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#marauders incorrect quotes
dead-gay-wizards · a day ago
That one pass the phone game
Lily: it's the "in love with two dumb blondes" for me
Dorcas: it's the "prefers chocolate over human interaction" for me
Remus: it's the "my entire life centers around my jewelry" for me
Regulus: it's the "I'm punk but also if you look at me wrong I'll cry" for me
Sirius: it's the "needs glasses but pretends not to because you think they look weird" for me
Peter: it's the "cant get any of the people he's in love with to agree to go out with him" for me
James: I dont like this game
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marauders3ra · a day ago
Sirius: 3 words. Say them and I’m yours
Remus: them and I’m yours
Sirius: okay..
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nerdblob · 2 days ago
walburga: don’t do anything i wouldn’t
Sirius: there’s a lot if things you’d do that i wouldn’t want to do
Sirius: like fucking dad
Sirius: i wouldn’t want to do that
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s3okj · a day ago
my sister: so.. whats ur gender?
me after reading every wolfstar fanfic in ao3, wattpad,, every other writing sorce: sirius.
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paddoony · a month ago
Dumbledore: I need your help
Harry: Hang on I have to ask my parents
Dumbledore: wha-
Harry: *pulls out a Ouija board* Hey mom and dad, can I go with Dumbledore in a mission?
Lily and James from the afterline: A-B-S-O-L-Y-T-E-L-Y N-O-T
Harry: They said no :/
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marauders3ra · 2 days ago
One sentence headcanons for some reason
Remus loves rocking chairs
Sirius loves coffee mugs
James loves coloring books
Lily loves socks
Regulus loves candles
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jamespotterinskirts · a month ago
Lily: If you found out you had only one day left to live, what would you do?
James: Say goodbye.
Sirius: Something illegal.
Peter: Cry.
Remus: Message ten people that if they don’t forward the message to ten people, I’ll die tomorrow
Lily: Remus-
Sirius: That’s fucking awesome, can I change my answer?
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s3okj · a month ago
i read a headcanon of james going to a parent-teacher conference and im just-
imagine james, dressed like a college boy bc he’s 25, parking his expensive car bc he’s rich, waiting for harry, the other parents on their 40s 30s thinking why is this ‘big brother’ here, and harry sees james and runs to him screaming ‘Dad!’, and james smiles so big
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