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#marauders era
the marauders + lily and thrifting
Lily: I love this jacket!
Lily: *sniffs it*
Lily: ..the smell of an old man with a smoking addiction is the price to pay for looking cute
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Marauders Divination Headcanons in 3rd Year

  • Lily seeing herself petting a stag thinking she is going to become a mazoologist which she technically is because having james is essentially like having a pet.

  • James seeing a stag and a doe bonding and a black dog jumping around and interupting their moments.

  • Sirius seeing a rotten jack-o-lantern being eaten by a rat.

  • Remus seeing a stag, a dog, a wolf and a rat running in a field when suddenly the stag stops and vanishes and the dog gets trapped in a cage and the rat runs off.

None of them having any idea what any of this means thinking that divination is shitty.

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Marauders Era

James: Yo what should I take for a Patronus

Sirius: You don’t choose your Patronus, it chooses you.

James: Which one does Lily have?

Remus: I think she has a doe.

James: Hmm, well a lion chases the doe…

Remus: …too eat it.

Sirius: Well you could try to make a stag..

James: No, I’ll ask Lily what would she want

James: Hey Evans, what animal do you think I can be?

Lily: A pig.


Peter: She didn’t even hesitate

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The Noble and Most Ancient House of Memes


Bellatrix: I’m dating Rodolphus because he has a great personality. Not because he has money

Sirius, Andromeda and Regulus:


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Bellatrix: I will get the trifle!



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Sirius getting snacks at 2am


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Rabastan: [to Andromeda] We are going to have so many beautiful children



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Sirius when he finds out Andromeda left and was burned off the family tree


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Andromeda to Bellatrix and Narcissa


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Narcissa: I would like fillet mignon for dinner

Regulus: I will take a fine grilled steak



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Did this happen to anyone else? Please tell me if it did, I don’t know if my account got hacked, but somehow this was posted three times on my blog! I deleted the last 2, but I kept this for proof. I’m going to tag a bunch of people just to see if I can get some replies, but if you have any info PLEASE TELL ME, thank you so much everyone

@marauderssequels @majesticmarauders @wingedcorgi @wizardwritings @themaraudersmapforpranks @thekm11 @thatslytheringurl @thepumpedupkidd @incorrectmarauderquotes @incorrectmarauders @incorrectgreekquotes @inkinflux @incorrectgreekgods @overheard-at-hogwarts @padfoot-prongs-and-prongslet @padfoot-prongs-and-polaroids @staff @loloisafangirl

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So since tumblr doesn’t like links, I am  just going to do this again: make a post announcing a new chapter then  reblog the post with the links, so check the notes for the reblog with the links to the fanfic!

Shifting Lines is a long haul fanfiction (first book is 94 chapters,  324k words) chronicling the life of Remus Lupin (eventually with  Wolfstar).


We are currently in Book Two (Remus’s second year)

Want some LGBT+ filled Marauder fanfiction written by an LGBT+  author? Shifting Lines will (eventually) be the story for you! There  isn’t much yet but there will be once they started growing older and  realizing things. Not everyone will be, but there will be rep. Since it  is a very long haul story feel free to message me with any questions :)

Also I tag all of these posts as Tobi’s Fanfic so if you want to block that feel free ^^

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I love Wolfstar but I get torn because James and Sirius were horrible bullies. They literally were abusers. The only way I can get behind this ship is if in the Wolfstar AU the Murauders are pranksters, not bullies. Picking certain people to pick on is bullying so the whole Snape deal can’t exist.

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