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daily-warriors-au · 4 hours ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...where Mapleshade and her kits survive the river. Reedshine leaves her man and settles down with Mapleshade, their kits grow up together with two moms
This post was brought to you by: @coalmine301 by submission
Add on: perhaps since Mapleshade is living her life happily with her kits and a new love, that Appledusk is the one who goes insane. Angered that neither she-cat wants him. That he now is the bad guy, and if they want a bad guy he will give them a Bad Guy.
However he tries to frame it all on Mapleshade.
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roarriorcats · a day ago
Tumblr media
9. Mapleshade
Requested by @comrade-socks!
Ma’am,,, please just pack up your Maine Coon mama show and go already! Ily but please
Also, slight note about the blog: just added a schedule section to the pinned post, so you all know who’s going up on a given day!
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susiephone · 3 days ago
mapleshade did nothing wrong, the erins just hate to see a girlboss win
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neptunefairytales · 4 days ago
Not to be mainstream but, if Warriors Cats was a live-action movie with humans, Mapleshade would be played by Helena Bonham Carter right? XD
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daily-warriors-au · 5 days ago
Where Mapleshade son, Larchkit becomes a villian so big that he a greater threat than Darktail ever was and basically took over all the clans? Like he was rumored to be the strongest and the most dangerous
This sounds interesting perhaps, in this AU the kits servive or perhaps only Larchkit survives.
Possible warrior names: Larchshadow, Larchstrike, Larchshade (in remembrance of his mother)
Mapleshade's anger doesn't go away, so she influences he own kit as a dark forest cat.
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roarriorcats · 5 days ago
Mapleshade or ravenpaw?
If all goes well they will be up on Monday and Tuesday!
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mothpawbs · 5 days ago
I find it very interesting that in every Mapleshade thing I've ever seen (illustrations, maps, amvs/pmvs, etc.), she is very intentionally murdering the FUCK out of Appledusk. In her novella, wasn't she specifically going after Reedshine when Appledusk jumped in front of her??
Not saying he doesn't deserve it, I just think it's fascinating.
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wcstarless · 6 days ago
Page 159 is up on Deviantart!
Hey guys...Firefall might be stinky
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peppermint-moss · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Quick lil post to share one of my fav full assets from my mapleshade amv cause I got another donation on my kofi 💕
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loafpaw · 8 days ago
Mapleshade is pretty chill with him from what I’m seeing, but to everyone else he’s that guy you let sleep on your couch once and now he’s taking everyone in the house hostage
new sitcom
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beeprowlz · 8 days ago
Ikr??? Mapleshade is pretty much just female!Ashfur
at least mapleshade ws actually mates w appledusk 😪
but fr like ppl act like mapleshade is horrible and awful ... and then love ashfur like . dont get me wrong i love both of them bt . literally mapleshade was banished, kids died, rejected by her mate and found out he cheated on her at the same time, and then was rejected from the clan whose territory her kits were buried on.
tht last part rlly kills me too. her kits are buried in riverclan... but shes never allowed to visit them. all of this happens before shes gone on her killing spree. u cannot tell me tht this is justified at all. to say “we’ll bury your children but you can never visit their graves”.
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beeprowlz · 8 days ago
actually why did starclan run their mouth’s abt maple’s kits. like... ur telling me this wasnt a plan? somehow? ur telling me starclan knew abt her kits n has powers of prophecy but instead opted to let them die and thus set mapleshade’s vengeance in motion? idk i think if i lost my home, children, mate, mate’s home, children’s graves in one night id go crazy too
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beeprowlz · 8 days ago
bitches will say they hate mapleshade but love ashfur as if mapleshade didnt: get banished from her + her 3 children’s (who werent even apprentice age) clan, have her 3 children DROWN, find out her mate has been cheating on her the entire time, get banished from the clan+territory where her children are BURIED so she cant even see them again, all within like an hour.
GENUINELY... if u like ashfur but ur reason for hatin mapleshade is that she “wasnt justified” ... u hate women
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jasprosee · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
poor kid
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dawnmist-designs · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Mapleshade (Dark Forest / The Place of No Stars form)
Warriors Design #840
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shummthechumm · 10 days ago
super fucked up and evil that ravenwing and frecklewish get demonized so much. ravenwing is introduced as a very young medicine cat who recently lost his mentor, and frecklewish has her grief (from her dead brother and his apprentice) manipulated for mapleshades own selfish gain.
At least with Appledusk I can see where he gets tons of hate, but even then I find the idea of cheaters getting the death penalty questionable.
They aren't on the same level as Mapleshade, who: manipulated her partner and her entire clan out of her selfish desire to own appledusk;planned out her kits entire lives so they could be used as a bargaining chip in her relationship; constantly put her kids lives in danger prior to the drowning, despite being given plenty of warnings and chances; dug up the grave of a med cat that she murdered so the crows could eat; blinded the woman she manipulated and left her to die in pain over the course of a few days; kidnapped an apprentice and held him hostage; and attempted to murder a pregnant woman.
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