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maybanksslut · 23 hours ago
𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐚 || 𝐝.𝐝.
PAIRING: damiano david x reader
SUMMARY: you feel insecure about yourself, so Damiano shows you just how beautiful you are to him
WARNING(S): SMUT, oral (female receiving), fingering, vaginal sex, choking, biting, finger sucking, praise/worship, mention of insecurities (barely) 
A/N: it's finally here - and it's really long, too! started off soft but kinda turned into something more rough- oops. special thanks to @gothboutique proofreading ily pretty girl <33
dedicated to @mendesxruel (for helping me out so much ily) and @murswrites (late birthday gift babe)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was a seemingly perfect Saturday night; lights turned off in Damiano’s room, the only source of light being the open window that also provided fresh air. Your back was leaning against Damiano’s chest while his arms were wrapped around you, his chin resting on top of your head. It was one of those moments when you fell more and more in love with the man, yet you had intrusive thoughts that didn’t let you fully enjoy his company. 
It wasn’t your intention to give away your bad mood, and you tried not to focus on the insecurities that were slowly creeping into your mind, yet as his hand brushed against your bare thigh, the thought ‘god, he must be disgusted by me’ went through your brain and you couldn’t help but flinch. Too late had you realized your mistake; for now, Damiano’s eyes were full of worry and he pulled away from you in fear that he’d done something to make you uncomfortable. 
“What’s wrong, angelo?” He inquired softly. “Did I do something wrong?”
“No, no, I just…” You trailed off, looking away from Damiano’s piercing stare that was trying so hard to find the source of your discomfort.
A silence settled over the room, and, for a few minutes, no one moved. Then, slowly and carefully, as if he were afraid to hurt you, Damiano scooted closer to you, so he was facing you. You were reluctant to look him in the eyes, so he brought his hand to lightly cup your cheek - his soft touch sending a small shiver down your spine - so that you now were forced to meet his gaze. 
“What’s wrong, baby? Tell me.”
You hesitated, but only for a second, before voicing the question that had been planting its roots in your brain. “Damiano, do you think I’m pretty?”
“What?” At first, confusion settled over his features and he furrowed his brows. Then, as if realization hit him, his mouth opened slightly and he was taken aback. “Why would you ask me that?”
You shrugged, and watched as his eyes scanned your features, growing darker by the second. As his gaze met yours again, you felt butterflies swarm in your stomach at the way he was looking at you. Like you were a goddess. Like you were beautiful. Before you could even open your mouth, his lips crashed onto yours and the question you asked him evaporated as quickly as it had appeared in your head, replaced by an intense sensation of delight. 
You opened your mouth for him and your tongues met in a heated fire. His hands moved slowly, yet devotedly, down your body, touching you lovingly enough to make you sigh contentedly, but gently enough to make you crave more. A soft moan left your lips as his fingers slipped under your shirt, for the first time that night touching your sensitive skin. 
It was like he set the whole flesh ablaze, and you wondered how he managed to do that - just one kiss and you were already at his mercy, no questions asked. Your doubts were still there somewhere, though, and you were afraid they’d make their way back again later, but as Damiano ended the kiss to catch his breath, you realized you’d made a false assumption. 
“To say you’re pretty,” He said breathlessly, with his hands still on your waist and his eyes carrying such tenderness that you were afraid you’d melt from the look he sent you. “would be an understatement. You’re beautiful, amore mio. You’re so beautiful that words can’t do it justice. Sei più bella di un angelo, and I’m going to prove that to you if you let me.”
The words he spoke were inscribed with sincerity and enough devotion to make you shiver under his sweet caress. You nodded in agreement, attempting not to give away the loud thudding of your heart against your chest as Damiano smiled a smile that was enough to light up a city - and your heart. With a gentle touch, he pushed you down onto the bed so you sank into the soft covers.
You watched from under him as he took off his shirt, biting your lip and feeling a small, yet evident wetness form between your legs. Taking in the scenery, you sighed dreamily, before Damiano moved forward, his face in front of yours. Your noses were barely touching, and you could clearly see his dilated pupils that scanned your face greedily, taking in every single beautiful detail.
“I love you.” He mumbled, yet again bringing his fingers to softly graze the skin under your shirt. 
You sent him a gentle smile to reassure him that you were more than happy with his actions, and he moved his fingers higher, grabbing the hem of your shirt and sliding it off your head slowly. When it was gone, his gaze flickered over your exposed body and he licked his lips - something that only strengthened the ache you were starting to feel in your pussy. 
You pressed your legs together to ease the sensation, and that’s when Damiano snapped out of his endless trance that only consisted of him trying to memorize all your features. He dragged his fingers up your stomach, making you breathe out sharply before he reached your bra, which he removed quickly. A low moan left his lips at the sight of your breasts and he leaned down, pressing a kiss to your lips to show you all the emotions that were circulating through his body at this very moment. 
“I love you, too,” You said against his lips, entangling your fingers in his dark hair and holding onto it even as he pulled away to look you deeply in the eyes. “More than you know.”
His lips parted slightly and he brought his finger to your lips, grazing it ever so slightly. The caress was so delicate, more intimate than any other way he’d touched you before. Opening your mouth just a little, you smiled, and he let his finger lay on your tongue for a second, before you wrapped your lips around it, sucking. 
Sighing in pleasure, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and you took his fingers deeper into your throat. You felt his metal ring touch your lips, a delightful coldness sending shivers down your spine and making you tug at his hair harder. Damiano’s dark eyes fluttered open and he smirked, seeing just how much rapture you got out of this. 
Finally, he pulled his fingers out of your mouth, leaving you hot and bothered. “As much as I love to see your mouth around my fingers, this night is about you,” He said, seeing your stare. “And it’s my mission to make you feel good, amore mio.”
Looking at him, you nodded, bringing him closer to you by his hair that was still between your fingers. He sighed against your lips, his leg barely brushing against your inner thigh and his hands cupping your cheeks. Even as his lips moved lower, down to your neck, kissing and sucking on your sweet spot, his fingers remained on your face features, grazing first your nose, then your jawline as if he were trying to feel you more than see you. 
As he reached your stomach, his tongue swirled ever so scarcely over your flesh, and it felt like a feather falling from above just to share its beauty with you. Damiano’s smile was vibrant against your skin as he kissed you with his arms now cradling your waist in an embrace you hoped would be everlasting. 
All the feelings going through your head were overwhelming, and became even more so as his eyes met yours; the warmth still in there, yet now joined by hunger. He craved you - to kiss you, to touch you, to show you just how beautiful you were to him, to make you understand how crazy you drove him just by existing. All those cravings - visible enough for you to make you feel dizzy.
“I’m going to take good care of you, angelo, trust me.” He whispered faintly. 
And you did trust him, so you let your eyes flutter shut and you waited patiently as he swiped his nose over your body, down to your thigh. It was both agony and bliss to feel his lips so close to where you wanted him most, peppering kisses on the inner part of your legs, mere centimeters away from your throbbing pussy. You wanted him to eat you out, yet at the same time, you wanted to relish in the sensation of his sweetness for a little longer. 
You felt him smirk at your moan, his fingers skimming over your thighs, up to the hem of your pants, which he pulled down without effort, reconnecting his lips to your skin right after. He bit down on your thigh subtly, holding your flesh in between his teeth, and allowing a low whine to escape your mouth whilst your panties soaked through. 
“Patience, bambina,” He murmured against your clothed pussy, sending vibrations through all of your bones. “We have all the time in the world. Why hurry?”
Yet as he glanced at your panties that were basically dripping now, and then admired your red and visibly aroused face, he realized he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. You were simply far too gorgeous; with your chest heaving and your eyes focused on Damiano in a silent prayer. 
All it took was his nose to graze over the material that covered your clit - creating the tiniest bit of friction and allowing a loud moan to escape past your lips - for your eyes to roll to the back of your head. You untangled your fingers from his curls, resting your head on the pillow behind as you tried to control your breathing that sped up drastically when Damianos’ finger slipped under your panties and came in direct contact with your pussy. 
He smiled, dragging it agonizingly slow up your clit and gathering some of your juices on his finger before putting it into his mouth and leisurely licking it off; all while keeping eye contact with you. His actions all but strengthened your now painful arousal. By the time he started removing your wet panties, your cunt was aching intensely. 
“Damiano,” You breathed out. “Please touch me.”
With a grin, he dragged one of his fingers through your folds, still slower than you’d want him to, but it was more than enough to make you bite your lip and groan. When he placed his thumb on top of your clit, your lips parted and your breathing sped up as he started moving it in small circles, easing the throbbing in your pussy and at the same time making you feel lightheaded. 
You’d gotten used to his slow, delicate movements, a series of unholy sounds escaping your mouth quietly when he lined his middle finger up at your entrance. It entered your wet cunt gracefully, earning a loud moan from you as you grabbed at Damiano’s shoulder to hold yourself steady when he started pumping it in and out of you. 
“You like that, cucciola? You like to feel my fingers inside of you?” He spoke so casually; as if he wasn’t making your pussy drip with excitement; like you weren’t almost screaming his name at this point. 
Your nails dug into his skin and you looked at him pleadingly. He smiled sweetly, pressing another kiss to your thigh before adding another finger and speeding up his actions; therefore, adding to your pleasure and making your walls tighten around him. With every movement, you felt yourself coming closer to your release, but just as your toes were starting to curl and you grabbed at the sheets, Damiano’s fingers left your pussy. 
“Don’t worry, amore mio,” He whispered as he noticed your confused expression, lowering his head to rest between your thighs. “I said I’d take good care of you, didn’t I? Don’t you trust me?”
“Of course I do, but…”
“Then enjoy yourself, baby. Just relax.” The way he said it against your thigh made you shiver. God, he looked so extremely handsome with his nose only a couple of inches away from your dripping cunt, his enchanting eyes filled with the same emotions that lingered in yours; adoration and desire. And it only made you crave him more. 
The moment his hot breath hit your pussy, you sucked in a breath, feeling your walls clench around nothing but air. Damiano smiled as he saw the state you were in; crumbling just at the knowledge that he was close. Almost mockingly, he shuffled a centimeter forward so his nose hit your clit, gently brushing over the bundle of nerves and making you squirm under him.
He stayed in that position for a while, before replacing his nose with his tongue and licking a long stripe up your folds. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you smiled, wrapping your legs around his neck to bring him closer. He smirked against your cunt, starting to lap at your clit and hitting the bundle of nerves with each stripe. 
Your hands grabbed at the sheets while a series of “Damiano”s left your mouth. You were quite sure this was heaven, and if it wasn’t, heaven couldn’t be much better. You were getting closer and closer to your release with each little movement of his, even though you could tell he’d only begun. As he stopped lapping at your folds, you lost your breath for a second, before gasping loudly when his tongue fully entered your cunt. 
You moaned quietly while his tongue explored you from the inside, roaming your puffy cunt so delightfully and hitting your g-spot as he started to move it in and out of you. Back arched and your eyes closed, you whispered his name like a prayer. You could feel his smile against your folds, and you started to tighten around his tongue as his actions sped up. When he in addition started rubbing small circles on your clit with his thumb, it was all just too much. 
“Damiano, I’m close.” You whimpered, your legs starting to shake as his tongue moved in and out of you at a fast pace, while one of his hands was stroking your thigh and originating shivers to appear on your skin. Desperate to feel more of him, you hooked your legs over his shoulders, tugging at his head to bring it closer to your cunt. 
“Then come for me, angelo” Damiano growled against your pussy, the vibrations mixed with his tongue buried deep inside of you sending you over the edge. Your back arched and your cunt clenched around his tongue, a deep sense of pleasure washing over you. For a moment, all your senses were clouded, and your mind filled with nothing but euphoria. 
When your head cleared, and you locked eyes with your boyfriend, you could precisely see the hunger in his dark eyes, and your pussy - that was still sensitive after your orgasm - started yet again growing wet. Breathing heavily, you shuffled closer to Damiano on the bed, crawling into his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck slowly. His lips were parted as he moved his head closer to you, foreheads touching as your gazes stayed glued to each other. 
“Your thighs are shaking so much.” He breathed out, his hands moving from your waist, up to your naked breasts and cupping them. Gently, he pressed down on your nipples, earning a low moan to erupt from your throat and your legs to rub together. Damiano lowered his gaze, a small smirk appearing on his face at your aroused state. “Oh, cucciola, who made you this wet?”
Before you could even reply, two of his fingers reached your puffy cunt - that was both sore from your last orgasm, and dripping wet from Damiano’s words - pushing inside with such ease and strength to make you gasp for air while your hands grabbed at his shoulders. One of Damiano’s hands moved to hold your hips steady in his lap, while his fingers worked wonders on your clit, creating just enough friction for you to moan in his ear at each touch. 
As he added another finger to bury itself inside of you, your walls stretched around him and you let out an unholy scream. His movements were becoming faster and rougher by the second, his grip on your hips tightening as he still held you down so you wouldn’t move despite your attempts to sink down on his fingers even more. 
“Oh, Damiano, please…” You closest cried into his ear, your nails digging into his skin as your legs already started shaking again.
“Tell me what you want, baby.” 
“Damiano…I want you.” You whispered shakily, trying your best to stop your thighs from shaking while his fingers left and entered your pussy. “I want you inside of me.”
That was all it took for him to remove his fingers from your wet cunt, grabbing you by your throat to make you look him in the eyes - the touch was somewhat harsh, and you could easily spot the lust that his eyes held. His lips met yours in a needy and passionate kiss, and you could taste yourself on his tongue when it entered your hot mouth. The salt aroma of your juices mixed with Damiano’s cigarettes had a drugging effect on you; you wanted more. Biting his lower lip gently, you caused a quiet moan to leave his mouth, yet the sound died down in the sweet caress. 
You pulled him closer to you by his hair, grinding your hips onto his - still fully clothed - cock, a growl erupting from the depths of Damiano’s throat as his fingers dug into the flesh on your throat. You smiled against his lips; sure, it was sweet when he was gentle with you, but the real fun began when he started getting rough. 
After a moment or two of making out, you leisurely let your hand move down his torso and slide down his pants, clearly feeling his hard erection throb against the palm of your hand. He let a loud groan escape past his lips at the contact, and unwillingly, his hips bucked upwards to cause more friction. You smiled, stroking his cock ever so slightly, the feather-light touch bringing an expression of pure bliss to Damiano’s features. 
“Don’t be a tease, dolcezza.” He hissed, hand tightening around your throat as the words left his mouth. You all but smirked in response; giving his cock a small squeeze, before diving forward to connect your lips to his neck. You could feel him soak through his boxers with precum as you opened your mouth, licking a long stripe up the side of his neck; only stopping at his ear and biting down on his earlobe. 
He practically growled in your ear, squeezing your throat so hard that for a second, you couldn’t breathe, before pushing you off of his lap and onto the bed, your back hitting the silky covers as Damiano crawled on top of you. Immediately, your hands flew to the hem of his pants, unzipping them and taking them off together with his underwear, freeing his cock and putting it on display for you to see. You couldn’t help but brush your thighs together under his hungry stare.
“Like what you see?” He asked with a smirk as he stroked his length a few times; the sight originating a - stronger than before - ache in your pussy. You bit your lip in a failed attempt at muting the whimper that left your mouth, which only made him smile more. “Tell me, are you gonna be a good girl for me, angelo?”
You nodded vigorously, bringing your hands to grab his neck and pull him in for a tender kiss. A shiver went down your spines as his fingers grazed your breasts, circling your nipples. Sighing in pleasure, you opened your mouth for his tongue to explore, and his hard cock brushed against your inner thigh; merely an inch or two away from your dripping cunt. When you could no longer hold your breath, you pulled away from him, and Damiano’s mouth moved to kiss your neck. His tongue swirled around the red marks his fingers had left earlier, making you sigh in content. 
“You’re so perfect, dolcezza.” He murmured against your skin, dragging his tongue down your neck and down to your breasts, ever so barely licking your nipples and eliciting a moan from you. You bucked your hips upwards as he bit down on your flesh, your pussy practically dripping onto his thigh that was between your legs. How he’d managed to turn you on like that after already reaching your high once, was beyond you. 
“Damiano, please, no more teasing,” You whimpered, feeling his cock brush over your inner thigh - so close to where you wanted him. “Please, just fuck me.” 
He smiled, lightly tugging at your nipple with his teeth, ravishing in the sound of your low moans. Moving his head lower, he pressed his warm lips against your stomach, showering it with wet kisses all the way down to the very edge of your pussy, while the chill of his rings traveled down your sides, and made goosebumps appear on your skin. Then, abruptly, the sensation was gone, the heat of Damiano’s body leaving yours for just a second, so he could grab the packet of condoms laying on his night table. 
Immediately, he retreated to hover over you again, this time with a smirk on his face as he teasingly brushed his bare cock over your entrance. You hissed, half-annoyed, half-needy as you watched him pull one of the condoms over his hard member. Luckily, he noticed your greedy stare, and wishing to fulfill his promise of making you feel blissful tonight, he lined himself up at your entrance, his hands gripping your hips as he put his lips to your neck, swirling his tongue on your already marked skin, before biting it harshly. 
You breathed loudly in his ear, fingers tugging at his hair as you whispered. “Don’t be gentle.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t.” He smiled cockily, touching his forehead to yours, and brushing some strands of hair away from your face, before easily sliding into your aroused cunt. “Not a chance.”
The moment his cock filled you up, your back arched and you gasped. He started off slow, moving in and out of you gently so you’d get used to his actions, your hands needily tugging at his hair as the feeling of his cock brushing against your clit made you feel weak. He knew exactly what to do, where to touch you, and when to speed up so that your quiet moans would turn into loud whimpers in his ear and your pussy would start clenching around him as your eyes screwed shut. 
“Keep your eyes open, look at me, cucciola,” Damiano commanded, one of his hands giving your hip a firm squeeze before he brought it up to tilt your chin upwards. “Relax.”
Somehow you managed to obey him, your eyes fluttering open only to be met by his hungry stare that - accompanied by the feeling of his fingers roaming your whole body - was enough to make you moan his name loudly. As if to reward you, he put his hand around your throat again and pushed into you with much more force, so that all of the muscles in your body tightened and you had to grab at his biceps to hold yourself steady. You were still fighting to hold your eyes open, despite the immense pleasure Damiano was providing you with his cock buried deep inside your cunt. 
“Good girl.” He praised you breathlessly as he felt your walls tighten around the tip of his cock, sending waves of pleasure through his body and making the firm grip he had on your throat strengthen. The hard metal of his ring scraped against your flesh, probably hard enough to leave a mark, and providing you with a delightful mix of pain, coolness, and rapture. “Cazzo, sei così stretto, dolcezza.”
“Harder, Damiano, please.” You whimpered from under him, bucking your hips upwards desperately. With a leering gaze, Damiano dug his fingers into your throat, pushing you against the mattress as he sped up, burying himself deep inside of you, and causing you to cry out his name in pleasure. Your pussy clenched around him more and more with each thrust, and it felt like heaven.
“So beautiful,” He whispered more to himself, fingers scarcely flicking over your breasts as he continued pounding into you with such force that a tear or two escaped the corners of your eyes, dripping down your cheek. “And all mine.”
His words and the hunger inscribed in them didn’t exactly postpone your approaching orgasm, and you felt yourself incredibly close to the edge as his thrusts hit your g-spot in the best, most overwhelming way possible. Your thighs started shaking a little as you threw your head backward, letting Damiano leave bite marks on your neck as he pounded into you, the sound of his grunts being muffled by your skin. 
You felt yourself inevitably close to your release; the knot in your stomach tightening with each of your whimpers as you held onto Damiano with all your might, fighting the urge to close your eyes and let go. His cock was starting to twitch inside of you, and the small vibrations against your walls made you sigh in delight. You could tell he was close, too, for his grip on your throat almost made you choke and he harshly bit down on the flesh of your neck, undoubtedly strong enough to leave a dark mark. 
“Damiano, I’m close.” You cried, another series of tears falling down your face. Damiano’s mouth worked its way down to your breasts, kissing them lovingly - much in contrast to the rough movements of his cock that were making you lightheaded with the amount of rapture that was circulating through your body. His tongue swirled around your overly sensitive nipples, and his hand moved down to your waist, caressing it softly, yet demandingly, as if to remind you who you belonged to. 
“Allora vieni per me, angelo.” 
And so you let yourself get lost in the pleasure, eyes screwed shut and a loud scream escaping your mouth as you reached your high for the second time that night. Damiano came soon after, the last clench of your tight pussy around his cock sending him over the edge. He moaned softly in your ear, his body shaking just as much as yours as he collapsed on the bed. For a moment, the two of you let your breathing slow down before Damiano raised himself off the bed and disappeared to get rid of the condom. 
After less than a minute, he was back, his hands traveling around your waist as he lay on top of you with a big grin on his face. You smiled, playing with his hair a little as he attached his hot lips to your neck, leaving sloppy kisses everywhere as he mumbled: “Ti amo”s against your skin. Sighing dreamily, you grabbed ahold of his chin, tilting it upwards and bringing him in for a kiss. 
His lips moved in sync with yours perfectly, and at that moment you felt like the happiest person alive.
“Sei bellissima,” Damiano murmured against your lips, and this time, you believed him.
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mmaneskin · 15 hours ago
Ethan: "When I was little I had a dream once, I was about 7/8 years old. I dreamed about being on a stage with a band and I was playing in front of a lot of people. Fortunately when I woke up I still remembered that dream, and still quite well, so the first image that comes to my mind is this one: the dream I had that night which is now coming true...which has come true!"
Vic: What a poet
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damianosworld · 20 hours ago
Somewhere in Rom
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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maneskinism · a day ago
Tumblr media
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maneskinhq · 18 hours ago
Måneskin in Rome, Italy today, July 27, 2021
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maneskinss · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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imstillnotf0und · 21 hours ago
Thomas Raggi NSFW alphabet p.1
thomas raggi x fem!reader
words| +- 1500
warnings| almost pure smut. what else can I add?
author's note| I will post the alphabet in parts. firstly, there is a lot of text. I mean, there are only 3 letters, but already 1.5k words. and secondly, I can't wait to share this with you but I havent finished it, haha. so ignore the mistakes and enjoy.
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
what are you talking about? thomas is the sweetest person on earth. for him your comfort always comes first. he would definitely clean u off and cover all your body with kisses, cuddle with you and talk about smth.
you are lying on the bed. all you have on your body is thomas's t-shirt, which he put on you less than a minute ago. your eyes are closed but you are trying not to doze off. you felt warm fingers leading from your ankle up to your knee.
"here, take it" thomas handed you a glass of water, and began to pave his long freckled body next to you. "come here" with a smile on face he says and hugs your waist. your head rests on his chest. you are  listening to his already even breathing. one of his hands on your forearm. long fingers draw patterns unknown to anyone except him. and the other rubs your aching thighs.
"what are you doing thommy?" he grinned one more time, closed his eyes and threw head back on the pillow. blond strands fell on his face, hiding beautiful features and your hand involuntarily reaches out to remove them.
"I'm trying to ease your pain. So that you don't blame me for not being able to walk tomorrow" both of you chuckled softly.
"I am ready not to walk for a month for the sake of stuff like that"
"I have no doubt in you, anima mia*" his lips found your crown "what do you think about white curtains for the kitchen?"
"I think that something light will look good," you yawn, and get more comfortable in his arms and slowly falling asleep.
*my soul
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
he likes his hands. thanks to them he makes a living and creates great music with them. anyway, we've all seen his hands, right? those magnificent thin fingers, damn long and agile, with which he can do such miracles that you never dreamed of. Thomas loves to catch your eye on his hands when he plays the guitar or does some minor work (such as rolling cigarettes or smth). he knows his strengths and uses them actively. it's hard to count how many times you've seen stars because of his fingers only.
"already so wet. I haven't even touched you." two minutes ago, thomas was playing guitar. pulling the strings and taking the necessary chords. but as soon as he notices your gaze on his quickly moving fingers, as you shift a little closer to him, the guitar takes its place near the coffee table, and your back  slams against the sofa and thomas is above you. his lips meet yours in a slow, passionate kiss. and his hand moves down along your body until it reaches its destination. he can feel the wetness through your panties.
"you want this tesorina*, aren't you?" thomas slowly trace his knuckle along slit in light and teasing way. you bucked your hips and whined at his words, begging more of his touch. his hand slowly moved to your inner thigh, and his lips followed, leaving slight hickeys. you whimpered a quiet 'please' as he hooked up the hems of your panties and shorts an once and in single light movement pulled them off and put a kiss on your clit. you felt his fingers circling around the nubble of nerves, but not touching it.
"you are fucking tease" you said throwing your head back on the couch. one more line across your slit. and the grin appeared on his gorgeous face. 
"tell me, y/n. what do you want?"
"I want you to....oh fuck". you were interrupted by your own moan because one finger entered you. fast, rough, without any warning. he started moving in and out slowly. you throw one leg over  his waist. thomas covered your lips with his own and got into your mouth with his tongue. he added another deft finger just like the previous one. fast, rough, without any warning. you groaned without breaking the kiss. his thumb found your clit starting to draw small circles with the pressure he know you loved. and the other two fingers stretched out your walls and started moving in  "come-here" motion. not two at once, but in turn, replacing each other's movements hitting the right spot.  your arousal leaking all aver his hand. you wrapped your legs tighter around his waist. thomas caught your every whimper and whine with his soft lips. you turned into moaning mess under him. you could feel a small knot forming, your orgasm is slowly approaching.  he kissed you hard and looked deep in the eyes
"thommy, I'm..." he speed up a pace a little.
"cum for me cucciola*" you clenched around his long skilled fingers. thighs began to shake. breathing got faster,  body tensed up.
"be a good girl. look at me" with his other hand, he wiped away a tear that rolled down your cheek. you didn't notice that you were crying until he pointed it out
"I wanna see your face while you falling apart underneath me" you did as you were told. thomas’s name fell from your lips accompanied by stuttering moans. the guitarist worked you through your orgasm. looking directly into your eyes he removed his fingers and  wanted to bring them up to his lips but you snapped up him and sucked his fingers clean yourself , releasing them with a ‘pop’.
"oh so do you wanna continue, amore*?"
*little treasure
as for you, he loves every inch of your body. I think especially he will love what you consider to be flaws. whether it is, stretch marks, tights, hips or belly.
"they are beautiful" his cool fingers barely touch your almost naked thigh, which makes your skin cover with goosebumps.
"what?" you tore your eyes from what you did before.
"they ... they are magnificent" he runs his fingers along the outline of your stretch marks.
"no, they are awful"
"don't say that. firstly, they are a part of you. which means that they cannot be awful" his lips touch your leg "and secondly they look like tiny sun rays" one more kiss, very close to the previous one. "I really like them" he looks straight into your eyes and leaves another kiss. you start to giggle. "and I love that too" thomas moves to the inner part of your thigh and starts kissing soft skin there, in some places stopping for longer and sucking skin there and leaving dark lovebites. while his hand moves to the top hem of your shorts, hooking it and running his fingers over the patch of skin now exposed to him. "and I just adore this" thomas's velvety lips follow his fingers to your belly. and you burst into laughter
"come here and kiss me weirdo" and he does as you ask.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
he likes when you are giving him a blowjob and his favorite part is cum into your little soft mouth and you swallow every single drop. but there is something that drives him crazy.  Cum on you, and you pick his seed up with your finger and lick it clean
"please...y/n" eyes are closed "...I'm...." breathing is very intermittent. "can I...oh my" his hand is squeezing your hair lightly, but the closer he gets, the stronger his grip becomes. "can I...cum?" thomas sits on the edge of bed you are sharing. silk sheets underneath him. melodic moans escaping his lips. you're fully naked on your knees between his thighs, sucking the soul out of him. you moaned in respond and lips leave his cock. but immediately replaces your mouth with moving hand.
"cum for me cucciolino*"  you continue stroking him, running your finger over the glans from time to time. you knew, that drives him insane. so the guitarist does as you told, covering your hand and a little bit of your bare chest with his cum.
while thomas recovers, you reach for the cloth and cleanse your hand. heavy breaths still come from his velvety lips "give it to me. I wanna clean your breasts" he's finger points on the mess he did.
" don't need that". you take his large hand in your tiny one and run it over the white liquid on chest. looking straight into his bright doe-eyes. you bring up his palm to your mouth and lick the cum off each deft fingers. so greedy, as if your life depends on it. words cannot describe his gaze riveted to your movements. the musician lifts you off your knees and pulls you as close to him as possible. you feel his mouth on your body as he licks what is left on your chest and in a moment greedily lips covers yours.  your tongues ​​are either dancing or fighting with each other and you can taste him one more time.
"you're horny again, aren't you?" a little giggle escape from your mouth. thomas looks at you upward, as you sit on his lap. his already semi-hard cock is against your leg.
his clean hand reaches your face and wipes away your tears mixed with mascara "isn't that what you expected this when you decided to do what you just did, mi bambino*?"
*little puppy
*my baby
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