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#marauders smut
itsmentalillness · 18 hours ago
𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫- 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝’𝐬 𝐃𝐚𝐝
Tumblr media
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a/n: the long awaited dilf james fic. and I lowkey hate this but it’s okay
Warnings: female reader, age gap (the reader is of age), power imbalance, smut, fingering but only for like one sentence because I'm kinda lazy, sex on a boat, vaginal penetration, exhibitionism???, choking, daddy kink 😔, idk why but the ending feels very...intimate
Word Count: 1.9k
Of course, spending a day alone with James Potter sounded wonderful. You dreamed that you could have him all to yourself. Every girl who knew him did. But making that dream a reality was not something you planned on doing.
Not today.
Not while on his boat. Not while stuck in the middle lake of his holiday home. Not in the starkness of a bathing suit.
There was nothing to worry about. Right?
It was just Mr. Potter.
It was just Mr. Potter. Who you spent many of your school holidays within his home. The same one who was the father of your best friend. Who was ages older than you. And was insanely attractive. It was just Mr. Potter- and you.
“Mr. Potter, I don’t want to be a hassle. I can wait for Harry.”
“Nonsense doll. It’s a pleasure to have you.”
Merlin. You couldn’t fight him. Something about him was so goddamn persuasive. His words were absolutely intoxicating. He could tell you to walk off the dock and you’d obey, without hesitation.
James Potter had you wrapped around his finger, and he didn’t even know.
You held your tote close to your chest, it was now or never, you stepped on the boat, heading closer to bow.
It was strange, watching as James silently free his boat from the dock without the help of Harry. Even if Harry’s assistance wasn’t the best. It tended to be a struggle for him, but he always tried, for better or worse.
To say you weren’t sure what you would do this afternoon, would be an understatement. You dreaded this boat ride. Without Harry to keep you occupied, you’d have to talk with Mr. Potter, and that wasn’t something you were sure you could manage.
It’s not that you didn’t like him, no, you adored him. But you loathed the effect he had on you. Every second you’d ever spent alone with him felt like an eternity. He made your knees weak. Your heart flutter. And words come out scrambled. He made you flustered more than anyone ever could.You know it is taboo to think of your friend's father in such a way, but you couldn't help yourself. Nevertheless, a girl could dream. That's all he was to you. A fantasy. A lust-filled fantasy. A fantasy you've caught yourself running over and over. You couldn't reckon how many times you dreamed of him to be the one caressing your body in the same fashion you did.
James felt quite the opposite. He was almost glad Harry hadn't joined today. It allowed him to see you all for himself. Yes, it was selfish of him but god was it good. Everything about you enticed him. More than anything he wanted you all to himself, all the time. He longed for his hand to be around your waist, to feel your lips against his, just to be able to call you his. But all he was allowed was you from a distance.
“Take a seat, we're off shortly.”
His words broke you from your trance. It hardly hit you that you had just been staring a James rather than making yourself comfortable for the extended day ahead. As he said, the two of you were off in a matter of minutes.
It was refreshing to feel the breeze and the boat sped through the clear. Mist ricocheted off the sides of the boat, making you laugh at the pure joy such a feeling could do to you. It was as if all worries had washed away for a second. Leaving only you to remain in bliss. Yet bliss can quickly be replaced.
The boat came to a halt, putting you back in the reality of where you were.
Just keep to yourself, ignore him as much as possible.
Which was easier thought than done. It was as if the whole universe was against you, granted you were stuck on a boat with little square footage. One would think that hopping off the boat to lay leisurely in the water would be a fine idea to escape Mr. Potter, but they would be wrong. He simply insisted upon keeping you company in the water, which you were excited about but refused to want.
He laid back, letting the sun hit his skin, making him seem more ethereal than usual. It was a peaceful sight, almost as if he had no care in the world. The Serenity of it put a small smile on your face. He was utterly gorgeous and you count help but admire it. Something in the way he just drifted in the crystal water was magical.
He knew you were watching. He could feel your gaze from you floating not too far from him. You tilted your head back up, focusing on the clouds moving above you. It stayed as such for a while. Delicate. Nothing could bother either of you, all worries were wiped away.
As you returned to your place on the bow, you felt less tense than you started the day with. Suddenly, having Mr. Potter all alone wasn't too bad.
Or so it seemed.
Your desire for the man only became worse as he took his place on the boat too. Running a towel over his dark hair, and his chest completely bare for you to take in.
“You alright doll?”
You were caught in the act of it all.
“Yes sir. Just, need some help.”
Help? Help with what? The fact you were head over heels in love with your best friends father?
“Anything love, what is it?” he asked, but nothing came to mind. Strings.
“My swimming costume needs to be retied.”
He moved behind your seated figure on the bow, taking the strings of your suit into his fingers. Your breath hitched at the sensation of his fingertips ghosting over the expanse of your back.
“Alright there doll?” you merely nodded at his question.
“Well I don't see why they need to be redone, they seem all fine to me.”
You turned your head to look back at him. All was still as you took him in. Merlin, he had the prettiest eyes ever. He was the prettiest man ever. The seagulls above you drowned out, the thought of Harry was gone. Everything was him. You had no shame in staring now, you were too deep in it to stop. And Merlin, he had the prettiest eyes ever. He was the prettiest man ever. It didn't register with you that he too was staring. He was lost in your appearance and the thought of you. He couldn't help himself any longer. He craved you in a way that was new to him. And so he kissed you. He kissed you with a passion neither of you had ever felt. It was one filled with devotion and desires.
It took no time at all for you to be under him, you were completely malleable to his touch. His kisses trailed down your neck and into the crevice of your chest. He had you where he wanted.
Desperate for him.
Desperate was an understatement. You couldn't think what it would be like if this was all a dream. You needed much more than his kiss, you needed all of him, in every way.
“Mr. Potter, please. I need it.”
That's all it took and he knew. He knew how to work his fingers under your bathing suit and how to get you even more eager. For his thumb worked circles on your clit and two fingers curled deep inside your cunt, just barely grazing your g spot, which seemed to be intentional given he adored your pleas for more.
“You poor girl. You want my cock? Is that what you need?”
You nodded your head frantically, reaching down towards his bathing suit so that you could get what you need quicker.
“Ah ah ah. Don't be greedy baby. I'll get there.”
And he did. He took his gracious time removing his shorts, making sure to watch your dismal expression. He was well aware you needed him, and he needed you just as much, but he wanted to savor all of it.
James stepped out of his shorts, precum smearing across the extent of his abdomen as your hips bucked up into nothing. To you, he couldn't take longer even if he tried. Yet, almost as if he read your mind, he was between your legs; moving your bathing suit to the side and covering his length in your slick. One more pathetic plea and he sheathed himself inside you, the thought of waiting any longer was unbearable.
Strings of curses fell from his lips from being inside you alone. His cursing only heightened from there. James rested hishand around your throat and started at a rough pace.
“Fuck doll. You know how long waited for this? How many times I had my hand around my cock wanting you?”
You whined at his statement, the thought of James getting himself off for you was something you needed to see in this lifetime. Your hips jolted upwards again, he only made you more worked up in ways you couldn't comprehend. He wasn't fond of your need seeing as he took his free hand to press down on your hips.
It didn't take much time for you to reach the near of that stolen orgasm of yours. The head of his cock hitting a heavenly place deep in your cunt, flooding with the slight pain that came from the stretch had you cockdrunk in the most pleasurable ways.
His grip tightened on your throat and his thrusts sped up, he was close, as we're you. The sudden surge of stimulation had your eyes rolling to the back of your head and hands clasping over your mouth. Which was a short-lived action.
“Come on baby, I wanna hear it all.” James took your hands from your mouth.
“Daddy!” the title you tried so eagerly to suppress slipped out, embarrassing you.
“Is that it? My pretty girl wants me to be her daddy?” he looked down at your trembling figure, tears stained your heated face and a softer side to James appeared. He stopped his movements and kissed your cheek.
“It's alright doll. Call me whatever you want.”
You smiled and hummed in agreement at his sentiment, “Daddy, I still haven't cum yet.”
“I know pretty girl, daddy will take care of it.” and like clockwork, he rocked his hips into yours, at a much softer pace this time. You locked your legs around his back in an attempt to bring him closer to you. His hand initially gripping your throat, moved to cup your face, while his other took place between your legs, pushing you closer to your impending orgasm. He could feel that you were close in the way your cunt gripped his cock so tantalizingly.
“Cum for me doll, I'm right there.”
And with that, rapture rippled through your body, and a long moan of his title fell from your lips. As he said, he was there with you, your orgasms in sync. His hips came to a halt and cum flooded your cunt, a feeling you wanted to endure for forever.
Slowly, he pulled from your cunt, and clothed himself before wrapping your shaking figure in one of his overshirts. He made sure to take good care of your sensitive mind as he took you into his arms and sat you on his lap, holding you close to his chest.
“There we go baby, you were so good for me.”
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for eli because they're my biggest fan now: @wolfstar-lb
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lilithcromwell · 2 days ago
request time! can you write a secretive professor lupin x reader and make it smutty? I love ur writing btw!!!
a/n: still can't believe people actually like my writing...
One Single Glance
Remus Lupin
you've been having ‘tutors’ with Remus recently, which makes it hard for you to focus when you look at him in class...your mind wanders (flashbacks are italic)
disclaimers: smut, fingering, female and male oral, age gap (not the illegal kind if you dare to ask)
requests: temporarily closed (check navigation for any updates)
word count: 2238
Tumblr media
“What kind of music do you think Muggles listen to?”
George turned to you and Fred. “Maybe punk rock? You know, notes all over the place that could make their ears bleed.” Fred answered, imagining them wincing from the pain.
You scrunch your eyebrows. “Haven’t any of you learned anything from Muggle Studies?” They glanced at each other, giving a small chuckle before turning to their right where you were sitting.
“The fact you would even ask that just shows how little you know me and George.” Fred grinned while you nodded to his response. It was about 7 minutes before your second class started this morning. In other words, you were minutes away from seeing Remus.
Or mostly known as Professor Lupin一for those who have not at least already moaned his name.
There were a few empty seats left at the front of the class. Remus still wasn’t around. Although you were sure that he’d show up this time because seeing Snape walk through that door is the last thing you would want to see. A few chatters were all over the room for a few more minutes before you see Remus enter the classroom with his usual grin.
Walking to the very front, he stopped and scanned the entire room. When his eyes landed on you, you could’ve sworn the corner of his lips curled upwards. This also made you slightly grin, before having Fred purposely push you to wake you up. You jerk forward and turn to him, mumbling.
“The fuck was that for?” You widen your eyes at him, frustration showing through your clenched jaw.
“Again, asking that just shows how little you know me..” Fred replied, gluing his eyes to the front, while George hid his smile. Turning your head, Remus was starting his lesson.
“Now, I know this is the last thing you’d want to hear but after the lesson, you’ll be having a short test.” Students all around you groaned while Remus chuckled, clutching his wand from his pocket. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t give you all something you can’t handle! C’mon then, let’s start.”
Dark Arts was enjoyable for you, and you were sure you weren’t the only one enjoying it. He’s the best teacher you’ve all had. But no one around you was having the same amount of fun as you were.
Seeing the man you’ll later make out with trying to control himself from your gaze made your dopamine level rise. His glances along your way also made it hard for you to focus properly.
It's as if your heart rate automatically increases when you gaze at Remus. You didn’t even realize it but he started to make everyone close their books for the test. The lesson was something about Impediment Jinx...or was it the Hex deflection?
Either way, parchments appeared in front of your desks. Luckily, you did know what the lesson was about. Dipping your quill, you wrote down your name then glanced at the rest of the paper.
You were doing surprisingly well so far一although, you were having trouble focusing with Fred and George trying to ask answers from each other to your left. Remus on the other hand was trying his best to not just stare at you from the back of the room.
He kept looking down at his book when a student glanced up, only looking up when he saw you move from the corner of his eye.
He was distracted by your rocking feet, slightly exposing your thigh under your robe. Resting your head on your hand, you looked up to stretch your arms.
Looking to the left, you see Remus fiddling with his quill while staring at you. The slightest flicker of his eye told you that you were both thinking about the same thing. Even from far away, it was still noticeable what was occupying his mind.
“You're head girl一you have to go..” He grunts in your ear from behind you, while you bite your lip from letting out a loud cry of pleasure. You placed your hand on top of his, which was residing on your waist.
“I'll give up my badge if I have to,” he trails kisses to your neck while you jerk forward from his cock. “But I'm not leaving. Fuck..” You rest your head on his shoulders. His hips snapped to your ass, while you whimpered low.
“You have—Transfiguration..” Remus urged, following a curse.
“I told some friends of mine that I had a headache. And plus, you want me to leave you alone?”
“Fuck no—don't stop.” You let out a small chuckle before feeling him harden his thrust making you form your lips into an ‘O’. “You like that, huh?”
“Yeah, shit..”
One single glance from him made you crazy. Like he was an addictive drug. You knew it was wrong, but something about him pulled you in more and more. Trying to resist it made it even worse for you.
The same goes for Remus. He was physically drawn to you. He didn't know what it was about you that got him so...captivated. Your effortless charm, maybe...your ability to turn him on, sure...but it was more than that. Both of you just reached your breaking point of stares and acted on those feelings a few nights ago in his office.
Unknowingly, you raised your hand to show you had a question. Remus stood up and headed your way, a few students glancing up to see him walk past them.
“What seems to be the problem?” He questioned, standing beside you enough to cover Fred and George’s nosy faces. Looking around you, you leaned forward.
“Professor, I have a question.” You looked at Remus dead in the eye, making him narrow his eyes momentarily before nodding.
“I suppose I can help..” The corner of his lips curled upwards slightly, enough for you to know that he was playing on. He leaned forward, hands placed on the corner of your table, and waited for your response.
“You were thinking about it too, weren't you?” His eyebrow twitched upward. Remus gave a small chuckle, looking around them to check if anyone ever heard.
Your right hand slowly came in contact with his fingers. You ran them back and forth in a soothing but seductive way.
“That's not the right question.”
“But it's still a question...” You shot him a smirk this time.
Remus leaned down more this time, looked around before facing your view. “I was, but it seemed as if I wasn't the only one.” You nodded at his response, satisfied with his answer.
“How can I forget about it when I see you everywhere I look...?” Both of your demeanors have already changed. His eyes trailed at your lips, while you kept running your fingers up and down his hand slowly.
“I can help with that!” He cheerfully said, loud enough for anyone to not suspect any other matter.
“How exactly, Professor?” You muttered low.
“My office. Lunchtime, hm?” Remus raised an eyebrow but was sure of your answer. You were wondering what he’d say if you answered ‘no’. But you didn’t care right now.
“Of course...Thank you, Professor.” You pulled your hand away and picked up your quill again. He gave you a genuine smile before walking away.
“Glad to be of help as always.” Once he was out of sight, Fred leaned forward to your direction.
“What did Lupin tell you?” It seems George was the one on the lookout while Fred scouts for the answer from you. George kept his eyes on Remus, arm ready to nudge Fred in case he glanced their way.
You signaled him to lean closer. “Keep your nose out if you like the shape of how it is, Fred.” You whispered into his ear.
“Hey, that's my line!” He exaggerates, placing a hand on his chest.
Tumblr media
You had to go through two more classes before lunch: History of Magic and Potions. Time was ticking slow on your end. 10 minutes felt like an hour, and you kept glancing down at your watch.
Professor Binns was duller than an unsharpened knife. Meanwhile, Snape kept on taking house points whenever someone from your house made a mistake.
5 minutes before lunch and away with your freedom, you were rocking your foot on the ground so much that you had to stop yourself from time to time.
The bell rang.
You packed up all your stuff in your bag and walked quickly out the door.
“Where you goin’?” George asked from behind, noticing you head in the opposite direction.
“I have to get something from my dorm. I’ll try and catch you there.” You gave a smile before seeing them walk to the Great Hall.
You had to wait for everyone to leave the hallway, which was an awful lot of time before you opened the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom. Looking left to right, you quietly closed the door.
“Professor Lupin?” Your voice echoed through the empty classroom. Taking small steps towards his office, you listened to any movement.
Deciding to look in his office, you head up the steps before opening the door. “Professor Lupin, are you here—”
“I've waited for this all day.” A voice beside you said before they pulled you in for a kiss. Without guessing, it was Remus. The feeling of his lips gave it away. He pushed you lightly up against the wall, hands on your waist.
You placed a hand on his neck, the other on his shoulder. His kiss was desperate. You understood well, both of you had time against you for the past 3 hours.
You smiled through the kiss, feeling his other hand run down your spine. He pulled away and planted kisses on your neck. Placing your hand on the nape of his neck, you fluttered your eyes closed.
Your breathing was now sharp and fast. Remus brought his face back up and placed his lips on yours again. You stayed like that for a few more minutes before pulling away breathlessly. You rest your foreheads on each other, catching your breath.
“I have a class in 20 minutes..” He whispered. You looked up to his eyes with a hint of disappointment.
“Oh...well, there's always next time.” You nodded, giving an uneasy smile. “No, no! Only oral.” Remus hastily said.
Your normal smile came back from his words. “Sounds fun...” He placed a kiss on your lips before carrying you on his waist and resting you on his desk.
Parting your loose hair, you see him bunch your skirt up and pull your underwear down. Watching him draw his face closer, he gives your slit a small lick making you gasp. Remus grips your thighs and places his lips on your clit.
“Shit..” You said in a hoarse voice.
He starts flicking his tongue on your clit while you gasped for air. His finger starts rubbing your folds, causing you to whimper softly. He laps on your wet slit. You threw your head back, hands gripping the edges of the table. He parts his lips before closing them in and sucking so much you yelled out a moan.
His thumbs were rubbing your inner thigh. You were screwing your eyes shut when he delved his tongue inside you causing you to jerk slightly forward and widen your eyes.
“Faster, Rem.”
His thumb began rubbing your clit in fast circles while he kept giving small kitten licks. You started to push his head further in, fingers playing with his hair. A few more kisses and you release on his mouth with a silent yell.
Taking a second you pant, jump down, and knelt. Remus helped unbuckle his belt while you pulled down his trousers.
Realizing that he took his time, you only had 10 minutes left. Immediately, you kissed the tip of his cock. Remus threw his head back and placed a hand on your hair.
Scooching closer to him, you looked up to see him staring down at you. You started moving up and down on his cock. You swirl your tongue around his tip and sucked on the tip, bobbing your head after. Remus starts to groan loudly while pushing you further into him.
Deepthroating him always made you gag. Your mouth was making sinful noises that made him curse now and then.
Hollowing your cheeks, you swallowed around it enough to feel him twitch. “Yeah, keep going, love…”
You grip his thighs, nails buried on his skin. A few more deep thrusts and he cums down your throat. Pulling away, you swallow it whole before sitting down on the edge of the table next to him.
You were both a mess. Clothes ruffled, hair stuck to your foreheads with sweat. Remus looked at you before chuckling.
“Better cover that up.”
“Cover what up?” Turning to him confused, you creased your eyebrows.
“That hickey.” He points to it with a grin, watching you stand up and walk towards the mirror on the nearby wall. Tilting your head, you sigh. Meanwhile, Remus was crossing his arms and chuckling to himself.
“God, Remus, it's dark. Look at how purple it is! How am I supposed to cover this?” He fixed himself up, jumping down from the table while walking in your direction.
Remus wrapped his arms around your waist, face on your shoulders. “Then don't cover it.” He planted a kiss on your shoulder. “Show them.”
Tumblr media
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icryovertoast · a day ago
r u open for requests? how abt james potter fingering u at an elevator 😋😋😋
ummm i love this, i made it short tho
james potter x reader
warnings~ fingering, kinda public play, i think that’s all
Tumblr media
you and james stood waiting at the closed elevator doors
“would this bloody thing open already” he whined furiously pushing the buttons
you giggled “jamie it’s coming”
he stood with four shopping bags in one hand, all yours of course, and with your hand in his
the elevator dinged and five people exited, you dragged him along and pressed the button to go to the car floor
you watched as james placed the bags down on the ground the same time the elevator door closed
as soon as it closed you were being attacked with kisses “jamie” you whined slightly and he lifted you up on the small bar in the elevator
you felt his hand work to lift up your sun dress “jamie there’s cameras”
“fuck the cameras”
you rolled your eyes and pouted but still moved your legs apart
you felt him move your panties to the side, as he started to rub your clit he felt you hips buck into his hands
“we have to be quick love” you looked up slightly noticing the number change from 9 to 8 in a matter of second
whilst you were distracted james entered you with his fingers wasting no time in thrusting them in and out
“ah james” you moaned gripping his shoulders “please please”
he silenced your moans by giving you a peck on the lips “does it turn you on baby? knowing anyone could catch us hmm”
you nodded your head and let out another moan “oh please jamie m’so close”
he removed his fingers “sorry baby”
you noted the floor was on its last stop and huffed “in the car?”
“in the car” he confirmed
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Tumblr media
lily exans x reader x James potter
warning! innocence kink, sub!reader, dom!james, dom!lily, dacryphillia, fingering, clit play, nipple play, finger sucking, cockwarming, penetrative sex, rough sex, subspace.
I was slotted between Lily’s legs on her bed as the redheads fingers worked at my clit, whines and cries leaving my mouth. She found me crying and bought me back to her dorm to calm me down and then pulled a confession of my hysterics from me.
I had been aching for days on end and had zero clue how to stop it, I was always wet and kept waking up after having certain dreams, my sleep shorts soaked as well as my sheets.
“There you go, baby. See? How nice does that feel?” I grabbed at her arm as I threw my head back and ground my hips up into her hand. “So good, miss.”
She giggled, eyes not even glancing up as e door open, nor did mine.
James Potter, Lily’s boyfriend, walked into the room and smirked, hanging his coat up. “What’s going on here then? Who’s this pretty thing?” He asked as I sobbed and cried.
“She’s just the neediest thing on earth, were so lucky I found her. Doesn’t even understand anything when she’s all subby like this. Doesn’t have to be subby to not understand, just a dumb baby.” Lily teased, slipping her two middle fingers into me as I let out a strangled cry and let her put her other two fingers in my mouth.
“Found her outside, crying her heart out. Just felt so bad, I had to take this pretty girl in. Just look at her pretty little cunt.” Lily said, ignoring my cries as she pulled my legs open more and exposed my dripping pussy. I sucked on her fingers, sobbing whilst my tongue suckled and flicked. “After I’m done playing you can fuck her.” Lily said, brushing my hair back. My cunt fluttered at the filthy words and I screwed my eyes shut as a knot swirled in my tummy, whines growing louder.
“Please, please, please!” I basically screamed around her fingers, legs shaking as lily pumped and curled her fingers faster, her thumb circling my clit whilst James kissed my shoulder. I finally came undone, letting out choked sobs as my ears rung and my vision went black, body thrashing. Lily giggled, holding my hips down as a wet release stained her sheets, finding her own wetness slicking her cunt.
When I finally came down, I rested my head on her chest with her saliva covered fingers and release covered fingers on my thighs, breathing heavily with my chest heaving up and down. The redhead sucked my releasenoff of her fingers before putting her arms under mine to hold me in place, giggling as I whined and tugged agaisnt her grip. “Stay still so jamie can fill you up, mm?” She mused, kissing my head.
“Yes, miss.” I whimpered, watching as James began to unbuckle his belt, looking intensely at me as I bit down on my lip so hard that a pearl of blood formed on my lip. Lily tilted my head up and smudged the blood down my chin before kissing me, her tongue prying my mouth open. My eyes shut as I responded and used my tongue to delve into her mouth, beginning a sloppy make out session between us. Heat built in the bottom of my tummy, soft whines leaving my lips as she laced one arm out of mine and grabbed the back of my hair, kissing me rougher.
James pulled my legs back open, “baby, needa be ready so you don’t get shocked, yeah?” He hummed, lily and I pulling away from the kiss with a lewd slap of our lips. “Yes, sir.” I purred, laying my head back on Lily’s chest. James pumped himself whilst lining up on my entrance, slowly easing into me. I let out a string of whines and whimpers, trying to get away from his throbbing cock. My walls stretched painfully as he bottomed out and I dropped my head back, letting out a wail as he began to thrust.
He let out a chuckle, “god, you sound so needy. Doesn’t she, lils?” He looked at his girlfriend and she nodded in agreement, hooking her arms under mine again. “Really does, darling. Come on, fuck her harder than that, she can take it, can’t you baby?”
I sniffles and nodded. “I can take it harder, miss.”
That was all James needed to start fucking me even harder, hips clashing into mine as i cried out and pressed my heels to his back, knees on either side of his waist. “So good! So good—oh!”
My eyes screwed shut in pleasure as I bared against him, pushing against his cock. Ecstasy bloomed in m stomach at the feeling and I let out a somber sob, sounding so upset but I was so lost in pleasure.
“There’s my good girl.” Lily coed, brushing my hair out of my face as tears ran down my face, ruining my makeup. “No, she’s my good girl.” James argued, thrusting harder.
“I’m the one who found her,” Lily purred with a proud smirk, reaching down the front of my body and to my chest to grab at my perky little breasts, pinching at my nipples. The two drowned out my feeble cries as they argued and ended up getting James all riled up, so he fucked me even harder.
I screamed and cried, finding myself closer and closer to my brink. “Oh god—mm!” I squealed, hips jolting as his tip prodded my g-spot over and over.
“Go on baby, cum for us.”
I came again with a wail, gasping for air as I clenched tightly around james’ cock, making him come undone on top of me, groaning out profanities.
We all just laid there, sitting in each other’s comfort. But then lily chuckled.
“I just came,” she admitted, causing my eyes to widen as James looked up at her with confusion. “What, how?”
“Her pretty little arse was just rubbing against me because you fucked her so hard and I came at the same time as her.”
I chuckled softly and laid my head back on her chest, whining and protesting as James made a move to pull out. I used the heels of my feet to fully sheathe him back inside of me. “Stay.”
“If you say so,” he laughed, pulling the covers over all of us, soon we fell into a deep sleep, limbs tangled and body parts joined perfectly.
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earlgreydream · 16 hours ago
october 16
Tumblr media
🍁 Mafia — Marauders
content warnings: violence, murder, daddy kink, slapping, dp
“Don’t go,” you whined, wrapping your body around James, trying to keep him from following Sirius and Remus out of bed. 
You buried your face in his strong chest, sedated by his warm, familiar scent. Normally, he’d wrap an arm around you, but now he was trying to pry you off of him so he could accompany Sirius and Remus to a deal. 
“Puppy, let him up,” Sirius scolded, pulling you off of the man. 
“M’coming too,” you sighed, switching to cling to Sirius. 
“No, back to bed,” Remus ordered. 
They were getting up in the middle of the night to go to a meeting, insisting you had to stay in bed, protected by their private security stationed outside the doors and windows of your massive bedroom suite. 
“Daddy, please. I’ll sit in the car and be good!” You begged, looking up at him with wide, hopeful eyes. 
“I don’t want to have to worry about you-”
“Rem, we’re going to be late,” James spoke lowly, suggesting that it might be easier to just take you along then leave you to your mischief at home with their bodyguards. 
“Alright. Come on, let’s get your trainers on,” Sirius sighed, kneeling down to slide the shoes on your feet and tie the laces. 
Remus grasped your chin, making you look up at him. You jutted your lower lip out, pulling the sleeves of your pink sweats over your hands. 
“If we let you come, you must obey everything we say. Understand me?” Remus’ deep voice thundered through you. 
“Yes, daddy,” you nodded. 
“What happens if you disobey?” James prompted as a further reminder. 
“I get spanked and I don’t get to cum.”
Remus let go of you, praying that you actually behaved and wouldn’t make them regret letting you join. 
“Wait!” You gasped before leaving the room, reaching for a stuffed bear that James had given you. Remus’ gaze was hard, but James quietly handed you the comfort item, hushing you before you broke into pathetic, insomnia-fueled whining. 
“Come on, puppy,” Sirius said, anxious from having you join them. He preferred to keep you far away from their work, far from the violence and danger and drugs. 
He climbed in the backseat with you, letting you snuggle under his arm while Remus drove into the city, James riding shotgun. Sleepiness caught up with you, your body remembering it was nearly four in the morning. Sirius’ inked hand came up to cradle your head, keeping you from being jostled by the uneven road. 
The boys talked quietly, keeping their voices low so they didn’t disturb you. Sirius gently woke you up when you arrived at the destination, helping you out of the car and keeping your hand in his. 
“Don’t speak to anyone. Don’t disrupt the meeting, just keep quiet,” James instructed, and you held the bear tight to your chest. Your other hand was wrapped in Sirius’s, the one not holding his gun. 
Sirius glanced down at you when you yawned softly, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. They went into a large office, and you were pulled sideways onto Sirius’s lap, letting you lay on his chest with an arm around you. 
The discussion soon turned into muffled sounds as you drifted off into sleep, dozing in and out on his lap. 
“What’s she got? A stuffed animal? What is she, a toddler?” A man mocked you, catching your attention. 
Your sleep-bleary mind couldn’t react any way other than breaking down into tears, overly tired and emotionally wounded. 
“S-Siri-” you stuttered out. 
“Shh, puppy, it’s okay,” Sirius tried to pacify you, turning your face into his chest and stroking a tattooed hand through your hair. 
A shot rang off from James’ gun, with almost no hesitation about avenging his innocent lover who’d been mocked by the disrespectful guard. Sirius didn’t allow you to look up, keeping his hand firmly placed on your head. 
“Come on, puppy,” he lifted you and carried you back to the car. 
Another round of sobs hit you, and Sirius couldn’t wipe your tears away faster than they fell. He softly urged you to tell him what you were so beside yourself about, but it wasn’t until all three of them were doting on you that you’d relaxed enough to speak coherently. 
“I-I’m sorry… I don’t want you to b-be mad, I didn’t try to dis-rupt your meeting!” You stammered through sharp breaths. 
“We aren’t upset with you. It’s not your fault, you were perfect, so well behaved,” Remus soothed, his voice much softer than before. 
You struggled to calm yourself down, even after being assured you weren’t in trouble. Your knuckles were white from gripping your bear, and your cheeks and neck were tearstained. 
“Switch with me, Padfoot,” James said affectionately. 
He took the tattooed man’s place, undoing your seatbelt and maneuvering you onto his lap. James gently pressed kisses to your cheeks, nudging you with the tip of his nose. 
“Look at the pretty lights,” he whispered, watch them glitter by as Remus flew down the interstate in his luxury vehicle. 
He hummed softly, rubbing your back as you watched the lights, eventually relaxing. 
“Daddy?” You called to Remus.
“Yes, baby?”
“Can we get some French fries on the way home?” You asked pitifully, rubbing your eyes and hoping he’d go for it. 
James held back a laugh, and Sirius grinned, nodding at Remus. He went through a drive through, ordering French fries for his baby in a luxury car, notorious in the city for being a gang leader. 
He handed you a box of French fries, and James opened his mouth, letting you feed him one. You ate them calmly, asking James to hold your bear. He obliged you, and as soon as the snack was finished, you were drifting back off to sleep on his lap. 
James quietly kissed your cheek, carrying you back inside. The sun still had not risen in the sky, darkness surrounding your peaceful home. The guards fell silent as James carried your sleeping form back upstairs, laying you gently in bed. 
You woke up in your empty room, none of the boys around you. The events of the morning slowly returned to your memory, and you went to the shower to wash them away. Your wet hair fell over your shoulders, and you wrapped a fluffy towel around your body, walking to their office. 
“Good morning, puppy,” Sirius smirked, and you walked to him, giving the man a kiss. He pulled on the towel, letting it fall to the floor, leaving you completely naked before the three. 
Sirius pressed open-mouthed kisses along your breasts, your waist being squeezed in his tattooed hands. James’ hands groped the globes of your ass before dipping down to run his fingers through your slit. 
“Already nice and wet for us, huh, puppy?” James teased, circling your dripping hole with his fingertips. 
“She knows she has to take care of the boss first,” Remus’ voice broke through the haze that was beginning to cloud your mind. 
“You heard daddy,” Sirius slapped your ass, leaving a handprint on the smooth skin. 
You knelt between his spread legs, opening your mouth obediently, gently lapping at the swollen tip of his cock before he pushed it down your throat. Your low whine vibrated around him as Remus began to fuck your throat, both hands on your head, helping guide your movements.  
“Shh, baby,” he hushed when you choked on his massive size. 
“Be a good girl and swallow, yeah?” James encouraged, wiping the strained tears that streaked down your pretty cheeks. 
You felt Remus’ cock twitch before he spilled down your throat as you frantically swallowed, trying to suck down all of his load. 
“There you go, puppy. Such a good little cumslut.” 
You preened under his praise, leaning back against James as you caught your breath. His hand wrapped around your throat as his mouth worked to mark your collarbones. 
“Let’s get her to the couch, I can’t wait to tear up our sweet little puppy,” Sirius said, helping you onto the couch in their office. 
“God, your cunt is fucking soaked. Are you this horny from sucking off daddy?” James pushed apart your lips with his fingers, letting Sirius toy with your clit that was swollen and throbbing. 
You jerked forward, closer to James, who wrapped your hand around his swelling cock. You stroked him a few times before helping him align with your pussy, sinking down onto him as he stretched you out. 
“James!” You gasped, clinging to his body as he dragged along your channel, thrusting his hips up into yours.
You whimpered when you felt Sirius grip your ass, spreading you apart and rubbing his cock against your tight hole. He hushed your soft whimpers, unable to protest as James fucked perfectly into your g-spot. 
“Stretch her ass out, Pads. She can take it, even if she squeals,” Remus smirked, earning a wounded look from you. 
Your expensively manicured nails dug into James’ back as Sirius pushed into your ass, tearing a scream from your lips. 
“I don’t want to hear that nasty word out of your mouth,” Remus commanded, bringing his palm down on your cheek. 
A pathetic whimper slipped from your lips  as Sirius bottomed out, only giving you a moment to adjust before rocking his hips in the opposite rhythm of James, the men fucking you hard and fast between them. 
Sirius’s tattooed hand squeezed your throat, keeping your back against his chest, slamming his hips against your ass as James’ hips bruised yours. Your head dropped back over Sirius’ heart, against the tattoo that read ‘puppy’. 
“I’m going to get you off first, puppy, so you’re nice and sensitive when Siri and I pump your holes full of cum,” James grinned, patting your cheek that was still smarting from Remus’ correction. 
Your eyes squeezed shut as he brought a small vibrator to your clit, forcing his cock into you even harder, making your core tense up as pressure built between your hips. The pain of Sirius stretching your ass was delicious. And you could feel both of them throbbing inside of you. Nerves sparked in your entire body, and you tried to squirm away, though it was impossible. 
Your scream rang out, bouncing off of the walls as you gushed around them, squirting onto the leather couch and their thighs as you tremored from the intensity of your orgasm. 
Your body felt like it was on fire as they continued thrusting into you, the overstimulation burning through your nerves. Sirius’ hand clamped over your mouth to silence your screams, burying himself fully in your ass before emptying his cum inside of you. Remus handed him a plug to keep it all in, and Sirius held you still while James finished in your pussy. 
“What a mess you made,” James smirked, watching the thick white cream drip from your puffy pussy after he pulled out. 
You couldn’t form any words, only a moan as Sirius pulled out of your ass, quickly pushing the plug in to keep his warm load inside of you. 
“So good for us, baby.” 
You accepted a kiss from each of them, too blissed out to even think. They’d fucked you completely dumb, leaving your head spinning and your body aching and full. 
“Let’s get you cleaned up, then you can sit with me until I finish work, yeah?” Sirius offered, earning a small nod from you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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comfortscripts · a day ago
My Little Dove ¬ Regulus Black
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 4
Plot - Regulus wanted to love and cherish you but a desire to corrupt you was always present so what happens when you decide to let him ruin you?
Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only}
Pairing - Regulus Black x Inexperienced!Fem!reader
Notes/Warnings - THIS IS FLUFFY SMUT. Praise, loss of virginity for the reader, bit of an innocent kink, they are either in 6th or 7th year but this takes place at Hogwarts. Unprotected sex but I like to imagine that there are safety spells to cast afterwards
Word Count - 1.9k
The Slytherin common room rumbled with laughter. Young hormonal witches and wizards making filthy jokes as their minds concocted fantasies of their crushes. It was that kind of stage in life where all that mattered was sex, well to most of your friends anyway.
Always the innocent one of the group, 'the dove' as Nina Nott once claimed. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the sexual jokes, doe-eyes widening at stories of wild nights and flushing checks whenever your dashing boyfriend placed his hand on your smooth thigh. It baffled your peers at how the sweet darling of Slytherin ever agreed to go out with Regulus Black, the mysterious and handsome pureblood.
Whilst his friends constantly teased him about you being too innocent, about how you must be so boring and tame. Regulus couldn't help but disagree. Your innocence lit up a secret desire in him, knowing that you were so pure when he was tainted and blackened. You were his prized princess and when the time came, he would be the one to corrupt you.
Gentle firelight sparkled across the common room, making the silver decorations dance in flashes of glitter. Head resting on the Black boy's shoulder as his hand caressed your exposed knee, the two of you were listening to yet another story about Barty's wild sexual exploits from over the holidays. Even though Regulus claimed that barely half were true.
As the dirty-minded wizard continued explaining how he made a girl orgasm with a single finger, your innocent little mind decided to indulge in the sinful thoughts you so often push away. Thoughts of Regulus exploring your body in ways no one had before, or picturing his mop of dark curls between your legs as he dipped into your delicious core. No matter how innocent people thought you were, you couldn't deny that the thoughts of Regulus making you cum over, and over again, wasn't something that consumed your mind after the sun had set.
Whilst your mind flooded with sinful fantasies, your beloved boyfriend noticed the way your cheeks were reddening by the second and how your supple thighs clenched ever so slightly. His curious head filled with ideas at the subtle reactions but there was a single thought that stood out, you were aroused.
Bowing his head ever so slightly, the Slytherin wizard whispered gently, "My love, I'm feeling rather bored with this company. How about we make our way to my room?"
The velvety words were enough to bring you back from your daydream, and with a shaky nod, Regulus grasped your hand to pull you away from the comfort of the leather sofas.
With each step you ascended, your confidence grew. Tired of pushing your wants away, bored of being labelled innocent and fed up with not being able to reach that high by yourself anymore. All these reasons and emotions led you to one solution; you needed Regulus, all of him.
Entering the wizard's room filled you with excitement but the fear was overwhelming your subconscious. How do I even suggest this? What if I'm terrible and he leaves me? What if he sees me naked and decides it's not what he thought? The inner monologue battled with your confidence as you placed yourself on his large silken bed, a perk of being prefect.
The dip in the bed and the strong aroma of teakwood made you twirl your body towards the dark-haired man. Locking your eyes, you felt protected in his gaze, knowing that he would never let anything hurt you and he would never judge you. That simple look sent all your fears running and your stomach swirled with confidence once more.
Placing a delicate hand on his sculpted jaw, you inched ever so close to emit a soft "I love you Reggie" before connecting your lips with his. The gentle touch of your plump lips against his made your heart swell and your body ache for something more, aching to feel loved. Encasing you within his lean arms, Regulus guided your figure onto his sturdy lap as his fingertips trace the nap of your neck and tangle in your hair.
This reaction from the pureblood boy spurred you to deepen the kiss and shift the atmosphere into something more than the passionate make-outs the two of you engaged in. With a soft nip of Reg's lower lip, the two of you began exploring one another's mouth in an intimate dance of tongues and teeth. Heat slowly flowed to your pleading core, begging for some attention after all these usual nights ending with warm embraces.
Giving into your body's wants, you grind into Regulus' growing hard-on in a desperate attempt for friction. The out-of-character action elicits a guttural groan from the man as he sharply pulls away from the kiss, with confusion laced orbs at your sudden movement.
"Princess, don't do that."
"But why? It feels good right?"
"Yes but if we start down that road, I might not be able to stop"
Placing a single hand over his steady-rising chest, you confess "I don't want you to stop. I want you, all of you."
Love driven lust replaced all signs of confusion in his sharp features as he took in your words, drinking in the idea of finally being able to corrupt his little dove. Wrapping a slender hand across your back, he flipped the two of you so his figure loomed above yours.
Regulus began planting soft kisses against your jaw as he cautiously undid the many buttons holding back your exposed chest. Treating your clothes as if they were wrapping paper covering his prize and he was eager to reveal the marvellous sight beneath it. As the final button popped open, the man let himself harden at the picturesque view of your satin white bra which cupped your tender breasts. Lowering himself to delve between your mounds, his lips nipped and sucked the smooth surface, making sure to leave marks to show his love.
Sensations of the simple act mixing with anticipation left you shivering for more. His slow movements felt like a pleasurable torture as you core became slick in preparation for his attention.
"Reg, please. I want more"
"Are you sure my dove? Almost feel bad corrupting you, such a sweet little thing"
The words washed over you, adding to the heated atmosphere. "Regulus, I want you to corrupt me. Please baby, ruin me."
As if all inhibition in the man snapped, his actions became more determined and his fingers made quick work of stripping himself bare before turning his attention to your pleated school-girl skirt. Whilst all the girls at Hogwarts wore one, only you could make heads turn and only you could make Regulus feel like he won the Triwizard Cup.
"This is staying on, okay princess?" He stated toying with the edge of your skirt before sliding his hand further to meet your clothed core "But these are coming off." And with a hardened tug, the eager man torn your lacey panties.
The cool air now freely reaching your glistening core made you whine and rut your hips, begging for any type of feeling on your throbbing core. Regulus traced a single digit across your inner thigh before gliding it over your soaking core, coating his slender finger in your juices.
He brought the wettened digit to his lips before tasting your sweetness, "Oh babygirl, you taste delicious. Trust me, you'll struggle to keep me away but for now, I need to be in your tight little pussy"
Blush flooded your cheeks at his lewd words but you couldn't contain the whimper of desperation at his words, tempting him to just bottom out inside of you already. But like the gentleman he was, cautiously lining up his leaking cock with your sopping entrance before whispering "Are you sure you want this my love?"
Biting back a whimper at feeling of his angry tip resting against your folds, you shakily let out a "yes" and with that, Regulus sheathes inside of your warmth.
Gasping at the sudden feelings, the pain melted away quickly as the feeling of fullness overwhelmed your senses. The dark-haired man stilled himself as you both grew accustom to the new sensations but as your nails softly dug into his biceps, he began to gently build up a slow yet punishingly deep pace.
"You are so tight my dove. Squeezing me so well that I may not last as long as I wished." Groans fell from his lips with the interruption of a mumbled chorus of your name as if he were drunk and you were the only think he could remember.
Moans and whimpers tumbled from your mouth as his punishing length reached so deep, pressing that sweet-spot with every thrust. You always knew that your fingers could never compare but this, this was better than you could have imagined. The way his cock so expertly filled you whilst his large hands groped your exposed flesh, all accompanied by the sweet sounds the duet of moans and groans bouncing through the room.
Feeling the knot begin to grow in your stomach, Regulus places a single digit on your puffy clit before rubbing merciful patterns to quicken your climax. Your sounds grew louder as your orgasm approached, chants of his name broken up by light pleasured whimpers freely erupted from your lips. Regulus picked up the speed, now thrusting into your clenching cunt at a harsher pace as he watched you fall apart.
Pride flooded his senses as he realised that he was the only one who got to see this side of you, he was the only one who got to watch you come undone and he was never planning on letting you go. "Are you going to cum for me princess?"
"Yes, oh my god! Reg, I wanna cum"
His own climax hit maximum capacity as he began a final burst of energy, pounding into your tight hole as your noises melted into his lips with a bruising kiss. Bodies becoming one as the tension of your inevitable climaxes burst through the gates.
Reg's hips stuttered against your body as his orgasm came flooding over and he released himself into your accepting warmth with a loud outburst of your name. Your body convulsed with pleasured as you felt the final cord snap, opening the flood-gates of ecstasy. Nails impaling your lover's back and bicep as he gripped your waist with a harsh force, leaving marks of the night you shared.
Staggered breaths fell from your mouths as Regulus carefully unsheathed himself and brought your exhausted body into his loving arms. Delicate kisses were littered across your exposed shoulder before he placed a single tender kiss against your forehead, a shy communication of love that he created for you.
"Are you okay my love? I wasn't too much, was I?" No matter how much of a big game Regulus spoke, the both of you knew that he feared harming you above all else and inside, he was the most caring man there was.
Lightly pressing a kind kiss on his plump lips, you offer a glowing smile. "It was perfect, I couldn't have ask for better. I love you and I don't think I could feel happier than I do now"
Snuggling closer into the pureblood man, you hear his rapid heartbeat begin to slow as he accepts your embrace.
"I love you my little dove"
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angel4you · 14 hours ago
🎀 reg trying to keep you quiet in his dorm late at night
“kitten if you want me to keep going need you to quiet down, alright?” regulus whispers as he slowly moves his head back down. he goes over the trail of kisses that have sunk into your skin. “alright pretty? just a little quieter”
“y-yes daddy” you groan impatiently.
“good girl, and you gotta stop the squirming or you’re gonna get a spanking” teasing your clit with the pad of his thumb. “so pretty and puffy for me” soft kisses replace his finger so he can pin your legs down to the bed.
“feel s-so nice—” regulus shoved his fingers down your throat. now gagging around his fingers, your whimpers get muffled.
“did you not here me? i said stay quiet or you’re going to get somethings” his condescending gaze skims over your tense figure. “and what are you going to get?”
“a spanking, daddy”
“that’s right kitten, now stay quiet while i finish unless you want the paddle”
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crystal-dee · a month ago
harry potter p.links
disclaimer: the whole of this post contains porn links. watch at your own discretion.
ii. videos that are less than 20 seconds will be noted accordingly.
iii. kinks/content in videos will be noted accordingly.
iiii. marauders era + golden era characters included; men and women included.
iv. approximately ninety-seven (97) links have been used in this post.
Remus Lupin
tail butt plug + fucking
oral, fingering, squirting + fucking
bunny butt plug + fucking
fucking professor!remus + size kink
anal w/ soft!dom!remus + restraints
professor!remus checking out your "pretty pussy”
professor!remus rubbing one out for you in the bath
professor!remus fingering you under the table during a tutoring session in the library
remus toying with your panties [16 sec]
double penetration; vaginal sex + dildo [14 sec]
eating you out
James Potter
tit worship
mutual masturbation
sweet hand stuff
james playing with your pussy + facesitting
dom!james fingering + teasing
cowgirl + sub!james sucking your tits
sub!james being needy; hand job + fucking
dad’s best friend!james fingering you in his car
sub!james sleepily eating you out
sub!james eating you out blindfolded
“cuddling”; fingering
Sirius Black
cumming in your mouth
slow fucking + tummy bulge
face slap + choking while fucking [3 sec]
anal + cumming + size kink
slapping + choking + hair pulling w/ tattooed!sirius
spitting + oral (male!receiving)
spanking + degradation
Regulus Black
fucking your ass with a butt plug
riding + skirt & breeding kink
soft make-out session that leads to a bit more
choking + breeding kink
fucking lily while james watches
pt.2 fucking lily with a vibrator
hard!dom!remus throat fucking you while hard!dom!sirius slaps your tits
tail end of getting gang banged, and one of them is finishing inside you [14 sec]
Lucius Malfoy
anal + fingering [3 sec]
rough sex
humiliation + spanking + fingering
rough sex + spanking
Narcissa Malfoy
mommy dom + strap
young!narcissa + fucking for the first time
she uses a vibrator on you
fingering + finger sucking
narcissa's in love with the way your ass feels in her hands
naked makeout sesh <3 [10 sec]
Draco Malfoy
shower handjob
tit worship
fucking you in doggy, and he can’t get his eyes off ur asshole
fucking you from behind + light hair pulling + light slapping + hands around your neck (no choking)
draco eating you out
punishment; spanking + fingering
mutual masturbation
Theo Nott
riding + titty sucking
fucking you standing up + restraints
soft sex
rough fingering + a little bit of oral (male!receiving)
Blaise Zabini
throat fucking
soft sex
fucking you in the club's bathroom
riding him + spanking
Fred Weasley
rough fucking + slight manhandling
blindfolded + oral (fem!receiving)
overstim; fingering
fingering + oral (fem!receiving)
George Weasley
sideways sex
jerking him off [15 sec]
hitting it from behind
thigh riding + tail butt plug
sub!george + playing with his cock
Ron Weasley
sucking him off + face slapping
fucking you from behind + one (1) spanking [13 sec]
innocence kink + teasing + slow sex
eating you out
edging sub!ron
Harry Potter
reverse cowgirl + outdoor sex
harry cumming inside you
sub!harry + cum play + overstim + vaginal sex
sub!harry eating you out
Neville Longbottom
switch!neville eating you out
sitting on his face
starts out soft, ends rough; vaginal sex
Ginny Weasley
overstim; fingering + thigh-slapping
double-sided dildo
using the same vibrator on the two of you + grinding
teasing + playing w/ ur pussy
Hermione Granger
eating her out
fingering + eating out sub!hermione
fingering her
riding her strap
she's fingering you
Pansy Parkinson
hard!dom!pansy + rough fingering
fingering you
dom!pansy + strap + spanking pt.2
dom!pansy + light choking + light tit play + playing w/ ur pussy
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silverdelirium · a month ago
SUMMARY ➠ the marauders fuck peter’s sister as revenge after they found out he betrayed them.
WARNINGS ➠ foursome, all boys are doms, triple penetration (vaginal, anal and oral), oral sex, nicknames (bunny, baby girl, princess, dove, etc.), light pussy spanking, overstimulation, there’s a little wolfstar moment where they kiss, degrading, praising. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing
A/N ➠ @angel4you here’s your tag bb
james wished more than anything that your brother could see you right now.
your tits painted in purple and blue hues after each boy took their turn in marking you up after they threw you down on the mattress, promising you the night of your life— which was by far living up to its statement.
your panties were drenched and the coil in your lower belly intensified by the minute. 
“what should we do with her?” asked remus, cocking his head to the side.
sirius leaned down to move the hair away from your neck, peppering soothing kisses to the flesh. “i say we all get a taste of her sweet cunt like we discussed earlier, and then we’ll fill her little holes up until she’s so cockdrunk she can barely even think” he sneered, his kisses now landing on your heated cheek.
james snickered as he saw your flabbergasted face, almost as if you did not thought of them capable to talk about you as if you weren’t in the same room.
remus agreed with sirius, coming down to run his hands over your hair. “what do you say, pet? you wanna be fucked stupid by your brother’s friends?” the word dripped from the tip of his tongue like poison.
your pulse quickened and your mouth felt dry (even though your pussy certainly wasn’t).
all you could manage was a slight nod— and seconds later remus’ palm was striking at your panty-clad cunt, the flesh underneath growing sensitive at the stinging, coaxing a whine out of you.
“you speak up like the good slut you are or you don’t get anything” he threatened, giving a nod to james, and before you could decipher what the expression meant, james was ripping the only material that covered you; tearing the lace underwear to the seam.
sirius massaged your inner thighs while the other two gazed longingly at your dripping hole as if they were starved men, sirius joining on the staring only a few moments later. making you feel timid and small.
james was the first to speak up, “told you she had the prettiest pussy ever, should’ve done this a long time ago” he grunted the last part in what seemed to be disappointment.
you weren’t stupid, you knew why they were doing this. and with the way they talked, you wondered if they started discussing the topic of fucking you senseless before or after your brother’s betrayal.
“lay down for us, bunny” whispered sirius, fluffing up the pillows behind you before letting you fall down on them, your legs being pried open by them as james came to his knees in front of you, the tent on his boxers almost had you drooling if it wasn’t for remus’ mouth coming down on yours into an impassioned kiss, his hand already coming to tug around his enlarged cock.
you felt sirius’ hand grope at your marked breasts, and you barely caught on james’ whisper, “i’m devouring this pussy for the next fucking month, that’s for sure”, before his plump lips were enveloping your neglected bud.
you forgot how to kiss remus back for a moment when you felt james’ tongue prod under the hood of your clit, your moans being swallowed by the brunette eagerly, whose hand was bumping against your side as he fisted himself.
“how does she taste, prongs?” interjected sirius, not stopping his assault on your tit as he lent down to plop one in his mouth, grazing the tender skin with his teeth, making you whine into remus’ mouth.
james groaned before answering, “like pure honey, mate— we got ourselves the sweetest pussy out there, i’m telling you” the compliment pushed you to the verge of ecstasy, three more swirls of the male’s tongue on your languid cunt and you were babbling like a baby, the mouth-watering orgasm washing over you like a tidal wave as he grunted into you while remus kissed down your neck.
your vision went white and in the blink of a moment, james was exchanging places with remus, who was still pumping his cock and by the looks of it, caressing the seventh heaven with his fingers.
ropes of hot cum sprayed on your outer lips, coating your pussy in a mess of slickness and drool.
remus’ groans hit your ears as he came down from his high, panting lightly as he looked up at sirius, beckoning him closer with two fingers.
“you’re gonna lick my cum off her little pussy, alright?”
a moan almost slipped out of you as you watched the two dark haired boys share a small peck on the lips, remus’ lower lip caught in between sirius’ before he was positioning himself between your legs.
“oh god, this has got to be the sluttiest fucking cunt i’ve ever seen— all drowned in another man’s cum. but you love that, don’t you, bunny? for us to use you like a mere hole and nothing more” he winked, patting at your sensitive cunt as james came to rest at your side, cock fully out of his boxers that met their fate in the floor.
you swallowed thickly, the way the three boys eyed your body was almost alarming, as if they were gonna devour you like no other— which hypothetically speaking was right— yet it lured a spark up your spine, deepening the hole of submissiveness you were spiraling down to.
“my god i cannot wait to split that pussy open, gonna have you all cockdrunk, my love” grunted james, exhaling a breath next to you, making you shudder.
a heavy and round-ish tap was felt on your cheek, and when you turned your head to the right, you were met with remus’ expecting glance, “gonna suck me off like a good whore or what, dove?” 
“yes i w— oh! sirius fuck!” you cried out shutting your eyes tight and letting your jaw get pried open by the impatient male at your side, who wasted no time to bury his cock down your mouth after james said “shut her up already, moony. don’t wanna hear her dumb baby blabbers”
you didn’t know what to focus on, it was either the spit dribbling down your chin as remus gave your throat merciless thrusts, or the pink muscle that your inner walls desperately clenched around, or the soft yet rough hold that james had on your hand as he wrapped it around his girth, feeling the foreskin push back and forth as you fucked him with your hand slowly.
“look at my little cumdump, so pretty when you’re a mess of cum and drool, could have you like this all day” cooed remus, fighting off the quirk of his lips as he felt you gag around him.
“ours” amended james, guiding your hand by the wrist to go faster as he felt his high approaching, the slurping and squelching sounds that came from sirius’ end arousing the three of you to no end.
your thighs shook and your muscles tensed as sirius continued to give your pussy heavenly-like tongue strokes, the tip of your nerves lighting up as you choked around remus’ dick, your peak catching up to you faster than before.
pleasure sparked through your body, your second orgasm of the night hitting you like a truck and making your vision dot with stars.
“oh shit i’m gonna cum— gonna make a mess on your hand, princess— shit!” moaned james, giving himself sloppy strokes with your hand as he cursed.
sirius blew one last kiss to your engorged and delicate mound, making you writhe and gag against remus’ cock, that was still buried down your throat whilst your lungs ached at the lack of oxygen.
“my turn” chanted remus, carefully pulling out his dick from the canal of your mouth as you coughed and heaved.
it was like a deja vu, seeing yet another one of your brother’s best friends settle himself in the space between your shaking thighs.
you could already feel the burn in your limbs for tomorrow morning, yet your body craved the animalistic bombardment the boys performed on your body.
“look at you, bunny. so wet and ready to take our cocks, you’re gonna feel us for days” he growled, not giving you any warnings before he was diving into your abused pussy, and your thighs went to instinctively lock around his head if it wasn’t for james holding them down.
“oh god just like that remus— fuck!” you whimpered, fisting the sheets in your hands as remus did wonders to your pulsating cunt.
you heard sirius snicker behind you “here we were, thinking you were the most innocent angel but all you want is to get your little pussy wrecked, huh?”
james scoffed at your side, “i always knew a little dollface like her would love to get her pussy torn to shreds, could see it in her eyes when she stared at us, she’s been wanting this for years, haven’t you, lovely?”
a pathetic cry was what you could get out, plus some mumbles of yes’s and want your cock’s.
even though your wails could drown out every other sound on the room, you still heard sirius loud and clear when he said, “i’m taking her in the ass, been dreaming about it for months now, plumpest little thing she carries around”
the confession had you flushing, and it also eased some type of relaxation into your muscles, knowing that you weren’t the only one who has wanted this way back before peter’s betrayal.
“ow you poor thing, you wanna cum? make a mess on rem’s mouth?” crooned james, brushing away stray hairs from your damp forehead.
“yes!” you winded “need it so bad” your eyes rolled back to cloud nine, mewls coming from your mouth nonstop as your walls fluttered around air, remus’ focus being on your overused bud.
you felt murmuring from between your legs as your high extended, “that’s a good pet, taste so good” which you could only guess that came from remus.
the (third) enticing orgasm had your senses turning into mush in a matter of seconds, and it was probably because you knew what was next.
sirius sort of warned you earlier, claiming they were all gonna have a turn at devouring your sopping cunt dry. 
they definitely got that done.
and you could only hope they lived up to the rumors you heard in your hogwarts years about how fucking good they were in bed, and how enrapturing the searing stretch of their girths felt.
“we’re gonna stretch you open so nicely, princess” grunted sirius, grabbing ahold of your arms and pulling you up into a sitting motion before tugging you into a harsh kiss, your whine echoing in his mouth.
the kiss itself had you going fuzzy, hence why you didn’t take notice of when was it that you ended up straddling remus, his weeping tip kissing at your slick entrance.
that’s when you felt a shadow creep from behind you, and it was easy to tell by the silhouette that it was none other than sirius himself, preparing your other hole with the lube in his hand, and when his cock-head prodded at your ring of muscles, not quite entering it yet, is when you realized.
oh. they’re all going in at the same time.
the thought itself might have seemed painful. but when you were anticipating this moment for years, pain is the last of your concerns.
james came to rest his knees beside remus head on the pillow, coincidentally making his crotch in line with your mouth.
“oh we’re gonna absolutely destroy your little pussy, bunny.” sighed james, sharing a look with the other two before you felt them all push at the same time.
it was a bestial pain. but it was also the most divine and mind-blowing stretch you ever felt, and you thought for a second your eyes might stay stuck behind your head with the way you rolled them.
the boy’s groans made you fucking squelch and gush all over remus’ cock as your hips involuntarily rolled forwards (thanks to sirius’ sadistic thrusts from behind you).
the room reverberated the sound of skin slapping, as well as your juices sticking to remus’ pelvis, plus your coughs against james as he curled his fingers in your hair and bobbed your head faster.
“such a pretty little face, too bad its wasted on a dumb cockslut that only cares about getting fucked everywhere” snarled remus, slapping your breast with one hand while the other stayed guiding you by your hips.
“hm but she sounds so pretty when she’s gagging on my cock, don’t you think so?” james tilted his head, sending you a smug smirk as you batted your eyelashes at him.
“oh she sure does, prongs. i wanna say i wish to hear her moans but i don’t like hearing dumb babies like her” chuckled sirius, gaze trained on your bouncing flesh as it clapped against his lower abdomen.
remus grunted from beneath you, “we should’ve done this ages ago. i don’t think anything can compare with her pretty pussy ever”
your eyes rimmed with tears as sirius approached his high, going at a brutal pace that would for sure leave you bruised for days.
“jesus— fuck! i’m gonna cum, baby, gonna paint your tight little ass. shit” he moaned, throwing his head back as he gave quick and fast thrusts that left your mind spinning and walls contracting around remus.
as sirius emptied himself inside you, remus hand snaked down to circle at your throbbing clit, “you greedy slut, can feel you throbbing on my finger even though you’re all full” he taunted
“well we best keep her like that, no?” added on james.
“mhm, and she’s about to cum too— can feel her clenching around my cock” he rubbed faster, watching the tears stream down your eyes as james released ropes of hot white into your mouth without warning.
“swallow, dove— all of it so you can taste it for fucking days” he ordered, not removing his cock in the slightest just to watch you struggle for breath.
the orgasm hit you like a trainwreck— leaving you like you were in one too— fire danced through your veins as you came undone around the brunette’s twitching length, his peak washing over him when your walls squeezed around him.
“that’s it, princess, take all of our cum— i love the way you look when you’re pumped full” whispered sirius, his teeth nibbling at your ear lobe as your whole body shook in the aftershocks of cloud nine.
and when the three boys made eye contact, it took no mind reader to know they were sharing the exact same thought.
fucking payback, peter.
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lilithcromwell · a day ago
Hey love! Your writing is phenomenal! Just wanted to submit a request for alpha Remus getting extra possessive over the reader before the full moon? Huge sucker for breeding/mating kink and size kink. I just feel like sex before the full moon is absolutely feral and so hot. Love your writing so much!
a/n: bro...phenomenal is a big word WHAHAHAHAHAHA
Tear You Apart
Remus Lupin
Remus' high sex drives nights before the full moon has him turning possessive and animalistic in bed
disclaimers: animalistic sex (rawr xD), breeding kink, size kink, choking, male and female oral, female self pleasuring, high sex drive, possessive + dominant alpha male (rough sex in general)
requests: open (check navigation for any updates)
word count: 1491
Tumblr media
You scrunch your eyebrows, reading the answers of your students. Writing their mark at the top of the paper, you moved along to another parchment that had the same exact answer. Word per word. Retrieving the previous paper, you scoffed in laughter.
“Of course, Crabbe and Goyle..” Placing aside their papers, you shift your neck side to side. You’ve been grading papers after dinner and it's almost 2 in the morning. You ducked your head on your table, obviously tired. You were about to sit back up again when you felt a pair of hands on your shoulder.
“Tired?” Remus’ tired raspy voice from behind asked. You nodded and he started to slowly massage your shoulders making you back up into his touch. Later, he slides one of his hands to your neck then your jaw, lifting your chin.
He placed a deep kiss on your lips, before trailing them down to your neck. Occasional bites here and there that sometimes let out blood from his aggression. Something about his entire attitude and behaviour the whole day struck you.
He wanted to eat you out 10 minutes before your class with the 3rd years一that had Harry. Remus also offered to fuck you then and there at the storage room without a silencing charm.
Yes, he was horny. But this was on a different level than his normal appetite. Looking at the calendar on your table, you just realized that it was a night before the full moon. Tilting your head, you gave him more room to trail his kisses to your neck.
These nights he was different. His aggression, it was feral-like. The way he holds you...not as a girl but as a woman. You already knew about his condition. The high sex drive was an advantage for the both you. Nights before the full moon just showed how good he was at sex. Although, this has got to be the highest and extreme one he's had.
You planted a kiss on his lips which he followed. He was panting like crazy.
“Gonna tear you apart so good..” Remus mumbles into your ear before carrying you bridal style and tossing you to the bed.
You were on your way to turn the lights off when he stopped your hand. "Keep the lights on. I want to see your tits bouncing up and down."
Once he started hovering on top of you, you started to feel so small that it turned you on even more. Remus reached for the hem of your night shirt and chucked it out from his view along with your bottoms.
You began to feel weak when he wrapped his big hand around your throat. He immediately went down to your tits and started caressing them roughly. He gave small kitten licks before taking your hardened nipples in his mouth and nipping on them.
Letting out whimpers, his grip on your throat tightened by the second.
"If you’re making noises, I better be hearing them."
Remus was sucking on your tits so much that you rubbed your thighs together to get some friction. It was hard to let out moans when his large hand was around your throat, you just felt vibrations. He got in between your thighs to stop you, making you squeeze your toes from the feeling of his bulge on you.
“Touch yourself for me.” Sitting up, you discard your underwear and throw it to the floor.
“Spread your legs, I wanna see how turned on I made you.” Following his orders, you bite your lip as he licks his lips from your wet cunt.
Snaking your hands downwards, you rub your wet clit slowly while shutting your eyes. Shuffling nearby would be made by Remus drawing himself closer to see.
Running your fingers on your slit, you whisper softly before you slide a finger in. You started pumping in and out from slow to fast. Soon after, you feel a lick on your folds making you gasp.
Looking down, you see Remus’ face between your legs while you were fingering yourself. The sight could’ve made you easily reach an orgasm. But Remus was definitely making that easier for both of you.
“Fuck, so good…”
Right before you reach your orgasm, he pulls himself and your hand away, leaving you frustrated. “That’s enough for now.”
“Wanna suck on my cock, little one?” You nodded quickly as he let you go and pulled down his trousers.
You bent down, arching your back while running your tongue from his base to the tip. Kissing and sucking on the tip, you felt Remus run his hand down your back before rubbing your aching cunt.
Bobbing your head up and down his cock, your moans sent vibrations to Remus. He took a fistful of your hair and pushed himself inside you harshly. Immediately gagging, you jerk backwards from the way his cock was filling up the space in your mouth.
"Do that again." He grunted.
He stopped his stimulation on your cunt, thrusting himself in your mouth instead. You fluttered your eyes closed. His cock was reaching your throat everytime, too hard and too much it might bruise.
You were close to sobbing from how big he was. Pretty sure when you drink water the next morning, your throat would burn intensely. Remus lifted your chin, seeing you take his cock so nicely.
"You look so pretty when you cry..." He chuckled darkly. His frenetic energy was making you gasp for air.
The contact of your mouth made squelch noises. Pushing his full length inside of your mouth, he cums down your throat. Remus pulled out, watching your messed up self with tear marks, swollen lips and disheveled hair.
Discarding the rest of his clothes, he pulls you from your arm to sit down on his lap.
"Breed me like the bitch I am." You firmly whispered in his ear, when he pushed his cock inside your cunt.
Remus didn’t hesitate to start at a rough pace. Your mouth was wide open and you have never felt so good in your entire life.
"I have never seen you this needy." Remus utters, sucking on your tits again. He was pounding on you so much that you were squeezing your toes. You clung onto him like a leech.
"Shit, I forgot just how tight you are.." He growled in your ear. Flipping both of you over, he was now on top.
He pulled out momentarily before entering you at the same hard sharp pace. He lifted your legs to his shoulders, giving him more chances of going deeper (if that was even possible). Your knees were touching your chest.
Remus started to wrap his hand around your throat, making you feel smaller than you already were. He weighed himself down on your throat that you were gasping for air.
"Look at me…look me in the eye." You opened your eyes and stared deep into his. WIth his hands tight around you and his cock pounding you mercilessly, your vision started to blur.
"Fucking take it." He groans.
"I know you can take it." Remus lowers one of his hands and rubs your clit, making you cry out loud.
At this point, your moans were uneven and you were trembling all over. Remus pulls out and flips you over, pulling your bum closer to him. His pace was sloppy, but hard enough to make your arms fall down and rest your head on the soft sheets.
“Like it when I use you like this?”
Taking hold of both your hands, Remus places them on your back. His forceful pull on your arms made you lift your upper body. His hard thrusts made you chuckle from your moans, squeezing your toes.
Planting a smack on your ass, you moan out a yelp. “Who owns you?” Remus questions, a hint of feral-like nature.
“You do..” You muttered under your breath.
“Sorry I didn’t understand, repeat that for me?” He purposely mocks.
“You own me, Remus!”
“That's right,” he gulps. Remus bends down, chest touching your exposed back. “Gonna have my babies?..” He cooed.
“Gonna have ‘em.” You choked out.
“Want me to cum inside you?”
“Oh god Remus, I need your cum so bad! Please, I need it inside of me, please!”
One final thrust, you felt the spring in your stomach coil and tighten before being released. Your knees sink to the mattress, body completely slicked with sweat. Your name spills out of his mouth, taking a few more seconds before pulling out.
You feel his release drip out of you, legs weakly moving.
“My legs are shaking..” You chuckled, causing him to hook an arm around your waist. Turning to Remus, he was smiling unintentionally from your state.
You both took a few more minutes catching your breath in silence.
“You okay with risking it?” Remus whispers into your ear.
“I'd risk it all for you, Moony..”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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bellatrixscurls · 14 days ago
feels too right // james potter
ღ pairing : sex therapist!james x innocent!reader
ღ warnings : smut, oral (fem and male), no actual penetration, pet names, slightly older james (reader is of age!), innocence kink and i think that’s it?
ღ a/n : idk what this is, bare with me pls 😬😬
join my tag list here! :)
Tumblr media
you toyed with the lacy hem of your dress as you and your father walked towards the ‘only person who can cure you’s office.
“i’m just saying, plum. he’s the best in town with down there problems” you rolled your eyes at that, ready to protest but he cut you off with a little wave of his right hand, “look, this is the door. think you can knock?”
you shrugged, shivers running down your spine as the light pounding reached james’ ears, and he yelled a little “come in!”
right there, your knees felt like they were about to give in, your palms sweaty as they reached for the doorknob, slowly making your way inside, your father’s hand leaving the small of your back and he gave you a thumbs up before you closed the door fully.
one glance up, and you were met with a cerulean pair of eyes and a little smirk that tilted his lips up — then you looked back down, heat rushing to your cheeks as you stood awkwardly in front of the door, “hi” you whispered.
“hello there” he greeted warmly and he motioned for you to sit down, which you did, moving his chair closer to you. “so, y/n... what seems to be the problem with you, hun?”
you felt redness spread across your neck and cheeks as you looked up from your lap, unconsciously staring a bit too much at james’ plump lips. “um, i...” you sighed and your hands shook as you tried to keep them intertwined, in place, away from james’ eyes. but he saw. “i went to a gynecologist but they said practically nothing was wrong with me” you shrugged meekly, returning to fiddling with your fingers.
meanwhile, james took his time to try and read you, maybe even find out himself what you were talking about, but he just couldn’t. “does something not feel alright?”
“oh, no. something feels too right” you replied suggestively, brows furrowing at the sudden confidence, “s just my tummy.”
at that, james gripped the arms of his chair like a vice, as if they were the only thing keeping him alive. your tummy just felt too good. poor baby, he thought.
“don’t you wanna show me what makes your tummy feel so good, princess?” he asked and you gulped, nodding fervently as you spread your legs, the sundress riding up your thighs as it revealed your little panties to james. you just felt the need to show him. the mere image of the handsome man in front of you watching you make your tummy feel good was pure sex.
your underwear was damp with your arousal as your heels pushed into the armchair, on either side of your body. one of your small hands travelled down and stopped when it reached the wetness, gently pushing the pesky fabric to the side, giving james a full view of your glistening cunt. “i usually play when my tummy feels yucky and- and this makes it all feel better” you explained while your index and middle finger rubbed your clit in tight circles, said sensation already engulfing you as you threw your head back.
you didn’t even notice the tall man approach you, but when you finally opened your eyes, he was hovering over you, blue eyes hungry as he stared down at your heat in fascination. “y’know how good it feels when someone else plays with you, princess? ...tell me you don’t” his voice was but a whimper, pleading you to say you didn’t know, because no one ever touched you the way you were touching yourself. no one.
you shook your head as your breathing became heavier, and you looked mesmerized at james as he lowered himself until he was at eye level with your pulsating cunt. he smiled as if someone just took something very heavy from his shoulders, “can i be the one to show you? please, sweetheart.”
“y-yes, please!” you sounded more excited than you’d care to admit, your eyes teary when he gently brushed your hands away, replacing them with his own as he spread your pussy lips wide open for him, unintentionally licking his lips at the sight.
you didn’t know what he was doing, but next thing you knew his lips were suckling at your clit, and he hummed in approval as his skilled tongue poked out, working you closer to your release, “s-so good, it’s so good, jamie!” you cried, fingers tangling themselves in his hair as you tugged a bit too harshly, earning a pained whimper from james. “m sorry!” you bit your lip, gently massaging his scalp with the pads of your fingers, strings of moans escaping your mouth, “m so sorry, i promise i didn’t wanna- oh!”
“s okay” he smiled against your cunt, refusing to let go as he jerked you closer by the thighs, burying his face even deeper if possible in your quivering cunt. “tastes really, really good.”
you smiled weakly down at him, but it didn’t last long because the next second you were crying out his name, begging to cum even though you weren’t really sure what that was. “j-jamie, oh my god! ‘s gonna happen again! ‘s gonna happen!”
“let go, princess. be good for jamie and let go, mkay?” he urged and you nodded, and just like an obedient little pup, you came all over his mouth, whimpering as he drank all of your juices like a starved man.
you were breathless, to say the least. but you still wanted more, and the tent in james’ pants made you wander if his tummy needed to feel good too.
“jamie?” you called softly, and he looked up from where his head rested against your thigh, smiling a lazy smile as he caressed it, “doesn’t your tummy needa feel good too now?”
james could scream at how innocent you looked while insinuating such dirty things. and he fucking loved everything about it; your wide puppy eyes, your pouty lips, and so much more.
“i can take care of it m’self, princess. you don’t have to” he assured as he turned his head, placing a soft kiss to the inside of your bare thigh.
your face fell at the thought. he obviously didn’t want your unexperienced mouth on him. he had better things to do, better people to make him feel good... right?
“oh, no!” exclaimed james, immediately catching your eyes and knowing what was going on, “babe, no! princess, i want to, yeah? y’just so innocent and pretty, can’t let myself ruin you like that.”
“but... please?” you pouted, and james looked like he was ready to give in, “gonna make it feel all better. gonna try.”
“ me then, bub.”
james’ mouth fell open and his brows pushed together as you worked your mouth on his cock, trying to take as much of him as possible. endless moans spilled from his mouth at the sight, his hands coming down to caress your cheek, in no form urging you to take more of him. he didn’t think he would live to hear the end of it if you did, anyway.
your mouth left his cock with a pop, and your hand replaced it as you asked softly, “am i doing good, jamie?” you asked with wide eyes, gathering some saliva on the tip of your tongue and letting it drip down your chin slowly. oh, the things he’d do to you if only he had the balls to. james nodded with eager eyes, and you could tell he was biting back moans as you kept eye contact.
“want inside” he whimpered breathlessly, his abs flexing as he tried his hardest not to buck his hips again. “need inside ...please!”
sounds of pounding sounded from right outside the door, and james threw his head back, groaning in frustration. you gave him a pitiful look before you stood up to fix your dress, helping james back in his underwear and trousers too.
“dr potter? someone’s here to see you” a squeaky voice said.
“i’m fucking coming, martha! can’t you just fucking wait!” he groaned and covered his face with his hands, and you took a step back in surprise, which james noticed right away. “sorry” he apologized, his pinkish cheeks turning red, “does next week, same hour sound alright for you?” he exhaled deeply, already writing you up in his agenda.
“sounds perfect.”
❀ james potter tag list; @silverdelirium @moonyinthelight @malfoy-girl @daddymalfoy-issues @teenwolfbitches28 @amethystangle @methblinds @marv3lwhor3 @candy-man91 @illusionsofrainbows @fairyy27 @remusjlupinisdead @maybanksslut @mrs-brekker15 @elizabethrosedarling @malfoysbiitch @gothboutique @tomriddles-wh0re @florestheflower @angelinab303 @divanca2006 @imahoeforremuslupin @acciodignity @nic0lodean @ginnysbabymama @kayleiggh @samaraaaaa @saintlike78 @yiamalfoy @indigoh4ze @justadreamyhufflepuff @someonetookmygin @mollysolo @nevilleismywhore @i-love-scott-mccall @pottahishotasf @venusmalfoyyy @somethings-things @fxll-moons @daedreamss @spencervera @harrypotterlover234 @inlovewithremusjohnlupin @dilflover10 @katmoonz @n-st-owl21 @haroldpotterson @aster-ls @lonelyhe4rts @slutforshego @urgingforyou @kissintellsworld
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lonelyhe4rts · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Poly!Marauders x reader (Dom!Remus Lupin x Dom!Sirius Black x Switch!James Potter x Sub!reader) 
Warnings: smut, polyamorous relationship, dom/sub dynamics, foursome, daddy kink, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, mentions/insinuations of consensual nudes, tit fucking, titty play, masturbation - male receiving, masturbation - female receiving, degrading language, dumbification, cum swallowing, creampie, no aftercare though is implied, think that’s it but pls lmk if there’s any i’ve missed! 
Summary: James finally get’s his chance to play with you. 
Word Count: 2.2k
an: alas, part two. hope y’all enjoy this, it was a bitch to write. as always, all actions are consensual and if a safe word was needed, then it would be. 
reblogs are appreciated!
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“Why don’t you? Y’don’t need to just look at her. Go play with the slut.”
A deep blush blossomed over the expanse of the brunette’s face at the words, his feet shuffling against the floor and palm’s sweating with both humiliation and arousal. He was conflicted in his emotions - embarrassed from the three of you knowing exactly how he felt about you and aroused from the photos that hovered over his growing bulge. If anything, having both Remus, Sirius and yourself there with him in that moment did nothing to quell the lust bleeding from his brain to his groin - it only heightened it, deepened it and made it so incredibly difficult to not do anything about it. 
“Don’t be embarrassed Prongsie, was bound to happen. The slut does go round wearing barely anything.” Sirius said, his tone smug and mocking as he looked down at both you and the embarrassed boy, nudging his shoulder with Remus’. He smirked at the way you feigned offence, your lips a stern pout and eyes ablaze at his comment, turning to look at the lanky male beside you for assurance. The lycanthrope beside you tutted at Sirius’ comment, throwing his arm around your shoulders while pulling you into his side, kissing the crown of your head. 
“No, but seriously Prongs - we understand. Bunny’s a very pretty girl, you’d be bonkers to not see it. Isn’t that right baby? Aren’t you daddy’s pretty girl?” The way he spoke was much more softer than Sirius’ suave tone, much more sincere but still arousing nevertheless. It didn’t matter what Remus said, you always felt inclined to do and agree with whatever he said, it was just the power he had over you. 
“Mmhm, yep!” You chirped out, eyes shining bright with elation at the praise Remus was giving you.
James’ eyes remained fixated on the array of images hovering over his growing bulge, the hazel depths of his irises tracing every feature visible, his mouth watering at the sight of your pebbled nipples coated in layers and layers of cum, looking perfect for him to suckle on. 
Sirius’ hips snapped against your own, his pubic bone grinding against your clit as he pistoned his cock in and out of you. Tendrils of arousal pooled within your tummy as the lycanthrope standing above you played with the skin of your tits, rubbing and rolling the flesh as he fisted his cock over you, palming himself while he played with you. It wasn’t long before he was hissing through his teeth, choked groans spilling from his lips as he released himself over you, painting ribbons and streams of his pearly release over the expanse of your breasts, decorating the skin in his cum. Your nipples dripped with the gift, smothered in his arousal. “Prongs has a thing for tits bunny, reckon we should get a snap of em?” 
“Told yer bunny, Prongs has a lot of love for titties. Look at the way he’s drooling over em,” Sirius quirked, his tone still smug as he smirked at the blushing boy, though he was very understanding with why he was so transfixed on the images of your bare breasts. 
“Hm, is that so? Fancy giving him a little love then bunny? Y’wanna show Jamesie y’titties?” Remus’ words were laced with authority, though you knew you would always have the final say in what you were doing. You shifted your figure from foot to foot as you began to unbutton the clasps of your blouse, shedding the material from your shoulders as the three males surrounding you anticipated eagerly.
James’ eyes were trained on your chest, hazel irises blown out wide with lust and arousal as they stayed transfixed on the sight, the swells of your breasts decorated in pretty lingerie, miles and miles of creamy skin making his mouth water. Sirius hands rested on the planes of your shoulders, his ring clad fingers toying with the straps of your bra, his lips smearing sloppy kisses up and down the skin of your neck. Remus watched on, scrunching his sleeves to his elbows and loosening his tie, his hands resting on your hips to direct you directly in front of James, observing the way the boy’s mouth practically gaped at the erotic scene, his eyes bulging from their sockets. 
The two boys led you in front of James’ eye line, the curly haired male having to crane his neck upwards to look into your own. His actions were instinctual, his hands rising to grasp at the skin of your thighs, his large and calloused hands wrapping around them, pulling you closer towards his figure. His fingertips grazed just beneath your skirt, the touch teasing you and causing goosebumps to rise over the skin. 
The touch of the three males were sending your mind into a frenzy, Sirius’ lips ravaging your neck and jaw, Remus’ hands unclasping your bra from the back, James’ palms kneading at your upper thighs, dangerously and desperately close to your dripping heat. Your felt your body like it was warming up, flames of arousal licking up your spine as their ministrations continued, making you feel hot and bothered without even touching any sensitive places on your aroused figure. 
“Mm, I think our little puppy likes having Prongs around? Don’t y’think Moony?” Sirius quirked, wrapping his hands around you to play with the tightened buds of your nipples, rolling the flesh between his digits. Moans spilled from your lips at the contact, sparks of arousal shooting down to your cunt, heightening the pleasure bleeding through your body.
“With the way I can smell her cunt dripping, yeah I’d agree.” Your pussy quivered at his words, your stomach tightening with the flush of lust pulsating through your bloodstream. Your back was arching against the hands wrapped around your waist, your hips bucking as they searched for stimulation on your aching cunt. 
“Y’know what I would think would look really fucking pretty Prongs?” Remus inquired, his voice deep and slow and grovely with arousal. The brunette looked up from your tits, his eyes flickering away from the sight of your nipples raw and red from Sirius’ teasing, though done so hesitant. “Her tits wrapped around your cock. Y’want that mate?” The tip of James’ tongue peeked out slightly, running over the expanse of his lips as he replied with a ‘fuck yes’. His voice was breathy - gaspy and croaked out with lust, desperation leaking into his actions and movements as he scrambled to stand back up, making way for you to adjust yourself upon the mattress. 
You positioned yourself laying down, your form completely bare and unveiled after Remus pulled down the pleated material of your skirt, exposing your glistening cunt to the other males in the room. Your legs were bent and splayed open as the curly haired male crawled up your figure, straddling your torso with his hand wrapped around the base of his cock. His knees were on either side of your body, his cock directly in front of your eye line, ready to be wrapped and hugged by the channel of your breasts. 
Though you could not see him, you felt the way Remus’ scarred hands splayed your thighs apart even more, his finger running up and down the outlines of your folds collecting beads and pearls of your arousal before he swirled them at your entrance. He was getting ready to fuck you. 
Sirius’ ring-clad fingers unravelled the fabric of his slacks, removing them from his body as he too exposed his cock, hard, rouged and waiting to be enveloped in the warm palms of your hand. James’ cock hovered above you as his hands grasped your tits, finally getting his chance at having his hands on you. He explored every inch of the flesh, grasping and tugging, pulling and nipping at the rosy globes, desperate to have his way with them. Drips and drops of precum wept from his cock, trickling down onto the rosy buds of your nipples as he squeezed your chest together, creating a warm and soft cavern perfect to thread his throbbing cock into. 
Your eyes fluttered closed as Remus swiped the head of his cock through your folds, gathering your wetness all over the tip. Wanton moans spilled from your lips as he eased himself into you, similar sounds erupting from the other males in the room as they too followed suit. James’ cock slid into the valley between your breasts, his hips delving into the depths of your chest as a strangled grunt bellowed from his lungs, his body not used to the sensations you were giving him. Your head fell to the side as the lycanthrope fucking you began grinding his cock in and out of you, the veins of his length grazing against your velvety walls, heightening your pleasure.
James’ thrusts between your tits were sloppy, his body not accustomed to the feeling of your breasts hugging his cock. Precum leaked all over the skin, travelling down the valley of your chest and pooling near your stomach. Every once in a while, your tongue peeked out to graze over the tip of his cock, heightening and strengthening his arousal as he rutted more and more against you, leaning closer and closer to his near approaching orgasm. 
Sirius’ hands worked feverishly at his cock, fisting at his length as he watched the erotic scene in front of him - how James panted and gasped at every thrust of his hips, rutting against your tits like a desperate bitch in heat; how Remus drove and pistoned his cock in and out of you, grunting and groaning as your cunt clenched and quivered around his length, each snap of his scarred hips bringing you both closer and closer to completion. He was fascinated in the way your back arched at the sensations, how your toes clenched around Remus’ waist and how his stomach fluttered as the pool of pleasure in his tummy tightened even more, the pot of arousal becoming closer and closer to boiling over completely.
“Please daddy, oh my merlin please. Gonna cum, wanna cum so bad.” You mewled, your skin sweaty and flushed from the night’s activities. Remus’ fingers rubbed tight circles against the pearly button of your clit, making your mind spin in fuzzy and hazy circles as the toil within your tummy finally snapped, your orgasm washing over you like a tsunami wave.
Spurts of pearly cum painted your silky walls, as Remus too basked in his release, the clenching and quivering and fluttering of your cunt milking him for every last drop of cum he could release. His thrusts were slow and deep as he worked his way through his orgasm, his veiny hands gripping the creamy skin of your thighs, fingertips melding bruises into the flesh as he rode his release out, his head thrown back as he did so. 
James eyes were transfixed on the sight below him, the arousal bleeding into his brain not enough to lure him away from the image of you writhing beneath him, mouth gaping open and eyes wide and weepy as your orgasm pulsated through you, your back arching and fingers clawing idly at his biceps, as it raced through your twitching figure. He felt his thighs clench as he too finally came, choked grunts spewing your name as his thrusts stuttered between your breasts, ribbons of his thick semen decorating your breasts, trickling down the heightened peaks of your nipples and dribbling down the flushed globes of your tits. His breathing was heavy and choky as he began to fall from his high, his chest heaving with pants and gasps, his face blushing and sweaty.
It was Sirius who was the last to finish, his stomach clenching and cramping with the weight of his pleasure, the final sight of seeing your tits drenched in cum and your pussy dribbling with Remus’ release that he finally succumbed to his own orgasm, his lips spurting out a ‘fuck puppy’ before he came over you with a deft flick of his wrist, sending his own streams of sticky release over your face, decorating and adorning your flushed features in his cum. Your tongue lolled out of your mouth as his hand fisted at his cock, milking himself for every morsel of cum he could work out of himself. Ribbons of release painted your face, your tongue licking up everything you could manage despite your exhaustion. The taste of him bled onto your tongue, dripping back into the crevice of your mouth. 
“Fucking hell,” James panted, his shoulders sagging with exhaustion. The bed rustled as Remus clambered out from beside the two of you, treading around the sides of the bed to smooth the matted hair that stuck to your forehead. “So good puppy, so fucking pretty looking all fucked out like that. We really did a number on her.”
The surrounding males hummed, agreeing with the lycanthrope’s statement. “Hm, yeah. Reckon you’ll be joining us again then Prongs?”
hp/marauders era taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-merchant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol
the gif is not mine! 
© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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illiantt · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
These are the smut fics I’m working on right now, and will post soon. Please note that I might not post them specific in this order. So excited for it!
All my works are 18+ ONLY, so MINORS DO MOT INTERACT!!
➯ Working from home [Sirius Black x reader]
Summary: When you have a virtual job meeting while working from home, your boyfriend Sirius decides to challenge your focus—this by eating you out, and fuck you while still on the call. POSTED HERE
➯ The Death Eaters’ Meeting [Regulus Black x reader]
Summary: You and Regulus haven’t seen each other since the last time of your heated encounter. When you meet again at the Death Eaters’ meeting—Regulus can’t keep his hands away from every part of your body, even if there is a risk that someone sees it.
➯ You wanted all three [poly!Marauders x reader]
Summary: You’re friends with benefits with James, Sirius, and Remus, but they all think they are the only one. So when they find out about each other—they all three punish you at the same time.
➯ Don’t be shy for the camera [James Potter x reader]
Summary: James gets a new camera and, of course, wants to try it on his favourite art—your naked body.
➯ Come or cum, and warm me [Remus Lupin x reader]
Summary: It’s Christmas Holidays, you and your boyfriend Remus spends time at the Potters with your friends. It’s all innocent until Remus decides that it’s too cold. He solves it with making you cockwarming him. The only problems? —you can’t let anyone notice and you have to go to the bathroom.
➯ Don’t wake him up [Wolfstar x reader]
Summary: You share a room with Remus. Which makes Sirius to call you on FaceTime to let you masturbate on cam, while Remus sleeps. However, when a jealous Remus wakes up, he punish you while Sirius still watches on cam.
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
Doctor!Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader. Power imbalance, liiight dubcon, fingering, doctor/patient, innocence, size kink, penetrative sex, loss of virginity, cervical orgasm, unsafe sex
reminder to follow @pinkandbluelibrary and turn on notifs if u haven’t already!
word count: 2.3k
You pull down the hem of your gown, flushing at the way the material rides up your thighs as you sit atop the examination bench. Doctor Lupin is typing away on his computer, recording your height, weight, and vitals that he’d taken moments prior. You stare down at the ground, pretending that the tiles interest you more than his long, busy fingers and handsome face.
“Alright, Miss L/n.” He looks up, offering you that warm smile that makes your heart flutter. “Now it’s time for the more personal portion of your physical. Lay down on your back, please, feet towards the door.”
You swallow nervously but offer him a small nod. The paper crinkles below you as you move, and you cringe internally at the sound of it tearing as you shuffle awkwardly atop the table to get into the directed position.
“Very good, thank you.” You watch as he picks up latex gloves and slips them onto his large hands, long fingers flexing to adjust the material comfortably around them.
“Now, I’m going to feel to make sure there are no abnormalities in your stomach or breasts.” He explains, stepping up beside the table and looking down at you calmly. “Tell me if you feel any pain, alright?” You offer him a quick nod, and he smiles. “Good girl.”
You flush at the praise, your stomach doing flips, but you try to remain calm as he reaches out, hands slipping under your gown, to press his fingertips along your lower belly and abdomen. You stay quiet as instructed since his touch brings you no pain, though you suck in a sharp breath as his hands move upwards, feeling just below your breasts.
“Does that hurt?” He inquires, having caught the sound and looking up at you with slight concern. You hastily shake your head.
“N-no, sorry. Continue.” The faintest of smirks plays at his lips, so faint you almost don’t catch it, but he carries on with an air of professionalism. You try to calm your breathing as he kneads at the soft flesh.
“Everything feels alright.” He reports, offering a smile- though you notice there’s a long moment before he removes his hands from you. “Now, dear, I’m going to have to check lower.” You swallow nervously, and your nod of assent is stiff.
He moves down the examination table, your heart rate increasing with every inch as the attractive man gets closer and closer to seeing your most intimate parts.
“Has everything been feeling comfortable down here? No pain?” His hand slips under your gown, fingertips tracing the hem of your panties.
“Yes, Doctor.” You cringe at how shaky your reply comes out. His fingers pull back the elastic, and you force yourself to look up so you don’t have to watch his intent gaze as he examines you. You feel the pads of his fingers prod gently at your mound.
“And are you sexually active?” Your mouth runs dry- do doctors usually ask that question while their hands are in your underwear?
“N-No, doctor” you stammer.
“Really?” You think you catch surprise in his tone, and he has to take a moment to clear his throat. “Well, then. Nothing to worry about there.” You risk a glance downwards and catch his eye, and he appears as if he’s contemplating something. He swallows, and seems to come to a decision, as he goes on speaking.
“But you said everything feels normal? No lack of sensation, in your clitoris or elsewhere?” Your cheeks heat up at his words.
“My what?” Your voice is meek. He swallows again.
“Your clit, dear.” He repeats. You think you’ve likely heard the word before, but you have no idea of its meaning. You stare down at him in an embarrassed silence.
“You don’t know what that is, do you?” You shake your head. That smirk is back, but now in full force, and butterflies swarm your stomach. “Do you want me to show you?”
Of course you know what he’s asking, know that he’s implying something that’s well outside the realm of a normal check up. There’s a flustered beat of silence as your mind races through your options. Your doctor is kind, and attractive, and is offering to teach you about the wonders of the female anatomy. Needing no further contemplation beyond that, you nod.
“Use your words, please.” The gentle command makes your head swim.
“Y-yes, doctor.”
“Good girl.” His fingers hook into the hem of your panties and he coaxes them down the length of your legs before tossing them behind himself carelessly. “Do you touch yourself, sweetheart?”
“Sometimes” the word is barely above a whisper as his hands gently press against your thighs, moving them apart. You feel somewhere between anxious and eager. He hums.
“Then you’re familiar with this little spot, yes?” His thumb presses against a sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of your slit, making you gasp, and you whimper out a strained “mhm”.
“That, darling, is your clitoris.” He explains, starting to rub small, slow circles on the nub that have your thighs trembling. His thumb leaves for just a moment, swiping briefly against your entrance and tearing another surprised gasp from you. “As your body becomes aroused you’ll get wet, and using that will make things feel even better.” He murmurs. The circles he draws are smoother now as his gloved thumb spreads your moisture around your clit.
You let out a soft moan, eyes flitting between the doctor’s skilled hands and his handsome face, torn as to which erotic sight to focus on.
“Keep your eyes on me, doll.” Doctor Lupin makes the decision for you, his words prompting you to keep your gaze settled on his own. His deep brown eyes are almost eclipsed by black, and you whimper at the intensity of his gaze and the smirk he still wears. “Atta girl, there’s those pretty eyes. Does this feel good, darling?”
You whimper again with your nod, your ability to speak long gone as sparks of pleasure course through your nerves with every swirl of his thumb.
“Yeah?” His voice has lowered and carries a mocking edge that makes your chest tighten. “What a sweet lil’ thing.” His other hand moves from its resting place on your thigh to tease finger tips over your entrance, and you tense up at the feeling.
“Do you finger yourself, Y/n?” Your arousal grows at the way your name sounds rolling of his tongue, and you meet his inquiring gaze with a shake of your head. His eyes darken.
“Well, I’m going to show you another important spot.” He murmurs. With his thumb never stilling, his fingers breach your tight entrance, making you jolt against the table. Soft shushing sounds fall from his lips as he slides his fingers into you, and you slowly relax as you adjust to the intrusion, your walls fluttering. Unbeknownst to you the sensation of your cunt around his fingers has the doctor imagining what you’d feel like on his cock, and is the cause for the low groan that spills from him.
“You’re so tight, baby.” As his professionalism fades more and more his terms of endearment grow more personal, making adoration swell in your chest.
“I-it feels- oh” your words end in a lewd, surprised moan as the doctor crooks his gloved fingers, sponging over a spot that has you seeing stars.
“Theeere it is” he grits out, repeating the motion. “That’s your g-spot, Y/n.” His thumb is unwavering against your throbbing clit and his fingers start up gentle thrusts that hit the mark every time. The ripples of arousal in your belly turn to waves at the stimulation, and the moans you let out are high pitched and continuous. 
“Holy shit- don’t stop- right there- please don’t stop” you babble as your euphoria grows. Remus chuckles.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, doll. ‘M gonna make you cum, want you t’cum f’me” He growls, and that’s all it takes. You squeeze your eyes shut, head falling back against the cushioned table as your orgasm crashes down on you, drowning all other thoughts and sensations.
Lupin’s fingers work you through it while a steady stream of encouragement leaves his lips. His coos of  “good girl, that’s it, let it happen, bet that feels so good, look how pretty you are” are music to your ears, and a blissful smile adorns your lips as your orgasm slowly fades.
He removes his thumb from your pulsing clit and slips his fingers from your soaked channel, leaving you whimpering and clenching around nothing.
“Shhh, ‘s alright” he murmurs as he takes off his gloves. Your blood is running hotter than normal, and as you trail your fuzzy gaze down to the man you spot his now bare hands working the button of his slacks. You let out a confused whimper in sync with the metallic sound of a zipper.
“I think it’s time I show you were your cervix is, sweetheart.” The doctor says lowly, making your heart skip a beat. He pulls down his pants and briefs in one easy motion, and his long, thick cock springs free, slapping against his clothed abdomen. Your eyes widen cartoonishly, making him chuckle.
“’S big, huh?” He voices your thoughts aloud, large hand stroking over his shaft slowly. “It’ll fill your little pussy right up, doll. Get nice and deep inside you.” He steps up so he’s between your spread legs, reaching out to hook his hands under your knees and pull you easily down to the table’s edge. You whimper at the manhandling.
“Scuse me?”
“Doctor” you correct, puling your lower lip between your teeth “please.”
“Y’want my cock, sweet thing?” He taunts with a grin, rubbing the head upwards through your sopping folds. Your head bobbles in a desperate nod. “Yeah? What a good girl you are.” With that he pushes in, sheathing inside you in one firm thrust. You let out a cry- the stretch of your walls and the breaking of your hymen sending ripples of searing pain through you.
Immediately Lupin folds his body over yours, his face hovering above your contorted features as he slowly starts to ease the rest of the way in. He places a soft kiss on the creases of your taut forehead, and you feel yourself relax slightly at the tender gesture and the soothing words that follow.
“Easy, doll, easy. Focus on the good parts- feel how full you are? Isn’t that nice?” You whimper and offer him a weak nod before a sigh of relief spills from your lips as his hand snakes down to start back up on your clit. Instantly your body relaxes at the added pleasure.
“Atta girl, let me in.” He groans out, finally sliding in to the hilt. You let out a choked whine as the head of his cock knocks against something deep inside you.
“Y’feel that, baby? Feel how I can’t go any further?” You nod, gazing up into his warm eyes in wonder. He grinds down, rotating his hips and dragging his cock against your back wall, leaving you whining and writhing in painful pleasure. “That’s your cervix. Keeps me from goin’ all the way to your womb.” You let out an outright moan at that, and  the doctor smirks.
“You like that? Like knowin’ how deep inside your little pussy I am?” His hips pull back before pushing back in again. He repeats the motion, his thrusts slow, firm, and complete, hitting your cervix each time without fail. Lost in bliss, your nod is sloppy as your vision is blurred with stars. 
“Goood girl” he growls, voice an even lower rumble as your walls massage his shaft and your cervix stimulates his tip. “Gonna make you cum again, sweetheart. Should feel different this time- lotsa people say cervical orgasms are even better.” 
He keeps thrusting and rubbing at your clit, and a feeling akin to that rippling arousal from before starts to build within you, but he’s right, it is different now. It feels deeper, more internal, and when he growls “cum for me” the sensation that washes over you is more intense than anything you’ve ever experienced.
Pure, unadulterated pleasure blooms in your core and bleeds into your abdomen and outwards until every nerve on your body is alight. Your mouth is open, lips slack in a noiseless scream, and as you tremble beneath him Lupin leans down to devour any choked sound that manages to escape you.
Your rapture seems unending, the orgasm drawn out by Remus’s continued thrusts, and eventually by the feeling of his warm cum painting the entrance to your womb and filling you up. Your contracting walls milk him, and it’s your turn now to drink in the low groan that spills from his lips into yours.
By the time your pleasure finally fades you feel exhausted. Your eyelids are heavy, your head is swimming, and your cunt is spasming around the length still buried within you. Remus’s panting breaths match your own, and between them he presses kisses to the heated skin of your cheeks.
“You did so well for me, darling.” He murmurs, a sweet smile on his lips. “I think it’s safe to say you’re my favorite patient yet.” You beam at the words, a soft giggle escaping you, and lean up to steal another chaste kiss. Suddenly a thought manages to cross your hazy mind, and you pull back, looking up at Lupin in a panic.
“I’m not on-”
“It’s alright” he soothes, delivering another peck to your lips. “I’ll get you a plan B.”
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morozovastarless · a month ago
(don’t) pick up the phone
summary: sirius calls james while you ride him
warnings: smut
word count: 960
a/n: i really don't know how or why this came to be, but i had fun writing it so enjoy!!
Tumblr media
james’s groans and little whimpers are music to your ears. one of his hands grips the phone tightly, and you’re almost afraid he’ll break it, while the other holds one of your ass cheeks as he tries to help you ride him.
“i just had the worst day ever, and it all started with your girlfriend,” sirius’s annoyed voice comes from the speakers. james always has his phone at the highest volume, just in case he misplaces it and can’t find it.
you furrow your brows while rolling your hips. “what did i do?”
“fuck,” moans james as you start to nip at his neck, moving your tongue up his throat. “what did she do, pads?”
sirius starts to explain, but james can’t pay much attention to him when he has your boobs right in front of his face. he attaches his mouth to your chest, going from one boob to the other as he sucks needily on your hard nipples.
“prongs? yo prongs! i’m talking to you, dude!”
your eyes roll as james hits a particularly deep spot inside you, moaning loudly and unashamedly.
you rake your nails (freshly done and painted red, just how he likes them) down james’s chest. he hisses, muscles tightening when he sees the red lines. “yeah— fuck baby, just like that— sorry, what were you saying?”
sirius pauses as though finally connecting his brain cells. “are you having sex right now? while i’m telling you about my horrific day?”
“mhm,” grunts james, mouth once more attached to your tits.
“not cool dude!”
james rolls his eyes, half because of how good your pussy feels around him and half annoyingly amused with his best friend. “i’m not going to let her stop just because you called,” he laughs.
“well, i like to think i’m more important,” he says indignantly. “can’t be better than remus, anyway.”
you take offence to that. you signal with your hand for james to pass you the phone, and he does so gladly. now that he has both hands free, he uses them to bounce you on him with more strength. your eyes roll back when he makes you bottom out, curses falling from your lips.
“i’m much better than remus,” you say breathlessly.
sirius chuckles. “yeah? you’d like to test that theory?” you clench around james at his words, and you look at him asking for permission.
he nods, his mouth open and head thrown back against the pillow, lost in the pleasure that courses through his veins. “sure, name a time and place. be ready to eat your words, though.”
“you know what else i’m gonna eat?” he says. “that lemon bread i had in the blue tupperware. oh no wait, you ate it!”
that’s not where you thought it was going to go.
“what?” you ask confused.
“you ate my lemon bread!" you think there's a stomping sound on the other side of the line, but you're not too sure. "i was saving it for breakfast, and when i looked for it this morning it was gone!” he sounds like a child having a tantrum.
“there was no name on it,” you explain.
“no name— what are we, cavemen? you should’ve asked!”
the tension in your stomach is about to explode, the feeling of fullness and the deliciously painful stretch james’s cock gives you turning you into a shaking mess. “i have to go, sirius, james will call you later. i’ll buy you another lemon bread if you want,” you rush out.
you end the call before sirius can keep talking. you throw the phone carelessly, too busy chasing your orgasm to care about where it lands. “i’m close, james,” you whimper.
“me too, angel,” he groans, his eyes full of adoration as he watches you lose yourself to the pleasure.
one of his thumbs plays with your clit, flicking it until you can barely do anything other than writhe above him as you moan needily. “can you be good for me and let go, hm? i know you want to, always making such a mess on my cock,” he speaks without realising it. “come on, pretty girl, cum all over me like the messy little thing you are.”
his dirty words send thrills down your spine, your bouncing completely losing its rhythm as you chase that mercurial high only james can give you. “oh god, oh god, oh god,” you pant. “fuck, m’gonna cum, jamie.”
he pinches your clit and you’re done for, trembling all over him as you finally feel the tension leave your body. a white heat engulfs you, still riding james as you feel him twitch inside you. you cradle his face, fingertips tracing his cheekbones as you look at him. “please cum, jamie. give it to me, yeah? wanna feel you let go.”
he pushes your body down against his, clinging to you as he thrusts a few more times until he stills, his cum painting your insides. he shudders underneath you, “fuck.”
he kisses the side of your head, his hands soothingly moving up and down your back as both of you try to calm down your racing heartbeats. “good girl,” he whispers against your ear. “always my good girl.”
you can’t help but shiver at his words, his praise always igniting something inside of you. you look at him with a smile, dazed from the fucking he just gave you, then kiss him lazily, just needing to feel his lips against yours.
the ringing of his phone pulls you apart, your forehead resting against his as you both groan, already knowing who it is. still tucked under james’s arms, you reach for the phone that’s on the edge of the mattress.
“remus’s mom made that lemon bread. you can’t just buy me a new one!” sirius exclaims.
TAGLIST: @emmaev @gxtitobxby @dracosafety @dracoxgeorge @capsmischief @remusjlupinisdead @mattefic @zzzfour @sarcasmismyon1ydefence @lovelylupinx @roonilwazlibswhore @marxy-06 @ildm4ev @artisancowbells @arisblackhole @blowing-mikey @amixedwitch @glossiable @tonystarksmutgarden @everythingisdefinitleynotfine @bee-m02 @deexanne0 @padfootswife @blackst0nes7077 @matitty @lizzyclifford13-blog @j-cat @missryerye @auraprongs @cranberrypills @padf00ts-l0ver @greenlyblue @methblinds @brattypeony @camelliaflow3r @sprucewoodlover —if you want to be added tap here
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angel4you · 23 hours ago
🎀 I MESSED THE LAST ONE UP but first time with regulus black?? I LOVE YOUR WRITING BY THE WAY, congrats on 2.7k 🥰🥰🤍
i have a fic on this but here’s both reggie and reader losing it to each other 😋😋
“reg, think you gotta um, come a little closer, and push in some more” the raven haired boys cheeks flush as his free hand slides over your puffy wet clit.
“don’t wanna hurt you, please tell me if it i needa go slower” when he finally pushes his last inches in, his eyes roll back following the motions of his head. “s-shit, you feel so fuckin good”
“please reggie need this, need you” you trace your fingers through his hair while regulus continues his slow deep thrusts and starts to kisses your neck.
re connecting eye contact, his warm breath slides past your ear. “you feel really really good” he groans “can i go a little faster?”
“please reg, please please please” you murmur not holding back anymore. “i need you, please”
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ameliasbitvh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: this is my first time writing a fucking foursome- why am I writing this when I’ve never even written a threesome? idk, so if it doesn’t make sense at some point that’s why!! also credit to dani and orion helping me with some of this!!
summary: reader is aching and Remus and Sirius find out what that aching is, which gets reader and James in trouble.
wc: 2.4k
warning(s): dumbification, pet names, degrading, praising, orgasm denial, humiliation kink, daddy kink, edging, cnc (??)!!
reblogs are appreciated!!
Your back was pressed against Remus's knees, his hands petting your hair. Sirius was sat on his bed, hands fiddling with his records- looking for a muggle song to play, he was quite bored, despite the fact that you and Remus were there. And James was nowhere to be found at the moment, it was like he vanished.
“Where’s Jamsie?” You pouted, eyes focused on the floor- your hair gently falling off your shoulders.
Remus’s hands wrapped around your chin, lifting your head up. “He’ll be here soon, bun.” He assured, placing a peck on your lips- soon pulling away giving you a bright smile.
Sirius took a glance at you both and felt the sudden need to be near the two of you- he felt left out watching you two, while he sulked in his boredom. So he transferred from his bed to his desired destination.
“What’s wrong, love?” Sirius asked shortly as he arrived,
“I miss Jamsie, where is he?” you complained, shoving your face into Remus’s knees, his hands flew to your hair, petting it.
“Doll, what did I just tell you? He’ll be here soon.” Remus reassured, trying to soothe you.
“B-but, ‘m tummy aches and only he knows how to fix it.” you whined.
“Y’tummy aches?” Sirius cooed, his cool and calloused hand rubbing your aching stomach.
But was that really what was aching?
“Yes,” you confessed.
Remus took your ‘aching stomach’ act- but Sirius sure didn’t.
“Tell me bunny, how is Jamsie the only one who can fix your aching tummy?” Sirius interrogated you.
Your cheeks flushed as your mind raced to find an answer either than James eating you out or letting you ride his cock. Your heart pumped with such force- if they knew they’d punish you and James for breaking the rules.
“W-well, he just helps me feel better.” You confessed but also lied. He did help you with your aching- just not that kind.
“And where is your aching- how does he help you feel better?” Remus questioned, his hands traveling down to your stomach, meeting with Sirius’s hands.
They both massaged your stomach- but what you couldn’t help notice was that Sirius’s hands were traveling lower and lower. Your breath was caught in between your throat and the aching in between your thighs increased.
“Tell us darling, where are you aching?” Remus commanded into your ear, his hands working down to the waistband of your skirt. A shiver went down your spine feeling his hot breath against your skin- your heart was palpitating, you could hear it ringing in your ears.
“Right there,” you confirmed, feeling both his and Sirus’s hands reach lower and lower.
“Are you sure it’s not, right here?” Sirius questioned, his hand immediately moving to your core, pressing up against it.
He didn’t fall for your act, he knew how much of a fucking needy brat you were. You always were so selfish, yet giving. You gave James pleasure and in return he gave you pleasure.
Merlin, the feeling of Sirius’ hand against your cunt gave you some sort of relief, his eyes dark brown- almost black met yours.
They were clouded, clouded in his explicit thoughts on how he and Remus were going to punish you and James. They raced anticipating and deciding his very own next move.
A moan executed smoothly from your lips, “I-”
You didn’t have the confidence to muster up a response, so you gave him those sweet doe- eyes that were sure to redeem you.
But his stare on you only overcasted in a strict manner- then suddenly softened, innocently.
He was up to something.
His digits against your core moved in figure eights, his rings hitting your clit and Remus’s hands relocated to your inner thighs, softly caressing them.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you let the two boys take care of you.
“Does this feel good, princess?” Sirius cooed.
“Mhm, s’good daddy.” You moaned.
“Why don’t you be a good girl and let us take care of you, doll.” Remus said.
“Okay, daddy- I want you and Siri to take care of me right now.”
“Tut, tut, tut, don’t be such a greedy pup.” He scolded you.
“‘M sorry, daddy but it’s hard not to when ‘m aching so bad.” you whimpered, hips bucking up against Sirius’s hand. He grabbed a hold of your hips and grounded your ass to the soft carpet underneath. “Stop moving, bun.” he commanded.
You complied, keeping your lower half still and no longer thrusting your hips up like the pathetic whore you are.
Both boys looked at you in your defenseless state, all they needed to do was talk and barely caress their skin against yours to get you so needy and worked up for their cocks.
Such a fucking cockslut.
Remus let his hands roam to your shirt, slowly unbuttoning it one by one and Sirius’s digits worked on teasing your clit. Remus’s hands immediately groping your breast, playing and tweaking at your nipples. Goosebumps decorated your skin from the feeling- it was enticing and this was only the beginning.
Sirius’ digits rubbed against your underwear- adding onto the pleasure, making you grow wetter as the time flew by.
Small gasps caved their way out of your mouth and moans followed after.
“So wet for us pup and such a good girl, hmm? S’not like you and Prongs broke any rules, right angel?” Remus interrogated.
Your mind was fuzzy and in a haze- but your heart stopped the moment you heard him say that, yet you became more aroused at the thought of being punished.
You deserved it, you were a bad girl and broke the rules with James. You bit your lip, trying to contain yourself from spilling the committed ‘crime’ you had done.
But the more Remus tweaked and Sirius rubbed, the secret was thus to fall from your lips.
Finally they were done dealing with your hesitant contribution for the answer, Sirius slid your underwear to the side and two of his digits dove into your wet and hot cunt. The restricted and untold you were hoping to keep between you and James was revealed.
“No, I wasn’t a good girl f’you both daddy- I broke a rule with Jamsie, ‘m sorry!” you cried, confessing to the two boys.
Their actions slowed down a bit- they looked at you as if they had no clue you did so, (but they knew) like you were their innocent little girl, their gaze burned into you.
Suddenly the door opened, revealing James Potter, “Hi-”
Your body instantaneously shot up from Remus’s knees and you gasped, “Jamsie!” your tits moving with you from your sudden thrust up.
His eyes glued to them and his pants tightened.
“Prongs, nice of you to join us. Y/n/n was wondering where ya went, because her tummy’s been aching and supposedly only you can help her.” Remus smirked and patted the spot beside him.
Oh James knew what the aching meant- you and him were in for it tonight.
You and James have been helping each other out- breaking the rules, but Jamesie couldn't help how needy he was to taste his mommy when she wore such pretty skirts and that he wanted them to be on top of him as you rode his face. You just looked so sweet, that he wanted to taste you, and greedily. Now came the consequences of tasting the forbidden fruit.
James gulped audibly loud and took a seat on the bed, “Strip.” Sirius commanded.
All of you were naked- bare and exposed to each other, yet you and James were the most vulnerable. You were laid across the lap of Remus as he smacked your ass, praising but degrading you. “Doing so good, pup. Taking all of this like a good girl,” James sat in a chair, his wrist restrained being tied to the arm rest. Sirius took his time teasing him, achieving whimpers and pleas from James asking for forgiveness- just so he could cum.
“Lemme ask you somethin’, pup. How many days did you and Prongs fuck each other like needy brats?”
You stayed quiet.
His palm collided with your ass once again, and a cry evacuated its way out of your mouth.
“Spit it out, like a good girl,”
“A week,” you trembled.
“Well would you look at that, you and Jamsie have been helping each other, like greedy bitches, for a whole week.” Remus mocked, catching the attention of Sirius.
“A whole week, seven days. you know what that means.” Sirius smirked.
Yes you did know.
You and James were going to cum seven times tonight.
“So fucking desperate to cum, hmm? Oh we’ll make you cum.”
First orgasm
Sirius thrusted into your cunt from behind, his hands gripping your hips at a bruising strength- his cock buried deep inside you.
“Siri- feels too good, gonna cum f’you!” You exclaimed breathlessly, hoping to be heard- except it was muffled from your mouth being full of Remus’s cock.
Remus stroked James cock, as you sucked him off. James legs trembled with each stroke, whimpers falling from his lips from being pushed to the edge, yet never falling.
There was a change of plans- as always, Remus and Sirius were always unpredictable. Just like rolling a dice, you could hope for your desired outcome, but thus far, you’d get the unexpected. The change of plans in question, were that James couldn’t cum and you had to cum seven times to make up for your actions.
James struggled to restrain himself, seeing you getting fucked by Sirius and sucking Remus off only aroused him, making his hard become torturous. His erection ached, and was practically begging to be abused- overstimulated. Which it was, but not in the way he wanted to. He wanted to cum and cum hard.
You and James both knew that you guys deserved this punishment. You both were being greedy and just couldnt wait to be fucked like the dumb pups you are.
The knot in your stomach twisted tighter and tighter with each rough roll of Sirius’ hips against your ass. His hands working on your clit, cold rings digging against it- your orgasm was nearing.
Remus thrust his hips against your face, making you gag and more tears spill from your eyes.
“C’mon doll, keep taking us.” Remus groaned, his high reaching him. His cum soon followed decorating the inside of your mouth, “Swallow, angel.” he commanded, his thrust taking a halt. You swallowed like the good girl you are, earning praise from him, as your body moved back and forth- legs shaking as Sirius continuously slammed into you.
Your core throbbed, and begged for release.
“Can I cum?” You breathlessly moaned.
“Cum f’us doll.” Sirius demanded.
You cried in pleasure releasing all over sirius’ cock.
Fourth orgasm
“Look at you, so dumb f’me. A dumb and stupid lil pup,” Remus mocked, his head tilting to the side as he thrusted into you. Your back was against the mattress, he continuously fucked you into.
“S’all f’you though daddy!” You moaned, eyes rolling back. James was laid on his bed as Sirius stroked his cock, making him squirm around.
“Be a good boy, please Jamsie, f’mommy.” You pleaded James from across the room as you were getting your brain fucked out.
“B-but mommy, can’t take it no more— needa cum!” He whined, making Sirius smirk at the punishment that you both were to face if James were to cum.
“No jamsie, dont!” You cried, your legs quivering.
And the he did it. He fucking came.
All actions took a halt at the new found information. “Spoiled bitch couldn’t take it any more, could you prongs?” Sirius laughed.
“N-no, daddy.”
As that happened on the other side of the room Remus continued to fuck you with no mercy.
His cock slid in and out of you, rough rolls of his hips making you move forth with him and the headboard slam against the wall. You were brain dead, laid there all pretty f’him. A perfect fuck doll for him to use whenever he wanted. Whenever they wanted. Because let’s be honest, you and James were the subs while Remus and Sirius were the doms, completely destroying the two of your pretty little holes.
“Fuck doll, y’pretty pussy feels so good around m’cock.” He growled, his head falling into the crane of your neck, your arms immediately wrapped around his neck. Your legs wrapped around his torso, his cock penetrating you at a different angle putting you in a complete bliss state.
The knot in your stomach returned again for the fourth time. “M’ gonna cum again Remmy!” Every hold you had on him tightened.
“Cum doll, all over m’cock like the greedy bitch you are.” You complied at his request and let go, it was euphoric your world was spiraling in the best way possible.
Seventh orgasm
“Can’t take it no more— feels too good and m’ too sensitive!” You cried, your legs jerking up as Remus and Sirius both played with your cunt. Tears spilled from your eyes.
“C’mon doll, just one more time f’us. Don’t you want to be a good girl?” Remus cooed, his hands rubbing at your sensitive clit.
“Jamsie c’mere, do you wanna help your mommy feel good?” Sirius queried, his lips ghosting over your inner thigh, making you shiver.
“Yes, I do— but mommy said she can’t take it no more.” James frowned.
“Jamsie, m’ okay with it.” You smiled.
Soon all three boys worked around you, Remus tweaking and toying at your tits, Sirius’ hands roaming your body and James eating you out.
You were laid against Remus’s chest and each flick of James tongue against your sensitive clit only drove you closer to your next mind blowing orgasm. You could barely keep your eyes open as these boys played with you, like their favorite toy.
His tongue fucked you, going in and out of your right hole, his tongue didn’t miss one fold. His nose hitting your clit right where you needed it. Remus pinching your nipples, making you squirm in place as Sirius pinned your body down, holding you still.
“Remember you deserve this doll, you and Jamsie. This’ll remind you two to not misbehave again.” Remus cooed from behind you.
“No misbehaving,” you whimpered, releasing for the last time tonight. You cried against him, eyes shut, and thighs clenching around James’ face, holding him in between you.
“That’s right doll, no misbehaving.”
taglist: @underappreciated-spoon-321 @o-rion-sta-r @orphixc @dracoscum @marrymetheonott @l0vely-lupin @dracomalfoys-wh0re @malfoysmainb @drac0spersonalslut @youreso-golden @yiamalfoy @just-a-smol-spoon @dr4cking @dlmmdl @noceurwhore @hotgirlwhoreadsff @littlemissnoname13 @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @angel4you @itsmentalillness @superturtlesheep @dope-shit-bro @mzmalice3 @wolfstar-lb
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silverdelirium · 29 days ago
SUMMARY ➠ professor!remus and professor!sirius find out you’ve been fucking the both of them secretly.
WARNINGS ➠ age gap sex (reader is 20!), oral sex, double penetration (vaginal and anal) , praise, degrading, sir kink, threesome. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing. FLASHBACKS ARE IN ITALICS
bottles of beer clanked against each other as the trio cheered together.
james chugged a chunk of his beer in one gulp, making remus grimace as he took a sip of his, sirius groaning slightly as he looked down to his now root beer-stained shirt.
“well” spoke james, putting his drink back on the sticky table in front of him. “how are you two doing? with the whole college professor shit”
sirius shrugged, “it’s definitely something, students get annoying sometimes, though”.
remus rolled his eyes as james snickered. “they’re really not that bad, you just gotta teach them how to respect you” he replied. sirius made a sound of what seemed to be agreement.
the table went silent for a moment, the three men taking sips of their beverage silently until sirius quipped up again, “well i’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this one student”
this got the other two’s attention, “don’t say what i think you’re gonna say, mate” chortled james, trying his best to hide his laughter as sirius cheeks flushed a coral pink.
“well first of all, i didn’t ask her to, she came to me one evening and i just couldn’t help myself” by this point, james was on a full on laughing match as sirius continued to explain himself “oh come on, like you’d say no to a pretty 20-year-old that begs for some cock in exchange for good grades” he scoffed.
it was then that both of them turned to look at the lycanthrope, who sat there with an iron grip on his bottle as his mouth stayed lightly agape.
james groaned as he threw his head back, a rumble of laughter coming from his chest as he stared at remus, “please don’t say you fuck your students too, moony.”
his whole face went red, throat dry as he tripped over his word “i-i, it was a one-time thing but then-” he got cut off by his curly-headed friend who was now doubling in laughter. 
sirius turned his head to the flushed male next to him, a playful smile dancing on his lips. “with who?” he whispered, as if he wasn’t gonna tell james once he was done laughing his ass out.
remus sighed before murmuring “y/ln. y/n y/ln”, leg bouncing on the table due to anxiety as if he was confessing the worst sin ever to a priest.
sirius smile dropped, his face static as he stared back at his friend. his expression was unreadable, it could’ve been mistaken for shock or horror, no one knew.
“no. fucking. way” he seethed, eyes turning into slits as he recollected all those times you missed out on your sessions. coincidentally the same nights remus couldn’t come over.
the dots seemed to connect in remus’ mind too, you could tell by the way his brows furrowed and he stared off into the abyss, probably having some similar flashbacks to sirius’.
james made and ooph sound as he wiped the tears from his face, wincing as he took in both of the male’s puzzled and heated expressions.
“shit” he murmured, lifting up the drink to his lips once again; the air around them becoming thick by each passed second.
sirius gave a shake of his head before grumbling a “that little brat” under his breath, fists clenching under the table as remus’ consciousness still wandered to all those times you screamed his name and swore no one else made you feel like he did. all while fucking his best friend on the side.
the underside of your knees dug on the wooden armrests of the chair as your hand fisted remus’ hair, tugging so hard you had him groaning into you.
“you like that, sugar?” he teased, raising his face just the slightest, giving you a glimpse if his drowned chin and glistening scruffy beard; all you could mumble back were meek whimpers, each stroke of his pink muscle bringing you closer to the peak.
his tongue dived in and out of your slick hole repeatedly, nose nudging at your swollen clit which he liked to tease with wet kisses every once in a while.
“fuck remus! i’m gonna cum, feels so- oh!” you gasped, your eyes watering and toes curling as your orgasm rushed over you, the brunette beneath you lapping up every last bit of arousal your body could give him.
“that’s it, sweetheart... so fucking sweet i could be between your legs for hours” he murmured, stroking your thighs with his fingers as he gave his last few languid tongue-strokes on your sensitive cunt.
he rose from his position on the floor, now towering over your flushed form that stayed in his seat, bottom clothing disregarded and top crinkled from remus’ previous groping on your breasts.
you cocked your head to the side tiredly “what are you gonna do now with me, sir?” an adorable pout forming in your face as he snickered and shook his head, undoing his trousers slowly.
“well, miss y/l/n” he started “i think it would be very much deserved on my part to fuck your little cunt stupid. what do you think, pretty?”
your throat ran dry.
“just please fuck me, remus”
the memory struck remus like a thunder once he waltzed into his classroom.
it was funny really, because if what had been revealed last night hadn’t been revealed. then perhaps he could’ve gone in like nothing had happened. 
not that he didn’t daydream about your rendezvous together on the daily- it was just a tad bit more exciting to think about them today, knowing that what he and sirius had in store for you was gonna leave you much more desperate than that time he ate you out on his chair before rearranging your guts until you cried.
almost as if on cue, a semi-long haired tall figure knocked on his classroom door.
“morning, professor” he teased, and it took remus one look at the smirking male to know he was just as giddy as him for today.
sirius took a few long strides over to him, “you ready for tonight?” he asked, unable to hide the slight glint of his eyes at the mention of it.
“very” chuckled remus, “make sure it’s by 10 P.M sharp, don’t want any onlookers watching her drool our cum out” he mumbled the last part, readjusting the strap of his watch.
sirius felt his trousers tighten at the thought of you, makeup messed up as you sat there on the library’s floor, begging to have your mouth fucked.
almost as if on cue, you emerged from the hallway’s shadows, stiffening lightly at the sight of your two hidden lovers reunited.
“oh- good morning, professors” you saluted, awkwardly walking to your seat with your rambling friend at your side.
“that little minx knows what she’s doing, wearing the tiniest skirt she has, almost as if she knew we’re gonna tame the brat out of her” grunted sirius, bulge growing by the second as you gave lovesick puppy eyes to lupin.
remus hummed in agreement, eyeing you up and down but not saying anything. he cleared his throat before refocusing on his colleague, “i’ll see you tonight then, mate”
brown hues focused on your squirming figure as he left the classroom, throwing you the most subtle wink he could manage before disappearing through the door, leaving behind the class that echoed remus’ saludation.
—— “just like that, sir!” you sobbed, hands grasping at sirius’ shoulder blades while he gave reckless thrusts into you, his fingers squeezing at the sides of your throat. 
he brought his mouth next to your ear, “what was that, sweets? can’t fucking hear you thanking me for wrecking your slutty cunt” he growled, bringing your curled leg from his desk to his shoulder.
“fuck!- thank you, thank you, thank you” you choked out, eyes lolling to the back of your head as your mouth stood agape, wanton moans leaving your mouth like a chant.
sirius laughed lightly at your eagerness, rocking his hips into yours at a sharper angle, making you full-on shout his name as he let out a few moans of his own, “my fucking god, baby, i could fuck you all day if i could- have myself buried deep inside you just to hear my name come from those little lips of yours” he said, mind lost in euphoria as your walls fluttered at the compliment.
“i’m cumming sirius, please!” you wailed, back arching off the wooden table.
the brunette thumbed at your clit, helping you draw out your orgasm as he crashed his lips with yours, “cum baby, fucking cum on my cock so you remember who you belong to”
“thank you- oh shit! thank you” you gasped, crystal tears running down your cheeks.
it was a deja vu, realized sirius.
the memory hit him just when you thanked the male for the compliment of your recent essay, a beam dancing in your smile as you giggled out a “thank you, sir” making his dick twitch in his pants.
“anytime, honey” he winked, making your ears grow hot as you went back to your seat.
the lecture went on as normal, sirius making your thighs clench together as he explained with his hands (the same ones that were deep inside you not even s week ago).
“alright, that’ll be enough for today, i want that analysis paper on my desk by tuesday” he announced, finding your eyes across the room as you collected your stuff.
“a word, miss y/l/n. please?” 
you didn’t need to be told twice, excitement bubbling at the pit of your stomach as you shamelessly thought about all the things that could happen in the next five minutes.
while the class emptied, you walked closer to sirius, who was leaning against his desk, sleeves rolled up as he fumbled with his rings.
you wasted no time to put your arms around his neck once the door snapped shut, a small hmph! coming out of sirius as he instinctively wrapped an arm around your waist whilst you brought him into a messy lip-lock.
he snickered against your lips, peeling you off of him slowly, much to your dismay.
a pout formed on your lips at the unexpected rejection “what’s wrong?” you questioned.
“not right now, baby- anyone could walk in and see us and we don’t want that, do we?”
you shook your head no.
“well” he resumed. “how does tonight at the library sound, angel? at 10 perhaps? i always dreamt of bending you over the tables in there” 
the confession went straight to your clit, staggering your breath as you nodded happily in response, nuzzling into his palm lightly when he stroked your cheek with it.
in the blink of a moment his palm was traveling down to your neck, roughly yanking you forward as you squeaked soflty.
“i want you naked underneath those clothes, you hear me?”
the space between your legs throbbed madly, all of a sudden feeling empty as you clenched around nothing.
your fist connected with the large wooden library doors repeatedly, neck growing hot as you thought about what awaited you tonight.
a creak sounded, making your head snap up as sirius’ tall brooding frame came into view, a small smile decorating his sharp features, “come on in, sweetheart.” he invited, stepping to the side to let you inside.
the bright smile that was planted on your face left as quickly as it came once you caught sight of the lycanthrope leaning against one of the tables, the same one you had bounced on his cock in just two weeks ago.
your eyes sunk as realization drowned upon you.
they were fucking best friends, y/n. how long did you think you could get away from? you thought, mentally facepalming yourself as you remembered it was remus’ turn to close the library tonight. they’ve planned this, you realized.
you made a turn in a weak attempt to escape from the tense situation, only to be met with a hefty chest that almost had the wind knocked out of you. 
you swallowed the rock-sized lump in your throat before stepping back, switching your line of sight between the two as your breathing accelerated, “i’m sorry, i swear i didn’t meant for it to get this far!” you whimpered, fumbling with the ends of your long-sleeved as remus walked closer to you, cupping your chin with his index and thumb.
he shook his head lightly before speaking up “no need to be afraid, sugar. we’re just here to give you a little lesson, hm?” 
you looked over to sirius, who only gave you and encouraging raise of brows.
“yes, sir” you whined, unable to stop your thighs from magnetizing together as their eyes roamed your budy hungrily, as if they were some type pf predators and you were their prey.
you barely had time to catch a breat before remus’ lips were on yours in a fervid kiss, sirius coming up behind you to rub his bulge against your lower back, his girth perfectly outlined, making you whimper against remus’ mouth.
both sets of hands groped and teased your entire form, making your skin pebble. “please” you croaked, grinding your hips against god knows whose. 
“what do you want, sweets? for us to play with your little cunt, is that it?” taunted sirius, squeezing at your waist as remus’ kisses traveled lower.
you nodded shyly, letting out a small cry as the brunette nipped at your sweet spot. “wanna make you feel good too”
remus hummed, unbuckling his belt as sirius turned you around to face him, trapping you in a lewd make-out whilst carrying you to a table, laying you down softly as you gave labored breaths.
“you gonna be a good slut like always and suck me good while sirius eats your little pussy, yeah?” asked remus, stroking your cheek with his knuckles as your head almost dangled off the table’s edge.
“yes what?”
“yes, sir” you corrected, spreading your legs for sirius on the other end, revealing your sopping, bare heat.
sirius gave a strangled moan at the sight, palming himself lightly as he stroked your soaked lips with his fingers, “atta girl, so obedient for us, yeah?” he praised.
you mewled in response, rotating your hips onto his hand, which earned you a firm strike of his palm on your buzzing cunt. “don’t be such a greedy slut, we’ve taught you better than that”
“i’m sor- hmph!” your apology was cut short by a gargle of your own, your oxygen cut short as remus’ cock pushed itself through your mouth. “enough talkin, you brat, need to put this useless mouth to good use- oh fuck” he groaned, feeling as your throat contracted around him when sirus’ thick digits entered you.
“as tight as ever, angel. can’t wait to fucking fill you up” spoke sirius, letting his thumb draw tight circles on your engorged clit that pulsed in need. 
remus’ molars grind painfully as he struggles to keep his mewls down, thanks to the vibrations your own provided to his cock. 
he reached over to pull your top down, revealing your breasts, which sirius wasted no time to put in his hands, smoothing his fingers over the sensitive nubs.
“gosh i wish i could have you like this all day, at our disposal, ready for us to pump your holes full and nothing more” chuckled remus, watching as your thighs shook from the unstopping currents of pleasure that sirius provided to your gushing cunt.
“so fucking little yet as dirty as ever- dripping down my arm already, you wanna cum, angel?” he cooed, watching as you gripped remus’ thighs while his cock dived in and out of your mouth.
you did your best to nod around the thick cock that continued to destroy your throat, the stimulation from your played tits brought you closer to cloud nine, rush of euphoria swimming through your veins.
“can feel you clenching around me, sweets- shit” groaned sirius, his mouth agape as the coil in your lower abdomen snapped with no warning, watching as your slick rushed out of you like an open faucet, not that he minded.
“gonna fucking cum- ah!” moaned remus, squeezing the base of his cock as he emptied his first load of the night down the depths of your throat, eliciting tears to run down your face.
it was absolute heaven for your lungs once the male pulled out, sitting you up and letting you catch your breath as you leaned against his warm body, mind already foggy after just one high.
“that was so fucking sexy, i want you creaming around my cock now.” sirius ordered.
after a hassle of torn clothes and heated kisses, here you were, hovering over remus’ leaking and already hard cock as his hands groped the tight globes of your arse, giving them a firm slap before spitting into his hand and lubing up the tight ring of muscles on your bum.
“you ready, gorgeous?” he whispered, not giving you time to respond as he slammed you down on him, coaxing a shout out of you as you wriggled in pain due to the burning stretch.
your breaths were harsh and choked as sirius stroked himself at the sight, watching twin waterfalls leave your eyes as remus adjusted your legs, letting the bend of your knees rest on his hands while your puffy cunt practically begged for sirius.
“can’t believe we get the prettiest little doll just for us to use, rem” he said, aligning his cock with your slit.
you whimpered as he entered you, your pussy sucking him in eagerly as he grunted in bliss, your brain short-circuiting as both males slowly thrusted into you.
“so good, sir” you babbled, not even sure who you were talking to as your eyes unfocused, body going limp as you let them abuse your holes, your weak moans and cries resonating through the empty library, along with their own strangled groans.
“you like that, baby? or is it too much for your little guts, huh?” they would tease, going at animalistic speeds as you sobbed for more.
“if you didn’t want us to pound your pussy into tomorrow then you shoulld’ve thought about sneaking around like a needy little slut” seethed sirius, ignoring your pleas as he drilled in and out of you.
“fuck!- too much, sir! can’t take it” 
remus faked a pout “you think we care? after you lied to our faces the whole time- you baby brained brat” he patted at your cheek, thrusting his hips up against your tight ass.
“oh fuck i’m gonna cum” said sirius through gritted teeth, rubbing with his index finger at your sensitive mound to bring you closer to the edge.
it didn’t take much for all of you to cum, sirius being the first to reach the seventh heaven as his hips stuttered; the double-ended simulation from your part gave you one of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever, your juices drenching both male’s thighs, along with your own.
remus was the last to reach his peak, you weren’t surprised. he had stamina.
the groans he made always sent sparks through your spine, this time was no different.
“now- you think you can get away with lying to us again, angel?” asked sirius, cocking his head to the side as remus helped cleaned you up.
“well” you shrugged “if this is what it’ll get me, then maybe”
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Reward - Remus Lupin
Reward - Remus Lupin
Tumblr media
remus lupin x she/they!reader (smut)
summary: after Remus Lupin’s wonderful girlfriend passes their test, Remus makes sure she gets the reward she deserves.
word count: 4423
warnings: NSFW, praise, thigh riding, rough!sex, use of pet names, hair pulling, swearing 
not proof-read!
so my favourite person in the world, @bibicyclee​ , passed summer school and because we’re oceans apart, i’m gifting them with smut for our favourite werewolf. enjoy, nico.
They’d been staring at the pile of stacked papers on Slughorn’s desk all period, watching and waiting for the man to take the pile in his hands and dispute them out to each student. But he hadn’t, not yet anyway and instead decided to drone on and on about how the class had done so well this year in both practical and theory lessons when in reality, the class probably didn’t care and just wanted him to hand out their final test scores.
Y/N was one of the students most eager for her theory test back, this was the grade that determined her year average. If she gets an Acceptable or below, her overall grade will be a Poor but if they got above an Acceptable, then their overall grade could be an Acceptable or even higher which would be a dream come true. They had studied hard for this and she pitied her boyfriend for having to spend countless nights awake with them helping her go over the things that Slughorn had hinted would be on the test.
And he had been right, somewhat, some topics were ones that she hadn’t revised and took a wild guess at but a lot of them were ones that Remus spent hours drilling into their mind with fun games where he would quiz her with a stupid, goofy smile on his face and if they got it right, he would feed them one piece of their favourite Honeydukes fudge and if they got it wrong, she’d have to watch him eat it.
The bastard made a show out of it, telling them how delicious it was after he had swallowed it as she stared at his fingers whilst he sucked the fudge remnants off of it before quirking his eyebrows at them and speaking the next question.
Endless studying with no games had been put in the night before the test and after it, Y/N had practically collapsed into Remus in the Great Hall with drooping eyes from their tiredness and he had laughed at her, kissing her forehead and letting them know they only had two lessons until they could go and sleep. She had mumbled something that he couldn’t hear but when they brought their head away from him and settled on stealing Sirius’ uneaten sandwich on his plate, Remus reckoned she was okay.
That was last week and now they could perfectly see the graded tests on Slughorn’s desk, waiting to be handed out. She wasn’t really paying attention so when her professors body blocked her view of the papers, they perked up when he picked them up and turned to the class with a beaming smile as he announced he was about to hand them.
It took a while for her own test to be settled on her desk and when it did, they were delighted to see a large O for Outstanding scrawled in the middle of a circle at the top of her paper. She was in some sort of happy, dumbfounded daze for a moment as they stared at the letter. They had passed, she had actually passed Potions and could carry on with it the next school year.
And as though it could hear her inner thoughts about being excited to tell Remus, the bell rung for the final time that day and Slughorn released the class with a kind farewell to them all. Y/N was out of their seat immediately, grabbing their bag in one hand and their essay in the other before she set off out of the classroom, sprinting to find her boyfriend. She knew that he had a free period when she had her Potions lessons so they expected to find him in the Gryffindor Common Room.
Luckily Marlene McKinnon was there to let them in by giving the password to the Fat Lady and waving as she ran through the portrait hole with an excited smile on her face whilst running towards the stairs up the boys dormitories and running until she found herself at the door to the sixth-year dorms and excitedly knocking over and over again.
Sirius was the one to answer the door, swinging it open with a cigarette in between his lips and he quirked  up a smile at the sight of them and their excited face. Y/N simply lifted the paper up with a happy squeal and Sirius snatched the cigarette out of his mouth before squealing with her and tackling her in a large hug before picking her up off of the floor and turning so they were both in the room.
He kicked the door shut behind him and placed them down on the floor as the door made a thud. James, Peter and Remus all looked up from their beds at the noise and up at the member of the opposite gender in their room. Remus smiled at the sight of his partner and smiled impossibly more at their flushed cheeks and wide grin.
“What’s up?” He swung his legs over the side of his bed, his feet hitting the floor as he stood and walked over to her, smiling down at their happy face. She lifted her paper up and squealed again, Sirius squealing in delight too as Peter and James laughed at him. “An O? What the...”
Remus took it from her with a smile of his own and ran a hand through his shaggy hair whilst he read it and Y/N stood before him and welcomed his tight embrace with a laugh as he twirled her around slightly with a laugh before setting them down again and connecting their lips in a kiss. Her hand cupped his cheek as they chuckled against his lips and he smiled before pressing their lips together again.
“I’m proud of you.” He mumbled against her lips, his hands that were circled around their waist pulling her tighter against him as she wrapped their arms around his neck and pulled him closer again. “So, so proud of you for passing.”
“I think this is where we make our swift exit.” Peter commented, met with laughs from everyone as he and James began to get up off of their beds.
“You guys don’t have to-”
Remus cut YN off with another kiss, moving his lips against hers softly as she hummed slightly in delight of the affection. His lips slowly moved away to her ear and they shivered as his hot breath hit their skin whilst he spoke the next words. “Let them go, baby.”
“See you later.” She turned their head with a smile to wave bye to the other boys who gave the couple looks before leaving as Remus chuckled lowly into her ear, sending another shiver down their spine
“Use protection.” James said and then made a motion to let them know he was watching them which made the couple raise their eyebrows at him. “James doesn’t want any babies.”
“Is James referring to himself in third person?” Remus asked the boy who stood nonchalant in the doorway, leaning against it with his arms crossed whilst Y/N glanced between her boyfriend and James with an amused smile.
“...No.” James hesitated for a second before he scrunched his nose up at Remus in denial of the claim before disappearing away from the door and letting it swing closed with a thud behind him. “Don’t forget the silencing spell!” 
“Muffliato.” Remus cast quickly, getting his wand from his pocket and pointing at the door before locking it with a non-verbal spell too. Y/N raised her eyebrows at him as he tossed his wand onto James’ bed before gripping at his partners hips and pulling them close to kiss them.
“You’re eager.” Y/N said in between kisses, though they didn’t actually mind how tightly Remus had her pressed against him whilst they kissed. 
“Just proud of my special girl.” He mumbled, deepening the kisses slowly whilst they stood in the middle of the dorm, lips connecting and parting when someone wanted to say something. “Wanna give her a well-deserved reward.”
“Reward, huh?” She chuckled, kissing back with fervour before parting to murmur again. “Someone's extremely horny today.”
“You’re lecturing me about being horny?” He pulled back, laughing lowly and they bit their lip up at him and his perfect face. His hands moved from around her waist towards her jumper he pulled off of them before starting to undo the tie around their neck. “Who was the one wanting me to take off a piece of clothing every time you got an answer right last week?”
“Can you blame me?” Y/N smirked, running their hands up his clothed chest as he slowly took her tie off and his fingers came to fiddle with the buttons of their shirt after her had dropped the tie to the floor. “I have the hottest and horniest boyfriend.”
“I’m not that horny.” He continued to undo the buttons on their shirt, enjoying how with every one that came loose, the more skin or piece of underwear he got to see. “I could resist.”
“Sure you can...” They looked at his face and how he stared down so lustfully at their unbuttoned shirt that was no longer tucked into their school skirt. His eyes trained to their bra and he glanced up at them every so often as he just stared at them. “You can resist, huh?”
“I just wanna reward you for getting a good score on your test, sweetheart.” He furrowed his eyebrows as he slowly took their shirt off and eyed her breasts hungrily, not even bothered by the way they had her eyebrows raised knowingly. “But yes...I can resist if I wanted.”
“I bet I couldn’t even get off on your thigh without you needing to fuck me.” Y/N shivered as his rough hands stroked up and down her sides, the feeling of his fingertips heavenly on their soft skin.
“I’ll take that action.” Remus grinned, his hands moving from her sides down to her ass which was covered by their skirt and he squeezed the flesh from over the garments. He then grabbed her hand and dragged her over to his bed whilst he sat on the end and put his hands on their hips.
“I was just joking...” Y/N trailed off as Remus smirked and unzipped her skirt from the back before licking his lips as he watched it fall down their legs into a pile on the floor. He leaned forward and began to kiss at their stomach, his open-mouth kisses leaving tingles everywhere he went.
“It was a good joke,” He said as his hands made their way back to her ass and he palmed it slowly. “So good that I reckon we should try it out if you think I’m so horny.”
“Rem-” They were cut off by Remus’ fingers plucking the top of her socks that were pulled up just below the knee. She looked down at him and all he did was raise an eyebrow which told them everything she needed to know. 
Slowly in order to tease him, she reached down to her first sock and bent down slightly to pull it off which gave him the perfect view of their breasts in the cups of her bra. He bit his lip as he watched them bounce as she went up before going back down to pull off the other sock; once they were off she moved closer to him again and his hands found home on her hips once more.
His thumbs smoothed over her skin a couple of soothing times as they ran a hand through his hair but he moved back from their hold until he lay against his headboard and with a smirk, he patted his thigh and watched as Y/N climbed onto the bed and crawled over to him to straddle her legs on either side of one of his thighs.
“Take your shirt off.” She said, smiling as they reached for the hem of his shirt. He lifted his arms lazily and let them pull it off before tossing it over her shoulder and across the room and turning her head back to press a soft kiss against his lips whilst their hands travelled up his chest and rested on his shoulders. “I’m gonna win this bet.”
“Sure you will.” Remus smirked, delivering a quick squeeze to their ass before nodding as a signal for them to start moving. 
She gave him a small smile and kept their eyes locked with his as she began to move back and forth along his thigh, the material of her knickers rubbing against the perfect spot slowly as they tortured them both with the steady pace she set. Remus’ eyes grew dark with lust at the slow pace as they held eye contact and Y/N dragged herself over his thigh still covered with his trousers.
They continued with the slow pace, sighing in content at the feeling of her knickers sliding over her clit every now and then when they reached the right point of going back and forth. The couple were challenging each other with their eyes, Remus was challenging Y/N to keep teasing him and Y/N was challenging him with the bet. He had underestimated how right she probably was but he didn’t want to give them any satisfaction so he just relaxed and held the eye contact to wait for her to break.
An idea formed in his head and his lips tipped up into a smirk, holding the eye contact as he bounced his leg up and in turn making her gasp at the friction of it against her. He bounced it again and they exhaled softly, dragging herself across his thigh in a slightly faster pace whilst he bounced his leg and watched as her mouth fell open slightly before they closed it at the look of satisfaction on his face.
“Don’t hold back, baby.” He chuckled lowly as they slowed down their ruts against his hip, sighing as his thigh kept bouncing up and rubbing the material against her clit. “Just let go and lose the bet.”
“Yeah, right.” She leaned forward and pressed a bruising kiss against his lips, one that made him groan at the roughness and stop his thigh for just a second whilst his hands gripped at her waist and their hands went to their back, unclipping the bra and letting it fall off of their shoulders so their breasts were exposed and the garment was hung loosely on her body.
When they pulled away from the kiss, Remus paused for a moment at the sight of her boobs suddenly out and right in front of him. To drive him crazy, Y/N began to bounce on his thigh herself, sending their tits bouncing too and Remus let out a fascinated groan at the sight and although the bouncing gave her pleasure too, the look behind Remus’ eyes was highly amusing.
His hands came off her hips to touch them and Y/N stopped their bouncing and just settled on a slow grind as she grasped his wrists before he could touch them and he glanced up at her dangerously as she held them away and even dared to push them up to hold him above his head. Despite the fact they were heavily teasing him now, he was smirking but she knew it was out of pure lust as the chuckle that followed was anything but teasing. 
It was a dangerous one. One that told them he found her attempts at taking control cute but it’d be back in his power soon enough. 
He allowed them to keep her soft grinding pace for a while as she held his hands above his head but he knew that she was going to let his hands go soon so she could try something else to make him break but as soon as the grip loosened the tightest bit, Remus pulled his wrists away and was met with a surprised gasp from them. But the gasp turned into a small whimper as his hands gripped at their hips and he started to rock her along his thigh himself, making the pace far quicker with the added bouncing thigh.
The friction of her knickers on her clit made them moan as their hand went up to clutch at his hair and the other stabilised her on the bed whilst Remus leant forward and away from the headboard to bury his head in their neck and begin kissing ferociously. His movements didn’t ever cease or slow as he continued to bounce them on him and his kisses travelled from her neck which he decorated with a hickey before he went down to her tits and started kissing at them too.
Y/N moaned as he continued his attack on all of her at once and when she felt her release approaching when he tensed up his thigh and it dragged against her clothed clit perfectly over and over and over. They tried to hold it in, even buried her head in his neck to try and stop the obvious moan coming out but as he moaned right in her ear when he pressed himself against them and their tits pressed against his chest, she couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Shit.” They cursed through a moan, moving faster at the start of their release but then stopping and letting the orgasm flow through them whilst their legs shook on either side of Remus’ thigh and he laughed into her ear as she breathed onto his neck.
“I win.” He whispered in their ear, kissing the skin underneath it as she caught her breath and her chest heaved up and down with heavy breaths. They took their head out of his neck and looked at him and the dangerous look in his eyes as he stared down at her.
“You really think you could restrain me?” He raised an eyebrow at them and she breathed out a laugh and climbed off of his lap; Remus licked his lips at the sight of her adjusting her knickers. “You should know better than to even try.”
Y/N ghosted her hand over his pants that definitely had his dick straining against them and he sighed heavily, tilting his head back for a  moment before looking back at them with a straight face. They smiled innocently and began to press their hand on the bulge and Remus’ gaze turned cold as her face lowered down towards it before she brought it back up and fiddled with his belt.
He was holding off on his impatience for now but when they had pulled the restraining on him, he was sure he might’ve flipped them over and fucked her right there and then but he didn’t want to lose the bet. He wanted to put her in her place but apparently they were still deciding to be a bit of brat.
“You gonna suck my dick or not?” He asked and they looked up at him as one pulled the belt out of his trouser loops and her other hand continued to palm the bulge in his pants.
“This is my reward.” Y/N stated and Remus’ eyes narrowed as they unzipped his trousers and pulled them down as much as they could before yanking his boxers down and taking his hard dick in their hand before spitting down on it and using the saliva as lubricant to rub up and down his dick before she let go and began to climb off of the bed. “So no maybe not.”
Remus sat stunned for a moment as she began to climb off of the bed, bra slipping off of their arms finally as his jaw clenched and he quickly scrambled up to grip her hips and pull them back to him harshly and start sucking on their neck again as they laughed. His hands went from her hips to their tits as they lay against him happily, he squeezed at them and sucked on the skin of her neck to quell some of his frustration.
“You think this is funny?” He whispered into her ear and kicked the jeans and boxers off of his feet before rolling them over so he was hovering on top of his girlfriend. Y/N bit her lip at him and he grinded his hip down onto her once in a quick second and he enjoyed how her mouth fell open slightly.
Remus nodded at her with a cocky smirk and sat back on his knees to admire his girlfriend lay out like they were, braless and only in soiled knickers whilst lay out on the bed in front of him all for his view. His fingers plucked at the waistband of her knickers and he took them off of her thighs slowly, holding them up by his finger and smiling at the sight of the glistening wetness inside before he threw them behind him across the room before redirecting his attention towards his naked partner below him.
“You think not sucking my dick is funny?” He asked, going up onto his knees and pumping his dick right in their face as she watched with dilated pupils and their mouth agape. “We’ll see what you find funny.”
And then he lowered himself down and began to push himself into their entrance with no warning; Y/N moaned out loud at the sudden intrusion and their breath hitched with every inch he put inside of her until he bottomed out and he groaned too whilst they started up at him. 
“So tight.” He grunted out as she shifted underneath him, crying out slightly as he stretched them but she quieted herself and looked up at him to respond to his last statement.
“That’s because you didn’t finger me first.” They panted and Remus quirked an eyebrow, a dangerous smile quirking up too before he pulled out completely and made her whine.
His hand gripped her face, squishing her cheeks together as he leaned in close and his lover tried to bring their lips closer and kiss him but he avoided it and shook his hand side to side to make them shake their head. “Are you done being a fucking brat?” He asked and they whimpered with a nod of their head. “Good girl. My good girl, aren’t you? Passing your test and now admitting to being bad. You think you deserve this?”
“Yes.” She said, muffled through his grasp on her face and he just smirked and dropped his hold from her cheeks, grabbing her hips and thrusting back into them quickly which made a moan on the border of pornographic fly out of her mouth.
He went in and out in a quick and rough rhythm, speaking through gritted teeth whilst slamming and thrusting into Y/N. Moans were spilling from her lips with no mercy and her tits were bouncing up and down over and over as Remus kept up his pace. His hands grabbed at her legs and he lifted them to link around his waist so he had more access to their vagina and Y/N moaned loudly at the new angle.
Remus was relentless, pulling out all the way and then slamming back in over and over and over again with praise and profanities spilling shamelessly from him. “Take it like my good girl, Y/N. Make me proud, let me hear those noises.”
At his words, they let out moans which were met with groans from Remus as he thrusted in and out relentlessly with his eyes on his girlfriends breasts which were bouncing for his view and Y/N propped herself up on her elbows with a screwed up face from the pleasure whilst she tried to peak down at where Remus was thrusting into them but she reached back and pulled their hair so they were looking up instead and he smirked down at her.
“Remus-” She cut herself off, their eyes rolling back in their head as Remus slammed into them relentlessly and laughed at their fucked out expression and went impossibly faster into her. The moan that ripped from her throat was worth it and he gave his own moan at the sound before she whimpered at Remus’ force and then moaned again.
“What’s wrong?” He asked with a smirk, tugging at their hair again and she moaned as they made eye contact again. “I’m just giving you your reward, princess. You’re taking it like such a good girl, well done baby, taking my dick so well.”
Y/N moaned at that and their eyes rolled back into their head again as Remus’ dick pushed up against her G-Spot and they nodded, rushing out moans and pleads and praise to Remus who sped up on that particular spot and worked his hips faster than ever as his girlfriend fell apart in his hands.
“Here, baby? Right here?” He asked mockingly as he thrusted, knowing full well he was where she wanted him as he could both feel it and her moans of confirmation were sending him close to his release much like she was. “You gonna be a good girl and cum for me, huh? Gonna make me proud again?”
“Yes, yes, yes, yes...” Y/N rushed and Remus smirked, hiking their legs further up him as he hit a new angle and she went speechless from underneath him, her mouth falling open, their eyes rolling back and silent moans coming out as her legs shook around him. “Fuck!”
“Good girl, good girl...” Remus grunted out as he soothed one of their thighs to help them through her second orgasm but also as he thrusted into her still to chase his own release which came with a burst of large pleasure. “Fuck, well done baby, well done.”
Y/N stayed panting, slowly coming back to reality after their mind-blowing orgasm and she looked up at Remus lovingly. “Thank you, Remus. I love you.”
“I love you too, my beautiful girl.” He grinned and slowly pulled out, eyeing his partners wince as he pulled out and he slowly went down to lie next to them. They turned their head to face him and he grinned charmingly at her like he hadn’t just made her see stars. “But you didn’t think that was all you were getting, did you?”
“No, my good girl gets everything they want today.” Remus smiled and kissed her nose lovingly, enjoying the cute smile they gave back. “I’m very proud.”
“Thank you, my love.”
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