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#marauders fluff
wrathspoet · a day ago
Shut up (2.2k)
summary: when james accidentally injures you, he can't stop apologizing while he's treating you. you end up taking the matter into your own hands.
warnings: mentions of blood (from injury), lots of cussing
pairing: james potter x fem!reader
a/n: had a little bit of time on my hands so here u go!
Honestly you weren't having it. Today was quite possibly the worst day you've ever had. After hours of taking notes in Herbology, it was ruined just by the mere spell of a puny first year. You were only being nice, offering to tutor the first years struggling with Charms. But the moment those little idiots muttered the spell, your papers were immediately drenched.
So now you were marching down to the greenhouses, your stack of parchment looking like a pure mess. The ink had already bled through the other pages, words barely visible.
But just as you reached to open the glass door of the greenhouse, someone had already beaten you to it. It was this moment that you realized the doors opened outwards. So it was barely a second before the glass came in contact with your face.
You made a small noise, like a scream ... just more shrill. Your hands immediately dropped the stack of parchment and went to your nose. You gripped it carefully, wincing slowly with your eyes tight shut.
"Ah ... fuck." You muttered, biting your lips down to suppress the whimper you were about to let out.
"Oh, fuck." A sound from in front of you copied. "Fuck, fuck, I'm so sorry. I really didn't see you there."
You finally dared to open your eyes, just a glance— only to see James Potter with a panicky and concerned look on his face. His mouth was parted, one hand gripping his satchel and the other open in front of your face like he was looking to inspect your nose.
You suddenly feel something warm stream down the line of your upper lip. Your fingers hesitate before trying to wipe some of the blood off of your face. It did nothing though, you only stained your palms with blood, eventually giving up and just covering your nose in embarrassment.
"Y/n!" James jumped in surprise, feeling ten times more guilty now that he recognized he had just hurt his best friend.
"Fucking hell, James! This is why you need to pay more attention to your surroundings!" You shouted at him, wincing at how sore your nose felt.
"Merlin, I swear I didn't see anyone. You were so quick— and I ... oh, are you okay?" He asked you, as if just now realizing that blood was running down your nose and you were in mild pain.
"No! Fuck no I'm not okay, James!" You shout again, this time pulling your left arm from your nose and shoving him harshly on the chest.
"It's ... so bloody." He said, like the sight intrigued him in a way.
"Shut up! Shut up and help me with this. I hate you so much right now." You huff, groaning as the blood fell to your palm again.
"Sorry! Sorry, Y/n. I'm so sorry." He said sincerely, looking line he was about to explode.
"Shut up!"
"I'm going to hurt you if you don't come back here, James Potter." You commented from your place on his bed.
Right now, you're currently propped up against James' pillows, your legs crossed and your bag dumped on the end of his bed. He had insisted that you both go to his dorm, although it was quite a walk up to the Gryffindor tower. He said that Remus owned quite a lot of stuff for things like a broken nose. You didn't get it, it was easier to go to Madam Pomfrey.
The little shit probably didn't want to get into another weekly round of detention if you were to be checked inside the Hospital Wing. But right now, you were seriously considering telling Pomfrey anyway, wanting James to receive the worst for wounding you like this.
"Just a second, trying to get this drawer to open!" He shouted from the bathroom, bumps and clangs erupting from there. You figured that James was frantically trying to search through Remus' stuff.
You groaned, keeping your head turned up to the ceiling. James said it was to stop the blood from streaming, you didn't care enough to ask him if it was true.
You waited patiently, the woodsy and musky smell filling your nostrils as you leaned closer to his pillows. If you weren't on the brink of physically hurting James, you would've admitted that his smell comforted you.
A shout of surprise came from the bathroom, and our came James with his arms full of all sorts of stuff you wouldn't question. It looked like there were some bandages, bottles of some strange liquid, and a very long train of tissue paper.
You groaned again as James sat himself beside you, leaning closer to inspect the mess on your face.
"Hurts so bad." You say, biting your lips and dabbing at your nose with the damp cloth James gave you. Tears well in your eyes, finally streaming down when you interfere with your hand.
James is taken aback, immediately asking you what was wrong and how he could fix it. "Why're you crying?" He asks, his tone indicating that he has no idea what to do.
You hold up a hand to him, the other covering your face. "Just— nothing. Just how this day turned out. My notes were ruined by a first year I was tutoring. And now my nose is broken, and I'm in so much pain I think i may die."
"What? Don't be dramatic, Y/n. You won't die, it's just a broken nose." James says, as if that would make you feel better.
You shake your head but don't utter a word, keeping the line of tears on your cheeks. James stares at you, muttering all kinds of little praises he could to try and make you stop crying. When you finally gather your voice, you shout at him. "Just a broken nose? Do you even know how it feels, hm? Hurts like bloody fuck, that is."
James looks like he's speechless, now knowing how to handle the state you're in. "Stop ... please, stop crying." He said tiredly.
"This is all your fault! Now I look awful and ... and weird! Imagine if someone saw me like this— I bet I look horrible right now." You said, sighing dissapointedly.
James looked guilty, a frown deepening on the curve of his lips. "Fuck, I'm so sorry. I know I said it before and you told me to shut up— but fuck, fuck— I'm so sorry, Y/n." He said again, making it clear to you how genuine his apologies were.
"Yeah, fine. I'm forgiving you because that actually sounds genuine." You scoff, rolling your eyes at his now joyful face.
"It is genuine. And you don't look horrible." He seemed a little comforted by your words, sighing and leaning closer to your face. James dares to press a kiss on your forehead, the single touch of his lips enough to make your nose stop stinging for a second. "Still pretty." He mutters, so low that you barely hear it.
But with the way he's so close to you, he obviously didn't think through his words first. James flushes, his cheeks turning turning that familiar pink tint you loved loved much. The sight of him in front of you is so distracting that you don't realize when he cups your cheeks in his hands.
Now he's talking more seriously, taking in how bad the injury actually is. "Think the bloods stopped." He tells you, his fingers pulling your cheeks gently to bring you closer.
Your breath catches in your throat because of how close you were to him "W-What next? It's broken, might need a spell for it." You say, looking straight at his eyes while doing so.
"Uh— yeah. Yes, I could do that." He says, clearing his throat and staying silent for a moment. "But ... it may hurt." He says sheepishly.
You groaned again, hands going up to his neck and resting it there. "James. I'm literally in so much pain right now, I'll take a second of it for this to be gone. Alright? Don't worry, make it quick." You inform him, your words being a bigger comfort to the boy himself.
James seemed to freeze up when your fingers started fiddling with the hair on the nape of his neck. Your touch felt warm, soft, and so light on his. You drew random shapes on his skin, the boy turning red at such a simple touch. He cleared his throat once more, trying to get rid of the red tinge on his cheeks. "Uh— sit up for this. And hold my hand."
When you did, your hand went to his. The left one that wasn't performing the spell gripped yours. His right hand was holding his wand, his lips muttering the spell silently. When James finally gathered himself, he then directed the wand right at your face.
The second the words came out of his mouth and the spell hit you, you were a mess. Your nose righted itself, a cracking sound erupting louder than you expected. Then when you finally felt a second of comfort, your nose started feeling utterly painful and sore. Your head felt dizzy too, one of the side effects of a spell casted on your face.
If James was panicking, it was internally. Because he only stared at you, his mouth shut as you groaned wildly.
"Oh, Merlin." You stand up from the bed ready to head to the bathroom. "James, is that how it's supposed to feel?" You ask him, tears already streaming down the apple of your cheeks.
He nods, holding you down on the bed. "Yes, perfectly normal." He says, his hand going for one bottle of the strange liquid and uncapping the cork. "Here, c'mon. Drink this." He says simply, ordering you to come closer.
When you lean closer to him, James tips your head back and pour the liquid for you to drink. You cough a little, sighing when the buzz starts to eventually fade.
James moves aside and let's you fall on his bed, his scent enveloping you entirely. You feel yourself getting lighter withe very touch James gave. He tucked your legs into the covers, making sure your head was propped on the pillows comfortably so you wouldn't get dizzy again.
Then you were finally done, all tucked in his bed— warm, and feeling a bit better. Your eyes glinted at his, "Still hurts a little." You tell him, voice slightly muffled because of the pillow underneath your cheek.
James looks at you, with those soft eyes. His finger dares to move closer to you and softly trace the line of your nose. "You look like that muggle reindeer. The one with the red nose." He says, admiring you delicately.
James feels like his heart is about to explode at the moment. You were tucked gracefully in his bed, the covers draped up to your neck. Your hair was spread all over his pillow, lips looking so plump and inviting. "You need to learn to shut up, Jamie."
James chuckles, "Can I join you here?" He asks, steering the topic away. You nod and move so that he has some space to fit in the bed. James immediately wraps his arms around you, bringing you closer to his chest. He's careful enough to not accidentally graze your still recovering nose.
"You're so warm." You mutter, extending your arm to drape over his neck. "I love it, you're like a heater. It's a muggle thing, don't ask." You add, knowing he was about to ask anyway. James loved it. Loved you. He loved how you were so quick to forget the past and immediately change the topic at random to comfort him.
"Would you tell me to shut up again if I said I'm sorry again?" He asked abruptly, sensing that you were now rolling your eyes in his arms.
Since James was larger than you, he kind of enveloped you with his body. You groaned and slid up, putting your hands to his chest and shoving playfully. "Please, oh, please give me a little peace, Potter." You say tiredly.
"Yes I know, you've said that but— really I'm really sorry. I didn't fucking see you in the end of that door, I was talking to Pads inside and— wait, or was it Moony? I don't remember, but the point is that I wasn't paying attention. And I should've! Point is, I hate hurting you and—"
One thing that you've known since the moment you've met this boy, is that he was so talkative. You loved it of course, how he could just better the mood with his words. But sometimes, times like this— you have to handle him another way.
Your hands go to the collar of his shirt, not waiting any longer before pressing your lips to his. James tastes sweet, his lips just as plump as it looks. You don't sense a beat of hesitation from him, it's as if he's been waiting to do this. When he pulls you closer, your noses bump into each other and you pull away in surprise.
Your hands immediately go to his face and covering it to hold him back from you. "Youre still not paying attention! Gentler next time." You reprimanded him, softly gripping the sides of your nose in pain.
James' eyes widens, "Sorry— I'm so sorry—"
"Shut up!"
—@ wrathspoet
general taglist: @regulusblackswhorecrux
james potter: @rqmanoff
marauders: @risingtripletaurus @athenapotter /send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist!
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robiedreamland · 2 days ago
Hi can I request # 35 & 37 in the touch section for James? More fluff
Request prompt list
35. kissing their bruises and scars
37. putting their head on the other’s chest
Your wishes are my command <3
A/N: I realised that it can be James Potter or James Barnes, so, enjoy
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
“My beautiful, beautiful Poppet.” James cranked in a huge small once again and gave your cheek the most sweet kiss. “James.” you sighed and turned away from his side, your back facing him. “What? It’s true!” he defended himself and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Lemme see that pretty face once more.” he whispered against your shoulder. You didn’t dare to move, too scared to let him see your face and scars on it.
It was easy during these times to be hidden. Just wearing the hoodie, sunglasses and face mask. And suddenly no one saw anything.
“Fine, do what you want.” James chuckled and rolled you back to face him with his strong arms. “James!” You gasped. “My beautiful, beautiful Poppet.” James smiled once again. “Look like the whole museum, could admire you for my whole lives.” James leaned down and kissed your temple. Right the place where you had the long scar. He knew your thoughts and what do you think about your scars, but what you thought wasn’t the same as what he thought.
“So pretty.” James muttered and kissed your lips, just right where you had another scar. Then your other scar on your cheek. You huffed and tried to roll away, but James quickly caught you. “No, no running away from my kisses that you deserve.” James giggled and blew a raspberry into your neck, making you laugh and that ticklish sensation.
“There it is, all better, my love.” He did that once again and as his reward, you bursted into giggling and laughing.
“Come here.” James said and patted his chest, signaling you to lay on him. You couldn’t resist and you crawled into his open arms like a lost precious puppy. You laid your head on his chest and hummed when you heard his heart beating so calmly.
James wrapped his arm around you and softly stroked your head until you closed your eyes and mewled from all the comfort. Then his other arm found your hand. His fingers danced across the long scar. You always thought that you would feel disgusted if someone would touch you like James. But his touch felt like healing.
“Love you so much, little love.” James whispered and kissed your scar on your temple once again. “Love you even more.” you whispered and grabbed a fist of his T-shirt until you felt yourself falling asleep on James chest.
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gotkindabored · 9 hours ago
Third of December
It’s winter, snowy and cold, but Remus’ jumpers always looked better on his girlfriend anyway.
PAIRING: Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
CONTENT: fluff, fluff, fluff! no spell check
NOTES: Moony my beloved <3 This is based off of Conan Gray's 'Heather.’
Tumblr media
Resting upon the pavement and oak trees in perfect white, snow fell; little crystals casting gold in the streetlights that mingled with the twinkling stars that just appeared with a navy blue and deep purple sky.
The chill managed to seep past the closed windows and through her thick clothes, biting her skin as she stared out the window from her little flat with Remus. Her hands clasped together, rubbing to generate friction and warmth but failed to create anything substantial.
Faint music played in the background, the record player switching on and off by itself, enchanted by magic to switch a vinyl every once in a while. Currently, a love song played.
Light footsteps sounded behind her, coming closer and closer until a pair of arms, warm and strong, wrapped around her torso and pulled her close.
“Remus,” she sighed, relaxing into his hold as he pressed himself against her back. She felt a small kiss pressed to the crown of her hair before he rested his chin on her shoulder.
They stood like that for a bit; staring out the window while watching the snow collect and build.
Remus nuzzled his face to the side of her neck and she giggled at the feeling of his nose brushing against exposed skin.
“You’re shaking, my love,” he murmured.
“It’s cold.”
Remus paused, his grip tightening for a moment before spinning her around. His eyes were thoughtful until he detached himself and tugged his cream-white jumper off. His hair flopped, dishevelled, as he pulled it over her head, her arms finding the sleeves as it hung around her frame.
She looked up to him, hands placing on his chest as he pulled her back against him. “But you’ll be —”
“Shh,” he cut off. “Besides, it looks better on you than me.”
Warmth seemed to take over her whole body, and it wasn’t from the jumper.
It was just polyester, fried and worn at the edges, but well-loved and adorned. A symbol of more than just love but anchoring her soul and intertwining with his.
“Thank you.”
A grin grew on Remus’ face, causing small dimples to appear by his mouth and crinkling the lines by his eyes. And somehow, his hair managed to glow golden brown, as if he were the snow in the streetlight — caused by the dimmed and brothy candlelight in the background.
His head tilted to the side, cupping her cheek. She had him mesmerized with just touch alone.
“I can’t believe it’s already the third of December.”
She hummed, mind already reeling and churning as a flurry of memories zipped past. Remus had other plans, grabbing her wrist to twirl her around, now in sync with the music. Her giggling, his light chuckling, filled the room as he tried to dip her, only to fail miserably and nearly slip. Instead, they switched to swaying, better for them and Remus’ long limbs.
There was a simplicity of that day that was monumental. With mugs filled with red wine on the table, Remus' chocolate, their slight drunken dancing and hearts aglow that shielded them both from the cold. Even their eyes twinkled brighter than even gems couldn't match.
“You’re such an angel.”
With Remus, love songs started to make sense, both singing in perfect harmony.
“Not too bad yourself, Moony.”
He laughed, nose scrunching. Continuing to sway, he leant forward and pressed his forehead against hers with a smile so warm she forgot it was winter. Words were left unsaid, but spoken through every touch, shy glance and warm lips - both shouted in a secret language.
“I love you,” he said, kissing her forehead.
“I love you,” he said, kissing her nose.
“I love you,” he said, kissing her cheek.
This time, a finger hooked beneath her chin and raised her to look up to him.
“I love you,” he whispered like an oath, a sacred prayer, kissing her lips.
She wasn’t sure when she slipped her heart into the palms of Remus’ hands; letting him hold it, cradle it, place it into the pockets of his jeans. But there it would remain, safe, sound and warm.
“I love you too,” she muttered back, utterly breathless. “Happy anniversary.”
Remus couldn’t help but let his heart soar. He had found a love that made him soft, encouraged his soul to chase and make the fall less frightening. They managed to find each other, two futures that woven themselves together that unravelled knots in the endless constellation.
He hung onto every word as the rest of his life flashed a smile at him.
And then he kissed her, again and again. Again.
Tumblr media
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mendesxruel · a day ago
𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒃𝒖𝒈 | 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
summary; you ride your horse with stableboy!james but something goes wrong...
warnings; fluff!, mentions of pain
words; 613
a/n; this is part of a royalty au series that @sarahisslytherin , @velvetcloxds , and i are doing!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today was a foggy day in the castle. Despite the slightly cold weather, you couldn’t help but go outside to appreciate the view. The subtle grey blur covering the charming dark green trees made your eyes glint in awe.
Your alone moment didn’t last too long since James, the boy who took care of the royal horses, approached you.
“Looks amazing, doesn’t it?” you asked him.
He couldn’t take his eyes off you when he replied, “yes... really pretty.”
James was of course not talking about the landscape, but rather the lovely face he was looking at.
“D’you wanna go for a ride?” he asked, holding out his hand.
You agreed and grabbed it, letting him lead the way.
He took you to the stable, where all the horses were. Some of them were eating, others were just happy to see you there. Your horse, Maximus, was excited to see you. You stroked his face and felt his soft fur in between your fingers and he loved it, he always did.
“Let’s have a ride, Max?” you smiled at him.
The horse nodded his head. 
James was always impressed with how well your horse understood you. He felt like he wanted to have a connection as close as this one, with you. He wished he could understand you and have his feelings reciprocated, although for now, he just wanted to enjoy his time with you as much as he could, and not rush anything, afraid of ruining it. 
Both of you got on your horses and rode away into the foggy forest. You were trotting and just enjoying the stunning scenery around you. Rays of sunlight cut through the leaves, making it a bit more difficult to see, because of the fog. 
You didn’t notice, but a wolf appeared up ahead. Maximus saw it and instinctively ran away scared. You, somehow still managed to stay on your horse, until he suddenly braked and pranced, making you fall.
James stopped his horse beside you and quickly got off to help you.
“Are you alright?” he asked, and you could sense the worry in his voice.
“No,” you cried. Your foot felt like it was on fire from the pain. James helped you stand up and put you on the saddle of his horse. He got on his horse and placed your arms around his waist so you wouldn’t fall again, and grabbed Max's rein to lead him back to the castle with both of you.
You laid your head on James’ back and it felt very comfortable, despite your aching foot. It even felt like the pain was slowly going away, so you assumed you hadn’t broken it.
When you finally arrived at the castle, James picked you up and took you to your room.
He put you in your bed and covered you with your warm blankets.
“I’ll be right back,” he told you and rushed off your room.
Your foot still hurt quite a bit, yet the sheets made you feel cozy.
Shortly after, he came back into your room, with bandages on his hand and some ice. He uncovered your foot and gently started wrapping it with the white elastic fabric, making sure he was not hurting you. After that, he put the pack of ice on top of it and covered it with the blankets again.
He sat in a chair beside your bed and looked at you.
“How are you feeling?”
“Better now…” you stated, “thank you for helping me, by the way.”
James grinned weakly at you, “no problem.”
His smile always made you feel better. Maybe he meant something more to you, than just a stableboy friend.
Tumblr media
please reblog if you liked it!<3
—*ૢ✧james potter taglist: @sir1usblacksgf @jamespotterslover @leossmoonn @lolas-reblogs @nee-naw-nee-naw-beepbeep @the-second-tonks @chxrry-nightshade @pinkcloxds @peachybaes @starkeysslut @nothingnewtvmp3 @sarahisslytherin @enchqnting @darknoire @weaselbrownie @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts
Tumblr media
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earlgreydream · 27 days ago
𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭. || 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐝/𝐬, 𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭, 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲
𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭: 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬𝐧’𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐛𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐰𝐨.
Tumblr media
James entered the boys’ shared dorm, restless and needy. He’d been wound tight and was in desperate need of release.
The sight of you sitting at his desk in just a sweater and a pair of panties nearly made him feral. At the sound of his tongue clicking, your eyes left the page of the potions book spread out on the desk.
“Hi, Jamie!” You breathed innocently, almost making the boy feel bad for what he was about to do to you.
“Come here, bunny.”
The sternness in his tone confused you, but you obeyed anyways, going to stand between his knees as he sat on the edge of the bed.
“I don’t like it when you’re bad.”
“I haven’t been bad!” You gasped, surprised by the accusation.
It was true, you’d been the closest thing to angelic, even earning praise for your behavior from Remus. You’d been trying extra-hard after a short bout of brattiness around finals, an attitude that was quickly corrected by your three strict doms.
“You have, bunny. You need to be punished. Don’t argue, now,” he interrupted, making your stomach sink.
You didn’t want James to punish you worse, holding yourself back from arguing. Though, deep disdain filled you as he grabbed a plug and paddle from a drawer beside the bed.
“Skirt up, straddle my thigh,” James commanded, his hardening cock straining through the confines of his trousers as you obeyed.
Your legs dropped on either side of his, your chest lying down on the bed, your bum in the air with your skirt flipped up, exposing your bottom to James.
He impatiently shoved your panties down, revealing your pussy to his gaze. James studied the lines of your body, tracing his fingertips along the curves. You didn’t understand what you did, or why you were in trouble. Your cheek rested on the sheets, dampening with tears.
“Please don’t,” you whined, feeling the tip of the big plug push against your tight hole. 
“Hush,” James commanded, pushing it in with a painful thrust. You choked on a soft cry, whimpering at the discomfort. It ached, your muscles clenching around the unrelenting steel that stretched you further than you liked. James knew you hated being plugged, so you figured you must have done something to really earn yourself a punishment, the idea never occurring to you that he was just doing this out of sadistic horniness. 
The first slap landed to your tender backside sent a wave of pain through you, the following blows only increasing the sting. He continued even as a wail escaped your lips, his fingers pushing into your soaking pussy between every few spanks. 
The door swung open, and James’ movements suddenly froze, his hand coming to a stop on your hip. 
“James, what the hell?” Remus’ voice scared both of you. 
“I’m taking my punishment like a good girl,” you whimpered, praying you wouldn’t endure the wrath of the two that just walked in.
“What has she done?” Remus demanded to know, immediately recognizing the guilt in James’ expression. 
“James,” Sirius snapped when he didn’t answer. 
“She hasn’t done anything...” he admitted softly, sinking under the two men that were dominating to him. 
“So what on earth do you think you’re doing?” Remus hissed. 
“I was just... I’m horny, and I wanted her-”
You squirmed off of his lap, limping as you threw yourself into Sirius. He hugged you tightly, kissing your head and wiping your tears, while Remus hauled James roughly off of the bed. 
“You’re not going to come for weeks and you’re going to to apologize to bunny,” Remus snarled, pulling James’ head back by his hair. 
“I’m s-sorry,” James stuttered in fear, but you turned your face away from him.
“Let’s get this out, bunny. I know you hate it,” Sirius spoke softly, his fingers hooking around the sparkly base of the plug. You buried your face in his chest, yelping as he tugged the widest part out with a pop. After the initial ache wore off, you felt better, minus your stinging bottom. 
Sirius rubbed some lotion on it, giving you the opportunity to see Remus laying into James with a belt. Even after his mischief, you winced on his behalf as the leather connected with his fair skin. 
“Let me take care of you, sweetheart,” Sirius soothed. 
You moaned as he laid you out on the bed, immediately diving between your thighs. His skilled tongue explored your sex, his nose nudging your clit as he breached your sopping entrance. 
The warm muscle fucked into you, hums of vibration making pleasure radiate up your spine and spark at your fingertips. Your hands carded into his wavy hair, rocking your cunt against his starving mouth. The man let you use him to get off, wanting to reward you.
Remus watched you writhe in ecstasy as Sirius ate you out, awarding you mind blowing pleasure to make up for the undeserved pain you’d received.
“Sweet girl, you look so pretty,” Remus praised, leaving James handcuffed to the bedpost to watch you come hard as Remus’ mouth explored your breasts.
James’ pathetic whimper went ignored by the three of you as you creamed on Sirius’ tongue, overstimulated by Remus sucking on your nipples.
You were out of breath when they pulled away, letting you rest when you let them know you’d had enough.
“All done?“ Remus asked you sweetly, brushing a stray hair from your eyes.
“Mhm,” you nodded breathlessly, pouting your lips for a kiss.
Sirius returned with a warm washcloth, gently cleaning the mess between your thighs. You hissed at the tenderness, and he apologized, littering kisses to your hips.
“I know, bunny, I’m sorry. Can’t let you be filthy,” he apologized, pulling on James’ hair as he passed.
“Going to get you all nice and cozy,” Remus promised, pulling his sweater over your head and slipping soft panties up your leg, careful of your sore backside.
“I’m your good girl, daddy?” You mumbled, gazing up at the lycanthrope with glassy eyes.
“My best girl. You’re so good, angel,” he promised, shooting James a ‘look-what-you-did’ look.
“M’sorry, bunny,” James mewled, finally catching your gaze.
“It’s okay,” you said quietly, watching him kneel on the floor as Sirius and Remus cuddled you in bed.
Your eyelids grew heavy, and you relaxed, listening to Remus read aloud, one of his hands gently rubbing your thigh. Your head rested on Sirius’ tattooed chest, smirking a little bit at James as he was punished.
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havenchy · 2 months ago
Marauders Fic Rec
Tumblr media
— sending my love and appreciation to all of these writers! <33
Tumblr media
🤎 - fav ❀ - fluff ❂ - hurt/comfort ✵ - angst
Poly! Marauders
mafia! marauders dialogue ❀ - @velvetcloxds
fifth ❀ - @earlgreydream 🤎
neglected ❂ - @saintlike78
the marauders' hair salon ❀ - @akraziia
x hufflepuff!reader ❀ - @thotbutpurple
picnic ❀ - @crystal-dee 🤎
tough love ❂ - @saintlike78
baby ❂ - @slut-4-rafe
reprieve ❂ - @acosmis-t
greedy ✵❂ - @saintlike78
exams ❂ - @anordinarymuse
"i hope you like back rubs then" ❀ - @yourlocalmaraudersbabe 🤎
S. Black
sirius dialogue ❀ - @saintlike78
his little songbird ❀ - @velvetcloxds
maybe i didn't lose after all ❀ - @shaynawrites23
countless nights ❂ - @thewinchestergirl1208
my little star ❀ - @daisycinema 🤎
baby boy & man ❀ - @soupandsimple
oh my lonely heart pt.2 ✵❂ - @bigvogues 🤎
hug ❀ - @henqtic
right here with me ❂ - @v1oletvenus
three fatal words ❂ - @wreckofawriter
tears ❂ - @once-upon-an-imagine
your dog ❀ - @wreckofawriter 🤎
J. Potter
golden retriver boy ❀ - @toms-diary 🤎
missing you ❀ - @m4r13l3y
present ❂ - @selenesheart
falling for him ❀ - @quindolyn
james coming to you for comfort on a stresful day ❂ - @siredtohayleymarshall
imitation ❂ - @randomoutsiders 🤎
hugs ❀ - @darthwheezely 🤎
helping him with his insecurities ❂ - @jamespottersmommy
never been more sure ❂ - @jamespottertheloml
helping with you sleep ❂ - @st0nesnglitter
four-eyes ❀ - @sarahisslytherin
i love you ❀ - @slycassini
R. Lupin
remus blurb ❀ - @themarauderstheoutsidersandpeggy
you and me, always forever ❂ - @sagepotters
"but you did insult my boyfriend, and that simply won't slide" ❀ - @hello-everyfandom
"look at us, dating a year and we already have children" ❀ - @hello-everyfandom 🤎
puppy ❀ - @messers-moony
i need you ❂ - @flower-chaser
g'night, my darling girl ❀ - @isolemlyswear
always with me ❂ - @spxllcxstxr
chocolates and love letters ❀ - @iwritesiriusly
spilling bear and secrets, dear! ❀ - @salazarslytherin
red noses ❀ - @sunrisefairy 🤎
soft like wildflowers ❀ - @nancybycrs 🤎
Tumblr media
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morozovastarless · 2 months ago
jealousy, jealousy
summary: harry’s friends have a thing for his mom. james can't help but turn a little green in the eye.
warnings: none
word count: 1.1k
a/n: i've had this one in my drafts for a while and i thought why not post it?
Tumblr media
you finish putting the nachos in a bowl just as loud shouts come in from the living room. you shake your head as you listen to harry and his friend’s curse loudly, praying to god they don’t throw a controller at the wall like the last time.
you look at james, who’s leaning against the mantle next to you and holding back a laugh at your exasperated expression. “you know it’s gonna be you the one to fix it if they break something, right?”
he shrugs and tries to steal a few chips only to have you swat his hand, although it doesn’t deter him. “let them have their fun,” he says through a mouthful. “they’ll be back at school in a few days and then you’ll start crying ‘cause you miss the noise.”
embarrassment floods your cheeks, but you roll your eyes as though unaffected. “i do not cry, james.”
now he laughs loudly, remembering the night four months ago when he woke up to your sobs as you looked through pictures of harry on your phone.
he places his hand on the small of your back and pulls you closer. “sure you don’t, baby.”
you soak up his embrace before trying to change the subject, not content with james slight teasing. “i have to go to the store, can you pick me up in thirty minutes?”
he hums, watching as you add the sugar to the pitcher of lemonade and leaning down to press soft and wet kisses on the column of your neck, mumbling about how pretty and what a good housewife you are.
now you are sure your cheeks resemble the heat of a fire. “james,” you whisper while trying to pull away from him. “you can’t do that, the kids are right there.”
he grumbles and pouts like a child. he can kiss you whenever he damn wants to, he thinks, it’s his house and his wife, for fucks sake!
he doesn’t relent his silent tantrum until you kiss him properly, your lips moulding against his as though they were made for each other. you bite his lower lip and he groans lowly. “later,” you promise, then turn around and take the tray and the jug in your hands.
james stares as you make your way to the living room, the little sundress you’re wearing fluttering around you like water. what a fucking tease, he groans in his mind. but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“hi, boys!” you greet happily, your voice carrying back to the kitchen where james listens attentively. “i brought you some snacks in case you got hungry,” you lean down to place the items on the coffee table.
you don’t notice the way the weasley twins stare right at your ass, nor the glare that harry sends them.
“i have to go to the store, s’there anything you need, bubs?” you ask harry, smoothing down his hair even though you know it’s as uncontrollable as his father’s.
“no, mom. thank you,” he says with a smile.
you mumble an ‘okay’, then turn to make your way to the second floor to freshen up before going out into the heat.
seamus is about to open his mouth when you turn unexpectedly. six pairs of eyes stare at you as you put your hands on your hips. “please don’t break anything,” you beg lightly. “i don’t want to ask jamie to fix another hole in the wall.”
“can’t make any promises, mrs. potter,” jokes fred. he doesn’t know this, but your heart soars whenever someone addresses you as mrs. potter.
“don’t make me call your mother, fred,” you threaten without any fire. the boys know very well that you and james were never ones to snitch.
fred looks scandalised for a second before a smirk takes over his face. “how d’you know i’m fred? s’because i’m the handsome one, innit?”
james grits his teeth as he listens to the redhead flirt with his wife. you laugh, unknowingly making the hearts of all the males skip a beat. “whatever helps you sleep at night, fred," you say airily. "but according to hermione, it's george the heartthrob."
and then you’re gliding up the stairs, five boys staring hypnotised at the place where you stood.
“man,” whispers seamus. “your mom is so fucking hot, harry.”
“shut the fuck up, seamus,” grunts harry, angrily biting into a nacho.
george whistles lowly, then turns to his twin. “think she’ll give me a spanking if i break something?” the rest of the boys laugh, except for harry, who keeps eating angrily.
james is in a similar position, biting an apple with a little too much force. he hates that every time harry’s friends come over they always stare at you and even try to flirt. as if they couldn’t see the golden band around your finger or the way you always clung to james’s side.
he knows it’s stupid to be jealous of some horny teenagers, especially when he has you writhing under him almost every night, but he can’t help it. he keeps listening, torturing his mind as he makes a mental note of everything they say.
your footsteps make everyone quiet down, and you step into the kitchen to grab the grocery list. “remember, pick me up in half an hour,” you say to james, one finger pointing at him.
he nods and salutes you. “yes, ma’am.” you laugh and shake your head, blowing him a kiss as you make your way to the front door.
“bye harry, bye boys,” you call over your shoulder. a chorus of “bye, mrs. potter” is heard and you’re just about to turn the handle when james calls your name.
“y’forgot your phone, poppet,” he says as he hands it to you.
you curse under your breath and take it, “thank you, darling.” you kiss him lightly, only to have his fingers tangle themselves in your hair as he forces your mouth open with his tongue, letting it play with yours as he turns you into a little moaning mess.
you don’t realise that the kids have a perfect view of your display of affection, but james does, and to further make his point, his other hand goes to your ass and squeezes one cheek harshly.
seamus and dean avert their eyes back to the video game, harry distracting himself from hearing his parents… dote on each other by throwing food at ron. but fred and george keep watching, jaws clenched as they listen to how much you love your husband’s touch.
you pull away out of breath, eyes still closed as you kiss under his jaw. “mhm, love you, james.”
he stares straight at the twins, a smirk on his lips and gives them a little wink. “love you too, angel.”
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saintlike78 · 2 months ago
Beginnings [Poly Marauders]
Pairings: James Potter x fem! Reader —> Poly! Marauders x fem! Reader
Words: 1.4k
Anon request: Poly!marauders where you were originally only dating James, but the other boys sort of adopted the role of taking care of you and looking out for you when James isn't there until you're basically all a couple? I hope this makes sense
Warnings: pure fluff, cuddling, polyamorous relationship. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“Will you be alright whilst I’m at practice, darling?” James asked, his thumb gently stroking your cheek. His eyes were soft as he stood with you by the door, quidditch bag in hand as he hesitantly bid his farewell.
“I’ll be fine… Remmy promised me he would keep me company,” you smiled. Excitement bloomed in your chest at the thought of spending time with Remus, having him read to you one of your favourite pass times when James was occupied.
“Did he now?” James smirked, “and what are you planning on doing?”
You turned your head looking at the Lycanthrope as he rested with his back against the headboard, “will you read to me, Remmy?”
You tried giving him your best puppy eyes, even though you knew you didn’t need to.
“Of course I will, bun,” he smiled, leaning to look through his bedside table for the book you were reading.
“Alright then, I’ll see you later, my darling,” James smiled, pecking your lips before making his exit, leaving you standing in the doorway watching his form descend the stairs.
“Come here, bunny,” Remus called, patting the spot beside him before lifting his arm for you.
You excitedly made your way to him, making Remus chuckle as you jumped onto the bed quickly scooting toward him and snuggling into his side, throwing one leg over his and tangling them together.
His arm held you to him as his soft voice filled the dorm, inviting calm to flow through your body, eventually lulling you to sleep.
The booming voice of Sirius Black pulled you out of your dreamland. Your body felt toasty as you laid curled up against Remus, his focus now on another book and his hand absentmindedly rubbing your side. Sirius happily made his way toward Remus’ bed, having spotted your tired figure against his boyfriend.
He gave Remus a quick peck before a huge grin overtook his face.
“Hi, baby,” he smiled at you, making your heart flutter in your chest.
You disconnected from Remus, stretching your arms for him, “Siri,” you whined, making the raven-haired boy smirk, but he was quick to cover it with a large grin.
“Aww come here, my baby.”
He lifted you into his arms, hugging you close to him as he swayed with you in his grasp.
“Have you had a nice day?” he asked.
“Mhmm, classes were good and Jamie went to practice, so Remmy has been reading to me, but I fell asleep,” you mumbled into his neck, tickling the skin.
“That was nice of him… - are you still tired?”
You nodded, “kinda.”
This caused Remus to shake his head with a small smile, “bunny, you’ve been napping for almost 40 minutes, you won’t be able to sleep tonight if you keep napping.”
“But Moony! I also want to nap and I can’t sleep without my cuddle buddy,” Sirius whined.
Remus’ eyes made a full rotation but didn’t argue, just patted the bed again, making Sirius let out a sound of victory. Sirius laid you down on the bed again, letting your curl up against Remus, before he slid in behind you curling his body against yours.
“Alright, you big babies, I’ll wake you for dinner,” Remus chuckled.
You let out a sigh of contentment before dozing off once more.
The sight James was met with when he entered the dorm should have made him furious, it should have set him off - that reaction seems fairly self-explanatory.
Yet, the only thing he felt when he looked at the bed was happiness, admiration and love. The peace that surrounded the three most important people in his life was pure ecstasy. He was in love.
He dropped his bag on his bed, his eyes locked with Remus, who’d been reading and keeping an eye on the time. Remus smiled gently, beckoning James over with a gesture.
“How was practice?” Remus whispered, taking James’ hand when he was close enough.
“It was good, I’m beat now,” James sighed, seating himself beside Remus, hands still entwined.
James glanced over, his heart leaping out of his chest at your peaceful face, a ghost of a smile resting on your lips as you slept.
It felt so right to see you wrapped up in Sirius’ arms, curled up against Remus - nothing had ever felt more right.
“Well, there’s still sometime before dinner… you can take a quick nap if you’d like?” Remus smiled, pulling James’ arm so he could lay on the bed as well.
James nodded; the tall boy curling up on the opposite side to you of the slightly taller scarred boy, sighing as his muscles relaxed.
A small kiss was laid on James’ forehead.
“Remus I…,” James started, but Remus shushed him, stopping his thoughts from coursing through his mind.
“Just sleep Prongs, we’ll discuss it when you’re all awake again,” Remus said, already aware of what James was going to say.
Another nod was given before James’ eyes fluttered shut and his breathing evened out, laying silence over the dorm again.
Soft murmuring voices pulled you from the deep ocean of sleep, warmth from three bodies surrounding you. It felt like home - you felt at home.
“Darling,” James’ soft voice broke through clearly. Without even opening your eyes you could see the smile on his face, a similar smile in yours as Sirius hugged you tighter.
“I’m awake,” you grumbled, tightening your grip on Remus.
“Come on, bunny, open those eyes…- we have something important to discuss,” Remus said, prompting your eyes to open with curiosity.
Soft smiles decorated both of their faces and though you weren’t looking, you could tell Sirius wore one as well.
Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you positioned yourself cross-legged to be able to look at all three of them. Your eyes searched intently as curiosity ate at you.
James opened his mouth, but only stuttered words came out, “well, baby… you know, I mean I-I know… well… the four of us, hmm.”
Sirius looked to Remus, a silent conversation with their eyes told him everything he needed to know - having discussed this before among themselves.
“What Prongs is trying to say is, we all spend so much time with each other and we have our separate relationships… -well, it all merges in a way, don’t you think?” Remus explained.
You nodded for him to continue, but he didn’t.
Sirius took your hand, looking at Remus who nodded, before he finished their collective thoughts, “do you want to merge it?”
“You mean, all four of us be together?” you asked hesitantly, hoping you hadn’t misunderstood what they were getting at.
“Only if you’re okay with it, darling,” James reassured, even though you were more than okay.
“I am…- and it’s something all of you want?”
“More than anything, bunny.”
The smile you wore could’ve broken your face, your body leaping into Remus’ arms, nestling yourself in his lap. The three of them chuckled, Sirius and James moving so they could engulf you as well.
“Then it’s settled,” Remus sighed. A huge weight lifted off each of your shoulders and a feeling of contentment washed over the room as you stayed in each other’s arms.
“Alright, puppy, gimme a kiss,” Sirius smirked, finally allowed to kiss you.
You dislodged your face from Remus’ neck to look at Sirius, a huge mischievous grin on his face. You glanced at James, asking the silent question ‘are you still sure about this’ but he only smiled encouragingly for you to continue.
So you did, your lips met Sirius’ in a loving kiss, his hands cupping your face as your mouths moulded together; he tasted faintly of smoke and mints, his breath mixing with your own.
The smile you wore seemed to become a permanent feature of your face, your eyes opening to look at Sirius as you pulled apart.
“Prongs turn,” Sirius smirked, moving to James’ side, not giving him a moment to think before he crashed his lips on his.
You watched for a moment as their mouths moved together sloppily.
You leaned in to whisper in Remus’ ear, “you’re gonna tell me that they haven’t done that before,” you giggled. Remus chuckled at the comment, cupping your face with one hand.
“My turn,” he whispered, meeting your lips in a slow kiss.
He was softer than Sirius, not as hungry, but just as passionate.
It all felt surreal, you couldn’t quite wrap your head around the fact that you’d only just woken up from your nap and suddenly you had three boyfriends.
Dinner that evening wasn’t on any of your minds, the only thing occupying your thoughts being each other as you lay in the serenity.
Tags: @justadreamyhufflepuff, @teenwolfbitches28, @emma67, @trouble-in-space, @sciapod, , @nalinijulia, @roonilwazlibswhore, @White_castles, @lexi_shoto, @sprucewoodlover, @blackandlupinsslut, @emmaev, @cedricisnotdead, @Sirius-sugarmomma, @i-love-scott-mccall, @pretty-pop-princess-hs, @pottahishotasf, @velvetcloxds, @m2lily, @biles-bilinskiii, @methblinds, @lunaiswifey, @maraudersbijj, @samaraaaaa, @ildm4ev, @bellatrixscurls, @sabrinathesimp, @princess-jules47, @chanellewts, @remusjlupinisdead, @divanca2006, @dreamy-clouds, @sarahisslytherin, @katmoonz, @daedreamss, @dracomalfoyscslut, @remuslupinsoup, @havenchy, @rxinberryxx, @elesoteri, @pinkcloxds, @mathletemadison,
IMPORTANT! this is the last time I'll be using my taglist, so if you want to be notified for my future work make sure to follow my library account and turn on notifications for it (link to account in my navigation)!
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messers-moony · 7 days ago
Accusations 2 | R.L
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Fem!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader, Eventual Regulus Black X Fem!Reader
Summary: Sirius and Remus come to the wrong conclusion that changes someone’s life forever.
Word Count: 5.4K
Inspiration: Click
It had been years since Y/n had any human contact. She became malnourished and curled onto herself often. This became a habit once she learned that her brother had died. The Minister had been lousy with his Daily Prophet, and Y/n managed to snatch it up. Azkaban taught her skills she’d never thought she’d need, like pickpocketing. 
It had been seven years before someone came to get her in the cell. Y/n didn’t know the guards by name and didn’t care to know them. The male guard with amber eyes and black hair led her to a port key. He didn’t say where he was taking her, but his name tag read Jenkins. Mr.Jenkins and Y/n touched the port key. They had been apparated to the Ministry. 
They got into the lift, and it brought them down to the courtroom. Y/n shivered at the cold and dry air of the hallway. She stood unmoving, but Mr.Jenkins pulled her by the chains making her walk forward. The courtroom was circular, and she was ordered to sit in the middle of the room. The new Minister of Magic stood at the podium - Cornelius Fudge. The jury stood behind him. 
“Today, on December 12, 1988, we will go over the case of Y/n Potter.” Fudge informed, “She was twin sister to James Potter, daughter of Euphemia and Fleamont. Also known to be in a relationship with Remus Lupin, a werewolf who got bitten by Fenrir Grayback at the age of four.”
A woman with a blonde bob hair cut raised her hand, “Excuse me, Minister, but Ms.Potter has been in Azkaban for seven years. Why are we going over her case now?”
A new voice boomed, confident, assuring, “I am.” 
Y/n turned to be face to face with someone she thought was dead. His face was sullen and deathly pale. His eyes were sunk into his face. His once pink freckles turned a shade of brown beneath his eyes. His eyes were beautiful graphite, and his body was defined like Achilles's. He looked like a god. There was only one family that looked like gods. 
“Regulus Black, son of Walburga and Orion Black, brother to Sirius Black.” Fudge introduced.
A man with shaggy red hair interjected, “And how is he credible? He was a Death Eater!”
“Pardon me, sir.” That voice, so smooth and confident, “I proved my disloyalty to the Dark Lord when I found out his secret, which I disclosed with the Minister.”
The man leaned back and made a ‘hmph’ sound. Regulus could feel a smirk wanting to grow on his chapped lips. He hadn’t felt this smug in a long time. He had tried to tame his appearance best he could. His wavy, black locks down to his jaw, which was sharper than a knife. He put on his best dress robes, the same robes from Walburga’s funeral he attended in secret. 
“Now, let’s begin, shall we?” The jury made a noise of agreement, “Mr.Black, you may go on.”
Regulus stood in front of Y/n, “First, I’d like to speak about how she is the twin sister to James Potter. I do not believe that a sibling would betray another.” 
“Objection!” A man yelled, “Sirius has betrayed you before. Your point doesn’t stand.”
“Sirius has never harmed me in any way. All of our duels were for show and never meant to harm another. We’ve only ever used safe spells.” Regulus countered, “My point still stands. Y/n Potter would never hurt her twin.”
“May I also continue that Peter Pettigrew has been confirmed the traitor.” Merlin, smirking, would’ve felt so good, “If this is the conclusion, why is Ms.Potter still in Azkaban?”
Fudge stroked his beard, “Dumbledores orders.”
“And these orders are?”
“She is dangerous and uncontrollable.”
Regulus stared deeply into the baby blue eyes of Cornelius Fudge, “Evidence?”
“I’m afraid we don’t have any, Mr.Black.”
“Then I believe you have been holding Ms.Potter hostage for no reason.” Regulus stated confidently, “And without and verified reason; the Ministry can get into great trouble.”
Fudge glared at the Black brother, “I believe this meeting needs a vote.”
“All in favor of sending Ms.Potter back to Azkaban for being dangerous and unpredictable.”
Twenty hands got raised. 
“All in favor of allowing Ms.Potters exit of Azkaban.”
Over fifty hands raised. 
Regulus smiled at his victory. Fudge hit the gavel onto the podium, “Ms.Potter will be released from Azkaban on December 12, 1988, at 12:47 pm.”
Mr.Jenkins moved his hands, and the shackles fell free. Y/n rubbed her wrists, and it felt good to be able to move freely finally. Regulus walked towards her with a wooden item in his hand. He was taller than her by many inches, and she could’ve sworn that Sirius was never this handsome. Y/n looked a right mess, hair askew, eyes tired and swollen. 
“I believe this is yours, madam.” Regulus handed over her wand. 
Gently, Y/n took her wand from his hand. Their hands brushed ever so slightly. His hands were soft and warm, utterly different than Remus’. His hands were always rough and ice cold. Regulus smiled at Y/n’s expression of happiness. She could see the dimples in his cheeks and the color flowing to the apples of them. His freckles looked so much more beautiful up close. They looked like constellations. 
Maybe it was Y/n’s lousy memory, but she couldn’t remember Regulus ever looking this handsome before. Sirius always talked about being the better-looking sibling, and she never thought twice. But now, standing only three feet away from the younger Black brother, she had to disagree. Regulus had ambition and smugness swirling in his grey irises. His eyebrows were arched in a way of victory, and his lips had a slight curve at the edges. Everything about him screamed elegant and beautiful. Y/n felt out of place standing beside such a graceful being. 
The next day her freedom was all over the Daily Prophet. Remus could remember the owl tapping at the kitchen window while making his tea. He smiled crookedly at the owl and opened the window. A nice dry breeze swept his hair back, and Remus took the paper gratefully. Before letting the owl fly away, he tossed it a sickle. The owl hooted in thanks and flew away. The window closed with a slam. 
Remus sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and paper in hand. However, the tea quickly fell onto the carpeted ground of the flat, and the moving picture on the front of the Daily Prophet made him freeze. It was Y/n sitting in the middle of the courtroom, tousled hair and all. The oversized grey and white striped jumpsuit, the glazed eyes, and the malnourished-looking body. The paper didn’t say exactly who had defended her case, just that it was someone trustworthy to the Ministry. 
Sirius woke up moments later. The Prophet left out on the table, and the tea cleaned up. Remus appeared to be missing from the house. Sirius stretched his arms, his shirt trailing up a bit when he saw the front of the paper. He stopped mid-stretch and just gazed at the woman on the front page. She appeared to be unmoving, but Sirius could see the Minister hitting the gavel on the podium in front of her. He watched a smile take over her features. 
It used to be a smile of comfort, but now it made his stomach churn. Suddenly he wanted to run to the bathroom and throw up every bit of acid in his stomach. He wanted to Oblivate his mind into forgetting what he and Remus had done seven years ago. It was a mistake, and they learned that a month later, but Sirius knew more than anything that it was an unforgivable mistake. Y/n would never forgive them. 
After seeing the Prophet, Remus had apparated to London. He sped walked through people trying to find the red telephone booth to take him to the Ministry. He had never moved this fast in his life after almost missing a job interview that he really needed. After minutes of very slow Muggles, he made it. The telephone booth took him down in the lobby of the Ministry of Magic. It wasn’t long before he found an official at the Ministry. 
“Ma’am!” He called, and she turned, “Do you know where Y/n Potter is?"
The woman scrunched her face up, “No, I do not.”
“Does anyone in the Ministry know?”
“Why would we keep track?” The woman questioned, “The residency of a wizard or witch is not for the Ministry to keep track of.”
Remus flushed, of course, privacy. “Sorry, ma’am. Its just-“
“You were her boyfriend.” She cut off, “Remus Lupin isn’t it?”
“Yes,” Remus put his hand out, and she eyed it with distaste.
“Well, it was good to meet you, but I must be off.”
“Yes, of course.” Remus scratched his neck after being left hanging. 
After being released, Y/n wasn’t sure where to go. Regulus offered to stay at his home. It was a lovely home in the middle of nowhere. He said it had to be so no one could find him, specifically people who thought he was dead. His house was two-story with cherry blossoms all around the property. The driveway was stone and perfectly clean. The house was a faint grey with dark brown accents. The inside smelt like teakwood mahogany. It was a peculiar smell, but it felt so Regulus. 
The house was furnished and painted wonderfully. It was a mix of neutrals and dark furniture, but it wasn’t depressing. It felt light and comforting despite its dark appearance. The carpet in the living room felt pleasant beneath her feet after standing on the concrete for so long. When they apparated outside, Regulus allowed her in first, and he took off his coat, placing it on the rack beside the door. He slipped off his shoes and motioned for Y/n to do the same. She slipped off the boots allowing her moth-eaten socks to hit the flooring in the hallway. 
Regulus made his way to the kitchen immediately after. Y/n suspected it was to make tea or something to eat. To avoid small talk, she walked around the estate. Everything was clean, and no aspect of dust on any of the belongings. In some of the rooms had pictures of the Black family. One picture was of Andromeda and Ted Tonks’ wedding. Another image was of Narcissa and Regulus laughing at something holding champagne. The third picture made her heart melt. It was one of Regulus and Sirius. Sirius had his arms around his brother, holding him close to his chest. It appeared to be taken sometime during Regulus’ first year. 
“Y/n?” Regulus' voice echoed, “Do you want some tea?”
Without thinking, her feet led her to the kitchen. It was glorious. The flooring was grey wood, cabinets dark oak wood, and sage walls. Regulus handed her a white mug with tea, little milk, and one sugar. She took a sip and was surprised it was exactly how she liked it. Y/n had forgotten how she took her tea. It was a minor memory Azkaban ripped from the vault inside her brain. He smiled softly at her look of remembrance. 
“I- um- I remembered from our time at Hogwarts.” Regulus admitted, a soft shade of pink appearing on the apples of his cheeks, “I used to watch Sirius from the Slytherin table, and since you sat beside him, I just remembered over time.” 
Y/n placed the mug gently onto the graphite countertop, “In all fairness, I forgot how I took my tea.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you remember?”
“I remember all the important things.” Y/n answered shortly, “Like being held at wand point by Remus and Sirius. I remember James, everything about him. My mum and dad.”
Regulus went to hold her hand, but she flinched, and he recoiled, “Sorry,” She apologized and took his hand.
“No need to be sorry.” His thumb rubbed the back of her palm, “I understand this will be hard, and I want to help you.”
“Why?” Y/n nodded, “Because you deserve to be free and live how you should’ve. It’s wrong that it was taken from you.”
Regulus’ words melted her heart, and Y/n found herself wishing that she could hug him, “My mum is dead, isn’t she?” 
“Yeah,” Regulus said softly, “Died in her sleep, peacefully only a week after your sentence.”
Y/n swallowed another sip of tea to force the tears away, “How old is Harry?”
“He’s eight.” 
“Where does he live?”
“Lily’s sister's house.” Regulus replied, “Dumbledores orders.”
Y/n scoffed, and Regulus tightened his grip just a little bit, “He’s such a bastard.”
“Tell me about it.” Regulus chuckled, taking a sip of tea; after placing it down, he continued, “He made me fake my death.”
“Because I found something out about the Dark Lord. Dumbledore didn’t want the Dark Lord coming for me after.” Regulus explained, “So I faked my death and moved into the middle of nowhere.”
She smiled softly, “Your house is beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Regulus smiled, fully this time, dimples and all, “I always had better style.”
Y/n laughed for the first time in seven years. Regulus found himself staring in awe as her face creased with laughter. He noticed her cheekbones getting defined, how her hair got tossed back when she laughed, the curl of her lips. Despite years in prison, Regulus still thought she was the prettiest girl in the world. He felt so happy, so accomplished that she blessed him with this sound. He found himself replacing his happiest memory with this one. This, Regulus thought, this is my happiest memory. At this moment, he felt like he could perform the best Patronus, and truth be told, Regulus was never good at the Patronus Charm. 
When she recovered, all Regulus wanted to do was make her laugh again, “Thank you for letting me stay with you.”
“Of course.” He replied like it was nothing; in all honesty, it was, “There’s a bedroom upstairs on the right prepared for you with a bathroom. It’s yours till you’re ready. If you wanted to wash up and begin your life again.”
“Yeah,” Y/n had a relieving smile on her face, “That sounds wonderful.”
The mug on the counter left forgotten Y/n traveled up the stairs. The upstairs was just as beautiful as the ground floor. The room she was given was gorgeous, and Y/n found herself never wanting to leave. The room was a pine color. The bed had grey sheets. The furniture was black. The flooring expanded upstairs, still the same grey wood. This room smelt of a forest. It was calming and made her never want to leave. 
Nonetheless, Y/n got undressed and got into the shower. The shower had been stocked with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other hygienic needs. The products smelt expensive, but it felt terrific to be adequately cleaned. In Azkaban, that was rare. Usually, the guards rushed the prisoners in and out of the shower. After the shower, she looked in the dresser to find some old Slytherin sweatpants and a black t-shirt. She put the clothes on and went to bed. 
Living with Regulus was something Y/n could’ve never imagined. In honesty, it wasn’t all that bad. She actually enjoyed it. It turns out that Regulus is just as charming and funny as his older brother. He was also quick-witted like Remus and twice as bright. Not to mention his youthful energy at times that made Y/n think of James. Back at Hogwarts, you’d never catch cold Regulus Black stuffing his face with marshmallows doing the ‘Chubby Bunny’ challenge with Y/n Potter. 
Y/n wasn’t sure when it happened, but she found herself slowly falling in love with him. It wasn’t because he was the only one around because she had gotten a job at Hogwarts teaching History of Magic. She met many people in her two years at Hogwarts, but her favorite was the summer holidays. It meant more days hanging out with Regulus. But after two years of living together, she adored everything about him. 
His elegance was magnifying. She fell in love with the way he made breakfast every morning, no matter what. How he took his tea - no sugar, splash of milk. He refused to drink tea or coffee out of anything but the mug Andromeda sent him for his birthday after he supposedly ‘died’. She bought the gift before the accident and wanted to send it to him anyway. Y/n fell in love with how he adored his cat because, yes, Regulus Black owned a cat and her name was Lynx. Y/n got introduced to her only hours into living in the house. 
Lynx was a black cat with blue eyes. She was Regulus’ pride and joy. On holidays Lynx would be dressed up in tiny sweaters, and Regulus swore it was so she didn’t get cold. On Y/n’s first Valentine's Day after Azkaban, she found chocolate and flowers on the kitchen island for her. They were HoneyDukes finest chocolate and beautiful lavender roses. Regulus adored the blush that appeared on her cheeks. 
The summer before Y/n had to go back to Hogwarts for her third year of teaching; Regulus asked her out on their first date. Regulus had been incredibly nervous and shy. They had been watching a movie on the couch together; his arm laid lazily around her shoulders when he realized he wanted this forever. He had said it so quietly Y/n had to make him repeat it. But she accepted immediately. 
Before leaving for Hogwarts that year, they began dating. It was new, but it was nice. Y/n hadn’t dated anyone since Remus, who she was completely over. Regulus was a completely different experience. Regulus was fun but serious, nice but mean, smart but stupid, but most importantly, he was loving and caring. Regulus did everything he could to show his love and affection for his new girlfriend. 
On the first day back at Hogwarts, Y/n had come early to set up her classroom. When she appeared at the feast, Y/n saw all the new first years and made eye contact with glittering green eyes. She took her seat at the end of the table. Y/n stared intently at the group of anxious first years as Minvera McGonagall - the Transfiguration Professor - set up the sorting hat ceremony. Multiple names got called, but Y/n had been focusing on one little boy in particular. 
“Potter, Harry!” 
The little eleven-year-old boy took hesitant steps to the stool. He stepped up on the wooden chair, and it allowed Y/n to stare freely. He had messy brunet hair and a defined child face like James but held Lily’s eyes. Harry was lanky like James, but Y/n knew it’d turn into muscle eventually as it had on James back in sixth year. The hat sat on Harry’s head for a little over a minute before calling out the house everyone knew he’d be sorted in. 
Y/n allowed a big smile to take over her face as her nephew raced to the Gryffindor table. Harry got many pats, and a warm welcome like everyone knew he would. After the sorting and the feast, Dumbledore began to speak. He warned about the third story corridor and Mr. Filch that Y/n still held a grudge against. Mr. Filch was the worst ‘caretaker’ ever and was just a grumpy old man asking for pranks which the Weasley twins had done. 
Professor Dumbledore introduced each teacher, “For the introduction of our teachers for the 1991-1992 year goes as follows: Professor McGonagall of Transfiguration, Professor Snape of Potions, Professor Quirrell of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Sprout of Herbology, Professor Vector of Arithmancy, Professor Sinistra of Astronomy, Professor Flitwick of Charms, Professor Trelawney of Divination, Professor Babbling of Ancient Ruins, Professor Kettleburn of Care of Magical Creatures, and finally Professor Potter of History of Magic.”
Harry stopped in his tracks at the last name Potter. He turned to look at the woman with h/c hair and e/c eyes. If he looked close enough, he could see similarities in them both, but he didn’t look too hard. Her smile was beautiful, Harry thought, I wonder if dad had the same smile. 
On Monday, at 10:30 am, Y/n was ready for her first year with Gryffindor and Slytherins. She allowed her students to pick where they wanted to sit and gave them ten minutes of free time to befriend the person beside them. This was her third time doing this activity, and it usually went smoothly. Sometimes kids need to socialize, and most classes don’t allow it. Like every teacher, she began with an introduction of herself and the subject.
“Hello, class!” Her voice was cheerful and welcoming, “My name is Y/n Potter or Professor Potter, whichever you prefer to call me. I’ve been teaching History of Magic for three years now, and I know this subject is usually a boring one, but I try to make it as intriguing as possible. In this course, we cover multiple wars and important people of our history like Nicholas Flamel.”
People looked thoroughly interested, “I was in Gryffindor in my years at Hogwarts, so I do know the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin, so I do hope we don’t run into any issues. My Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs did beautifully this morning. Today we won’t go over any content. I’ll leave the rest of class to ask me questions or get to know your peers. However, tomorrow we will begin, so please come to class prepared.”
Harry always thought of himself to be relatively curious, but despite this woman sharing his last name, he didn’t ask. The wound was still fresh after being lied to by Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon about the truth of his parent's death. Harry thought that rubbing salt on the new cut would do more harm than good.
Everything ran smoothly for Y/n’s first and second year teaching Harry. The summer going into third year Regulus and her got more serious about their relationship. At that point, they had been going out for just over three years, and Regulus couldn’t have been happier. He felt so elated. His shoulders were no longer to his jaw, and his muscles relaxed.
But being kept in seclusion was eating up at him now. He wanted to see Sirius and Andromeda, maybe meet his little cousin Nymphadora that he had heard about. There was no use in going back to Grimmauld Place. Walburga and Orion were dead, much to Regulus’ glee. Despite being so happy with Y/n, Regulus always felt like a part of him was missing.
Y/n would see it in his eyes as he drifted off from reading the Daily Prophet at the kitchen island. His stone eyes held longing and yearning for his elder brother to place an end to the craving he’d been having for years. It was getting tiring, and Y/n could see how restless Regulus was getting. While he worked most of the week at a Muggle job, he still wished to be an average person in the Wizarding community.
A week before the new term started, Regulus and Y/n flooed into Hogwarts. Her office was clean and void of any dust. It held bookshelves - many of them - and notebooks laid askew on the wooden desk. There were many red accents that Regulus had grown to love despite being in a separate house. Gryffindor pride was one thing Azkaban couldn’t even take away.
Y/n took his hand in hers, and they began their walk to Albus Dumbledore’s office. No one was inside the castle walls this early in the term than Dumbledore. They approached the Phoenix and spoke the password ‘Lemon Drops’. The Phoenix spun, allowing the stairs to appear. They both knocked at the door, and it opened with a flick of Dumbledore’s hand.
They were greeted with a small smile and half-moon spectacles, “Professor Potter and Mr.Black, what a surprise.”
Regulus smiled tightly and gripped Y/n’s newly ringed hand, “Or it seems I should be calling you Professor Black?”
“No, sir,” Y/n replied, “Potter works just fine.”
Truth be told, Regulus had only proposed a month ago, and he didn’t want it spreading, “That’s not why we’re here.”
“By all means, take a seat.” Dumbledore gestured to the seats in front of his desk that they took gratefully, “May I offer a lemon drop?”
“No, thank you.” Regulus grimaced, “I’d like to speak with you about my death.”
“Well, I suppose this was going to come up soon enough.”
“I’d like to have a presence in the Wizarding community again.” Regulus continued, “I’d like to be able to see my brother again. Along with my cousins.”
Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, “Do you believe it is wise to do so?”
“I don’t know if you haven’t been reading the news, but Lord Voldemort is on the rise again.” Dumbledore explained, “He’ll know if your disloyalty and you’ll be the first he comes after.”
Regulus had a look of fear on his face before replying, “I’ll be under the protection of the Order of the Phoenix. Wouldn’t that be enough?”
“Perhaps.” He shrugged, “But by making an appearance again, not only will it shock the world, but it’ll put a target on your back. Not to mention a bigger target on Ms.Potter’s back.”
“I’m capable of handling it myself.” Y/n quipped, “If Regulus wants to be free again, he should be allowed to be, free of any guilt as well. Being trapped isn’t a feeling. He’s been trapped for much too long.”
“Fifteen years.” Regulus said monotone, “I’ve been in seclusion for fifteen years.”
Dumbledore allowed a slight smile to grace his features, “By all means, Regulus, the world is yours.”
The meeting came to a close, and they both retreated into Y/n’s office. He flopped down onto an armchair in her office while she swiveled in her desk chair. Regulus’ hair had progressively gotten more tousled as he thought about everything said in the meeting. He was quiet while he thought, allowing Y/n to tidy up her desk.
Regulus had gone thirty minutes quietly mulling over everything when he finally spoke, “I think I’m going to do it.”
“Good.” Y/n said without a second thought, “Maybe then you can become a writer for the Daily Prophet like you’ve always dreamed.”
“Or the Quibbler.” Regulus added, “Mr.Lovegood writes some good stories.”
Y/n chuckled as she sorted through her quills, “I remember him from our Hogwarts days. Always a bit strange, he was, sweet though.”
“Yeah,” Regulus sighed, “I suppose I didn’t really get close with anyone who isn’t in Azkaban right now or a death eater.”
“Hey,” Regulus turned to look at Y/n, “After this announcement, everything will be okay. You’ll get to see Dora and Andromeda again.”
Regulus noticed how she didn’t say anything about Sirius as she went back to organizing her desk. He didn’t want to keep bringing it up, but he wanted a relationship with his older brother now that their parents weren’t in the way. Regulus stood up from the armchair and took her hands into his. Gently he stood up with her. They began swaying back and forth to no music.
“I know I keep bringing this up, and I’m sorry.” Regulus began, “But I’d like a relationship with my brother. And it seems selfish of me to ask you to be okay with it.”
Y/n didn’t say anything, so he went on, “I’m aware that Sirius put you through extreme pain and grief. He’s the reason you didn’t get to say goodbye to your mum or be with your brother one last time. He’s the reason you don’t have Harry in your custody. He took away your freedom, and I will never expect you to forgive him.”
Regulus pulled away to look her in the eyes, “You’re my everything. Soon you’ll be my wife, and I don’t want anything to change that because I love you. I don’t expect you to forgive Sirius, but I’d like to have him in my life.”
“I know.” Her voice was quiet, but her touch was soothing as she caressed his cheek, “I know this is important to you, and I see no issue with it.”
“If- If James was still here,” Y/n swallowed the lump on her throat, “I’d want him with me too.”
Regulus pushed their foreheads together, “You’re so strong.” He pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, “You know that?”
“You tell me every day.”
“Because you are.” He kissed her forehead gently.
The following week it was all over the Wizarding World that Regulus Black had been reported alive and well. Regulus took many interviews with the Daily Prophet, and he did get to meet Nymphadora, who was in Auror training with Mad-Eye Moody. He also got to see Andromeda, who cried upon seeing her little cousin. Y/n had continued teaching while he was meeting all of his family.
One thing she didn’t expect was to see Remus Lupin at the Professor's table.
Dumbledore gave his speech as usual and introduced the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor - Professor R.J. Lupin. Remus caught eyes with Y/n, and they looked sorrowful. Along with Regulus Black’s recent reappearance in the Prophet, news that Peter Pettigrew was near Hogwarts had been released. The actual murderer of James and Lily Potter. Dementors were placed around the castle.
Everything went smoothly until Remus and Y/n had castle duty on the same night. They were at opposite ends of the castle, and yet Remus had still managed to find her. If she knew any less, she would’ve thought it was by coincidence, but she was a Marauder. Y/n knew about the Marauders map, not to mention her alias - Vixen - was on the print.
“Y/n.” Remus panted, “Can we talk?”
Y/n crossed her arms, “I can’t see what there is to talk about.”
“Oh, there’s much to talk about.” Remus replied as he stood to his full height - just two inches taller than Regulus, “I want to apologize for what happened.”
Y/n chuckled bitterly, “You aren’t going to be forgiven. I mean, how fucking dare you. I can’t believe you guys thought I was the traitor. He was my fucking brother!”
Harry had grimaced at her tone; he had followed Professor Lupin around the castle to ask him a question, “Dumbledore had specifically said that you were working with You-Know-Who. How were we supposed to take that?”
“I don’t know!” Y/n stressed, “Maybe ask me about it before pointing your wand at my throat?”
“It was a genuine mistake-”
“A mistake that ruined my life, Lupin!” He looked upset at the mention of his last name, “Seven years! Seven fucking years of misery. Seven years I will not get back.”
“Not only was it seven years. I’m not even allowed to have my nephew in my custody because of my record.” Her voice was low now, “You don’t understand what he’s been through, Lupin. He’s getting abused by Lily’s sister, and there’s nothing I can do about it! They see I’ve been to Azkaban, and that’s all they care about.”
“But you know what, fuck it all right?” Y/n spat, “Because everything that comes out of Dumbledore’s mouth is the truth, right?”
Remus sighed, “I really am sorry. I know you won’t forgive me, and that’s reasonable, but with Regulus being alive now, you’re going to have to be around Padfoot.”
“I’ve known all about Regulus being alive.” Y/n stated, “After all, he’s the reason I’m out of Azkaban.”
“He- He defended you?”
“He did.”
Remus stared appalled, “He’s also my fiancé.”
That was a knife to the heart. Remus’ heart had completely shattered at her tone and the statement that had fallen from Y/n’s mouth. He’d known that she wouldn’t wait for him, but it didn’t help any. Y/n would never forgive him or Sirius. That much was true. They had crossed a boundary and broke trust. Y/n wasn’t going to allow them back into her life no matter how badly he wished.
Remus was left wholly shattered in the middle of the Transfiguration wing.
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hellounicorn · 2 months ago
but anyways while we’re on this topic- may we get a dialogue of reader avoiding the marauders like the plague because of rumors that they’re mean, but the marauders get a little crush on reader
“Aw why not, princess?” James urges when you’d blissfully denied the offer that the three boys had set out of potentially taking you on a date.
“Just one date, pretty girl?” Remus coos as he fiddles with the end of your hair. “What’s the hold-back, love?”
“Cuz..” you sink lower into your desk chair, folding your arms across your chest. “You guys are mean, and don’t act like you don’t know it.”
Sirius scoffs, pushing away a scrawny third year he was just hussling for a dash of money and turning back to you. “What do you mean? We’re absolute sweethearts,”
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“To Indeed be a God.”
Remus Lupin x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Requested? No
Summary: Remus has been avoiding figuring out who his soulmate is for her own protection, but Sirius Black has other ideas…
Soulmate AU
Warnings: starred out swear words, media references that didn’t exist in the cannon time period, Remus’s self loathing, Sirius Black meddling?
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
(Y/l/n) - your last name
(Y/h) - your house
Y’all this took so long. You don’t even know XD, but I’m really proud, so leave a comment if you enjoy! : )
Tumblr media
“To indeed be a god!”
(Y/n) didn’t know what it meant, but she found the quote rather empowering, and that was the point of poetry, was it not? It was an art form, and art is subjective. What she got out of it was what mattered. Of course, her lack of understanding didn’t stop her from scribbling the words on her arm, right underneath the fading image of the last ones. Maybe her soulmate knew what it meant. She’d have to ask him someday. That is to say, if she ever found him.
It wasn’t from a lack of trying. (Y/n) was rather persistent in her endeavors to decipher who she was supposedly eternally tied to. If the dozens of book quotes that littered her arms day in and day out weren’t proof enough, mixed within the scribbles were little notes, asking him his opinion on certain books, or even just how his day was going. And yet, she still hadn’t received a response.
+ + +
“So, what is it today?” Sirius asked cheekily, as he, and the rest of the Marauders, plopped down across from Remus at the Gryffindor table for breakfast. The sandy-haired boy rolled his eyes, but obliged, lifting his sleeve just enough for his friends to take in the messy loops of his soulmates handwriting.
“‘To indeed be a god?’” Remus nodded his head.
“It’s from a muggle movie. Dead Poet’s Society. Or, at least, I figure that’s where she found it.” Remus explained, his eyes trained on his breakfast. Sirius nodded.
“Sounds depressing.” He noted, Remus looking up at him, clearly offended by the comment.
“It’s inspirational. It’s poetry brought to film. But it’s not like you would know anything about that.” James pointed his fork at Remus, borderline accusatory.
“But, clearly your soulmate does. So, tell me again why you won’t answer her?” Remus sighed, looking up at the boys, a pointed look in his eyes.
“You all know good and well why I’ve been ignoring her for this long. And you also know that it kills me. But this is what’s best for her. I can’t get her all wrapped up in my…furry little problem.” The rest of the Marauders frowned at his words.
“Rem, you know that she’s not gonna care. The universe literally made her for you. She’s going to love you. Moony and all.” James tried to reason, but Remus’s attention was on something else.
“I hope you have a good day today! If you ever get bored, you know where to find me. : )”
Remus smiled a little at the note. He knew he wasn’t going to write back, but, Merlin, was this girl perfect. She always knew how to make him feel better, even when he didn’t know he needed it. If only things were different…
+ + +
Remus was actually an idiot. Sirius Black had been searching for years for the person who scribbled relentlessly on his arms daily. He’d give anything to know who it was that the universe claimed was perfect for him. And here Remus was, not even caring that there was a high probability his soulmate was just across the hall, sitting with her friends, laughing and smiling without a care in the world.
Yes, Sirius had an inkling as to who the girl was that was supposedly perfect for his best friend. He’d noticed a few months ago, a girl from (Y/h) holding a book. The same book Remus had explained his soulmate had written about on his arm that very morning.
This could have been a coincidence, of course. Hence why he never mentioned it to Remus. He didn’t want to get his hopes up. But that didn’t mean he didn’t keep the girl, whose name, he learned, was (Y/n) (Y/l/n), on his radar.
It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together. There were only so much one could chalk up to coincidence. One too many matching bits of ink were plenty proof for Sirius to go to Remus with the news, but he had to be sure…
+ + +
“(Y/n)!” Said girl turned abruptly at the sound of her name, only to roll her eyes when she realized who it was.
“Hello, Sirius. To what do I owe the pleasure?” (Y/n) considered herself relatively kind to most people she came across, but the Marauders pushed her buttons on the best of days. Well… not Remus or Peter, but the company they keep turned (Y/n) off the idea of spending her free time with them.
“(Y/n), how are you on this fine day?” Sirius asked casually, beginning the trek to the next class that they, unfortunately, shared. The girl looked at him oddly, before shrugging her shoulders and answering.
“Alright, I suppose. History of Magic was ghastly. Though, I’m sure being friends with Remus Lupin has its intellectual perks.” She noted, earning a gasp of mock offense from the long-haired Gryffindor.
“I’ll have you know, I do my own homework.” He boasted, earning himself a light giggle from (Y/n).
“Ah, yes. I most definitely believe that.” Sirius, apparently not detecting the sarcasm in her tone, continued on.
“Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.” He said, earning another eye roll from the girl, though this one to his face.
“Somehow, I knew this wasn’t a social call.” Sirius chuckled at her attitude.
“I’m afraid not. Though, I must say, if you’d ever like to just hang out, I’d happily oblige.” He wiggled his eyebrows obnoxiously.
“Duly noted.” She commented as they turned a corner, though she was certain she’d never be that bored. That’ll be the day…
“Actually, I’m here today on behalf of my dear friend, Remus.” (Y/n)’s brow furrowed in confusion.
“What about him?” She asked, trying to hide the way she perked up at the name.
It was no surprise that someone as bookish as she, would have had a crush on Remus Lupin. It was practically a rite of passage at Hogwarts to fall for one of the Marauders at some point or another. Though, most of the crushes ended when the boys discovered their soulmates, or rather their lack of soulmate status with the ones who were into them. But, naturally, (Y/n) fell for the one who had yet to find his universally destined life partner. Or, if he had, he certainly wasn’t broadcasting it to the world.
She’d managed to suppress her feelings, mostly, when the sandy-haired boy was brought up in conversation, but that didn’t mean the feelings weren’t still there.
“Could I see your arm for a moment?” Sirius asked randomly, reaching for the appendage, to which (Y/n) pulled back suddenly. It wasn’t like she was trying to hide her ink covered arms or anything. He*l, she wore short sleeves most days in hopes that someone with similar markings might notice and seek her out. But, there was something about the idea of other people reading her little scribbles that rubbed (Y/n) the wrong way. They were supposed to be between her and her soulmate. Not her, her soulmate, and obnoxiously nosy Sirius Black.
He seemed to understand her internal debate and raised his hands in surrender, an apologetic smile on his face.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to be pushy. It’s just, I might know something, but I don’t want to be wrong.” (Y/n)’s eyes lit up. Could he know? Then another thought appeared in her mind…
“It’s not you, is it?” She asked, none too keen on the thought of being tied to Sirius forever. No offense to him or anything, he just wasn’t her type. Sirius let out a barking laugh.
“Trust me, love, if it was me, you would’ve known a long time ago.” (Y/n) sighed with relief, but was still confused. What did that mean? “Can I just see your arm?”
(Y/n) was still on the fence about everything, but he seemed sincere. What was that phrase? ‘Curiosity killed the cat’? (Y/n) hoped that wasn’t going to be the case, as she held out her most recent addition to the dark haired boy. She heard his breath hitch in his throat and pulled away sharply.
“What?” But Sirius didn’t respond. “What is it?” (Y/n) was getting nervous now. Finally, the boy seemed to shake himself out of his stupor and a wide grin grew across his features.
“Oh, have I got someone who’ll want to meet you…”
+ + +
Remus didn’t know what he expected to happen that day, but it certainly wasn’t this. He’d been perfectly content, working on his homework in the courtyard, when it happened; when his world was thrown off its axis by none other than Sirius Black himself. Well, Sirius Black and company…
“Padfoot… who’s this?” He greeted politely, the attractiveness of the girl standing beside Sirius not going unnoticed by the boy, but he opted to ignore it for the time being. Who knows, with the way Sirius was grinning like a maniac, this girl could be his soulmate or something. Remus wouldn’t want to get in the way of that.
“Remus Lupin, I would like you to meet my friend (Y/n) (Y/l/n).” (Y/n) rolled her eyes a little at the comment.
“”Friend” is a bit of a stretch. But, hi. I don’t know why I’m here, but it’s nice to formally meet you.” Remus liked her smile. It was pretty. He*l, everything about her was pretty. Sirius’s annoyed groan knocked him out of his thoughts.
“Do I have to do everything myself?” He asked rhetorically. “Now what was it, something about “indeed I’m god”?”
“To indeed be a god.”
Remus’s eyes widened as the words didn’t just come from his mouth, but (Y/n) (Y/l/n)’s as well. She held the same shocked expression, as Sirius smirked.
“I suppose, I’ll leave you two to it then… have fun!”
+ + +
Of all the people it could have been, of course (Y/n)’s soulmate would have ended up being the boy she’d been crushing on for years. There was something almost poetic about it. Even more so when you take into account the pained look on his face at his own realization.
(Y/n)’s soulmate didn’t even want to be with her. She registered. The irony was heart wrenching. It hadn’t been lost on the girl, the never ending array of long sleeves Remus Lupin wore. She never thought he’d been hiding anything, until now. She never understood he’d been hiding from her.
But it was the only thing that made sense; why he didn’t seem to have a soulmate hanging around, why she could never for the life of her remember a day when he hadn’t covered up his forearms, no matter the weather. And why she’d never gotten an answer back.
Remus Lupin didn’t want a soulmate. And (Y/n), well… (Y/n) was just collateral damage.
“Y-you…you’re my-“ Remus started, but (Y/n) cut him off.
“No! I mean… yeah, I suppose I am. But you don’t have to- I mean… I know you didn’t want this…” (Y/n) glanced towards her feet, not wanting to see the look on his face, that she knew would just confirm her words. “I’ll leave you alone now…” And then she turned on her heels, fully intending to walk away, maybe go cry in a dark corner in the library for a while, at least, to get it out of her system. But, suddenly, a voice stopped her in her tracks.
“I’m sorry it had to be this way… but I can’t let you get hurt because of me.” It was at this point that (Y/n) finally turned to look at him, the pained expression still there, but perhaps she hadn’t read it entirely right the first time? (Y/n) thought back to everything she knew about the boy. What could he mean? Then, all at once, it clicked.
“Because you’re a werewolf?” Remus turned white as a sheet, and that was all the proof (Y/n) needed. She hadn’t been entirely sure of her accusation until his reaction, but it explained everything.
“H-how did you-“ (Y/n) gave him a look.
“Oh, please. I’m not an idiot. You’re out ‘sick’ once a month, coincidentally on the same night as the full moon.” She started explaining. “Not to mention you smell like a dog most days. Of course, so does Sirius, but he probably doesn’t shower. Anyways, that’s besides the point.” She shook her head at herself for getting off track. “I don’t care, Remus. I like you just the way you are.” At that, the boy laughed bitterly.
“You don’t even know me.” He fired back in defensive. (Y/n) wasn’t deterred, however. She knew she’d hit a nerve, but she could tell some of her words were getting through to him.
“I know you run your hand through your hair when you’re stressed about something, and you’ve read half of the library.” She started, listing off the weird collection of fun facts she’d noticed about him over her years of crushing. Merlin, she hoped she didn’t sound like a stalker. Well, too late to turn back now… “I know you grew up with muggles so you’re not nearly as interested in that class as you pretend to be so you can help James and Sirius with their homework. I know you don’t condone some of their more… fantastical ideas, but you go along anyway because you’re afraid, if you don’t, they’ll get bored of you. But you know deep down they never would.” His gaze turned to his shoes, as she pressed on. “I know you like cinnamon and whipped cream in your hot chocolate, and you’re good at practically everything, except maybe potions, but you’d never ask anyone for help because you don’t want to be a bother.” She’d stepped closer to him during her speech, finally stopping when she was mere feet away. “And I know you’re just trying to protect me, but I don’t need protecting. Especially not from someone as caring as you.”
+ + +
Remus was speechless. He wasn’t even aware of some of the things (Y/n) was rambling on about, but there wasn’t an ounce of his being that didn’t believe them to be true. And he found himself hanging on her every word, his heart clenching as he took in the fact that, all this time, while he’d been trying desperately to ignore her, (Y/n) had been doing quite the opposite, and pining after him from afar. The thought made him feel even worse. He always figured he was pushing her away to protect her, but now, he realized, he was just protecting himself from being rejected because of the monster inside of him.
But here she was, (Y/n) (Y/l/n), the most perfect girl in the whole world, wanting to be with him, wolf and all, and all she asked in return was for him to let her. Remus was ready to melt then and there.
Perhaps there were things he and the boys could do to keep her safe. He already went down to the Shrieking Shack on full moons to protect the school. As long as he could make sure she was in the castle during his time of the month, everything would be fine. And then when they graduate…
They’d figure that out when they got to it. But, one thing Remus knew for sure was that, he couldn’t turn his back on her again. Not when she was right here in front of him, not when she was so close.
But first, he owed her something…
Remus pulled a sharpie from his pocket, covered in lint and dust, but clearly brand new, as if he’d had it for months, but, only now, found the courage to use it as he’d intended. He glanced up at her briefly as he wrote, taking note of the confused expression on her face, and trying not to swoon at the little head tilt that reminded him so much of a puppy. He could wallow in her cuteness later, right now, he had to finish his scribbles…
+ + +
“Carpe Diem.”
On her wrist, in the neatest handwriting she’d ever seen. (Y/n) had to think for a moment before she remembered the scene from the movie, when Mr. Keating mumbled it, so purposefully, to the boys.
“Carpe Diem…”
“Seize the day.” Remus practically whispered, through a deep blush.
She looked up at him in question. Did he mean what she thought he meant?
“(Y/n),” he started, forcing himself to meet her confused, but now hopeful, gaze. “I’m gonna be a monster once a month for the rest of my life, but it’s not fair to you for me to be one the rest of it to.” Before (Y/n) could interrupt and refute his claims of being a “monster,” Remus continued. “You deserve a soulmate. I can’t take that away from you. I won’t. And I’m gonna apologize every single day for your crappy luck in getting saddled with me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t also try my hardest to be the best man I can be, for you.” He coughed awkwardly as he realized what he’d forgotten. “That is, if you’ll still have me?”
+ + +
She didn’t answer immediately. Remus felt like his heart was going to jump right out of his chest if she didn’t say something, anything to end this terrible anxiety. Merlin, he should of just let her walk away. She clearly wanted to walk away. ‘She probably doesn’t even want you anymore. You totally blew it.’
His thoughts were interrupted however by a small force knocking the wind from his lungs.
(Y/n) was hugging him. He was shocked still, for only a moment, before he wrapped his own arms around her back, nuzzling his nose into her hair. She smelled really good. It was intoxicating.
“Don’t let go.” He mumbled, tightening his grip. Remus wanted nothing more then to hold her like this forever. He couldn’t focus on anything else. If he died right then, he’d die happier then he had ever been.
“I wasn’t going to.” He heard and his smile widened. Why on Earth had he avoided this for so long? Everything was perfect.
“So should I take this as a yes?” He asked, cheekily, though a part of him still nervously awaited her assurance. He sighed in relief as he felt her nod against his chest before she spoke.
“Yes, Remus. Absolutely yes.”
“To indeed be a god.”
He grinned.
Never in his life had Remus Lupin felt so…
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wrathspoet · 8 days ago
Annotations (0.8k)
summary: remus steals your book and annotate it
warnings: none really
pairing: remus lupin x gn!reader
a/n: this was soooo short, I'd make it longer if I wasn't so busy. I managed to sneak some time in to write this. Hopefully I'll actively get back within a week but for now I hope you enjoy this <3
You looked everywhere for it. Under the bed, in your bags, even in your dorm mates' drawers. But the book never turned up. You tried to trace back to the moment where you had last seen it.
With ... Remus Lupin.
Your cheeks warmed up again at the thought of him. Just a day ago, you were bundled up with him in the quiet confinement of your dorm room. It was in the afternoon and classes had just ended for the day. Marlene was out with Dorcas, and Lily was just trying to disappear from James Potter once more.
You ran your thoughts back to Remus, who was complaining about how you were running your book. "C'mon, Y/n. You're practically trashing the book." He groaned, dramatically rolling his eyes.
You laugh at him, shoving him with your elbow. "This is just my thought process, and it looks pretty." You mused peacefully while laying back on your bed, the book on your knees.
"Alright, well. Can we do something else? You haven't even looked at me with that book in hand." He commented.
You turn your face to him, "Why don't you grab a book and read next to me, Rem." You offered, your free hand patting the empty bed space beside you.
Remus brushed you off, "I read plenty, and I don't read much romance anyways."
You scoff, "Alright, give me a second. I'll finish this chapter and we'll do something."
That was the end of it, you remembered dropping the book on your bed and spending the rest of your day with Remus. So it couldn't have been him, could it? And besides, he doesn't read much romance.
You were still frantic about the book, wondering into the library to check if it was there somehow. You knew it wouldn't be, even after flitting your eyes up and down three whole tall shelves. So eventually, you gave up and sat down on one of the tables near the edge of the library.
It was quiet, definitely a scene where you would relax. But your mind wouldn't shut up, still tracing back the steps of where you last left it— or where you accidentally placed it.
A snap of fingers drew you out of the small trance, "Hey! I've been looking for you forever." A voice said, belonging to Remus as you saw who it was.
You nod at him, staying silent while you watch him grab a seat on your opposite side. As he settled down, he grabbed a book out of his satchel and set it down on the table. "So listen—"
"Is that my book—?" Your question sounding more like a statement with how high your voice was.
Remus flushed, the thing he predicted turned out correct. He knew he shouldn't have taken the book from her bed that day, he didn't even enjoy romance books. But there was just something about the way you focused on annotating the book that made his heart beat faster.
Remus held his hands in front of you defensively, "Yes. This was supposed to be a surprise. I mean, you're definitely surprised— but I wanted to— to uh—" words seemed to fail him as he faltered, being his tongue down to shut himself up. His then extended his hand with the book, handing it over to you.
"Remus, if you wanted to borrow it you should've said something. This is my favorite book, and I was looking for it all day, so—"
Remus bit his lip, "Just skim over it." He said, his expression now looking a little more proud.
You did so, turning over the creased pages to see ... something. There was more ink on the book than the print itself. There was Remus' messy scrawl on the front, a little message written just for you. When you turned toward the end of the book, the lines between the words were lined in many different colors— making you smile at the messy but playful new look.
"Oh. This is— This is actually really beautiful, Rem. Thank you." You say, slightly flustered at how he was making you feel with this.
By this, you mean Remus annotating a full romance book for you. And you were willing to bet he rolled his eyes or scrunched his nose at a few scenes of the book. But there was his messy handwriting, lines of colorful ink, and pages folded to indicate some of the interesting scenes of the book.
"Mhm. I figured you'd like it." He simply said, smiling warmly at you.
"I love it." You tell him genuinely, "But I thought you didn't read much romance?" You couldn't help but ask.
Remus chuckled, "Well, what is much?" He questioned back, making you roll your eyes and scoff at him playfully.
"You're lucky I like you, Lupin. If anybody else did this to my book then I'd physically strangle them." You warn him, shaking your head slightly.
Remus leaned closer to you, "What do you say about going to Hogsmeade with me this weekend? To treat me back." He bites his lip to avoid grinning so big.
You chuckle, shaking your head at his shameless proposition. "Mm, of course."
—@ wrathspoet
general taglist: @regulusblackswhorecrux
marauders: @risingtripletaurus @athenapotter /send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist!
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robiedreamland · a month ago
And let it all out
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
Warnings: NSFW, edging, p!links, overstimulation, titty sucking, fingering, cum, spit, praise and two times word of slut, mocking, dom!marauders/sub!reader, safeword used, pet names, throwing up, crying, aftercare
Let me know if I forgot anything
Summary: It wasn’t the best idea to edge you for so many times
Words count: 3 492
Pairing: Remus John Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter x fem!reader
Gif credit: @repetitionofagony
Read me: If you see any mistakes, please let me know. English isn’t my first, not even second, language and reminding me of some mistakes would help a lot. Also, feel free to interact.
☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒ ☽ ☼ ☾ ⭒
“Oh c’mon, puppy, that’s what you wanted, right? Someone to touch you so now we’re touching.” Sirius taunted as his thumb was making slow circles on your clit once again. His movements were torture, but pretty sweet torture that made joy travel through your body.
“No, please.” you begged and looked at the side for James who could ground you a little bit. He caught your exhausted gaze and gave you a supportive smile but he still said “Don’t look at me like that, I won’t help you.” he chuckled as he stroked his hard cock.
You whimpered in hopelessness when you felt your tummy tightening again and you were about to cum. Just a few seconds with Sirius fingers and you would cum.
“Shit, Siri please, let me cum, I’m close.” you begged and he devilishly chuckled. That wasn’t good. He stopped his movements on your clit, then he gave it a few taps that made you feel like you’re on fire and you squirmed in overstimulation. Then his thumb came back and was making fast movements on your clit.
“We’ll see.” Sirius laughed. “Hold it.” he warned when your breathing was starting to pick up. “Siri I can’t.” you cried out and just when you were about to cum, his hand pulled away.
“Fuck no.” you cried and gripped the sheets to ground yourself from the new weird feeling in your tummy that came with another ruined orgasm.
Sirius stepped away and gave Remus full access to you. “No need to cry, princess. We’ll give you what you,” he leaned down to stroke your cheek with his knuckles and wipe some tears from your face. He gave a reassuring soft smile and you felt grounded a little bit. Your breathing was slowly getting in order and your close high went down again.
“Just not now.” he finished his sentence and his other hand delivered a slap on your cunt. You squirmed away from his hand but he caught you. “Aw, poor little thing, so sensitive.” Remus mocked as he scrunched down to see your cunt. He smirked when he saw your cunt all puffy and swollen and glistening with your wetness and their spit.
“So wet, and all for us.” he said more to himself before he spread your pussy lips with thumbs where he massaged the area and gave your clit a quick kiss. “Remus, please.” you bucked your lips and James laughed. “Don’t be so desperate, you little slut.” James mocked and pinned you down with hand on your tummy. Yeah, that wasn’t helping that new sensation.
Sirius only chuckled behind Remus’ back and came to your other side where he could see all the action. Your desperate look made his cock even harder to the point where it could hurt, leaking with pre-cum.
“Spit.” Sirius ordered when he placed his palm in front of your face and you spit on it. “Good girl.” he smiled with satisfaction and wrapped his leg around his hard cock.
“C’mon princess, spread your pretty legs for me.” Remus demanded and placed his hands on your thighs and pried your legs open. “Good girl.” he praised while James started leaning down to your breast to suck on your tit. “Again? You’re such whore for her boobs, James.” Sirius taunted and James rolled his eyes with a wink to you at the end while showing middle finger to him. He gave your nipple a slow lick to study your scrunched face before he licked it more. When your nipple was hard enough, he wrapped his lips around your bud and his teeth sank into the area around, making you gasp in pleasure. “Holy shit.”
“If that feels good, wait until I do this.” Remus chuckled as his pointing finger came in contact with your wet entrance where he circled his finger around the hole. Your wetness dripped out of your hole and Remus victoriously chuckled . “Such a desperate thing. You and your pretty pussy.” he mocked as you felt his two fingers slowly pushing into you.
He started with a quick pace, squishing and squelching sounds filling the room louder and louder with your mewls and moans. Remus curled up his fingers up to your special spot and you broke with a pornographic moan while James sucked harder on your nipple. Remus only laughed when he felt how you clenched around his fingers, knowing damn too well you’re close.
“Please, can I cum?” you begged them as you felt your tummy tightening again with that weird feeling again. “No.” Remus chuckled and slowed his pace until you calmed down, yet, he still left his fingers in you, feeling how you loosen up and tensed around them with your breathing.
“You’re doing so good, little one.” James mumbled around your nipple and looked up at you with a reassuring smile. You heard moans and grunts above you and you locked your eyes with Sirius. “Fuck, gonna come on your pretty tits.” he panted and after that you felt his warm cum falling on your tit next to James’ face. “Fucking hell.” he groaned as his orgasm was still washing over him. Remus smiled at his boyfriend and collected your arousal. “Have a taste, she’s always so sweet.” Remus raised his fingers to Sirius’ lips and he wrapped them around his fingers. He hummed at your taste and closed his eyes. He let them go with a soft pop and leaned to your face. “So fucking good.” he kissed you with all the passion. The kiss was hot and heated, making you taste yourself when he thrust his tongue into your mouth.
Remus chuckled and brought his fingers back to your entrance when he pushed his finger back and started thrusting his fingers in and out of you. He speeded up his pace once again while massaging your g-spot.
His other hand found your clit and he quickly drew circles on it over and over again as his fingers were pumping in and out at an abnormal pace and you felt like you could explode. “Open your mouth, pumpkin.” Siris whispered and dug his fingers into his cum on your boob. You obeyed and stuck your tongue but. He smiled and put his fingers covered in cum into your waiting mouth. “And suck.” and you did. “Such a good slut, look at her.” Sirius patted your head and you smiled at that degrading praise.
Remus hummed in agreement and quickened his pace with his fingers on you. “Cum, I know you want to. Make a mess on my fingers.” Remus urged when he felt your arousal dripping down on his fingers to his wrist and on the bed.
“C’mon pumpkin,” Sirius moved to your other nipple where he circled around the bud with the rest of the cum. “Cum for Remmy. Be a good little girl and make a big mess.” he smirked and you nodded, lost in pleasure. Your tummy twisted with knots and your walls squeezed around him once again. “Gonna cum!” you gasped and when James bit your nipple, you came with a scream. Your wetness dripping and flowing around Remus’ fingers, down on bed. “Here we go, good girl.” he praised. “But we are not done yet.” he faked a pout and that’s when you realised that he didn’t stop his movements on your cunt. You whimpered and he only laughed. “Take it, you wanted to cum, now take it.” he urged.
“Just one more, yeah?” Remus quickly changed his behaviour when he saw the tears collecting in your eyes and you nodded. To be honest, his calm and sweet face wasn’t matching to the torture that his fingers were making on your pussy.
You felt you’re about to burst and snap, but not in that sweet euphoric mind blowing way.
The weird feeling that Sirius pulled out with your ruined orgasm was getting stronger and stronger. Some tears escaped your eyes and fell into your sprawled hair.
Remus was scissoring his fingers and that feeling was only getting stronger and stronger. At this point, it started to hurt and the pleasure you were getting was running away and even James pampering your breast couldn’t make it all worth it.
“Remmy…” you cried out. “You deserve to come after your pretty cries.” he chuckled. The weird feeling was getting stronger and higher until it triggered your whole body when Remus added a third finger into your entrance and James bit you too much, that’s what it did.
“No! Stop! Red!” you yelled and squirmed away. The second your safeword left your lips all of them pulled away and watched how you were getting your limb body up from laying position.
“Bunny, you alrig-” Remus didn’t even get to finish the sentence because you ran from the bed to the bathroom on your trembling legs. Sirius was right behind your back as he tried to catch you and help you. You found the sink and grabbed the surface with all the strength that was left in you right before your stomach started doing somersaults and you started throwing up. So that was the weird feeling in your tummy.
Sirius placed a hand on your bare back and started doing slow circulars motions to calm you a bit. “Good job, just let it all out, pumpkin.” he whispered and turned the water on.
Remus and James got into the bathroom with a guilty and regretting look on their faces and waited for a moment. They were looking at each other and tried to understand what just happened and what they should do to help you. James came closer to the bathtub and grabbed the washcloth and drenched it in cold water.
You choked on your vomit and started crying as it was getting harder to breathe. Remus quickly jumped to your other side and tilted your head up to him. “Let me help you, princess.” he silently begged and you nodded through your watery eyes. Remus shoved two of his fingers into your open mouth and triggered your gag reflex a couple of times. You coughed when you felt your stomach tightening again and it brought more tears into your eyes.
“And let it all out.” he whispered as you lowered your head to the sink again. Remus grabbed your hair and put them in a lower bun in an attempt to give you better access.
After a minute it all stopped and now you are here and coughing for your dear life. “Hey, little love.” James whispered behind you and placed the cold washcloth on your forehead. You leaned against Sirius' shoulders as tears continued falling from your eyes. “You did so well, so so well, such a good girl, good job.” Sirius continued to whisper praises into your ear and placed a kiss on your head. Your body got suddenly all weak and if Sirius’ wasn’t supporting you with James’ you were sure you would fall.
Your crying didn’t stop, to be honest, you felt really awful and sick right now and all that was on your mind was that your body was in pain and your body started to shake.
All of them were worried. They were worried that they somehow hurt you during sex and you’re in pain because of them. That they scared you somehow. That you feel the feeling of guilt for saying your safeword because they all knew how your mind works.
“Darling?” Remus sang after a while. You opened your eyes and saw his worried face. “Hi there.” he greeted and you nodded. “What do you think about bath and little talk?” he asked and you nodded again. Remus jumped from the surface and with a simple movement of his wand the huge bath was filled with lukewarm water.
“Take my hand, petal.” James said as he grabbed your arm to help you walk to the bath.
Sirius got in front of you and sat you into his lap as he held the cold washcloth on your forehead.
“You’re shaking, poppet, take a deep breaths, please.” Sirius said and kissed your cheek and you did what he told you, as he took a deep breaths with you. “That’s it, good job, pumpkin.” James praised and kissed your shoulder. “Where’s Remmy?” you asked your boyfriends and cried when you didn’t feel Remus’ presence.
“I’m right here, bunny.” Remus said from the other side and then you felt the water rise as he stood in the bath. “Just had to get something.” Remus explained and you turned your head to him. You saw him holding a big bottle with water and ice, some snacks and other stuff. He put his things on the windowsill behind Sirius and looked back at you. “Drink up, love.” he said and put the straw from the bottle closer to your lips. “Good, that’s it.” he smiled and patted your head. “Now, you need help from this little friend.” he joked and showed you the small pill. “Open your mouth, please.” he said and you did what he told you. “And drink.” he brought the straw back to your lips. Then he took the washcloth from your forehead and cleaned your lips. “There we go.” he smiled and you opened your mouth to thank him but all that came from you was a small burp. “Sorry.” you mumbled with tears and all of your boyfriends laughed. “Good job, little one. Keep going.” James said and stroked your sweated cheek.
“Then we will get some snacks into you.” James said as he looked for the best snack for you. You sighed in relief and placed your head back on Sirius's shoulder. “Thank you.” you mumbled and closed your eyes. “You don’t have to, puppy.” Sirius said and rubbed your back.
“Y/N/N…” James started. “We are so sorry.”
“We promise we didn’t want to force you into something while you’re sick.” Remus said. You looked up into his eyes and saw that he was truly sorry and worried.
“I know, it’s okay, my loves.” you smiled at him and nuzzled more into Sirius's neck, but still looked at them.
“It’s not, we are really sorry.” Sirius spoked this time and played with your hair while he splashed the ends of your hair.
“How is your mind, pretty girl? Isn’t it a little bit foggy?” Remus asked, he had to make sure you’re not in subspace, it would be harder to communicate with you.
“No, I’m right here.” you confirmed and took his hand under the water.
“And did you eat something bad or… what happened?” James raised his eyebrow and sat next to Sirius, grabbing your legs and putting them on his lap. He grabbed the spongie and poured some on it. He lifted up one of your legs and started washing it and massaging every sore spot on it.
“I was eating with you for the whole day. And I liked the night, but then I felt a weird feeling in me and I thought it would disappear but then I came and Remmy was continuing and then it hurt and then I was throwing up.” you sniffled because the yucky feeling of throwing up was still in you.
“Oh puppy, we are really so sorry.” Sirius was truly sorry and wiped away your tears
“We promise we won’t get you into this point ever again.” Remus promised and kissed your hand he was holding.
“It’s okay.” you promised back, because you really knew that they didn’t mean it.
“Little one…” James sighed and you turned your head to him. “Stop saying that it’s okay. We are really sorry.” James changed legs and repeated the whole process.
“Alright, I’ll take your apologies after Holiday in France.” you joked.
“You have it.” James seriously said and all of you looked at him with a surprise.
“I'm joking.” you nervously chuckled. The thing was that James was a little bit crazy about this. Once Remus joked about having a chocolate organisator and well, now you have a big chocolate organisation in the room.
“I'm not. You have it.” James nodded his head.
“You don’t have to. This is enough.” You pointed at all of them and smiled.
“Fine then.” he frowned but in his head he already planned when is the best time to visit France.
“Come here, pretty girl.” Remus mumbled. It was a little test. If you’re somehow mad at him or scared of him, but when you jumped into his arms, he knew that everything he did was forgotten. “Owie.” you whimpered a little bit when you moved a little bit too much and through your stomach and pussy went a sharp pain.
“Carefully.” Remus reminded you and kissed your temple.
“I’m so sorry, princess. I promise I never wanted to bring pain to you.” Remus apologized once again and you only foolishly smiled at him. “I know, my precious boy, it can happen and it’s okay, I forgive you.” you whispered only to him and kissed the scar on his chest. “Thank you.” He closed his eyes in relief and hugged you.
Rest of the bath was calm and full of bubbles. Even when the water wasn’t hot and warm as usual, it was still relaxing and the way Remus massaged your scalp was so calming that you fell into limb and your head fell against Remus chest and they had to wake you up. “Stay up for a few minutes, poppet.” Sirius laughed and booped your nose.
“And here we go, good job.” James praised you as he put the last item of clothes on you. “Thank you, Jamie.” you yawned. “Wanna sleep, can we sleep now?” you looked up at all of them and they all nodded. “Of course, anything you want.” Sirius said and you didn’t wait for them and crawled into the middle of the king sized bed.
“Show me your belly.” Remus said from behind you and you turned on your other side, showing your clothed tummy to him. “Nellie is here to help.” he explained and put the warm plushie on your tummy. “Or at least it should.” he said and you giggled. “Thank you.” you thanked him and Remus started tucking you in. “Are we gonna cuddle?” you asked.
“Of course, we are just tucking you in so you can be in warmth and make the pain go away and still have some personal space.” Remus explained and laid next to. “Wanna feel you.” you frowned and leaned with your head into his chest. “I’m right here, lovebug.” Remus kissed your forehead and stroked your hair.
“And I’m also right here.” James chuckled and you felt his body behind you, then his arm around your waist.
“I’m gonna read to you.” Sirius excitedly exclaimed and grabbed the nearest book full of fairy tales.
“Pick a number from 1 to 578.” he said as he sat at the end of the bed.”
“69!” James quickly said and Remus rolled his eyes, you giggled and agreed with him.
“Alright, very well,” he cleared his throat and dramatically tossed his hair. “Gold tree and Silver tree.” He read the title of the chapter and all of you waited for the story. James started slowly and softly stroking your stomach over Nellie and even though he stroked only Nellie, you still felt his touch. “Once upon a time there was a king who had a wife - why not a husband?” Sirius raised his eyes from the book. “Because the story is homophobic, continue.” Remus said and tiredly laughed. “Whose name was Silver tree, and a daughter, whose name was Gold tree. - First of all: why would you name your daughter and wife after trees?”
“The king didn’t name his wife.” Remus pointed.
“Whatever,” Sirius frowned. “Second of all, why do they have the same name? I would understand if the king and his wife had two daughters and they named them after trees, but at this point it sounds like his wife is his kid.” he explained.
“Wait!” you raised your head.
“What?” James worriedly asked.
“What if the wife, Silver tree, has two other sisters. Like Gold and Bronze trees and she is just one of them and she likes those names so much that she named her daughter after that.” you explained. Suddenly your brain was working in full mode.
“That’s smart!” Sirius pointed.
“Ew, they’re gonna fuck to have two other daughters.” you scoffed and Sirius laughed.
“That’s enough. Sirius, read without any other interrupting and you, young lady, you better be sleeping in two minutes and don’t talk until you wake up.” Remus laughed and shoved your head back to his chest and started playing with your hair once again.
“Mfine.” Sirius rolled his eyes and started reading once again.
And Remus was right, not even two minutes and you already passed out due to all of the soft touch and beautiful Sirius’ voice.
— (something I imagined playing while taking the bath) —
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gotkindabored · 5 months ago
How Easy You Are to Need ☽ R.L
It’s only when James and Lily made a move to chat with Remus was when she fumbled around with his zipper, pulling down agonizingly slow as she unbuttoned the top. Her head shifted, just enough to have his face in view but still be able to talk with Sirius without causing suspicion.
OR... frustrated with Remus’ lack of attention, Y/N decides to take matters into her own hands.
Pairing: Remus Lupin x F!Reader
Word count: 4.5k
Warnings: Shameless smut, dom/sub, sub!reader, mean!Remus, edging, degradation, praise, overstim, unprotected smut, names like dumb, puppy, slut, rough smut, aftercare! A few tears, participants are 18+, hair pulling.
Marauders Masterlist | ao3
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual content. If you are not 18+, do not read. Remember to practice safe sex and do not use these stories as an educational reference.
Remus was being distant.
Although, he hadn’t been doing it purposely. After all, they’d been busy with studying for their upcoming NEWTs and Remus had a plethora of other priorities like his study group, planning out his future and of course, being a Marauder; pranking the school, wreaking havoc in the last few months they still had left before graduating.
But it’s been over a month now and the only physical contact they had were quick pecks and hand squeezes. They didn’t even have time to hold each other or be alone without the other Marauders or Remus hauling himself in that damned library everyday. He was stressed, beyond stressed but she’d been too; leaving her bereft like this was only adding to that stress.
He’d been neglectful. Beyond neglectful. And she wanted attention. Was that so much to ask from her own boyfriend?
And now, sitting in the back of the library with the rest of the Marauders and Lily, textbooks and parchment strewn on the desk in front of them, it didn’t help that Remus looked heavenly in the dim, golden light. It warmed his skin, giving him a youthful dewy glow in the heated May weather. It highlighted his soft messy curls that cascaded slightly over his eyes before having to push them back. It looked like a halo. His most prominent features were highlighted from the shadows and eyes flashing a molten gold, completely obscuring any green in his eyes.
It was hard not to want — no, need Remus. That was extremely easy. But how could it not be when he looked like that?
She wanted his attention and an idea popped in her head.
Luckily, she knew exactly how to get it. Although risky, the reward was greater.
As Remus spoke with Lily, sharing notes as James peered over her shoulder to copy, Remus’ hand settled on her knee, thumb grazing back and forth mindlessly and the action had her melting in his touch. Y/N revelled in it, so touch starved it was pathetic.
She moved her action into plan.
It started with light touches on his arm before travelling down, disappearing underneath his shirt. Remus looked down to her, smiling tiredly yet brightly, pressing a quick kiss to her temple. The action caused false disgust to emanate around the table and therefore, losing Remus’ attention. Again.
“You guys are disgusting. Get a room!” James whined, sticking his tongue as his face screwed into a tight grimace.
“Sod off,” her boyfriend rolled his eyes. “We did not go through six years of you whining about Evans for you to say that.”
Lily blushes while James throws his hands up, two palms facing him defensively. “Got me there.”
Remus’ hand pulled away from her leg, going to grab a book and flicked through the pages, leaving her greedy, craving more.
One hand moved under the table, slipping to his inner thigh. Remus didn’t seem to even notice, eyes reading sections of his book so fast his eyes were blurred. That was until her fingers travelled to ghost across his clothed bulge when Remus’ head finally perked up, eyes hardening. He stays impeccably still, his breathing hitching as he goes back to read his book, but his hand travelled down, grabbing her wrist in a warning.
A delicious pink tint flushes his face and then he pulls away.
“Sirius,” she drawled, continuing to palm Remus. Her eyes hopped up to him, to make sure he was okay with her ministrations as he eyed her wry. Nonetheless, he gives a small, curt nod, curiosity burning behind his eyes and goes back to reading his book but she doesn’t miss the way his adam’s apple bobs and breathing becomes shallow. “I don’t understand this part in Transfigs. Could you explain?”
Sirius is happy to oblige, as he takes her textbook, highlighting sections. “You see, it’s actually not that hard, it’s about memorizing these parts…” As he rambled, Lily, James and Peter were all talking amongst themselves, Y/N went to move her hand, rubbing the ever-growing outline of Remus’ cock before trailing down his thighs and up his happy trail to build up anticipation. She side-eyed him as he clenched his jaw and leg started to bounce up and down.
It’s only when James and Lily made a move to chat with Remus was when she fumbled around with his zipper, pulling down agonizingly slow as she unbuttoned the top. Her head shifted, just enough to have his face in view but still be able to talk with Sirius without causing suspicion.
Tracing feather-light touches through his underwear, Remus’ side cheek hollowed, chewing the inside of his mouth but it passed as if he was considering whatever Lily was saying.
She purposely avoided his dick, making Remus both relaxed and irritated. It gives him a chance to breathe but the dull ache throbbing has him looking for relief. He hadn’t realized just how long it’s been until then.
He leans in quickly, voice dropping so low that she could barely pick up on what he said. “You better stop while you’re ahead. You’re being greedy.”
She ignored him, still chatting away with Sirius. But this sets her off. She finally grasps his cock, already leaking in pools of pre-cum and runs light touches to the sides before finally jerking him.
Remus’ grip on his book is a lot harder now, so much so that the cover is bending so much that it’s cracking the spin. His breath hitches.
“Ugh — you good?” Peter askes.
Her movements on his cock are tauntingly slow. The veins in his cock are prominent — aching and he's consumed by relentless need. She jerks him steadily, making sure her shoulder isn’t moving to avoid suspicion.
With a particular sharp tug and her thumb pressing his sensitive slit, Remus has to close his eyes, forcing an answer out through clenched teeth. “Grand.”
Remus decides that holding his book is no use and instead scribbles down sections from his book onto parchment to keep himself occupied. Because nothing screams sexy than the goblin war of the eighteenth century or charming frogs to walk on water…
He’s gripping his quill so tight that it’s about to snap — and it does when the palm of her hand cups around the tip and massages him. Everyone’s head shoots to Remus. She smiles — his usual unbreakable facade was cracking.
“Moons? You okay?”
“You do look a bit… hot… red.”
Remus does his best to clear his throat and a hand going to squeeze so tight on her thigh that she knows will leave his fingerprints indented for days. “Sorry… it’s the first day of the moon cycle.”
The words are quiet, muffled because his teeth were sinking into his bottom lip. Y/N smirks, faking a wide-eyed, innocent, worried girlfriend act. “Darling, come again?”
The double meaning causes Remus to cough out. He repeats, this time louder but blood boils. “Sorry, it’s the first day of the moon cycle.” His voice is so steady that had she not been jerking him off, she would’ve believed him.
Everyone nods their heads before Remus leans in again. He makes it look like he’s just going to find some sort of comfort but his words send shivers down her spine. “Get up.” He knocks her hand out of the way to tuck his dick back into his pants and zips up. His jaw tightened, so much so a vein strains against his neck.
He turns back to the group, “I’m sorry but I’m not feeling well.” Remus hastily shoves his belongings into his bag as the group gives encouraging words to him. He has to use his books to cover his straining cock.
Y/N tries to suppress a smirk. “I should get going too then.”
They all bid their goodbyes and as they disappear from sight and out into the corridors, Remus grabs her wrist tight as he remains quiet, walking up to his dorm and it sends shivers down her spine in anticipation. If anything, she’s just happy to finally get his undivided attention. It’s been so long.
“You’re lucky that we were with them.” He finally says as they enter his dorm. He stands tall and intimidating. His bag drops to the ground with a thud as he strides up to her, fingers moving across her face gently before gripping the sides of her face harshly, forcing her to stare up at him. “You’re such an attention whore. Don’t I already give you enough?”
She wants to say no because he hasn’t and even Remus knows this — her touch only just then reminding him that he’s been so neglectful and it sends a panged shiver down his spine. But, she just wants him, wants more of him —so she lies.
“Yes, of course!” But her hesitation was clear to Remus, but he doesn’t comment on it.
He eventually lets go of her face, the sensation lingering from his grip leaves her deliciously fuzzy and warm.
Remus walks over to the armchair and she follows behind him. He settles himself down, elbow propping up against the arm and fingers tapping the side of his cheek. His voice is low and intimate, “What should I do with you?” But before she could even speak, his fingers in turn hither her over. “Get down.”
Rolls of intimidation came off of him and on her hands and knees, she felt vulnerable. The look in his eyes was feral.
Without him having to instruct her, Y/N tugged down his pants, just enough so his cock could spring out as she makes a quick move and presses a few experimental licks to the tip which has him groaning above. Her mouth quickly wraps around the head, taking Remus as far as she could, making sure the pressure was tight.
“You’re a dumb little whore, aren’t you?” He was bemused.
Remus’ hand went to tug on her hair, pulling her off as a beaded trail of saliva followed. “Answer me.”
It was pathetic, honestly, as a whimper almost slipped from her lips. “I'm a dumb whore.”
Satisfied with her answer, he let go and her mouth returned to his cock. He groaned out as her lips sucked harder, tongue swirling around the tip as his head leaned against the back of the chair, lost in pleasure. Her hands worked the exposed skin.
He trusted gently, just enough to brush the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth. “You can take it,” his hand went to wipe the forming tears in her eyes. Even now, when he’s angry and she’s been misbehaving badly, he’s always so kind and gentle. “Ah — good girl.”
He was tangled into her hair, using it for leverage as she moved to settle more comfortably between his legs as his dick slipped further down her throat. But he must’ve decided to be a little rougher as his hands lock into her hair, taking her head and fucking her mouth harshly.
With one last moan, Remus’ cum flooded down as she grappled with his balls. She swallowed, sucking him as he came down from his high and gently peeled off of him.
He ran the pad of his finger across the cushion of her lip, wiping away her spit and brought her to a hard kiss, picking her up and placing her to straddle his thigh.
He yanked her close, as Remus tilted her head and began biting and sucking down on her neck. His teeth grazed the sides as his hands flew to her hips, beginning to rock her back, grinding down harshly on him. For support, her hands flew to his messy hair.
Her laboured breaths echo around the room and it feels like music to him. He leaned in murmuring delicately as he nibbled gently on her lobe. “Such a shame that you couldn’t be good. Could've waited and gotten what you wanted. But you had to be such a brat, acting like a slut around our friends.”
Remus’ hand pushed down the straps of her dress, her soft breast popping out with ease and nipples hardened from brushing against his body. Using his free hand, Remus ran a finger up and down her spine as he returned to her hips.
Y/N’s high-pitched moans filled the room as the relentless pressure on her clit rubbed against his clothed thigh. He brought a hand down, smacking her arse as the pleasure sent another jolt of pleasure before he went to massage it; repeating the action several times.
At this point, she’s absolutely dripping, the familiar bubbling sensation heating in her stomach.
Remus slipped two fingers into her panting mouth which in return she sucked down, continuing to slide her hips back and forth, spreading her wetness around. Remus moved to angle her forward a bit more, her clit rubbing even harder down, even going as far as bouncing his leg just slightly to meet each grind.
Y/N’s head tilts back yet again, whimpers falling from her lips as she spews his name out again and again. Remus removes his fingers, going to suck back down on her neck and she can even feel him smirk against her burning skin. His rough calluses go to toy with her nipples, rubbing them gently, teasing her, which pushes her dangerously close.
“Gonna — gonna cum,” she moans. This earns her a sharp pinch at her nipples.
“Not how we ask.”
Remus pushes her back just so her chest is more accessible while moving his leg so that she sits higher up. His lips press sloppy kisses to her chest, moving to wrap his tongue around her nipples.
“Please!” she whines. “Please can I cum?”
He paused, eyes closing at this and she already knew his answer. “Bad girls don’t get to cum yet.” Remus immediately freezes as a frustrated whine leaves her lips.
Okay, so maybe Remus wasn’t going to let her cum for a while, maybe he’ll be that mean and not let her cum at all, but she has what she was craving: his attention.
Remus pulls her off his leg, picking her up as he strode to his bed in a few and threw her on. Y/N observes the large damp patch on his legs as her skin burns with embarrassment. Remus moves to crawl on top of her, knee going to place in between her legs to avoid them from closing. A hand runs down, grazing her skin as it trailed from her lips, collarbone, breast, stomach before resting on her hip.
She can feel his erection pressing against her.
He takes her legs, dragging her down to the edge of his bed. Remus sits back on his knees, slotting himself in between her. “What a fucking mess.”
Using his middle finger, he traced idly up her slit before rubbing tender circular and vertical motions on her clit. Remus moved painstakingly slow as his head leaned in, eyes never leaving her face as he gave a few experimental licks. The action had her body jolting, already writhing in his touch.
His tongue slid up and down, sucking around her clit as he slipped his fingers inside, her pussy sucking them in before pumping them in and out. Y/N’s head tossed on either side of the bed as her hands flew to his hair. The sharp tug and Remus sucking down harder, knocking moans from them both.
She can feel the impending orgasm approach her again. Maybe she just shouldn’t tell Remus, but had she cum without his permission after what she did today… Even Y/N didn’t want to think about what he would do.
But it seems like he already sensed it — how could he not when her legs began to tremble and tighten around his grasp as she tried to grind on his face. He pulled away quickly. Frustrated tears begin to build up but doesn’t shed a tear.
“Poor baby,” Remus coos with false sympathy. He’s wearing a wicked grin as he thumbs through her folds but avoiding her clit to give her a second to breathe. “Y’think you’ve fooled me into thinking I’ve forgotten what you did today?”
The pressure from his ministrations have her eyes rolling back. “No, no! I’m sorry, I just wanted you!”
He goes to grip her jaw again, “You dumb, dumb puppy. You just had to push it.”
And so he waits for a moment, letting her come down from her high and starts at square one again. He slithers his way back down, grabbing her legs and tongue dives to lap at her clitoris but then he pulls away before the final crash washes over.
Remus had been going at it for thirty minutes or so and now. He’s now fully undressed and tears are freely falling as her head thrashes back and forth, a sheen of sweat across her body as she mumbles incoherently.
Remus is dangerously close to cumming in his pants just by listening to her as his fingernails dig in deep into her thighs. He’s feeling a little nicer now so he lets up a notch. “Beg.”
“Please!” A few desperate tears fall. The desperation has Remus grinning wolfishly.
He pretends to think hard but he smiles as he listens to her babble away. His fingers still pump in as he instinctively goes to lick his lips. Y/N watches as his chin glistens with her wetness and he fucking moans at the taste.
But he’s quite enjoying her pleas so he doesn’t stop her. He completely moves his hand away, propping them on the bed. “I need more than that.”
Her begging is so needy that it even catches Remus off guard.
“Please, please, please — Remus! Please let me cum. I’ve been good — I-I’ve learned my place, I promise! Please, I need you! I promise I’ll be good — I’ll be perfect!”
The answer satisfies him. He returns, leaning down and the familiar bubbling feeling settled in the pit of her stomach that trickled into her core and finally exploded. It sent shockwaves throughout her body as her moans echoed around the room.
But Remus didn’t stop. Even then, he moved to continue licking long strides up her as his thumb moved to toy with her clit. Her legs trembled around his head but quickly moved a hand and pressed down on her pelvic bone and thigh to minimize her squirming.
“Remus!” She chokes on a strangled moan. The pain is so pleasurable that she doesn’t get him to stop. Her hands release his hair and latch onto his forearm. She’s squeezing so hard that surely they’ll leave bruises in their wake. “I’m too sensitive! Please, Remus”
“Please, Remus!” He mocks her. He moves so that he’s leaning over her, his ragged breath fanning across her face.
She can hardly think straight and he has to hold her down to keep her from buckling. She can feel another orgasm build its way up fast. “I don’t like you,” Y/N pants, delirious. “You’re being so mean.”
“You don’t like me?” He mused. He broke his domineering demeanour to chuckle. “Well, you’re going to hate me soon.”
And then another wave hits her but Remus moves at the last second. And it’s fucking disappointing. Her ears pounded with a ringing sensation and the relief she was expecting still wasn’t there. He even moved to pin her arms above her head to prevent her from touching herself.
And Remus, he fucking laughs at her. Y/N thinks that he’s leaning in to give her an apology kiss but instead whispers into her ear, “Do you hate me yet?”
Before having the chance to register what he’s doing, Remus flips her around so that she’s pressed down on the bed before he has to grip onto her, holding her so that she’s upright on her knees.
Not feeling particularly patient, Remus takes his cock and pressed it against her hole and sheathes himself in one thrust. Remus has to still himself, letting the pleasure wash over him as he sucks down harshly on her shoulder blade to compose himself.
The pace he sets is brutal, unrelenting and she mewls from beneath him. The sharp slap to her arse has her moaning.
“You take me so well,” he manages to grunt out. The bed frame is slamming against the wall before he threads a hand through her hair, yanking back harshly which has her crying out as his thrust somehow becomes harder. Her head was forcibly tiled up as he pressed soft kisses to her neck.
She can feel the grin on his lips, “You like that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” she moans, attempting to steady herself. “You feel so so so good.”
“Dumb puppy, always getting what she wants in the end, don’t you?” He pants. Every sharp thrust makes her breast bounce as his grip on her waist tightens. She can feel his cock throbbing with every movement.
Remus flips her around so that her front is now facing him as he looms over her. He pushes in once again, angling his cock so that it would brush against her clit and the new position has her screaming.
He drinks in her cries by placing sloppy kisses on her lips and Y/N eagerly tries to respond but is too overwhelmed.
“Who do you belong to?” His hand wraps around her throat, however, it’s nothing more than just a squeeze.
“You, Remus! You!”
But that’s a lie, she has him hooked. He belonged to her and he’ll relish in it for as long as she lets him.
“You’re so pretty,” his words do numbers on her. From the harsh way he’s treating her compared to his words so kind and soft, it sends her soaking in a faraway fuzz.
“Doing so well. You’re such a good whore, just for me.” He coos into her ear despite the crude choice of words.
His hips slam into her with a strong, steady speed and the expression that crept its way onto his face has her in a trance. Remus looks beautiful. His eyes were closed as he lost himself to her; his hair was stuck to his face from the sweat. His moan and grunts are quiet. He just looks so pretty, so domineering.
Remus’ eyes fly back open and they’re lidded, pupils dilated so that barely any hazel is visible. “Ask me again,” he pleads, sounding so desperate that it sends jolts to her core. “Ask me to make you cum again.”
She nods her head meekly. “Please make me c-cum.”
“Fuck,” he murmurs. Alright, pretty girl — so beautiful.”
His long fingers reach down between her legs and rub fast circles onto her clit which has her back arching and mind go completely black and white.
Y/N shakes from the force of her orgasm as Remus goes to hold her, kissing her as he listens to her beautiful moans and fingers raking down his back. He lets out a series of quiet groans as her hands wrap around his neck and he finally reaches his high, cum spurting out and pussy milking every drop as he continues to thrust into her, fucking his cum back inside.
He doesn’t pull out for a while and when he does, they both whimper at the loss of touch meanwhile Remus flops over. They both take some time to themselves to just breathe and Y/N can feel his cum trickle out of her. Although, he wordlessly hands her a glass of water from his bedside.
“Are you okay?” He asked quietly after some time.
She nods her head, eyes closing. “Mmhm. That was great.” Then she quickly adds, “You?”
Remus remains quiet and for a moment, she thought that maybe he fell asleep. But his sudden rigid body tells her otherwise.
“I’m sorry…” He trails off and the sudden switch in emotions had Y/N worried. Her attention now fully on him.
“For what? You did nothing wrong.”
“I haven’t been... attentive. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve made an effort to… be alone with you or touch you. I don’t have the right to… say those things, call you bad when in reality I… I…”
“Look at me,” Y/N said sternly, taking her hands and wrapping them around his face so he’d be sure to look her in the eyes. “What we just did, I was fine with. And do not, ever, ever, sleep with me if it feels like an obligation or you’re not in the mood. That’s not how it works and I’ll never be mad at you for not wanting to. You’re allowed to be stressed, to do other things, just next time, don’t leave me high and dry for a month.”
He places a firm kiss on her forehead. He sighs before turning to face her. His hand gently thumbs across her face in such a gentle, loving manner and she nuzzles into his touch out of habit. “Thank you. And I won’t, not again.”
She beams up at him, kissing the scar on the bridge of his nose that she’s come to love.“Why don’t we take a bath?”
Remus smiles, stands, then lops an arm around her to carry her as his wrist flicks, turning on the record player in the corner of his dorm softly playing in the background. He places Y/N on the edge of the tub, going to run the bath.
They both eventually get in. The warm water soothes their bones and he slides behind her, pulling her close by wrapping an arm around her waist. Y/N trails absentmindedly on one of the larger scars across his arm and presses soft kisses to it.
“You’re perfect, m’love.” He mutters into her ear. He caresses her body and in turn, she tilts her head up to him as they share a soft kiss. “You too Remus. Love you more than you could ever know.”
He smiles widely, heart swarmed with so much love and Remus’ adorable blushy cheeks are back.
She turns around and has him massage her shoulders. They both feel fuzzy, still coming down from the high and it’s a bit difficult for her to focus on her surroundings. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”
A deep chuckle reverberates off of him and she can feel it. “Nope. Loved it — didn’t expect it. Just next time, maybe not while Prongs and Lily are eye fucking and Pete’s having a meltdown.”
Laughs bounce off the walls of the small bathroom. “Of course.”
Y/N shifts to wash his hair, massaging his scalp that has Remus’ eyes fluttering back as a contentful sigh escapes him.
There was still another hour before the Marauders were supposed to come after studying. Remus threw her one of his large white shirts before they both asked a House elf to bring them some snacks as they ate together in Remus’ dorm. They shared some chocolate, some laughs and basked in each other’s warmth.
By the time the Marauders came back, Remus had his curtains drawn shut simultaneously as the record player switched to play mellow classical music. They embrace each other, her head tucked away under Remus’s chin as they wrap their arms around each other. Both falling asleep feeling loved and safe.
© gotkindabored 2021. Do not repost or modify
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socksforgold · 3 months ago
Roommates | James Potter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Living with three boys can be difficult, even more when you’re head over heels for one of them.
Pairing: James Potter x Fem!reader.
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of razors but no mention of SH, a little crying, mentions of food, caps. (Tell me if I missed anything else)
A/N: I'm rewatching New Girl cause why not and this thought came to me. ALSO THIS IS VERY UNEDITED.
Tumblr media
Join my 100 celebration
When you moved in with the boys, you had just got laid off from your job at the ministry. So you were working part-time at a muggle cafe shop.
“Look I don’t care if you guys are murders, actually I might care a little, but honestly I just need a place to live,” you explained as you face the three boys, who were sitting across from youz
“I'm sorry but you look so familiar?” Sirius said as he rests his chin on his palm. “Right?! I was just thinking that!” James exclaimed making Remus roll his eyes.
“You’re joking right?” You looked at them with disbelief. Remus sighed before turning to them. “You both are idiots, do you not remember her from school?” When he was met with a blank look from both of them he continued. “She was a year under us? We dropped ink on her and her friend?”
“Merlin, how were you Head boy? I was a Prefect!” You crossed your arms and scoffed at the boy.
You genuinely wondered why the oaf dumbledore made someone so daft a head boy? He made sixth year so much harder. Thank merlin Lily Evans was with him. You were just at her wedding last month. You were close to her wife. You and Lily had become close friends last year.
Actually, you saw them there considering after a while Lily had become close friends with them. You said hello to Remus as you were once partners on Prefect duty.
“Well because of my charisma and charm,” James smirked and Sirius gave him a high five, wearing a matching smirk. You smirk back at them "Those both mean the same thing, you gits."
"No, no it doesn't," James mumbled losing his smirk. "yes, yes it does." You continued to smirk and James continued to mumble. "No, it doesn't," Remus smiled “Yes it does mate just let it go."
“Didn’t you guys have a fourth person in your quartet? Or it wouldn’t be called a quartet it would be a trio.” You asked. Sirius looked down sadly. “Umm, we lost him.”
Your eyes widened. “Oh my god, I am so sorry for your loss.” James then chuckled “No, No! he got married right after school.”
“Why would you say it like that?!” You asked Sirius incredulously. “It’s just as bad!” He answered looking like you offended him.
“No.” “It’s definitely not.” Remus and James both said at the same time. “Whatever.” Sirius huffed.
“Ok.” You gave a tight smile before going back to asking for the extra room. “I genuinely just need a place to stay, please?”
Remus leaned forward, his forearms on the dining table. “Can you pay the rent of £60.75 of rent every month?" You thought for a little remembering your salary. "Yes."
Sirius narrowed his eyes. "You sure? took you a long time to get that answer?" He said this condescendingly which made you narrow your eyes back at him.
"I work as a waitress at a diner after getting sacked from a really good ministry job, which I was even lucky to get at the first place since it was only one year after I left Hogwarts and now I'm getting minimum wage for shitty work that I never planned on doing. So I'm sorry if it took me a while to see if I could afford to live." You started getting hysterical towards the end and laughed like this was all some big joke.
The three boys looked at you concerned but you only cleared your throat before continuing "Any other questions?"
"No," James squeaked out before handing you a key. "Welcome home,"
"Awww thank you," Your mood changed and you took the key before walking off.
You had spent the first month basically going on and on about how the ministry sucked which wasn't great for the two Aurors. Remus didn't mind, he sort of agreed. But as time past you got more comfortable and so did they. The first time you got really mad was really a shock for them. It really proved how comfortable all were with each other.
"I SWEAR TO MERLIN!" They heard from upstairs where your room was. All the boys looked terrified. You have had mini screaming sessions at them but this sounded bad.
“What did we do?” James asked looking at Remus with wide eyes. Remus only shrugged with the same expression on his face before they both turn to Sirius. "I didn't do anything."
"Sirius, you always do something." Remus counters. "But I didn't this time." James now had a look of surprise on his face. "You really didn't?" When Sirius shakes his head he scoffs. "Then who did?!"
"All fucking three of you!" They turned around to see you in a towel dripping wet, fuming with anger. "Isn't this a sight for sore eyes" James flirts leaning on the kitchen island.
You glared at him and say "Not now twit." Remus furrowed his eyebrows and mouthed ‘twit?’ to himself. "I didn't even get the chance to use this conditioner and it's done!" You shouted at them, throwing an empty plastic bottle of conditioner at the wall narrowly missing Sirius's head. "Merlin!" Sirius shouted moving his head and clutching his chest.
"You dented it." James pointed to the dent in the wall. "You're gonna need to pay for that." Remus stated.
"I would if I wasn't broke so we're going to have to wait until I get my next paycheck." You were still shouting at them. "How much did that conditioner cost?" James questioned.
"150 pounds." You said. "150 pounds?!" Sirius shouted. "Why the fuck would you buy a conditioner for 150 pounds?" Remus asked in shock.
"Well because I didn't think you knobs would finish my conditioner!" You raged at them. "I didn't even put it out yet! It was in the drawer waiting for my use. You three made a deal!"
The boys looked down guiltily. "What was the deal?!" You asked. "We don't go into your drawer and you don't steal our clothes." They all mumbled looking down. "I'm sorry? I couldn't hear you." You jeered.
"We don't go into your drawer and you don't steal our clothes." They said louder. "You don't go into my drawer and I don't steal your clothes!" You repeated to them shouting so loud the birds stopped chirping.
"And yet, my razors are all gone, and whoever one of you did that really what the fuck," Sirius blushed subtly out of embarrassment but you didn’t notice as you continue to count. "And my pads have disappeared, what did you use that for?"
"We thought they were eyemasks." James blurted. "What?" You ask with scrunched eyebrows. "In our defence...yeah we don't have a defence, we're idiots." Remus tried.
"You are. and now you broke my end of the deal so, I break yours." You smiled wickedly as they all get up trying to stop you. "Incarcarous." You said bringing your wand out from where it was on the counter and tying all there of them making them fall to the ground.
"Arrivederci." You gave a little wave heading for each of their rooms.
You managed to steal almost half of each of their clothes and they have yet to see them. You wore most of it in your room or when you are out without them where they couldn't see you. You especially loved James's hoodies. You were actually wearing one when you realized your feelings for him.
"Hello and welcome to Rosie's place, my name is Y/N and Ill be you- oh what are you guys doing here." You were finishing up a late shift at the diner. Sitting in the booth in front of you were Remus, Sirius, James and Sirius's brother Regulus.
"I tried to stop them I swear," Regulus said making James roll his eyes. "I'm about to finish my shift, I can meet you guys outside."
Sirius shook his head. "No can we get 4 chocolate milkshakes." You looked at him tiredly. You had been working since 9 am and it's 10pm rn. You never got off your feet and your break was cut short because your co-worker needed you to cover for her. You could've said no but she covered for you before and you needed to repay the favour.
"Of course." You gave a tight smile and went to the kitchen. James noticed how you looked exhausted and wondered when was the last time you ate. Ten minutes later you came out with four chocolate milkshakes and set them down in front of them. "I'm gonna start closing up so drink fast."
James stood up behind you. "Can I help?" He asked. "Just drink the milkshake I made, it'll only take a few minutes."
James was definitely worried but knew you wouldn't take the help so he just sat and drank his milkshakes with his buds. When you came back you took the empty glasses and went back to the kitchen but this time Remus noticed your exhaustion as well and looked at James with concern.
As you leave Remus voiced his thoughts. "When did Y/N leave for work?" Sirius thought for a bit before answering. "8:30," Regulus's eyes widened. "13 hours of working?!"
"Ok cmon guys let's go." You smiled going out in a light blue hoodie and yoga pants and your backpack on your back. "Ok ill drive your car cmon." James smiled standing up.
"I can drive." You said with a hard face. "Yeah just because you can doesn't mean you should, let's get you home, love" James grabbed your hand and drags you to your car.
As soon as you sat in the chair you felt as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulder. You gave a sigh in content as you rested your head on the window and closed your eyes. Jame smiled fondly at you. "You'll be in bed soon enough, darling."
You were very close to falling asleep when you heard James say one more thing. "Goodnight love." You fell asleep with a new feeling washing over you. You liked James. a lot.
When you both confessed your feelings it was a very chaotic day. But you wouldn't have had it any other way.
"What the hell is going on?" Lily asked as she walked into the mess you call home. You huff and try to rub off the paint on your face but end up making it worse. "Remus forgot he had to plan his cousins birthday, and she's coming at 4."
"That's in an hour."
"I know." You turned around and walk into the kitchen. Lily walked in behind you and saw you going over to a huge banner on the kitchen island. half of it was hanging off and empty. "Why aren't any of the other relatives are helping?" Lily asked.
"No one actually likes her, not even Remus but for some reason, he's doing it." You explained going back to painting the Y in Birthday.
"Can I help?"
"Yeah, just grab a brush and help me paint the rest of the banner." At that moment Sirius walked in looking scared. "Remus is going ballistic, he's shouting at everyone, Peter is hyperventilating in a corner and James is trying to calm him down.
You looked up and sighed. "Lily, can you take over while I figure that out?" You asked already taking off your apron. "Yeah of course," She said kindly.
Sirius left and you followed him to the living room. As he said, Remus was shouting while blowing up balloons, Peter was looking terrified and sweating through his shirt, and James was trying to calm both of them down.
"Remus, it's okay, when have you ever not completed a task? remember 4th year when you were sure you weren't gonna learn all the plants for the herbology test but you got highest in class." James explained with a smile.
"I didn't get top, Alice Longbottom did," Remus stated, before going back to blowing up balloons with the pump. You decided to step in.
"Remus, you'll be fine, I don't even know why you're doing this but whatever it is about, you'll be fine." You smiled comfortingly and Remus stopped his movement for a second. "Because you have us, and we will always be here." You sat next to him on the brown couch and placed a hand on his shoulder.
James did the same on his other side and gave Remus a comforting smile. "My family won't be that accepting of my sexuality as my mother was," Remus started to explain with a sigh.
"Somehow, she found out and since no one would throw her a birthday party she decided to blackmail me into doing it or she would reveal it to them."
Sirius looked at Remus with a sympathetic but understanding smile.
"Remus, you told me that the only opinion you value is us, your mother, and yourself. Obviously, we accept and so does your mother, so why do you care what they think?" Peter asked rhetorically, not really expecting an answer.
"Because every aspect is weird, this was the only thing left that was like them," Remus said as tears gather in his eyes. Sirius walked over to him and kneels down in front of him.
"Remus Lupin, you should be thankful. Why would you want to be like those knobs?" Sirus smiled up at him. "I mean look around you, do you think anyone here is normal?" He laughed slightly making Remus laugh as well.
"Peter married one of the most beautiful girls in school, I mean we never saw that happening." Sirius pointed to Peter who laughed at his comment. "James here can turn into a stag and was 100% sure he was in love with a lesbian for 2 years."
James rolled his eyes at his friend, from where he was sitting still rubbing his friend's shoulder. "Y/N works a muggle job after she got fired from her job because she charmed all the paper aeroplanes to hit that arse licker, Umbridge, which I'm still confused about how she didn't get sent to Azkaban." Remus laughs some more.
"You do not want to know." You said with a glare. "Okay," Sirius says with fear written all over his face. " And I'm a like super gay wizard, who escaped his family at 15, and broke his brother out at 17 by biting him." Sirius laughed recounting their mission to save Regulus from the terrible place.
"Ok, I need to hear that story sometime." You told Sirius and he gives you a nod and wink. "What we're trying to say, is we'll help you with this birthday party Remus and when you're ready to tell your family, we'll be right next to you."
You smiled at the four boys and they all smile back. A few tears had escaped his eyes, and Sirius wiped them off. "Okay." Remus chuckled. "Okay?" James asked also chuckling. "Yeah, Okay."
"You heard the man, we have 45 minutes, move it." You shout clapping your hands as all the boys scramble to get everything done.
30 minutes later and you were done decorating. It was a garden party that looked absolutely spectacular. You guys had waited 3 hours for all the guests to arrive before finally, Remus's cousin arrived.
Everyone was furious at her tardiness.
"Lola!! How are you?" Remus said with a fake smile going to hug his cousin only to be stopped by her hand. "This will do," She said with a roll of her eyes before leaving them to say hi to other people.
"That bitch." Lily said angrily glaring at the girl as she walked away. "I know," Remus growled.
"Not even a thank you? We waited 3 hours for her in the scorching heat and were forced to entertain these guests, and we don't even get a thank you?!" James said with wide eyes as he turned to you. "Supreme Arsehole." You smiled up at him, making him laugh at your choice of insult.
"Supreme Arsehole?"
"I'm just saying if there was an Arseholevile she'd be Queen." You grinned as you started laughing with him.
"Okay, cmon guys let's start serving food," Sirius said with a sigh.
It had been an hour, and it was time to sing Happy Birthday. Remus had this weird smile on his face. James and you were curious but at the same time concerned.
"What do you think is wrong with him?" You asked James from where you stood at the back, away from everyone. "That's the smile he does after he does something maraurdery."
"That's not a word"
"Yes, it is."
"We are not doing this again." You sighed with a grin on your face before turning back to where the cake was.
"Before we sing Happy Birthday, I have a special surprise for Lola," Remus said walking up to Lola. Not even a second goes by before you hear a wooshing and look up to see Fireworks going off.
The words, ' I'M BI BITCHES!!' were written in the sky with the colours pink blue and purple.
You laugh up at the sky, and look down to see Remus with a huge smile on his face. "I like your laugh," James stated from beside you making you turn around.
He looked at you with a huge grin on his face. "You did that." You told him, looking into his eyes. "No I didn't do that, you did." He corrected.
"How about we both did it." You negotiate and he turns his head around to look at the fireworks. "Yeah." He sighs.
You went for a kiss on the cheek when he turned his head around seemingly wanting to say something else. Your lips connected for a second before you both pull back with wide eyes.
Both of you looked into each other's eyes before James grabs the back of your neck with his hand and pushed you both together. His lips were chapped but you liked it. You kissed with so much passion, if his other hand wasn't on your waist, you would have fallen. You both pulled apart when you needed to breathe.
Your lips were still hovering over each other. "Wow." You said breathless looking into his eyes with so much emotion. "Yeah wow." He replied, looking at you the exact same way.
And the rest was history, One year later you got married. And then you had your son Harry one year after getting married. And in 1991 you were saying goodbye to him at Platform 9 and 3/4.
"Now Sweetheart, remember to be nice and make friends." You smile at your son flattening his collar.
"I know mum." Harry smiled at his worried mother, before pulling her into a hug. "I'm going to miss you, mum," Harry says. You feel tears well up in your eyes and you hug him tighter. "Oh you're so big right now, weren't you just a fetus in my stomach, like last week.
"Muuum," Harry pulls away embarrassed. James kneels down in front of Harry with a smile of his own tears already gathering in his eyes.
"Now son, I love you so much, and you have Gryffindor written all over you, so make me proud." You slap your husband's arm. "James!"
"I'm joking, Bubsy." James smiles ruffling Harry's hair. "Daaad, don't call me that anymore."
"What Bubsy? wow, you really have grown up." James fake gasps at his son. "I remember when you were jus-" Harry cuts him off.
"Okay, Okay I get it." He laughs before hugging his dad.
"You have to go now." You say, a few tears going down your face. "Go get 'em Champ," James pulls away.
and just like that, he was off.
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
casual dominance.
| poly!marauders x reader | fluff |
weekend marauders blurbs
anon requested. poly!marauders, casual dominance out of the bedroom
cw: soft d/s dynamics
Tumblr media
“Not so fast. It’s cold out,” Remus stepped in your way as you reached for the door.
“It’s not that cold,” you argued, trying to slip around him.
“It’s cold enough. Put a coat on please,” Sirius came to Remus’ aid, trying to prevent you from being miserable later.
James was already holding one up for you, and you slid your arms in the sleeves without another protest. Remus fastened the buttons for you before tugging you forward to press a kiss to your forehead. 
Sirius and James insisted on holding your hands as you walked to hogsmeade, squeezed in the middle of a crowd of excited students. The loud excitement made you nervous, prompting you to move closer into Sirius’ side.
“It’s alright, bunny,” he whispered, kissing your temple and squeezing your hand.
Remus walked behind you, making sure none of the rowdy, excited students could run into you and knock you off balance. You were thankful for their attentiveness, feeling safe as you wandered the streets with them.
You followed the boys quietly into shops, watching them look for various things they were in the market for. Your hands stayed wrapped around Sirius’ arm, trailing at his side as he looked through displays and shelves.
His arm snaked around your back, holding you to his chest as the two of you waited for Remus and James in a dressing room. Your face was buried in his sweater, breathing in his scent of smoke and soap.
“Are you having fun, my love?” Sirius questioned, looking down and brushing his fingers over your cheek.
You nodded, earning a tap to your nose, reminding you to use your words.
“Yes, Siri.”
You pushed up on your toes, giving him a kiss that was rewarded with a graceful smile spreading across his bronze features.
“Look at you two being sweet,” James spoke, exiting the dressing room.
You turned to him, giggling innocently as he pulled you forward into a messy kiss, his full lips smashing against yours in quite the display of affection. You grew shy, especially as the shopkeeper stared at you, confused as to why you were being kissed by all three boys. 
You shivered at the cold air as the four of you squeezed back out on the cobblestone streets, and you ran ahead a bit, excited when your group approached a cafe. 
“May we get a snack, please?” you asked politely, wanting the men to be pleased with you.
“Of course,” Remus nodded, kissing your head and pushing you into the warm shop. 
You looked at all of the pastries, practically salivating as your stomach growled. Your eyes were often bigger than your stomach, and Sirius reminded you to only pick one, knowing eating any more would make you ill later. 
“I’ll give you a bite of mine,” James whispered in your ear, letting you pick his so you could try it. 
You sat on his lap in the booth that you all squeezed into, pulling apart a pumpkin pastry with your fingers. James held his snack up to your lips, letting you have a bite and kissing your cheek.
“Prongs is spoiling you, hm?” Remus asked, eyeing the two of you with adoration. 
“Just a little bit,” you confessed.
Sirius gave you a kiss before exiting the table, saying he was running a quick errand and he would meet the three of you later. After you ate, you found yourself growing super tired, drowsy from the sugar.
“Come on. We can go meet Sirius and then head back so you can take a nap.”
“I don’t want to spoil our day,” you yawned, making Remus laugh.
“You’ve done nothing of the sort. I promise.” 
James picked you up, getting you to wrap your legs around his waist. A strong arm hooked under your backside, the other on your spine. Your arms draped down over his back, your head on his shoulder, his dark hair tickling your cheeks.
“I’m sleepy, Jamesie.”
“I know, bunny, we’re going to get you home.”
“What’ve you done?” Sirius asked, seeing you barely conscious in James’ arms. 
“Nothing, just tired.”
“Don’t tease, Sirius,” Remus said, walking back toward the castle. 
“I’m not.”
You were asleep by the time you entered their shared dorm, and James was beginning to grow tired from carrying you all of the way. 
“You’re not going to bed in outside clothes,” Sirius said, waking you up. 
You whined incoherently, letting them care for you, slipping the jeans, coat, sweater, and boots from your body. Sirius slipped fleece pants up your legs, pressing a kiss to your belly.
“No,” you shied away, his scruffy face tickling your sensitive skin. 
He buttoned the matching top before James pulled you into bed, your head resting on his chest, snuggled tightly in his arms.
“You’ve got to work on that charms essay when you get up,” Remus reminded you, getting a small nod as you let yourself drift off on James.
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sagepotters · a month ago
did i ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?
pairing: james potter x fem!reader
you were beside him, your hands cupping his face. one curl was dangling down on his face. you smiled. it was perfect. the perfect morning.
you. him. together. wrapped in each others warmth and love.
you had bedsheets on the floor, everywhere. the golden sun sneaking it’s way into the room and blinds.
the birds chirping. the sound of people laughing in the common room. the sound of his breathing.
he was still asleep, you were watching him. the way he smiled in his sleep, the way his eyelashes looked on his face. the way he wrapped his arms around you. pulling you closer.
you smiled to yourself, how’d you get so lucky? to be with the james potter. the one and only. you wouldn’t believe it in a million years.
his eyes flicked open, staring directly into your eyes. his beautiful eyes, looking into yours. giving you that sweet smile you always longed for, and to see.
it was a couple of minutes, just both of you falling more into love then could possibly be done. “did i ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?” you smiled at him.
he blushed, turning his head away to hide his smile. he looked back at you. giving you a sweet kiss. showing you, you were the only person meant for him.
“i know right, i could be a model or something!” he chirped. you laughed. your laugh was the only thing in the world that could heal all the stress and sadness and sickness in his life.
he didn’t know what he’d do without you. his light. his sun. his moon. he’d be lost. so lost. he loved you so much and you even knew it.
“you could my sweet boy, you could.” you whispered, just quiet enough for him to hear. you kissed his forehead, and scooted even closer to him if that was even possible. and wrapped your legs onto his. sitting in eachothers love.
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morozovastarless · 29 days ago
give you my wild, give you a child
summary: you get pregnancy cravings at 1am
warnings: pregnancy, food
word count: 620
a/n: james please let me carry your children 😫
Tumblr media
the diner is almost empty except for a few stragglers. the yellow lights create a warm atmosphere, a slightly red hue from the fluorescent lights outside tinting your skin.
it’s 1 am on a tuesday night. james watches through tired eyes as you munch happily on some fries, dipping them in your strawberry milkshake before taking a bite.
the both of you are still wearing your pyjamas, the soft robe that covers your flimsy night slip accentuating your swollen belly even more. you softly cradle it, feeling a light kick.
“she’s kicking!” you squeal through a bite.
james wakes a little more at that. it’s not the first time it happens, but every time his little girl moves his heart grows ten times in size. he moves his arm over the table to feel along your belly, smiling brightly when she kicks again.
“guess she was hungry after all,” he muses.
you hum and go back to eating, offering some of your little concoctions to your fiancé. james shakes his head, letting you clean the plate as he sips his tea, trying to not let sleep escape him completely.
you sigh once you’re done, slumping against the cushion of the booth and puffing out your cheeks. “i’m so full,” you whine, then look down at your stomach. “stop making me eat so much, y’re gonna make me look more like a whale,” you tell your future daughter.
james smiles as you talk, drinking in your figure. your hair is almost as messy as his is on a good day, eyes bleary with sleep and there’s a chain imprint on one of your cheeks. james’s heart flutters as he remembers the heat of your face on his chest, the necklace you gave him years ago tucked under your cheek as you slept soundly. your robe is slightly open, exposing your chest to james’s loving gaze.
something stirs inside him. to james, the pregnancy glow had always been a myth, but once you swelled up he knew it wad true. he always thought you were gorgeous, but being pregnant enhanced your beauty even more.
“you’re beautiful, baby, don’t talk rubbish like that.”
you giggle, still looking at your belly. “ooh your father thinks he’s smooth, bubs,” you tease, winking at james.
“hey, i have excellent game. i managed to get you, didn't i?" he defends himself. "don’t listen to your mother, she just likes to rile me up,” he uses a finger to point sternly at your daughter, even though it’s obvious she won’t be able to see it. in your little world of new parenthood, this little fact seems to escape both of you.
more laughter falls from your mouths as you keep joking, drowning out the old eighties song that plays through the speakers.
james is the first to calm down. “d’you want anything else, love?”
you shake your head, still smiling. “no no, just wanna go home and cuddle.”
james takes out his wallet and leaves a few bills that cover your meal and more, then helps you get up. he holds you close to him, one hand on the small of your back while the other cups your cheek.
he kisses your forehead, your eyes closing when you feel his cushiony lips against your skin. “let’s go home then.”
the two of you make your way to the car, still wrapped up on each other, not noticing the watchful eyes of an elderly couple a few tables away.
the old man looks at his wife with as much love as james’s eyes carry whenever he looks at you. he grabs her wrinkled hand, the golden band still as shiny as the day he gave it to her. his wife smiles through her glasses and squeezes her husband’s hand, recalling a time when they were just like you two.
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saintlike78 · 4 months ago
hey love. can i request a poly mauraders x reader where they've been neglecting the reader for awhile. but when the reader tries to communicate her feelings to them it ends up in a fight. but pleasee lots of comfort afterwards bcs im a sucker for hurt/comfort fics 😫✋🏻
Neglected [Poly Marauders]
A/N: Hurt to comfort is my absolute favorite! Gotta feel that hurt!
Pairings: Poly Marauders x Fem! Reader
Words: 2.2k
Warnings: Hurt/comfort, neglect, crying, insecure Remus, Sirius being Sirius, angst to fluff, polyamorous relationship, a singular spank, and pinch. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Your feet were heavy as they trudged up the stairs to the boy’s dorm, the strap on your bag digging uncomfortably into your shoulder as you carried all the heavy books and equipment from the long day you had had.
Your mind felt cloudy, your emotions a jumbled mix of confusion and sadness as they tumbled around your brain. You hadn’t seen much of the boys, your boys, all week, and the week before that. They had a tendency of creating a distance the week the full moon was due, Remus not wanting you to see him agitated and tired, but now the full moon had come and gone, yet they were keeping a distance from you, you couldn’t help but wonder why - your mind filling with different reasons... fearing the worst.
Today you were in desperate need of them, your day had been long and filled with bad luck; your quill had mysteriously disappeared that morning, making you late for class and gaining you detention the following day.
You missed the boys and being with them, you hated sleeping in your own dorm, but you didn’t want to intrude, since they obviously didn’t want to spend time with you now. You couldn’t help feeling a bit hurt when they hadn’t come to get you after the full moon as they always did, instead left you waiting and wondering.
You were even more hurt when the week following the full moon all you had seen of them had been in class or in passing in the hallway, only met with a kick kiss and a “hi, bunny or puppy or darling, see you later,” but then never actually seeing them.
Your knuckle fell upon the door, knocking gently, even after the boys had told you a thousand times that you never needed to knock - this time it felt appropriate though.
A couple of seconds passed before the door was opened, a confused-looking James standing behind it. His face soon turned happy as his eyes landed upon your tired figure in the doorway.
“Hi, darling,” he said before pulling you in for a hug, you reciprocated, but very hesitantly, your body not knowing how to act.
“How many times do we need to tell you that you don’t need to knock, you practically live here,” Sirius’ voice was heard from his bed as he laid lounging on it, a book in hand.
“I know, but... I don’t know... I just felt like I had to,” you shrugged, discarding your bookbag on the floor by Sirius’ desk.
“Well, you never have to,” Remus’ tone was flat and his answer short, his back towards you as he sat at his desk, scribbling away at some homework.
Your feelings were once again hurt, the invisible fist squeezing your heart, a defeated sigh leaving your lips, “I actually wanted to talk to you all about something.”
Your breath was slightly uneven as Remus turned in his chair, all eyes landing on you, waiting for what you had to say.
You stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, the center of attention, their intense gaze resting upon you as you fiddled with your hands anxiously behind your back, the sound of your knuckles cracking filling the silence as you searched for the right words to say.
“If I’m being completely honest… I’ve been feeling a tad bit ne- neglected this week,” you said, trying to keep your voice steady not wanting your insecure tone to shine through.
A surprised look pulled at each of their features, but that look made you feel even worse; it was like they hadn’t even missed you or noticed that you weren’t around, yet you didn’t want to let those thoughts enter the forefront of your mind, too afraid you would start crying instantly.
“Why would you feel like that? You could just have come to us,” Remus said with a raised brow, his tone unchanged.
“I know… but usually you come to me when you’re recovered from the full moon, but this time you didn’t, so I didn’t want to intrude if you weren’t fully ready,” you didn’t want to get into an argument, but you could feel one starting to ensue, the way your insides turned, and a wave of slight anger caused by hurt clawing its way to the forefront.
Remus shrugged, “I guess we just forgot.”
You felt like the wind was knocked out of you like someone had ripped your heart out and crushed it before your very eyes; those five words ‘I guess we just forgot’ hurt more than you could have imagined, the words proving that you really were nothing to them.
“Oh,” you breathed out, letting your eyes find a spot on the floor to focus on while you were straining them to not let the tears that were gathering fall.
Your clouded and hurt mind had failed to notice how tired Remus had looked all week, how the dark circles seemed extra prominent in the days following the full moon; his robes and large sweaters purposely covering the multiple new gashes littering his body. It wasn’t your fault, but Remus hated involving you in his monthly escapades due to the fact that he hated you seeing him so weak, vulnerable, and most of all dangerous; he was always more agitated during this time, and he hated dragging you into his mess and possibly hurting you – though not being involved was hurting you more than he could know.
Sirius and James were well aware of Remus’ wishes of leaving you out of everything having to do with his illness, he hated feeling like he was ill, even though you were understanding and never saw him as anything other than “normal”.
Of course, they hadn’t forgotten about you; they all saw the hurt in your eyes after each brief encounter, the way they could practically see and hear a tiny piece of your heart shattering every time they would leave you standing confused in the hallway, their brisk steps carrying them away from you once again.
“I guess I just missed you,” your voice was small, and your eyes refused to drop their focus on the floor.
“Honestly, what are you going to do when we leave school and can’t see each other?” Sirius scoffed, not fully progressing what he had just said.
Your eyes shot up, looking directly at him, “w-what?” your face had contorted into a look of pure disbelief, your hand shooting up to cover your mouth as a dry sob ripped through your throat.
Sirius just stared at you, completely confused, before his eyes widened in realization; he tried getting up from the bed to reach out to you, but you had already backed away towards the door.
“I’ll see you later… or Uhm… or not,” you were out the door quicker than any of them could get up, though not without hearing a broken “no, y/n, please.”
The tears fell freely as you ran down the stairs and out through the portrait hole, your legs burning with the effort of holding your tired body up and hauling it through the castle as you felt the boys on your trail.
You felt so broken, the remaining pieces of your heart crumbling to dust in your chest.
You decided the best place to be left unseen by the prying eyes of your fellow peers would be outside under your favored tree beside the black lake – your thinking spot, the place you had spent most of the last two weeks.
Your back was against the tree, your legs pulled against your chest as you sobbed into your knees. Breathing was getting harder, it was hard to focus on such a mundane task when your world had just been shattered, leaving you a wheezing mess.
“Come on, where could she have gone?” came the irritated voice of Sirius, his fingers carding through his hair as he pushed it out and away from his tear-stained face.
Guilt was eating him alive; he didn’t mean to say what he said, it was a huge misunderstanding, but you hadn’t given him time to explain the true meaning of his words. He scolded and cursed himself for how horrible he was at communication, leaving you hurt and heartbroken.
James and Remus stood thinking before the wheels in James’ brain clicked in place, “I think I know.”
He quickly started leading the way out of the castle, successfully remembering your, not so secret, hiding spot.
Their figures came to a halt, hearts breaking, eyes landing on your crumbled and trembling figure sat beneath the tree. The regret they all felt was indescribable, they loved you more than anything, and the realization that they caused you this much pain was clawing a gigantic hole in their hearts. All they wanted was to protect you and keep you safe from the pain each of them, especially Remus, felt each month. Remus was just too logical for his own good, hoping you would be happier away from the madness that finds its way to the surface every month, but he never expected or could predict the toll it took on you, now wishing he could take it all back.
You sobbed quietly; your breath caught in your throat each time a hiccup would interrupt. A broken gasp escaped your lips as you were hoisted up, Remus’ arms hooking under yours to pull your body up and carry you close to him in his arms. You didn’t have the energy to fight or break free from his grasp, all you could do was cling to him, legs around his hips and arms holding him tightly around his neck. You continued sobbing against him, the boys letting you cry, knowing how much you were hurting – they hated knowing that this was their doing, their fault.
“P-please, if y-you’re going to b-break… break up w-with me, can you do it n-now… I-I can’t handle this again,” you sobbed, your voice breaking every few words.
Sirius and James were quick to move to you, both of them engulfing yourself and Remus.
“We’re not going to break up with you… not now, not ever!” Sirius could feel the tears as he spoke, his fingers scratching softly at your back, trying to soothe you.
Your face came out of its hiding spot against Remus’ neck to turn your head and look at Sirius, your eyes puffy and red, but also sympathetic as you took in Sirius’ own puffy red eyes.
“But you said, t-that when we finish H-Hogwarts, we’re not going to be t-together,” you sniffled, your heart aching just at the memory.
Sirius quickly cupped your cheeks, wiping your tears as his head lulled to the side sympathetically, “I know, it came out wrong, didn’t mean it like that at all, pretty pup,” he breathed, “what I meant was that we’ll be so busy with work that we’ll hardly see each other during the day… but of course we’ll still be together, baby.”
“We love you so much, darling girl… you actually don’t have a choice whether or not you want to be with us, it’s already decided,” James spoke causing you to giggle and turn your head towards him. You were always so thankful for James and his ways of easing a tense or stressful situation, he always knew when to come with a stupid little joke or comment to lighten the mood, which it definitely did.
Finally, you turned your head to look straight at Remus, “why did you all ignore me this week? And why were you so mean earlier?”
“Promise didn’t mean to be mean or ignore you, bunny… I-I,” Remus was starting to stutter, his eyes flitting between James and Sirius, who both nodded in encouragement for him to go on.
“I just hate that you have to see me affected by the full moon, the last thing I want is to hurt you… I want you to see the normal me, not the monster I become,” Remus’ eyes glistened with tears as he explained; you never understood how he saw himself as a monster, all you saw was the perfect and vulnerable boy holding you in his strong grasp.
“Oh Remmy, you’re not a monster… please… I just want to be there for you through everything,”
“If you just explain to me everything that’ll happen during the full moon, before and after, then I want to help… I want to help you through it,” you stroked his cheek as you spoke, leaning in to peck his lips and rest your forehead against his.
“I’m sorry, I thought pushing you away during this time would be best… I want you to help, I just need to let go of the… f-fear,” Remus’ eyes closed as he breathed out his words, hugging your body closer to him and reveling in your two other partners' embrace.
“Don’t ever push yourself, just know that I’m here for you when you’re ready and I’ll always be here.”
You had all lowered to sit on the ground, cooped up in each other’s embrace for a little while longer, enjoying the silence and serenity.
“Oh… uhm… by the way… I got detention,” you giggled, standing and making a run for it.
You didn’t make it far before you were picked up off your feet, squealing as James had grabbed you and thrown you over his shoulder giving your bum a small slap.
“You can’t even go a week without forgetting your rules, huh darling?” James quipped and pinched your thigh.
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Accusations | R.L
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Fem!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader
Summary: Sirius and Remus come to the wrong conclusion that changes someone’s life forever.
Word Count: 1.5K
Inspiration: Click
Since when did life get so dark? When had the once colorful, saturated world turn into such a gloomy, greyscale place? When did crowded rooms make her want to throw up and cower away? When did her boyfriend become the enemy?
Everything seemed so dark. She felt suffocated.
It felt like being in a square room in pitch black with someone lurking in each corner. The door was locked shut and, when opened, showed a hallway full of mouse traps. When not treading carefully, a trap would go off, causing a chain reaction of different problems to occur. Sitting at the table of the Order of the Phoenix was no longer exciting and more so dreadful. She could see the sadness seated in the green, grey, hazel, and blue eyes that once held such mischief.
The Marauders appeared to be exhausted.
If there was one thing the Marauders were, it was tired. These boys had been rambunctious since the very beginning of their Hogwarts years. Barely only months after graduation, their faces had fallen sullen. Y/n had seen the sparkle leave her brother's eyes, how he tore at his hair more often, leaving it messier than usual. She watched as James Potter proposed to Lily in the heat of the moment.
Y/n figured there wouldn’t be very many moments left.
Remus had held her hand tightly as she watched her brother and Lily get married. It was too soon, and everyone knew that. James wanted to wait, but with the war, it felt impossible. Their love was true, and Y/n could see that from miles away. James always smiled more around Lily and felt better. She took the weight off his shoulders and made him a kid again.
Sirius and Marlene stood beside them. The best man and the maid of honor. Remus and Y/n were sitting down beside a very sick-looking Euphemia. Fleamont had passed months before. Euphemia had leaned on her daughter's shoulder, sniffling at seeing her son all grown up. Her left hand was bare. The rings had been given to James. Fleamont always said whoever comes to him first.
Y/n put her right arm around her mother as James said his vows. The small number of people in attendance had been crying during the vows. Lily smiled bright, and it warmed everyone’s heart. At the reception, Sirius and Marlene gave their speeches. Of course, Sirius was always a bit silly, and Marlene was a bit more practical.
At the end of the night, Remus and Y/n walked home with their big black dog beside them. Their house wasn’t anything special. It was a medium-sized, one-story house painted grey on the outside and had birch wood floors. Sirius’ had a room on the left side of the house while the couple shared the right side. On terrible nights Y/n would wake up to a dog sleeping at the end of their bed.
Just like her twin, Sirius had always been close with her. They clicked together like magnets. Remus didn’t mind. He shared the exact loving nature toward Sirius. Remus had been there during most of the stormy nights at Hogwarts.
Everything had gotten more severe once Harry was born and the prophecy came out. Remus had been leaving more often on order missions he couldn’t talk about. Sirius was getting prepped to be James and Lily’s secret keeper after much debate. The talk of a spy had been ongoing for so many months now it was hard to keep track.
It was very late at night when Y/n returned home from a mission in Ireland. She unlocked the door and was stunned backward into the hardwood. Remus and Sirius stood in front of her, wands in hand and eyes blazing. Instantly, Y/n went to grip for her wand. Remus had always excelled at nonverbal spells, and the wooden item flew from her hand.
“I can’t believe it.” Sirius muttered, “It’s been you this entire time.”
Y/n swallowed, “Pardon?”
The wands got closer to her neck, “You’re the spy. You’re the traitor!”
The words fell from Remus’ mouth like anything. It fell from his mouth so naturally as he had known for months. All the color drained from Y/n’s face. This has to be a joke, right? After everything she had gone through, this was the last thing she expected. Her best friend and boyfriend were accusing her of being a death eater. Suddenly all the color drained from her vision.
“You’ve been quiet for an awfully long time.” Remus pointed out, “Any last words?”
“I’m in bloody shock!” Y/n exclaimed as tears collected in her waterline, “You guys are joking, right? This is a joke?!”
Sirius seethed, “Shock, you say? You brought this upon yourself!”
“No, I didn’t!” She cried, “Why would I betray my brother! My twin, for Merlin’s sake!”
“You were always in James’ shadow.” Sirius retorted, “Always second best at everything. Transfiguration, Quidditch. You have a motive. Maybe you were tired of being in his shadow.”
“He’s my fucking brother!” Y/n screamed, “I never cared about being in his stupid shadow because he always put me first, and that was enough for me! James always put me first. That was enough.”
Remus scoffed, “You always complained.”
“It was bloody annoying, yes!” Y/n agreed, “But it would never be annoying enough for me to want to kill him! I grew up with him! He’s been my best friend since day one.”
“Sirius, how can you look me in the eye and tell me I’m the traitor?” Tears streamed down her cheeks, “I’ve been there for you through everything! Since the day I met you, I’ve been your shoulder to lean on, your safe place. I comforted you after almost every nightmare. I have a bloody tattoo of Canis Major on the back of my palm!”
She turned to Remus, “And you! I cannot believe you! I turned into a fucking animagus for you! I risked my life for you! I could be thrown in Azkaban for that! Who healed you after the full moon? Who got you Honeydukes chocolate on terrible days? More importantly, who swore to love you no matter what?”
“ME!” Y/n shrieked, voice cracked from the silver streams, “You guys are bloody mental! I would never betray James! Or Lily! Or Harry! They’re my family! James used to hold me through every bad rainstorm. He used to read me books when I couldn’t sleep. He used to stay up with me all night helping me at Potions. And you guys have the audacity to think I’m the traitor?!”
Remus released a breath, “I’m sorry, Y/n. But everything points at you.”
“No.” She whimpered, “You can’t take me away from them. They’re my family.”
People began apparating into the house. Mad-Eye Moody, Alice Longbottom, Frank Longbottom, Peter Pettigrew, Marlene McKinnon, Mary MacDonald, Dorcas Meadowes, Lily Potter, James Potter, and Euphemia Potter. Y/n saw James and Euphemia’s face. The look of disappointment on their faces and tears were falling uncontrollably. She was wailing.
“No! James, please!” Y/n begged, “You’re my brother! My twin! You know me more than anyone. Tell them I’m innocent.”
James knelt to her level and wiped the tears from her cheeks just for them to get replaced; he kissed her forehead, “I’m sorry, sis, but I have to protect my family.”
“No!” James leaped away from her, “Momma! Momma, please!”
Euphemia looked at her daughter with sad hazel eyes, “Momma! You know me better than this! I love James I have since I was young!”
“I love you, sweetheart.” Euphemia said, and the shackles were placed on Y/n’s wrists.
Y/n was kicking, screaming, crying, and thrashing. Remus stared with broken eyes. The girl he thought he could trust, love, and care for had betrayed him this entire time. Sirius leaned a head-on Remus’ shoulder, feeling the same way. Y/n was placed under a spell leaving her unconscious. Remus walked up to her one more time. He pushed the hair out of her face and wiped the wet streaks on her cheeks. Gently, Remus placed one last kiss on her soft lips.
Within minutes Mad-Eye Moody and Y/n were gone. Everyone mourned her absence in the house. Peter was having a silent celebration. Y/n woke up in a cold, grey room. She shivered and looked down at her striped jumpsuit. The dementors outside the cell were far from comforting, but she never screamed. She knew she was innocent. That was enough.
But only a month and some days later, the Potters died due to the spy. Sirius and Remus stared at the Daily Prophet in shock. It wasn’t Y/n. I couldn’t have been. It had been Peter Pettigrew the entire time. Peter had turned into a rat moments later to escape, and the Daily Prophet had rewards for anyone who could find Peter, not knowing about his animagus form.
Remus and Sirius had been wrong the entire time. Now Y/n was paying the price.
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