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#marauders rp
veryberryjelly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
summary : waking up with james
warnings : none other than fluff fluff fluff
wc: 0.6k
Groaning as the sun shone into her eyes, y/n turned over to her other side and buried her head in her pillow, hoping that the sun would just disappear if she ignored it for long enough.
But sadly, that was not the case.
Because she had forgotten to shut the curtains on her bed last night, the sun was coming in from every which way and making it impossible for her to go back into a peaceful sleep.
Figuring she would get no more sleep, y/n sat up slightly and let her eyes adjust to the blinding light before they fell on the sleeping figure next to her.
A smile graced her lips as she admired the boy with his face smushed into a pillow and the sun shining over his bare back. Even if she had to be awake, she wasn’t so mad about the sight she had to wake up to.
But she couldn’t be awake on her own for much longer without growing bored, so she lifted her hand to push back gently through her boyfriend’s mop of curls and leant down to pepper feather light kisses onto his bare shoulder. y/n knew she had been successful in waking him up when she heard a soft groan leave his lips as he curled into y/n’s chest.
“morning, love” she muttered quietly, her hands now cradling his head against her chest as he slowly woke up. All she got in response was a tired hum.
For the next ten minutes she was laid on her bed, with james head in her chest as she pushed her hands back through his curls, trying to coax him out of his sleepy state so they could get up and go to breakfast. But when she heard a snore against her chest, she knew that gently waking him up wasn’t exactly the best method.
y/n pressed a soft kiss onto the top of his head before pulling back a little so she could actually look at him.
“Jamie, we have to get up. We have potions in half an hour.” She had only raised her voice a little to try and wake him up. It had worked a little. His eyelashed were fluttering against his cheeks as his eyes slowly opened.
When he laid eyes on the girl laid infront of him, he felt all tiredness leave his body and he was just left with a flutter in his chest. He always thought she looked better in the mornings. No makeup, wavy hair and an old t-shirt of his draped over her body.
Before he didn’t want to wake up but now he just didn’t want to get out of bed .
“ don’t wanna. Wan’ to stay here with you.” He wrapped his arms around y/n’s waist and pulled her closer to his chest, despite her slight struggle.
“No, James. Can’t stay here any longer if you want to eat before class” she pulled back as best she could to look him in the eye, even if his hold on her was trying to prevent her from doing so. When he refused to let her go, she figured her only way of actually getting out of bed was with a bribe.
“hey, if we get up now, I promise we can come back here after our last class and you don’t have to let me go until morning if you don’t want.” She bit her lips softly as he waited for his answer.
And that was a promise she didn’t mind keeping.
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ohwowimlonley · 2 months ago
Wanna have one of those hot mysterious anons that pretend to be one of the marauders or Weasley twins and make me swoon but I also have crippling anxiety
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aangs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You would think something as tremendous as a temporal rift in space and time would occur by a bang or a clash or, at the very least, a crackle, but that’s not how it happened. There was no explosion. People went to bed in their respective eras, but when they woke up, three generations had collided in a brutal clash. There were wizards from 1980, an era well into the First Wizarding War, several months before the conflict would come to an abrupt halt. There were witches from 2001, an era still rehabilitating from the brutal traumas and horrors of the Second Wizarding War. And finally, there was 2029, an era that had been marked by its peace and prosperity – UNTIL NOW.
People turned to the Ministry of Magic for answers – for solutions – but all they could offer were vows that they were doing everything possible to determine what happened and fix the situation, assigning their unspeakables with the insurmountable task of finding a way to reverse this mess. Until then? Everyone is simply stuck in 2029, expected to live their lives as normally as they possibly can right now.
But the Dark Lord is still at large, with rumors swirling that with three generations of wixen, he is rapidly expanding his army of devoted Death Eaters, invigorated with the knowledge of precisely how he foolishly lost the Second Wizarding War – how Harry Potter and his friends hunted down and destroyed his precious horcruxes, slowly weakening him and draining him of his life force. Fixed on rewriting history in his favor, he intends to rage savage war and spill the blood of his enemies, especially the dauntless and heroic soldiers of the Order of the Phoenix. This is a wizarding world born anew, ripe with bloodshed and terror as Voldemort and his Death Eaters tries to take their dominion.
All is not well anymore. The fate of the Wizarding World may very well be in grave peril. After all, you know what they say: things never happen the same way twice.
TWICE is a Harry Potter private group that combines the Marauders, Trio, and Next Generation eras. This roleplay intends to be a collaborative, welcoming environment that will allow lots of opportunities for member contribution instead of the admin solely deciding where and how the plot progresses. As there is a long list of available canon characters, we are a multi-muse group that allows muns to take up as many characters as they feel they can handle. We also welcome OCs and semi canons. To join, please like this post to be sent a link to the group discord. Even though this is a tumblr roleplay, the discord will function as the roleplay main.
[ Although the canon universe and characters were created by JKR, this roleplay does not support the author or condone her views in any way. The admin is a Jewish, LGBT POC who is mindful of the many issues within the universe, and it is their hope that we can take the world of Harry Potter and make it safe, inclusive and diverse. ]
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roleplayfinder · 7 months ago
Hey everyone! 20F here, i’m looking for a long term, detailed Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Marauders, Peaky Blinders, Legend (The Movie), The Maze runner or Teen Wolf Roleplay!
Please be 18+ and please be okay with - Dark Themes, Smut and Strong Language!
i’d really appreciate it if we RP’ed over Discord, please interact with this if you’re interested! Thank you! ✨🐚
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peachkitkat · 2 months ago
Marauders rp on discord anyone? devilsuga#9636
•Doubles only
•Acceptance to oc’s
•Literate writing (paragraphs)
•Not sensitive to topics under angst or smut, open minded to mixtures or ideas
I’m very open to anything, I myself have no boundaries but always make sure i ask my partners
The faceclaims I can use for the four marauders boys are
James ~Aaron Taylor Johnson/ Dev Patel
Remus Lupin ~Andrew Garfield
Sirius Black ~Ben Barnes
Peter Pettigrew ~Dane Dehaan
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abertohq · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
from the first to the last. 
welcome to ABERTO, a discord only roleplay for the magical world / harry potter universe! while being set five years after the ending of the second wizarding war, our server also allows the chance to delve into the past and explore-- to write characters that might have already passed, and maybe even rewrite the ending on some! 
click our pinned post found in the source of this post for quick access to all the important pages to find out more. 
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reveliohq · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
WEEK OF AUGUST 11TH / if you are interested in remaining in reveliohq, please like this post, and mind our additional rules for activity:
—— all members have 48 hours to like the interest check. the main will message any member who did not like it, and failure to respond in 24 hours will result in an unfollow, which will be posted on sunday.
—— by the time the next interest check is posted, a minimum of two in-character posts per muse is required for muns with up to 3 muses, while a minimum of one in-character post per muse is required for muns who have over 4. if you are unable to post for any reason, just shoot the admins a message.
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ask-messr-moony · 11 months ago
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black 
I am not In love with Sirius Orion Black
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aangs · 16 days ago
hi, tags! my name is sarah, and now that university is winding down for me, i’m looking to get back into roleplaying. i am extremely anti-jkr, but i’m really missing roleplaying in the harry potter universe, so i’m interested in finding roleplay partners for harry potter 1x1s. i’m into all of the eras, and i’m very open when it comes to characters and pairings. i’ll roleplay over discord or tumblr, but i do prefer to use discord for plotting. just one thing to note: i’ll only roleplay with people who are 21+ because i am 24 and i would prefer to roleplay with people who are closer to my age. anyways, like this post, and i’ll be sure to message you to suss things out!
Tumblr media
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roleplayfinder · a month ago
Hi everyone! 18F here, looking for marauders era rp with canon x oc pairings! Double up if possible! (Also in plenty of other fandoms!)
Very literate and detailed, explore dark themes with angst/smut.
I usually rp on discord and I’m always on there, so either message me on here or like my post! 🪄
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dirtymercy · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
      DIRTYMERCY. ( MULTIMUSE BY BECKS ) ft. original and canon muses from Bridgerton, DC, Harry Potter ( anti-JKR ), and misc. literature and television. 
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