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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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The reason that I’m less willing to do gif edits is because of content availability. I would like to complete EVERY request that I get, and if the person that’s requested has limited content or resources that makes it harder for me. BUT if people are wanting me to do gif edits I’m willing to do them, however those will cost double ($8) and I’ll have to limit the amount of requests I get at a time with them, due to how much work they are.

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I did a total of 10 images + 2 stylized images and a 2200 word fic for the Dramione RomCom fest. My prompt (obviously) was Say Anything and I HAD SO MUCH FUN making all these manips and the ficlet!

There are 44 AMAZING entries in total, read them all here:…/DramioneRomComFest/works

Thank you SO MUCH to @quintalon and @nuclearnik for all the hard work you’ve both put in hosting this absolutely amazing fest!! It was a joy to participate in! 

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