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rena-draws · 5 months ago
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Reblogs appreciated!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
so uh,, Tommy prison arc angst anyone???? Just been thinking about him, he is gonna be so not okay im not ready for it <3 I feel like he is having a lotta exile flashbacks rn,, hhrmmr. Plus dream is sorta ‘unstable’ rn too from the solitary confinement so i am very worried, so very worried.  
Anyways, i am extremely proud of myself for colouring some stuff in this!! i dunno how the heck people fully colour comics, you artists are incredible :0 originally this was gonna be for the Cornelius au comic thingy i did but nah.   
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businessbois · 4 months ago
Tommy: “Who do you miss the most?” Dream: “I think you should go, Tommy.” Tommy: “Who— No, tell me who you miss the most.” - Sam: “He admitted himself that he needed Tommy. The only thing he would talk about when he was in there alone was Tommy, Tommy, and Tommy.”
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happysarcasm · 7 months ago
ok actual serious post time
i wanna take a second to applaud dream’s acting in the (what i like to call) “l’manburg explosion #2” scene. he could’ve just EXPLODED at tommy like he did in his speech when tommy and the l’manburg cabinet thought they had leverage on him. dream could’ve done that but he didn’t, his tone in those moments (while obviously furious) was collected and calm. he outright told tommy that he couldn’t have any visitors, no access to the nether, nothing. and i think that’s what sold the scene for me personally.
the uses of phrases like “sorry doesn’t cut it, tommy” and “you need to learn to listen” REALLY hit the nail in terms of “things manipulative people say to make you feel bad”. he remained calm and sounded rational, which to c!tommy’s VERY fragile emotional state, he was. tommy kept apologizing and said things were his fault, and at one point almost begged for dream not to leave him alone again. even before dream entered the call, tommy kept reiterating the “dream is the only one who cares about me” concept.
long story short i am about to kick c!dream’s teeth in. irl dream may stay.
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pastelglitchesxx · 2 months ago
Has anybody made a “friendly and people-pleasing character who happens to be a sex-repulsed ace and their supernatural friend who has to routinely save them from being stalked by liars the ace character thinks they can trust, kidnapped, and/or ritually virgin sacrified” dynamic yet or did I just invent something
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dreamwastakenalt · 6 months ago
quotes from ranboo’s stream, specifically the last minutes because chills /dsmp /roleplay
dream: i’m not even real
ranboo: what do you mean you’re not real ? it’s ... not real. none of it ... is real. it’s not real it’s not real it’s not real
ranboo: why give them hope ?
dream: eh, it’s fun. it’s just a game
ranboo: fun to watch everyone ... suffer for a bit ?
dream: a lot of fun
ranboo: no, i didn’t betray anyone
dream: mmm ... you betrayed everyone
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daggryet · a month ago
anyway, fuck c!dream, your friends did not abandon you, you cut them off and belittled them and manipulated them
c!sapnap and c!george, get behind me
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precisely-its-fandom · 3 years ago
Hey guys if you're going to write angsty stuff with Anxiety and Deceit make sure you tag emotional abuse/physical abuse/manipulation/ and add trigger warnings. It doesn't matter if it deals with the whole ship in general, tag your STUFF.
Dot just say "Just blacklist the ship", because you're still putting off responsibility to be tagging correctly and not putting anyone at risk. Don't throw that bull at anyone.
If you write abuse, you tag as abuse. Simple.
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kiyoobi · 25 days ago
hey boob so i was sitting on my drive home from work and started thinkin about being kuroos leedle baby…that he desperately wants to knock up :( so he has you quit your job so you can come visit him in the middle of the day so he can nestle his cum deep inside you as many times a day as physically possible what do u think
carter you’re so sexy for this mwuah
minors dni
warning: breeding, manipulation, mention of ovulation, spit kink, being a cum dump for kuroo, daddy kink, kuroo is a piece of shit (lovingly)
“Then quit.”
You groan, eyes wandering over the carnage of your workplace. Your coworkers had been giving you shit all day, piling task after task onto you despite your huge workload. Customers had yelled at you, you were hot and sweaty, the weather outside was shit too. Everything that could go wrong was. So when you finally begged your managers to give you a ten minute break, you called your boyfriend to vent or else you felt like you might cry in the bathroom.
But he’s giving you what you didn’t need to hear. Well… you do want to hear it. You wanted to hear Tetsū agree that this was a shitty job and you didn’t deserve the treatment. But quit?
“I can’t—”
Tetsu says your name in the same whiny voice you give him, laughing quietly into the receiver. “You can quit. You should quit. I can take care of you.”
He can. You know this. You’ve clenched your thighs tight at the sight of him swiping his heavy card without batting an eye at the price, you’ve squirmed in your seat trying to relieve that pressure on your throbbing clit at the sight of him dressing in expensive suits each day for work.
“Baby…” His voice is deeper, lower. You know the game he’s playing, you’ve heard this voice many times throughout your relationship.
You sniff, feeling the weight of your shitty day finally bringing tears to your eyes, “Yes daddy?”
“Come over. Let me make you feel better.”
So it’s how you found yourself in his office, your jeans shoved down to your ankles, Tetsū still had his dress shirt on with his own dress pants down to his ankles too, as he thrusted into your pillowy cunt. Kuroo tastes of the lunch he just had, iced tea and the sandwich you made him this morning. His hands hold onto the fat of your hips as he fucks up into you, his tongue silencing your moans as best as he can despite being too loud himself.
“My good girl, so good to me.” He mutters against your lips, breathlessly needy for more. Kuroo feels his lower belly burn hearing how desperate you are to cum again, and he slows down.
“No, no, no!” You whine against his skin, your hands tug at his hair and you catch his wry grin. “Please, daddy. I’m so close!”
“I know,” he coos teasingly. “I just remembered something, and if you answer honestly you get to cum. Okay?” Kuroo’s lips are sweet when he kisses you, and his heart swells hearing you hum in agreement.
“Are you ovulating?”
You stare at each other, and with your chests pressed against so tightly you know he can feel your heart thumping hard. His eyes are dilated to hell, flickering back and forth between your swollen lips and your glossy eyes. You swear to god you feel his cock twitch when you nod. A couple of months ago, you both decided that it might be time to start having a baby. Sure, you’re not married yet, but your married friends ask you both for relationship advice so you might as well be. But you both have been so goddamn busy, and you know that even though Kuroo works more, he was never as tired as you were when you came from.
But now you’ve quit your job.
Tetsu starts to thrust into you again, slowly, deliberately grinding his cock against your sensitive spot. You whimper again under him, eyes fluttering shut.
“No,” he grabs your cheeks with one hand and forces your head up again. “Look at me as I fuck a baby into you.”
You try to keep them open, you try to say “yes daddy”, but his fingers squeeze you tighter and he’s forcing your mouth open.
“I'm gonna fill all your holes before my lunch ends, how’s that sound?” Before you can nod, he’s spitting a thick glob of saliva into your open mouth. He misses only slightly, you can taste him on your tongue and you can feel his spit dripping onto your lips and down your chin.
You are certain of two things about your boyfriend. He wants a baby with you, and he always keeps his word.
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mcmoth · 7 months ago
I've seen a lot of people talk about how well Dream plays the villain, but can I just ramble about how well Tommy plays the victim? Cause god, he does it so well.
Like, we couldn't have predicted this. He had many amazing and serious rp moments before this for sure, but his character has always been centred on being funny, loud, energetic, reckless and loyal. And to go from that, from someone so sure in themselves to someone so broken, without making the change feel unnatural and forced, without making the character unrecognizable? That takes immense talent, not just acting wise, but from a writing standpoint as well.
Like, let's walk through this. He still retains a lot of these traits. They've just.... become. Corrupted in a way.
Now he's not joking just out of his own joy, but to mostly cover up his sadness, born from absurd misery and desire to remain positive. His loud voice shines through in moments of distress and anger, but the recent beating down has made his range much wider, and we get to hear him scared and quiet and meek. His hype has died down to a tired drawl as he continues to have periods of exhaustion, of looking completely done, while still trying to keep up the energy at times, in moments of denial, to prove to himself and others that he's still okay. His recklessness has been overtaken by fear, and now he asks permission for everything, tho it still shines through clearly when he becomes too distraught or when the matter is his safety and wellbeing, when he needs to protect a friend (Like he jumped to protect Ranboo from Dream). And his loyalty... God. He loves his friends. He needs friends, needs them like he needs water to survive. Isolation is quite possibly the absolute worst thing Dream could have done to him. Cause without other people to share his overflowing passion and feelings with, he'll drown. So he clings. He clings to any thread of interaction, even when it's unhealthy, even when it hurts. He thanks for the chance to indulge in another's company, and this time, he might pay with his heart, His soul, His life.
He used to be so hopeful. His strongest trait, the one that made him a hero in many's eyes, was how he never gave up. Even when faced with complete destruction of all of his goals, with a threat of death for him and his friends, with the betrayal from all of his family, he persevered.
But now... He can't. Cause everyone has their limit. And Tommy crossed that limit when he lost Tubbo.
Tubbo. The one person he'd fight anyone for hurting. The one person that makes him forget his morals if he believes he's in danger. The one friend who's been with him since the beggining. Who couldn't be seperated from him even in exile, under tyranny. Who worked with him towards their shared goals for all this time, who understood him, who stood with him, who he stood with as well. His favorite thing in the whole wide world.
Tubbo is now gone.
All this time, they stayed united, until now. And he doesn't even understand why.
He couldn't. What made this different? Why was this the time Tubbo turned his back, why was Dream the only one with him? Did he really mess up that bad? Was Dream right all along, in seeing him as impulsive, as selfish, as stupid?
Was Dream really the only one who stayed by his side, since the beggining to the end?
It seemed like so.
As such, he listens. And he obeys. And he breaks, without meaning to, because he's starting to believe in his worst enemy's words.
And yet, he still clings. His compass, His Tubbo, still lays safe in his enderchest. Still close to his heart, despite believing it's a completely one way street, and that he'd never want to see him again. He can't give up on him yet.
He won't. Cause he's Tommy. And he's loud, and he's reckless, and he's loyal and he's stupid, and he won't turn his back on his friends. As long as he can remember them, in memories and in song.
He's the protagonist, and he's gotta keep fighting. That's all he's got left to do.
Cc!Tommy manages to portray this struggle more strongly than anywhere else in any media I've watched. And for that, I wholeheartedly applaud him.
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reglaargentum · 3 months ago
/rp "I don't understand why Tommy always said, in exile, that people weren't visiting him, that no one was coming, that they were only there out of pity when lots of people visited and gifted him things! He was basically trying to be a victim when he wasn't one!" Honey Honey Honey he was manipulated. At first it was a mix of both his personality and how the visits were made. He's a proud person, if he believes that people are pitying him he will not accept their help. Most people visited only once or twice. Sure, Bad gave him a disc and tried to help him more, and Tommy actually appreciated the disc (as he said later). But then, Bad didn't come back. And so did Antfrost after giving him a cow, or Sam after literally said he would take him in. Why they didn't come back? A mix of problems in the server (the whole Egg thing actually started in that period of time!) and Dream, of course, lying to everyone about Tommy not wanting visitors. But that's something that we knew - Tommy didn't. Tommy believed that they just came once at the beginning because they felt sorry, not protesting the exile at all (for example, Antfrost gifting him Mushroom Henry, but saying to not tell Dream that it had been him), and then they never came back because they didn't actually care.
Also, didn't help that the first visitors (Bad, Ant, Sapnap, and I'm including Sam too because at the time it was true) were people very close to Dream. After that? After that Tommy was manipulated constantly by Dream. He was told that people didn't care about him, that L'Manberg was even better without him, that THEY didn't want to visit him. So when people came? And maybe, because they didn't realize how actually BAD was exile, didn't take it seriously? Or came just once, never to return? Yes, Tommy took those as them just coming because "they had to". Ranboo is actually a big example on how Tommy's view about their visit changed with Dream's manipulation - by comparing how Tommy took Ranboo's books and messages in the beginning versus when Ranboo gave him his pickaxe. And then comes the beach party. Last nail in the coffin. When Tommy said "No one is visiting me" he wasn't actually speaking literally. What he meant was "No one wants to visit me". He fully believed that they were only there because of pity or because "they had to", not because they cared about him. He cleary said it many times (I remember once when Jack visited, for example).
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deyageka · 3 months ago
Part 5
Of the Hotel Childinnit AU
Other: ( Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4 )
Tumblr media
Huh, looks like Dream’s having trouble parenting...maybe he’s not fit to be Tommy’s guardian hmmmm 👀...
Tumblr media
...nvmd he’s doing fine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What a happy family♥️
Tumblr media
Plot stuff...
Puffy is taken care of, Sam thinks he is a bad parent, Phil goes to make a potion to reverse the de-aging spell, and Tubbo is in denial as always 😖
Tumblr media
Sry this took a while. Until my college semester ends expect slow updates😅
Support me of Kofi!♥️
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feriowind · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
rushed to finish this after work so i wouldnt have to spend 2 days on it lol had to get the idea down asap!!!!!!
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businessbois · 6 months ago
its very likely that dream will never face consequences for what he did to tommy. if he ever does, it will be at tommy’s hands. tommy said today he wants to kill dream. and as empowering as that is, tommy should not have to be the one to take on his abuser. he should have support. he should have people who care. he has tubbo who has also been manipulated by dream. these kids shouldn’t be alone in facing dream. but they are. because no one else is interested in helping them. everybody stood in that community house and heard dream admit to manipulating tubbo. everybody heard tommy say “do you know what he did to me in exile?” but dream will never get the blame that tommy and tubbo are getting. no one will try and teach dream a lesson about consequences. /rp
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Are you being rude, or are you being manipulated?
Something that I feel like isn’t talked about enough with autistic people is that ... starting from a young age, things that neurotypical people consider to be rude is normal to us. Which means that we get used to being told “no, don’t do that, that’s rude” in reference to things that don’t seem rude to us. 
And even if the people around us are supportive and tell us in a nice way, unless they *always* explain how it’s rude (which is hard because most of these things are entirely arbitrary social constructs and they don’t know why it’s rude, they just know that it is), we sort of get used to thinking that we can be rude without knowing it and we should stop doing “rude” things, even if we don’t know why.
When someone says “don’t do that, that’s rude”, we don’t question it, we just assume that it must be. And when the people around us are guilt tripping us, giving us the silent treatment, yelling at us etc because of something “rude” our default reaction isn’t to question why they’re reacting so badly to something that was just “rude” (as opposed to, like, hurtful and dangerous), it’s to think, “wow, that was *really* rude”
Which means that it’s very easy for people to silence  and gaslight us by accusing us of being rude. An autistic person will take “you’re being rude” at face value without question, whether the “rude” thing is being overly blunt, avoiding eye contact, using words that technically have the same meaning but with different connotations, or standing up to people that are harming us.
Imagine you’re an abuser. Your victim, who happens to be autistic, finally stands up to you - maybe they’re just angry and done with your BS, or maybe they think you have good intentions and try to explain how you’re hurting them. What’s an easy way to stop other people from believing them, get them to doubt their own perception & think they’re actually the one in the wrong, and make sure they never stand up for themselves again?
Simple. You say they’re being rude.
And they won’t question it. They’ll just accept that, well, they were being rude, and that must mean they were in the wrong.
As someone who’s been manipulated this way, @all autistic people: I know it’s hard after being trained your whole life to believe that you say rude things without meaning to and can’t identify when you’re being rude, but please, question things.
When people just call you rude instead of actually addressing what you have to say, question whether or not you’re actually being rude. ESPECIALLY if it’s when you’re trying to stand up for yourself. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY if it’s a recurring pattern of you being dismissed as “rude” every time you stand up for yourself.
Sometimes you will be rude without meaning to, and that’s okay. Sometimes you won’t be sure why you’re being rude, and that’s okay. But please, if it seems like people are just calling you rude to get you to shut up, if you notice a recurring pattern of all your attempts to stand up for yourself being dismissed as “rude”, or if your gut feeling is telling you that something’s wrong and it’s not your fault, question it. Ask other people if they think it’s rude. More importantly, ask if the other person’s response was proportionate to how rude you were being.
Manipulation is never easy to identify and it’s even harder to get out of. But please, don’t take everything that is said at face value, especially if it’s being used to silence you when you stand up for yourself. You can get through this. You will get through this.
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daggryet · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
since everyone is so mad over this, you should understand what these words mean:
"displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration."
"someone who's heartless is inconsiderate and insensitive to other people's feelings."
c!dream forcing a country he doesn't have power over to either exile one of their own or practically doom their people to being murdered and the country destroyed
c!dream systematically manipulating and abusing someone, and having them rely completely on him; and destroy everything they've built and worked for
c!dream driving c!tommy to suicide
c!dream destroying l'manberg and laughing in the face of the l'manbergians pain
c!dream forcing c!tommy and c!tubbo to come fight him alone and continously holding their trauma against them
c!dream keeping everyone's dearest attachments in a hall to hold against them and force them to do what he wants - or planning to steal their dearest item/pet/friend
c!dream being 0.2 seconds from murdering c!tubbo and throwing c!tommy in an inhumane prison cell where he'd be surrounded by lava (one of c!tommy's biggest triggers, which he'd know because he'd knocked c!tommy away from jumping)
c!dream murdering c!tommy and threatening to kill him again and again after c!tommy told him about how painful it was to die and be revived
extremely arrogant
"exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner"
"showing an offensive attitude of superiority"
c!dream's speech to c!tubbo in the ruins of the community house, proclaiming how stupid he is, how bad of a president he is, and how he just gave c!dream the only thing stopping him from destroying l'manberg
c!dream's speech to c!tommy and c!tubbo on the mountain: "i'm playing with my food" "i wanna show you how powerful i am, how powerless you are"
c!dream literally revealing his entire plan to c!tommy and c!tubbo thinking there was no way he was going to lose
c!dream's speech to c!tubbo and c!tommy in his vault
c!dream thinking that c!tommy is as attached to him as he is to c!tommy, saying c!tommy won't kill him because he thinks c!tommy also views their relationship as co-dependent
c!dream's speech to c!tommy: "i'm a god!" "we can be gods together" "we can experiment, we send you back, we can learn so much about death"
c!dream proclaiming he'll bring back c!wilbur - and that c!wilbur will feel indebted to him for reviving him
"exercising unscrupulous control or influence over a person or situation."
"people who manipulate others attack their mental and emotional sides to get what they want."
c!dream exploiting pogtopia's paranoia by telling them there's a traitor - that there's not a traitor - no, there is a traitor
c!dream giving new l'manberg the dilemma: "exile c!tommy or we will build the obsidian walls up to block limit, i'll have guards patrolling the walls, there will be no trade, you'll be locked in. anyone breaks those rules, and everyone gets slaughtered inside"
c!dream systematically manipulating c!tommy all throughout exile, establishing a cycle of abuse, and making c!tommy reliant on c!dream's presence
c!dream manipulating c!tubbo to think he was his friend, that c!tommy was angry and didn't want visitors (allowing c!dream to abuse c!tommy further)
c!dream stealing - or planning to steal/kidnap - everyone's dearest, including weapons, pets, and a literal person that'd be kept in a 1x3 cell - to hold it over people's heads to make them do what he wants them to. (this includes his so-called best friends, c!sapnap and c!george)
c!dream holding c!wilbur's possible revival over c!tommy's head in order to not get killed - and then revoking that promise in prison unless he's let out
"an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution."
"a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally"
c!dream holding the rules of the server ("no griefing, no stealing") against c!tommy and l'manberg, but liberally breaking those rules himself - and allowing his allies to do the same
commands power over l'manberg's governing despite 'allowing' them independence (ie. they should not listen to c!dream obediently)
c!dream threatening to build obsidian walls all around l'manberg, force everyone to stay inside, and slaughter everyone inside if they broke a rule
commissioned a prison, that is inhumane, and planned to put not only his biggest enemy in there (who he couldn't kill), but also planned to put other people in the other cells.
destroyed l'manberg as soon as he got the disc from c!tubbo
instigated the dream smp vs l'manberg war
war: “a state or period of fighting between states or nations“
c!dream literally was the one to write the declaration of war book (and thus escalated the initial conflict into a war)
c!dream was the one to ignore l'manberg's fighting style - we fight with our words and not our swords - and made it into a violent war. "i wanna see white flags, outside your walls by tomorrow at dawn, or you are dead"
instigated the disc saga
saga: “a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.“
it's very blurry who started it and c!dream stealing the discs were retaliation for c!sapnap and c!tommy killing him (non-canon, he was not a fatality during this war; no one was), but c!dream was the one to keep the fight going
c!dream killed c!tommy and c!sapnap multiple times to get his stuff back and stole the discs to ensure no one would sneak off with his things, and then he killed them a few more times
c!dream stole the discs repeatedly after c!tommy had gotten them back, and even traded one to c!skeppy
the disc saga is called the disc saga because the subject in question is the discs. c!dream was the one to start the series of events involved in the disc saga as he kept stealing them time and time again.
the initial conflict doesn't make it a saga, but the fact that c!dream kept the conflict going does; this making him the instigator of the saga
should the wiki have used such colourful language? i don't know, given the state of the fandom, but the words fit c!dream as we know him from the actual canon.
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