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luveline · a day ago
If you’re still taking dialogues, I have one! “I wanted to kiss you last night.” “Why didn’t you?” With remus!
thank you for your request 🥺
It's very, very quiet in Remus Lupin's bedroom. You peer over the edge of his bed where you're lying to analyse his sleeping face. He's laid out, body curved towards yours on his hardwood floor with a blanket half covering his frame. 
He looks handsome asleep. He always does, but especially sleeping, the weariness and wariness both slip from his features, leave his pouting mouth, absent from his dark eyes. His thick brows are lax. 
He shifts onto his back and groans. You move away, just a little, and his eyes struggle open like he could feel you watching. You're pinned by his gaze. 
"Good morning," you say, face aflame in your embarrassment. 
He doesn't seem to care that you've been watching him sleep. He scrubs a big hand over his face, says, "Morning," with his mouth still covered. 
"Are you aching?" you ask. 
It feels wrong to disturb the silence. Your words come out soft and carefully curated. His are easy, clouded in his sleepiness. 
"I'm fine." 
His hand falls from his face. His eyes don't shy from yours, the two of you gazing at each other with tired eyes. You're not sure how long you look at him, seconds that feel like minutes that feel untouchable. He's pretty. 
"I wanted to kiss you, last night," Remus says. You can't read his emotions. 
The confession startles you, though you aren't surprised by what he's telling you – you'd thought he was going to, his lips so close to yours you'd felt the heat of his breath. You just hadn't expected him to tell you now.
"Why didn't you?" you ask, words muffled by the sheets. You rub your cheek against the soft cotton, trying not to look needy as your eyelashes twitch. 
"I have a scar," he says slowly, "on my lip. Here." He draws the white line from memory. "I wanted to kiss you. More than I've ever wanted anything. But I kept thinking about how you'd… feel it." 
Your eyes flick from his eyes to his lips. "Can I…?" you ask, letting your hand float down to his face. He nods. 
Early morning light stretches over his neck. It kisses your fingers as you reach out, eats down to your wrist as you touch Remus' lip, gentle as you can manage. The pad of your finger feels for his scar. It's not so different, a small ridge that dips through the delicate pink of his lip and up through light stubble. 
"You didn't kiss me because of this?" you ask. 
His hand holds your wrist.
You decide then that you're going to try and kiss him if he wants you to. You cradle his cheek, brush your index finger under his eyelashes before stealing away. 
You disappear from his view, eyes to his ceiling, shuffling over his double bed with a small smile on your face. "Remus?" 
"Yeah?" His voice comes, soft but somehow less, from the floor.
"Come lie up here with me?" 
He rakes a hand through his sandy hair as he sits up. He doesn't fuss around, quickly getting up and easing onto the mattress with an almost silent groan. The floor had likely been unkind. You let your arm push into his. 
"Do you still want to kiss me?" 
"I always want to." 
You feel a terrible kind of heartache because you're not sure he knows you feel the same way. Not sure he thinks it's a possibility. 
You prop yourself up with your elbow. "I think you're remarkably handsome," you say. His expression doesn't change. "I think you're lovely." 
"But?" he asks in a murmur. 
"But nothing. That's just what I think." 
You abruptly lose any want to play hard ball with him and smile. "If you wanted to kiss me again, I would kiss you. I don't care about your scar. I don't care about any of them." 
Remus smiles more with his eyes than his mouth, eyelashes kissing in affection. You lean down and he moves swiftly, up and pushing you down into his bedsheets with a characteristic tenderness. You're eager to be guided, tilting your chin up, almost goading. 
He strokes your hairline, his face tilting to one side so he can press his lips to yours. Your eyes slam shut and your hand comes up, thumb pressing into his cheek. You run your nail over the scar there, dizzied by the sweetness of his kiss, chest beating with a mouse's heart. 
Heat. Remus breaks the kiss, his nose flush with yours. 
"Again?" you whisper. 
He kisses you again. You don't shy away. His scar skips over your lips and you want him to do it again. 
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nymphadorathebubba · 2 days ago
James: The stars are beautiful tonight, isn't it?
Regulus: Yeah... You know what else is beautiful?
Sirius: *pops out of nowhere*
James, Regulus and Sirius simultaneously : Remus Lupin.
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enbysiriusblack · 2 days ago
remus: are you okay?
sirius: no but I'm pretty
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siriusly-prongs · 2 days ago
Regulus Black is for the people who look up to their older siblings, just to be let down over and over again. He’s for the ones who show no emotion because they grew up being told that emotion was a sign of weakness. He’s for the people who shrink back in silence, but once they find their people their the most talkative person ever. Regulus is for the ones who have taught themselves how to cry silently and who don’t trust anyone anymore. Regulus black is for people who hate people, but have a soft spot for one person.
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marauderenergy · a day ago
Remus: do you take constructive criticism?
Sirius: not without crying
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prettybabybaby · 2 days ago
¡ 18+ only ! ¡ minors do not interact !
¡ marauders masterlist !
tutor!remus doesn't give in to your advances.
no matter how many pouts you throw his way, or lingering touches you place on his skin, he keeps a straight face.
you considered that maybe he was just not interested, maybe he genuinely wanted - needed - to help you pass your history final exam. but whenever you were less affectionate or attentive, he was quick to reel you back in.
"s'everything okay?" he asked, gentle fingers gripping your chin.
you nodded, "just stressed." you look away from him quickly, unable to bare the sight of his hazel eyes examining your face.
"doesn't seem like you're okay," he breathes, releasing your chin. his chair was turned to face yours as he gave you his full attention.
"well, i am," you shifted in your seat.
"why're you behaving like this, then. s'not like you to be such a brat," he said, taking your face again and giving you a pointed look.
you stared at him, unmoving.
"y'think i don't notice how you're always throwing y'self at me? touching me, urging me to look at you. y'throw yourself at me like a little slut," he placed his hand on your knee before rubbing up and down your thigh. "now, you've barely said a word to me."
"m'sorry," your face was burning in embarrassment. you had meant for him to notice, but never to confront you in this way.
"sorry, hm?" he leaned in close, pulling your face to meet him half way, "i didn't say i didn't like it."
he kissed your slowly and so gently you were dizzy, "be a good girl for me and maybe i'll let you suck me off."
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strawberrysodaslut · 20 hours ago
im sorryy but some sort of follow up to friendly competition with poly!marauders that fic had me 🫣🤭 literally do whatever , maybe this time it’s James who gets jealous cause Sirius and Remus go all out one night and the reader is literally borderline passed out because of the pleasure ok bye im going to go take a cold shower
Lessons Learned - Poly!Marauders x Fem!Reader
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
Tumblr media
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
[ poly!marauders masterlist ]
[ main masterlist ]
[ part 1 ]
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
summary: after James’ little… teaching session, his ego is at an all time high. So Remus as Sirius decide to use you to show James that he still has much to learn.
Warnings: Smuttttt, titty worship, praise kink, slight degradation kink but not too much because i’m a pussy fingering, unprotected vaginal sex (this is fiction your sex life isn’t), oral (male receiving) masturbation (male receiving) reader blacks out from orgasm, cum swallowing. lmk if i need to add more
a/n: this took SO long to write but this req is so freaking funny! i’m glad you enjoyed my work and i hope i did your request justice!
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
Sirius, James and Remus were always a team. They’d almost always help each other with schoolwork, constantly pull pranks together and loved to tag team when it came to… well… making you cum.
But the boys also loved competition, especially when they were about you.
Their games were normally unspoken, if one of them made you cum on his own, the others be determined to make you cum harder and faster. The night normally ending with you drained of cum and all three boys convinced they’d won.
But after Sirius and Remus spent a whole day trying to beat James’ and each other at giving you head, the will to make a formal competition was strong in all of them.
Even though Sirius and Remus had learnt James’… techniques when eating you out. They still felt like they had something to prove, not to you, but to James. That he still had things to learn from them.
So the two boys devised a plan, to work you up all day, and use every move they have to put on the greatest show for their sweet James, to show how things were really done.
It all started when you woke up. It was different a few days ago, where you were woken up with Sirius’ head between your thighs.
Today you woke up from Remus leaving soft kisses across your face, jaw, and neck. Brushing your hair between his fingers, whispering soft words to soothe you into consciousness.
You walked with the boys to breakfast, and they made sure to stay very close to you, Sirius and Remus sitting on either side of you. Sirius spent the whole breakfast with his hand under your skirt, not teasing you exactly, just resting his hand in a place only you knew where it was.
Remus was giving you light kisses on your face, similar to the ones that he gave you when you woke up. James looked at the two boys from across the table, already confused by them both sitting next to you, and even more confused by their demeanour.
“You alright love?” James said, nudging your foot with his under the table.
You looked up at him, you had been so distracted by the gentle touches that you’d barely eaten your food. You nod at James, taking a bit of toast and biting down onto it.
He smiles at you, now eyeing the two boys sitting next to you. He wasn’t sure what they were doing, but he made sure to take note of it.
The rest of the day went similarly to breakfast. Any class you had with Sirius and Remus they would whisper soft praises to you, pressing light kisses here and there, shifting their hands just too close to your panties or barely brushing over your breasts.
You knew what they were doing of course. This wasn’t the first time the boys spent a class working you up, but they’d never spent all day doing such. So when your final class of the day was just with James, he could see how far gone you already were.
“Oh puppy,” He said, staring into your needy eyes, “They haven’t left you alone, have they?”
You shook your head, brain fuzzy from the amount of attention on you.
James cooed, pressing his hand to your thigh and rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. He knew even that was enough to keep you going, but he didn’t want to undo all of his boyfriends work, did he?
James helped you back to your shared room, Sirius and Remus weren’t back yet, so James thought you and he may as well have some fun of your own.
You weren’t surprised when James’ started planting kisses to your lips, guiding you onto your back.
James’ always had quite the ego, but it inflated like a hot air balloon when he discovered the guys competed to give head as good as him. Constantly mentioning it whenever he could, especially in bed.
“Wanna have a private lesson with the teacher?” He teases, kissing down your neck and undoing the buttons of your blouse.
You nod, pulling his head back up to kiss. Being pent up for hours at a time, you didn’t care which of your boys gave your release, you just wanted one of them to help.
James pulled your blouse back to free your breasts. Lapping at your nipple like it’s providing him a life source. You moan, carding your hands through his hair to try and push him further into you.
James didn’t notice the door open, but you did. Smiling when your boyfriends walked into the room.
“Hey bug,” Sirius said, turning to pull James off of you, this time you didn’t pull him back., “Jamie, we actually wanted to show you something,” he turns to you, “is that okay bug?” He asked you, brushing his fingers through your hair.
You nod, and Remus made quick work of moving James to his bed, pressing a kiss before moving back to you.
Sirius pushes for a desperate kiss, using his hand to pinch and massage your right tit. You moan remus takes off your skirt, then pulling your tights and panties down your legs. Sirius fully unbuttons your shirt, pulling it off of you.
Remus traces your slit, huffing a laugh as he feels evidence of your arousal. “Pads, you gotta feel how wet she is.” He says, moving back to give Sirius room.
Sirius isn’t as kind as Remus, completely kneading your pussy with his fingers, gathering up all the slick that had been building up since breakfast. “Holy shit…” He mutters, starting to play around with your pussy. You moan as Sirius continues to tease you.
Remus takes Sirius’s spot, beginning to mouth at your left breast, taking your nipple in between his teeth and rolling it.
“Sirius…” You moan, tired from his teasing.
He slows, but doesn’t relent. “I know baby, just gimme a minute.” He presses a kiss to your mound, working his way to your clit, lazily mouthing at it.
James moans, and you look up at him. He’s in his boxers, palming at his hard cock as he watches his boyfriends toy with you.
After too long, Sirius finally plays with you for pleasure. He pushes two fingers into you and curling, immediately eliciting a moan from you.
With Remus sucking, biting and kissing all over your body and Sirius hitting your sweet spot at every thrust of his fingers, the heat in your abdomen pooled in a rushing manner, feeling your high get closer by the second.
“I- I’m close.” You moaned, rolling your hips into sirius’ fingers.
He hums, “I know baby.” He says, looking at Remus and smiling. Sirius moves his other hand to rub your clit, barrelling you towards your orgasm.
Remus presses a harsh kiss to your lips, pushing his tongue in your mouth, stimulating your breasts with his hands.
The triple stipulation is enough to send you over the edge, cumming so hard you see white. Remus presses one more kiss to your lips before standing up, Sirius doing the same to your soaked cunt, making you jolt.
James now has his cock out, rubbing it leisurely as he watches you come down from your high. He’s impressed, he always is when you look that good cumming, but he isn’t all that impressed with the boys. So he’s still got that smug smile on this face.
Sirius and Remus swap places, the lycanthrope taking out his cock and giving it a few soft strokes before tapping your thigh.
“Can you flip for me baby?” He asks, guiding you onto your stomach. You follow, wiggling your ass to tease Remus. He chuckles,
Sirius already has his cock out, stroking it as the he waits for your mouth, “You gonna be a good girl and and suck my cock?” He asks, brushing his fingers through your hair.
You nod, moaning as Remus slides his cock through your slit. He slowly enters you, letting out a grunt as he fully pushes in. At the same time you open your mouth, leaning forward to kiss Sirius’ achingly hard cock.
You lick a long stripe, following a vein from the base to the tip. Sirius release a glutteral moan as Remus starts to thrust in and out of you. You moan against Sirius’ cock, sending vibrations up his body strong enough to have Sirius pulling your hair back to try and guide his cock through your lips. Desperate for stimulation.
Remus is kind to you, keeping his thrusts gentle as you take Sirius’ cock into your mouth. He quickly finds a rhythm, rolling his hips as deep as he can.
You give Sirius the okay, and he starts to thrust into your mouth, moaning out, “Shit… you’re so good baby, such a good slut.”
You moan around Sirius from the praise and degradation, squeezing your walls around Remus’s cock. He sputters out a moan, fucking you harder.
James’ moans start to grow louder, you look over at him just in time to see white spurt from his throbbing cock onto his hand and stomach. He looks over to you, giving you a half-lidded smile as he comes down from his high.
You start to feel the coil in your stomach, it grows quickly. Sirius must too, because pretty soon he’s releasing into your mouth, still on his high as he watches you swallow it all.
Remus uses your now undivided attention to roll into you as hard as he’s always wanted to. Hitting your sweet spot every time. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you feel the coil grow stronger inside of you.
Sirius moves to arch your back, reaching under you to rub your clit. Your moans now flood the room, tears forming from the pleasure and stimulation.
Remus leans forward to kiss behind your ear, “Cum for me bunny, come all over my cock.”
His words were all it took for you to give in to the pleasure, your orgasm completely clouding your mind and body.
“Holy shit…” Sirius whispers as you visibly shake from your high. He rubs soothing circles into your back, not even sure if you can feel it.
From how hard your squeezing Remus, he cums straight away, gripping to your hair as he rolls his seed into you. He pulls out, watching at it doesn’t seem to effect your orgasm at all.
The three boys wait for you to come down from your high, but you don’t seem to. The shaking and the moaning has stopped, but you’ve still got your face in the comforter.
Sirius, carefully turns your over and sees your blacked out body. He laughs to himself, “Damn Moons, you actually fucked her to sleep.”
James is at the side of your bed, he was the second he saw you shaking. He presses a kiss to your cheek, brushing his fingers through your hair as you slowly come back to your boys.
You open your eyes, not sure if you’d just blacked out or not. But based on how your boyfriends are looking at you, you definitely did.
“Hey bunny,” Remus whispers, pressing a kiss to your thigh. “You okay? Didn’t hurt you did I?”
You nod, “I’m okay,” You mumble, growing sleepier by the second.
Sirius scoops you up, “Gotta clean you up bug, alright?” He asks. You nod, pushing your head into the nape of his neck, breathing in his scent.
You since as Remus and James help you into the bath, the warm water hurting. “I know pup but I swear it’ll be better in a second.” James says, sitting behind you and pulling you into his lap.
The other boys quickly join you, helping James scrub you clean. As they do, you quickly succumb to sleep, leaning your head back on James’ shoulder.
The boys chuckle and Sirius looks up at James. “So Prongs,” he starts, “Learn anything special?”
❛ ━━━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫・━━━━━━━━━ ❜
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starstruckwillows · 2 days ago
james potter x wife!reader
okay, what if we see little moments of the two of them raising harry all the way through his 7th year? like harry hosting sleepovers with ron and hermione and ginny and y/n and james being the best parents ever. and dropping harry off for the first time at platform 9 3/4. and girls coming into the picture. and idk, but you get it right?
♡ we deserve this life - j.p ♡
Tumblr media
starstruckwillows 🂱
pairing; james potter x wife!reader
category; fluff, tiniest bit of angst if you squint with reading glasses on
summary; your beautifully regular life with your husband years after the war
warnings/content; none
other; fem!reader, erasure of so much death and canon sadness cos no thanks, bi harry
Tumblr media
the war was painfully long and sorrowful, and when you fell pregnant, you were terrified to bring a baby into such a warstricken world.
but when your son was only a year old, the terror ended with what you thought would become a sacrifice. ultimately, things shook out and voldermort was killed.
you and james got the happy years raising your son that you needed.
"this is the life we deserve angel, i promise." james had whispered on the night of your wedding.
philosopher's stone
"go on harry, run!" james nudged your son's shoulder, who gripped his trolley uncertaintly.
you ruffled his hair, "don't worry, dad'll go first."
your husband shifted awkwardly, "erm well, i haven't... in a while, you know... since our last year and..."
with a laugh and an eyeroll, you slipped through the barrier, harry and james appearing just after, confidence restored.
and as harry rushed away to converse and load his things onto the train, you watched him with bittersweet love.
when the train took off, chugging away, james squeezed an arm around your shoulder as you buried your face into him to hide your upset.
"he's gonna have fun! don't cry love."
you sniffled, "oh yeah, like you won't be bawling later."
chamber of secrets
well, have fun he did.
amongst hosting sleepovers with his newfound trio over the holidays, it had slipped his mind to mention he could speak parseltongue, or that the heir of slytherin was traversing the school with a murderous basilisk.
you clutched your heart with an open mouth as you read the letter from dumbledore, "basilisk?" you screeched.
meanwhile james enthusiastically encouraged your son with a howler.
"oh merlin is ginny alright?"
"so proud of you harry!"
"fawkes? oh gods-"
"how's quidditch going anyway?"
"hermione, petrified?"
"oh, and also-" james frowned, cutting himself off and turning to you, "did you just say hermione was petrified? how'd harry and ron get anything done?"
you laughed shakily, still in fear, "oh i'm sure she found a way to tell them anyway."
james noticed your unease, ended the howler and swept you up into a dramatic hug, spinning you round until your ribs hurt from laughter.
"jamie, put me down!" you gasped out through your giggling, which he finally did.
"we raised the coolest son in the world."
prisoner of azkaban
your heart dropped when you read the headlines - peter pettigrew escapes azkaban.
james and you shared a look of pain. for the first time, this was not your husband comforting you when you fretted over harry being so far from home. this was a real threat, maybe even more so terrifying for james.
"mum, dad? what are you reading?"
wordlessly, james leaned back onto the sofa and a ran a hand through his signature mop of hair.
harry moved forward, peering at it, "peter pettigrew? who's that?"
you let out a sigh. thirteen years without harry knowing wormtail as the man that had almost got you all killed had been a push. it was always going to come to this eventually.
you felt better knowing remus would be teaching at hogwarts this year, sirius moving to the castle with him.
still, that night you could do nothing for james but let him push his face into your neck and tighten your arms around him.
goblet of fire
when harry's name was pulled from that goblet, james surprised everyone by being fully and completely on your side, screaming in dumbledore's office with mcgonagall's backing, so loudly the owlery rustled every few minutes.
and when you finally accepted the situation, you were his most enthusiastic supporters, taking temporary residence up in hogsmeade and spending your weekends burning the 'potter stinks' badge.
"you can't beat up a child."
you scoffed, "james, i'm not going to beat him up. the malfoys weren't ever going to raise a nice kid, i don't blame him yet."
james hummed, nodding, "mhm, right, so why is your wand in your hand?"
you looked down at it with a sharp laugh, "this isn't beating him up."
order of the phoenix
admist the war, something you never wanted your son to experience, there was a tiny beacon of what you thought was hope.
harry's relationship problems - he did not consider them hope.
"so in short, i really like cho, but she's just broken up with cedric."
you hummed in thought, "i see. are you close with cedric, will it impact your friendship?"
harry groaned, thunking his head back onto the wall, "well, i really like him too. it's a classic bi crisis situation."
considering the triangle until it made both of your head's hurt, he threw his hands in the air, "alright, i'm putting this behind me and focusing on my o.w.ls, and throwing umbridge off a cliff."
james walked in at that moment and admonished him lightly, "c'mon harry, y'know your mum doesn't like you talking about teachers like that. even sniv- snape."
you snorted, "umbridge is a troll. actually, that's harsh... to trolls."
half blood prince
you and your husband were curled into balls on the sofa, laughing until tears burned on your face.
"half- oh merlin i can't!" you wheezed, coughing.
"prince! oh my, snivellous his royal highness!" james pushed his glasses aside as they grew misty from the condensation of his crying.
you gasped, "he called himself that. seriously."
harry mumbled, "actually, he still does."
and the laughter started all over again.
"also, i kissed ginny."
you bolted up, almost knocking heads with james, chanting at the same time, "knew it!"
deathly hallows
the battlefield was rough and shredded and covered in debris. many had been lost. other's changed for life by injuries. all traumatized by the destruction.
your son trembled in your arms for the first time in a year, exhausted and drained. for the most awful, wrenching, angry feeling in your life, you thought you'd lost him. dry screams had brought you to your knees. but he was here now. it was over.
"you're alright harry, you did so good, i'm so proud of you." you fought back your sob as your husband joined you sitting on the stairs.
families were embracing and mourning across the space, and in this moment, you had never appreciated your family so much.
you deserved this life.
Tumblr media
@anordinarymuse @ellora-brekker
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moonlit-ghost · 2 days ago
It's Nothing
Pairing: poly! Marauders X Reader (she/her)
Requested by: @twilightlover2007
Word Count: 1,508
Warnings: reader has a cold, mentions of fainting, mentions of food
Summary: Y/N wasn't feeling great. She just wanted to make it through the day and have her boys take care of her. They do.
Mornings spent on the grounds of Hogwarts instead of a relatively warm classroom were not Y/N's preferred way of starting the day. But Herbology took place outside and the walk to the greenhouses was long and filled with fog.
James and Sirius were deep in discussion about things she did not care about at this unholy hour. So Y/N let herself fall back a bit and shivered in her thin jacket. It wasn't helping that she had woken up with a weird pressure behind her eyes. A migraine would come really inconvenient now.
"Y/N?" Remus had stopped to wait for her, eyebrows furrowed as he scanned her shaking figure, "are you alright?"
"'s cold," she complained and pulled her sleeves down over her hands.
To top it off, her voice came out nasally. Oh, this was just great. Getting sick out of nowhere.
And as if Y/N had called it, she sneezed.
Immediately, Remus pulled a handkerchief from one of his pockets and handed it to her. His eyes stayed firmly on her face. "Bless you."
"Thank you." Y/N sneezed again.
That caught James' and Sirius' attention as well. They turned around, equal frowns on their faces.
"Everything good, doll?" Sirius wanted to know and waited until he was on her other side.
Y/N shrugged. "Probably."
"You'd tell us when you're not feeling well, wouldn't ya?" James was walking backwards to get a good look at her as well.
Their mothering worked better than any cough syrup. Y/N rolled her eyes and pushed forward (not to prove a point. No, she simply didn't want to be late). "I'm fine, guys."
"I'm still giving you my jacket," Remus announced and put his coat around her shoulders.
It smelled like him and felt like a hug to go. Maybe Y/N would be fine for the day.
She was not fine.
Where the glasshouses had been disgustingly warm and humid, the dungeons were awfully cold and the air was terrible.
By the time Professor Slughorn had finished his directions at the front of the class, Y/N was feeling awfully dizzy. The words on the board were strangely distorted so she shook her head.
"I'll get the ingredients," Lily, her partner for the day, offered. Y/N was happy that she wasn't paired up with one of her boyfriends, they would not let her work. Luckily, Lily kept it at concerned side eyes. "You stay here and copy the directions, okay?"
"I can do that." Y/N sat down again, happy to have the chair right behind her.
They worked mostly in silence for which Y/N was glad as she wasn't sure whether she would have been able to hold a conversation.
Now, she was sneezing almost constantly though she did her best to hide it. Her head was pounding and she wasn't sure whether she was getting enough air. But she could pull through this. The infirmary was not her destination of choice.
All Y/N wanted was to bury herself in her boys' dorm in James' bed. And there were still two classes between her and comfort.
"Y/N?" Sirius' alarmed shout shook her out of her thoughts.
Before she knew it, a hand was clasped around her wrist, arms wrapped around her waist and she was being pulled away from the cauldron.
"What-" she started to protest. Then, her eyes fell on what she had almost done.
Dunked her hand into the currently acid potion. Holy hell.
Luckily Remus had a pretty strong grip on her waist or otherwise Y/N would be on the floor now. With a shaky sigh, she leaned into his body behind her while Slughorn was demanding what was going on. James did a pretty good job at reassuring him while Sirius moved his hand from her wrist to her forehead.
"She's burning up," he whispered urgently.
Remus nodded and pressed his lips to her sweaty forehead. "I know. We should get you to the infirmary, Love."
"No!" Y/N protested and attempted to stand up straight. Neither Remus nor Sirius let her. "I don't need to go there."
"Sweetheart, have you looked into a mirror lately?" And that was James. Slughorn was back at the front of the class though he was throwing concerned looks their way every other second.
Oh, this was bad. Y/N collected every bit of energy she could find in herself and put on a brave face. She had to get through this day. "I'll be fine for today. Please, I just want a quiet evening with you guys."
James immediately began to protest as well as Remus. But Sirius stopped their arguing and nodded. "Fine. But if you're not better tomorrow, you. are going to Madame Pomfrey."
Y/N felt like crying when she finally made it through divination.
Before anyone could stop her or question her, she all but ran to the gryffindor tower and the boys dorms.
A horrible decision, Y/N realised about two flights of stairs later.
Once again, Sirius was there to her rescue. Before she could stumble and break a leg, he was behind her, holding her upright. "Now now, take it easy, Y/N. You're as white as a sheet."
Now, she was crying for real. The day had been more than long, her head was hurting awfully, every bone in her body felt weird and she just knew that she was half a breath away from fainting.
"Hey, it's going to be okay." Y/N could hear the panic in Sirius' voice. He patted her back awkwardly before coming to a decision.
Suddenly, Y/N felt herself being lifted up. She didn't want to think about the reasons so she simply buried her head in Sirius' shoulder and cut out the world.
"It's alright, Sweetheart, we're almost there," Sirius murmured and started walking.
As soon as they passed the portrait, a cacophony of voiced assaulted her ears. The common room must be filled to the brim. Y/N whimpered quietly.
"And up the stairs it is," Sirius narrated, tone chipper to keep her distracted. It worked partially.
Y/N could tell the exact moment they entered the dormitory. For once, all noise was cancelled from one second to the next.
Also, there were yet again two other voices calling her name in alarm.
"Pads, what's going on?" James wanted to know when she didn't answer.
Y/N felt Sirius shrug. She raised her head tentatively and was met with two equally concerned boys. While Remus was staying back, James strode forward and plucked Y/N from Sirius' arms.
Meanwhile, Sirius was explaining why exactly their girlfriend wasn't walking on her own two feet. "I don't really know. I was on my way up here from practice and then Y/N fainted on the staircase."
James walked to his bed and laid her down gently. Y/N looked up at her boyfriends standing around her and offered them a small smile.
"Sweetheart, that's not good," Remus said, voice soft as he reached over to tug a strand of hair behind her ear.
She sneezed. "It's nothin'."
"It looks like something," Sirius countered and sat down next to her torso. "Is there something we can do to make you feel better?"
"Stay with me?" Y/N watched all their faces with a hopeful expression on hers. This was everything that had held her upright through the day.
As soon as the words had left her mouth, James started to climb into bed behind her. "Of course, my love."
While James pulled her back into his chest, arms settling on her stomach, Remus scanned her features with a thoughtful expression. "Did you eat anything aside from the apple this morning?"
Internally, Y/N went through the day. She hadn't been particularly hungry and she had skipped lunch in favour of homework. "No?"
"Then I'll get you some soup from the kitchen," Remus decided and walked off.
"And I'm getting you one of my sweaters," Sirius added, "you're shaking."
Only after he had pointed it out, she realised how cold she was. Thankfully the sweater came faster than frozen off limbs. And right after followed Sirius himself.
He climbed into bed and pulled Y/N's head on his chest. She was now effectively sandwiched between James and Sirius with James' holding her tight to his chest with sure arms keeping her grounded and Sirius' stomach a perfect pillow to wrap her arms around.
Y/N was just falling asleep when Remus came back. Too tired to move or draw attention to her, she waited how they would act.
"Is she asleep?" Remus asked quietly. A ceramic clacking noise told her that he put the plate down.
"I think so," Sirius whispered and put a hand to her cheek. "Poor girl's been burning up all day."
"Yeah, she could barely stand," James added with worry lacing his words.
"Then let her get some rest. She'll eat when she wakes up again," Remus decided.
A few moments of shuffling and a muttered spell later, the bed dipped down once again. Then, another hand settled between her shoulder blades.
Surrounded by her boys, Y/N fell asleep.
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simppotter · 2 days ago
No thoughts.
Just drunk Regulus highlighting James' face because "he's important"
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regulusandpandora · 2 days ago
Dear Jegulus shippers,
I quite like this ship, so give me some reasons to change that like to love.
Thank you.
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Could we get Sirius with reader who’s a total crybaby?? and he teases her but he’s just so fond! smut or not I don’t mind!!!! Love u angel x
I love you!! this is so cute hope its okie
Sirius only realises you’re crying because your back is trembling where it’s pressed to his front. The movie is about to end, and the dramatic penultimate scene seems to have plucked your heart strings. 
You quiver and press a hand over your mouth.
“No point in that, angel. I already know you’re crying.”
“Not crying,” you whisper, crying. 
Sirius pulls your head back so he can see your face, wet with tears. Your eyes are shiny in the dark, the TV reflected in your dark pupils. Your eyelashes have slicked together. He’s tentative as he wipes your tears, a direct contrast to his evil smirk. “It’s Wall-E. Fucking Wall-E, babe.”
“It’s so sad. He can’t remember her,” you say, a small sob rocking through your chest. You start with a laugh like you’re in agreement and know how dramatic you’re being, but something about telling him gets you again.
He rolls his eyes as you huff to yourself, tears fast down your cheeks. He aches to kiss them away, this angle only allowing for his hand to coast a line up your soft abdomen. 
You turn into him and he tucks you up, rubbing the shakes from your back. 
“You’re alright,” he says warmly. 
You sniffle. “If you ever forget me I’m going to hurt you, Sirius Black.”
He pets your head, sees an awful fat tear crest your cheek. He can’t help it — he laughs. “You? You’re gonna hurt me? Is this before or after you cry yourself sick?”
“After,” you mumble into his chest. He dots kisses across your forehead until you calm down. 
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Lost Time
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin and fem! ravenclaw! reader
Soulmate AU
[Based on this request]
Tumblr media
Summary: Remus feared the day he found out his soulmate, but no matter how hard he tries to stay away the string of fate continues to pull him back towards her
Warnings: swearing, kissing, angst, arguments, mentions of food, eating and not eating, drinking, alcohol and sex, slow burn, romance, Remus’ insecurities, scars, blood, nudity, bit of spice but nothing explicit, allusions to sex
A/n: 13.2k words, we know the drill by now I wrote another monster, also you asked for super angst and I delivered, I present to you a mix of fluff, angst, heartbreak, the feels, comedy, basically all the emotions, this has it all! Sorry this too so long, I got very invested and even drew the soulmate tattoos 😅 takes place during and after both have graduated hogwarts 💛
Tumblr media
Soulmate rules: on your 18th birthday you receive a tattoo on a symbol that’s linked to your soulmate, the story explains this fuller
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You woke abruptly to some kind of squeal “Holy Rowena someone better be dead or dying!” you pick up your wand as you jolt upwards, pointing it out in front of you, although your eyes were still adjusting so you couldn’t see much for the first few seconds
“Oh sorry” Pandora apologises before eyeing your hand “Y/n why are you pointing a sugar quill at me?” she tilts her head wearing a charmed smile
Your eyebrows knit together looking at her a little confused before you lower your gaze, and sure thing you are pointing a sugar quill at her, you stare at it for a few second before shrugging and starting to munch on it “So…” you lift the covers shuffling out of the bed “Can I assume by the cheer, at…” you glance at the clock “merlin 4am” you let out a prolonged breath “…that you’ve made a break through?” you ask moving over to the mini workshop she was seated at
You and Pandora had been best friends since 1st year, meeting on the train and subsequently assigned as dorm mates, there were two other girls in your dorm but they only lasted a couple months due to your friends’ experiments. You didn’t mind them, if fact you encouraged them and helped on occasion, even transfiguring the two empty beds into a large desk for her to work at. Much like her, you made your own spells but most were for healing, which worked rather well hand in hand as Pandora tended to get into accidents
“Yes!” she says happily, presenting three notebooks, one a forest green, another Carolina blue and the last a sunflower yellow along with three black quills
“Pretty” your hands glaze over the blue notebook “So what do they do?” you were awake now, sitting down on the spare stool next to her face dripping with anticipation
She returns the excitement “You know how we were trying to find a way we could communicate when we’re apart, during the holidays or if we just need the other person?” she hints
You nod your head “Yeah” you agree before looking over the notebooks, your mouth forming an ‘o’ as it clicks “These allow us to write messages to one another?” you look for confirmation
“Yes, the quills are enchanted using a spell I created where only the given user can write in the books…” she smiles funnily “…I did steal some of yours and Reggie’s hair to seal it”
You shake your head giggling “Oh course you did” you say light-heartedly “This is amazing when can we test it?”
She stands picking up the green notebook, quill and a piece of paper “I’m going to send this to Reggie” she says wrapping up the items “Tell him to keep it in his bag with him and we can test it at breakfast later” she picks up her wand “I would stand back last time I tried this I singed my hair”
You back up watching as she mutters a spell, causing the package to float up and start spinning, progressively picking up in pace before disappearing completely with a small shockwave. You smiled as you felt the warmth from the spell hit you, merlin was Pandora awesome now you couldn’t wait until breakfast
Tumblr media
“Come on Moons pleeaseee” Sirius pleads like a child as the marauders make their way to great hall
Remus rolls his eyes “For the last time no” he says firmly, for the last week they had been begging for him to let them throw him a party
“Don’t be a downer Moony” James huffs “You only turn 18 once” he reminds him
“Not to mention you might find out who your soulmate is” Peter adds trying help but that only seems to exacerbate his friend’s mood
Soulmates were a wonderful thing, someone destined to be your perfect match, to spend your life with, to have and to hold, of course this wasn’t the case for all. Remus had dreaded the day he turned 18, the day he’d find out which unfortunate soul was bound to him for life, who would get stuck with him, a monster.
“I hope not” he mutters to himself but his friends still heard it
Sirius stops Remus in his tracks “Moons you aren’t still worried about that are ya?” he looks at him in a mild concern, as does his friends, the teasing atmosphere from before forgotten
Remus looks between them “What worried that I’ll…” he looks around “…hurt my soulmate by being a monster, yeah, I’m still a little worried about that Pads” he speaks lower as so only his friends can hear
“Moony you ever thought that maybe having someone would be a good thing?” James tries to convince him
“Good thing?” he looks at them in disbelief “Godric if they haven’t already they’ll be waking up with a werewolf on them…even if they thankful they don’t, I would be condemning them to a life a poverty. I have no chance at getting a job, I’ll be living in my parents run down cottage and once a month they’ll be holed up there while I turn into a monster” he rants starting to breath heavier
Peter places his hand on Remus’ back rubbing circles “Why don’t we drop this for now and get some breakfast?” he suggests, this wasn’t the time nor place for this kind of conversation
“He’s right” James agrees nodding before turning to Sirius “Right Pads?” he eyes his friend
Sirius’ face hardens before he sighs “Yeah…lets’ get moving” he begins walking “Speaking of food I could eat a scabby faced…” he cringes “…scabby faced…what’s the saying again?” he stops looking at Remus whose calmed himself a little
“That’s a Scottish saying” Remus lets out a laugh before tilting his head “I’m welsh” he says slowly, a mild amusement creeping on his face when he sees Sirius looking like he’s connecting dots “Did you not know I was welsh?” he asks to which James barks out a laugh and Peter sniggers
Sirius’ cheeks go a light pink “It’s not like your accent is that strong” he tries to defend it but only confirms the fact he really never realised “Oh fuck off, don’t act like I’m the only one that’s been an idiot” he points between them, walking backwards as they begin to follow “Like the time…opps” he bumps into someone, sending them to the floor “Godric sorry y/n” his eyes widen as he realises it’s you he practically knocked out
“You okay?” Remus steps forward, voice laced with concern, holding out his hand before Sirius can, to which the boys all share looks
You take a moment wincing a little at the impact on the cold stone floor before you look up, meeting Remus’ kind eyes. You didn’t even mind falling down now, not that it meant you got to see him. You’d been crushing on the boy for years, ever since you just so happened to be sitting in the library together during your 4th and his 5th year. At times you felt guilty liking him, but deep down you hoped, wished on every star that he would be your soulmate, it was the only explanation to why you felt so drawn to him.
“Y/n?” Remus repeats titling his head
You shake your head realising you has just been staring at him “Thank you” you say accepting his hand and letting him pull you up
Once you were standing you went for your bag but he was already on it, picking it up and handing it to you “Here” he smiles at you
“Thanks Remus” you say taking the bag and putting it over your shoulder securely
“Sorry about that darlin” Sirius apologises throwing you a wink which makes you giggle and Remus’ jaw clench ever so slightly
“It’s okay” you wave it off before turning to Remus “Your birthday is tomorrow right?” you check although you’d memorised it since you were 14
He nods, the reminder making his mood deflate “Yes, it is” he says softly
“The big one eight” James pops his head over Remus’ shoulder with a grin that makes the sandy haired boy cringe
You giggle at James “I just wanted to check I got it right” you smile brightly “Any plans?” you inquire, but really you wanted to know if you would see him tomorrow, perhaps catch glimpse of his soulmate tattoo if he was comfortable
Remus opens his mouth but Sirius jumps in “We’re throwing a party and you my lovely are invited, bring your friends too, more the merrier to celebrate Moons 18th” he smirks at you while Remus looks mildly alarmed
“Oh really?” your face lights up in a way which makes Remus’ heart flutter, face softening in an instant
Remus nods accepting the fact he is now throwing…sorry getting a party “Yeah we are, our common room tomorrow night” he smiles warmly at you
“Great, I’ll be there…” you begin to walk away before turning back “…Sirius?” you ask warily
“Yeah?” he tilts his head
“Can I talk to you in private for a second?” his eyes widen in surprise as does the others and you miss the way Remus’ eyes dart between you and Sirius nervously
“Sure” he agrees, both of you walking little ways from the other boys “What’s up?” he asks still semi confused
“You said I could bring friends, right?” he nods “I’m sure you have no trouble with me bringing Pandora…” you hesitate “…but would you be okay if I also brought Regulus too?” you look up at him hopefully
Meanwhile down the hall the boys watch the exchange closely “Is she asking him out?” Peter says abruptly
“Nah” James shakes his head before puckering his lips as he watches Sirius nod, lighting up as his hands grasp the upper parts of your arms “Still nah but it’s more like 70-30 now” he cringes looking over at Remus
Remus watched as you happily walked away and Sirius equally as happy headed back towards him “Did she ask you out?” he blurts out when Sirius reaches him and the boys
Sirius just starts chuckling “What if she did?” he poses
“Because…” he looks between his friends “Because she…she…” he panics for a second before seeing the glint in Sirius’ eye “Your fucking with me, aren’t you?”
“Oh yeah” he nods smirking
“What did she want?” Peter asks
Sirius’ smirk softens into a grateful smile “She wanted to check I was comfortable with her inviting Reg to the party”
The boy’s mouths part “That’s so sweet” James says thinking you asking permission was so cute
“You’re alright with that Moons?” Sirius checks
Remus nods “Yeah of course I’m fine with that…not the party in general but seeing you and him in one room will be nice” he notes
“You never know Remus this party could be good…maybe she’ll be your soul…” Sirius starts only to be bitch slapped in the gut by Remus’ bag as he walks by “Fuck moons” he clutches his lower stomach “What you got in that bag…holy mother of merlin…Prongs please help, man down, I repeat man down” he kneels to the floor
Tumblr media
You were sat in your usual spot at the Ravenclaw table, waiting for Pandora, as you dug in to your food you looked up to see Regulus walking in with Barty and Evan, smiling at you when he sits down and sending a little wave. You return it, earning another wave from Barty and a distint ‘hello’ from Evan followed by a ‘fuck off’ directed to the Slytherin prefect that scolds him, making you giggle
You feel someone sit next to you “Hey what took you so long?” you ask your friend
“I got an idea for a new spell and had to jot it down before I forgot” she explains as she starts dishing out her own breakfast
You nod smiling as you take another bite of yours “Reg is here, you want to test out the notebooks now?” you were pretty much bouncing up and down on the seat at this point
She smiles “Yes take out your notebook and quill” she instructs, you do as she says reaching into your bag and grabbing them, as does she “Okay” she opens up her yellow one “Watch this” she begins writing on the page
“It doesn’t need ink?” you ask with a stunned smile on your face
She shakes her head “Nope…there” she says as she finishes writing ‘hi this is Pandora the panda’ on the page “Open yours”
You flip over the cover of the book to see her writing in your book as well “Wow” you pick up your quill and start writing just underneath, ‘hello this is Y/n the [your animal]’, looking over at her book as it writes in real time “This is amazing Pans” you shake your head “So your writings yellow and mine is black?” you ask confused as to why yours wasn’t blue like the book
“Yeah I know you like to draw so black is easier for you to work with” she clarifies, your heart warming as she really does think of everything
You give her a side hug before looking over at Regulus, holding up your book as you catch his eye and motioning for him to look at his own, he smiles nodding, reaching down and getting the book out.
You observe his face flashing with awe before he starts chuckling, as he looks back up Pandora mouths ‘write in it with your’ she waves the quill. Your gaze falls to your book as you see green writing appearing, hey x this is Regulus the raccoon, you smile at the page before you start giggling, also a mornin from Barty the bat and a howdy from Evan the elephant
“Pans love can I order one of these” Evan turns around calling out not caring if people hear
Barty joins in holding up two fingers “Make that two, doll…” he trails off hearing something from down the table “Fuck off just because you don’t have cool friends Lastrange…oh yeah? You can shove that detention up your…” he stands up pointing down the table with one hand as he leans on it with the other
“Mr Crouch!” McGonagall’s voice booms down the hall
While Barty seems to have a rather pleasant conversation with the professor, resulting in him somehow charming his way out of the detention he was almost given, you turn to Pandora “Hey you think you could charm these to work on the book too?” you take out your tub of water colours
Her face lights up “Yes of course” she smiles looking over your robes a second before softly picking off one your fallen hairs, she then mutters a spell on the hair, breaking it up into little particles which surround the tub of paints “There you go” she turns back to you with a proud look
Tumblr media
Remus was headed into the library with the rest of the marauders, well he was more like dragging them. As he looked around he noticed all the tables were full but one, one which you just so happened to be sitting at yourself, in your own little world
Walking over he sees you writing what looks like a herbology essay by the drawings of plants on your parchment “Hi” he says softly making sure not to startle you
You finish writing the sentence you were on before looking up “Hi Remus” you smile happily at him before seeing the other boys “Hi James, Sirius and…” you lean over to look at boy standing awkwardly behind Remus “…Peter”
They each say ‘hi’ before Remus gestures to the table “You mind if we join you, the other table are full”
“No not at all…let me just move this” you nod, quickly moving some of your stray papers closer to your side of the table, leaving plenty room for the four boys
“Thank you” he says taking the seat next to you, Peter on his other side with Sirius and James sat opposite
The boys relax into their study, well Remus, Peter and James do, you can see Sirius sketching new tattoo designs instead, the shapes giving you inspiration. You pull out the notebook Pandora gave you, sketching the design first with pencil which won’t show up on their pages before grabbing the quill and creating the outline. You then take out your watercolours and start colouring it
While you do this, James’ eyes flick to your paper quickly before he lifts his head to look properly, smiling as he sees you painting contentedly “Remus” he whispers nudging the boy’s foot under the table
Remus looks up from his notes looking a little annoyed at the interruption before James nods to you. Looking over his face morphs from irritation to delight, watching you bite your lip as you concentrate, he was mesmerised, the design was so simple yet intrigue, he couldn’t help but smile
“That’s really good” he says quietly making you stop and turn to him
You smile “Thanks”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Remus couldn’t sleep, he’d pretended to fall asleep with the others after convincing them he was too tired to stay up but that was a lie, he had to see it. Soulmate marks could appear anywhere on the body, usually in places where the it suited the person most. They could be tiny, like peters daffodil, or could be huge and cover your spine like Marlene who had the trace of Dorcas patronus on her back. The tattoos were predetermined to mark events that either have happened or would happened in the future.
He peeked out of his curtains to see the clock, 23:59, his head shot back in, throat drying up as his stomach turned in a mixture of nerves, excitement and fear. He wondered if he would feel it, would it hurt or just feel like a tickle? He’s never asked about it, usually zoning out when his friends told him the sensations they felt. He let himself wonder who it could be, although there was only one person his heart went to, you, always you.
He remembered the first time he saw you in his 4th and your 3rd year, he recalled how pretty you looked excitedly swapping, what he assumed was, ideas with Pandora in the court yard. Ever since then he noticed you more, watching from afar, he saw you liked art, drawing, were friends with people from all houses. One day he made the move to sit next to you in the library and actually talk to you, after that day you and he became friends. You spoke every so often and with every small conversation he just fell for you more, he tried to stop it, he tried to stop thinking about the idea of you being his…
Remus’ head shot down to his arm, feeling a tingling sensation under his shirt. The feeling lasting only a few seconds before it faded, he took a breath before rolling up his sleeve, but as he saw the new ink he closed his eyes however continued pushing up the fabric. He didn’t know how long he kept his eyes closed but eventually he opened them, eyes honing in on the flowers decorating his arm. Not just any flowers, the ones you were drawing earlier, except these just weren’t painted
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He let out a breath of relief, you were his soulmate, beautiful, gifted, wonderful you. His heart was bursting, the broadest smile he had ever had on his face as he traced his fingers over the tattoo. However, as he glazed over the it, it was interrupted by one of his many scars, every insecurity flooding his head at once, the soul crushing feeling that he couldn’t let himself be with you. He felt guilty at the thought of someone being stuck with him but you being cursed with him for a soulmate, that was a killer.
He lay back on his bed, his tattooed arm coming to rest over his chest where the heart is, his other hand coming to grasp it before he rested his chin on top. He didn’t know what he was going to do, he wanted you more than anything yet he couldn’t let himself hurt you. He barely slept, eventually passing out near 5am from sheer exhaustion
Tumblr media
You fixed your outfit before fixing some of your stray hairs “You ready y/n?” you look up in the mirror to see your friend smiling
You nod “Yeah think so” you say taking one last look at yourself before heading out
After meeting up with Regulus on the way, the three of you sneak along to Gryffindor tower, approaching one of the boys in Regulus year manning the door “Names?” he asks looking down at the pieces of parchment he’s holding
Regulus chuckles “Didn’t know it was VIP” he jokes but the boy doesn’t seem to find him amusing “Tough crowd” he whispers in your ear
You giggle with him while your other friend gives the boy your names “Y/n, Pandora and Regulus”
The boy flicks through the pages, crossing out two of the names quickly before eyeing Regulus for a good minute before reluctantly crossing out the last “Butterscotch” he says the fat lady who seems like she’s able to hear the party inside and is, to your surprise, having a grand old time
“Oh of course…hello handsome” she waves at Regulus semi seductively as the door opens, the boy going a tad red that a painting hit on him as you walk through “You want to see a trick?” you distantly hear her say to the bouncer as the painting closes behind you
“Wow so this is what it looks like” Regulus notes looking around the room seeing the small swarms of people dotted about along with some dancing on the makeshift dancefloor
“It’s cosy” Pandora smiles
You nod “Our ones are much better though”
“Oh yeah 100%, it goes Ravenclaw then Slytherin, but that’s only because we’re below the ground” Regulus turns to you gesturing with his hands “Then Puff then this place” he smirks
“We’ve never seen Hufflepuff common room?” Pandora tilts her head
“No but it’s been known to be awesome, ergo better than this but our house pride beats it therefore we are the best” you explain smiling proudly with Regulus who shares similar…be it slightly flawed…logic with you
The three of you move through into the party, it looked like the Gryffindors had been at it a little longer than their guests, which was made apparent when James walked right up to Regulus cupping his face “Pads you seen my girl…” he keeps his hands on his face but his head jolts back examining him “…you’re not my Pads but you look a lot like him” he says hazily
“I’m not thats…” Regulus speaks slowly about to explain when James starts talking again
“You haven’t happened to see my girlfriend have you pretty?” you let out a giggle at Regulus’ quickly tinting cheeks, the boy shakes his head “No worries angel I’m sure she’s around here somewhere” James removes his hands “Bye pretty boy” he starts walking away before he spots you and Pandora “Pretty girls too!” he exclaims “And Moonys girl” he winks at you before muttering ‘tootles’ as he saunters away
You all exchange looks, only one not flustered is Pandora “Drinks?” Regulus finally gets out
Pandora nods “Sure…you coming y/n?” she starts walking with Regulus but turns back as your eyes have caught the birthday boy
“Umm” you glance at them “I’ll be there in a bit I’m just going to greet someone first” you give them a smile
The two give each other a knowing look while you slowly walk towards Remus, before you can get there two Hufflepuff girls beat you too it “So have you got your mark Remus?” one asks eagerly while you awkwardly stand at the side watching
He looks uncomfortable at either the question or the attention, perhaps both “Yes” he says hesitantly
“Can we see it?” the other asks making him jump cutely “You never know, do you like cats?” she moves her hair to reveal a little cat on her upper chest
Remus looks at it then straight back up “Umm” he looks more panicky now so you swoop in
“Rem I found you” you walk up taking his hand and pulling him away, not bothering to look at the two girls who look annoyed by your intrusion
As you reach the edge of the common room, it’s a little quieter allowing Remus to calm down. He would have thought your hand in his would make his so nervous but it was the opposite, it gave him peace, it felt right
“Thank you” Remus says in relief, still holding onto your hand as his eyes trail down what your wearing, stopping a little longer in some areas making you smile “You look…” his eyes return to your face “…nice” he internally cringes while you just continue to smile
“Thanks Rem” you keep the nickname deciding you like it, giving his hand a squeeze
He likes it too even if he’s scolding himself for calling you nice, not beautiful or gorgeous but nice, you say your mum or gran looks nice not your crush…soulmate. His hand slips out of yours and comes to rest on his mark over the jumper he’s wearing, gently rubbing it as he debates what to do, he wants to tell you but no words come out
You felt empty at the loss of contact but as you watched him rub his arm you couldn’t help but wonder “Are you happy with the mark?” you ask kindly, you’re question much more respectful than the others he’s received today
He smiles “Yeah it’s nice…pretty” he corrects looking at you, a part of him hoping the correction will apply to his earlier statement
You bite your lip smiling, Remus thought you were pretty “Do you know who it could be?” the hope apparent in your voice
Remus despite his slight panic loved that you hadn’t asked to see it, had been your perfect self about it, so much he almost pulled his sleeve up, almost “No” he shakes his head, the flash of disappointment made his heart ache, instantly regretting it
“That’s okay you’re still young, maybe the event just hasn’t happened?” you reassure him, although to you it’s for yourself as your more than a little heartbroken
“Maybe” he nods, the light atmosphere slipping away from the two of you so he tries to recover it “Would you like to get a drink?” he gestures to the table
“Sure” you nod, smiling again even if your heart was aching
Despite your disappointment the party was fun, you, Pandora and Regulus hung out with the marauders, even being introduced to Lily, Marlene and Dorcas. You were by Remus’ side most of the time, you didn’t mean to, it was more of a happy accident with the way people ended up sitting or standing. You got to know him a little better, his family, some of his other interests and he learned about yours, as well as your ambition to be a healer someday, at one point showing him one of the spells you created.
The best part of the evening was Regulus and Sirius, sure they were drunk, but they had fun together, hugged each other and laughed. For the first time in your friendship with Regulus he looked genuinely free and happy, and Remus thought the same about his own friend.
Remus did enjoy the party, the confirmation that you were his soulmate wasn’t lost on him though. The fates had a way of bringing soulmates together and the way people always sat in such a way you and he were always next to each other was no different. He started realising all the times he ran into you was the bond trying to pull him closer, which it was made clear when you and Pandora left the party with a very drunk and giddy Regulus. The moment you left the room he felt empty, like a part of him was missing, the feeling was worse than any other he’d felt before, combine that with the knowledge he was going to graduate and go off into the world while you were right here, made it worsen.
Tumblr media
The next months were lonely, Remus had graduated moved into his parent’s old cottage, spending the first month trying to fix it up before the moon hit and he was out for a week. James and Sirius still came to help, unfortunately Peter had received an offer to go study in America, an offer all of the marauders refused to let him decline. He managed to get some work, but it was almost exclusively muggle since many wizards wouldn’t hire him once he had disclosed his furry little problem.
He missed you, there wasn’t a day he didn’t think about you. He knew you were his soulmate and he was just counting down the days until your birthday…actually come to think of it he had no idea when yours was, it never came up. That didn’t help with his stress, the thought of you waking up with a horrid thing on you was his worst fear, as he now realised if you did it meant you would see him as a monster in the flesh at some point
The next time he saw you was just before school started in which you were invited to Sirius and Regulus’ flat warming. After his birthday party the two brothers reconnected, Sirius sneaking back into his old house to help Regulus pack up his stuff and the two finding a flat with the money gifted to the elder brother by a relative that took pity on him when he first ran away.
Remus got to the party a little late due to having a shift at the grocery store he’d managed to bag a job at, hanging up his coat he walked deeper into the apartment, giving smiles to those he recognised on the way past. As he entered the open plan kitchen and living room he felt more alive, his eyes looking over the groups of people scattered about finally falling on you, currently talking with Barty and Evan in the corner.
He could sense you before he’d even seen you, it seemed like it was the same for you as he saw you looking around eventually catching his eye and waving to him. He waved back before Sirius and James greeted him and pulled him away, but he made sure to find you later, his heart wouldn’t let him avoid you.
A few hours had passed and he’d left Sirius, James and Regulus, who had only recently discovered the beauty that was ABBA, to preform karaoke on a questionably stable table to go look for you. He could feel you were still here so he decided to head closer to the door in case you were just in the bathroom
As he walked over he spotted you in the entrance area, scared you might be leaving he quickened his pace “Hey” he greets as he exits the living room, his friends singing still pretty loud so he closes the door behind him
You turn hearing the door “Oh hi” you smile seeing him, even more so as you figure he came to find you
“How have you been?” he asks stepping towards you but he keeps a comfortable distance despite the urge to just take you in his arms
“I’ve been good, can’t believe this is my final summer vacation though” you say sadly before perking up as you return the question “How have you been, you’re a proper adult now”
You giggle at your own statement sending his heart a flutter “Don’t feel like one” he chuckles “I’ve been alright…I missed you” he can’t stop himself from confessing
Your eyes light up “I missed you too”
You really did, the last months you had been feeling down, you thought it was because your fantasy of Remus being your soulmate was on the back burner until you got yours, but for some reason your heart ached for him, yearned to see him, the pull stronger than it had ever been before
“So what brings you out here, our friends atrocious singing?” he jokes, both of you laughing as you hear James’ voice belting through the door ‘yes, I’ve been broken-hearted…’ followed by Sirius ‘blue since the day we parted…’ finally Regulus ‘why, why did I ever let you go-oooo’ you hear his voice trail off followed by a distant thump assuming he jumped off the table, to which you and Remus later found out the table broke in have and James broke his arm
“I feel like that’s an insult to Reg” you say turning back to the painting which first captured your attention
Remus hums in agreement “True he does have a rather nice voice, puts Sirius and James to shame” he laughs but it fades as he follows your eyes
His throat felt dry seeing the art, it was the moon cycles painted artistically. He had in fact bought it for Sirius since the original poster he had, which Sirius grew found of and stole, had become tatty and ruined over the years, however seeing it again made him uneasy
“It’s pretty isn’t it” you say after a few seconds “Do you know where Sirius got it?” you inquire as Regulus would have showed you this if it was his
He looks over at you in surprise, he could never see the beauty in the cycles, each represented a ticking clock until he would become his worst self, the repeating cycle of pain he endured “I…I guess so” he lets out a shaky breath “I bought it” he confesses
You turn to him “You have good taste” you say smiling away, his lips involuntarily tug up
“Thanks” he accepts the compliment bashfully “So” he decides to change the subject to something more comfortable “You excited for your final year?”
“Yeah” you smile “Exams will be tough but if I get the grades I should secure a place with the healer of my choice…there’s one in wales actually” his heart jumps at the idea of you being close “Hey, you might know it, it’s with this older lady just down from the little mountain range. She’s a muggleborn, really into combining muggle and wizard healing, and just like me making new spells” you say enthusiastically, her as your mentor was your literal dream
He felt himself fall in love with your passion “Snowdonia yeah I’ve been there with my parents…and one very horrendous attempted camping trip with the boys” he chuckles at the memory, their faces when they realised it was muggle tents was priceless
You giggle “Are you still living in wales?” you gently prod, the prospect of living nearby making something in you burn
He nods “Yes I am, luckily my house, thanks to Regulus and James who fixed it, now has a floo network making travelling a bit easier” he smiles a little embarrassed but his heart warms that you seem unfazed
“Could I get the address?” you ask hopefully “So we can keep in touch? I don’t know when we might see each other again” you bite your lip as you look up at him
He felt like the world stopped as he met your eyes, unable to refuse you “Sure…do you have a pen so I can write it down?”
Tumblr media
You sat up on your bed, watching the clock tick towards midnight “Nervous?” Pandora asks sitting on the bed in front of you
You nod “Yeah…what if it isn’t him?” you ask a little pained
She reaches out to take your hand in hers giving it a gentle squeeze “What’s meant to be will be…I believe that our own emotions effect soulmates and if you love him then I see no reason why it wouldn’t be” she gives you a heartfelt look
You smile back nodding before your eyes catch writing appearing on your notebook, Happy Birthday in 3…, Regulus’s writing made the world feel like it was slowing down. This was it the day you found out if it was the man you had only ever envisioned it to be or a perfect stranger.
2…You and Remus had been sending letters back and forth but you hadn’t mentioned your birthday to him, you weren’t ready to burst the perfect bubble you both had created.
1…it was funny how you could love someone so much, how that love had grown with every small interaction, all accumulating to the bonfire in your heart which burned for him
Happy Birthday! “Happy birthday” your friends write and say
Your hand went to your collar bone, feeling a weird sensation for a few seconds before it dissipated. You stood up from your bed half stumbling over to the mirror, Pandora followed behind, quickly grabbing the notebook to keep Regulus informed.
As you moved your shirt your eyes teared up in joy “It’s him” you turn to Pandora who is equally as emotional and happy for you, giving you a huge hug before you turn to the notebook
Did she get it? – some red writing appears on the page
Sorry we feel asleep doll but we’re here… - some pink writing appears
You smiled so happy Evan and Barty were given their own notebooks, Evan’s in red and Barty ‘s in pink
And we are queer – Regulus can’t help himself adding making you and Pandora giggle
You grab the quill writing, I got it!
Is it who we thought? – Regulus asks
Yup! – you reply
YESSS I fucking knew it! – the green writing a little wobbly from his excitement
So happy for you love x – Evans’ witting appears next followed by a little heart with yours and Remus’s initials
Brilliant doll, what’s the tattoo like?
After a few more messages from Regulus and Evan agreeing with Barty you draw the tattoo
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The days leading up to James and Lily’s engagement party in October were long, both you and Remus were counting them down.
You bought a dress which allowed for your collar bone to be displayed, along with a cardigan you could wear to hide it until you were ready, you wanted Remus to be the first to see it besides your friends. You were so excited, a little nervous of how he would react but you were sure he felt the same. You had a rough plan in your head, you figured since he didn’t tell you he must not have experienced the event between the two of you that his tattoo foretold. Therefore, you would see how you were feeling at the time, if things went well and you were close then you’d show him and if the event happened then great
Remus on the only hand was nervous, your letters were becoming more intimate, sharing things normal friends didn’t, you signed them with yours y/n and he did the same. He wondered if you had figured it out or if this just your way of being close. You and your male friends were close too, but Remus knew deep down you and he were a different kind of close and it terrified him. He was scared of how you would react when you found out and more importantly found out he kept it from you for well over a year and a half
Tumblr media
You took a breath as you approached the door to James and Lily’s house, hearing the gentle music and chatter even from outside. After a few seconds of psyching yourself up, you knocked on the door, hearing a muffled ‘I’ll get it’ before it opened revealing Sirius
“Y/n!” he smiles brightly at you “Bring it in it’s been…” he reaches out to hug but stops as he recalls how long “Fuck over a year” he finishes the hug, wrapping his arms around you tightly
You smile into the embrace “It’s been too long” you say pulling back “I’ve graduated now though, I even have a flat in wales, maybe you can visit sometime?”
He grins “Wales huh?” he wiggles his eyebrows “I’ll hold you to that” he winks placing his hand on your back leading you inside before he kicks the door shut behind him “Here let me get that” he gestures to your coat
You shrug off your outerwear, making sure to adjust your cardigan to hide the tattoo before you turn back to him “Can I get the grand tour or is that James’ specialty?” you smile at him
“Mine I have more flare” he flips his hair making you giggle “Why don’t we get you to your man first huh?” he smirks at you, you don’t even deny it just nod “Brilliant, right this way darling” he holds out his arm for you to take, and when you do he leads you through into the dining room
Looking around their house was wonderful, the large glass doors which led into the garden which was all illuminated by floating lights. While you admired the view, asking Sirius some questions about it, Remus spotted you.
Merlin did you look beautiful, it had been a whole year and he couldn’t believe how different yet perfectly the same you looked. You had matured, hair a little longer, his eyes couldn’t stop themselves from trailing over the curves of your body. A smile and look of pure admiration on his face as he watched you smile and giggle at something Sirius said, he’d missed you, he thought those months before were hard, the last year was a million times worse.
He looked out of the window to see couples getting ready to dance outside, his feet started moving towards you before he could register and soon he was face to face with you “Hi” was all his brain could think of, his voice that of a person trying to ensure you were truly real
Sirius takes that as his que to leave, giving you a kiss to the side of your head before patting Remus’ back as he walks off
“Hi” you beamed at him, merlin he looked good all dressed up
Just like him you observed how he had changed, he looked a little older, he had facial hair now which only made him prettier and there was a new scar on his neck. The scars had never bothered you, you thought they made him beautiful, he was perfect in your eyes and all you wanted was to be there when he was sick, hold him and care for him.
Remus glances behind him hearing the band ready to play before returning to you “Do you want to…to” he holds out his hand, taking a breath to compose himself “Do you want to dance?” he lets out a little laugh smiling
Your heart bursts, taking his hand right away “Yes I’d love you to dance with you” you say looking directly into his eyes
He leads you outside and over to the dancefloor. His hands never slip from your only readjusting its potion and the other gently finds your waist, while yours grips the side of his shoulder. The contact sending a buzz through the two of you, eyes fixed on each other’s as the music starts and he begins to move you around the area of dancefloor you occupied. It wasn’t perfect, you stepped on his toes and he yours, both giggling and smiling like idiots. In your own way it was perfection, it was real, both of you falling for each other all over again, and that string, connection or whatever it was that fate bound you with was the brightest it had ever been.
After the dance finished, you lead Remus over to a couple of swings tried to trees in the garden “That was fun” you say as you sit down grasping the rope on either side of you and pushing off gently “Sorry if I hurt your feet” you bite back your giggle
He waves it off sitting down on the other swing “I could say the same thing to you” he chuckles
You sit in a comfortable silence, both softly rocking back and forth on the swings, the music in the background but the rest of the world had faded out. Eventually you look over at him to see him already looking at you so you reach your hand out, smiling as he takes it.
“I missed you” you say quietly, not wanting disturb the moment
“I missed you…” he squeezes your hand “…so much” he confesses
You shuffle your feel on the ground, shifting your swing closer to his “I got the job in wales” you say as he shifts closer to you
“That’s great” he says full of pride for you, that’s my girl
You smile to yourself turning your gaze to the assortment of flowers in front of you “Yeah, maybe you could visit me…a year is too long” you say sadly
He hums in agreement “Is was” he looks over at the flowers “You know Regulus designed this spot” he informs you
You look over at him surprised before returning you gaze to it, it did seem familiar “It’s beautiful” you note
“It really is” he says but as you look over at him he’s just smiling softly at you
You turn the swing towards him, as does he, faces inches from each other now “Hi” you whisper
“Hi love” he whispers back
He was caught up in the moment to think about logic, that this was the last thing he should be doing if he wanted to keep you safe, but right now he didn’t care. All he knew is how badly he wanted to kiss you and he did
Remus gradually started to close the gap licking his lips as he drew closer, you did the same titling your head every so slightly, lips capturing each other in a sweet slow kiss. As your lips moved in sync his free hand came up to cup your face, pulling at your jaw gently to deepen it, the passion overwhelming you, both you never wanted it to end.
You heard a snap before his lips left yours followed by a thump and groan, opening your eyes you saw the swing Remus was on had broken “Are you alright?” you couldn’t hold the giggles, not caring about your dress as you kneeled down to check him
He chuckles “I feel like that’s the fates way of telling me to wean off the chocolate” he jokes before wincing, realising one of the bits of wood from the swing as broken and cut him
“Remus?” your giggles face as you see the small amounts of blood on his hand “Let me see” you lift his hand carefully, pulling out your wand as you mutter a quick spell
He just watched you work with a smile on his face, how gentle you were, the precision, it all made him realise that you truly loved caring for people, for him
His heart warmed as you placed a kiss over were the cut once was “Thank you” he tilts his head, hand going up to cup your cheek
“We should maybe repair this…” you say as he just leans in
“We can do that after” he says closing the gap once more
By the time you had finished fixing the swing and by you, Remus, all the other guests had returned inside or dotted just outside around some tables. Remus fiddled with one of the bits of rope, his jacket was draped over your lap on the other swing so you admired how good he looked in just his shirt and lightly loosen tie. You smirked as you watched his muscles flex through the shirt, even more so as in his overheating as he struggled with the rope he pushed up his sleeves.
He huffed in relief as he finally got it standing up straight “Good as new” he smiles at you moving to rub the back of his neck that had become a little stiff from his earlier position
As he did it you saw it, his tattoo it was flowers and they looked so familiar. You turned your head to the flower arrangement you were looking at earlier, your brain in that moment realising that maybe this was the moment so you jumped up placing his jacket on the swing before pulling him down into a kiss
He stumbled a little before regaining his balance, one hand moving to your waist as the other caressed your hair “Didn’t realise my swing fixing skills were so attractive” he chuckles as you pull away
You giggle “As hot as those were” you hand brings his forearm down to rest between the two of you “These are just like those” you point to the flowers
Remus’ felt his heart in his throat as he realised you’d seen it, thankful for the flowers that were inspired by your drawing “They are” is all he could say
You step back, removing your cardigan and placing over his jacket. As you turn back you make sure your tattoo is visible, watching as his eyes drift down from your face, mouth parting as he takes it in.
Remus felt his lips tug up, the tattoo was beautiful and suited you so well. He had been so scared about this moment all his life, so worried about what would show up and now the guilt set in, the guilt of keeping you both apart for so long. The guilt of not trusting you when you were the love of his life, his soulmate, the one made for him as he was for you
He was broken from his trance by you walking up to him, taking his hands in yours “Do you like it?” you ask eyes flicking between his
He nods “Very much” he says genuinely “We’re…” he starts before taking a breath fingers raising to run over your tattoo
“We are” you smile at him, face full of love “I’m so happy it’s you, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this” you say tears forming in your eyes
“Really?” his own eyes glaze at the confession, you nod “I wanted it to be you too” your heart bursts
You bring his arm up and place a gentle kiss on the tattoo, right along the scar Remus had which cut through one of the petals “You once told me you thought it was pretty, I can see why” you share, tracing over the tattoo “You know” you tilt your head “I think I drew something like this once…” Remus’ heart starts to race “…wait I painted this in the notebook that must be were Reg saw it…” merlin no please, he pleads “…I painted in the library when I sat…with…” the smile drops from your face
Remus watches in unease as the realisation washes over you, face contorting ever so slightly as it hits you “Y/n” he breaths out, his chest aching as you look up at him your expression filled with hurt
“Remus you’ve seen this before, you said it…it…” you let go of his hand withdrawing from him “you knew…” you let out a small sob “You knew, didn’t you?”
His heart broke, breaking further into a million pieces when he reached out and you stepped back “Y/n” his eyes fill with tears threating to fall
You shake your head “Answer me” your voice breaks as your tears fall
“Y/n” he sniffs “I…I…” he tries to form a sentence but he can’t, there was nothing he could say
You took his lack of words as confirmation “Why?” you shake your head “Why didn’t you tell me? It was only a day you couldn’t have forgotten it…unless you” didn’t love me, your breathing became heavy, your heart hurt, it felt like the world had shattered around you and all of the shards were cutting you as they fell
“I was trying…” to protect you, he couldn’t finish it, the words felt like poison in his mouth when all it resulted in is him doing the opposite and breaking you
“Trying to what?” you shrug wiping your nose as the tears fell uncontrollably “You knew and…you looked me in the eyes and told me you didn’t” you look up at him “I want to why…what was so wrong with me being your soulmate that you decided, I’m never telling her…” you were almost shouting now “What was so bad that even after you continued to lie and let me believe it was those flowers” you point to them
He shook his head “There is nothing wrong with you, y/n…you’re perfect in every way and I love…I love” he takes some breaths trying to speak but his emotions are slowly overwhelming him
“No you don’t” you cut him off making his eyes widen “If you loved me you would have told me” you say plainly
You were right in a way, Remus’ fear was bigger than his love for you, he was so scared of this physical monster that he had created a worse emotional one “I was scared” he admits quietly “I was scared” he repeats to himself, the guilt eating him alive
“Scared of what?” you look at him in confusion
“That you wouldn’t want me” he motions to himself
You look at him like he’s being ridiculous “Wouldn’t want you? Remus we’re soulmates it’s kinda in the name”
“I know that but I was still scared”
“Y/n I’m dirt poor, I have no money ,I live in a tiny cottage that leaks when it rains, I’m…” he hesitates “…sick all the time, I’m littered with ugly scars…” he pushes his hands to his face before looking back up at you “I’m not exactly someone’s first choice”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, did he really think you would be so shallow? Did he really think he was so unlovable? “Remus you are my first choice, the only person I’ve ever wanted…How could you think so little of me?”
“I don’t…I was just…you don’t understand” he wants to tell you the truth, but then you’ll surely leave
Your face hardens “You were just scared and you don’t think I’ll understand? Is that really your final answer?” his mouth opens but nothing comes out “You made me wait for over one and half years, and I waited like an idiot, a stupid obvious idiot because I love you” his eyes light up at the last three words but his face quickly falls as you continue “I’m done waiting when you don’t think I’m worth a real answer” you shake your head walking away quickly, leaving Remus in shock
You start running towards the house, deciding to head around the side of it to avoid anyone seeing “Y/n darling what’s wrong” you hear Sirius call out but you ignore it
Sirius turns to see Remus jogging up looking equally if not more distressed “What the hell happened? Last time I saw you were kissing then Marls is telling me she heard fighting?”
Remus stops for a moment “She umm…I need to go” he didn’t have time to explain, you had your wand and as soon as you got to the street you would apparate
As he sprinted around he saw you crossing the street pulling out your wand “Y/n!” he called out
You turn around ready to leave but he pulls out his own wand sending a spell your way and flicking it out of your hand “Remus” you scold him going to pick up your wand but by this time he has made his way to you, taking your wand as you stand up with the wand in the other
“You deserve the truth, your right, I love you so much and you deserve to know everything” he says pleading, ready to bare himself to you
There was such conviction as he uttered those three special words and that was what made you stay “Go on”
“There a reason why I get sick every month, a reason why I have scars why I was so…” he starts but soon realises a long-winded explanation would just make it worse so he tore off the band aid “I’m a werewolf” he blurts out closing his eyes, bracing himself for you to rip your yourself from his arms and curse him but it never comes
As he opens his eyes he sees you don’t look disgusted, you still look hurt but you seem to be processing the information.
How could you miss the signs? The scars, the disappearances every month, the fact he’s called moony and you have literal moons on your body. Merlin you felt so stupid for you were a healer in training that couldn’t even spot a werewolf
You didn’t know how long you had remined silent for, you brain was trying to get your head around it. You understood why he did it now, understood why he was scared, why he thought you may hate him. Werewolves struggled to find work, they went through so much pain every month and the awareness that Remus was going through that was like a dagger to your heart
“How long?” you ask after a good while
He was surprised at your question but answered “Since I was 4” he watches the sadness in your eyes
Fifteen years, one hundred and eighty moons, one hundred and eighty painful transformations, you wondered if he went through them alone as most did. Then you remembered his nickname, Moony, you were a smart girl it didn’t take you long to work it out from there, James was Prongs a dear, Sirius Padfoot a dog and Peter Wormtail a rat. They knew, they helped and most likely still did. Which meant even if he was scared, even if you understood, the hurt you felt knowing he didn’t trust you with his secret was devastating
“Y/n?” Remus gently stirs you from your catatonic state, he saw the emotions running through your head and he didn’t know what you thought of him “I understand if you hate me now” he looks down heart sinking
“I don’t hate you” he looks back up “I’m mad at you, furious even but I don’t hate you…” you tear up again “I could never hate you Remus”
“You don’t?” he shakes his head lightly
“I don’t” you confirm removing yourself from his grasp “But even if I understand, even if I know why you did what you did, it doesn’t mean it was right”
“Y/n” he starts to panic as he sees you clutching your wand harder
“You still lied”
“Y/n I’m a werewolf, I’m the monster people tell their children at night…I was trying to protect you” he tries to reason his voice raw and broken “If we were together I might hurt you, you would be nursing me every month for the rest of your life, I can’t hold a job, merlin I’ve had 7 in the last year because I keep getting faired for all my sick days, I’m barely keeping myself afloat…we could never have children” he completely broken down in tears as he says the last part
You’re crying as well, you want to hold him, you want to forgive him but you couldn’t, not yet “And you thought you would make the decision for me?” you ask rhetorically your anger building once more “Remus that’s not yours to make”
“I know but…” you cut him off
“No buts there’s no excuse Remus, you said you didn’t want to hurt me but you have, worse than any physical wound. Do you really think I wouldn’t love you for who you are? You think that would stand in the way of me seeing how beautiful and kind you are? Think that would stop me from loving you?” you take a breath, wiping your nose not caring that you must look like a mess from the crying “I’m a healer Remus, all I want is to care for you, I would be honoured to be the one you go to heal your wounds, I would hold you while you fell asleep, kiss every scar on your body…” your confession both broke and warmed his heart all at once, realising how stupid he had been and as you continued realising he had thrown it away
“…I would do all that and more Remus. I’ve loved you for so long, wanted you since you sat next to me in the library and we spoke for the first time, wanted you to my soulmate, I wished on every star for it to come true. I counted the days until this party so I could see you and tell you…” your tears were like streams at this point “…and you didn’t, you hide it from me, you were selfish continued the lie and if I hadn’t figured it out you would have let all of this be built on it” you motion between the two of you
You raise your wand into a position to apparate “Y/n” Remus begs “Please love please don’t leave me…please” he walks towards you but it’s too late
“I’m sorry” you apologise as you wave your wand and with a *crack* you were gone
Remus collapsed to his knees in the middle of the road “No” he sobs “No…please come back” he pleas to himself
He didn’t know how long he stayed there, looking at the place you once stood, the heartbreak on your face was seared into his brain. He sobbed violently, his chest throbbing from the pain of hurting you, it felt like his heart had been ripped from his chest and you took it with him, just as your heart was left behind in his own hands.
“Moons?” Sirius calls out, his own heart breaking when he sees his friends state “Remus” he kneels down on the road in front of him
Remus looks up at his friend “I made a huge mistake Pads…I’ve lost her” he blubs out hands reaching out to clutch onto Sirius shirt
Sirius wraps his arms around him, hand going to the back of his head to pull him close “It’s okay…I’ll be okay” he says unable to think of what else, trying to figure out what happened
He knew you, well enough to know you would never judge him for being a werewolf so what was it? “Remus what happened?” he tries to cox the answer out
Remus pulls back panting “I knew she was mine, my soulmate, all this time I knew…I lied to everyone” he confesses, he never let the boys see his tattoo “She found out I lied and…” he winces “that when she finally saw it I let another lie hide the truth”
Sirius’ eyes widened, he had figured you were soulmates and he understood the hurt you would have felt “Did you tell her why?” Remus just nods before collapsing back into his chest continuing to cry while Sirius’ closed his eyes “What did she say?”
“She loved me anyway” Remus mumbles into his “Do you think she could ever forgive me” he looks up at his friend, voice raw, eyes puffy and red, looking more broken in that moment than any moon
Sirius pulls him close “If anyone can it’s y/n” he reassures “She’ll just need time” he kisses the top of his head “She just needs time” he repeats for himself
Tumblr media
You cried for the next week straight, you hated yourself for leaving him like that, you should have gone back, you should have forgiven him then because this heart ache was so painful. It physically crimpled you, you barely ate, slept, you thought about going to his house to many times but every time you remembered what he did and you cried. You felt so broken, you needed time to recover, you needed to be able to see him without breaking down, forgive him fully so there would be no malice afterwards, when you could say ‘I forgive you and this is a fresh start’ without the looming feeling of mistrust in the air.
On the other side Remus was a wreak, Sirius and James were so concerned they practically moved in with him for the next month. If he hated himself before, it was worse now and he welcomed the pain of the full moon like it was something he deserved. He felt like there was no hope, he didn’t hear James and Sirius telling him that you would come back, that you would forgive him.
He didn’t know until a week after the full moon that you had dropped by his house, giving Sirius healing balms you must have spent the last two weeks creating which reduced the scaring significantly, as well as spells to help numb the pain and to stitch the wounds so he could move about without the worry of opening them again. He was told by Sirius that he did ask you if you wanted to come in but you refused, you weren’t ready yet.
Yet, Remus felt a little more hopeful, especially reading the little notes you left on the balm’s telling him how often to use them, the little x’s at the end making his heart heal along with his wounds. He tried to gather the words to say to you when he saw you again but he was struggling, that was until Regulus visited his house with a gift, a sandy brown notebook and quill. The boy didn’t say much about it but Remus knew what it was as you had told him in your letters, opening it up Regulus granted him permission to see every conversation they had in it since they all had newer ones now
Remus read every page, quickly working out who was who, he saw the original drawing his tattoo, along with so many others, including rough sketches of him. He read how you gush to them about his latest letter, followed by the day you found out he was your soulmate. The recreation of your own tattoo and how happy you and your friends were that it was him. He cried as he read it, deciding to take the quill which Regulus must have given to him for this reason and write his own notes, telling you how beautiful you looked on the days of certain entries, how much he adored his mark, how much he loved and still loves you, all of the times he fell for you and why.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the window sill of your flat, looking out at the pouring rain and the grey clouds covering the tops of the distant mountains. A knock drew your attention away from the rather depressing view, usually you loved rain but in your current mood you felt even more alone, missing Remus. As you hopped off the window sill sliding on your slippers you thought about going to see him, you had been debating the last week, wondering if you were ready
Opening the door your eyes widened seeing Remus, drenched “Oh Rowena” you whisper “You’re soaked through” you pull him in, healer mode activating as you attempt to sit him down on a chair and grab your wand to dry him but he stops you
“Y/n?” he urges you to sit down “It’s just water” he lets out a small chuckle as how different this exchange was to how he’d imagined
You sit on the chair next to him finally registering that he’s here “What…how…umm” you close your eyes for a moment trying to form a sentence but Remus seems to understand what you’re trying to ask
“I got the address from Lily…oh” he pulls out an envelope “…your wedding invitation by the way” he places it safely on the table “I know I shouldn’t have just shown up like this…I just couldn’t bare another moment without seeing you…even if you tell me to fuck off”
You just stared at him, you had imagined what you would say but you couldn’t remember any of your shower rehearsals in that moment
“Would you like me to leave?” he tilts his head looking for some kind of expression but you say nothing
He shallows hard, nodding as he stands up but before he walks out places something on the table, it was only the sound of the door closing that snaps you out of it “Rem” you look around in front of you, eyes landing on the notebook
Opening it up you see all of the brown ink, all the notes of affection as you quickly flick through, the ‘I love yous’, the sweet words, even small poems “Rem” you say to yourself before you grabbing your bag and sprinting out of the apartment, essentially falling down the stairs and almost knocking out the old lady that lived next to you as you ran out of the front door into the rain
You didn’t care about getting soaked, or the fact you were only in your jeans, vest and cardigan and all drenched in seconds. As you reached the gate you saw Remus across the street in an ally hiding from any muggles “Re-” you started to shout but he apparated “No” you said panting
You thought for a second before you raced back inside, up the stairs, apologising once more for almost killing your neighbour and back into your apartment. You half crashed into your cupboard as your slippers skidded on the floor, quickly grabbing the floo power from there and deciding to worry about the bruise you most likely had given yourself from the impact later.
You stepped into the fireplace, announcing Remus’ address clearly, throwing the power. You tumbled out of his fireplace with a thump, landing harshly on the hardwood floor, you bag landing somewhere by his dining table but you don’t care, brushing off the suit but it only sticks to your wet hands,
“Remus” you call you but there’s no answer “Remus please…Rem-” the front door of his cottage opens “-us” you finish seeing him standing in the doorway, tears on his face but they are masked from the rain
“Y/n?” he wasn’t sure you were real, taking in your appearance he realised you must have gone after him and by the suit on your clothes, even adorably painted on your nose, he figured out the rest
Even with it he does have much time to react as you run up and jump into his arms, acting quickly as he wraps his around you letting you hug into him like a koala bear “You came back to me” he whispers into your ear, your wet clothes squishing together but neither of you care
“I’m sorry you waited so long” you say as he gently sets you down
He shakes his head moving some of the wet pieces from your hair “You never have to apologise for that, not after how long I made you wait” his fingers glide down your face
You sigh at his touch missing it dearly “I love you Remus, I don’t want to spend another minute away from you” you grab at his jacket pulling him closer to you
He smiles “I love you…” he cups your cheeks “…so much” he leans in closer to you noses brushing together “…let’s make up for lost time then…of course that’s if you’ll have…” he starts before you close the gap, too impatient to let him finish, letting the passion and love in your kiss do the talking for you
He returns it right away, smiling into it, kissing you like he was drowning and this was his air, when you finally pull away he grins at you “Come on” he takes your hand leading you towards the door “We’re wet anyway” he says as you happily follow him out into the rain
He stops little ways from the cottage, taking you into his arms and dancing you around his small garden just like he did back at the party all those weeks ago. You laughed and smiled as he twirled you around, even more as he attempted to dip you down and kiss you but with the mud you both slid and fell to the ground
“Are you alright?” he checks on you, admiring how even in the rain, along with the mud and suit clinging to you and your clothing you still look utterly beautiful in his eyes
“I’m more than fine” you reply grabbing his face and bring him down for another kiss
Tumblr media
“Can I use your shower?” you asked as you re-entered the house “and maybe borrow some clothes?” you look back towards him chewing on your lip but are greeted with a mischievous grin “What?”
He doesn’t say anything, just walks up to you and kisses you once more, this time it’s different, there was love and passion sure but also lust, a burning that had been building for so long it had finally snapped and ignited. He backed you slowly into what you figured was his bedroom, hungry kisses making their way down your neck, only severed as your legs hit his bed and you fell onto it
“Rem the covers will get all wet and dirty” you try to sit up but he shakes his head climbing over you
He smirks “I don’t care about that my love as long as it isn’t just the sheets getting wet and dirty”
Tumblr media
You lay with your head on Remus’ bare chest, hair and bodies dry and clean now you had taken a shower. You traced the scars, leaning to place a kiss on each one as you finished outlining it while Remus watched you lovingly, watched as you slowly started to break down the high walls of insecurity that surrounded those scars.
You gradually made your way down to his arm, and as you draw over the tattoo you got an idea, sitting up “What’s wrong?” Remus asks but he’s met with an excited smile
“Just wait” you scoot out of the bed, grabbing one of Remus’ jumpers and throwing over your naked body before shuffling out of the room
From his location on the bed and with the door wide open he smirked watching as although his jumper was long on you when you bent down into you bag he got a rather nice view. You soon walked back through a tub similar to the one you used to use for painting in your hands
“What are those for?” he inquires, eyes flicking up and down your body, merlin you looked cute in his jumper
“Oh well I was hoping I could paint your tattoo” you bite your lip “Can I?” he could never say no, nodding right away “Yay…sit against the headboard” you say half shooing him as you climb back onto the bed
He does as you say but when you attempt to kneel next to him he grabs your waist pulling you towards him with a small squeal “No, no, you sit here” he positions you to sit between his legs your back against his chest
You giggle turning your head to give him a quick peck before taking his arm “Hey?” you pout as he removes it from your grasp and takes the paints out of the other placing them on the bed
“Sorry but if you are going to paint me while I’m naked…” he grips the hem of your shirt, pulling it up and over your shoulders, throwing over onto a nearby chair “…then it’s only fair you should be too love” he kisses your bare shoulder
You lean into his chest “I suppose that is fair” you admit, picking up the tub and starting to paint
It tickles a little but he doesn’t mind, he just enjoyed the closeness, how comfortable he felt being with you like this. He trailed little kisses across your back as you worked, loving that you didn’t mind and enjoyed them just as much as he did
You stopped painting hearing a knock at the front door “It’s probably Sirius coming to check on me” he says not bothering to stop the trails of kisses, merely moving his free arm around your front pulling the blanket up to cover your lower half
“Will he come in?” you ask continuing your painting, feeling strangely comfortable despite being half on display
He hums “Yeah…that’s him” you hear the door open, his hand moving up to cover your breasts for when his friend enviably walked in
“Moons you better not be moping in bed again I swear to Godric…well hello there” he announces his voice getting closer until he reaches the door smirking as he sees your rather intimate position
“Hi” you say shyly, trying to just concentrate on your painting “I’m filling in his tattoo” you unnecessarily elaborate
Sirius nods “You sure are…” it was like Remus could already imagine what he was going to say so he cut him off
“Pads don’t you dare” he warns eyeing his friend as his head rested on your shoulder “Now if you shall excuse us…” he sees his friend looking at him expectantly like he wants to know how “…as you can see we are rather busy making up for lost time” he kisses your cheek making you smile, still too nervous to face Sirius whilst only wearing Remus’ arm as a bra
“Okay fine but I want to know everything” he points at the two of you before mouthing to Remus ‘and I mean everything’ he motions with his body
“Pads I can see that in my peripherals” you say making Remus and Sirius chuckle the latter shouting a quick ‘bye’ as he leaves
You finish filling in the last flower “There” you turn your head to look at him “What you think?”
He smiles at it then you “I love it…maybe we should get you Pads’ machine and you can make this permanent” he says genuinely
“You think?” he nods
“Yup but right now” he nudges his nose with yours “Time for me to do the filling” he wiggles his eyebrows before cringing at his own statement “Can we strike that from my record?” you nod as both of you burst out in giggles
Tumblr media
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themarvelmarauder · 18 hours ago
Regulus: hm, fuck my brothers best friend or be a good brother
Regulus: fuck my brothers best friend it is
James: here for duty
Regulus: POTTER?!
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anordinarymuse · 21 hours ago
for tonight.
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
Summary : fluff w sirius and a more conservative reader until she attends a partyyy
Warnings : swearing(?); drugs; fluff-ish? idk i tried; unedited.
Word Count : maybe 800-900
A/N : i don’t know how i feel ab this piece
request here.
the masterlist.
“There’s a party tonight,” Sirius drawled, taking a breathy drag from his blunt.
“I know,” you nodded, closing your eyes for a pause, inhaling the dizzying second hand smoke as Sirius blew a clean stream of white from his lips.
“Going?” Sirius asks, offering the blunt, to which you shake your head.
“Not sure. . .” You say slowly, organizing how much homework you have left and how much time to do it in your head.
“It’ll be fun,” Sirius pouts, tapping his blunt.
“You always say that,” you giggle, leaning your head deeper into his chest.
"C'mon it's Petey's birthday, it'll be good," Sirius continues, nudging you gently with his shoulder.
"I don't think Peter likes me very much. . ." you mumble, staring up at Sirius with doe-eyes.
"Just buy him a gift," Sirius pats your head, before brushing back his long hair with his fingers. "Don't say no because you have homework."
"And if I do?" You ask playfully.
"Oh," Sirius grins, blowing a puff full of smoke out before saying, "You'll regret it."
"WHERE'S Y/N????" Sirius shouts to James as he stampedes down the staircase to the Common Room. "IT IS TOO DAMN LOUD IN HERE. JAMES??? WHERE ARE YOU???"
"I DON'T KNOW MATE, I THINK I SAW HER WALK IN? MAYBE?" James screams back before downing a shot of. . .something.
Sirius groans from a headache due to the pounding music but pushes past the crowd towards the entrance of the Common Room looking for you. Suddenly as he elbows his way through the people, he spots you dancing on top of a low coffee table with Marlene and Dorcas.
"Y/N? IS THAT YOU?" Sirius shouts from a short distance, eyeing your body down to your swaying hips.
"Sirius!" You shout back, hopping down from the table giggling and falling into Sirius’ arms.
“Guess you’ve already had a few drinks,” Sirius laughs, before pulling you into a kiss.
“Only a few,” you say grin before tugging on his shirt, keeping him close to you. “Dance with me.”
“Dance?” He asks, gently slipping his hands down to hold your ass.
“It’ll be fun,” you explain, pouting your lips.
Sirius takes a second to register your behavior, a smile widening on his face as he sees you in his element. He kisses you again before leading your towards the center of the room where everyone’s dancing, keeping you close and away from anyone else.
You dance away to beat, swaying your hips and allowing yourself to fall deeper into the nausea of drugs, alcohol, and the lingering smell of sex. Before Sirius had taken to you, you downed shots with Marlene and Dorcas and shared a dry blunt with Remus. You didn’t know where your sporadic temper came from, but now drunk and high there was no escaping it.
“C’mon, let’s get out of here,” Sirius says in a sultry voice, speaking in your ear.
“I thought you wanted me to come,” you frown, pouting out your bottom lip and doe-ing your eyes.
“I thought so too, but I want you all for myself,” Sirius grins, giving you a chaste kiss on the cheek before leading you up the stairs and picking you up before dropping you onto his bed.
You melt into the covers, cuddling in close to Sirius’ warm body. The sound of music downstairs drifted into the bedroom, filling up the empty noise. You and Sirius laid together in comforting silence.
You felt like you had so many things to say and get excited about, however you couldn’t make coherent noises, so instead you let Sirius kiss you from your jawline to your collarbone.
“I’d never seen you like that,” Sirius laughed, its volume muffled by the secrecy of being hidden away in the bedroom.
“Like what?”
“Like me.”
“You’re surprised I like to have fun?”
“Im surprised you like that kind of fun.”
You giggle before whispering half mocking and half sultry, “Sirius Orion Black, I like drugs, I like loud music, I like drinking, and I like-“
“Shut up and just let me kiss you,” Sirius mutters in interruption, looking down at you with his eyes glazed over in dizzying lust.
The two of you drift asleep after a bit, your lips puffy from all the kisses. The last thing you remember before it all went black was Sirius mumbling your name is his lips patterned on your bare skin.
Sirius wakes up first, head pounding from how much he drank last night. He rubs his forehead before flipping to face you, and he smiles at the sight of you half nude on his bed. His eyes trail down you figure, widening as they stop at your chest.
All over your neck and chest were scattered deeply pigmented hickies. Sirius touched the love bites gently, adoring the being that was branded as his. But he was worried that you’d be mad, considering you were supposed to be a secret.
“What?” You asked, eyelids fluttering open to the sight of your boyfriend.
“Nothing,” Sirius mumbled, savoring the normalcy of your relationship for just a moment longer.
“Sirius,” you giggled at his dramatics, you could see it in his eyes. “You are such a bad liar.”
taglist : @marimorena06 @missryerye @agirlwholovescoffee @nicole198205 @siriuspvdfoot @hufflepuffflowers-blog @thatguppienamedbae @peachykeen3502 @youngblood199456 @oranee​ @bobbyjohnsonbeat​ @jasgreen101 @will-to-live-who @bellatrixscurls​ @krishavania​ @thegirlwhocriedlupin​ @mrsaliciamalfoy​ @wwweasleystan​ @modernvellichor​ @westantheweasleys​ @lolaperezb​ @zaraskyla​ @sirisuorionblack​ @rinbyo​ @xdancinggurlx​ @lupinsravenclaw​ @hogwarts-boys​ @inglourious-imagines​ @siriuslyslyslytherin​ @the-abyss-gazed-back​ @eunoia-kth​ @kaqua​ @story-scribbler​ @youreso-golden​ @natural-ikagai​ @auggie2000​ @peter-parkers-cullen-nerd @666cookies​ @i-love-scott-mccall @o-rion-sta-r @greeneyedblondie44 @mirclealignr @nymphstories
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invalid-prongs · a day ago
regulus: did you eat the last of the chocolate off the christmas tree?
harry, with chocolate around his mouth: ...no?
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marauderstars · 6 hours ago
Do people think when I say I like Harry Potter that I enjoy the movies, have a Gryffindor mug for my work coffee, write that Dumbledore quote about turning on the light in my bullet journal? Like, and not that I have 500k+ words of unpublished fan fiction about Harry’s dead dad and his gay friends on my phone and detailed headcanons about which characters are trans in protest of the transphobic author and run an Instagram dedicated to the advancement of queer subtext beyond the canon? Like okay.
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prettybabybaby · 17 hours ago
¡ 18+ only ! ¡ minors do not interact !
¡ marauders masterlist !
stepdad!james likes to buy you the shortest little dresses.
he spends hours and hours shopping around for the skimpiest sundresses he can find.
he likes the way your face lights up and your smile stretches from ear to ear as you rush to your room to try them on. you twirl for him to show off just how pretty you look in the short dresses.
his sight fixates on your panties as they're exposed by the flowing fabric, his lips settle between his teeth as he hold back a hungry groan.
you wear the dresses religiously. every morning you dig through your closet and ignore the neglected articles of clothing, instead favoring the ones gifted to you by your daddy.
he becomes upset if you forgo them and you hate nothing more than an upset daddy.
james' gaze turns hurt as he looks you up and down, "you don't like the dresses i got you?"
you shake your head quickly, "i love them, daddy. m'so grateful."
"it doesn't seem like it," he looks away from you with a sigh. "i thought you liked them, princess. if only i had known-"
"no! i do!" you insist, walking up to him and nuzzling your face into his shoulder.
he looks down at you from where he stands, a ghost of smirk gracing his lips.
"i'll put one on right now, daddy." you say, pushing yourself onto your toes to leave a kiss on his cheek before running to your room.
when you return james is sat in his in the kitchen, coffee cup in hand. you beam at him, craving approval, as you walk past him and to the cupboard to grab a cup of coffee for yourself.
james grins devilishly as he watches the skimpy white dress rise and exposes the curve of your plump ass. the blueberries that litter the fabric jump as you do, unable to reach the mugs. your ass jiggles as you land and james feels himself harden under the table.
oh, does he love those dresses.
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maraudersxa · 2 days ago
Sirius, laying seductively on a piano, totally naked, with a glass of red wine in his hand: I am severely mentally unstable.
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wherearemypeaches · a day ago
would you write about secret relationship where both are quidditch captains? Like them assuming the relationship on the field while congratulating the other for winning
love this tbh. i’m assuming u mean regulus seeing as that’s who i usually write for so !! :D if not i apologiseeee
Tumblr media
quidditch captain — r.black
Tumblr media
summary: two captains of opposing teams in a secret relationship !!! and a lil flashback of how they got together <3333
pairing: fem!reader x bbf!regulus black
warnings: smutttt!!! swearing. losing virginities. condoms ?? idk. crying during sex?
Tumblr media
you step out onto the field, wiping rainfall off of your face. your boyfriend is on the other side of the field, celebrating his team’s win.
you watch with glee, though you can’t tell anyone you were happy for him. no one except him.
both of you decided to keep it secret. for many reasons. one being that he was scared of his family not accepting you. another being that he was scared of your brother.
your brother and regulus were very good friends and it seemed that your brother doesn’t see regulus for you at all. he made that clear the first time regulus laid eyes on you.
“don’t even try,” he had said, shoving regulus aside. “she has standards. and i’m not going to watch her get hurt by you — some scrawny, dead-looking lad.”
after that, regulus knew to keep his distance. he was good at it, always straying away from you; never letting his eyes stroll too far away from your face; making sure his mind didn’t wander; set you up with different guys and dated his fair share of hogwarts students.
and it worked. all his little tricks and methods had worked until one night where you both found yourself in his dorm.
your brother was out, visiting his girlfriend for the night, and you sat with regulus. you had just been crying over some boy hurting your feelings and your brother made regulus babysit you, basically. you had pretended to complain but couldn’t wait to see him again. friends or more, you had always enjoyed being with him.
so when your brother dropped you off before making his way to his girlfriend’s, you felt relieved that it was regulus and no one else. regulus seemed just as content at this and welcomed you gladly, no complaints.
“hi,” he said, shutting the door behind your brother.
“hi,” you replied, copying his exact manner of speaking. this was the first time you spoke alone.
“you okay now? i heard you crying to b/n…,” he said, pulling you down to sit on his bed. where he touched you had sparked electricity to run through you, making you shiver.
“i’m fine,” you smiled. “boy problems.”
“didn’t meet your standards, then?” regulus asked, quoting your brother, his dear friend.
“ah. nope,” you said, making a ‘pop’ sound at the end of the word and letting it linger in the air for a few, quiet moments. “b/n shaped my .. standards. so it’s hard to see anyone who does meet them.”
“know anyone who does?”
“yes. you may know hi— no, you definitely know him. he’s so lovely to me and has such a soothing voice that i purposely ask him dumb questions with long responses just to hear him speak to me with his beautiful voice. and he has nice hair. don’t tell him i said that. he loves it too much. not to mention that he’s my brother’s best friend and biggest off-limit. so i can’t be anywhere near him. and i am. very near to him right now.” you finished in a half-whisper. “though, i think it’s okay. because my brother is to blame for him being so close to me right now.”
regulus breathed shakily, shaking his head slightly and laughing. you couldn’t read what he was thinking or feeling but you prayed it was good. and that you didn’t ruin everything.
“y/n,” he sighed, his eyes straying down to your lips. he didn’t look anywhere else. “y/n, what am i going to do with you?”
you smiled at him, shrugging. “regulus. whatever you like.”
“oh, that is a dangerous game, my love.” his eyes shot up to yours and he cupped your jaw. “i want to kiss you right now. i always want to kiss you. or touch you. or fuck you. or have you. or love you.”
“reggie. i’ve loved you since we were kids,” you said softly. “i just — i didn’t understand what kind of love it was until … we grew older and closer. now i understand.”
you had no time to regret saying that because his lips were on yours in an instant, kissing you with such passion and intensity that you melted right into him, a sigh escaping your chest.
without realising you’ve done it, you kissed him back, hunger growing in you, and you lift yourself up so you’re at the same level as him. he pulls away quickly and you groan at the loss of contact.
“we really shouldn’t,” he said. “he’s gonna fucking kill me.”
“that’s hot that you worry.”
his head shook and you brought your hand to trace his inner thigh, playing too close to dangerous territory. he shuddered, looking up at you.
“what if we regret it?” he asked you.
“do you want me?” you asked, but not disregarding his question.
“all day, everyday, beautiful.”
“then don’t think about afterwards. just now.” your hands squeezed down on his thighs and your knee skimmed his lap as you smirked to yourself, proud at your effect on him.
“c’mere,” he grunted roughly. he grabbed your hands and pushed them off his lap, pulling you on harshly by your waist.
you let out a gasp, surprised, and you looked down at him. “hi.”
“hi.” he kissed you, twirling a lock of your hair between his fingers and you rocked your hips against his lap, sighing contentedly against him. he didn’t complain, groaning in delight. “your first time?”
you let out a ‘yes,’ while still kissing him and he kept stroking your hair.
“me too,” he mumbled against you.
he laid you back on the bed, looking at you with such awe and love that you felt like a princess.
a goddess, even.
he pulled your shirt over your head, doing the same to his and chucked them both to a side. dipping his head down to your neck, he left kisses down from your collarbone to your chest, unclipping your bra.
as he did so, you desperately pulled your pants off. you both had no idea what you were doing and clearly decided to go for it quick and unplanned.
he didn’t mind at all, as he stared down at your body, making a sound between a sigh and a moan. he kissed above your panty line, his hands kneading your tits in a circular motion.
“have you ever touched a girl?” you asked, the words coming out as a whisper. your heart was beating fast, everything moving so quickly.
“no. only above clothes. have you been touched?”
he pulled his own pants down, his boxers coming down with him and you bit your lip at the sight of his cock.
oh, fuck. how is he going to fit? you asked yourself, panicked.
his dick grew hard just as he looked at you. he leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom, placing it between his teeth as he dipped his hands under your thighs. he held onto the strings of your panties, pulling it down and lifting it off flawlessly.
you grew needy, your whole world feeling light and good.
he held your face again, running his hand against your cheek and ripped open the condom with his free hand and his teeth, spitting the wrapper to the side. it was all in need. he needed you so badly that he didn’t care where anything went or how he opened it.
he struggled slightly to get it on, but with your help, you both rolled it on. he held back a moan, turned on by your hands against him.
carefully, he set himself against your entrance, watching your face. your eyes locked and at that moment you knew you weren’t just going to have sex with regulus black. you were going to make love to him. he bit his lip and released it only a few seconds after.
“slowly,” you requested, pain rushing through you as he moved himself into you.
“of course.”
he let more in, moving so slow and always checking that you were okay. this happened another five times before he was fully on, your bodies pressed against each other.
“slowly.” he repeated your words, moving his hips cautiously. “slowly or you’ll make me come in two seconds.”
repressing a laugh, you ran your hands down his body, making him look at you. he did, his eyes glistening as you looked down and he cracked a smile.
“fuck—” he sped up slightly. at the sound of your curse, he looked down in concern.
“am i hurting you, princess?”
“not at all. it feels good, so good, reggie.”
he kissed your cheek, speeding up again. the pain was still there but you didn’t care because the pleasure was so fucking good.
he moaned loudly, against your ear. his body was shaking, your body was shaking. the two of you were closer to each other than you thought you could be.
tears prickled your eyes, maybe of too much pleasure or that slight pain but you didn’t care. you let them fall and you let him speed up more, yours and his moans filling the quiet air.
“i’ve wanted you like this for so long, angel, so fucking long.” his skin slapped against yours, adding to the loud moans. “ah, fuck. together, okay? we’ll come together.”
you nodded. simply because how could you refuse an offer like that? he pressed down on your stomach, his movements speeding and he kissed your neck, leaving dark hickeys.
“i love you,” he mumbled, his thrusts becoming harsher and rougher and leaving you speechless. his words touched your heart — or completely melted it.
“i love you,” you said, digging your nails into his shoulder and dragging them down. “now? i think i’m close.”
one last, sharp thrust and it all came crumbling down, your moans louder than ever and light blinding your vision.
“regulus! fuck, yes!”
you felt nothing but him as you came, his hips still thrusting through the orgasm. and he didn’t stop until the very last moment, completely riding you out. you held onto him, never wanting to let go.
after completely coming back down, he pulled out of you and laid next to you, his covers only covering the bottom half of your bodies.
“holy shit,” he sighed, tracing his fingers in small circles on your chest. “holy shit. why did i wait so long for that?”
you pulled the covers completely over both of you and scooted closer to him, laying your head in his chest and feeling his heavy breathing. his head rested on the top of yours, small kisses being planted every now and then.
“because of .. him,” you said, thinking of your brother. “regretting it?”
“no. i never will. this wasn’t just sex, y/n. i’ve loved you forever. ever since b/n introduced me to his klutz of a sister at the age of what? — eleven?”
“nine,” you corrected and regulus replied with an ‘uh-huh.’
now you walk across the field, over to the opposing team and hold out your hand for regulus to shake. he takes it gently but the way he did makes it look rough to everyone else. you roll your eyes, putting on a show and shake his hand.
“congratulations,” you smile. he nods, thanking you.
“do i get a reward?”
you look around to make sure no one is looking and shrug at him. “maybe. if you see me in my dorm tonight, you will.”
“gosh, y/n, i’m so fucking in love.”
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