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theelfpirate · 6 months ago
Reblog if you can relate!
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goombot · a month ago
Tumblr media
Look who’s back!
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memoryslandscape · 2 months ago
We've been apart too long, too painfully separated. How can you bear to dream,
Louise Glück, from section V “Night Song,” of “Marathon,”  The First Four Books of Poems (Ecco, 1995)
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misselko · a month ago
Thank you for everyone who have been so kind and helping to me! This is my very first time on writing a smut.
Dimitri, Crest of Blaiddyd, and his feral side might be an interesting combination to witness behind the closed door. And as much as I let my imaginations run wild... here we go!
Warnings: NSFW, 18+, suggestive and mature contents, sexual intercourse, sexual innuendos, sex marathon, impregnation kink, and slightly rough sex. MINORS DNI!!
Words: 25.800
Dimitri assumed the throne of Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and spent his life ruling justly over Fódlan.  Several months after his coronation, he got married to his fiancée, (Y/N), whom he loved dearly. Marriage life with Dimitri is nothing but wonderful and full of love. Your relationship was slow and steady. After finding the courage of holding you in his arms, he began to work on being able to kiss and touch you. He was touch-starved and often hugged you in his huge fur cloak.
You were just so small and fragile in his arms that he thought he might hurt or break you. The Goddess knew that you were a force to be reckoned in battlefield but he didn’t want to be overbearing or hurt you.
As the crowned prince and the future King of Faerghus, sex before marriage was not something that he would ever did despite having a big crush on you. He never acted on it but he definitely imagined you whenever he finds his release (inside his quarter, of course). While this might be true, sex on the other hand only came after your marriage. It should be. But... Dimitri’s anxiety got the best of him.
During your wedding night, he’d kissed you fervently, touching you with utmost care, as if you are a fragile porcelain doll. He loves you so much but he didn’t go further than touching and kissing, drawing back and retreating to his side with a soft smile on his face.
“It seems we’ve had a long day ahead, beloved. We should go to sleep now.” And both of you really did just sleep. Your wedding night was left unconsummated and that’s fine because there’s other days, right? Except this goes on for a month, then another. It has been two months since your marriage with Dimitri but you has yet to consummate it. The gentle king would still eat together and spend his time with you and gave you lots of hug and kisses. But whenever it came to furthering the kisses, your husband always made an excuse to leave. These days, it got worsening as he often spent most of his time in his study until past midnight and rarely laid beside you.
It has been a week and as day goes by, your husband became more irritated and stressed out. Dedue can’t help but to wonder about his King’s predicaments. ‘Despite his deep scowl, His Majesty has done his works admirably. He always spent his time with Her Highness (Y/N) joyfully at afternoon and evening. But his frown get more noticeable when the night time came, not to mention that His Majesty always seem so reluctant to go back to his Royal Chamber at night.’ The kind, stoic retainer wanted to help him by any means but his lack understanding when it comes to love leaves him with no other choice but to silently watch Dimitri’s inner struggles.
As if things couldn’t get any worse, an urgent message that requesting Dimitri’s reinforcements came from Archbishop Byleth from Garreg Mach. Minor skirmishes around the ex Adrestian borderlands has turned into a great revolt. Edelgard supporters are rallying their forces and planned to take over the monastery. Much to your dismay, you are not allowed to help and has to stay on Fhirdiad for safety reasons. Dimitri and all of the Faerghus ministers’ strictly prohibited you from helping in the battlefield.
Time flies and Dimitri came back in ragged, feral state two months later. He was very happy when you greet him at the Entrance Gate but excused himself as soon as possible when you hugged him. He avoided you like a fire and it hurts. Sylvain caught a glimpse of hurt and tears pooled on your eyes.
“Are you okay, (Y/N)?”
“Yes... I missed him terribly but....”
“Rest assured, (Y/N). I can only tell you that His Majesty missed you too as well. He went feral and was like a possessed beast in the battlefield. Like something was bugging his mind.”
Felix scoffed at Sylvain’s comments. “You call that feral? Nah, he just went into full blood-thirst boar mode. Sent me chills on my spine whenever I watched him took down enemies after enemies with such atrocity. But thanks to that, we managed to wrap this up way much quicker.”
“What do you mean?”
“Seteth and the Archbishop told us that the rebellion was massive and organized.  It might took half year to quell it completely. But... His Majesty made it way much quicker,” the redhead nudged you softly. “So... don’t overthink yourself, (Y/N).”
“But His Majesty looks so conflicted, especially when the night came. I wonder what has ailed His Majesty’s mind.” You were surprised when Dedue appeared from behind with concerned expression.
Ever the nosy man that he is, this matter has piqued Sylvain’s curiousity. He asked for your permission for an urgent meeting teatime to inquire about this matter further. He made sure to drag Felix into this mess as well when the poor swordsman just about to took off into the hallway. And here you are, having tea together with your friends on the castle’s Royal Garden. This really reminded you of your good, old Academy days in Garreg Mach.
“How’s your marriage life? Dedue did said something about His Majesty had hard time every night. Did you guys fight? How’s your sex life, (Y/N)?”
Both you and Dedue sputtered your tea at the philanderer’s blunt question. Felix showed his apparent annoyance as he let out an exasperated sigh.
“I am just trying to help!” Sylvain smirked cheerfully at your reaction.
“W-we haven’t do that.. thing.... yet, Syl.....” you trailed off as embarrassment burned your face bright red.
Sylvain got really puzzled and dumbfounded when he grasped the truth. “How could he did not WANT to RAVISH you?! You are such a gorgeous woman! Anyone with eyes (once again, pardon my pun, Dimitri ;A;) can see that! If I were him, I would've ravage you every ni— Ahem. Besides the point,” he stopped his chattering when Dedue and Felix shot him death glares. You swore you could see Dedue and Felix readying their axe and sword beneath the table. “What I wanted to say is... you ought to talk about these things properly with His Majesty. Maybe it was just a big misunderstanding.” The famous philanderer just grinning from ear to ear and took a deep breath of relief when Dedue nodded in agreement. Goddess has saved his life.
“I hope the best for both of you, Her Highness,” said Dedue with a warm smile.
Much to your surprise, even Dedue implored you to do as Sylvain’s advice! You guessed this was what they called as ‘desperate times calls for desperate measures.’ You can’t help but to smile to see your friends care and affections for your dearest husband.
Sylvain, Felix, and Dedue’s words gave you courage to ask your Dimitri about his behaviour this afternoon. Like some months ago, the king spent his evening in his study as if he tried to escape from you. Just like cat-and-mouse-game. It was almost midnight when you entered his study that made him very surprised. Fatigue clear on his features. His eye was strained from the multitudes of documents he had been reading all day.
“Dima.. it is late already. We should take a rest now.” You said when you stepped in his study. Dimitri spared you a glance and quick smile, which faded when he looked back down at the parchment in front of him. “Just a little bit more, Beloved. I will join you later.” Dimitri retorted as the quill scratched relentlessly, signing away tons of letters he had to pen. You steeled yourself and swallowed; this may very well be a good opportunity to talk. 
“It feels like we’ve been a little distant lately. Can we talk about that?” He tensed at your words. “I’ve noticed that you seem to avoided me a lot. Is there something on your mind? I’m sorry to made you mad at me.” You said with a much quieter voice. You sounded quite fragile.
“You did nothing wrong! This is my...” Dimitri froze when he finally looked up at you.  You look dejected and lonely. He needed to fix this now, while he had the opportunity to do so. Or, at least, he hoped he did. He abandoned the paperwork to walk you back to your shared room and explaining things to you. There was a hefty apology in order that was long overdue.
“Forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I hadn’t taken into account what you were going through,” he sighed. “Sleeping next to you made me thought about.... things.. and it was hard for me. That’s why I tried to avoid you vehemently. ”
“But we are married, Dima. Did you not desire me....?”
“I DO! With all I am!! I want you so much that it hurts but am afraid to break you with my strength. I would never able to forgive myself if I bring harm to you, (Y/N).”
“You will never hurt me, my love. I believe in you.”
He was looking at you expectantly, but kindly. You tiptoed to kiss him and he reciprocated happily. When you pulled back and open your eyes, your husband looked so blissful and relieved. He pulled you in a warm embrace... but you felt something hard poking against you. When you glanced downwards, you saw that he was hard. You were not as subtle as you thought you had been, and he caught your glance downwards on his form. “I-it is okay, you do not have to worry about me, Beloved. I am used to... endure this already,” Dimitri said quickly as his face flushing crimson.
You realized that he needed you to also affirm that this was real, that you wanted him as well. “I love you, Dimitri” you told him, truly meaning it. “Make me yours.” His hesitation was gone when you gave him an affirmation nod.
“If this is what you really want,” his growled words sent your cheeks aflame. “I will not hold back, my love.”
He placed you down on the bed carefully, following you down so he could kiss you again as his hands untied the ribbon on your nightgown and removed your panties softly. Dimitri put his mouth on your breast, started sucking on your peaked nipple. Your moans captivating him, enticing him to continue. His other hand caressing your back. You did your best desperately to tried to keep up with his pace, tugging off his clothes eagerly. You were so ready for what was to come, and you pulled back from the kiss and gazed up at him with longing.
“I’m sorry, love, I just want to worship you. I can still hardly believe that you’re letting me do this, I’m scared that this might just be a dream, and I will soon wake up in my bed, disoriented and alone. You don’t know how often I have dreamt of this…”
When you were both fully naked, Dimitri swallowed as he looked down at you, and you spread your legs as he reached down to his achingly hard cock.
“Are you sure, my beloved? I will never pressure you. W-we can always...”
“You won’t hurt me, Dima. It’s okay.”
Your words made him gulp and took a deep breath, trying to supress his nervousness.
You were embarrassed to discover that you were easily wet enough from just kisses and simple groping. He smiled at you as he began to slowly sink in your inviting depths. You let out a whine as you tried to hold back your tears. It hurts so much that you tried to endure it with burying your head on his chest.
Dimitri’s eyes closed as he dropped down to hug you softly, his deep groan rumbling in his chest as he pushed further inside you. Finally, your hips fully met as he was seated fully within you, and you knew that you had never felt anything like this before. No explanation could match up with how good it felt to be so intimate with the man you loved.
You felt his breath tickle your ear as he pulled himself back up, his eyes half lidded. “I’m sorry that I hurt you, (Y/N). You feel so good… forgive me, but it is hard for me to focus on anything else.”
He didn’t waste a second in continuing the movement, and his gentle thrusts was driving you insane. You were completely naked, and it had been a cold night, but you were so, so warm. There initial pain turned into a pleasant feeling that you had never felt before. Evidently this was new to Dimitri as well, because he was in no better of a state than you were, panting against your skin as he leaned down to kiss and give love bites at your neck.
“Dima, please… I can hardly stand it anymore”, you said breathlessly.
Dimitri couldn’t suppress his own groan as he was able to reach deeper within you. And when you rolled your hips up to meet him, he almost stopped his momentum to bask in how good it felt. He kneading, caressing, squeezing your breasts and stifled your moan as he kissed you again. The king stared down at his wife’s flushed face and felt both his heart and cocks twitch at the adorable sight before him. You were so beautiful like this, and his heart stuttered with every sound that left your mouth.
He raised one of your legs above his shoulder to get a better angle, and you cried in unison from the deeper reach of his cock. You came immediately from that angle, toes curling from your climax. The king of Faerghus grit his teeth as you clamped down on him, and in seconds he spilled his thick hot seed with a last thrust into your core with a strained groan of your name.
The two of you stayed joined for a moment before Dimitri gently moved off of you, giving you a shy smile. “ apologize for making such a mess of you, my love.”
He wasn’t making eye contact anymore, and you followed his gaze downwards on your body.  Your inner thighs were smeared with mixture of cum and streak of blood, and a small puddle of it pooling between your legs. Embarrassment came through like tidal waves as you closed your legs tightly and brought an arm up to cover as much of your body as you could.
Dimitri laughed at your bashfulness as he picked something from the drawer and moved behind you. “You’re doing amazing, Beloved. Please let me help you,” Dimitri said behind your ear softly, getting a soft mewl from you. Wrapping his arms around your waist, his hand slides up your torso to cradle one of your breasts. With the other, he reaches down and runs the towel slowly along your inner thighs. But he stopped when you moan from his ministrations between your legs.
He made a pleased noise into your hair, using his arms to pull you on his lap. Gazing into his beautiful cerulean eyes, you put your hands on his cheeks lovingly, caressing his eyepatch. He tensed and tried to avoid your gaze. “You needn’t to see such an awful sight, my love.” His entire body screaming nervous tension as he gazed away from you. He’s clearly self-conscious about showing it, so it must bothered him tremendously.
“It’s okay if you don’t want me to see it, Dima.”
He sighed. “No, I may as well get it over with. You’ll see it sooner or later.” Stiffly, he hook his fingers into the straps and eases the eyepatch over his head. There’s a deep jagged scar across his cheek and eyelid. Instead of cerulean blue, his right eye colour is milkish white. Your lips pulled into a gentle smile, hand ghosting over his wounded eye before trailing down his cheek.
“Beautiful,” you whispered affectionately as you leaned up pressing a light kiss over the battle scar, then proceed to kiss each and every scar on his body tenderly. You were surprised when he tugged you onto his chest, his arms wrapping around your frame firmly as he nuzzled into the crown of your head. “My sweet angel… What could I possibly have done to deserve you?”
Those words pulled your heart just a little too hard. No words are exchanged between you as Dimitri look at you with pure love and adoration in his eyes, as if you’re the most important thing in the world. Your husband gently lifts you on his lap and pull you into passionate kisses that you melt into. The head of Dimitri's cock noses at your hole, making you moan as he slides inside you.
He felt pride surge up in him as you squirmed and broke the kiss to let out another cute mewl. First few thrusts are awkward, adjusting to the new angle, but every time your sweet voice moaned his name, the pace quickly turns more savage. Watching your bouncing breasts with an unnerving intensity, his gaze as hungry as the motions of his hips.  His thrusts became frantic, and sweats beaded on his temples. Grabbing your hips in dead grip, he slammed into your body and sending you both over the edge in a maddening burst.
“S-Sorry, Beloved!! I didn’t mean t-to...” Dimitri stammered when the dawn of realization hit him. He has made you.. even messier than before. You chuckled at his guilty countenance. “We should clean up, then.”
After dried yourself, you changed into another nightgown, picked Dimitri’s huge fur cloak that he put on the couch and wear it as a blanket. Its comfy warmth and fluffiness made you drowsy. You wanted to go to sleep. Or at least trying to. But your husband had another plan in his mind.
“B-beloved! That’s m-my... my cloak!! W-why you...” he has became a stuttered mess. “Because it feels like being in your arms. Made me feel safe and warm. And.... it smell just like you, Dima,” you said as you flashed your beaming, innocent smile that has took his breath away. The moonlight that shone in through the window cast a radiant glow on your hair made him thought that you are an ethereal beauty. Such a sight to behold.
Seeing you in his cloak has awoken something primal inside him.
Dimitri pinned you down on the bed with such hungry eyes as if he‘s ready to feast on you... His blue orbs looking at you intently, asking for consent. When you gave him one, he teared up your flimsy nightgown immediately, his tongue circled and danced on your sensitive nipples. Dimitri put you on your knees as he bite and licked your neck in zealous manner. Giving you time to adjust to his enormous size, he kissed you passionately as he pounded into your pussy from behind. Started with slow thrusts, You can feel him rutting against your back as you tremble, eliciting loud moans from your lips.
Dimitri savoured the way your walls welcomed and enveloped his shaft with every re-entry, as if they were perfectly made to fit only him.. The loud moans from both of you were silenced by the sounds of skin slapped, ragged breath, and lewd wet sounds that filled the room. You screamed as a particular thrust hitting some spot on your inner walls that feels way too good and made your vision gone white.
You didn’t know how long it had been when Dimitri pants, “Sorry, I—” and his hands tighten on your hips. He drove into you once, twice more and buried his cock deep into you as he pumped you full again with his cum. The orgasm engulfed you both completely in an enormous tidal wave of pleasure and release.
Your limbs were melting as you breathing hard against him. When you opened your eyes, Dimitri is watching over you with utterly peaceful and warm affectionate smile. Both of you lie together like that in blissful afterglow for a long time. You felt like a tidal wave of exhaustion was crashing down on your body as a small sleepy noise escaped your lips. Dimitri laughed at your sleepy face and snuggled you into his arms, draping the cloak and blanket over your naked form.
You were half-asleep when you felt something hard poked your stomach. “S-sorry Beloved. I clearly lack the necessary self-control. You need to rest. I’ll leave you alone.” The young king blushed profusely as he let go of you and backed away. Dimitri never thought he would be this addicted.
"Keep going for as long as you want, Dima. Please take your time. I might fall asleep, but I don't mind," you said with a drowsy smile. All those pent-up stress must be taking a toll on him. Even if it’s just a bit, you want to help him to ease it. Not to mention that it truly felt amazing.
Your words had stoked the fire within him further. And, insatiable beast that he is, he took your offer on it. And he did multiple times, that night.
Holding his breath, he pushed out just an inch, relishing the silky caress of your walls. Then back inside—where it's warm, and tight, and already wet with his seed. Afraid to wake you up with his thrusting, he nudged his cock in and out gently. He thought back on the way your breasts bounced when you straddled his lap, your moans of his name, and that ravished look on your face when he'd reached right into your deepest core and found a way to take you apart from within. With a long groan, he tips over the edge, spilling his load into your welcoming pussy.
Still, he didn’t want to leave the warm embrace of your body yet. Draping his arm back around you, Dimitri put his large hands over your stomach, he wondered if you could be pregnant. If all the seed he'd pumped into you tonight has already found a way to take root, if your body was eager to accept him in more ways than one. To have a big family of his own with the love of his life.... His hips twitched at the thought. Dimitri let his finger trace over your lower body absent-mindedly, stopping at your mound.
He's staring wide-eyed at your pussy. “It looks so small,” he marvels, shifting you so his thumb can reach over to play at the entrance. He  saw a gush of cum flowed out onto his finger. Dimitri felt a swell of pride when he saw it. “You're so full of me, Beloved,” he added, a little awestruck, sliding his thumb on your clit, and tugging gently so more leaked out of you.
Dimitri feels a
He had spent too many nights fisting his cock, dreaming all of this. Nights as a schoolboy at the Officers Academy, as a fugitive of his own homeland, a man who reclaimed Fhirdiad, even when he finally married to the love of his life. The poor king can only sighed when he recalled the days when he had to tend to his very painful blue balls at his study room or battlefield tent these past months while his unassuming wife was elsewhere. Those were the only time that he could relieved himself. Sad, maybe, but effective nonetheless.
He had imagined making love to you in so many ways, yet the reality still has him stunned. He feels as though he could indulge in you forever. He gripped himself and prodded the tip of his cock to your hole, sighing softly as the little mouth of your pussy opened and accepted him.
The sound of his thrusts is wet and sloppy, everything he had pumped into you squelching back out as he drove his cock into your channel frantically. Buried himself deep, Dimitri wondered if you were still asleep because every so often you gasped his name, or more. Eventually you are moaning out another climax, your hot pussy milking him yet again as he filled you with another load of his seed.
It was dawn when he was sated. He kissed your forehead and smiled in pure joy as he watch your naked form in his arms, sleeping with blissfully content look on your face. He cleaned you delicately with a warm towel and tucked you in the blanket carefully; embracing you lovingly before going to sleep.
You woke up feeling very refreshed but sore with Dimitri’s arm draped over your naked body. You had not have many opportunities to watch Dimitri sleep these days, but his face looks more peaceful than any of the times prior. You are glad. Hopefully he gets some restful sleep in.
You just realized your state and dire need for something to cover your body to save yourself from the embarrassment. Doing your best to slip away from your husband’s arm, you decided to wear his nightshirt instead.
Being a light sleeper, Dimitri woke up from your shifts. “(Y/N)!!!!” You startled at his sudden loud voice, shattering the peace of the morning. “Good mo—” You glanced back when you realized he hadn’t exactly responded, eyebrows raised when you realized your husband was gawking. His shirt hung off you in just the right places, the article of clothing is very large but somehow managing to flatter you much more than it ever had, for him. He was beet red from head to toe, and you stared at him, confused.
“B-Beloved... that’s.. m-my shirt!!”
You pulled at the fabric some, your breasts jiggling accordingly. Dimitri nearly fainted from his heavy nosebleed. His heart nearly stopped. He didn’t know why but seeing you in his clothing... always made him go crazy.
What made him so astonished? You decided to stand up and try to look at your reflection on the mirror. You had started popping the buttons open, one at a time. Your neck and breasts were littered in love bites. There’s some light bruises and teeth marks on your thighs as well.
He gulped and started slowly, crossing the room and grasping your wrists, pushing you against the wall. The large male towering over you as he sighed and mumbled into your hair, “Oh what I should do with you, my beloved? To woke me up in this way.... This is hard on a man’s heart, you know.” He couldn’t help but feel giddy at the sight. He was truly the luckiest man in the world.
“If you intend to poke the lion,” Dimitri kissed you as he popped the last button, “You had best be prepared to deal with what follows. "I can't withstand that sort of teasing, my beloved..."
“Do what you will with me, my lion.” You assured him with a warm smile that Dimitri melted into steamy kisses as he lifted you up, manhandled you while watching your reflection on the mirror. And you started to watch it in such hazy look in your eyes as lust and desire flooding your mind.
You can't took your eyes off the sight of both of you in the mirror—his muscled arms flexing as he pulled your body in his arms, your hands clutching him for some semblance of balance. Dimitri enjoyed seeing his cock slide in and out of you as well. He met your gaze in the mirror as he marked your shoulder with his teeth. Your sharp intake of breath made him grin before he trailed his lips up towards your neck.
Your gaze fixed upon flashes of his cock each time it withdrew before ramming back into your pussy. How he's watching your bodies came together, just as intently as you did. How your face flushed bright red as the inside of your pussy pulse with pleasure and bliss crashed out in a slow wave over your entire body. He took advantage of the thrust that made you bounce to coax your head back with a gentle tug of your hair to see your face when you came for him. He thrust in harder and faster, and making you moaned his name with each plunge, lewd voice mixing with the sounds of his balls slapping against your ass. Your husband gritted his teeth as you clamped down on him, and in seconds he spilled his impending release with a last thrust into your core.
You went limp and boneless after he is done. You almost fall to your knees but Dimitri hold you steady in his arms. "I am not finished with you yet," his eyes filled with raw lust and hunger.
He turned you onto your stomach and snap his hips aggressively against you, stuffing you full of his cock and stretching you out around him. Though even as he steadily pounds into you, he nuzzled the back of your neck and murmurs, "You feel so divine, Beloved.” He filled you with his cock over and over until you're an over-fucked, incoherent mess beneath him.
He went on using his inhuman strength to manhandle you on the bed into any kind positions. He's not very talkative when he went feral in bed—relied on primal grunts and moans, rather than words.  The most you're likely to hear from him is a low, rumbling growls, as he lifted your legs against his body, spreading you for him as he impaled his shaft into you, with you merely laying limp beneath him.
The Tempest King sure has endless stamina. You can’t help but to wonder whether his immense strength came from the Blaiddyd Crest. You have seen him in a trance-like state before, but not this expression; like he's working out years of repressed lust on your pussy. And he's got ways to go.
It was late afternoon when you were done. He carried your trembling body to a warm bath, helped to wash your body gently. The King of United Fódlan had injured his beloved wife. Very bad. You can’t even sit properly because your body feels totally numb from the over-exertion, not to mention that your hips and legs were unusable with how sore they were. Hickeys, handprints, bruises, and bite marks are scattered all over your body. A few of them were bleeding a bit as well.
“I’m fine, Dima. I think you should be proud of your ability, I mean.. endless stamina. And... you did amazing. Thank you, my love,” you tried to assure him as he laid you gently on the bed with grave concern on his face.
He was mortified when he realized that he had wounded his beloved wife very badly. It was your first time together and he had already  broken the person he loved most in the world because his lack of self-control. He looks like a sad, kicked puppy that kept on apologizing to you profusely.
“I’ll be sure to have you excused from our feast with the Blue Lions this evening. I’ll take good care of you while you’re recovering...after all, you seem to be quite in need of some extra attention from your husband.” His head hung down in shame.
Ah yes.. The celebratory feast for the King’s safe return. Too bad you won’t be able to attend and give your special gratitude to everyone. Especially Sylvain, for his helpful advices.
“It’s okay, Dima. I will be waiting for you, then. Please send my gratitude to Sylvain,” you tugged at his arm and pressed a chaste kiss to Dimitri’s lips. That wasn’t exactly easy, given you wanted to reduce as much movement as possible. “Don’t agonize over this, all right? Everything will be fine. Gentle or rough.. I love both sides of you. All of you, Dima. I am yours.”
Your words have rejuvenated him. Dimitri has flied to heaven in his dream-like stupor. You swear you can see a blinding glow of happiness emanating from his large figure.
Sylvain can’t stop smirk like a cheshire cat when he saw Dimitri kept smiling brightly on their feast. He looks like a new man that radiating pure joy and happiness. Noticing that you didn’t attend the feast, the readhead’s grin got even wider.
“Congratulations on your long overdue first night with Her Highness!”
Dimitri choked on his meal at Sylvain’s brazen words. “H-how on earth did you...?!”
“Disgusting.” Felix scoffed at Sylvain harshly. But Sylvain swore he can see Felix smiled in relief when he sipped his wine despite his harsh word.
Dedue cleared his throat at Sylvain and Felix’s words. “Congratulations, His Majesty. I am glad to see such your exuberant demeanour this evening. My best wishes for you and Her Highness.”
“Glad it worked out. I never knew you had it in you, His Majesty. You made your wife bedridden after your first time. Please make sure to name your first-born after me!” Sylvain laughed unceremoniously at Dimitri’s abashed reaction. Their King is on the verge of dying from embarrassment, thanks to the skirt-chaser’s teasing.
Felix rolled his eyes at Dimitri, sighing scornfully. “You made me feel sorry for (Y/N).”
“Ahem. I hope Her Highness a speedy recovery,” Dedue said in bashful manner.
To say that your husband brutalized with shame was such an understatement. You can’t help but to laugh and patted his head fondly when he got back from the feast with sullen look because of everyone’s embarrassing remarks.
And true to his words, the king himself spent most of his time on your bedside to help you recover. Either feeding or giving you ointments, your dearest husband always doing his best to do it tenderly.
“Dima... I don’t mind the soreness and bruises because this is what you do for me while I’m recovering,” You look up at him with a soft smile. “It might be fun to be a little more rough,” you said playfully.
Dimitri.exe has stopped.
He crushed your cup of water involuntarily at your comment as his face almost explode in deep shade of crimson.
“B-B-B-Beloved!!!!” A strangled whine falling out of him.
You resisted the urge to giggle- but he could be so very charming and fun to tease without even trying. It took a whole week for you to fully recover. Whatever ended up feel so fortunate knowing you were loved and cared for dearly.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 8 months ago
Niall Horan was running in a marathon by himself while everyone was recording and there were many obstacles and he got exhausted so he just flopped over a a barrier (which was one of the obstacles) and then slowly crawled off the barrier and flopped on the floor and died. ;-;
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folkkrow · a month ago
in these days is like ~necessary~ to do a marathon of the Brooklyn 99 Halloween heists, the perfect night! trust me -it’s the best time of the year, isn’t it?
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dark-academia-in-russia · 7 months ago
Hey, how about the Dark Academia Marathon?
1. Your favorite writer
2. Your favorite movie
3. Your favorite paintings/murals and more 4. Your favorite composer
5. How many books do you read a year?
6. Museum or theater?
7. How often do you watch dramas and historical films?
8. Do you drink a lot of coffee/tea?
9. Did you break your sleep schedule because of books and poems?
10. Do you decorate your room in this style or do you like minimalism?
11. Do you like to look at the moon?
12. Classics or modern literature?
13. Do you like to learn?
14. Wallpaper of your phone in the style of Dark Academy?
15. Do you use makeup?
16. Do you wear glasses?
17. Do you like scented candles?
18. What is your favorite taste of tea?
19. Do you go to cafes/libraries to study?
20. Do you know anyone with the same aesthetic?
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ghastmaskzombie · 10 months ago
here’s my take on the “aliens think humans are crazy” trope: persistence hunting. what if no other civilisation evolved from hunters with the MO of “chase it until it gives up”? picture it. it’s a few weeks after first contact. the human and alien ambassadors are discussing their respective cultures, and the subject of sports finally comes up. the human ambassador mentions marathons. alien: a marathon? what is that? human: a 42km footrace. alien: i see. over how many sessions is it typically practiced? human: um, all at once? alien: apologies, i believe my translator is malfunctioning. did you say 42m? as a sprint? human: no? 42km. it was the distance between a couple of cities in greece, or something. alien: *horrified silence* human: are you okay? alien: *untranslatable cursing*
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goombot · a month ago
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An oldie but a goodie. Here’s my lovely Marathon!
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memoryslandscape · 2 months ago
I have to tell you what I've learned, that I know now what happens to the dreamers. They don't feel it when they change. One day they wake, they dress, they are old. Tonight I'm not afraid to feel the revolutions. How can you want sleep when passion gives you that peace? You're like me tonight, one of the lucky ones. You'll get what you want. You'll get your oblivion.
Louise Glück, from section V “Night Song,” of “Marathon,”  The First Four Books of Poems (Ecco, 1995)
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chuck-snowbug · 14 days ago
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走っている途中にお腹が空いて食べたもの八景・その60 - Foods I Ate During Running Part 60
1. Onigiri of “Family Mart” at Kamijujo-Icchome - October 2021
2. “PIZZA-LA” Pizza-Man of “Family Mart” at Asao-Katahira - October 2021
3. Pizza of “Bunbun” - October 2021
4. Onigiri of “Seven Eleven” at Ikuta-Hacchome - November 2021
5. Onigiri of “Family Mart” at Tsurukawaeki-Nishi - November 2021
6. Melon Bread of “Family Mart” at Sagamiono-Ginzadori - November 2021
7. Onigiri of “Lawson” at Oimachi-Ginzadori - November 2021
8. Onigiri of “Family Mart” at Koyama-Sanchome - November 2021
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thecambridges-family · 5 months ago
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The Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge kick off a half marathon even on The Queen's Sandringham Estate in King's Lynn, England -June 20th 2021.
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theholyone24 · 5 months ago
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flexiwings · 4 months ago
Mieke Gorissen finished the women's marathon at the 28th place in 2h34:24, 7 min behind the Olympic champion Peres Jepchirchir. She broke into tears when a Belgian journalist told her her result.
Mieke is a 38-year-old math and physics teacher. She is an amateur marathon runner and this was her first big international competition.
No medal for her but look how much it means to her. Those kind of stories are everything and bring tears to my eyes
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stephrc79 · 2 months ago
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Hey all!
You know I’ve been posting about my GoFundMe to raise money for charities that I’m working with for the Boston Marathon and the NYC Marathon. Well, I have TWO DAYS LEFT to finish raising the money for NYC. And yep, still short.
(Which is ironic, bc the Boston Marathon is next Monday. But I digress.)
If you’re able to donate, I would REALLY appreciate it. This isn’t a ‘raise the money or you don’t run’, it’s a ‘raise the money or pay it yourself’, kinda thing. So yeah, I’m on the hook if I don’t finish raising the money. 😬
(If you’re wondering why I did the dumb, it’s bc Boston and NYC are dreams I never thought I’d get to live, especially not Boston. This is absolutely a shoot my shot situatuon.)
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As some of you know, I live in Brooklyn, so I was hit by Hurricane Ida last month and sustained damage I’m still trying to deal with. I also lost a huge client, had my car out in Cali break down a few times this summer, lost a roommate, and am NOW staring at major dental work my insurance one cover. So yeah, raising the money has been hard. And sadly, they don’t let you back out, not so close to the race and goal deadline (believe me, I tried).
I have a GoFundMe, but what would be better is if you donated directly to the NYC charity. That would make it a tax write off for at least my America peeps, and the donation is automatic to my goal. Below is information about my NYC Charity, TEAM FOR KIDS.
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Funds raised by Team for Kids members support NYRR youth and community programs. This includes Rising New York Road Runners, NYRR’s youth program and events platform. Through school-based programs, youth events, and a collection of digital resources, Rising New York Road Runners brings free running and fitness programs to students across the country. ~~~~
Finally, does it seem silly to help someone who’s just trying to run a couple marathons? Sure, I get that. But all donations go to FANTASTIC charities, so even though you’re helping me reach a goal, you’re really helping them. 
Below are the links to all my donation pages. Thanks for any and all help you can spare. 😊 🥰
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