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#marauders fanart
veryberryjelly · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary : waking up with james
warnings : none other than fluff fluff fluff
wc: 0.6k
Groaning as the sun shone into her eyes, y/n turned over to her other side and buried her head in her pillow, hoping that the sun would just disappear if she ignored it for long enough.
But sadly, that was not the case.
Because she had forgotten to shut the curtains on her bed last night, the sun was coming in from every which way and making it impossible for her to go back into a peaceful sleep.
Figuring she would get no more sleep, y/n sat up slightly and let her eyes adjust to the blinding light before they fell on the sleeping figure next to her.
A smile graced her lips as she admired the boy with his face smushed into a pillow and the sun shining over his bare back. Even if she had to be awake, she wasn’t so mad about the sight she had to wake up to.
But she couldn’t be awake on her own for much longer without growing bored, so she lifted her hand to push back gently through her boyfriend’s mop of curls and leant down to pepper feather light kisses onto his bare shoulder. y/n knew she had been successful in waking him up when she heard a soft groan leave his lips as he curled into y/n’s chest.
“morning, love” she muttered quietly, her hands now cradling his head against her chest as he slowly woke up. All she got in response was a tired hum.
For the next ten minutes she was laid on her bed, with james head in her chest as she pushed her hands back through his curls, trying to coax him out of his sleepy state so they could get up and go to breakfast. But when she heard a snore against her chest, she knew that gently waking him up wasn’t exactly the best method.
y/n pressed a soft kiss onto the top of his head before pulling back a little so she could actually look at him.
“Jamie, we have to get up. We have potions in half an hour.” She had only raised her voice a little to try and wake him up. It had worked a little. His eyelashed were fluttering against his cheeks as his eyes slowly opened.
When he laid eyes on the girl laid infront of him, he felt all tiredness leave his body and he was just left with a flutter in his chest. He always thought she looked better in the mornings. No makeup, wavy hair and an old t-shirt of his draped over her body.
Before he didn’t want to wake up but now he just didn’t want to get out of bed .
“ don’t wanna. Wan’ to stay here with you.” He wrapped his arms around y/n’s waist and pulled her closer to his chest, despite her slight struggle.
“No, James. Can’t stay here any longer if you want to eat before class” she pulled back as best she could to look him in the eye, even if his hold on her was trying to prevent her from doing so. When he refused to let her go, she figured her only way of actually getting out of bed was with a bribe.
“hey, if we get up now, I promise we can come back here after our last class and you don’t have to let me go until morning if you don’t want.” She bit her lips softly as he waited for his answer.
And that was a promise she didn’t mind keeping.
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mx2bn-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Another trans Remus doodle! Remus is nervous and so excited to get his hair cut short after coming to terms with being trans that he can't sit still! Sirius is only too happy to help but all the moving around is not making it easy and he wants to make it look good 😌 anything for his moony after all
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tinyshroomboy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Slightly older wolfstar. Morning in the Lupin-Black household
Peep Harry's lovely self-portrait.
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Tumblr media
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andypads · 2 months ago
HI GUYS!! I honestly canNOT believe that the Remus post got so many notes. As in. WOW. You guys are so fucking awesome.
And since you all loved that one, I present to you all… SIRIUS FUCKING BLACK. Istg I’m so happy about this one rn AGHHH HAHAHA I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYYY!!
Also, I added 2 phone wallpapers already. I even made a Wolfstar iPad Pro wallpaper one too hehhehe and omgoohdd that one had me tearing *again 🥺🤧 ANYWAYS…Tag me if ever you use it!
Art made by: ME!// @anzara.nd on ig.
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lunorichi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• Liar •
A short comic about Sirius and Regulus Black.
I wanted to draw something about the Black Brothers and their youth and this is the result ,sorry for the angst ,I'm still sad ;-;
(PD: I finished all my exams and commissions ,so I will be able to draw more for now 🥺)
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