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palaugranetes · a day ago
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IG Mapi Leon:
"🤨🚅🤼‍♀️⚽️ eii @sefutbolfem"
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marionacaldenteys · 2 months ago
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marialeonn16: Here I give you the process of my photoshoot 😊😅 fixing my hair a little believing i'm a model, fixing the bikini, and relaxing a little on the rock (very comfortable by the way😂).
Pd: no filters, the light and scenery are things that Ibiza has 🤍🏝
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bertapujadas · 4 months ago
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What a few years can do...
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rooroadster · 3 months ago
and she did.... Jenni Hermoso has crowned Alexia Putellas the Queen Of Today's Match. Alexia: "I can't believe this"
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nahikarifc · 4 months ago
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August 25th, 2020 May 2nd, 2021
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housedanvers · 4 months ago
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Women’s Champions League Squad of the Season 2020/21
By club ... Barcelona 8 Chelsea 6 Paris Saint-Germain 4 Bayern München 3 Manchester City 1 Wolfsburg 1
By nationality ... Spain 7 Germany 5 Australia 1 Canada 1 Chile 1 Denmark 1 England 1 France 1 Netherlands 1 Norway 1 Sweden 1 United States 1 Wales 1
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Mapi León and her signature slide tackle 🔥🔥
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joanmu · 25 days ago
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❤️❤️❤️ Ana + Mapi ❤️❤️❤️
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x--mccrew--x · 3 months ago
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Happy pride month indeed!
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lholland14 · 7 days ago
Ten Things (Mapí León x Reader)
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can I request a fic w/ mapi based on the movie 10 things I hate about you? with mapi as patrick and r as kat
The story of the legendary Jenni Hermoso and Christen Press.
Oh right.
The story of Mapi and Y/n, how they met, how they dated, broke up, got back together.
Y/n Press the star of Lyon, the prodigy fresh out of Harvard, the new legacy of the US.
Mapí León the most talented defender in Europe, the superstar of Barcelona, the visionary of Spain.
And because of their rivalry this prevented them from ever revealing their true feelings about each other.
But when a certain player makes a bet, well what could possibly go wrong.
"I like you." Confesses Jenni
"I'm sorry" Christen whirls around
"I like you." Jenni repeats more confidently.
Christen grins, making Jenni fall even more in love with her
"I like you too." Christen smiles, but it quickly turns into a frown "But I'm not dating right now."
Jenni mirrors Chris's frown "Why not?"
"Because I'm not allowed" Chris sighed and sat down "Ever since Tobin cheated on me my dad thought of this brilliant idea from not moving on too quick and getting hurt again. My sister Y/n has to be dating someone in order for me to date again"
"What if she starts dating again?"
"Then I'll start dating again." Christen grins, kissing Jenni Hermoso's very red cheek.
1. The way you talk to me
Mapí always talked to people with respect, with kindness. Win or lose she made an effort to talk to the opposition.
Mapí was the definition of cocky, arrogant, and sarcastic.
"Good game"
"You were awesome"
"Great job"
Those words were not apart of her vocabulary.
This made her one of the most hated and loved player of player in the league, much like Sam Kerr.
"Oh hey Y/n" Mapí smirked leaning on the doorway "What a coincidence"
"What do you want shrew" Y/n glared back
"I'm just looking around to see who's gonna finish second."
"Why don't you look in the mirror." Y/n replied slipping past Mapí's arm.
Mapí scoffed before turning around "See you on the pitch Y/l/n"
2. The way you drive my car.
Y/n prov
It's not that Mapí was a bad driver, she just, well. Okay maybe she's a bad driver.
She's just fast.
Really fast.
Like scary fast.
It's insane.
Most people would say I'm defending her, and I agree.
She's a terrible driver.
There is a certain stereotype that women are bad at driving, I never believed it. Not until I let Mapí León drive my car.
"Hola." Mapi greeted me
"Ready to vamoose?" I grinned swirling my car keys on my finger.
"Vamoose?" Mapi laughed at Y/n's antics and got into the car.
When Mapí laughed I swore my heart skipped a beat.
I briefly considered asking out Mapí, but like the past hundred times chickened out.
"Umm, what happened?"
"Amiga, we're not in Spain anymore, the steering wheel is on the left side. Remember?"
Mapí stared at Y/n before cracking a small grin at her, "Guess I'm driving then."
I hate Mapí León.
I'm gonna kill her when, and if, I get out of this car alive.
The first thing she did was crash into a trash can, and another, and another.
"Are you aiming for them?" I looked at her indignantly.
"What?" She looked back at me, confused before narrowly missing a lampost and instead ran into a stop sign.
I decided not to say anything, and instead just talked like a sailer for a couple of minutes in my head.
After two police cars, an ambulance, five more trash cans and a tree incident we got home.
When we did she had a lovely idea of almost breaking down my drive way.
Yay me.
3. I hate it when you stare.
The second Mapí and Y/n's eyes met, the fans started a ship war. Maybe because they looked hot together, maybe because they were always next to each other, either insulting or flirting.
Mapí did not help the ship war by always staring at Y/n.
And it certainly didn't help when Y/n transferred to Barca.
Whether it was at training, during games, or even at a team dinner.
This not only caused her teammates to question her, but the media as well.
"The next question is for you Y/n." A reporter stated "What is the relationship between you and Mapí León?"
"Oh, uh we're just friends I guess." Y/n replied awkwardly hoping the cameras couldn't pick up on her blushing.
Too bad the cameras picked up on Mapí's. And her stare
"What do you think about the ship war the fans have started on social media?" Another reporter shouted out.
"It's cool that fans think we're dating, but we aren't." Mapí answered, wanting to reply with an "I wish" or an "Unfortunately."
But she didn't, she couldn't. Because Y/n hated her and she hated her.
After the questions Y/n went back to staring into nothing while Mapí stared at her everything. Otherwise known as Y/n Y/l/n
"I have a bet." Jenni announced.
"Wait." Alexia puts up her hand "I'm not drunk enough to hear this."
"Chill cap. It's not about you." Jenni rolled her eyes before producing a wicked smile "Its about Mapí."
4. And the way you read my mind.
Mapí, swinging a bag full of junk food turned the corner to find a sight that used to excite her. Now is only angered her.
"Y/n?" She squinted at a misshapen blob in a dark corner. The groceries long forgotten on the ground.
"What do you want Mapí?" Snapped a voice that most defiantly belonged to the small Press.
Mapí sucked on her cheek before giving a Cheshire Cat smile "I have food"
"Leave me alone." Y/n replied bitterly. After a second Y/n looked up from the ground "Do you have Oroes?"
"Duh. Of course of got them, they're our favourite." Mapí handed a blue package to the red-eyed girl who gladly took them.
"What's wrong?" Mapí sat down next to the sniffling girl, obviously concerned.
"Its nothing," But when Y/n tried to get up Mapí grabbed her hand to pull her right back down to hug her.
No one knows how long they stayed their, but it didn't matter because at that moment Mapí knew she was in love with the very same girl she hated. Y/n Y/l/n.
"I'm here for you," Mapí whispered "Whatever you need"
Y/n sallowed before answering, "What if all I need is you?"
Mapí paused, "Then I'll be here." She whispered back
Y/n never told Mapí what upset her, but ever since then Mapí has always known exactly what to do for Y/n. No matter what mood she was in.
And since that day Mapí has never left the house without Oreos
5. I hate the way you're always right.  
"Why not?" Mapí asked her, frustrated.
"Because we are adults," Y/n answered, the muttered "At least one of us are."
"But it'll be fun," Mapí whined and frowned when Y/n shook her head.
Mapí sat down annoyed.
"You can read right?" Y/n raised her eyebrow in amusement.
"Yes." Mapí looked up at her "Duh."
"Just checking," Y/n looked back at the sign "Because it says 'ages 5 to 12'"
"So, It's a caterpillar!"
No response except for an 'I'm not impressed face'
"It's a giant caterpillar!" Mapí emphasized.
"You want us, 23 year old adults" Y/n gestured at the two of them "And you want us to ride a giant caterpillar for kids, around fruit."
"Yes!" Mapí replied giddily.
Y/n groaned, but gave in to Mapí's puppy eyes.
"I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to their expectations instead of my own?" Mapí airily replied.
"Besides, you had fun." Mapí sung jabbing her finger into her kinda allie's arm.
"Okay. You're right, I had fun." Y/n speed walked away after her confession.
"What about me?" Mapí looked up from her food.
"I have a bet."
"Go on."
"It involves Y/n Y/l/n." Jenni started "If you can get her to dating you I'll pay you 100 dollars, and even more if she falls in love with you."
Mapí grinned .
6. I hate it when you make me laugh
"Its just a fitness test" Mapí tried to reason.
"Yeah, and hell is just a sauna" Huffed Y/n.
Mapí laughed and ended the call before lying on her bed in what some might call a starfish pose.
After 15 minutes she suddenly sat up and grabbed her phone.
"Tell you what" She texted Y/n "If you survive I'll take you out."
"Like a date?"
"You're on"
After Y/n finished with her torture Mapí picked her up and drove her to-
"Paintball?" Y/n stared shocked at Mapí after reading the sign.
"Yup." Mapí popped the P and quickly got out of the car.
"You gotta be kidding me."
Y/n threw her head back and laughed before grabbing Mapí's hand and walking over to the maze.
Armed with paint Y/n stealthily braced herself with hay stacks in case intruders came, so she could have a shield of somewhat.
"Y/N..." Mapí sings and you swallow hard, tightly holding your gun.
Looking around the corner of the hay blocks Y/n saw Mapí with her back turned. Sensing opportunity she army crawled silently on the ground.
Y/n had already taken out a few of her opponents, cockily smirking when they'd turn around, searching for their shooter and only seeing the point of your gun.
"Come on Y/N..." Mapí says again, jumping up on a bench to survey the area. "I'll make it quick." She grins arming her gun.
The second she turns her back again, Y/n sticks her gun through the hay to make her move.
She clicks the trigger, resulting in bright neon splotch of paint smacking into Mapí's leg.
"MIERDA!" She yells, glancing around wildly trying to find whoever shot her.
"Where the hell are you?" She asks and Y/n grins to herself before standing up and running around waving her gun in celebration.
Mapí shakes her head.
"Are you kidding me?" She scoffs when Y/n finally finishes her terrible celebration.
She shrugs.
"It's called 'survival'." Y/n smirks and Mapí shakes her head as Y/n struts towards her teammates.
Due to whine of pain you stop and backtrack to Mapí.
"Come on." Y/n rolls her eyes and Mapí grins, before climbing onto her back.
"Why the leg." She mumbles and Y/n shakes her head as Mapí wraps her arms around her, well they weren't anything yet much to Mapí's dismay, neck.
"I came here to win. So, who's next?" Y/n grins maliciously and everyone who's around them eyes widen.
You smirk at them and walk away.
"Don't worry little lion, as long as you shoot me first you don't have anything to worry about"
You win the next round, hiding in a bush.
And the next one, this time in a tree.
And the next, on the roof.
Y/n jump down off the roof landing in a somersault, and stood in front of a pouting León. She mopes as the two of you make your way to the exist.
"What?" You say as you hold your hands up.
"Let's go home." Mapí pouts.
"I'll buy you Oreos."
"Deal" Y/n grins.
That day, Y/n learned Mapí hated losing and would do anything to win.
"Pay up Hermoso!" Mapí yelled, bursting through the doors.
"What?" Jenni, startled, looked up from her phone very confused.
"You said that if I can get Y/n to date me you'd pay me 100 dollars"
Jenni's mouth opened and closed as she processed this information "
You mean you actually did it?" Alexia said also very confused.
"Mapí, don't you think this will end up badly?" Patri stated concerned
"Nope" Mapí grinned, putting the money in her pocket "Now to just make her fall in love with me."
7. I hate it when you're not around
"It's been 4 months since you did the dare." Ona slowly started "Don't you think its time to stop?"
"Are you kidding me I'm just getting started" Mapí grinned.
"Breaking news" The TV host blared into his microphone "Y/n Press has moved Chelsea WFC! Here are-"
"Seriously!" Mapí threw down the remote. "Chelsea? Out of all the great clubs she chose Chelsea!
"Mariá León are you jealous?" Ona chuckled
"No" I muttered before leaving the room
"You're so gone León." Ona laughed while turning the TV back on "So gone."
Without Y/n days soon felt like years, but calls between the two star crossed lover felt like seconds.
Soon those calls consumed Mapí's thoughts, and all she wanted to do was hear Y/n's voice that she grew to love.
Even still those calls didn't satisfy Mapí, and she knew she had tot do something.
"I want to go to London" Mapí burst into her managers door.
"Like move?" Her manager asked, clearly confused
"What? No! Visit London, not move"
"You wanna see your novia don't you?" He teased as Mapí blushed shamefully.
"I'll arrange a flight."
"Gracias!" Mapí jumped on him, yelling with joy.
When her plane landed Mapí whirled through the security, got her bag and was in a taxi, not even Lauren Hemp could beat her time.
The second Y/n saw Mapí her eyes went wide and runs towards Mapí at full speed, practically jumping into Mapí's arms. Y/n hugs her tight and only breaks away to pull the Spanish defender into a kiss.
Their kisses were always soft. As if one was afraid to hurt the other, like Beauty and the Beast "Just a little change, small to say the least. Both a little scared, neither one prepared."
Y/n's hands softly pushed Mapí back against the table, as she tilted her head and kissed her vida.
"Tu eres mi vida." She whispered against Y/N's lips before planting her lips on Y/N's once more.
Once they let go Mapí grinned and hugged Y/n again
"I brought Oreos."
"I think I love you."
"You think." Mapí teased, breaking away.
Y/n giggled, making Mapí's heart flutter at the sound
"I know I love you."
"So now that Y/n and Mapí are dating, will you go out with me?" Jenni asked Christen
"Why not?" Christen chuckled and grinned at her lover.
"Are you scared of the water?"
"No?" Chris replied, now a bit apprehensive in her dating choices
"Good" Jenni grabbed Christen's hand and pulled her up from the bench
"Lets go sailing."
8. And the fact you didn't call
"Where's Y/n?" Lieke asked, looking around.
"I don't know." Aitana replied half-heartedly, more interested in the sandwich she was about to take a bite of.
“She left” Jenni told her Dutch teammate.
“Mapí?” Like turned to her friend
“She’s gone.” Mapí told Lieke dejectedly 
“What?” Like shrieked and banged the table, startling Aitana. Resulting in her losing her sandwich to the floor.
“Why didn't she tell us” Jana spoke up.
“Because she wasn't able to eat.” Aitana told Jana, exaggerated.
Lieke rolled her eyes and left the room.
The whole time Andrea sat silent, knowing exactly what happened. Because she told Y/n what happened. 
She told her everything.
9. Even worse when you make me cry.
"So I was a bet." Y/n stared into Mapí's eyes.
"Yes" Mapí couldn't meet Y/n's eyes.
Y/n didn't say anything for a minute, Mapí wanted Y/n to say something, yell, scream anything.
Finally Y/n took her hand and slapped Mapí. Hard.
And with that Y/n left.
The next day Mapí learned Y/n moved to Houston Dash in the US.
The next day Y/n blocked Mapís number.
The next day Mapí never heard from Y/n again.
And she was determined to change that.
10. I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"Apologizing?" Mapí weakly pointed out.
Y/n sighed and closed her eyes "Make it quick, I have a game to get to."
"I screwed up. It's not every day you find a girl who'll own you at paintball, go on a giant caterpillar and is obsessed with Oreos." Mapí held up a giant box of Oreos, with a small smile. "Some A-hole dared me to date this amazing girl."
"Really?" Y/n smiled back, taking the box.
"Yeah" Mapí shoved her hands in her pockets "But the thing is, I fell for her"
Y/n grinned widely, before grabbing Mapí's hand and pulling her in.
It was soft, but a different kind of soft. This time they weren't scared, nor unprepared. They were as "Certain as the sun rising in the East."
"You can't buy me a pack of Oreos every time you screw up you know." Y/n finally said.
"True." Mapí tilted her head "There's carrot cake flavour, lemon, chocolate or, hey, maybe even birthday cake on your birthday."
Y/n shook her head in amazement before pulling Mapí back into a kiss.
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mapper-braditz · a month ago
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Mapi Leon on a motorbike. That is all.
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tobinheath · 13 days ago
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24thmemberkatienolan · 5 months ago
My normal, logical brain: football is such a sophisticated and complex sport. The players spend their entire lives training and there is so much game knowledge to-
My lizard brain: 
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women :)
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agreatbigworldn · 3 months ago
Best pic of Mapi?
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this ones killed me
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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i just dont have a favorite i can't choose
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Tumblr media
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