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purblethinkin · 2 days ago
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crimpyff · 2 days ago
messin with the color palletes
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theyre rlly fun to do!!!
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lemonysakuras · 2 days ago
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found this on the tmc wiki and i genuinely love it-
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fishymom-art · 2 days ago
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My Mandela? Catalogued
Just some little silly doodles ^^
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cloudy-dayys · 2 days ago
i have not seen this talked about here so im gonna bring up info i found out regarding the intruder
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this guy shown at the end of ‘every day gets brighter’ video on the mandela catalogue channel. at first i thought this was the alternate that attacked thatcher and had replaced him. i was wrong. alex has confirmed with the youtuber wendigoon that this is the intruder that mark has been around as a toddler.
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same guy. we also know that the intruder is 6.
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so this is all one person, aka 6. truly horrific.
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lvlpin · 2 days ago
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he survived an alternate encounter and all he got was this stupid mug
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mystic-bumble · 2 days ago
Hey there!
I was wondering if you could do a req about alt gabriel with an athiest s/o
(Maybe a yandere! Alt gabriel, hehe)
I had so much fun writing this omg.
Yandere! Alternate Gabriel x Atheist! Gender-neutral! Reader (Romantic).
He lowkey looks homophobic in this pic and I love it.
Tumblr media
The audacity you have to be atheist(/j)
He fights the urge to go down and get you to praise him
He is screaming, crying, shitting, sliding down the wall because you're an atheist
(I never said he wasn't dramatic)
Mf gets violent at just the fact that you don't pray to him like millions of others
He will send so many alternates to you just to save you
Gabriel naturally gets even angrier that appearing to you won't work
(This contains slight spoilers for volume. 333)
The sun slowly set, leaving you sitting at your desk in the dark. But it didn't matter that you were in the dark, you needed to get work done.
You softly tapped your pen against the desk, leaving small, dark dots on the wood. You scrolled on the computer as you tried to get as much information on the missing children.
You had been assigned to help with the missing children but you couldn't find anything. You couldn't tell the parents though. You knew that they would yell at you, saying that they wanted you to continue the investigation, even though no one knew where the kids went. No one knew.
The children's parents were always scared and they ran to you and others for help but you were just as scared as they were. You were supposed to help them and you couldn't even do that.
The small light in the lamp buzzed as you stared at your computer screen, reading the words on the screen.
The loud blaring of your phone jerked you up before you reached over and picked it up.
"Hello?" You sighed. "Hey, (Y/n), it's Thatcher, I need you to come in today," the man's voice asked. "Could I ask why?" You stared at the wall as you questioned him. "There's been a disturbance at ----. A breaking, I need you to come with me and Ruth to investigate," he answered. "Why not go for other officers that can work today? You know that I need to file these papers" you grumbled. "I know but all the other officers pussied out at the last minute and didn't go in. You and Ruth seem to be the only ones that could help me with this," Thatcher replied as you nodded. "Yeah, okay, I'll be at the house in ten," you said and hung up, not waiting for an answer.
You stared at the large, yellow house as you stood next to Thatcher and Ruth. The car's light illuminated the home, but there was barely any light from inside the house. "God, this place is creepy," Ruth shuttered as the lieutenant stepped closer to the door.
"Probably the reason the others left so fast," you sighed as you stared up at the windows, "if there is something inside that scared them so bad, we have to at least see how bad it is."
"The man on the line said that his wife and child were in the house. When we go in, pay attention for them too," Thatcher said as he turned the doorknob and the door creaked open slowly.
Loud opera music rang through the dark hallways as Thatcher and Ruth stared into the dark home.
"I'll go around the house to see if there were any damages that would be made to enter the house," you said as you turned on your flashlight. "Pay attention to any hooded figures. The man said that the thing was wearing a hood," Thatcher called to you as you walked away. "Hooded people, got it," you yelled back.
You walked around the home, dragging your light up and down the walls. You stared into the house as you saw Thatcher and Ruth quietly walk into the home but you continued as you stared for broken glass. You stepped closer to the window, half expecting it to be broken but nothing was there.
What the hell were the others so afraid of? The guy probably already left and we're not going to find anything. Pussies. You thought as you skimmed your flashlight over a rock that has small, curly letters on it. It read out:
This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and the end will come.
- Matthew 24:14
(This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and the end will come)
You glance at it, looking at it in confusion. That's some weird Bible verse. The fuck does it mean by 'the end'? You thought.
You had never gotten into any religion, ever. It was too far of a jump for you to believe and it never made sense. If a God existed, why didn't he come down and prove he did exist?
You looked away from the stone before staring at a pane of glass, thinking you saw a broken piece. But there was nothing.
You huffed as you stepped back. You turned away for a split second before turning back.
Something moved upstairs.
You shined your light into the glass as you stared at the long-faced figure staring down at you. It pulled at its face until it smiled and disappeared into the home.
You run into the house, looking around for Ruth and Thatcher. "Guys, something's upstairs!" You shout as you looked around for them. You rounded the corner as you entered a child's room.
The TV was the only thing illuminating the cradle and the toys that lay on the floor. The room felt off. You stared at the screen as it flashed pictures of people.
Missing people.
You continued to stare at the TV as the pictures slowly went from normal family pictures to missing people posters and then pictures of two men. One of them in a suit and the other in a sweater.
"Guys, something's upstairs!" A voice exclaimed from the shadows. You turn around, trying to find the person that spoke. "Who's there?" You sneered as you pulled out your gun. "Who's there?" It said back, it sounded exactly like you.
"That's not fucking funny, Thatcher!" You yelled, half hoping it was your friend. "That's not fucking funny, Thatcher!" It said back.
You step away from the door, still pointing your gun at the voice. A pale hand grabbed the doorframe as it stepped closer to you. It was a man, a very tall one at that. He lowered himself to enter the room as he smiled down at you. His long blonde hair flowed around his shoulders as he tilted his head, as if curious about your reactions.
"Hello, (Y/n)," he seemed to glare down at you but he continued to smile. "How do you know my name?" You sneer as you point your gun at his head. "For I am the angel Gabriel, I know everyone's names," he replied as he stepped closer.
".... What... What do you want?" You exclaim as he bends down to your height. "I need to speak to you. For the Lord wishes for your praise. He is worried about your burdens and sorrows, he wishes to help you," Gabriel said and held his hands together as if in prayer, "he sent me to tell you. He expects your praise, so do not keep him waiting."
You questioned what he was saying. Why would God need your praise? You were one person, there were millions of others he could choose and he wants your praise? It made you question all of what this angel was saying.
"I-I don't believe in that sort of stuff. I don't want to praise your 'lord'," you slowly said as he stared down at you.
He was no longer smiling.
"But I have gracefully come down to tell you that he wishes for your praise and you say you don't want to?!" He said in a harsher tone. His face elongated into a large smile and large eyes.
"You... Your not an angel are you?" You stepped farther from the creature as it glared down at you. "I am an angel! Do you think that I am not one?!" Gabriel exclaimed as he grabbed at your gun. You pulled the trigger as a loud bang filled the house. Gabriel's head flew back as the bullet hit his face. But quickly looked at you as his face started to heal.
Gabriel grabbed your gun and threw it into the darkness then grabbed your throat. He seemed to lift you effortlessly as he put more and more pressure on your throat.
You gasped, kicked, and clawed at him, hoping he would let go. "You dare to question my existence and then try and harm me?! You dare to harm me again, I'll make your death even worse than hers," Gabriel sneered as he turned your head to a woman's body hanging in the darkness, only now being illuminated by the TV.
You stilled as you stared at her body. Gabriel finally dropped you as you coughed and gasped for air. You stared up at him, half expecting him to finish you off. "I'll leave you here with him, you should hope he brings you mercy," Gabriel stared down at you, his face a human face now.
A tall, pale alternate stood behind him. It pulled at its face before laughing at you. It was the one you saw in the window.
Gabriel started to walk away before stopping and turning to you. "Oh, one more thing," he walked towards you once more and bent down, "if you want to be saved, you better start praying."
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Could you look after them while I go to buy groceries for a while?
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mielreverie · 10 hours ago
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cesar in a waistcoat hes so silly
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coolguystims · 9 hours ago
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gabriel stimboard with angels for anon :)
👁 🤍 👁
🖤 👁 🖤
👁 🤍 👁
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angstivylupidene · 2 days ago
Dunno if anyone on tumblr knows this but basically the VA for Jonah (Gabe Linan) has been mistreating the other crewmembers of tmc, set his pfp to a character in blackface (dark elf from Community) despite knowing it is blackface, and lied about not knowing it was racist despite the others telling him.
fruitlegworks twitlonger explaining this a bit more: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss2imn
Of course you can still like the character Jonah, but it is important to separate him from the voice actor. And more importantly to hold him accountable and not idolize people on the internet.
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trashyreptilian · a day ago
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Inspired by Mihaly Von Zichy's "Romantic Encounter"
Dear followers, today I offer you them~
Tomorrow? Who knows...
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aokoshidsu · 10 hours ago
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beatrootsheep · 14 hours ago
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an1muuarts · 2 days ago
cesar testifying in court be like:
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toonyscorner · 2 days ago
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art not mine!
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abucketofrot · 2 days ago
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real-ants · 5 hours ago
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Invasion in Moomin Valley
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coff33notforme · 13 hours ago
Ello!! Just a funky lil' anon here :>> Hope you're having a wonderful day!
If its alright, could I request Alt! Gab with fluff prompts 11 and 6? Kinda wonder how that would turn out :00 if you do decide to do this request, take your time! :DD
A/n: Thank you for requesting anon and I hope you're having a wonderful day as well! I finally finished this it took me about two days to write, revise, and edit the whole thing but I didn't rush it so I think it turned out really well! Enjoy^^
Prompts: "Sorry I'm not great with...affection" and "I've never done this before"
Ft Alt Gabriel
Tumblr media
The morning breeze whispered fanintly against your face, your legs dangling over the side of your wooden patio. The fresh air spilled into your lungs, as your drowsy eyes watched the sunset, as the golden morning light spilled out over the land, chasing the shadows away and filling the once dark land with morning glory. Your lips creased into a small smile. The sunset seemed to be one thing that remained framillar in your ever-changing life.
The recent reports of demonic entities seemed like something out of a horror novel, but that wasn’t exactly what you were referring to. You had encountered something otherworldly yourself, an angel, who called himself Gabriel. Yes this discovery was absolutely terrifying the first time but he proclaimed himself a man of God’s word, he had come to protect you. As flattering as that was, the self-proclaimed guardian had yet to do anything more than lurk around your house watching you complete your everyday tasks, occasionally asking if you require assistance.
At first the company of another person to talk to you throughout the day was kind of pleasant, since you lived out in a more open area, on the other side of town. Keeping to your side had become the only activity he seemed to fill his day with, even though he didn’t speak to you much, he just loomed from behind you. But the times he did speak were quite pleasant, you found yourself savoring any conversation you had with him, every word he said dripped from his mouth like sweet honey, with his deep and ethereal tone.
You shook your head, no, you couldn’t be thinking these things about Gabriel, besides this was around the time he would get up to greet you, with his usual precision, his dexterity and elegance never faltering in your presence. Slipping through the glass door after watching the sun rise before heading back inside to find the arch angel waiting for you. Wearing his usual expression of faint, unburdened, focus. You sighed, stretching your stiff joints before walking over to the sliding glass door to find Gabriel in his usual, statue-like position ready to greet you, the ghost of a smile he usually wore had been replaced by a small frown.
None of Gabriel's expressions seemed to ever stretch beyond something faint, but even seeing him frown even a little was completely new. Your brows creased together, you felt a sting of concern when seeing Gabriel's dis-heartened expression. “Good morning Gabriel, where have you been? Usually you're the one to catch me in the morning” you stated in a joking manner. Yet Gabriel didn’t seem to catch onto your joking tone as he tensed at your comment.
“Ah, please forgive my absent mindedness, my mind has been drifting somewhere else lately, I apologize.” he promptly apologized, clasping his hands together in a means of forgiveness, you were taken back, suddenly feeling guilty for making him feel as though he needed to apologize, you realize now Gabriel might not pick up on the fact you had been joking.
You placed your hands over his, as a way to atone for his remorselessness. “There’s no need to apologize, I’m not seriously upset with you.” you offer a bittersweet smile, losing yourself in his sparkling blue eyes, the color captivating you in its gleaming tranquility. “Is there something on my face?” the angel questioned, pulling you out of your thoughts embarrassed that you had been caught staring at him, soaking in all of his features.
Suddenly the room went silent, and you felt a lingering question float up from the back of your mind unsure of what to say. You let the question drifting in the back of your mind fall from your lips “Gabriel, is there something wrong?” you asked the sincerity of your question catching him by surprise. “There's been something on my mind lately, something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” his sudden shift in tone had you the slightest bit nervous. “Would you like to talk to me about it?” you suggested this somewhat foreign concept of vulnerability with him.
He seemed apprehensive but caved in “Come sit with me and we can…talk.” he pandered over to the couch stiffly taking a seat as you sat beside him melting into the comfortable fabric, as you sat patiently waiting from him to speak, as he stared at the floor, an absent expression wavering on his face. “ I’ve been feeling something lately” he paused searching for the right words “A fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach…and though I’m embarrassed to admit it, I'm not familiar with this feeling.
I figured you would have some insight, since you are more prone to emotion than I.” he explained you hummed in thought before replying “When exactly do you feel this?” you asked, his gaze shifted to you boldly looking you straight in the eyes ``Whenever I’m with you” your eyes widened dumbfounded by his dauntless response. “M -me?” you stuttered, trying to make sure you had heard him correctly.
Gabriel let a low hum fall from his lips. “When I’m with you, I feel more…human” he breathed out. You felt blush creep up to your cheeks as Gabriel sighed. The room grew silent for a moment, as you sat frozen with Gabriel's confession shocking you before he requested something even more shocking. “y/n, can…kiss you?'' The question seemed so uncertain as if not even Gabriel knew what he was trying to ask. At this point your head was spinning, you looked to Gabriel, nodding meekly. 
Promptly Gabriel rested his hands on your hips moving you to his lap. You let out a small yelp at the sudden action. “I wanted you closer…” Gabriel whispered softly against your neck you gulped. You felt your body slow melt against Gabriel's touch, moving your hands to rest on his chest. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, yet Gabriel placed his cold palm under your chin bringing your shaken gaze to his.
He looked at you through his eyelashes, lips parted. God he was so pretty. He leaned into you brushing his lips against yours softly, the feeling lingering, burning sweetly. You felt confident enough to take the lead, biting his bottom lip, as he breathless gasp escaped Gabriel's mouth as he pulled away suddenly, you swear you could almost see a faint blush sweep across the angel's face, you felt a sting of pride, you had managed to fluster the man. “Something wrong?” you ask smugly.
Gabriel avoided your gaze, a stubborn expression crossing his face. “I’ve never done this before…” he muttered softly, almost embarrassed? Manner. Your face lit up as you brought a hand to Gabriel's cold cheek, softly turning his head back to look at you. 
“I can take the lead this time, if it’ll make you feel better?” you offered sweetly, Gabriel nodded humiliated by the situation. The feeling of humiliation slowly melted away as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders bringing him closer to you as you kissed him roughly. Stayed like this lips moving rhythmic against each other until you pulled away, confusing Gabriel. But his confusion drifted away as you began to leave, faint, breathless kisses down his neck, leaving the angel gasping sweetly at the feeling, his grip on your waist growing tighter.
Gabriel pulled away, burying his face in the crook of your neck, whispering “Sorry, I’m not great with…affection” he muttered out a simple apology as you rubbed his back. “No you were amazing Gabe. Maybe you’ll have to greet me like that every morning” you joked, though it wasn’t a bad idea. Suddenly Gabriel's tone shifted “Maybe I will” your face burned at his sudden confident reply. You sat there together, enjoying this blissful moment. Having him wasn’t so bad after all. 
Tumblr media
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