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Sirius: [knocking on the door to a broom closet]

Ted: One minute! Be right out!

[five minutes later]

Ted: [walking out with Andromeda hiding behind him]

Ted: Sorry we didn’t realize there..was a line

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~Texts between Remus and Sirius~

Remus: Call me right now!

Sirius: I can’t find my phone!!!


Remus: Bloody hell I’m dating a idiot

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James: I promised Lily I wouldn’t do anything stupid

Remus: She knows your gonnna be with Sirius right?

James: Yes…

Remus: Then she definitely expects you to break that promise.

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James: Does snogging someone mean your dating?

Sirius: Well if it does then I guess Remus and I are dating


James: WHAT!

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Sirius: I would die for you

James: Well I would die for you first!

Sirius: No I would!

Remus: Oh for merlins sake, you are both idiots and would probably die at the same time after doing something completely idiotic.

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Pairing: Sirius Black x reader 

Warning: None

Word Count: 1.7k

Part Summary: Sirius and Y/N are falling more and more in love with each passing day. Yet, their love must still remain a secret. Sirius has a surprise for Y/N to escape the troubles of London. 

A/N: sorry if this part feels rushed. I really wanted to get it out by the end of the day to keep up with the schedule. Hope you enjoy it! :)



When Sirius came to visit me last night, he told me to pack a bag for the weekend. I kept begging him to tell me why, but he wouldn’t indulge. We fell asleep under the starry ceiling he gifted me for my birthday as we each night. Then, when we woke, I asked him again. He, of course, didn’t give even a hint! I told my brother and the others that I’m going along with my friend on her family’s road trip. Bradly was reluctant at first, but I reminded him that it was our last summer before going off to school. Lauren helped me convince him. She didn’t directly as me if I was lying and secretly meeting Sirius, but I could tell she knew the truth. I’ve silently thanked her frequently for keeping my secret. I simply can’t imagine Sirius not in my life. These last few weeks have been the happiest in my life.

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veins: chapter three

In which Remus can’t protect the girl he loves and she’s not inclined to let him try.


a/n: here is chapter three! i hope you guys enjoy, please let me know what you think! this chapter was pretty hard to write but i hope its enjoyable nonetheless. this is gonna be a slowburn fic, and for the first couple chapters its gonna be mostly friendship.

chapter three

Sunlight poured down on Torrance, warmth sinking into her skin. Orange spread behind her closed eyelids and grass tangled in her hair. It was one of those rare days where summer heat lingered over the school grounds and Torrance could pretend that there wasn’t a heap of homework waiting for her back at the dorm.

She had a pair of bell bottoms on, the denims one she had begged her mother to buy her at the beginning of the summer. They were worn to death and the bottom hems were stuck underneath the soles of her canvas shoes, muddied and ripped. But they made her feel cool, lying there with her head in Mary’s lap by the Great Lake, thoughts empty of any anxieties she had left back at the castle. She wasn’t sure how long they had been there, but they hadn’t talked for a while. Mary was the only person she could do this with. All her other friends liked to talk too much.

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Sirius, are you a dementor? Because you just took my breath away.
Um, Sirius, he was trying to flirt with you-
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*points at Sirius* He's my best friend, you mess with him, you mess with me
You mess with me, you mess with him
You mess with us? You better pray
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[in the halls of Hogwarts]

Random Student, waving: Oh my god, hi Sirius!

Sirius: Oh, hi


Sirius: Who the fuck was that?

James: *shrugs*

Remus: *possesively grabs onto Sirius*

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((A/N: As you might expect, there’s possessiveness, jealousy, and sexual content in this)) 

James generally wasn’t a jealous person. He just… didn’t get jealous. He had no reason to get jealous, and he knew it. Once him and Sirius were together, there was no point in being jealous because he knew that Sirius would never cheat on him. 

Therefore, jealousy wasn’t a feeling he was familiar with. 

But he was able to identify it the second he did experience jealousy when he saw Sirius on the dance floor, pressed up against some random sodding bloke. It wasn’t the guy himself that did it– James had seen more attractive people in his life– and it wasn’t that the bloke was interested in Sirius because really, who wouldn’t be? Sirius was usually the most gorgeous person that anyone had met. They’d been dating for long enough that James had seen dozens of people hit on him, and none of it had bothered him before. Hell, he’d seen Sirius grind on people often enough since Sirius liked to dance and James didn’t. 

Something about this was different, even though James couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was. The man wasn’t special, what they were doing wasn’t out of the ordinary, and it’s not like their relationship was on the rocks or summat. 

He had to watch for the rest of the song and on to another to figure out what it was: James was getting turned on watching him. He was watching Sirius and getting hot– nothing new there– but it made him want to be close to Sirius, and he couldn’t because there was someone else standing where he usually was. It was stupid, and such a tiny detail that it made him feel completely absurd to be feeling jealous over it, but it was happening and it wasn’t going away. 

Sodding hell, it wasn’t going away. 

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Marlene: [about Sirius] he told me he would love me forever and he left me! [throwing water at Sirius]

Remus: he told me he would run away with me! [throwing water at Sirius]

Sirius: [blinking]

James: YOU LEFT THE TOILET SEAT UP YOU BASTARD [throwing a jug of water at him]

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~ marauders driving headcanons ~

- as far as cautionary driving goes, remus and james are tied

- remus always has music playing loud, and sings under his breath

- he also tends to forget to use his turn signals, but other than that he’s a great driver and “honestly he does try to use them”

- “oh, yeah, and lily always goes the speed limit.”

- james drives like an 80 year old woman, and panics “occasionally”

- well there was that one time, but that was while lily was in labor and james could hardly see the road through his tears, “so was it really his fault that they almost crashed?”

- james never flips anyone off on the road, instead he does a thumbs-down, which he claims is more surprising and therefore has more of an effect

- sirius and lily are tied for being the calmest driver

- sirius gets lost quite often, but always gets where they need to go so “it’s fine, remus, calm down, we’ll find the exit eventually”

- sirius sings along to the radio while he drives, and james harmonizes every time

- lily asks whoever is in the passenger seat to steer while she puts her hair up and it terrifies remus

- she drives with the windows down the most often, hence the putting her hair up and “james, dear, could you hand me a hair tie? no, not there, in my purse-


- “hush, my eyes are on the road

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Platonic Showers With James Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader (7th year)

Word Count: 1683

Warnings/Content: Depression, Depressive Episode, Non-sexual nudity, Crying, Fluff, Angst, Hurt/Comfort.


The thick comforter was pulled up to your ears as you lay in bed staring at the wall. It was the second day you’d lay there until James physically removed you for dinner. The sun had set and the sky was dark. The silence only added to the numbness that had encompassed your body. 

At that moment James was sat in the common room with Lily, Sirius, Remus, and Marlene who were all equally worried for you. Marlene and Lily had decided to avoid your shared dorm completely, except for sleep after you’d yelled at them for trying to get you to join them for dinner the night before. 

You’d gone to the meal eventually but only after James came to your room and helped you dress in comfortable clothes and had held your hand the entire time you were out of bed. Which consequently had you sobbing to your pillow once he’d left you for the night.

You and James cared for each other deeply. The connection you had was intimate and balanced. You took care of him when he got roughed up in Quidditch, he helped you in your struggles with mental illness. You were both desperately in love with each other but because the relationship was so casual and comfortable you each had convinced yourselves the other only had platonic feelings.

James stood from his place on the couch and bid goodnight to the others, then made his way up the stairs to your dorm, having disabled the charm years before. The scene he encountered when he entered your dorm was not new to him, though that didn’t make his heart hurt any less at the sight. Your comforter was nearly over your head, your desk was a mess, as was the floor around your bed. 

He made his way around to the side of the bed you were turned towards and squatted in front of you. “Hey” he murmured softly. You groaned and closed your eyes burrowing deeper under the sheets. 

James had planned for this and pulled back the comforter enough that your entire head was out. “Time to shower.” You groaned again. And tried to turn your body over. James’s arm caught you and he pulled you into a sitting position. “You can walk or I can carry you.” You refused to respond, opting to stare at your hands on top of the comforter. You knew he wanted to help, but you also felt that you didn’t deserve it, that he was too perfect to be helping someone as mopey as you.

He took this as an answer and hooked his arms under your armpits and lifted you easily from your cocoon. You were limp like a ragdoll in his arms. “You could at least help.” He jested. At this, you worldlessly wrapped your arms and legs around him. Walking towards the bathroom he took your speaker and mp3 player in one hand and held tighter to you with the other.

He entered the bathroom and set you on the linoleum counter. You looked past him at the wall, scared to look him in the eye, knowing it would cause another bout of tears. He fiddled with your speaker and mp3 player until the dulcet sounds of  First Love / Late Spring began to play from the speaker. 

“Arms up bub.” He said tapping your arms. You lifted your arms into the air, shutting your eyes, ashamed that he had to help you with each task. He lifted the shirt you were borrowing from him over your head and once he untangled it from your arms you let them drop back into your lap, your eyes still stayed tightly shut. 

When you’d opened your eyes again he was completely naked, and his clothes and the shirt you’d borrowed were folded next to you on the counter. You’d done this before, showering with him, but still, you blushed and averted your eyes, knowing that if you looked down just a smidge you’d see parts of him his best friend should not see. 

He motioned for you to jump off the counter. You slid off unceremoniously and landed wobbly on your feet. He held your hips softly then tucked his thumbs under the waistband of your sweats and underwear. You nodded your consent for him to remove them and looked away tears ebbing past your eyes at his kindness. He crouched down and lifted each of your feet from the clothes and placed said clothes on the counter.

You crossed your arms over your chest, the cool air and anxious energy making you uncomfortable. James stepped cautiously around you and turned on the shower, blasting the hot water knowing you liked it that way. At times when you were in better spirits, he’d tease you for taking such hot showers, even though he was known for taking lukewarm showers before early morning Quidditch practice.

He held his hand under the stream of water until it reached the correct temperature. Then he stepped into the shower. Pulling back the curtain he held his hand out to you. You took it stepping into the shower and then under the stream of water, letting it rush over the ridges of your face. James put his hands on your hips lightly and turned you around into his embrace.

You rested your head tentatively over his heart. The feeling of his hand stroking your back and the gentle beat of his heart brought you back to earth but also back to reality. Tears began to stream down your face, which James noticed right away. He continued to stroke your back and reached for the shampoo with his other hand. 

“Let’s get you clean hmm?” He said, squirting shampoo into his hand working it into your hair massaging your scalp in the process. He tilted your head back into the stream of water, rinsing the shampoo from your hair.

Next, he squeezed conditioner into his hand and put it into your hair, then taking your comb he slowly detangled your hair in near silence, the only sounds being the occasional sniffle from you and the music from your speaker. 

Once your hair was detangled he grabbed a bar of soap, rubbing it between his hands and a washcloth to create suds. He washed your back, legs, face, stomach, and arms. Before he moved onto your chest he again “May I?” you huffed and blinked away another round of tears, nodding at him to continue. He washed your chest gently and without ulterior motives. He repeated the process of asking consent, then casually and gently washing you when it came to your nether areas. 

None of this experience was new. Embarrassingly to you he’d washed your body for you upwards of ten times and helped you wash your body even more since he became determined to help you during these episodes during your fifth year when they became especially horrid. 

After rinsing the conditioner from your hair he turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, quickly drying himself and wrapping his towel around his waist. He then grabbed your towel and helped you out of the shower and delicately dried your body and squeezed some of the water from your hair.

James took your hand in his and lead you from the bathroom, turning off the music on the way, and only let go of your hand to go looking for clothes the two of you could wear. You stood with dripping hair and a fluffy towel wrapped around your body as James dug through your trunk in search of items of clothing you’d borrowed from him.

“Okay, I found a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt. Which do you want?” He asked, lifting them both on either side of his body. You pointed towards the shirt, he nodded and quickly dressed in his boxers and sweats. He grabbed some comfortable underwear and his shirt from the bed and walked over to you.

James knelt down in front of you and slipped your feet through each of the holes in the underwear and then pulled them gently up your legs to rest of your hips. He took the hem of the towel in his hand and questioned, “May I?” 

Finally, you whispered your first full word since your explosion at your dormmates. “Yes”

He unwrapped the towel from your body and hung it on the hook next to the one where his towel was hanging. He maneuvered the shirt over your head and you stuck your arms through the holes. James smiled slightly at the sight of his shirt hanging down past your mid-thigh.

He grabbed your slippers from beside your bed and set them in front of you. You slipped them on as he grabbed the pile of his clothes in his non-dominant arm. He slipped his hand into yours yet again and lead you out of your dorm, down the steps to the common room, where he was catcalled by none other than Sirius Black, up the steps to the boy’s dorms, and into his dorm.

He set the clothes on top of his trunk and pulled back the covers on his bed, which you immediately crawled into. James followed you, casting ‘Nox’ to turn out the lights, and wrapping his arm around your waist. When tears began to slip from your eyes yet again he held you tighter to him and whispered “I love you doll. We all do. No one is angry at you. We care ‘bout you so much, just want to help you.” 

You cried harder at this. For you, it proved that his love was only platonic and that he would never want you, that no one could want you. In reality, James’s heart was aching for you, he wanted nothing more than to kiss away your pain, but he knew that was not an option, so he turned you in his arms to face him and let you cry into his chest while he held you tight until you fell asleep.

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