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#marauders era roleplay
thepoetrystudent · 9 days ago
Regulus: Hi, Remus, it's Regulus. Can you help me with something?
Remus: Hi, Reg! Sure! What's up?
Regulus: Sirius told me you know a lot about wizard law. Right?
Remus: Yes..a little bit...
Regulus: So...If someone is in my house and refusing to leave, can I set it on fire?
Remus:one question: is it my husband?
Regulus: Unfortunately, I am afraid so.
Remus: Sure. We are legally married! Teddy and I get the money now.
Regulus: Thanks! You're my favourite.
Sirius: I hate you.
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ask-messr-moony · 9 months ago
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black
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marauders-goldentrio · 5 months ago
*Regulus frustrated from Sirius's stupidities*
Regulus :- how can anyone stay around u the person who can stay around u is also an idiot!!
Sirius *furiously whispering* :- u called remus an idiot
Regulus :- I- nO
Sirius :- HOW DARE YOU!!
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sleepingdragonpr · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"At this rate, there’ll be no Muggle-borns left at Hogwarts, and we all know what an awful loss that would be to the school." Claim this role or many others at { SLEEPING DRAGON } Original Characters welcome ✧*
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besirius · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"Uncle Alphard died. You're in his will."
Sirius held the small slip of parchment loosely between his fingers as he stared out across the lake. He knew Regulus's neat handwriting even if his brother had not signed his name; it was too late for Sirius to redeem himself to his mother, and any communication Regulus was found to have with him could spell trouble. Sirius understood.
He was missing his first class of the day, but it didn't seem all that important, really; Sirius could pass NEWT level Charms in his sleep. Flitwick would be sympathetic when he explained later why he'd been absent, but that was almost the last thing Sirius wanted. The thought of someone finding out and immediately oozing pity all over him made him shudder.
The sudden scattering of the birds in the branches overhead alerted him to the approach of someone else, and he slipped the note into the pocket of his robes, praying it wasn't McGonagall.
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Here's how I think the Marauders (and Lily) must've reacted to Remus and Sirius not being straight
As much as I know them, Sirius wouldn't even have known that he wasn't straight till he joined Hogwarts because of the household he grew up in and as for Remus, he would've known all his life but would've never told anyone, just like the fact that he was a werewolf, because he must've feared being labelled as an outcast (for both the things) since it's the old times we're talking about when being an LGBTQ+ member would've been presumed to be as bad as being a werewolf (maybe more?).
Fast forward to the time when all the Marauders know that Remus is a werewolf and my dudes have already done the animagi thing. So, everything must've been going pretty normally when one day Sirius would've been hit with the realization that he was indeed gay. He would've told his best friends in an instant that he "thinks" he's gay. While James would've brushed it off thinking it was another one of his jokes (Peter following suit), Remus would've understood because duh. Sirius wouldn't even have cared about how people would react, he would've gone around saying it, supported by James (who'd still be thinking that it was a joke), while Remus would have been back in the common room (with a clueless Peter) still wishing to have the balls to come out as his friend did.
Then one fine day, Lily would've noticed Remus gawking at Sirius, dozing off in the middle of quills and parchments, for the millionth time and would've finally had the guts to ask him what he was thinking. Remus would've blushed and most likely would have tried to change the topic which would have made Lily more suspicious. Then, as indirectly as possible, (most probably through a story) Lily would've advised him to come out, because it wasn't a bad thing. That's when Remus would've decided to come out, atleast to his friends.
So, when Remus would've been telling the guys and Lily that he wasn't straight, Sirius would have shouted that he always knew and would've questioned if being gay came with a gay sensor, while James would've had a double shock realizing that not only Remus was gay, but so was Sirius and he was never kidding in the first place. And the first question that he would've asked would be that how the fuck did both them not fall for him (earning an eyeroll from Lily) while Peter would've asked if being gay was contagious. So the entire evening would've gone by with Lily and Remus answering questions coming from James, Peter and not very surprisingly, Sirius (since, finally people were taking him siriously, buddy had a lot of doubts).
After that, James would've started shipping his two best friends together, just as a joke (we know where this is going) and again Lily would've been the first one to notice that something was actually going on between Sirius and Remus. She would've pointed it out to James whose first reaction would've been "haha, guess it isn't a joke anymore" (making Lily question why she was falling for a person who took everything as a joke) and then they would've pressurised Sirius and Remus to "grow the balls" and ask each other out.
And that's how wolfstar would've come into existence.
Atleast that's what I think.
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saidrolav · 2 months ago
hey bestie
can i get a marauders and marvel
im a virgo, omnisexual , ISTP, slytherdoor.
i use she/they pronouns and i have natural blonde hair but dye it dark red or black all the time, blue eyes, a really bad rbf so people think that i’m mad all the time, i know a lot of useless facts and i’m academically smart but like no common sense
i am obsessed with eyeliner, my dr martians, grunge style, my playlist consists of; harry styles, nirvana/kurt cobain, queen, måneskin david bowie, AC/DC and just 70s and 80s music.
i can be a bitch when you first meet me but that’s just cuz of both trust and commitment issues.
i have really bad mummy issues but a good relationship with my dad and my older brother is practically my best friend.
i’m impulsive and say what i think even if it may be mean but that could just be my ADHD. i don’t care what others think but still feel insecure.
(also idk if it matters but people tell me i look like the love child of lily-rose depp and billie eilish a lot <3)
Hiiiiii thank you so much for your request! I ship you with...
Tumblr media
James Potter!
He's definitly OBSESSED with your grunge style!! He loves seeing you wear your Dr Marteen's and seeing you dying your hair or doing your eyeliner!
He loves when you get out random facts and he almost memorize all of them because he thinks they're super interesting 🥺
He often tries to reassure you when you're having anxiety or when you're feeling insecure because he thinks you're totally perfect 🧡
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff!
She loves your music taste and the two of you will definitly jam at her or your place listening to hard rock like AC/DC 👀
She's super impressed by your resting bitch face and even a little scared when she meet you but she finds out you're super sweet and she have a soft spot for you 🧡
She's super scared to meet your family especially your brother and your dad because she knows how much they count for you!
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sleepingdragon-rp · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
App Count +1
Regulus Black
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thepoetrystudent · 5 months ago
Prongs: Moony, please, pick me up at the party. I am obscenely drunk.
Moony: It's 2 am. Can't you floo home?
Prongs: I am on the street.
Prongs: I vanished my pants and security threw me out.
Moony: I don't wanna know. Where is Peter?
Prongs: I lost Peter. Moons, I think my penis is going to fall off. It's cold and blue.
Moony: Jesus, James. Ok. DON'T GO ANYWHERE.
(2 hours later)
Prongs: Moons, I am home. You don't need to pick me up anymore. My penis is alive.
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sarahshoooo · 10 days ago
RP Requests~~
Heyy! I was just looking for some rps! I do literate 3rd person and can work with any length! I at 18+ myself if that matters, though I prefer to keep things SFW. Please LIKE, REBLOG, DM, or COMMENT if you are interested in any of these!! I am open to really any pairings, AUs, or OCs! Just shoot your shot! I am putting a * next to my current favorites!
Star Wars
Ahsoka Tano*
Satine Kryze*
Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy
Astoria Greengrass*
Pansy Parkinson
James Potter
Lily Evans
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Nymphadora Tonks*
Andromeda Black*
Teddy Lupin
Regulus Black*
Kaz Brekker*
Inej Ghafa*
Nikolai Lantsov / Sturmhond*
Zoya Nazyalensky
Genya Safin
Alina Starkov
Wylan Van Eck
Jesper Fahey
A next gen OC (for either SoC or SaB)*
Miraculous Ladybug
Adrien Agreste
Adrienne Agreste (Genderbent AU)*
Iroh II
Shadowhunters Chronicals/Infernal Devices
Jem Carstairs *
Peter Parker (MCU)
Yelena Belova (MCU)
My discord is @littlewilkerson7143 as well! I prefer to rp on there so feel free to add me if interest too!!
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ask-messr-moony · 9 months ago
Marry Sirius and save me from his hour long analysis (which states nothing but lies) about you not loving him back.
Okay,,, yeah yeah,, I’m in love with him 
But don’t tell anyone-
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marauders-goldentrio · 5 months ago
James :- why is Sirius crying outside
Remus :- he saw another black dog sitting on my lap and I just patted it on its head and he bursted out !!
Sirius *coming from outside* :- BETRAYAL BITCH!!
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leafmeplease · 5 months ago
Please go check out my books. Also I'm sorry for spamming I just have nothing else to do and like I'm gonna succumb to such mortal things such as sleep.
Here's a little snippet from the first one.
A glass smashed overhead as Walperga Black aimed a glass vase at the head of her oldest child. 
Sirius could still hear his mother's screams as he walked out of the house. She took it better that expected. He smiled to himself as he messaged a boy called James Potter, he was an old friend they got to know each other while at boarding school together and soon became inseparable.
hey mate I just came out she took it better than I thought
I only got kicked out and had a vase thrown at my head but other than that I'm ok
I'm heading over to yours now
ok but James I do know you and she didn't kill me
Look at the bright side mate
And I have left that shit hole I had to call home
I'm moving in with you
Coz ya know I got disowned and I get to enjoy your mums cooking all the time
Speaking of which can you ask her to make some cookies for when I get there?
Shes already on it. Me and dad are on our way to pick you up so stay put you dumbass 
Ok I'll be at that coffee shop that you saw that cute girl that made you swoon over her eyes
Ight see you soon
And I do not swoon
What ever floats your boat
Fuck you
Siruis walked up the street to the cafe, it was only a two minute walk but people were looking at him funny, probably Because of the glass shards in his hair and that he had a big fuck off suitcase with all of his belongings. Plus the screaming still emitting from his former house about traitors and filth and what not.
And from my oneshots series,
Sirius black was laying on his bed in his dormitory at Hogwarts singing to muggle love songs at the top of his lungs, while James Potter and Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were sitting in the common room trying to study but found themselves unable to when they heard Padfoot singing.
Although he had a sweet voice he really was quite annoying. Remus , who would usually become entranced by the angelic majesty that was his sweet Padfoot's voice, was getting increasingly alloyed as they were studying for a rather important exam. 
Eventually Remus got sick of Srius and marched up to the dormitory preparing a speech to yell at him. "ALRIGHT YOU RUDDY PIECE OF SH-" however his scentace was cut short as he burst through the door and found all the words knocked out of him as his eyes fell upon a heavenly sight.
Sirius Black was laying on his head propped up by pillows, he was wearing nothing but a white button up long sleeve shirt completely unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showing of him muscular chest which Remus was confused about when he saw a couple of tattoos on it (he had only just turned 15 after all), on his bottom half he was wearing nothing but a pair of baggy boxers, that were clearly showing a dick bulge that had grown a fair amount since Moony had entered the room, his shoulder length, black, curly hair was loosely tied in a messy, loose bun on top of his head, over all he looked like a hot mess that Remus wanted to ravish but unfortunately couldn't.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Again; I am sorry for spamming I'm just bored. Please read my stories. Thankyou xx❤
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aparecium-rp · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Under the cut are all of the acceptances at this time. If you are included in the list, first of all - Congratulations! Please send us your blog within 48 hours! We’re so excited to have you here with us at Aparecium, and can’t wait to start writing!
Congratulations, Kiki, you have been accepted as Amos Diggory with the faceclaim Rudy Pankow.
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actiobellicahq · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin is on reserve for 48 hours
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toomanyroleplays · 28 days ago
Roleplay Rules
I feel like this first part here should go with out saying. But I am going to say it any ways. Be polite and a decent human being. Please.
I will only roleplay with people who are 18+ as I’m a grown ass adult and it creeps me out otherwise.
I have a job and I’m going to college as well as a life. So I’m not on all the time.
Please keep in mind that I have a learning disability. It’s mild but some times depending on the day I have had spelling and grammar can get a bit funky and I legit do not realize it.
I only roleplay in thirdperson semi-advanced lit.
I do have triggers and I will tell you about them when we start to chat about a potential roleplay.
I’m open to both OCxCC and CCxCC. Though some times I don’t feel inspired to play one or the other so please ask or look at my most recent postings.
Here’s a list of the fandoms I roleplay. If it’s not on the list I don’t roleplay it. *** means it’s a favourite of mine. ^^ Means it’s OCxCC only.
Marvel (MCU and Comics) ***
Harry Potter (Golden Trio and Marauders.)
Criminal Minds ***
9-1-1 Lonestar
Almighty Johnson’s *** ^^
The Outsiders ^^
The Hobbit
Below I’ll list some of my top ships for each fandom. Keep in mind it’s not all of them. So if one of your faves isn’t present please feel free to ask.
SHEILD Husbands
As for the canon characters I play that’s a pretty extensive list. So please ask me in chat as I don’t want to make this post a million years long.
Aus I’m open for are
University AU (Marauders era Exclusively.)
Modern AU surrounding a gang or mafia type family (Hobbit exclusive.)
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