f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Max: I wasn’t that drunk!
Lance: You came into our room saying you were “dressed to impress”.
Max: What was I wearing?
Lance: You were naked.
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cinnamonstroll · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone focusing on Dan...
Me and the group chat: MANCE CRUMBS😍
(also Lance is making friends☺️)
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f1-disaster-bi · 2 months ago
Max and Lance angst with Lance running away and no one being able to find him 👀
These boys needs a break but here we go!
Lance having had a horrific race and everything is just too much
So the moment he's out of the car, he is gone
He runs
No one can stop him, not Seb, not his dad or team
He's quick and distressed and doesn't even bother changing from his racing suit before he's disappeared
The media are told Lance was ill
The drivers are questioned because someone has to be able to contact him or know where he is
Esteban is freaking out, all his calls go to voicemail
Mick is scrolling through texts to try see where Lance would go
His dad is calling Chloe and trying to figure out if she knows where Lance would go
And Max is just watching it all unfold and wants to scream
Marko and Horner are making him smile and nod for cameras, and perform as is his job but his mind is stuck on Lance is missing, his boyfriend is missing, not even his bestfriends know where he is
Just full on panicking and eventually he just tells Marko enough and goes to his drivers room
Grabbing his runners and his phone and trying to dial Lance
Even Esteban joins him, both of them wary of the other but they love Lance but its hours later and no one has seen or head from him
Lawrence tells them to get some rest, that he's giving Lance a few more hours and then he's contacting local police
And Max is destroyed
He's sobbing and shaking as he stumbles into his motorhome because he jsut wants Lance safe
And all he hears when he closes the door and sits down against it is a little, 'Max?'
It has him stumbling to his bed where Lance is in a similar state, pale and obviously been crying but wearing Max's clothes and alive
And Max is just a mess, clinging to him tightly and crying because he thought something bad happened Lance
Lance is so embarrassed and heartbroken by the pain he's caused everyone
All he wanted was to get away from it all and Max's place was safe, but he ended up hurting everyone
When he calms Max down, he calls his dad and Esteban and Mick to let them know he's okay
And Max just tells him he loves him so much but he's angry that Lance didn't answer his phone unil Lance replies he actually dropped it doing a track walk the day before and broke it
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bwoahtastic · 4 months ago
Mance with some angst after a bad race for lance and max comforting his omega
Lance sat quietly on the edge of his nest, tears brimming in his eyes as he debated whether he was even worthy of the comfort after how badly he raced today, a whine breaking out his throat as his instincts tried to fight him.
"Baby? Oh princess..." a voice sighed, warm arms wrapping around Lance waist as a warm chest pressed up against his back, his Alpha's scent surrounding him and making him let out another whimper before he turned around to cuddle in Max's hold.
Max just held him, softly nosing Lance's neck and jaw while muttering sweet nothings in Lance's ear, whispering how proud he was and that everything was going to be okay, and when he gently nudged at Lance, Lance allowed himself to be lead into the nest, finally allowing himself to get the comfort he so needed."
Send me a pairing + prompt and I'll write you a 3 sentence fic
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springwolves · 28 days ago
Modern au Mance/Qhorin divorce because Mance hates the military and refuses to be an army wife. Qhorin is deployed when he's served divorce papers.
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peace-1996 · 6 months ago
A present for the amazing @f1incorrects. I hope you like it ❤️
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strolling-eighteen · 22 days ago
Currently plotting a mance fic and the plot is already hurting my heart 💔 after this I can’t call Emmy or jay evil anymore
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kasamira · 9 months ago
Val: She Will Not Weep, Nor Look Away
Val's narrative has several strong allusions to Vashti, Esther, and Lot's Wife. 
Queen Vashti
On the seventh day, when King Xerxes (also called Ahasuerus) was in high spirits from wine, he commanded the seven eunuchs who served him 11 to bring out before him Queen Vashti, wearing her royal crown, in order to display her beauty to the people and nobles, for she was lovely to look at. 12 But when the attendants delivered the king’s command, Queen Vashti refused to come. Then the king became furious and burned with anger. (Esther 1 NIV)
NB: The most common Midrashic and Christian interpretations make it clear that Queen Vashti was expected to come before the king and all the people naked, with only her crown.
The Story Essentials: 
The (drunk) king (Xerxes/Artaxerses ll) ordered that Queen Vashti be brought naked before him and all the men in his halls to see her beauty.
"Princess" Val
Ser Axell shrugged. “Whatever she (wildling princess- Val) may be, at Eastwatch men claimed the wench was fair. I’d like to see with mine own eyes. Some of these wildling women, well, a man would need to turn them over to do his duty as a husband. If it please the lord commander, bring her out, let us have a look.”
“She is not a horse to be paraded for inspection, ser.”
“I promise not to count her teeth.” Florent grinned. “Oh, never fear, I’ll treat her with all the courtesy she is due."
“Forgive me, ser, but Val will not be joining us.”...
“I’ll go to her. Where do you keep the wench?”
Away from you. “Somewhere safe. Enough, ser.” The knight’s face grew flushed.
“My lord, have you forgotten who I am?” His breath smelled of ale and onions. “Must I speak to the queen? A word from Her Grace and I can have this wildling girl delivered naked to the hall for our inspection.”
That would be a pretty trick, even for a queen. “The queen would never presume upon our hospitality,”
The Story Essentials: 
Axell's an asshole A drunk Ser Axell demands that Princess Val be brought before the entire hall of men naked so that they can have a look because they've heard she's beautiful.
(The word paraded is one very commonly associated with what is demanded of Vashti, and is used in a different translation of Esther.)
You Should See Her in A Crown: 
Val stood beside him (King Stannis), tall and fair. They had crowned her with a simple circlet of dark bronze, yet she looked more regal in bronze than Stannis did in gold. Her eyes were grey and fearless, unflinching. Beneath an ermine cloak, she wore white and gold.
Things that almost seem relevant:
The king in Esther 1 goes by several names: Xerxes, Ahasuerus, Artaxerses ll. Similar enough to Axell that it makes me take notice, I checked the List of character names and no other person has a name so similar to Artaxerses as Axell Florent (unless you count Mad Axe or Axell Tully.)
Additional Biblical Allusions:
Lot's Wife
Val stood on the platform as still as if she had been carved of salt. She will not weep nor look away.
A reference to Lot's Wife (unnamed) who turned back for a final look at her home during the destruction (by fire) of Sodom and Gomorrah and was turned into a pillar of salt.
But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt. (Ex. 19:26)
This is Val refusing to weep, refusing to mourn, or look away.
Lot's wife takes her children and runs, runs from her home, leaves it to fiery destruction by a foreign god, but takes one last final look at her old life before it’s gone forever. This last look at her home is seen as a faltering of her faith, a moment of weakness that she pays for with her life.
Val stands in direct opposition to this. After watching her gods burn in the consuming fires of a jealous god, Val goes back into a frozen hell for her people. 
To save them.
Lot’s wife looks back for a glimpse, but Val won’t look away.
This is the one of the first glimpses we get at the true steel beneath Val's character, it hints that Val would die for her people before turning her back on them. This is followed through later in the narrative when she risks her life to go to Tormund and lead the Free Folk through the Wall.
But it could also spell doom. Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt for stealing a bare glimpse at her home, Val looks the fires of Rh'llor and refuses to blink. There are many biblical passages about staring into the face of god, and how only true believers are spared death (a true believer in Rh'llor, Val is not).
So, doom or salvation? 
(Joanna Lannister: comparison piece on Daenerys's and Lot's Wife here, additional content)
Val's character also has similar notes to Esther (a story that takes directly after/in consequence to Vashti's):
Esther (a Jew living in exile) married the king, and risks her own life to go before the King to save her people, and last remaining family (her uncle) from certain death because of religious "crimes."
Val (a Wildling living in exile) goes before the king and begs Stannis to spare Mance, her family, and even offers to marry a "kneeler." Presumably, this would have been Jon if he had taken up the mantle of Lord of Winterfell.
"Is it Mance? Val begged the king to spare him. She said she'd let some kneeler marry her and never slit his throat if only Mance could live.
Later, when she is unsuccessful Val refuses to join in with the prayers to Rh'llor
Val did not join the chant, he saw.
after "Mance," is burned. She is forced to watch as her people are condemned to change religions or die:
“Come,” urged Melisandre. “Come to the light … or run back to the darkness.” In the pit below her, the fire was crackling. “If you choose life, come to me.” ...
Queen’s men in studded jacks and halfhelms handed each passing man, woman, or child a piece of white weirwood
... A piece of the old gods to feed the new
Behind them was only cold and death. Ahead was hope. They came on, clutching their scraps of wood until the time came to feed them to the flames. R’hllor was a jealous deity, ever hungry...
In the Book of Esther, our young heroine succeeds, saves her people and her family. Here we have a (temporarily) darker alternative where convert or die comes alive on page. Later, Val does later "save" her people by finding Tormund and helping to unite the Free Folk and lead them through the gate)
Val's story seems to take the best from both Esther and Vashti's plots and combine them.
A Broad Comparison
There are also the strong similarities between the Wildlings and Jewish people in the Hebrew scriptures, that I barely feel qualified to mention, let alone write on. Yet, can't help but notice the blatant similarities:
The Wildlings are almost literally called a lost tribe of people.
They were a lost people, a doomed people, destined to vanish from the earth (Melisandre ADWD)
So, you're saying the Free Folk are a lost tribe and will be scattered across the face of the earth. One might be tempted to call that a diaspora. 
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jayelkkmgensh · 7 months ago
yeah no im drawing mance watch me
aafter i cook dinner
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blissful-dreaming · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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manitat · a year ago
Amira Medunjanin - Pjevaćemo šta nam srce zna Ana Opačak - Sve što ostaje Arsen Dedić - Posljedni tango u Đevrskama Branimir Štulić - Partizan Cubismo - Tempera Damir Avdić - Fadil Damir Imamović - Dva se draga Darko Rundek - Ay Carmela Detour - Snijeg Divanhana - Grana od bora Dubioza kolektiv - Walter Edo Maajka - Jesmo l' sami? Elvis J. Kurtović - Princeza sa tacnom Goran Bare i Majke - Teške boje Hladno pivo - Evo mene na ručku Izae - Imam duha u ormaru Jinx - Tamo gdje je sve po mom Kojoti - Razuzdan i lud KUD Idijoti - Glupost je neuništiva Laka - Ja sam mor'o Let 3 - Ha ha ha Letu štuke - Mjesto za dvoje Lollobrigida - Volim te Mance - Dva Miki Solus - Hipster Mile Kekin - Ja nisam vaš M.O.R.T. - Nikotinska kriza My Buddy Moose - Scary Feeling Neno Belan - Zaboravi Nina Romić - Daljine Otrovna Kristina - Poljubi me u treće oko Picksiebner - Bolje grob nego job Pips, Chips & Videoclips  - Na putu prema dole Plesač sporog stepa - Sedam nota sto života Punkt - Debela Sacher - Vidaj rane, curica Skroz - Sve sam jači TBF - Nostalgična T. B. Tračeri - Mama, aj’ me laži The Bambi Molesters - As The Dark Wave Swells The Strange - Gone Missing U pol’ 9 kod Sabe - Starimo Vještice - Neobičan dan Vojko V - Kako to? Voland Le Mat - Svijet tišine Yammat - Tvoje lice se promijenilo Zabranjeno pušenje - Možeš imat' moje tijelo Zdravko Bajan - Ja bi’ htio   Zoran Predin - Kosa boje srebra (Margita) Zoster - Asta Manjana Liberta
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f1incorrects · 12 hours ago
Max: *Bad at flirting* I like your name.
Lance: *Also bad at flirting* Thanks, I got it for my birthday.
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cinnamonstroll · 3 months ago
I made a discord for my fellow Mance shipper so if you wanna join and talk fics and stuff please do :)
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f1-disaster-bi · 2 months ago
Any angsty Lance and Max head canons?
Oh gotta get some angst on for writing in a bit so yes! Have some angst
Lance having a bad race and struggling with the car
Maybe he looses control of it in a turn and clips Max's car a lap or two in and sends him into the gravel
Lance hits a barrier, Max gets free and has damage but manages to finish the race despite losing first place and points in the championship to Lewis
Lance is terrified in the car cause his ribs are killing him
His hands are shaking and all he can think about despite tasting blood is that he fucked up Max's race
And he's so angry with himself cause he knows how much Max wants to win
So he just tells everyone he's fine, and goes to hide because he can't face all the negative media or fans mad at him for sending Max into the gravel
And he's just curled up and crying and ignoring how his ribs are definetly messed up from the shunt and how his head hurts
Max finds him afterwards and is so scared because no one would give him updates on Lance
He didn't care about the shunt
He's just worried because the collision with the barriers looked harsh and he's scared something happened Lance
He finds Lance crying and saying sorry, and telling Max he understands if he hates him or wants to break up and Max aches because he loves his dumb tall boyfriend
And he just falls to the floor and tries to craddle Lance but that makes him cry cause of his ribs and Max feels horrible
He wants to help but Lance is in so much pain he can't touch him except to hold his hand
Sebastian hears the tears and was going to check on him anyway so he shows and helps Max get Lance help
Max never leaves his side, doesn't care that the media sees him holding Lance's hand and tells Lance as much because Lance is what matters
not the championship or his reputation, but Lance and his well being
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bwoahtastic · 4 months ago
Mance and a cactus for the 3 sentence thingie
"Our baby betrayed me!" Lance exclaimed as Max came rushing into the living room, having heard Lance gasp and curse, but then abruptly realising it wasn't a life or death situation as Lance was just staring daggers at the cactus they had recently purchased together.
"Did the cactus stab you?" Max cooed, trying not to laugh while he sat down next to Lance and brought the Canadian's hand up, pressing soft kisses all over Lance's hand and palm until he could see him start to smile a bit again.
"Maybe petting him wasn't the best idea." Lance admitted with rosy cheeks, pushing the cactus a bit further onto the table before leaning in closer to Max and asking for a kiss on his lips as well.
Send me a pairing + prompt and I'll write you a 3 sentence fic
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swinginshepherdclamcowboy · 2 years ago
Ygritte and Mance, wlile cutting the air between Tormund and Jon with a knife: What a thing...
Tormund: What the hell are you doing???
Ygritte: We are trying to cut off the sexual tension between the two of you.
Mance: By the way, this does not help.
Jon: ...
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strolling-eighteen · a month ago
So Lance and Max did the Florida winter series together right? Imagine them becoming bestfriends and then evolving to boyfriends and going through everything together
You know I have so many ideas with them secretly dating and then having to split up due to Max's father. They both have the memories and cherish them very much maybe even giving each other a little memento at the end of the FWS and once they met again and are so close to each other for so much time of the year the feelings come back up and they find to each other again...
But I love the thought of them becoming really close and messaging back and forth sending funny pictures and just slowly falling for each other. Phoning each other daily Max begin there when Lance has a bad race and the other way around. They are the first one to congratulate when the other wins something or when the other makes it into F1. Finally realising that they are actually basically dating when their friends tell them.
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caesarscat · 3 years ago
‘Dragons again. For a moment Jon could almost see them too, coiling in the night, their dark wings outlined against a sea of flame. "If she knew, she would have taken the boy away from us. Dalla's boy, not your monster. A word in the king's ear would have been the end of it." And of me. Stannis would have taken it for treason. "Why let it happen if she knew?"
"Because it suited her. Fire is a fickle thing. No one knows which way a flame will go." Val put a foot into a stirrup, swung her leg over her horse's back, and looked down from the saddle. "Do you remember what my sister told you?"
"Yes." A sword without a hilt, with no safe way to hold it. But Melisandre had the right of it. Even a sword without a hilt is better than an empty hand when foes are all around you.’
A Dance with Dragons - Jon VIII
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sketchasoiaf · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Jon I - A Storm of Swords
In which we meet Mance Rayder
I hear the wolves echoing tonight
But Jon hears only whispers of some quiet conversation
They’re in the tent, wearing black tonight
The raven wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation
Jon stopped an old man along the way
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies
He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, the others are coming for you!”
It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred mammoths or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Winterfell
Gonna take some time to do the things we never haddddddd
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lattevld · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These dorks trying to figure out their feelings
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