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#mammon obey me
cactus-stories · 2 days ago
Everyone in the Devildom: oh damn they have a pact with all of the demon lords, they're so powerful what will they do? We're damned!
Meanwhile at the HoL: I want everyone to sit down in a circle and take turns saying what's your favourite thing about Mammon, nOW
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
Hey im not sure if you take request but here i am.
So feel free to ignore this if you're uncomfortable, but ive recently been dealing with a creep asking me uncomfortable questions and just trying to get way to close. Not trying to load my problems here, but can i request the demon brothers reacting to this?
It would really mean a lot
(you can ignore me if you are not comfortable writing something like this)
the brothers defending you from a creep
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: a creep creeping (non-explicit), vague violence, very brief and vague allusions to (sexual) assualt, cursing
a/n: i am so sorry this is happening to you. i hope you've managed to get them away from you and gotten help. please be safe and take care of yourself. my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so stop by <33
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer steps in front of you, eyes glowing red. “back. up.” he says firmly, leaving no room for argument. “you’re too close.” the demon tries to argue, but lucifer’s having none of it. “i said back up. no one wants you here, so just leave.” the demon seems to sense he’s angered the most powerful demon in the devildom and backs away, hands raised. once he’s gone lucifer wraps an arm around you, glaring at anyone who stopped to stare at you, attention caught by the confrontation.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon is all bark and bite. they’ve made you uncomfortable, and he’s not about to let that slide. “hey, dumbass, what do you think you’re doing?” mammon grits out, hands clenched into fists. “you’re makin’ mc upset. and i hate when mc gets upset.” rarely is mammon serious like this, purely in protective mode. “now scram! get out of here before i make you!” the demon wisely runs, and mammon’s instantly switching to worry, hastily making sure you’re okay.
Tumblr media
➳ levi knows he has to step up so he does, putting himself between you and the offending demon. “stop bothering them,” he says quietly, horns slowly forming on his head as he switches to demon form. he’s staring the demon down relentlessly, a ball of magic and energy slowly forming in a silent but sturdy threat. “i hate people like you. creeps like you. if i see you near mc one more time…” he trails off, tail lashing angerly. it’s enough of a warning for the demon, who quickly takes their leave.
Tumblr media
➳ satan raises an eyebrow, lip curling into a sneer. “what are you doing here?” he asks snidely, leaning in towards the demon who had been bothering you. “can’t you see you’re not wanted nor needed?” his glare is withering, wrath emanating from his body in almost palpable waves. hand coming to rest on the demon’s shoulder, satan squeezes slightly, claws sinking into their shoulder. “or are you too dim-witted to take a hint? fucking creep,” he spits, fangs glinting in the light. shoving the demon back slightly satan waits until he makes sure they're gone before comforting you.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo fixes his eyes on the hand that rests on your arm, the uncomfortable way you’re leaning away from the demon. in an instant, he’s at your side, hand coming down to tear theirs off of your arm. “if i’m reading this right,” he says, faux-pleasantly, “then mc isn’t into this. surely you wouldn’t keep pushing when someone said no already now, would you?” asmo looks dangerous then, truly demonic, but you feel no fear, just relieved he was there. the demon shakes his head viciously, and asmo bares his teeth in a painfully fake smile. “good. so what are you still doing here?”
Tumblr media
➳ beel stands tall in front of you, looming over the demon who was giving you grief. “what are you doing?” he rumbles, uncharacteristically serious. the demon tries to sputter out a remark but beel doesn't want to hear it. “don.t care. get out of here before i eat you.” the demon leaves with a dirty look towards you, and beel has to resit the urge to devour him anyway. “you alright?” he asks you, softening his tone. “they didn’t do anything, did they?”
Tumblr media
➳ belphie isn’t known for his patience, and this makes itself abundantly clear when he intervenes in the conversation you were struggling to get out of, attaching himself to you. “you ready to go?” he asks, but before you can nod, the demon tries to interject. “i’m not asking you,” belphie says dangerously, hissing the words. “so shut your worthless mouth.” you nod, and belphie whisks you away, already plotting the ‘accidental accident that demon was going to be in.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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iwannabehisbunny · 2 days ago
love A Sacrifice to Greed can you do a part 2?
A Sacrifice to Greed (Part 2)
Requests for a pt. 2: @undeaddevildom @izabella95 @cynthiarlan @pandapantslovesyou @yaboihack @otaku-explosion @wildaces @mammonssheep @believemeimeverywhere @t-misaki @1potato2rulethemall @glezow
Part two was hugely requested!! So here it is :)
Part One
TW: Wounds, sort of feminine nickname (Doll, but gn reader)
The cold chill of passing through the portal made Y/n squeeze their eyes shut as they clung to the demon. Mammon’s eyes flicked down to the human in his arms, but he continued without pause. He ran past his brothers who expressed confusion, saying he’d explain later. It wasn’t the time for that.
Y/n began to shake. Sure, the demon said he wouldn’t hurt them, but could they really believe that? The ritual worked, didn’t it? So why would a heartless demon of greed care for its human sacrifice? Tears began to fall from their eyes and quiet sobs wracked their lungs, stealing as much air as they could.
Mammon cooed gently to the human, making his way through his room and into the attached bathroom. He gently set Y/n on the counter, tugging the sheet a bit tighter around their shoulders before beginning the bath, carefully dumping a vial of healing soap into the warm water.
He turned back to Y/n who still kept their eyes firmly shut. They tried to silence themselves, desperately holding everything in so they didn’t upset the demon. Mammon frowned and approached slowly, letting his demon form fade away. He reached out a hand and carefully placed it on their shoulder, almost pulling away at their flinch.
“Hey, I’m not gonna hurt ya, okay? I promise. Just want to get you patched up. Can you look at me, Doll?” Y/n stayed quiet for a long moment, their lids screwed shut. After a few moments where Mammon stayed quiet, though, they slowly opened their eyes and let their gaze travel from the demons shoes up to his eyes. ‘For a demon whose going to kill me,’ they thought, ‘he’s really pretty’. Mammon smiled a bit.
“See? Nothin’ to fear!” Y/n felt the smile threatening to come up. His happiness was infectious. They just blinked, though, and turned to the bath, asking a silent question.
“Ah, yeah the water’s got some healing stuff in it. It’ll close up those scratches ‘n help you feel better!” They nodded. Y/n definitely didn’t trust the demon, but they supposed he seemed genuine enough. Plus, what else could they do? They were at the mercy of a demon. Y/n hopped off the counter and stumbled, but Mammon caught them before they could get hurt.
“Woah, careful, human. The Great Mammon can’t catch you every time you fall.” A breath of a chuckle left their mouth, and Mammon found himself wanting to hear more. Want to hear them cry from laughter, wanted to hear them sing. He was startled by how suddenly he wanted to learn more about them, but chalked it up to the sacrifice bond they now shared. He cleared his throat.
“Yeah. Uh, I’ll bring some clothes for you to change into and I’ll be outside the door if you need me, I guess.” And began to walk out of the bathroom, wanting to give Y/n the space they might need. But the suddenness of his leaving caused Y/n to panic. Their arm shot out from under their sheet and they grabbed Mammon’s sleeve. He jumped and looked back, about to retort, but froze when he saw their face. Panic.
Mammon fumbled for a moment, scratching the back of his neck with his free hand, eyes flicking between Y/n and the waiting bath. What did they want?
“You, uh. Want me to stay here?” He wasn’t expecting the frantic nod. Y/n didn’t trust the demon, but they wanted to be alone even less.
“Yeah, sure. I guess I can stay. Let me get something for you to change into, though, while you hop in. I’ll be back, I promise.” Their wide eyes studied him for a moment, but they nodded, releasing his sleeve and taking a step towards the bubbly water. When they heard the bathroom door close, they dropped the sheet and sunk into the warmth.
The bubbles concealed their body, and the healing potion was already starting to work. The various cuts along their arms and legs closed quickly, but the carving on their chest and stomach took longer. Y/n stared at the now glowing markings as they steadily closed up from the edges and left scars while Mammon walked back in. He held a hoodie that looked too big for even him and a pair of sweats.
Mammon let out a breath and dropped the clothes in the toilet lid, turning to the tub as sitting next to it. He mirrored Y/n’s position and they stared at one another for a long, silent moment. Mammon spoke up.
“I’m sorry, Doll, really. Sorry you got wrapped up in my business. Humans can be cruel.” They blinked and nodded, pulling their knees to their chest and resting their chin on their arms. Their eyes never left Mammon’s form. He continued.
“Human, I’ll figure out a way to get you back, alright? There’s gotta be a way for me to give you your soul back.” Y/n spoke for the first time.
“My name. You keep calling me ‘human’ or ‘Doll’, but my name is Y/n.” Mammon smiled and nodded, relaying his name back to them. He handed them soap and politely looked away as Y/n washed themself. After a while, though, he found he had a question.
“What did he mean when he said you were raised as a sacrifice?” Y/n paused, the memories flooding to them. Their father enforcing strict rules, never letting them out of the house. Years of Y/n being locked up and kept away from human ‘temptation’ as their father called it. All so he could sell them to a demon for a quick buck.
“My father was meticulous. He was obsessed with demons, specifically you. He wanted money, and he thought that by keeping me away from the outside world that I would be the perfect sin-free vessel to offer. He literally raised me for you.” They studied his profile, trying to gauge Mammon’s reaction. They were surprised to see the immediate and genuine disgust on his face.
“Your father was a fuckin’ asshole. And he was wrong anyway, I can’t bring him money for a human sacrifice. The exchange has to be of equal value.” Y/n frowned.
“So I’m not worth anything?” Mammon was quick to clarify.
“No not at all, it’s the opposite! Human life is priceless. The contract wouldn’t work, there’s literally nothing I could give in return that would be equal value, not when it’s not his own life.” Y/n looked to the water, running their hands under the bubbles and watching them move.
“So now what.” They mumbled. Mammon hummed, urging them to continue.
“I mean. You own my soul, right? So what does that even mean?” Mammon shrugged.
“Depends. I could eat it,” he ignored their brief panic, “I could use you as a servant, too. Or I could just hold onto it and let you do what you want until we figure out how to give it back.”
“You’d let me have my soul back?”
“Of course! The contract was doomed from the start, and I don’t like taking souls if they aren’t offered up voluntarily. They don’t taste as good.” Y/n wrinkled their nose and Mammon laughed.
“Oi, I’m kidding… Mostly. Look, get changed and get some sleep in my bed, alright? I need to talk things over with my brothers about what’s going on.” Y/n sighed and nodded, watching Mammon leave the bathroom to let them change.
The hoodie swamped Y/n completely, and they had a suspicion that it wasn’t even Mammon’s to begin with. The sweats kept falling off, so they went with the hoodie that went below their knees. Y/n stepped out and found Mammon sitting on his bed, typing into his phone. He looked up and grinned.
“Here! You can sleep here. I’ll still be in the house, and don’t worry about getting hurt. Even if something does happen, I’ve got your soul which means I’ll be know if your in trouble okay? You’re safe, Doll.”
Y/n let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding in and offered a real smile.
“Thank you, Mammon. For helping me out and for being kind.” Mammon flushed and nodded, sputtering a weak excuse for a goodbye and booked it out of the room. Y/n chuckled and carefully laid down on the giant bed.
They were still uncertain and honestly needed to work through some emotions, but it was nice to feel like they were safe for the time being. Y/n fell asleep quickly, a hand resting on their chest in the center of the Greed symbol that had been carved into them. Mammon felt the same gentle pressure on his own chest.
Quick HCs to clarify some stuff:
The reason the sacrifice didn’t ‘work’ is because of two things. One is that a human can’t offer up another human who doesn’t want to. It’s not a rule, per se, but most demons (especially the brothers) refuse these kinds of deals.
Two is that Y/n never wanted to give up their soul in the first place. If they had, Mammon wouldn’t feel as bad about taking their soul, plus he personally doesn’t like the violent sacrifices. He’d rather get some coin,
So the soul bond thing is kind of like a reverse pact mark? Instead of the human having control over the demon, it’s the other way around because of the circumstances.
Mammon fucked up when he touched Y/n. That was him ‘accepting’ the deal which sealed Y/n’s fate of giving their soul to Mammon.
Also the value thing works with consent. A human can offer their own life for what ever they view as fair, and demons can make trades for other things provided it’s ‘fair’. But a human offering another humans life is sort of forbidden. I also think that the value thing only really affects Greed and Pride demons.
Pride demons want the value system because it gives them a sense of a moral high ground, they get a better feed.
Greed demons are restricted to this rule, though they can find loopholes by convincing their victims of what their offers are actually worth.
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sourluci · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some traditional art I made of my fave boys 🥰 while otp with my baby @luciferscockslut (akahime is her mc, who's mentioned in the last pic 😏)
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sharpie-sniffer · 9 hours ago
warnings: none! just mammon being mammon.
thank you to @light679 for being my biggest fan oml <3
"c'mon, MC! let me take you out for a day of fun!" mammon had desperately tried to persuade you, whining and tugging on your arm gently. "it'll be just the two of us, anything ya want, you can have it!"
you sighed, yanking your arm away from his grasp. "okay, mammon, let's do it." a little chuckle left your lips unintentionally.
the demon grinned. "yaaayyy!! MC, we're gonna have so much fun, just you and me!!"
mammon led you down a row of luxury shops, taking you inside every lavishly decorated store, each attendant greeting you both with an artificially sweet "welcome!"
every shop, decorated in smooth, and new costly red rugs, gold and black, dimly and softly lit. you took in the presence of each store. "look, look!"
mammon had pointed out a gorgeous set of golden rings. "wouldn't they look amazing on me?"
you nodded along, attempting to ignore the expensive price tag.
you watched as he called over the shop's attendant, stars in his eyes as they unlocked the glass case.
shopping sprees were a normal "mammon" thing, but you just couldn't help but wonder how he got all of this money. or, if he even did have it.
"oh, MC, this would look amazing on you!" he cooed as he ushered you to the fitting rooms, throwing you a designer brand garment. all he was really paying for is to wear that name.
you opened the door with a small sigh and asked, "how do i look?"
"ya look great, MC. c'mon, we're going to checkout, i have some more things for you too, y'know?"
you put on your owned clothes as fast as you could, catching up with mammon who was already inches away from checkout.
you watched as the cards he carried accepted the payments, following behind him as he bolted out of the shop you both were already in and running into the next one.
in this shop, mammon bought a whole bunch of sunglasses for himself, picking out a few frames for you too, smiling at how you looked in expensive designer sunglasses.
"we'll take these too." he smiled, at checkout within seconds. he pulled out another credit card from the deck in his wallet.
after your little afternoon shopping spree with mammon, you stopped at his favorite casino.
"oh lord..." you grumbled.
"aw, man... cheer up! we're gonna have so much fun here too, just trust me!" he waved his hand at you, like he was dismissing you, handing his shiny new 'VIP' card to the casino attendant.
both you and him finally reached the hotel room, top floor, extravagant king sized beds for the both of you. he tossed the handful of exorbitantly priced clothing onto the bed, taking your pile and throwing it onto your bed, the one closest to the window.
"alright, MC. let's get some food next, im starvin'!"
mammon raced off, clutching your hand as you ran behind him, letting him lead you to the most lavish, eye-catching restaurant there was.
he ordered everything that sounded remotely good to him on the menu, dishes laid out on the cold marble tables.
"how are ya enjoying the meal? you'd better like it, i am paying for it, after all." he jokingly remarked, his goofiness lightening your already tired mood.
"it's... really good." it took you a moment to process it. the finest quality of ingredients, laid out and cooked in a masterpiece of a dish.
he laughed, shoving his face full of food again.
by the time you both were done, you and him had practically ordered everything on the menu. mammon had left a hefty tip on top of the outrageously expensive bill.
you and him trotted out of the restaurant, hand in hand again. he had looked around for more noticeable and pricey stores, this time, a cologne store had caught his eye.
"how does this one smell, MC?" the one he pointed out was a more subtle and handsome cologne, something that would suit a rich man, not quite a hefty spender like mammon.
"it smells great!" you smiled. he grinned, taking the fragrance off the shelf for later purchase.
"maybe you should try this one?" you told him, this one smelled much more champagne-like. a nicer, smoother scent than the one he had picked out.
"that one is nice," he said, while grabbing the bottle. "i want to keep it. after all, it would make you happy if i wore it, right?" he quirked.
as he brought you to the elevator, he turned to you and gave you another smile, a comforting sigh leaving him.
"ive decided not to gamble today. i thought it would make you happy. after all, i did want to take you out somewhere, not just for me but for you. i wanted to getcha a lil' somethin', y'know... for... dealing with me."
you chuckled, stepping into the elevator together.
"where did you get all this money anyways?"
mammon quickly got flustered. "well, ah- um. well, MC. uh-" he scratched the back of his neck, quickly coming up with an excuse.
"well!" he cleared his throat. "THE mammon can't just tell you all his secrets!"
you burst out laughing. "that's no fair!"
"well, maybe i should tell ya, since you've been so nice today, eh?"
you nodded.
"well," he giggled. "i stole it!"
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hlokitte · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh noooo what’s happening to me— 🧍‍♀️-> 🧎‍♀️->🐇
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aciesgecko · 3 months ago
Mammon UR+ You Always Ride Shotgun
Animation + frame less art
Don't repost my edits.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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long-furby6 · 2 months ago
The Older Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
K so we’re all aware how Down Bad all the characters are for MC, but when does it finally click?
This was going to be all the brothers but like… guess who procrastinated again :/
Tumblr media
Lucifer realizes he likes someone when he starts joking around with them
He’s usually such a serious guy, and he likes to keep up that reputation. However, he’s lost count of how many times he’s had to restrain himself by saying some stupid pun or snarky comment
While he does occasionally join his brothers in their antics (mostly terrorizing Mammon), he never really gets the chance to engage in some premium Tomfoolery. He has to be the responsible, mature one at all times. He is the eldest, after all
Homeboy didn’t even realize when it first started happening
He would flash you a bright grin from across the table after saying an inside joke of yours to someone else, lean in and whisper something in your ear during a Rad meeting just to see you try to suppress an undignified snort of laughter, so on, so forth
Sometimes they would be teasing and sly, others were mocking the people around you, some would simply be lighthearted and playful. And nobody would ever believe you if you told them
As he started to become more and more comfortable with you, these moments turned from rare and fleeting to common occurrence
He just couldn’t help but feel a strange warmth when he heard you laugh. And the knowledge it was him who made you feel that way made him dizzy
It happened during one of these instances, where you were in his office helping him sort papers and he said something that made you to burst out into a hyena-laugh, adding onto it until he, too, couldn’t help but giggle until his eyes felt watery and his chest hurt
When he finally stopped laughing, opening his eyes to see you beaming at him, he suddenly felt like he had the wind knocked out of him
It was so out of character to see him in that moment, eyes wide and cheeks flushed as he stared at you in shock for what must have been a minute, before smiling shyly, looking down and mumbling something about getting back to work
Ever since that evening, he never was able to look directly at you without feeling undeniably giddy
Tumblr media
Mammon realizes he likes someone when he starts worrying about them
He’s a pretty busy Demon (according to him, at least). he has a lot of things to think about, such as his encroaching debt or the fact that Lucifer just overheard him talking shit and is currently approaching at rapid speeds
So you could imagine his surprise when suddenly, his first thought in the morning is about you. He catches himself zoning out in class thinking about some nice thing you said to him earlier
He feels genuine rage at the possibility that you could be talking to someone else at the moment. What if Asmo is sweet talking you?? What if Satan is using studying as an excuse to get close to you???
It’s not like him to overthink so much, especially about some stupid human that he doesn’t care about in the slightest. Nope, he doesn’t care at all!
The day he finally came to terms with his feelings came way later, when he subconsciously headed to your class after his finished. Around halfway there, he stopped abruptly
Why was he going to see you?
Pretty sure everyone in the hallway can see the gears turning in his head, before a look of absolute mortification spread across his face and turned his whole body rigid
Never ran the other way so fast in his whole life. No way could he face you now that he had that epiphany!
Will he ever admit it out loud? Absolutely not. Will he get pissed every time you flirt with someone else and call you his human constantly? Of course
Tumblr media
Levi realizes he likes someone when he starts wanting to be around them
As a self-proclaimed shut in and introverted extraordinaire, he normally dreads the thought of being with others
Social interactions simply tire him out. And his high anxiety levels are NOT helping
So you can imagine his surprise when he catches himself actually looking forward to seeing you. It’s an almost childlike excitement that has him zoning out completely, a goofy smile on his face, before he realizes and tries to bite it back, even just a little
Instead of wanting to be alone after a day at RAD, he finds himself headed to the living room to see you. A semi-public area. The things you do to this man
The weirdest part is, out of all the people he knows, you stress him out the most. But at the same time, you’re the one he goes to when stressed. It seems that as soon as you run your fingers through his hair and tell him you’re always there, everything melts away. In those moments, his entire world is your reassuring smile and your soft yet deliberate touch
Then the minute you leave he full on screams and can’t sleep because a. Overheated and b. Unholy thoughts of MC go brrrrr
Unlike SOME of his brothers, he doesn’t try to deny his feelings. He’s seen enough romance anime’s to know there’s no getting out of this
Instead, he starts berating himself for it. How gross would you think he was if you knew?
So he simply friendzones himself, hoping that one day, he’ll be able to settle for that kind of relationship. But right now, all he can focus on is the anger he feels when you spend time with someone else
Especially with how stupidly happy he was on his way to see you
He’s in Spain but the S is silent
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Brothers reaction to mc saying "I can hold the whole world in my hands" then and then proceeds to hold his cheeks into their hands.
the brothers' reactions to you calling them your whole world
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them/theirs pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one wear word (satan), slightly suggestive tones (asmo)
a/n: this req is actually soo adorable!! the imigines are a little shorter than normal, but i hope they're still cute. thanks for requesting and my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come talk to me!!
reblog pls <333
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer scoffs. “seriously, mc, that’s untrue. it’d be a little ridiculous if i were your whole world, not to mention unhealthy.” his cheeks are warm under your hands and the tips of his ears are red. he doesn’t pull away, though, and you count that as a win, slowly scraping your thumbs across his skin. he rarely lets you do this- rarely succumbs to the craving for affection he so clearly has, but when he does, you take full advantage, milking it for as long as you possibly can.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon stares at you, wordless. you watch slowly as his cheeks flush under your hands, a little concerned. “can ya say that again?” he asks, almost whispering, and you repeat yourself, willing to say it as many times as he needs it. “i can hold the whole world in my hands. mammon, you’re my world.” after a few minutes, his bravado returns, allowing him to preen under your touch. “damn right you can,” he crows, brilliant smile peeking out from under his smirk. “because i’m your world, ya got that!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi squeaks, closing his eyes. “this is like that one anime i watched!” he says, more to himself, tail lashing back and forth. “oh my god, mc said i’m their whole world!” his eyes open in record speed, and he looks at you, eyes flickering from your face and the wall behind you, suddenly worried. “were you kidding? please tell me you weren’t.” soothing him, you promise you weren’t, making him all flustered again. he smiles at you, adoration clear in his gaze and you’re sure you look just as dopey staring back at him.
Tumblr media
➳ satan chuckles, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to your palm. “that’s cute, mc. and what a coincidence, too.” flipping your positions, his hands are suddenly on your cheeks. “i can hold my whole world in my hands as well.” now you’re the one flustered, goddammit. he chuckles once more, sliding his hands off of his cheeks and down to your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. from there, he drops a kiss on the top of your head, leaving you to reboot as he saunters off.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo smiles, slow and intentionally, hands coming up to grip your wrists lightly, holding you there. “oh? can you?” he asks, sliding closer to you. “i’ll admit, i’ve been called a lot of things, but someone’s whole world? that’s a new one.” leaning in, you expect him to kiss you, but he bypasses your lips and goes right to your ear, breath fanning against it. “you already know what you mean to me,” he purrs, sending a shiver down your spine. “but i suppose it can’t hurt to remind you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel furrows his brows, confused. “what? but i’m not a world. i’m just beelzebub. mc, are you okay? did you it your head? do you need to go to the doctor?” laughing, you squish his cheeks in your hands. “no, silly, it was like a metaphor. it means that you’re my world, not a world.” beel is quiet for a moment. “oh! i see what you mean now. well, in that case, i guess i can hold the whole world -no, all of them- in my hands too!” he cups your cheeks, smiling at you sweetly, and you can’t help but grin back.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie rolls his eyes, acting unaffected, but really, he wants to melt. you’re insinuating he’s your world! he knew he was important to you, but this important? you watch in amusement as he tries to push down the flattered and embarrassed feelings, and he definitely isn’t as successful as he thinks he is, as you can feel his cheeks heat up and see him swallowing his words down. it’s cute, and he’s cute, and when you tell him that, then he’s really unable to keep the blush off of his face.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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certified-sloth · 3 months ago
One of the anon asked about mc calling Levi, asmo,beel and belphie by their full name
But imagine mc who usually call them by their Nick name but suddenly used their full name
I'd just drop with all the bros lmao
Already gave up when you started calling him by a nickname
And got used to it
But then you call him with his full name
He never looked up from his papers so fast that you swore you heard a crack
Listen, the moment you don't CALL him by his nickame
He is going to panic
Just ends up apologizing profusely
Didn't know what he did but you better apologize to him for doing this
Would call your name back
Absolutely horrified why you're attacking him like this
But you need to go back to calling his nickname
Or he WILL cry
Will look up at you with furrowed eyebrows
You didn't call him by his nickname
Has he done something wrong?
Truth be told, he only allows just you to call him with a nickname such as Tantan
If it's about the party that he didn't get to drag you in, then he's sorry's not that?
Then what did he do? He didn't take anything from you besides your heart
Hm? Why are you flustered suddenly? Was that too much?
Stops whatever he was doing
And looks at you like a kicked puppy
Did he do something wrong?
Why are you calling him like that?
Would snap his eyes open real quick but pretends he doesn't know who you're calling and even ACCUSES you
Looks at you with the most disgusted face he ever shown his whole years
Because he loves and got used to you calling him by his nickname
"Who's Belphegor? I don't know someone like that. You better not be cheating on me."
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devildomdisaster · 3 months ago
Can you do the brothers reacting to S.O. MC always having an unidentifiably "familiar" scent and then finding a spray bottle with the brother's perfume in it, diluted so that it doesn't overpower MC's but still gives them a subtle trace of the brother's scent? Which brothers do you expect would take up the practice so that they always have MC's scent lingering on them?
So cute!
I think demons and angels would have a better sense of smell than humans so wearing one of the brother’s perfumes would be like Mc marking themself as the demon’s partner.
It’s not foolproof of course, after all, other demons can buy the same perfume. But between the brothers, Diavolo and Barbatos everyone wears different scents so it would be clear to all of them whos perfume you are wearing.
Lucifer has been using the same cologne for several decades now. It’s honestly surprising that it hasn’t gone out of style, or become associated with old people(Like how certain human colognes or perfume is only used by your grandparents). It’s distinctive but elegant and simple enough to be timeless.
Lucifer first notices how your scent is oddly familiar a few weeks after you return to the Devildom with Solomon.
Something about your new scent is immensely gratifying to his senses.
It makes his pride flare, and he finds himself far less worried about his brothers or Diavolo trying to steal you away.
Much to his embarrassment, Lucifer finds himself nuzzling into your neck as if to scent you while trying to identify the change.
It’s early yet and you’re still curled up asleep in his bed when he finds the simple-looking perfume bottle on your desk as he is fetching you a fresh set of clothes to change into.
He stops to examine the bottle, thinking that perhaps he should bring this to you as well. Although he loathes to let you cover up his scent.
He opens the bottle to ensure it won't completely overpower his scent on you, and for a moment he thinks he must have used a bit too much of his own perfume this morning. He sniffs it again and realizes that while it is similar to his own scent, it’s different. Muddled, diluted with something, water, and perhaps a bit of your own perfume/cologne.
His lips curl into a smirk as he realizes that he’s caught his cologne thief. He’d assumed that he’d simply misplaced a bottle of his cologne but now realizes that you must have taken it back to the human realm with you and made this.
Lucifer falls in love with you all over again. He is so enamored with the idea that you want to smell like him, essentially letting other demons and angels know that you are his.
When you wake, he is sitting next to you. Still smug. Pride radiating off him in self-satisfied waves. Toying with your perfume bottle. “Mc, my dear, if you would like to let others know you are taken I would be happy to mark you more clearly.”
You swear he likes to fluster you just for his own enjoyment.
“When this is gone,” he says holding up the perfume bottle “you are welcome to more of my cologne, you needn't resort to thievery, my love.”
He won’t take up the practice himself, but if you have to be away from each other for an extended time he’ll ask for a bottle of your perfume/cologne to keep your scent fresh and near.
Mammon is snooping in your room again. Not to steal this time, he swears! It was just to figure out what kind of gift you’d like.
The perfume bottle looks expensive, so he picks it up. Thinking that buying you a new bottle might be a good gift.
It doesn’t have any labels so he opens it to see if he recognizes the fragrance.
He is so, so embarrassed to find out that it is a diluted version of his scent! Poor Mammon, he is so flustered when he finds out that he drops the bottle, shattering it on your bedroom floor.
Suddenly it all clicks into place for him. The reason he had been so much more protective of you. Why he had found himself resisting the urge to mark you as his more than he usually had to.
You’d been making yourself smell like him, marking yourself for him. Mammon is over the moon. You want to be his. You’re already together of course, but you want other demons to know you’re together.
It takes everything Mammon has to stop himself from going to get you right now. From bringing you to his room and marking you himself.
But he’s got a bigger problem to handle first. Your room is a mess, floor covered in glass and perfume and he’s got to fix this before you get back.
When you open your door Mammon is still trying to clean everything up and air out your room, you recognize the scent of the spilled perfume and you feel the embarrassment overwhelm you.
Mammon is looking at you, face red and stuttering out an apology. “I swear I wasn't trying to steal nothin'. I just-” He flounders gesturing to your desk “it was an accident Mc! Picked you up a new bottle of mine so you can…” if possible his face gets even redder.
“Mammon if you don’t like it I can stop.”
“What? No! Of course, you’d wanna smell like the great Mammon! Besides, I don’t want anyone else thinkin they can make a move on ya. You should keep doin it.”
Mammon won’t ask for any of your perfume/cologne but he will borrow(steal) a little of it every once in a while. Mostly when he’s going somewhere he can’t take you. It makes him feel closer to you. And it has the added benefit of preventing any demons from making a move on him, letting them know he’s taken.
Levi can’t quite put his finger on where he’s smelled your new perfume/cologne before.
It’s familiar, but he can’t place it no matter how hard he tries.
For some reason, it makes him less jealous when his brothers are around you. Like he doesn’t have to worry about you realizing they are better than him anymore.
Levi might not notice what your new scent is but his brothers sure do.
Asmo gives you knowing little winks and you could swear you’ve seen Mammon crinkle his nose in distaste at you.
Levi doesn’t figure out why your scent is so familiar until he finds you in his room pouring some of his perfume into a different bottle.
You’re startled when Levi takes the bottle from your hand and tilts your head to the side to smell your neck.
He takes a step back from you red to the tips of his ears “M-mc you-” He gapes at you for a moment “You can’t just do that without warning me!” he whines. “You know other demons can- my brothers can- it’s like you’re telling everyone you’re mine.”
“I know, Asmo gave me the idea. He said demons use their scent to mark their significant others. I’m sorry Levi, are you mad?”
“Mad? You want to smell like me, how could I be mad when I’ve wanted to-to mark you for months? I just didn’t want to...creep you out...with all that. Y-you can still use my cologne just ask. Thought you were Mammon stealing for a second.” He says covering his blushing face with his hands.
Levi is awake for a long time that night, even after you’ve long since drifted off curled up next to him in his bathtub bed. He’s caught up in the fact that you want to smell like him and he wonders if maybe he could do the same thing with your perfume/cologne.
Eventually, he’ll ask for some of your perfume/cologne but it’ll take him several weeks to finally blurt out the question.
Somehow your scent is different, more familiar.
It sets him at ease, like seeing you in his jacket or finding you sleeping in one of his shirts.
It clicks that you are using his scent when he notices how fast he is going through the bottle of his cologne.
His face heats up and oh my, you’re using his scent. That's why it was so familiar.
Once the surprise has passed, his lips curl up in a wicked grin.
Oh Mc, Satan is so pleased. He is so in love with you.
He has you meet him in his room to confront you. His cologne in hand, lips curled up in a smirk. “Is there something you’d like to tell me, Mc?”
You tell him about how you dilute his perfume with yours so that you smell a little like him and meekly apologize for stealing from him.
Satan’s smirk grows as you explain, and when you fall silent he pulls you into his arms. “I like having my scent on you kitten. But you know there are other ways I can leave my scent on you if you’d like?” he murmurs, kissing across your cheekbone and down your jawline.
He sounds so confident but there is proof of his own emotions in the red dusting his cheeks.
Satan might dilute some of your perfume/cologne if there is a particular reason he wants other demons to know he’s taken. Maybe an event he can’t bring you to or if there has been a particularly stubborn demon not taking no for an answer.
To be honest Satan would rather have you leave your scent naturally. By sleeping on his pillows or wearing his jacket.
If you have to go to the human realm without him for any length of time, Satan will pick up your habit and start diluting some of your chosen scent with his while you're gone.
It doesn’t take long for Asmo to figure out why your scent is so familiar.
He knows exactly how long a bottle of perfume will last him and has a sixth sense for knowing when someone has moved any of his beauty products.
“Mc, darling, it’s sweet that you want my mark on you but if you keep stealing from me I’ll have to punish you,” he sings.
“Is that a promise Asmo?”
He brings you your very own bottle of his cologne.
The fact that you dilute his scent with yours brings Asmo to his knees. It’s so cute! But also such a tease! He’d love to leave his scent on you in other ways too.
But first, he just wants to curl up and cuddle with you. Knowing that you want to advertise your relationship so openly makes him feel truly loved.
The feeling overwhelms Asmo and he is so, so happy that his feelings for you are returned just as strongly.
Asmo will definitely take up the practice so your scent always lingers on him as well.
Asmo is not ashamed or shy about your relationship and any demon who insinuates he should be is playing a dangerous game.
There is no hesitation in his voice when he asks for a bottle of your perfume/cologne in exchange for his.
He likes knowing his scent lingers on you and flaunts the fact that yours lingers on him.
Expect to exchange bottles of perfume on holidays.
Beel’s nose picks up the change in your scent immediately.
It’s familiar and yet hidden beneath your own scent just enough that he can’t place it.
This is frustrating for him because he’s never had so much trouble placing a scent before.
But he likes the addition as well.
In the end, it’s Belphie who rats you out to his twin. “You know I'm sure Beel would have more fun if he got to mark you himself, Mc.”
Beel puts down the muffin he’d had halfway to his mouth to look at you, realization flashing across his face.
He smiles happily at you, light blush dusting his face.
He’ll give you your own bottle of his cologne.
But he’ll also explain how having his scent linger on you is a way that demons mark their significant others. He wants to make sure you know that you are advertising your relationship to other demons.
When you assure him you’re ok with that he’ll ask if he can do the same with some of your perfume/cologne. That way other demons know he’s yours too.
Belphie notices right away.
It’s obvious that the new addition to your scent is his when you’re napping in his bed with him and the new portion of your scent blends seamlessly with the blankets and pillows around you.
Belphie gets a mischievous smirk on his face as he nuzzles his face in your hair. “There are better ways for you to wear my scent, Mc.”
He doesn’t stop you from using some of his perfume to dilute and mix with your own.
In fact, he encourages the practice.
He likes the fact that other demons will know who your heart belongs to.
With his scent lingering on you it’s very unlikely that other demons(his brothers) will make a move on you.
He won’t adopt the practice himself.
Not because he doesn’t want to, but because it’s a lot of work to dilute perfume so perfectly.
But if you were to make it for him, he would wear it everywhere.
He finds your scent calming, so having it linger on him would be very nice. Why else would blankets occasionally go missing from your bed?
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queazy-and-uneasy · 12 days ago
a third rendition of stupid obey me headcannons
mammon cant spell “definitely”
lucifer needs at least 4 pillows to fall asleep
asmo and mammon are the only ones that belive in horoscopes
whenever mc gets upset with the boys they just steal all the chargers in the house until they apologize
beel sometimes will just drop his dumbbells on the floor and it shakes the house
levi secretly has freckles but hides them with concealer
sometimes luke will just walk into mc’s room and lay at the end of their bed and fall asleep
satan is a master at darts. seriously don’t fuck with him
satan also has a pile of cat plushies hidden in his closet that are just covered in books
belphie likes growing his nails out so he can scratch his brothers
solomon will randomly appear at mc’s bedside in the middle of the night and scares the shit out of them
whenever simeon doesn’t want anyone talking to him he just screams until the person walks away
mammon has broken his wrist twice. nobody knows how or why
asmo cries whenever he messes up his nail polish
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