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#mammon hcs
iwannabehisbunny · 10 hours ago
This is a soft request but how would the Brothers react to a hella babyfaced and chipmunk like MC? They’re the cutest thing with their chubby cheeks, big eyes, and cinnamon roll attitude. They’re so affectionate, helpful and happy to assist others, and expressive with them (they could practically see imaginary chipmunk ears and tail wagging or perk whenever they show a certain emotions). They’ll perk when excited or surprised, pout when angy (yes, angy) or annoyed, and make a “🥺” face when sad. Lord, don’t get me started on when they eat, their cheeks unintentionally puff making their face look cuter. The kicker:
They’re not aware of how cute they are
Also the MC doesn’t mind people squishing or poking their face since they love affection and doesn’t even deny being compared to a chipmunk. They also climb at random because they can’t help it and was literally on Beel’s back without him or anyone noticing until they popped their head over his shoulder and said “I’ve been here the whole time :3”
Baby-Faced MC
🥺 as someone with a baby (chubby I should say, lol) face, this makes me so happy
TW: none
This man is so soft for MC
He watches the way they pout, with their cheeks all puffed out
Their arms crossed
They’re just so cute
It actually gets them out of trouble sometimes, and they don’t even realize it
When they’re alone, if MC does something particularly cute, Lucifer will grab their chin and squish their cheeks
He will mumble something about they’re “lucky they’re so cute”
And kiss em
Refuses to acknowledge the fact that MCs baby face gets them out of trouble
Excuse me, someone who helps Mammon and doesn’t make his self esteem worse (actually boosts it?)
Mans in love
But he will be in denial and may accidentally say something sure about their weight
It’s just how he copes with uncomfortable emotions!
Absolutely makes it up to them later
When he and MC get together he is always poking their cheeks or smushing their face
It’s just so cute, and he likes the expressions they make
Also loves that they don’t mind
“You’re my little chipmunk, ya got that?”
Shocked when they just agree lol
Okay, Leviathan loves a chubby significant other
He meets MC and just !!!! Right in the heart
Will also deny his feelings, but is less likely to accidentally say something hurtful
One time MC grabbed Leviathans arm and squished their cheek on his shoulder while looking up at him
Mans hasn’t breathed since.
He particularly loves when they pour after loosing a game to him
He leans over and pokes their cheek, gloating his victory
But MC gets revenge by straddling him with their equally squishy thighs 😉
The cheeks remind him of those like,,, perfectly round faced cats??
You know the ones, with the cute bows and they make food on Tik Tok for some reason
He loves em
His favorite is pulling MC into his lap to read a book, and pressing their cheek to his while he reads over their shoulder
Thinks everything about them is cute, the pout, the sad face, everything
Loves leaving little kisses on MCs cheeks and watching them get flustered and hide their face in their hands
Thinks they’re adorable
This man
This freaking man
Loves MCs chubby little face SO MUCH
My goodness, he is constantly pinching their cheeks, poking them, asking questions
And he loves that they don’t mind
Coos over them when they pout or look happy, and will join in to help too
Really likes to lay on their chest and just touch them
Not necessarily in a sexual way
He just likes how soft and squishy they are
Most demons are hard muscle or lean at most
So he likes the softness
This man also has a baby face- but mostly when he’s eating lol
Beel may not squish MCs cheeks like the others do, but he is weak to their cute puppy face
Also calls them his little chipmunk
Loves feeding MC
Beel just likes the way their cheeks puff out a little when he gives them a bite
This is a little nsfw, but
Beel also loves to be buried between MCs thick ass thighs, eating to his hearts content
He just loves how soft and plush they are, and thinks they’re the most adorable thing
And he is weak to their faces
He also is all for them climbing him.
He is a tree and very strong, he can handle it without a sweat
Plus he just likes carrying MC
This seems like the obvious take, but
Soft chubby MC = pillow, I don’t make the rules
Well I do but
He thinks it’s cute
I don’t think he would make as big of a deal about their cheeks as the others
But Belphie definitely has a weakness for MCs puppy eyes
He will every once and a while poke their cheek out of nowhere while cuddling
Just to make sure their squishiness is in tact
Thinks they’re super cute, but isn’t super obsessed with it either
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iwannabehisbunny · 17 hours ago
I was wondering if you could make fic where MC is a half demon (like their mother is a human and their father is a demon) and nobody knew for MC safety like in the begining of the game its mentions that not all demons agreed on the human exchange program so just think about how those demons react to a half-blood so MC family hide in the human realm and MC knew that their half demon/human and thats why they were so chill about being in devildom and the only reason why the demon brothers found out is because belghie try to kill MC and managne to fight off belghie long enough to make a run for it and run in to them in their demon form (you can make their demon form how ever you like) how would they all
MC is Actually Half Demon?!
Ooh~ this ones interesting! :)
(this is also super long, just a heads up)
Edit: I’m so sorry! I misread your request as hcs instead of a fic ;-; I’ll do another later and tag you in it, I promise!!!
MC is not so nervous about being in Devildom because of their hidden demon blood, but the boys find out when they survive Belphagor!
Also my phone had a really hard time typing this one lol. Lots of lag, so I apologize for any more typos than usual.
TW: some violence
MC is a Demon
Well, not totally, but their father is a demon and their mother a human, so half and half
Todoroki called, he wants his trope back, thank you
So when they do get summoned to Devildom, they’re not too worried.
They know a bit about demon customs and have even eaten some food from there! So they’re not bothered at all
The brothers are a little sus. Especially when MC actually eats the bat wing and hell fire soup without complaint
MC doesn’t mention It though. Their demon form can be hard to sustain and only really comes out in times of panic
They also just sort of assumed everyone knew
Bc they’re stalkers and seemed to know who MC was without ever making contact with them
So yeah, they weren’t too worried
When they freed Belphagor, they were honestly expecting something like this to happen
Ya know, with his hands wrapped around their throat
But under different circumstances :/
They just didn’t totally buy into his nice guy facade but wanted to help anyway
As the oxygen left their lungs and they began to panic
Their body finally keyed into what was happening and transformed to help
Their horns sprouted from their skull and curled back and forward again. A second set of much smaller horns poked out from their head as well
A thick, reptilian tail slithered from behind them, lashing back and fourth in their panic
As MC gasped for air, their teeth lengthened into sharp points and their tongue thinned and split
Their eyes also became slitted
The hands that were grasping Belphagors wrists suddenly tightened with new strength, the sharpened nails digging into his flesh.
MC used their ram-like horns to slam into Belphagor’s head and sent him stumbling back
Clutching their throat, and still transformed, MC ran down the halls.
They found the rest of the boys arguing in the other room and cried out for help.
He doesn’t recognize MC at first, honestly
He sees a demon stumble into the room, gasping for air and begging for help
He actually transforms and snarls at the intruder when they make a grab for Mammon
But when they look him in the eyes?
Lucifer realizes it’s MC
Is so confused and worried and horrified all at once
His first thought is that they died and became a demon
It’s the only way!
But when everything calms down (and MC transforms back) they explain their lineage
Lucifer, in a weird way, is excited
He wants to show them the life of a demon now that he knows they’re okay!
But that also means he may not be so delicate with MC from now on
Will have to be reminded that while they are half demon, they are still weak as a human in their human form
Will absolutely offer to help them hone their abilities and learn to control their other form
All in all, he’s shocked, but is just happy MC is alright
“Who the fuck is that”
It literally takes MC transforming back for him to realize that the sexy snake demon before him is actually his beloved human
Really though, he’s stoked
Will constantly bug MC with questions
Particularly ones that have to do with how their demon form can be used for mischief
When MC informs him that they can’t really do it on command, well he’s disappointed
Really wanted them to hide in Asmo’s room and use their tail as a snake prop
Asks if they’re venomous, as a joke
Has a heart attack when MC says yes
Honestly doesn’t treat them any different
Like sure they’re a demon now and if push comes to shove they can totally get themselves out of a shitty situation
But like- it’s still his human
Might be a little offended that MC didn’t tell him that they were half demon
But honestly! They thought they knew!
Second most likely to recognize MC right away
He’s startled, sure
But he knows that hair and form anywhere
Because he helped them build cosplays- no other reason
He is super excited- like more than any of the others
Because!!! They have a similar tail!
Absolutely compares demon forms with MC and helps them learn how to use the different quirks
Like the venom, their second eyelids.
Even moving both sides of the split tongue independently
With practice 👀
While MC is snake and Levi is Sea Monster, there’s still a lot of similarities between them
He grumbles about how their horns are better because they don’t get tangled into stuff like his do
Will help MC learn to control their form, but is not as diligent as the others.
Like he would love to help!
But let him finish this round first
Or this chapter
Or this episode
Or this- your get the picture
Loves MCs demon form, and isn’t too shocked or bothered by it at all
W h a t
He, like Lucifer, doesn’t realize it’s MC right away
But when he sees Lucifer calm down, he catches onto what’s going on
Did MC cast a spell on themselves?
Did they die?
Will ask a ton of questions and be super curious as to how human DNA mixes with that of a demon
I always think of Satan as like the nerdy smart kid (but like- with a cool jacket)
So he would absolutely ask questions and do research.
But once the shock has worn off, he won’t be too concerned.
Won’t really change how he feels about MC other than knowing that they aren’t as delicate than they were before
Again, doesn’t recognize MC right away
But as soon as he smells their perfume he puts two and two together
Will absolutely coo at their demon form
Compliments left and right
He will poke and prod at MCs horns and tail, asking questions
“I can think of a few ways this tail can be used~”
Still treats MC as delicate in either form, it’s just how he rolls with someone he adores
Is super excited though!!
He can show MC the demon hot springs without worrying about their skin melting off!
Oh. They can’t hold their demon form for long?
Time to train then!
So genuinely excited to share the experience of having multiple forms with MC
Also has to see MC transform back to realize it’s them
“So that’s how they can eat so much Devildom food and be fine”
Really though, he’s happy!
Greatful that MC was able to transform to protect themselves from Belphie
Will ask only a few questions, but will absolutely offer to help MC get used to their form!
It makes for good bonding time after all
He would take them to the gym and have them practice transforming while he does his workouts and keeps an eye on them
Really just wants to help and is happy that nobody really got hurt
Except Belphie’s ego
He was so ready
So ready to see the life drain from MCs eyes as he choked them out
He laughed at their pitiful attempts to claw at his wrists
But then it actually started to hurt
He looked up and saw the horns
May or may not have screamed as MC slammed their skulls together and knocked Belphie back
They were supposed to be human!! He thought he was killing a human!
Is really confused and sprints after them
Stops when he sees the others crowding around MC who slowly turns back
He is there for the explanation of their parents
He’s immediately conflicted and confused
Because he hates humans with a passion
But MC is also let demon
Does this mean Lilith could have been happy with her human partner?
He needs to lie down
After a while he gets used to it, and may just crack a few jokes
Won’t offer to help, but does watch after MC
He may have come to terms with the fact that they’re both Human and Demon
But he doesn’t really like to dwell on it
It does give him comfort to think that while Lilith was alive, she could have been happy with a human partner.
“Oh dear, was there another demon in the house we didn’t know about?”
Sees that it is MC pretty quickly, they have the same mannerisms
Is incredibly shocked, and defin has his questions
But is not bothered by it really
I mean- he is pretty comfortable with demons
He still calls Lucifer a friend after all
Is curious as to what MCs powers may be, but doesn’t want to push anything
He knows that the stress mixed with their demon magic may make for a rather unpleasant outcome
So he watches them get used to their powers
And absolutely lets MC show off to him
He may even give a few pointers on how to make things easier
He would treat MC a little differently
I mean- he is an Angel. He has his bias’ even if he doesn’t like to admit it
But he’s not outright mean or rude
Just a little... distant
compared to what it used to be at least
Refuses to believe that it’s MC until they transform back
And is horrified when he finds out
It’s no secret that Luke is pretty demonphobic
So when MC, someone he saw as an older sibling, turns out to be a demon?
His first thought is to honestly shove them away
Doesn’t want to think about it
He puts a lot of distance between them and refuses to speak to MC
He just feels betrayed, in a way
Why didn’t they tell him?
How could he let himself get so close to a demon?
He will get over it with time though
MC just has to remind him that they will always be friends
And he will get back to baking with MC
You lucky fucker
Honestly, this doesn’t make sense to him.
They were human! They were picked for a human exchange program! How did this slip by!
His first thought after realizing he’s the only full human in Devildom, is
Can he make a pack with MC?
Because technically they are a demon
Their demon form screams that loud and clear.
Really though, he spends a lot of time researching and asking questions like
Does he have a pact with MCs dad?
Can they use powerful demon magic?
That sort of thing
And he will absolutely help MC with any magic related questions or training they come to him with.
He is another who will probably begin to treat MC a little differently
Even if he doesn’t mean to
He sort of feels like they’re not human anymore, even though they are
So the human bond they shared may suffer a little bit
Not to say that MC anf Soloman aren’t friends anymore
It’s just different
He knows
I know I say this a lot with him, but it’s true!
This man knows too muc
That being said, he didn’t look into what their form looked like
He’s surprised!
He actually recognizes some of the characteristics as one of the officials that Diavolo deals with
It’s the dual set of horns that gave it away
So great, Barbatos and Diavolo know MCs father
But since Barbatos knew MC was part demon from the beginning, he doesn’t really treat them any differently
Still bakes with them
Still looks after them
The only thing that may change a little is that he can now teach MC how to cook Devildom foods!
*insert pikachu face*
As it turns out, the fact that MCs father was one of his officials was NOT on their file
He’s surprised, and although he treats MC reletively the same
Some things do change
He will have to reconsider the exchange program, but decides that because they’re still partially human that they are okay
Second, he pulls MC and their dad into a meeting to discuss human and demon relationships
Specifically to see how plausible they are
He is much more interested in the socialism impact this could have rather than MCs personal struggles with their alternate forms
He will help where he can though
If he were interested in being in a relationship with MC he may be a little relieved
Because a human demon hybrid will go to the public better than a full human would
Tried to treat MC the same though.
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belphies-wife · 2 days ago
Ari’s Masterlist
Total Pieces: 1
The Seven Brothers
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
The Seven Brothers + The Undateables
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Satan Reacts to Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
Nothing here yet :) Come back soon
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lettheratsin · 2 days ago
If y’all want I totally would love to talk headcanons about om! Or even like do hc requests bc I’m bored and I’m writing other things but I’d love to do something a little more informal? Also I’m like craving hurt/comfort myself bc I’m a sad dysphoric little enby and I want to cry on a demon bfs shoulder or like even just hcs on how the boys would cheer up a sad MC
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leviathans-watching · 4 days ago
the brothers at university
Tumblr media
lmao ik some ppl think rad is a uni and if you do that’s cool- this is just what i think the boys would be like at a human university
will likely become the basis for a larger and more cohesive hc/au
rated t | wc: .7k
cw: mentions of drinking/partying, typical college stuff, cursing
Tumblr media
head of the student council and is TA for more than one class (+is in multiple clubs)
overworks himself like a champ
whenever his brothers cause problems, he makes sure there’s a new donation made to the school in the family name
people will ask him if he’s okay and he just gives you this dead look and laughs. he’s not okay
has been RA before and while people thought he’d be an absolute buzzkill he was pretty chill as long as no one was causing trouble/putting people in danger
Tumblr media
is barely skating by in his classes
champion at beer-pong and is known as an epic party thrower- but watch your stuff around him bc he’s been rumored to have sticky fingers
that guy who doesn’t study at all until the night before of finals and pulls all nighters to study
you need to get fucked up? mammon’s the guy to go to, but he’ll also be a willing shoulder to cry on and has suspiciously good advice
has been seen scootering across campus in a pair of lacy shorts- asmo needed pants for his lab and he was the only one who could trade
Tumblr media
the guy who never seems to go to classes or leave his dorm room
you know that shit is nasty and cluttered, with empty monster cans overflowing the trash can
when he does drag his ass out of bed and to class, he’s in three-day-old sweatpants
makes a little extra money streaming, either by himself or with friends- he has a decent following and has missed tests to do 24 hr streams
hangs out with a small group of other gamers and has a great online network. everyone he hangs with speaks very highly of him & he tries to keep them separate from his brothers bc of obvious reasons
Tumblr media
bastard who looks way too put together at 8am classes and claims he doesn’t mind them
thank the lord if he shows up at your study group bc his notes are *chefs kiss*
always makes faces when people ask stupid questions
refuses to go to the campus starbucks bc he’s a tea purist and it’s irritating bc he’ll scoff at your drink & judge you for your order
he has a job in the library and helps categorize and shelve books
secretly helps his inner circle pirate textbooks
Tumblr media
joins the lgbtqia+ club/organization and becomes the go to guy if you’re questioning or want to come out to someone
also in the environment clubs? gives people disappointed looks when they don’t recycle/compost/terracycle
hopped on the vsco trend, as well as any other trend that presents himself, though is often a trendsetter himself
takes gender/sexuality/woman’s studies and refuses to be slut shamed or let others be slut shamed
is almost never in his room-whether he’s at the club, the newest campus cafe, or literally anywhere else, he tries to be out and about, documenting a lot of it
Tumblr media
definitely joins the “do you feel unsafe on campus? allow us to walk you” thing with the rest of the bros
frequents campus gym and makes all the guys hitting on girls just trying to work out stop
also makes ppl drink water at parties. sir, why are you so sweet??
is probably there for a sports scholarship or something, i’m thinking football, and is a crowd favorite
so many ppl like him and have confessed to him but he’s pretty oblivious and can’t really tell when it happens
Tumblr media
the kid who either sleeps through the entire class or never slows up yet always gets a perfect score on the exam
can be found sleeping all over campus (there’s probably an instagram hashtag dedicated to pictures of him sleeping and beel definitely follows it)
walks into the 24-starbucks and orders like 6 shots of expresso at like 3 am multiple times during exam week
sometimes picks up shifts at the indie music store and fits the aesthetic perfectly
doesn’t hang out with many people so when ppl see him with beel they’re a bit confused until they learn they’re twins
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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asmo-ds · 4 days ago
how would the characters react to an mc who keeps getting in danger but always somehow ends up being okay and not hurt at all kinda like domino from deadpool 2
first off I LOVE DOMINO SHES SO UNDERRATED 🦑🦑 second this is just canon MC let’s be honest 👁 third I only did the brothers for now because I’m dumb and have writers block, I’ll probably do a part two with the side characters eventually
Tumblr media
w/ an Indestructible but Chaotic! MC
Warnings: dangerous situations, mention of injury, mentions of death, me thinking about the ultimate lucky student the entire post, hello everyone its me NaGITO KOMAEDA ON ASMO-DS’S TUMBLR PAGE!
Desc: How the Obey me brothers would react to an MC who is constantly in life threatening situations but never ends up getting even a scratch or bruise on them
Tumblr media
- The first time MC narrowly avoided death by pure luck he was almost impressed but quickly got over it
- Then it happened again, shortly after the initial incident, and he feels a bit worried but thinks not much of it
- Then it happens again, and again, and again and he starts to feel the stress build up and his hair turning grey
- He is stressed but also confused as to how this is happening
- How can a mere human escape death so narrowly every single day??
- Gets used to it but still baby proofs everything in the house
Tumblr media
- Laughs the first time they escape a deadly fate
- but when it happens the second time it scares the shit out of him and he scolds MC
- Claims the only reason hes worried is because its his life on the line if something DOES happen
- Whenever he doesn't have MC directly next to him he panics
- Blood pressure is through the roof
- Y’know if he invited people to watch MC do such impressive stunts he could probably make bank 
Tumblr media
- He thinks its funny the first few times
- Then he increasingly grows impressed and  shocked with every survival
- Thinks they’re just like the main character of that one anime who survives everything no matter what!
- Admires them and films all their accidents to put on his blog
- Makes them a super hero costume to wear so it looks even cooler than they already did when surviving the incidents
Tumblr media
- Rooting for them to get hurt at first
- But as they grow closer his instincts start to get better and he can feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as soon as a bad thing starts
- MC isn’t allowed in his room because he doesn't want their bad luck to damage his books
- Buys them safety equipment and looks for spells to stop the events from occurring 
Tumblr media
- Cried the first time it happened cuz it was horrifying to watch them come so close to death
- Every time it happens he screams and runs to make sure MC is okay
- When he realizes they NEVER get hurt he decides the best direction to go when an emergency happens is in the exact opposite direction of the human
Tumblr media
- Woah, he wasn’t expecting them to survive that
- MC was a very kind person to him so he was very worried about them and their safety
- becomes their body guard because even though they usually don’t get hurt on their own he feels better knowing that they are safe with him
- Just a very worried baby :(
Tumblr media
- Finds it extremely amusing
- He worries occasionally but most of the time he is impressed and amused by their seemingly untouchable willpower
- surprised at the lack of effect it has on their composure and spirit
- But he is sure to keep an eye on them nevertheless because he doesn’t trust the universe
- BONUS: During ‘the incident’ MC survived despite how fatally wounded they should have been and they got up and walked away afterwards
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simeonsclavicle · 4 days ago
The Boys and Their Scents
Or what I use in my writing cause these are just my hcs haha anyways here we go.
Lucifer: A hard to place spicy cologne and rosemary.
Mammon: Expensive cologne, usually citrus-y. Doesn't have a natural scent unlike the his brothers.
Leviathan: Ya know the breeze of the ocean? That. Also probably old spice deodorant, the kraken one, he thinks its funny.
Satan: Leather and old books. Also iron. But the old book smell really covers it.
Asmodeus: Whatever fancy fragrance of the week, leans to florals and citrus though. Smells like roses anyways.
Beelzebub: Sweat, sorry Beel. But also the smell of a fast food establishment. He doesn't smell bad, it's just he eats and works out a lot. Sometimes doesn't have a scent, cause he takes a surprising amount of showers.
Belphegor: Naturally smells like lavender and bergamot. sleepy scents. doesn't bother with essential oils, he is the essential oil baybe
Diavolo: All these men wear fucking cologne. He also smells expensive, more woodsy than Lucifer but still kinda spicy. Naturally smells like frankincense.
Barbatos: Fresh linen and whatever tea he's brewed that day, you'll find he has a penchant for teas with calming properties if you can get close enough to him every day. Does he have a natural scent? Who knows. Spoiler alert he does not.
Luke: Vanilla, sugar, and cookies. The kid is a kid that bakes all the damn time. Literally smells like baking. Only reason we know is because he also really likes hugs.
Simeon: Also vanilla. The vanilla isn't natural though, if you get close enough to him you will quickly realise he actually smells like damp earth and smokey myrrh.
Solomon: Usually smells like whatever Asmodeus' perfume of the day is. Jokes aside, coffee and the slightest hint of mint.
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void-chickadee · 5 days ago
What drift cars the demon brothers would have (Initial D AU)
Okeeey, I’m redoing this, because my knowledge has increased and my opinions have changed. So here we go. 
Nissan Silvia S15
Tumblr media
I think Lucifer is a little more practical but still a bit flashy. I imagine him having a body kit very much like this one, maybe without a splitter on the front, he’d want an aggressive look for sure. S15s are hot, and the are amazing drift cars, it fits Luci quite well. 
First Gen Honda NSX 
Tumblr media
First, this is one of the hottest rear wheel drive cars ever made, so I really think Mamo would want one. And there is no doubt in my mind that this boy would drift some expensive ass car for no reason other than it’s expensive and pretty. TBH he’s probably not the typical drifter because he actually cares if it looks good and won’t tolerate his car being a shitbox. This one is black, but I KNOW that he would put a gold wrap on it. Or at least have some very over the top gold decals.  
Nissan 350Z Ruri-chan Itasha
Tumblr media
I meeeean, obviously he would put a ton of Ruri-chan decals on it, the Itasha part is obvious. But the 350 has a Levi feel, it’s has a lot of smooth lines and a cool shape/flow. 
Nissan 180SX
Tumblr media
Flip up headlights that he can make wink?? check
Pink chrome??? check 
Is this not the most Asmo car you’ve ever seen?? He would absolutely have a heart-shaped steering wheel and like sakura seat covers or some equally aesthetic shit. The 180 is already pretty glam in my opinion, but Asmo would glam the hell out of this car and I am here for it.   
Widebody RX-7 FC
Tumblr media
My favorite car for my favorite boy. Satan would absolutely go for a rotary engine because he is that bitch. Overall this is just a very cool car that can be a beast and it’s quite fitting for Satan. I think he would just kick ass in this thing. 
Toyota Crown
Tumblr media
4 door sedan feels kinda like the perfect size for Beel. He’d probably always take passengers out when he drifts. I also think he would slam it like this one, like having something so clean/lowered like that?? And the brown/gold combo also feels very Beel. 
 Toyota Levin AE86
Tumblr media
Yeah, it’s not the fastest but I think Belphie would love a Levin. He wouldn’t drive anything as big as a Crown, like Beel. An all black Levin Hachi would be totally reliable and Belphie would drive it like a pro. 
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elixirofaurora · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
"Ayo sumn wrong with the human, they glowing????"
"I thought it was interesting~"
"Definitely not a normie!"
Meet Velvet. Their full body is coming soon & they're in a completely different universe apart from mura & arichi.
They're also a "vampire" I guess? Only difference is, they consume meat instead of blood & they have two genitals. They can live off animal meat but it's not ideal. They dislike that fact.
I'll post their profile along with the full body picture.
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lettheratsin · 6 days ago
Inspired by chats with @lavender-roses-and-bloody-noses Obey Me! Trans headcanons. Lmao I’m trans and I just want every character to be trans so I’m just giving random headcanons based on how I think they would be as trans don’t take it too seriously 😳
Levi makes handmade Ruri chan cosplay that she secretly sewed herself and Mammon sees it like the maid drama and he’s a proud big bro and fawns all over his baby sister and everyone is really supportive and loves her lots and Asmo does her makeup and it’s adorable shut up
Trans boy Beel who works out a lot to help with dysphoria 🥺🥺
Agender Satan who’s like “fuck a gender that’s some stupid human thing”
Genderfluid Asmo is so important to me too oh my god not that you need to be genderfluid to wear what you want but just Asmo wearing pretty dresses 😍😍😍
Mammon is everyone’s biggest cheerleader too I feel like he’d be the most supportive big brother ever for his trans sibs
Also like uwu Beel bleaches his hair and dyes it bc it makes him feel more in control of his appearance and less dysphoric
Lucifer would kill anyone who even thinks something bad about his siblings lmao he’s super overprotective
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beelspillowpet · 6 days ago
Could you possibly do the boys dealing with an MCs that has severe scarring? Whether it be from SH or not, I just hate having to cover up for work, but if I don’t I constant get weird stares or people not minding their own business
I have keen fortunate enough to have my personal scars heal up, however my weird scars like the ones where I’ve scratched my arm a little too hard or I fell and banged up my foot,,,, those are permanent??? It’s so weirdly annoying to me for some reason. I dunno why I shared that but I think what I’m trying to say is I feel your pain. Chin up, love!
MCs Severe Scarring
Tumblr media
It was noticeable from the very beginning. You were pulled out of no where after all. Unprepared for the worst, and damn near impossible. Or so you thought.
None of them really paid it too much mind, though. For one reason or another none of the scars on your body were looked at too hard, especially while your new living situation was being explained to you.
By the following morning you were granted more clothing as well as your new uniform. You were elated to find that it covered the majority of your body perfectly fine.
Though that was the easiest part of covering up, you were always more comfortable with less clothes on. This is what lead to any of them catching on.
You had forgotten your phone in the living room earlier that night and needed it back to set your alarm for tomorrow morning. Creeping out of your room to get it, you ran into none other than Mammon, who was snooping around to find things to sell.
Due to the color of your skin, the scarring looked more obvious. The pigment lighter than you’ve ever been. It was clear for him to see, and he was all but subtle for when he noticed it.
He had a full body shiver, eyes blown wide, focus drawn to the scars on your arms. Then, quick as ever, turned his gaze to try and explain away why he was up. He knew that you knew. You knew that he knew. Both of your stomachs had dropped in that instant and now you were met with silence.
Mammon stepped aside, not taking his eyes off a fixation in the corner. He didn’t want to make things worse. So he left the living room. You weren’t sure if you preferred that or not.
In another situation you were made to try out for after school activities. Anything to keep your grades shiny and squeaky, and being proactive and having activities surely helped that.
For better or for worse, you ended up in a pottery class. Rolling up your sleeves was the bane of your existence. But at least the muddy clay would soon cover them up.
Just your luck that Satan arrives to pick you up one day, right? He alerts you that a student council meeting is happening in the next 10 minutes by Diavolo’s request. He hadn’t yet noticed the scars because of the clay, but it was clear he wasn’t going to move until you were heading out the door.
You washed off the clay and as quick as possible tried to roll down your sleeves. But he saw you. His expression didn’t change, but he saw them. His eyes followed that now covered arms, and then a look of melancholy took over him as he glanced back to you.
“We should get going.” He says. Nothing else was spoken.
With Belpheghor is was possibly the easiest. Debatable. He had noticed them before when he attacked you, but he hadn’t spoken a word yet. Not until you two were alone together, watching the stars.
He brought it up then. His voice soft. He wanted to know if you were okay. If you are happier now. When asking what he was talking about, he gestured to your arms.
“I know what it’s like,” he continues, not waiting for you to answer. Probably because he was aware how uncomfortable this was. “Believe me I do. But I like to think I’m better now. Do you think you’re better now too?”
“It’s okay to not be. It’s okay to breakdown and be sad.” And somehow, he was making you feel better about it. “You aren’t defined by your scars. But you made it. So you should be proud of that.”
You decided to take what he said to heart.
Keeping your scars hidden wasn’t exactly easy. Being that there was quite a few, you either had strange looks or people asking you questions.
The worst of it was more when demons would approach you about it. Throwing question after question about it at you. Making their curiosity known, and quite literally harassing you.
They weren’t even personal scars you were attached to. Silly scars from when you were cutting vegetables, or when you scratched your arm on the corner of a splintered table, or paper cuts that sliced too deep...
Lucifer peeked his head into the classroom and narrowed his eyes. As if irritated, he marched over and slammed his hand down in the desk. “Don’t you all have something better to do?”
This disapproving glares exchanged, it was apparent only one side would give. And it wasn’t going to be Lucifer. One by one, the demons left you and he alone. He watched the go, his frown still plastered across his face.
Then he turned to you. He was searching for something in that gaze. Anything that raise concern over. When he found nothing (after a long and uncomfortable search) he simply smiled.
“We should head home now. It’s been a long day, I presume?”
Scars are a touchy topic. Especially for someone like Lucifer. Though if you were certain those scars were from silly mishaps, he wouldn’t question you on it. Though for sure, at some point or another, he would have a conversation with you if he needed to.
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ducky-after-dark · 7 days ago
Random Demon Brother HCs (Part 1)
Satan would be first to fuck you in the planetarium. He's actually a hopeless romantic. What really get you is when he whispers into your ear "these aren't the only stars you'll be seeing tonight."
Asmo will get more mirrors installed once you started fucking in his room. He'll even remove the roof of his bedding so he can have a ceiling mirror installed. He wants to see the both you ad himself your most vulnerable states from all angles.
Lucifer is a man who loves to be called Master, will absolutely swell with pride. But if you're in public, he'll demand a Sir. When you get home, be prepared for some very rough or tender loving. Depending on how bratty you've been.
Mammon gets hard at just the thought of wrecking you in your room. He wants all his brothers to know that you're his. That no matter what crap they say about him, it’s his scent that lingers in your room when his brothers come to visit.
(What do you think? Should I make some more hcs for the other brothers? Would you like more for these brothers?)
Taglist: @theravencawsatmidnight
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elixirofaurora · 8 days ago
WAIT BUT I HAVE A QUESTION. We know that after the celestial war, the brothers fell and Lilith died, we're told that Levi becomes a shut-in. However he has the title of "Grand Admiral of Hell's Navy" But if, this is the first time levi has been to "hell" how the fuck is he the grand admiral of the NAVY. HOW.
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asmos-pet · 8 days ago
To me it doesn't matter what you choose, but I really would like it if were based on MC coming out as Nonbinary/Genderfluid.
Obey Me HC: MC Coming Out as Nonbinary
A/N: i really, really hope i did this justice. i'm so sorry it took me so long to finish this, but i kept rewriting it ;-;
> Lucifer is a bit confused when you come out as non-binary and, really, all of the brothers are to an extent because they don’t understand what it means. However, after you explain it to him, he smiles fondly at you, a feeling a pride washing over him as you start your journey on finding yourself.
> He makes sure to make a note on all of rosters for your classes that the teachers and professors are to use they/them pronouns for you, and asks you if there’s a different name you’d rather go by. He makes all of the necessary changes at once.
> If anybody ever bullies you about it, Lucifer will not hesitate to get involved. He knows this is important to you and he won’t let anybody jeopardize your progress. People quickly learn not to taunt you about it.
> He really is proud of you for being authentic to yourself, showering you in praise when you two are alone and sharing intimate moments. Unlike others, he has no trouble accommodating to your pronoun change, and he doesn’t slip up once. 
> Mammon was probably the most confused by it, but he’d been able to tell something had been bothering you lately. He never thought it’d be because you were nervous to come out to him. While he’s very ignorant about the subject, he’s more than willing to learn for you.
> It does take him a couple weeks to fully adjust to using your new pronouns, correcting himself whenever he slipped up. His cheeks always flushed in embarrassment, worrying that he made you uncomfortable but your reassurance helps him through it.
> Since he’s unbelievably possessive over you, he makes sure everyone follows your wishes and even gets you a fake ID with your new name on it. Now even the bartenders will know what to call you. He doesn’t understand why you’re wary to use it.
> He changes his gifts accordingly, making sure to buy you clothes that are both masculine and feminine in case you like something of either style. Mammon always brings back new outfits he thinks you’ll like from photoshoots he goes to so you can expand your wardrobe.
> When you come out to Levi as non-binary, he nods and listens as you explain what exactly that means to him. He tells you that there are mangas he reads that have more races than just male and female so it makes sense to him.
> It takes him some time to get used to your pronouns, but whenever he gets them wrong, he apologizes immensely. He tries his absolute best but sometimes he forgets when he gets super into a game. It gets better with some time.
> He nearly riots every time you two are playing a game where you have to choose the avatar’s gender. “Why does it matter?!” He yells in exasperation. The demon ends up writing several heated notes to the creators of his favorite games.
> If you ever come to his room feeling dejected and uncomfortable in your body, he will blush and pull you against him, wrapping his arms around you and letting his tail wind up your leg. He knows how bad insecurities can be and it hurts him to see you in pain. 
> Satan looks quite perplexed when you tell him you identify as non-binary, never having heard that term before. And that’s saying something because Satan has read a lot of books.
> After you explain, he complains that there isn’t any representation for you in literature and later goes to Simeon to pitch an idea about adding a non-binary character into the Seven Lords series.
> He ends up reading all the books he can find on the subject matter, learning about the types of struggles you face on a day to day basis. Whenever you tell him you’re having body dysmorphia, he’s proud of himself for knowing what that means.
> Whenever Simeon does publish the next book in the series, it does include a non-binary character and he brings you a signed copy with a dedication to you written in it from both him and the author.
> Asmodeus wasn’t aware of the term non-binary but he does understand how confusing gender can be sometimes. He, himself, doesn’t like to categorize and label himself as purely masculine and he’s proud of you for taking this step to becoming your true self. He’ll love you no matter what.
> And he wants you to love yourself too. So any time you beat yourself up about it, Asmo preaches a mantra of self-love. He’ll make you some tea and you two can discuss things you can do to make yourself feel better.
> He loves, loves, loves taking you shopping. He’s no longer restricted to one area of clothes, and the number of outfits he buys you is ridiculous. He wants you to have something for every occasion - a total wardrobe revamping.
> When you tell him you want to cut your hair, he calls up the best barber he knows and goes with you to your appointment so he can hole your hand while they cut it. He immediately posts a picture of you to Devilgram showing you off with your new pronouns stated in the caption beneath.
> Beel was quiet as you describe what non-binary means, but only because he was very confused and gender wasn’t something he thought about a lot. However, afterward, he goes to ask Satan questions so they can learn about it together.
> He doesn’t tell anyone without your permission, knowing it’s a sensitive subject and you might not want everyone to know at first. He’d never pressure you to do something that could make you uncomfortable.
> When you choose your new name, Beel gets a custom apron made with it embroidered on the front as a gift. The look on your face was well worth every Grimm he spent on it.
> If you ever start to feel dysmorphia, the demon will always offer you his t-shirt, knowing it could pass for either gender or neither, at that. It’s a good middle ground and you look so cute drowning in the large clothing.
> Belphie isn’t familiar with gender, but he is familiar with feeling frustrated in your own body. His constantly puts him to sleep, so he can empathize slightly with your distress. 
> After you tell him you’d like to use them/them pronouns, you look at him shyly, but he just pulls you in for a cuddle like normal. “What? You thought I’d treat you differently because of that?”
> He will straight up slaughter anyone who bullies you over it. He doesn’t see the big deal and if it makes you happy, then he doesn’t understand why other people can’t just accept that. You see angry Belphie a lot more now.
> If you ever get uncomfortable in your clothing, his solution is very simple: to take it off and to climb into bed with him. He keeps the covers up high but his arms around you, murmuring your name into your ear mixed with surprisingly uncharacteristic praise. 
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elixirofaurora · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Name:Kanera Murasho
age: 23
Pronouns: She/her is Fine.
Race: Human. (We will comeback to this later).
Mura is a Caring person, she's discreet and emotionally strong, however she's also impulsive, inpatient & Quite resentful. She's a "Do now, think later" type of gal, specially if her sister is in danger. She is quiet around people she doesn't know, giving them a small smile once in a while. Besides that she keeps out of trouble most of the time because she hates being scolded. Her humor is sometimes deadpan or slightly dark.
Likes :: 
Music, any kind but loves japanese pop/punk/rock.
Art (if that wasn't a given)
Her most prized possesion, a pink & white electric guitar shaped like a cat. (Gifted to her by her sister)
Loves horror games and ARG's
Favorite color is purple & Blue.
combat/ working out.
Dislikes ::
Mustard yellow. ("Ugly ass color.")
Getting sick
Getting teased about her eye.
Country music. ("WHY DOES IT EXIST")
solomon lol ("ugly ass, wish headass wizard")
Studying ("i cAN'T CONCENTRATE")
down bad for both the oldest & second oldest brother.
Levi, mammon & Asmo are her best friends.
Hates solomon and dislikes Simeon.
Looks at luke like her little brother, does feel a little bad when he says not to trust the demons, or the brothers. ("Who's gonna tell him-")
Finds Diavolo Endearing, thinks barbatos is "neat"
Loves to eat with beel, slight love/hate relationship with belphegor
I'm gonna leavs the BACKSTORY for another time BECAUSE I want to keep y'all interested. I want to pump out her sister. So, I'll leave to do that. Also, here is the JARS and HER FULL BODY
The uniform was a nightmare oh my GO*-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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artofyangji · 11 days ago
hihi! i was wondering if you could write some hcs for the demon brothers thigh fucking you when they’re needy(consensual ofc)? oh and gn please! thanks, have a nice day!! <3
I’m not saying I’m into thigh fucking but uh... ok yeah I am saying it (๑´ㅂ`๑) It’s like you read my mind. Thank you for submitting a request and pls enjoy!
Behind a cut because long post is long
With Lucifer, you rarely ever do anything twice as he comes up with various ways and places to fuck you, so it's surprising that your thighs haven't gotten any attention other than from his mouth.
But the first time it happens, you two haven't seen each other for a week as he's been busy with whatever work Diavolo gives him. You don't even realize he's back until you get a text telling you to go to his room.
When you arrive, he doesn't even greet you. "Undress," is all he says and before you know it, he's bending you over the table you usually have tea at, the cool surface sending a shiver down your spine as it makes contact with your bare chest.
You hear the clink of his pants coming undone but rather than his familiar heat against your backside, it's a bit lower and he smears a glob of precum over the back of your thighs before he slips between them. At this angle, with the curve of his dick, each rut against your ass drags him against your own sex but it's only enough to keep you on edge. You whimper and it's obvious he's doing it on purpose by the dark chuckle in your ear.
He finishes quickly, though you know it's not the end of the night, slipping from between your thighs and finishing on the swell of your ass. He thumbs both cheeks apart and watches it drip slowly down. "We'll have to do that again... I want to take my time with you."
When is this boy not needy? You know he wants something but he never brings it up himself; he's been hanging on to you all day (so much more than usual that even others ask you what's up with him) and you catch him staring at you, eyes noticeably lower than your face until he realizes you're watching him and looks away with cherry red cheeks.
You end up in your usual position on his bed, lying on your back with him lounging between your legs, face hidden in your chest. He mumbles discontentedly and wiggles around like he can't get comfortable until you straight up ask him what his problem is. He squeezes your thigh with one hand and he can't look you in the eye, even as he turns his face to yours. "Can I, ah... do it here?"
In the end, it's hard to say no to those puppy dog eyes and yeah, it sounds kinda hot. He undresses you and himself immediately after you nod, using his powers so your clothes are there and then gone between blinks. He pulls your legs up and together, hooking his thumbs under your knees and slides his heat between your thighs.
He's worked himself up too much thinking about it all day so his first orgasm is quick, making a mess over your lower stomach. He leans on your legs for a moment as he catches his breath, eyes flickering over your flushed body, watching the rise and fall of your chest, how you lick your lips.
He cants his hips again, slowly, relishing in the jiggle of flesh and bouncing it faster as his pace increases. And he stays like that for hours, rubbing the underside of his dick, slick with his cum, against your sex and nibbling at your knees each time the pleasure overtakes him. "I wanna stay here all night... ok?"
You consideration yourself lucky when you catch Levi watching porn. He's tucked into his bathtub, under a cover, with headphones in, so he didn't even hear you enter his room. You throw the blanket back and he jumps up, inadvertently tossing his phone from his hand. The headphone jack falls out as the phone clambers to the bottom of the tub and moans echo in the small space.
You're the first to pick it up and you grin as you watch the video on screen, asking if he'd like to try it out. He's red, hiding his face behind a fist and the obvious tent in his pants with the blanket he had wrestled back from you. But he nods and says, "Y-yeah, I wanna do it like they did." 
He sits on his computer chair and lets you get things ready, undressing the both of you, until he seems to remember something and goes to his dresser. He surprises you by pulling out a pair of stockings that look very similar to the one in the video, but you don't say anything because he's so red and looks on the brink of backing out, and now that you know he's into thigh fucking, you can't push him too much. You’ll leave the teasing for next time.
When you sit in his lap, his chest to your back, the head of his dick peaks out from between the swell of your thighs. He keeps his hands on your hips and you tilt them up and down. The lacy edges of the socks catch on his curves and become stained with his precum leaking like a faucet across your thighs. 
When he finally cums, it's with an excited moan and his face pressed into your back. Your thighs and torso are a mess and you wonder how long he's been holding it in or if he's fantasized about this for so long that he couldn't help himself. "That was... gg."
Without fail, when you know that you have enough time to be alone, Satan will have you undressed and propped up in his room while you wait for his next command. You've been like this for what feels like hours, reading some book about Devildom history out loud to the brother lounging with his head in your naked lap.
The situation wouldn't be so bad if he kept his hands to himself and if he weren't so close, but he caresses your calves and the heat of his breath blossoms along the tops of your thighs. He could easily lean forward and pleasure you with his wicked mouth, but he hasn't moved any closer since you both sat down.
You want to whine when he asks you, "Could you read me that one next?" and points to the far wall, detailing the red, ornate cover you should be looking for. Ever the obedient one, you cross his room, though not without a pout that you make sure he can see, and start searching the bookcase.
You don't hear him behind you, only feel his breath against your neck, his hand on your hip to keep you in place. He drags his dick down from the top of your ass to the backs of your thighs and with his other hand, spreads your legs slightly to slip his cock between them. The only thing you have to hold on to is the bookcase as he moves your hips over his with the grip at your side.
It's truly torturous, the kisses at your neck and the glide of his head against you enough to get you worked up but nothing more. Pushing himself flush against your ass, he breathes heavy into the little hairs at the back of your neck before hooking his chin over your shoulder and then frowning at one of the rows of books. "It's a good thing I know a spell for stains."
You know Asmo has a long list of things he wants to do to you, things you can do to him, and some that require an extra party or two. Anything you're uncomfortable with he'll cross off and never mention again, but you're surprised it's taken this long to get to something as relatively vanilla as thigh fucking.
But you can't complain when he's directing you to undress, "Go ahead and show me that beautiful body of yours," in that lust tinged voice and setting you backwards in his lap. He leans back so you can lie against him, opening your neck for him to kiss and nibble at the skin.
When you tire, he helps by holding you by the hips and letting you put your full weight against him, resting the muscles of your arms and legs. You keep your ankles crossed as he begins to move on his own, in and out, the flushed red of his head peaking through and winking with pre. It smears across you leg, hot and slick.
This position has two big advantages. He can reach around your body and touch you, running his hands over your chest, up and down your sides, at the apex of your legs. And with the chair so low to the ground, you can hold yourself up by arms and plant your feet, knees still tucked so the meat of your thighs presses together and rock yourself up and down his cock.
He comes with a bite to the fat of your shoulder between thrusts so when you spread your legs again, it dribbles down the insides of your thighs. Asmo licks the shallow wound with a canorous hum as you finally spill over in his hand. "Let's do that again, but this time, I want to be on top."
When your lover is as blessed in size as Beelzebub, you have to get creative with positions or you would be sore all the time. It's a pleasant ache, but you've got to give yourself some time to recuperate so you suggest he fucks your thighs instead.
You can tell he doesn't quite get the point, staring at you silently as he thinks over your request, but he's always particular about keeping you safe, overly worried about your human delicacy, so he replies, "Ok, yeah, let's try it," and nods enthusiastically.
He likes you on top—so he can see your face, he says, but you know it's also because he likes to grab your ass—so you move into position, lying straight across his body with your knees between his. You rest your chin on your hands folded over his chest and watch him get to work.
It's obvious he's surprised by how good it feels. His mouth falls open with the first cant of his hips against yours, gliding his dick amid your thighs. With a firm fistful of your rear, he pulls you down as he pushes up, and pressed against the tight muscles of his stomach, each ridge teases you as he works himself into a frenzied pace. 
Your hot breaths mingle as you bend down to kiss him on the lips, across his cheeks, the furrow in his brow. The grip on your ass could leave bruises as he cums across the back of your thighs, your own, soft pleasure rolling through you and you both reach up to kiss each other as the tingles dissipate. "Can we do that again sometime, please?"
It usually starts with him whimpering in your ear as he wakes up from another nap, your name on his lips and you ask him, red in the face, what he was dreaming about. He'll tell you how good you looked underneath him as one hand curls around your side to bring you into his chest.
His dirty words are enough of a distraction from what his other hand is doing that you don't even realize he's slid his pants down until he's slipping between your thighs, made easy when he's the big spoon.
Sometimes he just stays there without doing anything else and falls back asleep. "It's warm," is his excuse. It makes you antsy, waiting for him to move and he laughs, low and cruel as you wiggle around and squeeze his arm around your side. When you're really impatient, you reach between your legs and run one finger over the slit peaking between your thighs and then he's not holding back.
He loves to finish with his cock head poking from between your thighs and then look over your body, noting the mess on your shorts. But he won't let it go to waste, running his fingers through it and beneath your underwear to finish you off.
And if you agree to it, there are many nights each week you'll wake up in the same position, sometimes as he's announcing his orgasm with a pitiful whine, sometimes as your own is rolling in. "I had that dream again and couldn't help myself."
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weebswrites · 12 days ago
Hello! I hope you’re having an amazing day :D
Could I request an Obey Me hc with all the the brothers and gn!MC who just woke up from a nightmare crying? Like say maybe MC had a nightmare about someone dying and they woke up crying and go to the brothers for comfort?
I hope my request wasn’t too troubling! If you end up writing this then thank you! Take care of yourself and stay safe! 🤍
The Demon Bros Comforting MC From A Nightmare
A/N: I’m gonna make it a lil more angsty: in the nightmare, it’s the demons that died so when MC wakes up they’re in a panic >:)
TW: when MC wakes up one time they have moments that resemble light derealization. If this will upset you, do not read this HC (it is labeled)
• You jolt up in bed, tears running down your face and breathing heavily
• “Luci...Lucifer....” you sob into your hands, not fully awake so you believed he was truly gone 
• That’s when you felt two strong arms wrap around your torso, and a voice that could only belong to the man you love
• “MC, hey, I’m right here. I’m right here, just breathe. Everything is okay” his voice soothed you, and you turned your body to face him as your sobs shook your body, clinging to his shirt and never intending to let him go
• He held you in his arms for hours, letting you take in every piece of him that you wanted until you fell asleep against his chest, still clinging to his shirt
• He ran his fingers through your hair and rubbed your back through your sleep, texting Beelzebub at one point to bring your favorite tea and snack to his room for you when you woke up
Mammon (tw: in denial of reality)
• You wake up in a sweat, and then the dream you had washed over you
• Except it felt so real...
• You can’t imagine it. Life without Mammon. Tears start running down your face and your hand unconsciously goes to the spot in bed where he usually sleeps
• And he was there. You felt the warmth radiating off his body as he slept, and you snuggled yourself between his arms
• He woke a bit and noticed your crying, then comforting you by whispering words of affirmation about how he’d never ever leave you in his ear
• He made sure to be with you for the rest of the day so you weren’t reminded of the nightmare, and you spent the night together for the rest of the week
• “Levi!” you scream into the night, and almost immediately he’s by your side
• “MC, what is it,” he asks, a hand on your arm to steady you and give you the physical reassurance that he was there
• You tell him, fighting back tears as you recount the nightmare where you lost your best friend (and boyfriend)
• He wraps you in his arms and kisses your temple gently, “Don’t worry, MC. I won’t ever let that happen”
• You fall asleep quickly, this time your dreams being filled with a very much alive Leviathan
Satan (tw: derealization symptoms)
• You woke up, a wave of panic washing over you as your dream flooded your mind
• Satan was gone. Was he? It didn’t feel real, nothing felt real. You just stared ahead into the darkness of his room, mind completely blank as you felt warm tears flow down your cheeks
• You didn’t know how long you stayed like this until suddenly you were jolted back to reality by none other than Satan
• “Oh my’re here” you whisper, and instantly fling your arms around him, hands running along the smooth skin of his back
• He recognized that you had had a nightmare, and wrapped his arms around you in return, “Yes, MC, I’m right here. And I’m never leaving”
• He woke up around three in the morning to go to the bathroom and noticed that you were crying in your sleep when he returned
• His heart broke, and he gently shook you to wake you up
• “Asmodeus....Asmodeus!” you whispered, voice breaking as you cupped his face gently
• “MC, what’s wrong? You’re crying”
• He holds you so close against him for the rest of the night, making sure that you always know he’s right there with you
• It’s Saturday morning, and you wake up earlier than usual from the worst nightmare you’ve ever had
• The memories of it crash down over you at once, and you get up from your bed and get to Beelzebub’s as fast as possible
• You knock a few times, starting to shake in fear that he won’t answer
• But he does, “MC? What’s-”
• You run into his arms, wrapping yours around his large torso as you hold onto him tighter than you’ve ever held on to anything before
• He didn’t know what happened yet but knew you needed him, so he wrapped his arms around your back and pressed a light kiss to the top of your head
• You’re napping in his room when you suddenly jolt awake
• “MC?” he asks, gaming on a small console beside you
• “I- I had a dream you weren’t here anymore” you stammer, overwhelmed with the combination of pain of the dream and relief that it was just that - a dream
• He placed his hand on top of yours and looked into your watering eyes, “I’m here, MC”
• He got up and made you your favorite tea and read to you for a bit, knowing his voice always calmed you down
a/n: why in all of my hcs is MC napping in belphie’s room GHJSK I need to come up with something better lmao
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asmos-pet · 12 days ago
Oh've awaken something in me. The sins and what they say in their sleep thing got me flustered (specifically Mammon, Asmo, and Beel's). HNNNNG I NEED AN NSFW ONE FOR THIS
Things the Sins Say in their Sleep
*NSFW Version (still crack tho)
> “such a good human...”
> “that’s it... just like that...”
> “now.. what do you say?”
> “count for me...”
> “you’re very welcome”
> “so.. fuckin’... tight...”
> “mmm.. i’m your good boy...”
> “more... please...”
> “harder...”
> “i’m... i’m close”
> “don’t stop..”
> *grinding into his mattress*
> “can i cum now?”
> “i’m not gonna last”
> *pathetic moaning*
> *soft purring*
> “stay still or i’ll stop”
> “so... perfect...”
> *tail swaying idly*
> “you look so pretty in that collar...”
> “shhh... it’s okay...”
> “you’re taking me so well...”
> “say my name”
> “give in, sweetheart”
> *ridiculously loud moans*
> “lemme.. taste you..”
> “but i’m not done yet”
> *mouth salivating*
> “delicious...”
> *hands twitching trying to hold yours*
> *wakes up grumpily from an erection*
> “don’t you dare cum”
> “too fucking bad...”
> *low growling*
> “you’re so pretty when you cry”
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