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#mammon fluff
obeythebutler · 8 hours ago
Could you do hc's for the bros where they like. Go to kiss "Mc" but they just stare at him before yelling "MCCCCC! YOUR BOYFRIENDS BEIN A CHEEEEAT"
Turns out, Mc has an identical twin. They almost kissed the twin. Mc is laughing their ass off
Brothers Accidently Try To Kiss MC's Twin
He wasn't the one for such...blatant displays of affection but today he felt like it, and MC was nearby, what more to ask?
So he proudly strutted towards them and cupped their face in his hands. Just ask he was about to lean in, MC shouted.
He never knew they had an identical twin, okay?! It wasn't even mentioned in their file! A bit of his pride died that day, couldn't even differentiate his lover from their twin, next time he'll give MC a hickey...
Be glad that the Great Mammon's kissing you, is what he was stammering out as he leaned forward to kiss MC.
He was in a flirty mood, okay? So what better way than surprise kiss? But then MC screamed, and he screamed back...
He wasn't told there was an identical twin, MC didn't tell him! He's so mortified right now...a stammering and spluttering mess...he'll scent them properly later...after they are done laughing...
It's wasn't an everyday thing that Leviathan kissed without having to be told. He just felt the urge to kiss them, after all they were the one always giving him kisses, why not return their affections?
He just intended to give them a chaste kiss in the lips but then the MC screamed and Leviathan jumped back in horror.
He never knew there was an identical twin! No one told him! He's ready to die inside...but wait, this situation is just like that anime plot he saw last night....Better mark his MC next time..
He just wanted to kiss them warmly, feeling a sudden swell of affection in his chest at the sight of MC reading a book.
But just as he leaned forward and put the book down to kiss them, MC screamed so loud that his left ear is still ringing....
He's mortified and red-faced as he one told him there was an identical twin! Don't laugh at him! He flashes MC a playful glare as he thinks of ways to distinguish them...perhaps a collar should do if they allow it...or maybe some bitemarks?
He just wanted to kiss MC all over their face and squeeze them tightly because they are adorable and deserve all the love-
Which is why he proudly pranced towards MC, intent on kissing them passionately. But when he leaned forward...MC screamed?
Oh, there is an identical twin too..? You never told me MC! Oh well, there's a lot of fun one can have with- okay, he's joking...! Next time he'll lend MC his perfume....
He just wanted to give MC a kiss because they had baked him some sweet treats which he thoroughly enjoyed. And he wanted to repay them by showing his love for them.
But when he leaned forward to kiss MC...they screamed? Did he hurt them- oh.
He wasn't told there was an identical twin! He flashes his lover a sheepish smile as he apologizes and backs off... he'll mark them with his scent the next time...
He was feeling especially cheeky today, and a surprise kiss ought to make the MC tongue-tied, so why not?
But when he leaned forward to kiss MC, they screamed so loudly that Belphegor had to cover his ears...
They had an identical twin all this time?! Why didn't MC tell him sooner- hey, don't laugh! He's going to wipe that grin off their face later after he recovers from embarrassment, he's going to drown them in kisses and cuddles so tightly they can't move.
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Allow me to share another brainrot,, time traveler mc
After they time travelled with the help of barbatos and belphie performed creeky crack on neck, and then they came back, Tiny problem, they accidentally gained a small part of barbatos's time travel magik somehow
And god was it chaotic the first few month's - accidentally creating time lines and having to get out of them-- they keep a small journal of a diagram wherever they jump to, and usually go to solomon or, of course, barbatos for help (barbatos becomes a father figure not clickbait) Though, this helped them became a bit more creative, they also like noting down random events that happen in timelimes
So many more opportunities for mc!! Yayyyy!!!
(I have a whole appearance for them in my head oh god i am back on my time traveler shenaigans)
Also im another regular here now *pulls up a minecart and sits sideways on it* boohoo cracker
If you're a regular here, I am freaking blessed cause your ideas are too freaking amazing. *Takes a seat next to you on the sideways Minecart*
Twisting Time Pt. 3
Tumblr media
Barbatos: Two in one day? You're speeding up this time MC.
MC: Well it wasn't hard. Instead of fighting over who is the biggest TSL fan, I pretended to be an anime enthusiast who really wanted to know about TSL instead.
Barbatos: Is this why you were stuck in his room for the last 4 days?
MC: It took us three days to finish the whole series. He spent the fourth day ranting about his opinion on how grand it is. All I had to do was listen and smile and he randomly started crying and hugged me telling me he's grateful I'm here and listening.
Barbatos: And that's when you sprung the offer of the pact on him?
MC: Yep. And Beel was even easier.
Barbatos: You cooked up a feast for him and he agreed to a pact?
MC: Well I also promised him I'd cook this again once in two months.
Barbatos: But a feast surely must be hard to make on your own.
MC: I used Mammon and Levi's help. Pacts are a wonderful thing. *Giggles*
Barbatos: You're a sly one. *Chuckles* I hope you know what you're doing after everything you'd left behind.
This time around it was okay. You could feel it. It felt wrong at it wasn't fair. Like you already knew everything ahead of time, the initial excitement of the unknown and meeting for the first time gone.
The others were all unaware of the pacts you were making. The secret was between you and them. You weren't here to fix the family among each other anymore.
You were here to fix you. You still loved them of course, only a selfish kind.
But it was all for a better future. You convinced yourself to be strong, as you prepared to pact with Asmo and Satan next.
MC: Asmo! There you are!
Asmo: Ah in a rush to see me this morning, MC? How adorable!
MC: *jokes* Of course I want to see you. Who doesn't want to see beautiful things early in the morning?
Asmo: Oh flattery will get you everywhere. Come on inside, let me me show you how beautiful I can really be.
MC: Well I heard you and Solomon have a pact. Can I have one too?
Asmo: I can't just give a pact to anybody MC. You will have to earn. I wonder how you will.
MC: Would you like to do a nostalgic fashion show with all your favourite dresses?
Asmo: .... Oh MC.
Satan: What are you hiding behind your back MC?
MC: Take a guess.
*Something meows behind MC's back*
Satan: ... A cat?!
MC: Not just any cat. I enchanted her with disguise magic so that noone else can see she's a real cat. They will just see a soft toy. *hands him the kitten*
Satan: Why are you doing this?
MC: Well Asmo said I needed to earn my pacts so I'm trying to earn yours.
Satan: ...
Cat: *meows*
Satan: Consider my pact achieved. Now come let's name and feed this kitty.
Somewhere in a parallel timeline...
MC: Solomon! I'm so glad to find you here! I think I'm lost again.
Solomon: *sigh* Which one are you?
MC: Um the real one?
Solomon: *bigger sigh* No you're not. All of you are the real ones. But from the fact that you're not wearing a ribbon and didn't know about that means you're not MC Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow or Green.
MC: Why are there so many versions of me??
Solomon: You've been going haywire after you came back to life. But then again even I probably can't handle Barbatos's power.
MC: And the colors?
Solomon: Every color represents the brother each version of you likes. So tell me Red or Violet? Red is Beel, Violet is Belphie.
MC: Um do you have a color? *Blushes*
Solomon: .....Why yes. *ties a white ribbon to your collar* I suppose you'd like to stay here's with me? *Smirks*
MC: *nods*
Solomon: Well then you'd better hide in my bedroom for a while. All your versions are looking for me since MC Teal took Barbatos out on a vacation.
MC: Oh. Well jeez I'm literally all over the place. *hides in his bedroom looking out*
MC Blue: *runs in crying* SOLOMON!
Solomon: Did you enter a wrong time line again?
Solomon: *trying so hard to hold back laughter* It's okay it's okay. That's not your Lucifer. Let's revisit the diagram and find your way back shall we?
*After MC Blue leaves*
MC white: Is it bad that I really wanna see that timeline they just talked about?
Solomon: I'll show you how to get there. I just hope we get to see them kiss the groom. Now let's go.
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obeythebutler · 17 hours ago
Could I please request The Obey Me brothers reacting to having MC come to their room in the middle of the night because she’s scared after watching a horror movie. Currently can’t sleep because I’m in this predicament 😅
The Brothers With A Fem! MC Who Can't Sleep After Watching A Horror Movie
He was going through the massive like of paperwork on his desk and groaned when his gaze fell on the massive pile of bills addressed to Mammon. Lucifer's hair would have turned grey by now, if not for him being a demon and all.
But then he heard a knock on his door, and looking at the time wondered who it could be a this hour, but allowed the person to enter, nonetheless..
So MC can't sleep because she watched a horror movie..? Whoever dare to show her the movie will now be hung upside-down tomorrow....ruining both his and her schedule....and if MC was watching it by her own choice... She's going to get scolded...a bit...
But Lucifer's pride gets a boost because MC seeked HIM out because she couldn't sleep. Well, want some warm milk....or some cuddles?
The last part Lucifer did not say out loud.
Soon, MC was fast asleep in his arms as he went through some documents, and Lucifer soon gave up writing and joined MC, because the sight of their sleeping face made him melt....
He was dreaming of bathing in a giant pile of Grimm when MC came knocking on his door...and he opened the door while grumbling, but seeing it was MC looking frightened he softened a bit...
When MC told him she had watched a horror movie he laughed at her expense, but when he found out the name of the movie he too shivered...because that movie gave him nightmares...
Perhaps you would prefer watching a comedy, or listen to The Great Mammon's achievements, what about that ?!
Mammon is over the moon because MC sought him out over his brothers...take that !
MC fell asleep on his chest as he was reciting to her the story of how he escaped bravely from a witch...hey! No sleeping when I'm telling my tales of valour and courage!
But MC looked so adorable that Mammon blushed and slowly, shakily wrapped his arms around her..
Only seek the Great Mammon out when you can't sleep, okay?!
The pair was found snuggled up together the next morning..
He was going through his twentieth anime episode when a knock was heard. The time was a bit..strange to say the least...but Levi asked for the password, and soon MC stepped in.
MC, of all people, in his room, late at night?! What does MC want...? Okay, that came out a bit harsh...
Then he learnt that MC could not sleep because of a horror movie...totally like Mammon!
He will offer for them to watch some slice of animes with him, or play some DevilCraft, the soothing music makes him sleep right away...
MC settled next to him in his bathtub, and she was so close....that Levi's heart was beating so fast it might jump out of his chest...
It makes him all warm inside to know that MC chose him for comfort!
And then MC fell asleep against his shoulder as they were watching another episode....the calming music must have put them to sleep...
Leviathan didn't dare move from his position, lest MC woke up, even if his heart was threatning to malfunction...
He was peacefully asleep when a knock on the door woke him up...he's a bit slow in his movements and speech at first, and assumed it was an emergency, because why would someone come to his room at such an hour?
But then he saw MC standing there with a scared look on her face...
Satan led her inside after getting to know she couldn't sleep because of a movie..and offered her some tea to calm her down...
If MC wants, Satan will read to her. His voice is so calming that it puts one to sleep so quickly...
Or cat videos! Although Satan may get too excited and forget his own need for sleep...
He will point to MC out all the silly details of the movie, and some of the cast's crappy acting to make her laugh..
When they both were going through one of Satan's favourite novels, he felt MC go slack against his shoulder...
She had fallen asleep in the crook of his neck, just like a cat!
He falls asleep with a smile on his face, feeling at peace.
Who dare interrupt him during his beauty sleep! Who dare, who has the fucking audacity- oh, it's MC.
Asmodeus was ready to tear into the person who dare wake him up, but then he saw MC at the door with a scared look on her face, and he motioned for her to come inside.
Asmo can remedy your sleep pretty quickly! A self-care session in the middle of the night along with some gossip ought to do it!
He will listen as MC talks about the horror movie they watched, and advise MC to not watch such movies again, as horror movies lead to stress, and stress is bad for the skin!
He and MC were browsing through trendy Devilgram posts when he asked MC her opinion on a dress and saw that she had fallen asleep.
He almost squealed at how cute MC looked, but wait, they forgot to moisturize!!!
After her skin had been hydrated enough by him, he tucked himself into bed alongside MC and turned off the lights- but he couldn't sleep because MC's cuteness was too much for him...
He was in the middle of his sixth pudding while raiding the fridge at night when he saw MC standing behind him with a scared look..
He was confused for a moment, but then passed her a bar of chocolate, and when he found out she couldn't sleep due to a horror movie, he out down his pudding and offered for her to sleep in his bed.
The demon also grabbed some hot cocoa along the way. He led MC to the bed and handed her a cup before settling besides her.
If MC wants, he will recite to her the tales of when they were children, and how Belphegor refused to part from his pillow when he was a child, opting to cling to it like a koala, and Lucifer had no option but to carry the pillow around with Belphegor clinging to it.
When he was about to get up to grab some more food for his stomach that might growl any moment, he saw that MC had fallen asleep against him, with his hand under her head as a pillow.
Well, he can't get up now. Perhaps a text to Belphegor, requesting him to bring some snacks to his bed might do it...
He was asleep in the Planetarium when he felt himself being shaken awake by MC. It's a miracle that Belphegor even woke up, perhaps it was due to her scent...
When he got to know she couldn't sleep after watching a horror movie, he cackled a bit at MC's expense but offered for them to out down their pillow next to his.
He will tell MC about the constellations in the sky, and the stories behind them, and even about that time when he and Satan replaced Lucifer's shampoo with pink hair dye....
His voice is soothing and puts one to sleep so quickly...
Rest assured MC, if you sleep next to Belphegor you won't have nightmares, because he's there to protect you from them . You'll have the best dreams!
He was telling her about Lucifer's peculiar cleaning habits when he looked down to find MC asleep, nuzzled against his chest...
It's a good thing, because he will sleep now too and join her dreams.
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Sitting on the Laps of The Seven Demon Brothers
Prologue: Sometimes the best way to grab your demonic boyfriend's attention is to go and sit on his lap. Be warned, reactions will vary, and you might find yourself doomed or not wanting to leave at all....😏
When he's too occupied in his work, and won't even spare a glance at you, or is simply lounging by the fireplace, with a vinyl record playing, then these are the right circumstances to go and plop yourself on his lap.
Lucifer will be shocked..for a moment, and his eyes will widen before that infamous smirk comes along, and he'll adjust his position accordingly to make you comfortable.
Depending on the situation, he will rest his face in the crook of your neck and hug you tiredly, or kiss your neck before holding you close gently and smile that adorable, serene one where his eyes are full of love for you and you feel weak in the knees and gooey inside. A blush will be visible at both times.
If you want to make him blush a bit more, go ahead, and kiss him.
They can escalate into...something more...if you wish...
What can I say, go and plop yourself on the Avatar of Pride's lap, and watch his reaction.
As these moments become common, you might find yourself involuntary going to sit on his lap, and even find Lucifer's hand motioning for you to come.
Sometimes, he's too occupied in one of his schemes or too engrossed in his DDD, browsing through God knows what, and won't even spare a glance at you, then this, my friend, is the right moment for you to go and declare his lap as your personal resting space.
Mammon will blush, and the item in his hands might get thrown across the room or on the nearest surface, and he will mutter how about how you surprised him, and just to tease, get up from his lap, I dare you.
You'll be pulled back, as he mutters about how you would want to sit on the Great Mammon's lap, after all !
Arms will be draped across your torso as he hold you close, and if you hug him tighter and lean into him he might combust from happiness.
And if you kiss him?
Mammon is going to blush hard as he recovers from the blow you gave him, and leans forward to give you a kiss of his own.
Depending on how you play your cards, you won't be able to walk tomorrow or might have an impromptu cuddling session, which you initiated by plopping on his lap.
And as this becomes a common occurrence, you might find yourself being dragged on Mammon's lap, but who are you to deny him ?
Sit on his lap in front of his brothers, please.
Sometimes Leviathan gets so engrossed in his games and anime that he zones out, and refuses to even acknowledge your presence, and if he does, all he answers is in hums and nods.
So, the best way to make him give you attention? Plop on his lap and watch his reaction.
He is going to take a hot moment to register that you are sitting on his lap, and then he's going to remove his headphones and splutter, questioning your motives.
Hold him tight, hold him close and then a shaky arm will come to wrap itself around your midriff as he blushes, muttering about how this isn't so bad.
As he slowly gets used to your 'blatant and sudden' displays of affection, he's going to want you to game with you sitting on his lap. A controller in both of your hands, as each tried to defeat the other.
And of course, Leviathan will win, because he has probably about thousand's years of experience at games. So, how to distract him? Kiss him.
Oh, he's going to short-circuit when you do that. He's going to probably have you thrown from his lap as he recovers from the shock.
But please give him time, and soon he will reciprocate with his own kisses.
And, if you do it right, you might just want to cover Henry's tank, to avoid your adopted son from seeing something that will scar him forever.
He gets so immersed in his books that he doesn't even care what's happening to his surroundings anymore. You could have an earthquake going on and he won't notice.
So, to grab your bookworm boyfriend's attention, go and plop on his lap like a kitty, and demand attention. Rub against his chest, and swat at the book.
He's going to chuckle as he puts the book down, and a Chesire grin adores his face. Satan will hold you close, and bury his face in your hair, because being like this brings him peace, rests his mind.
If you kiss him, he's going to go still for a moment but then kiss you back, with a light blush on his face.
It becomes a habit, whenever Satan is going to read he will mention it to you, which is an invitation to come and sit on his lap, and distract him from his books.
Meow at him, I dare you. Meow at him like a cat would, and watch the demon become putty.
If this might just have to distract him from his reading more often....
Asmodeus can get a bit..too focused while reading a magazine or browsing through Devilgram, and might hush at you when you try to grab his attention.
How to make him focus on you? Sit on his lap.
He's going to go silent, and blink once, twice, and then a grin spreads across his face. My, my, getting bold, aren't we? The item in his hands is going to be put down, as he wraps his arms around you.
You're going to get so many kisses! On the top of your head, on your forehead, nose, lips, wherever he can reach. And he smells so nice...
A giddy blush adores his face as he looks down at you in his lap, and you might even find him shed a few tears...
He's going to have you sit on his lap a lot, doesn't matter in private or on in front of his brothers! And, if you don't, he's going to come and sit on your lap!
And if you're feeling a bit frisky, just move your hips when on his lap. He's absolutely delighted!
Better makes the house's inhabitants wear earplugs then....
Who doesn't want to sit on the lap of Beelzebub?
Most of the time, he's eating his fiftieth sandwich or roast while staring off into space, with a thoughtful expression on his face. And his lap looks...too inviting....
So you go and declare his lap your personal pillow. Beel is taken aback, but then he adjust his posture and offers you a piece of whatever he's eating. It's sweet, to be snuggled up on the furnace known as Beelzebub.
If you look up to him, he is going to find it hard to resist kissing you. Anytime you want a kiss, look up. Once you looked up with a strawberry between your lips, and Beel almost bit your lips off.
If you want attention, go and sit on his lap, with some snacks. And the scene is so wholesome that there are many pictures if you two like this.
His arms wrap themselves around you, and it's so snug and comfortable you might find yourself dozing off.
If you want to get a little frisky, grind your hips against his crotch and give him the sweetest look you can muster.
You might have trouble walking later though.
Getting the attention of the Avatar of Sloth is pretty easy if he's awake. Only if he's awake.
Just go and plop yourself on his lap. He'll raise an eye at your boldness but let you snuggle into him nonetheless, and his face will be hidden in the crook of your neck. Oh, he's definitely blushing.
His arms will wrap around you like a koala and depending on his mood, he will place his chin on your head to tease you or lean into your scent. His fingers card through your hair as he hums.
Perhaps it's the snugness of your position or perhaps his sin is at work that you find yourself sleepy. And Belphegor makes for an excellent body pillow.
Kiss him like this, I dare you. Belphegor is going to go all shades of red at once before reciprocating with a kiss of his own.
And you might just fall asleep together like this.
Anytime you want attention, throw yourself on his lap, as he grumbles but cuddles you nonetheless.
If you do it right, you will find your sleep schedule interrupted, or perhaps, delayed...but hey, this means more cuddles in his lap!
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freshtealeaves · 2 days ago
You were currently in your room in the human world.
You were scrolling through your social media when it suddenly started raining.
Then you could make out someone practically sprinting towards your room.
It was mammon.
"mammon? What's up? Is there anything you need?".
Then suddenly he clings into your clothing and mumbled something,
"yeah I'm just not a very big fan of-
"T-thunderstorms",it barely came out as a whisper.
You chuckled and then pulled him into a hug.
Well if it isn't the great mammon being afraid of laughed.
"you're so cute that it's addictive".
And with that mammon nuzzled his face into your neck as you both layed in your bed..while the rain poured silently outside.
I'm not very good with I apologize if it was not that good???
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heosphoro-s · 3 days ago
Middle of the Night - OM! Mammon
A/N: OKAY NOT TO BE K-POP ON MAIN BUT I KEEP THINKING ABOUT THIS SONG AND MAMMON SO HERE WE ARE. I didn’t want to make it angsty hehe so it’s another fun little fluff-whatever piece <3 
Rating: PG I guess? Some kissing.
The song is Middle of the Night - Monsta X
Nobody's ever done me like that
I thought I'd never ever need you
Now all I wanna do is see you
Mammon groaned turned his phone in his hands over and over again. The messaging app was open. He drafted message after message to send to MC only to delete the whole thing every time he typed something out.
You make me wanna run it all back
"Hey human. It's me, the Great Mammon!"
"You missin' me yet human?"
But he just can't seem to find the perfect thing to say. What should he say anyways? MC isn't THAT important to him, right? RIGHT?
Where you wanna go
Who you're taking home
'Cause I can't lose everything I know
I hate sleeping alone
I'm picking up the phone
But who, I don't wanna know
"How ya holdin' up?"
"We all miss ya here at the house y'know?"
"Not me, of course, ya know how clingy my brothers are. I just worry about them that's all."
"Hey MC"
'Cause I can never wait for the morning to rise
We're kissing in the car underneath of the night
You've got me
Mammon's face grew hot as his anxieties about MC's feelings towards him dissipated. He knocked furiously on the door while shouting to MC that it's HIM, THE GREAT MAMMON IS HERE.
And I'll be on the way in the middle of night
What if MC has someone else over right now. What if... that's why they didn't reply to me? What if I'm not- they don't want- what if this was a mistake.
Mammon's phone buzzed loudly in his pocket startling his thoughts. Mammon unlocked his phone and check the notification.
"M, you know what? I've been afraid to admit it to myself but I missed you. I wish I could just walk down the hall and see you like old times."
MC bolted to the front door and unlocked everything in record time to pull Mammon inside.
"MAMMON I HAVE NEIGHBORS. IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT." MC protested as they pulled Mammon inside.
And I'll be on the way in the middle of night
Mammon waited for a reply for all of 3 seconds before snapping his fingers and appearing at MC's front door. Mammon's hand hovered over the doorbell. He couldn't bring himself to ring it.
It's something in the way you've been running my mind
If you want me to stay for the rest of my life
Mammon's heart was beating so loud he could barely hear himself think. This is it. He was standing in front of them after so long. Everything from MC's frazzled look, their scent, their-
"M, you okay?"
MC's hands cupped Mammon's face and pulled him close to them. Time stopped as MC get closer and closer to Mammon's lips. The heat returned once again but this time they both feel it. They feel it in their faces, their heart, their stomach, and their-
MC's voice brought him back to reality. He took a small step forward to close the distance between them. His hands grabbing MC's own. He pressed gentle kisses all over their hands. His blue and gold eyes seems to bore into MC's very soul.
You've got me
"I haven't been okay until now." Mammon whispered.
And then their lips met.
Mammon's lips was the answer to MC's prayers. Warmth enveloped them both as MC parted their lips and Mammon eagerly deepened the kiss. MC's fingers intertwined themselves in Mammon's white locks, holding him in place for fear of him disappearing from their life again. They cling to each other desperately hoping this moment would never end. When they finally separated, MC was seeing stars from the breath that they didn't know they were hold.
"Breathe, babes, breathe. I'm here," Mammon said in their ear as he held them close. "What do you say we go for a drive? Like old times? I saw a nice '73 Chevelle downstairs." Mammon wiggled his eyebrows.
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giaourtopita · 3 days ago
oh no i was summoned by a religiously traumatised 17 year old and now i gotta babysit them
oml, this took me forever to write and not because i didn't think of what i wanted to do bit because i just couldn't write anything. i had the plot planned almost before even posting the previous chapter, i just idk i couldn't concentrate on writing the fic, so i'm really sorry that it took so long.
warnings; gn mc, fluff.
< previous part
Tumblr media
*after getting inside, mc took a hot shower. they were cold since they stayed in their soaked clothes so taking a hot shower was the best option for them.*
*a few hours later, they started feeling lightheaded, weak and chilly. quickly they grabbed the first aid kid, took out the thermometer and checked their temperature.*
*unfortunately for them, their temperature was quite high. at least i won't have to go to school, they thought.*
*meanwhile at the house of lamentation, asmo just received a message from mc saying that they won't be able to go shopping with him after school because they're sick. asmo frowned while looking at it but all he said was that he's sorry and that he's not in the mood to stay inside.*
*not wanting to let mc alone, he decided to send one of his brothers to hang out with them. he stormed in his older brother's room and started nagging him to go.*
leviathan: but i don't know this human!!! i would consider it if it was solomon!!!
asmodeus: look, this human is really nice. you'll probably like them, they seem to get along with almost all of us so you'll have fun with them, not only that but you won't even have to go outside with them. so please go!! you'll like it there i promise!!
*leviathan kept whining and whining until asmo got an idea to get him to go to the human world after all.*
asmodeus: i know that you're shy and you feel awkward around new people but if you just go for my sake, i promise i'll help with whatever cosplay projects you have right now. please levi go!!
*levi stopped whining for about a minute and thought about it. that person must be very nice to be able to get along with his brothers, since he knows they all can be a handful at times.*
leviathan: okay, i'll go. you will be the one to message them though, i haven't even seen that human in person and i will feel uncomfortable doing it myself.
asmodeus: aah!! levi you're the best!!!
*asmo hugs levi, gives him a kiss on the cheek to show his gratitude and rushes to tell mc about summoning levi.*
*back at the human realm, after they received asmo's message, mc started looking for some anime to watch. they had only watched very few anime so far but they managed to make a list that, at least to them, seemed good enough.*
*thankfully both satan and asmo told them that he's a lot more shy than the rest of the brothers so mc kept that in mind while doing the summoning spell.*
mc: hi! i'm mc.
leviathan: hello... my uh- name is levi- no wait, we're not very close yet. it's leviathan.
mc: so, do you want to watch anime or something? your brothers told me that you like watching anime so maybe we could watch something you like!
*levi's eyes lit up, no one ever asked him to watch anime with him, let alone something he likes.*
leviathan: oh yeah, you can call me levi after all.
mc: what kind of anime would you recommend for someone who has watched very few? i've only watched like two so far, so it's a little difficult to tell...
leviathan: oh, well my favourite kind of anime seem to be those that tend to spoil the whole plot in the title. they are SO fun most of the time so you'll probably like them.
*mc didn't say anything, they just nodded and waited to hear more about levi's interests.*
mc: so should i watch something like that? or do you have a specific recommendation?
leviathan: well, my most favourite anime out of all of them is "The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl", it's a very cute anime and ruri-chan is a very admirable character, she gave up her true form and turned into a human looking child just to learn more about the human world. i mean, yeah it can be a bit weird that she looks like that now but i think that what the anime is trying to say is that you should sacrifice some things for your interests and i'm talking too much right?
mc: no, no it's okay. i'll watch it some time! it sounds interesting!
*levi quickly looked at his phone and suggested another anime he hadn't watch yet so they could both enjoy it equally. after a while levi paused the anime, he was ready to talk to mc but they started talking first.*
mc: thank you for agreeing to come, i don't really have friends at school so it's fun hanging out with someone!
mc: honestly, it's like everyone tries their best to make me feel excluded and like an outcast.
leviathan: yeah, i understand that and it's normal to feel like that. i feel like that sometimes too, i'm so much more introverted than all my brothers and that makes me feel bad but i can't really change that. you know, i'm also the avatar of envy and i try so hard to keep my sin under control but sometimes i find myself getting jealous of my brothers even if they didn't mean to make me jealous.
leviathan: from what i've heard about you from my brothers, you're leaving for university soon so maybe if you try to change your environment you could start feeling better because of the change?
mc: yeah that's what i'll probably do but it's still hard because i'm not independent yet.
leviathan; i see...
*they both stopped talking for a few seconds until levi spoke again.*
leviathan; uhm, thank you for listening to me talk about anime, most of the time at home my brothers look down on me for liking anime so much. it feels nice to talk about your interests without being judged, i know sometimes i overdo it but still, it felt nice to be heard.
mc: yeah! don't worry if you'd like you can message me using a spell i have so i can summon you and talk!
leviathan: that would be great!
*suddenly, they heard noise coming from the front door. one of mc's parents were home again. mc stared at levi, basically signalling him to leave. levi was ready to leave when mc gave him a tight hug as a goodbye.*
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asmo-ds · 3 days ago
how would the characters react to an mc who keeps getting in danger but always somehow ends up being okay and not hurt at all kinda like domino from deadpool 2
first off I LOVE DOMINO SHES SO UNDERRATED 🦑🦑 second this is just canon MC let’s be honest 👁 third I only did the brothers for now because I’m dumb and have writers block, I’ll probably do a part two with the side characters eventually
Tumblr media
w/ an Indestructible but Chaotic! MC
Warnings: dangerous situations, mention of injury, mentions of death, me thinking about the ultimate lucky student the entire post, hello everyone its me NaGITO KOMAEDA ON ASMO-DS’S TUMBLR PAGE!
Desc: How the Obey me brothers would react to an MC who is constantly in life threatening situations but never ends up getting even a scratch or bruise on them
Tumblr media
- The first time MC narrowly avoided death by pure luck he was almost impressed but quickly got over it
- Then it happened again, shortly after the initial incident, and he feels a bit worried but thinks not much of it
- Then it happens again, and again, and again and he starts to feel the stress build up and his hair turning grey
- He is stressed but also confused as to how this is happening
- How can a mere human escape death so narrowly every single day??
- Gets used to it but still baby proofs everything in the house
Tumblr media
- Laughs the first time they escape a deadly fate
- but when it happens the second time it scares the shit out of him and he scolds MC
- Claims the only reason hes worried is because its his life on the line if something DOES happen
- Whenever he doesn't have MC directly next to him he panics
- Blood pressure is through the roof
- Y’know if he invited people to watch MC do such impressive stunts he could probably make bank 
Tumblr media
- He thinks its funny the first few times
- Then he increasingly grows impressed and  shocked with every survival
- Thinks they’re just like the main character of that one anime who survives everything no matter what!
- Admires them and films all their accidents to put on his blog
- Makes them a super hero costume to wear so it looks even cooler than they already did when surviving the incidents
Tumblr media
- Rooting for them to get hurt at first
- But as they grow closer his instincts start to get better and he can feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as soon as a bad thing starts
- MC isn’t allowed in his room because he doesn't want their bad luck to damage his books
- Buys them safety equipment and looks for spells to stop the events from occurring 
Tumblr media
- Cried the first time it happened cuz it was horrifying to watch them come so close to death
- Every time it happens he screams and runs to make sure MC is okay
- When he realizes they NEVER get hurt he decides the best direction to go when an emergency happens is in the exact opposite direction of the human
Tumblr media
- Woah, he wasn’t expecting them to survive that
- MC was a very kind person to him so he was very worried about them and their safety
- becomes their body guard because even though they usually don’t get hurt on their own he feels better knowing that they are safe with him
- Just a very worried baby :(
Tumblr media
- Finds it extremely amusing
- He worries occasionally but most of the time he is impressed and amused by their seemingly untouchable willpower
- surprised at the lack of effect it has on their composure and spirit
- But he is sure to keep an eye on them nevertheless because he doesn’t trust the universe
- BONUS: During ‘the incident’ MC survived despite how fatally wounded they should have been and they got up and walked away afterwards
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Hi just binged read all your works and I love your writing! I wanted to request a scenario where the brother's react to an MC that has beautiful long hair that they always take special care of. Then one day MC comes home from school crying and her hair has been cut short and unevenly by some jealous demons at school. "I know it's stupid and it will grow back but, I just feel humiliated. I really liked how it was."
Awww hello there sweetie! I'm so glad to hear you find my works binge readable :') Thank you so much for the ask :3
And oof the angst is heavy with this one. I love it! I'll try and do my best.
Tumblr media
He had always admired your long hair from afar and how meticulously you took care of it.
Sometimes when he patted your head for a job well done, he could feel how soft it was under his touch.
So imagine his shock when you enter the house with tear stained eyes, and your hair badly cut away.
"MC..." Lucifer approaches you calmly, "tell me who did this?" His demon form and gaze meant someone would be dying soon.
You cry and tell them about the demons at school. "It's only hair I know it will grow back but still..."
"It's not only hair. Having your hair cut without your will is highly disrespectful and scum behaviour." He holds and comforts you as you cry and disappears into the night after you've fallen asleep.
You never see those demons in class ever again.
He thinks your hair is really pretty. Sometimes he'll just play with it lovingly whenever he was bored.
Even joked about it fetching a pretty penny if you decided to cut and sell it to which you gave him a death glare.
He regrets that joke now - as he sees in walk in through the door with your hair less than half in length and messy.
"Guess they had the same idea as you Mammon." You try to choke out a laugh.
"I didn't want this..." You try so hold back tears, feeling the loss of the length. Mammon anxiously pets your head trying to comfort you.
"I've got ya human. I'll definitely take care of this." Mammon promises.
Later on he comes home with a bottle of enchanted hair serum. "Don't worry I had Satan check it for any side effects. It will help ya hair grow back faster, human. So don't cry anymore okay?"
Wow MC you have anime protagonist style hair! So cool! He loved it when you tried on different styles, reminding him of new characters everytime.
Also absentmindedly plays with your hair whenever you both watch anime together. Was conscious at first, but now he was open with it.
When you walk in his room, with your hair cut and dishevelled like that, his demon form flares up. You try to weakly smile, "Do anime characters have this current hair like me?"
"Who did this MC?! Tell me and I'll summon Lotan on them!" He is so furious he is about to cry. He cannot seeing you in so much pain.
Later on, after dinner, he comes into your room with a wig. "This is the closest I could find to your original style. You can wear this until your hair grows back if you like MC!"
Also another one who loved to thread his fingers as you both read books together. He said you reminded him of Rapunzel, the long haired princess stuck in a tower.
It was a fun gimmick between the two of you where'd he say, "MC, MC, let down your beautiful hair."
And you'd flick it at him and he softly held parts of it together as you both laughed in glee.
So imagine his absolute wrath, when he finds you crying in the library with all your beautiful length gone and an uneven trim.
"Guess I can't be your Rapunzel anymore huh?" You try to appear happy but your red eyes give away the truth.
He calmly sits behind you, smoothening your hair with his fingers, in the same comforting way as before. "When the old witch found shout how Rapunzel and the prince were meeting, she cut off her hair, blinded both of them and exiled them. But she found her Prince either way."
The next day, he enchanted you with protection spells and hair illusion so it looked like your was still here.
And the bullies met the witches fate. Dead and forgotten.
Out of all the brothers, he takes the best care of your hair and that's a fact. Is literally obsessed with how amazing you look with it.
Love that fact that you also take care of it. Sometimes he washes and styles your hair for you too. It's almost therapeutic for him.
When you walk into his room crying and he sees your hair in that state, he almost starts crying along with you in a state of frenzy.
"I just feel... humiliated." You cried in his arms. He pats your head, immediately bringing out a bunch of products and a pair of scissors.
"Let me fix that for you, darling. I'm sure you'll look just as pretty in short hair." He cuts and styles your hair to look so pretty.
Also the demons come into class the next day bald. Asmo charmed them into shaving their hair.
Beel was honestly someone who simply didn't care that much about hair. It just thought it looks pretty on you when you tied your hair up for work outs.
The only close contact with your hair he had is when you got whipped cream in your hair while baking. He was about to nibble it clean.
When you come into his room with that state, he is generally confused. "What happened MC? Where did your hair go?"
"They cut and took it." You sniffled and rested your head on his chest. He immediately hugs you protectively. They? Who they? He needed to have a talk with THEY.
Asks Solomon and Satan, gets you fruits and foods that help with faster hair growth and measures the increase regularly.
He loved planting his face in your hair as you both slept. Your hair was always soft and smelled nice.
He had sweet dreams with you sleeping next to him. He love nuzzling into it like a pillow.
But the day, found you laying down and crying in your bed with half hour hair gone, be knew immediately what was up.
"Sleeping helps with hair growth. And stress is bad for it. Come let's nap. And then you can tell me which demons dared to do that to you." He pulls you in close and nuzzles your hair like before.
The demon bullies? Yeah noone knows where they went.
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obeyme-arkham · 3 days ago
Damn I was just trying to show my friends sister how to do pulls and I got this bby
Tumblr media
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moemammon · 4 days ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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MC nonchalantly confessing to the brothers
Includes: GN!reader x the Obey Me brothers
Genre(s): fluff
Warnings: none
Requested: by anon
Lucifer isn't one to really inquire about such things, he knows you like him most. Well, he's almost positive... I mean, you've never told him, so he can't truly know for sure, but he's Lucifer Morningstar! Avatar of Pride! One of the rulers of the Devildom! Who wouldn't love him most?
Shortly after you all finished dinner, you move into the lounge. All the brothers are sitting/laying about and you are sitting on a couch between Asmo and Mammon, with Belphie curled up on your lap, you playing with his hair
Lucifer is seated in a chair facing towards you. It was eerily silent, then Asmo spoke up. "MC~! Do you have a crush on anyone?"
Without looking up from playing with Belphie's hair you say, "Oh, I like Lucifer." Not bothering to see anyone's reaction, just zoned out in your own little world
Lucifer is actually a little shocked. His pride would never allow him to ask such a question of you, but knowing that you truly like him makes him happy, chest swelling with pride
He stands up, making his way to you and holds out his hand. "MC, come with me."
You snap back to reality at the sight of his hand and the sound of his words. Slight confusion washing over you, then you remember. You just confessed to liking the avatar of pride in front of everyone
Your face flushes slightly and you take his hand, moving Belphie's head off your lap, you rise. Lucifer pulls you away and out of the room, leaving 1 sleeping and 5 shocked brothers behind
"Oi! Human! What do ya think yer doin?" Mammon yells from down the hall, making his way to you. You jump at his voice, losing your concentration.
"Well I was trying to practice my lock picking. I was almost in when you made me screw up!" You stand up to face him.
Mammon cocks an eyebrow and tilts his head, placing a hand on his him. "Why're ya tryna get into Satan's room?"
You shrug, "Like I said, practice." You kneel back down, moving your attention back to Satan's door handle
Mammon shifts his weight and raises an arm, "Ya practice on any of our rooms?" You shake your head.
You only practice on Satan's room because he put a spell on the handle that makes it more of a challenge each time you attempt to pick the lock.
Mammon lets out a dry laugh, "What, ya like Satan or somethin'?"
Still focusing on picking the lock you say, "No, I like you." It's silent for a while and you manage to open the door after a couple minutes. "Finally!" You reach in and mark another tally on the paper beside the door. "That makes 13!"
You close the door, turning to see Mammon standing with his mouth slightly open. You pat his shoulder and walk away, heading back to your room. Once Mammon processes your confession, he'll be busting down your door
You and Levi are playing video games in his room and talking about your favourite anime characters.
"Okay, so I know Ruri-chan is your favourite, but is there any other character who could compete with her for your love?"
Levi shakes his head, "Nope, Ruri-chan is #1, way above all others. There's no one else for this Otaku shut-in." You laugh
"How about you? Is there a character that'd compete with [insert favourite anime character]?"
You ponder that, "Hmm... Maybe? I mean there's a few others that are pretty fine, but they're #1, you know?" Levi nods. "You're my real life #1, Levi."
His face turns red and he turns to face you. "Hey! You just died wha-" you turn to see him staring at you, hand covering his mouth, blush all over his face. "Levi, what is it? What's wrong?"
His eyes widen. "What's wrong!? What are you saying? How could someone like me be your #1?"
You laugh, "Levi, it's because you're you that you're my #1. Let's get back to gaming, yeah?" He's still shocked, but he nods. You know how to deal with him so effortlessly, it makes him really happy. You're his #1
Satan was reading in lounge when you came in, Mammon and Asmo right behind you. They were both asking you to come with them to the opening of a new club (supposed to be high end, very exclusive) and they had an extra spot for you to come
"No, I had plans with Satan today," you reply. Mammon groans and Asmo lets out a little whine. "But MC~! It's going to be so much fun!"
You sigh, "I know Asmo. But I promised Satan I'd spend the day with him already. How would you feel if I bailed on plans with you?" Mammon and Asmo shared a look, and huffed. "Fine," they both said and walked out.
You sit down on the couch beside Satan and lay your head on his lap. He moves his book so he can see your face. "You can go with them you know? It'll be fun."
"I know," you smile, "but I'd rather spend time with my favourite demon right now." You turn on your side and close your eyes. Satan moved the book back in front of his face to hide the smile and blush that grew
"okay," he said. He kept enough composure to keep his voice normal. He continued to read, playing with your hair inbetween page turns
You and Asmo were having a self care day. Both of you laying on his bed, face masks on, talking about anything and everything
Asmo had been going on about some drama between some demons you didn't know (and couldn't really care any less about) and you lay there listening to him
A timer went off and Asmo sat up, "time to take off the masks! Then we can move onto painting nails!"
You smile as you get up, watching Asmo move gracefully. He's glowing more than usual and you can't help but admire him
You stand by him in the washroom, washing off the remnants of the face mask and watching him through the mirror
"you're truly beautiful Asmo. I really love you." You walk out of the bathroom to go choose a nail colour, "I'm feeling [insert preferred colour] today!" You call back
Asmo stood there stunned for a moment, the weight of your words sinking in. You find him truly beautiful (which like, of course he is, but... Hearing it from you, like that, means so much more) and you love him? OOOH you love him! His heart melts, a smile growing on his face. You love him despite him not being able to charm you! You LOVE him
Asmo wiggles and runs out to hug you from behind, "Oh MC~!" He wraps his arms around you and plants a kiss on your cheek
You wake up at 3am to your D.D.D going off. You answer without checking who's calling and hear Beel's voice on the other side "MC..."
"Beel? What's wrong?" "I'm really hungry right now... It hurts." "Okay, Beel. Meet me in the kitchen." You hang up, grab the bag of snacks you keep in your room for Beel, and head out
You reach the kitchen just after Beel, and you see him clutching his stomach, head hanging slightly. You hold out the bag, "here, Beel. My secret Beel emergency snack bag."
He lights up and take the bag, beginning to eat right away. "Mmm, thank you MC! But why did we have to come to the kitchen for this?"
You open the pantry, taking out a big box of pancake mix, "I'm making you pancakes." Beel's eyes widen, "Really!? MC, you're the best. I love your pancakes!"
You smile as you mix the batter, "Anything for my favourite demon." You place the stove top griddle down, turning on the heat. You turn around when you realize there's a lack of munching and find Beel staring at you
"what's wrong?" "I'm your favourite?" You laugh, "of course! I wouldn't make 3am pancakes for anyone else." Beel blushes and goes back to his snacks, less hungry than he was before, but more hungry in a different way
You and Belphie were in the planetarium, laying on the floor in a comfortable silence, looking at the stars
After a while you speak up, "the stars are so beautiful." "Yeah, they're one of my favourite things that exist." You nod, falling back into silence
"Belphie," you say after a few minutes. "Hmm?" "Tell me about your favourite constellations" he smiled to himself and happily obliged, pointing out and explaining the history of his favourite star groupings
Eventually you stopped looking up and turns to face him, watching his face as he talked with passion about the stars. He noticed after a bit and asked why you were staring at him
"You were just so passionate about it, it's nice to see you like that." You smile and turn back. "Oh," he says. You slip back into that same comfortable silence for a while longer
"you're my favourite thing that exists, Belphie." He smiles, feeling heat rise in his chest and face. "Now tell me about that constellation!" You say, pointing to a strange cluster of stars.
He chuckles, glancing at you, before launching back into his star filled stories
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obey-me-stuffs · 5 days ago
Headcannon- Obey Me Brothers small affections! Gn!Mc
Lucifer isn't one to be particularly affectionate, especially in public.
Many people may not even realize that you too are dating, because when he does show public affection its very subtle.
If he ever notices that you seem uncomfortable in a situation he will rest a hand on your shoulder or back until he can allow you to leave.
Lucifer isn't one to be very verbal about any feelings he has towards you, and will try to replace loving words with praise.
Sometimes he’ll even praise you for trivial things just to show you that he cares.
He might not be big on hugs or cuddles, but if you ask while your alone he might accept. 
Quality time is big on his list, and he will happily take you on expensive dates, or let you sit with him while he works.
“I know I don’t say it much, but I do love you.”
Mammon is probably one of the most affectionate of his brothers, only blearily beaten by Asmo.
Mammon loves to follow you around, and overall just BE with you as much as possible.
Sometimes objects and gifts will ‘Mysteriously’ appear in your room while your out.
gifts are something Mammon is big on because he can grow very attached to material objects.
That sweater you were looking at yesterday? Huh it just appeared in your drawer. You liked those chocolates from Madam screams? looks like someone had extra and left them on your bed.
Cuddles, hand holding, head pats, this boy loves it all(Hes super touch starved please pet him-)
H’ell also get super flustered if he sees you actually using something he got you.
“Wait you actually- Eh I mean t-that scarf looks good on you! W-where did ya get it?”
Affection? Whats that? Oh you mean like in anime where they high five?
Please be patient with him. Levi sometimes confuses causal affection and romantic affection.
Couples can hug each other right? That’s not too much right!?!?
It will take a while for Levi to get used to initiating affection, unless its something in his comfort zone.
Levi considers any type of interaction to be difficult and at first his most romantic gesture will probably just be inviting you to his room.
However over time he will become more open to giving you affection, and maybe even asking you to give him some.
He’ll occasionally grab you hand while ranting, and wont realize until hes finished talking.
There is an exception to all this however...
When Levi is jealous he can get very affectionate subconsciously.
He’ll cling to you like your the only person hes ever touched.
“Hey uh... D-do you wanna play this new game with me? I-I thought you might like it...”
Satan tends to be cautious when it comes to affection.
He wants to find your borders, and make sure that your okay with the amount and type of affection hes giving you.
Don’t take this the wrong way but, he is going to treat this like an experiment.
Satan will discover what affections you like and hate, and he’ll keep going until hes found your absolute favorites.
Some people might find it weird, but really studying you is his main form of affection.
If he knows what you like then he can make sue that your comfortable and happy around him.
If anything or anyone is making you particularly uncomfortable Satan will take it upon himself to Eliminate Resolve the issue.
“Don’t worry Princette ill take care of it for you.”
He might as well me the avatar of affection instead
Asmo loves to give and receive affection, in fact he practically LIVES off it.
Whats his love language? All of them.
Asmo is more than happy to give you any form of affection you crave, and he can tell when your needing it most.
In public he will try to be as affectionate as he can to show off to other demons.
But Asmo doesn't love Pda just because he can show off. He also does it to make sure you trust his love for you. 
He wants you to see that he isn't afraid to show everyone in the world that he loves you. Not lusts over you, but loves you.
He’s also not afraid to say that to your face, because he has to make sure that you know how spacial you are to him.
“I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else. I hope you remember that dear.”
Beel is a huger, and that’s putting it lightly.
In his opinion hugs are the easiest way to show you that he loves you.
Beel isn’t one for words, so when he doesn’t know how to say what hes feeling he can replace it with a warm hug.
He likes holding you in his arms because it reminds him that you aren't scared of him, and that he can protect you.
Any physical affection you ask for Beel with happily supply.
Do you need to reach the top shelf? He’ll lift you up so you can reach it! Wanna piggyback ride? He’ll carry you the whole day!
Beel is more of one to wait for you to ask for the affection you want so that he doesn’t do anything you wouldn’t like.
“Of course I’ll help! I like helping you.”
One word: Cuddles.
(I was tempted to leave it at that)
Belphie likes cuddles because there easy and he can sleep while giving you the comfort and attention you need.
Belphie is surprisingly very affectionate, he just doesn't like putting too much effort into something that could just be replaced with more cuddling.
Hes almost the opposite of Satan in the since that, He wants cuddles, so your getting cuddles.
Even though he is lazy, Belphie will try to occasionally do something different.
Maybe he’ll throw one gift into a cuddle session, or take you on one date for the month.
Despite this Belphie isn’t super reluctant to give you the affection you ask for, as long as you actually ask for it.
“Fine. I suppose we could go out for dinner tomorrow..”
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x4gay · 5 days ago
Request Rules
Here’s some basic things about request.
I will do:
Smut, Angst, Fluff. I will do multiple characters perspective. Threesomes but I’m not doing incest. Most kinks if you name them. Most of the time I will leave the MC gender neutral so everyone can enjoy but if you want to be specific I gotcha.
I won’t do:
Incest and anything with Luke. Due to the nature of Luke’s age and most of the content I post I feel highly uncomfortable adding any mentions of Luke on my page unless it is a reference.
I’m mainly down to write anything you would just have to give me a few days to write, I’m not that busy of a person but I do still have class and normally give myself breaks. Anyways have a great day/night/evening my lovesss. Drink water and care for yourself or I will put sand on your bed.
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x4gay · 5 days ago
hiiiii! can I rq the demon bros reacting to mc sending nudes??? ty!!
Of course darling!! Remember my request are always open.
How the brothers would react to MC sending them nudes.
Mc has been feeling extra scandalous and decided to send the boys some special pictures.
He was in the middle of a meeting and decided to check on his phone. The photo threw him off but it wasn’t a complaint. He decided to text MC back to meet him in his office later.
For the rest of the day he would think of that photo and would probably think of how much of a mess he would leave them.
“So care to explain this?” Lucifer showed MC the lewd photo.
“It’s a nude” MC grinned looking quite proud of themself.
“Of course it is but care to explain why you sent this in the middle of my meeting, did you want others to see?” Lucifer walked up to MC looking down on them.
“No...” MC trailed off.
“I would rather much see the real deal” Lucifer started to undress MC. Kissing them harshly. MC couldn’t help but to moan in his mouth. Lucifer decided to stop kissing and look at the needy MC. He took a photo of MC.
“Now this is a photo i’m keeping” Lucifer smiled. MC blushed a bit but was too needy to detest.
“Now on your knees, this won’t be the only photo I take” Lucifer grinned.
Mammon was trying to avoid his classes but his phone buzzed. He was terrified thinking Lucifer caught him but he looked at his phone and freezes. Obviously they would send the great Mammon nudes, right? He won’t admit it but he’s been picturing how MC looked nude. He ran home because he couldn’t contain himself just the thought of MC being nude is turning him on. Even though he easily got turned on he still wanted more, after all he still is the avatar of greed. He’s too shy to ask for more but he’ll take what he can get.
Mammon headed straight to his room the photo is still burned into his head. He laid on his bed and stared at the photo. He held his hard cock and began rubbing himself.
“Mmm MC” he groaned out. He was just over the edge when his door was opened.
He stopped straight in his tracks to see MC is at the door.
“Get outta here.” Mammon’s face was a deep red but he still was holding his cock.
“Did I say you could stop” MC smirked and closed the door behind them. Mammon put his phone down and continued. MC walked over to see his phone looking at the nude they sent.
“Awe, did my nude make you needy” MC teased.
“Y-yes” He continued to rub himself.
“Let me help you with that” MC smiled.
He was playing a game since he did his work prior. He just finished a round and checked his DDD. He gasped loudly the friends he was on a call with questioned if he was okay. He hung up and stared at the photo. This must be a mistake. He texted MC asking if they meant to send it. MC told him that it was for him Levi couldn’t help but smile. He stared at the photo and thought of all the things he would do to MC.
Levi walked to MC’s door and invited himself in. Levi walked in on MC taking another nude. He froze.
“OhMyGodI’mSoSorry” Levi turned around.
“Turn back around, I want to take more for you but you’re here already.” Nude MC walked up to Levi.
“For me?” He questioned.
“Yes, anyways can you please help” MC grabbed Levi and sat him on the bed. MC began to rub his hard dick that’s practically trying to jump out of his pants. All Levi could do is hide his face moaning. He thought it was a dream but boy it wasn’t.
He was reading a book. He saw the text on his phone and didn’t realize who texted him. He quickly looked at his phone just to get back to his book. It took him a second to process what he just saw but when he did he picked up his phone again. He saved the image of course and tried to get back to reading but he couldn’t get his mind off of the photo of MC. Just the perfect way they looked how badly he wanted to hear them moan. His imagination got the better of him so he texted MC to come see him.
“You wanted to see me?” MC smiled. Satan wasted no time getting up.
“That photo you sent me...” Satan trailed off.
“You like it” MC bit their lip waiting for his response.
“Yes, but why didn’t you just come here and show me” Satan put his hand on their hair and pulled it a bit. A moan escaped MC’s lips that excited Satan even more.
“I wanted you to be surprised” MC looked Satan in the eyes.
“Well why don’t we just make some photos together then we both have something of each other.” Satan smirked.
Asmo was zoning out in the middle of class when he got a text he quickly looked at it seeing it was from MC. He giggled looking at the nudes MC sent him. Asmo sent some of his own back. They exchanged a bit of dirty talk of course. Asmo couldn’t help but think about how much he would pay just to fully pleasure MC.
Asmo came home to MC already in his room. He wasn’t surprised but he smiled as he closed the door.
“What’s wrong MC?” Asmo grinned knowing exactly what they wanted.
“Well, I wanted to see the real deal...” MC said full of Lust. How could Asmo deny such boldness.
“I mean since you asked” Asmo smiled and took off his pants. He started to rub himself walking up to MC and got on top of them.
“How about we act out what we said in those messages” Asmo smiled.
Beel was enjoying his 5th meal of the day while getting a text. He saw MC nude on his phone. He didn’t want to embarrass MC so he texted MC about how that might of been an accident. After MC spent around 10 minutes explain to Beel about the purpose of that photo he began to stare at his phone while eating. Suddenly he was it hungry for just food anymore.
Beel: I’m hungry
MC: go eat silly
Beel: No, i’m hungry for something else.
MC: What?
Beel: I’m hungry for you
MC: meet me in my room.
Beel spent no time getting to MC’s room. MC decided to surprise Beel by covering themself in whipped cream.
“You look so delicious, but there’s no time to talk” Beel’s Voice got deep as he said the last part. He laid the MC down and began licking all the whipped cream off of them.
“Now let’s see how you really taste” Beel groaned.
This demon was sleeping but he did wake up when MC sent the message. At first he thought he was dreaming but he was sent another photo. After an hour he woke up with a grin on his face. He headed straight to MC’s room.
“Mm Belphie...” MC was already pleasuring themself as Belphie entered the room. He grinned and walked over to MC. MC didn’t stop but made eye contact with Belphie.
“I couldn’t wait for you anymore I need you Belphie.” MC said as they continued.
“let me help” Belphie began to pleasure MC. He went slow but deep. He gave MC passionate kisses making sure to go faster when they became breathless.
“You need to help me with my problem too...” Belphie grabbed MC’s hand and placed it on his throbbing cock.
“Maybe after ill reward you” Belphie smiled.
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x4gay · 6 days ago
Mammon x MC fluff
Request are always open
“Look what you did, you couldn’t protect any of your younger siblings what made you think you could protect MC.” That phrase made me wake up instantly. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I wipe my eyes realizing i’ve been crying.
I grabbed my phone to check the time. It’s 4am I sighed and opened my messages with MC. I smiled at the last text we sent.
Mammon: Hey don’t ya forget to dream about the great Mammon while you sleep.
MC: You wish.
Mammon: I don’t wish I just know.
MC: Shut up you goof go to bed
Mammon: Goodnight
MC: Goodnight Mammon, sleep well (:
I was so tempted to text them but I don’t want to bother them. I decided to walk outside to get some fresh air. I went to a nearby park and enjoyed the calm scenery. I thought about my nightmare, maybe I should stay away from MC for their sake.
My I couldn’t even protect my own brothers they blame themselves. MC is someone special to me, dare I say they’re better than goldie.
Ever since I met them they have never left my mind. I don’t want them hurt. My phone buzzed. MC texted me.
MC: hey, where are you??
I left them on read. Maybe distance is good.
MC: Mammonnnnn???
MC: You’re not in your room.
MC: Why are you leaving me on read??
MC: Did I do something wrong??
That last text hurt me so badly part of me wants to spam text no but I set my phone down. I began to sob. I may be the avatar of greed but the only few things I want is my family to be happy, not having to worry about losing anyone else, and MC.
I felt a light tap on my shoulder.
“Mammon??? are you okay?” MC frowned and stood and front of me.
“Yeah... i’m fine” I wiped my eyes and tried to get up. MC beat me to that idea.
“No what’s wrong. Talk to me or I will make a scene.” I didn’t need to think twice if MC creates a scene right now I’ll get a headache.
“No No scene. I just had a nightmare that’s all.” I sighed.
MC laid on the ground and I decided to lay with them. The morning breeze felt so nice and I felt wayy better than before.
“Mammon please tell me what your nightmare was about?” MC held my hand and I held on to their hand tightly.
“I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you hurt. My brothers got hurt because I wasn’t that good of a brother I don’t want to hurt more people I care about.” I turned to look at MC.
“You dweeb, you are the best brother they can ask for- besides trying to seek their valuables. You protect them now they look up to you if you don’t realize it. Mammon I feel the same way about you but I feel safe with you. I know i’ll be safe with you.” MC stared back at me with watery eyes. I kissed them. They felt so warm. They comfort me and I hope I can protect them.
“MC I care about you.” I held their hand and looked up at the sky.
“I care about you too mamoney” MC snickered a bit. I rolled my eyes squeezing their hand a bit tighter. I wouldn’t mind staying like this forever.
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houseof-lamentation · 6 days ago
Yayyy I new writing blog in the Obey Me fandom. Could you possibly do the brother reacting to an GN!MC that likes ask a lot of questions about Devildom. Like the past kings, the laws, hell, all that stuff. Thank you!!!!
the brothers react to an MC who asks a lot of questions
he’s happy to answer any and all questions you have. it's smart to know as much as you can about where you'll be living for a whole year and he’s happy to tell you everything he knows
if he’s busy, he’ll give you a short answer and let you know he’ll tell you more about it later, but if he’s got the time, get ready for a history lesson because he knows his stuff and you're going to know it, too. he thinks he’s the obvious choice to answer these questions and will bring this up, so you know he’s the smartest of his brothers
while he appreciates your curiosity, you must understand that curiosity killed the cat. there are some questions he won't answer because you don't need to know the answer. 
Mammon literally doesn't understand why you have to ask him when Lucifer and Satan exist. how should he know about past kings? he barely pays attention to what's currently happening, and you want him to relay the entire history of the devildom to you? c’mon, human
he does his best anyway. for all his bravado and the big stink he makes about it, he’s honoured you asked him. he feels special when you spend time alone with him and he prefers when you're with him than anyone else 
so yeah, he’ll answer whatever questions you can throw at him, but not all his answers are right. he does have stories from the past couple thousand years and he does try to make you laugh and smile because it’s not a history class, he’s going to entertain you 
his expertise lies elsewhere, he’s not Satan, why would he know these things? he’s a little bit annoyed and would rather keep playing video games with you, but he’s a pro and can talk while he plays so it’s not a problem 
he does tell you what he knows, he does like talking to you, and he’s honoured you asked him instead of one of his brothers. normies just wouldn’t get it, but he does. he gets it, and he gets you. 
if he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he’d either skirt around it or not explain it as much as he should— he’s not about to tell you to ask someone else because that’s just not fair. he’s the one you asked and he’s the one that will tell you. not Lucifer, not Satan, not Mammon, him.
well you came to the right place! if Satan doesn't have the answer for you (which is unlikely), he can give you a book on the subject that will. he might even give you several books and suggest a book club for just the two of you to discuss the history and future of the Devildom
he’s very enthusiastic and is always ready to share information with people who are willing to learn. not to mention, it’s an excuse to spend time with you. he’s delighted that you came to ask him and he will do his best to answer your questions
he enjoys telling you everything he knows and, unlike Lucifer, thinks you have a right to know whatever it is that Lucifer won’t tell you. okay, maybe he’s also doing it because his big brother refuses to, but you still have a right to know
he thinks it’s cute! it’s just so endearing that you decided to ask him and that you’re so curious and willing to learn. Asmo loves it!
like everyone else (save Satan and Lucifer), he’s a little surprised you asked him but this is just a chance to bond and he’s more than willing to tell you everything he knows. his only rule is that he gets to paint your nails or do a face mask with you while you ask all the questions your pretty little head can think up
he is not at all bothered by your questions, again, he loves your curiosity, and he isn’t afraid to say when he doesn’t know the answer. he happily points you in the direction of someone who could answer your question, but lets you know he’s always happy to chit-chat
do you have to ask now? in the middle of snack time? snack time is all the time, sure, but right in the middle of it? 
you'd have to strategically ask questions when Beel isn’t eating or after he finished eating so his mouth isn't full while he talks to you, but he’s happy to answer any questions you have. he’s not sure why you don't ask someone else, but he really doesn't care, because any time spent with you is a good time. 
he’s smarter than people realise, but he won’t know every answer to every question. sometimes you get a shrug and he puts off answering questions so he can have a snack or six
surely, there's someone better to ask. why would he know these things and why would he want to tell you instead of just curling up and sleeping beside you? 
but yeah, sure, whatever, he’ll answer your questions. you have to be cuddled up with him, though, and you’re not allowed to blame him if he falls asleep in the middle of an answer. he, like Beel, knows more than people give him credit for and it shows when you ask him random questions and he’s able to answer easily and just shrug about it
if he doesn't know the answer, he’ll text Satan or Barbatos and relay the answer to you once they text him back. he would invite them to talk to you directly, but he’s too comfortable with his head on your lap and he wants your attention to stay on him
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sevendeadlymorons · 6 days ago
Kinda surprised no one’s done this one yet, but could we get some cuddling hcs for the brothers (+undateables if you’re feeling like it lol)
I think it hasn’t been done cuz I write a lot of cuddling shit for them already like this one and sorta this one but yeah I’ll write it up still, just don’t expect it to be too long lmao 🤣
Cuddling Headcanons with Brothers + Dateables
Surprisingly, he’s really comforting to be around and makes sure you’re comfy throughout the cuddle sesh
Wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him
Kisses your head and ear, smiling into your neck and rubbing his nose on your skin
Weirdly cuddly at around 2AM so expect lots of affection
Whispers ‘I love you’ pretty often
Puts his hands underneath your shirt and hugs your belly
He’s such a whiner at first but god, if he isn’t the best company you’ll ever have
Cuddles you close to him, holding you and protecting you
Wraps his legs around yours because his feet and legs get chilly
Kisses your neck, breathing calmly into your ear
Blushes and holds you tighter when you turn around to kiss him and tell him you love him
Strokes your hand and entwines your fingers with his while you cuddle
He’s so awkward but he’s nice and warm and a comfort to be around
Likes being the little spoon sometimes so you can play with his hair and kiss his head
When he’s not being little spoon, he’s holding your waist and squeezing you gently
Plays with your thighs a lot
Waits for you to say ‘I love you’ first then doesn’t stop telling you it the rest of the night
He often watches anime with you cuddled up to him if it starts to feel awkward for him
He likes you facing him when he’s cuddling so he can kiss your face easier
Has his hands pressed to your back, holding you protectively
Lots of kisses and displays of affection, he tends to not hold back
Strokes your hair and kisses your fingers
Let’s you fall asleep on his chest while he reads, still holding you with one arm
Looks at you with love in his eyes every single time he stares at your peaceful sleeping face
He’s such a great cuddler, you may never want to leave
Slips his knee between your legs and pulls you ridiculously close to his chest
Holds your head and strokes your hair, kissing you occasionally
Twirls your hair around his finger, humming to you and telling you how much he loves you over and over
Rests his hands on your bare stomach underneath your clothes
Will tell you to say ‘I love you’ to him and then smile like an idiot after
Acts as your pillow most the time and he’s a damn good pillow indeed
Places your head on his chest and lays you there, enjoying the feel of your body on his
Wraps his arm around you so you’re warm and safe in his embrace and feeds you midnight snacks if you wanted any
Kisses your head and giddy smiles when you kiss him back
Plays with strands of your hair
Lots of affection is given late into the night and lots of squeezes
Literally the king of cuddling, you’ll never want to leave
Squeezes you tightly when he’s spooning you but honestly it fluctuates throughout the night
When you’re cuddling him, he’ll turn around to sleepily kiss you and hold your arms that wrap around his stomach
When he’s cuddling you, he’ll probably never let go and you’ll be drowning in kisses
Presses his face into your neck and slips his knee between your thighs
Plays with your fingers
Big guy loves cuddles, he’ll give you the best cuddles honestly
Wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer to whisper sweet nothings in your ear
Playfully messes with your stomach
Kisses the back of your head and caresses your cheek
Strokes your hair and constantly checks to see if you’re in a comfortable position
Squeezes you occasionally to get some attention off of you
Very gentle with you but makes sure you’re so comfy that you don’t wanna move an inch
Let’s you lie on his forearm whilst he kisses your head, holding you close
Sometimes pulls you to face him so he can stroke your head
When you face him, he cuddles into your chest and kisses your jaw
Has his hands always placed on your lower back, sketching shapes and patterns
Smiles with bright red cheeks when you say ‘I love you’
He’s such a comforting presence, he’ll make sure you’re loved in the cuddle sesh
Doesn’t exactly press you against him but he’ll make sure your skins lightly touching his
Kisses your temple and whispers ‘I love you’ a couple times
Wraps his hands around your stomach with his hands under your clothes on your belly
Asks you if you’re comfortable a few times
Talks a lot whilst cuddling because he just can’t sit in silence
Will make the cuddling so much better than you’d ever thought it would be
He won’t stop talking to you but he’ll make you laugh at least. No time is quiet
Presses his nose into your neck and your back against his chest
Holds you like his life depends on it and gives you lots of neck kisses
Sometimes he likes when you face him so he can kiss your forehead and mess with your hair
Trails his thumb over your knuckles and kisses them gently after
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devildomsexting · 6 days ago
Could you do one with Mammon comforting an insecure MC? Or an MC who is just feeling down about themselves? Thank you 💝
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don’t feel great about how this one turned out but I guess I should listen to mammon and not let my mind tell me negative stuff. Enjoy some mammon comfort 🧡
Warnings: brief mentions of being self-conscious
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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