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#mammon x you
zeldan7 · a day ago
Overworked - Mammon Fluff (Mammon x GN! Reader)
For @jaered19 - I'm so sorry I've taken so long to write this! I got a new job and I've been so busy with it I've had very little free time! I hope it's worth the wait :)
Pairing: Mammon x GN! Reader
Warnings: Graphic/in-depth panic attack - please don't read if this will trigger you
Word Count: 897
You sat at your desk, a mountain of work surrounding you. Your D.D.D. sat in the centre on speakerphone, Lucifer barking at you through it.
“The test is tomorrow, Y/N. You’d better be prepared for it, because I haven’t seen you do anything.”
“Yes, Lucifer,” You sighed, desperately trying to keep it together. You were stressed enough as it was without Lucifer yelling at you.
“And you’re behind on work for all your classes! This isn’t a holiday, Y/N, you’re here as a student. If you continue to underperform Lord Diavolo will send you back to the human realm.”
Tears began to spill over your eyelids. “Yes, Lucifer,”
“Oh, also, I need you to write a report on your time and experiences in the Devildom by the end of the week.” He paused, clearly expecting a response. The lack of one infuriated him. “Y/N? Y/N, are you listening to me?!”
You smashed the button to hang up before collapsing on your desk, sobbing. Why was Lucifer being so unfair? Why give you more work when you were behind as it is? Your breath hitched and you realised you needed some air; now. Standing, you turned to the window, vision blurring. The tears wouldn’t stop flowing, and it was becoming harder to breathe. He couldn’t take you away from all the people you’d come to love, he couldn’t… Could he? You took a single step before pitching forwards, scattering your work across the room. You fell to the floor, ears roaring and vision darkening. You tried to remember your breathing exercises, but the thoughts became jumbled and you ended up hyperventilating harder. Curling into a ball, you thought you were going to faint. Through your racing mind, one thought was prominent. You need to call for help. Except your D.D.D. was too far away. You sobbed louder, throat burning and constricting all at once.
“Mammon,” You gasped.
You weren’t quite sure how, but suddenly the white-haired demon was kneeling in front of you.
“Y/N? Y/N, what’s wrong?” Panic flashed across his face as he saw you choking on your own breaths. “Let me get Lucifer,”
“No!” You cried, lunging towards Mammon.
You knocked his D.D.D. out of his hand by accident and winced as you heard it shatter on the floor. Mammon’s face went through a variety of emotions, starting with shock, then sadness, and finally settling on fury.
“What the fuck did ya do that for?!”
You scooted away from him, sobbing even harder. He’d never hurt you, he’d never hurt you, he’d never hurt you. In your panicked state, the thoughts wouldn’t quite get into your brain, and you found yourself feeling terrified. This had been a mistake. You’d pried Mammon away from whatever he was doing and you’d punished his concern for you by destroying hid D.D.D. Your gasps were quick and shallow, and you were certain you were going to pass out as darkness clouded your vision.
Suddenly, Mammon’s demeanour changed. “Hey, hey, Y/N,” his voice was soft, soothing. “Look at me, Y/N.”
Slowly, you brought your gaze up to look into his eyes, expecting wrath and hatred, but meeting only warmth and concern. The broken D.D.D. lay on the floor behind him, all but forgotten. Gently, he took your trembling hands into his own, circling the backs of yours with his thumbs.
“Breathe with me, Y/N.” He demanded, authoritative yet tender.
You complied, slowly feeling yourself begin to calm down.
After a fair few minutes had passed, Mammon took you by the hand, helping you up and leading you to the window. He opened it with one hand, keeping his other holding yours, and the cool night air washed over you. It felt good. Really good. As the refreshing breeze caressed your clammy skin you felt your nerves subside. Of course this big softie of a demon would never hurt you, how could you even think such a thing? Mammon glanced at you, clearly feeling the change in your presence.
“Wanna tell me what’s up?” He asked, thumb still tracing circles on your hand.
You let out a deep breath. “Lucifer – I – I’m just extremely overwhelmed.”
You explain how much work you have and how Lucifer keeps hounding you. To your surprise, Mammon just stands and listens silently.
When you finish, he doesn’t immediately respond, deep in thought.
“If ya let me…” he clears his throat, finally speaking up. “I’d really like to talk to Lucifer about this; get him to ease up on ya a little.”
You shake your head. “No… if he’s expecting me to do it then I should be able to.”
Mammon takes your face in his hands and you feel yourself melt – just a little. “Y/N, you’re too hard on yourself. Lucifer needs to know he’s given ya too much to handle.”
Begrudgingly, you nod. “Maybe you’re right – but it’s not like he’d listen.”
A huge grin appears on your demon’s face. “Leave that to The Great Mammon!”
You can’t help but smile as he pulls you in for a hug, kissing the top of your head.
“It’ll be okay, Y/N. I got ya,”
And even though you weren’t sure it would work, you couldn’t help but notice Lucifer was ever so slightly more lenient with your deadlines. Not that his pride would let him admit that The Great Mammon had persuaded him, but you had a feeling.
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vanillasugarcubes · a day ago
MC defending Mammon
AN: its late and I’m hyperfixating on Obey me! 
Reader: gn, kind of a Mammon x reader kind of thing. 
Summary: read it, fools
Warnings; cursing, Lucifer simps,,,don’t hate me it’s for the fic
You hated this. Considering how we were all staying in such a large house, yelling always followed you. At home (in the human world), here (in the Devildom), in public. Everywhere. There was never a moment of peace and silence for you. You were all just having your weekly movie night but a certain two couldn’t keep quiet and ended up in an argument and lucifer took over for piece A. It quickly turned into a lecturing for Mammon and some of the things Lucifer was saying made even you hurt. 
“All you ever think about is yourself, instead of using all that time and energy on yourself use it on your school. You know what’s going on in the gambling community, but not at RAD? How pathetic. You’re such a waste of space, you know?” Lucifer ranted to Mammon. Should you say something? You stare down at the marble flooring. How would you feel if your oldest sibling truly meant these things? 
You bit your lip as you thought on it. They were stuck with each other until the end of time, they shouldn’t have such a hierarchy relationship. 
“Give me your credit card, now. You’ve lost money privileges. Only decent demons get money.” he seethed. You noticed Asmo and Satan whispering out of the corner of your eye, Typical. You sighed deeply whilst rolling your eyes. You had enough of all the yelling and screaming and Mammon constantly. He had enough going on as it is- they all do, but at this current moment in time they weren’t making it better for him. 
“Oh my fucking- Do you ever shut up, Lucifer?” You groaned out. 
He turned to look at you, “Excuse me? I must have a hearing problem because I thought I heard you say something to me. And I know you- a mere human wouldn’t speak to me in that way.” He seethed. 
“You’re overreacting, like always. Levi and Mammon were just fighting over who was in who’s spot, and you’re taking away his card. For what? To make you feel better? like you’re in control? Quit acting like you’re so high and mighty and shove your ego up your ass!” You yelled at him. 
You heard Satan snicker behind you. Lucifer.exe has stopped working. That’s a bit much for him. Now that movie night was paused or so it seemed, you walked over to Mammon and took his hand dragging him to your room. 
Once in your room, you closed and locked the door. “We’re having our own movie night. That okay?” You asked, looking up at him, awaiting his answer. He nodded “o-of course! It’s only natural you’d want to have a movie night with just me..” he said while averting his eyes from yours. “hey, that...that’s never happened before so, you get to pick the movie.” He mumbled out turning red. 
“hope you’re ready for a Barbie Marathon” You teased. 
“I take it back-”,”nope, too late!” 
AN; Sorry this was so short but I knew I had to start this blog eventually lmao.  
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butlike-obeyme · 5 days ago
Mammon : *falls*
MC : omg are you ok?
Mammon : *still on the floor* yeah just dropped a new single
MC : wtf-
Mammon : get it, i’m single
MC : that was terrible, date me.
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undying-vagabond · 8 days ago
Matching contacts names
Tumblr media
ft. mammon, beel, lucifer, satan
content: purely crack, kinda fluffly?
was bored, so this came about ☆
money honey / money man
you a rich bitch ~
y’all are either the richest or brokest couple, that’s just the way it is
if you have money, mammon will def ask you hence why you’d be his money honey.
you call him money man because he certainly loves his grub and it fit with yours
honey bun/ cutie pie
are you surprised it’s food related?
beel wanted something sweet, like you, for your contacts names
he thinks it’s kinda clever :3
darling / daddy
you honestly have it as a joke; he doesn’t hate it tho
you’ll be constantly changing it, sometimes you will have him as “sir” and he won’t recognize it for a moment and be like ??? explain yourself
kitten / catboy
you can’t tell my this cat lover wouldn’t take the opportunity to do this
def hates that you have him as catboy because why—
he knows why, just doesn’t want to admit it
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obeymematches · 9 days ago
💝💘💋 For Mammon if you dont mind ;v;
of course i don’t <3
EMOJI ASKS 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (500 followers celebration)
💝— What are their best qualities as a partner?
He is incredibly loyal to you no matter what. He wouldn’t turn against you even if someone paid him to do so. Yes he loves you more than money you can’t change my mind
He can turn into your best friend easily, which means he always knows how to cheer you up, what you like, what you don’t, etc, 
He’d let/make you enjoy life to the fullest with him by your side, literally just do whatever the heck you want. He’s got your back. Not a single reason to worry about! 
💘— What was one of the first things that attracted them to their partner?
You accessories, probably. 
Also he loved you since the first time he made you laugh. It is a sight he could never forget! what did you do to him human!!
💋— What are their kisses like?
already answered here! 
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obeymematches · 9 days ago
💌&💋 + Mammon? <3
hii thanks for sending in a request <3
EMOJI ASKS 2 (/500 followers celebration)
💌— What kind of love notes/messages do they leave their partner?
It would be a cheesy line of a romantic song you showed him, which randomly got stuck on his mind.
Or a line from your song, you know the one. You always sing this song to each other.
I feel like he’d be the kind to leave you some money with it so you can go & spend it however you want, but the amount of money he gives you might be a bit questionable,,
💋— What are their kisses like?
Very passionate. Hands and arms all over you, holding you too close yet never close enough at the same time. Always wants you closer to him than physically possible.
Doesn’t give you much room to breathe and usually his kisses last long. (unless he is in a hurry)
He likes to bite and suck your lips just so they get red and swollen! 
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sushiferr · 11 days ago
A/N: His song was literally all I heard in October, I won’t lie to you.
Tumblr media
Mammon was the first person to enter a pact with MC and he could still remember when he was put with the job of taking care of her. He made sure to do that, with a few slip-ups, but it was fine. She was just a human after all, she wouldn’t have a big impact on his life.
He couldn’t have been more wrong.
Looking after her, she became the main character in his life; every single motion to come his way made him flustered. He tried to pass it off as if it was fake, that he was yawning or something like that, anything but admit that MC had had a much bigger effect on him than what he had expected. Maybe that was the reason why he wanted a sign from her so badly. Something that would tell him if she felt the same things for him as he did for her. 
But he wouldn’t admit it to himself whenever he thought about this. He kept trying to say that he just wanted to see if she cared about him, that was it. It was clear that even to himself, he wouldn’t admit that he was completely in love with her. 
Whenever he left her back at the House of Lamentation to go somewhere else, it was mainly to gamble and his thoughts always went back to her and what she was doing. The idea that his brothers were trying to get closer to him made him bristle. He saw them as rivals for her love, but that was it. All he wanted from her was her approval, that was it. The way he’d get that was by showing that he wasn’t a complete compulsive gambler and better than what she thought of him. 
She was the only one for him, the only one that wouldn’t tease him mercilessly and take him into her arms. Once he went back home and endured his brothers’ mocking words and went straight to MC’s room. Closing the door behind him, he looked up at her with sad eyes and it was clear what he was saying. 
“Come here.” MC would say with her arms out, ready to hold him. With his ear pressed to her heart, he closed his eyes, her touch on his hair making him sleepy. It was something unfamiliar. He wondered if it was just pity for him and maybe she actually liked someone else. But when he thought about that, it just made him want to hold her tighter. It was true, he was truly crazy for her.
Levi had once talked his ear off about this romance anime that seemed super realistic to his situation. MC was the main character and he was her love interest, or so he hoped. The love interest in the anime wanted a sign that the main character loved him and he decided that he’d wait as long as it took. 
“Hey MC, can you come to my room tonight? There’s something that Levi told me to watch and I wanted to watch it with you.” He told MC in the cafeteria and she nodded with a smile. He sauntered off, but his heart was racing in his chest.
That night, his brothers were pestering MC at dinner and he clenched his fists under the table before standing up and gesturing at MC to follow him. They made it to his room and sat down on his sofa, turning the tv on. “Just to make it clear, Levi forced me to watch this, I didn’t want to.” He was lying to himself and it was clear that she knew it too. 
“Well, I’m watching it with you, so I’m sure it’ll be fun.” A smile on her face and that easily made him flustered.
Before they knew it, she was in his arms and he was subconsciously stroking her hair. “Wow, the love interest is so blind, she’s literally giving him hints that she likes him and now he’s just turning away. Can you believe that?”
MC was shaking in his arms and he looked down at her in confusion. “He kind of reminds me of you, Mammon.”
He blinked. “What?”
“You see your brothers as rivals a lot of the time and you’re really protective. But whenever I tell you something that might closely relate to feelings, you try and get away from it. I’ve been dropping signs for the longest time and somehow, you seem to not see them.” 
That’s when he realized. Leviathan specifically told him about this anime so that Mammon could watch it and come to his senses. His eye twitched. That was a smart move, he had to admit it. “So....?”
“Mammon, I like you and I have for the longest time.”
With a slow smile spreading across his face, he held onto her tighter. There was the sign he had been looking for. Now he could say with pride that she was the only one for him. “ you too.” 
The confession made him feel giddy and they kept holding onto each other as they watched the show, finally at peace in each other’s arms.
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sketch-guardian · 15 days ago
This is probably a bit (or a lot, that depends on your opinion-) cringe, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I tried using the graphic tablet for the first time, so I hope it ended up decent and please have mercy of my poor skills🙈 as I said, this is my first attempt at digital art (another reason why the sketch doesn't have details like shadows or lights, but anyway-).
Here is a simple fluffy drawing of Mammon in MC's comfy hoodie (MC is gender neutral in this one, so everyone can imagine that that hoodie belongs to themself or to their MC) (again, sorry for my bad english-)
Tumblr media
Hope you still enjoy🙈 have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!
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leviathans-watching · 15 days ago
how they confess to you
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie x gn!reader
wc: .4k | rated g
hcs, fluff, confession scenes
cw: food/eating, mention of lust
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer is the epitome of poised. he has a short and to the point speech that clearly and elegantly displays his feelings. he waits there, for your reply, hands clasped together as you work to formulate your response. of course, he’s not worried, he knows you’ll return the feelings.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon confesses jokingly, but there’s something in his voice that makes you pause. when you turn to look at him the remnants of the smile on his face have turned more into a nervous grimace, but when you accept, he goes full tsundere, covering his blush with his hand.
Tumblr media
➳ levi goes with the grade school route: a note with a ‘do you like me? check yes or no’ in his chicken scratch handwriting. you check ‘yes’ and stick the note in his bag. you see him open it from across the classroom and short-circuit, putting his head down for a few minutes.
Tumblr media
➳ satan also goes with a classic: confession letter. he hands it to you and walks away, under the guise of letting you make a decision, but really he’s so nervous and wants to keep his composure up in front of you. you return his feelings, and later on, when he’s trying to find something in your stuff he finds the letter, carefully cherished and kept.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo really doesn’t use his words, confessing with a kiss instead. he presses his lips against yours gently, holding back most of his sin to allow you to break the contact if you’d like. you guys use your words after the initial kiss, but really, asmo isn’t great at that which is why he led with a kiss
Tumblr media
➳ beel just comes out with it and says it at the most mundane of times. like your just sitting in the kitchen with him and he’s like “hey mc, i like you”. your jaw drops while you try to work through the words, trying to figure out if he like-likes you. “i like you too, beel,” you say, and he smiles. the two of you just continue hanging out and eating (at least on beel’s part) but the atmosphere is slightly different.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie confesses when you’re cuddling. he thinks your asleep and says it, carding a hand through your hair. to his surprise, you turn over, burying your face in his chest and tell him you feel the same. you then promptly fall asleep, leaving belphie flustered as he wraps an arm around you.
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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thevioletwitch999 · 16 days ago
➻ Your Name in Ink
Tumblr media
✦ pairing(s): mammon x gn!reader.
✦ word count: 1.2k.
✦ format: drabble, one-shot.
✦ synopsis: you get a little something to surprise Mammon.
✦ warnings: sfw.
✦ genre: tooth-rotting fluff.
✦ notes: aaa I finally came back from the dead. I thought this idea was really cute and I just had to write about it for my fave boy, I’m also sorry if he’s a lil ooc, I haven’t written him in forever, I hope u guys like it and if u could like, maybe, perhaps reblog/comment and/or leave a like it’d really make my day, thank u. 👉🏻👈🏻🥺
✦ ask box  →  rules before requesting  →  masterlist  →  wips
Tumblr media
“He’s going to love this,” you thought with a smile on your face, all the while stroking the tender spot on your hip through the bandage.
You had been contemplating getting a tattoo for a while now, and when you saw that there was a tattoo parlor in the same plaza that you and Asmodeus always got your nails done, you immediately decided to book an appointment the moment you got home.
“You know I appreciate romanticism in all forms, truly, I do–” the amber-eyed man sitting in front in front of you began, swirling his iced latte with his straw before gesturing towards your new tat with his chin–”but did you really have to get his name on your body? Mine would look way better, don’t you agree, darling?”
“If I blew Mammon off to get a tattoo of your name, I don’t even want to think about what he’d do,” you laughed, taking a sip of your own coffee. You’d sacrificed time with your boyfriend to get this tattoo, under the false pretense that you were going to be running errands all day, and he was not happy about it, especially when he heard that Asmodeus was going with you, and insisted on coming along. Thankfully, Lucifer had come to the (not so?) rescue, and told Mammon that he wouldn’t be going anywhere until he cleaned up the mess he and Leviathan made in the common room after the former cheated in a game of cards.
“Please, the worst he’d do is sulk in his room until you pulled him out, you know he can never stay mad at you,” Asmo rolled his eyes, and you couldn’t help but grin at the adorable thought of Mammon pouting away in the corner. He really was a big baby sometimes, but that’s precisely why you loved him.
When the two of you left the café, the sun had started to go down, and your phone was bombarded with messages from the man in question. He’d been blowing it up since you’d arrived at the parlor, and you ended up having to put it on silent so you and Asmodeus could enjoy your café outing in peace.
Scrolling through the multitude of messages, you felt bad for ignoring him, but you knew it’d all be worth it when you saw the look on his face after showing him your new design.
“I’ll be home soon!! Sorry for not texting, but I have a surprise for you, look forward to it! :) I love you!!” you sent him.
His response came not even a full minute later.
“This had BETTER be worth it, I’m not gonna forgive ya so easily for ignorin’ me all day!”
“..and I guess I love ya too, but you’re going to make this up to me later! Don’t forget it!”
You found it incredibly sweet that no matter how mad he was at you, he always made sure to say “I love you” back, even if it was accompanied by a spam of angry emojis, just like now.
“I won’t,” you mumbled to yourself, putting your phone back in your pocket with a soft smile. You couldn’t wait to get home.
As you’d expected, Mammon was right on the doorstep waiting to give the both of you an earful when you returned.
“Listen, when I text ya, you’d better respond within five--no, two minutes! Don’t go ghostin’ me like that, makin’ me think something happened,” he said, his creased eyebrows making lines form on his forehead.
“Aww, was someone worried about me?” you teased, prodding at his chest with your finger.
“Pff, as if! Worried, me? That’s crazy! Nonsensical, even!” 
“When you say it like that, it doesn’t sound that convincing, you know?” Asmodeus sighed. “Besides, they were with yours truly, so there was no possibility of something harming them,” he said with a wink, draping his arm over you.
“Oi! Hands off!” Mammon smacked his younger brother’s hands away from you. “They ain’t yours!”
“So clingy!” Asmo gasped, clutching onto his assailed hand, “Well, no matter, I’ll leave you guys to have some fun, don’t get too carried away now, ‘kay?” he waved to the both of you before heading inside.
“You’ve got a lot of explainin’ to do,” Mammon jabbed his finger at your forehead.
“I know, I know, let’s go to my room, shall we?”
Once you both got situated in your bedroom, you’d made sure to give him the answers he was looking for.
“So you’re tellin’ me you weren’t doin’ errands today? You got a tattoo?” Mammon digested your words. “Why’d ya need to lie to me about that?”
“It has to do with your surprise,” you smiled at him. “Pull up my shirt and take off the bandage, Mammon.”
Once he’d done as you told him, his mouth fell agape; there, on the left side of your hip, was his name, plastered in black italic letters.
“Do you like it?” you asked him, eager to hear his response.
“Dummy..of course I like it..” he said quietly under his breath, just barely loud enough for you to hear. He lightly stroked the reddened spot with his fingers, causing you to flinch.
“Sorry, did I hurt ya?”
“No, it just stings a little,” you reassured him, “so you’re really happy with it?”
He nodded, “I mean, it’s no surprise that you’d want the Great Mammon’s name on ya, seeing as I’m a renown man and all that, but I can’t deny it makes me happy,” a sheepish grin spread across his face. “What made ya decide to get it?”
“I wanted a piece of you with me wherever I went,” you told him, a glimmer of fondness in your eyes as you stroked his cheekbone with your thumb, “so even if I’m somewhere far away, like the human world, you’ll always be with me.”
A dust of pink coated his cheeks, turning a deeper hue with each word that left your lips, and you could’ve sworn you saw his eyes becoming glassy before his gaze left yours. He clicked his tongue, and before you could ask what was wrong, he took you into his arms.
“What about when I miss ya, then? What’ll I do?” he sullenly buried his face into your shoulder, making you giggle at the ticklish sensation.
“We have our chocolate lizards,” you informed him while running your fingers through his hair, “but if that’s not enough for you, maybe you’ll just have to get a tattoo of my name, too.”
He stiffened in your arms, before pulling back and squeezing your shoulders.
“T-Then it’s settled then! I’m making an appointment as soon as we wake up tomorrow!”
You had to admit, you weren’t expecting him to take your suggestion seriously, “Mammon, I was joking! You don’t really have to–”
“Nope! I’ve already made up my mind, ya can’t stop me!” He toothily smiled at you, before pulling you into bed with him. “But until then, ya gotta make up for neglecting me the entire day and let me cuddle ya, no objections.”
“I wouldn’t, anyway,” you laughed as he nuzzled his face into your tattoo, feeling nothing but love and adoration for the man who held a place in both your heart and now on your body.
Tumblr media
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Mammon: My food's too hot. I can't eat it.
Mc: You're too hot, but I still eat you.
Lucifer, slamming his hands on the table: One dinner!
Lucifer: One peaceful dinner is all I ask!
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kokomis-gf · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warning ○———— pegging, “Mommy” will be said here, a bit of blood, after care, riding, dirty talk, a bit rough
Pairing ○———— Mammon x Fem! reader
Tumblr media
He’s a fucking masochist and a tsundere of fucking course he’s gonna wanna be fucked in the ass
God how he loves it when you ride on top.
He loves watching you ride him so majestically.
Watching your breast move with every slam down.
His hands of your waist, slamming you down onto his dick
The whines and moans that come out of his throat are ungodly
He absolutely adores it when you peg him
When pegging him you def have to put a gag ball in his mouth to shut him up
Loves the marks and scratch’s you make on his back
Usually shows off the marks you make him
Tries so hard to please you during face fucking
Ugh when he calls you mistress or mommy
What did Mammon think would happen when he ignored you all day and just go shopping with Goldie. Sure he can do that but he shouldn’t just ignore you for no fucking reason.
So that’s why he’s now being fucked from behind mercilessly and grasping onto the bed sheets.
His ass was in the air, going up and down harshly. His moans and whimpers surrounding the entire room.
“Ah~ p- please mommy-“ his tears were wetting the bed sheets, but it’s not as if your juices and sweat wasn’t already wetting the bed sheets.
“Speak up and say it, bitch” your voice sounded deep, as you pounded into his tight little ass
“Please just fuck me already, mommy” you laughed sarcastically. Who the fuck does he think he is?
“You think you’re in charge, Mammon? After what you did today? I thought you were out cheating on me with some fucking slut?! Do you know how pathetic I looked running around asking every one where you were? Just to figure out you were out shopping?” You had already stopped pumping in and out of him before flipping him around. You were already on top of him.
You lifted yourself up a bit to center his dick in the middle of your warm hole. You moved his dick around your slit, making you slightly moan at it. “Ah- look how wet I am from you, darling?” You kissed his neck softly, putting him into you finally.
Your head threw itself back as you heard his soft whimpers. Your nails scratched his biceps, digging into his chest, making small blood droplets appear
It seemed as though Mammon was about to cum and so were you. His movements became sloppy but he was holding out for you to cum first.
You gave it a few more pushes before you both had came. You stayed there on his dick as you both gave out deep breaths. You finally had the strength to get off of him and got off the bed.
Mammon knew where you were going to. You were going to the bathroom to find some towels for him. You grabbed a wet towel and a dry one, smiling at Mammon as he just looked at you. You sat on the bed, softly patting the wet towel around Mammon’s face before wiping the water off with the dry one.
You put the towels on the nightstand right beside you. You turned back to Mammon and later down, caressing his cheek. You kissed his lips, entangling your legs with his. “I’m sorry for going to rough on you tonight but you know how I feel about you ignoring me”
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Mammon, drunk and flirty: So, what's your type?
Mc, sober: Oh I don't know... Mostly male. Taller than me. Great model. Effortlessly gorgeous. Amazing sense of humor. Someone I've known for a long time.
Mammon, starting to cry: You're in love with Asmo, aren't you?
Mc: Did I mention dumb? Definitely got to be dumb.
Mammon, sobbing: No, you're definitely in love with Asmo.
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karlswrites · 25 days ago
A Devil In Style
Head-canon about Mammon and MC posing for pics together for the acclaimed magazine. 
Warnings: Suggestive Themes and Dialogue 
- After becoming an item, it was normal for you to tag along with Mammon for his DS shoots, and the main producer always loved how natural the two of you looked.
- You inspire Mammon to do his work, so the Producers already love you.
- Mammon may not be the Avatar of Pride, but -boy howdy- was he proud of you.
- In all honesty, he was just going to use this experience to show you off.
- The topic of this co-shoot, you ask? Y’all are modeling a clothing line featuring blue and gold-colored formal wear.
- Mammon has more experience modeling, so he’d be ready first, sitting on the large black leather couch, his head turned towards your dressing room door.
- He’d dressed in a silk blue button-up. His sleeves would be rolled up three-quarters of the way up his arms, and the top four gold buttons would remain undone. He’d sporting black skinny jeans and black leather shoes. 
- Because Mammon loves jewels, he probably requested gold studs and rings. The designers wouldn’t miss the chance the place a gold watch around his wrist, too. 
- He would look about as rich as he wished he was. 
- Upon finally seeing you, he’d jump up from the couch. He would jog to meet you. Jog. His cheeks would be a deep red from seeing you all dolled up. He’d blame it on the lights, but everybody would know it’s B/S. 
- His sapphire eyes would dance across your frame, blue silk hugging tightly at your skin. The outfit would actually be comfortable, though you’d be a bit shy at all the attention on you.
- Mammon is a softie, so the instance he sees any apprehension in you, he’ll ask if you’re really okay doing the shoot. His eyes light up when you nod. Baby boy has wanted professional pictures of you together since you started dating.
- THE COMPLIMENTS HE’D GIVE (Yes, he’s a tsundere, but the man does have a soft spot): 
 “God, you look beautiful.” 
“I can’t believe I get to see you like this.”
 “With you here, I’m finally havin’ fun.”
 “I’ve actually wanted to do something like this with you for a while now.” 
- Some poses would be pretty normal. You two are sitting on the couch, your hands wrapped around his one arm. His other hand would be running itself through his hair. His eyes would be looking into yours, illuminated by the lights above. 
- As some poses become more close and personal, Mammon would guide you through them. He’d take your hands, kiss them, then gently lead them to wherever the photographer wanted. Between shots, he’d playfully nudge you to keep moods light, or he’d give you a chaste peck if you started to feel shy. He’d keep you comfortable without sacrificing the tension provided by each new pose. 
- He’d sit on the edge of the couch, flashing his watch towards the camera. He’d be wearing a smirk: a smug look for a smug man. You’d be sitting partly behind him. Your arms would be draped over his shoulders, your thighs pressed up against one of his (almost innocently). Your chin would sit on his shoulder, your lips barely grazing his cheek. Mammon’s free hand would be clutching one of your own over his shoulder. 
- One of the more risqué poses would have you sitting in his lap. Your side would be pressed into his chest, giving his lips ample room to rest against your neck. His arms would be wrapped snuggly around your waist, while one of yours would be caught in his hair, your other hand clutching his bicep. You would definitely be able to feel his muscles tense under the soft, thin material of his shirt. Mammon’s eyes would stay glued to your face, even if the photographer wanted you both looking at the camera. 
- To help bolster your confidence, just in case it ever faltered, he’d whisper sweet (and saucy) praises into your ear. Only you could hear them, lest the both of you be embarrassed by anybody eavesdropping. 
“You put every single incubus/succubus to shame.” 
“I’ve never seen anything quite like you.” 
“You look so good, and I just want to show everyone here you’re mine.” 
- He’d also encourage you to move in just a bit closer. 
- Mammon would, without a doubt, also become a flustered mess from time-to-time, but modeling is his element. He’s not about to let you get the best of him here. 
- When you’re both done and ready to go, Mammon would pull you aside and tell you, “Everyone will see you with me on the cover, ya know. That definitely makes you mine.” 
- Of course, the Avatar of Greed knows how much you’re worth.
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Mammon: When have I ever done anything rash or irresponsible?
Mc: I have a list.
Mc: Do you want to hear it chronologically or alphabetically?
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blackstar95 · a month ago
The Brothers reaction when MC is a sleepwalker.
Lucifer was sitting at his desk doing paperwork
It was getting pretty late and all the work didnt seem to end
Frustrated, he let out an heavy sigh and leaned back in his chair.
Just as he was about to get back to work the door suddenly opened.
He furrowed his brows in confusion as he stared at the person.
"MC, what are you doing here?" He shook his head " Its already past midnight, go to-"
Thats when he noticed your eyes were closed.
You stood there, snoring slightly as you balanced your weight from one feet to the other.
Lucifer quickly realised what was going on.
He stood up and walked over to you, trying not to wake you.
He gently grabbed you by your shoulder and guided you towards one of the armchairs by the fireplace.
Once you sat there, he grabbed his jacket and laid it ontop of you, using it as a blanket.
You stirred at first but once you felt the warmth of his jacket you relaxed.
Lucifer looked at you with a soft smile and reached over to you, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
"*Sigh*, you really are spending too much time with Belphegor".
After that, he did made sure you lock your door before you go to sleep.
He was sitting on his bed playing with his D.D.D, searching for schemes to make money.
Some time went by and Mammon was getting annoyed, not seeming to find anything good.
Then suddenly he had the idea to sneak into MC's room and steal borrow some stuff.
I mean, his human would want to help him, right?
Just as he was about to march to your room he noticed that his bedroom door was already open.
Confused, he looked around.
Then he suddenly saw you standing beside his bed.
"EEEK-" he yelped as he fell backwards.
He hit his head on the ground and winced in pain.
"Oi, human! What's the big deal sneakin' on me like that?!" He yelled while rubbing his head.
You didnt responded.
"Hey, are ya even listenin'?!" He stood up and looked at you.
He froze when he noticed your eyes were closed, seeming like you were asleep.
At first Mammon was confused, thinking you're pranking him.
But then he remembered, you did mentioned something about sleepwalking to him.
He was really confused with the situation, not knowing what to do.
But then he did realise how dangerous it actually is for you.
I mean, what if you accidently walk into the underground tomb to cerberus?!
Not thinking twice, he closed his door and went over to you, pushing you into his bed.
His cheeks flushed as he laid down beside you, wrapping his arms around you tightly, caging you inside his arms.
"You really like to get on my nerves, dont cha'?" He grumbled.
He cant lie, he was really happy that you went to him, even in a sleeping state.
Theres no way Mammon would let you go now.
Leviathan was in his room, playing games as usual.
There was this new game that came out, and hes been itching to play it since it arrived from Akuzon.
"ROFLMAOO you really thought you had a chance?, take this!"
He was so engrossed into the game, that he didnt noticed anything around him.
Well, that was until he heard a loud thump outside his room.
Levi decided to ignore it, since it was probably just Beel going to kitchen.
But then it came again, just louder.
Levi huffed and paused his game. Who is interrupting his gaming session?
He slipped his headphones down from his ears and decided to stand up.
He walked over to his door, grumbling to himself.
"Mammon, I swear if its you, dont even try-"
Levi opened his door and expected one of his brothers.
But the first thing he saw instead, was you stumbling in the hallway.
At first he was just silent, watching you. Maybe you were drunk?.
But then you straight up walked against the wall and banged your head into it.
Levi yelped and rushed over to you, "MC! Are you okay?!".
He grabbed your shoulder and turned you around, checking if you hurt yourself.
His eyes roamed your face worriedly, but then he noticed your eyes.
They were closed.
Levi looked at you in disbelief, overwhelmed with the situation.
"A-are you really asleep?", when you obviously didnt replied, he only sweated nervously "Waahh!, what should I do now?"
In the end, he somehow managed to bring you inside his room and laid you down into his bathtub.
He double checked that you were tucked inside his blanket, and then just stared at you.
You looked soo cute, especially your cheeks. They practically invited him to touch them.
Levi gulped nervously, as he streched his shaking hand out to you.
His hand gently landed on your face, slowly caressing it.
He blushed when he noticed how you were leaning into his touch, with a small smile on your face.
Yes, your cheeks were soft. Really soft.
But Leviathans main question was now, how he can explain to you why you ended up inside his room, without him sounding weird.
Satan was sitting in the libary, reading a book.
He was really amazed by the story, it might even turn into one of his favorites.
"Hmm", he hummed as a sign of approval and turned to the next page.
He reached over to the side table and grabbed his teacup, taking a sip from it.
Nothing is better than a good book and the relaxing silence of a libary.
Suddenly, in the corner of his eyes he saw something walking up to him.
Satan looked up from his book and turned his head to its direction.
Thats when he saw you walking straight up to him with closed eyes.
He coudlnt help but let out a chuckle, already knowing of you sleepwalking some times.
"You really are drawn to me, arent you?" He smiled cheekily. "I guess you cant help it".
He laid his book down, stood up and met up with your steps, embracing you inside his arms.
"Now what am I going to do with you?"
He brought you to your room and tucked you back inside your bed, bringing his book along with him.
Satan wont leave your side now.
Eventually he fell asleep in the wooden chair beside your bed, with his book in his hands.
He then woke up to you shaking him, telling him he will get a neck pain.
Thats when he joined you in bed.
Asmo being asmo, wasnt awake at all.
He insisted on his beauty sleep and wouldnt appreciate someone disturbing him.
Well, unless that someone is you.
Joke, even then he gets grumpy.
You better give him a good reason to wake him.
Actually Asmodeus didnt woke up from you entering his room. It was when you started to grab his beauty products and placed them on his bed side. Ontop of him.
Asmo stirred in his sleep as he felt something heavy on him.
Eventually he woke up.
"Oh my, who's interrupting my precious beauty sleep?!"
He pulled his sleep mask up and looked around, clearly annoyed.
Then he saw you grabbibg his body lotion from his side table and bringing it to him.
"Uhm, MC darling, now what in the devildom are you doing?"
When you didnt respond he took a closer look at you. And then he realised.
"Are you sleepwalking, doll?"
Asmodeus eventually got up and brought his stuff back to its place, keeping an eye on you.
As you were just about to grab his foundation again, he grabbed your wrist and shook his head.
"Nu-uh darling, you're going to bed now".
He tucked you into his bed along with him and cuddled you.
When you woke up in the morning, you noticed arms wrapped around you and Asmodeus's head laying on your stomach.
Beelzebub is a sleepwalker himself, so he has no struggles dealing with you.
It was one of those nights where he decided to claim the fridge once again, this time awake.
His stomach grumbled all night and he couldnt help it anymore.
When he arrived in the kitchen he expected to be alone.
But then he saw you walking around the kitchen counter, almost stumbling over your own feet.
"MC, what are you doing? Are you hungry as well?"
You didnt replied to him and proceeded to walk past him.
But then he noticed your closed eyes, and he was actually surprised. He didnt knew you sleepwalk as well.
Beel kept quiet and just followed you like a puppy.
Not before he grabbed a snack
He made sure you wont hurt yourself, since the devildom (mainly the stairs and cerberus) is dangerous.
He then guided you, and after some time you were back in your room.
As he brought you back to bed, he couldnt help but notice how pretty you are.
Your lips and skin looked so soft, he wanted to nibble on it. You just looked so tasty.
It was hard, but he restrained himself from it.
Beel decided to stay that night to protect you.
He layed beside you and kept you close to him. A warm smile playing on his lips.
Beel almost ate your hair in his sleep.
Now with Belphegor, he himself sleepwalks sometimes. (What a surprise).
But only when hes really tired.
Usually he finds a place to sleep in peace before he starts to really sleepwalk.
And hes already used to Beel sleepwalking at night.
So when he saw you, he wasnt actually surprised, just a little irritated at first.
It all started in the attic where he napped with you.
At first he was in a deep slumber
But then, he felt the warmness of your body disappearing beside him.
He stirred in his sleep and reached out for you.
Like a reflex, he grabbed your wrist, but kept his eyes closed.
"Where are you going?"
When you didnt replied and just kept trying to go away, tugging at his grip, he opened his eyes.
He was confused to say the least.
"Hey, why arent you answering me? Did I do something?"
He thought you were mad at him.
But when he sat up to look at you properly, he suddenly heard you snoring.
"What?" Belphegor chuckled, "Dont tell me.."
He pulled you back into the bed and looked at you.
When he saw you with your eyes closed, he was highly amused.
"Heheh, I didnt knew that".
Oh, he will definetly tease you about it once you wake up.
But for now ,he just booped your nose with his finger and laid back down.
He just casually grabbed you and used you as his pillow, preventing you from any movements.
Belphegor would never admit it, but he finds it very adorable. But also annoying sometimes-
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leviathans-watching · a month ago
dancing with the obey me boys
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon x gn!reader // luke & gn!reader 
implied relationships, hcs, imagines, fluff
wc: .8 k | rated t
(please like and reblog!!)
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer leads you around in the perfect waltz, one gloved hand clasped with yours and the other on the small of your back. his footsteps are precise and measured, and he’s always perfectly in time with the music. he holds you at a respectable distance, but if you lose your balance perhaps he’ll hold you flush against him a beat longer than what is appropriate
Tumblr media
➳ mammon fumbles, and you can barely get a step in without his feet coming down painfully on to yours. you wince, he blushes. his sense of rhythm is terrible- you try counting under your breath, but it only messes him up more. he’s much better at non-formal events where he can just vibe, not having to focus on all of the complicated steps and decorum.
Tumblr media
➳ levi doesn’t dance. nope, never, he’s not going onto that dance floor. if you get him to turn about with you, he hesitates to touch you, blushing and avoiding all eye-contact. immediately backs away when the song is over, sputtering about how dancing with a normie was terrible and how he hated it. dancing with him is like dancing with the awkward boy at your eighth grade dance (bonus: absolutely hates it when you dance with other people because he’s jealous)
Tumblr media
➳ satan has a perfect form that only rivals lucifer’s. he gently clasps your hand, spinning you about with perfectly even steps. his face is politely pleasant, but if someone dare gets to close to you he’ll grin, all sharp edges and steely eyes. on occasion, when he feels he needs to really stake his claim, his hand will slide lower down on your back, verging onto improper territory
Tumblr media
➳ asmo, for the most part, finds ballroom/formal dancing boring. occasionally he thinks it’s romantic, but for the most part he prefers faster paced dances, like the tango, salsa, or flamenco. he enjoys pressing himself against you and doesn’t care about the stares and the disapproval. clubbing with him is amazing- his body rolling against you as you have the time of your life
Tumblr media
➳ beel is decent at dancing, nothing to write home about but nothing terrible, either. the main thing you notice when dancing with him, is that he’s so warm. his hand is hot in yours, the other scorching your back. where your hand rests on his shoulder emanates warmth, so comforting, so kind, so beel. he smiles at you, and you can’t help but smile back, feeling the muscles in his shoulder flex
Tumblr media
➳ belphie is just awkward. there’s no other way to say it. you two do the shuffling thing, and he feigns disinterest, not looking at you. he probably knows how to dance decently well, but, like i said, he’s awkward and fumbles with his movements. probably only dances with you once or twice, making an escape early on in the night so he can sleep
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo is perhaps the easiest to dance with. he turns you in a perfect square, hand warm in yours. his shoulder is broad and strong under your other hand and he givesyou a perfect smile as he effortlessly moves you about. he makes casual conversation, somehow knowing exactly what to say but also knows when to be more romantic, pulling you in and swaying softly
Tumblr media
➳ barbatos is the type to bow before you two begin dancing, politely taking your hand in his. never ever steps on your toes. if you’re a bit clumsy it’s okay, he keeps you steady, moving slowly so you have the time to regain your balance. something about being so close to him makes you flustered, and you can’t help but notice how you’re the only one he dances with
Tumblr media
➳ simeon is a perfect dance partner, grace and propriety practically dripping from every pore. he’s gentle in his movements, and somehow you can’t help but think he’s meant to be on a dance floor. also makes casual conversation, keeping you entertained as you move about. requests another dance after the song ends, bashfully meeting your gaze
Tumblr media
➳ solomon doesn’t have that inhumane perfection that is present in simeon, diavolo, and even lucifer, yet he still is a wonderful dancer. while it somewhat lacks in emotion (he seems disengaged for most of the dance) he makes up for it in the way he dips you, his face that close to yours
Tumblr media
➳ luke leads you around, his steps unrefined but memorized. he too steps on your toes but gives you such a sincere apology every time you can’t help but forgive him. you chatter while you dance, and luke gets distracted easily, admiring all of the decorations and outfits on display. the two of you let loose- it’s an excuse for luke to act childish for once, and the end of the night finds the both of you slumped in chairs, out of breath, but giggling.
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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