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#mammon model au
moinstar · 25 days ago
Obey Me! Moin MC Masterpost
( long post )
Season 1
Welcome to Devildom
First Oath to the First Man
First Confession
I'm Your Only Model (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Lamp Event Mammon || Redraw WIP (event story)
Lesson 6 (soft spoiler)
Snack Time
Lesson 14 || The Past (soft spoiler)
Descendant (spoiler)
Who Do You See In Me, Lucifer? (spoiler)
Post-Glory Days devilgram idea
Felt Lonely || Drabble (gift)
Greed || Drabble
Satan's Fondness
Paws and Claws Event (event story)
Happy Birthday Lord Diavolo (self indulgent card)
Obey Me Title Screen Contest Entry
Picture Taking with Undateables (Part 1) (Part 2)
Mammon with Hair Dye
Towards Asmo || Drabble
Season 2
Lesson 25 (soft spoiler)
Moving On MamMoin (commissioned art with my drabble)
Trip to the Sky || Mini Comic || Poem (gift)
Nightly Hangout
Colored Party with Diavolo (gacha card)
Bunny Event OT3 (gacha card)
Lesson 26 (soft spoiler)
Sword Training with Lucifer (event story)
TSL Henry MC
RAD Party Night
His Intention
Cinderella and Fairy Godmother (event story)
Cinderella MC (event story)
Wedding Proposal MamMoin (event story)
Happy Birthday Simeon (self indulgent card)
The Ring (soft spoiler)
Accident during Apprenticeship
Season 3
Moin MC's New Look
Hello to my Bestfriend
Mini Lucifer (soft spoiler)
Lesson 48 (soft spoiler)
Wacky Picture
My First Mammon UR (gacha exp) || Black Panther Diavolo
- - - - -
Alternative Ending
Hide and Seek
First Kiss
Got Caught
Random Shenanigans
Winter Item
Squishing Satan's Cheeks
Squishing Diavolo's Cheeks
Swap AU
Using Hair Iron
Putting Makeup DiaMoin
Human World Dance?
All Hail (fanfic)
Kabedon-ning Diavolo
Valentine's Day Fun
White Day Fun
White Day Diavolo
Rainy Scenarios
Balloon Art
Piggyback Ride (fanfic)
Human World Date DiaMoin
Picture Taking DiaMoin
Maid Lucifer
Grown-Up Luke
Color Change Demon Form Diavolo
Paws and Claws 2 Violence End
- - - - -
About Moin MC
Obey Me MC Title Screen
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Outfit Idea 1
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ichigo-daifuku · 4 months ago
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil [2]
Tumblr media
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me! Pairing: Diavolo/F!Reader Genre: Soulmate AU, Fake Relationship (?), Misunderstandings, Fluff, Angst, Suggestive Themes
Tumblr media
Synopsis: During a confrontation between Diavolo and a certain witch who harbors unrequited feelings for him, he declares his intention to ask you to stand beside him in reigning over the Devildom someday. You conclude only one logical explanation for the insanity he uttered: this is his way of discouraging the witch from being so persistent. Although clueless, you play along and become ‘lovers’ with him.
Inevitably, your existing attraction for Diavolo grows, but the distinction between truth and lies, the crisscrossed lines of the right and the wrong, and the question of what’s real and what isn’t, begin to plague your mind and stir up trouble for your relationship with him with each passing day.
Entangled within the woven threads of soulmates and a royal prophecy, this is the story of the Demon Prince and his future Queen: you.
Tumblr media
1 | 2 | 3 Chapter 2: Hear No Evil Word Count: 6.5k
Tumblr media
To say your week was eventful would be an understatement.
It was no secret that wherever Diavolo went, eyes followed. Even if demons walked on eggshells with him, word about him spread from one mouth to another rapidly, both news and rumors alike. Now, your circumstances mimicked his own. When the two of you would be spotted together, all hell ensued. Once, Diavolo walked you to your classroom, and by the end of the day, everyone—including Belphegor, who had skipped classes—had knowledge of what happened. As the days passed, you slowly fell into the normalcy of such occurrences. The reason for it was when you were in Diavolo’s company, the last thing you cared about was the eyes trained on you, as strange as it sounded. On a positive note, it contributed to the fabrication of your relationship and made it more believable. No one had questioned either of you about it yet.
The most awaited day of the week arrived, Saturday.
You awoke in a good mood, undeniably filled with anticipation of the events today would bring. As you watered the Mirage Flower on your windowsill, the item resting beside it caught your eye: a note. You finished your task and took the crisp white envelope in your hands, flipping it over to see the crimson wax seal on its flap. While you were expecting the RAD logo to be stamped on it, the sigil was one you were positive you’d never seen before but felt strangely acquainted with.
With utmost care, you unsealed the envelope, and in the card, the sender had written:
Bewitched, I was, on the fateful day you and I met.
The familiar penmanship was all you needed to confirm it was, indeed, from none other than Diavolo.
You’d be lying if you claimed your heart didn’t flutter when you finished reading that single sentence, but that was a normal response, wasn’t it? Such a romantic sentiment was written in a note for you, and it was from an admirable man—of course, you’d be moved by it. As you breathed in and out to curb the initial surprise you felt due to the content of the envelope, you tapped behind the paper with your index finger, thinking.
Diavolo loved games, and he was entertained the most by being their mastermind.
This is a riddle, you thought. What a strange way to ask someone out.
You chuckled, both amused by his antics and by the way the gears in your head turned to figure out the meaning behind his words. Months ago, the demon brothers had insisted on coming with you to the Demon Lord’s Castle when you were invited there for tea. Perhaps, it was because, back then, Diavolo had requested for your company in the same manner that you found the answer in no time.
Tumblr media
Quietness ruled over the RAD campus on weekends, a stark contrast to the busy picture it painted on weekdays. The area remained open, though, permitting industrious students to hole up inside the library and club members to work on their extracurricular activities. 
Leisurely, you strolled along the garden and entered the building without bumping into anyone you knew. Once inside, you recognized a few demons and nodded to them as a greeting while navigating your way to the answer to the riddle: The Student Council Room.
The door let out a small creak as you pushed it open. Since Diavolo was nowhere to be found, you stepped inside and opted to look around for any signs of another envelope. Despite having a lot of papers and writing implements, Lucifer’s area was the tidiest. The square-shaped tube of the tinted lip balm Asmodeus had been frantically searching for yesterday was on his table. Meanwhile, a stack of overdue assignments Belphegor ‘forgot’ to bring home was on his desk.
You roamed around the room until you reached the space you had landed on when you were transported into this world. Standing still, you raised your head, your gaze meeting the podium Diavolo had occupied, the place where he greeted you. It was the very first time your eyes landed on him. In absolute clarity, you could picture the scene of your meeting and how he looked like back then. He was tall and proud, his eyebrows scrunched together in worry at your discomfort at being summoned so suddenly. Most of all, he was regal, as if the place he had been standing on was not a student council podium but a throne.
“This takes me back,” you commented, feeling nostalgic after realizing how far you’d come. You’d learned many things from your stay and met friends more precious to you than anyone else. In the past, if someone told you what kind of relationship you’d be sharing with the Demon Prince months later, you would’ve laughed and brushed them off. “Now, where could that envelope be?”
You stepped aside and moved forward. The stairs led you to where Diavolo had been on that ‘fateful’ day. Footsteps tentative but thrilled, you approached his seat, halting and pulling the chair out. You stood in the place where Diavolo belonged; high up, the sight offering a clear view of what was happening below. Your gaze zeroed in on the center of the room, the spot you stood at a while ago, where he first landed his eyes on you. It hit you that you were looking at that place from his perspective. What did he think of you back then?
“‘ Bewitched, I was, on the fateful day you and I met, ’” you uttered and caught yourself having thoughts you shouldn’t have. Sighing, you shook your head, picked up the envelope on Diavolo’s desk, and muttered, “Why is he so good at this?”
You unsealed the envelope and read the next riddle:
The greed and lust I harbor for you know no bounds.
How in the Devildom were you supposed to interpret that message? If you were surprised by the previous riddle, then you were flabbergasted now. You had to remind yourself multiple times: it was a riddle; nothing more, nothing less. Based on the emphasis he had given the sins in the message, the clue laid in the two members of the Seven Rulers of Hell: Mammon and Asmodeus. Intrigued by the events he had in store for you, you contemplated the riddle’s meaning further and descended on the stairs with the intent of going home. Before you could forget, you grabbed the missing lip balm Asmodeus left on his desk and decided to return it to him and ask him for any clues Diavolo might have given him.
Once you arrived back at the House of Lamentation, you went straight in the direction of Asmodeus’s room, but surprisingly, you met him along the hallway.
“Asmo! I found the tinted lip balm you’re looking for in the Student Council Room,” you stated, handing him the item.
He accepted it gratefully, his eyes wide. “Oh, my… I must have left it there a few days ago. Thanks for bringing it!”
“Sure thing,” you replied. “Where are you off to, by the way?”
“Glad you asked! The Into The Devildom collection I designed is going to be launched soon, so I’m meeting some partners for it.”
“Wow, congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing your designs!”
“Oh, thank you, darling! As crazy as this sounds, the executives suggested Mammon as one of our models, so he’s going to attend the meeting, too.”
“Wait! What did you just say? Mammon?”
“I know, right?” His facial expression morphed into one full of disbelief and exasperation. “Well, I mean, even if he’s scummy off-cam, he does justice to clothing on-cam, so I have high hopes for this campaign... but don’t tell him I said that!”
“Yes, yes, of course…”
The request Asmodeus made barely registered in your mind as you figured out the place connected to both the Avatar of Greed and the Avatar of Lust: Majolish.
Tumblr media
The Majolish VIP Room lived up to its name; it was nothing short of glamorous.
After going to an AkuDonald’s drive-through, Mammon, Asmodeus, and you—or as you liked to refer to yourselves: TEAM PARTYYYYY—headed straight to Majolish while chatting about random topics and gossip. Once inside the rose-colored establishment, Mammon and Asmodeus parted ways with you to attend their meeting. You were about to search for clues from the racks and shelves when a staff member approached and escorted you to a sitting room to serve you tea and snacks.
Minutes after partaking of the refreshments, the head stylist welcomed you to the adjoining VIP Room, where, at the moment, you were sitting inside and waiting. You stared at your reflection in the grand vanity mirror. All its lights were turned on, and it was an image you’d only seen in Hollywood movies back in your world. After you were all glammed up with flawless makeup, a staff member under Asmodeus brought an ensemble from his unreleased Into The Devildom collection. You tried to refuse, but after a phone call from the designer himself, insisting he wanted the best clothing for you on your ‘momentous’ date, you relented and expressed your gratitude for his thoughtful gesture.
“My lady,” the head stylist called. Although everyone in this place had been referring to you using this title since earlier, you were still unused to it. The head stylist offered you the item in their hands. “Lord Diavolo asked us to give you this envelope after you’d chosen your outfit.”
You smiled and received it. “I see. Thank you so much.”
“I wish you both a wonderful time,” the head stylist replied and left to give you privacy.
You opened the envelope, wondering what the riddle would say. Since he led you here to prepare you for your date, this would be the last note, wouldn’t it?
Meet me at the place where we first shared dinner, my princess.
I will be waiting.
— Diavolo
‘My princess.’
He called you his princess.
Your heart did a complete somersault at that. 
Unexpectedly, the riddle—if you could even call it one—was more straightforward than the previous two you’d received. You placed the card back inside the envelope, putting it together with the other two inside your clutch. Clearing your throat and fixing your posture, you stood and adjusted your clothing. You were nervous again, but you were ready.
A sleek black car waited for you outside, ready to take you to your destination: Ristorante Six.
Tumblr media
“You look even more beautiful tonight,” Diavolo remarked.
He smiled at you from across the table, his appearance dashing though he was only in a plain dress shirt and slacks. He took the champagne flute in his long fingers, your eyes refusing to miss the way his arm flexed at the movement and how his throat bobbed as he took a sip of the beverage.
“I have you to thank for that,” you gulped and managed to reply. “The staff at Majolish were all so nice and accommodating.”
“That’s good to hear.” He placed his glass on the side and leaned back to his seat, his eyes trained on you. “Did you enjoy the riddles?”
You let out a laugh. “I can’t say I didn’t.”
“I’m glad,” he said, the smile on his lips shifting into a frown. “To tell you the truth, I initially planned for us to enjoy a day together in the human world… but when I asked Lucifer for advice, he told me it wouldn’t be pleasant if we were to run into a certain witch…”
Ah, you thought, wondering what that would’ve entailed. However, wouldn’t it be better for Maddi to see you and Diavolo together for her to be deterred? When you contemplated the matter further, you supposed that would be dangerous—for you, at least. Honestly, you would’ve been fine with a simple dinner, but knowing Diavolo, the fact that Ristorante Six was empty save for the two of you was his way of apologizing and making up for the breakfast Maddi ruined. “You don’t need to worry about that. I really enjoyed today. It’s my first time going on a date in the Devildom.”
“That makes me happy,” he stated, visibly relieved and pleased. “We can still go, next time.”
Next time. The implication he wanted to go out with you again made your chest thrum with anticipation. “Yes, you’re right. Next time.”
He reached across the table and took your hand in his, his thumb brushing your knuckles. “Thank you for agreeing to go out with me.”
The scent of roses swirled around the room. The romantic atmosphere enveloping the two of you was intoxicating—as if it was an invitation for you to give in to the thoughts and emotions looming over your mind and heart. Was it those riddles that got to you? Or was it Diavolo himself, whom you’d always admired from afar?
You smiled at him and let your fingers hold on to his own tighter, just for a moment.
Tumblr media
As you expected, Diavolo insisted on taking you home. You didn’t mind—no scratch that—it delighted you he’d offer, as your dinner with him felt strangely short. You’d spent a considerable amount of time during the day figuring out the riddles, a period longer than your two hours of dinner. While the five-course meal left you satisfied, your conversation with him was so enjoyable that it felt brief. It wouldn’t take that long to travel from Ristorante Six to the House of Lamentation, so you figured a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt.
Soon, you arrived at your home. Diavolo entered the gates of the House of Lamentation with you in comfortable silence. Once the two of you stepped on the porch, you offered, “Do you want to go in and say hi to everyone?”
“Hm?” Diavolo was lost in thought as he gave you an indecisive stare.
As you stared back at him, it dawned on you. You’d witnessed this scene a thousand times in human world movies before, and with his interest in the pop culture of your realm, he had, too. You used to think it was nothing but a ridiculous cliché, but now, you weren’t so sure about that anymore.
“Can I kiss you good night?” Diavolo asked in a low, husky voice.
You had no way of concealing the surprise etched on your face. Even if you expected the question, the thought of kissing him was surreal. You never dared to dream of it, yet here he was, truly asking you if such a thing would be fine with you. The demon brothers would be watching somewhere from one of the tall windows, you had no doubt about it, burning with curiosity about the date between the human they shared a pact with and the Prince they swore their loyalty to. You had agreed to be a part of Diavolo’s charade, and your first date went well. This was natural.
You nodded. “Okay.”
Closing your eyes, you leaned into his warmth as his palm made its way to your cheek and curved at your jaw. The gentle pressure of his lips on your own lasted for a mere second, and the loss of contact prompted your eyes to open, the desire for more reflected in your eyes… and his.
In front of you, Diavolo revealed the rare sight of his vulnerability. You’d never known it before, but there was a limit to his seemingly perpetual composure. As you gazed at the undeniable flush on his cheeks and the hesitation painted all over his countenance, the longing to see more of this version of him led adrenaline to spike in your veins.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered, “Do you need me to do more?”
Diavolo’s eyes widened at your astute inquiry, but he made no move to deny it. “Will you?”
The question sounded like a challenge, but underneath that layer, it was a plea. He wanted this, and you did, too—even if it was only for show.
“I can,” you confirmed, “if you’d like me to.”
At your agreement, his hesitation dissipated. He leaned in and brushed your lower lip with his thumb. “If you continue to tempt me like that, you need to prepare yourself for the consequences.”
“I’ve been prepared for them. Ever since I said ‘yes’ to you.”
You closed your eyes as Diavolo bent his head and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips. It was a real one, this time, and you returned it enthusiastically, throwing caution to the wind. His palm moved past your cheek, down to your shoulder, pausing on the small of your back until it settled around your waist, fitting your bodies together. His warm tongue slid past the seam of your lips to meet yours, deepening the kiss and awakening a wave of desire inside of you.
Before it could get out of hand, you broke the contact of your lips on his. You caught your breath while Diavolo leaned his forehead against yours. Your lips stayed a hair’s breadth away from each other’s, sharing warm puffs of breath and brushing as you whispered, “Good night, Diavolo.”
“Good night, my princess.”
Tumblr media
The first kiss you shared with Diavolo had been the beginning of many.
A certain thrill hung in the atmosphere whenever the two of you were in the vicinity of each other. More often than not, your encounters would lead to the two of you leaving hand in hand to move to a more private setting as everyone watched. Although there was no reason for you to continue your charade behind closed doors, the moment your eyes met his, kisses followed. When your relationship with him took a physical turn through your heated kisses, your attraction to him inevitably grew stronger.
Being the heir to the Devildon’s throne, Diavolo was a busy demon. Despite this, he would still take you on dates. You’d gone to Ristorante Six a few more times. There was an instance when he wanted to go to AkuDonald’s, and you were more than happy to introduce him to your favorites. Your date at Hell’s Kitchen went well, too. How he managed to find the time for these things, you had no idea. The following dates you went with him were accompanied with gifts, and soon, across your bedroom’s shelves and beside your pillows, various plush toys from Cranesanity rested—all acquired personally by Diavolo. It was both amusing and endearing, his interest in that game.
On a Sunday afternoon, weeks after you began your dangerous affair with him, Diavolo invited you to come over for tea in the Demon Lord’s Castle. Much like how it began after your second date, he had asked you in a way you’d consider normal, this time, through a text message. Either way, if he was the one who invited you, you’d be delighted to accept.
With the inky view of the Devildom outside the sitting room window, you sat across Diavolo, a round ornate table full of pastries between the two of you. The freshly brewed Ceylon tea by none other than Barbatos, a culinary legend, was warm and fragrant in your teacups. One of the best things in the Demon Lord’s Castle was the food. Barbatos’s cooking was the best, truly fit for royalty, and worth every praise you’d heard about it. As Beelzebub would mention now and then, from being served such food alone, Diavolo was lucky to have Barbatos as his butler.
While eating, Diavolo brought up how the RAD Newspaper Club contacted him and asked for his approval for your photo in the academy’s courtyard to be published. Before giving them a response, he wanted to know if you had any objections or conditions for Mephistopheles to take into account.
“I have no problem with it, honestly. It would be better if the denizens knew, wouldn’t it?” you responded after giving it some thought, meaning every word you said.
Diavolo nodded, considering your answer.
“What about you? What do you think?” you asked.
“I’d like nothing more than to let everyone know about us. Not that they don’t know already, but officially, I mean.” Diavolo chuckled and handed you a printed copy of the photograph for your approval. “We look like quite the pair, don’t we?”
As you examined the picture, a smile made its way to your lips, a tiny, if not bittersweet, one. You, Diavolo, and the Mirage Flower were at the center of the frame. On the surface, the two of you looked like a couple in love; convincing, real. You knew better, though, and that reality left a pang in your chest. “We sure do.”
Tumblr media
A celebratory ball was going to be held at the Demon Lord’s Castle in honor of Diavolo’s prophesied ‘Queen.’ In other words, the ball was going to be held to honor you. The situation was similar to what happened some time ago when the demon brothers, through their gratitude, made you the guest of honor during Diavolo’s birthday. It lessened the nervousness you felt and replaced it with anticipation.
Still, it would be nice to thank Diavolo for everything he had done for you. You looked back on the facts you’d learned about him in the past few months and listed the arts, cute animals and items, and sweets as the things he was partial to. His tastes were eclectic. When you first met him, you wouldn’t have guessed he considered flowers and small animals to be comforting.
In the end, you decided to go for the ‘sweets’ option. Macarons and cupcakes would be nice, wouldn’t they? Both of them would be cute and sweet. You decided to experiment with a few trial batches before making a final one to give Diavolo as a gift on the day of the ball. 
Luke, who you were convinced was truly your guardian angel, was more than happy to assist you when you asked him for help.
Once your classes were dismissed, you returned to the House of Lamentation with Luke. After he demonstrated how to make macarons and cupcakes, you sat side by side and chatted as you waited for the pastries to bake.
“So,” Luke began out of the blue, “you’re really dating Lord Diavolo, huh? I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it.”
While you had experienced telling white lies to children back in your world, at the moment, you found it difficult to believe how you were lying to an angel. “Haha, yeah. It’s been a while.” 
“I’m still not over the fact that a good human like you ended up being destined for a demon all along! Even if that demon is Lord Diavolo…” Luke frowned. He had always been like this, worrying about you, a human who was constantly surrounded by demons. To him, now that you were going to be Diavolo’s Queen, your entanglement with demons had become inexorable.
You couldn’t help but reach out to him and ruffle his hair. He was truly an angel, a good kid.
“H-Hey,” he complained but did nothing to move your hand away, “stop that!”
“Thanks for worrying about me, Luke.” You smiled at him reassuringly and patted his shoulder. “Everything will be fine. As you said, Diavolo and I… well, we are destined, after all.”
The sound of the timer prompted your heads to turn to its source. Luke’s face lit up as he excitedly grabbed his mittens and skipped to the corner of the room. The heavenly scent of pastries wafted all over the kitchen as he drew the oven’s door open.
You, however, stayed in place and merely watched, once again having difficulty believing how you lied to an angel.
Tumblr media
Diavolo’s trusted footmen fetched you from the House of Lamentation to the Demon Lord’s Castle. 
Over the last few months, you’d developed a sense of familiarity not only with Diavolo’s staff but also with the ins and outs of his grand home. You’d stayed over numerous times that the guest room you frequented in was now assigned as exclusively yours, with your personal effects in it, serving as your room. Aside from your possessions, brand new designer clothing purchased by Diavolo—which were, unexpectedly, all in your size—as well as makeup, accessories, toiletries, and everything you could need, occupied the walk-in closet.
“Is this really necessary?” you had asked him when you found out about his shopping spree, worry trumping the other mixed emotions you felt at the sight of more gifts.
“I want to give all the best things to you.”
“If you say things like that, I…”
“Don’t you think my future Queen deserves the best of the best?”
“...Right, of course.”
Diavolo’s Queen. That person was not you. You sighed and reminded yourself he was the Demon Prince. He had an eternity’s worth of money to spare, purchasing these items was nothing to him. He prepared this for the Queen in the prophecy, a partner deserving of such luxury. When you eventually had to use some of the items for attending events with Diavolo, you told yourself you were just borrowing them. You handled everything with care and returned them to their original place after use—as if your hands never touched them at all.
You arrived at the Demon Lord’s Castle and found yourself sitting on the plush sofa inside Diavolo’s study. After recently having a vision of Diavolo playing hooky, Barbatos requested for you to keep an eye on him, insisting his master would listen to you. Barbatos asked you to make sure Diavolo would finish his tasks before the two of them had to leave for a meeting with important figures of the nobility in the Devildom. You obliged, having nothing else to do on a Friday night, preferring Diavolo’s quiet company over the club music and neon lights in town, which would no doubt be full of demons unwinding tonight. While you scrolled through Devilgram, liked your friends’ photos, and laughed at funny videos, Diavolo went through his stack of papers diligently. As the pile grew smaller, he hummed to the tune of a song from Mononoke Land, which piqued your attention.
“You seem to be in a good mood,” you commented. 
“I am.” He nodded happily. “You’re here, after all.”
You smiled at him. “I’m glad.”
Diavolo signed his name at the bottom of the page he was working on and placed his seal on it. After the wax dried, he closed the folder and placed it to the side, leaning back against his seat with an exhausted sigh.
You glanced at him and asked, “You’re finished?”
“It seems so,” he replied, checking the grandfather’s clock in the corner of the room, “and with a few minutes to spare, too.”
“Barbatos will be pleased. Congratulations!”
He chuckled and shifted his gaze back to you, a mischievous smirk on his lips. “Don’t you think I deserve a reward?”
“Maybe,” you played along coyly. “What kind of reward do you want?”
“Something only you can give me.”
“Such a thing exists?”
“Yes.” He gestured to you with his fingers, beckoning you over. “Come here.”
You locked your D.D.D. and left it on the sofa, standing up and stepping in front of his desk. “What can I do for you, Diavolo?”
“You can come closer.”
You circled the desk until you were beside him. “Here?”
“Not quite.” He took your wrist and encircled your waist with his arm, pulling you into his lap. “Right here.”
You shifted and found a more comfortable position with your legs hanging from the side of his knees. “That’s it?”
“No.” Diavolo brushed your hair aside and caressed your cheek. “Kiss me.”
Gladly, you thought but ultimately chose actions over words as a response.
Your lips had long been acquainted with his, but every single time remained as a sensual experience that left you wanting for more. Sometimes he’d be slow and gentle, taking his time to savor your taste, while other times had been quick pecks on your lips when either of you would be busy and in a rush to say goodbye.
But now, the kiss the two of you were sharing could only be described as passionate. Your palms rested on his shoulders, and slowly, you wrapped your arms around him, closing in your bodies toward each other. His lips moved against yours so greedily—lustfully—that you felt sinful as you reciprocated, drowning in his warmth.
When you pulled away to catch your breath, his arm tightened around your waist, and his mouth swept over your cheek, leaving a trail of kisses in its wake until his lips found your neck. He kissed you softly, his tongue darting out to dampen your skin before nipping and sucking at it.
“Diavolo,” you closed your eyes and whispered, not wanting to make noise but unable to hold it in.
“Let out your voice,” he said, moving his lips downward after leaving a lovebite on your skin. “I want to hear you.”
His long fingers unfastened the button of your blouse, giving him more access to your body. As he moved to the next button, however, a loud knock on the door caused the two of you to freeze.
“My Lord,” Barbatos called. “It is time for us to leave.”
Without waiting for an answer, the sound of footsteps echoed on the empty hallway and faded as Barbatos gave the two of you privacy.
He knows, doesn’t he? That Barbatos, you thought, internally panicking. You moved away from Diavolo and fixed your hair and clothes. Even though your mind was all muddled now, you managed to casually tell him, “I guess it’s time for you to go.”
Deep inside, you were anything but calm. Your head replayed the events that occurred minutes ago. That was a close call. Too close. What in the Devildom were you thinking? Seriously… 
It always irked you how times when, after sharing a kiss, Diavolo appeared to be unbothered existed. You preferred the vulnerable expression he had shown you during the first time you agreed to kiss him. Still, you were curious, and you turned your head to peek at the face he made tonight, but nothing could have prepared you when your eyes met his.
His gaze on you was full of desire, an emotion you’d only seen on him in flickers before; a speculation you doubted but was now a blatant truth. He stepped closer to you and pulled you in a tight embrace, letting you feel the extent of his arousal as he stroked your hair and inhaled your fragrance.
“We’ll finish this next time,” he whispered.
And then, he sealed his promise with a kiss.
Tumblr media
After seeing Diavolo and Barbatos off, you opted to go home instead of staying longer in the Demon Lord’s Castle. You needed time to think, and being in a place full of memories with Diavolo didn’t help in clearing your mind.
You’d long accepted your attraction to him. If you were to imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with a soulmate, every detail would be the same as the romantic affair you shared with Diavolo, except it would be real. Tonight, you had to face the music and admit it to yourself: you wished it was.
The situation was getting out of your hands, and at a loss of what to do, you grabbed your D.D.D. from your pocket and dialed a reliable friend’s number, knowing this decision would change your life.
As insisted by the angels, Solomon went to town to order takeout for dinner instead of experimenting in the kitchen. That was when he received your call. The two of you agreed to meet up at Hell’s Kitchen, as you spontaneously decided to purchase food for the demon brothers as well. It had been a while since all eight of you had gone for a meal there. Solomon wasn’t in a rush and had time to spare, so he was more than happy to sit down with you for a chat as you waited for your orders to be processed.
“Shall we have a round of Demonus tonight?” he asked, leading you to a nice, secluded table in the corner of the room.
“Sounds good,” you replied with a nod and took the seat in front of him.
After some idle chat, a waiter brought two horns of Demonus for you and Solomon.
With his elbows on top of the table, Solomon rested his chin over his folded hands. He broached the subject with a smile, “So, what did you want to talk about? Spells? Pacts? Demons? Recipes?”
You took your time in replying, not having uttered this word in this world before. “I’d like to talk about… soulmates.”
“Soulmates? Well, that’s something I didn’t expect.”
“Yes, I… I wanted to know if there are demons who have soulmarks.”
“How come? By any chance, do you have a soulmark?”
It was difficult enough for you to acknowledge you had one, but if you wanted to acquire information from Solomon, your best bet at the moment, you had to come clean about your situation. “Yes, I do.”
“Does Lord Diavolo know?”
“No, this is a secret I’ve never revealed to anyone before.”
Solomon contemplated the situation you had given him. “That is certainly complicated.”
You sighed and took a sip of your Demonus. “I know.”
“I hate to be the one to break it to you. I’ve been around for a long time, but I’ve never met a demon with a soulmark.” 
“I see. That’s…” Sad? Unfortunate? Heartbreaking? What were you supposed to say when the disappointment clouding your mind felt so heavy?
“I’m sorry,” Solomon said sincerely.
“It’s… It’s nothing. I’m alright.”
He took a sip of his drink and allowed you to process the information he had given you. As you did, you couldn’t help but dwell on another matter that continued to plague your mind. After a few minutes, you decided this would be the best moment to ask.
“Yes, what is it?”
“Have you heard about Diavolo’s prophecy?”
A sly smile made its way to his lips. “Let’s just say having pacts with seventy-two demons has its perks.”
That caught your attention. He knew something about it. “Will you tell me?”
“Why not ask him yourself?” Solomon suggested. “It’s something that concerns you as well, doesn’t it?”
There had always been a sense of camaraderie between the two of you as the only humans in the exchange program. Revealing the fact you had a soulmark was one thing, but telling him about the secret you shared with Diavolo was another. Still, if you were to receive the answer your gut feeling told you that you would receive, there would be no need to worry about that any longer. 
“I’m going to tell you another secret.”
Solomon nodded encouragingly. “And it will remain as one.”
His quip made you laugh, but the amusement faded in the blink of an eye, the words you were about to utter weighing you down.
“The truth is, I’m just a stand-in for whoever is the one in the prophecy,” you confessed. “I’m sure you’ve heard of her, but Maddi… well, long story short, Diavolo had to drive her away, but she steered the conversation to the prophecy, and I happened to be there, so…”
Solomon peered at your face, his expression grave. “You’re sure about this?”
“Yes, I was there. That’s what happened.”
“And the demon brothers don’t know, so you can’t ask them yourself.”
“That’s right.”
He leaned back and crossed his arms. “Okay, I’ll tell you.”
Relief washed over you at his agreement. If Solomon ended up refusing, you didn’t know who else you could approach.
Solomon cleared his throat and divulged, “It was long ago, so the version of the story varied, but from what I’d gathered from the different sources I had, one thing was constant: a witch had a vision of the future when the Demon Prince was born. It was said that Diavolo’s Queen would be the bridge to his goals, and only when the Queen would rule by his side would he be able to see them into fulfillment.”
This was the revelation you needed, the answer you sought after. If the prophecy was made when Diavolo was born, it meant that he had been waiting for his Queen for millennia.
It must be lonely, you thought, but loneliness was something you never saw on him. 
While you never cared about finding nor ending up with your soulmate, it was a different matter with Diavolo. The Devildom would always be his number one priority. To figure out the dream the prophecy was referring to was easy: for the three worlds to live peacefully in coexistence. He’d expressed that many times before. The establishment of the exchange program was a stepping stone to actualize his vision, but he was still waiting for his Queen, a position vyed by many but was in your wrongful hands.
It would be fine to continue pretending to be his Queen if you weren’t in love with him… but you were. How could you continue kissing him and wishing every caress of his lips was sincere? It was as if you were a traveler with a parched throat who spotted an oasis from afar, only to discover it was a mirage once you reached it. Even now, a flicker of envy sparked within you for the nameless, faceless Queen of the Devildom he was bound to have by his side. At once, you discarded the thought and decided it wasn’t a good feeling to have, to covet him, who is destined for someone else. It would be wrong of you to continue pretending to be someone you weren’t, especially since someone who might be out there already existing, deserved this place. 
Solomon’s worried voice roused you from your reverie. “You seem shaken. Are you going to be okay?”
“I’m fine,” you responded with a shaky voice. “It’s just… a lot to take in.”
“What do you plan to do now?”
“I’m going to break things off with him.”
“You say that, but will he let you?”
“Why wouldn’t he?” You let out a sardonic chuckle. “It’s not like there was anything going on between us, to begin with.”
“Solomon? What is it?”
“Oh, nothing.” He shook his head and smiled. “I’m curious to see how this unfolds. I wish you the best of luck.”
“Thank you.”
Yes, breaking things off with him would be the right thing to do. After all, you couldn’t help but imagine yourself in Maddi’s shoes as Diavolo blatantly rejected your affection. The thought alone was painful enough. Before that could happen, you’d part ways with him in amicable terms and through your own will. The exchange program was going to end soon, anyway. Truly, there was no point in holding on to him any longer. This would be for the best.
You would set things straight and end your arrangement with him the next time you planned to meet each other: at the upcoming celebratory ball at the Demon Lord’s Castle.
Tumblr media
Notes: I went through a writing slump for a while, so I decided to work on a few shorter pieces before writing this chapter. Finally, it’s here! To those who had been waiting for this, I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for your patience! ♡
Tumblr media
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Obey Me! Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
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beelsbreakfast · 8 months ago
au where the brothers are humans and just all half brothers (except the twins obviously) and it’s college au lmaoooo
lucifer is a teacher though, like he’s 30 something. while the twins are in their 2st year of college. the rest are all in between. kinda wanna place levi in his final year though
mammon doesn’t go to school ‘cause he’s already a famous model so he didn’t bother, and asmo isn’t either ‘cause he’s focused on fashion and IS an influencer. so mc meet them after meeting luci, levi, satan, and the twins
satan has big dreams obviously. his thirst for knowledge remains unchanged
their dad is a dick and ditched when the twins were born. i’d like to think the moms all found out and instead of hating each other they decided to raise their kids like brothers
lilith existed but died in car crash with some guy and therefore belphegor hates everyone and has been depressed ever since
diavolo is the YOUNG headmaster of the college or whatever y’all call it and luci and him FUCK. he’s also RICH as hell, and barbatos is a butler as well but more like someone to keep diavolo in check
if mc is there they just get somehow in the middle of that stupid family cuz it be like that sometimes
lucifer is the hot shit teacher and therefore is popular. satan is in the student council and is also the hot shit. and EVERYONE knows they’re half brothers and their rivalry
thinking back about it, solomon is probably the one who got mc into this mess by introducing the brothers to them. lol. he’s the shady friend they kinda knew in highschool but never hang out with
simeon is lucifer’s childhood friend and has a little brother, luke, who’s 10. mc meet them somehow
also i guess they wouldn’t leave together but wouldn’t it be fun to have them all under one roof in human world. like. who pays the bills ? lucifer ? LMAO
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say-seira · 9 months ago
[HC] OBEY ME! Next Gen - Solomon x Asmodeus's child : Ziva
Fandom : Obey Me!
Disclaimers : Obey Me! belongs to Shall We Date+ team and NTT Solmare Corporation. Illustration from Picrew. And Seira just write this headcanon.
Yes, I need to finish my SoloDeus headcanon, but I don't feel like continue it now. So yeah.. here we've their daughter headcanon because I am too lazy. ^^;
Gotta write more headcanons of SoloDeus and Ziva in the future.
* - * - * -  * - * -  * - * - * -  * - * - * - * - * -  * - *
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Solomon and Asmo's daughter who loves to talk and sing.
Ziva is bright and lively girl, living up her name to the max.
Like her papa, Ziva loves fashion thus she start modelling since toddler.
If she find Uncle Mammon on the set, she'll following him everywhere as he keep showering her with foods and gifts as well as guard her there. The best uncle ever! ☆
She is curious kid and will following her father all over library to learn about something new. His father will help her to read encyclopedia, etc.
Bedtime story is a must! She loves to hear her parents' voices before sleep.
Lately, Ziva keep asking her parents to give her little brother and sister, so she can have a lot of fun and siblings time like his cousins (Satan and Lucius).
* - * - * -  * - * -  * - * - * -  * - * - * - * - * -  * - *
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0beyme · 9 months ago
If we start the human au with Simeon being café shop owner, Diavolo being a CEO, Levi a lost college student, actor Solomon etc.... Does that mean we can basically finally have slice of life Obey Me x Mystic Messenger AU?!
Solomon and Zen being actors together.
Mammon being an actual famous model that works serious on it, 
Asmodeus being a famous fashion designer that maybe has Solomon, Zen and Mammon as some of the models for his collections.
Levi and Yoosung being best friends and eventually becoming roommates, having anxiety together while playing games and trying to survive.
Diavolo CEO of a company that lowkey rivals Jumin’s. Jaeehe and Lucifer being the assistants that work a fucking lot and bond over having spoiled bosses.
Jaehee going to Simeon’s café when she has the time, to enjoy how comfy the place is. Barbatos being one of the baristas, he and Simeon befriend Jaehee because of the whole coffee knowledge.
Satan as someone that dropped college and now lives to rescue cats, Jumin visits his place almost always to see new kitties and supports him financially. Satan visits Simeon’s café everyday too.
V (Jihyun) is a regular at the café and is helping Simeon and Satan with their passion about photography, they become real nice friends.
Saeran, Beel and Belphegor being roommates, they lowkey befriended because they are twins but Saeran is still too bitter about his brother and thats why he doesnt live with Seven; now, Saeran is kinda adopted by the twins.
Seven befriending Beel and they eating a lot together, so eventually Seven asks him to take good care of Saeran, since their relationship isnt going well, what makes Beel eager to actually help them bond again and the four become a big chaotic family.
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hana-mira · 9 months ago
Not sure if I'm gonna keep my whole watermark thing tbh but I don't want anyone stealing anything ✌🏼🙃
Also might start an obey me smau but I need ideas for that so if anyone has any lmk 😂😂
The LI (Love interest) will most likely be Mammon, Satan, Beel, or Levi. ✨🤷🏽‍♀️
Mammon with like a model or TikTok famous demon bros au, that maybe Mc who will also be TikTok famous, and loves dueting the boys TikTok's and then mammon notices them and asks to make TikTok's together maybe. 👉🏼👈🏼
Satan maybe something to do with a library maybe him helping Mc reach for a book and eventually keep seeing eachother around the devildom and become friends, then ofc more than friends. 💕
Beel definitely something to do with food, maybe a yt mukbang channel that Mc has that Beel is a huge fan of. 🤤
Possibly Levi. I feel like that would be a good yt gamer au. 🎮🥺
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mammonspeanut · 10 months ago
Meantalk AU: What if things were different?
For my little anon I got chu. I hope it is okay that this won’t be the same timeline, i think is the right word, as the current one is taking part in I hope it makes sense in my head it does lol.. For those who don’t know I have a whole meantalk AU where the brothers are pretty much what you would imagine a demon to be like when they didn’t have a pact. I wrote this in one run so if there is a logical flaw somewhere, pls forgive me. I don't normally write things like this but you asked so nicely and I thought I'd give it a try.
Tumblr media
It was late and the house of Lamitation was quite, it was the perfect chance for MC to sneak out. Slowly opening the door MC looked both ways and waited for a second, listening for Lucifer who was known to be up and walking rounds at this time. Nothing, MC sighed in relief before quietly pulling the door close behind them. This was too much they couldn’t take it anymore the way Beel had pushed them down the stairs at rad while the other brothers cleaned their shoes on MC’s torn clothes Lucifer forced them to wear was the tipping point. Still trying to call Simeon MC felt themself wanting to cry again. All they wanted to do was explain that the video had been fake, and that they weren’t a poor role model for Luke. Ever since the incident Simeon made sure that he pulled Luke away, whispering something to him only for Luke to nod sadly and walk away. How MC missed the times where the three of them laughed and played together, sharing secrets and comforted each other in such a scary place. After pulling the gate shut behind them, MC took a deep breath. “I have to talk to Barbatos.”, MC whispered to themself.
(In the mean time) 
Lilith: Brother. 
Lucifer thought he was hallucinating. He had to admit the human robbed him of his last nerves and the work in RAD really took the last bit of sleep he could have had but Lilith. This couldn’t be true. Sitting in his seat, he shut his eyes and opened them again. 
“Well, I be damned. Lillith.”, Lucifer breathed before standing up.
“Do not come closer, it takes a lot of energy for me to be here right now.”, Lilith spoke making Lucifer stop. He leaned against the desk now behind him, smiling at his beloved sister. 
“Why haven’t you shown yourself earlier?”, he asked admiring her beauty as she stood there stone faced. 
“Because I haven’t had a reason yet.”, Lilith sharply replied. 
“And now you do?”, Lucifer ask the quizzical look on his face made Lilith even more angry. 
“I do. How can you and our brother's torment MC like that?”, she asked her appearance glowing threateningly 
“Ah, the human. Well Lilith, my beloved sister, as you may know we are demons and our job is to torment and before you say that we don’t torment others like we do MC. I have to admit we have found a particular fun in seeing them mentally almost break.”, Lucifer explained as he sat on the edge of the desk, crossing his legs with a wicked grin on his face. 
“That child is a descendant of mine.”, Lillith barked, shocking Lucifer instantly. Confused, he sat there in silence for a moment. 
“They are what?”, he asked again, trying to piece the puzzle together. 
“The child is one of my own.”, Lilith repeated. 
“I-I didn’t -” 
“Hush. No human has to be a child of mine to be treated with respect with what you have done to them you have shown me your true colors. I am disgusted and abhorred by how you have treated them, Lucifer. My own flesh and blood. I have lost all respect for you Lucifer.”, Lilith said, each word piercing another hole into Lucifers already burdened heart. 
“Sister.”, Lucifer said before being cut off once again. 
“I am no longer.” 
“What?”, confusion once more settling in 
“I am no longer your sister Lucifer, nor Mammon’s, Belphegor’s or the other’s sister. I do not see you any longer as my family because family does not hurt family like that.”, Lilith said, her stern voice echoing in Lucifers study. Anger flooded the man of pride as he gripped a pyramidal gift Lilith once gave him, hurling it in her direction flying through her. 
“Brother do you not see your pride is grown into a virus”, Lilith said softly trying to calm the angry demon before her. 
“YOU.DO. NOT. you do not have any rights to call me brother after casting me out of your family Lillith. I am Lucifer Morningstar and I am the first-born demon. I will not let you speak with me like that”, Lucifer shouted 
“As you wish Lucifer Morningstar yet, mark my words you shall regret your actions because a child of mine will have my powers.”, Lilith said before vanishing in front of Lucifer's eyes. 
“This human destroyed my family.”, he spat before hurling his desk across the room. 
MC stood before Diavolo’s residence feeling almost as if they were to pass out. “What is wrong with me?”, Mc wondered, taking a step. A wave of energy flooding through their body as tears streamed down their cheek. Another step, everything suddenly became hazy. 
“I have to make it to the door.”, MC pressed 
“My child, my strength shall help you bare the fruit of vengeance” MC heard a voice whisper before they collapsed on the stairs. 
Barbatos stood in the room as Diavolo was on the phone with Lucifer.
Well I did know this was going to come in this timeline. He thought to himself patiently waiting for Lord Diavolo to finish his phone call. 
I am definetly not going to stick around to see what is going to become of the Devildom if Lilith does what she is supposed to. Barbatos thought to himself before excusing himself with a hand gesture towards Diavolo. 
Quickly running into his room, he pulled a large box from underneath his bed. Slowly opening it he pulled out a suitcase packed with the essentials for his departure. 
“Sorry Lord Diavolo but it is fight or flight and I’d rather live. I will meet you in another timeline.” Barbatos whispered as he heard a banging at the entry door. 
Whipping his head around he grabbed his suitcase and ushered to Lord Diavolo. 
“What is this sound and what are you doing with the suitcase Barbatos?” Diavolo yelled over the banging. 
“Lord Diavolo, I am leaving.”, Barbatos said, his voice void of any emotion. 
“You are what?”, Diavolo asked, his face contorting under the anger he felt inside. 
“My lord you, yourself and the 7 brothers have brought this upon yourself. I have known for a while what would happen if you would continue with your actions and repeatedly warned you. Yet, you have ignored everything I have said and now judgement time is coming.” Barbatos explained as he walked down the corridor, followed by Diavolo. 
“I demand you stay here and explain yourself!”, Diavolo ordered as Barbatos opened one of the doors in his room. 
“There is no more time, my lord. As soon as I step through this door, this room will disappear so there will be no possibility of following me. I enjoyed working under you my Lord and in another timeline we shall meet again. “ Barbatos said before closing the door behind him . Diavolo reached out to open the door but was met with an empty wall. Turning around the room was nothing more than a small empty room with no windows. 
“Diavolo!” a voice called into the palace after a loud explosion was heard  demanding Diavolo shall show himself. 
“Even if my most loyal worker left, I shall not leave without a fight!” Diavolo said before turning into his demon form. 
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vulturnus · 11 months ago
OM! College AU bc i can
like if u ask me how the au would go thus far:
Mammon is a character you meet and you can tell he’s smart but he’s the kind of dude who simply cannot tutor you because the way he learns and memorized concepts is unique to himself. you ask him why his grades aren’t higher and it’s only because he isn’t interested in doing a project here or there. He’s a 2nd year, and Yuki is a first year, so he decides to help you out while you understand and make your way across campus. He gets the rough shift to university life but unlike him Yuki doesn’t have another brothers who are attending that year, so he decides to help them 1) because he’s nice like that 2) you’re a family friend and his close friend. 
Leviathan and Belphegor are both students who primarily take classes online, although Leviathan does have to leave for labs. This is to accomodate Leviathan who cannot work as effectively in a classroom setting and because Belphegor is recovering from a recent surgery event and will be back the following semester but as he’s constantly sleepy and drowsy, he needs the more personalized schedule. Leviathan doesn’t share a dorm, Belphegor does share a dorm with Beel however that’ll be when he returns. 
Not sure if I want Satan to be consistently studying to get higher marks than Lucifer or if I want him to be applying into as many extracurriculars in addition to being the RA becaue he wants to be a better model than Lucifer. I’d probably have to replay his lesson/go through his devilgrams but hmm
0 notes
barbatos-muse · a year ago
hi i was wondering if you have a master post or something about Quin, i adore there design and would love to know more about them if you don't mind. I hope you are having a lovely day!!
Hello!!!! She is kinda scattered on my blog right now lol. ♥ And thank you for your interest in her! ^_^ ♥
Tumblr media
Her ID card and some images of her are here,
And someone wanted to see her alt. clothing here,
Her Dance Battle Chibi is here,
As of right now, I am still working on her full profile. I am almost done with it. I need to add her back story and more about her personality. Plus a bit more tweaking here and there. 
I will post it below here but for length, the bulk will go under a ‘Keep Reading’
Name:  Quinixia but goes by Quin 90% of the time.
Nicknames or how she is referred mostly: Trouble maker (ironically) by: MammonQuin by: Lucifer, Satan, Diavolo, Barbatos, and BeelzebubCutie, Sweetie, Kitten, Lil Devil by: AsmodeusQuin-chan by: LeviQuinny by: Belphegor
Race: Demon/SuccubusAge: 5000+Gender: FemaleDOB:  November 10Sign:  Scorpio
Hair:  Mainly bright purple. She has the ability to change the colour at will without dye. Usually adding an ombre effect of her choice to the ends. You could label this a ‘glamour’ spell.Eyes:  See the image below for colours and patterns.
Tumblr media
Nails: Patterned nails similar to Asmo, either pink and purple or blue and purple.Height: 5'5"//165cm.Weight:  106 lbs//48kg.Chest size:  34C USA / 70C Japan / EU 75C / AU-NZ 12C / FR 90CBlood Type: AB JapaneseSexual orientation: BisexualEducation:  Student at RAD. Job: Also Model, Part-time at Majolish and Freelance fashion designer.Love Interest: Asmodeus
Fave Colour(s):  Purple, Hot Pink, Gold, Black, Amber, Teal.
Hobbies: Modeling, Partying, Socialising, Designing clothes, Teasing others, Gossiping.
Song Theme(s): Tove Lo - Disco Tits Young - Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Up - THE CHAINSMOKERS
Personality:  Sassy, Spontaneous, Perverse, Sexual, Over the top, Blunt, Confident, Open-minded, Meddlesome, Mischievious.
11 notes · View notes
chibinekochan · a year ago
Obey me! Masterlist
New stuff first.
My requests are open
Nsfw requests are also okay
Obey me! Fanart Masterlist
Obey me! Nsfw Masterlist
    Baking a Ruri-chan cake for Levi
Levi with an s/o who feels very lovey with him
You get jealous at one of levi 2d crushes
Gifting the boys something but you are already gone
Wedding day - minific ft.Asmo
Morning Sunrise ft. Beel and Belphie
The twins struggle to surprise each other
You share a birthdayparty with Belphie and Beel
Baking cake- Beel and Belphie
Valentine’s day taste testing - Ft. Mammon
Getting your first kiss on valentines day
Snowstorm — ft. Diavolo
Body swapping with a brother (Levi, Mammon and Belphie)
How to become a Demon Ruler 101  au ft. Diavolo and Barbatos *done*
Part:   01 I 02 I 03 I 04 I 05 I 06 I 07 I 08 I 09 I 10 I 11 I 12 I 13 I 14
They are your penpals
badass mc accidentally injuring themselves, only to nonchalantly patch themselves up
The demon bros walk in to you aggressively screaming into a pillow
You get pictures taken but the photographer things you are ugly
Falling Angel - mini au ft. Lucifer
demon brothers react to getting coal in their stockings
Obey me! Kissing under the mistletoe
Winter solstice - Obey me! Au Ft. Levi
You get injured when you faint
Solomon as your big brother
Everyone react of someone tried to attack Luke and you protect him
You protect them from an assassination plan and take a hit 
Obey me! The brothers reacting when you fall down the stairs
Cherry Serpent - ft. Levi /idol reader
Obey me the boys are sick and you look after them - part 2
obey me boys are sick and you look after them
The brothers when you are insecure
You and one of the boys adopted a pet together
Diavolo and gn!mc going on a date
You like giving random hugs and kisses, but suddenly stop
Obey me! Trick or treat?
You admit that you killed a demon student out of self defense
Satans Birthday date
You get adopted by Lucifer and Diavolo
You dressing up with the boys for halloween
You spook the brothers with scary makeup
My demon family - birthday party
My Demon family *au were Luicfer and Diavolo adopt you*
You eat something deadly to demons but harmless to humans
undateables reactions to you kissing their cheek
the brothers reactions to you giving them a love bite or hickey
Solomon is your best friend
You are stronger then the brothers
The brothers reacting to you crying
The undateables see you cry
The brothers react to Solomon's dad and MC's mom gotten married
The brothers reactions when you enjoy to run and jump on their back
Keeping a secret from you
You threaten to call the police
Brothers reacting your bestfriend
You accidentally kiss Mammon
Diavolo's reaction to getting a love letter from you
Solomon and reader on a date
Angel in Hell Season 2 *done*
part 1 | 2  I 3  I  4 I  5 I  6 I 7 I 8 I 9
Angel in hell *angel mc au*
part 1 | part 2 | Part 3 |  Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 I
An Angel comes to Hell *part of the angel mc au*
You accidentally punch the brothers on reflex
You accidentally kiss Levi
Would the brothers ever baby MC?
The undateables having a nightmare of killing you
brothers having a nightmare of killing you
Solomon is falling for a you
Dress up with Asmo
Asking the brothers to be your “lip model”
brothers react to you creating them in the sims 4
Obey me! When you get dizzy/faint
Brothers + Diavolo when you are easily scared/spooked
You show “Train to Busan” to the brothers
The brothers falling asleep on you
You take your anger out on a punching bag
you get a piggyback ride from the brothers
brothers + simeon with a crush
The undateable guys when they have a crush
Obey me! Eating ice-cream with the boys
The reader is a toddler
You grow animals ears and a tail
Anime recommendations for the obey me crew
Obey me! How they would sit on the couch
You call the demon brothers 'Senpai
Fairy regrows wings ft. Satan, Simeon and Barbatos
You have a custom body pillow of the brothers + Diavolo
Obey me! With a famous model
you have issues eating when stressed
You and the demon brothers spend an entire day in bed
brothers reaction to randomly discovering that you sing really nice
You wake up suddenly and have the ability to read minds
Hop off my d/v with Lucifer
You dress up as them in their demon form
the boys being the little spoon
you accidentally eat a aphrodisiac
brothers reaction to catching a guy to take pictures/videos under your skirt
Brushing their hair
When you sleeptalk
You think dating is annoying?
Obey me! Exchange student with communication issues
When you are sick
Obey me!  You ask them to do thier makeup
the boys reacting to you being put under a love potion
Obey me! The brothers accidentally hurt you
Obey me! The brothers find your sketchbook
You take care of Leviathans tail
You are scared of their demon form
You are attacked by a demon and die *or not*
The brothers accidentally tug on readers long hair
Reaction to a virgin + Simeon and Diavolo
You get attacked by a demon and die *or not* - Lucifer
you kiss the boys randomly
You kick some random demons butt with your martial arts skills
Domestic life with the Brothers - SFW
MC is a terrible cook and it tastes really good to demons
MC that loves huggs/kissies in random moments
The brothers bake a cake for you
The aftermath of you kissing someone else - happy end-
the demon brother finding you kissing one the undatable boys
The Brothers reacting to seeing their smol s/o wearing something of theirs
The Brothers kissing you for the first time
The brothers reaction to someone else getting a kiss from you
The brothers reacting to their s/o giving them at peek of thier lingerie they have  under their clothes
The brothers getting valentine’s chocolate but you are already home
The brothers as Toddlers
Obey me! When you have your period
some random demon hurting the reader with an happy ending 
The brothers when their s/o falls asleep on them by mistake
Obey me! They become exchange students in the Human realm — Angel edition
Obey me! They become exchange students in the human realm
Headcanons for the brothers with a super touch starved s/o
The Demon brothers having a very smol s/o that seems rather delicate
Beelzebub with a small s/o
The brothers reacting to you dancing / singing a risqué song
You finding out the guys are ticklish or not
Jealousy Headcannon for the brothers
Brothers seeing their s/o in something more sexy
add on for Belphie and Beel
The brothers reacting to you sitting on their lap
The brothers reacting to you working at a maid cafe
Mc trying to hide a pet in the dorm ft the brothers
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