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#mango speaks sometimes
mangobubbletea7 · 12 hours ago
Dream just said he’s going to add new people to the server “very soon”
He has 3 people in mind, he’s considering 1 other, and he said he’s fine with the members giving him recommendations!!!
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mangospams · 3 months ago
I want bokuto to use my fat tits as a face pillow ✌
Same 😌😌 He could lay in my tits any day he wants
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mango-bango-bby · 9 months ago
Hahaha I can see the darling scolding Papa Shigaraki to not let the kid play games for long cause its not good for their eyes but he still doing it sneakily 😌
Darling trying not only to get the kid to eat veggies but also trying to get the adult-man-child who kidnapped you to eat his veggies 💀💀
Tumblr media
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life-gave-me-oranges · a month ago
not even mango is on my dash today. her posts were dancing on it yesterday.
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*loads shotgun with malicious intent*
No p-please! I wan-na live!
*animalistic growl* TRY ME BITCH!
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kimnjss · 6 months ago
missed me | kth
Tumblr media
⤑  series: kinda hot
⤑ pairing: campus flirt!taehyung x sweet girl!reader
⤑ genre: smut.
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 4.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: cursing, slight dirty talk, biting, nipple play, unprotected sex, clothed sex, big dick taehyung, brief mention of eren jaeger bc why the hell not, cum shot... 
⤑ A/N: OMG!? why do i feel like it’s been months since i’ve updated??? anyway!! i’ve mssed you guyss nd thanks for waiting for thisss - really hope you liked ittt . we’re getting close to the end ., i’m soo sad!! but yeah let me know what you think x
Tumblr media
MARCH 21ST, 2021 | 17:02
5 o'clock. Everyone, all of your friends would be meeting up at your place at 5 o'clock. Pack and ready to make the three-hour drive up to the beach house that you were able to rent for the week to come.
Yoongi was the first to show up, shouldering Nari's purse as she trailed behind reading off a list of things she wanted to do with him. Each suggesting earning a 'Yes, princess' and rewarded with an excited squeal and a kiss on the cheek. Jungkook is not far behind him, eyes zeroing in on Jimin sat on the edge of the couch once he walks in.
The smack of their lips is immediate, desperate as if they weren't just together twelve hours before. From where you're standing, you can see the grin on Jungkook's face, pleased with the fact he can just go in for a kiss without a second thought.
Joon, Hobi, and Ina are next, chatting loudly amongst one another. It was their job to supply the drinks and goodies for the week. Enough to have the events fading into a blur, jumbled stories that would no doubt end and start with: 'I hardly remember, I was sooo (fill in the blank with your substance of choice). Judging from the grins on their faces, it was going to be a good week.
Then Jin is strolling in, entering only halfway to let your friends know that the car was running. Urging you all to make your way outside so you can hit the road. Slowly, moves are being made outside, discussion about who's sitting where and the debate on the need for a pit-stop.
It's ten long minutes before you're starting to move. Jimin, Hobi, and Ina ducking into Taehyung's car... with no sight of him. Had hoped he'd be seated in the front seat when you came outside, but he wasn't there. “Where's Taehyung!?” Jin is saying with a huff, he had wanted to leave hours earlier than planned... so he was more than annoyed with any second wasted.
“Bathroom,” Nari mumbles out, focuses shifting from the pieces of candy she pushes past Yoongi's lips, giggling each time he puckers to land a kiss on her fingers. Just as she's speaking up, Ina is letting out a gasp. “Oh, fuck! I forgot to pack my bathing suit,” She takes to rummaging through her bag, to double-check.
Hoseok is two seconds from suggesting she just go without one when you're perking up. “I have one you can borrow!” You say with a large smile, ignoring the impatient glare you're getting from Seokjin. “Let me just go grab it,” You're rushing back inside before anyone can say anything else.
Straight up to your room to sift through your drawers for something Ina can wear while she swims. Tossing aside the outdated pieces and bypassing the worn-out material, you're plucking up an especially stringy two-piece that would look great on her. As you stand, you feel the heat behind you, the hand coming out to press against your dresser, effectively trapping you against his chest.
You don't even have to turn around to know, just the feel of him against you and the instantaneous way your body relaxes is answer enough. No idea you had been this tightly wound being away from him until you were feeling the stress lift from your shoulders. Body melting as he sweeps your hair from your shoulder, leaning down to press his lips to your jaw. 
Eyes lifting to find his through the mirror. A strong arm wrapped around your hips, mouth sucking a wet trail toward your ear. He watches the way your eyes flutter as his teeth latch onto your earlobe, tongue gliding over the edge of it. A warmth washes through your body, this incessant ache in the pit of your belly that fuels your movements.
Easily turning in his embrace, fingers tangling themselves in his hair so you're able to pull him down. Even with his eyes focused on your mouth, the pounding in his heart giving away exactly what's about to happen, Tae's still letting out a gasp when your lips touch. Warmth spreading throughout his body, he can even feel the tingle in his brain as he kisses back.
A month was too long.
With one hand buried in your hair and the other gripping your hip, Taehyung is lifting your body onto the top of your vanity. Slotting his body between your legs as his tongue pushes its way into your mouth. You taste sweet, heavily like your favorite mango-flavored lip balm.
You can't get over how right it feels to have him here. Thighs pressed to either side of his torso, his obvious bulge throbbing against your thigh. He can't decide where he wants to touch, desperate to consume all of you to make up for the lost time. Pawing at the bare skin of your stomach, brushing over the sides of your neck, and creeping underneath the hem of your skirt.
His fingers are cool against your heated skin, climbing over the tops of your thighs until he's a flick away from the front of your panties. Your legs spread for him, inviting him in without a second thought. Because you don't need to think, not when it came to him. Everything he wanted, he could have it, you would give him whatever he wanted. No questions asked.
And he knew it too. Hence the all too cocky grin that spreads across his lips, tongue still meshed with yours, but he's smiling. Chuckling darkly as he pulls his hands from your skirt, taking to toying with the fabric of your shirt.
Sharp teeth sink into your lower lip, pulling a whimpered moan from the back of your throat. His eyes are on you as he pulls it back, releasing it with a loud snap which has his cheeks lifting. You wait for him to say something, with the way he looks like he could devour you, you expect a proclamation of that. He doesn't, though, just leans down to swipe his tongue over your mouth before he's dropping his head. Sucking a wet trail down the side of your neck as he pinches at the hem of your shirt.
You're barely able to focus on your breath, mind turning to mush as he drags his teeth over your collarbones. Hips pressed to his and fists clutching the back of his shirt, you're gasping at how quick he tugs the useless material of your tube top out of the way. Nipples instantly pebbling from the cool air of the room... or from the attention, probably the latter.
Taehyung kisses his way down your chest, strong hands holding your body in place as his plush lips wrap around the hardened bud. Tongue flattening and twisting around it as your moans fill the room. Hands buried in his hair in order to keep his head in place. He's being sloppy, kissing, sucking, and moving back and forth. His thumbs rubbing small circles into your inner thighs, inching higher up as the seconds tick by.
“Ah, Taehyung!” A squealed giggle leaves your lips when his teeth clamp down around your nipple, pulling it back with him. Breaking off the string of saliva with his tongue before, his eyes lift to the whine in your voice. “That hurts,” Not more than a pointed pinch, but you love the quick way he moves to soothe the bitten flesh, placing wet kisses all around.
And then he's biting down again. Playfully, a tiny nip on the underside of your boob that you hardly feel. But you react anyway, whimpering because you know he likes it. With another soft kiss, he's straightening his back to look you in the eye. Hands ghosting up the sides of your body until he's able to grasp the sides of your face.
“I missed you...” Uttering the first words that he has in the past month. Paired with the unmistakable look of pure want and adoration. Just seeing him look at you like that, the way you always wished he'd look at you has a tightness forming in your chest. Eyes starting to feel heavy with tears you don't let fall.
He knows the look all too well, though. Has seen it countless times when you watched movies, when experiencing a random act of kindness, when you were overwhelmed with joy. And the fact that you were looking at him like that right now? That was enough for everything.
With a small push on his hands, Taehyung is squishing your cheeks, forcing your lips to pucker out toward him. Wearing the softest of smiles as he watches your nose scrunch up at him. “You missed me too?” He asks, even though he doesn't have to. The answer is written all over your face.
Even still, you're nodding, accepting the quick kisses he places on your lips. Short and fast, you count a dozen before he's leaving them there. Tongues clashing as his hands run down your body. Brushing your breast, he doesn't hold back from swiping his thumbs over the wet peaks. Only allowing you a moment of pleasure before he's leaving them empty, lowering his hands until they're able to wrap around the outside of your thighs.
“I wanna hear you say it,” He sighs into your mouth, tugging your body against his with the grip he has on your legs. “Tell me you missed me,” Forehead pressed to yours, and noses just barely touching, he waits.
The arm that had been laid over his shoulders drops, gliding down the front of his chest. You can just barely feel the tight muscles underneath the fabric and of course, you're making a mental note to do a full inspection sometimes in the near future. But for now, you take to hooking your fingers into his belt loops, pressing him, even more, snug between your legs.
“I...” Fingers dancing from his hip to the front of his jeans, easily popping the button out of place. “Missed you...” Leg lifting to rest above his butt, eliminating the little space left between you. “So much,” Nail dragging over the stiffness hidden beneath his briefs, watching as his hips flinch forward.
A silent conversation is had in the look that he gives you. A look so primal and needy, you barely have time to gasp before his lips are on yours again. Making a sloppy mess of your mouth as his hands sneak back underneath the hem of your skirt. You've taken to palming him through his underwear, swallowing the sounds you're able to pull out of him.
Taehyung doesn't bother to fully remove your panties, merely nudging them out his way so his cool fingers can meet your damp folds. “Fuck,” He mumbles, fingers spreading the wetness between your legs. There's a stutter in the movement of his fingers when your hand sinks into his briefs. His head drops to watch the way your hand wraps around his length, stroking him slowly.
You can feel the way he grows in your palm, body jerking in time with your strokes. Breath only growing heavier when you tug his cock from the fabric, using your legs to pull him closer to you.
His mouth finds yours in another heated kiss, hand dropping to find yours. A gush of arousal leaves your body as he drags his length between your folds, coating it with your juices before he's lining the thick head with your entrance. The grip he has on your hip tightens, holding your body as he pushes forward.
“Oh, fuck!” You're crying out at the slight pain of him stretching you, mixing beautifully with the pleasure that comes from the slow circles he's rubbing into your clit. He draws his hips back slowly, engorged head catching on your tight hole before he's pushing back in. 
He's straining himself, trying to go slow, minding the fact that he neglected to properly prepped you. You feel him sink in, inch by inch, and you're letting out a breath when he stills. Never have you felt this full so it takes a moment for you to adjust. He waits, finger still moving between your legs and mouth sucking kissing into the skin of your neck.
Just as you're about to tell him to move, he's pulling back enough to look down where your bodies meet. Brows furrowed with this desperate look in your eye, his teeth tug at his lower lip as he lifts his head. “Can you take more?”
“More!?” You're in actual shock. So much so you're moving to get a look for yourself. “I'm barely halfway in,” He says and your sight confirms his words. Much bigger than you would've imagined, the way your jaw drops highlights your shock. “What are you? A fucking titan!?” Bewildered and he laughs at the look on your face, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips.
He hums, growing grin breaking your lips apart. “Mhm. Just call me Eren Jaeger.” He's proud of his statement, it's obvious with the look on his face. Rolling your eyes, you reach from him, capturing his mouth for another heated kiss. The soft whimpers that fall from your lips die on his tongue, hips twitching from the strain of staying still.
“More?” He breathes, almost desperate and you're nodding. “More.”
Taehyung doesn't waste a moment as he pushes forward, grip tightening on your thighs to keep your legs apart. He watches your face the entire time he's sinking in, the way it contorts once he's bottoming out and the pretty moan that you let slip. His hands glide up the sides to land at your hips, thumbs rubbing circles onto the bones.
Not so patiently waiting for you to give him the go-ahead, pressing wet kisses against your skin teeth occasionally scraping across. The second you're shifting, searching for a bit of friction he's pulling back, hips snapping forward with enough force to push you against the mirror.
He sets his own pace. Continuously pumping his cock in and out of you, rough and desperate. His hands do the work to move you in tandem with him, rattling the vanity underneath you with each thrust.
You're left whining and babbling out pleas that hardly makes sense. But so how he understands you, giving you exactly what you want. Pushing deeper, fucking faster, pressing harder down on your clit. He was so thick and long, core stretched enough just to fit him. He nearly loses it when you're squeezing around him, a result of the way his tip nudged your gspot.
“You're so fucking tight...” His hands drop from your body to rest on the top of the desk, using it as leverage as he pounds into you. You're letting out a surprised yelp at the sudden change of pace, soft giggles following as he kisses his way up to your mouth. Barely able to concentrate on kissing him, mouths pressed together as whiny pants leave your lips.
It's hard to think of anything else but him. The way he smells, tastes, feels, he's completely consumed your thoughts and you're barely able to form a coherent sentence. A breathy chant of his name mixed with your favorite four-letter word is all you can muster and he loves it.
Taehyung can see clearly see how mindless you've become, babbling and you don't even know it. Begging him to make you cum and marveling at how big he was, it's an excellent stroke of his ego. “Fuck! I'm cumming... I'm cumming, Tae. You're gonna make me cum... Taehyung,” Your legs tighten around his hips, pulling him tighter against you. Arms circle around his shoulders to bury your hands in his hair. Your walls squeeze against him just as he's pulling back and if he wasn't close before, he certainly is now.
He fucks you until you're screaming your release. Hips rocking into his, hands gripping his hair and legs shaking at his sides. Not once does he dare to look away from you, watching the way your eyes roll back and you've begun to chant a series of 'Thank yous'. 
It's enough to push him over the edge. Moving quickly to pull his cock from inside of you, despite your whines of protest. It only takes a few strokes before he's painting the inside of your thigh with his side, pretty groans leaving his lips. His body goes limp over yours and you're moving your hands to rest behind you to keep from falling over.
You stay like that for a few minutes, catching your breath and enjoying each other's warmth. Taehyung is the first to move, head lifting from the crook of your neck. He looks oddly cute, despite what you've just done. Dark curls framing his face, much messier than when he first walked in. Cheeks flushed and eyes dazed, but there's this shine to them that makes you feel warm. His cheeks lift as he laughs and the sound rings throughout your entire body.
“Hi,” He says with another laugh, his hand lifting to cup the side of your cheek. The pad of his thumb running over your lower lip, swiping the smudged lipstick away. “Hey,” You're smiling, lips puckering to press a soft kiss against the digit. 
Quickly, he leans down to replace his thumb with his mouth. “Our first time was supposed to be special,” He says with a pout.
You're letting out a small giggle, shoulders lifting in a shrug. “Oops,” Taehyung laughs and it's a surprise neither of your faces has split by now. He's leaning down for another kiss that you happily accept, hands curling around bicep and legs hiked upon his hips. Just moments from pushing your tongue into his mouth when the long exaggerated beep from downstairs startles you.
It takes a moment for you to register what the noise means and a few seconds longer to remember that you had a purpose before getting wrapped up in Taehyung. Jin had been summoning you two with the sound of the horn for the past ten minutes, but both of you managed to tune him out.
“We should go before he comes get us,” He mumbles out, but doesn't make any moves. So neither do you, in fact, you're pulling him closer. “Okay, let's go.”
Body leaning back against the mirror, you're able to tilt your head up to press another kiss to his lips. “Alright, come on.” His words are barely audible against your lips.
You don't actually pull away until you hear Joon's voice, shouting from downstairs. Some halfhearted threat that gets the two of you moving. Speeding through the cleanup process to adjust your clothes. Taehyung catches you just before you're exiting your room, tugging you back with the grip he has on your wrist.
A final kiss pressed to your lips, that barely lasts a minute, but it's enough to make your head swoon.
He leads you out the front door, waiting with hands on your waist as you lock it. You're making your way to the cars like that, with him behind you and your back pressed to his chest. Not the slightest bit bothered by the annoyed glare you're getting from Jin or the huff Ina lets out when you tell her you've forgotten the bathing suit... the only reason you went back into the house.
Joon's rushing you to get in the car, but Taehyung is adamant to get you to ignore him, obsessed with the way your lips feel against his. Jimin laughs from the back seat, earning a pointed glare from the dimpled boy. It's a few moments before you're breaking apart, saying bye like you weren't heading in the same direction.
A three-hour car ride was a long time, though! He's watching as you duck into the backseat of Yoongi's car. Jungkook takes one look at the dopey look on his friend's face before he's leaning toward Jimin, stating the obvious.
“They definitely just fucked,”
Tumblr media
MARCH 22ND, 2021 | 10:36
Hoseok is standing at the stove when you enter the kitchen. Jogging shorts riding low on his hips, revealing the thick band of his briefs. His hair disheveled and back bare, showing off the fading red scratches on his skin. 
His attention shifts from the pan to the way you yank the fridge open, surveying the groceries Nari and Jin had bought. You're reaching for the unopened carton of orange juice, before ripping open the package of red solo cups. Barely registering the glare Hoseok is giving you.
“I hate you so fucking much,” He grumbles as your taking a sip, in this real menacing tone. Making you snort out a laugh, orange juice going down the wrong pipe. There's laughter embedded in your coughs, but Hoseok keeps his expression the same.
You're taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself, another chuckle breaking through. “What did I do?” He's rolling his eyes, turning his attention back at the stove to flip the batter in the pan. “You fucking jinxed me!” He grumbles.
He's quick with the way he lifts the finished pancake from the fire and placing it onto a plate, then goes to make another. Seeing that you're still not catching on, he further explains his initial remark. “What that falling for one of the twins shit,” You can't help the laugh that leaves your lips, surely the joke you made had nothing to do with the feeling he has for the girl brushing her teeth in the living room, wearing one of his shirts.
“You're falling for Ina!?” It's been assumed throughout your friend group, but he has never come as close to admitting it.
And that wasn't going to change now. “I never said that. Don't be insane,” His eyes shift to where she sits, unbeknownst to the two of you, but he still thinks you're being too loud with your accusations. “Ina just... she woke me up this morning and asked me to make her pancakes. Crazy, right? But she was playing with my hair... and she kissed me nose... and I don't know, my heart did a thing.” His cheeks flush, but he's quick to mask it with a scowl pointed at you.
You're bursting in fits of laughter, head shaking at his stupidity. “It's not funny! Honestly thought I unplugged that stupid bitch and now...” He's looking over at Ina again, she's gotten up to go into the bathroom, finishing up the rest of her brushing there.
She only looks at him for a second, but he's being weird and averting his gaze as if they hadn't spent the entire night testing the thickness of the walls. They were thin. “Ooh! You have a crush!” You're whispering shouting, mindful not to be too loud to avoid another glare from him.
“I don't have a crush! What are you eight?” He's scoffing, eyes widening as Ina makes her way out of the bathroom. “Just shut up, forget we even talked about this.” He's rushing out just as she enters the kitchen.
He's handing her the plate with an awkward smile, barely making eye contact as she takes it. “Here you go, Ina.”
She's making a face at the awkward way he uses her name, she thanks him anyway, climbing onto one of the stools at the island. “You can call me baby. It's not gonna go to my head,” Ina speaks plainly, cutting into the fluffy dough.
You're noticing the sudden blush on his cheeks, which he quickly tries to hide. “Okay... baby,” He says softly, slightly delayed. She's letting out a giggle, dramatically shivering her body as she smiles up at him. “Ooh, I lied.” His nose wrinkles brow crease and he'd look angry if it wasn't for the pink tint on his cheeks.
But you're one to talk. Taehyung is entering the kitchen and you're having the same reaction. Jimin had insisted you room with him and Jungkook, bribing you with late-night talks and the junk food he stored in his suitcase. None of that was had, instead, you spent the night with your head under the covers, drowning out the giggles that came from the other side of the room.
Taehyung shared with Yoongi and Nari, which wasn't as bad but just as dissatisfying. At least they were decent enough to keep their hands to themselves throughout the night. But he was looking for some real changes for tonight's sleeping arrangements, especially seeing how cute you look in the morning.
Nothing new to him, sleepovers between you two were a common thing. But for some reason (other than the fact he was buried in you just seventeen hours earlier), you seemed to glow in Jungkook's oversized t-shirt and your tiny bike shorts. His shoulder bounces against yours, fingers brushing against yours as he pulls your glass of juice from your grasp.
His eyes are glued to yours the entire time he's gulping down your drink, setting it down on the table with a grin. No idea why something so simple was so hot, but your body was heating up just as he was swiping his tongue over his lips. “Do you-”
“Then why the fuck is she texting you!?” Nari's screech echos throughout the house, catching the attention of the four of you and everyone else still resting in their beds. “Are you fucking kidding me!? I. Don't. Know. Her! Why are you even mad?” That's Yoongi's voice, much louder than you've ever heard it before. The calmness that usually laces his tone being swapped for anger.
There's a beat of silence and you wonder if they've managed to resolve the issue within just a few seconds. Definitely spoke too soon. “What did you say to me when I said I wanted to be your boyfriend!? 'Oh, don't you think we should just keep it casual? Why label it?'” His voice softens to mimic her voice. “So why the fuck are you mad if someone else is texting me? If we're supposed to be casual?” 
“That's not what that fucking means and you know it,” You can hear the scuffle of feet, a slam of the door before you're seeing Nari at the top of the stairs. She doesn't spare either of you a glance as she leaves through the front door, slamming that one on her way out.
Yoongi is steps behind her, but not fast enough to catch her before she's already out of the house. He's letting out a groan, fingers tugging at the front of his hair. The chair rattles as he yanks it back, dropping his weight onto it. He's meeting each of your shocked expressions with his usual look of indifference, huffing out a breath of air through his nose.
Looking as if he wasn't just in the center of a very heated argument. Not an ounce of anger in his tone as he says, “Let's get trashed tonight,” 
Tumblr media
— you’ve always been cute, soft, tiny in taehyung’s eyes. but that’s changing one night when you’re accidentally sending him a naughty picture. forcing him to realize, maybe his best friend is kinda… hot?
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A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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heekissung · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE | prev / mlist / next
Tumblr media
"hi," you quickly reply.
and just like before, sunghoon stands before you— this time in his casual clothes— looking absolutely runway ready.
the male in front of you clears his throat, and you feel heat crawl up to your cheeks as you realize that maybe you were staring too much.
(unknown to you, sunghoon smiles)
"let's go in?" he asks, pointing towards the cafe.
Tumblr media
you find the situation familiar as you two sit down at the same seat before, with sunghoon cluthing to the cold brew he's given while you nervously take a sip from your mango shake.
(you had to stop yourself from shaking your head, because why were you so nervous when you're just going to confirm your feelings for him?)
"about your powerpoint—"
"regarding the powerpoint—"
you both say at the same time, and this causes sunghoon to cough awkwardly once again.
he nods towards your direction, as if telling you to go ahead and tell him your thoughts, but you shyly decline and encourage him to speak first.
"i wanted to tell you that, given the circumstances" he waves in the air, "that the powerpoint was made under, i don't want you to feel as if you're a prize."
you tilt your head, confused.
"i mean i don't want you thinking i only made a move," he waves in the air once again, "on you because i didn't want sungchan to get to you first. i made that powerpoint because ... i have feelings for you, you know?"
"you make me feel warm all over whenever i think of you and that's all the time so i always feel warm, you make me smile like an idiot whenever we talk through the phone that sometimes i surprisingly go to bed with a grin on my face and—"
sunghoon notices you holding back your smile.
he breathes in.
"the point is, i really like you. so much that i'm clenching my fist and feet right now."
you let out a small laugh. even the park sunghoon was a complete slave that turns into a dork over romantic feelings? it was really humorous to you right now; how he sits in front of you in an upright manner, beads of sweat were almost noticeable from where you sat.
it was as if the world was turned upside down— before, you acted just like him (although with more ... confidence).
"thank you sunghoon." you smile gratefully, "thank you for telling me that."
sunghoon breathes in, expecting the next words to be rejection.
"and ... i unsurprisingly like you as well, i mean wasn't i obvious already? didn't you notice with the way how i stare at you in the hallways? or when ryujin and isa tease me? also the powerpoint presentation, like what was that even—"
you notice sunghoon smiling, he doesn't even bother in hiding it.
"i'm the one rambling now, aren't i?"
he nods ... cutely.
(gosh is that how bad you got it for him?)
"so uh—"
both of you say at the same time again, but this time around, sunghoon encourages you to voice out your thoughts first.
"so uhm, do we make this official? how do you even make it official? do we shake hands or whatever? do i sign an agreement? wait— do you even want to make it official? i mean if you don't want to make it official it's fine, we can just be a special type of friends, although not friends with benefits because obviously, that's not what's going on—"
you feel a pair of lips against yours for a second, and in a blink the feeling was gone.
"does that answer your question?"
countless of questions filled your mind: did park sunghoon just kiss me on the lips? where was the dork sunghoon earlier? how is he back to himself again that quick?
opting for the option of leaving those questions unanswered, you quickly nod, your words were completely cannot be found.
sunghoon grins, perfectly content with the outcome of this meeting.
you do too.
Tumblr media
you were never one to let a minute pass by in boredom; you always find a way to entertain yourself and the people around you. so, it doesn't take much of a surprise when you mistakenly sent the wrong file to park sunghoon— your current crush. it wouldn't be so bad if it were just any file, however, the one you sent was embarrassingly named: reasons why park sunghoon should date me.
TAGLIST : send an ask to be included! @ncityy04 @notrosemary @lumixen @msxflower @ghjasksdk @datiny-zen @nyfwyeonjun @mykalon @wkhdery @cha-raena @hobistigma @acciomylove @theskzvibe @lokideadontheinside @eclisqc @blank-velvet @meiiiwa @enhanote @youreverydayzebra @killyoselff @taejinxkoya @sunnymoointhehouse @tobiosbbyghorl @aishiohs @enteume4life @hyuckslytherin @defxciii @dear-dreamie @studioreader @peachyun02 @kyleeanne @ohdudehesflirting @hwalllllllelujah @simpforsung @nshitae @ja4hyvn @liliansun @neptuniees @heesyi @axurio @yourlocalhotgf @cosmiclele @enhacolor @c0nvers3h1gh @vegetablespuppets @jenwonie @hoonbokki @robotsahi @diestheticu
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thirsting4slashers · a month ago
Random Billy and Stu HC’s
Like I said in my other one, he secretly loves pop music
Spice Girls, Tony Braxton, George Michael, etc etc
Also loves Tupac I think that he’d listen to him while he studies
He calls people nicknames ALL. THE. TIME.
He was the one who gave Stu that nickname, it just kind of stuck
Randy and he get along fine but they’re more casual acquaintances than friends
Billy wears shoes in the house
His favorite color is dark blue or a deep red
Very pretentious when it comes to horror movies
That’s not a headcanon, just the truth
He identifies as Demi
If he had social media, he’d try and get a username that was either just ‘BillyLoomis’ or something dark and emo
He’d be super big on Myspace
His favorite weather is when it’s warm with a slight breeze. Think the very beginning of fall when it’s starting to get colder but not by much
He is NOT a morning person in any fucking capacity lmao
If you wake him up he’s 100% going to be grumpy and just >:( the entire time
He drinks a lot of coffee because he tends to stay up late (which is partly why he hates getting up in the am)
Do not give him directions by telling him to go north or south, that’s not only going to piss him off but he’ll get even more lost
He’s just not good at directions in anyway, he needs someone to write them down for him tbh
He is a very big fan of puns
I can see him buying those joke books as a kid and just carrying them around to read 
Has a habit of interrupting other people when they’re talking but not because he doesn’t want to hear them talk anymore (sometimes he does though lol) but because he’s just really excited to talk about whatever it is he wants to say
I think he’s Pan tbh, he just has a lot of love to give and doesn’t see the need to limit it to one gender/sex
He’s also poly, I think him having more than one partner would be best for him!
No one goes to him for advice besides Billy LMAO
It’s not that he’s bad at giving advice, he just… tends to go to extremes 
And he also has a hard time telling when he needs to be serious, he tries to lighten the mood a lot and it can bother people because they think he’s just blowing them off/minimizing their experience
He and Randy were friends idc, they would hang out together alone and have a good time 
Physical touch is his love language fr, he loves touching people
He’s lowkey a neat freak
Like, his house and room are spotless because he needs a clear space to work
When he’s sad he’ll play sad music to make himself even sadder
A vicious cycle if you will
His favorite flavor of ice cream is either coffee, chocolate, or mango
And he’s absolutely a prude about trying new flavors
“I know I like these so why would I try anymore????”
Second favorite movie genre are comedies, he’s definitely forced Billy to watch Beevis and Butthead 
Speaking of Beevis and Butthead, he and Billy absolutely dressed up like them for Halloween at least once
He sleeps starfish style, takes up the whole damn bed when he’s by himself
If he’s sleeping with someone then his arms are wrapped around them and he is getting himself as close to them as possible
THIS MAN RUNS HOT he’s essentially a space heater
He likes reading, especially the classics, which surprises lots of people 
Favorite book is ‘The Painting of Dorian Gray’
He loves getting his picture taken, Tatum has a bunch of polaroid's of him doing literally anything and everything
Good baker! Has his own recipe for brownies
Can’t cook for shit though, the kid was raised by nannies he never had to cook for himself so he never bothered learning
Nail biter as well
He has a thin scar on the bridge of his nose from when he was younger and was running through the house during one of his many moves and ran into a glass table :(
I can see him collecting stuff, not like coins or stuff he thinks are ‘nerdy’ but like,,, rocks and sea glass and stuff
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scintillasofbeomgyu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➷ a star called you — chapter 49: BONUS
pairing: choi beomgyu x reader. genre(s): fluff, crack, college au, band txt, smau. wc: 588. warning(s): none. an: HEHEHE surprise! 💘 this scene takes place two weeks prior to chapter 49! listen to: right here.
Tumblr media
[11:55 pm] — “are you sure you’re okay with this?” suhyeon asked, their tone skeptical but their eyes soft with concern. they had expected you to take a few days off to recuperate, especially since the rest had given them an in-depth run down on what had happened that sunday evening, so when you showed up at the station that tuesday afternoon they were rather taken by surprise.
you were in the booth five minutes before the show was to start, flipping through the script, when suhyeon posed the question. you nodded with an enthusiasm you hoped would reassure them, “i’m fine. this is my show. i can’t leave them hanging all the time you know,” you smiled. you continued to scan through the page between your fingers, before the conversation you and taehyun shared flashed across your mind. you bit onto your lip and waved to get suhyeon’s attention, “i- um, i’m not okay. but i’m getting better. the show helps take my mind off things for a while.”
suhyeon’s eyes crinkled as they smiled and gave you a thumbs up. sharing how you were feeling would take some getting used to, even now the thought that you were being annoying still plagued you, but you would take small steps to get better. you promised you would. for taehyun, for his family, for your friends, for beomgyu— for yourself.
haewon signalled that you were about to go on air and you got ready before they began the countdown. the second you went live you felt refreshed. you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to have the same energy you always did, but it was as if those listeners who you knew nothing of gave you all the energy you lacked. through reading their stories, you realized — as rewarding as it felt to know you were helping other people, they were a healing force to you too.
you made the decision then, that that is what you wanted to do forever.
“we have a little more time before the show ends, let’s read some more messages!” you scrolled through the monitor, stopping at at a familiar name that made you grin, “angel313! it’s always so nice to see you! i hope you’re feeling better these days!! their message reads:
hey poppy! it’s always wonderful to hear your voice. i was a little worried when you couldn’t make it yesterday. everything’s okay, right? it’s okay to take a break from time to time! don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t forget to eat and sleep well, too! i know sometimes it’s hard to put oneself first and how hard it can be to really love yourself, but i think i speak for all the listeners here when i say you are a gem. gem’s are precious and shine brightest when they’re taken good care of! so always do what’s best for you! do everything you want, speak your mind, love who you want and... leave if they’re not healthy for you! i know this is technically not about me, but i’m always hoping for your happiness, poppy-d! i hope you look up to the sky tonight with a smile on your face. fighting!!”
you took a moment to still your thumping heart, tears brimming in your eyes. you looked over at haewon and suhyeon, and although the edges of their lips were pulled up, their eyes seemed to be glimmering too. you took a breath, “the last song for today will be angel313’s recommendation, right here by keshi!”
Tumblr media
back to chapter 49 !!
taglist: @minsunoo @feyregels @boba-beom @binniebutter @mango-mina @ghostingtrackone @beombug @neonew @speckled-sunshine @tyunstars @vantxx95 @spookybias @jiminaaaahhhh @angelhee @00-baejin-05 @sbnchaos @youreverydayzebra @ikyk-leeknow @milkycloudtyg @tyundere @rainooo @onigiriyuki @minthoodie @viscoolreal @gyuville @s0ngk4ng @soobinbins @day6andetcetera @woniecstasy @thegracerammy @rae-blogging @kwonthefire @definitelynotcesia @jjunimaze @soobsdior @bbeomgyucafe @jakeycore @hoshi4k @lovebeomb @milkochaa @tonightletspretend @hseungace @msxflower @nyfwyeonjun @witheeseung @mxxniechxld @nycol-ie @wonhaotrsh (send an ask to be added!!)
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mangobubbletea7 · 12 hours ago
Dream and Foolish are making plans for a stream together where Foolish can show DreamXD (I’m assuming it would be DreamXD instead of regular Dream) his DreamXD statue and might be rewarded for it if it’s impressive!
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mangospams · a month ago
Disrespectfully, I would crush Touya’s head like a stress ball between my thighs. -kith anon
Tbh, he’d enjoy it
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mango-bango-bby · 5 months ago
Congrats on 2k Mango!!!! Could you do shower with Sakusa? Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
♡ Soaked ♡
(A/N: I’m sorry this is so short, darling 💖 This is my first time writing nsfw for the beautiful omi-omi so I hope i did him so justice with this semi-nsfw fic!!! ⛲️💞💞💞)
Content Warning ⚠️: Kidnapping, NSFW, Shower Sex, bad writing on my part (☍﹏⁰)
Prompt List ♡
There are still three prompts that have yet to be requested!! They are: Rainy Days, Reassurance, and Public 💖 Please request them if you’d like 🌸 Prompt: Sakusa + Shower (Yan!Sakusa x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
It wasn’t unusual for your captor to bathe or shower with you. He was quite the germaphobe as you’ve learned. So it was never unusual for him to drag you to the shower after a long day. But today it felt different.
Sakusa’s  eyes seemed to linger on your bit longer, staring at you intensely. This staring only increased when you removed your clothes, making you cover your self with your arms.
Sakusa usually doesn’t stare at you like this. Sure, he ogles you from time to time, however that never bothered you to much. But today he just seemed more intense about it. You cover yourself as much as you can with your arms before gently stepping into the shower.
“You look really pretty today” Sakusa mutters, hugging your bare body against his. Something that he doesn’t do very often. He’ll hold you sometimes but he’s not super affectionate with touch, usually only using words to show his affection.
You’re not used to this, especially when Sakusa begins caressing your skin. His mind focused on how soft your skin is, so soft and smooth. Clean and pure.
“Thank you” you mumble, not even trying to get out of Sakusa’s arms. The warm water hitting both of you while you simply stood in the shower. Sakusa continues moving his hands until he brushes against your womanhood, causing your breath to hitch.
Sakusa definitely takes notice you this and proceeds to gently rub you down there. The water from the shower making you more wet than you already are, reducing the friction however that doesn’t make it feel any less good.
“Omi” you involuntarily whine, jutting your hips forward wanting more than just simple touches. Although, judging by his erection poking your thigh, you don’t think you’ll have to wait much longer. “Relax” Sakusa simply states, blood rushing to his face at the erotic noises coming from you and the way you whine his name.
You try to relax until Sakusa begins teasingly rubbing your clit, him very much enjoying your reaction. Your back is flushed against his chest, although he begins leaning you over, your front now pushed against the marble of the shower walls. Sakusa never really thought about sex, finding the idea of it completely repulsive. Until he saw you nude for the first time. His mind would be flooded with so many lewd images of you.
“Kiyoomi!” you squeal, feeling Sakusa’s tip press against your cunt. Sakusa cages you between him and the wall. “I said, relax” he calmly speaks, his breath hitting your ear from how close he is to you.
You never thought of your captor as a sensual man, however you were happy to be in this current situation with him. Surrounded by the warm water and steam.
Thank you for reading, darling!!
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oh-for-fic-sake · 5 months ago
Deliverance Chapter Three
Tumblr media
Summary: That time has come to sort through the artefacts that have been sent to earth with you, and Clark finds he is less and less impressed with how krypton was governed.
Warnings: Suggestive themes, Fluff,Angst, A/B/O, Mating mentioned, Heats mentioned, Swearing
Wordcount: 14000+
A/N; so this chapter is mostly information and backstory. I rewrote kryptons history becuase... I wanted to? Yeah any way i hope you all enjoy even it it drags.
Taglist: in reblogs
Tumblr media
The days that followed were strange, you had gotten used to earth and its strangeness. You were also spending as much time outside as you could, soaking up the sun rays and laying in the grass, sometimes walking through the fields. Martha even had you helping her with some flowerbeds 'weeding' humans were funny creatures. The white and pink flowers were acceptable but the little fluffy yellow ones and tiny blue ones were not? They were 'weeds' and had to be pulled from the ground. Martha had given you a strange look when you asked to keep them but got you a little trough all the same and helped you plant your weeds. They lived on your windowsill and you watered them every morning. Clark found it cute and even added some to it wanting to help.
You felt much better now and your breathing had settled. It was bliss residing with your alpha. You'd learned that he had a job as a reporter- a news writer. Those things weren't really mentioned at home which surprized you when you realised just how important they were and how much time it took up. And speaking of importance, you got your papers! Your official human documentation. A certificate of birth, because humans rewarded their young with paper on their birth you found it funny but your new family had been adamant you were given this reward for being birthed. You also got a number for social security recognition, a schooling achievement diploma? And a passport? So you could fly? Which didn't make much sense to you when you could do that anyway... Or would be able to once you were completely acclimatised to this planet. It had been Clark's friends- A bat who arranged it all, which was nice... If not odd you thought a bat was a winged mammal but perhaps there was a different bat hybrid you wasn't aware of. You were now unofficially, official in your human life.
When Clark was away you missed him, but didn't? Martha kept you busy, filling in the holes of your earthly education. You found her to be a sweet and funny woman, she was wholesome and kind. Never once shying away from you like you had expected. You lived with her for the moment a spare room in the farm house had been converted for you. For some reason she would not let you stay in the same room as your mate, she said it was a human thing. Not that, it stopped Clark from sneaking in at night and curling up in the bed with you soothing you and kissing you. He would always chuckle with you stating 'he wasn't human so its okay' whilst snuggling you sweetly scenting and murring at you until you fell asleep. You never felt safer then in the arms of your alpha, snuggling tight against him pressing kisses to his chest and rubbing your cheek on the curls that covered it, digging your nose into them and sniffing, breathing him in falling asleep.
Your bond was growing stronger and stronger as the days past, even if you only managed a few hours at night and in the morning with him. Clark had to explain some strange things, for some reason you were both to wear a ring? When humans found their mates they gave each other rings and wore them on the left ring fingers it meant they were mates? Married? Martha had been a little upset over it at first but Clark said it was best to do it this way, you could have your wedding later, for now he will wait. Martha had been persistent but in the end gave up, it was hard for her to face the reality that her son was not human and he was trying his best.
You were happier then you thought you'd be on a alien world, you'd acclimatised for the most part and found your own earthling way. Even if Martha and Clark found it strange you refused to eat anything brown or plain. Or meat.
The concept of eating animals was very disturbing for you. On krypton animals were not eaten, well not animals like on earth. Kryptonian's ate what earthlings would call insects, non sentient beings. But then again the insects here were... Tiny, surprizingly so. But Clark had taken it in his stride, if you didn't want to eat meat he wasn't going to force you... But he made you eat lots of what he called your 'leafy greens'... Which didn't make sense to you because many of the leafy greens should just be called greens because brocca-broccile- baby trees! Didn't have leaves neither did the little green balls! P's? You think he called them p's. Just when you began to loose hope for delicious sustenance he surprized you. Mangoes. You loved mangoes and grapes and apples! Fruit any fruit. Martha and your mate had taken you to a human grocery store and you'd been drawn to the fruit section.
Tumblr media
You walked into the store clutching at Clark's arm terrified, it was the first time being out and mingling with other humans. Once inside you looked about seeing a few humans scattered about the isles and relaxed. A wave of smells hit your senses making you cough.
"Breath, breath through it love... That's it good girl, good omega. Now hold on to me or the cart and stay with ma and me" Clark said rubbing your back leading you behind Martha walking past some special buys. After a few short minuets you relaxed and released Clark looking watching as the other humans walked about some with children some teenagers and even a few alone. The children drew your attention. Boys. Real little boys. Flesh and blood male children in little hats and shorts- clothing with cartoon race cars on them. You froze looking in awe. Felt the stutter.
"love?" he asked feeling you halt and tense. He instantly looked up and was on alert every bone in his body itching to protect you. To destroy what had spooked his tiny mate. He looked around for the danger but there was none, just a mother and her sons further down the isle.
"Look... Boys, young boys" you uttered slowly looking to the children holding a brightly coloured packet up to what you presumed was his mother pleading for the packet. The woman smiled and nodded letting them throw the packet into the cart and they continued down the isle.
"Yes love. I forget you've never seen a young boy have you" he hummed wrapping his arms around you from behind kissing the top of your head. You melted into him and shook your head still watching as the humans rounded the corner at the end of the shop.
"what do you think?" Clark whispered sweetly, amused and struck by the way you'd reacted to such a simple sight. A mother and sons, he forgot you'd never seen a boy before. He had been the last one on krypton.
"They... He was beautiful." you uttered slowly blinking still registering the image of a real live breathing male child.
"Ours will be better~ perfectly formed kryptonians a whole swarm" he said making you feel light and carefree, the thought of a litter- a true litter of your own pups made you quiver in anticipation.
"You-you'll give me pups?" you said softly trembling from head to toe. Clark hadn't made any inclination to wanting pups or to take your bond any further then the sweet caresses and cuddles he'd been gifting you. You'd not once spoke of anything beyond getting you settled into human life. Clark grinned awkwardly and nodded, he wasn't used to children being called pups and such, he was still coming to terms with the? Miscommunication between worlds and terminology.
"I will try my hardest, sons and daughters" he chuckled squeezing you tightly and pressed a long kiss to your head nuzzling your hair watching as the family disappeared. His heart swelled. A family, a real family. Children of his own in your little belly, with out fear of them being too much for you to handle. He could relax knowing you could handle their tiny kicks and nudges. You could survive a pregnancy and birth him healthy full term children. He had so many niggling little fears over trying to create himself a family with a human. Humans were weak, fragile, but with you? With you he could be exactly what he was. A kryptonian. A god among men. It was refreshing having someone he could truly relax around.
"Promise?" Came the tiny voice, breathless and pleading, huge doe like eyes blinking at him hopefully glazed in tears. He could feel the tremors through your bond, like someone twanging an elastic band, the vibrations of relief and excitement reaching him, tugging and pulling. It was as if you had feared he wouldn't give you children. And finally he had confirmed it.
"I promise little omega, as soon as I'm able you will be round and heavy~" watching as your eye grew wide and you purred at him rubbing your cheek to his as he craned down to kiss you, then scented him under his jaw. With an adorable flush and melodious gasp you pulled back looking around worried someone would know you'd scented your alpha.
"shh remember humans don't understand, they don't know what you did sweet pea" he uttered trying to sooth you. You had explained that scenting was seen as very private. It was... Like mating- the prequel to meeting, scenting was strengthening your bond and extremely intimate. To be caught doing it out side? It was very frowned upon, on krypton you'd get less disapproval if he fucked you out in the open!
"do not call me a p.. They are wretched things!... Call me... Something yummy" you complained not yet being aware that a sweet pea was a flower... And he wasn't calling you and actual pea.
"I apologise... You can be my little cookie?" he chuckled slowly it wasn't that he was laughing at you but he found it endearing how straight forward you were. If you didn't like something you told him out right. It was a nice change, you didn't seem to understand the whole human political correctness and subtlety. Your reasoning with Clark was that you could both feel the others feelings through the bond, so what was the point in lying. That would just complicate things. And he couldn't argue with your logic.
"what is a cookie?" you asked tipping your head to the side curiously. He did burst out laughing at that and shook his head squeezing you tight. Tighter then any human could handle, but that was part of the beauty in your relationship. You wasn't human, wasn't breakable. He could fully relax and touch you without fear of harming you. You were impenetrable... Well in that sense anyway~
"Something very sweet and delicious I promise~" he said kissing your head once more and ushered you down the isle slowly trying to find his mother, but still let you look around. You were curious and wanted to explore your new home planet and he wont ruin your first venture.
"Clark? Clark come and help me- I cant reach the milk! Its at the back again!" Martha said quietly you smiled. It took a lot of coaxing but you had indeed tried what Clark had explained as 'cow juice' and had developed a taste for it. So Martha had promised you milk every day if you liked. Which you did like. A lot. Clark pressed another kiss to you and walked off towards the milk refrigerators expecting you to follow.
You made to follow but a sweet scent hit you and you stopped mid step. It was wonderful and ripe, sweet and succulent. You pivoted and followed without much thought. Your feet found there way twisting around the display of 'leafy greens' to a bright colourful isle. You salivated at the smells. There were so many intoxicating scents you didn't know what to look at first.
You pressed a hand on a small net package full of strange green fuzzy balls. Kiwi's? You read and scrunched your face up at the peculiar name. Then plucked the bag up and held it to your nose sniffing. They smelled divine, like a type of food from home. Okriin a small sour sweet treat given to children on their birthing date. You sniffed again and almost cried. It was so similar but so different sweeter and fuller in the scent. You cautiously sniffed again and closed your eyes before tentativly prodding it with your tongue wanting to see if it tasted the same.
"y/n? Y/n?!- oh god there you are? What are you doing? You almost gave me a heart attack" Clark said racing towards you his mother behind him with the cart. He slid to a stop and blinked at you. As you scrunched up your nose.
"The texture of these are... Not very nice?" you said naively moving for the fruit again sticking your tongue out once more trying to discern if it was edible like this. Clark moved quickly gasping holding your hands that had the.. Kiwi's in it.
"no, no.. No we- you don't eat them like that... You peel them and eat the inside, and we don't lick things in the shop okay?" he explained with a teasing to his voice. Martha chuckled into her chest she couldn't help it, you were extremely cute.
"But? Then how do you know if you like it if you don't taste?" You frowned as Martha stifled a laugh. But she quickly curbed herself when you looked serious and a little upset. You didn't find it funny food was serious and had always been rationed, you were allowed only the portion you needed to stay healthy back home. Nothing more unless you could grow it.
"You buy it and eat it at home, then we can come and get more" Clark said drawing your attention once more. Your frown deepened. More? You could come back? That didn't sound right... or fair, Martha normally made one trip a week on the same day... wasn't that her alotted time for food shopping? Or was it by choice?
"More? But isn't there rules on how many trips a household makes?" You asked genuinely confused looking from your mate to his mother then back again. They both looked a little shocked by the idea of not being allowed to get food when they needed to. Martha even looked sad, shaking her head looking down.
"No love, there isn't... is there on kry-back home?" Clark asked, he almost sounded offended by the thought of being told when you can and cant go shopping.
"Yes. We have fifteen minuets for every member of your house hold that your shopping for and an alotted time every two weeks to pick up your rations" you said without batting an eyelash. Clark drew a deep breath, he had to admit he didn't like what he was hearing about your shared home planet. He found himself more and more relieved you were here with him and not in that? Authoritarian place.
"Did you lick anything else?" He said trying to move away from the topic, he was trying to get you used to this planet and this was your first time out and about in town. He wanted to move on, to let you be free and explore... preferably with him beside you.
"...If I do can we take it home?" You said tipping your head to him with a cheek grin. He chuckled and rounded you placing an arm around your waist and pokeing under your ribs in a freshly discovered tickle spot making you giggle.
"Silly thing you don't have to lick things for us to buy them, I suppose you liked the smell huh?" He enquired nodding to the Kiwis still clutched protectively in your hands.
"Yes it.. Its like something from home- a treat we had on our birthing day..." you nodded looking down plucking at the bright orange netting that kept four of the fuzzy fruit together.
"Then we shall get two packets love" he said plucking another pack of kiwis and placing them in the cart, he then looked to you as you scanned the isle still indulging in the amazing mix of smells and colours.
"Pick out a few more things to try, the mangoes are nice and juicy I think you'd like them." He said motioning to the colourful sweet smelling displays.
"R-really I can pick some?" You asked nervously twiddling your fingers and pulling onto the sleeves of your top.
"Yes love we don't ration here you can pick a few things to try, just promise me you wont lick any of it... at least not until we get to the car"  he said grinning as you nodded enthusiastically looking around suddenly full of childish glee. God help him when you try some candy, he has the feeling you'll have a sweet tooth.
"I promise!" You said happily and ran off to some of the other fruit that smelt divine and quickly picked a few.
Once you got home you watched Clark and Martha make a small platter of fruit for you. And you'd fallen inlove! Mangoes and pears were your favourite,  you didn't like grapefruit and should have listened when they told you not to eat a lemon... lemons were for juicing and flavouring other food, not for eating.
Tumblr media
You smiled as you mulled over the day, that was the first day you saw the civilisation of your new home. Humans were free and unorganised. Chaotic but at the same time had made their own way to navigate the chaos of their world and one another. They were very similar to your kind. But it was hard, frightening! Suddenly you could do what you wanted when you wanted. Krypton in its desperation had taken many choices away, even the basic ones. Like how much food you could have per household, how many times you could visit the shopping districts or medical bays. You had laws on how much water you used, who could go where and when. and suddenly all that structure- all those rules were gone. You were to do as you pleased?
It was a frightening concept.
You padded across the small space to the barn with tentative steps, quivering knees. Clark was behind you a few feet trying to give you space, yet at the same time he was pressing himself though the bond. Warm and comforting reassuring you. He had learned in the past week that he could send messages through the bond. Almost whispers it was weird you didn't hear anything but you could feel his words, feel his probing. His soul was apart of you and your soul apart of him now. And you could communicate in such a deep way it- you almost felt as if you were one being.
Today you had decided to go through the ships cargo hold and start removing some things up to your room. It had been something you put off but it was time to begin answering more questions, time to give our alpha his heirlooms and books. Your job now was to help him learn all about krypton and its past.
Clark darted forward opening the doors to the barn letting you and Martha in. You'd decided to let Martha help, she deserved it she was your surrogate mother now after all. Last week she'd started asking you to call her Ma too.
You moved towards the tarp covering the ship and pulled at it making the crinkling plastic fall the  inched forward pressing a hand to the door to the pod. You froze, flashes of the moment you'd been wrestled into the pod crossed your mind. The fear and agony of knowing you were going to be there end. Kill your parents. But it was to late, it had been too late then and it was too late now.
"Omega? Are you alright?" Clark said standing behind you curling one arm around your frame, the thick forearm resting over your tummy at your waist.
"Yes, its... The last time saw this was when" you trailed softly, you knew he could feel the fear and despair as you replayed those final moments with your family over and over. You hand been strong enough to hold on to your mother or father. You hadn't had enough grip to pull them into the ship with you, and your lack of strength cost them their lives.
Clark murred into your shoulder, his other hand stretching out smoothing his palm over yours pinning it you the surface of the door. He could taste the anxiety, the overwhelming frantic terror that had overcome you as your bond soured your memories haunted you. In the night you'd cry out for them and jolt awake sobbing your heart out. But you'd never spoke about what ha actually happened.
"D-do you want to talk about it?" He said quietly pressing his chest to your back needing to touch his sweet omega, the overwhelming drive to comfort you was almost painful.
"I don't think it would help... I shouldn't feel bad, its what i had been commissioned for. We all new our purpose" Clark paused. What? You had barely spoke about krypton, but from what you had mentioned he had a very... unimpressed view of it. The world sounded totalitarian and harsh everyone leading a hard life of duty. But he had never pushed you, he could tell you still mourned the planet despite its shortcomings.
"C-commissioned? Purpose? What do you mean?" Martha muttered moving closer to you both. She too was curious, her and Clark never thought they would have this chance, that they could learn everything about the planet of his birth or his race. But you were it. Their answers a living breathing kryptonian that had resided on krypton! You knew everything they wanted to know and probably more. They had been trying to hold back their questions it would seem that you may finally be up to answering them.
"Krypton is... Was like... North Korea? The one shut off from the world? But... stranger, its hard to explain without knowing our history we had our reasons and failures" you trailed off, you was unsure where to start, the troubled past of your race was woven into its present, well not present as today but... the final era of krypton. Everything leading up to the day you were shipped off from the planet. There were complications, twists and turns that you might not be able to explain properly.
"Please, I'd like to know" his voice was small and sweet, almost naïve in a sense. You got the feeling of a curious desperation from your bond. It made you grin, he was trying so hard to hold back for your sake, he truly was the perfect mate both considerate and loving, there was a gentleness about him that many alphas are said to have lacked. It must come from being raised on this planet, growing up around being so much weaker then he is that has moulded him to hold such a sweet sense of  nurturing. After all your mate was the golden son, a living breathing god on earth.
"I know... come I have books and artefacts in the cargo hold, I will give them to you and you can read" you said with a shy smile, you warm giddy feelings traveling along you bond making him murr once more managing to hit the all important melodious sound that was the unique soul song you'd both began naturally harmonizing. You stood and pulled from Clark and walking a small way down the ship. You pulled a hidden hatch open jerking a lever up and then pulled and twisted before releasing. You were quite impressed at how easily you'd done it. The suns rays had made you immensely strong already. Soon your be flying hopefully!
Clark hovered over you, making sure to stand in between the ship and his mother. A large gust of air and a whirring sound resounded and you stepped back. There were several clunk's and metallic creaks then the whole side of the craft pealed away like a set of curtains a thick corsetina of metal revealed a large cargo hold the three of you could just fit in.
There were shelves and cases piled high inside. All of krypton's most valuable artefacts, your whole history in the small stalagmite keys. Just like the one Clark had been sent to earth with. But these held information, schematics of incredible tech, medicines and encyclopaedia's. Not only about krypton but other planets and races that could cause a threat.
The there were the texts for your pups. The very same you had used to study as a child. You tip toed inside looking around feeling your heart break. This was all that was left of a whole civilization. A case of ceremonial robes, some crown jewels. Seeds for a few important plants- even a small rack with some mature plants that were being grown in a small self sustained pod. It was a true treasure trove.
"Wow this is? Incredible"
"Everything in here is... significant to our kind- here these are the books to start with they will tell you what krypton went through... a child's guide to our history" you said scooping up the books you'd studied and handed them to Clark. He moved slowly taking them from you running his fingers over the image on the book.
You walked off around a small shelf trying to find your chest- the things your parents had been allowed to pack for you. You had to find it and get over those emotional tugging in your chest. You had a lot to explain and had to have a clear head on your shoulders.
Martha stood close by the exit as she watched the two of you potter about the ship. It was both frightening and exhilarating for her. She was glad they had thought about all this, about giving both you and Clark things to remember krypton by. She moved to step behind Clark peeking at the book he was flicking through and was surprized to find she could read it. Everything was in perfect English.
"This is? Are they all in English?" She asked turning to you who was still wandering around becoming upset clearly looking for something in particular.
"Yes, they needed to make sure kal-clark would be able to read it" you said comeing around the other side of the shelves and stood beside them both. Clark turned around eyeing the book seeing what looked like propaganda filling the pages. It was disconcerting he was slowly becoming aware that krypton was not the magical place he had envisioned but a very draconian type of civilization. He didn't want to read pages of scripted drivel. He wanted the truth. He closed the book and eyed you then held to book out to you.
"I'd like to learn from you... if its not to much to ask love? These books will paint a rosey picture, I want to know the reality what people actually thought of our planet" he said still offering you the book. You held your breath debating for a moment, but finally breathed out a sigh and took the book from him. Agreeing.
You moved to the side of the ship and sat down letting your feet rest on the steps. Clark and Martha followed your lead taking seats beside you.
You kept quiet for a moment pondering over what was most important to start with. Your evolution. Then your genealogy, the great mistake and population crisis and the laziness that followed. The selfishness and finally his own story, the story of the golden sons escape and the new age. The final short 31 year age. And your delivery.
You opened the page showing some images of the first ever 'proper kryptonians' and held it open letting both Martha and Clark lean over to see. It was like a family story time.
"Okay... So kryptonians evolved just like humans did millions of years ago.  But unlike humans we kept more of our animal like instincts, we retained pack mentality" you said pointing out the different images of the evolution.
"Alpha and omega's?" Clark asked curiously as his eyes scanned the page. There was a list for each. Alpha were bigger and stronger, more dominant and protective, fierce and very potent. They were more economic and able to draw more power from little radiation. Omega petite, defensive, skittish and shy. Nurturing and extremely fertile. Submissive.
"Yes and betas they aren't an extreme like omega and alpha. They are more balanced but much less fertile. We have one mate, one soul bond once its made you cant deny it, but its also a problem." You flipped a few pages to the mate bond section where there were a few images of couples and some more little bullet points. Of which you covertly covered, they didn't need to know about sex or knots or heat yet... you would explain to Clark later... alone.
You flushed unable to stop your mind wandering. Images of you finally bonding with Clark, the undulating hips and breathy moans resounding in your ears. All leading to a great finale of his bite, his canines would prick your skin clamping down not only marking you but to hold you still as his cock swelled and pressed your walls tight trapping you to his huge frame. It was said to be painful and euphoric the feeling of absolute unity. Apparantly omegas can panic when their alpha knots them for the first time, the bite would make you freeze and still for him enough to fully penetrate you. He'd knot you for a long while tying you to him both mind body and soul as he saturated your insides claiming your body for himself.  You swallowed, nervously. You couldn't wait to finally be claimed, but you were also nervous. He was large even for an alpha and there was no doubt in your minds he was well proportioned.  
Clark noticed you begin to blush and squirm, your scent changing becoming both sweeter and musky he leant over you trying to peek at what you were hiding. He snuck a hand around behind you and tried pulling on your elbow to see what your were trying to hide.
"Oh no come on love what are you hiding there?" He teased and pulled tugging you closer making you whine and pull back.
"No that's nothing just its err our sex education and we don't need to go into that yet!" At the mention of sex Clark stiffened and released your elbow but remained wrapped around you.
"Oh right well then.. we know all about that so there no need to... explore that topic" Clark said flushing brightly but you paused... should you tell him?
"Well err you... you will have to there are.. some difference to having sex with... others then your mate, things are... different when your body knows it can impregnate its partner. So you need to err... I've got books for you to read in private" you flustered flicking your eyes quickly from Martha to your mate trying hard not to imagine him but ass naked stroking his cock readying himself to mount you. Clark didn't seem to realise you were becoming nervous and quickly spoke up slightly confused by the way you'd worded your statement. But then again he found a lot of the things you said strange. You wored things differently, and sometimes used the wrong words altogether! As much as krypton prepared you it sort of hadn't? Your English was good but... Not completely accurate.
"Different when you can impregnate? What's that supposed to mean, I've had sex... It was normal human sex" you whined and lowered your head feeling a little upset. Your mate almost sounded offended, like you'd undermined him or doubted his ability... You felt a little shamed over it, you hadn't intended to insult him. You turned to him your panic of displeasing him washed away your nerves of having the sex talk. You rested a hand on his thigh squeezing it before beginning  to explain that you wasn't belittling him it was just genetics.
"You cannot conceive with anyone other then your soul mate... It just doesn't happen. Is impossible, we were taught that its because your genes are only compatible with that of your mate, your other half. Pairings aren't always omega and alpha either, they can be anyone with anyone, but most alphas have an omega" you said trying not to go into detail but Clark merly blinked at you nodding wanting you to continue as he soaked up every word.
"And there are... Things that... Happen during sex with your soul mate, your err... Anatomy changes... And err expands? I suppose? Our bodies do what they must to... To try and... Conceive.." you finally stuttered through the images your mind conjured. Mind drifting to all the uncomfortable classes full of giggling girls and unamused teachers explaining knotting and ejaculation with a huge image of a penis on the board... You flushed word on the school playground used to be the size of a balled fist was the size of your mates knot. You swallowed eyeing Clarks hands, though not balled up he had then curled up loosely. You clenched, for some reason the thought of him being such a large male made you very ,very excited and anxious. The larger a male the more chance there was at having a successful mating because he would be deeper and nothing would escape. Fuck.
You shook your head swallowing dryly. Now was not the time, thoughts like that were dangerous and could trigger a heat, something you didn't want to happen until he was aware of what was to come. You wanted him to be fully aware of heats, ruts knotting the full process before in sighting anything. He was still immensely stringer than you, if he were to have you now and panic whislt knotting he could pull free and tear you. And you didn't want that.
"soo i get a... Super erection or something?" he said with a huge smile both teasing and boasting, sitting up straighter unknowingly posturing, preening like a little peacock as humans would say. You made to reply flushing a deeper red, beginning to feel a tad dizzy with all this blood rushing to your head. But luckily Martha interrupted and waved her hands making a slicing motion trying to literally cut the conversation short.
"Right okay! Enough of all that" she said managing to move your arms that were still covering the very crude generic drawings of an alphas cock, you moved letting the human turn the page which lead to the next stage of your peoples history.
"But Ma?!" Clark complained eyes loosing their amused shimmer only for him to pout at the human clearly upset that he wont be having a full sex talk with you. And you couldn't be more thankfull because you only had books and a school sex education to go by, you'd never actually seen a real one before, so didn't really have any grounds to be teaching anyone anything about them. Least of all your much older, more experiance alpha mate.
"But nothing Clark, she said she has a book so you can read the damn book! There will be no hanky panky anytime soon do you understand me?" she scolded in a final motherly tone making you giggle into your hand. Your alpha was very cute when he pouted, blue eyes wide and a perfect downturned frown on his lips, the pink bottom lip pressed forward in a sweet gesture. How the perfectly masculine sharp angular male could be both stunning and adorable was beyond you. But he was just perfect.
"Yes Ma" he sighed looking more and more disheartened but then nudged your side and sent you a wink before raising his brows suggestively. You squeaked and looked to the book in your lap once more feeling your ears go red under his provocative gaze. He huffed a quiet chuckle and purred low in his chest. You felt it the warm yet prickly sensation of your mate. Is was playfull, like when someone lightly ghosts a finger over your inner arm? A slight tickling sensation that made your skin goose bump and tingle. You knew this feeling well, you had been pleased to know your alpha wasn't all work and no play. He was actually a very fun loving man, he liked teasing you playfully and always managed to make you laugh or blush. He enjoyed you being both happy and flushed they seemed to be his favoured reactions and he would go out of his way to cause them.
Martha had said he just seemed happier, younger like a little teenager again. But this time without all the angst. Like you had somehow drawn away the worries he had. Apparantly as he took the mantle of superman he had lost himself along the way. He wasn't cruel or mean but he was stressed. Martha had said he was beginning to question himself, ask if it was worth it, if anything was worth it anymore. He took on more and more responsibility and was working himself into the ground. But now he wasn't?
He had you to come home too, he had something more to fight for. She said Clark saw you as his reward in a sense. You were his future, the life he had always wanted but could never hope for. Martha said you'd saved him. You wasn't sure if you really believed her, how could you save him when all you have done is sleep and refuse to eat anything other then fruit.
"Clark you might be more convincing if you wiped that smirk off your face... I'm serious, let y/n settle before risking any children okay?" the woman deadpanned making him shrug and chuckle at her.
"Aw that's no fun I already promised. Didn't I sweetheart?" he teased still eyeing you managing to ignore his mothers scathing look as he tried to get you to look at him again. And like an idiot you did spare him a quick glance, well you thought it was quick but somehow he managed to wink at you again blowing you an over exaggerated kiss.
"Clark Joseph Kent!" Martha snipped quickly a much firmer warning in place making him sigh and roll his eyes at his mothers use of his full name. He could see her point but he had to admit he was a little put out with her.. His mother had an issue with your age, even though your twenty two in earth terms you still did look the part of a teen all be it a nineteen year old, but teen none the less. She was uncomfortable with the idea of him bedding you and wanted you both to wait. But Clark didn't have an issue with it, you were his omega. He was your alpha and neither you or he were humans. So why live your lives by human rules? Besides the paperwork was all set up. Legally your not a minor here you just look young, many women did.
"Yes, yes fine, no sex yet jeez" he acquiesced giving in for the moment not needing another lecture. As much as he loved his mother; and he truly did. But his sex life was none of her business and he will fuck you when you were ready and willing and there was nothing that will get in the way of that. Not even the woman who raised him.
"Glad to hear it son. Oh don't give me that look you know it makes sense... Now dear why don't you continue, both Clark and i would love to here about your history" Martha scolded then rolled her eyes at her supposed 'adult' son who was pouting. You smiled uneasy but nodded. You learned quickly that Martha ruled the roost, but it was still strange for you to watch. You'd been raised to see Kal as a god- a saviour and your races true hope. Watching the man you'd all but worshipped be scolded by a human was... confusing. But you just let it be, you were realising humans were much more complicated then you were lead to belive.
"yes of course..." you paused clearing your throat quickly looking at the open page then flipped it seeing the next images. The ships, and graph of births declining... the population crisis, the beginning of the mighty kryptonians demise.
"When our people began scouting the galaxy less and less found their soulmates because we were soo scattered and so pairings dropped and so did births which began effecting economy and age gap parings suffered because their mates werent being born. Suddenly things took a nose dive mates weren't being born families were suddenly being cut short and many bloodlines died off... Over sixty percent of noble houses were wiped out in three decades, suicides were on the rise there was no point to life if you couldn't be happy or have a family" you explained flipping another page letting the both of them get their fill. Both pages were full of house crests and a little information on what each one represented, what their houses did for krypton notable mentions and such.
You flipped again this time showing images of the amniotic chambers. Huge glass towers that grew 'artificial' kryptonians. It was a leap forward in science. They had learned to play god, create life without any comprises. Your own eyes scanned the image a small foetus in a sack and a few around it larger and more developed. It was how your own life began.
"We turned our attention to a amniotic chambers, scientists and doctors could suddenly make anyone children! Mates or not. There was a huge baby boom but, it did nothing for the planet or its people" you explained slowly even saying it sounded strange now that you were older, but then again you'd been taught that this had been wrong. This it was the mistake that had started krypton's downfall. You'd been raised in the old ways, with old values.
"Over time it was seen as primitive to actually seek out your mate and birth a child naturally even having sex became pointless. Why go through that pain when you could have one made and delivered to you when its born?"
"So they were farming babies?" Martha asked incredulously unable to fathom such a thing. It was far fetched, the idea to make fake children? To be able to have a child without carrying them or birthing them but they were your own flesh and blood?
"Yes Ma, but more then that... when we turned our back on natural birth and mates we lost a lot of ourselves and had to use a codex to give the new generations traits and keep some semblance of our race instincts... but even that became political all birthed children had to become more beneficial to society. Loyal, strong, intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, nurturing. And at the same time you could choose the look of your child, their sex, their presentation." You explained voice getting smaller as you spoke it was uncomfortable to talk about parents could determine everything about you. Your sex, pigmentation personality, hell your parents could choose specific moles and birthmarks of they wanted a late 'morphing' session a few weeks before you were born.
"Presentation?" Martha frowned not fully understanding. You nodded to her sparing a glance before quickly looking away. It was strange explaining anything that remotely eluded to pairings and mating with her. She was a human and didn't understand. You found it unnerving, everyone just knew these things back home.
She didn't understand it and sometimes it frustrated her making her snip at you and Clark. She didn't mean to but it was just hard for her to fathom a race evolving and still retain some animal primitive instincts. Humans didn't keep much of theirs, the only ones you were aware of was their self preservation- their undeniable need to stay alive for as long as possible apart from that? They had escaped everything else. The bottom line was humans didn't have soul mates and Kryptonians did, and no matter how much the woman wished Clark was a human, he wasn't and he never would be. Martha had been able to ignore it on a day to day basis. To all intents and purposes when Clark wasn't in his suit she could pretend he was normal. Until you came along.
Not that you think she didn't like you, because she loved you, you were sure of it. It was just, sometimes Martha had to look away as you and Clark bonded. She didn't see mates, she saw her adult son fawning over a love struck teen.
Tumblr media
"Will they be alpha, beta, omega or a new non-type" you hummed quietly trying not to dwell on the subject not wanting to upset her. Martha drew in a deep breath and nodded to you soaking up the information. You could see she was trying, she wanted to understand it was difficult for her.
"So if I wanted a blue eyed blonde boy I just had to say?" She said veering off topic slightly wanting to move on swiftly but didn't want to out right say 'lets talk about something else'
"Sort off, eyes can only be dark. Blue, green, pink, grey and amber eyes were traits only found in true borns, these traits died out. Everyone had a dark brown or black eyes occasionally you could have a very dark blue or green but bearly noticeable"  you brushed over the topic as quickly as you could whislt still giving a few extra details. Clark grinned at you and made a passing comment of 'that's why my eyes fascinated you soo much?' Both he and Martha chuckled as the comment made you flush and nod slightly. It was true, you'd been enamoured with his eyes never having seen blue before... and they were soo blue it was like looking into the purest cleanest pools of water your ever seen! Gorgeous and vibrant. it had been a little ongoing tease of Clarks commenting that you were 'staring again' when ever he caught you gazeing at his azure crystal clear eyes.
"Krypton was quickly overpopulated and began draining our planets resources quicker, then they looked to the core... the beating heart of the planet" you said turning the page adamant you were not going to be caught up eyeing him again for the hundredth time today.
"And they drained it?" Clark said leaning mover your shoulder looking at the diagram of krypton that briefly explained how the core was depleted and what a calamity it was.
"Yes. It took a millennia but we bled our planet dry... It became a dry desolate place but had huge glistening cities! Technology you could only dream of! Krypton was the envy of many other planets, our military might alone ended wars in days..." Clark frowned. Military? So not only did krypton become a harsh dictatorship they had been going to war? Enough that they were a feared adversary?
You winced as Clarks face darkened at the mention of war. He didn't like fighting and killing but krypton? In its hay day was the front runner. Its military protected the planet but also dominated. It you wanted to win a war it was the kryptonians you wanted on your team, your soldiers were bred for war, just like the omegas were bred for breeding. Clark growled, eyes skimming the page that praised and boasted about the great many wars that they had won, the enemies they had crushed. You swallowed and flipped a few pages quickly skipping the small chapter on the military past.
You skimmed the next page quickly, there were no images on the next few pages. You paused remembering when you'd first worked studied this chapter. You'd been around eight years old, sitting in Mrs Nirn's class chewing your pen as you read ahead zoning out.
You had wanted to understand why things were so different from what your parents upbringing had been. You wanted to know why there were no little boys in your class, why were the lights off? Why couldn't you have a little sister like your father? Everytime you asked an adult they always vaguely mentioned 'things aren't how they were before' but no one had ever answered your follow up questions 'before what? What happened?'  And this was the chapter that explained everything, that shed light on your peoples recent history.
Tumblr media
"Love? Mate are you okay?" Clark asked worriedly watching as you seemed to drift off into your own little world. You jumped and faced him as his warm palm met with your back, slow soothing circles rubbing your tense form slowly. You smiled uneasily and nodded to him before taking a deep breath. He had to know, it was your duty to teach him what happened. It was your place to enlighten him on his own importance, he had a right to know how he got to earth.
"W-We began racing towards calamity there was huge protests, people realised we were not going to last and there would be no escape. But the government decided to call a meeting over it- Jor El decided to plead the council to stop the mining but he was ignored the meeting was just for show a ruse to try and quell the masses... Then Lara began pleading with them to think of the consequences" you said quickly finding your voice again recounting the events that began his own story, the role his parents had played in the prolonged survival of the planet and that ultimately lead you to him.
"My parents?" He said slowly recognising their names once more. You nodded glancing to Martha, you didn't really want to keep bringing up your alphas birth parents in front of the woman you didn't want her to get upset or think she was any less significant. Lara may have birthed your mate. But Martha had raised him, shaped him into the glorious gentle and caring male that he was. Martha seemed to know you were worrying over upsetting her and smiled encouragingly before  placing a reassuring hand on your back below Clarks patting you sweetly.
"I'd like to know too dear, I want to know about the people who gave me my son" she cooed slowly making you bite your lip and take a deep breath muttering a meek 'okay if your sure' under your breath.
"They were strong and kind, serious though and realistic. They both avidly protested about the continued abuse of the planet and warned about the imminent destruction of krypton... it wasn't until to coup that anyone new why."
"Why? What was the reason?" Clark said eagerly paying you his full attention. He was both excited and anxious about learning of his actual parents, everything he thought about krypton seemed to be wrong. On a whole he'd convinced himself that his home planet was almost a mythical place that was good and pure perfect! But it was the complete opposite, he didn't want his fantasy of perfect parents to be shattered too. And there was always the fear he'd been abandoned simply because he was an unwanted child or defective in some way.
"She was pregnant with the first natural son of krypton. They didn't want you to be born just to die after a few weeks of life. You were born in your family home. No doctors or machinery, nothing but your mother and father." Clark let out a breath soaking in the information. Zod was right. Jor was telling the truth? He truly was the first natural born kryptonian? It was there in black and white! Not hear say! He didn't have much time to relish in the relief as you continued quickly.
"A few days after your birth Zod made his move to attack the council, his move was partly spurred on by the civil unrest and protests all over the planet." Another few pages were turned as you bypassed all the nitty gritty details of the coup and violence, the protests  and downfall of many proud houses dragged out of their homes, the riots and looting as the military began fighting internally and the police force all but abandoned their duty.
"My birthday?" Clark said lightly dragging his fingers over an image of himself. A still taken from the footage of his birth, he was in a small oval crib with a blanket over his waist and lower half. Beside him was Lara and Jor watching over him. And at the top of the page a date. Both in kryptonian and earths calendar.
"May? I was born in May? Ma look!" He said sniffing quietly looking at the page in awe. That was him, his parents! They were there! He gazed at the image excitedly, he never new his real birthdate, his parents had guessed but here it was. The exact date! His actual real birthday. He wasn't an Aries. He was a Taurus. He never believed in star signs but, somehow he felt better knowing.
"I see that son, you were perfect and so tiny~" she said slightly tearful herself. This was bittersweet, she had to listen and watch as her son, the boy she raised found out the truth of how he came to her. She didn't doubt he loved her but she was always frightened of him leaving her behind in a way, the terror of him forgetting her and choosing someone else replacing her was almost too much. But at the same time Martha owed a lot to the couple that had entrusted her with their son, she would be lying if she wasn't curious about them and the reason Clark was here.
Tumblr media
"Your father in an effort to protect you entered the amniotic chamber and stole the codex. He was hunted for it but by the time anyone could intervene or arrest him it was to late. He had sealed the codex inside of his son. He was the final kryptonian so should be able to carry all traits." You explained turning the next page seeing the image of the chamber Jor ha infiltrated. The codex sitting proudly in place.
"He.. he risked his life? To save me?" Clark breathed out barely whispering the words as he leant forward clasping his hands together tightly. You faltered and looked to him shocked, he hadn't known? You all new that Kal was sent to earth with a stalagmite key with his fathers conscious, had Clark not managed to activate it? Here were ships all over this planet, kryptonians had tried to settle here but... For some reason they just couldn't seem to survive for long. No one knows why, connection was lost.
"He... Gave his life to save you. Zod was the one who caught onto your fathers plan and... He confronted him and your mother. Tried to kill you, your existence; the proof of a natural born was... it would have destroyed his cause... it would have proved him wrong" you uttered slowly unsure how you could tell him the truth without upsetting him, it was a delicate matter. Clark ushered you closer managing to tuck you under his arm holding you as close as he could to his side, then began murring out at you as he felt the nerves, the tangled feelings of fear , grief regret and sorrow. Each one coiling around the other making for an uncertain overbearing pull.
You didn't mean to but you were tugging the bond, looking for approval. Nervously searching for some inclination that he was alright. Prodding at him tentatively trying to peak at his feelings. But you were still uncertain of how to do it without being pushy? On krypton it was said to be unseemly to pry at your mate, normally things flowed freely to forcefully take a look deeper into your mate was... rude and could be construed as not trusting your mate.
Clark didn't know that though. Was it bad? Cruel of you to omit that little social detail so he wouldn't be annoyed at you for it? Was it manipulating? Clark hummed leaning his head ontop of yours, resting his cheek on your crown and placed a sweet kiss to your hair.
"I know... I- he told me on the ship when I found out about krypton... when he told me of mates" he said calmly. You released a low whine nodding to him purring up at him as your shoulders relaxed, slumping once more in relief. You'd been wound up over that. It wasn't like his father would be alive now anyway, but telling him of his families demise wasn't really something you took pleasure in.
"O-oh.. okay well then...err your father was a warrior and fought him, he gave your mother enough time for her to launch your ship. Zod finally over came your father but it was too late, you were almost out of the atmosphere." You swallowed steeling yourself as you continued your tale, recounting the incredible events that had taken place, changing history and the fate of your race.
"Zod instructed all his units to shoot you down, but your mother had used a incredibly illegal amount of resources to make sure your ship's boosters and armed defences were at peak and you made it out"
"So That's really how I left? During all that? I thought Jor had dramatized it... but he hadn't and.." Clark trailed off in thought. He was telling the truth he had been a little sceptical, he couldn't help it he had over thought it afterwards. Managing to think himself into doubting Jor's story picking at it, almost convincing himself the story was a little too convenient.
"It got worse, zod and his men were sent to the phantom zone and your mother was tried for treason. But everything stopped when the footage came through." Martha who had remained quiet listening to you patiently taking in the new information.
"Of what?"
"Clarks birth, it was the first time in centuries anyone had managed to naturally birth a son, a true born son. It was big news and that when the council began to listen, really listen" you shrugged unsure how to explain the magnitude of what Clarks birth actually meant. Unless you were a krypton native you just didn't get it. You  finally closed the book and held it in your lap eyeing both Clark and Martha.
"Then the laws changed krypton accepted its fate, it would die. But not without hope for its race to continue. And that's how we ended up as we were... the draconian backwards planet." You didn't go into detail, over the past few weeks you'd let things slip. Martha and Clark both shared a look. You were almost ashamed of your home. The differences between the totalitarian measures your people resorted to were frowned upon in this country. You felt stupid in a sense. You knew it was only natural to be slightly out of touch on this new home but? You just hadn't realised how much. The freedom and basic human right's you'd been denied! You were taught to belive in Kal. He was effectively used as propaganda, as a reward. If your good and obedient he will accept you. If not? Then you will fail both him and your race.  
"The council watched you used as much energy as it could spare to watch you grow. Then you presented! Alpha, just as we'd hoped. Overnight everything changed again, we had hope and direction. Children were commissioned once more females only, and only women that have a recessive omega gene were allowed to have a child..." you reiterated the fact that females were the only gender allowed to be created. It was the most important rule of your people in the end. Only a female omega could replenish a race.
"But couldn't you make them omega? You said you could choose things like that?" Martha asked frowning not following. You cursed and shook your head you knew you'd confuse them somehow by leaving something out. It was difficult trying to remember all the details about the last chaotic years of krypton.
"No, with the codex gone we couldn't control the genes as much, we could force the child to be female but that was about it. They tried but it was hard creating a definite omega no one could really tell until we presented many were betas or the non type there were very few of us. It was just pot luck." And it was pot luck, out of one hundred girls only fifteen to seventeen would be omega. If the percentage were over that in a generation then it was seen as a 'bumper crop'
"We were made and raised to be your omega. Every one of us was taught about earthling ways. Taught about how to birth and raise pups."
"You were raised to be my mate?" Clark said frowning. He found it strange. You bit your lip chewing on it. You debated on how much he really needed to know, because  honestly now you were here? And experienced earth first hand, now you'd met and spent time with your alpha. You understood how... creepy it would be? But then again if you lied he could realise you had when he reads more of the books here. You drew another breath releasing your lip from between your teeth and hissed quietly deciding it would be best to tell him.
"Yes. Our whole education was based on you and was meant to prepare us for life on earth. You have to understand, you were worshipped like a god. You had the abilities of our earliest ancestors." You began trying to dull down the in depth education you'd received about his upbringing and family. Yet still make him understand just how ingrained he was in your upbringing.
"You are? The epitome of the perfect kryptonian,  proof of how great we once were! Your the perfect male. Being your omega was-is the greatest honour any kryptonian could have. And the only way to survive, only Kal's omega would have the last of the cores power used on her to move her off planet. Her saftey was the most important thing" you explained finally petting him see just how incredibly precious he was. His eyes grew wide as he truly began to understand. This wasn't all talk, and you hadn't been joking when you called him the golden son god among men. That's what you all believed. He was worshipped. It was a sobering thought.
Tumblr media
Clark tightened his hold of you hand trembling, palm a little sweaty against your hip. He made to speak but didn't seem to be able to find any words. He couldn't make a sound. It was too surreal for him. Some called him a god here, but he was able to just brush it off, ignore it as an exaggeration. But on krypton? They had meant it. Literally.
"So every girl was raised to... Become Clark's wife? To have children? That's it? No ambitions of your own just... grow up and have babies?" Martha uttered quietly but there was an underlying sadness, she seemed to be offended for you. Which you found peculiar, here the lines of gender were blurred. Krypton raised females to breed, then once they present they were taught other skills to be useful and pay their way.
"Yes. It was... Just how things were, we were taught how to raise children and what to expect with Kal... taught to cook and earthling ways to an extent mainly laws and language but mostly our education was about history and child rearing." You said of handedly trying not to incite anger from the woman. You knew it was hard for her to imagine your homeland. It was harsh and soo different from here. There were regimes like krypton on this planet but they were seen as hostiles and stood against everything this country stood for.
"How did they know? I mean with you? How did they know your were mine"  Clark said quickly managing to intercept what he believed to be a long rant from his mother. She had already made up her mind about krypton, she hadn't said it but she didn't need to her face said it all.
"Your mark apparently we share a mark which is unique to our bond and yours had activated. The council called all the omegas that had presented and searched for your mark. I was the one to have it. I was your mate" you said vaguely to be honest you didn't even understand it properly yet, it was one of the things you were hoping to find out looking through these books.
Tumblr media
"And then after finding it they sent you here?" Clark uttered quietly. He was soo wrapped up in loving you, understanding these instincts and just basking in your presence. That he hadn't really stopped to think about the actual journey, surely it had been your choice? Especially when the cost was soo great. But there was a foreboding in your demeanour it left a heavy cold feeling in his gut.
"Yes. My parents- they had five minuets to say good bye and load me into the ship. The council didn't want to cause a panic and wait, I was wrestled into the ship by my father" you spoke weakly. You hadn't thought much about it, you had nightmares. But that was it, you tried avoiding it, blanking it out... not unlike the adults as you were growing up. In your head there was here and now on earth with your alpha and then before. Before became the codename for life on krypton. Before meant your parents, the rules, pain and fear! Before meant anxiety and death.
And now? Now was the time to let them know. Sure they understood the logistics. You were sent here to your mate. But they didn't know the actual story- the chain of events that lead to your arrival. And for the first time since getting here you needed to get it off your chest. Let it out and be done with this chapter finally let go of the fear and guilt you'd bottled up.
"I was terrified, and I fought but? Not hard enough I couldn't hold on to them either of them! The told me that they loved me and everything would be okay but it wasn't- I was about to kill them... I just" your bottom lip wobbled and your voice came out  strained, you fought to get the next words out. Clark murred and tried to comfort you, feeling the fear and anxiety. The guilt and devastation in your bond was... it sickened him feeling such sorrow. But it did no good, he tugged you up and sat you on his lap curling around you, holding you to his chest desperately wanting to sooth you. Ever ounce of him was trembling the need to cheer you up and tend to you was astounding.
But even through all that need and instinct, he knew he couldn't. You were mourning, not only you parents but your race, way of life, your home, your planet! It would be a heavy blow to anyone least of all his delicate young omega. He didn't speak, he didn't want to interrupt, you needed to get this out. He needed to know what happened so he could help you.
"Then my dad... He was the one to strap me i-in... he was the strongest there... the others couldn't have held me down long enough. The ship closed... locked and that was it I was off to earth." Silence reigned as your new family took in what you'd said. They hadn't realised how you'd come here... Clark thought you came willingly, happily boarded the ship to get here. He hadn't even considered your fear and the weight on your shoulders.
"I felt it. The planet die. All the teachers said that you'd be asleep before it happened but I wasn't. It was the loudest and most frightening thing I'd ever heard. It rocked the ship, then the debris... it was like a monsoon, a deafening rain storm of rocks the earth and foundation of krypton itself." Your took a deep breath leaning against Clark pressing your back into him twisting your head slightly resting on his shoulder trying to tuck your face into his neck. Seeking him as your only comfort. .
Clark was finding it heard to hear. He was ecstatic you were here, he didn't care the cost. Now he felt like a bastard. He couldn't imagine hearing and entire planet die. And entire race. You must have felt so scared and alone. He wasn't sure he could handle that type of trauma. Its one thing to be alone hoping you had a homeland. Knowing for certain? That was another thing entirely. Martha hummed watching as Clark got upset and scooted closer placing her hand on your knee while throwing her arm around Clarks back rubbing slowly.
"I p-panicked and tried to change direction, tried rerouting the ships pre-set destination... But it couldn't find krypton. The planet just? Wasn't there anymore, it was so surreal. Instead it continued on to earth, and the onboard computer said I was too panicked to travel at hyper speed so it put me to sleep... the next thing I remember is waking up here... it felt like minuets but had been six months." You ended. It didn't seem right, such a long historic tale ending with you walking up on an alien planet.
All those failures and mistakes rolling one after the other after the other. All the power hungry fools and scientific breakthroughs for nothing. In the end your race had come full circle. An alpha and his omega. Two intertwined souls. The very last paired kryptonians. It was almost ironic, for all the advances and medical wonders in the end nature triumphed.
"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry that you had to face that alone... if I'd known I would have come and got you, I would have never let krypton die-" Clark started apologising holding you tighter dipping his head to yours resting his nose on your hair breathing you in swaying you sweetly.
"No. Krypton had to. We couldn't risk another Zod on your new planet. Your abilities in an evil power hungry kryptonian? It would have been chaos. We knew that we had to start fresh but cohabit a planet. Not rule it. That's why we needed kryptonians to be birthed here." You cut him off quickly. He didn't have to feel responsible,  krypton made their bed and they could lie in it. They strayed too far and had failed, destroyed themselves.
"Zod came. He tried to take over but I... I killed him, id found a ship and my father explained a few things to me, told me about my mate that would be sent to me I looked for you in zods men. But he laughed saying id never find you- the final straw that made me kill him was when he laughed saying you were dead." Clark hissed voice becoming dark as he remembered Zod. The cruelty the man had, the utter madness was something that ha7nted him. He feared that was the true nature of kryptonians, that one day he would become another Zod.
"You did the right thing. Zod was corrupt. The codex can sometimes corrupt a child and feed them too much. His loyalty and strength were... maddening. He was meant to be a soldier he wanted to be a dictator, even on krypton. That's what the coup was about. He was trying to overthrow a high ruling government" you said before slowly untangling yourself from your mate. He released you, hands still hovering as you stood and brushed yourself off. You sniffled and wiped your eyes before excusing yourself scaling the small steps of the ship. Clark made to follow you as you disappeared into the ship needing a few moments alone. Martha held him shaking her head understanding you needed a little breathing room.
Tumblr media
You couldn't help it, the feelings came back, the terror and anxiety panic and self loathing. It was nauseating, you'd not really managed to come to terms with the deaths of your family, deaths that you caused. You'd managed to ignore it? Being in a completely new environment you'd almost convinced yourself you were on a trip, a holiday and that your parents were at home safe and sound. It probably wasn't healthy but its what had managed to get you through all this. But saying it outloud? Recounting it had brought everything to life.
You huffed rubbing your eyes as they teared up, seeing all this in here was hitting home. The priceless artefacts and wealth of knowledge surrounding you only solidifying the fact krypton was gone. That it was your duty to keep all this heritage alive. Your job to birth a race and find a way to integrate into this alien world. It was a terrifying prospect, soo much responsibility for a single young female. And you had to bare it alone along side the guilt of being your planets demise.
You quickly wiped at your face sniffling as you felt Clarks approach. Ducking down you looked into the satchel that you recognised as your fathers old pack. You jumped as Clark crouched behind you pressing two heavy hands on your shoulders massaging them before dragging you back to him. You sighed hanging your head as he plastered you to his front,  strong arms slowly winding around your waist.
"Its not your fault, you couldn't have saved them." He said softly pressing a chaste kiss to your neck breathing you in, scenting you. It was something else that was strange at first but Clark had mastered quickly. He noticed that if he gave in to some of these... instincts he could calm you down. Scenting you, coupled with touching you coddling and holding you close seemed to be the most effective way to sooth you when things began to get too much. When you got overwhelmed, but he held back in front of his mother. She was still uneasy about the age difference.
"I could have fought harder-" you whined feeling yourself tremble, the severity of what happened the reality of it crushing you. You began huffing, taking deeper breaths holding them trying to fight the fear and sobs. You couldn't afford this self pity you had a job. A duty to your people and you cant fail! You wont because then it was for nothing-
"Omega." Clarks voice grunted, snapping you out of your thoughts. It was strange, he sounded firm and stern. A real alpha reprimanding, commanding you. You shivered. It was both frightening and sexy. Perfect. You peered back at him, a few tears escaping followed by a single mewl as you tried to stop yourself from crying.
"Nothing you said would have stopped them. Nothing. From everything you've told me, the one thing that stands out is krypton did as it pleased. A tiny thing like you never would have stood a chance" he cooed down at you somehow maintaining his authority but in a gentler way. The light growl almost soothed you, it sounded like his murr but deeper and had more conviction.
"I... I know but it... It wasn't meant to be me. Wasn't meant to happen, they always said it was the end but?" You tried to get out the feelings but for some reason you couldn't put words to them. It came in waves, as ecstatic as you were to be here with your mate, relish in the presence of your incredible alpha. You also wanted your parents, your home and all the things you'd been brought up with. You were selfish, you'd wanted it all.
"No one ever really believes a world can end love" he breathed out slowly. Still pressing close to you sniffing and kissing at you, tucking his hands below your tshirt rubbing the warm palms on your flat tummy making you relax.
Tumblr media
"So what's this then?" Clark said motioning to the satchel you were fiddling with. You cast a glance to him and smiled sadly.
"My dads... they were allowed to pack things before we got tested... just incase and...They didn't have long to gather things- god I hope there's a photo! And my-" you were cut off as he chuckled and moved closer hooking a finger around the opening tugging it lightly.
"Jurashnir stuffie?" He said making you flush and gape. You were surprised he even remembered. But it warmed your heart that he did remember such a small detail, a passing comment really. It showed he really did listen and take in what you said, even if it was silly anxious prattle.
"Yes that" you hummed face glowing in a sweet blush. And began pulling the bag open fully digging you hand inside.
"I hope she packed it too" Clark chuckled holding the bag open wider so you could see more of the things inside. You already recognized some things, your mothers perfume she used on the rarest of occasions. Your fathers military id pin some clothing and jewellery that they treasured the hair ornaments your mother wore on their ceremonial binding. Then there was the all important photo, you closed your eyes glimpsing the image. No, it was too soon for that, you couldn't look at their smiling faces yet, not after killing them.
Then you felt it. Your stuffie the one that had been with you since you were brought home as a new babe. You yanked it out eyes watering as you pulled out the toy. Clark eyed it with a smile, it was like a chinchilla small round and cute, huge eyes and adorable. You held it close overwhelmed by it, which was stupid, it was a bloody toy, but brought so much comfort. You nuzzled it, rubbing the tiny ear between your fingers like you had thousands of times before.
"I- sorry it..." you breathed out quickly pulling the toy to your lap twiddling the fur on it humming. Your cheeks glowed feeling embarrassed from being so childish, getting so caught up in having your treasured toy with you.
"No. Don't apologise" your alpha was quick to argue with a wide grin eyeing the toy himself with a relieved expression.
"I'm glad you have something from home to comfort you" and he did. He wanted to help make you more at home here, and if a little stuffie did that he wont complain. It will have pride of place on the bed both here and when you finally return to Metropolis with him.
You smiled slowly bringing to toy to your chest clutching it close with one hand almost afraid of releasing it now you'd been reunited. You handt realised just how much it meant to you until you face not having him. Your other hand felt around inside the bag and come across a small book. You frowned and pulled it out then flushed seeing what it was. Who had popped that in your bag?! Surely not your parents, there must be a mistake.
You flipped it open and froze seeing your fathers broken English scribbled on the inner cover. A note to Kal.
'This help read. Kal be happy with mate, love her make family' you drew a deep breath and smiled nodding understanding what he meant. Be happy with each other, become a family.
"Ah and Clark... here this is our erm... my dad left this to you mating book... it has everything you need to know about... that" you uttered handing him the book. He froze not expecting to have anything from your parents. He looked over the words and smiled. It was your fathers blessing something he thought he'd go without. Before you could stop him he was flicking through the book scanning the pages and flushing slightly before laughing boisterously drawing his mother into the ship finally giving into her curiosity.
"Well I'll be damned you actually gave me a guide book for sex! Does it have pictures?~" he smirked closing the book and levelling you with a playful stare. You shrunk back squeezing the stuffie in your arms feeling embarrassed pursing  your lips cutely.
"Oh god I don't err? Look just read it okay! Alone!" You growled at him as he still laughed finding it amusing just how flustered you got. He winked at you before quirking a brow at you then peered at the book once more.
"Oh so it does have pictures! Hmm? Must be my lucky day being given free porn"  he exclaimed teasing you happy that you'd seemed to cheer up, even if you were now a little sheepish.
"I-its not porn! Its realistic sex education!" You said flapping at him well aware of the critical look Martha was casting you both.
"Well sweet heart trust me when I say I don't need much tutoring... actually I do... I need lots! But I'm better at practical~ perhaps you could squeeze in a little one on one session?" He purred leaning closer pushing his chest against you humming biting his lip nuzzling you. You shuddered and stuttered tripping over your words. It was at that moment Martha jumped into action.
"OKAY! Right that's enough lessons for one day Casanova, we can leave that conversation there" she huffed standing behind him placing her hands on her hips taking a stern stance.
"What? But ma i was just about-"
"Oh i know very well what you were just about to do son! Behave. And be glad she gave you a raunchy book." The human countered none to impressed with the way Clark seemed to be turning into a cheeky horndog.
"Its just sex education... not raunchy" you muttered quietly hanging your head with a sigh still glowing brightly at the fact everyone seemed to think you'd given him porn.
"I believe you sweety... Come on Clark lets get a move on, we will sort one shelf today then we can relax in the garden" she assured you before ordering Clark nudging him with a foot making him pout.
"But ma?" He whined suddenly transforming from eager alpha to leading child that made you giggle. He really was cute, cuter then you'd thought he'd be.
"No buts. You want to take this stuff to your little club house today don't you?" She snipped prodding him harder with her foot with a smirk.
"Fortress Ma. Its a fortress" Clark huffed rolling his eyes sending you a wink only to yip as Martha toe punched him a little harder in warning.
"Mm hmm call it what you want, when a son builds himself a hidden little mancave and only lets certain friends in, its a clubhouse. No matter how big or high-tech it is" she drolled making you chuckled at the two. It was nice having the motherly woman around even if she was struggling with the new situation you and her son were in.
"Its not a... whatever, come on you lets sort through this shelf first" Clark finally caved and stood helping you up deciding to pick his battles... he had to keep his mother sweet if he was going to convince her that you could move in with him, be it his room here or his appartment in Metropolis.
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toastweasel · 11 months ago
Some in depth Kya heacanons, because I’m tired of how the fandom types casts her as the “hippie kid who smokes weed and didn’t do anything with her life”
Kya is the only kid of the Gaang who can sail. She can navigate by the stars, and is an expert at reading water and wind currents. She’s gone hundreds of thousand of miles on her boat, and she’s proud of it.
Attached to this, Sokka took her ice dodging as a kid. She earned the Mark of the Wise.
Kya can fluently read, write, and speak multiple languages.
Kya can play multiple instruments as well, and when she isn’t meditating she can often be found plucking out a song on her pipa or playing her xun or her qilaut to relax herself. When she and Bumi get together, sometimes they have little jam sessions.
Kya is a master healer (which is canon but). Her travels have made is so she’s one of the most world-renown experts on healing, because she draws influences from the healing arts of all four nations as well as from energy work.
During her travels, Kya spent time with the Herbalist as well as the Shaman and the Bhanti sages, learning from them. She learned waterbending healing not just from her mother, but from the healers in the Northern Water Tribe.
Her “Weed smoking”/consumption is less ~hippie~ and more connected to indigenous healing practices of the SWT as well as ancient meditative practices of the Air Nomads.
She also spent time in the Swamp and among lots of Earth Kingdom towns, big and small. She picked up a few Earthbending moves.
Also during her travels, Kya runs into Su (maybe in the Sandbender commune?) and they live/work/play together for a while, which is why Su’s metalbending looks so much like waterbending.
She’s very used to bartering her healing services for room and board, but also will cook, clean, and engage in childcare as well. 
Kya loves spicy foods and her favorite foods come from the Fire Nation. This delights Zuko! When she moves to the South Pole, she’s constantly importing foods and spices from all over the world, and Zuko always has a package of whatever she’s missing and unable to get a hold of in Druk’s saddlebag.
Eating at Kya’s, you’re half as likely to get sea slugs prepared the Fire Nation way and mango-lentil curry with arctic hen as a substitute for possum chicken as you are to get squid noodles, seaweed stew, and fruit tarts.
After moving to the South Pole to be with her mother, Kya opens her own healing practice that also is a teaching practice. Healers from around the world come to learn from Kya because of her multidisciplinary approach.
Her focus on healing is energy work, which is why she is good at reading auras and why she was so quickly able to heal Korra, Mako, and Bolin in Season 2. (Also just because she’s a MASTER HEALER, hello)
As a healthcare worker, Kya is very good at compartmentalizing her feelings to get the job done. She’s in touch with her emotions and her energies, yes, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t able to compartmentalize.
During Korra’s Avatar training at the White Lotus compound, Kya spars regularly with Korra. Korra hears all about the world outside the compound from Kya.
Kya enjoys REALLY BAD radio dramas and takes glee in listening to the worst ones. She and Bumi write each other letters about the weekly episodes.
She knows a lot of Air Nation history, but also a lot of history about the Southern Water Tribe. Combined with the knowledge of the world she picked up on her travels, she’s basically a walking encyclopedia.
As a kid Kya helped out in the gardens on Air Temple Island, and as a result she has a pretty good understand of horticulture. She’s very interested in hydroponics and follows all of the developments in the SWT very seriously.
Kya knows everyone from everywhere. Pull into a foreign port? Kya’s been there, she knows that person coming down the sidewalk. She knows where to eat, where to avoid, and the real places to go to avoid the tourist traps. If she doesn’t know, she’s got a friend who does. She never needs a hotel room because nine times out of ten, she knows someone who will let her crash on their couch or in their spare room. Half of her free time is spent keeping up her correspondences with folks around the world.
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celamoon · 6 months ago
JJK characters as people I met before college
Characters include: Itadori, Megumi, Inumaki, Nanami, Gojo, Nobara, Maki, Sukuna, Geto
Warnings: unedited, typed at 12am ❤️
Itadori as the boy I liked for a bit in freshman year. He’s sweet, incredibly athletic, but also a bit bonkers. He shares a good number of passions with you and he also talk a lot. He has a sibling, who’s apparently a skater boy who plays girls. He knows how to cook, but can be a bit stubborn at times. He’s the reason you studied to hard to pass the placement test with, only to end up realizing that he didn’t make it. But he was sweet, even if you later on realized that you two weren’t compatible.
Megumi as the boy I had a crush on in 4th grade. He generally doesn’t talk, always done with his friends wrecking havoc. He’s sweet though, because when he catches your eyes slightly dropping he’ll have you lean onto his shoulder to rest if you’re sitting down. If you guys are out, then he’ll excuse the two of you to go home. He doesn’t talk much at school, but he never hesitates to let you know about how he’s feeling. He always listens to you vent after he finishes talking about his day. He also offers you great advice and helps you cut off people who are damaging to you. Once you got sick and this man cooked you up an entire dish for when you woke up. Another time you went to an amusement park with him and he won you a stuffed animal. He also really liked mangoes so now you use mango flavoured chapstick as a habit. You still talk to him surprisingly enough.
Inumaki as the boy I sat next to in middle school History class. He’s quiet, quiet as hell and hates talking to the class. He will slip in a passive aggressive comment that’s enough to have someone shut up every once in a while though. He refuses to share his notes with anyone but you, and you even get to use his expensive alcohol markers! He lets you use the coloured pencils and ruler he carries around in his backpack and only ever discusses on topics with you. He helps you grab your binder from the shelf when the teacher calls on everyone to, and he also shares homeroom with you. Once you actually got him to talk about his passion for chess and homeboy wouldn’t shut up about it (it was adorable). On top of that he also always letting you raid his lunch for the snacks his parents pack him. He also mentioned that he would miss you in high school. You still have the words ‘I’ll miss you’ written in your yearbook from your final year.
Nanami as the boy I always vented to in sophomore. He comes to you to vent about school and work often, and you’re always there to listen to him. You offer words of advice and you listen to the tea that he heard of from Gojo. He always asks before venting and always apologizes after. You two form trust, as you vent to him quite often as well. He a really good listener, and he would drop the task at hand to make sure you’re ok. He sends you song reccs and animal crossing updates too. He’s really sweet, and you feel safe around him. He would fight a rude person on the street for you if you asked him to.
Gojo as the guy my friend had a fat crush on. He was sweet and you had arrived to the school three days late thanks to an exam, and you had been told that he wrapped your books for you. You find that he’s extremely gifted athletically and he’s the fastest in your school. He talks to lots of people online and even asked one of the girls a grade below you out. He got rejected though. He’s very friendly to you, and he always has a rebuttal to the girl that insults you in class. He also taught you how to insult the girl back . He also comments on how you’ve changed. Cut your hair? He makes a comment. Put yourself hair up/down? He makes a comment. Got a high grade? He makes a comment praising you about it. You two don’t have a crush on each other but he makes sure that you’re comfortable in school and you’re thankful for him.
Nobara as the popular girl in middle school. She’s not obnoxious surprisingly enough, and she gets along with everyone. She’s the center of all the gossip and she always has the freshest tea. She doesn’t talk with you often, but you once let her know a small secret just to find that she was incredibly good at keeping secrets. She fought with her best friend at some point so she started to talk to you about her relationship with her boyfriend. You got a bit annoyed but she helped you get over the crush on your deskmate so you’re thankful for that. She also talked to a ton of guys online and somehow never bumped into an internet pedophile. You didn’t talk to her much but you’re thankful that she was in your class.
Maki as the smart upperclassman I talked to in middle school. She was incredibly sweet, yet she didn’t talk to that many people in her class since they isolated her. She told you about how she learned martial arts and how she had a passion for photography. You followed her Tumblr page of her photos. She offered you great advice and gave you a reason to not talk to the other girls in your class. She had quite a bit on her chest so you let her vent to you. She talked with you lots and you two started drifting apart after one of your old friends transferred back. Maki let you know that it wasn’t you though, it was your friend who was toxic. You met her a year after at a history competition and was pleased to find that she still trusted you. You miss her often when you have no one to talk to.
Sukuna as the classmate that I never talked to. You heard rumours about him, ghosting girls, not wanting to settle down for one person... but you find that he’s actually quite entertaining as a classmate. He doesn’t talk to you much and settles for causing ruckus in the class instead. He always gets on the teacher’s good side and has saved the class from at least 12 science class lectures. He dated an upper classman and had a crush on the popular girl in your class while in that relationship. He also once bet that you’d be able to make a hoop earlier than the other girl and actually won the bet. His family moves around often and he left a year after. He wrote that you would go places in your yearbook before he left. You still wonder how he does from time to time.
Geto as the boy I called dad in high school. He has a resting bitch face, and he’s almost always done with you, but he’s incredibly kind and sweet sometimes. He helps you with homework and he doesn’t hesitate to point out any errors to you. He talks about his shit teachers often and you have to stifle a laugh so you don’t get in trouble with the teacher. He doesn’t have that big of a friend group but knows way to many people for his own good. He’s sweet in his own way, and is always offering you snacks that he brought from home or bought at the cafeteria. He had anxiety and self confidence issues though, and you try to help as much as you can by praising him. He’s lovely, just a bit too much to handle sometimes.
Itadori's the reason I jumped ahead in chinese. Megumi's the reason I have no trouble cutting people who are toxic to me. Inumaki's the reason I turn things in on time and don't procrastinate. Nanami's the reason I bought animal crossing and my switch, and the reason I started talking with my middle school classmates again. Gojo's the reason why I have no trouble speaking up when I have an issue with someone. Nobara's the reason why I got over a pointless crush. Maki's the reason I work hard in school. Sukuna's the reason I get up when I fall down. and Geto's the reason that I survived high school. Each person I've met in my life is more than just a fleeting figure, they are a puzzle piece, and they made me who I am. So yes, I am just a mosaic of everyone I loved, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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kurowrites · a year ago
“I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in the hospital” AU Prompt for Wangxian, if you like?
When Wei Ying woke up, he had to blink a few times to adjust his vision to the bright glare of the lights overhead, momentarily blinding him. Something was weird. This definitely wasn’t his own bedroom, whose lighting was rather dim and most definitely off when he was sleeping.
He blinked a few times more and then turned his head to examine the room he was in.
It took him far too long to understand what he was seeing, but once his brain actually started processing it, there was no doubt. He was in a hospital room, complete with barren walls and the strong smell of disinfectant. But he had no memory that could explain why he would be waking up in a hospital bed. In fact, now that he thought about it, he had no idea what he’d been doing before he’d woken up here, or even what day of the week it was.
Impatient to have his questions answered, he tried to wriggle around and slip out of bed, but his body felt oppressively heavy, and his vision started to swim as soon as he lifted his head off the pillow.
Exhausted and distressed, he fell back into bed. What the hell had happened to him? Why was he feeling so terrible?
Just that moment, the door of the hospital room opened, and a nurse stepped in.
“Oh, you are awake,” she said. “Good.”
She moved up to the bed and started to check his vitals – or harass him, Wei Ying couldn’t really tell which one it was. She was probably around fifty and had a distinct aunt-y vibe that made Wei Ying lay still on danger of getting stabbed with a needle.
“Do you know why you’re here?” she asked, after she had apparently determined that he was conscious and held it together enough for conversation.
“No,” Wei Ying croaked, and immediately started coughing. His throat felt terribly dry.
The nurse went to his bedside table, where a cup and a pitcher of water had been placed, and filled the cup for him. Then she made him drink.
“You’ve been in a traffic accident,” she told him without ceremony. “You got hit by a car and had to be brought here in an ambulance.”
Shit. Could that be true?
He didn’t remember any of that.
“I don’t remember,” he told the nurse.
“Honey, it’s probably better if you don’t,” she said, patting him on the arm absent-mindedly. “That’s your brain protecting you. You’re also on painkillers right now,” here, she pointed at one of the drips that went into his arm, “and they tend to make your brain a little foggy. You only need to focus on getting better right now.”
That wasn’t particularly comforting to Wei Ying. He’d been lying here, doing–
“My work!” he suddenly remembered.
“Oh, don’t you worry about that!” the nurse said, shaking her head. “I think that nice Mr. Lan has taken care of all that.”
She checked her watch.
“It’s almost time for him to visit, too. Such a nice young man, if only youngsters nowadays were a little more like him.”
She sighed, patted Wei Ying’s arm again, and then left, hopefully to tell someone else that he had gained consciousness again.
Wei Ying sighed and stared at the ceiling. He wasn’t sure what the nurse had meant with “that nice Mr. Lan,” because he didn’t know anyone with the last name Lan. Certainly no one who would visit him at the hospital. Had she gotten his visitor’s name wrong? He tried to think of a different possibility, but couldn’t think of anyone. Wen Ning was away. And Jiang Cheng still wasn’t speaking to him, not to mention that no one in their right mind would ever call Jiang Cheng a ‘nice young man’ if they had spent more than 30 seconds in his presence.
He wasn’t kept in suspense about the identity of his visitor for very long, though. Only minutes after the nurse had left, the door opened again, and through came a man that Wei Ying had never seen in his life. He would have definitely remembered meeting him, Wei Ying was sure, because the man was a devastating combination of tall, handsome and well-dressed. Very memorable. Even in his current drugged-up state.
The man hesitated for one small moment when he saw Wei Ying looking at him, but then continued his progress through the room with a measured pace, finally arriving at Wei Ying’s bedside. He did not speak, but silently placed several items onto Wei Ying’s bedside table. Wei Ying saw a book, what looked to be some healthy snacks, as well as… his phone? It looked terribly beaten up, but a traffic accident might do that to a phone. He should probably be glad if it still worked.
The stranger must have noticed the direction of his gaze, for he finally opened his mouth.
“I have taken the liberty of contacting you place of work.”
“Thank you,” Wei Ying said, sending the stranger an ironic smile. “What I’d rather like to know, though… who are you?”
The stranger bowed slightly, as if to apologise for his rudeness.
“Lan Zhan,” he said. “I was the one… who hit you with my car.”
“Oh, I see,” Wei Ying said, several things suddenly becoming clear to him. “This is a ‘I’m feeling guilty’ visit. Don’t worry about that. It’s fine. I’ll be out of here in no time.”
The stranger, Lan Zan, frowned at Wei Ying’s words.
“It is not guilt that has made me come here,” he said.
Then he was silent again. Wei Ying waited for a moment, but when nothing else happened, he raised his eyebrows at Lan Zhan, encouraging him to go on. Lan Zhan looked as if he’d rather do anything else than open his mouth again, but eventually, thanks to Wei Ying’s pathetic wheedling, he conceded.
“The one responsible for your accident was the driver who suddenly came out of a side street and nearly ran you over,” Lan Zhan explained. “You ended up in front of my car because you were trying to escape his path of collision. He also crashed into my car, nearly hitting you a second time. I have no guilt to speak of, but I am grateful that you survived. I was worried, however, when your family could not be contacted.”
“Oh, uh, well,” Wei Ying stuttered. “Honestly, that shouldn’t be any concern to you. I’ll be fine. My family… well, it doesn’t matter.”
“Your family should care for you if you are injured.”
There was a stubborn set around Lan Zhan’s mouth, and Wei Ying suddenly found himself smiling. He wasn’t sure if he should call it fortune or misfortune, but this Lan Zhan was clearly an incredibly stiff man with very strict notions of propriety, to the point where he involved himself into the affairs of others.
“Ah, Lan-gege,” Wei Ying sighed. “Not to say I’m not very grateful for your help, which I am, but let me assure you that you have officially fulfilled your obligations and are free to leave. You have already done more than I can ask for. If it is as you say, I have no ill feelings towards you. Feel free to go on with your life, and sorry about the car. I think I need to sleep again, I feel very tired.”
He was, in fact, feeling very tired, and it was getting harder to keep his eyes open by the minute.
Lan Zhan seemed to realise that that was the case. He said his goodbyes, but before he left the room, he announced, “I will come again.”
Wei Ying wanted to object, but Lan Zhan was already gone, and Wei Ying’s eyes were closing.
The next few days passed in the monotony of sleeping, check-ups by doctors and nurses, terrible hospital meals, and occasional visits from Lan Zhan.
As handsome as he might have been, at first Wei Ying really didn’t want Lan Zhan to come back again. He quickly learned to be grateful for his frequent visits, however. Staying in the hospital was extremely boring, even with the books that Lan Zhan brought him, and everything was much better once he trained Lan Zhan to bring him spicy snacks.
After a few excessively boring days in bed (more than he cared for, certainly), he was finally allowed to walk around a little in order to regain his strength, and Lan Zhan would take him outside into the garden whenever he visited. Wei Ying was extremely grateful for that, since the nurses didn’t allow him to go alone.
Wei Ying quickly learned on their little excursions that Lan Zhan rarely spoke, but was an extremely attentive listener who would prove said attention in the most unexpected moments. It was almost shocking sometimes; Wei Ying would ramble on about something, and Lan Zhan would suddenly say one thing or another that made clear he had been paying attention when most people would have tuned out already. It was… flattering, to say the least. To have someone pay attention to him so much. Definitely something Wei Ying could get used to.
Lan Zhan was also very attentive to Wei Ying’s physical state. More than once, when Wei Ying felt his own strength lagging, he suddenly found Lan Zhan’s hand at his elbow, steadily and unobtrusively making sure that he didn’t fall over his own clumsy feet. Lan Zhan seemed to know that he needed support almost before Wei Ying himself realised it.
Normally, he would complain about being thought a weakling, but if Wei Ying were honest, he would admit that sometimes, he really needed the support. And well… he couldn’t really bring himself to mind being spoiled by a handsome man. If he were really honest, he would confess that he simply liked Lan Zhan’s hands on him, and any excuse that provided him with an opportunity was good enough, even if he had to play up his weakness.
“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying said when they were on one of their garden excursions one day, eating little cups of mango panna cotta that Lan Zhan had brought with him today on a bench. “I will be released tomorrow. You don’t have to visit me here any longer after today.”
“Hn,” Lan Zhan agreed. “What time?”
“Around ten, I think? Why do you ask?”
“I will pick you up.”
Wei Ying sighed deeply and swallowed the last spoonful of dessert.
“Lan Zhan, ah, Lan Zhan. I can ask a friend to pick me up. You shouldn’t do so many things for me. If you are too nice, people will end up misunderstanding. Well, I will end up misunderstanding. You wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?”
He directed his best salacious grin at Lan Zhan.
“Nn,” Lan Zhan replied noncommittally. “I will pick you up.”
Wei Ying stared at Lan Zhan for a moment. Could it be that Lan Zhan was that thick? That he didn’t realise what Wei Ying was getting at? Did he have to spell it out for Lan Zhan? That he meant misunderstanding in the sense of kissing and possibly getting naked with each other?
“Lan Zhan, I’m serious,” Wei Ying complained, tugging at Lan Zhan’s sleeve to make him look at him properly. “I will misunderstand.”
Lan Zhan looked at him, and it struck Wei Ying again how beautiful Lan Zhan’s eyes were. He had thought that Lan Zhan was pretty much expressionless when they first got to know each other, but that had been patently untrue. His perpetually serious eyes were the source of so much deeply felt emotion. Everything Lan Zhan felt, he felt with his entire heart. So when Lan Zhan looked at him, Wei Ying automatically felt his pulse speed up and his cheeks start to grow hot. That was the effect Lan Zhan had on anyone he really directed his attention towards.
“I will pick you up,” Lan Zhan repeated once again. Stubbornly, insistently. Mulishly.
Without breaking their line of sight even once. Just serious. And steady.
“Oh,” Wei Ying whispered.
Oh. Lan Zhan didn’t want him to misunderstand. Lan Zhan wanted him to understand.
Wei Ying shot up from the bench they had been sitting on and walked over to the trash can close by, to throw away his empty cup of panna cotta. Lan Zhan followed him, throwing his own cup into the trash. As he did it, he looked about as disquieted as Lan Zhan ever did, but right now, Wei Ying was unable to handle anything.
Could he be right? Did Lan Zhan – that Lan Zhan –
As he stood there, he slightly tilted to the side – and there he was, Lan Zhan was right at his side, steadying him. But right now, Wei Ying didn’t want to be steadied. He leaned further into Lan Zhan’s side, putting most of his weight on Lan Zhan right until his head a found a home in the crook of Lan Zhan’s neck.
“Ah, Lan Zhan,” he sighed. “Taking advantage of the weak and injured, I see. Do you always flirt like that? Picking people up at the hospital?”
He looked up at Lan Zhan and smiled.
Lan Zhan didn’t answer, but one of his arms most definitely found its way around Wei Ying’s waist, holding him securely to Lan Zhan’s side. It was… intimate.
It was answer enough.
“This is the part where you’re supposed to say ‘No, Wei Ying is the only one for me,’” Wei Ying pouted.
“Wei Ying is the only one for me,” Lan Zhan intoned seriously.
Wei Ying had to bury his face in his hands and scream a little.
“You can’t say things like that out of the blue!” he complained. “My poor, beaten body won’t be able to take it!”
Then he peeked out between the gaps between his fingers, up at Lan Zhan.
“Say it again.”
 (When Lan Zhan picked him up the next day, he received a kiss for his efforts.)
(One kiss, or many.)
(Who was going to count.)
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vennilavee · 8 months ago
pairing: levi x reader (perp universe) summary: when you run into an old ex, you can’t help old feelings of inadequacy from creeping up. and levi notices because well, he’s levi. warnings: cursing, suggestive content, feelings of insecurity, smut 18+!! word count: 3.4k a/n: based off of several asks you guys sent me about oc and her shitty ex! enjoy this drabble<3
perpendicular masterlist
Tumblr media
You bounce on the heels of your feet, waiting to pick up yours and Levi’s favorite pastries from one of your favorite bakeries. It’s not the same one that you had met Levi in for the first time, but it’s still one of your favorite places. The sweet scent of your favorite bakeries has always felt comforting to you, keeping you company even on your worst days. 
The head baker even knows you by name by now, from how often you frequented the place over the last few years. Sometimes you would be alone, sometimes you would be with someone, sometimes you’d be happy, sometimes you’d be sad and lonely.
But one of the few constants at your lowest points in life were this bakery’s macarons with Irish coffee and mini mango cheesecakes. Truly some of your favorites.
And chocolate filled croissants but that is a given.
You’re planning on buying an assortment box for you and Levi, and maybe even some extras for your TA recitation class that you’ll be seeing later in the afternoon. You’ve become fond of them, even if they sometimes meddle with you and Levi. Levi pretends like he has no patience for it, but you know better.
You’re pulled out of your dreamy reverie by a surprised call of your name. The voice sounds painfully familiar and your heart races before you can stop it.
You weren’t expecting to see him here. Irritation begins to bubble up in your belly- why does he look so surprised? You were the one who showed him this bakery after all. You were the one who showed him one of your favorite places, the equivalency of you baring your soul out to him, when you had dated him.
You had been younger, maybe a little more naive. But still, you loved him for a while. He was your first love after all, you’ll admit that much.
But he always had a way of making you feel so small with his words and his gaze. Memories that you haven’t really thought of in a long time suddenly play like a movie behind your eyelids. 
You don’t miss the way his eyes lazily travel up and down your body, specifically zero-ing on your mint cardigan, the generous dip of your chest, and your white skirt.
He never really liked your bright colors very much.
“It’s been a while,” He says with an oddly placed smirk, “You look good- look exactly how I remember you.”
“Were you expecting me to grow three heads since we broke up?” You mutter and roll your eyes. 
“How have you been?”
“Great,” You say genuinely. You don’t ask him the question back. 
“So… you still like this place?” He asks.
“Yes, that wasn’t going to change just because you dumped me,” You say bluntly, “I’m leaving now. Take care.”
You grab your boxes hastily, ignoring the way he appraises you with every sway of your hips. You try to push him and old memories to the back of your mind. You can’t understand how you can stop loving him but still feel so small around him even after this long. 
He attends the same university as you and Levi, but you rarely cross paths these days. If you do see him, it’s in passing- where you don’t realize it’s him until you’ve passed him. You don’t have him on socials anymore, not even his email- you wanted nothing to do with him after he broke up with you.
Of course, you tried to win him back, tried telling him that you’d reign yourself in if he could just love you a little more. You had begged him, telling him you’d reign in the parts of him that he didn’t like. Just so he could love you a little more. Not even that had been enough- not even that display of “devotion”, not even the weeks of break-up sex had been enough.
You scoff at the memory. Pathetic. You’re upset that you were so willing to diminish yourself, make yourself smaller, just for his approval. 
Not anymore. You’ll never do that again, and with Levi you’ll never have to. Even if it’s only been a few months, less than a year really, you know where you stand with him. Levi never makes you question yourself, question whether you’re too much or not enough. Those thoughts never enter your mind when you’re with him. Nothing is too small to ask Levi, and you never feel uncomfortable around him. 
In the end, the break-up itself was a blessing. Because clearly, you had some self reflecting and self love to bask in and embrace.
You make your way to the recitation building after you park your car, drawing a long sigh and pressing your forehead into the steering wheel. A headache begins to brew. Your stupid ex, giving you a literal headache after a three minute interaction.
You stop at your tiny TA office to drop off the pastries that you had bought for you and Levi before heading into the recitation classroom for your class with the other box in your arms.
Tumblr media
Levi can tell that you’re feeling off from the moment he walks into your tiny office. You had texted him several hours ago, telling him to stop by after your class if he could because you had a surprise.
That had been the last text you had sent to him and he let it be, knowing you had two back to back classes to teach for recitation.
“Hey,” Levi knocks on the doorframe and pulls you out of your reverie. He closes the door behind him and sets his backpack on the chair in front of your desk.
“Hi,” You smile at him, standing up to stamp a kiss to the corner of his mouth. You gently brush over the nearly faded scar on his jaw and he leans into your touch, taking your hand in his.
“Got a surprise for me, or what?” Levi says flatly, drawing you closer to him by your hips. He allows himself a glance down your cardigan to the tops of your tits, admiring the way your necklace sits around your neck. Your hands land against his clothed bicep and even as he kisses you gently, you can slowly feel tension leaving your body.
“I,” You breathe, “I got us some pastries. As a pick me up. And for later.”
“Sweet tooth,” Levi murmurs, squeezing your waist in appreciation, “I didn’t have a sweet tooth till I met you, you know that?”
“You’re easily influenced,” You say easily. 
“Share with me,” Levi demands softly, “‘M not hungry enough for one on my own.”
You nod and Levi pushes the box to the side so he can lean on the desk and pull you in between his legs by your hips. But first, of course, he squirts a dollop of hand sanitizer into his hands and yours. He pulls a chocolate croissant from the box and pushes it to your lips for you to take a bite of before he takes a bite for himself. 
“It’s good, right,” You say faintly, wrapping your arms around his head. 
“Sure, if you like delicately baked fresh pastries with the richest chocolate inside of them. Then yes, it’s good.”
“That’s literally what it is.”
“I’m agreeing with you, am I not? Stupid,” Levi says fondly, poking your forehead. You laugh, but even so, Levi can tell something is bothering you. He wipes the crumbs from the corner of your mouth and presses his thumb to his lips to lick them away.
It’s the way your smile is a little subdued, dark eyes a little sad. Even if you bicker with him and match his kisses, he senses your pensive thoughts.
Levi takes your hand in his and squeezes. He draws your hand up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles as flowers bloom in your chest. You’ve never felt so wanted, so loved and protected around anyone in this way. Except for around Levi.
You could cry, and you swallow a lump in your throat down before you can.
Levi kisses his teeth when he looks at your nails- he can see your baby blue gel polish separating from your nail. 
“When are you getting your nails done, princess? I know you hate when it gets like this,” Levi says and if he hears your sharp inhale, he says nothing.
You suddenly feel like crying- you hate that the dark cloud of seeing your ex still hovers over you. But you suddenly remember how your ex never asked you or even noticed things like that. Noticed when your nails were done, never cared for the color of your nails. Never noticed when you came to him with a new piercing or something different with your hair.
Never noticed when you were feeling small, when you were feeling like your light was dimmed.
Never noticed you. 
“I don’t know,” You admit softly, “Maybe later this week. I haven’t had time.”
“Go after your exam on Thursday,” Levi says, “As a pick me up. Come over after, I’ll make us dinner.”
He poses it as a soft request, but you like that he tells you that he wants to see you after.
“O-okay,” You nod, feeling a little lightheaded. Levi cradles your cheek, and for a moment you feel like he can see right through you. And maybe he can.
He says your name flatly, but you can hear the concern in it. “Are you alright?” Levi asks. You only nod, not trusting yourself to speak about what’s really on your mind.
You hope you can squash it with the hooks of your tumultuous mind by the next time you see him.
Tumblr media
It appears that you cannot squash the sudden reappearance and irritation of your ex-boyfriend and what he brings. It begins to spill over, the old memories of a man that you no longer have feelings for. But the feelings of inadequacy linger regardless and you know it’s not fair to Levi. To take it out on him like this.
You’ve been avoiding him since you saw him on Monday. Embarrassment colors your mind- that your stupid, shitty ex still somehow has this hold over you.
He’d broken up with you over two years ago, when you were still in your undergraduate programs. You’ve come a long way since then and you know what you deserve. But seeing him again unannounced had definitely thrown you off. 
And you hadn’t even told Levi. You hadn’t told Levi, your boyfriend and the love of your life, that you had stumbled upon your ex and that it was bothering you this much.
Levi has asked to see you a few times, but you’ve brushed him off with work or being busy with schoolwork. Eventually, you just tell him you’re going through something and need a day or so alone. He understands, of course he does, but he worries.
Nerves churn in your stomach when you make a decision. You’ll tell him about why you’ve been distant the last few days when you see him on Thursday.
It’s the least you could do.
Tumblr media
Before your nail appointment on Thursday, Levi texts you saying that he thinks baby pink or cherry red on your nails would look pretty on you. 
Your heart flutters again and you walk into the nail salon with a small smile on your face. Maybe next time, you’ll ask Levi to come with you.
But really, you shouldn’t be surprised. 
By the time you finish getting your nails done and head over to Levi’s apartment building, you’re in a much better mood than you were previously. 
You had decided to go with a glossy cherry red, to change it up a bit.
Tumblr media
“Hi,” Levi greets you again, as if he hadn’t just picked you up from the lobby and walked you up to his apartment.
“Hey, handsome,” You smile and lean in for a long kiss. You put your back next to the sofa and head into the bathroom to wash up before wrapping your arms around his waist in the kitchen.
“Come here,” Levi mumbles, squeezing your hand and turning to face you. He draws you closer and pushes you against the kitchen counter. He plants his lips to yours once more and you can faintly taste his cherry lip balm. 
“I missed you this week,” You murmur. Levi cradles your cheek, thumb ghosting over your cheekbone. “I’m sorry I… avoided you.”
“Let’s eat and talk,” Levi says, scooping food from the still hot pot into a plate for you and for him. He already has two glasses of red wine poured out for both of you.
“I like the color,” Levi muses, taking your hand in his and admiring the cherry red of your nails, “Told you it would look nice.” He rubs your hand adoringly, noticing how soft your hands are.
“Did they use a new oil or lotion?” He wonders, “Your hands are soft, princess.”
Levi kisses your hands so softly that the kiss is barely there but you feel it. You feel it from the tips of your fingers to your toes. So it’s no surprise when you burst into tears immediately.
“What’s wrong? What did I say?” Levi asks, alarmed by the sudden change in your mood. But he knows something is bothering you. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s not you,” You say through tears, “It’s me. I’ve been hiding something from you that happened earlier this week.”
“Tell me then,” Levi says, not unkindly.
“Remember when I got us pastries on Monday, from that bakery? Well… I saw my ex there,” You whisper, a little nervous for his reaction. You wonder if he’ll be mad at you. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Levi.”
“Is that shitty guy what’s been bugging you this whole week,” Levi says brusquely and you let out a watery laugh, “You don’t speak much about him.”
“Should I? He’s just an ex,” You mumble, “And you’re the love of my life.”
You say it with such conviction that his cheeks burn.
“Something about him is bothering you,” Levi says, “So you should talk about it. Even if he is shitty.”
“When we were together… which was for less than a year, really,” You reply, “He just… made me feel like I was always too much for him. I was too much for him and not enough for him to stay. He never really paid attention to me, always said I was too needy or clingy, but I just… I loved him at the time. I really did, and I just wanted to share that with him.
“Like… he always said I was an attention seeker. He said nobody would really be able to handle me, because I always wanted his attention. But I just wanted him to l-love me.”
A fresh wave of tears spills from your eyes and Levi hates it. He hates that this shitty guy made you feel so awful about yourself for so long, and he hates that he still makes you cry.
“You know I begged him to take me back,” You scoff, “I was so pathetic back then. I begged him, I told him I’d be better. Better at what though? Hiding the parts of myself that I didn’t like? Fuck that guy. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” You mumble, “I guess I didn’t really process how much he hurt me until I saw him. It’s been a while since the last time I really saw him.”
Levi squeezes your hands, grey eyes blazing with heat. You know that it’s not for you, though. 
“Anyone who makes you feel like you have to be less of yourself to be accepted is fucking shitty. Don’t forget that. That goes for me, for any of your friends… for anyone. Do you understand that?” Levi says vehemently.
“Objectively, yeah,” You mumble, “It was just a shock when I saw him. All of those memories came back and I wasn’t ready to relive how shitty he made me feel.”
‘That’s okay, princess,” Levi murmurs, “You deserved better than that. He was lucky to have you for as long as he did. What a fucking dumbass.”
“I think part of it is… I’m so in love with you and happy with you. And I feel so comfortable with you,” You murmur, “I’m sad that that version of me was so sad for so long, and felt so... inadequate for so long.”
“You found your way back to yourself,” Levi says simply, “And you’re still finding your way.”
“Yeah,” You nod with a watery smile, “With you.”
Levi kisses your hands again and pulls you in for another kiss, dropping his lips to your cheeks, your chin and your neck. His hands are all over you, dinner nearly forgotten as he kisses your dried tears away.
Tumblr media
“He’s an ass,” Levi groans into your neck, hands tight around your hips as he slams into you with more vigor than usual. As if he has something to prove.
He wants you to forget about him. He wants you to only focus on him, and the way his cock feels inside of you. The way his hands feel wrapped around you. How only he can pull these sounds from you.
“Don’t talk about him when you’re inside me,” You whine, “That’s not sexy-”
“Fuck,” Levi hisses when you let your fingers trail down his corded back, “Wanna stay here forever. Look at you-”
His fingers are bruising over your hips, your neck as he wraps his hand around and squeezes lightly. You squirm in his grip, tears gathering at your waterline for the second time that night. 
“Wanna be yours,” You babble, “Wanna be yours always.”
You pull the chain around his neck closer and bring him down for a searing kiss. “Tell me you love me,” You cry, “Tell me I’m yours, baby.”
You clench around him when he pulls away to look into your eyes. His thrusts are bruising, powerful, full of pent up frustration. How you like it. But his eyes are soft.
“Love you,” He grunts, “You’re my princess, always gonna be my princess.”
You whine around him, squeezing around him even more. Your walls are velvety and wet and warm, and Levi thinks he could stay in between this little piece of heaven.
Levi allows spit to coat his lips and presses down on your bottom lip with his thumb. Your eyes widen in excitement and you eagerly purse your lips for the ball of spit that drops from his lips to yours. It’s messy, but it makes you happy so he’ll indulge you. His cock throbs at the eagerness with which you swallow and he dips his head for another kiss while roughly pushing into you.
When you cum, it’s his name on your lips, it’s his cock in your pussy but he knows it’ll take time for you to work through the shitty feelings that your ex left you with. Even if it was a long time ago.
He’ll be there for you through it, and for now, he’ll work through it like this. With the audible moans of his name filling the air and the softness of your curves in his hands. 
Tumblr media
Levi grabs your eczema cream that you had begun leaving at his apartment to apply to your arms. You’d said that you were having a flare up recently, so this is the least he can do to alleviate some of the discomfort.
You smile dopily, drawing the duvet up to cover both of you. You’re seated in between his legs wearing one of his shirts as he gently rubs your arms for you.
“Wake me up if it bothers you,” Levi says, “Don’t wanna wake up with you scratching up your arms like a cat.”
“Okay,” You mumble happily, turning your head to give him a kiss to the cheek. You settle in his arms, getting cozy as he pulls his laptop up to put a movie on to watch. 
It only takes about twenty minutes of the movie and of Levi rubbing your belly before you start to drift off. Levi kisses your forehead and whispers for you to sleep. He cuddles closer to you before turning the movie off and closing his own eyes.
He hopes you dream only of good things and of him.
Tumblr media
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marvel-reader-insert · 6 months ago
Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Angst, foul language, no edits, no beta, Coffee Shop!!, 
Summary: Many years ago you were in direct contact with the Winter Soldier. Like Zemo you were imprisoned for the work you did; you however were able to prove yourself and were released to do community service and required to live off the grid. Given your lack of connectivity Bucky is forced to track you down the old fashioned way. 
Notes: requested by anon! Number 12: “sometimes I really wish that I could hate you. I’ve tried, but that’s just something I can’t do” with Bucky! OKAY! So this is a total spin off of my story ‘Overwhelming’ ! I kinda love it so yeah. I hope you guys do too ♥
Tagging: @not-another-fangirl​ @thatdrunkaries​ and anyone interested in seeing my work in their notifications ♥
If you haven’t yet then give my prompt list a look. I have 72 stories to write after all
Tumblr media
   With a groan of relief Bucky moved up to the counter and shoved his phone into his jacket pocket without glancing at the barista as he spoke.
“I’ll take a mango dragonfruit lemonade. Light ice and no fruit.” he pulled his wallet out and as he flicked the plastic out for the woman to take the two stared at one another.
   You let out a laugh at your coworkers joke and as the next guest came to the counter you glanced up from your screen and froze. Bucky. You brain seemed to short circuit as he spoke and started to hand you a card. His eyes met yours and you pursed your lips as he licked his.
“Long time no see.” “Most definitely.” you let out a breath as he words gave you a new scene of continuation.
“That’s one mango dragonfruit lemonade light ice no fruit. I’ll assume a vente?” you looked from your screen to him and he shrugged with a furrowed brow.
“That’s the large.” “Right. So. Any chance you can talk to me for like five minutes?”  “I’ll amuse you with small talk while I prepare your drink and the second it’s in your hand you forget you saw me. Hows that?”  “Harsh. But I get it.” “OH! Okay. I’m glad you get it.” you let your smile fall as he was the last guest in line and there were few people around.
“I’m reformed.” the tone he used wasn’t reassuring and you rolled your eyes as you ducked below the machines to grab the lemonade from the fridge.
“How have you...” “You don’t get to ask me that question because we both know you don’t care.” he held his hands up and bobbed his head with a tight expression.
“I care now if that makes a difference. I know that had some time in isolation because of me.” “Correction because of what I did and it wasn’t fun. Neither is this conversation.” you shook your head as you turned your back and set the carton and tumblr down.
   You gulped and let out a breath as you measured out the liquid and started adding pumps of the flavoring. Why in the hell is he here of all places? The last time you saw him he forced a kiss on you and went to Virginia on yet another mission. 
   Bucky rubbed the back of his neck and couldn’t help but focus on how dry his mouth was as the last memories he had of you were through a screen. You had just thrown yourself across a courtroom at Zemo and he watched Dr. Banner nearly Hulk out because of it. He shook the memory from his mind and stood straight to see you hadn’t moved.
“Everything okay?” you jerked your head in his direction and once again you were able to resume the task at hand.
“Just fine. You said no fruit and light ice correct?”  “yeah. So. We uh could use your help.” “Hmm?” you twisted to meet his eyes as you moved to shovel half a scoop of ice.
“Less ice. Please?” he let out a chortle of embarrassment and gave a half smile.
“sure.” you shook the scoop and held it up to see if he approved of the number of cubes. “Perfect. Thank you.” you nodded and stopped as you closed your eyes then opened them.
“Who is we and what help?” he smirked then rubbed his face with his metal fingers to cool his cheeks that were warming quicker and hotter the longer you looked at him like you did.
“Classified in an open space. Five minutes outside. Then I’m out of your hair for good. Unless you decide to help. Which I really would appreciate.” you looked over your shoulder to see you co-worked in the ToGo window as you placed the lid on Bucky’s drink and held it out to him.
   He reached for it eager to quench his third, but you pulled the cup back.
“Eyes on me.” you’re voice changed and he knew you were serious as he met your eyes.
   He inhaled deeply and couldn’t stand how heated the back of his neck was at how your tone had changed.
“I’ll meet you outside in an hour. You have five minutes.” “I’ll only need two. Thanks.” he smirked as he gripped the drink and took it despite you tightening your grip on it for a second and letting it go.
   As you turned your back Bucky made his way to the far corner of the shop and sat casually as he had his drink and waited for you. A large rush of people came in and he checked to see that it was a little after four and so the afterwork rush strolled in. He observed your behavior not really sure what he was expecting. Your hour had come and gone, but the number of people hadn’t died down until well after seven thirty. You handed the last customer their drink and grasped a lanyard, crossed the lobby while bobbing your head in no particular way and locked the doors for the evening.
   Standing; Bucky tossed his empty cup and shoved his hands deep into his pockets. You turned to head back behind the bar to cleaning and yelped at the sight of Bucky. The keys feel from your hand and he was quick to catch it before they hit the ground. He held them up with a small smile as they hung from his metal finger.
“You forgot you saw me today didn’t you?” he couldn’t help the smirk as you struggled to find your words and yank the keys from him.
   You crumpled the fabric in your hand and nodded before speaking as you walked back to the counter.
“I definitely did. I was hoping that you coming in was a complete dream and wasn’t real. So I told myself it wasn’t and now that is setting in.” you let out a breath and turned to face him.
   You shuddered at how close he was and clenched your fists a couple times as you steddied your breathing. Bucky could see this was difficult for you and the longer you kept your eyes shut while facing him began to set in for him how difficult it was.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come. Just let me out the back and you won’t have to think of me ever again.” you heard his words but stood there motionless and speechless as you finally met his eyes.
“sometimes I really wish that I could hate you...“ you grimaced at your own words and looked away as tears started to well and Bucky gulped and waited patiently. 
   He knew you’d been through a lot and he didn’t exactly leave you with much there in the very end. He took a deep breath and your only response was to follow his action and rub your palms together as you began to giggle.
“I’ve tried, damn I’ve tried so hard today to find every reason, but that’s just something I can’t do. I’m not that kind of person anymore.” you rubbed away tears that had fallen and Bucky let his head fall as he continued to wait for eye contact so he could speak again.
“Do you remember the last thing you ever said or did to me?” you finally met his gaze and he gritted his molars with a stiff shake of his head.
“Of course you don’t. Wow. Okay. Yeah. I need to get you out of here.” you waved your hand around and let out a laugh as more tears stained your cheek.
“I’m sorry.” “No you’re not supposed to apologize. Because damn what a goodbye. I sure as hell wasn’t expect it and if you’re “reformed” like you said and like I’ve witnessed...don’t apologize for the only time our lips met.” as you said that Bucky stepped closer and nearly eliminated the space between you as he yanked your chin up to meet his.
   Your heart was in your throat, electricity tickled your skin, and dread cascaded over your mind as he leaned in and stopped short of your lips;
“I’m sorry.” you searched his eyes for the same thing you saw all those years ago and it wasn’t present.
   Tears started to well again and you couldn’t stop them as the coffee shop around you started to fade away. 
“I’m sorry.” he moved his hand from your chin to your cheek bringing goosebumps up from your toes up to where his fingers felt so calloused and warm.
   You weren't sure what to say or do and with each twitch of your face his hand moved further around to the back of your neck and his face got closer. His nose brushed yours and you placed your hand against his metal forearm that was coming in to hold you.
“I’m sorry.” your hand moved up the metal arm and his eyes closed as he gently pressed his lips onto yours.
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