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Sam being loyal to Celaena and not Arobynn while The Thirteen are loyal to Manon and not the Blackbeak Matron… there are a lot of similarities between those dynamics including… ya know what i’m not even gonna say it

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Manon being on the Crochans’ kill-on-sight list is actually… hmm. Like just thinking about it… did the Crochans realize that Manon’s face was the same as Rhianon’s face?? Not her half sister Rhianon but the Last Crochan Queen during the Witch Wars era. Both of the Last Crochan Queens, despite the different eras, had the same face idk can’t stop thinking about how they were supposed to kill on sight someone with the same face of their last queen—even if you disregard the fact that Manon is also technically the last Crochan Queen

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will you still love me when i’m no longer young and beautiful

young and beautiful by lana del rey reminds of manorian and how dorian isn’t immortal and it breaks my heart

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Unfriendly Reminders

Elide is going die before Lorcan. She’s a mortal human, and Lorcan is an immortal High Fae who will probably live until the end of time.

Dorian is also a mortal human which means of he ends up with Manon, he’s going to die first. Manon is a witch, but still able to live for centuries more.

Even their children will outlive them

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Manon would adore Nesta and she would take her under her wing. She would have taken her flying on Abraxos to keep her from promoting her alcoholism.

Elide and Nesta would have worked together helping out the warriors during ACOWAR.

Elide and Manon would have personally escorted Nesta to the “intervention,” and they would have escorted her out, middle fingers upraised, the second Rhys told Nesta to sit down.

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Hear me out here, I know this is a big IF, but what MF IF Manon’s grandmother caused a diversion and stole Asterin’s witching at birth. Since Sorrel and Vesta were in the room she couldn’t straight up kill Asterin so she just said the baby was stillborn.

Imagine if that witching had been born with golden eyes (like manon) and is still alive somewhere?

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my first book bf was ze’ev kesley / wolf and i’m just now realizing that eight years later my taste in book bfs is the exact same. tall, dark hair, over protective, prone to violence

casteel, hunt, lorcan, four, azriel, baz, wolf. plus manon and nova artino and evangeline samos

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Dorian: Manon, você quer ficar comigo para o jantar?

Yrene de longe: Pode ficar pra sempre se quiser, ninguém aqui vai reclamar

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Manon Blackbeak is going to be the death of me

- a series by me, co-written by Elide Lochan, excerpts from Dorian Haviliard and Abraxos, featuring an exclusive section by Aelin Galathynius, foot notes from The Thirteen and wyverns, quotes from the Crochans, and a literal obituary of the Matron

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elide: how do you want your coffee?

manon: as dark and bitter as my soul

elide: one cup of milk coming up

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