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hello i‘d like to report that i‘m still alive, watched qualifying, couldn‘t post because i‘m away from home for the weekend and will probably reblog all the live racing posts after the actual race. please keep me in your thoughts whilst writing your rants, blessings, manifestations and beautiful commentaries. appreciate it! - sera out

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Has anyone tried sleeping with their manifestations written on a piece of paper under their pillow?

If so what’s the proper method? Do I need to be selective with the pen/paper,etc.? Do I keep it there every night? I’m trying to manifest something big.

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Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

🌙 30th November 2020

We are starting the eclipse season with a full moon in Gemini! This marks the beginning of significant changes, break-throughs and energy shifts, so get ready!

This eclipse puts focus on our personal relationships - any romantic connections, friendships or family relationships. There is the possibility for growth and development in this area. We are called to restore balance in our relationships and focus on what makes us feel loved.

Mercury - the ruler of Gemini - is currently in Scorpio, which guides us to focus on what is under the surface. Don’t waste your time on superficial relationships - look for true depth. Focus on deeper connections.

Again, like I’ve been telling you this entire year, make sure you are staying flexible. Leaving the old ways behind is scary, but it must be done in order for us to grow. Use this energy and change yourself and your relationships for better!!✨

I wish you a blessed full moon🕊

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Manifestation post:

*further into healing journey*

I’m happily in love. I have a pure, authentic, joyful, honest, respectful love.

My husband loves me without comparison and judgement. He cares for me immensely, being attentive to my needs and desires. He is my greatest friend and we understand each other deeply on every level. He protects and provides for me naturally.

We’re not perfect beings but perfect for each other.

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Maybe one day I wont have to run from reality so much
When it’s not such empty and draining that I find my imagined life much more interesting and warm..
The good thing is that it appears to be a good way of manifestation
Only if I believe on it fully , not as just mere imagination and fascinations
And I do ♥️
I just have to eliminate the distractions that blocks my dear manifestation 🌝
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My daily task from the herbalism self help book I use yesterday was to make my physical space better, just so happens that day my mother gifted me new pillows/pillowcases a mattress topper and a vanilla candle, my bed is sooo comfy and my room smells wonderful and my physical space is great and it’s just great when everything syncs up perfectly. 

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Funny manifesting success story.

So, the other day (on tuesday evening to be precise) i made an intention to test the law again, and the intention was to find something that has been missing for a very long time to be found again. I didn’t specify what it should be, i just decided that something lost will be found.

The next day i did mainly self-concept affirmations and isn’t it wonderful affirmation and today i had something important to sort out so i was pretty much affirming mostly that everything is rigged in my favour and that i am a master manifestor and everything in my life is perfect isn’t it wonderful.

Anyway, that sorting something out required my high-school diploma. Now, that’s where it gets interesting. A college i went to lost my diploma when I went to collect my papers. I know for a damn fact that i never got it back from them and i was so pissed at them for it. And that was years ago. So today, suddenly, i urgently need it. Totally convinced that I obviously don’t have it i was trying to get a proof from my high school that i have actually, in fact finished the school. At that point, when i was starting to compose a request to get the written proof, my mum suddenly said to me that you have the diploma, it’s in the drawer (in their house). And obviously i said that’s impossible. But she was dead certain it’s in their drawer. And you can guess how this ended, i’m sure 😊 what was missing was found again and i have no explanation how it got in to my parents drawer. But it did, and i’m in awe, and mighty grateful!

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