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#marauders era
moony062 days ago
People seem so worried that I'm going to forget about my own life and responsibilities because the only thing I care about is a group of gay wizards
Well guess what
I already did :D
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jamespotterinskirts23 hours ago
Lily: If you found out you had only one day left to live, what would you do?
James: Say goodbye.
Sirius: Something illegal.
Peter: Cry.
Remus: Message ten people that if they don鈥檛 forward the message to ten people, I鈥檒l die tomorrow
Lily: Remus-
Sirius: That鈥檚 fucking awesome, can I change my answer?
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Ted: *proposing to Andromeda* Andromeda Black, will you-
Andromeda: *shaking her head* You can鈥檛 be serious..
Sirius: *jumping out from behind a bush* No I鈥檓 S-
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360irisa day ago
Can I request poly!marauders x fem reader praise?
content warning: daddy kink, sub headspace, explicit language 馃憤
鈥淚鈥檓 doing good aren鈥檛 I, Daddy?鈥 You asked in a huff as you bounced on James鈥 cock. Leaning into his touch as he brought up a hand to wipe away a stray tear.
鈥淢h-hm, Daddy鈥檚 pretty girl has been working so hard to make us feel good. I鈥檓 so proud of you, darling.鈥 He replied, pressing a chaste kiss onto your lips as a small reward.
鈥淒o you know what would make me even happier though, love?鈥 His voice was pitched in the way one usually reserved for talking to small children or pets, but in your current headspace, nothing brought you more joy.
鈥淲hat, Daddy?鈥 You inquired eagerly, squeaking at the tug Sirius suddenly gave to your ponytail.
鈥淚f you gave Siri a blowie while I continue to fuck this cute pussy of yours. Do you think you can manage that, sweetheart? You鈥檝e been such a good girl tonight.鈥
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marauders-and-stuff2 days ago
*sitting in a common room*
y/n: i鈥檓 too gay for this
sirius: SAME
regulus: we are literally sitting on a couch
sirius: a very straight couch
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mischief-marauders2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lupin Prefect Boys 馃寵
We're only gettin' older baby
And I've been thinkin' about it lately
Does it ever drive you crazy
Just how fast the night changes?
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whataloadofqueersa day ago
harry : i think i'm gonna dress up as bambi for halloween
ron : oh yeah because your dad was deer ?
harry : no, because my mom got killed ??
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specialbrewbutterbeer21 hours ago
Brother (Regulus Black x Pureblood!Reader/ Regulus & Sirius)
Word Count: 3638
TW: Very breif mention of getting beaten near the end
A/N If you like this, please do consider requesting something (visit my requests page to see my list of characters ect) I love to do them, even if I get busy and they can take a little while :)
Requests page HERE
Regulus adjusted the cuffs of his shirt sleeves and pulled on a jacket. He was sat on the edge of the bed, a little nervous. More nervous than he thought he'd be.
His wife poked her head around the door, and smiled.
"Reg, she wants you to help her get her things ready." He nodded as she disappeared again. He stood and made his way to the hall. He caught a glimpse of his wife's dress as she disappeared into their son's room.
He gently knocked on the door at the end of the hall.
"Diane?" He called softly.
The door burst open quite suddenly, and there stood his little girl. She wasn't so small now though of course. She grabbed his hand and dragged him along.
"Dad! Can you help me get my new textbooks in my suitcase please?" She asked, nearly squealing with excitement.
"Of course I can darling." He smiled, towering over the girl. She sat restlessly on the edge of her bed and watched as her father carefully placed her books in her case.
"Is that everything?" He asked and she just nodded and hummed in response.
Regulus clasped the case shut and handed it to his daughter.
"Thank you!" She grinned and rushed to the hall and downstairs with the case.
Meanwhile, (Y/N) dressed the baby of the household, their son, Leo. He was 5, and very bright, but not nearly as loud and bubbly as his older sister. He was much more like his father.
He squirmed as his mother tried to put a jumper over his head.
Not long afterwards, the family was stood on the station platform in Kings Cross. Reg held his son's hand as (Y/n) and Diane walked ahead, toward the train.
Diane was so excited to go away to school, she was clever and had been talking about it nonstop since she had received her acceptance letter.
She was far more confident about this than he had ever been. He remembered being nervous as all hell on his first journey to school. In fact she reminded him a lot of his own brother. He was excited to leave home and adventure.
Regulus hugged Diane as she got on the train, and handed her her case. He lifted Leo up and held him in his arms so that he could see into the window and wave her goodbye.
(Y/n) was saying her own goodbyes through the glass as Reg stepped back. With Leo still in his arms he looked up and down the platform.
For a moment the thought he'd caught a glimpse of something familiar, but brushed it off.
After a few minutes, the train departed, leaving parents stood on the platform to wave off their children.
(Y/n) stood a few feet away from Regulus and Leo as they, among a throng of other families, watched the train disappear away from the platform.
"Regulus?" He was startled by someone calling his name. He turned and found a familiar face, dressed in worn jeans, boots and a leather jacket, his hair long and tied back and with a bit of stubble.
He said nothing. He wasn't sure if he was glad to see him or not, but there his older brother was- standing there, eye to eye.
He just shuffled and looked anywhere but at Sirius. Instinctively he held his young son just a little bit closer, protective, though he didn't know why.
"Reggie-" Sirius took a step forward, and Regulus had to stop himself from flinching away. All of a sudden he felt like a kid again. All these years later and he had reverted to being timid and wary. Sirius understood that, they hadn't seen eachother since Sirius had left school, and even before that they hadn't spoken for two years, not since he'd run away, but even so, this was still his baby brother, and there were some things that wouldn't ever change.
"You have kids?" Sirius asked carefully, trying not to spook his brother.
"Two." Reg spoke up, finally. "Diane and Leo." He stated, not coldly, but unsure of the situation.
"The older one just off to school then?" Sirius asked, watching every movement his little brother made, realising now how much he'd missed of his life that he'd never expected to.
"For the first time." Reg said.
There was a pause as the brothers considered eachother, and Reg decided it was his turn.
"And you? Why are you here? Children?" He asked, putting Leo down as he became restless in his father's arms. Immediately Leo took his father's hand and hid, shy just behind his legs, though he watched this stranger quite intently.
"No- no!" Sirius laughed, with his hands in his pockets. "Not for me." He smiled. "I'm here with James and Lily, their son Harry just went off to school for the first time too." Sirius gestured to somewhere behind him and grinned at the topic.
"Oh-" Reg replied, not entirely sure what to say.
Sirius already had his next inquiry lined up-
"So who's the lady then-" He started, but didn't need to finish, as (Y/n) emerged from the crowd, taking her husbands arm.
"Reg, we should probably get going-" She also started to say as she looked up at him, her eyes a little teary from saying goodbye to her daughter, but quickly saw that his attention was fixed elsewhere. She turned and caught her breath.
"Ah- I see." Sirius recognised her immediately and whether he meant it to ir not, his smile dropped.
"(Y/n) is right, I'm sorry, we have to go." Reg said, just trying to escape the situation.
"Of course." Sirus said, looking down at his nephew, smiling and giving him a little wave.
"Bye Reg." He said, solemnly as his little brother ushered his family away, disappearing into the crowd.
Sirius turned and eventually found James and Lily again. James had red streaks down his cheeks and a grin on his face, proud of his little boy and horrified at how fast he'd grown up. Lily was latched on to his arm, comforting his husband.
They both noticed Sirius' strange but thoughtful demeanor as he walked toward them.
"Sirus are you alright?" Lily asked.
"What?" Sirius snapped out of it. "Yeah! Yeah- um-" He thought for a moment. "I've just seen my brother." He trailed off.
"Oh?" James asked. "How did that go?"
"He's got two kids, a little boy and a girl Harry's age, and he's married." He said bluntly.
"Who is she?" Lily asked.
"(Y/n)" Sirius replied, and his friends had the same dulled and knowing reaction. He paused for a moment before putting a smile back on and hugging the couple.
"Anyway, don't mind me! How are you two doing now my godson's growing up eh?" He beamed and moved the topic on, not bearing to think about it any longer.
"So... Sirius?" (Y/n) asked Reg as they both got ready for bed. She'd been putting off the topic all day, but Reg had been so subdued since that she knew he needed to talk about it.
"Yeah." He nodded, throwing his shirt into the laundry basket. "I never thought that they'd be there, or that they'd bring him." He sighed and lay back on the bed.
"How was it? Talking to him?" (Y/n) asked, sitting beside her husband and stroking his hair.
"We didn't really talk. He asked about the kids, and then you..." Reg paused. "And then I just- I don't know but it ended there."
(Y/n) listened, running her fingers through his hair softly "He didn't seem pleased to see me. I'm sorry if I spoilt it." She spoke gently.
"No! Of course you didn't." He sat up and turned to his wife "It wasn't ever going to be some charmed reunion, I've gotten on just fine without him all these years..." He looked down at his hands. "We're not really much like brothers anymore..."
After then, Reg didn't think too much about it. He just wanted his quite life with his family, and that's what he had. By contrast, Sirius was much more frantic about it.
It had triggered something in him, he'd not been there for his brother, he'd always known that but now- he'd missed his wedding, he hadn't even known about his nice and nephew. All the big moments he supposed.
He didn't know if Regulus was still apart of the circles he once had been, or if his wife was either. He'd never liked her. A girl their mother had precured one-day, a little pretty pureblood thing. Regulus liked her immediately, she wasn't particularly loud, nor did she speak down to him, she was clever and generally quite kind.
Sirius did not, she was too much of what his mother wanted and she was too much of what Regulus was becoming. To know that his brother had stuck by her, fallen in love with her, given her children even, was hard for him.
James and Lily tried to keep him distracted but it seemed to be all he could think about.
It took until the October half term for Sirius to make up his mind. He was sat in James and Lilys living room, watching James and his son napping on the sofa on a lazy sunday afternoon, as Lily read in the window, when he decided he didn't want to miss Regulus anymore.
He ended up on his doorstep, apprehensive to knock on the door. He'd run away from this house so long ago, he'd never expected to see it again.
Inside, Reg was tiredly pawing over paperwork in his study, what had been his father's study, wearing an old green wool jumper and jeans, mismatched socks and his hair, with it's slight curl, in his face. Diane was in the living room, trying to teach herself some card games to play with her dormmates when they went back to school. (Y/n) was in the garden with Leo, who was running around through the grass and playing.
Tentatively Sirius knocked. For a moment there was no reply, but soon the door was opened and there stood a little girl.
"Hello!" She beamed at him, though she didn't know who she was addressing.
"Hello." Sirius smiled gently "You must be Diane?" He asked.
"Yes- she is." A voice came from further down the hall. (Y/n) stood there, staring at him. "Hello Sirius." She approached and Sirius held his tongue, lowering his head a little.
(Y/n) placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders.
"Mum?" Di questioned and looked up at her.
"Di, this is your uncle, Sirius. Your father's brother- you understand?" She told her daughter.
Diane smiled and held out her hand.
"Very nice to meet you uncle Sirius" She was chirpy. Sirius smiled back, and shook her hand. "It's lovely to meet you too little lady." Diane laughed.
"You want to see Regulus, I presume." (Y/n) stated more than asked. Sirius nodded. "You'd best come in then." She spoke, more coldly than she supposed she meant.
She lead her daughter and Sirius into the kitchen.
Sirius was unusually fidgety, standing, looking around what had once been his childhood home.
"Please, sit down Sirius, Regulus will be down in a minute." (Y/n) spoke, turning away to the kettle.
Sirius did as told.
"Di, go and tell your father that his brother is here please darling." (Y/n) asked of her daughter, who nodded and stopped staring at her uncle, as she had been doing with an element of wonder in her eyes for a while, and took off along the hall and upstairs.
"Tea?" She asked.
"Please" Sirius replied. The back and forth blunt and short now. Neither knew how to handle the other.
Sirius watched Leo play, through the panes of the glass back door. He never thought he'd ever see a kid play so happily in this house. It had been such a dark place for himself, and for his brother.
He'd left his brother all alone here, never even came back when their mother and father had died. Their father hadn't lived to see any of his grandchildren, his mother only long enough to dote on Diane, though by then she had become a withered and tired crone of a woman, even more so than she always had been. She was dilapidated and yet Sirius knew all too well the hold she still would have had over his brother.
As (Y/n) placed a cup down in front of her brother in law, and held her own in her hands, cradling it close to her, closing herself off and stepping back toward the counter. She leant back on it and watched Sirius.
She was nervous, and so was he. They were strangers. There was, though, a mutual dislike, despite an equally mutual extension of politeness.
(Y/n) hadn't taken her eyes off of her brother in law since he walked in, she watched him with caution, suspicion even. Sirius though hadn't looked back at her. He was fascinated at what the house had become. He stood and approached what he had always known as the china cabinet, but what was now filled with photographs.
There were many of Diane and Leo, ranging from birth to the present, and one or two of Reggie and (Y/n)'s wedding day. It looked simple, a plain, floor length, slinky satin gown for her, and black suit for him. No bridesmaids or best man, no confetti or throwing rice, but they looked happy he supposed. There was one small photograph of Reg and Sirius, with their mother and father. Sirius remembered it being taken, not long before he'd left. It had been torn up, that was obvious, but a simple charm had partially repaired it.
Soon Diane came back through the doorway, her father not far behind her. Reg stood in the doorway and sighed.
"Sirius-" he started, softly, as (Y/n) rounded up her children, opening the backdoor and ushering Leo over, picking him up and taking him and Diane out of the room, instead upstairs to the nursery, all in haste.
Sirius turned watching the children leave and then looked at him baby brother. Now more than ever, more than when he first saw him with Leo in his arms, Reg looked like a grown up to his brother.
Sirius never knew him like that, as an adult. In his mind he'd stayed the kid he'd known him as.
"What are you doing here?" Reg asked, hands in his pockets.
"I just wanted to see you." Sirius answered, cautiously. "I missed everything, didn't I?"
Reg nodded slowly.
"Alright." He sighed and sat down at the table, inviting Sirius to do the same.
When Sirius did, an odd though occured to him. He'd spent so many evenings sat at the kitchen table here, avoiding the rest of his family who wouldn't often come to this part of the house, and now he was sat here, meeting his family all over again, trying to be close with them.
"What do you want to know?" Reg asked, calmly.
"I don't know." Sirius replied, telling the truth. "I- I just want to know-" Sirius paused. "Let me start again." He leant forward. "How are you?" He tried for a smile, but he was maybe too nervous, maybe too nostalgic and unsure to conjure one up.
"Alright. Surviving." Reg replied, too tired to indulge too much emotion into it.
"That's good." Sirius was genuinely glad of it. "And the family? Well?"
"All well." Reg continued to answer in broad but short terms
"And Diane? She seems a bright one." Sirius pressed
"Yeah. She was sorted into Gryffindor." Replied Reg.
"So I suppose I'm not the odd one out anymore." Sirius gave a little smile. "Not in terms of that at least."
"No." Reggie's face didn't shift. "I suppose not." He couldn't shift how like his brother his daughter was, but maybe he was more like Sirius than he'd like to admit.
"(Y/n)?" Sirius continued.
"What about her?" Reg immediately became more animated. "You're not here for some sort of character assassination are you? Because I won't have it. You haven't got any right to come in here and play the big brother role, so don't try it." Regulus raised his voice and leant forward.
"What?" Sirius was almost taken back.
"You never liked her, I know you didn't."
"What- I-" Sirius' mood soured. "No I don't, I never said I did, what's that got to do with anything?"
"Why are you here?" Reg clenched his teeth.
"I want to know my brother again!" Sirius raised his voice to match Regulus'.
Reg sat back in his chair and said nothing for a moment.
"Brother" He scoffed under his breath, as Sirius watched him. He didn't remember Reg with this much confidence, he had never been so bold- but, though he came off on the wrong side of it, he was glad of it.
"Yes!" Sirius stood up and shouted.
"You left me here, what? 16 years ago? What kind of brother would do that?"
"You wanted me to stay? Get beaten and screeched at and tortured?"
"I wanted you to take me with you!"
"I couldn't do that! You know I couldn't!"
"But you never even tried!"
"Aren't you forgetting what you're branded with Regulus?!"
Regulus stared back at him with resentment.
"Neither of us believe in that anymore." He gritted his teeth and answered coldly.
"Not even her? Even with all the things she used to say- the both of you used to say?" Sirius twitched
"No." Reg said bluntly, at a more normal volume.
"I can't believe you married her, Reg." Sirius sat back down and sighed.
"I know." Reg stayed standing, but shoved his hands back in his pockets and looked down at his feet.
"Of all people," Sirius grimaced.
"I love her." Reg looked up at his brother.
"The girl our mother picked out." Sirius still refused to look at him "From the right family, pureblood, ready to get that mark just like you were." By now his tone was quiet and he'd slowed his pace
"Sirius." Reg said louder, his brother finally looked at him. "I love her." He reiterated.
"I know." Sirius said quietly
"You wish I didn't." At that, Sirius nodded.
"I wanted to be there for everything. I wanted to see you get married, see my nieces and nephews as babies. I wanted to look after you and I'm sorry I didn't. I didn't want to miss anything."
"You still did though."
"I know!" Sirius shouted again and looked up at his little brother, who wasn't so little anymore, who had a family and a wife. Sirius never knew if that had ever been something he wanted, but he always wanted the kind of family James had, he wanted to be a proper brother too.
"Can you let me try? Please Reg?" Sirius asked, quietly and Reggie sighed.
He took a moment, looking down at the table and then stepped toward Sirius.
Sirius nearly flinched but soon realised that Reg had put his arms around him and was squeezing him tight. He reciprocated, giving Reg a bear hug like he hadn't since they were small.
"None of us are the same people we were when we were teenagers Sirius." Reg told him and pulled away. "You've got to believe me."
Sirius looked back at him, not entirely certain but not willing to loose him again.
"Just meet her-"
"You promise me, all that-" Sirius interrupted him, turned over his arm and pulled up his sleeve, pointing at his dark mark. "- is over?"
Regulus looked back at him and calmly pulled his sleeve back down.
"Yes, Sirius." He said sternly. "Come with me."
He turned and left the room, pulling his arm away.
Sirius followed Reg up the stairs and to the nursery. Reg pushed the door open, finding (Y/n) crouched on the floor with Leo, playing with little figures of a hippogriff and swedish short snout dragon, charmed ones that flapped their wings and gave out little calls. Diane sat nearby with her pack of cards, still trying to learn new games.
(Y/n) looked up, worried, though still talking to the chattering 5 year old.
"(Y/n)." Reg asked calmly and put his hand out, beckoning his wife over.
Confusedly she stood up, and approached her husband, stood with Sirius in the doorway.
"Look." Regulus instructed his brother and took his wife's hand, lifting her sleeve to show where her own mark should be.
There was nothing.
"I was the only one who got it Sirius." Reg told him in a hushed voice, so the children wouldn't overhear. "Don't think she lead me on a path I wasn't already going down."
"Reggie-" (Y/n) piped up. "What's going on?"
"Just- I'll explain later darling." Reg reassured her, though she was still suspicious of Sirius.
Next, he called his daughter over.
"Di?" He crouched in front of the girl and smiled, then whispered in her ear. She perked up immediately, and grabbed Sirius' hand, pulling him along the hall.
Sirius recognised the way, and found suddenly standing in his old bedroom, though now it had pinker wallpaper and
"Dad said these used to be yours!" She grinned and pointed to a shelf that held three models of motorbikes, which Sirius also recognised.
He smiled at his niece.
"Yes, they did." He nodded and watched as she picked up one.
"Can you tell me more about them?" She asked, putting on puppy eyes and holding it out to her Uncle. "Please?"
He nodded and sat down with her as her parents still stood in the doorway of the nursery.
"Reg?" (Y/n) asked, now concerned. Regulus slipped an arm around her waist.
"I missed him." Reg smiled and said quietly.
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shyposttree2 days ago
I Miss You{S.B.}
饾挷饾挾饾搰饾搩饾捑饾搩饾憯(饾搱): Angst, angst, ANGST
饾挷饾憸饾搰饾捁 饾挒饾憸饾搳饾搩饾搲:聽411聽Words
饾挮饾挾饾捑饾搰饾捑饾搩饾憯: Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
饾挳饾搳饾搨饾搨饾挾饾搰饾搸: Sirius is mad at you and now you鈥檙e both hurting.
You were mad at Sirius. Not even for anything that was his fault, it was just hormones and... You wished he would come back. He went to his house on Grimmauld Place, the one place he hates, to get away from you.
You had invited him to your place over the summer because you knew he hated his home life. You wished you could turn back time. You already missed him. You just wanted him back after the first few days of him turning in the opposite direction of you.
It was a stupid fight but he wouldn鈥檛 go near you and it wrecked you. It felt as if your heart, your soul, your very life source had been ripped away from you.
You wrote to him everyday, he only returned them. One time he wrote,聽鈥淟EAVE ME ALONE鈥 on a piece of parchment and your owl could never find him. She always returned with your letters.
Apparently, Sirius missed you too. In the middle of not speaking to you he had sent you a box of your favorite candy from Honeydukes. No note attached just the box of candy.
One day you got sick of it. Sick of being alone, sick of not having your boyfriend within your reach, sick of trying to apologize and only being turned away.
You picked up your final piece of parchment and began to write slowly, in your best handwriting. It was neat and kinda loopy.聽
"Come home and shout at me. Come home and fight with me. Come home and break my heart, if you must. Just come home."
You neatly scrawled your signature and sealed the letter. You neatly folded it up, sealing it with your parents wax sealer, and sent your owl on her way.
You sat nicely on your bed, staring at the wall, not at all expecting him to send you a letter, or even for your owl to find him.
Within an hour you got a letter back. It was in Sirius untidy writing that you鈥檝e come to miss.
鈥淚 miss you. I won鈥檛 yell at you. I just want you back right now.鈥
You couldn鈥檛 help but feel joy with his answer. You watched as a tear that you never knew you shed had dotted the thin paper and you quickly wiped your eyes as to not ruin it.
You smiled and wrote back to him. He had responded to you all night.
You both needed it.
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marauders-lupin2 days ago
flying lessons | remus lupin x fem!reader
summary: while remus is gone, sirius and james want to make babysitting more fun
warnings: ddlg, falling off a broom, fluff
鈥瀘k, i have to go now鈥, remus announced with a look at the clock. 鈥瀢ill you look after her?鈥
sirius and james now looked at their best friend, then shifted their gaze to the girl taking a nap on his bed next to him. you looked so peaceful, but all three knew that when you鈥檇 wake up - your daddy not being with you, gone without saying goodbye - you would be a lot different. 鈥瀥eah, of course鈥, sirius answered eventually.
鈥瀟hank you.鈥 and with that remus left with a last kiss on your forehead, whispering to be good for james and sirius in hope that you鈥檇 here it.
after remus left it didn鈥檛 take you long to wake up. just after half an hour you stirred and made small noises nobody could identify. 鈥瀌addy鈥, you called softly with your eyes still closed.
james got up from his bed and went to sit down next to you. 鈥瀐i, peanut.鈥 you opened your eyes and saw james smiling at you.
鈥瀌addy?鈥, came again from you.
鈥瀐e鈥檚 not here, but he鈥檒l be back soon.鈥 james feared that you鈥檇 start screaming and crying when he saw your facial expression. 鈥瀊ut it鈥檚 okay. sirius, you and i can have a wonderful time together.鈥
your lip began to tremble and tears formed in your eyes. remus never left without saying goodbye to you. 鈥瀢an鈥 daddy.鈥 as soon as the first tear escaped your eye you were on james鈥 lap in his arms.
鈥瀙lease, don鈥檛 cry, y/n. it鈥檒l be okay. he鈥檒l be here soon, yeah?鈥 you didn鈥檛 listen to him anymore, you just sobbed in his shoulder until sirius sat down and took you.
鈥瀋鈥榤on, sweetheart, what鈥檚 something daddy doesn鈥檛 allow you?鈥, he asked, a mischievous grin on his face.
you stopped crying out of confusion and looked at him. 鈥瀌unno鈥, you answered. 鈥瀋an鈥檛 wander off alone鈥, you said.
sirius nodded understanding and smiled. you truly were a good girl. 鈥瀞omething else? something you want to do that he doesn鈥檛 allow you?鈥
鈥瀗o chocolate past bedtime鈥, you answered. sirius, again, was unsatisfied with your answer. 鈥瀗o flying on a broom.鈥
and with that, james put on your jacket, grabbed his broom like sirius and they took you outside to the quidditch field. remus wouldn鈥檛 be there until another two hours so they had enough time to fulfil your 鈥榙reams鈥 and let you fly a broom.
but as soon as you sat on the wooden stick of a quidditch team player, they realised why remus didn鈥檛 allow it. your were everything but steady. 鈥瀌on鈥 wanna make daddy mad. 鈥榤 good.鈥
鈥瀥ou are, y/n/n, we鈥檙e just having a little fun鈥, james said. 鈥瀝emus wouldn鈥檛 mind.鈥
you nodded slowly and listened to the instructions the boys gave you. they always thought remus was bad at flying, but you? it was the worst.
and then, after what felt like an eternity, your feet left the ground. it took you a couple of minutes to stop leaning from left to right. you still didn鈥檛 think it was a good idea, but on the other hand you didn鈥檛 want to hurt james and sirius鈥 feelings. so when they told you to actually start flying, you did.
they were always by your side to stop your from falling. the first round took you long, but you were proud when you finally did it.
鈥瀉 bit faster now?鈥, james asked. your eyes widened, but you nodded silently.
at the same time remus and lily walked back to the gryffindor tower, happy that they were done with the presentation faster than they thought. remus feared he鈥榙 find you in the arms of his best friends, crying for him. but he surely didn鈥檛 expect to see nobody in the dorm. he speeded down the stairs again, glad lily was still there, reading a book on the couch.
鈥瀐ey, do you maybe know where sirius and james are?鈥, he asked her.
鈥瀗o, but try the quidditch field. where else would they be?鈥 remus thanked her and ran off.
he hated sport, but running to make sure you were safe was something he鈥榙 gladly do. he was running through what felt like the whole castle until he was outside. he could make out three figures in the air, two - he knew that were sirius and james - were flying fast, someone else - he guessed that it was you - was trying to keep up with them.
鈥瀓ames! sirius!鈥, he shouted as he stood in the middle of the field. both stopped and turned to him. 鈥瀌own here, now!鈥 they started flying down, but you didn鈥檛 even know how that worked. so you looked at how they did it and tried to copy it. 鈥瀘h, bloody hell鈥, remus whispered, know that it wouldn鈥檛 end like you planned.
he followed every move you made and now was directly under you. you lost your balance, but this time it was worse. you were upside down and couldn鈥檛 hold yourself anymore. the scream you let out was loud, just like the sound when you fell in remus arms and you both were now laying on the ground.
鈥瀌addy!鈥, you exclaimed and threw your arms around him.
鈥瀐i, angel鈥, he whispered in your ear. he had never been so relieved to have you back in his arms.
鈥瀖issed you, daddy. left without goodbye kissie鈥, you said pouting.
remus faked a shocked gasp, making james and sirius chuckled beside him. 鈥瀒 did?鈥 you nodded. 鈥瀊ad daddy. what should i do now?鈥
鈥瀏ive me a kissie.鈥 and he did. he plastered kisses all over you face while you were giggling. when he stopped, you kissed both his cheeks. 鈥瀋鈥榤on now. let鈥檚 get you in the shower.鈥
remus helped you up, took your hand in his and left james and sirius back. he was mad at them, yes, but all three knew that he wouldn鈥檛 be anymore until dinner.
鈥瀌addy?鈥, you asked as he helped you out fo your jacket. 鈥瀖ad at me?鈥
鈥瀗o, i鈥檓 not mad at you. i鈥檓 mad at sirius and james. you鈥檙e my good girl, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥瀥ea, daddy鈥, you answered smiling. 鈥瀕ub you.鈥
鈥瀘h, i love you more, sweet girl. so much more.鈥
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Lily: *in labor*
James: *in shock at what鈥檚 happening*
Sirius: *pulling him aside* are you alright mate?
James: I guess it鈥檚 finally sinking in. I mean I always knew I was going to have a baby but I guess I never realized that the baby will be having me..
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360irisa day ago
cockwarming Sirius during movie night trying to make sure no one finds out (Sirius makes sure you fail) 馃グ馃グ
You loved your boyfriend. He was attractive, charming and intelligent; You, yourself, were a firm believer that there was nothing he couldn鈥檛 do once he鈥檇 set his mind to the task.
Unfortunately for you, the objective he鈥檇 set himself to accomplish for tonight wasn鈥檛 one you were exceptionally eager to see play out.
Embarrassing you in front of James, Remus and Lily seemed to be his favorite job to undertake. So of course, when he鈥檇 innocently offered your favorite pastime once the lights had been turned off and blankets were issued, his true intentions weren鈥檛 as simple as keeping you close and satiated.
After perfectly disguising the motion of you slowly sinking onto his cock, as him simply readjuisting his legs for the arduous task of having you sit in his lap for the next two hours, you believed the two of you were scot-free.
That was until he started moving.
Your hands slowly reached out to grasp his wrists, in hopes of not instantly incurring unnecessary attention.
鈥淲hat? The fuck, Sirius?鈥 You whispered as quietly and as angrily as you could manage, twisting your neck to see him blink innocently at you. As if he wasn鈥檛 attempting to see how long he could fuck you before your friends noticed.
鈥淒on鈥檛 look at me, love. The screens that way.鈥 He chastised, jerking his chin towards the tv. Effectively shutting down any further avenues of conversation with a slow grind into you; reveling in the silent gasp that fell from your parted lips as a result.
If he thinks I鈥檓 going to let him have all the fun, he鈥檚 sorely mistaken, you think smugly.
Leaning yourself flush against his chest and resting your head back on his right shoulder, bringing his left hand up and underneath your shirt.
Letting his wide palm come in contact with the supple flesh of your breasts, you inwardly smile. Go big or go home, Black.
To his surprise, and elated pleasure, there was no bra present as a roadblock between him and your chest.
鈥淵ou cheeky minx.鈥 He groaned as he began to work himself in and out of you at a steady pace.
Suddenly, the lights flickered back on, revealing an unimpressed Remus leaning against the light switch, 鈥淚鈥檓 not sure the two of you understand what enhanced hearing entails.鈥
Lily instantly letting an amused chuckle as she turned around, 鈥淕uys, again? Really?鈥
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Remus (smiling at Sirius): Looking respectfully, you鈥檙e a work of art
Sirius (grinning and leaning down to whisper into Remus鈥 ear): You can look disrespectfully. I don鈥檛 mind.
Remus (speechless)
Remus (internally):
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