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#marauders textpost
mystical-marauder · a day ago
Sirius: Let's make a deal
Sirius: If we're both still single in an hour, we get married
Remus: Our wedding is in 10 minutes
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Just Wolfstar Fluff
During the war.
Imagine Sirius and Remus in their apartment during the war. They have an evening off after weeks of going on missions and they just want to spend it together.
Remus is sitting on the old red armchair he had brought from his childhood home, while Sirius sits in his lap, cuddling with him.
Remus has a muggle fairytale book open and is reading stories — Goldilocks and Thumbelina — to Sirius, while Sirius rests his head on Remus' chest and listens to his heartbeat.
Sirius absentmindedly begins to fiddle with the loose pieces of thread on Remus' sweater sleeve and Remus tells him to stop or he'd ruin the sweater. Sirius stops for a few minutes but then he again starts playing with the loose thread, not even realising that he's doing so.
Remus notices but just smiles to himself and continues reading. In the middle of a scary war, he's found his little bit of happiness right here, on this armchair, with Sirius.
And he knows that as long as Sirius is by his side, everything will be okay.
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remusloopy · 2 days ago
sirius: i wanna go as something stupid for halloween
remus: you won’t need to dress up then
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paddoony · a month ago
Dumbledore: I need your help
Harry: Hang on I have to ask my parents
Dumbledore: wha-
Harry: *pulls out a Ouija board* Hey mom and dad, can I go with Dumbledore in a mission?
Lily and James from the afterline: A-B-S-O-L-Y-T-E-L-Y N-O-T
Harry: They said no :/
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moonysloverboy · a month ago
sirius: holy fucking shit!!
james: language!
sirius: putain de merde!!
james: i- that’s not what i meant
remus, from across the room: did he just swear in french oh my god i’m fucked
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jilywolfstar03 · 3 months ago
Remus: I know you think my judgement is clouded because I like Sirius a little bit.
Lily: You doodled your wedding invitations
Remus: That's our joint tombstone
Lily: My bad
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paddoony · 4 months ago
Remus: People say, ‘But Remus, Facebook is a great way to connect with old friends.’
Remus: Well, if I want to connect with old friends I need a Ouija board.
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remuscutein · 7 months ago
can we talk about the fact that sirius and remus’ actors thought their characters were gay ??
like THE LITERAL sirius and remus thought they’d end up together
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potterheaded-hipster · 2 months ago
imo the reason snape's redemption from being a death eater never really worked is becuase we never see him trying to make amends for his past actions and beliefs.
like even 10 years post voldemort he still gives blatent favoritism to slytherin, is shown mocking a muggle born student for being smart, actively holds a grudge against james, who is dead. and hasn't shown to really grow, he just isn't a death eater anymore.
to me his "redemption" feels like someone got their racist uncle to stop saying slurs. it's an improvement, but like he could be doing so much better.
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