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#many thoughts. head full.
ofcasterlyrock · 8 months ago
Today I'm thinking about how when the starks call themselves wolves they're calling on the courage and honor and strength of their father and asking for his guidance but when the lannisters call themselves lions it's because they're terrified of disappointing tywin. Thinking about how the direwolf is family and love to the starks but the lion is a mask and a weapon for the lannisters. Being a wolf means facing your fears but being a lion means showing no weakness and living up to your name. Anyways um something about family values idk
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dracoria-azucar · 5 months ago
I’m currently over-analyzing Ranboo’s most recent inventory message.
“I won” Won what bitch?? 
Unless Ranboo was straight up lying to Sam about knowing what happened at the banquet, we’re lead to believe it was Enderwalk!Ranboo that was present. So that message was probably in regards to something that happened during the banquet.
Are Enderwalk!Ranboo and/or Dream against the Egg? And they’re glad that the Eggpire got chased out with only one gained sacrifice? Glad that one of the cult members is running with one life down and no safe space to hide?
Or was this all some part of a bigger plan on their behalves? Because now Sam plans to “lock” the Egg up. Will that give Dream some sort of control over the thing? If it’s closer to him?? Is it just the fact that now Sam is even busier, and the only other two guards are on the run? 
Or is it in reference to Foolish’s death? Because he’s one of THE strongest people on the server. Does him having one less life reassure the prison duo in some way? Maybe it’s about everyone now being extra paranoid with the cult in hiding? 
Or the fact that people, like Quackity and Techno, are starting to overlook their differences and unite like the “happy family” Dream and Ranboo want everyone to be?
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subjectligma · 4 months ago
thinking about how, even though we know the higher-ranking corpus such as the board and the treasurers hold parvos granum in high esteem as Their Blessed Founder, it’s also heavily implied that to the average worker he’s feared. corpus crewmates will tell you that going into the void makes them nervous because they’re afraid that if they look out the window, they’ll see him looking in at them. vala’s song emphasizes that he’s no kindred spirit, that he could just as likely kick you while you’re down as he could offer you his hand. even nef seems unnerved by him when things finally come down to it. is it just the fact that he’s held up so high by the corpus propaganda machine as this Paradigm of Profit that everyone beneath his worshippers begin to resent him, that stories are passed down about the man with the golden hand who will snatch you and drag you into the void if you don’t comply? why did vala seem so terrified to realize where she was at the end of her quest? now that he’s been freed, to what ends will he go to return the corpus faction to its former glory? how much of the parvos we see in the void is the man who found himself pulled in centuries ago, and how much of him is something else entirely? who IS parvos granum, and what does he want?
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elias-rights · 3 months ago
Jonahbas thought: Barnabas was dependent upon Jonah in the way shitty people become when they find someone who can handle them. He believed Jonah was the same, but Jonah knew that at some point he'd outgrow the need for Barnabas. That said, that point came sooner than he'd expected.
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charrators · 11 months ago
i was thinking abt how all the b&w entities (minus nibbly since we don’t know what his deal is yet) share the first letter of their name w whatever human they’re tied to — pokey and paul, wiggly and wilbur, blinky and bill, tinky and ted. but webby and hannah,, doesn’t fit. however. willabella does
i mean, webby seems to know her. maybe she was her Designated Human gone wrong?
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sunsetswerv · 10 months ago
so luke claims that their instruments are attached to their souls.  caleb has a particular affinity for dealing in souls.  was he able to manipulate the boys into playing in his house band so easily because he took advantage of that spiritual link to their music to control them?  maybe so.
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babyjeep · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thinking about this
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clusterhugmp3 · 9 months ago
Do you ever think about dallon and his gender nonconformity
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ufonaut · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We could tell him he’s going to give a ring to someone who’ll kill the entire Green Lantern Corps!
Darkstars (1992) #24
I randomly picked up this issue of Darkstars in a vintage comic shop the other day without quite knowing what’s in store for me and having finally gotten a chance to read it, I literally can’t stop thinking about the very rare instance of getting to hear about Hal/Parallax from an outsider POV, especially when framed through the possibility of preventing the events of Zero Hour by preventing Hal from becoming a Green Lantern in the first place! Particularly fascinated by Donna saying she thinks there’s more to Hal’s breakdown than Coast City’s destruction because it makes me wonder whether she realised the obvious (no one reaching out to help Hal).
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funfacterdroid · 29 days ago
Man voice synths are so cool you ask a little digital man to sing a thing and theyll fukcing sing it!!! What next? Theyll put music behind it!?!?!? A Song?!?!?!?! Youre pullin my leg!
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cawfncaw · 8 months ago
idk im just thinking abt sammy and marko and them going from shyly and coyly sitting next to each other, to tiptoeing their ways to being physically affectionate to the point where no one really bats an eye at them hugging or walking arm in arm
and for a while its fine enough but just one time they casually hold hands and it lights an unspoken war of doing that again and again without calling attention to it-- under tables, while theyre sitting together, does it count if we just touch hands? until its where they were before, no one, least of all them, thinks anything of them walking hand in hand, talking and laughing
and then im thinking about one night, one normal night, sammy’s wrapped in a tangle around marko, arms around his shoulder and marko insists later he started it but sam’s hand was on his jaw and tilting his head up and the dam finally breaks, someone loses the game of pretending theyre just friends, just close, and their lips meet
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It's 2 a.m. but the CLOUDS HAVE PARTED and I am getting SO MANY IDEAS FOR THIS ESSAY
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arlathen · 10 months ago
sera brought me an entire pitcher of “love my vampire boyfriends” juice and wouldn’t ya know it, i drank the whole thing. 
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randombubblegum · a year ago
otto at the pro rev mcr show in 2007: hope this doesnt awaken anything in me
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clvedurham · 5 months ago
Gotta get this off my chest! Agnes Grey is simply better than Jane Eyre! Facts are facts!
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bighfantasy · 4 months ago
Its been a while since I've experienced the exquisite agony of being balls deep in a series that the author hasn't finished yet...
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