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#mammon headcanon
Hey! Could I get a reaction/headcanon(you choose) with mammon and his demon s/o? She rather cold,mysterious and quiet. She鈥檚 indeed calm and quiet but won鈥檛 hesitate to defend mammon! Behind the closed doors she鈥檚 showering mammon with affection, such as cuddles and head pats.
And I have another question 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎 mammon is low-key a masochist- and his s/o is sadomasochistic, would he allow her to bite him and suck his blood??
Have a nice day馃彥
Tumblr media
Mammon would be happy to finally have someone who loves and appreciates him.
And every time you defend him, Mammon almost starts to cry.
He would feel good with you and he enjoyed the way you gave him attention in private.
He would love to hug you almost all the time as you spend time together.
You can give him a lot of attention but Mammon is greedy and always just wants more.
Because you are cold and quiet around others, Mammon feels special.
He also believes that it is one of your ways to show that you belong to him.
Your serenity would calm Mammon as well and as a result he wouldn鈥檛 get into trouble so often.
He would brag about his relationship to his brothers.
You can be sure he'll let you drink his blood when you "play adult games".
He wants you to mark him so that hevpi shows the whole world that you are a couple.
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six6ugly22 hours ago
obey me brothers helping MC through a bad dysphoria day
鈥 because things have been tough lately and writing comfort sometimes helps
*****(MC is FtM/transmasc/nonbinary in this, and can also be meant for anyone who wears a binder for chest dysphoria)
In truth, I feel like he is some parts clueless, other parts understanding when it comes to dysphoria.
He notices your absence at breakfast, within the hallways, the desk you usually sit at in your RAD classes, but he鈥檚 stacked with work so he can鈥檛 go and check on you to see what you鈥檙e up to.
Diavolo sees him spacing out, asking what鈥檚 wrong to which he tells him, and Diavolo lets him off his workload for the day to go and make sure you鈥檙e alright.
Once back at the House he searches quickly through any of the rooms you might be in鈥 the library, the kitchen, leans against the bathroom door in case you were showering or just washing up after waking.
All empty aside from your room, door still closed and bare of any light source; only the light from the hall that filters in as he nudges the door open quietly.
鈥(Y/N), are you awake?鈥 His voice startles you, your back having been turned away from the door where you were buried neck deep in your covers and aimlessly scrolling through your DDD.
He walks over, carefully sits on the edge of your bed to place a hand on your forehead to check of you鈥檙e running a fever.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 you tell him, neither a lie or the truth, 鈥渨e all have our rough days.鈥
And he doesn鈥檛 get it, but the way you shift and squeeze the pillow tighter against your chest gives him a sign of sorts.
鈥淚s there anything I can do for you?鈥
You shake your head, 鈥渋t鈥檚 my own problem.鈥
鈥淎ren鈥檛 you hungry? I can summon Barbatos over to make you something, or at least drink some water.鈥
鈥淚 will. Thank you.鈥
鈥淩emember we all care about you here, (Y/N). Don鈥檛 hesitate to talk to them鈥 to me.鈥 He kisses your forehead, then, careful of his weight as he leans down. 鈥淵ou know how to contact me.鈥
All you can do is nod, another meek thank you leaving your lips as he bids goodbye and returns to his work.
Why鈥檇 you skip out on breakfast with him?! It鈥檚 Saturday, that鈥檚 your thing!
And because he鈥檚 Mammon, and in his own Mammon way of 鈥榩ayback鈥, he avoids your room for most of the day.
He expects a bombardment of texts from you asking where he is and what he鈥檚 up to鈥 what he鈥檚 scheming this time.
But hours pass and your line is silent and he starts to worry, inwardly at first so his brothers don鈥檛 notice but then it grows, expands, because damnit what the hell, is his human mad or something?!?!
His own nerves guide him to stand in front of your door and slam his fist against it, not waiting for you to invite him in.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my human, so this is my room.鈥 鈥 鈥淲hatever, Mammon.鈥
Inviting himself in was a bit of a mistake on his part, though, because the blinds are still drawn and your room is almost pitch black and, fuck, ouch, he definitely stubbed his toe on something.
鈥(Y/N),鈥 he huffs dramatically, 鈥淥i, human, what鈥檚 goin鈥 on with you? Makin鈥 me worry and all that stuff. Pick your head up, c鈥檓on, if we hurry we can catch a late lunch.鈥
鈥淣ot the time,鈥 you mutter back, grumbling at the constant pulling on your arm, depending on the other to keep the pillow pressed close to you.
Mammon cocks his head in the dark and drops your arm rather ungracefully, shrugging off his jacket and climbing over you so he can look you in the face.
鈥淲hat happened to my human?鈥
You tell him it鈥檚 been a bad day, a bad night even, and that moving even an inch makes your head throb and nausea swirl behind your eyes.
鈥淎re you sick? Human world colds aren鈥檛 too long, right?鈥 You shake your head gently so not to rouse the headache, death grip on the pillow becoming even deadlier. 鈥淥h! It鈥檚 that!鈥
鈥淰olume, please.鈥
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you text me? You had me worried sick about you all day when I could鈥檃 been here to get your mind off it.鈥 In the dark you think you see him blush.
鈥淲ell whatever, foolish human. The Great Mammon has come to rescue you, so worry not!鈥 He outstretches his arms in a mock-heroic way, then proceeds to flop next to you. 鈥淪o, plans?鈥
It鈥檚 not a normie thing, right?
He sort of understands, at least the being uncomfortable in your own body part of it all鈥 he鈥檚 a shut in, after all, often sitting in the dark in baggy clothes so he doesn鈥檛 have to pay attention to what鈥檚 under it all.
But still, you walking into his room on a day classes were going on to ask him to distract you was, more or less, a big surprise.
You sit down near him on the bed where he has reruns of an old anime playing, as well as a mobile game open and paused on his DDD. He tells you that he鈥檒l do his work for the day later, and that a remake of what he鈥檚 watching is rumored so he needs a refresher.
鈥淲hy aren鈥檛 you at RAD, though? Won鈥檛 Lucifer be mad at you?鈥
You tell him you woke up feeling not so great, that even getting from your bed to here was a hassle and a bit draining, that, in all honesty, you don鈥檛 want anyone to look your way for even a second.
And that flusters him, prompts him to make his awkward embarrassed noises and wave his hands all the while saying you should鈥檝e said that sooner.
鈥淵our room is dark, Levi, so I don鈥檛 mind. I鈥檓 wearing a binder, but even that doesn鈥檛 seem to be helping me today.鈥
The mention of your binder helps him understand a little more鈥 understand why you were so quick to wrap yourself in one of his thick blankets and slouch your shoulders.
He frowns, blushes, crosses his arms and accuses you of being bad at elaborating, but still. He lets you sit as close as your comfortable with and turns the screen of his laptop so you can see it better.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if you鈥檙e interested, you can find something else.鈥 For his sake, and to save the little bit of energy you have left, you let it play.
Soon enough, though, the swaddling of the blanket, the white noise of his anime and game, and the soft blue light of his room lulls you to sleep.
I stand by my line of thought that Satan knows more than he might let off because of how many books he reads.
Obviously he鈥檚 not the coming-of-age type but he has read a few, few before and more after you came to Devildom. More after to try and understand what dysphoria is, what it causes, what he can do to help in a time of need.
So when you come to him after a long day of sore shoulders both from slouching and your binder, he鈥檚 more than happy to help.
鈥(Y/N), how long have you been wearing it?鈥 He asks you softly, his hands gently kneading at your neck and shoulders to work the soreness out of them. Your silence is all the answer he needs, as well as the barely there stutter in your sighs.
鈥淛ust a little longer, Satan.鈥 You say quietly. He huffs, but he can鈥檛 really tell you what to do. Instead he goes to his wardrobe to look for something that鈥檚 too big even on him.
He hands it to you鈥 a thick sweater in one hand and a t-shirt almost the size of a twin-sized blanket in the other, telling you to keep them, that you may need them more than he does.
He lets you use his bathroom then, occupying himself with the last few pages of a book as the soft rustling of clothes comes from the bathroom.
When you emerge, binder in hand, he almost laughs at how you鈥檙e swimming in his clothes, both the shirt and sweater draping lower than your knees.
You cross your arms high on your chest, more aware than ever. He beckons you over, makes room on the couch for you to sit near him and get comfortable, tucked away in the massive clothes.
From the end of the couch he grabs a pillow for you, placing it near his leg and patting it softly to tell you to lay down.
Once you do he reads aloud, wary of where his hands brush through your hair and over your neck and arms, both voice and touch soothing.
He鈥檚 a good distraction from the day you鈥檝e had, and the massage earlier has helped with the usual pain in your upper back.
鈥淵ou can sleep here tonight, (Y/N), don鈥檛 think you have to leave.鈥
Selfcare selfcare selfcare selfcare selfcare
It鈥檚 his specialty to make people feel good in their skin, and you鈥檙e definitely not one he鈥檇 ignore in favor of doing so.
He鈥檚 deemed it selfcare Sunday, obviously a trend on the internet, but you don鈥檛 point it out because it鈥檚 cleverness makes Asmo smile.
He often drags you along with him, never once questioning why you鈥檇 rather skip the bathing part because while, yes, he would love to see all of you, he knows his limits and his boundaries.
But when he comes to get you Sunday night after your day long absence to see you still in bed, eyes shut but music playing loudly through headphones attached to your DDD, he figures now is the time for a 鈥楽.S.S.S.鈥, or 鈥榮uper special selfcare Sunday鈥.
鈥(Y/N), sweetheart, it鈥檚 our favorite time of the week!鈥 Asmo shakes your shoulder gently, startling you from your daze. He鈥檚 turned one of your lamps on and what it reveals shocks him.
Who made you cry?! Crying is bad for you!
鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing, Asmo,鈥 you reassure him as he starts to pace, holding a pillow to your chest in attempt to cover up and hide. 鈥淛ust a rough day.鈥
鈥淒oes this mean no selfcare Sunday?鈥 He pouts, taking a careful hold of your wrists.
You can鈥檛 say no, but are still hesitant to say yes becaude your binder is across the room and Asmo is not, and you can鈥檛 tell him to leave in case it hurts his feelings, so.
鈥淐ome on, (Y/N), up and at 鈥榚m!鈥 Asmo cheers, tugging your wrists until you鈥檙e upright on your feet and exposed, fuck!
You panic, tell him to wait, to close his eyes or turn around or something so he doesn鈥檛 see you, because even through the baggy clothes it seems everything you dislike is out in the open for everyone to see.
鈥淚s this what you need?鈥 Blinded by panic you didn鈥檛 notice Asmo listening to you, head ducked with a hand over his eyes, and dangling off his fingers from one of the thick straps is your binder.
You鈥檙e a bit dumbstruck, standing there and staring at him, the binder, back at him.
鈥淪ecret鈥檚 safe with me, (Y/N), now let鈥檚 go! No more wasted time!鈥
We all know he鈥檚 dense and probably won鈥檛 understand it completely, but with a little help and few key words he鈥檒l know.
He comes to you so you don鈥檛 miss their movie night, especially because he got to pick which movie they watch this time.
The crinkle of snacks is what alarma you of his presence.
鈥淚 had to open the door with my foot,鈥 he says, arms full of food and drinks and what looks like Belphie鈥檚 signature cow print pillow. 鈥淚 hope you don鈥檛 mind. Are you okay? It鈥檚 really dark in here.鈥
You usher him over, then, sitting up to flick on one of the lamps in the room. He sits down and drops all the food, picking out his favorite kind of spicy chips from among them and opening up the bag.
鈥淎ren鈥檛 those for movie night?鈥 You ask him, sifting through the smaller things with one hand, the other preoccupied with keeping your blanket held close to your chest.
鈥淭hey鈥檙e from my room.鈥 And, well, it鈥檚 not really an answer but it鈥檚 enough. 鈥淒id you hear me? Are you okay?鈥
You sigh once, twice, purse your lips then look up at him, 鈥渄o you remember a little while ago when I told you about chest dysphoria?鈥 Beel, mouth full of food, nods.
鈥淥h, is it one of those days?鈥 It鈥檚 your turn to nod, blinking back the small tears when he hands you one of his chips. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, I won鈥檛 make you come down for the movie.鈥
You almost tell him that鈥檚 the least of your concerns right now, but before you can even begin to form the words in your mouth Beel is settling down next to you in bed. 鈥淲hat?鈥
鈥淲e can watch one up here.鈥
It鈥檚 hard to say no to someone as sweet as him, cheeks bulged the slightest and eyes wide. So you grab your laptop and pull up a movie site, letting Beel turn on the same movie he picked for the brothers.
He stays once it鈥檚 over, not by choice but because, well, apparently his thigh was more comfortable than one of your pillows.
You come to him for comfort after a long weeks worth of schoolwork and just days at RAD in general.
Compared to the rest of the House the attic is cool, making you hug your arms tighter around your body as you quietly ascend up the stairs. He鈥檚 awake, surprisingly, when you reach the top, though he鈥檚 laying there as if he just woke up.
鈥(Y/N)?鈥 The rasp in his voice confirms that yes, he in fact did just wake up, and that if you weren鈥檛 feeling so terrible you鈥檇 laugh at the way he鈥檚 scratching his lower tummy like some old man. 鈥淲hy are you here?鈥
鈥淐an鈥檛 you say it a little nicer?鈥 You chide, though there鈥檚 no real threat behind it. You鈥檙e tired and worn out, and you yourself don鈥檛 really know why, of all demons, you sought out Belphie.
But you don鈥檛 want to turn back either, so you nudge him with your foot until he moves and makes room for you.
鈥淵ou have the class notes for me, right?鈥 Belphie asks, sitting up just to lean against and nuzzle you the same way a cat would.
鈥淚 do. Not on me, but tomorrow.鈥
鈥淩ight. So, why are you here again?鈥
You sigh, tucking your knees up to your chest and burying your face there, ignoring the uncomfortable press of your chest against your legs. 鈥淏ad week.鈥
Belphie blinks a few times before it registers just what you mean, as well as a few sporadic events throughout the week鈥 complaining of sore shoulders, taking longer to catch your breath after walking up the stairs, things like that.
So, in replacement of saying anything or lecturing you the way Lucifer might鈥檝e he circles round and flops over your shoulders with the full expectation for you to hold his weight.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you think this might be helping,鈥 you huff.
鈥淟ay with me, (Y/N), I鈥檓 tired.鈥 He unsticks himself from your back, then, settling back down after shoving a pillow into your arms. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e little spoon, obviously, my legs are longer than yours.鈥 Another huff from you.
You comply, though, laying with your back to him and trying not to panic too much when he wraps his arms around your middle, too close to what you hate.
鈥淭hat pillow wasn鈥檛 a gift for you to hand off, you know,鈥 he grumbles, pulling at the pillow and situating your arms so you鈥檙e hugging it, prompting him to scoot closer so he鈥檚 got arms around it as well.
You鈥檙e not exactly tired, but Belphegor falls asleep with his warm breath coming in soft puffs between your shoulders where his face is buried.
Eventually sleep finds you, pressed much too close to a demon who鈥檚 soft breathing is what lulls you in.
hihi I hope this was satisfactory, I feel like I lost touch throughout it. ah, and if you see this, please feel free to send requests or something, I鈥檓 dried out on my own ideas T-T
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uvlilla day ago
Hii!! I鈥檓 Klee/eula and I write hcs! My pronouns are she/her, I鈥檓 new and I鈥檒l probably shit post a lot so watch out for that 馃槄
the things that I鈥檒l write for are
鈥 obey me! Shall we date?
(All brothers and side characters !luke platonic only!)
鈥enshin impact
( kaeya, diluc, Childe, zhongli,) - I鈥檒l add to this the more I go on
Please keep in mind that this is my first time ever using tumblr so if I mess up anything please don鈥檛 be afraid to tell me!
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lotsoffandomimaginesa day ago
~ lucifer + mammon + asmodeus + belphegor finding you sleeping in their bed waiting for them would include...
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 not unusual for Lucifer to stay out late to have meetings with Diavolo
However this time Lucifer was actually at home. He was just in his office handling documents for the student council
You knew better than to disturb him in his study without being invited. So instead you decided to wait in his bedroom for him
Lucifer鈥檚 bed is so large and comfy that you couldn鈥檛 help but curl up under the silk sheets as the hours went by
By the time the ever so hardworking demon chooses to get some rest you鈥檙e fast asleep
Lucifer鈥檚 a little surprised to find that you鈥檝e tried waiting for him but it fuels his pride nonetheless that you鈥檝e ever so loyally stayed here just for him
鈥淵ou really are mine, aren鈥檛 you? What a good little human鈥
You hadn鈥檛 meant to drift off so you didn鈥檛 tuck yourself in properly. Not to worry, Lucifer takes care of that for you before crawling in next to you and kissing your forehead. It鈥檚 a rare gentle moment. If only you had been awake
Mammon had gone out for one of his photo shoots. He wasn鈥檛 supposed to be out so late but the magazine decided to take a few extra pictures and he couldn鈥檛 turn down the extra money
At the same time it always made Mammon anxious being away from you for so long, so he was happy that he was finally getting home
He knew you were probably asleep by now but greedily wanted to see you at least once that day he stopped by your bedroom
To his surprise you were nowhere to be seen. He starts to panic thinking one of his brothers might have lured you to their bedrooms instead
But when he stops by his room Mammon finds you in their gently snoozing away. Y-you were here the whole time? Waiting for him?!
You鈥檙e asleep and still Mammon can鈥檛 stop himself from getting all flustered finding you this way
Damn it... you鈥檙e just so cute. Mammon can鈥檛 stop himself from taking a photo who he swears no one else will ever lay eyes on. Only he gets to see you this way
Laying down next to you Mammon can鈥檛 resist the urge to pull you close. Gosh he鈥檚 so soft when he thinks you鈥檙e asleep
That night Asmo had gone out to one of the local clubs. You would have gone with him but you had some studying you had to do
At the same time you were worried about Asmo getting home safe do you studied in his bedroom so you could simultaneously wait for him
You continuously texted Asmo while he was out and only stopped when you in inevitably fell asleep. That was fine because Asmo was eventually to drunk to answer your messages anyway
He was tipsy when he returned home but managed to make his way to his bedroom anyway. That鈥檚 where Asmo finds you
How adorable! You stayed here waiting for him. How can Asmo possibly stop himself from smiling?
Taking a moment to admire your sleeping face, Asmo can鈥檛 help but think that he鈥檚 finally found someone even more pleasant to look at than himself
Asmo doesn鈥檛 want to disrupt whatever dream you鈥檙e having (it could be about him after all!) so he鈥檚 careful as he snuggles up next to you but don鈥檛 expect him to contain his urge to steal a little kiss from you :)
Belphie staying out late was actually a punishment. Trust me, he鈥檚 much rather be at home sleeping himself
Unfortunately Lucifer caught him taking a nap during a student council meeting and to teach him a lesson Lucifer made him stay at the school to work on a bunch of paperwork
You felt bad so you stayed with Beel as you both waited for Belphie to come back
Eventually chatting with Beel isn鈥檛 enough to distract you from your exhaustion and you slip away into unconsciousness in Belphie鈥檚 empty bed
By the time Belphie comes back to the house Beel is still up snacking as you sleep the night away
Smiling at his twin, Beel let鈥檚 Belphie know that you wanted to stay up until he returned but you were a human after all. You couldn鈥檛 help it
Beel offers to carry you back to your room but Belphie assures him it鈥檚 fine. He doesn鈥檛 want to bother you when you look so peaceful
After gently brushing your hair out of your face, Belphie climbs under the covers with you
What started out as a punishment from Lucifer turned into something much better. Now Belphie has an excuse to hold you as you both sleep. Maybe he should nap during meetings more often
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weebswritesa day ago
Could i request some big brother Mammon headcanons?馃ズ馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
Your choice if it's with a little sibling!MC or him looking after his brothers!
Big Brother!Mammon and Little Sibling!MC
鈥 He listens to all your rants about your favorite shows and hobbies, smiling and asking questions to show his engagement
鈥 When you wrestle he always lets you win, but he doesn鈥檛 go down without a fight
鈥 May or may not use the聽鈥榖ut i鈥檓 your brother, you love me鈥 bit to get you to lend him money
鈥 The brothers are always surprised at how caring he acts towards you (in contrast to how he acts towards them lol)
鈥 Motivates you to do well with your schoolwork until one day you ask him聽鈥淢ammon if I always have to do well in school, why don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥 That was the first time you鈥檇 seen Lucifer laugh so hard
鈥 One time he overhears you telling Levi that you look up to him and he almost cries
鈥 As soon as you turn the legal age, he takes you to The Fall and you spend the night partying and having the night of your life (Asmo 100% insists on going with you guys)
鈥 He鈥檚 known to not keep a secret well, but that doesn't apply to you. Anything you tell him in confidence you know he鈥檒l take to the grave
鈥 The more time you spend with Lucifer and Satan, the more you pick up on their hobby of teasing him - to Mammon鈥檚 dismay
鈥 He hates it less from you though, and just rolls his eyes and ruffles your hair in protest, sometimes crossing his arms and turning away from you as if he were really hurt
鈥 Takes a selfie every time you hang out because he likes to look back on your memories
A/N: I鈥檝e gotten so many good requests since posting the dying MC hc yesterday I literally love u guys so much. I will be posting a lot within the next week bc I am ~so~ inspired to write them hehe
Also! If you guys want me to do more of these for the other brothers / undatables lmk!
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Allow me to share another brainrot,, time traveler mc
After they time travelled with the help of barbatos and belphie performed creeky crack on neck, and then they came back, Tiny problem, they accidentally gained a small part of barbatos's time travel magik somehow
And god was it chaotic the first few month's - accidentally creating time lines and having to get out of them-- they keep a small journal of a diagram wherever they jump to, and usually go to solomon or, of course, barbatos for help (barbatos becomes a father figure not clickbait) Though, this helped them became a bit more creative, they also like noting down random events that happen in timelimes
So many more opportunities for mc!! Yayyyy!!!
(I have a whole appearance for them in my head oh god i am back on my time traveler shenaigans)
Also im another regular here now *pulls up a minecart and sits sideways on it* boohoo cracker
If you're a regular here, I am freaking blessed cause your ideas are too freaking amazing. *Takes a seat next to you on the sideways Minecart*
Twisting Time Pt. 3
Tumblr media
Barbatos: Two in one day? You're speeding up this time MC.
MC: Well it wasn't hard. Instead of fighting over who is the biggest TSL fan, I pretended to be an anime enthusiast who really wanted to know about TSL instead.
Barbatos: Is this why you were stuck in his room for the last 4 days?
MC: It took us three days to finish the whole series. He spent the fourth day ranting about his opinion on how grand it is. All I had to do was listen and smile and he randomly started crying and hugged me telling me he's grateful I'm here and listening.
Barbatos: And that's when you sprung the offer of the pact on him?
MC: Yep. And Beel was even easier.
Barbatos: You cooked up a feast for him and he agreed to a pact?
MC: Well I also promised him I'd cook this again once in two months.
Barbatos: But a feast surely must be hard to make on your own.
MC: I used Mammon and Levi's help. Pacts are a wonderful thing. *Giggles*
Barbatos: You're a sly one. *Chuckles* I hope you know what you're doing after everything you'd left behind.
This time around it was okay. You could feel it. It felt wrong at it wasn't fair. Like you already knew everything ahead of time, the initial excitement of the unknown and meeting for the first time gone.
The others were all unaware of the pacts you were making. The secret was between you and them. You weren't here to fix the family among each other anymore.
You were here to fix you. You still loved them of course, only a selfish kind.
But it was all for a better future. You convinced yourself to be strong, as you prepared to pact with Asmo and Satan next.
MC: Asmo! There you are!
Asmo: Ah in a rush to see me this morning, MC? How adorable!
MC: *jokes* Of course I want to see you. Who doesn't want to see beautiful things early in the morning?
Asmo: Oh flattery will get you everywhere. Come on inside, let me me show you how beautiful I can really be.
MC: Well I heard you and Solomon have a pact. Can I have one too?
Asmo: I can't just give a pact to anybody MC. You will have to earn. I wonder how you will.
MC: Would you like to do a nostalgic fashion show with all your favourite dresses?
Asmo: .... Oh MC.
Satan: What are you hiding behind your back MC?
MC: Take a guess.
*Something meows behind MC's back*
Satan: ... A cat?!
MC: Not just any cat. I enchanted her with disguise magic so that noone else can see she's a real cat. They will just see a soft toy. *hands him the kitten*
Satan: Why are you doing this?
MC: Well Asmo said I needed to earn my pacts so I'm trying to earn yours.
Satan: ...
Cat: *meows*
Satan: Consider my pact achieved. Now come let's name and feed this kitty.
Somewhere in a parallel timeline...
MC: Solomon! I'm so glad to find you here! I think I'm lost again.
Solomon: *sigh* Which one are you?
MC: Um the real one?
Solomon: *bigger sigh* No you're not. All of you are the real ones. But from the fact that you're not wearing a ribbon and didn't know about that means you're not MC Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow or Green.
MC: Why are there so many versions of me??
Solomon: You've been going haywire after you came back to life. But then again even I probably can't handle Barbatos's power.
MC: And the colors?
Solomon: Every color represents the brother each version of you likes. So tell me Red or Violet? Red is Beel, Violet is Belphie.
MC: Um do you have a color? *Blushes*
Solomon: .....Why yes. *ties a white ribbon to your collar* I suppose you'd like to stay here's with me? *Smirks*
MC: *nods*
Solomon: Well then you'd better hide in my bedroom for a while. All your versions are looking for me since MC Teal took Barbatos out on a vacation.
MC: Oh. Well jeez I'm literally all over the place. *hides in his bedroom looking out*
MC Blue: *runs in crying* SOLOMON!
Solomon: Did you enter a wrong time line again?
Solomon: *trying so hard to hold back laughter* It's okay it's okay. That's not your Lucifer. Let's revisit the diagram and find your way back shall we?
*After MC Blue leaves*
MC white: Is it bad that I really wanna see that timeline they just talked about?
Solomon: I'll show you how to get there. I just hope we get to see them kiss the groom. Now let's go.
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thedevildomdaily4 days ago
Demonic Possessions Ch5: Diners Demons & Disasters
Note: Here's the Master List for the full story. I recommend reading my stuff on my actual Blog if you enjoy OM! official music! Thank you so much for the support. Please let me hear from you in the comment section. I wanna talk OM!
Warnings: Language...for now.
When they arrived at Hell鈥檚 kitchen, folks cleared out of the Avatar of Gluttony鈥檚 way. Lena barely caught on to the many eyes drawn their way. She was famished and excited for her first dining-out experience in the Devildom.
鈥淵our usual table is read-鈥 Beel whizzed past the waiter, 鈥-y.鈥
鈥淯hm, thank you鈥︹ Lena awkwardly nodded and quickly followed after the giant. She was afraid of not getting to eat anything on the account that he would clean them out of everything. That鈥檚 what Leviathan and Satan had warned them about earlier when they were shopping for room decor.
Speaking of the dev鈥.you know, Satan and Mammon entered the place, causing the rest of the customers to flinch and stare with panic at their state. The blonde had caught a hold of his older brother鈥檚 jacket collar and was leading him, in his disheveled glory, to the waiter. There were many words exchanged. And soon, the owner of the establishment arrived with the check they were both after.
The rest of the group had managed to meet up with the more excited ones, filing in quietly, like normal customers. 鈥淭here you are鈥︹ Simeon said, being the first to spot Lena and Beel. She was peeking over at his menu, asking questions about the ingredients.
鈥淲as it really necessary to make a mad dash like that Lena? You鈥檙e making us look bad鈥︹ Zak looked embarrassed.
Lilly chuckled as she took her usual seat across from Lena. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e worried about images that way, you picked the wrong crowd to hang with.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 right! These demon brothers are always causing scenes. Usually it鈥檚 over being selfish!鈥 Luke added. The little pup took a liking to Zak after some demon started teasing him in the hallway, on the way to their next class. Simeon was busy talking with Solomon and Satan about their homework, so Zak was the only one around to aid him.
When everyone was seated, drinks were served. The group's banter filled the establishment and it felt like a cozy pub in an RPG, as Lena described to Leviathan sitting to her right. The group ordered so much, the owner had to start turning away other patrons.Then walked in the trio. You know, only the most intimidating demons in all of the Devildom.
鈥淲ow! Fancy meeting all of you here!鈥 Lord Diavolo boasted.
Lucifer gave a long sigh and glared at him with the response, 鈥淵ou knew they were all going to be here didn鈥檛 you? That鈥檚 why you were so insistent on it.鈥
Both Diavolo and Barbatos deflected Lucifer鈥檚 words and began to take a seat at the adjacent table from the large group. Grumpy joined them and the waiter rushed promptly to get their orders. The poor young demon looked so nervous, and who could blame him?
The saying 鈥淭ime flies by when you鈥檙e having fun鈥 was no joke. This band of misfits: demons, humans, angels, and nephilim were having a blast! There were many jokes at one another鈥檚 expense, slight bickering, questions about each others鈥 worlds. It was the exact thing that the exchange program was about. Then came the food.
One waiter brought an actual pyramid of burgers to Beelzebub; his personal platter. Another waiter was in charge of drink refills. It was quite a mess with everyone together; Save for Luke, Lilly, and Lena the rest were freaking giants. It was hard getting food passed around to the 14 people and 1 Beel.
The previously mentioned nervous waiter was now carrying a serving tray towards the Big Three鈥檚 table. Just as he made it in front of him, Mammon quickly scooted back without looking as he yelled at Satan about his check again.
The back of the chair smacked right into the poor, unfortunate waiter. It caused him to lose balance and the tray to teeter out of his hands. It was a scene shot in slow-mo like many movies: The plates left the tray, Lucifer鈥檚 eyes were so wide, and Diavolo was caught totally off guard.
Before the food could splatter all over the prince, Lena rushed to catch everything. Her secret ability was revealed in an instant: She was fast like a comic hero. But unlike them, she wasn鈥檛 the most agile. She did manage to get the tray and get the plates back on, but she stumbled backwards, slipping on Mammon鈥檚 dropped napkin.
Her eyes were squinted shut as she braced for impact. It felt...odd. She definitely landed, but there was no hard, cold floor. No broken glass sounds. In fact she knew she still had the tray of food in her head.
When she opened her eyes, Lena saw Diavolo towering over her at an odd angle. The whole place was silent enough to hear a pin needle drop. What the fu鈥
鈥淎re you okay Lena?鈥 The prince asked.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if I鈥檓 being honest with you鈥︹ she looked around to see her whole table just gawking at her dumbfoundedly.
Next she took in Lucifer鈥檚 bewildered expression, followed by Barbatos. Though, he of course remained the most neutral. What鈥檚 the deal?
Then it hit her. Diavolo鈥檚 angle. He was over her. No, he was embracing her! The giant of a man had caught her just as quickly as she had caught the food from falling on him. Their current position was probably the reason why everyone was quiet. Well that, and the fact everything happened in a nanosecond.
No, Lena and Diavolo looked like they had just danced one wild tango number and ended on a dramatic dip. It was hot. Or would have been without the fucking tray of burgers and fries. Sorry, DEMON burgers and fries. For someone as stark white as she was, Lena turned red like a lobster. Diavolo even had a tiny blush that only she could see from her proximity.
鈥淢AAAMMMOOOOOOOONNN!!!鈥 Lucifer closed the silence with his deep, booming voice. Everyone either laughed, took pictures, or hid their faces in embarrassment as the eldest brothers made a wild game of 鈥淭AG! You鈥檙e Fucking Dead!!!鈥
It was a good thing too. Well, not for Mammon of course. In that moment, Barbatos assisted Lena, by taking the tray. Diavolo raised her carefully to stand back onto her feet.
鈥淭hank you, for saving dinner and my uniform.鈥 Diavolo chuckled.
Lena gave a sheepish smile, 鈥淎nd thank you for saving my uniform, and the bill for the table I would have broken.鈥
The rest of dinner went off without a hitch. They laughed at the pictures they managed to capture. Lilly questioned Lena about what happened and she explained to everyone that nephilim are extremely fast. They also each had an ability unique to themselves. Though she and her brothers teased the rest of the group by not telling them what those abilities were.
鈥淲ell, it looks like both Lucifer and Mammon aren鈥檛 coming back,鈥 Azri said, taking Lucifer鈥檚 seat. He was tired of having a sleeping Belphegor trying to use his shoulder as a pillow to drool on. 鈥淚鈥檒l box his up for one of them to take back.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 generous of you.鈥 Barbatos replied, giving a small hint of a smile.
Azri chuckled, 鈥淚t is, especially after hearing that he put my darling sister in a filthy attic with no amenities鈥︹ That didn鈥檛 go past big brother Azri. 鈥淚f I may, can I skip class tomorrow in order to fix things up for her?鈥
Barbatos and Diavolo exchanged looks before glancing over at Lena, who had moved seats to take funny pictures with and of the sleeping Belphegor.
鈥淚 know you鈥檙e wondering why I don鈥檛 just let her do it.鈥 Azri continued, 鈥淪omething happened with her not long before she finally agreed to come here. Obviously we鈥檙e a year late to the program. I don鈥檛 want to dish out her personal stuff, but I want to do something nice for her.鈥 He finished packing Lucifer鈥檚 dinner and added, 鈥淚 also can鈥檛 stand the thought of her sleeping in a room filled with cobwebs! And I know she will do a half-ass job at cleaning it herself!鈥
That made Diavolo chuckle and he compared the eldest nephilim to Barbatos.
鈥淚 am not that bad, Lord Diavolo. It鈥檚 my job to ensure you're catered to and well taken care of. A prince can鈥檛 live in dirty quarters鈥︹ Barbatos responded. Although he held a smile, Azriel could see the fury in his eyes. It made him chuckle.
鈥淟e, stop that! You鈥檒l get in trouble鈥.again!鈥 Zak scolded, though unable to keep from laughing. Lena was holding her phone so it looked like she was petting Belphegor鈥檚 head like a puppy while he slept.
鈥淗e looks so cute though!!!鈥 she stuck her tongue out at her brother.
Luke sighed, 鈥淚t seems that you鈥檙e as bad as Asmo鈥︹
鈥淚 wonder鈥︹ Asmo replied teasingly, before winking and giving Lena a kissy face from across the table. She chuckled and playfully returned the kiss.
鈥淲hat does that even mean?鈥 Luke asked innocently. It caught Zak off guard. He wasn鈥檛 used to being around innocent kiddos like him. Simeon intervened, however, much to the nephilim鈥檚 relief. He wasn鈥檛 sure why the kid followed him around so much.
When the group was finished with their meal, Diavolo picked up the check. He and Barbatos headed out first because they had a busy schedule ahead of them the next day. 鈥淕ood night everyone!鈥 he chuckled and waved.Several of them returned the wave and thanked him. Lena couldn鈥檛 help but blush a little when their eyes met briefly.
鈥淢mmh-hmmm, I saw that.鈥 Lilly whispered, giving a mischievous grin at the nephilim.
Lena shot the human a look, 鈥淲hat are you even talking about?鈥
鈥淥h I saw it too Lilly. I feel a little jealous now.鈥 Asmodeus joined in. He puffed out his bottom lip, fake pouting at Lena.
鈥淥h fuck off. The both of you鈥︹ she grumbled, still blushing.
The group eventually had to split off into those who would go to Purgatory Hall and those that resided in The House of Lamentation. Before they did, Zak hugged Lena and told her good night. Azriel did the same, but revealed something that annoyed her.
鈥淟illy, let me crash on your sofa tonight please.鈥 She gritted as they entered the house.
Asmo pouted, 鈥淏ut why Darling? I thought you liked snuggling with me鈥︹
Lena sighed and nodded, 鈥淚 actually do, Asmo. It鈥檚 just that I don鈥檛 want your pretty room to be engulfed in flames in the morning鈥︹
The group stared at the nephilim with shock and worry. Well, Belphegor didn鈥檛 because he was passed-out and being carried off to bed by a sulking Beel, who wasn鈥檛 full.
鈥淎zri got permission to skip school tomorrow in order to remodel my bedroom.鈥 Lena sighed, 鈥淚t is absolutely sweet of him, but anything design-related...well you saw him shopping today. He goes fucking nuts. I bet he will rush in before sunrise to start.鈥
Lilly scratched her head. 鈥淎nd what about the flames?鈥
鈥淲ell, we鈥檝e not known each other long enough for him to feel it appropriate that I share a bed with someone in this house...even though it鈥檚 clearly none of his fucking business. I鈥檓 a grown ass woman.鈥
鈥淵eah you are!鈥 Lilly chimed.
鈥淚f it鈥檚 none of his business, then why the concern?鈥 It was Satan who asked this time.
鈥淗e鈥檚 already going to be in his weird-ass mood, so the shock and insinuation would cause him to snap. It鈥檚 happened more times than I can count.鈥 Lena sulked and shook her head.
鈥淥OOH! So then maybe Azriel鈥檚 unique ability is pyrokinetics then?鈥 Leviathan asked with excitement, 鈥淟ike El Lumino from the Revengers comic! He gets mad and accidentally burns things like Mrs. Magnificent hover jet in The New Revengers Vol 13, issue 42: El Lumino鈥檚 Ultra Bad Day!鈥
Lena hesitated, but eventually nodded. 鈥淵eah. That鈥檚 like him alright. Now, don鈥檛 get me wrong. He is progressive. He鈥檚 a chill brother, who is the most responsible one of us. It鈥檚 just when 鈥淐razy Azri鈥 comes out, he is too unpredictable to take any chances. If 鈥榦verprotective brother mode鈥 is activated, all bets are off.鈥 It was really embarrassing.
鈥淗e did look pretty intense back at Majolish.鈥 Lilly nodded, remembering his trance. 鈥淏ut then again, I recall someone else acting like a total zombie鈥︹ She and the brothers laughed at Lena.
鈥淗a ha. Very funny...oh wait! The clothes!!!!鈥 Lena zoomed up the stairs. To the others, she simply blinked out of existence.
鈥淪he鈥檚...gone?鈥 Satan pondered.
鈥淒on鈥檛 underestimate the power of fashion, Satan.鈥 Asmo chuckled, 鈥淪he鈥檚 probably swimming through all of those bags in her room鈥︹
The brothers decided to all split up for the night, returning to their own rooms. Each one of them had a small bag from Majolish hanging on their door knobs; a gift from Lena for 鈥減utting up with her during the exchange program鈥. They each had a tie that matched their aesthetic. Of course Satan鈥檚 was a bow tie and Asmo had a pretty Lolita-style cravat.
Lilly took both Lucifer鈥檚 and Mammon鈥檚 dinners to their rooms. Neither one had made it back, which meant it might be a couple of days before they鈥檇 get to see Mammon again. Ouch!
When she went to her room, she found Lena sitting on her couch in her pajamas with a new pillow and Hell-o Kitty blanket she鈥檇 bought on that landmark shopping trip. She had a slightly revealing tank with a skull made out of flowers and booty shorts on. Lilly bit her lip and marched straight to her bed. Why?! She asked herself. Well, they were in hell and this had to be her personal torture lingering around her room in sexy nightwear. Well anything would look sexy on Lena.
((Heatha here with smexy news. Next week鈥檚 chapter will have our first bit-o-smut 鈽(锞熴儺锞熲槣)))
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firethecanons5 days ago
Obey Me Kiss Project
Fly Like a Spy Edition - Part 1 (Lucifer and Mammon)
Adding kisses back into events, one event at a time.
MC knows it isn鈥檛 smart to get involved with their recruiter, especially since Lucifer also happens to be the head of the agency.
And Lucifer knows better than to fall for a plucky young agent.
This doesn鈥檛 stop either of them.
The tension between the two of them is palpable in every meeting, and it doesn鈥檛 take a room full of spies to see what鈥檚 going on.
It starts as physical attraction. MC catches Lucifer staring and tries to brush it off. Lucifer was a top field agent before taking over as director. He knows exactly how long he was looking, and he wanted MC to know.
Lingering touches. Hands brushed against each other. Encouraging pats on the shoulder lasting just too long.
Lucifer can control himself, as much as he may not want to. He can relieve himself of his physical longing.
What he can鈥檛 control is his growing admiration.
MC is a talented agent. And passionate about the job in a way that Lucifer forgot could even exist. They鈥檙e a natural talent.
MC begins to see a switch. Lucifer pulls back on their assignments despite giving them praise. Their front line field work suddenly becomes desk assignments.
MC confronts Lucifer in his office one day. Lucifer tries to brush it off, saying MC has to learn every part of the agency. MC calls him on his bluff, demanding to know the real reason they鈥檙e being desked.
Lucifer doesn鈥檛 like being questioned, and the two get into a heated argument. It ends with MC backed against Lucifer鈥檚 desk. And well.
That鈥檚 all it takes.
Lucifer鈥檚 mouth is on them in an instant, the heat of their argument fueling the kiss. It鈥檚 a fiery, wanting kiss that simmers out into longer, deeper, and softer movements.
The two break away from the kiss, but neither move. They stare at each other, both trying to read the other. Two talented spies, both a little lost.
Finally, MC breaks the silence. 鈥淚 want my assignments back.鈥
Lucifer sighs, resigned. He moves back to his desk, handing MC a new file. 鈥淛 careful out there.鈥
MC smirks. 鈥淎lways am.鈥
鈥淎nd this,鈥 Lucifer gestures between them, 鈥渋s best kept quiet. I can count on your discretion?鈥
鈥淒iscretion is my career.鈥 MC leaves the office, more than happy to have their secrets.
There is an innate level of intimacy between partners in field work, but Mammon and MC fell into step almost instantaneously.
They were each other鈥檚 perfect compliment, creating a powerful duo that could take on any assignment.
If MC was infiltrating, Mammon was distracting. If Mammon was fighting, MC was covering. Their partnership had a pulse.
Watching them fight together was so fluid it was almost beautiful, like a dance that someone would have to be stupid to interrupt.
They became inseparable, frequently spending late nights in the office entertaining each other while finishing up post-assignment paperwork.
Which is why it was bizarre when Mammon suddenly went dark.
MC immediately went to Lucifer, hoping Mammon was just on a covert assignment. When Lucifer swore he had not assigned Mammon, worry set in.
It wasn鈥檛 long before Satan鈥檚 intelligence revealed that Mammon had been abducted by a former target who had breached his identity. The agency launched a full rescue, but it still took a week to retrieve Mammon.
MC led the extraction charge themself, being the first one to break into the facility where Mammon was being kept. When MC opened the door, they found Mammon in bad shape from a week of interrogation, but his eyes instantly lit up at the sight of them.
MC rushed to untie Mammon from where he was bound, explaining the agency was sweeping the facility and preparing their immediate exit. Mammon was unusually quiet, which caused MC鈥檚 heart to race.
With his hands finally free, Mammon moved to place a hand on MC鈥檚 cheek. Despite their training, MC couldn鈥檛 help but tear up. They were simultaneously relieved to find Mammon okay, but terrified at what he had been through.
鈥淢ammon, I鈥斺
He cut them off with a kiss that felt like coming home.
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giaourtopita6 days ago
oh no i was summoned by a religiously traumatised 17 year old and now i gotta babysit them
oml, this took me forever to write and not because i didn't think of what i wanted to do bit because i just couldn't write anything. i had the plot planned almost before even posting the previous chapter, i just idk i couldn't concentrate on writing the fic, so i'm really sorry that it took so long.
warnings; gn mc, fluff.
< previous part
Tumblr media
*after getting inside, mc took a hot shower. they were cold since they stayed in their soaked clothes so taking a hot shower was the best option for them.*
*a few hours later, they started feeling lightheaded, weak and chilly. quickly they grabbed the first aid kid, took out the thermometer and checked their temperature.*
*unfortunately for them, their temperature was quite high. at least i won't have to go to school, they thought.*
*meanwhile at the house of lamentation, asmo just received a message from mc saying that they won't be able to go shopping with him after school because they're sick. asmo frowned while looking at it but all he said was that he's sorry and that he's not in the mood to stay inside.*
*not wanting to let mc alone, he decided to send one of his brothers to hang out with them. he stormed in his older brother's room and started nagging him to go.*
leviathan: but i don't know this human!!! i would consider it if it was solomon!!!
asmodeus: look, this human is really nice. you'll probably like them, they seem to get along with almost all of us so you'll have fun with them, not only that but you won't even have to go outside with them. so please go!! you'll like it there i promise!!
*leviathan kept whining and whining until asmo got an idea to get him to go to the human world after all.*
asmodeus: i know that you're shy and you feel awkward around new people but if you just go for my sake, i promise i'll help with whatever cosplay projects you have right now. please levi go!!
*levi stopped whining for about a minute and thought about it. that person must be very nice to be able to get along with his brothers, since he knows they all can be a handful at times.*
leviathan: okay, i'll go. you will be the one to message them though, i haven't even seen that human in person and i will feel uncomfortable doing it myself.
asmodeus: aah!! levi you're the best!!!
*asmo hugs levi, gives him a kiss on the cheek to show his gratitude and rushes to tell mc about summoning levi.*
*back at the human realm, after they received asmo's message, mc started looking for some anime to watch. they had only watched very few anime so far but they managed to make a list that, at least to them, seemed good enough.*
*thankfully both satan and asmo told them that he's a lot more shy than the rest of the brothers so mc kept that in mind while doing the summoning spell.*
mc: hi! i'm mc.
leviathan: hello... my uh- name is levi- no wait, we're not very close yet. it's leviathan.
mc: so, do you want to watch anime or something? your brothers told me that you like watching anime so maybe we could watch something you like!
*levi's eyes lit up, no one ever asked him to watch anime with him, let alone something he likes.*
leviathan: oh yeah, you can call me levi after all.
mc: what kind of anime would you recommend for someone who has watched very few? i've only watched like two so far, so it's a little difficult to tell...
leviathan: oh, well my favourite kind of anime seem to be those that tend to spoil the whole plot in the title. they are SO fun most of the time so you'll probably like them.
*mc didn't say anything, they just nodded and waited to hear more about levi's interests.*
mc: so should i watch something like that? or do you have a specific recommendation?
leviathan: well, my most favourite anime out of all of them is "The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl", it's a very cute anime and ruri-chan is a very admirable character, she gave up her true form and turned into a human looking child just to learn more about the human world. i mean, yeah it can be a bit weird that she looks like that now but i think that what the anime is trying to say is that you should sacrifice some things for your interests and i'm talking too much right?
mc: no, no it's okay. i'll watch it some time! it sounds interesting!
*levi quickly looked at his phone and suggested another anime he hadn't watch yet so they could both enjoy it equally. after a while levi paused the anime, he was ready to talk to mc but they started talking first.*
mc: thank you for agreeing to come, i don't really have friends at school so it's fun hanging out with someone!
mc: honestly, it's like everyone tries their best to make me feel excluded and like an outcast.
leviathan: yeah, i understand that and it's normal to feel like that. i feel like that sometimes too, i'm so much more introverted than all my brothers and that makes me feel bad but i can't really change that. you know, i'm also the avatar of envy and i try so hard to keep my sin under control but sometimes i find myself getting jealous of my brothers even if they didn't mean to make me jealous.
leviathan: from what i've heard about you from my brothers, you're leaving for university soon so maybe if you try to change your environment you could start feeling better because of the change?
mc: yeah that's what i'll probably do but it's still hard because i'm not independent yet.
leviathan; i see...
*they both stopped talking for a few seconds until levi spoke again.*
leviathan; uhm, thank you for listening to me talk about anime, most of the time at home my brothers look down on me for liking anime so much. it feels nice to talk about your interests without being judged, i know sometimes i overdo it but still, it felt nice to be heard.
mc: yeah! don't worry if you'd like you can message me using a spell i have so i can summon you and talk!
leviathan: that would be great!
*suddenly, they heard noise coming from the front door. one of mc's parents were home again. mc stared at levi, basically signalling him to leave. levi was ready to leave when mc gave him a tight hug as a goodbye.*
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thedevildomdaily6 days ago
Lena Wants....
((This is a little sneak peek at the relationships Lena might develop with her favorite demons n_< ))
Warnings: pg-13 implications
Leviathan: ...To run her hands up his abdomen; teasingly raking her nails against his smooth, pale skin. He's pinned down on her bed, using the back of his hand to muffle his voice. His face is so red. Tears stream from the outer corners of his eyes. He'd make the perfect uke subject for one of her novels.
Asmodeus: ...To straddle him in his luxurious tub. Her lips would press against his neck over and over. The aroma from the rose petals filled the air, adding to the romantic ambiance. The softest skin imaginable presses against her own felt heavenly. His naughty little whispers as his teeth playfully grazed her ears. She would giggle and continue to kiss him over and over, until they finally couldn't take each other's teasing.
Beelzebub: ...To pounce him in the shower at the gym. Watching him workout for over an hour was absolute torture. Literally jumping him because of the dramatic height difference. It would catch lovable giant off guard, but once they kissed, his appetite would go into overdrive. Itadakimasu!!! Sinking nails deep into his skin tickled him. Such a gentle being would turn into a beast once his instincts took over, causing Lena to melt into his every touch.
Satan: ...To sneak up on him at his desk. Deep into his book, he would be startled, then slightly annoyed by her mischievous nature. Her hands would drift downwards from his shoulders to his chest. Her chin would rest atop his head. The distraction would grow unbearable, but he was one to resist for awhile. Feeling her breasts press against him would eventually crack his will. He would angrily rise from his chair and pick her up, only to pin her to his desk. His books tumbled to the floor. Soon articles of clothes would follow.
Belphegor: ...To give him a deep scalp massage as he leaned back into her lap. He was asleep sitting in the floor; her legs either side of him. His hair was so pretty and multi-colored. She loved how unruly it was. Little did she know was that for once he wasn't asleep. The sudden moan that escaped him was her only warning. Before she knew it, she would be pulled into the floor to join him; pinned beneath him. Belphie wanted to see what sounds she could make; it was only fair.
Mammon: ...To spank the hell out of him. He was always doing bad things and for such selfish reasons. He needed to be punished. The whining was such a beautiful melody. For someone who never learned their lessons from the harsh punishments he received, she knew he loved it. His ass would be as red as his face with all the lewd expressions he made.
Lucifer: ...To massage his shoulders. Always working late into the night. He deserved to be cared for. His broad shoulders were tense but his expression never changed. He would question your motives. He'd chuckle under his breath at the thought of being pitied. He would loosen his tie after dropping his quill. He'd stand, take her into his arms, and plant a passionate kiss that would melt her heart into oblivion. A romantic dance, a glass of demonus, and a wild night of passionate sex.
Diavolo: ...To hug him tightly. He always carried a melancholy look in his eyes while the brothers participated in their typical nonsense. The loneliness he felt overwhelmed her sometimes and it made her want to cry. He would blush and ask why she doing this. She wouldn't say a word. He would kiss her deeply and let their bodies communicate everything they felt for one another. They would spend an entire week, 'expressing' themselves to one another.
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etherealluminescence6 days ago
Tumblr media
I asked my friend for ALL first obey me impressions, and was not disappointed. some screenshots below cause they鈥檙e funny to me.
Filler image
鈥淓dgy supervillain vibes, lads鈥
鈥淲here does he get those wings?鈥
鈥淟ike, what wing store?鈥
Safe to say they think Lucifer looks like a super villain sadist with weird a ass style. Can鈥檛 say they鈥檙e off the mark.
Certainly is a sadistic bastard with those vibes, but not completely on point.
鈥淟ooks like a rockstar鈥
鈥淚 like his glasses鈥 I too, like them my nonbinary pal.
鈥淗e looks like an electric type if he were a Pokemon.鈥
I mean yeah, they kinda have a point.
鈥淚t鈥檚 hard to decide because these boys are just lads鈥 wow okay nice first impressions huh.
Tumblr media
鈥淥k I redact my statement on hard to hate鈥 yeah I redact my statement of being your best friend of 5+ years.
鈥淔irst image looks like a war general, so that鈥檚 a red flag鈥 in reference to the RAD uniform.
鈥淪eems like the type to regularly visit the incel vibes of Reddit.鈥 I showed them one of all of the characters casual, uniform, ur art, and demon form.
鈥淚 just get these vibes.鈥 Yeah okay I get the vibe you are NOT a snek fan frfr bro.
I literally just showed them the uniform, casual, demon form, and card of Satan kitty and they were like no.
Not even insulting fashion just the fact he鈥檚 a catboy.
鈥淣o thoughts head empty.鈥 Yeah be amazed by his sexiness.
鈥淗is hair is cool.鈥 馃ズ馃ズ馃槑 ofc he鈥檚 Asmo.
鈥淲hat are those wings I don鈥檛 think you can fly with those, stupid.鈥 Oh...
鈥淚 just noticed the pants... too many belts.鈥 Well okay then. 馃槶
Note to self they think Asmo is not beautiful except his hair.
鈥淣eeds to lean in more with insect theme.鈥 Proceeds to show me an orange glob from hollow knight?
鈥淚 like bugs.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 the 6鈥4 friend who would accept you being gay. He鈥檚 always hungry. I love him so much 馃ズ鈥 - me cause I said they鈥檙e based off sins.
鈥淚t is no sin to savour a good meal my friend.鈥 - them / probably beel鈥檚 senior quote
Tumblr media
鈥淎gain with belts but I should expect this鈥 WHAT DO THEY HAVE AGAINST FUNKY BELTS HUH.
鈥淭ail is fluffy and cool but I hate his outfit the most.鈥 Wow Satan got beat in worst outfit department.
鈥淢y eyes keep focusing on the cyan but the mustard yellow though 馃様鈥 fair enough.
鈥淚 know there鈥檚 a cow theme but those piebald doesn鈥檛 exactly help. The other outfits are fine.鈥 When did you become a fashion genius bro.
Tumblr media
鈥淲ear a shirt鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 cold鈥
鈥淣ever mind it鈥檚 hell.鈥 I didn鈥檛 actually say it was hot lmfaoo I鈥檓 mean.
鈥淭his man can create a fucking sun.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know anything.鈥
鈥淗e doesn鈥檛 like pickles.鈥
鈥淢e too. Pinckle.鈥
Tumblr media
Literally just this screenshot. Thanks for this, lad. The above screenshot not the bottom one the bottom one is Solomon.
Tumblr media
鈥淛ust tell him his cooking is inedible.鈥
鈥淧erfect candidate for fingers in his ass Sunday.鈥
Sends me a fucking image of a LONG fishing hat. Cause fishing Simeon.
鈥淚 like his getup funky man.鈥
鈥淗as the customer service smile and I鈥檓 not sure it鈥檚 genuine or not.鈥
鈥淣o thoughts, head empty the person.鈥
鈥淟ooks like this child can cook!鈥 Yes my baby can.
鈥淰aguely reminds me of a small Victorian child.鈥 Okay my son could be one...
鈥淛ust wants lunchables.鈥 馃槶馃槶
鈥淚 want lunchables too.鈥 Yeah I鈥檇 give him my lunachables if he asked.
鈥淚 would eat lunchables with him.鈥 :)) us and the baby.
鈥淚 do not know what to think of this.鈥
鈥淚- ok.鈥
In reaponse to me just memeing small sheep MC defeating the boys who are so strong.
Tumblr media
I kept my promise thanks for your internet points 馃槑馃槑
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reverse-reverse-harem7 days ago
Maybe I鈥檒l write headcannons for ir but I really like the idea of mammon looking up to Lucifer as a big brother and really trying to emulate him and be the best big brother he can for his brothers 馃ズ
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boxbusiness8 days ago
Obey Me Driving Headcanons!
Tumblr media
So me thinking about how much I hate driving made me think of how well do our Obey Me Boys drive... Or even how many of them do know how to drive in the first place???
馃嵎Lucifer is good at everything so ya he drives all perfect like~ He could probably race if he wanted to...
馃挸 Mammon for sure drives. He bought a whole ass car and he鈥檚 gonna drive it for damn sure. I do like to imagine he visits some underground drag races like Initial D style~聽
馃幃 Levi probably is a decent driver and could do racing too in my eyes~ Yes I鈥檓 saying his video games skill translated into driving skill lol. However, he gets flustered if another driver is honking at him angrily and starts slipping up.
馃摎 Satan is a good driver and follows the rule of the road, but he鈥檚 prone to road rage. He gets pissed if he sees someone not using turn signals or cuts him off, etc~
馃拫Asmo probably drives like a pampered teenage girl who really shouldn鈥檛 have gotten her driver license. Sorry not Sorry >w>鈥 He gets distracted a lot by his phone, his reflection in the mirrors, some cutie on the street...
馃崝 Beelzebub probably drives okay, but can be rough. Like making sharp turns or driving over the curb by accident sometimes. He probably gets distracted when he gets hungry, but otherwise be fine.
馃挙 Belphie can drive well, but the thing is if he鈥檚 on a quiet road and driving with no turns he might fall asleep at the wheel~
馃憫 Diavolo usually is the one being driven around, but knows how to drive himself. He probably is prone to speeding if you ask me.
鈽曪笍 Barbatos is another perfect demon driving perfectly, but could probably race someone into the ground.
馃専 Solomon probably drives decently also could probably race decently too~
馃槆 Simeon has trouble operating phones, I bet operating a vehicle would be a horror show. XD Jesus take the wheel~
馃惥 Luke is too young to drive, but bet he鈥檇 be better than Simeon~
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lettheratsin8 days ago
Inspired by chats with @lavender-roses-and-bloody-noses Obey Me! Trans headcanons. Lmao I鈥檓 trans and I just want every character to be trans so I鈥檓 just giving random headcanons based on how I think they would be as trans don鈥檛 take it too seriously 馃槼
Levi makes handmade Ruri chan cosplay that she secretly sewed herself and Mammon sees it like the maid drama and he鈥檚 a proud big bro and fawns all over his baby sister and everyone is really supportive and loves her lots and Asmo does her makeup and it鈥檚 adorable shut up
Trans boy Beel who works out a lot to help with dysphoria 馃ズ馃ズ
Agender Satan who鈥檚 like 鈥渇uck a gender that鈥檚 some stupid human thing鈥
Genderfluid Asmo is so important to me too oh my god not that you need to be genderfluid to wear what you want but just Asmo wearing pretty dresses 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Mammon is everyone鈥檚 biggest cheerleader too I feel like he鈥檇 be the most supportive big brother ever for his trans sibs
Also like uwu Beel bleaches his hair and dyes it bc it makes him feel more in control of his appearance and less dysphoric
Lucifer would kill anyone who even thinks something bad about his siblings lmao he鈥檚 super overprotective
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Chasing the elotero.
No estaba muerta, estaba de parranda. Well, that麓s not entirely true鈥 I got an emergency appendicectomy last week, and the university is taking my mind into a chaotic state, so wish me luck.
And I was actually thinking (while I resting in my bed) that it麓s been a whole week that I don麓t eat an Elote, or corn as you might prefer, but we don麓t eat the corn sweet, we don麓t put butter on top of it and then eat it. We eat the corn salty, with mayonnaise, cheese, salt, lemon, and of course chile. Sometimes the 鈥淓lotero鈥 will come by the street with their car or bicycle ready to spread joy among us mortals. By notorious reasons I can麓t eat a good elote, and yesterday Mr. Elotero passed in front of my house and I cried a lot. So what would happen in the seven brothers need to chase the elotero? Welcome my dearest readers to鈥 鈥淐hasing the elotero.鈥 As always the headcanon is Gn!Mc. Enjoy!!!!
[The brothers stayed with Mc, at their home, when the human listen to the most marvelous sound of them all鈥 the squeak of the elotero, but it was way to far away鈥 or that麓s what they thought.]
This man is ready for anything, no matter what, at this point of his life with Mc and his brothers he can stare into the eyes of his father without a piece of fear. Truth to be say, he had this weird hunch deep down his guts screaming at him that he shall not be conffy in the living room, and it wasn麓t just for the thousands of religious pictures that were in there鈥 it was something else, something even more dangerous.
After hearing Mc麓s scream, he stood up as fast as he could, and only felt the slightly warm of his human鈥 And then鈥 he ran as his life depended on. He obviously gets mad, cse no one drags him out of his comfort zone as the Mc has. After a quick explanation of why the elote is so important, he started to chase the elotero, while Mc screamed the name of the man ridding the bicycle.
They chase the elotero for at least for 3 full blocks, until the man stopped and looked at them all sweaty and nicely apologies to them, after all, he was an old man and his ears were nothing like, compared to when he was young.
As the fastest brother, he at least needed to win this battle鈥 right? It麓s the only thing that he can do better than the rest of their brothers but damn, the elotero was way to fast even for him, and taking his demon form wasn鈥檛 a good idea, at least not in your country where they could burn down your parents house, because there was a demon in there.
He tried to scream with you the name of the man ridding the bicycle, and he notice that there were more locals of elotes, while you both were running, and he asked you 鈥淲hy do we chase that man and not eat in other place?鈥 But as good Latin, you told him that loyalty comes first than hunger (This applies to basically everything you can think about: tacos, empanadas etc.)
After 30 minutes of running, finally the elotero stopped and鈥 Mc notice something really important鈥 They didn麓t have money with them.
He will not chase the elotero, he is a shut-in otaku, 鈥淢c鈥 Do you want to kill me?鈥
He stills don麓t understand how he ended jogging behind the elotero, he was so slow that the only thing he could see, was the back of his human, suddenly the gap between him and Mc and the elotero grow bigger and bigger, he just saw how more people started to run with Mc, trying to stop the nice woman ridding the bicycle.
Thy couldn麓t make it, Levi almost faint in the street, and Mc carried him back home, next day the third born couldn麓t move at all.
The strategy was easy, Satan needed to get angry and Mc needed to run as fast as they could into the direction of the elotero so the demon could at least eat that magnificent taste, easy enough. The problem was that for a strange reason Satan couldn麓t get angry in Mc麓s country.
There was no time for explaining yourself so you took the book he was reading and ran, of course he started to run behind you, you were so close the elotero that you could hear the song, you started to make a sprint, your legs started to hurt but you ignore the pain, and also you ignore the fact that the fourth born was chasing you.
Fortunately, you could not only scape alive from Satan麓s anger, but you actually achieve to reach the elotero.
He didn麓t run, 鈥淗oney, there is no food that is worth the sweat.鈥
Mc ran alone that day.
He knew about the elotero, sometimes in his dreams he could see the bicycle, and even if he hadn麓t taste before an elote, he could taste the most magic flavor. So, he was ready for this, he was so ready, he trained himself just for that day.
When you told him what it was finally happening, he leaves the posture he took while playing with your nice and nephew and in a blink, he was in the street chasing the elotero, he was carrying a backpack full of tuppers and money so he could buy everything and eat them without any complication.
He returned alone with his backpack full of corn and he ate it alone.
He chases the elotero, not because he wanted to chase them, nonono, it was because of Beel, their bond is really strong, so he could sense the cravings of his twin, and that didn麓t let him sleep. So, he chased the elotero with the MC.
They ran as fast as they could, Belphie almost slide up in a curve, he also almost trip with a rock, the streets had potholes and he didn麓t saw one of them. He is wondering how the elotero is actually that fast and agile, he really wants to step in the bicycle and sleep there while Beel is ridding the bike.
They couldn麓t reach the elotero, and the both of you got lost in the streets, Mc麓s mother and demons went for them.
Let麓s learn some Spanish:
No estaba muerta, estaba de parranda: I wasn麓t death I was in a party.
Elote: Corn. (Also known as choclo, mazorca etc.)
Elotero: Person that sells corn.
Tumblr media
This is the bicycle, usually for elotes, tamales, ice cream, trash, you name it!!
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jester-writing-things8 days ago
So like that Asmodeus and Mammon with a pregnant s/o request, what would they do when their s/o went into labor? And their reaction to their new born child (or children if it's twins or something lol)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poly Mammon and Asmodeus with an s/o that goes into labor/has kids
As soon as your water broke there was panic, they both rush to get you to the hospital and make sure you鈥檙e ok. Mammon is practically in tears both because he鈥檚 scared and because he鈥檚 excited, Asmodeus is mor composed but you can still see he鈥檚 beyond scared that something will go wrong
They stay by your side and talk to you the entire time, it鈥檚 sweet, but your mind is obviously else where since, you know, you鈥檙e giving birth
By the time the baby is born you鈥檙e exhausted, ready to just rest, you鈥檙e in a lot of pain and you just want to sleep, they are both so happy and are praising you about how strong you are and how prions of you they are, you know just stuff for moral support
Then the doctor speaks up, 鈥淭he first one is done are you ready for the second one?鈥 None of you knew you were pregnant with twins, Asmodeus is holding your hand telling you you鈥檙e almost there and that it鈥檚 almost over, Mammon is pressed against your side and telling you how much he loves you
You passed out at one point and scared the fuck out of them, they were terrified thinking you had just died on them but you still had a pulse, the doctor had to calm them down.
When you woke up they were both still there , each holding a child, they looked so happy it was really cute. Mammon is practically jumping up and down. Asmodeus is rocking the baby, grinning ear to ear, the baby Asmodeus is holding is sound asleep while the one Mammon was holding was laughing
Asmodeus is the one to notice you鈥檙e awake and greets you, asking if you鈥檙e ok. They both crowd you and shower you in hugs and kisses. They both hand over the babies to you so you could see you鈥檙e own children
Asmodeus is asking if you鈥檙e ok, if you need them to get them anything. They bring you water and stay by your side till they can bring you home
When you get home with the babies they take the babies so you could sleep and recover, they are so excited to spend time with their children and can鈥檛 wait till you are feeling better so you all can go out and do things as a family
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mxvladdy8 days ago
I would like to request! Can I request? Well I wish for you to consider what type of person/what kind of situation would cause the brothers to make a pact with someone. Maybe even what they would request in exchange? This can be before or after they met MC. With that out of the way, I totally binge read all of your works after my sister gushed to me about the True Form series, and just thank you??? It made me really happy reading them and it's always impressively detailed and well thought out.
Awww thank you! I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 rave-worthy! I plan to add to it soon bc it was an absolute riot to write and research for lol
And wow this one is a toughie! I鈥檝e actually never thought of what would make them want a pact! Hope ya like it!
Lucifer- Pact of Success
Absolutely the hardest brother to do business with, but that is probably a good thing. He is incredibly selfish with his contracts. Sure, they鈥檒l benefit from his pact mark, but he will get the most out of it. Aside from MC he only takes requests for contracts from the human 鈥渆lite鈥. They make wonderful feathers in his cap.
But also he takes some enjoyment in breaking them. They always get so cocky with his contracts thinking that they have him on the ropes and at their beck and call. It gives him a good chuckle, humans are so brazen considering their very short lifespan.
He destroys them slowly over time- all the little minutia he peppers in his legal bindings adds up. Not that his normal clientele ever read the fine print. But he designed it that way to make sure they don鈥檛. All their requests are the same and so simplistic. Big boats, fancy cars, climbing the proverbial ladder faster than their friends or enemies - blah-blah-blah. At least the paperwork is easy to complete.
Very rarely does he find a contract he is excited to make. Those contracts are given to artists and craftsmen he sees potential in. He loves good art, and every artist should take pride in their work.
When it comes to the 鈥減rice鈥 of his pact it is worryingly simple. All he wants is some of their time. It sounds simple, and it is. Which is why it鈥檚 dangerous. The contract doesn鈥檛 specifically say how or the rules of it. How he takes your time is completely up to him.
Sometimes he simply comes for a drink and to ask how business is going. Or with the pacts he gives a damn about- he pops in to see progress on their artist visions or listen to their latest musings. 聽 聽
Other times if he grows tired of his pact holders鈥 ever-growing demands or ludicrous requests he comes and takes time right out of their lifespan. His visits leave them weak and fatigued though they can鈥檛 place why. He is a slow siphon of death and they are too foolhardy to notice. If he is feeling especially cruel, or sentimental he takes memories, things that a demon generally wouldn鈥檛 want.
Time with family, the first time they met the love of their life, a child鈥檚 birthday. He takes them all and leaves them with only a blurry recollection in his wake
When MC crosses his path though he is very apprehensive. He doesn鈥檛 want a pact or anything that could jeopardize Diavolo鈥檚 upcoming plans. But they make his skin itch with want. He doesn鈥檛 want them to be another trophy on his wall. He wants a mutually beneficial pact, one that almost leans in their favor and it grates him. Should/ when a pact is made he won鈥檛 use his powers on you as then he would have to take something in return. Instead, he takes his time and coaches them to be successful by their own right, though if he has to eliminate some obstacles- well they don鈥檛 need to know that.
Mammon- Pact of Riches
I love his man with all my heart, but even when he isn鈥檛 losing bets or getting tricked into pacts he still isn鈥檛 the most selective with who he conducts business with. He is the avatar of greed, after all. I guess it comes with the territory.
He scouts for already wealthy humans or people with a good head for numbers and is money smart. Some are too smart to deal with him, knowing that whatever monetary gain they are granted from him will backfire in the end (or their mama鈥檚 taught them not to make deals with strange demons). But a sucker is born every minute, and he has nothing but time on his hands.
His pacts are pretty simple and upfront. Sign on the dotted line and they get some of his wicked gamblers鈥 luck and more riches than one human life span could do much with. While he gets a glorified accountant and a nice percentage of their profits. It鈥檚 a win-win鈥 for him.
See he forgets to mention that there are two sides to every coin, and his flip side is particularly detrimental to one鈥檚 health. He just so conveniently glosses over that his luck will wear out over time depending on how frequently the pact holder uses it.
But the hunger for more doesn鈥檛. If anything that particular sensation grows into an all-consuming fire in the pit of their pitiful guts. It forces them back into the seedy basements or griming gambling halls. One more roll, one more stack of bills, just one more time and they will hit pay dirt surly! But the losses just keep coming. If one of his pact holders ends up face down in a ditch after one too many bad hands and uncontrollable greed鈥 well ain鈥檛 nobody鈥檚 fault but their own.
He has a softer spot for humans that seek him out and treat him like a living being instead of some tool to be tossed around at will. It鈥檚 refreshing. He will actually take some care with these pacts and tell them to temper their use of his magic so they can get the most out of it in the long run. They still might run into misfortune and he is genuinely sorry for that but there is only so much he can do in the end.
With MC he doesn鈥檛 even tell them about what his pact can do or how to use it. He doesn鈥檛 want anything bad happening to his human. If they want something tell him he will do it himself no magic or pact summoning required. He wants to keep them happy and healthy for as long as his lifespan will allow.
If MC should find how to use his pact mark he will get pissed. Not so much at them but the situation in general. He鈥檒l be upfront about the whole thing, judge him how they want but he refuses to let greed consume them too. He focuses a lot of time and energy on learning how to reel in his magic with them so they get some of the perks but none of the major downsides. Unlike with his other pacts where he lets it all just run wild (just means they use up their contact faster and he can move on to even bigger fish).
Leviathan- Pact of Wisdom and Skill
Surprisingly, despite his antisocial tendencies with 鈥渘ormies鈥, he gets around when it comes to contracts. Perhaps it鈥檚 jealousy at his other brothers or perhaps he finds collecting contracts a bit of a game on its own.
He has a small niche of people interested in his pacts. Pacts with him give people a strategic advantage in nearly any situation. Seemingly overnight his humans turn into near tactical geniuses. Because of that, he is very popular with military leaders and humans with dangerous careers.
He also makes mini contracts with foot soldiers and humans with dangerous oceanic jobs. They just want to make it out alive and he gets that. With contracts like these, he is more lenient and doesn鈥檛 ask for much. Make an offering of fancy food to Henry 2.0 or wait in line for a rare human figuring he wants. Wam-bam thank you ma鈥檃m kinda business.
This is completely different from his larger contracts. With the military contracts, he expects them to continue with their duties until they die in the field. Simple as that, he doesn鈥檛 mince words in his contract. It鈥檚 what he would do as General so he expects it from them. Should they try to define him he will get rid of them.
He takes delight in defiant contract holders. They think they are as clever as he is now. But they forget that they are using his magic. He could take his magic away right after they defy him sure...but he won鈥檛. He lets them stew for a bit, thinking they have had the last laugh on envy. If they wish to play games with a General then he will make sure it鈥檚 good.
With MC he plays on easy mode, granting them insight and little touches of his magic during exam week or when playing a game against his brothers. He wants nothing in return from them but some quality hangout time.
Satan- The Pact of Retribution
As the only pure-blooded demon out of the seven, he does these pacts out of necessity like most other demons. While the others do it more so out of monetary gain and an obligation to the crown. Or if you鈥檙e Belphie, sheer enjoyment.
He does it because he hungers, it a hole in his very self that he is trying to fill. He hunts for one reason only- relief from his cardinal sin. He will never feel the calm after a storm of rage naturally. Patience and tranquility are the antitheses of his very creation. So he gets it artificially through his contracts.
He looks for the downtrodden, angry, and the most bitterly despondent humans he can find and gives them the chance to seek vengeance. He is very upfront with what his pact entails. Once the vengeance is complete his rage will consume them and they will become another soul for him to consume.
He isn鈥檛 cruel about the process or tries to trick a human into a mark. Very few of the ones he approaches turn him down even after hearing the details. It is possible that humans once shot to get even and he gets to feel bliss, to feel calm. He finds out that the longer or more obscure the plan for retribution is the sweeter the outcome is for Satan.
If he is feeling super ornery he will go after people affected by the outcomes of Lucifer鈥檚 pacts. They are easy prey and almost as wrathful as Satan himself. Bonus it aggravates Lucifer to no end when he has to go out of his way to clean up the mess Satan鈥檚 contract made of his own. 聽Anything to piss him off makes Satan feel all the better.
With MC he doesn鈥檛 need to use his pact magic. Mostly because they are always around him in the Devildom, and no one is stupid enough to mess with someone Satan favors. If someone or something does irritate his MC he will take it out before it can fester into something his magic will try to latch onto. Keeping you calm and happy makes him feel almost tranquil as well.
Asmodeus- Pact of Gratification
Another very popular pact to try to get, and how could it not? He is fabulous~ But as much as people try to find him, he only goes for a certain type of contract. He has his perfectly manicured fingers on the pulse of the fashion and beauty industry.
His name is a whisper among the up and comers in the business. Many-while not looking for a pact - at least want to see him at least once. Many never will, they get cut from their agency or quit before they could get a foothold. It happens, and he hates to see it. Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous, or at least get a chance to be in the same room as him!
But for the ones the perceiver and climb the ranks get invited to one of his many parties. They can only get invited by someone wearing his mark. He trusts them to know who would be amenable to his contract.
His pact grants its bearer a glamor that can鈥檛 be broken by any meer mortal or mage. It makes them absolutely irresistible. How they wield that power is completely up to the user, he won鈥檛 judge or intervene.
Once they sign the contract all his holders see him frequently. He absolutely loves dropping in on their shoots or fancy dinners to say hi or get a recap on how they are fairing. Not because he is a nice demon or just super friendly (though they would like to think so). No, he just likes to watch. 聽
His payment is slow, methodical and no one sees it happen until it is already complete. In exchange for beauty and the graduation of getting whatever their little hearts could as for he gets their ability to love, whether that be familiar or sexual. Asmo loves the feeling of being loved; he wants it in all ways possible.
Some pact holders don鈥檛 have an issue with this. They got their looks, a successful career, and people to manipulate to their heart鈥檚 content. Not having strong contentions with anyone works in their favor. But others don鈥檛 and while they search for him to try and get that little slice of humanity back he is long gone. He got what he wanted anyway.
MC is his darling. He can and will make a special contract just for them (reviewed by Lucifer). A beautiful new contract for a beautiful soul! He wants you as unchanged as possible because this MC is the one he fell for.
Beelzebub- Pact of Prowess
His pact is a very elusive one as he isn鈥檛 keen on going and looking for one. Beel isn鈥檛 a big fan of these trades, but he needs them every once and a while. Nothing is more filling than a contracted soul.
His trade is basic, make a pact and you get his strength. He, like Satan, is upfront about what his payment is and what side effects will plague them. He sees no reason to lie about it. The more they draw on his power the more the host's body gorges itself. Their bones will collapse in on themselves from the stress of it- the magic feeds on anything in the host bodies. It will deplete the iron in the blood, go after the calcium in the bones, sink its teeth in their muscle system. 聽
It鈥檚 all rather gruesome and Beel does feel bad about it. He tells though who are still adamant about binding with him ways they can negate some of the side effects by taking supplements and augmenting their diets.
But it is like patching a deep cut with a bandaid, it just won鈥檛 work. His stomach is near bottomless- humans most certainly aren鈥檛. They simply can鈥檛 eat enough to sustain their body like he can.
It surprises him that people still seek him out. To some, the pros outweigh that very huge cons. Some really do believe that they can find a loophole or find the right mix of medication to offset it.
He doesn鈥檛 get beaten up about it anymore but it gets on his nerves how obstinate humans can be about his very clear warnings. When his magic finally consumes them he takes both the body and soul back down with him and feasts on both.
With MC he keeps an eye out on them. Consistently checking in, making sure they don鈥檛 skip a meal, and join him at the gym often. He wants them to be strong and healthy enough to not ever want to use his pact. Though he does speculate that their angelic bloodline buffers both his and his brother鈥檚 magic a good bit.
Belphegor- Pact of the Visionary
Dreamers come in every shape and size and from different walks of life. But they are are all suckers to Belphie. He is known as the Lord of Decet for a reason.
He will promise them everything and anything their heart desires. That invention that will change the world? Done. A patent that is long overdue. Easy enough. A sudden rush of ingenuity to complete that nagging project. He is a devil of his word, it will be done. It- just won鈥檛 be done in the way they would want it. 聽
See manipulating the physical realm is hard work. Like a lot of hard work. More than he would ever do for some stupid little human. It鈥檚 a lot easier to control outcomes in his realm.
The moment the contract is signed his hosts fall under his control and he takes it from there building a perfect little dream world for them to frolic in and believe they are getting what they want. He feeds off of them here, taking little sips from their energy and exploring these new fresh dream worlds. His dreamscapes get boring every once and a while, so having a new human under his influence is always refreshing.
While his humans thrive inside their minds their bodies waste away in bed as his magic draws them further and further into an endless sleep.
He doesn鈥檛 see anything wrong with his contracts. Who would argue with him that the dream realms aren鈥檛 real in their own sense? Did his humans not accomplish their goals in the end? He doesn鈥檛 think of the outside effects of his magic and pacts. Belphie really doesn鈥檛 care about what families he broke apart or lives he inadvertently affected. 聽
MC is different to him though. He doesn鈥檛 keep them under his spell hardly ever (maybe if they are spending too much time with Dia or Lucifer. But he doesn鈥檛 push it with them.).He still walks into their dreams whenever he feels but he comes just to visit, not to change. He simply just enjoys keeping you company and relaxing in the little mini paradise you always seem to create in your dreams.
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Twisting Time (Pt. 2)
(Part 1)
Tumblr media
Everything is blinding white. Your head is buzzing, your entire body numb and floating. Yet somehow you remember this sort of feeling. After it clears out and you come to your senses you see Diavolo, standing before you with welcoming arms.
Diavolo: Welcome to Devildom, MC! You've been chosen to be an exchange student from the Human Realm in R.A.D. I'm Diavolo, the crown Prince of Hell. Pleased to have you here.
Back to the very start. Look out demons, it's time for the bad route.
You watch as the all the brothers line up, introducing themselves. You chuckle, trying to hide a knowing smile. You know them already, and you know them so well. They've gone from acquaintances to friends to crushes to bystanders of your demise.
MC: Hi I'm MC. Nice to meet you! Hope we have a good year together!
Lucifer: You're taking this rather well for a human.
MC: You all don't look too different from humans.
Asmo: Oh now I wonder how you would react to our demon forms, cutie.
Satan: Asmo please they just got here. We're here to show you around if you need us.
Levi: Whatever normies. I'm going back to my room.
Mammon: And I'm a very busy guy so try not to bother me too much!
You look for Barbatos and find him smiling at you pleasantly. Was he this quiet the first time around?
Barbatos: Let me show you to your room, MC. Come with me.
MC: Thank you, Barbatos. Really appreciate your help.
Barbatos: *chuckles* Indeed you must really be grateful to already know my name when I didn't even introduce myself.
MC: I-
Barbatos: *comes closer and whispers* It's okay. I know.
MC: Are you the same one who helped me get here?
Barbatos: No that's a different version of me in a different time line. But my powers transcend time so I knew that you were coming.
MC: I understood very little.
Barbatos: *laughs* You'll understand in due time. Now which brother will go for first?
MC: The one who brags about it most of course. Dear old Mammon.
MC: *fidgeting in the freezer* Beelzebub? Can you help me with something?
Beel: You need something from the freezer MC?
MC: Yes there seems to be something frozen in that big chunk of ice can you help me get it?
Beel: Oh I see it. *breaks into ice and brings it out* Eh? This doesn't look edible. Anyways I'm late for my work out see you later. *leaves*
MC: It looks like a credit card. It's a pretty color too, so shiny and-
MC: Oh is this yours Mammon? It was in the freezer.
Mammon: Yes yes gimme it! I can't believe Lucifer would freeze it of all things!
MC: Will you make a pact with me in return?
Mammon: What? How do ya even know what a pact is?
MC: A pact is a bond of loyalty isn't it? That means we'll help each other out whenever we need? *sweet smile*
Mammon: *blushes* Oh if that's what ya know then.. sure we have a pact! But I won't pay ya Grimm!
MC: That's okay I don't want it! However...
Mammon: H-hey what are ya doing coming this close?
MC: *whispers* Don't tell anyone about this pact.
Mammon: *blushes* O-okay I won't. Noone will know.
MC: Such a good demon you are! Thank you!
One down. Six more to go.
This time around there will be no unpleasantries and unwanted attacks. Not even from Lucifer and Belphegor himself. This time you all will truly OBEY ME.
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thedevildomdaily8 days ago
Demonic Possessions Ch4: Drooling in Majolish
Find previous chapters HERE! Sorry for posting this one late. Hectic week! This chapter had was a way to show off how the triplets get along and for the OM! characters to learn about them. Things happening in between ***** are meant to show that it is happening at the same time as the rest of the story. People blankly watching as idiots do their thing.
Warnings: None. Just swearing this chapter. Lemony goodness will happen, just gotta build those relationships yo! n_<
After 2 more classes, Lena and Leviathan met with the twins on their way to lunch. Of course they had to make haste in order to keep up after Beelzebub. He was excited for whatever was on special, or so he said. Satan clarified that he was excited for anything he could eat.
鈥淓ven the atrocious slop Solomon 鈥榗ooks up鈥?鈥 Lena asked. Immediately the three brothers at her side laughed. So it wasn鈥檛 just with the Devildom ingredients. 鈥楾o be fair, Sol鈥檚 always had servants prepare his meals. Being this independent is a first for him鈥︹
Just as they entered the cafeteria, Lena was able to spot the rest of the people she'd met in the Devildom, along with her brothers, and Solomon.
鈥淲ell, speak of the Devil鈥-contracting imp!鈥 she chuckled. She returned a wave to him and approached the giant table they were congregating around. Before she could get a word out, Azri intercepted his sister.
鈥淟e, who did you hair?鈥 there was a serious look on the towering nephilim's face. There was over a foot and a half height distance between the two of them. 鈥淥h, Asmo did it! He did a great job. And he braided it the night before so I had no tangles鈥︹
Azri gave a sigh of relief and continued to examine her. The rest of the table and a few passers-by observed the siblings. 鈥淒ude, will you stop!? People are staring and you are embarrassing me鈥︹ Lena said with gritted teeth.
鈥淥h ignore them Le, I am just looking at this uniform of yours. It does suit you well...though this material is, well, a choice. And the color of the shirt...I don鈥檛 get what we鈥檙e going for. A Totalitarian....Spring? I just can鈥檛! At least this shade of green brings out our eye color.鈥
鈥淎nd I鈥檓 about to bring out your eyes with my fork if you don鈥檛 sit the fuck down and eat lunch!鈥 The female nephilim took her seat between Lilly and Asmodeus, who wrapped his arm around her as a welcome. They and everyone else were taken aback by her threatening words except for Zak and Solomon who were chuckling as they began to eat.
Zak finally spoke, 鈥淒on鈥檛 take Lena so seriously guys. She鈥檇 have done that without warning if she was really pissed.鈥
鈥淵es, you should have seen her back in ancient Rome鈥︹
鈥淒on鈥檛 talk about Rome Sol!鈥 Lena warned. 鈥淪eriously, you guys live to embarrass me don鈥檛 you? No! Don鈥檛 even answer.鈥
Azriel took a seat across the table from Asmodeus. Zak was to his left, and Mammon to his right. He had most of his classes with Lilly, Mammon, Asmo, and Satan. There were also the angels who were now joining the table.
鈥淎smo, you did a wonderful job managing Lena鈥檚 hair. It can be quite unruly for the untrained...and for her. Can you continue the upkeep since we aren鈥檛 staying together?鈥 he really was the worrisome mother hen of the triplets.
The Avatar of Lust gave a sly smile and nodded, 鈥淥f course! It鈥檚 nice to finally have someone with long hair to play with. And she is quite the patient customer at salon de Asmo.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 talk as if I鈥檓 not here鈥︹ Lena reminded them, 鈥淭hough I am really grateful to you for helping me. Nephilim hair grows back within 10 minutes of cutting it. And all dye is temporary. We have cursed locks I swear!鈥
The rest of lunch was full of banter. Mammon and Satan got into it again over the book that was stolen and pawned. Asmo, Azri, and Lilly discussed fashion. Lena chimed-in every now and then, but had moved to see what Leviathan was playing. She ate half of her food and gave the rest over to the bottomless pit that was Beel. Lastly. Zak was talking to Simeon, Luke, Solomon, and Satan. He was a huge history buff and wanted to know things about both the Celestial Realm and the Devildom.
Before they all split up again for the day, a meeting place and invite for everyone was made. Lena decided to show pictures of her attic room to Azri so he might faint, just to spite him for that earlier embarrassment. Zak was interested in learning about the cool hang-outs and to get in on some Devildom poker and street racing. Of course Mammon had all of the information he wanted for that. Lilly made the demon agree not to go without her, their chaperone after the shopping ended.
When their last classes ended, Mammon flew down the hall to meet Asmo, Lena, and Leviathan. Lilly was left in the dust, trying to catch up to him.
鈥淲e need to hurry guys!鈥 He exclaimed.
His brothers didn鈥檛 budge. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e trying to hurry off to collect your check from Hell鈥檚 kitchen so you can spend it before Satan takes it. LAME!鈥 Leviathan called him out, hitting the nail on the head with his older brother.
鈥淒ude, that鈥檚 really cold. To your own brother!鈥 Lena shook her head, feigning deep disappointment.
鈥淎h, I dun wanna hear that from someone who threatened her sibling鈥檚 eye removal at the lunch table鈥︹ he narrowed his bright eyes at the short nephilim.
鈥淚鈥檇 say touche, but he did provoke me鈥︹ was her only response. She wasn鈥檛 sure if they should go on ahead, or meet outside of RAD like they鈥檇 agreed.
Lilly frogged Mammon鈥檚 arm when she caught up to the small group. 鈥淭hanks for taking off on me you ass!鈥 He barely felt anything from the tiny human, but was annoyed nonetheless. 鈥淗ey!鈥
鈥淟et鈥檚 just go towards the meeting location,鈥 Asmo said with a slightly annoyed tone, 鈥淚f you wanna take off, then go. Just don鈥檛 involve us. If Satan asks, then I鈥檓 going to tell him what you鈥檙e scheming.鈥
Leviathan nodded, 鈥淵eah, it鈥檇 be the wrong route choice siding with you over Satan.鈥 They didn鈥檛 want the Avatar of Wrath on their case.
Mammon sighed and then decided to bolt anyways.
The small group went ahead to the meeting spot. Everyone was there, save for Lucifer, from the House of Lamentation. Satan had anticipated that Mammon would try an escape. Azri, Zak, and the rest of Purgatory Hall arrived shortly, and they all left together.
When they arrived at Majolish, a couple employees instantly greeted them and rushed to Asmodeus. They were all blushes and giggles while Asmo proceeded to charm them over and talk about his recent collaborations.
Lena and Lilly both ran over to the shoes. 鈥淎 girl after my own heart!鈥 The human shouted. They were both major shoe collectors. And, what was even better, the two learned they had the same size. 鈥淲e can swap!鈥 Lena insisted.
鈥淵ou know what, I鈥檓 not gonna say 鈥榥o鈥. Normally I wouldn鈥檛 want to risk it for the biscuit when it comes to borrowing expensive things...but shoooooeeeessssss!鈥 Lilly squinted.
Azriel stood in the center of the store, with an index finger drawn to his face to indicate how deep in thought he was. He was observing all the textiles the store carried. He noted the locations of all accessories, the jewelry, the perfume. He looked intense, like a predator about to strike.
Then he instantly rushed to Lena鈥檚 side and told her to grab 4 specific pairs of shoes. Great, she was about to be dragged around. Mammon had been sulking in the entry way, watching everyone else happily shop. Seeing two of the nephilim start racking-up items made his eyes widen slightly. 鈥淟ook at em go鈥︹
He was half talking to a sleepy Belphegor that didn鈥檛 feel like browsing, and Leviathan who was waiting to get to the crane game he鈥檇 mentioned to Lena. They both looked over to the siblings. Lena was becoming a walking stack of clothes.
鈥淲eird鈥︹︹ Belphegor mumbled.
Lilly joined them, unable to keep up with what was happening. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not weird...it鈥檚 cute.鈥 since they didn鈥檛 have parents and Lucifer was hypercritical most of the time, it made sense that the brothers wouldn鈥檛 understand the way Azri was taking care of his sister, wanting her to look perfect. Which, in Lilly鈥檚 opinion, was unnecessary since Lena was stunning already.
鈥淵es, he is taking care of his little sister the way you and Beel take care of each other.鈥 Simeon joined in their conversation. 鈥淭hough it seems like he鈥檚 a little too involved.鈥
鈥淟OL. He鈥檚 literally smothering her...with clothes!鈥 Leviathan laughed. 鈥淚t looks like he's about to lose the game of Tetris he鈥檚 made out of her stack of clothes.鈥
鈥淒id you guys notice it though鈥?鈥 Lilly asked, 鈥淟ena is only a bit taller than me...and yeah I know she鈥檚 curvier than me, but look at how easily she鈥檚 managing.鈥 They all nodded. So this was a tiny bit of her power on display.
Zak had picked a couple of things out for himself, talking to Beel, Luke, and Solomon. When he caught his siblings in the corner of his eye, he let out a huge sigh, 鈥淓xcuse me for a moment guys. Looks like I need to intervene.鈥 He left his stuff at a counter with his new friends.
鈥淗ey Azri, you鈥檙e going nuts with the clothes鈥︹ he called to his brother. It was no use though. Azriel was possessed by all things fashion. He wanted to know how things felt. The durability and the way they folded. What sewing techniques they used!
Taking half of Lena鈥檚 stack so they could actually see her face again, Zak cleared his throat loudly. He was trying to stay calm and civilized. It didn鈥檛 help that Lena was in a zombie-like state with the dumbest grin he鈥檇 ever seen. Was that drool?!
鈥淲ell I鈥檓 certain that鈥檚 a first!鈥 Asmodeus appeared out of nowhere, 鈥淪omeone is actually drooling in Majolish after my line of clothes!鈥 Of course that boosted his ego even further. 鈥淵ou look so cute Lena Darling!鈥 He quickly went to take her stuff for her.
鈥淣O! She needs to try that on.鈥 Azri came out of his fashion trance to stop Asmo, before continuing on enchanting cotton, latex, leather, velvet is gross, real silk.
Zack quickly put the stack he鈥檇 grabbed from his sister onto the counter at the checkout and returned to his deranged siblings. 鈥淥I, Azri! You are not wasting everyone鈥檚 time by making Lena try all of this stuff on. It鈥檚 not like this is our only day to shop!鈥
鈥淏-But the Mary-janes, the stilettos with the skulls...batty boots! Zak, they have batty boots!鈥 Lena whined. Zak was embarrassed, rolling his eyes as he took his sister鈥檚 hand.
He led her over to sit by Mammon. 鈥淕uys. Watch her for a moment. Do NOT let her wonder off.鈥 There were a few nods.
Zak went back to Azri and Asmodeus, telling the demon to add the stuff he was holding to the pile at the checkout. It was no exaggeration that Azri and Lena picked one of every single thing out in Majolish. And this was their first store. They hadn鈥檛 actually bought any amenities for their rooms. And that was the only goal of their trip. 鈥淎ZRIEL VAN HELSING!鈥 he shouted.
Azri snapped out of it, 鈥淥h my. What do you need Zak?鈥 he looked as if he had no idea where he was. After looking around for a moment, he sighed, 鈥淚 went over board-鈥
鈥淵ou went overboard.鈥 -_-
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry.鈥 he scratched his head sheepishly, then bowed to the Majolish employees standing around dumbfoundedly by what was happening, and to his new companions who were just enjoying the show. 鈥淟et鈥檚 hurry and pay for this. Lena needs sheets and curtains and a proper dresser鈥︹ He was already starting to chant items to buy at the next store without knowing where it was.
Mammon鈥檚 eyes widened so much, Belphegor had to ask what had him so shocked. 鈥淒-D-Did you just see...they have a Black Royal card!!!鈥
鈥淲hat?! OMFD!鈥 Leviathan responded equally as shocked. Of course Lilly didn鈥檛 know what that meant at all.
Simeon chuckled softly and volunteered to explain, 鈥淎 Black Royal card is the only thing that trumps Mammon鈥檚 gold card. It鈥檚 so rare that I believe only Lord Diavolo and possibly Lucifer has one. If he does have one, I鈥檇 imagine he never uses it on account of being extremely frugal compared to these two.鈥 He referred, of course, to Mammon and Leviathan.
Those two brothers had the biggest track records for blowing lots of cash on nonsense. The third worst was Beelzebub with food costs being outrageous. His saving grace is going to places that offer free meals for completing eating challenges. They were starting to pop up less frequently thanks to the parfait incident when the carnival came to town.
鈥淥h I see. Yeah, Lena told me that the Van Helsing family was loaded. They are, after all, the princes and princess of Solitva.鈥
鈥淎 p-p-princess?鈥 Leviathan gasped, 鈥淪he came from another world against her will to live with demon lords...this is just like that manga I told you about!鈥
鈥淵a know what, Levi, you鈥檝e actually got a point with this one!鈥 Lilly laughed. Lena had actually made the same remark when she was talking to her about it.
They watch in awe as the triplets paid for all of the clothes, with a promise to return soon. Zak lectured Azri, since he was the one in charge of family finances. 鈥淵a know it鈥檚 pretty bad when I become the voice of reason!鈥 His arms were loaded with bags. So were Azri鈥檚, Lena鈥檚, Solomon鈥檚, Simeon鈥檚, Lilly鈥檚, and even Luke鈥檚.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how we鈥檙e gonna even make it to the next store鈥︹滾ena sighed, feeling tons of regret.
鈥淚鈥檇 carry it all back for you sis, but you know Azri will go nuts if I leave鈥︹ Zak said with a sigh.
Solomon gave his signature smile at the siblings. The smile that stopped them both in their tracks. Clearly the genius sorcerer had a solution and was waiting for them to ask.
鈥淥kay Sol, spill the beans鈥︹ Lena said, taking the bait.
Beel perked up, 鈥淏eans? Where?鈥 It bummed the redheaded hungry machine to learn from Lilly that it was just a figure of speech which caused Leviathan and Asmodeus to laugh.
鈥淚 have the perfect people for the job so you can continue your shopping trip..鈥 In a flash, Solomon summoned 6 lesser demons he clearly had a contract with. 鈥淭hey will take your stuff to The House of Lamentation and Purgatory Hall for you鈥︹
鈥淗EY! Why don鈥檛 ya ever do that for any of us!?鈥 Mammon complained. Asmo and Levi agreed since they were also avid shopaholics, 鈥榊eah why not lend us some helpers?鈥
Azri handed his bags over and took the ones Luke and Simeon had and gave them to one of the lesser demons. Nonchalantly, he answered the brothers, 鈥淧robably because he doesn鈥檛 owe any of you an eternal debt of gratitude鈥︹ He flipped his long, flowing hair as he glanced at himself in the windows of Majolish, 鈥淎nd I do mean that.鈥
Solomon didn鈥檛 give a reaction; ever the poker-player. Asmo, on the other hand, had a good idea about that debt. It involved Rome, a certain female nephilim, tigers, and a huge fire. He grinned mischievously at Lena, but received a pair of sky blue eyes glaring back. They told him not to say a word, and he would keep his promise not to.
After the shopping bags were no-longer a burden on anyone, the large group finished the day of spending by getting all of their bedroom furnishings and extra amenities. Azri went into another designer-obsessed mania trip while Lena floated around in her zombie state. Zak chased his lunatic siblings about, but they ended everything on a high note.
鈥淎nd you were all worried about them!鈥 Lilly said to Belphegor as they all spectated the scene, 鈥淚 see no difference between them and you guys getting into silly situations鈥︹
Belphegor could see it. And after spending some classes with them, began to lift some of his suspension for the time being. He also wasn鈥檛 salty with Lena any longer for getting his Attic hang-out. She described the dorms at Belmont Academy, their supernatural school, that she shared a room with 4 others for years. He couldn鈥檛 imagine sharing a room with any of his other brothers besides Beel.
The group agreed that their next stop was going to be Hell鈥檚 Kitchen. Satan called ahead so they could reserve a large seating area and to warn them that Beelzebub was on his way. His excitement was so apparent that it spread over to Lena. She was a bit of a foodie herself.
The two of them seemed to rush ahead of the group. Beel was smiling, listing off all the menu items to her, recommending everything basically. Her mouth was watering after the weird-as-well-you-know ingredients she was about to devour.
Mammon was in third, after them, with an angry Satan on his heels. It was obvious that he planned to rush in, collect his check, then slip out during their meal to A. avoid paying for his own meal and B. void paying Satan his whole check for the dick move he pulled by selling his brother鈥檚 tome.
Too bad he picked the wrong one to screw over. The intellect; the crafty one; the avatar of WRATH! Was not someone that easily forgot who did him wrong. Not only did he see through his older brother鈥檚 schemes, he was going after him to make sure he did get his check and to directly hand it over to him. 鈥淢AMMMOOOOOOON!鈥
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