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the marauders + lily and thrifting
Lily: I love this jacket!
Lily: *sniffs it*
Lily: ..the smell of an old man with a smoking addiction is the price to pay for looking cute
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Thank you, you are amazing babe❤ I just want a soft Sirius who’ll love me, but I guess I’ll have to do with writing about him at night:)

Tangled in the sheets

The darkness had taken over every part of the room, hiding every shadow and making every object unclear in the black void. It was silent, not any sounds but the breathing of two people.

Cold air hit your bare legs as Sirius lifted the sheets and lied down next to you. In an instant his arms had found your waist. His cold hands rested flat against your skin and you shuddered lightly at the fingers of ice breaking with the heat of your skin. Sirius’ legs were resting along yours, his toes just as freezing as his fingertips, playing around your ankle.

But your warmth soon took over the coolness. Or at least you grew costum to the cold.

Sirius’ lips were pressed against your shoulder, his hot breath on your skin. Lying on your back with Sirius’ arm draped over your stomach, you couldn’t do much but place your arm over his and stroke it lightly.

‘I love you,’ Sirius said, his lips moving on your skin.

‘I love you too, Sirius.’

‘No, but really,’ Sirius said and he lifted his head from your shoulder. Using his one arm to hold his head up he looked at you. Even in the dark his eyes seemed to shine. ‘I want you to know how much. You are perfect for me in every way possible. You have made me a better person. You have showed me that true love can come in the shape of a human. You have learned me to love myself. I am so thankful for every moment I can spend with you. I love you.’

Sirius leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against your lips. He was never one to verbally express how much he loved you. He showed his love through little actions, like getting you flowers, giving you tea when you were busy or listening to you ramble about something you liked. His ‘I love you’s were whispers, rare to hear if you didn’t iniate. You knew Sirius loved you, but to hear the words and feel his soft touch reminded you of how lucky you were to be with him.

‘I love you too Sirius, more than you let yourself believe,’ you said back. Your face was close to Sirius’, your hand in his hair. He was holding himself steady above you with both his arms. ‘And I’ll love you forever. I promise.’

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Marauders Headcannons: Baby Harry edition

Harry once called Remus ‘Dadda’ making Remus cry for an hour before Lily found him.

Sirius would tell Harry the same bedtime stories he would tell Regulus as a child.

James accidentally drank Harry’s baby formula and liked it

Peter would play Hide and Seek with Harry in his rat form.

Lily used up two rolls of pictures of Harry just making different facial expressions.

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Admissions Advice Corner
#announcements | Server upkeep + general information!

sapphic charms ✧・゚: * [mit ‘23] (Today at 6:03 PM)
@everyone the results of our annual meme contest are in and…drumroll please…the winner is the hilarious, the astonishing, the way too active @starman but like, COOLER! sirius dazzled the mods of AAC with his surrealist college admissions meme, and we’re proud to crown him as the meme king of this year’s halloween meme contest.

(as a side note, seriously, sirius, get more sleep.)

to claim your prize, please dm one of the mods! once again, congratulations to sirius, and thank you to everyone who participated!

padfoot (Today at 6:05 PM)
told you i was the meme king

moony (Today at 6:07 PM)
i guess you really are
congrats on the win lol

Sirius’s winning meme definitely fits the description of surrealist—it’s a deep-fried screencap of a Reddit post on r/collegeadmissions titled “Does college admissions make anyone else hate themselves?” Sirius has photoshopped in a skeleton wearing skull-shaped orange sunglasses and a speech bubble stating, “Joke’s on you, college admissions, I already hated myself!”

padfoot (Today at 6:07 PM)
thank you thank you
emmy being a judge probably helped
we basically have the same sense of humor

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)
what’s that?

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
incredibly depressing

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
anyway on an unrelated note i finally submitted my yale application ten minutes ago
now all there’s left to do is wait and hope i don’t get in

moony (Today at 6:09 PM)
you know
you’re probably the only applicant who doesn’t want to get in

padfoot (Today at 6:10 PM)
if i don’t get in that frees up a space for someone else that actually wants to go

moony (Today at 6:10 PM)
i guess
congrats on submitting your first app though

padfoot (Today at 6:11 PM)

“Remus? Are you ready yet?” His mother’s voice, slightly muffled by the closed door, comes from the hallway, and Remus sighs. Honestly, he’d rather be hit by a semi-tractor-trailer truck and spend the rest of the week in the hospital than go to this Halloween party with Peter, but it’s not like he can back out now, less than twenty minutes before he’s supposed to leave the house.

read more on ao3!

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The Noble and Most Ancient House of Memes


Bellatrix: I’m dating Rodolphus because he has a great personality. Not because he has money

Sirius, Andromeda and Regulus:


Originally posted by joeytrebbiani



Originally posted by dicaprio-diaries

Bellatrix: I will get the trifle!



Originally posted by olyan-mint-te

Sirius getting snacks at 2am


Originally posted by friendsdaily

Rabastan: [to Andromeda] We are going to have so many beautiful children



Originally posted by appleschloss

Sirius when he finds out Andromeda left and was burned off the family tree


Originally posted by friendsthetvshow

Andromeda to Bellatrix and Narcissa


Originally posted by margeyoulikeeverybody

Narcissa: I would like fillet mignon for dinner

Regulus: I will take a fine grilled steak



Originally posted by addicted-to-friends

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Thank you for this fun question! I’m doing Majors/Careers:


  • (This is a fun, non-backstabbing interpretation of Peter.)
  • A chef but he wouldn’t go to culinary school. He was forced by his parents to get a job to learn the value of a dollar after maxing out their credit cards on something stupid. He ended up getting hired as a busboy at a local diner, then made friends with all the cooks who then taught him to cook. He’d work his way up the restaurant scene and end up as the head chef at a fancy hotel.
  • If he did go to college, he’d study to become a veterinarian.
  • He’d probably invent one really cool thing and then be set for life.
  • He’s the kind of person who should be an accountant but is just too much of a free spirit lmao.
  • I just can’t picture him in an office.


  • A History, Classics, or Art History major but would 100% not utilize his degree in any capacity and immediately go work for his dad’s multi-million dollar company after graduating. 
  • Or he’d be that English major that seemed like a dumb frat bro but then would open his mouth and be the smartest person in the room. In this scenario, he’d become the cool high school teacher everybody loved.
  • Or he’d get scouted to play for the NFL.
  • The kind of guy who’s just good at everything. Probably double majored.


  • Bio-Chem, FOR SURE.
  • Or she’d become a doctor.


  • This one is hard for me for some reason lol. Maybe because it’s fun to write him as different things? (Might add on to this later.)
  • A Law Student who would major in English in undergrad.
  • He could literally major and excel in any field: Architecture, Philosophy, Marketing.
  • He’d be an unnecessarily HOT computer programmer.
  • Or he’d be the HOT mechanic of all our dreams.


  • To me, it just makes sense that Remus would be a Humanities major.
  • He’s obviously a great teacher so he’d major in English and then go on to be the English teacher that everyone loved.
  • He’d major in Journalism and be a freelance writer who’d get published in places like Vox. Would end up writing a best-selling fiction novel.
  • Or perhaps he’d be more of a traditional journalist who worked for somewhere like CNN.
  • Or he’d just enjoy life as Sirius’ trophy husband.
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first snow - remus lupin


Originally posted by peterandygarfield

Pairing: Remus Lupin / Hufflepuff!Reader

Words: 915

Warnings: some cursing, heavy making out and implied sexual themes

Request:  hiii!!! can I request a fic? Either with George or Lupin (if you’re comfortable with him, I’d prefer him) with a hufflepuff reader? playing in the snow together all fluff like them you have to “warm each other up” with extra activities. Thank you! ❣️

A/N: Didn’t know if you wanted the fic to be set in the marauders era or not, but i felt like it fit more in there! Also, I kinda feel like wrote a little off your suggest, but hopefully you still like it!

The first snow had arrived, you just knew it. The blanket flew from the bed in no time as you hurried to get dressed. Your dormmates groaned in their beds as you threw on your winter coat and made your way out to the staircase. Out there was no other than your friend Remus leaning to a wall. You ran faster, grabbed his arm, and began to drag him outside.
“Really, Y/N? Not even breakfast first?” he whined following you.
“There’s no time for that, there’s snow outside!” you answered letting the boy know that there was no room for negotiation.
“The snow is not going to disappear anywhere, you know?” Remus laughed.
“Can’t take any chances” you hummed as you two reached the courtyard. There was a heavy coating of fresh snow. The trees were covered and after leaving the gloomy hallways the brightness almost made your eyes hurt.
“I bet the lake is frozen, too. Come on, let’s go!” you suggested, and started running towards the forest.
“Y/N, the forest doesn’t go from forbidden to allowed during the mornings!” Remus called out but followed the path behind you.
“Jesus Remus, don’t be such a baby!” you teased while gathering a bunch of snow into your hands and throwing it towards the boy.

After a fast walk filled with some snowball fights, you found yourselves looking at the lakeshore. You started to walk down the hill when all of a sudden you slipped on a frozen part of the ground.
“Shit!” you yelled as you tumbled your way down the hill.
“Y/N, you okay?” Remus yelled as he tried not to fall on the way down.
You laid on the ground covered in snow greatly regretting the fact that you had been too busy to shut your coat. You shivered as you tried to shake some snow out of your sweater.
“Are you hurt?” the boy inquired as he tried to help you.
“Yeah, just cold,” you admitted, looking into his worrying eyes. Remus smiled sweetly to you, as he shook the rest of the residue off your hood. You had a massive crush on the Gryffindor boy ever since the third year when you spilled a potion on his lap. Remus had been so nice about it, he had even offered to help you make the thing again. Three years had passed since that, and every day you fell more in love with the brown-haired boy. Another shiver woke you up from your daydream.
“Come on, Y/N. You’re freezing, let’s get back to the castle” Remus said taking your hand into his. Somehow the cold had made your brains stop working because before you even knew what you were doing, your lips were on Remus’s. Remus quickly drew his face away from yours, and your heart sank.
“Fuck, Remus, I-I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I’m just gonna- I’m gonna go” you mumbled as you tried to escape the situation but with no luck. Remus was still holding your hand and he drew you back to him. Without saying a word the boy crashed his lips into yours with a force you thought couldn’t ever exist in a guy as shy as him. You smiled into the kiss and buried your hands into his hair. Remus guided your back into the nearest tree while holding tightly to your hips. Letting out a small moan, you felt a tongue exploring your mouth. After what felt like forever, you let each other breathe.
“I was just caught by surprise, Y/N. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to kiss you” Remus whispered as he moved a piece of hair behind your ear.
“Really?” you asked with a surprised look on your face.
“You really have not noticed how much I adore you, Y/N?” Remus asks you with a confused look on his face.
“I thought you just saw me as your friend” you admitted shyly.
“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” the boy said sincerely. You closed the gap between you once again and placed your lips on his. The kiss started sweet but quickly turned more passionate than before. Remus placed his hand on your neck and lifted your head for a better position. He started to kiss his way to your neck, from where he found a sweet spot in no time. You whimpered under his touch and drew your hips closer to his. Remus moaned into your ear as he placed his thigh between your legs. You could feel the tightness in the boy’s pants, which only made you roll your hips into his more eagerly.
“S-shit, Y/N” Remus whispered while leaving love bites into your neck. His hand had now found the side of your breast and was slowly bruising the skin, which made you shiver.
“You’re really freezing, Y/N. We really should go before you catch a cold” Remus said softly.
“You’re probably right” you admit with disappointment in your voice.
“You know, I can think of a few ways we could get warm really fast once we’re inside” Remus suggests with a smirk on his face. You smile at him with excitement inside of you.
“My roommates are probably having breakfast right now” you imply with a wink.
“Sounds like we’re heading to the Hufflepuff dorms, then,” Remus says as he takes you into his arms and leads the way out of the forest.

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I know a lot of people have pretty much established in this fandom that Remus is the one who rolls his eyes and shakes his head and facepalms at Sirius and his extra™ energy and I LOVE this trope, but please consider this:

  • Remus distancing himself from everyone during the first year even though he is friendly by nature and he yearns for human contact
  • He knows he has to be careful because if he lets people too close to him they might discover his secret blah blah blah we all know the story
  • He obviously makes friends anyway and we all know they accept him but liSTEN-
  • Dorky silly Remus finally feeling comfortable enough when he is around James, Sirius and Peter
  • He feels the most confident around Sirius
  • Dorky silly Remus dancing and singing to a broomstick that he uses as a microphone
  • He does the parody of Elvis Presley and his famous legs movement and everything
  • Sirius is in awe the first time he sees this
  • He stares at Remus’s huge cheeky girn and his messy hair and when Remus points at Sirius and sings “don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true, why should we be apart? I really love you baby, cross my heart” Sirius feels his cheeks turning red
  • Remus also gets bored sometimes, and he loves to prank Sirius more than James because when Remus pranks James, James laughs and hugs him and tells him it was a good and creative prank; but when he pranks Sirius, Sirius gets all competitive and sometimes he pretends to wrestle with Remus and he pins him to the floor/wall and they don’t know YET why it DOES THINGS TO THEM and they never discuss this
  • Remus and his sarcastic yet flirty wit??? Sirius getting flustered? Remus WINKING AT SIRIUS???? HELLO
  • Remus having a good day after a few days have passed since the full moon and seeing him all glowing and having his strength back is somehow so fascinating to Sirius
  • Remus sticking his tongue out when they argue and delivering some sarcastic and funny line, and Sirius going “shut up Moony” and Remus really having the nerve to say “make me”
  • Sirius having a really bad day because he has had a really tough argument with Regulus and Remus trying to cheer him up; Remus single-handedly ends toxic masculinity in the 70s by dressing up as Faye Dunaway and doing a spot on impersonation, with make up and everything, fakes her accent and movements because he knows that Sirius fancies her and Sirius’s mouth won’t close for the next 5 hours; it really DOES CHEER SIRIUS UP YA KNOW, seeing how pretty Remus looks, he forgets who Faye Dunaway is, more like Faye Dunnoher
  • Remus humming to himself and annoying Sirius and when Sirius tries to kill him Remus blinks all flirty and pouts and goes “don’t you love your Moony?” and oh BOY LITTLE DID HE KNOW
  • Them being equally flirty but painfully oblivious, leaving Lily and James all disappointed like HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT REMUS DOESN’T WANT YOU PADFOOT and REMUS I’M BEGGING YOU OPEN YOUR EYES
  • Remus and Sirius having karaoke nights singing Bee Gees
  • Dorks dorks dorky dorks in love
  • CHEEKY REMUS. CHEEKY. REMUS. He’s not always cheeky, not as often as Sirius and James, but OH SHIT Remus really DOES KNOW when to use his power and surprise everyone with it in a good way and Sirius just can’t breathe
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People need to realize that the memories of the interactions between Snape and the Marauders are from the very biased perspective of Snape. Of course he is going to see himself as the victim and the Marauders as his tormentors. I bet if we got the biased perspective from one of the Marauders the interactions would feel very different to us than it did with Snape.

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Regulus and Remus friendship:

They both are smart and they have a friendly competition to see who can get the best scores— Regulus excells in transfiguration and Remus in Charms, so they’ll take turn in competing on the subjects. James, Sirius, Peter, Lucius and Snape just watch them whirl like monsters in awe.

Magic machine go brrRRRRR

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So since tumblr doesn’t like links, I am  just going to do this again: make a post announcing a new chapter then  reblog the post with the links, so check the notes for the reblog with the links to the fanfic!

Shifting Lines is a long haul fanfiction (first book is 94 chapters,  324k words) chronicling the life of Remus Lupin (eventually with  Wolfstar).


We are currently in Book Two (Remus’s second year)

Want some LGBT+ filled Marauder fanfiction written by an LGBT+  author? Shifting Lines will (eventually) be the story for you! There  isn’t much yet but there will be once they started growing older and  realizing things. Not everyone will be, but there will be rep. Since it  is a very long haul story feel free to message me with any questions :)

Also I tag all of these posts as Tobi’s Fanfic so if you want to block that feel free ^^

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