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Full lockdown in Manchester again, so I’m ignoring the world and just watching the great british bake off 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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Solidarity with Mancunians today, what the Tories have done will ruin thousands of people. The Tories got Northern votes with talk of “levelling up” and this is what you got back. Handing out £10 billion to their friends for a failed test and trace system on an Excel spreadsheet while stripping Northern workers of a third of their income. Your city is going to be next.

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I’m actually really not convinced by the line Andy Burnham is taking on all of this - I’m not convinced by the idea of local lockdowns either, and obviously people need support BUT surely he can see that if cases continue to rise, Manchester will be even more fucked than it is now?

Obviously the government should offer people financial support during the lockdown period, and the restrictions being put in place are illogical, but equally I’m not convinced keeping things like betting shops and soft play areas open right now is a good idea.

This is not to say I agree with the Tories - personally I think we should be pushing for harder restrictions across the country, and some kind of UBI for all over the winter. That would be a real leftist solution.

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