! You are the eight born you should dress like it." " what does that even mean??"
"Is your room clean?"
"Did you fold your laundry?"
"Your homework had better be finished before dinner, young man."
" did you finish your chores?"
" have you eaten today?"
" dont forget your lunch "
" brush you hair, you dont need to hide that handsome face, c'mon now your one of us have some pride in it!"
- honestly is more of a mother hen with you which makes the other brothers lowkey jealous. Extra attention?? Excuse you??
- one time he gave you a forehead kiss before bed and when he closed the door the others were behind him like " can we get one too?" And he growled at them.
- actually makes sure you go to bed on time. "young adults and demon spawns alike,need plenty of rest. I cant have you slacking in class just because you're tired." * stares daggers at belphie *
- on a late night when you cant sleep he'll be awake in the study and you sit and talk with him until your tired again. He would occasionally ( with some persuasion )allow a sip of the wine he was drinking. It's not too harmful for you, it builds character! Dont spit it out its expensive you little gremlin.
- you hide behind him when satan rears his ugly head. Mean ol' blonde bitch boy.
- mc Likes to (or at least tries to) wrestle with mammon and beel . They are the most gentle with the young lad but they are both really scared that their fucking absurd demon strength might hurt him. However they find it really cute, almost like a kitten trying to one-up the momma cat.
- since he's with you the most he influences you the most. Which has mixed outcomes. On one hand you are very protective of your new brother but also argue with anyone who dares talk shit. You can be very greedy when mammon is present. Even if he's not intentionally trying to influence you it just happens.
- tried many times to use your innocent act for a scam. Lucifer beat his ass after.
- does actually play with you. He remembers what it was like being a teen, he feels like its him job to love on you. So he lowkey does a 180° and becomes brooding hen prt 2 electric boogaloo. Just like how he took care of his brothers in the past he will take care of you.
- excuse me sir where did all this responsibility come from?!?
- if any demons try to bully you in school they will mysteriously go missing the next day.
- just because mammon is basically immortal and indestructible, DOES .NOT.MEAN.THAT.YOU.ARE.KIDDO.
- please come down kid >:( your gunna get hurt and I dont have the dough to pay for your medical Bill's ( that's a lie he absolutely does)
- accidentally smacked you with his wings once and he never recovered. It was hilarious and terrifying, "oh dear diavolo,I broke the baby!..."
-" mammon I'm not a baby! And I'm fine stop worrying so much.."
- you arent even a demon but that does not stop you from picking up demon habits. You startled him half to death when you growled at belphegor. Or when you hissed at Lucifer after he tried to fix your uniform and hair. Lol
Leviathan -
Is VERY aware of you and the germs you bring into the house. You better sanitize your hands bf coming into his room.
- FATHER SO HELP ME IF YOU TOUCH HIS COLLECTABLES. you WILL be strung up by your feet from the chandelier when hes done with you.
- uncomfortable with your contact, he remembers being a teen and it was annoying. Why are you so affectionate? Ew child.
- if he pisses you off you move some of his figures off by a few centimeters just so it feels different but he wont be able to tell what it is.
You chase his tail and try to catch it.he thinks it's cute albeit kinda annoying.its hard to focus on a game and moving his tail for you too play with him at the same time. DONT BITE DONT BITE NONONONO
- you press your face to Henry's tank, the colors and the cool feel of the glass is nice. Henry is cute! " he's kinda chunky. :) ❤" "...henry plz, hes like less than a century old you dont have to roast the kid like that..."
- you know that thing where kittens play with string? But their too uncoordinated to actually get it? Yeah.
- He thinks it's kinda cute albeit slightly annoying. He cant focus on a video game and focus of moving his tail to play with you at the same time.
- you hissed at him once and he cried.
- he showed you TSL and you really liked it! You started a tsl meme account and it enrages him. He didnt know you were behind it. Lol.
- 100% backs you up. "My player 2 ain't going out that easy! Back off we have the power of diavolo AND anime on our side AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
- best friend squad 10/10
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