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Plush was really mean to Canvas, huh? I wonder why she felt the need to act out like that…

TW: Minor implied dubcon, again surrounded by asterisks so you can skip. Emotional abuse, touch starvation, manipulation

“Plush, darling,” Miss Alex called as the pets dispersed for their daily chores. “You’ll be with me today.” That wasn’t unusual. Plush was one of Miss Alex’s favorites for companionship, if she was feeling lonely or wanted touch.

“Yes, Miss Alex!” Plush cheerfully followed her to the study, where she expected to be left leaning against Miss Alex’s legs as she did her work. That was where Plush usually stayed, fetching things for Miss Alex at her request. Sometimes she was allowed to read a book while she waited for Miss Alex to pay her attention. 

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Imagine being a lab-grown Supe with Homelander. Imagine encouraging him to be selfish and arrogant and ruthless because it turns you on. Except in regards to you, of course. Acting coy in your formative years helped. You would be high school sweethearts if you weren’t Supes.

Now that you’re both co-captains of the Seven, your invincible boyfriend can and will do whatever you want.

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I'm really scared for Z. What happened to make Cam not go after him for telling the boys about the firetruck thing?

Not saying he won’t target Z2 a little worse for “revenge”, but it will be subtle because Cam is manipulative af and things are complicated now that there’s all this tension between him and some of the other brothers (rlly just Alex and Dom). He might egg on the other boys, for example, to torment Z2 and enjoy watching. Then when Z2 needs a shoulder to cry on, who is there for him? Why how forgiving and merciful you are, Cameron.

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Can we stop adding comments like this:


onto posts regarding suicide prevention and suicide awareness?

Don’t force people by implying they’re a bad person if they don’t reblog.

Don’t contradict the very message you’re trying to spread by saying things like this.

Don’t tell people you don’t care who they are because you think your message is more important.

Don’t assume that whoever is reading your message doesn’t have their own set of problems or past traumas they still contend with.

Don’t make the notes seem more important than the people behind them.

That being said, DO keep spreading awareness. All that really needs to be said is that it is important, and it would mean a lot to you and many others if they consider reblogging.

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Summary: Laurie’s time in Seg is nearly over and you need to make a decision

Warnings: Dubcon, manipulation, grooming, violence

CHAPTER 6 - Out In The Cold

(Possible proof reading errors)


Barnes didn’t fuck me again for the rest of the week.

He definitely made his presence known, however. Whenever I was working in the library he’d covertly sneak up on me as I was placing books back in the shelves before cupping between my legs and making some crude comment before slinking off.

I was beginning to thing he was toying with me.

By the end of the week, I knew he was toying with me. I was so hyped up and so aroused from his constant teases and there was no way I could relieve that itch anywhere in this place….I mean, Preacher would beat my ass if she caught me at it in our cell.

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Hi. I wanted to ask a question: you're in a relationship, and you want to leave, but your partner threatens suicide if you leave. Is there a specific term for this sort of situation? There are lots of terms for specific types of abuse in relationships like lovebombing, gaslighting etc, so I'm wondering if this sort of situation has a term because I've seen several people do it (seriously, it's disgusting how people think pulling this sort of shit is okay)

I’m not sure if there’s a specific term for that, I think it’s just a form of emotional manipulation and abuse.

I’ve also seen this a lot and it’s really terrible and if you’re in this situation please get out, talk to me if you need to!

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Read Part 1

Crowley offers a reluctant Aziraphale an outrageous amount of money in exchange for doing one very simple, yet very difficult thing. (Human AU, mind the tags)

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okay so there are two whump tropes that id loveee to see with newsies, but i don’t know which one i like best 😂 the first one is the “part of being a parent is making hard choices, which of your children should come with me for the hour” or something like that- the second one that’s also killing me is manhandling could you pleasee write something newsies with one (or both, if you prefer) of those?

Yes! I tried to incorporate the manhandling into this a little too, I hope you like it!

Please enjoy!

A kick to the gut got Jack to shut up quick. He coughed as the air rushed from his lungs and Snyder bent down towards him. “See Jack… I know you’re too stubborn for your own good. So I’m taking a break from you today…”

It should’ve been a relief. But Jack didn’t like the sound of it in any way.

The door swung open. Two of Snyder’s goons walked in.

But they weren’t alone.

“No…” the young man breathed.

“I’ll be spending time with Charles and little Tyler James instead…”

Jack was still on the ground, trying desperately to breathe. He tried to push himself up on his elbows. But he fell back to the ground with a pained whimper. “P-please… don’t- don’t bring them into this… j-just hurt me. Kill me,” he rasped, tears streaming down his face as he looked up to the man that hovered above him.

And two little boy’s who were trembling like mad.

Snyder smiled and glanced down at both of the children, reaching to pet their blond hair individually as he circled them. Both of them had black blindfolds pulled tightly over their eyes. Jack wrapped an arm around his ribs, shaking his head as he watched the man find pleasure in this awful, impossible situation. “Being a parent is all about making hard choices is it not?” he laughed.

Jack tried to reach out for them. His hand was kicked away as the man stood posessively in between the two boys. Tyler was hardly breathing, clearly disoriented and confused and, above all else, terrified. Charlie was shaking just the same. There was a cut on his lip. He sniffled, trying to lean away from the menacing touch of the man above him. Their hands were bound tightly behind him.

Both of them were on their knees.

Jack sobbed. “Pl-please…”

“Which one of your precious boys gets to come with me for the hour?”

The youngest Kelly brother whined when the hand came back down on his hair. He tried to lean away. It only got his hair grasped onto. He cried out. And Jack let out a breathy groan. “N-no… Tyler… Tyler, don’ move—“

“It’ll be over before you know it, James… the longer you take to choose, the worse it’ll get. Just pick one,” their captor ordered, tossing the small boy’s head forward and glancing back at the two guards he had standing by the door. Both of them looked amused.

Jack fought for air and tried to crawl closer to his small, broken family. “J-Jack, just pick me! Please!” That was when a gun was drawn from Snyder’s belt. And the man kneeled down next to Charlie, grabbing the sixteen year old by the chin and squeezing the child’s face tightly in his hand, raising the gun to the boy’s head and forcing him to face Jack.

“Leave ‘em alone!” the young man demanded, finding his voice again.

Snyder pulled the safety back on his weapon. Crutchie couldn’t speak. Not with his cheeks squished the way they were. It was painful.

Jack shook his head, looking between the two children who he loved more than any other thing or person on the planet. “I… I won’t choose between ‘em… I can’t…” he admitted. “Please… please let them go… it ain’t them ya want…”

A pout worked its way onto their captor’s face. And the man released his hold on Charlie’s face. The boy ripped away from him as soon as he could, scowling hard as he tried to struggle out of the ropes that held him so defenseless. “You can take me,” he forced out. He was trying so hard to stay angry.

If he wasn’t angry, he was terrified.

Snyder hummed as he traced his pistol down the side of the older boy’s face. “Well… since you’re so willing…” he cooed, turning back to his guards who just smirked at him. “Boys… take Tyler to my office.”

Crutchie screamed. Jack did too.

“No! No! Let him go!

“Racer! Don’t touch him, you sick bastard! He’s only fourteen!”

Race cried out too, trying to scramble to his feet and blindly rush away. But he was grabbed onto by one of the guards immediately. An arm was around his waist, lifting him up into the air for a moment as the boy cried out. “Jackie! Please!”

The guard laughed, forcing the child into him and then roughly throwing him towards the other guard who caught him with ease before throwing the child over his shoulder, even as he screamed and kicked to try and cried out for Jack.

Jack stood, ready to chase after them, forgetting for a moment that the chain around his ankle only allowed him to go so far. “Stop it! You can take me! Just take me!” he begged, tears running down his cheeks faster as he screamed at them. “He is an innocent child!”

“Don’t worry, James… we’ll take good care of him,” Snyder assured, gripping Charlie by his hair and roughly shoving him forward. Jack caught him in his arms.

“No! Jack! I want Jack!” the child cried. “Don’t touch me! I want my brother!” Jack could hear his baby brother scream, even as he was carried out that door. His cries echoed through the room. “Jack!”

Jack made to run at the door before he fell to the ground, all thanks to the chain around his ankle. He hit the ground right as the door was shut and locked from the outside.

He could hear the boy give one final scream before it was all gone.

And Jack couldn’t help his sobs as he looked up helplessly at the door in front of him.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” Charlie muttered. “I tried ta get him ta run, I tried ta tell him ta get out, but he wouldn’t!”

Jack turned to his little brother quick, ripping the blindfold off of the boy to find red rimmed, teary eyes. “None of this is your fault, Charlie…” Jack whispered, trying desperately to keep his voice steady. “I’m so sorry… you were never supposed to be a part a’ this…”

Charlie shook his head. He studied his big brother, every bruise and cut on his exposed skin, and he let out a quiet sob. “What’re they gonna do to him?”

It broke Jack’s heart when all he could do was bring the boy to his chest and helplessly reply, “I don’t know…”

The boy cried onto his shoulder as his hands were untied.

And they sat there together, praying that their brother would be alright.

It would be a long night.

Anyone want more of this? I have very dark ideas.

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I had this friend. In fact, she was a lot like another friend I had. Anyway, I had this friend. We were friends for about 4 months in all. A few months three years ago, and then a few more last year. I got sucked into her ideas and her problems and she was better and more important than me. She was rude, never responding, lying to me, and one day I had enough. I was planning to talk to her about it when I calmed down, but she heard I was upset and told me to stop talking to her, then texted all our mutual friends to tell them she wasn’t talking to me anymore in the most dramatic way possible. She’s been insulting me to them, saying things about me that definitely aren’t true. I just want her to leave me and my friends alone, but she won’t.

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hi mbti, how are you? I live with an infj (I think, or intj) with traces of narcissism, this person is very manipulative, mainly victimizing herself and placing herself with the priority of a few more people, i don't know how to deal with Fe in this situation. could you give me some way to get around this, i can't get away from her for now, can you help me? I'm intj

Your description lacks detail. You describe her but there’s no description of your relationship dynamic with her. Does she try to hurt or manipulate you? Is her behavior quite aggressive? How does it affect YOU? Give examples.

Destructive Fe means being incapable of healthy relationship boundaries and then injecting oneself harmfully into people’s lives, often in a way that demands attention and/or craves appreciation. Destructive FJs spin stories about what’s “wrong” with you and believe in them as factual. Through projection, they assume that you are doing the same, so it then becomes a mental contest to see whose story wins out to become the collectively believed “truth”. This means that, if you engage (e.g. by disagreeing, criticizing, or defending), you are merely playing the role that they’ve written for you and validating their story, helping to create the drama and conflict that they feed on to keep their story going. If you disengage, they might try even harder to trigger you into battle, but, eventually, with no emotional drama to feed on, interest will wane, and they’ll seek out a more “cooperative” foil. 

Disconnect from her to avoid becoming entangled with her. If she is a destructive FJ, realize that nothing you do will ever please her or shut her up, even if she were to get full control over you. Therefore, do whatever it takes to keep everything about you out of reach and off limits to her, but not in an obviously defensive manner, because then she will know that she’s affecting you and never give up. If you must respond, respond with the indifferent attitudinal equivalent of a shrug or “whatever you say”. No matter how you feel, remember that she’s trying to rope you into her story of victimhood, with you as the “antagonist”, so feign cluelessness and go about your day, almost as though she doesn’t exist. 

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do you possibly have any prompts for whumping a character with fire magic (who in the case of my character specifically is also aquaphobic)
  • Toss them somewhere cold and/or wet. Make them use their magic to keep themself warm; leave them there for hours, or days, until magical exhaustion takes hold
  • Force them to use their fire to destroy something they loved; a treasured possession, a symbol of their identity, a friend
  • Manipulate them into a situation where they become widely perceived as dangerous or a menace; frame them for arson, or goad them into using their magic in a foolish or dangerous way
  • Force them to be a display piece at a party; show off their magic like it’s a trick or a toy
  • Drown them :)
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“I am not taking after him! I found this sense of style completely independently I’ll have you know! And we are not in any way best friends.” Alice ranted. Silence suddenly filled the room, a hurt look on William’s face. “A-Alice, how could you say that? After all we’ve been through? Of course we’re best friends, aren’t we?” His voice cracked, acting as if he were a child who’s mother told him no dessert after dinner. He knew about Alice’s empathy, which she hid away to avoid harm. He used it.

“Now, Alice,” his voice was gently scolding, but showed a spark of its real taunting nature, “I think you should apologize, making your friend upset like that - what you said was awfully harsh.”

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“Oh, we are. Alice is my dearest friend in the whole multiverse. I’ve known her since she was merely four years old after all. She used to be so different back then as I’ve stated before. I can tell she’s picked up a few things from me, incredibly sense of style.” He pointed out her outfit. A black undershirt with a ruffled collar, a purple vest, white gloves, a white tie, and oxfords. She looked rather masculine, and her height was rather tall for a human like her. “I enjoyed this before you.”

“That is awfully cute, taking after her best friend like that! Why, it’s almost like a friendship bracelet,” declared Antonio, subtly teasing Alice with her hatred of William.

He played the faux-oblivious card, but it was more than clear to him that they really weren’t friends. As far as he was concerned, they were just as ‘friends’ as he was with anyone he called friends. The only thing he busied himself with at this point was attempting to pin William’s intent and what would happen while he idly chatted with the stranger.

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The next morning after this

tags: @newandfiguringitout @milesstannum @thewhiteraven73 @stxck-fxck @tukreavilagnak @shinyhatsunemiku @just-another-whumper

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Dmitry walked into the kitchen with a satisfied smile on his face. He went over to where Felix was sleeping, and just looked at him for a few moments. Oh, how he missed this. “Wake up, it’s already 8 am!” He kicked Felix in the ribs, and grinned when the boy let out a startled yelp. He woke up early recently, so he never really had the chance to wake him up anymore. But of course, hungover Felix wasn’t that much of an early bird. “Come on.” 

Felix felt another harsh kick, and he quickly tried to push himself up, despite the horrible headache, and the pain in almost every other part of his body. “I’m awake, I-” He got kicked for a third time, and whined.

“Oh, I thought you were still playing dead, my bad.” 

Felix tried to adjust to the light and focus, but it seemed nearly impossible. A wave of nausea washed over him. Was he going to throw up? No, probably not. He hoped not. “Wh- what happened?”

“Can’t remember?” Dmitry crouched down beside Felix, with an expression of fake concern. “You really shouldn’t drink that much if you can’t handle it.” 

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