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silversparks27 · 10 hours ago
ToG Relationships
I think the best thing about the bonds and relationships in Throne of Glass is that the friendship remains. Even after the many romances and breakups within the group, the respect and love for each other never completely goes away. Whether it’s Aelin with Dorian and Chaol, or Rowan with her exes too. Even Manon only has grief in her heart for Dorian losing Sorscha. No matter what, everyone remains mature, allied and friends, knowing they will have each other’s backs irrespective of their personal feelings at the moment. There is not a hint of unnecessary jealousy and irrational feelings, no betrayals due to spite. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things ever. This group truly sets the standards and shows how well things can be handled.
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 22 hours ago
my opinion on every sjm ship that nobody asked for but here it is anyway
doraelin-oh I wanted this to happen so bad. they were absolutely adorable but when celaena ended it I was like eh ok time to move on
choalena-I liked it in the beginning but when nehemiah died this ship died. and twas the beginning of my hatred for chaol
rowaelin-i really like them and I think their scenes are really cute but they’ve never been a favorite of mine and I think that’s because I don’t love rowan. but he makes my girl happy so 🤷‍♀️
dorian x sorsha- could not care less. sorsha had 0 impact on me
manorian-I don’t like dorian and manon doesn’t need a man. so while they are a hot couple I don’t see them as endgame
choal x nesryn-again could not care less. nesryn has never been a strong character to me and they had no chemistry
choarene-I have very mixed feelings about this one. they have a really beautiful story and are super cute but I really don’t like choal and I was just trying to rush through this book to get to kingdom of ash
nesryn x sartaq-“he loved her since he heard her name” bitch please. this couple is fine ig. it just feels so flat
elorcan-I would have liked it more if lorcan had a better personality. them traveling together is cute but I just can’t get passed lorcan especially when elide is an absolute goddess
lysaedion-I fucking hate aedion. and him calling lysandra a bitch ruined the ship. lysandra deserves the world and aedion is no where close to good enough.
feylin-burn in hell please😁
feysand-I love them so damn much. acomaf is my favorite sjm book ever. they are perfection idc what anyone else says
nessian-somewhere between love and like. so much hot chemistry and acosf is my second favorite sjm book
moriel-would have been so good if mor wasn’t queer. so much angst but sadly sjm ruined mor
emorie-I love the potential
gwynriel-probably my otp between feysand, kanej and this. I am obsessed with their potential. the banter. yes. the chemistry. yes. the everything. yes
e/riel-this makes me want to gouge my eyes out but y’all already know that
elucien-I think their potential and fanon is much better than their canon scenes. I don’t like elain, I don’t love lucien, and I hate soft couples. so currently I’m kind of indifferent
hellion x lady a-anything with hellion is perfect
eris x guy-in my mind eris will always be gay
bryce x conner-didn’t care
bryce x danika-could have been epic. any other writer would have done this
quinlar-fucking love. the betrayal hurt but I want them to be endgame so badly
bryce x aidas-ew. stop. we don’t need a rhys 2.0 we already have eris. just gross man. I don’t judge but I definitely judge if you ship this
juniper x fury-I love it
hypaxia x ruhn-don’t have enough of them to form an opinion. and I don’t like ruhn
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vxlarhys-insta · a day ago
Chaol: Welcome to today's session of Daddy issues.
Dorian: Last session we discussed our various problems with our fathers.
Aedion: Today we should speak abou-
Manon: Ok I may have misunderstood the agenda
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malulls · a day ago
Friendly reminder
Manon doesn't know Dorian said "There is only one witch who will be my queen."
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Some thoughts and ramblings I had while reading Empire of Storms for the first time
Been wanting to do this from the first book but here we are. Also mostly chronological but might not be lol
-Lorcan and Elide met omggg this is now all I wanna read about
-I hate the Matron, please Manon be safe.. I have a bad feeling about this
-Aedion called Lysandra's face 'exquisite' I am dyinggg
-Ok but I kinda understand this dude not wanting Aelin on the throne though.. he doesn't know her and what he knows is definitely not very Queenly lol can't really blame him for not welcoming her with open arms
-Aww Aedion kissing Evangeline goodbye soo cute
-Dorian Havilliard, King of Adarlan.. my bby has come a long way huh
-No Asterinnnn bbyyy
-Love this Dorian and Rowan's brotp
-Aedion and Lysandra flirting is what I live for
-I AM CRYING Manon has a soul now ahhh that scene killed me and omg I didn't expect THAT
-No no no I can't believe it this bitc* killed Manon's mother, father and made Manon kill her half sister.. are you serious? She might be the most disgusting and evil chatacter in the whole series istg
-Idk why but it feels so wrong that Lorcan is thirsting after Elide while calling her her mother's name? haha but I love how smart this girl is, not everyone needs to fight to win.. I love it
-Ahh yes Lysandra throwing up on good times.. made me chuckle
-Love how Aelin understands that they don't trust her to just put her on the throne..much mature, good.
-Aedion likes Lysandra~~~~ he is so cute all respectful and all
-And I wanna see him with his fatherrr
-Lorcan already feels protective over Elide aww
-Lysandra omg there is a reason I love her so muchhh you go sea dragon~ also can we talk about why when Rowan shifts he always has clothes on but she is naked? Huhh???
-Ok but you just killed some innocent men Aelin you could at least act sorry and not be an arrogant little prick saying you will pay the families like that's enough? This girl needs a slap sometimes lol
-OK I am so lost with the politics in this book but at least things keep happening which makes things interesting so there's that
-I truly love Manon she is one of my fave now.. didn't like her that much the first book she appeared in but she grew on me a lot
- And omgggg Elide kissed Lorcan, I didn't expect that for another book or smth lol now I am expecting some angst to keep it going haha
- 'Lysandra popped her hideous head out-----' excuse you?? How dare you Aelin
- uhhh Manon just called Rowan Aelin's mate haha
- Aelin and Manon bonding over swords' names, my kind of friendship
- I meeeean.. is Aedion wrong tho... she does go around flashing her magic lol and ofc she never apologizes, ughhh
-I hate that it's Aedion feeling bad about calling Aelin out instead of her.. she never tell them anything nor apologizes ughhh
- ' But instead of wings, footsteps creaked in the hall outside.' *smirks*
-Ahhh Nehemia is back for a cameo how lovely.. But oh I am crying.. this scene and the one where Aelin and Elide met broke me hard
-Go Lysandra, go Lysandra, go Lysandra go~~~
-I mean considering they brought down 500 ilken like a bunch of flies should we even get worried about this battle.. it'll be fine.. probably.
-Yes Lysandra next time kiss Aedion in your HUMAN form.. altho sea dragon seems pretty good too
-ok but if I wanted an info dump I would have gone to wikipedia
- Aaabraxos brought the 13 yassssss
-Ok so this last part makes no sense, sure the kids would look like Aelin's but they wouldn't have her powers/they wouldbe mostly human, isn't that a huge giveaway? -Also how do they know what Lysandra's kids would look like.. they could be shifters too and have no specific features.. also another giveaway
-And let's not even talk about Lysandra having to spend the rest of her life wearing Aelin's face.....
-Also sjm really doesn't know the golden rule of 'Show do not tell'.. everything is explained by 15 pages essays and conveniently it all makes sense.. or does it
- Ah wow she did collect lots of life debts.. and had known exactly in what place they would all be gathered yup.. Aelin the conqueror, yet again 10 steps ahead of everyone.. as usual very conveniently
- ..ah yes lovely, setting up the drama and breaking the romances to prepare for the next book, I knew there would be angst on the horizon
- idk what the point is of Rowan marrying Aelin to get the legal rights over her armies etc if Aelin is there??? As in Lysandra impersonating her I mean. I AM LOST IN THE SEA OF PLOT HOLES
-Ahh yes here we go.. the mate-every-two-words curse is upon us.. as if the constant 'male' and 'anything flecked' were not sjm enough
-idk why but the last sentence cracked me up.. why did he take her last name and why does the idea of Rowan as a consort make me laugh, it feels so weird lol
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@strawberries-and-reveries (idk why but I can’t tag you!!) asked me to do one of these for Manon and Dorian, so here you go:
who falls asleep on the couch.
makes friends with the neighbors.
Dorian! Manon tried once and it didn’t go well lol
is the adventurous eater.
Manon. Dorian is a picky eater.
hogs the covers ar night.
Manon! But most of the time she doesn’t need to because Dorian holds her close to his chest and keeps her warm.
forgets to do the dishes.
Both! None of them want to do the dishes so they fight about it and eventually set up a schedule. Monday, wednesday, Friday and Sunday Dorian, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Manon. Manon says that she can’t do them too often because the water ruins her nails. (she’s lying)
tries to surprise their partner more often.
Both, but especially Dorian.
leaves dirty laundry on the floor.
Dorian! The princeling is used to having the servants clean up after him lol
stays up till 2 am reading.
sings in the shower
Manon, and Dorian teases her about it all the time.
takes the selfies.
Dorian because he’s obssessed with his wife. But Manon secretly takes pictures of him too and then she gets upset because he always, always looks good in them.
plans date night.
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yazthebookish · 9 days ago
Please tell me your thoughts about Manorian.
I adore them.
When I read Heir of Fire and met Manon for the first time I honestly thought her and Elide might've been a thing.
I like their dynamic and even though I wasn't really convinced in the beginning of their chemistry but later on with their interactions and scenes I did. Can't believe they don't have their own book or novella yet.
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positivewitch · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“ And if I asked you to stay? ” “ I’d need a very convincing reason, I suppose. ” “ Because I don’t want you to go. ”
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malulls · 10 days ago
The darkest part of the Sea- Manorian pirate fanfic
Tumblr media
Somewhere in the Narrow Sea, five hundred years ago
The sea looked made by silver under the moonlight. A fresh breeze shook the sails of a royal ship. The perfect picture of the calm before the storm. They swam, as silent as the night, as mortal as a blade, a smile of pure wickedness spread across their faces.
One by one, they emerged from the ocean, reaching the sails', their black tails becoming legs the moment they made a perfect flip and stepped on the ship.
The man behind the helm was the one who saw them. He started to say something about "how the hell did they get on the boat" but the words dropped as he stared, hypnotized by the Sirens' beauty.
They stuck out their pure metal nails, smiled at him as they exposed their teeth as well. He realized too late. His warning scream failed when the midnight black-haired siren ripped his throat.
Her face, once beautiful, now was scaring as the human's blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. The rest of the sailors that probably heard his scream went up to the deck. They barely had time to figure out what was happening before all of them fell on the floor, the wooden planks covered in dark red.
Hey guys
Idk when I'll start to post the chapters because I still have to write it, and discover how the hell I'll write in english buuut
People who said you would read it, I'm tagging you here
@foughtconquered @hellasblessed @notyournymphetish @darklingswhxore @shadowturtlesstuff @pcrsea @wandererbyheart
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mrstrafalgar-d-shanks · 11 days ago
Can someone please make a fanfiction where Aedion and Dorian reconcile, please? Or where Aedion accepts Dorian for himself, instead of hating on him (for what his father had done) and only knowing him as the son of the man he despised? Maybe include Lysandra, Aelin, Rowan (and even Elorcan) talking to him about his conflicting feelings towards Dorian and Adarlan (like an intervention, or something).
Then after he has built up the courage, Aedion can visit Adarlan, and talk to Dorian for the first time since the war (cause they haven't stayed in contact). Maybe a few years post-war, when they are both married with kids. Ahhh my trash heart💕🗑.
I mean, they don't have to be friends (I honestly cannot see them as friends) but let them come to an understanding. Then he could express to people who aren't trusting of Dorian (probably Darrow and Ren and all them....) what he thinks about him and Adarlan. He's the smol bean cinnamon-roll King of Adarlan, who's trying his best to make Adarlan (and Erilea) place for everyone to live in peace, love and prosperity. Also himself and his lovely/scarily badass wife Manon risked their lives to save Terassen and the World; or at least I think so...
I think it will mean a lot more if Aedion expressed his opinion about Adarlan, instead of Aelin and Rowan, because of what he went though when he was younger and his well known previous hatred and distrust of Adarlan. People are more likely to listen to him.
That's the character development we all need to see from our fave wolf general, Aedion.
I feel as though associations like this happen all the time today, and SJM clearly robbed us of that moment.
@propshophannah @itach-i @rufousnmacska I'm talking to you (and anyone else who's talented) honeys😂😂
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 12 days ago
yk what we haven’t talked about on my blog which is honestly a travesty
how much I fucking love manon blackbeak. like she could tear my throat out with her iron teeth and I would say thank you. yes manon if you are reading this, this is an invitation. I want to recreate the manorian boat scene except I’m manon and she’s dorian. I 100000% believe in manon blackbeak supremacy. there is the tik tok sound that’s like I wouldn’t let a man spit in my mouth but she can, that’s how I feel about manon. when I say I would let her rip out my heart with her nails, i’m not exaggerating. anways stan manon forever
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