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#manga coloring

This scene never made it into the anime, so I decided to colour it

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“I really wanted to have my first kiss with the person I like…”

“I’ll send you my thoughts. Your worth won’t be lessened because of something like that. So please don’t worry. It was just a worthless thing, I think… Actually that is a lie. I’m really bothered by it. If it’s like this I shouldn’t have held myself back. I want to come where you are right now and kiss you. So that some brat’s terrible kiss will be forgotten in a moment.”

Dengeki Daisy Ch. 31 What Was Stolen

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And of course there’s two versions.

v1: just…yeah


v2: double background laziness = double gradient


This is from the last page of chapter 156. 

here’s the original but i cropped it a bit


There’s a bit more I could have done, but I did want to actually finish it on his birthday.

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D a n t e   Z o g r a t i s .

• Request by  @theetherealbtch

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First gate is open!!! 😱

Feel free to repost but pls don’t remove my watermark

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