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#man this took a tad longer than i expected haha
densecloud · 3 months ago
chrysalism. / nanami kento x reader
Tumblr media
chrysalism (n.): the amniotic tranquility of staying indoors during a thunderstorm.
synopsis: a stay-at-home date with nanamin. a/n: thank you my dear toya @costellos​ for helping me proof read this, sending so much love to you!!! please check out her beautiful works as well friends!! <3
Tumblr media
It’s the first time you’ve ever witnessed Kento purse his lips, let alone the slightest inch.
Nanami Kento has finally opened up himself to you earlier than expected — an achievement that you thought would’ve taken decades to accomplish since you’ve met him — and watching his lips bear the semblance of a smile is akin to finding a four-leaved clover for anybody else, though you consider yourself lucky to catch those fleeting moments of happiness on his face when he’s with you. You’ve seen the many sides of him, more than anyone ever has or is allowed to, and the thought alone draws you closer to his soul, wanting to explore and cherish every bit of it.
But this... you never knew he could make such an expression. It’s a new side of him that leaves you surprisingly pleased, and for that, you’re grateful for the bad weather.
Kento hardly realises that he’s making a face, and you wonder if it’s intentional. Maybe he’s been doing that only when he’s alone, whenever those famous baguettes that he loves are sold out, or whenever the paperwork at his job gets overwhelming. Either way, immaturity, or rather child-like behaviour has never been in his books, so this instance only captures you whole.
You don’t intend on telling him as well.
The steady drumming of raindrops against the windows gradually grows louder, inciting a deep sigh from him while he rests his head against the headboard, discouraged at the gloomy situation. His arms are wrapped around yours on the bed, your back leaning against his chest with legs entangled with one another. Unlike you, he doesn’t flinch from the sudden flashes of lightning, and the roaring of the thunder makes you shift closer to him; borrowing his warmth on this cold morning. With your gaze trailing from his sunken eyes to his lips, unsure if he’s pouting at the rain or asking for a kiss, you decide to address the latter first.
Diving your lips a little deeper into his, you pacify him between breaths. “...We can always go sightseeing another time, Ken.” 
Breaking the kiss, Kento embraces you a little tighter, mumbling, “But we’ve been planning this for so long...” Nuzzling into your neck, you then try your best to stifle a chuckle at his whines. 
“You’re giggling. Hmph.”
“I can’t help myself,” you plant another kiss, this time on his cheek. “You’re just so cute being like this.” Confused by your statement, he processes your compliment, looking as if he’s finally put in place — “And we’ll watch the flowers next weekend, I promise!” Your face is inches away from his, eyes like wishing wells. With the weather being out of your control, though it is something that you can’t guarantee for sure, he knows it's an effort to cheer him up. 
“I’ll take your word for it,” Kento teases, pinching your cheek. “Tell me, what would you like to do today, love?”
“Oh, I have a plan... You just have to sit back and enjoy.” 
Raising an eyebrow, he wishes you wouldn’t be so mischievous, the smirk on your face leaving him with an unsettling feeling. You’re a tad like Gojo — the man is a whole other level of chaos himself, but nothing should go out of hand when you’re within these walls with him. If anything, Kento would be responsible for many serious problems that he’ll possibly impose upon the both of you. “Trust me!” 
Finally conceding defeat, he raises both hands while watching your gaze twinkle in excitement. He can never resist when you’re whimpering with puppy eyes, tugging on his t-shirt and making him flustered so effortlessly. “Fine, fine,” he says before his heart can no longer take it. You’re trying to hide something — he can tell, though he will observe for now. “Love you, Ken!”
And speaking of suspicion, Kento realises that you’ve yet to give him a proper answer.
“Wait, what did I do to look so cute just now?”
Likewise, Kento is left pleasantly surprised, finding himself anticipating further for today’s makeshift date.
Though he was assigned to prepare ingredients for this feast, already giving him an indication of what you had in mind, while wondering whether his involvement was supposed to be all part of your plan — he was more than happy to do so, and watching you try your best to help out brought a smile to his lips. No way you’re the cook of the house with knife skills as poor as a baby elephant — this statement quoted by yours truly, but he enjoyed teaching you for that hour or so; his hands patiently guiding yours from behind.
“Be careful,” Kento had whispered into your ear while helping you glide the knife across the board. And you squirmed, letting out a chuckle and saying that it tickles, but it only made him do it a couple more times. Just to tease you a little.
“Haha — we’re like a married couple,” you mentioned casually while letting him taste the broth, face beaming as if oblivious to how shy he gets from your teasing. 
And you remember catching a glimpse of pink across his cheeks.
Usually a quiet eater, you notice how he’d hum in approval with almost every bite of the beef sukiyaki, even showering exaggerated compliments now and then. Throwing his head back after placing his cutlery down, his palms are placed behind his head, staring at the ceiling in gratification. “So good... the best meal I’ve had in months,” Kento says. “Even the one down the street can’t compare.”
“Really?” You speak with curiosity, observing his atypical actions. “Also, watching you lie back with a stuffed tummy is a new experience.”
“Hey, hey. I’m speaking the truth. And I’m trying to be more laid back, figuratively and maybe not literally anymore... Gojo suggested that I ease up sometime.” He pouts again, the second time for the day and hopefully more to come.
“I’m glad you love it, though I almost destroyed the kitchen just now,” you smile, a palm supporting your cheek as you admire him, “and I’ll love you all the same, laid back or not.” 
When you look at him like that, he can only trust you with all his heart. After all, it’s that face of yours that drew him in in the first place, your smile like rays of light that attended to his once empty heart; when he thought nothing would give him purpose in this cutthroat world. When you look at him with such a loving gaze, he only wishes to hold you close and never let you go. 
But that will be something he’ll leave for later.
Bashful, he speaks softly. “Thank you, [Name]-chan. We should do lunch again... Maybe on a day like this.” 
You chuckle, satisfied with his subtle excitement. 
“Anything for you, Ken.”
Placed on the sofa by the shoulders earlier, Kento has his fingers interlocked while waiting for the next surprise. 
“Wait here,” you had cautioned him before sneaking off to the rooms. He can only hope that you’re not holding somebody hostage or breeding a curse yourself, but he chooses to obey your instructions reluctantly. You’re taking some time to prepare the next segment of this date, and he releases a low cough-like chuckle when his eyes notice you creeping around the pantry, trying to hide behind the kitchen island. The clanging of ceramic tableware is another futile attempt at secrecy, but Kento dismisses it, pretending it’s another roar of the ongoing thunderstorm.
Attempting to straighten his back, the pull of gravity on the contents of his stomach makes it difficult to do so. You eventually find him drowning in the cushions, a leg propped up lazily. You shift over, placing slices of cake on the coffee table along with a couple of movies. Slipping your hand under his shirt just to rub his belly, Kento releases a purr at your playful antics. 
“Room for dessert?”
“Great. I took out all your favourite movies, there’s about ten of them here... Have your pick!”
Sifting through the discs, he hums, thinking hard of the perfect movie for the rainy day. Pride and Prejudice, John Wick... he’s heartened at how much you understand him. It’s the little things he mentioned during the dates that you picked up, and he would have never thought you’d remember what he enjoys. Maybe that’s why he finds himself falling down the rabbit hole of love even deeper, because of how important you regard him to be. 
Kento feels cherished, only experiencing happiness and comfort whenever he’s with you — and he holds this thought close to his heart. “This one. It’s suited for the weather.”
“It’s been a while, [Name]-chan,” he speaks, pulling a face.
“I was hoping you’d pick this, actually.” You receive the movie from his hands, amused at his selection. “Reminds me of our first date, doesn’t it? Sit back and relax, I’ll get this set up!”
He hums, recalling that very fateful day. Similar to today, it was raining cats and dogs, the rumbling of the clouds at the start of the date already signified a bad omen. Broken umbrellas and drenched coats did nothing to shield both of you from the wrath of the rain, with Lady Luck deserting this disaster of a date. With your clothes almost soaked to the skin, he attempted to cover you with his coat, bringing you close hesitantly with a pull of your waist, and hoping that you wouldn’t mind the lack of distance. Deciding to head to the nearest coffee shop along the street, Kento wondered if you were affected the very least by him, let alone by the date going awry. He assumed that you would’ve been disappointed to miss out on the otters at the zoo, given how you were enthusiastically looking forward to it earlier with the skipping of steps. There was no sign of sadness however, but another problem ensued from his actions earlier. 
With legs huddled together closely, your shoulders were stiff, jolting only when you released a soft sneeze. The air-conditioning in that place was merciless, sending chills down your skin and triggered your allergies. Passing you some tissues, he noticed your flushed cheeks, then racked his brains to figure out if you’ve caught a cold or whether it was a symptom for worse, underlying conditions. 
“Are you alright?” Kento asked, tucking a lock of your wet hair to the side. With the intention of checking your temperature, the back of his hand met your warm skin, startling him as he held back afterwards. There he was again, trying to go with the extra, unwanted mile of physical contact, all part of his one-sided desire. These bar seats were subpar at providing a gap between his seat and yours, which he criticised internally with slight prejudice. You must’ve been feeling unwell then, he presumed, and noticed you struggling to coin a sentence to assure him. 
“Y-Yes!” You squeaked, turning your gaze towards him sheepishly. “...Thank you for sheltering me earlier, Nanami-san.”
“...Don’t mention it.” He choked on a sentence that he had intended to speak out loud, eye contact with you breaking to stare at the warped lines of rain that flowed down the windows. It was during that very moment he registered the consequences of his actions, and how much of a dire effect it had on you. Only after aggressive brainstorming for the next couple of minutes did he have the courage to start afresh and put history aside, pretending that he wasn’t flustered at all because of how he was appreciated (and how adorable you looked).
He could only be grateful that no jujutsu sorcerer was there to witness the situation, otherwise he would’ve definitely silenced them —  
“You know,” you dab his cheek with chocolate buttercream, “I’ve grown to love the rain because of that day.” Losing his train of thought because of you, he does the same to your nose. “How so?”
“If not for the rain, I wouldn’t have realised that you were the one for me.”
“Really?” He’s the one questioning you now, the tone of his voice light-hearted and meant to come off as a joke. With his face inching closer to yours, his attempt to control himself is half-hearted, especially when you look practically prepared for a kiss. “Then I’m glad that it rained that very day.” Brushing his lips tentatively against yours, the slow fluttering of your eyelashes are begging for his touch, your fingers laced tenderly around the side of his face and into his blond locks. 
“There’s chocolate on both of us.” You mutter, smiling as noses touch. 
“We’ll get it off later,” Kento speaks, eager to have you all for him, and him only. 
Closing the gap between the both of you, he joins his lips with yours ever so delicately, cascading onto you to receive your warmth. Your arms are wrapped around his neck, while his hands on the bare skin of your waist... it tickles a little as usual, but he makes a point to keep you comfortable. Times like these are always as good as the first — bodies finally feeling like home and where souls intertwine. He tastes familiar, like raindrops in the summer evenings that roll down the cheeks. When the umbrella is tossed away to hold you tight, to give in to each other’s feelings. Lips fitting each other like a glove and finally finding union.
Kissing him tastes like falling in love again.
“...The movie’s starting, [Name]-chan,” Kento whispers, pulling away from the kiss. Priorities. 
And you’re the one sulking now — he tries to stifle his laughter and leaves a final peck on your lips. 
“We’ll continue this again, love.”
“...You know, Ken?”
“I wanted to ballroom dance with you after this...”
The both of you are submerged in the depths of the sofa, the credits of the movie still rolling on the screen. You’re back to square one with him, back against his chest with a spare blanket barely covering the legs, and he’s happy. Blessed, even, when he’s thoroughly enjoyed every single second leading up to this moment. 
Kento doesn’t do you a favour however, when his scent seemingly had its sedative effect on you. With your head resting barely below his chin, it can only get cosier; your body nestled against him snugly with a few shifts. Because he knows, and he’s been subtly lulling you to sleep, taking deeper breaths and stroking your hair gingerly. That watching children’s movies are a better option as opposed to counting sheep, and he’s caught you dozing off with one running on the screen before. He on the other hand, wonders how you’re this determined after a hearty lunch and a long movie — but that’s what makes you endearing. Free-spirited. Cheerful. Enthusiastic. It’s you that keeps his feet off the ground once in a while.
He laughs internally, upon remembering how he would’ve actively avoided romantic relationships in the past. But here you are, doing so much for him and his happiness. And that’s enough for him. “Hmm. But you’re tired, aren’t you, love?”
“No, I’m not…” you protest weakly, mumbling a few incoherent words afterwards. It’s difficult to be alert in such comfortable situations, especially when the weather was made for naps and cuddles with loved ones. You wish you had more life in you to bring Kento in for a dance, stumble and step on his toes occasionally, and listen to classical music that you’ve curated over the months. He would’ve loved it, you think, waltzing to Merry-Go-Round of Life. His eyes meeting yours and face softening because he’s deeply in love, a hand supporting your back and the other holding onto yours gently. Pulling you closer once in a while, granting you a chance to admire how he glows so enchantingly. 
It would’ve been something for him to remember, for eternities of time. “Ken…” Though, those efforts seemingly go down the drain when your heavy eyelids finally succumb to the weight of exhaustion. 
But he knows — again he does — that it’s not the case, when he’s experienced so much peace for today. “I love you.”
So much that he would never forget.
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haikyooot · 7 months ago
Ch 13: We Meet Again Pt I
Life’s a Hoot Ch 13: Day 1 in Osaka. Everyone has their own secrets.
Bokuto x Reader fic
Masterlist  AO3 Cross-Posted
Tumblr media
Today is the day you get on the train that will carry you from Tokyo to Osaka. It’s a frigid winter morning, with the air crisp and the sky clear. It’s a workday, so no one is able to see you off, and that’s okay--all the farewells and goodbyes have been said already. Taking the shinkansen is nothing new to you, but you’re getting nervous anyways. Is this a rash decision? What will await you in this new place? From your window seat, you watch the station fall further and further behind. The Tokyo cityscape becomes a blur as the train takes you away in a flurry. Is this what Bokuto felt like when he moved away from Tokyo? A battle of anxiety and excitement broils within you. The views outside shift from suburban towns, to rural rice paddies and a large expanse of endless grass fields. A frost-tipped mountain peak flies into view. Mt. Fuji. Most of the passengers are all looking out the window, admiring Fuji-san. Some children tug on their parent’s clothes to point it out. Passing by the peak means leaving the final gatekeeper of the Tokyo area. You give a final glance again before the train leaves it behind. Something about the landmark reminds you about Bokuto’s eccentric, frost-tipped, gelled up locks though. The thought curves up the corners of your lips.
Once you mentally settle down, you begin to write some thoughts down in your journal and also contact the moving services to confirm the status of all your belongings. It’s estimated to still take a day or two depending on weather and traffic conditions. By car, the drive to Osaka would take at the very least six hours. But by the bullet train, you’ll be there in two and a half. Technology. And the time certainly goes by very quickly. Bokuto is especially kind to offer you to stay at his place while figuring out the initial moving-in process. For the next two days, once all the furniture and boxes arrive, it will just be a lot of muscle work and nonstop tidying up your new apartment. Work will start almost immediately, so the whole settling down will probably take you a while. But you’ll chip away at cleaning up a bit every day.
“Dear passengers, we are approaching the Shin-Osaka Station. Please make sure you have your belongings with you. Thank you for taking the Tokaido Shinkansen line. We hope you have an enjoyable trip and hope to see you soon.”
You pack your bags and take down your luggage from the overhead compartment. You follow the rest of the passengers out. Once you step off the train, you immediately notice that Osaka is definitely a bit colder than Tokyo. Not by much, but colder nonetheless. You pull your scarf up to cover your face and ears.
As you exit the terminal, you sense the people around you walking faster. Some rush up to family or friends. A few couples hug and kiss. Others are running to catch a cab or make it to the subway. Everyone else has a purpose to go to. Where do you go? That’s right it’s just you now in this new city.
“Hey, hey, hey!!!! Turn around!”
You turn and see Bokuto standing not far from you, waving his arms. His hair is tucked under a beanie, and he is wearing a scarf and a long parka.You don’t move from your spot and watch Bokuto run towards you, still in the midst of excited laughter and calling your name. Did people start walking slower? Somehow even the station got a bit quieter.
“We meet again!” Bokuto stops his steps in front of you. Without his hair serving as a distraction, your eyes meet with his golden ones. The color is warm and calming, like the autumn ginkgo leaves you encountered a few months ago. Any nervousness you held since Tokyo washes away at the familiar sight. Here, in this new place, is someone you know and trust. You aren’t stepping foot in Osaka all alone.
“I’m here!” You greet back in equal enthusiasm, a bright smile decorating your face. You feel your nose and cheeks growing warm in the winter chill.
“Let’s get out of here. Are you hungry? Should we grab something to eat first? Or maybe drop your bags off first? We can call for delivery.” Bokuto reaches to take your luggage.
“Did you bring a heat-pack?” Bokuto asks, to which you shake your head. “Ah, here.” He takes out a heat-pack from a pocket in his parka, rips the packaging, shakes the heat-pack to activate it and hands it over to you.
“Thank you, Bokuto,” you murmur, grasping the heat-pack. The contents grow warmer and hotter. Your whole body feels warm.
Shin-Osaka Station is just six minutes by subway from the central Osaka station. Bokuto orders two curry rice, perfectly timed for delivery. A few subway stops later and a short walk, you arrive at Bokuto’s apartment, tucked in a quiet neighborhood. This is already his second place since moving here after high school. From what Bokuto tells you on the subway, his first location was a more rundown apartment. But for a newly recruited trial member of the team at the time, it was all he needed and could afford. After building up some more savings and increased pay, he moved into this current place.
You notice that the apartment is especially modest in size, comfortable for one, a tad small for two. Not the newest, but very clean. Extremely clean. Immaculate even. When you first step in, you notice slippers laid out at the genkan. The wooden floors are polished and shiny. Every surface of the house is absolutely spotless. One might have expected this from Akaashi’s place, but probably not from Bokuto. At least from your own past understanding of him. You would consider your own place as merely, “clean enough”, and in comparison to this, yours would be a dump.
“Your place is...really clean.” You say in awe while surveying the interior. “ have a home gym.”
“Right, right! It’s the best! I still mostly go to the training center though.”
The only hint that this place is Bokuto’s is probably the collection of exercise equipment off in the corner of the living room. A workout bench, some dumbbells, resistance bands, foam rollers, a yoga mat, medicine’s all pretty complete.
Bokuto sets your bags off the corner and a knock is already at the door. “Food’s here too!”
Lunch goes by quickly. You share how you spent the last few weeks packing your whole life into suitcases and cardboard boxes. Bokuto tells you about the last group of matches the team had, one loss and two wins. For the most part, it’s still a strong season. The following weeks’ matches will be in Osaka, so luckily the team won’t need to be on the move. He also tells you about the grandma living next door to him who often comes to dote on him like her own. Sometimes, he goes over to have dinner with her.
“Can I take a look around?”
“Go ahead! Just feel at home. Um, I need to call my team captain.”
With Bokuto’s ok, you take a closer look at his place. The kitchen is well-stocked, sponges clean and dried, bowls and plates stacked neatly. A square dining table where you two ate lunch is pushed off to the wall, realistically seating three people in its current setup. The bed is made and there aren’t any visible creases either. The writing desk in the room looks barely touched even. Next to the laptop and headphone, there are a few books and papers off to the side. You take a peek, No Longer Human. Huh, has Bokuto been reading this book? Oh right. He did take your old paper from the boy from the convenience store that time. You smile internally at the memory and wonder if Bokuto actually sat down to read through all that academic jargon. The last item in his room is the closet, and also the only imperfection in the whole apartment. The doors don’t close evenly. Curiosity gets the better of you and you reach a hand out hoping to close the door shut.
“Don’t touch the closet!” Bokuto yells from the living room. Too late. Your touch is the last straw. The closet door swings open and you are met with a waft of fabric softener. You’re too shocked by the sudden assault of a flurry of clothes, sports bags, and whatever else that is spilling out the closet onto you and the floor. Bokuto comes rushing into, apologizing profusely.
“Oh my gosh! I’M SO SORRY! I’m not a slob, it’s all clean, I swear! I washed everything and wanted to clean before you came over, but I spent too much time scrubbing the counter and wiping the floor and making the bed creaseless and, and, and also I had practice too.”
It reminds you of your first meeting with Bokuto in high school. You can’t help but laugh wholeheartedly at Bokuto’s desperation to explain the situation to you. Too caught up with cleaning everything else, his laundry is left unfolded and unorganized. “It’s okay Bokuto! Haha, I was beginning to think the place is too eerily clean. Like a hotel. This is more human.”
“Messy is human? No! I clean up after myself.” Bokuto tries to defend himself, wide eyes pleading, and mutters under his breath, “Sakusa and Manager Akiyama would kill me.”
You just laugh some more and sit down on the floor, pulling the clothes from the pile. “Here, I’ll help you fold them. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you at all.”
Bokuto looks a bit lost but ends up sitting down too, picking away at the pile. As you set one folded pair of shorts aside with your left, you reach out to grab something else from the pile with your right hand. Bokuto shoves a t-shirt into your hand instead. “Um, I can fold that,” he mumbles, taking the article of clothing you were about to reach instead--boxer briefs. You notice that Bokuto’s ears are starting to turn a little red and decide not to say anything more that will embarrass the poor man.
“I saw a copy of No Longer Human on your desk,” you say slowly, while deliberately picking out anything non-underwear to fold instead. “Did you read it?”
“YES, I did!” Bokuto answers quickly. “I finished the book and also your paper. I think it was really well written. I don’t know why your professor took points off!”  
“Did you like the book?” You ask eagerly.You’re surprised Bokuto actually spent the time reading everything, but also equally pleased to have another mutual topic to talk about. And also humored by the fact that maybe Bokuto didn’t find the grammar errors you made either.
“Hm..I understand why it is a masterpiece, but I’m not sure I can like a book. I don’t like how Dazai wrote Ōba’s suffering,” Bokuto considers for a moment, before continuing. “I felt like Ōba was doomed from the start. And as the reader, you kind of want to help him, but can’t. But truthfully, he’s not someone you’d actually want to be friends with either.”
Laundry has been folded for a while now. The sunlight shining onto the bedroom floor has shifted its angles many times too. You listen to Bokuto talk about his thoughts on the novel. Many readers find immense dislike for Ōba. His irresponsibility, cowardice, arrogance, and paranoia set him up as a very contradictory and un-likeable character. But when you consider that soon after the completion of this novel, Dazai took his own life, succeeding on his fifth attempt, everything changes. In the words of a troubled man, comes the story of a very desperate character, pathetic yet sympathetic, grieving in intense loneliness and despair. Unable to show his true self or find genuine connections in the cold reality.
“Sometimes, it might just be easier to be seen as a fool.” Bokuto concludes solemnly. “I think I can understand that about him.”
You shift your eyes over to Bokuto, who is wearing a very different expression. His face is turned away from you, eyes disconnected and wistful. His brows are relaxed but also strained at the same time. This is not the Bokuto that you know. The one before you at this moment doesn’t look like a top ranked athlete. Not even the frame of his musculature seems strong enough to support the weight of longing in his eyes. He’s thinking of something. Far out of your comprehension or reach. And it unnerves you.
Just as you prepare to reach a hand out to confirm if the unfamiliar man is who you know, the Bokuto you recognize comes back. “You know, depressing book aside, I’m happy I got to read your paper! It took me a while, but I think it’s excellent!”
Bokuto gets up from the floor and stretches, cracking his back. “Wow, would you look at the time? It’s almost dinner already. You feeling hungry? I’m starving!”
You don’t press. Everyone has their own secrets and personal feelings they’d rather not share.
“Sure! I saw you have some stuff in the fridge, we could just make something simple too. What are you thinking of?”
Even Bokuto.
End Notes:
• The Tokaido Shinkansen first opened in the 60s. It’s the first high-speed rail connecting Tokyo/Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka/Kyoto aka the three major metropolitan areas in Japan. It departs very, frequently. •Mt. Fuji , arguably the most famous natural landmark of Japan. It may be visible along this bullet train route, sometimes it hides, so perhaps Reader is just lucky. •Osaka has two stations, Osaka Station and Shin-Osaka Station. The latter was built for the bullet trains so they don’t need to deal with logistics of getting the trains further into the city’s Osaka Station. But the two are very close, 6 minutes by subway as mentioned. •Japanese curry is ridiculously good. And CoCo Curry is supreme, I rest my case.
• Dazai Osamu’s No Longer Human is first referenced in Ch 5. On second thought, would not recommend to everyone due to its potentially triggering content. 
Feel free to send an ask or comment to be tagged
@anxious-botanist @strokettas​
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utterlyhopeful-fics · 8 months ago
Love on the Line - Part 5
MASTERLIST   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
Word Count: 3615k
Warnings: general angst, potential love triangle, language, a sprinkle of fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Days overlapped into weeks blending into a tedious, monotonous blur. The skies were painted a shade grayer and the hours endless as time seemingly droned on. Y/N knew she was on the verge of overstaying her welcome, but she couldn’t bear to be alone with her disordered array of feelings. Since that forsaken day, Henry had kept his promise and maintained his space; a promise part of her wished would crumble to dust. 
Her heart tugged endlessly in opposing directions.  Simply put, Y/N still missed him once again allowing her self-loathing to kick into overdrive. The ache within her remained feverishly burdensome, spinning wildly out of control. Love wasn’t supposed to feel this way, hurt like this. Most days Y/N was grasping at straws just to stay afloat while other days an unbridled anger simmered just underneath her freckled skin, patiently awaiting release, to spew its ill-willed hatred towards the man who threw her away. 
But that was a problem for another day. Now, Y/N had to focus on a future without Henry, a rebuild of a lifelong imagined in daydreams and fantasies all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Fucking men.
The blaring tone of her phone vibrated tauntingly out of reach.  Brrrring…brrrring.
“What the hell?” …. Brrrring…brrrring.
Y/N searched high and low for the stupid, shrilling device that carried her life. But to no avail could not find the obscenely loud object. Muffled through the walls, she heard the irritated shouts of Katie; “Oi, answer your fucking phone, bitch. Some of us are trying to sleep here!” ending with a resounding bang against the walls that separated the women.
Where the fuck is my phone? How do I manage to lose one of the most important objects I own AT LEAST once a day? Her inner monologue was not one for positivity today as Y/N ran around the house like a woman possessed. Her phone continuously chirped further teasing her at its mere presence all while hiding in plain sight. Her editor called out of the blue requesting a meeting with Y/N at their main headquarters today. Uneasiness spread throughout her entire body contemplating if it was good or bad news she had yet to receive.
Y/N woke up excited for the day and now here officially running late to her own damn meeting. Couch cushions laid strung across the living room floor, unfolded blankets messily astray, and grunts of annoyance the only present sound. Just as Y/N was about to throw in the towel and say fuck it her hand suddenly clasped the cold, concealed technology.
“A-ha! Freaking finally.”
“About damn time mate.”
Y/N jumped startled to find a sleepy Katie descending the stairs.
“Shit, Kat. You scared the crap out of me.”
“Not only have I had to listen to that obnoxious ring tone of yours for the past eleven minutes and six seconds but you’ve also made a mess of the flat. I think I’m entitled to a scare the literal shit from you after messing with me morning.”
Y/N hugged her friend giggling at her usual morning grumpiness. “Have I mentioned that you’re the best mate a girl could ask for and I love you?”
“You are one lucky bitch and –”
Throwing her bag over her shoulder, Y/N tucked her phone away in search for her keys.
“Coffee is ready and breakfast is on the stove.”
“God woman, you are my savior. Cheers on the meeting today!”
“Thanks babes! I’ll ring you later.”
Y/N scoured their entrance way still in search of her miscellaneous car keys. Katie sighed in defeat rolling her eyes. The sound of rattling bowls and shuffling of paper was beginning to really piss her off.
“Jesus, woman. How the hell have you survived this long?”
“I don’t know! Maybe it’s just nerves? Whatever it is, I’m gonna be late!” grunting the last bit out.
“Y/N, stop what you’re doing and look at me this instant.”
Stopping mid step, Y/N faced Katie. Her blood pressure accelerated causing a fierce tint on her cheeks. A stray piece of tousled hair out of place in the frenzy of Y/N’s chaotic morning. Katie’s crossed her arms over her chest leaning back on the couch cushions.
“Deep breath, in and out. Now think, where was the last place you put them?”
Y/N combed through the previous day second by second unable to think clearly.
“I…I, umm.”
“How about on the key rack hanging on the wall to your left? That’s a good place to start, don’t ya think?”
Y/N’s eyes bulged out of their sockets in utter embarrassment. Her neck cranked towards the blue hued wall now taunting her.
A whispered ‘fuck’ slipped from Y/N.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Y/N blew air kisses her way closing the door in a rush behind her. The car ride was simple enough and only put her a few minutes past. The elevator ride up was torturous as Y/N tapped her foot nervously. The doors dinged upon arrival; Y/N glided out in awe of so many glass doors on one floor. Her editor, Debra Moss greeted her with a cheerful grin.
“Y/N! So good to see you. Come, let’s get started, shall we?”
She politely smiled still unsure of her purpose feeling out of place in the hectic office space.  
“I’ve got a bit of exciting news for ya! Let’s talk somewhere a tad more private.”
Y/N curtly nodded and coughed clearing her dry throat. Goosebumps ran along the hairs of her skin as her palms began to glisten with sweat.
Debra pointed for Y/N to take a seat shutting the door promptly behind her.
“So, I know it’s been a rough go about, but how are ya?”
“Fine, I’m fine.”
The last thing Y/N wanted to rehash was her breakup heard around the world especially with the wound still painfully fresh. Sometimes it feels better not to talk at all. About anything. To anyone but that wasn’t an option today.
“Fine? I don’t like the sound of that…”
Y/N couldn’t hold her laughter a second longer; “I’m…figuring it out on my own terms. You should be happy for the free inspiration. You can pin this one on that girl who Superman publicly humiliated and cheated on. Instant best seller, eh?”
Sarcasm was Y/N’s natural state, her way of demoralizing herself for others’ entertainment. It took Debra all of ten seconds to catch up shutting her promptly down.
“Reality check time. We’ve been working together now for close to five years. You were a complete badass before you met him and you will be again…in your own eyes soon enough. Believe me when I say you’re a brilliant writer mending the end of a highly publicized breakup by some asshole who didn’t appreciate how spectacular she actually is? It’s 2020, you bet your ass I support strong females doing their own damn thing.”
Her shoulders slinked exhaling the breath caught in her pulsing lungs. Relief flooded her veins.
“You have no idea how bad I needed to hear that? Seriously, thank you Debra. It’s been rough. I feel like my heart got ripped out, stomped on, trampled over during rush hour traffic, then chunked into a bin to be buried in a landfill and forgotten. God, it feels so good saying that out loud.”
“Love is pain. That’s what makes the chase so addictive. We’re all guilty of wanting to be loved even when they treat us less than par. Which brings me to my next point.”
Y/N lit up with curious excitement; “I’m all ears!”
“I received a personal phone call from a certain Hollywood producer interested in buying the rights to the ‘A Foreign Love’ series.”
Y/N’s jaw immediately dropped like a shocked codfish. She was wordless as her brain tried to process Debra. A piercing ring rang quietly in her ears blurring her vision for a second’s time.
“And, get this…they want to offer YOU an executive producer job for authenticity purposes.”
“Oh, my freaking god!! If this is a joke, it is not at all funny. Debra, are you serious?”
Both ladies jumped from their seats embracing one another in an earnest hug. Muted silence and heavy breathing walled the ginormous office. An enthusiastic yelp escaped Y/N breaking into a happy jig.
Suddenly pausing; “Wait, who exactly was it that called? Just curious….”
Debra’s hands perched on Y/N’s shoulders hoping to stabilize the nervous woman before her.
“David. Fucking. Fincher. DAVID FINCHER!!”
“Whoa whoa whoa!! Now you’re bullshitting me. Holy shit! After working my ass off for this series, I can’t actually believe I get the opportunity to see it on the big screen with one of the most prolific producers of this millennia.”  
“You earned it girl! I mean how many times did I have to ride your ass to meet deadline? Now I can officially die a happy publisher.”
“I’m sure the money doesn’t hurt either. When I woke up this morning, I swore to myself it had to be bad news but this, this is not what I was expecting.”  
Debra furiously typed on her keyboard as Y/N watched her eyes bounce back and forth. Y/N looked on inquisitively.
“So, Fincher’s assistant is requesting you in LA in two days. Is that possible with your current schedule? I know I’ve been pushing you in ‘Forbidden Poison’ but can you make it work?”
The seriousness of her tone tickled Y/N; “Can I make it work? Hell yes I can.”
“Alright, my assistant will send you the details so go home, have a damn drink and celebrate!”
“This is exactly what I needed to hear. You are a life saver, Deb.”  
Fingers drummed meticulously against the wooden desk. There was no hiding the beam of happiness exuding through Y/N.
“There is a catch though….”
Unease weaved into Y/N; her blood pounded into her ears as her vision swirled.
“Do explain, Debs.”
“They have a few leading actors in mind for auditions.”
“Haha, jeez that’s it? Who?”
“Well as of now Henry Cavill and Sebastian Stan are in talks. But nothing is set in stone yet.”
Y/N’s stomach sunk to the pits of her vagina as a chill overcame her. Her head spun with unknowns as her mind focused on his name only.
“I know what you’re thinking but don’t. He’s a great actor and has every right to audition for the part. Don’t let this deter you, Y/N.”  
“Okay, okay. So, what you’re saying is he may or may not be in LA when I’m there?”
Her deadpanned stare was enough of an answer; “Yes.”
“Another question?” Awkwardness riddled from Y/N forcing her to blush before continuing.
“Don’t take this the wrong way but who’s Sebastian Stun?”
“Stan. He’s, uh, a super famous actor. Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes? You’re joking, right?”
“Sadly, not at all.”
“I’ll email you a list of his films for you to …study on your long flight. Deal?”
“Don’t let this get you down. Go, celebrate your badassery and I’ll call you.”
A stale breath life Y/N’s pursed lips; “Sounds like a deal.”
The scraping of the chair wheels connected with the tiled floor leading Y/N towards the glass door.
“It was great seeing you, really.”
“Likewise. Best of luck in La La Land!”
Y/N’s mind danced frantically all the way down to the first floor. She smiled, genuinely smiled for the first time in what felt like an eternity. All those months spent dedicating herself to writing, living paycheck to paycheck accumulated to this exact moment in time. She was giddy, uncontrollably excited, and ready to see what the future had in store. The instant she was clear of earshot, she dialed Katie praying for her to pick up.
“Kit Kat, you’ll never believe what happened!?”
“Shock me.”
“They want to turn my novels, my life’s work into a freaking movie!!”
“Mate, are you fucking kidding me?!
“Serious as a heart attack. I fly out tomorrow, spend the day wandering LA. The meeting is set for the following day. I can’t believe it, Kats. I think I’m still in shock!”
“Well darling, I always knew you were a total boss bitch but some just can’t be as quick witted as me.”
“Cheeky. So, I’m thinking a celebratory drink?”
Both girls shouted identically; “Rose and Crown!”
“Seriously couldn’t do life without you, babes.”
“I love you too, Kat.”
Henry POV
“Glad to have you back in the city of Angels, Cavill. How the hell are you?”
Henry’s demurely quiet demeanor persisted further bothering his manager, Danny. The ache in his chest weighed heavily upon him every damn day he went without her. It isn’t until someone’s gone does one actually learn the true meaning of their purpose. Y/N was the calm to his storm, an ocean’s wave on a cool, soothing evening.
“Mind’s been a bit preoccupied of recent. Apologies.”
Henry cleared his throat shifting his sagging shoulders, his stance stood stronger.
“So, you’ve got The Witcher season 2 coming up in the next couple of months. So proud of you, dude. How did the Fincher audition go? Any word on your end?”
His eyes shifted from an enchanting forest green to midnight oil at Dan’s words. He was a man of cunning knowledge knowing how to outsmart the best of men in a simple game of chess. Nobody could ever understand his true intention for going after the role, not yet.
“Yes, I’ve got my second audition set in two days’ time. Meg, his assistant called, changed location randomly, so I’ll be heading to his office that afternoon.”
“Awesome, bro. If you can nab this, it’ll put you in Oscar territory. THE OSCARS, man!!”
“Yes, I do believe I know and fully understand the English language. Cheers, it’ll be bloody brilliant if it comes to fruition.”
Danny didn’t recognize the man sitting across from him, the usual happy go lucky gent and the kindest of words. Henry’s fabricated feign of speech didn’t allude him.
“Look Henry, break-ups fucking suck and it’s not my place to poke into you and Y/N but just promise me you’ll take care of yourself? Your schedule is picking up and I just gotta make sure you stay focused. Besides, women practically throw themselves at you. You’ll be back to your old ways in no time.”
His eyesight aligned quicker than furious lightning as he bit is bottom lip in fury.
“I know you’re trying to have my back but don’t say her name. I fucked up and cheated on the best damn woman. Reconciliation is not in the cards for us right now. So, I would prefer you to not speak of her. And just for clarification, I don’t want some random, I want her so don’t cheapen it. End of story.”
Danny nodded unwilling to press the sad giant staring anywhere but him. He threw his hands up defensively.
“I’m here, whenever and whatever. Just ask, man.”
Henry gazed up; a slight smirk grazed his lips exhaling the breath lodged in his lungs.
“Explore the great sins of my city! Relax, chill out, and nail Fincher to the wall with your wit and charm.”
“Thanks for the pep talk, mate. Much appreciated. And, uh apologies for jumping down your throat.”  
“The world will knock you down plenty. You don’t need to be doing it to yourself.”
“Wow, I didn’t realize you were so wise Mr. Miyagi.”
“Wow, the brit’s seen The Karate Kid? There still might be hope for you yet!”
The air resounded with the humorous laughter of men as Henry made its way towards the exit.
“See ya around, pal.”
“Later man.”
His hips plunged into her core; his pace quickened angling deeper than before. The headboard banged against the wall, their moans a mixture of pleasure and pain. Y/N squirmed underneath pressing her breasts to his chest only exciting him more. He unforgivingly pounded into her pussy increasing with each thrust. Henry fingers knotted in her mystic blue tendrils pulling back harshly. He forced her eyes to met his, to watch her fall apart because of him.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Henry!”
“Say my name again.”
“Baby, Henry, please don’t stop. You feel so good.”
Y/N met him thrust for thrust as they both veered towards the edge of oblivion. That inevitable flow from him to her. Her toes curled and abdomen tightened as Henry closed his eyes unable to control himself for a second longer.
“Ah, AH I’m gonna cu—”
“We would like to take a second and welcome to you LAX and thank you for flying Delta Airlines. The one airline here to serve your every travel needs.”
Y/N awakened jolting straight up in her seat. She nonchalantly attempted to creep on the other passengers around her. Did they hear her? Shit. Frantically blushing, Y/N removed her eye mask. After a grueling 11-hour flight, all Y/N wanted to do was simmer in the blissful silence. Her heart and mind were battling one another yet again. In all seriousness, Y/N just needed to get laid, distract herself just enough to forget him, if only for a moment.
They always say the best solution to get over someone is to get underneath someone else?  It seemed no matter how hard she tried Henry’s rendezvouses clawed at every subconscious thought possible. He was the rope teethed to a part of Y/N that she wasn’t quite ready to release. But she knew for her own sanity, her opinion needed to change.  
A voice from behind startled her; “Excuse Miss, are you okay?” The man ran his fingers through his thick brown hair seemingly questioning his own question.
She eyed the attractive stranger curiously before her mumblings cued; “Why? What makes you think otherwise?”
Her frizzled response tickled the gentleman; “Nothing. You just look rather… frazzled?” His eyebrow quirked raising cutely.
Inhaling rather loudly, Y/N hid her flaming cheeks in her hands trying to stifle her embarrassment. He crouched down in almost perfect ease; “You seemed to be having quiet the dream. And also we’re the last ones on the plane.”
Y/N looked around bewildered.
“Shit! I must’ve really been out. Thank you for waking me up Mr…?”
“Call me Seb. And anytime …?”
“Y/N, my name is Y/N.”
“Y/N. What a beautiful name. Definitely wasn’t expecting you when I woke up this morning.”
“Oh likewise, Seb. You have no idea.”
“Well I hope you don’t have a connecting flight to rush off to?”
She shook her head as Seb extended his hand to help her upwards. What a gentleman. Her inner goddess was dancing to the beat of her hammering heart. His touch was silky yet calloused, sturdy but tender and most of all surprisingly electric. Staring at their linked hands, both shifted their gaze downwards. His eyes were an earth-shattering blue, an ocean of its own chaos. She’d only ever met a pair of eyes of equivalence. Henry. No, she’d be damned to allow him any morsel of control, not anymore.
“Nope, I’m exactly where I need to be.”
“Excellent.” His brilliant white smile grinned from ear to ear. She couldn’t help but beam back with newly rejuvenated vigor.
“Say… I know a good spot to grab a bite about ten minutes from here. And, yes, I understand that I am a complete stranger asking a stunning lady like yourself out after meeting on a plane not more than ten minutes ago. And stop me if I’m wrong, but there’s a … dare I say spark, flame? Whatever doesn’t sound so lame outside of my head?”
Y/N laughed echoed the emptied plane. Was he right? It was about time for Y/N to embrace her future, beginning now.
“I’d love to, Seb. Truly. Here I was about to judge LA too harshly for its annoying, appealing weather and pretty people, well until you came my way.”
His hand rested against his turquoise shirt feigning hurt. God, this man was adorable.
“Since we’re riding the honesty train, I’m originally from Romania. I only come here for work, so feel free to shit talk all you want.”
And just like a millennial knight in shining armor, Seb carried her bags guiding them down the aisle exiting the abandoned aircraft. Just as she passed the flight attendant station, Seb called to her; “I’ll meet you at the gate in one minute. Gotta wrap up one thing before I jet.”
Seb couldn’t resist watching her, the bounce of her step, the flow of her sapphire hair, and that smile would be the death of him. Focusing just as quickly Sebastian glided to the pilot area popping in inconspicuously.
“Thank you, guys, for the superior service and helping me stay somewhat undercover this time. Much appreciated.”
“Thank for choosing to fly with us Mr. Stan. I hate to be a bother but could I have an autograph before you go? My daughter is practically in love with you. It would mean the world to her.”
“Of course.”
A few autographs later, Seb saluted the men leaving them in prepare for the deboarding regulations. With one foot in front of the other, he stepped closer to the mysterious woman. The gravitational pull was undeniable, Y/N eyed him meeting him halfway. No words were spoken in that moment, no awkward tension, they didn’t dare breach their temporarily bubble. 
The world revolved around them but they simply couldn’t bring themselves to care. Just two random humans mystifyingly oblivious to just how much their lives were about to change. Still carrying the luggage, Seb spoke first; “Let’s get outta here, shall we?’
“Couldn’t have said it better myself.”
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spicysawdust · a year ago
🦅Morning Surprise🦅 (NSFW)
I finished writing this at 3:15 am... sorry if it seems a bit off. I was half way asleep writing most of it. Haha😅 and I am aware that I used to many bird nicknames... so yeah. I kind of turned this into a birthday scenario. I hope that's ok. Kind of a birthday scenario🤷🏻‍♀️
2,546 words
(Hawks x female reader)
The warm feeling of your boyfriend's body against yours was the most comforting feeling in the world. You had just so happened to wake up before him but you never wanted to leave the warmth of his larger body. In attempt to wiggle yourself into a more intimate position, you slipped one of your legs between his and intertwined your legs with his. Your face was pressed against his bare chest and you could hear the soft, relaxed pounding of his heartbeat. You shifted your hips, trying to adjust yourself when your thigh rubbed against something firm. You rubbed your leg against whatever it was, trying to make out the vague shape of it. A soft groan escaped your boyfriend's mouth. Good thing he was a heavy sleeper. Your morning drowsiness fogged your thoughts. Your probably would have come to the realization of what it was if your mind was clear and you were more awake. You peeked under the covers and realized that your thigh was rubbing up against his morning erection. Your cheeks heated a bit and you felt a warm, tingling sensation in your lower stomach. You decided that since he worked so hard as a hero he deserved a hot surprise when he woke up. You carefully wiggled your legs out from his and shimmied yourself lower in the bed so that you were face level with Hawks' erect cock.
You pulled the blankets up so that he was still comfortable and warm under them, hiding yourself out of his view under the covers. You rubbed your hands together and warming them up before pulling his boxers down and allowing his cock to spring free and hit your cheek softly. There was a generous amount of precum on the tip which made your pussy throb in excitement. You waisted no time as you wrapped your mouth around the pink head of his erection, slurping up the salty precum. You could feel his body shift and his cock twitch at the sudden stimulation below the sheets. Your warm, wet mouth sucked and your textured tongue rubbed against the sensitive tip, earning you a shaky groan from the winged man. Deciding to take more of him into your mouth, you forced your head down and started to make a bobbing motion to stimulate his shaft  and let the back of your throat rub the tip from all angles. You were incredibly careful as to not scrape him with your teeth because you could just imagine how much that probably hurt.
Once when he was eating you out one of his sharp canines grazed against your clit and you almost kicked him in defense. It was definitely not a pleasant feeling. You started to feel stuffy under the blanket so you pulled it down enough for your head to be seen with his hardened dick in your mouth. You brought a single hand up and started to squeeze and massage his balls as your mouth worked the shaft, causing a rather loud groan to escape his mouth. Your other hand lowered itself and rubbed against the damp fabric between your legs excitedly. Hawks started to shift more than usual, meaning he was probably staring to wake up. You picked up the bobbing pace and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. You watched as his gorgeous, golden eyes fluttered open, immediately landing on you. His morning arousal spiked at the sight of you with a mouthful of his cock, making him cum suddenly.
Neither of you were prepared for how sudden it was. He couldn't even get a word out before you felt his balls clench and a warm, salty substance squirted from the tip of his cock. Determined not to let any of his semen go to waste, you forced your head all the way down and let his cum shoot directly down your throat. His hips jerked up into your mouth a couple times as he groggily moaned out much louder than his previous moans, gripping the bed sheets tightly with a tense body. His deep thrusts into your throat made your eyes water as you tried not to gag. The sudden intensity from his orgasm overwhelmed his senses and he felt like he might pass out. He sat up slowly and looked down as you wiped your mouth with the back of your wrist. "Well good morning to you too," he chuckled softly while panting.
"Good morning. Happy Birthday, Keigo," you said and sat up, leaning in to kiss him with a soft morning passion. He held the kiss for longer than you expected, making your wet folds feel even more wet than they already were. He eventually pulled away and placed his hands on your hips, his back resting against your headboard. "I love you little bird," he said, his wings fluttering just a tad. You rested your head against his chest and listened to his more rapid heartbeat. "I love you too Kei," you said softly. You didn't want to overstimulate him so you didn't push anything more. "You looked so hot with my dick in your mouth, chickadee," he whispered into your ear and started to nibble at the shell before moving his teeth and lips to the lobe. His hot breath against your skin along with his words sent a shiver down your spine and gave you goosebumps.
"T-Thank you," you said and tilted your head to the side, letting him nibble at your ear with more room. The heat between your legs continued to increase, leaving a visible wet spot on the fabric of your panties as you tried to close your legs. Since you were straddling his lap you couldn't, leaving you exposed to him. He pulled his lips away and glanced down, seeing the wetness between your legs. "Oh?" He gave you a sly smirk as he leaned forward, causing you to fall on your back facing him. "Did sucking me off turn you on, dove?" His husky morning voice was really hot and his warm breath felt nice against your skin. All you could do was nod softly before he yanked your panties down and pulled your tank top over your head. He tossed them off the bed before adjusting his position so that his head was between your thighs, wrapping his arms around the back of your thighs making it difficult to close them.
"W-Wait," you stopped him. "You don't have to do that... it's kind of gross," you started to get self conscious and tried closing your legs but Takami wouldn't let you. "Nothing about you is gross, dove. Everything about you is stunning. Just think of this as your birthday gift to me," he said before splitting your wet folds open with his tongue. The cute, birdlike nicknames he called you always made you blush and your heart melt. You lied on your back and looked up at the ceiling as your boyfriend skillfully used his tongue to stimulate your clit from all angles. Hawks watched every little move you made and took note of the certain spots that made you squirm, making yo sure to abuse those spots. You suddenly felt his warm, pink muscle force its way inside of you, making your back arch.
"Y-Yes, just like that," you managed to whimper, embarrassed that you were already close to your first orgasm of the morning. Keigo started to suck and lick at your clit mercilessly while digging his middle finger deep inside of you, making your thighs tremble as your orgasm approached much faster than you had anticipated. "K-Kei, I-I can't.. I'm gonna-..," you were a shuddering mess as you tried to communicate to him that you were about to cum. He quickly caught on and added his ring finger inside of you along with his middle finger. He had read up on the best ways to make women cum and he decided to try out something that he had seen. He sat up straight and pressed down on your lower stomach with one hand and used his other hand to finger you at a certain angle. Both his ring and middle finger were hooked up towards your g-spot and he started to jerk his fingers up directly into that one spot that made you see stars. Your vision blurred and your eyes rolled back as you were forced over the edge, bringing you to an intense orgasm. "KEI!!!" You screamed out his name as you arched your back, trying to lift your rear off the bed, unable to since he was holding you down in place, as he forced your orgasm to continue.
You were trembling and your eyes rolled back as you started to squirt, your warm fluids spraying on his hand and forearm. He pulled his fingers out of you and started to furiously rub your pussy in a side to side motion with his whole hand, making you squirt for a full 15 seconds which is a LONG time to squirt. He eventually pulled his hand away to let you calm down. Your entire body was trembling and you clung to his body as tight as you could, trying to calm yourself. Warm tears of intense euphoria streamed down your cheeks as you hid your face in his neck. He held you tightly and rubbed your sensitive skin in soft circles. "Such a good little bird," he whispered into your ear and leaned back so that you were resting on top of him. You could feel his firm cock beneath you, piecing together that making you squirt had turned him on again but you didn't think that you'd be able to handle any more.
"K-Keigo.. I'm not sure I can t-take you inside after that," you were still trembling as you reached down and started to stroke his hardened member, hoping it would help get him off. A quiet 'ah' fell from his lips at the sudden contact. "You don't have to do that baby. Here, lay down and I'll be right back," Takami said as he lied you on the bed as comfortably as he could make you before slipping his boxers back up and leaving the room. You tried to calm yourself down and looked up at the ceiling, taking slow and deep breaths. He came back into the bedroom about a minute later with a glass of water. "Here you go, chickadee. I don't want you to get dehydrated," he said as he sat on the bed next to you. It was clear that he had splashed off his face in hopes of waking up fully, leaving his messy hair a bit damp. You thanked him after you chugged down the cool glass of water, feeling much much better after that. "Hey Kei, I think I can take you if you're still up for it," your offered to which he was quick to respond with, "I'm always up for it, dove," he said with an excited smirk.
"You want me to give you a creampie?" the winged hero asked so blatantly, making your entire face flare up red. Just the thought of his hot, thick cum dripping from your pussy turned you on beyond belief. "Y-Yes, I want it all inside," you said, your skin still feeling a little bit achy and sensitive. He climbed on top of you and yanked his boxers back down, rubbing the head of his dick against your overstimulated clit. It hurt a bit and was uncomfortable but you kept quiet about it with a single thrust of his hips he was buried deep inside of you, causing both of you to let out a quiet moan. Both of his hand intertwined with both of yours, making the position more intimate. He leaned in and gave you a sloppy and hot kiss, biting at your bottom lip a bit as he started to thrust slowly into your naturally lubed up pussy. You gripped at his hands tightly as his thrusts picked up their pace, soft huffs and groans escaping his lips.
"Y-Yes, that feels amazing," you whimpered and squeezed his hands tighter. "Ha, yeah? You like that?" Hawks asked as he picked up the pace, wet skin slapping being the only thing filling the room. "Y-You're gonna make me cum a-again!" You managed to say between thrusts. "Good girl, cum on my cock baby. I wanna hear you scream," he grunted into your ear gave a couple more hard thrusts before your second orgasm ripped through your body violently, digging your nails into the back of his hands by accident. You squirted a tiny bit but not nearly as much as you had earlier, leaving the sheets still damp. Takami got right back to it, fucking you hard and rough in an animalistic way. You could sense how close he was, feeling his cock throb and twitch inside of you. "Y-Yess~!! Creampie me Kei~!!!" You cried out as your eyes rolled back, doing your best not to pass out from cumming twice. "Shit, little bird. You want it? Ask nicely," he grunted though his teeth. "P-Please!! Fill me with you cum!! Fuck me full of it~!!! I need it all~!!" You were drooling ever so slightly as his thrusts got sloppy and uneven. You let go of his hands and were quick to wrap your arms tight around his upper torso under his arms, locking him in place with your legs wrapped around his waist as well. A loud, harsh grunt followed by a couple of carnal moans escaped his mouth as his balls emptied themselves into you, the thick, foggy-white liquid coating your inner walls in multiple thick ropes.
His large, scarlet wings fluttered and twitched as he finished inside of you before he promptly collapsed on top of you. His head on your chest and his wings sprawled out, hanging off both sides of the shared bed. The two of you were panting heavily as his warm semen dripped ever so slightly out of your sore, swollen pussy. He would have taken a picture of it on his phone if he wasn't so exhausted. "Damn, what a nice way to start the day," he rested his head on your chest, listening to your frantic heartbeat. The two of you decided to lie in bed and cuddle for a while, neither of you wanting to get up. "Happy birthday, Kei," you whispered to him as you stroked his messy, sweaty hair. The two of you would DEFINITELY need a hot shower after this. But not now. Right now you were both happily wrapped in each other's arms.
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