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#mammon x you
leviathans-watching · a day ago
Hey im not sure if you take request but here i am.
So feel free to ignore this if you're uncomfortable, but ive recently been dealing with a creep asking me uncomfortable questions and just trying to get way to close. Not trying to load my problems here, but can i request the demon brothers reacting to this?
It would really mean a lot
(you can ignore me if you are not comfortable writing something like this)
the brothers defending you from a creep
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: a creep creeping (non-explicit), vague violence, very brief and vague allusions to (sexual) assualt, cursing
a/n: i am so sorry this is happening to you. i hope you've managed to get them away from you and gotten help. please be safe and take care of yourself. my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so stop by <33
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer steps in front of you, eyes glowing red. “back. up.” he says firmly, leaving no room for argument. “you’re too close.” the demon tries to argue, but lucifer’s having none of it. “i said back up. no one wants you here, so just leave.” the demon seems to sense he’s angered the most powerful demon in the devildom and backs away, hands raised. once he’s gone lucifer wraps an arm around you, glaring at anyone who stopped to stare at you, attention caught by the confrontation.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon is all bark and bite. they’ve made you uncomfortable, and he’s not about to let that slide. “hey, dumbass, what do you think you’re doing?” mammon grits out, hands clenched into fists. “you’re makin’ mc upset. and i hate when mc gets upset.” rarely is mammon serious like this, purely in protective mode. “now scram! get out of here before i make you!” the demon wisely runs, and mammon’s instantly switching to worry, hastily making sure you’re okay.
Tumblr media
➳ levi knows he has to step up so he does, putting himself between you and the offending demon. “stop bothering them,” he says quietly, horns slowly forming on his head as he switches to demon form. he’s staring the demon down relentlessly, a ball of magic and energy slowly forming in a silent but sturdy threat. “i hate people like you. creeps like you. if i see you near mc one more time…” he trails off, tail lashing angerly. it’s enough of a warning for the demon, who quickly takes their leave.
Tumblr media
➳ satan raises an eyebrow, lip curling into a sneer. “what are you doing here?” he asks snidely, leaning in towards the demon who had been bothering you. “can’t you see you’re not wanted nor needed?” his glare is withering, wrath emanating from his body in almost palpable waves. hand coming to rest on the demon’s shoulder, satan squeezes slightly, claws sinking into their shoulder. “or are you too dim-witted to take a hint? fucking creep,” he spits, fangs glinting in the light. shoving the demon back slightly satan waits until he makes sure they're gone before comforting you.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo fixes his eyes on the hand that rests on your arm, the uncomfortable way you’re leaning away from the demon. in an instant, he’s at your side, hand coming down to tear theirs off of your arm. “if i’m reading this right,” he says, faux-pleasantly, “then mc isn’t into this. surely you wouldn’t keep pushing when someone said no already now, would you?” asmo looks dangerous then, truly demonic, but you feel no fear, just relieved he was there. the demon shakes his head viciously, and asmo bares his teeth in a painfully fake smile. “good. so what are you still doing here?”
Tumblr media
➳ beel stands tall in front of you, looming over the demon who was giving you grief. “what are you doing?” he rumbles, uncharacteristically serious. the demon tries to sputter out a remark but beel doesn't want to hear it. “don.t care. get out of here before i eat you.” the demon leaves with a dirty look towards you, and beel has to resit the urge to devour him anyway. “you alright?” he asks you, softening his tone. “they didn’t do anything, did they?”
Tumblr media
➳ belphie isn’t known for his patience, and this makes itself abundantly clear when he intervenes in the conversation you were struggling to get out of, attaching himself to you. “you ready to go?” he asks, but before you can nod, the demon tries to interject. “i’m not asking you,” belphie says dangerously, hissing the words. “so shut your worthless mouth.” you nod, and belphie whisks you away, already plotting the ‘accidental accident that demon was going to be in.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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"In the Celestial Realm how MC can't stop staring at Angel Mammon and he calls them out on it and they still manage to tease each other and act like best friends even though they've never met before?"
- saved under 'shit-that-can-kill-me-with-a-single-strike'
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sharpie-sniffer · 10 hours ago
warnings: none! just mammon being mammon.
thank you to @light679 for being my biggest fan oml <3
"c'mon, MC! let me take you out for a day of fun!" mammon had desperately tried to persuade you, whining and tugging on your arm gently. "it'll be just the two of us, anything ya want, you can have it!"
you sighed, yanking your arm away from his grasp. "okay, mammon, let's do it." a little chuckle left your lips unintentionally.
the demon grinned. "yaaayyy!! MC, we're gonna have so much fun, just you and me!!"
mammon led you down a row of luxury shops, taking you inside every lavishly decorated store, each attendant greeting you both with an artificially sweet "welcome!"
every shop, decorated in smooth, and new costly red rugs, gold and black, dimly and softly lit. you took in the presence of each store. "look, look!"
mammon had pointed out a gorgeous set of golden rings. "wouldn't they look amazing on me?"
you nodded along, attempting to ignore the expensive price tag.
you watched as he called over the shop's attendant, stars in his eyes as they unlocked the glass case.
shopping sprees were a normal "mammon" thing, but you just couldn't help but wonder how he got all of this money. or, if he even did have it.
"oh, MC, this would look amazing on you!" he cooed as he ushered you to the fitting rooms, throwing you a designer brand garment. all he was really paying for is to wear that name.
you opened the door with a small sigh and asked, "how do i look?"
"ya look great, MC. c'mon, we're going to checkout, i have some more things for you too, y'know?"
you put on your owned clothes as fast as you could, catching up with mammon who was already inches away from checkout.
you watched as the cards he carried accepted the payments, following behind him as he bolted out of the shop you both were already in and running into the next one.
in this shop, mammon bought a whole bunch of sunglasses for himself, picking out a few frames for you too, smiling at how you looked in expensive designer sunglasses.
"we'll take these too." he smiled, at checkout within seconds. he pulled out another credit card from the deck in his wallet.
after your little afternoon shopping spree with mammon, you stopped at his favorite casino.
"oh lord..." you grumbled.
"aw, man... cheer up! we're gonna have so much fun here too, just trust me!" he waved his hand at you, like he was dismissing you, handing his shiny new 'VIP' card to the casino attendant.
both you and him finally reached the hotel room, top floor, extravagant king sized beds for the both of you. he tossed the handful of exorbitantly priced clothing onto the bed, taking your pile and throwing it onto your bed, the one closest to the window.
"alright, MC. let's get some food next, im starvin'!"
mammon raced off, clutching your hand as you ran behind him, letting him lead you to the most lavish, eye-catching restaurant there was.
he ordered everything that sounded remotely good to him on the menu, dishes laid out on the cold marble tables.
"how are ya enjoying the meal? you'd better like it, i am paying for it, after all." he jokingly remarked, his goofiness lightening your already tired mood.
"it's... really good." it took you a moment to process it. the finest quality of ingredients, laid out and cooked in a masterpiece of a dish.
he laughed, shoving his face full of food again.
by the time you both were done, you and him had practically ordered everything on the menu. mammon had left a hefty tip on top of the outrageously expensive bill.
you and him trotted out of the restaurant, hand in hand again. he had looked around for more noticeable and pricey stores, this time, a cologne store had caught his eye.
"how does this one smell, MC?" the one he pointed out was a more subtle and handsome cologne, something that would suit a rich man, not quite a hefty spender like mammon.
"it smells great!" you smiled. he grinned, taking the fragrance off the shelf for later purchase.
"maybe you should try this one?" you told him, this one smelled much more champagne-like. a nicer, smoother scent than the one he had picked out.
"that one is nice," he said, while grabbing the bottle. "i want to keep it. after all, it would make you happy if i wore it, right?" he quirked.
as he brought you to the elevator, he turned to you and gave you another smile, a comforting sigh leaving him.
"ive decided not to gamble today. i thought it would make you happy. after all, i did want to take you out somewhere, not just for me but for you. i wanted to getcha a lil' somethin', y'know... for... dealing with me."
you chuckled, stepping into the elevator together.
"where did you get all this money anyways?"
mammon quickly got flustered. "well, ah- um. well, MC. uh-" he scratched the back of his neck, quickly coming up with an excuse.
"well!" he cleared his throat. "THE mammon can't just tell you all his secrets!"
you burst out laughing. "that's no fair!"
"well, maybe i should tell ya, since you've been so nice today, eh?"
you nodded.
"well," he giggled. "i stole it!"
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hinajiki · 5 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Golden Fever
Tumblr media
Dragon!Reader x Mammon
Smut; Mammon tried to steal your treasure, and though stealing from a dragon never goes well, you decided to keep the avatar of greed for a bit of fun.
Reader has a dick, dom!reader, oral sex, literally way too much gold everywhere, 1.2k words
Tumblr media
Mammon groans in annoyance as you snatch the golden crown - one of your most prized possessions - from his grip, a pout forming on his lips.
"If you're already makin' me stay here, at least lemme have some of your stuff. I'll return it too, promise!"
You scoff at his words while putting the crown back into place.
"The avatar of greed returning something? I'd rather give a goblin my firstborn," you laugh before moving closer to Mammon, who's glaring at you with a hint of hurt in his blue eyes, "besides, I'm already giving you so much."
Mammon's lips part to protest, but the words get stuck in his throat as your hands pull on the fancy blazer you made him wear.
"All my fancy clothes, only the best jewelry, and of course," you lean closer to him, your lips touching the outer shell of his ear, "you have me, pretty boy."
The demon's breath hitches as he puts his hands on your chest, trying to steady his suddenly weak knees. The beating of his heart is thumping through his limbs, hastening his breathing along.
Mammon jerks his head to the side after you pulled away from him, the long, golden earrings clinking with the sudden flick as the demon tries to hide his blush from you.
"Are you wearing the lingerie I laid out for you too, hm?" you muse while your hand sneaks down his body, a finger hooking under the waistband of the golden-freckled jeans.
"Y-ya'd love to find out, eh?" Mammon finally manages to gain control over his body and pulls away from you, his arms crossing in front of his broad chest, "but I told ya I'm not startin' anythin' with a dragon!"
You roll your eyes while following the demon, who now has his back turned to you coldly, hands sneaking around his shoulders, your lips back against his sensitive ears.
"But Mammon," you start, a smirk sneaking onto your lips, revealing the thick fangs sticking from your gums instead of regular teeth, "we still have so much time 'til your brothers start looking for you. It would be such a waste for me not to appreciate you, my most valuable temporary treasure, properly in that time..."
The demon swallows heavily at your words, knowing there's essentially no use for resistance. You'll keep him to yourself as long as you possibly can, you made that clear the first day, and he's not particularly turned off by you, either. And the attention you're giving him isn't too bad...
"F-fine," he mumbles, suddenly feeling shy, the heavy blush returning to his cheeks, "but only if ya let me wear that crown!"
"Whatever you want," you mumble without thinking about it, your hands already caressing his waist before unbuckling his also golden belt in seconds.
Your tongue slides from his ear to the dangling earring, your body shivering as the metallic taste makes you feel lightheaded. Your fingers brush over his hardening cock when you brush the pants from his hips, and Mammon allows himself to let a single moan slip past his lips at the sensation. You quickly turn him around to you, grip tight on his shoulders.
Mammon almost stumbles over the jeans that were pooling around his ankles as you push him back against the cold wall behind him. Your hands are locked on his collar, keeping him pulled against you tightly. Mammon struggles breathing through the heated kiss, whining as it only spurs you to kiss him harder.
Mammon's eyes are lidded, his cheeks their signature red, face framed by his usual messy white hair, streaked by golden strands, which you were responsible for. The demon's eyes find yours, big expectations sparking in their yellow glimmer. You smile at him before finally leaning in to kiss him. Mammon's lips are warm against yours, fully engaging in the rough pace you set. He's a fast learner, his movement soon in perfect harmony with yours. You keep it sloppy, semi loud smacking sounds echoing off the stone walls as your saliva freely exchanges with his.
Your teeth capture his lower lip, pulling on it lightly before your lips fully leave his. Mammon is trying to get as much air as possible back into his aching lungs while you pull the blazer off his shoulders. His shirt follows after and though you already saw his body a few times, you feel tingly at the sight of his toned torso. His nakedness finally draws your attention back to his crotch where yellow lace panties barely enclose his erection. You smirk at the sight while starting to pull your pants down, your underwear following.
Mammon's eyes fix on your proudly standing cock, his lips parting as he stares at it. It looks quite different from his and... are those streaks of gold?
"Like what you see?" you chuckle lowly while your hand moves up to grab his white hair. "Why don't you stop staring and get a taste instead, hm?"
Mammon swallows at your words while slowly lowering himself to his knees, eyes not once leaving your pulsating crotch, the gold lining your skin capturing his attention fully. Your hands stay tight in his hair as he hesitantly opens his mouth, tongue darting out to trace one of the golden veins. A shiver runs through your body at the sensation.
Mammon curiously explores the shape of your cock with his tongue, quickly becoming aware of how hefty it is. His eyes finally look up at you, big and promising as he slowly lets your shaft enter his opened mouth.
His insides are warm and wet, making your cock twitch against him, your legs shaking as he takes you deeper with every second. Your hand reaches up to steady yourself on the wall behind Mammon, towering over him powerfully. The tip of your dick reaches the back of the demon's throat, though he's still moving further forward. Your cock is squeezed tightly, and the sensation is only heightened by the visual of tears filling Mammon's eyes.
You can't help but snap your hips forward, beginning to fuck Mammon's throat mercilessly. The demon's choking sounds are ignored as you chase your high, low growls passing your tongue before you finally release your load onto Mammon's face. You pulled out just in time, your hand having left its bundle of white hair to stroke yourself through the high.
Mammon closes his eyes and keeps his mouth opened, tongue leaped out to collect some of your precious load.
Your breathing is unsteady as euphoria fades and Mammon's eyes snap open after tasting the unusual taste of your cum. His fingers reach to his face, a yelp falling from him as he inspects the liquid on them.
"Y-your cum is golden too??"
You laugh at him, stomach tingling at the ethereal visual of his face covered in your twinkling semen.
"Did no one tell you about us dragons? You and your brothers aren't the only avatars, you know?"
Mammon stares at you widely while you help him up from the floor, your hand holding his wet chin tightly.
"It's funny, 'cause," you chuckle while leaning forward to lick a stripe over Mammon's cheek, tasting yourself, "one could think you, avatar of greed, and I, avatar of gold, would make a good pair, hm?"
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by-moonflower · a month ago
your one and only
▸ mammon x reader
▸ 2.2k words
▸ best friends to lovers (woohoo!), mutual pining, fluff, slight angst
with more students coming to RAD, your jealousy streak shows when mammon is assigned to show the new human around
Tumblr media
“has anyone seen mammon?”
as soon as they heard their brother’s name, the demons sitting together at the extended oak study table suddenly appear busier than they did when you first entered the room.
satan finds the need to open up three more text books around him, eyes carelessly scanning through all of them—though you doubt he’s actually reading or understanding anything that quick. levi also makes a show of putting on his headphones despite already having his airpods plugged in his ears. beel purposely begins to munch louder on the snacks he has on hand and belphie, well, he was already asleep.
you sigh out loud, crossing your arms as your stare jumps from one demon brother to the other. “really, guys?”
usually, you brush off the brothers’ indifference to their second eldest as nothing but tough sibling love. on a good day, you might even join them just to spite mammon. but you’re not feeling it all that much today, and the only reason satan eventually speaks up is because he notices that you look quite down in the dumps today.
“um,” he begins to say, donning a thoughtful expression, “i can’t say.”
“isn’t he showing the new human arou—ow!”
beel must’ve kicked levi in the shin under the table or something, because you notice the brief look they share; the way beel slightly shakes his head and how levi’s eyes widen, turning to you with an apology on his face.
ah, now you understand why the boys have been walking on eggshells whenever you’re around. you pull a chair out and join them. “it’s fine.”
from your peripheral, satan watches you with concern. “are you sure?”
“yeah,” you quip. “i mean, mammon helped me when i first got here, so i guess it only makes sense he help the other humans settle here too.”
a few months ago, lord diavolo announced that because the exchange program to the devildom had gone so well with you and solomon, the RAD was opening its doors to take on more human exchange students. though you feigned excitement and congratulated the demon king’s son for what a success the program has been, your jealous streak began to show when you realised that you’ll no longer be the only human that will know the brothers.
it’s ridiculous, but you feel somewhat threatened at the thought of another human getting as close to the brothers as you have. you’ve never said any of this aloud, but with the way the boys have been especially careful in your presence throughout the last few weeks only tells you that they’ve probably figured you out.
“if it makes you feel any better, he didn’t seem so enthusiastic about showing the new human around either,” beel adds.
you want to take comfort in the fact, but mammon was the same way with you at first. you recall his reluctance in showing you the academy’s grounds, how annoyed he’d get when you asked a simple question or how he’d grumble to himself whenever lucifer reminded him to ensure you didn’t get eaten by other demons.
but in spite of all that, mammon had this unwavering commitment to protect you, and you know it was out of his own will and not out of a sense of duty.
when he wasn’t with you, he’d check up on you regularly by text, using a bunch of excuses to make sure you knew he wasn’t worried about you. when he was with you, he’d find a roundabout way of asking how your day has been or how classes are going, while also denying any claims that he has so much of a mustard seed of interest in how you are.
but most importantly, and what melts your heart to utter goo each and every time, is how mammon always runs to you when you face even the slightest of dangers, be it witches, cerberus, stray demons, online scams, or even an angry lucifer.
you and mammon have been through thick and thin and you’re not sure why the mere thought of another human in the picture makes your heart sink. you didn’t like the thought of mammon being that way with anyone else but you.
then again, you don’t really have the right to feel this way because it’s not like you’ve ever told him. maybe his brothers could see right through you like a wall of glass but mammon’s as oblivious as a demon can get. you’d have to tell him straight up to get it through his head.
“c’mon, what’s with the long face?” you didn’t realise belphie has woken up already, lazily leaning his head on one hand. “you know mammon’s only got eyes for you.”
blood rushes to your face instantly, palms getting sweaty as the boys try to reaffirm mammon’s feelings for you. there’s no point in you refuting anything that they say though. again, it’s not like mammon knows how you feel about him.
“also, i’m sure i’ve made it clear to him that i’d beat him up if he ever hurts you,” levi chimes.
“me too,” says satan.
“me three,” the twins say simultaneously. they look at each other for a moment before also exclaiming “jinx!” together and then bursting into a fit of giggles.
you smile at their jokes, keep faking it for a little longer to try and convince the others that you’re doing just fine. “it’s okay guys, it’s not like we’re together or anything.”
satan scoffs, “everybody at the academy thinks you’re together, except you two. isn’t it time you told him then?”
“if you’re waiting for mammon to figure it out himself, you’ll be waiting centuries. he’s the kind of guy that needs everything to be spelled out for him,” belphie says, matter-of-factly.
the only reason that you’re hesitant about letting him know is that you’re not sure how things will change between you and him. mammon’s not just the first demon you came to know since arriving at the devildom, but he’s also become your best friend. even if things did turn out well for you two, how would it change the friendships you share with the other brothers? would any of your ties to them become strained as a result?
putting the others side, you also can’t help but think about the very taboo of a demon and human together. it’s not like you’d be staying in the devildom forever and you know there are boundaries in place that keeps mammon from staying in the human world too. then what is the point of it? why bother at all?
before your thoughts can stray any further, the door to the study room comes swinging open and mammon himself strides in, scanning the room for a bit.
it’s when his eyes lock on you that a big grin begins to spread across his face. “i’ve been looking all over for ya! why didn’t ya answer any of my calls?”
under the table, levi nudges your foot and you feel the blush in your face intensify. “ah, i must’ve left my D.D.D in my room.”
“whatever, that’s fine.” mammon walks into the room with a skip in his step, pulling out the empty chair next to you. “anyway, what’s everyone doin’? it’s friday night and my babysitting is over, so let’s go somewhere!”
right then, satan rises from his seat, all of his things somehow packed already and his bag slung over his shoulder. “actually, i have plans tonight.”
at satan’s cue, as though rehearsed, beel and belphie also get up. “yeah, we have somewhere to be.”
mammon narrows his eyes, “belphie too?”
mammon sighs, then turns to the last demon seated at the table. “how ‘bout it, levi? wanna go to the arcade?”
“the arcade?! sure—” it’s quite obvious the way satan smacks levi on the back, causing the latter to choke a little at the sudden impact, “actually, i- um, i, too, have things to do, yes.”
“exactly, levi has something else planned so, we’ll be taking our leave,” satan says, a sly smile on his lips as he gently pulls levi up by the collar of his jacket.
the brothers can’t be any more obvious with the way they’re trying to leave you and mammon alone together, but as you all suspect, mammon doesn’t take the hint at all. 
“pfft, whatever.” mammon crosses his arms over the table and rests his head, facing you. “anything you wanna do? doesn’t have to be the arcade.”
you can tell that he’s actually tired, seeing the faint bags under his eyes and how he stifles a yawn, but mammon has a certain pride over that, never wanting to admit he’s exhausted when he really is. if you ever ask about it, he’ll go off on a tangent about how the great mammon never runs out of energy.
so, all you do is cross your arms over the table and rest your head too, facing him as well. “do you wanna just stay in tonight? i think there’s a rerun of the sequel to that murder mystery we watched last time.”
mammon thinks for a moment, and it’s only because you’re watching so closely that you notice his eyes soften a smidge. “y-yeah, if that’s what ya want.”
“okay.” you close your eyes, happy, more than anything, to just be sitting here with him beside you. you hope that shutting your eyes would encourage him to do the same if he needs a nap, but mammon calls your name again.
“you know, lucifer’s been bustin’ my ass lately, makin’ sure i show the new human around properly.”
you laugh a little, “why? have you been sneaking off?”
“hey, the issue isn’t me sneaking off, it’s me getting caught.”
with your eyes still shut, you sigh. “you know you shouldn’t be sneaking off right, mammon? what’s the new human gonna do without you?”
“i don’t care,” mammon mutters to himself. you pry one eye open to see that mammon has his shut. “you’re the only human i’m watchin’ out for. what does lucifer think i am anyway? the RAD’s designated liaison officer between demons and humans? as if i got time for that.”
“what did you just say?”
mammon’s eyes snap wide open to find you staring at him. “uh, that i got no time to be babysittin’?”
“no, before that. you said i’m the only human you’re watching out for?”
mammon’s pupils shake, certainly aware of what he just said and perhaps only now realising what it really means. “y-yeah. i mean, you got here first! i already gotta babysit you so why do i gotta show another human around this time too?”
you don’t know what to say, wondering if this is mammon’s roundabout way of telling you the shape of his feelings. you see it in his actions often, but you’ve never seen him try to articulate it, even if it requires you to read between the lines.
in your silence, mammon finds the need to go on. “um, anyway, i know i’m always yellin’ at the others ‘bout how you’re... ya know... my human so- uh, what’s that term again? visa-verse? vice-versa!”
“mammon, what are you saying?”
“you know what i’m saying!”
you do, but you also want him to spell it out for you. “no, i don’t.”
“i— argh,” he groans, lifting his head and hitting his back against the chair. “you do know what i’m tryna say! you’re just makin’ fun of me!”
you shrug, suppressing your smile as best as you can.
“i’m your demon too, ‘kay? happy? you’re my one and only and i’m only yours too.”
mammon buries his face in his palms, shaking his head and muttering how he can’t believe he finally admitted all that. you should be buried in heaps of embarrassment yourself, but his feelings are reaching you so genuinely that you can’t help but sit straight and reach out to him.
carefully, you encircle his wrist, pulling one hand down to keep him from hiding his face. “are you shy?”
“whaddya think?”
“the boys said something, didn’t they?”
mammon glances over. “i noticed you’ve been looking kinda down all week.” a pause. “sorry i didn’t say anything sooner. i thought... i thought i was the only one with these dumb feelings.”
“no, i’ve got dumb feelings too,” you laugh. with your fingers still encircling mammon’s wrist, you shift slightly to slip your hand into his, staring at the table because you’re too shy to look at him. though you can feel him tense at first, he’s the one to curl his fingers eventually, locking your hands together.
“also,” he adds, “don’t do that.”
“huh? do what?” you turn to him.
“get jealous.”
“wha— i’m not- i wasn’t jealous!”
“see?” he says, a slight tilt to his head, “you’re somehow even cuter when ya get jealous. so stop that, or i’ll eat ya.”
“yeah right.”
“i’ll watch the new revengers movie without ya and spoil the ending.”
with his hand intertwined in yours, warm and firm, it feels like there’s nothing to worry about at all. you’re not thinking about how your feelings for mammon will affect your relationship with the other demons when they all clearly know how you two felt about each other all this time.
and for now, you won’t worry about what it means for a human to fall for a demon, especially when the demon has fallen for the human too. maybe it’s a hurdle only the two of you can face, maybe it’s something to deal with later.
you don’t mind though. with your hand in mammon’s, it suddenly seems like there’s nothing you can’t do together.
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gunpowder-and-smoke · 10 days ago
𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬 — 𝐦𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧
Pairing: Mammon x genderneutral!reader
Warnings: Fluff with a dash of angst, Lucifer’s anger
Summary: Mammon messed up again and when you put yourself between him and Lucifer, he finally decides to take responsibility for his mistakes to protect you.
A/N: I'm so soft for this idiot and I can't shut up about him, so I started writing about him and couldn't finish it because I was moving out. But I'm finally living alone and I used my friend's wifi to edit this. This is just soft and self indulgent, but you have to live with that, though I hope you enjoy reading this <3 Reblogs are appreciated as always!
Word count: 1.187 words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He isn’t worth it.
The thought slithers into Mammon’s head in form of a cautionary whisper as he watches you argue with Lucifer, trying to calm him down and hold him back from chopping his head off with a stubborn glare that matches the look of fury in his brother’s crimson eyes. Somehow, he managed to mess up again and Lucifer is done with his bullshit, that much is clear. His reaction isn’t unjustified and he’s ready to take the brunt of his brother’s wrath like so many times before. Yet, he isn’t able to move.
“You should stop treating him like shit, Lucifer. I know you only want what’s best for your brother’s and Mammon doesn’t always think before he acts, but this time he didn’t even know what he was getting into,” you state matter-of-factly and merely raise your brow at the tight-lipped smile he gives you in one last attempt to stay respectful, head held high as if you weren’t facing a demon who could end your whimsical mortal life without even lifting a single finger.
Mammon admires you for that.
The courage you have is impressive, but with this outstanding trait comes an idiotic recklessness he knows too well. It got him into trouble often enough to recognize how dangerous your current situation is, though you don’t seem to care much about that.
“All you do is blame Mammon for everything that doesn’t go as planned. Have you ever thought about taking responsibility for your own mistakes or do you blame your brother for those too?”
This never happened before. For as long as he can remember, everyone always found him guilty and never questioned if he was really the one to blame for their problems (though he truly caused a lot of ruckuses from time to time), yet here you are, deliberately putting yourself between him and his eldest brother to stand up from him, even if he’s at fault this time. You’re the only person who doesn’t look down at him as his brothers often do and he couldn’t be more grateful for your feisty attitude and your sense of justice, but at this moment, he fears for your life.
The feeling is real and cold, settles in his chest like a weight of stones, and only grows heavier when he notices the impatient glint in Lucifer’s eyes, deep red set ablaze with anger that resembles a raging wildfire. The wall of discipline his brother built over the centuries slowly disintegrates into ash and smoke. His scowl deepens at every word you utter and it’s only a matter of time until Lucifer ultimately snaps.
Why are you doing this, then? You aren’t supposed to take hit for him, shouldn’t even stand here in Lucifer’s boring study, surrounded by books and paperwork, clashing heads with the Avatar of Pride to defend him, There’s no reasonable explanation for your behavior, and perhaps, Mammon wouldn’t understand it anyway regardless how long he thinks about it.
“I should do something,” Mammon mutters, more to himself. No one else could be listening to his senseless rambling anyway and the only people within reach are Lucifer and you, though you are both too caught up in the heat of the moment to acknowledge his presence. The perfect opportunity to make a run for it, right? No one is paying attention to him, he could easily weasel himself out of this argument and neither you nor his brother would notice his absence for quite a while.
“What are you going to do now, Lucifer? You wouldn’t dare to harm the precious exchange student from the human world, would you?” You sneer tauntingly and cross your arms over your chest. Lucifer’s brow arches in offense and his jaw clenches, Mammon can see the muscle ticking rhythmically in anger. Then, out of a sudden, his legs move on their own just as his brother lifts his leather-gloved hand. It’s more a flight than a fight reaction, really, he can’t even properly think and just follows his instincts. His fingers grasp your sleeve and pull you behind him, shielding you with his body as he stares at his brother with fear and some sort of newfound defiance.
“What on earth are you doing, Mammon?” The sigh that leaves his brother’s lips sounds exhausted, but there’s a hint of curiosity hidden in his demanding tone. Not a daily occurrence to find the Avatar of Greed standing up for his mistakes, let alone protect the human he despised so much at the beginning of this school year. If someone would’ve told Mammon he’s going to risk his life for you a while ago, he would have laughed at their face. Now, he’s certain that this is the right decision, like he’s finally doing something good, even if it’s just him taking responsibility for the trouble he caused.  
“Don’t hurt ‘em, Lucifer. It was my fault, ya know?” There’s a tremble in his voice. His words stumble out of his mouth too fast, but he stands firmly in front of his brother and doesn’t waver when he meets his glare. If anything, Mammon straightens his back and reaches behind him to take your hand, squeezing it tightly to reassure you, to tell you that you’re safe and nothing will happen to you as long as he’s here.
“Interesting,” Lucifer comments. Of course, he wasn’t going to harm you in any way, but Mammon’s reaction certainly caught him off guard, though he would never admit that out loud. Ever since he assigned Mammon to watch over you, he noticed subtle changes in his brother’s behavior, positive changes of course, and this incidence only confirms his assumptions about Mammon’s true feelings for you. “So, you’re going to face the consequences of your nonsensical actions without any complaints?”
“I guess so.” Slowly, Mammon turns to face you. A weak grin pulls at the corners of his mouth and he cocks his head, nodding at the door of Lucifer’s study. “I think ya should leave. Sorry I pulled ya into this mess and thanks for... uh, defending me.” He chuckles lowly and runs his fingers through his hair, tousling it even further and then fiddling with the hem of his shirt. His other hand is still holding yours and it seems like it takes every ounce of strength for him to let go. “See ya later then.”
“Yeah see you later,” you reply and smile softly before dragging him closer to give him an unexpected kiss. Short and sweet, but breathtaking all the same and he can feel his face flush searing hot, can feel it in his entire body how much you care for him in this eternal millisecond of your lips connected to his and he helplessly stutters your name when you finally part. There’s suddenly so much he wants to tell you. More than a simple 'thank you' and more than 'I like you', but Lucifer is faster to react and clears his throat, clearly uncomfortable. So, you give him one last glance and smile politely at the Avatar of Pride as you make your way to the door to leave Mammon and his brother alone.
Tumblr media
tagging: @hisvillainess @dilfcifer my favorite sluts <3
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dilfcifer · 14 days ago
DILFS | obey me
Tumblr media
♡ with | mammon, lucifer
♡ content warnings | abuse of power, corruption, divorced dilfs, implied threesome, mentions of kids cause well..... the name says it all, afab reader
♡ note | thank you @gunpowder-and-smoke for beta reading this
Tumblr media
▬▬ MAMMON ▬▬
♡ Mammon is the kind of dilf who flirts with his daughter's uni friends
♡ He is nice, gives them money to help them with their uni debts and gives them some good financial advice whenever they ask.
♡ He is wealthy because of something, it's only natural people admire him and want to know all of his secrets
♡ He also encourages his daughter to make pool parties at home, he sits by the pool and his shades hide how his gaze is fixated on her friends, yellow eyes following their wet bodies and his cock twitching inside his pants at the way he's surrounded by beautiful youth
♡ He eventually tells them that if they want more money or more advice and fun, there are some small favors to be made
♡ Of course, they can refuse, but Mammon knows how sweet they are. They want to pay their debts as soon as possible.
♡ He fucks them all stupid one by one but he takes a sweet time with you
♡ He knows it took a lot of convincing to get you in his bed and have his cock buried deep inside your cunt
♡ He waves a black card with enough money to pay your entire tuition in front of you, telling you to make him cum at least twice and attend weekly encounters if you want the card so bad
♡ With time, it only escalates. He doesn't ask his daughter to bring all her friends, his thoughts filled with the way your spongy, juvenile walls milk his cock dry every single time he fucks you in the room he used to share with his ex-wife. Your nails digging into his hairy, big arms. Your grip tightens in dear life, your tits bouncing with each deep thrust he gives.
♡ As a financial advisor, Mammon is used to women insinuating afterhours with him, but he knows that his daughter invited you to dinner and he shushs everyone off, having all he needs at home
♡ Kids are a mess, a 'natural mistake' if you ask him. However, he had three before he filled out divorce papers and appealed for the possession of his children. Now he has three demons fooling around and making a mess of his belongings.
♡ Before losing his sanity and composure, he hired a nanny to help him out at home while he works. Yes, he is an at home worker, however he spends too much time in his study to pay his kids the attention they need.
♡ He found you through Mammon, he said you were responsible and his daughter talked wonders about you when he mentioned how much help Lucifer needed during dinner.
♡ Safe to say, Mammon was right. He was beyond right.
♡ The way you helped him with chores and lifted the weight on his shoulders was phenomenal, but he was enchanted with the way you bend forward whenever you clean and polish the furniture
♡ The payment, oh the most important part of the service. He will pay you, cash and all but there's a second payment. One more .... intimate per se.
♡ Once the kids are tucked into bed and he is ready to bid you goodnight, he feels heat rushing to his pants, the way you are bent over the kitchen island cleaning the surface being enough fuel to make him approach you from behind.
♡ His hands grab your waist, and he presses his hard cock over your butt, whispering that if you behave and let him take you, he will raise your pay.
♡ You dont even need the salary raise to let him fuck you over the kitchen island, the way he fucks you stupid being enough to have you drooling and choking your own moans to avoid waking his kids up
♡ It became a habit, his hips pounding into yours ruthlessly while his kids are peacefully asleep 4 meters away and paying your taxi back home and sticking a 100 dollar bill in your back pocket only to greet you good morning the next day and fuck you goodnight
♡ He owns Mammon a thank you, maybe he will call him later and let him have some fun
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souielle · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
mammon chewing on the last piece of gum just mere minutes before you asked if he had any more. he offers to buy some for you since he just ate the last piece, but you pull him into a kiss, searching his mouth for the gum, aiming to steal it from him. when you breathlessly pull away after, him just staring at you, cheeks red, eyes wide, gum nowhere in sight, the realization hits you.
“mams, did you seriously swallow the gum? ”
he's a blushing mess after your question, and he reasons that it's because you startled him. what's the big idea, suddenly throwing yourself onto him like that?! but it's not like he can blame you or anythin’, he's the great mammon after all! anyone would find it hard to hold themselves back!
“hey, i've still got a bit of gum left right here after all. do ya still want it? ”
you roll your eyes and nod in reply, holding out your hand, expecting him to give you the gum. your heart thumps loudly when he squeezes your cheeks to pry your mouth open, and spits. you could taste the flavor of the gum as you swallow instinctively. you look up at him, dazed, and he just chuckles in reply. he grabs your outstretched hand and drags you to the nearest store to buy you all the gum you could possibly want.
Tumblr media
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moonlightmiya · 18 days ago
[ Kinktober; Day 6 - Corruption - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mammon x F!Reader
Includes; corruption kink (to make one into a sinner <3), dubcon (?) kind of, grinding, fingering, eating out, Overstim, after care
>Kinktober Masterlist<
Tumblr media
A/N - I’m sorry this is smaller than what I usually write :) I couldn’t think of anything else to add :/
Tumblr media
Mammon knew from the first time he had layed eyes on you that you were the only one great enough for him, as your guide he of course quickly got to know you; your hobbies, likes and dislikes, even your favourite colour, and he loved every part of it, you always picked him over the rest of his brothers romantically, he was the one to steal your first kiss after all
And he couldn’t imagine waking up without you there, wrapped in his duvet all peaceful, you give him everything, he loves it. But there was just one thing that he couldn’t quite nab, he thought you were just a prude at first, but no, you were simply a scared little virgin, afraid of what the big bad demon next to you could do
Everytime that he tried to take it further than kissing you, you always stopped him, leaving him frustrated beyond imagination. But he waited and waited, until the right time to pounce
And now is that time. You’re wiggling just right in the demons lap, grinding and teasing him way to much, he can’t handle it
“I’m warning you human,” Mammon growls, holding your hips in a death grip, “you better fucking finish this” his words are harsh as well as his gaze, making you uncomfortably wiggle in his lap
“I think I’m ready this time..” you shyly admit, not even getting a chance to second think it as Mammon traps your lips in a solid kiss, his teeth bashing off of yours in excitement
“That’s a good girl, now show me what you need” he groans, holding your neck and hips as he helps you grind on his lap, swallowing the gasps that escape your lips by shoving his tongue into your mouth, trying not to moan himself as your shaky form starts rubbing on his clothed cock, the wetness of your panties getting worse by the second
It only takes a few minutes until Mammon feels the wetness of your cunt drip through your panties, staining his grey joggers, “fuck I can feel you dripping,” he thrusts up, eagerly pulling his joggers down below his knees as he keeps you tight on his lap, your soft mewls filling his ears as his cock twitches beneath you
“M-Mammon, please, wan’ you to touch me…” you wiggle in his grasp, your hips rutting against him as he laughs lowly, pulling you off of him and pushing you down to the bed eagerly,
“You want me to touch you… here?” He cups your clothed pussy, the tips of his fingers digging into your skin,
“Or here” he starts circling your clit, making your vision slightly hazy. You nod, moaning softly as he presses harsher on your now puffy bud,
“Fuck, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this” he breaths out, pulling your panties to the side so fast you thought they tore for a second. You eventually find the courage to look at him, the embarrassment soothing down. Your eyes meet his, yet he’s not looking at your face, he’s staring down at your leaking cunt, his mouth drooling and his eyes half lidded
“Such a cute pussy” he breaths out, running one finger up your slit, circling around your clit before pressing against your hole again. He leans forward to kiss you, muffling your moans as he forces his tongue inside your mouth
He trails his wet lips down the side of your cheek, tracing your jaw and eventually finding a place on your neck, sucking lightly as he tried not to over do it
He bunches up your small slutty skirt, using the opportunity to grind against your now revealed pussy. Mammon gropes and scratches at any part of exposed skin he can, finding any way possible to mark you with his touch
Eventually his lips lead down to your dripping cunt, his eyes practically sparkling as he shimmies himself in between your legs, eager to please you
Almost instantly he pushes his face in between your thighs, biting and sucking at the plush as your cunt weeps from not being touched, “are you this wet just from my lips and a little grinding, sweetheart?” His voice sounds sarcastic, yet he still laps his tongue against your clit
The sloppy way Mammon’s tongue enters inside your hole pleasures you in a way you’ve never felt before, the pleasure becoming too much for you as you try to push his head away from you,
“P-please, Mammon it’s, it’s so much” you moan, throwing your head back as he thumbs at your clit, the embarrassing sounds his mouth makes against your throbbing cunt being too much to bare,
Every sense tingles as Mammon continues ravaging your pussy, moans falling in an endless stream from your mouth as tears start to prick at your eyes,
“What’s the matter baby, can’t take it?” Mammon groans into you, his tongue and fingers not stopping their work on you,
You nod, moaning out an ‘uh-huh’ as your legs wrap tightly around his body, “I-I feel weird” you whine, feeling Mammon’s sick smirk from in between your legs
“Want me to make that feeling go away, sweetheart?” You nod, his movements picking up the pace as you start to rut against his mouth, feeling his tongue lick at your gummy walls expertly
“M..Mammon.. I’m ngh, I think I’m gonna cum, ah!” You gasp, a sudden overwhelming feeling washing over you as you babble out a sentence,
“Go ahead sweetheart, I’ve got ya” his reassuring words make you feel calmer, your body relaxing as you start to moan uncontrollably, the tingling feeling being exposed to your entire body as your legs start to shake,
Your back arches from the bed, gripping onto the platinum blondes hair as you slowly come down from your orgasm, keeping your eyes on Mammon as he watches your twitching body in delight,
“Look at all the mess ya made for me love, think ya can do that again…” he asks, his voice quieter than usual, you don’t know what he’s talking about but you shake your head anyway,
“I feel tired…” is the only thing you say before resting your legs against the bed sheets, finally feeling the wetness Mammon was talking about,
“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mea-“ he shushes you by pressing a soft kiss against your lips,
“All I wanted was to make ya mine, to make you cum around my tongue, so don’t ya go feeling embarrassed okay, I’ll clean this up so ya can get some rest,” it was his turn to go red in the face,
You nod, slowly dosing off in Mammon’s bed, “I’m sorry,” you mumble, making a soft smile grow on his lips
“Sweetheart, I just want to pleasure you, so don’t ya worry about me” he laughs lightly, pressing a kiss against your forehead before getting up for a warm towel. After all, he has to take care of his baby at all times
Tumblr media
Taglist; @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @simpingfortoast , @-miiss-orihara- , @kurooslove @cosmosassassin
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Brothers reaction to mc saying "I can hold the whole world in my hands" then and then proceeds to hold his cheeks into their hands.
the brothers' reactions to you calling them your whole world
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them/theirs pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one wear word (satan), slightly suggestive tones (asmo)
a/n: this req is actually soo adorable!! the imigines are a little shorter than normal, but i hope they're still cute. thanks for requesting and my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come talk to me!!
reblog pls <333
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer scoffs. “seriously, mc, that’s untrue. it’d be a little ridiculous if i were your whole world, not to mention unhealthy.” his cheeks are warm under your hands and the tips of his ears are red. he doesn’t pull away, though, and you count that as a win, slowly scraping your thumbs across his skin. he rarely lets you do this- rarely succumbs to the craving for affection he so clearly has, but when he does, you take full advantage, milking it for as long as you possibly can.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon stares at you, wordless. you watch slowly as his cheeks flush under your hands, a little concerned. “can ya say that again?” he asks, almost whispering, and you repeat yourself, willing to say it as many times as he needs it. “i can hold the whole world in my hands. mammon, you’re my world.” after a few minutes, his bravado returns, allowing him to preen under your touch. “damn right you can,” he crows, brilliant smile peeking out from under his smirk. “because i’m your world, ya got that!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi squeaks, closing his eyes. “this is like that one anime i watched!” he says, more to himself, tail lashing back and forth. “oh my god, mc said i’m their whole world!” his eyes open in record speed, and he looks at you, eyes flickering from your face and the wall behind you, suddenly worried. “were you kidding? please tell me you weren’t.” soothing him, you promise you weren’t, making him all flustered again. he smiles at you, adoration clear in his gaze and you’re sure you look just as dopey staring back at him.
Tumblr media
➳ satan chuckles, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to your palm. “that’s cute, mc. and what a coincidence, too.” flipping your positions, his hands are suddenly on your cheeks. “i can hold my whole world in my hands as well.” now you’re the one flustered, goddammit. he chuckles once more, sliding his hands off of his cheeks and down to your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. from there, he drops a kiss on the top of your head, leaving you to reboot as he saunters off.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo smiles, slow and intentionally, hands coming up to grip your wrists lightly, holding you there. “oh? can you?” he asks, sliding closer to you. “i’ll admit, i’ve been called a lot of things, but someone’s whole world? that’s a new one.” leaning in, you expect him to kiss you, but he bypasses your lips and goes right to your ear, breath fanning against it. “you already know what you mean to me,” he purrs, sending a shiver down your spine. “but i suppose it can’t hurt to remind you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel furrows his brows, confused. “what? but i’m not a world. i’m just beelzebub. mc, are you okay? did you it your head? do you need to go to the doctor?” laughing, you squish his cheeks in your hands. “no, silly, it was like a metaphor. it means that you’re my world, not a world.” beel is quiet for a moment. “oh! i see what you mean now. well, in that case, i guess i can hold the whole world -no, all of them- in my hands too!” he cups your cheeks, smiling at you sweetly, and you can’t help but grin back.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie rolls his eyes, acting unaffected, but really, he wants to melt. you’re insinuating he’s your world! he knew he was important to you, but this important? you watch in amusement as he tries to push down the flattered and embarrassed feelings, and he definitely isn’t as successful as he thinks he is, as you can feel his cheeks heat up and see him swallowing his words down. it’s cute, and he’s cute, and when you tell him that, then he’s really unable to keep the blush off of his face.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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Texted my mother and my phone autocorrected "Amm" (what I call her) to "Mammon"🥲 My phone really came out swinging huh. It really said since fucking when have you known real people you fucking fuck go back to simping over fictional characters without being delusional. fuck you.
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arminsatiable · 21 days ago
𝐢'𝐥𝐥 𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 (𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐨𝐧) + 𝐦𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
# synopsis. you’ve always known of mammon’s attraction to you, yet this cursed mask he’s wearing makes him much more bold than his regular counterpart.
# word count. 1085k.
# content warnings. spoilers, dark content (!), extremely dubious consent, mild dacryphilia, unprotected sex, mild praise kink, dom/sub dynamics, dom!mammon & sub!fem!mc.
# love note. someone please tell me i wasn’t the only one getting h-word over mammon wanting our souls <3 click here to view this piece on ao3! tagging @foreversunshine-love <3
Tumblr media
perhaps opening that box of masks was a terrible idea. not that any of you would have predicted how this situation would turn out, but in all honesty, it could have been a lot worse if the brothers went on a murderous rampage through the devildom.
it seemed like you were taking the worst of the cursed masks’ greedy desires—more specifically, mammon’s greedy desires. the normally egotistical and immature façade that he usually put up was now diminished, the mask influencing him to act more confident and possessive of your soul.
when you had left the others behind in an attempt to snatch the mask off of his face and return him to his normal state, he had figured out your little plan. consequently, he had dragged you into a shady alleyway, which was conveniently empty.
in a matter of seconds, he had your skirt hiked above the curve of your ass and your panties pushed to the side, bending you over into a compromising position. you braced yourself against the cold brick wall, using it as leverage to keep your body off the dirty ground.
your eyes widened when you hear a zipper being undone, and you piece together exactly what mammon’s intentions were when he brought you down here. you keep your composure for the sake of mammon—there’s still a running chance that when his guard is down, you can take off his mask and free him from the curse that renders him helpless.
ultimately, you’d be lying if you said that his assertiveness didn’t turn you on. he had you rubbing your thighs against each other during your first encounter with him and the mask, but you didn’t imagine things would escalate to this extent.
“look at ya, human.” mammon sighed from beneath the mask. “yer’ not fightin’ back. i usually like it when my prey struggles a little more, but i’ll make an exception for ya.”
just as you’re about to retort with a snide remark, he splits you open with his fat cock, drowning out your words. you let out a sharp moan, your fingers scraping against the plaster between the bricks. god, this isn’t how you pictured your first time with mammon.
he didn’t regard prepping you to take him in necessary, simply drilling himself inside of you, basking in the beautiful sounds you produced. you were squeezing him so tightly that he already felt like he was going to burst, but he didn’t want the fun to end so quickly.
his usually tender hands were holding onto you roughly—his fingertips were harshly digging into the skin of your hips, leaving crescent shaped marks at their wake. you want to cry out in pain, but even then, the pleasure seems to cancel out the hurt you’re feeling. besides, this new ‘masked mammon’ seems to enjoy hearing you beg him to be more gentle.
he’s merciless with his thrusts, at this point, he’s about to bruise your insides with the intensity that he’s going at. you feel his cockhead hit your womb with every stroke, and you’re sure that you can feel the bulge in your stomach that he’s kindly given you.
“can’t wait to take yer’ pretty little soul after this.” the white-haired demon growled sadistically. “then you’ll be mine for eternity.”
you turn your head towards him, staring at the masked man with fresh tears rolling down your flushed cheeks. the time to save your dear ‘first man’ was quickly drawing to a close, but you had to wait for the right time to act, otherwise the mask may tell him to take your soul then and there.
“don’t worry, [mc]. i’ll still love ya, even when you’re a skeleton.” mammon cooed sweetly, though you couldn’t register whether it was sarcasm or affection dripping off of his tone.
somehow, his pace increases as he grows closer and closer to his high. mammon, masked or not, can’t seem to get over just how velvety and fucking good your pussy feels around him. after fantasising for years, he finally got a taste of you, one that he never wanted to fade away. he let out a low groan, feeling the knot in his stomach slowly being unravelled as he spills his load inside of your throbbing cunt.
when he pulls out, he watches his seed spill from your entrance, dribbling down your inner thighs. he leaned in close to you, admiring your reddened eyes and wet cheeks, gently brushing away the remainder of your tears with the pad of his thumb. ‘masked mammon’ also seemed to like it when you cried, the twisted bastard. though, the opportunity to act was dropped right into your palms.
with haste, you slapped mammon across the cheek, the mask flying off of his face and onto the concrete below the two of you. you flinched at the harsh sound of your hand connecting with his face—maybe you had hit him a little too hard? well, there was no time for regrets now, especially after you had snapped him out of the mask’s potent curse.
“mammon?” you questioned, waving your hand in front of his face to see if he had recuperated yet.
he keeps his eyes closed for a few moments, before blinking a couple of times. you quickly wiped the tears from your face, not wanting to worry the poor demon. once he sees that you’re the one who was speaking, he can’t help but grin. the sight of you is enough to bring a smile to his face.
“[mc]? what happen— wait, why is my—?!” mammon’s face glows like a christmas light once he realises that his bottom half is exposed.
he frantically tucks himself back into his tight black jeans, apologising profusely for whatever he had done during the ‘mask wearing’ period. mammon feels so damn ashamed of how he was behaving, even though there was nothing he could’ve done to stop it. his chest hurts at the sight of your slightly swollen eyes, knowing what he done must have upset you.
he stomps on the mask, cracking it perfectly in two, cursing at it violently. you take him by the hand, ending his little rampage, and squeeze his palm. you reassure him that the mask can’t possibly do him, you, or any of his brothers more harm than it already has.
or at the very least, that’s what you believe, until the same box with the same masks show up at the student council room again.
Tumblr media
© ARMINSATIABLE 2021 — please do not copy, repost or translate my work onto tumblr or other platforms.
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ded-space · 2 months ago
Sharing Ice Cream With The Obey Me! Brothers GN!MC Head Cannon
Reblogging Permission:✅
Content: Suggestive
Prompt: MC's ice cream fell and the brothers offer to share theirs, You accept!;
-holding the ice cream between your mouths he pulls your head in licking his side seductively.
-spoon feeds it to you (Had to get a bowl)
-buys you a new one but still shares his if you "like his flavor better".
-holds it out to you letting you have a lick "Just like a cat"
-gives it to you, he's to tired to finish it anyways
-reluctantly gives the whole cone to you, why is he being so nice to a normie anyway?
-gives it to you, "what!? no it's yours!" "You're mine too right? So what difference does it make?"
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devildomsgod · 12 days ago
Under Your Spell
Tumblr media
gn!reader x Mammon
smut; hypnotizing Mammon to be a compliant puppy for you 💛
hypnosis, puppy play, praise, anal sex, it gets pretty emotional at the end lol, sub!Mammon, 700 words
Tumblr media
Mammon's eyes gloss over as you finish your procedure, his muscles relaxing, and his attention glued to the wall behind you.
"Look at me, Mammon," you command, his eyes snapping to yours, face weirdly relaxed. "What are you, baby boy?" You hold his chin while questioning, soft eyes awaiting an answer.
"Your puppy."
"My pretty puppy," you correct gently.
"...pretty puppy," Mammon mumbles compliantly while letting you push him onto his back like a doll.
"And what's my pretty puppy gonna do, hm?" you continue asking, your hands beginning to run over Mammon's naked body, teasing the heavy arousal sitting between his legs.
"Be a good boy."
You grin at him, your finger pinching his nipple as a reward, "That's right, you're doing so well, Mammon," you mumble while leaning forward to press some kisses along the demon's jawline. A broken hum is all you get in response, his hypnotized body complying with every adjustment of position you offer. "Spread your legs a little wider," you mutter, positioning yourself in between Mammon's thighs after he did as told.
You look back up, finding the demon's manipulated attention fully on you. "Be as loud as you want, okay, Mammon?"
He affirms your order, his hands balling to fists as your dick suddenly aligns with his already prepared hole. Your hands push the back of his thighs up a little for better access before slowly sliding into Mammon. His body tenses before you tell him to relax, his breathing quickening with every inch you push into him.
"You're taking me so well, puppy," you purr while your hands run over Mammon's chest, letting him feel your affection. "Tell me again, what are you?"
"Your p-pretty n' good puppy," the demon repeats, his voice becoming unsteady as you start thrusting into him.
You praise him again for giving you the right answer while your hands move to his hips, holding them tight. Your thrusts increase, causing Mammon's body to rock along with the force, his cock twitching every time you come close to penetrating his special spot. You adjust your position again, having one of the demon's legs hooked over your shoulder now so you can reach deeper.
Mammon gasps loudly as the new position finally allows your cock to press against his prostate, the electrifying feeling sending a jolt through his whole body each time you thrust into him. His moans become louder, as shameless as never before. You feel his legs flex, Mammon's hips subtly grinding against you, chasing the blissful burst of pleasure.
Finally, you wrap your hand around his pulsating shaft, beginning to stroke along with your thrusts. Mammon's moans increase, switching to a higher pitch, and he can no longer keep his body from shaking, the muscles under his glowing skin contracting heavily.
"You're allowed to beg for it," you instruct, slightly breathless by how forcefully you're thrusting into him.
Mammon swallows heavily, his hazy eyes locking on the ceiling while he nods, trying to catch his breath a little. Little pleas flow into the demon's moaning now, seducing you to grant him release.
Finally, only a few minutes later, Mammon's cock red and dripping by now, you allow the demon to cum, the word triggering his release from the hypnosis as well.
Mammon's pupils dilate subtly, expression freezing in pure bliss as white cum shots from his cock, his whole body tensing as his orgasm forces itself through his limbs. Whimpers flow from his lips as shocks of afterglow make his muscles tremble, your cock leaving his loose hole barely registered.
Mammon lifts his head tiredly, his eyes searching for your attention desperately, his actions no longer guided by you, but by himself again. You lean over him, your cleaned fingers brushing over his warm cheeks as you smile down at him.
Crystal tears build in his eyes, the passing experience suddenly too much to handle, and all you can do is coo at the pouting demon before leaning down to leave a collection of kisses from his forehead to his lips.
"I love you," Mammon whispers, the words lying heavy on his tongue and even heavier in your ears.
"I love you too, my puppy," you grin back, your loving smile wiping the tears from his eyes as he returns it carefully.
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by-moonflower · 3 months ago
mammon hears you call his name from two halls down, and though he shakes his head, then pinches the bridge of his nose — thinking, just what the hell does this human want now — he doesn’t move an inch. he’s not waiting for you, obviously, just figured it’d be too much of a hassle for him if you went barreling into anyone else.
when you do finally turn the corner and find him, he can’t hide the way his eyes soften a little.
you look just as you usually do, except there’s tears streaming down your face and mammon’s eyes widen at the fact, realising that he’s never actually seen you cry. he’s had more than enough of your ugly sniffles during the sad movies you watch together — he refrains from making a snarky remark over it because it distracts you from noticing his eyes going glassy — but this time is different; you seem utterly defeated.
“hey—” he begins to say, but is cut short when you suddenly make a run for him. he doesn’t really have time to prepare because you end up right before him in no time and, much to his surprise, you throw your arms around his neck, not even stopping to see if he’d be ready to catch you. he’s flustered for only a moment but improvises quickly when he feels your body slowly slipping down his.
“o-oi! what’s the matter wit’ ya?”
you mumble something outrageously incomprehensive, with your face mushed against his collar, bordering the line that crosses over to his neck — he hoists you up further to prevent your lips from brushing his skin, otherwise he might just lose his mind and drop you altogether.
“what was that? speak clearly, wouldja?”
you lift your head up slightly, “’m upset.”
“why?” he asks, tone slightly harsh but contrasting against the spread out palm he has rubbing big circles on your back. out of nowhere, levi pokes his head into the hall to see you in mammon’s embrace and makes a face, mouthing, what happened?
mammon does everything he can to shoo his brother away without alerting you. get outta here! he mouths back.
“don’t wanna talk about it,” you finally say, clearer. at least your breathing has gone back to normal, your heartbeat too slowing and dropping out of the race. your arms, still secure around his neck, don’t let up though and your toes just barely reach the ground until mammon hoists you up once more. “can we stay like this a bit?”
out loud, mammon lets out an annoyed groan but what he’s not saying, is that he sort of wishes you’d never let go. without any trouble at all, mammon begins to pace, taking you to your room.
“alright, alright! and don’t think i’m doing this because i want to make ya feel better or whatever,” he rambles, “a perfectly good excuse to skip class has presented itself and i ain’t passing up that opportunity.”
you hum against him, the sound reverberating through your chest and his ribcage.
“anyway, if lucifer catches us bunking class, i’m throwin’ ya under the bus without a second thought. ya hear that?”
you hum again.
“and don’t ya dare get snot on my shirt, just ask me for a tissue or somethin’ and i’ll get it for ya. cry your heart out, i don’t care — ”
he pauses, his breath almost catching in his throat whenever you say his name so gently. he won’t ever admit it but he finds it kind of sweet how whenever you’re with the other brothers, you join in on the banter and make fun of him as they do, calling his name with similar mockery, all sing-song and teasing. and yet, when it was just the two of you, the facade fades away. he’s highly embarrassed to be thinking this, but the way you call his name now is like how you call a lover; patient, welcoming, warm.
“mammon?” you repeat and he clears his throat pointedly before resuming his stride.
“you’re so kind, you know that?”
it takes everything in him to keep from freezing again — he knows you’re definitely going to make a comment about it later or something so he doesn’t even want to risk it — but he sure is grateful that he practically has you thrown over his shoulder now, mostly because that means you can’t witness the fire engulfing his cheeks all of a sudden.
“sh-shut up, whaddya mean?”
you don’t tell him what you mean. all you do is mumble a small thank you before tightening your arms and nuzzling your face into his neck.
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silkylious · a month ago
awesome so i am requesting mc giving lucy and mammon (separately) physical affection bc they give me touchstarved vibes (any format you’d like :3)
Tumblr media
fandom: obey me! shall we date?
pairing(s): lucifer x gn reader, mammon x gn reader
cw: just fluff, unedited
notes: they are most definitely touch starved. you're so right.
Tumblr media
I was gonna start off by saying he'd be confused as to what exactly you're doing
But the more I think about it, Lucifer knows exactly what your intentions were the second you stepped into his office with purpose in your step
He's lived for some thousand years as both a highly desired angel and demon after all, he's no stranger to physical affection
He just, doesn't get the point of it now 💀
In his defense, work waits for no one, not even a powerful demon like himself, and the everyday delights of romance will go stale after a couple millennia of experience
He doesn't stop you though
He doesn't stop you as you make your way around him and tentatively knead at the tension accumulating in his shoulders
He can't stop you
Not with the way your fingers card through his hair, brushing away the stress of work and having to deal with 6 demon (in every sense of the word) overgrown children
With sigh from deep within his chest, he begrudgingly admits to himself that maybe it's been a little too long
And maybe work can wait a little while longer if it means he can feel your touch on him if even for a few seconds more
When I tell you this tsundere golden retriever puppy reincarnate is SO touch starved
PLEASE dote on him
Mammon is unbelievably easy to read, it's honestly so endearing
He will literally stare at your hand for God knows how long until you get the hint (or more precisely, stop intentionally ignoring him) and finally touch him
He'll fuss up and down about how embarrassing you are, the blush on his face and the way he seeks after your caress when you try to pull away tell you otherwise
To get him to drop the act, all you need to do is praise him
Tell him how good he is to you while you kiss all over his face, and the forced frown will immediately morph into the most blinding toothy grin you'll ever see
He's good at brushing off negative comments and focusing more on his hedonistic tendencies but even he reaches a limit to how much he can take at some point
Your physical and verbal affection is mostly just reassurance that he's worthwhile in the end </3
I can definitely see him getting more honest with himself the longer you stay together, but he never truly loses his awkward charm
And you wouldn't want it any other way, the genuine elation and almost heartbreaking relief in his eyes more thank makes up for all the childish pouts and empty complaints
Tumblr media
Obey Me! taglist: @katsucookie @otome-scribbles @belsumu @cinnamonnn-roll @quillvinrune @sugas-sweetheart | join my taglist here! <3
Tumblr media
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officallytheduchess · a month ago
Say What You Really Mean [Mammon/Reader]
Summary: You were finally sick of being talked down to and snapped. Mammon was only adding fuel to the fire.
a/n: this was a lot of fun to write, i hope yall like it! this is a request response! obey me requests are still open!
The epitome of placidity is the creative description your best friend back in the human world had bestowed you with in high-school. You knew it was due in part from your upbringing; the rigid encouragement from family to keep your lips tight, eyes on your textbooks and studies, and essentially to do everything possible to go deter provoking anyone. Or more specifically, making a mar on your family or bring eyes to your status in society.
Such a mentality followed you into the Devildom in the beginning. Those insults that the surlier demons spat at you lanced deep into your heart, made your bones ache, face sear pink in embarrassment, and had you convinced for quite a long time that everything was true. You withered deeper into yourself; that safe shell, the impregnable fortress built of dismissive laughter, impassive responses, and unreadable expressions that betrayed how you truly felt.
You could laugh and bellow with the best of them, and shrug off the harshest jeer almost as though it had passed right over your head. That was never the case, you fully comprehended what was being said about you and to you; you understood that some of those demons meant to demean, deride, obliterate any shred of pride or even the audacity to entertain that you could be capable of anything aside from taking a repeated lashing.
Those demons you could tolerate well, their intentions were clear and their hearts and souls were often as ugly as they were physically. It would always sting a bit, but you soon they faded into the background like the hum of a fan in the summer. It was harder to stomach the comments that came from the demon brothers, the celestials, or even the handful of others you had grown an affinity for.
In particular, you faced this challenge with Mammon.
His jibes were less biting in terms of impact, but were rather heavy in their frequency and reinforcement in your mind. It seemed like nothing you did was enough; you were too stupid for not knowing an obscure Devildom fact, you were weak for not being able to fight back, you were annoying for asking questions and standing by your values.
The way he spoke to you largely indicated that you were irredeemably inferior to him (and any other demon) in every way possible. You knew it wasn't the truth, that the venom of his words did not match the feelings he possessed, or let know what he truly meant.This was the nature of a demon, as well as Mammon purely being an absolute tool.
As the Avatar of Greed, you suspected that there was a part of him that wanted the simplicity of the existence of being a human; maybe he even mirrored Leviathan in some ways and envied you for that reason.
Also, Mammon just suffered from the chronic, incurable foot-in-mouth disease that you had somewhat accepted at this point.
But, you were tired.
Tired of having to slough through his layers of harmful comments, insecurities, fears, and take the brunt of those behaviors. It wasn't your place to read between the lines for the fine print- for the true, underlying meaning he so passionately denied. It wasn't your responsibility to do that for him, or for anyone else.
And, as more of those derisive words tumbled out of his mouth towards the end of breakfast one morning- you had fucked had it.
"I can't believe you seriously fell for it! Humans really are gullible; a demon would have figured it--"
"Seriously, Mammon, shut the fuck up." The severity of that sentence did not match how easily those words flowed out of you. It didn't feel exciting, it wasn't a rush of adrenaline, nor a swell in pride for you. It just felt right. "Keep your shitty comments to yourself. I'm going to class early. I have a project to finish with Simeon."
The usually boisterous dining hall in the House of Lamentation was swallowed in a staggering silence, fractured only by the groan of your chair as you moved it out from under you, and scuff of shoes on polished marble as you walked away. The demon brothers all stared after you, undoubtedly in surprise, but perhaps awe in a few.
Mammon, however, seemed to have turned a little grey while his mouth hung agape in sheer terror of your clapback. The others thought they were witnessing his soul ascending from his body in that moment.
"Wh-what the hell was that all about?!" He finally managed, swallowing the bulge in his throat with his neck still craned towards the doorway where you had just been. "I can't believe... I mean, how dare- why would... th-that was such a dramatic response! I'm the Great and Amazing Mammon, that's some fuckin' nerve!"
"I don't know about that," Asmodeus leaned forward with his elbows pointed on the table, only slightly leaning into his palms as he smiled wryly at Mammon. "That seemed like genuine anger to me. The kind of anger that's, 'I'm sick of you and leaving' kind of anger. Always ends up being the best make-up sex, though."
"There's still a whole plate of food there." Beelzebub was in rare form as he took cautious bites of his feast, face screwed up in clear concern for what had just happened. "Mammon, why would you say that? Go apologize."
"Apologize?" Mammon spat, launching upright out of his chair with such fierceness that it flipped over. "Why the fuck should I apologize?! I'm not the one who got all pissy over a joke and ran off!
"I don't get how that could be taken as a joke," Satan interjected with a deep crease in his brow, arms tucked tightly against his chest. "Try to think of things from a perspective other than your own. To be frank, you were a complete jackass."
"You've gotta be kiddin' me!" Mammon thrust his hands down on the table, sending the dishware and goblets on the table rattling from one end of the table to the other. "You guys literally do the exact same thing! Why am I being the one singled out for this?! You've all said way worse than me!"
"L-O-L, you're totally frothing at the mouth, Mammon," Leviathan gave a gleeful giggle as his thumbs pecked away at his device. "Sent. Some people are already speculating that this was the final straw. Real talk, if I lose my gaming partner over your stupid-ass comments, I'm literally going to throttle you with my own hands, Mammon."
It was thanks to Leviathan's quick fingers that you were kept in the loop about everything that transpired after you left breakfast, and that apparently Mammon had literally sprinted all the way to the academy to find you.
With the few friends you had managed to procure at R.A.D in the past year, you managed to stay hidden for the entirety of the day, and even received some mercy from Lucifer for skipping majority of your classes. You wouldn't say he was sympathetic to your ordeal, but rather loathed the idea of what would happen if an exchange between you both actually occurred.
However, that luck finally thinned out by the nighttime as you scuttled for your room before curfew was called. Pacing there by your door was Mammon, he seemed almost frantic, flicking the tip of his thumbnail off of his teeth as he wore a circle into the rug.
You had half the mind to pull a ballsy u-turn and crash with Beelzebub and Belphegor in their room, yet once again, such luck eluded you as Mammon's eyes landed on you and speared holes into your body.
"Where the fuck have you been?! You can't just go runnin' off like that in the Devildom! What is a couple of demons just upped and snagged you, huh? What then?"
"Let me remind you that I'm a grown ass adult, and I can do what I want, Mammon." You said with surprising calm, rolling your eyes upward as he followed hot on your heels. "Go away, I don't want to talk to you."
"Listen, I... I don't get what I said that made you so upset, but you can't just take off like that and freak out eveyone! You shoulda seen Beel and Levi, I thought they were gonna flip the table!" He flailed his arms about his body for emphasis. "Asmo started crying, thought Satan was gonna summon something."
"Ah, I see." Obviously, it was bold-faced lie.
He didn't stop there. "An-anyway, the point is, you scared them all half to death. They thought you weren't ever gonna come back. I knew you would because you care about me. I don't think you'd know what to do with yourself if I wasn't around!"
You were just trying to save your breath at this point, he continued. "So, because we both know that; I know that you know that I know that a tiny disagreement between us isn't enough for you to hate me, or stop talking to me, or leave me... I mean, just thinking about all the amazing stuff I've done for you, that we've done together- there's no way that'd all go right out the window because of a misunderstanding, haha!"
By the time you finally reached your door, his voice had faded into background noise and you had lost track of what he was even talking about.
Without interrupting his tangent or bidding him a good night, you shut the door abruptly, locking it after you to assure he couldn't get in. His exclamations behind the door were muffled by thick walls, and the heavy bass thrumming in your ears through a pair of headphones.
"Wa-wait! Are you really, seriously mad at me?! C'mon! Let me in! Don't ignore meeeeeeee!" Mammon's despaired wails ricocheted far and wide through the House of Lamentation in a continuous loop until Lucifer threatened bodily harm and chased him through the corridors with a piano string.
also, does anyone know how i can make cute banners for my stories? i don't have photoshop, and i don't know how to use any programs like it, either...
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"A helping hand" Obey me! sub Mammon smut
There's no place in heaven for me anymore...
Sub Mammon x fem!Reader
Summary: Solomon's cooking had a weird effect on Mammon and you offer to help by fucking the shit out of him. How nice of you :))
tw: mommy kink, master kink, dom to sub reader, pet names, oral (f! receiving), face riding, begging, teasing, slight humiliation
+18, minors please don't interact with this post, thank you!
wc: 1.6
You receive a weird text from Mammon, it says “Y/N, come to my room, I need your help.” written with a couple of errors, implying that he wrote it in desperation so you rush over to his place as fast as you can. You find him sitting on his heels on the bed, his head down like he was trying to avoid your eyes. You immediately ask what’s wrong and get closer to him but he stops you. Even without sitting on the mattress, you can see the bulge in his pants, you blush.
“Lucifer made me eat some of Solomon’s cooking ‘cause I stole his credit card or whatever... but I ended up like t-this...” he mumbles. The demon’s face is red with embarrassment. “You’re a sorcerer too, Y/N! Do something!” he begs.
This is the first time he turns his head towards you. His pupils are strangely wide, lips seem dry and you of course cannot ignore the erection in his tight jeans and the stain that his pre-cum have already left on them. It is true that you have been studying sorcery for quite some time now but you cannot seem to find any magical solution to Mammon’s problem. However, you think of another idea.
You approach him and sit in front of the demon with a mischievous smile decorating your face. You lean in closer which makes him abashed. He lays down supporting his weight on his forearms. “What are ya doin’, Y/N?” he asks. You press your knee against the bulge in his pants at which he lets out an uncontrolled moan.
"Strip for me, pretty boy." you command. Mammon flutters his lashes and swallows his saliva but he does not say anything and obeys you. You let out a soft giggle and watch as he takes off his black t-shirt and jeans as well as his grey boxers.
His hard cock twitches when it gets hit by the cold air which makes you lick your lips in anticipation. Mammon doesn't take his eyes off you even for a mere second. He presses himself against your leg when you hesitate to touch him, trying to pleasure himself on his own.
"Eager, aren't we?" you tease, looking down on him. You can clearly tell how horny he is and how badly he needs you to make him cum. This thought amuses you. You take his chin between your thumb and forefinger and bring him in closer. "If you'll be a good boy, I will make you cum so do as I say, okay, pretty boy?" you say in a calm voice.
"Yes, master, please, I'll be good, just make me cum." he whines and nods. You smile and connect your lips into a sloppy kiss. It's messy, saliva running down both of your chins as you breathe heavily, gasping for air. You feel your panties starting to get wet from all of this so you don't wait any longer and take your bottoms down, tossing them aside, your underwear next in line.
You gently place one hand on Mammon's naked and hot chest, slowly pushing him down to finally make him lay completely beneath you. You do not break the kiss and purposely rub your cunt against his exposed cock which makes him groan into your lips. The corners of your mouth curve into a satisfied smile. You never knew it would be so fulfilling to dominate a demon but now you're making good use of the pact you two made.
You cup Mammon's burning hot face in your hands and lift it slightly to look him deep in the eyes. "Now, make your master feel real good by eating her pussy like it's the last meal you'll ever have." you coo. "And then I will see what to do with you next..." you add teasingly.
You feel his cock twitch underneath you. He shyly nods so you give him an innocent kiss on the forehead before placing yourself where his filthy mouth is. He grabs your thighs and gently massages them as you lower yourself onto his face.
As soon as the skin of your folds touches his swollen lips, he starts licking and sucking them which makes a scream leave your mouth. He sloppily kisses your cunt, occasionally biting the clit. He doesn't even move away to gasp for air. He's eating you out like a carnal animal. He slips his tongue into your abandoned hole, slurping your arousal like you ordered him to. You huff and squirm from how much pleasure you're feeling. Mammon digs his nails into your thighs as you squeeze his white hair in your tight grip, riding his tongue, his nose brushing against your puff clit.
"Fuck, just like that, baby, you're going to make mommy cum, ah-" you whine, barely being able to hold in your moans. After hearing those words Mammon's even more eager to please you. You know you're going to lose it pretty soon and he is too. He bucks his hips up and down, kicking his legs and messing up the sheets. Muffled whines leave his mouth stuffed with your pussy.
You can feel a wave of pleasure rush through your body as the knot in your stomach finally loosens and Mammon's losing it with you. Your chest is going up and down as you breathe heavily. You finally lift your hips and when you do, the demon gasps for air which he desperately needed.
You turn around to look at his lonely cock which is covered in cum as well as his abdomen and abs. You touch the tip of his dick with your digits, it's still hard.
"Cumming from just pleasing your master? I don't know if I should continue then..." you tease.
"No, please, mommy!" he whines. "I want to put it in so bad! Make you feel good. Please, mommy, it hurts!" Tears accumulate in his eyes from how desperate he is. Doesn't even care what he's saying, if he begs or whimpers, he just wants to please you and you can appreciate that.
"Well then... Say what you want me to do, c'mon, pretty boy."
"I want mommy to ride me. To use me however she wants-"
You don't let Mammon finish his sentence because you swallow his cock whole with your dripping cunt, all the way to his balls. He lets out a throaty moan and you uncontrollably close your eyes when he hits the deepest parts of you.
"Ah- thank you, thank you so much, master." he says with a bedeviled smile and tears falling down his blushed cheeks.
You start moving, going up and down his whole length, focusing the weight of your body on your knees. Your hands lay flat on the demon's abs before they move behind you to rest on his trembling thighs and he is gripping the sheets behind him, holding on for dear life. You fasten your pace, completely hypnotized by the sloppy sounds your sex makes when you lower yourself on Mammon's fat dick and by the high-pitched moans that escape his wide-open mouth.
"Buckle your hips up for mommy, pretty boy." you breathe. He doesn't say a word and does as you told him to. His movements are sloppy, he's desperately chasing his high. You gasp as his tip hits harshly onto your cervix. You can tell your pussy's tightening around his cock, communicating the upcoming orgasm but Mammon outruns you, squeezing out his sperm into your cunt. You stop for a moment to take all he has to give you. His eyes hit the back of his head and back arches as he's cumming.
"We're not done yet, your job is to please your master first." you coo and start moving again without giving him any time to rest. The demon's whimpering he's too sensitive but you do not listen, you're too focused on reaching your climax and it doesn't take a lot of effort to do so. You cum, spasming and trembling, your nails scratch Mammon's tanned abs, looking for any surface to hold onto.
Just as you're about to move away and lay beside him, he grabs you by the waist and with one skillful move throws you onto the mattress to lay beneath him.
"I need more, master, please..." he whines, looking at you with lust in his eyes. He pulls up your leg to go over his shoulder while he's holding the other against the bed to prevent you from moving. He puts his still hard cock into your full with his sperm sex.
"Mammon, p-ple-e-ase!" you sob while his hips are clashing mindlessly against yours. "It's too m-much~" you add, wriggling in the bed. You're so fucked up, not sure if you're able to take it anymore but he refuses to listen to you, he's like in a trance.
He pulls in and out of you at an inhuman speed, reaching so deep you see stars. His hand on your waist keeps you still. You can feel how his cock twitches inside you, making you feel even better than before.
"Ah, fuck- I'm close, so close." he cries out. "Just a little more, mommy... F-u-uck~!"
He thrust into you one last time before cumming into your tight hole. Tears are rolling down your flushed cheeks but to be honest, Mammon looks more fucked up than you. It's no surprise since he had come so many times this evening.
You're finally able to relax your body. Your legs are weak, you're definitely not going to RAD the next morning and the demon isn't too, that's for sure. He faints beside you, instantly falling asleep. You're not sure if it's because the toxic effects of Solomon's food have finally washed off or because he was so bone-tired but you decide to not disturb him.
You think about rolling out of Mammon's bed to clean yourself up but you're sure you wouldn't be able to take a step right now so you snuggle against him and close your eyes. The warmth of his chest calms you down and you quickly fall asleep.
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