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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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The riders reined up before the gates. “You in the holdfast!” shouted a knight in a tall helm with a spiked crest. “Open, in the name of the king!”
A Clash of Kings - Chapter 14 - Arya

As I get farther into this book it gets a little tough to pick images. It’s not that there suddenly stops being great material, it’s just now I have to watch out for redundancy. Take the latest Arya chapter, we’ve been watching her trudge through the chaos of the Riverlands for three chapters now. It’s true it far worse now, but I can’t really show this in my snapshot format. Because of this, I jumped straight to Amory Lorch laying siege on the holdfast Yoren chose to stay the night in.

On a side note, this is yet another image that looked better flipped.

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Miyu (snow leopard, she/her), Harley (jackalope, he/him) and Annie (spaniel, she/her) are adoptive siblings who often go exploring out in the frozen forests together. The girls probably want to camp out at the old cabin an hour out of town, but Harley’s not so sure.

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So for my birthday, I got a new pair of joy cons for my switch, the old ones were suffering from stick drift.

I also got a Manticore Funko Pop while I was there since I already had Ian and Barley and wanted her to join them.

When I was in another store I found, by sheer luck. A Toby Pop. And Gnome Chompsky was there too. So I’m happy.


Ian : could you tell your Gnome to get off my staff?

Toby : I would but Chompsky’s not a great listener. And he bites.

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