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#marauders headcanon
dobbysimp · 2 days ago
Remus, to Hope: Mom, this is Sirius, my boyfriend
Remus, nervous: my boy, space, friend ahaha as in guy friend, my straight dude friend, just another male I associate with
Hope, knowing full well she's talking to her son in law: Pleasure to meet you Sirius, welcome to the family
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pinkandblueblurbs · a day ago
“Aw look at her, she’s red as a tomato! Poor thing’s so angry” Sirius sneers, smirking
“s’alright, angel, no need to get your knickers in a twist. C’mere” remus tries to grasp you out of the sky but you glare at him and ball your fists up at your side and kick his finger with your tiny little foot 🥺🥺 feels like nothing to him, he only laughs
“Y’gonna be all grouchy, babydoll? We’re just trying to help” James pouts at you in mock sympathy
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veryberryjelly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
sleepy squeeze
pairing ; poly!wolfstar x reader
prompt ; A coming back late to see B and C cuddled up together on the sofa and carefully joining them.
wc ; 0.3 k
Remus hadn’t meant to come home so late.
It was genuinely out of his control that he was showing up at the common room four hours later than usual
But it had happened before, so they had talked about all of this before. as much as y/n suggested staying up and waiting until they were all there before they went to bed, Sirius shut it down pretty quickly, saying that that idea could spiral out of control into y/n staying up until two in the morning waiting for one of them when they were both upstairs in her dorm waiting for her. (it had happened before, they didn’t want it to happen again)
When Remus walked into the common room, he was glad to hear no signs of life, no lights on, even the fire was slowly dying out. But as he walked in further, he caught sight of his two lovers laid out across the sofa, asleep.
They hadn’t stayed up for him but they had tried to.
He set his bag down on the floor, carefully as to not wake either of them and he approached their sleeping forms with a soft smile on his lips.
He decided to try and not wake either of you, so he shrugged his robes off, put his shoes down by his bag and sat at the small vacant end of the couch where their were.
Sirius had put his legs over the end of arm of the sofa so he wasn’t taking up the whole thing, and y/n had her head rested against his chest with her legs curled up under the slight bend of sirius’.
To say remus wished he had a camera was an understatement.
he sat down on the sofa and lifted his hand to brush back some stray hair from both of their faces, just the sight of them looking so peaceful was calming him to a point of sleep.
Resting his head back against the sofa, he rested his hand on top of sirius’ which was around your shoulders and let himself drift off.
Not before getting a soft squeeze from his boyfriend.
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marauders-worldd · a day ago
sirius: be myself. bE MYSELF? BE. MY. SELF?
lily: i’m starting to think that was a bad suggestion…
sirius: who else would i be? aRE YOU SERIOUS?
sirius: noimsiriusimsosorryicouldntresist-
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emmabeth1 · 13 hours ago
Sirius: Hey Moony, guess what this shirt’s made out of!
Remus, rolling his eyes: Sirius, we’ve been dating forever. I know it’s boyfriend mater-
Sirius: WRONG!
Sirius, getting down on one knee: It’s husband material
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mrsfrecklesmarauders · a month ago
JKR: *Mentions Marlene, Dorcas & Mary once*
JKR: *Explains 3% of Remus, Sirius, James, Lily and Regulus*
JKR: *Makes Peter a traitor*
JKR: *Makes The Marauders bullies*
JKR: *Kills them all*
The fandom: *Comes up with Headcanons for these characters' sexualities, childhood, parents, favorite beverage, favorite food, the way they act when they are drunk, who they date, identities, the way they dress, favorite songs, how they act when they are sad, how they act when they are happy, how they act when they are angry, how they sleep, how they take they coffee or tea, mental illnesses, mental conditions, them as songs, Halloween costumes, Christmas Presents, sweets they like, jewelry they wear, friendships between each other, relationships between each other, when they lost their virginity, how they like sex, NSFW Headcanons, blood type, zodiac sign, religion, how they dance, what shows they watch, favorite movies, favorite superhero, favorite villain, them as dishes, them as drinks, what they wear for a club, what they wear for the beach, what they wear for the mountain, how they manage their social media, what kind of smartphones they have, if they are dog or cat people, if they are vegan or not, ideal jobs, jobs they actually have, future plans, if they want kids or not, dreams and hopes, worst fears, nightmares they have, them as colors, them as partners, them as our partners, how they decorate their rooms, how they act on the dentist's appointment, how they act on a doctor's appointment, childhood traumas, them as Greek Gods, them as celebrities, them as books, books they read, favorite author, favorite singer, music abilities, sport abilities, weird abilities...etc(insert more)*
Literally everyone else: You need help...
The fandom: *sighing* We know
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christmas-moony · 2 days ago
James: On the count of three, what's your favorite cake? One, two, three-
James and Sirius, in unison: Chocolate cake peanut butter frosting with chocolate chunks!
Peter: Our turn, Remus! One, two, three- vanilla!
Remus, deadpan: I've never had cake, what is cake.
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dobbysimp · 2 days ago
Lily, on platform 9 ¾: will you write to me?
Remus: I will
Lily, putting out her pinky: pinky promise?
Remus, putting out his pinky: pinky promise?
James: what the fuc just happened?
Sirius: I think they made an unbreakable vow
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pinkandblueblurbs · a day ago
toxic!remus keeping you in a jar, naked and he shows that off to the marauders
“Look what I managed to catch.” He pulls out the jar you’re stood naked in, chuckling softly at the way your wide eyes flicker between james and sirius and you press back against the far glass
“Aw Moons, she’s precious. Look at those pretty little tits.” james croons, leaning in to get a good look at you, eyes trailing up and down your tiny form
“Look how scared she is, poor thing.” Sirius leans over too, smirking cruelly “Don’t worry, little fairy. The big guy won’t hurt you- not really, at least. If he did, you wouldn’t be any fun to play with anymore.”
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whataloadofqueers · a month ago
*at some point in 1978*
sirius : i wanna do something illegal
remus : marry me
sirius : what?
remus : you heard me
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moony06 · 2 months ago
It's really not that hard to understand, I'm a harry potter fan not in a "I'm in love with draco and I love jk for creating this universe" way but in a gay marauders fanfic masterpiece good old fashioned lover boy dorlene happy sadness flowerpot regulus headcanon human golden retriever wolfstar happy ending everyone lives 70s way
I don't know why people don't get it
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dead-james-potter · a month ago
Sirius: Moonbeam, what do bees make?
Remus: Honey.
Sirius: Yes, babe?
James, copying: Reggie, what do bees make?
Regulus: Some annoying fucking buzzing sound. What do you want?
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mystical-marauder · a month ago
Sirius: so um... we're dating
James: Oh we know
Remus: you know?
Peter: yeah you didn't really hide it
*flashback to a week before*
James: truth or dare?
Remus: truth
Sirius: i dare you to kiss me on the lips
Remus: if you insist
Peter: he didn't even pick dare?!
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