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Une aspirante mannequin trisomique, âgée de 5 ans, dans son élément alors qu’elle se promène dans les défilés de mode

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Just stole a mannequin for my mom. Feelin’ good.

For context I took it from a really old house that’s going to be bulldozed over any day now so it wasn’t really stealing

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Imagine giving into the Wedding Dress Org’s advances.

Why is blood rushing to my dick? you thought in dismay as the Org’s well-manicured nails caressed your arms. It occurred to you lipstick might be smudging your face.

“Cold feet?” mocked the Wedding Dress Org as she laid a palm on your crotch. “But the guests are already here!”

She’s watching…

Your new admirer grabbed your chin, preventing you from turning to your bride. Again, you were forced into a kiss. Eyelashes scraped your cheek. Realizing no other option, the monster received a smooch in return.

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