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Whenever I think of Mando/Din now… @tilltheendwilliwrite tell me I’m wrong 🤣

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This is one of the best possible messages a fanfic writer could ever get so I thank you from the bottom of my heart but let me tell you, you would enjoy his work so so much because it’s so diverse but he somehow falls on a spectrum of dad to daddy and it’s just perfect. And please, please read all the mando fics I got (i only have like four so far) and tell me how they go :)

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Thanks !

He’s actually been available in a few places - GameStop, through Funko, through shopDisney, but Chris was able to order him from Amazon. That thing was sold out for MONTHS (it was released last fall) and I could never get my hands on it, and we werent about to pay scalper prices on eBay.

There’s a GIANT Grogu too, but like all of the other funkos, he’s just a little too pink for my liking (the one from Ms. Dumpsterfire was hand painted to remove the pink around his eyes and on his face, and he looks SO MUCH better) … so I can’t justify the price because I don’t like how he looks right out of the box.

But, Mando finally went back up, and he was my Valentine’s Day present.

He’s super shiny, and his head is super bobbly so I keep him safely in the package, but I did take him out to look when I got him!

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The thing about my helmet kink is

I don’t want to see your face

Not until I’m like fully in love with you


Originally posted by ahsokastars

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mandalorian ships ranked by me for no reason other than i’ve seen posts and now i’m overthinking this :D

din/omera: 3/10 

this ship is 7/10 in theory, but 0/10 in terms of the show itself. omera is a threat to the plotline; her and din getting together also means din would have to choose to stop being mandalorian and abandon his religion and culture. they had excellent chemistry, but this ship necessitates din cutting his adventures, and therefore the show itself, short. and, again, it hinges on din abandoning his way of life and his religious beliefs

din/boba: 6/10

a good ship. there’s nothing wrong with this ship, it’s just that we’ve hardly seen boba and din interact. boba and fennec stick to themselves and there’s simply no chance for us to see if there’s chemistry between din and boba. it’s a good ship, but it comes from fanon and has no discernible base in canon. if you don’t follow certain blogs, you won’t even know this ship exists

din/cobb: …….i hate myself for saying this, but 6/10

i want to give this ship 0/10 ): i really do ): i dislike the corn cob man and i can’t believe i’m ranking this above din/omera. but i’m trying to be practical and unbiased and here’s the thing, they had an scene where they practically flirted the entire time (specially cobb). the banter was, sadly, very good. and then they worked together the rest of the episode and proved to be an excellent team. they also gained a lot of respect and trust in each other. the reason this ranks so low still is that while din hangs out on tatooine a lot and cobb obviously has no problem taking a vacation to go on adventures, cobb is no mandalorian and also has a job that requires him to stay put. these two couldn’t really get together unless cobb became a mando, which i can’t see him doing

din/luke: 2/10

luke and din as grogu’s co-parents, of sorts, is the only reason this ship exists. it’s also the only reason it gets any kind of ranking whatsoever. they don’t interact on screen, and their ways of life are contradictory. but they are both good dads to grogu (well. we’re assuming luke will be based on what we know about him) so - this ship exists. that’s all i can say about it. but i can see why people like it so much because - mando and jedi co-dads. it’s got soft!jangobi vibes written all over it

…if you can’t tell, i don’t really ship din with anyone in the show XD

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I don’t know anything about this tbh. Absolutely nothing. But I will save this here as a draft and I’ll come back to this once I’ll find the time to watch it too. Then I’m going to share my thoughts

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It may not have won the Golden Globes.

But I think it’s still a winner to me.

Thank You ‘The Mandalorian’ for giving us an iconic Father-son duo I will never forget.❤


Originally posted by max--phillips

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So I’m reading Dust, got to this part and did 3 things…maybe not in this order but maybe in exactly this order:

1. Gasped and wanted to say oh snap

2. Choked on my gum because of how hard I gasped

3. Almost dropped my phone cause of the text and #2

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bo katan: here’s a list of people i care about


din: this just has your name on it

bo katan: take the hint.

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Din: If we were the last two people in the galaxy, would you go out with me?


Luke: Din, we’ve been married for two years now

Din: That wasn’t a yes

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Pairing: Din Djarin x Reader
Description: The Mandalorian had helped you while you were hunted for your family name and you had grown a little closer over the months, but you didn’t expect THIS. How was this possible after just three times of getting so close to him. You had to find a nurse as fast as possible.
Warnings: pregnancy, angst, lots of emotions, canon typical violence
NOTE BEFORE READING: Din is already heavily questioning what he grew up with in this story. If you don’t like that or think it’s too ooc then please don’t read it.



Chapter 1 - Scared

You were scared, so scared. You‘d been under Din‘s protection for a couple months now as you were part of a royal family that was hunted by the Empire. Both of you had danced around each other a lot, sharing tiny details here and there. You had grown closer to each other fast. It was amazing how fast two people could develop feelings without talking to each other much. The little gestures here and there were enough. But now you were finished counting the weeks on your holopad and you knew something was wrong. You were healthy after growing up in privilege. You didn‘t just stop having your cycle without a reason. The connection you had to your own body was a gift that you knew others couldn‘t indulge in, but it made you frantic even more. If something was off in your body you would‘ve noticed. 

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My heart on my sleeve wrist 🥰💗

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Did anyone else find Bo Katan a bit snooty? Idk, like the looks between the crew and the part where she basically was like “Oh, lol he’s apart of a cultish mando group hahaha”


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The concept of Grogu and Ben Solo interacting in Jedi School™ is so funny to me because it would constantly be something like this:

Grogu: Life is good :D Sure, I once witnessed the genocide of our kind and spent decades being hunted, but now I have Papa! And yes, we move around a lot and he has to take odd jobs all around the galaxy and there’s always something coming for us, but he’s great and I love him! Also: frogs. 

Ben: I wanted to go to Space McDonalds but Leia said we have food at home. Life is hell and everything was better under the Empire.

Luke: ………….. I know I’m not supposed to pick favorites, buuuuuuut………

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thats a cool mentor-sometimes-parental-figure calling for reforms u got there kid. be a shame if they were betrayed and tragically gunned down while u watched from the distance/ran away huh……

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