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#marauders incorrect quotes

“Padfoot, my brother, my absolute bestest friend in all of the world, my second favorite human after Lily, will you tell your boyfriend to give me chocolate?”

“Prongsie, I’m honored, but what makes you think I have that kind of power? Moons would tell the Queen of England to kiss his arse if she told him to give her chocolate.”

“Probably, but I might share if she asked very politely.”

“No you wouldn’t Moons.”

“That’s fair.”


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Remus*petting padfoot*: Who is the good boy? Who is the good boy?

Sirius*turns to human again*:Me! I am a good boy!

Remus*smirking*:And you know where good boys place is?

Sirius*seductively*:Daddy’s face?

James:Alright at least you could wait till i go out…

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