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modern-wolfstar · 2 days ago
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marauders-once-said · 5 months ago
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little-bit-of-magic2893 · 28 days ago
Marauders as things I've said:
"Get your grubby little hands off my dick" -Marlene
"Oh yeah, it's going great in here. Yknow, the pie is burnt, the turkey tastes kinda like napkins, and my music keeps not playing the right songs. But Its great, I'm great" -Remus
"would you quit it? I'm trying to colour this hello kitty poster and your annoying ass voice made me break a crayon" Sirius
"Sir I don't care how dark my soul is I need my coffee sweeter than my mom's Facebook friends" -Mary
"Man, I write a 376 page fanfiction about us, and NOW you leave me on seen??" -James
"doesn't matter if I'm the youngest, I'm still the smartest. What does that say about you guys?" -Regulus
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lupinpotterblack · 5 months ago
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inside regulus black's instagram
taglist: @just-a-smol-spoon @percyweasleyspuff @666cookies
@no-one-here-is-alive @queen-asteria04 @blue-writes-things @crazy-beautiful @keepawaythenargles
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gayremus · a month ago
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prongsgf · 7 months ago
@padsblack on instagram
O padsblack
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♥︎ liked by prongsie, maaary and 43 others
padsblack running from minnie again (she loves us really)
lilyevans how the fuck is remus still a prefect
O padsblack
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♥︎ liked by remoony and 39 others
padsblack moonys making me study
remoony sirius if you don’t stop being so stubborn you’re gonna fail newts
O padsblack
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padsblack oh deer james
prongsie delete
O padsblack
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padsblack <3
marlsiscool still not as cute as me and dorcas
remoony fuck you mckinnon
O padsblack
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padsblack dorcas ur cat is annoying me again
dorkcas deal with him dog boy
O padsblack
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padsblack studying in november? only lily
lilyevans at least i actually study black
O padsblack
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padsblack ah yes let’s visit a tasteful muggle museum and pose classily with the artwork
remoony it was just right there i had to
O padsblack
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padsblack new years resolution: make friends with all the portraits
wormyworm you know they all hate you after that prank you used them for right
padsblack don’t bring it up
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moonyklance · a month ago
TALB Instagram:
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@ remusjlupin: …why does my mum have this framed in the living room? James took this?
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random0shitz · a month ago
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lamesiscanon · 7 months ago
Coming up with as many headcanons as I can in 10 minutes (Modern Marauders)
- Lily’s favorite scent from Bath and Body Works (because my knowledge is limited to U.S. chains) is Champagne Toast. I can’t explain it, it just fits her so well. 
- James has a couple thousand followers on tik tok, but he’s that kind of person who posts 10 videos in a row using the same sound before he moves onto the next one
- Sirius “We are blessed to be alive and on this earth at the same time as Harry Styles” Black
- Actually Sirius and Remus both fight over who’s the biggest Harry Styles fan between the two of them. 
- Being able to call each other at 3 am and going for spontaneous McDonald’s trips. The teenage dream. 
- Peter has one of those hoverboard things and unironically rides it everywhere. 
- Dorcas is a dark academia gay, Mary is an alt bisexual, and Marlene is a cottagecore lesbian. Lily’s style changes from day to day, depends on her mood.
- They’re that annoying friend group on Instagram that posts the same picture on like 10 different accounts because it’s the only one they took when they hung out and they ALL need to post it. 
- Sirius posts an Instagram story with the questions sticker and then sends himself questions just because he can.
- Remus has powerpoints saved on his computer for each friend titled “Reasons I Love You.” So he can send it to them when they’re having a bad day. 
- James and Lily will have three different conversations happening on three different apps. (Text, Snapchat, and Instagram messages)
- Sirius is the only one who has a VSCO but it’s all just pictures of Remus. 
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modernmarauderstexts · 6 months ago
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oh hey it’s been a while 🙃
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itsyetanotherpotterhead · 10 months ago
People decide to get James and Regulus to go on a date because they have been pining after one another. Little do they know...
I was planning on letting this stay in my drafts for a while but I can’t do that to save my life so here you go
marauders masterlist
Lily’s phone
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Remus’ phone
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Regulus’ phone
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Tagging: @mentalthisone
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modern-wolfstar · 2 months ago
this is 100% how remus & sirius’ friends found out about them dating
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marauders-once-said · 4 months ago
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little-bit-of-magic2893 · 16 days ago
How would each Muraurder react to there daughter doing put in Huffelpuff?
-he's a lil disappointed you're not in Gryffindor, but still so proud you didn't get slytherin (if you did, he would've cried)
-when he finds out, he jokes about it with his friends. "With that attitude last week, I was sure slytherin hahah"
-definitely brings it up when you're acting really sweet
-you'd have a new nickname that had something to do with Hufflepuff (badger, sunny, idk)
-whenever he writes something about you or he signs your name, he uses yellow ink or draws little h's around your name, which is so confusing to anyone who doesn't know
-starts wondering how you got placed there, what was the sorting hat's mindset
-doesn't mind, of course, he's just curious
-searches for similarities between you and people he knew we're in Hufflepuff
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maraudersmedia · 11 months ago
Band AU
Part 1: From Remus' phone. Exciting announcement is announced.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 2: And we see what some fans have to say about it
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gayremus · a month ago
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moonyklance · a month ago
TALB Instagram:
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@ jamespotter: Top ten moments before I swag it up #athlete #cooldude #hashtag
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@ redevans: didn’t you nearly break your wrist here?
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thepoetrystudent · 9 months ago
Prongs: Moony, please, pick me up at the party. I am obscenely drunk.
Moony: It's 2 am. Can't you floo home?
Prongs: I am on the street.
Prongs: I vanished my pants and security threw me out.
Moony: I don't wanna know. Where is Peter?
Prongs: I lost Peter. Moons, I think my penis is going to fall off. It's cold and blue.
Moony: Jesus, James. Ok. DON'T GO ANYWHERE.
(2 hours later)
Prongs: Moons, I am home. You don't need to pick me up anymore. My penis is alive.
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nextdoorgryffindor · a year ago
Marauders as a baking show
James: today I’ll be making a bomb Alaska, I’m not quite sure what it is or how to make it but I do know that I’m pretty bomb and I figured it was a great representation of my personality because that was the challenge today right?
Lily: my names not james Potter.. So not to be a narcissistic dickwad, but I do think I have no competition here to be completely honest. I heard dorcas ask if apron was sweet or salty. Apron. I’m making macarons because they’re impressive and badass much like myself. They’re also very difficult to make and id really like to impress ja- judges.
Sirius: my parents didn’t let me near the oven or the stove because they thought I’d purposefully burn the house down. They weren’t wrong. So I have no fuc’ing idea what I’m doing but I do like coffee so I’m going for some sort of. Um tiramisu cheesecake I guess.
Sirius five minutes later: so that actually worked really well I’m going to throw on that white creamy stuff now- aha no not that *winks at camera*
Remus: I’m making a double chocolate chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge inside and a chocolate glaze aswell as a chocolate ice-cream topping and a coco puff coating. I feel like something’s missing though? Perhaps I should add chocolate chips.
Remus holding a knife: {barely audible} I’m going to kill myself with this-*camera turns away quickly
Marlene: *putting a fried egg into pie crust* so this should moisten the batter- what the hell. You know what? No. I hate baking it’s sexist and it doesn’t work and it’s honestly just being very fucking homophobic right now. So yeah fuck the recipe whoever wrote it was fucking stupid
Dorcas: I’m gay- I mean sorry that wasn’t the question-
Peter: I’m making shortbread. It’s plain and boring similar to the way my friends describe my personality.
Peter after a pause leaning towards the camera man: I’m working on my humour was that good?
Severus: I’ve decided to not make anything because honestly the muggles judging this deserve to starve
Irs very late and I don’t know what inspired me to do this but here ya go.
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echonecho · 9 months ago
i’m writing a collection of fics based off of taylor swift’s new album fearless (taylor’s version), y’all interested?
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