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#man i hate feeling this way

Oh god people are so fucking salty over civil war. Like they are so fucking divided over who they ‘stan’ that they refuse to see the trauma of the other side. Just coz one side has trauma, it doesn’t invalidate the trauma of the other side. I am so tired of people bashing Tony or bashing Steve or bashing anyone else. Like ugggghhh… It’s like they can even comprehend that issues like these have multiple dimensions and multiple levels and at times both the sides make complete sense.

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Been thinking about the fact that i get attached so easily to “maiden”-type characters and like. In a way that I hate it, that I’m angry and upset about how they’re written and treated etc but I do tend to be a very protective person and so I feel the need to help, and as much as I dislike this term (for reasons), the ‘knight in shining armor’ idea is still so closely tied to that, and I mean it’s different in a way because I am not a man but I just like. I do not know how to feel about it? I dont know how to explain what I mean

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It’s really hard to be friends with rich people because sometimes I’ll be in the middle of trying to decide if it’s worth spending money on fresh food or if I should just suck it up and eat spaghetti for the 80th time, and I’ll just of remember they exist and have never had to make this decision a day in their lives. 

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