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spidey-boyy · 7 months ago
okay but, i don’t think we’ve seen peter as angry as he was when he was fighting goblin 
like i felt peter’s rage. it was all over his face and his stance and it was just spewing out of him. and also it was the fact that peter wasn't even using his webs- he was just giving everything he had on him with his fists and body and i really thought peter was going to kill him before tobey’s peter stopped him
tom did such a great job during that scene
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unreadpoppy · 2 years ago
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dreamingmaria · 5 years ago
I visited my parents today and they have a new internet radio receiver, so I tried out some anime radio stations and the first song which played was "Rinbu Revolution" 🌹❤ This is a sign, this is fate 🌹
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equal-shipping · 6 years ago
Antis really get to a lot of people, especially in this ship. So...I wanted to write something that would make me (and I hope everybody else) feel a bit better. 
You don’t even have to say anything about this one. I just hope you enjoy. 
“He is not good enough for her.”
Busy fingers kept typing coordinates and messages into a keyboard as several thoughts droned on in her mind.
“He tortured her…why would she even forgive him?”
She made a mistake, that was twice now. The padawan immediately deleted the words and started typing again. Losing focus, she was losing focus.
“That Sith should be dead where he stands.”
Rey covered her mouth before letting out a shaky sigh. It wasn’t working. Meditation wasn’t working. She always tried to keep busy with menial tasks such as typing messages to the other Rebel bases or to catalogue items about the First Order in order to further her focus into one sole task but everything had gone downhill ever since Ky—Ben had refused the First Order. General Organa received him with open arms and teary eyes, knowing that her son had done so much wrong but that deep in his heart she could feel the sadness and anger that was directed towards himself. She let him know that she forgave him and that she finally had gotten one of them back. It had been a tearful situation…but only for them. The rest of the base looked at him with disgust, as if waiting for an order to finally take him out and celebrate his death.
She would take them all no questions asked.
The feelings she had developed, no, the feeling she was developing…they were so new. The girl had never been treated as an equal partner before. She had either been degraded back in Jakku or lifted up as a hero on the base. They would address her as ‘Miss Rey’ and would nod their head in respect as she walked by. She didn’t WANT that. It was nice and all but instead of a nod she wanted a smile! She just wanted friends! Reason she always spent her time with Poe and Finn. Those two knew that she needed to connect with someone and they were always there to talk and cry with her whenever she was feeling down.
But Ben had been different.
He had pushed her to her limits, made her so mad and angry that she had released a power she never knew she had. Forced her to better herself through training and discipline to the point that she had finally managed to get him down on his knees, defeating the Dark inside him as he whispered out his feelings for her. Those feelings were not of friendship…they were of something much bigger.
But now that they were back. Rey put her arms on the console and rested her head in her palms, trying her best to shake away the rumors that the one she was learning to love was only tricking her. That he would turn sides instantly and go back to the First Order. She knew it was childish to say that they didn’t know him like she did but they didn’t! They were bonded! Rey was with him as he was with her! All the time! You would get to know someone PRETTY well if they were stuck with your thoughts and emotions! That’s how she knew that this ‘love’ thing was real. Every time he said her name there would be this bubbling feeling inside him that would make her float into the air and never come down from the absolute adoration the word had behind it.
They didn’t know him.
But what if…
What if they were right. What if she was simply experiencing a syndrome that their captives had for their oppressors? Or that he had used a mind trick on her and she had not been aware of the complete fool she was making herself as she gave him a kiss on the cheek whenever they passed each other. Maybe he was laughing behind her back as she dreamed of him and the life they could have together, fighting off evil with their hands locked together so that the Dark side would know that it no longer had a hold on him or her.
He was laughing. Cackling even. Was he? Her eyes were screwed shut as she tried her best to not break down crying.To be in love, to learn how to love, to love someone so much that you are afraid your heart might explode. What did it mean? Oh Force sakes she was SO CONFUSED! The girl jumped on her seat as a finger tapped her shoulder, turning around to find the man she had been obsessing over for the past 15 minutes or so. He looked a bit disheveled, his breathing a bit ragged before he held up something to her face.
“…the last time I looked into your mind I remembered that you like flowers.”
His voice was far away, Rey was only looking at the beautiful flower that he had brought her. It was lavender, lacy, with finely divide bracts that formed a sort of star mist around the 5 plump petals. It smelled so sweet and it looked so intricate that she could almost see Ben struggling to find just the right one for her.
“Once again…apologies for that. I know it is all in the past but I honestly feel like around here I have to apologize for even existing. I had Poe fly me to where these are growing…not many planets have these you know so I owe him my meal packet for the da—“
Ben was silenced by a pair of lips on his own as the girl had grabbed the front of his robes and yanked him down to her, a soft shaky breath escaping her before she pulled away. “Rey…” he got a good look at her before frowning, “Why are you crying?” the man was about to ask who had done the unthinkable but was brought back by a hand on his cheek, the girl merely smiling as she let the tears fall from her face.
That was it. She knew him…but he also knew her. Their bond had started so compulsively and out of anger but…it had turned into the one thing that kept them both sane when alone or scared. “Stars…oh Ben…” she took the flower and put it behind her ear as she pecked his lips again.
“Not that I am complaining…but is everything alright?”
Rey smiled at that question as she moved to hug him tight, pressing her face against his chest as she felt his arms around her.
“Yeah everything is alright…just don’t forget I love you, okay?”
She looked up at him, his face marked with surprise before he chuckled and kissed her forehead.
“As long as you don’t forget I love you more.”
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latioss · 8 years ago
NYU just scared the shit out of me and said I didn't submit my application, but then I reread the email and it said you didn't submit it by the morning of december 31st. Ok man I submitted it at night you scared me there
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featherine-bee · 10 years ago
Oh my god.
dat song
dat opening movie
I don't know what my feelings are doing
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