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#marauders x reader
morozovastarless · 15 hours ago
so good to me, so right
summary: james can never get enough of your taste
warnings: oral sex (fem receiver), overstimulation
word count: 681
Tumblr media
it started with him between your splayed legs, then he draped them over his shoulders until he pushed them against your heaving chest, his forearms pressing on them to keep you in place.
you lost count after the fifth orgasm. or was it the sixth? you didn’t know and you didn’t care. your mind was completely blank, your skin burning up and completely sensitive to the softest touch.
“no more, jamie,” you whimper, fat tears rolling down your wet cheeks.
he stops sucking for a second, lulling you into a false sense of comfort as nuzzles his cheek against the underside of your thighs. he gently kisses along your folds, completely drenched in a mixture of your own essence and his spit. “just one more, peanut,” he murmured. “let me taste you one more time, yeah?”
you sob when his tongue flicks your clit. “i can’t, jamie. s’too much,” it’s pitiful and whiny, your toes trying (and completely failing) to push his shoulders away.
he moves his tongue all over your pussy, collecting your juices and humming in delight when he swallows it down. “c’mon, now. i know you can do it. cause you’re my good girl, aren’t you? my best girl.”
he knows exactly how to mold you, how to have you pliant under his fingers. or tongue in this case. and as soon as he utters the words “good girl”, the intrusive thoughts of telling him to stop are gone.
because you are his good girl, always have been, and you would never ever disappoint him. you wouldn’t be able to survive the heartbreak.
“o-okay. one more,” you say softly, pulling on his hair as a way to stop fidgeting.
“so good t’me. thank you, baby, thank you,” he says reverentially. he gives you the biggest smile, teeth and dimples showing just before he puckers his lips and lets his spit dribble down your engorged pussy. he watches as your little hole swallows it eagerly, desperate for something to squeeze around. and then he goes back to sucking on your puffy clit. you keen, eyes shut tightly as the coil in your tummy tightens.
“i love your pussy,” he speaks against your core, his deep voice sending vibrations down your entire body, his teeth grazing every inch of you as he speaks. “so pretty, so sweet. don't need anything else, darling, just you and your pretty little pussy.”
it’s like he’s delirious, completely high on your sweet taste.
he keeps going until your moans are incredibly loud, smothering his face between your folds and barely able to breathe. but he doesn’t care, he’s in his favourite place in the world, he could die happily.
you don’t get to warn him you’re close because his tongue does something, you can’t even distinguish what he did, but it’s enough to push you over the edge. “oh—fuck—james!” you cry out.
a tsunami of pleasure swallows you whole, rendering you speechless as you drown in the overwhelming sensations. you feel lightheaded and breathless, your eyes closed but still dripping with tears. you let out a string of unintelligible moans and whimpers as you tremble for the last time.
“so good t’me”, james hums as he collects the last drops you can gift him, his movements slower than before to help you ride out your orgasm. he can feel your thighs shaking under his palm, your whole body tensing up before relaxing further into the mattress with a content sigh.
he gives your pussy one more kiss that has you whining before he gets up. "m’so proud of you, baby," he says while lowering your legs slowly so as to not hurt you.
he leans on his forearm and cups your face, hot from his praise. you smile at him blissfully, your eyes shining with adoration and your lips pouting as you beg silently for a kiss.
his lips fit perfectly with yours, moving together in a sweet and deep kiss that makes your heart flutter. james bumps his nose with yours when you part, his thumb brushing over your cheekbone lovingly. "you did so well, always my good girl."
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cupids-crystals · a day ago
Melted Hearts (R.L.)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 0.8k
Summary: Falling in love over cigarettes and bad weather 
Notes: Friends to lovers fluff; smoking, mentions of drinking, slight cursing, short and sweet.
“That’s it,” Remus spoke, standing and rubbing his hands over his face. 
“I need a cigarette.”
Quitting a bad habit is always harder than you think; it’s an impulse to reach for the bottle, to stay up too late, to keep a lit cigarette burning between your fingers. 
You’d been staying with Remus for a few days now, helping him quit the nasty fixation that he’d sustained over the years. Even in his time at Hogwarts, Remus was known to keep a pack of cigarettes hidden in the bottom of his trunk, sneaking drags out the window in the middle of the night. 
He'd spent so many conversations clouded in smoke that his fingers twitched to flick imaginary ashes now that he was going without. Remus had asked you, his dearest friend and biggest supporter, to keep him company until he could manage his cravings on his own. 
Remus reached the entryway of his apartment, shrugging on his coat and grumbling under his breath about the miserable London weather. The days had long turned cold, leaving a thick blanket of ice and snow over the city. You hated the thought of him shivering outside alone, just for the pleasure of the stale, crushed cigarette that sat in his last pack. 
“Wait,” you called, scrambling from your seat. “I’ll come with you.”
Remus glanced over at you incredulously, fastening the buttons of his coat while he spoke. “Why would you want to do that? It’s dreadful outside.”
“You asked me to keep you company,” you pointed at him playfully. “You’re not tired of me already, are you?”
He simpered in return, removing your coat from its hook and holding it in your direction. 
Grinning proudly, you accepted his help in bundling up before you followed him out the door. 
The first burst of icy wind took your breath away, making you gasp in surprise. Remus chuckled at your reaction, pursing his lips around the cigarette and lighting the other end. 
“S’fuckin’ frigid out here,” he mumbled, blowing a puff of smoke into the air and shoving one hand into his pocket. 
You nodded in agreement, swiping at the stray snowflakes that had landed on your shoulders. 
“Wouldn’t be so cold if you stopped smoking,” you teased. “We could be sitting under a pile of blankets with a bottle of whiskey, enjoying the warmth of your apartment.” 
Your breath fogged in the air, mirroring the smoke that filtered from Remus’ slightly chapped lips. You tittered at the resemblance between your breath and his, holding your coat tightly to your chest to block the harsh wind. Even in the middle of a snowstorm, you were more than happy to join Remus outside, enjoying every moment with your phlegmatic counterpart. 
“S’just replacing one bad habit with another,” he quipped, flicking ashes into the air. 
Rolling your eyes, you crouched down to touch the snow that had accumulated on the pavement. Your trips outside had lessened in the past few days, the result of gloomy weather and Remus’ diminishing cigarette stash, leaving his isolated stoop a blank canvas of freshly fallen snow. 
You watched as the snowflakes melted against the warmth of your fingertips, and you wondered how long it would take to count the individual dots that laid at your feet. 
With furrowed eyebrows and chattering teeth, you drew lines in the snow, forming a small R.L. with your set of initials just under the first.
Glancing up at Remus, you found him peering curiously at your work. 
“What’s that for?”
You shrugged, still tracing shapes into the snow. 
“Figure we’re out here so often, might as well claim this as our spot.” 
Remus hummed in contentment, thinking back on the countless times that you had followed him outside, no matter the weather or the hour on the clock. He’d always been grateful for your presence, even if his appreciation went unspoken. 
“Won’t be our spot for much longer,” he pointed out, taking a draw from his cigarette before finishing his thought. “There’s no point in sitting out here once I quit smoking.”
Returning to your endeavors, you realized that he made a good point. You traced a large heart around the two pairs of initials, finishing the drawing with a satisfied grin. 
“Then we’ll find a new spot –”
Preferably somewhere warmer,” Remus interjected.
You nodded in agreement, standing to examine your work.
“Warm, or at least somewhere with gloves,” you said, rubbing your freezing hands together. 
Remus tore his gaze away from your artistry, smiling fondly at the thought of having something special for just the two of you. No matter the reason, no matter the place, Remus wanted you by his side, drawing hearts in the snow and disapproving of his bad habits. 
Surely your presence was a drug of its own, a dependency that Remus could never break. He trusted you more than anyone else he knew, on good days and bad. Maybe you were the perfect remedy to replace his habit with something much better. 
He drew the last puff from his cigarette, no longer interested in the sickly-sweet nicotine that he’d chased for so long. Snuffing the end against the snow-covered stoop, Remus felt satisfied with the end of this era. 
“C’mon,” he said, taking your freezing hands in his. “Maybe whiskey’s a good idea after all.”
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dr4cking · 16 hours ago
poly!marauders x reader | kinktober #5
dom!james, dom!remus, dom!sirius with dumbification and edging kink
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
“Now where is your so-brave-act from earlier, hm? why so quiet now?” Sirius asked rubbing your shivering thighs with his cold hands.
“Acting like a big girl, teasing us like that in public, thinking we wouldn’t notice your behavior huh?” Remus added, hands squeezing and slapping your sore tits.
“Now now, all you need is a little discipline for your bratty behavior, pretty doll” James gripped your face forcing you to face him, tears already soaking your pretty face.
“‘m sorry Daddy, promise not to do it again.. please” You look up at Sirius, pleading at him begging for his mercy as he usually the softest when it came to you.
“Such a dumb pup for us, don’t you? Siri won’t help you, not this time pretty girl” James chuckles spreading your legs wider to get positioned Sirius’ face in between them.
“N-no Daddy not dumb,” You stifled a sob, arching your back to him as Sirius’s hot tongue came in contact with your sopping cunt, making you seeing stars.
“Then show us, how smart you can be as our pet, doll.” You cried out as Sirius worked his tongue more on your clit, his fingers now pushing in and out of you.
The squelching sounds you made with Sirius making the two guys groaning loudly, cocks hardening at the sight of their favorite girl.
“So close, please..” You squirmed at the intense pleasure of his tongue skilfully eating you out, his fingers stretching you out so wide hitting every spot, but the boys were quick to gripped your body to stay still.
As your high about to snap, you felt Sirius pulled away from you making your cunt clenching around nothing.
“N-no! Please I was so close..” You sob harder making all the boys chuckling at your desperation, pouting at you in order to humiliate you more.
“That’s what you deserve pup. How does our princess tasted Siri?” Remus asked as Sirius sit up lips glistening with your juices.
“Delicious as always Remmy,” Sirius chuckle switching positions with James, you unknowingly spread your legs wider for him but of course the three guys noticed and laughed at you.
“You wanna cum, don’t you? Such a poor little thing.” James said as he gets in between your legs.
You nod eagerly at him, face strained with your own tears. Your cunt was aching so bad to be filled and all you wanted to do is to pleasure your boyfriends.
“Desperate little poppet we got here, tell us what do you want, hm?” You whimpered as James’ hand slap your sensitive cunt getting it puffy and red.
“W-want my Daddies’ cocks please.. please it hurts Daddy,” You buck your hips into James but he stopped you from moving with his big hand.
“Aw.. Is your princess part hurt baby?” Remus chuckles, now the one who’s slapping your sore cunt.
“Ouch! Y-yes it hurts, p-please i’ve been a good girl Daddy” You whine, more of desperate tears fell down your face. You try to grab his cock with your hand but he slap your hand away.
“Don’t be a desperate brat pretty girl, good girls get what they want if they behave.” Remus placed a soft peck on your lips before positioning his cock in front of your mouth making you drool instantly.
Down there, James already lining his cock against your aching cunt as your hand started to make its way to Sirius’ teasing his tip with your thumb.
And all of a sudden, the three of them thrusting into you together catching you off guard as you choke around Remus’ cock, Sirius fucking your hand in front of your tits, James didn’t let you adjust and pounding into you right away making your body bouncing uncontrollably beneath them.
“Fuck- our little toy doing such a good job for us, gotta give her the award she deserves, yeah?” You let out a muffled moan to answer James, Remus gripped your hair as he started to fuck your face on his own pace, Sirius grab your hand to guide you moving faster on his cock as he bucked his hips into your fist meeting your move.
James pounding harder into you, his cock repeatedly hitting your spot making you clenched tighter around him. You gagged as you feel Remus’ touching the back of your throat, more tears streaming down your face. Your hand felt so tired as Sirius fucked himself on it hardly making you lost a balance. And all the guys were enjoying the sight of turning you into a mess.
“Your mouth feels heavenly, pup. Gonna choke you out with my cum down your little throat” You watched how beautiful Remus look when he threw his head back, mouth agape as your name left his mouth over and over again.
“Yes bunny, squeeze my cock tighter with your fingers. I’m gonna paint your pretty tits with my seed, y’gonna look so pretty with it.” You tried to do what you’re told, stroking him faster with all energy you have left, his precum already sticking in your hand. He moaned louder as his cock twitched in your hand.
“Oh- fucking hell. Can feel you clenching around me, pup. Milk my cock dry baby. Daddy needs to feel you so he can fill you up with his babies.” Your legs spasmed as James circled your clit making your vision goes blurry, finally coming undone around his cock, walls clenching tightly forcing him to spill his load into you.
Moans and groans filled the heated room as the three of them coming together and turn you into nothing but a cumslut with all their liquids. Remus forced his cock deeper until it’s making a bulge in your throat, that’s when you feel his warm cum, tasting so delicious in your mouth and Sirius came really hard covering your sensitive tits, marking you with his cum.
“Holy shit, look at you princess, all fucked out and cockdrunk for us.” The three of them laughed deeply as they look at your condition.
“Now we believe you deserve the award, sweetheart. How does the warm tub sound? I’m gonna wash your hair, Siri gonna massage your back and Remmy gonna massage your legs” James said stroking your cheeks gently wiping away your tears.
“Sounds perfect, Daddy”
Tumblr media
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lonelyhe4rts · 2 days ago
✰ Experience the sexual side of Sirius (5.7k)
Sirius Black x reader (Dom!Sirius Black x Sub!Fem!Reader) sexual themes throughout the entirety, all acts are consensual and a safe word is in place if required and/or needed. - content warning for mention of blood/knife/the term marred flesh. Also not proofread, as almost 6k words is a lot to get through.
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⇛ A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Soft words of affirmation and praise spill from Sirius’ lips after he’s done with you, sharing his most intimate and endearing thoughts about you. His hands gather your hair up, drawing the strands away from your face, smiling down softly at your tired eyes. One of his biggest concerns is your wellbeing, especially after being so rough with you. He’d draw you a bath, fixed up with the gentlest soaps and sweetest lotions, ready to lather your trembling and quivering figure up in the potions and lotions.
His hands grapple at your smaller hands, playing with your digits as your eyes blink back open. “And there she is,” he breathes out, grey eyes pooling with love as your own peel back, eyelashes fluttering open. His own body lays propped up beside your own on his elbow, his eyes tracing and marvelling at your post-orgasm figure, tired and sleepy, but needing to be cared for. “C’mon then sweetness, let’s get you all tidied up. Then, I promise we can sleep, okay?”
⇛ B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
His hands and hair are his favourite things about himself. The digits are decorated in swirls of jet black and rings, the veins straining against his skin when they smack against your own. There’s nothing he enjoys more than seeing his hand cover the expanse of your bum or your breasts, enveloping the flesh between the tattooed skin, groping and squeezing to his heart’s content. He relishes in the way your grasp at his hair, gripping and tugging on the silky locks as he laps at your fluttering cunt, wanton moans and whimpers spilling from both your lips as he basks in the serenity between your thighs.
Your eyes catch on to the way thick strands of his hair hover over his eyes, long lochs of onyx decorating and framing his face. Your mind was overwhelmed in pleasure, lust pulsating through your bloodstream, but it wasn’t enough to distract you from your attraction to Sirius, how pretty he was. His hands rose up to brush away the stray strands, hands veiny and decorated in tattoos and rings highlighting his hands, plagued thoughts filtering into your mind. How you wished he’d wrap those hands around you. His hips continued snapping against your own, rutting against your pubic bone, pleasure licking up your spine. “So fucking good Siri, so pretty, so nice.”
⇛ C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Seeing your backside painted in ropes of his pearly cum drives the animagus wild - almost feral. His hand presses down on the curvature of your spine, lulling your arched body into the burgundy fabric of the comforter as he fists feverishly at his cock, emptying his seed over your arched back. His figure sinks back down after, pressing soft kisses against the dip when he’s done, relishing in the sight of your body dripping in his cum.
Your thighs tremble under the weight of your pleasure, your back arched as the male above you fists feverishly at his cock, aching to release his seed over the fleshy globes of your backside. His grey eyes were transfixed on the hues of black and blue that painted you, small lines of ring indents embedding and ingraining the skin as he finally let go, painting ribbons and streams of his pearly release over your bruised and spanked skin. “That’s it, take it y’dirty girl. Just like a common whore.”
⇛ D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
His desire to share you with his best mate heightens every other desire he’s ever possessed. He wants to stand at the side as he watches his bespectacled friend have his way with you, enjoying the way you squirm under his cock, thick and rouged, driving in and out of your clenching cunt. He wants to see you grasp at his hair as he devours the sweet slick of your pussy, savouring the flavour of your arousal as you tug at his own hand, knowing that even when another male is bringing you to orgasm after orgasm, you desperately need him too - for no one else could ever bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction as him.
His back leans against the post of the bed frame as James lowers your frame onto his cock, the bespectacled male throwing his head back at the unfamiliar sensation that came with the warm and wet depths of your cunt. His toned hands gripped your waist, throwing your body up and down his length, fascinated at your breasts bouncing in his eye line, greedily suckling one of your tightened nipples into his mouth. Sirius watched on, palming himself through his slacks at the demonstration, enjoying the way you moaned and groaned for the quidditch captain to keep going, smirking at not only the sight, but also at how different you sounded. “C’mon darling, Prongs can’t be that bad, can he? Normally’have you sobbing and squealing on my cock by now.”
⇛ E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
His level of experience is something that worried you at first, the uncertainty of knowing whether or not you’d be able to please the aforementioned male worrying you. The thought of other girls and boys having had their way with him scared you and plagued your thoughts, but with his constant reassurance and your own experience with him, you found those thoughts morphing into something else, transitioning into completely different ideals. You found yourself becoming aroused - excited, by his prior experience, basking in his knowledge and experience, knowing that he most likely knew your body better than you did and that he could show you exactly that in many, many ways.
Your nude back lays splayed against the bed sheets, finger dipping in and out of your dripping pussy, aching at the way you just couldn’t seem to get it right. Nothing felt as good as when he did it. You looked up to the pretty boy watching you fail, a small smirk adorning his aristocratic features, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his lie loosened around his neck. His growing bulge hovered proud beneath his slacks, desperate and aching to be controlled, but he’d rather watch you suffer first. “C’mon, please Siri. Gimme some help,” you cried out, desperate to have him ravish you in the way only he knew how to do. “Alright, alright y’silly thing. C’mon sit forward, Siri’ll show you how. Needy girl.”
⇛ F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
Seeing your back arched against the bed, as he pistons his length in and out of your silky walls sends tendrils of lust to bleed down his spine. He finds himself engrossed in the sight of your figure squirming beneath him, your shoulders and thighs trembling under the weight of your pleasure and bones rippling under him, as you try to hold your orgasm, waiting for his permission to cum. It’s even better when the reflection of you is mirrored back, the tattooed planes of his chest rippling as he ruts against you, strands of his onyx locks falling in front of his face, his head falling back with the sensations rippling from your warm and wet cunt. He basks in the feelings;  the sights; the sounds; the sensations and nothing else could give him so much pleasure.
The reflection that mirrors your movements causes lust and pleasure to ricochet down your spine, the image of the tattooed male behind you driving his cock in and out of you making you cry out. His hands hold your hips in a grip almost as tight as your cunt on his cock, pushing you back and forwards on his length, edging you closer and closer to completion. His hips were angled in such a specific way, the spongy part residing in your silky walls being stimulated with each and every thrust, the entire night sky of constellations dancing across your blown out pupils. “Y’see that, yeah? Look at how y’making me feel. If only y’could see the way your cunt quivers over here, so fucking pretty.”
⇛ G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
The animagus loses himself in the moment, the line between reality and euphoria bleeding together until it forms a blurred barrier. He finds himself engrossed in the pleasure, unable to comprehend anything other than you - your cunt, your eyes fluttering closed, your mouth gaping slightly, your soft lips caught between your teeth. He can’t focus on anything else - the sweet sounds you make, the way you grapple at his bicep, how you cry out for more - for him, for faster, deeper, harder. There’s no time for jokes when he’s buried inside you, for he has no ability to think of anything with the way your cunt wraps itself around him, hugging him tight to completion.
The rouged head of his cock eases it’s way into the tight entrance of your backside, slowly and carefully edging his way into you. His hands are carded through your own, fingers grasping and clinging onto each other, as he bottoms out inside of you, groaning at the sensations and tightness of your arse. His head resides buried in the crevice of your shoulder, warm breaths oozing and panting onto your sweaty skin. “So fucking good, knew it would be. Took y’in every hole now, precious little slut.”
⇛ H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
His hair was something that remained one of his most prized possessions, except from you of course. The way the long strands of inky black hair framed his aristocratic features, highlighting the high angles of his cheekbones and outlining the sharp edges of his jawline - he loved it and as a result, looked after it as if it were his life source; his do or die, his life and soul. This is something that remains a common theme on his figure, the trail of hair that leads from his navel to his pubic bone is something he remains proud of, the section of dark, clipped curls looking all neat and tidy. He keeps the area clean and trimmed, perfect for when he buries himself down your throat, your nose buried in the tangles of curls, your pretty and pouty lips hugging his length, saliva dripping down from the soft cushions.
His hands grasp the sides of your face as he thrusts in and out of your throat, dribbles and drops of saliva and precum falling from your puffy lips. Your eyes are glassy and wide as you look up to him, marvelling in his flushed face and fluttering eyelids, the raven haired male basking in the feeling of your warm and wet mouth enveloping his length. You babbled nonsense around the base as he pushed you further down his length, your nose buried in the base of curls that lay clipped and trimmed on his pubic bone. “S’all y’good for. Little cockslut, exactly how y’should be. Cumsluts should be seen and not heard, so keep m’cock buried down y’throat, yeah?”
⇛ I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
As previously mentioned, Sirius loses himself in the act with you. He’s engrossed and captivated by the raw passion oozing from you, how you cling to him and resolve all your power and pleasure to him. He’s fascinated by your trust for him and through that, he remains lost in the pleasure. He’s always intimate, whether before, during or after - soft kisses traipsing up your neck as he unbuttons your blouse, flipping up the grey pleats of your skirt, juxtaposing the sweetness and intimacy with the raw words of filth he spews into the shell of your ear, echoes of dirty words and promises of pleasure making their way into your senses. Eye contact being present throughout when he’s feeling practically soft and sappy, grey eyes baring into your own glassy ones as you cling to his shoulders, he basks in it, relishing in the way you tuck your face into the crevice of his neck, the vibrations and tempo of your cries and whines penetrating his skin. Afterwards, soft hands caressing your skin, tracing dips and curves, kissing away tears and whispering affirmations of love.
Your skin is sweaty as he drags his cock in and out of you, slow and sweet and perfectly him. Your head stays buried in his shoulder, small whimpers and whines, words of love and endearment spoken into the tattooed crevice as he too repeated the same movements, the two of you tangled beneath the sheets with streams of sunlight bleeding into the room. Your limbs are a criss-cross of body parts, arms and legs wrapped around each other, the two of you as close as can be with messy bed hair, morning voices and sleep still present in your eyelids. “Love y’so fucking much, my lovely little girl.”
⇛ J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcannon)
The groans that spill for his mouth as you wrap your hand around the base of his length, could drive you feral. His fervour for the sight of your smaller palms enveloping his big cock fascinates him, sending tendrils and sparks of delicious pleasure to bleed up the base of his spine. He savours the sensations, keeping them locked away in his mind for when you aren’t there and for when you can’t pleasure him. He prefers for you to please him and tease him, however that isn't always possible. So with the thoughts and memories of you embedded and ingrained into his mind, he takes control of his own pleasure, imagining that it’s you grasping his rouged cock, pumping and fisting at the length until he empties his seed all over, thinking about you taking delight in savouring the taste afterwards.
His hand fists at his cock, dragging his palm up and down his length as you consume his mind. Thoughts and memories of your tongue working it’s way around his head, suckling at it like a lollipop edge him closer to completion. Images of you bouncing on his cock, tits bouncing and backside in his grasp make their way into his vision, tightening his balls even more, if possible. The sight of your fingers struggling to make you cum edges it’s way into his mind, groaning at the way his orgasm finally washed over him, remembering the way he helped you finally cum, his chest to your back as he dragged your small fingers over your clit, circling the pretty button and bringing you to orgasm, as he too finally experiences it. It would do for now, until you returned.
⇛ K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
The sight of heavy tears weighing down the precipice of your lash line sends Sirius into a frenzy, relishing in the way your eyes pool with tears, small sobs breaking from your chest, as he overwhelms your trembling figure. He finds pleasure in crawling up your body, his teeth nibbling at your cheek, his tongue lapping up the tracks of tears that tumble down your cheeks, almost as much as he enjoys the flavour of your slick.
His figure crawls over your own, until he’s hovering over your tear-stricken face, grinning at the way your chest heavy with little sobs. “Aw, pretty baby’s crying. Why is it? Can y’not take m’cock as well as you thought y’could?” The tip of his tongue peaks out to trace over his lips before he dives in, the edge of the languid muscle lapping up the sultry tracks of tears that fell from your lash line. “Mm, s’almost as sweet as y’cunt.”
⇛ L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Pistoning his cock and in out of you behind the closed curtains of his four poster is something Sirius enjoys the most. He loves the dark ambience and the lighting, the intimate mood set by the enclosure, the soft candlelight filtering in by his wand or the streams of moonlight that break in, only adding to the experience. He relishes in the way the light beams and stretches over your body, how it glistens over your sweaty skin, almost like glitter; how it trickles down your cunt and sparkles your lust filled eyes. The dorm room would always be his favourite place to ravish you and your body, all because it’s where you can both be your most vulnerable selves and that is something he finds true joy in.
You both lay adjacently upon the silk bed sheets, covered away from prying eyes behind the drapes of the four poster. Sirius’ hand ran up and down the expanse of his cock, twisting and turning, teasing and tickling the base, as you too played with the puffy bud of your clit. You both moaned and whimpered into each other’s mouth, tongues exploring the caverns of each other’s mouth as you explored the idea of mutual masturbation. It felt intimate, exploring your bodies together, enjoying the most private act of masturbation with each other. “Almost as good as you princess, fancy helping me out over here?”
⇛ M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Your pretty little bum adorned in pretty little skirts sends his mind in a frenzy. He’d grasp and grope at the flesh in the corridors, finding satisfaction in the way he has such easy access to the fleshy globes. He trails behind you in the halls, enjoying the way your hips swayed and your skirt flopped up and down, the slightest exposure of your cotton underwear on display to him. He enjoys the simplicity in being able to flip the pleats up, exposing one of his favourite parts of you to him, taking the ability to spank your bum silly without even having to remove the article of clothing. Whoever designed the Hogwarts’ uniform, he’s very grateful for.
His hand presses down on the base of your spin as he lulls you over his knee, flipping the grey pleats of your skirt up, exposing the pretty cotton of your underwear. “Y’should have known you wouldn’t get away with it darling. C’mon, count 'em out for me,” he starts, before he starts raining down his palm against your backside, relishing in the jiggle of your flesh. He’d punish you for even breathing if he could get away with spanking you silly constantly.
⇛ N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Seeing your pretty flesh marred or dripping with blood is something he’d never be able to stomach. His life had been difficult, cluttered with trauma and horrors and terrors alike. He’d grown up with people who didn’t care for him, ruining his mind and body with wands and weapons and that is something he’d never want to do to you. The raven haired male would never be able to forgive himself if he hurt you in that way and that is one of the reasons he’d never even explore a blood or knife kink with you.
“S’important that y’know our safe words, birdie. Wanna make sure you’re comfortable and having a good time throughout it all.” He spoke, rubbing his palm up and down your thigh, as you sat side by side on the bed. “Green,” you started, counting off and naming your agreed and established safewords. “And what is green for?”
⇛ O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
The taste and flavour of your sweet cunt causes his mind to run around in laps, tendrils of arousal pulsating through his mind. He relishes in the drips and drops of your slick that glisten over your folds and lather up your thighs, soft kisses and licks lapping up the remnants. He loves the way your thighs tremble as he buries himself between your thighs, his veiny and ring covered hands holding your thighs apart as he devours you, savouring and basking in the tang and spice of your arousal. It’s something he’d bury himself in doing any time anywhere if he could and if you’d let him, he’d stay submerged between your quivering thighs and sopping cunt until the only thing he could think about is the flavour of your cum and for you, the feeling of him lapping away at your most precious place.
His hands gripped and left your thighs splayed open as he lapped at your folds, his pink tongue running up and down the slick clit of your cunt. He basked in the taste of your sweetness, his mind captivated by the flavour and aching with need for more. His eyes strayed away from your pussy, grey eyes pooled with arousal fluttering up to your own figure, chest heaving and body trembling with the weight of your pleasure, how you squirmed and writhed beneath his tongue. If that’s how you felt with his tongue, just wait until it’s his cock.
⇛ P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Not every time with Sirius is the same, each and every moment is a special and prized memory that remains ingrained in your mind. Soft sex in the morning is where his love and adoration for you truly comes out, where words of love and endearment spill from his lips, his hands threaded through your own, eyes gazing into each other’s as he pulls himself in and out of you, slow and sweet and perfect for the early morning sun. Sex in the evenings is a completely different experience, hard and fast and deep, his tattooed arms wrapped around your shaking figure, hands groping at your breasts and chin as he pulls you up to his chest, driving his length in and out of your depths. His warm breath mingles with the skin at the side of your face, sweaty and panting, his nose buried in the junction of your shoulder as he snaps his hips against you. It’s passionate and intense, but never the same.
He was rough with his thrusts, hips snapping against your own as his hands pushed yours to the walls, your back arched as he rutted against you. Your body faced the door, your head falling back onto his shoulder, eyes looking up to his own as he continued, quick and fast, fucking you hard and deep. Everything felt so overwhelming, your legs shaking with the power of his thrusts, and eyes fluttering closed with the inability to overcome the pleasure. “C’mon birdie, taking y’like a common whore. Standing up and everything.”
⇛ Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
While he loves the sensations of spending a night buried inside of you, the desire to take you between all hours of the day heightens with each and every glance at you. If he could spend all twenty four hours inside of your warm and wet depths, he would and he certainly does try. His large hands envelops your own as he drags you through the halls, his long legs striding towards an empty storage cupboard. As soon as the door shuts, he has you against it, hands in your hair, gripping your hips, his knee between your thighs as you moan into his mouth. Clothes are pulled off in a hurry, but he’d never let you leave the enclosed space without being satisfied. You’re his good little girl - his lover and baby and he’d never treat you any less, no matter the amount of time granted.
His hand tugged at your own as he pulled you into the abandoned classroom, smirking at the closed door as he lifted you onto the empty desk. He was quick in his movements, pulling feverishly at your uniform until your pussy was exposed to him, glistening and slick with your arousal. “Wow, puppy. All this for me? Isn’t this a treat.”
⇛ R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
The thought of someone walking into seeing you bounce on Sirius’ cock, sends his mind into overdrive. He stays fixated on the thoughts, his friend or even friends wandering through the unlocked door to witness the erotic sight, your breasts bouncing in front of your face as his hands grip your backside, pulling and pushing your aching cunt up and down his length. He wants them to see the way you beg for more, how you ache and whine for his cock, his little baby cockslut. He dreams about the thought and when it finally happens, he knows the wait will have been worth it.
He thrusts up into you, legs planted on either side of the bed, your hips gripped between his ring-covered digits as he drives in and out of you, relishing in the sensation of your tight and pretty cunt. “How does it feel, darling, to think that the boys might walk in any minute? For them to see you sob over my cock? How you’re dripping over the idea of them walking in?” He laughs at the way your walls tighten around his length at the words, grinning at the fact you wanted it just as much as he did.
⇛ S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Sirius doesn’t rest until the only thing left on both your minds is each other, the taste of your cunt staining his tongue and lips, your figure covered and melded in his mark. He’s not done or finished with you, until you're sobbing on his cock, crying out for what you can’t even comprehend, babbling nonsense to the beat and tempo of his thrusts. He’d go all night if it took it, for your pleasure is worth so much more to him than his own.
You’ve since came far too many times to count since the night began, pleasure blurring and bleeding into your babbled brain, not being able to comprehend anything else. Your legs and arms, limbs overall are strained with the effort of keeping them open, from being wrangled around the bed like a little ragdoll. Sirius doesn’t appear too fucked out, the aforementioned male content in burying himself in the tight channel of your cunt, not even too tired to continue. “One more pretty bird, then we can be done. Can’t handle it, y’cunts too good.”  
⇛ T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Though his cock can do so much to you, the sight of your cunt trembling and fluttering around nothing sends sparks to his eyes and causes his mouth to salivate. He aches to see you cry out for a toy, hips bucking and back arching from a bit of plastic, relishing in telling you, degrading you about crying out for a little toy, about how desperate you are. However despite that, his preferred option would always be his cock, for he was the only one who knew everything about your body.
He chuckled at the way you tried to close your legs, the vibrator clinging to your pretty clitty lulling your mind into a state of subspace, teetering over the border between reality and the deep depths of subbiness. He enjoyed the way you squirmed so much because of a simple toy - a piece of plastic shaking, stimulating you to your core. “C’mon y’silly thing. Just a bit of plastic. If you can’t handle this, m’cocks gonna be a nightmare.”
⇛ U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Witnessing you sobbing over his cock, his fingers, his tongue makes the animagus feral. He’d watch you wriggle and squirm under him all day every day if it was possible, taking his own pleasure from the sight of you even if he’s not being touched himself. He’d give you orgasm after orgasm if the day never ended, finding himself growing hard from your cries and begs, whimpers and whines from the endless amount of pleasure. It may be unfair, but Merlin did he enjoy it.
You can’t tell if his tongue flicking at your engorged bus and swollen folds are even pleasurable even more, not with the way you’ve been given so many orgasms. The male between your thighs basks in the wetness that pools on your tongue, how drips and drops of arousal dribble down your thighs, how you cry out for him to both carry on and to stop. He was captivated in the way his tongue and tongue alone could make you like this, so confused, so achy but so fucking wet. “Last one, then we’ll get y’all cleaned up.”
⇛ V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
It didn’t even have to be of his own receiving, Sirius was never quiet with his pleasure. He remained always vocal, always appreciative of your love and sensuality, soft groans and strangled grunts pulsating through the air around you. He continued in voicing his love for you, words of praise and affirmation, phrases of degradation echoing throughout the room. He was never ashamed of it and never would be. Thank Merlin for silencing charms.
The only sounds in the room are the sounds of skin on skin and the volume of your mixed cries, wanton moans bleeding from your bitten lips and grunts and coos echoing from Sirius’. He was a mixed bag it seemed, groans and grunts vibrating into the crevice of your neck and words of his love and adoration for you making their way into the shell of your ear, juxtaposing the pace at which he was driving himself in and out of you. “So pretty, m’pretty girl. No one does it like you, my darling.”
⇛ W = Wild Card (Get a random headcannon for the character of your choice)
It wasn’t just sharing you with James that he obsessed over, he wanted to see you be ruined by his other best friend. He craved to see you writhe beneath Remus, cries of pleasure and echoes of need spilling from your shredded lips, your entire figure overwhelmed by his lanky frame. He desired to see the way his back rippled as he drove himself in and out of you, how your own back arched into his own, sweaty flesh meeting sweaty flesh as the passion prolonged, words of ‘fucking hell Pads, could have told me she’d be this fucking tight’ echoing through the room. It wasn’t just a desire, it was a need and gods would he be thankful when it finally occurred.
He was entranced in the way you leaned forwards towards him, your back arched and bent, granting easy access to the lanky male positioned  behind you. Your mouth parted, tongue lolling out, eyes wide and innocent, desperate to feel the weight of his length on the muscle. “She always like this, Pads? All needy for y’cock? Got her disciplined and well behaved, haven’t you?”
⇛ X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
The slight curve of his cock caused wanton moans to filter through the room, your mind plagued with the delicious sensations of the burning stretch. You craved the feeling of his cock easing it’s way through your cunt, enjoying the way he hissed through his teeth at the feeling, basking in the warmth of your silky walls. It was the perfect fit, slightly curved, long and the perfect girth and he knew it, smirking at the way you breathed out at the initial stretch, fascinated in how you squirmed and wriggled, shivering with pleasure.
You breathed out at the burning stretch - the delicious stretch as the brunette eased himself into you, stretching and dragging against your velvet walls. You were fixated on the feeling, basking in the sensation of the male stretching you open, exploring your most private place, the slight curve of his cock brushing against the most sensitive parts of your walls, causing you to cry out. “So responsive,” he quirks, as he stretches his figure over you, hovering over your frame.
⇛ Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
He was always ready for you, aching with the need that pulsated through your body. He always desired you, always needed you and wasn’t afraid to show it. He’d take you anywhere and everywhere, empty classrooms, devoid bedrooms, his motorcycle, just because he needed to be buried inside of you, his life source being the feeling and taste of your cunt.
He nudged your back against the steering of the motorcycle, spreading your thighs and unveiling your swollen cunt to him, dripping with his seed. “Y’better have not gotten m’seats dirty, little bird. Or y’gonna be bending down to lick it all up,” he muses, fingering the escaping release back into your folds, his ring-covered fingers easing it back into you. “Oh, would y’look at that, the seat’s a bit dirty. Get to work then, y’know what to do.”
⇛ Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
The aftermath of your activities was almost as precious and satisfying to Sirius as much as the actual sex. He found a different sense of pleasure in helping you sit up, drying off your tears and cleaning up the dribble that pooled at your lips. He found himself falling even deeper in love with you at the way he carried you to the edge of the bath, setting you down gently and smiling softly at the way you reached back out for him, craving and desperately needing his touch. Only when you’re all cleaned up - all refreshed and tidy and ready to go to bed will he be content enough to fall asleep with you, tucking you pretty little head into the crevice of your neck, tangling your limbs together beneath the sheets, perfect and ready to watch the night slip away, dreams fading in and out of your slumber. Together.
The two of you nestle beneath the covers, figures tangled between each other. Sirius’ hand grapples the back of your head, tucking the mandible into the crevice of your shoulder, smiling gently at the way your breaths begin to even out. He could just make out the bruising which littered your collarbones and chest from that exact night, slightly looking down the covers to ensure it was all cleaned up. “Good night, my sweet girl. Forever, my love.”
hp/sb smut taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-mechant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol @kayleighh @uh-isabella @rinny-babe @certifiedhorny @wrongilbert @itsmentalillness @waszuka  @coryhuh @brattypeony @love-marauders @bethkteale @indigoh4ze
© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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spiritualchange · a day ago
I thought of something with poly marauders jerking themselves near your 😸 and when they're about to come, they all put their tip in your 😼 and you get filled with all of their 🥛
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, cumplay, pet names, sub!reader, dom!marauders
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
"That's it bunny, keep playing with that clit." Remus groaned, his hand tugging on his cock, letting his thumb run over the tip. Letting go of his cock, wasting no time before pushing himself in between your folds, both of you feeling his cum enter your cunt.
"Fu-fuck." He stuttered, slowly rocking his hips back and forth knowing all his cum was now deep inside you.
Sirius practically pushed the tallest boy out of his way, repeating his same actions, his cum mixing with Remus's.
"You like that don't you." Sirius smirked. "Our little cumdump."
"Mhmm, yes daddy." Your eyes flutter back, feeling his touch go away before James replaces them.
"Just one more time baby." James cooed, kissing the tip of your nose, interlocking your fingers with his, as his hips slowly rocked with yours.
Remus had already been ready when James pulled out, pushing in a plug.
"Now you'll have your daddies with you all the time."
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solemnly-mischievous · 2 days ago
late night with the marauders, lounging together on a couch, remus with his head tipped back and a book cast aside as he smiles at the sound of your laughter. james has his head in your lap, looking up at you adoringly, and sirius has a cigarette in one hand and the front of your shirt in another, bunching it up as he pulls you close and exhales smoke into your mouth.
it's cold outside but the four of you are more than warm enough together, casual touches and murmured affectionate nothings lingering in the air between you. james tugs at your shirt and you lean down, kissing him, and he tastes smoke and chocolate and sirius on your breath. remus does the same with sirius, biting the black-haired boy's lips teasingly, and sirius smirks back at him.
"we should go to sleep," you murmur after the fire quiets down and the moonlight shines into the window, the crescent moon still bright enough to cast pale shadows on the floor, in sirius' hair, reflecting off james' glasses.
sirius takes one last drag from his cigarette and extinguishes it with a wordless spell, leaning back onto remus' chest.
"mm," remus hums agreeably. "yeah, maybe we should."
the four of you stay there till morning, where the early sun finds you all asleep on each other - sirius against remus, you leaning against sirius, james resting on your lap.
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marauders-lupin · 2 days ago
my world | remus lupin x fem!reader
summary: you haven’t felt good, but nobody seems to notice
warnings: crying, angst?, hurt/comfort
a/n: this is based on a conversation (conversation between james and reader} i had with my guy best friend. @alpine-loves-bucky do you remember? he said the same words to me (tell me if you want a storytime lol)
you walked back from the last class of the day, transfiguration, with you best friend, james. you had know each other since forever actually. your mother and euphemia potter had been best friends since their time at hogwarts. they moved in next door after graduation and gave birth to you and james around the same time.
„can i ask you something?“, he suddenly asked.
you furrowed you eyebrows, confusion written all over your face. „of course, what’s up?“
he sighed. „lily has been weird lately, she doesn’t talk t me anymore“, he said concerned.
„does she normally talk to you“, you responded laughing. lily mostly went away as soon as she saw james, because he’d always tell her a stupid pick up line.
„very funny“, he said. „but really, don’t you think something is up?“
you shrugged. „i don‘t know, james. and i don’t think she’d tell me, nobody every tells me anything.“ it just slipped out, but it was what held you up at night these past weeks. everybody seemed to have something to say, but they never came to you, you always found out secondhand.
„you said yourself you wouldn’t talk to her about some things“, he answered. you remembered the conversation the two of you had a few months back. you told him you weren’t really fine that day, but not the details, he wouldn’t have understood.
you scoffed. „yeah, because she wouldn’t understand if i told her i cried myself to sleep for six months, james.“
his face didn’t change, it was still concerned, but not about you. „i know-“ he didn’t. „-but what about lily now? can you try and talk to her?“ was he serious?
you thought about it for a moment, then nodded. „yes, of course i will.“
back in your dorm room you waited for the redhead to come back from her studies with remus. when the door opened you stood up from your seat on your bed. „hey“, you softly said.
she immediately recognised the look on your face, put her bag away and pushed off the robe from her shoulders. „hi, what’s wrong?“
„i don‘t know, you tell me“, you answered.
she hit her teeth with her tongue annoyed. „has potter set you on this? there is nothing wrong with me, i am perfectly fine.“
you felt somewhat embarrassed, sad and upset. „just tell me when you need something, yeah? i am here to talk.“ she nodded, but didn’t pay much attention to you anyway.
you sighed and left the room without saying something. you rushed down the stairs and were about to leave the common room to storm outside when someone called after you from the couch.
„y/n?“ remus sounded worried.
„not now, remus“, you retorted and pushed the door opened. you heard him excuse himself from sirius before he ran after you. but you were faster and already on the stairs, so it took him a moment to be with you outside.
the cool breeze that hit your face felt awesome. you were glad you still felt something.
„y/n?“, remus asked again, this time softer. „hey, love, what‘s up?“ the urge to tell him everything washed over you and made tears well in your eyes. so many things that bothered you recently, but it was too much to tell him in that moment.
„nothing, i‘m fine“, you said. „what‘s wrong with lily, do you know something?“, you asked him.
„she‘s fine“, he said. you nodded, still not looking at him. „angel, look at me, please.“ you shook your head as you feared that you would break down crying when you did. he grabbed your chin in his thumb and index finger and turned your face to him. he saw your wet eyes and did the only thing he thought you‘d approve in that moment: he hugged you as tight as he had never before.
the warmth he gave you and the strong arms that held you firm in place, in his embrace, broke you. tears flooded down your face silent that he wouldn’t even had noticed if a sob didn’t break the silence after a while. „it’s all too much“, you said. „and nobody noticed. they notice everything, but never me. i felt so bad, so, so bad. and nobody cared.“ remus, who knew exactly what you were talking about, because he was the one holding you when you cried yourself to sleep, stroke your back soothingly, but didn’t interrupt you. he knew you had to get it all out. „is there something wrong with me? isn’t it obvious? is lily so much better?“
now remus broke too. „y/n“, he said and made you look at him again. with the pad of his thumb he wiped the tears away. „you are the best that could have happened to me, okay. when you came out of your room, i just told sirius how much i love you. you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world.“
„you haven’t seen all“, you retorted.
„you are my world, i don’t need to see anything else“, he said. „i would make you forget everything right now if i could. i would take away all the pain if could. but i will do anything to make you smile.“ and with that said, you smiled, a it was small and sad, maybe even weak, but it was a smile. „i love you so much“, he said and hugged you again. „don‘t let them take away your smile.“
taglist: @alpine-loves-bucky @acciorxses @pinkcloxds @messers-moony-lupin @princess-jules47
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messrsmoonee · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mad Dog. «Sirius Black»
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x Reader; Marauders Era; oneshot
SUMMARY: Sirius knows just what to do to make you forget that you’re mad at him.
Tumblr media
“I’m not talking to you!” you fumed.
“You’re talking to me right now,” Sirius said. The joke did nothing to settle your frustration, so you left the common room, sending him a glare on the way out to show him just how annoying he was being.
A calm breeze drifted through the courtyards. It was quiet, peaceful, hardly another student in sight. Still, you kept walking, until eventually you arrived at the tree that stood near the Black Lake. You settled into a comfortable position amongst its roots and when over ten minutes had passed, you were nearly ready to return to the castle and have a mature conversation with Sirius. Clearly, he had other plans. You heard a faint whimper to your right to find that a black dog had come to keep you company.
“That’s the oldest trick in the book, Sirius,” you said, crossing your arms indignantly and staring out at the still waters of the lake.
The grass crunched under his paws as he trotted over and from the corner of your eye, you could see the mass of black fur take a seat beside you underneath the shade of the tree. He nudged your arm with his paw.
“It isn’t going to work.”
He nudged your cheek with his wet nose.
“I’m still annoyed at you.”
He whined and dramatically draped himself over your lap.
“I’m more of a cat person, really.”
He huffed in a way that you interpreted as disapproval. Against your better instincts, you looked down at him. You regretted it instantly. He was lying on his back with his paws flopped out in front of him, staring up at you with (literal) puppy eyes that held a thousand apologies and even more affection for you.
You didn’t realise that you were smiling until he barked happily and rolled onto his side to face you, his tail wagging. Seconds later, the dog grew and turned into your boyfriend.
“Works every time,” he said with a smirk, still lying across your legs.
“It didn’t work! You aren’t that cute,” you lied.
Sirius rested his head on his palm. “I don’t aspire to be ‘cute’, darling; I’m beguiling. Bewitching. Captivating, even. Are you not captivated by me?”
“Well, sure. In the same way that one might be captivated by a train wreck they can’t look away from.”
Sirius chuckled fondly. “But I’m your train wreck —”
“No —”
“Yes, just accept your fate. You’re still annoyed at me?”
You exhaled slowly before speaking. “Sirius, you ate my homework. My essay that I’ve been perfecting all week.”
“I thought it was James’ essay! I was just trying to help out a mate in crisis.”
“By eating his homework?”
“Yes. He was going to blame it on a first year’s cat and get an extension for it. So, you can tell McGonagall that same story and I’m sure she’ll give you more time to do it. Plus, I only ate — what — half of it? You’ve got plenty of great material left.”
When you didn’t respond, Sirius dropped his head to your lap and started playing with the hem of your shirt.
“I really am sorry. If it makes you feel better, it tasted really bad,” he mumbled. You couldn’t stop the giggle that bubbled out of your throat at that, and Sirius peeked up at you with a small smile on his face.
“So, you forgive me yet?” he asked.
“No, I absolutely do not,” you said, though he could tell that you weren’t entirely serious judging by the grin on your face.
“Guess I better get back to work, then,” he said.
“Sirius, no, you’re completely mad —”
He transformed back into Padfoot and started rolling around, alternating between tickling you with his whiskers and trying to plant doggy kisses on your cheeks. With your shrieks of laughter and his wagging tail, it was safe to say that all was forgiven.
Tumblr media
You placed the half-eaten, shredded mess of an essay onto McGonagall’s desk. She peered down her nose at it, lifting one edge of the parchment with the feather of her quill to inspect it.
“A, uh…a first year’s cat…” you trailed off.
She turned her gaze upwards at you. “Did this cat go by the name of Sirius Black?” she asked.
“Yes,” you breathed. “An idiot.”
The professor nodded her head, completely unfazed, and went back to grading other students’ papers. “I’ll give you three more days to rewrite it. And please do tell Mr. Black that Transfiguration assignments are not edible substances.”
Tumblr media
SIRIUS BLACK TAGS: @emily1d97 @leftperfectionmoon
MARAUDERS TAGS: @siriusbarnesslut @padf00ts-l0ver
HARRY POTTER TAGS: @nyotamalfoy
PERMANENT TAGS: @vsawyer1989
[Italics means I couldn’t tag you, sorry! :( ]
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koolllook · 2 days ago
A Marauders Girl
Type: Fluffly little blurb
Warnings: nothing really, sorta minor ownership and pet names
Tumblr media
"Why is she always around them then?" The new girl, Addison, questioned Lilly Evens and Marlene Mackinnon, all three girls sitting on the chairs next to the main common room couch.
"We don't really know." Marlene shrugs, looking over to the group of teenage boys, currently watching you tutoring a second year.
Lily looks up from her novel, "They're relationship started in like...the fourth year and she's been the Marauders girl since then."
"Marauder's girl?" Addison questions, glancing at the three boys who had yet to take their eyes off you, no matter how many people tried to talk to them.
"Yep, it's what everyone's called her since forever. At first, I think people said it in like a bad way, but I'm pretty positive Y/N loves it." Marlene glances at you, "Every time I talk to her about it it, she gets all sappy and starts bragging about how good her boys are to her."
Lilly shrugs, smiling over at the boys and then you, "She's the marauder's girl, and everyone knows it. They have her wrapped around her finger and she has them wrapped around hers.
"Damn right she is." James Potter's voice carries over to the girls.
The three of them look over at the Marauders with flustered faces, although the boys seemed more smug than mad at them.
Remus smirks at the three before looking towards you, "Puppy."
"You wanna come 'ere pup?" Sirius asks, smirking along with his 'very close friend.'
Without even a thought, you rush an apology to the second year and pack up your books. You don't think much about packing up, just grabbing everything before rushing over to your boyfriends.
"How you doin, love?" James asks as you lay between the three of them, with their hands all over you.
"Good." You look up at them with adoration, "Do you need me?"
"Told you."
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flower-chaser · a day ago
James Potter cuddling with you while you read your textbooks for school and just admiring you and thinking “Wow I am so in love with this person, I’m going to marry them one day,”
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dylwrites · 8 hours ago
Hey will you do a innocent and praise kink one for James potter please 
rules — character list — aesthetics
request — masterlist
Tumblr media
james potter x fem reader
warnings: smut, innocence, praise, oral (fem receiving)
immediately upon reaching your dorm, you'd felt james' lips pushed onto yours hungrily. he'd just gotten back from quidditch practice, and felt so tense that he felt he might just burst.
"james," you giggled, parting from the boy. all he did with smile before taking off his shirt. and then his lips were right back on yours. where they belonged.
"so pretty for me," james hums as he lifted your shirt over your head, cupping your breasts with his hands.
you whined, feeling that familiar tingle in your legs. you didn't know what it was, but you knew james could fix it, so did he.
"what's wrong, princess?" james smirks, letting his hand travel further down your body.
"tingles," you murmur, guiding his hand down into your shorts.
james tisks, pulling his hand from your grasp, "being greedy won't get you anything, doll."
"okay.." you mutter, looking down. james places his index finger under your chin, lifting your head up.
"yes, who?"
"yes sir," you correct yourself, face going red at his change of demeanor as soon as the word slipped past your swollen lips.
"good girl," he whispered into your ear, you could feel his breath on your neck when he spoke. you near clenched your thighs if it weren't for james' hands spreading them apart forcefully and holding them in place.
he lifted a hand when he knew you were finally obeying him, and he trailed it up your thigh, stopping at the string of your shorts and sliding through the short leg of it to feel you through your panties.
"god, we just got started and you're already wet. f'me, hm?" james chuckled, pulling your shorts down, taking your underwear with it.
"yes, for you, s'all for you," you whined, feeling his finger brush your clit. the idea to push your hips down was so enticing, and you would've done it if you hadn't known you'd get punished.
"good girl," he coos, sliding his digits into your entrance, scissoring them inside you. "god, you're so fucking tight," james groans, a look of concentration in his hazel eyes.
"s'good sir, please don't stop!" you mewl, gripping the sheets below you in ecstasy. many moans left your lips that only fueled your boyfriend's ego. you could practically hear his smirk when you'd asked him to cum.
"go ahead, princess, cum all over my fingers," you felt that haze wash over you again, the tightness in your stomach disappearing as james' name fell out of your lips in a moan.
he crawled up until he was face to face with you, hovering over your still quivering frame.
"your turn?"
"no doll, that image will have me getting off for weeks."
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sketttt · a day ago
nothing to you | james potter x reader
Tumblr media
a/n : hi i posted this like a really long time ago back on my old acc
warnings : swearing , underage drinking , mentions of drugs , smoking and probably angst?? possible grammar mistakes
word count : 5.5k
pls leave feedback as well as reblogging theyre appreciated
noun: breakup
the end of a relationship.
he didn’t understand what he’d done to you, he didn’t understand the hurt he had put you through, because to him it was nothing but a whirlwind romance, nothing he would take seriously. But why would he? He was James potter in the end, he snogged every living creature he saw, and never stuck with one. It was his reputation, some might say until you came along. You thought you could change him, to be fair, everyone did. You were his longest love and he was yours until you caught him snogging a Ravenclaw at a party you have been invited to.
you were talking with Sirius until suddenly he stopped, you turned around trying to find what he was looking for when you saw it. A familiar raven-haired boy with another person. seemingly sticking his tongue down their throat.
a frustrated sigh fell from your lips, you knew he would do this, and quite frankly you didn’t know why you believed him when he said he would change. You shoved your drink into Sirius’ hand and went over to James and whoever it was that he was snogging, you pushed through the large crowd of all kinds of people; drunk, high, sober, whatever it is they were there. you finally made it to where they were, “what the fuck?” you yelled over the loud music, they pulled away from each other, the person left before you could make out who it was, but that didn’t matter, all that mattered now was where you and James stood, “you fucking cock faced fuck did you ever think of telling me? like ever? and also who was that? you’re fucking insane if you’re thinking-“ his lips crashed into yours, you sunk into the kiss for a moment, then you immediately pulled away, “are you insane?” you pushed him away, “y/n, can we please go somewhere more private?”
“no James you can go fuck yourself,”
you moved through the crowds of people and accidentally bumped into someone, “oh uhm sorry,”
“y/n?” a familiar voice said you turned around and you were met by a pair of blue eyes, “oh reg hi,” you and regulus have been friends for some time now, but you only got close last year, “fancy seeing you here,” he said, his words come out in a blur, “what do you think? shall we dance?” he asks almost immediately, “uhm no not really, I’m not in the mood right now,”
“what is it? has not smoking finally got to your brain?” he asked.
“no reg, I saw my boyfriend snogging some random chick right about ten minutes ago, so of course I wouldn’t be in the best mood and not because I quit smoking you daft bimbo,” it was quiet between the both of you for a little while. “You know what? fuck it, light my cig reg,” you said as you got out a pack from your pocket and put one to your mouth, “but you shouldn’t,”
“regulus, you’re drunk off your ass and I need to feel something other than sadness for about seven minutes, now light my fucking cig yeah?” you said in a tone that you wanted to seem tough and mean but came out as sad and desperate instead. he quickly scrambled through his pockets looking for a lighter, “I don’t have it on me,” he finally said, “oh great, let me go find remus, he must have one on him,”
a few moments later you found Remus sitting on one of the chairs, chatting with some other people who didn’t want to go to the party, but were forced to come with others, “moons, there you are, uhh do you have a lighter?” you asked, “didn’t you quit smoking a week ago?”
“yes, but I’ve been having quite a shit night, now would you light my fucking cigarette?” he got out his lighter and you mumbled a quick thank you before taking a puff, “Is that better?” he asked,“a whole load,” you said with a sigh.
“y/n!” you turned around and found Sirius walking towards you, “hey uh could I talk to you somewhere private?” you nodded and he took you to one of the bathrooms. “yeah what did you want?” you said, tearing the cigarette away from your lips, “it’s kinda about james and whoever it was that he was snogging, but it’s not whoever it was cause i know who they are,” you didn’t say anything, “okay so basically i was walking through the crowd and i find him and some random person holding hands and talking so i go up to them and i finally saw who it was, abigail kingsley,” he said but before he could continue there were continuous knocks on the door, “open up you spastic horsefucker” you looked over at sirius, immediately knowing who it was. “i’m gonna leave now,” he said before rushing away, “s! you can’t leave me like this,” you whined but he was already out.
before abigail could get in, sirius held her outside for a bit, “I would just like you to know that y/n would never, ever fuck a horse,” he said before walking away to find a drink.
the last thing you remembered from that night was when she walked into the bathroom, and the rest was all a blur, but one thing that stuck with you was how didn’t believe what you saw, but another did, there was a part of you that just knew he would hurt you, but you chose to ignore that. and for some idiotic reason, you had believed that you can actually change him, but you were proven wrong.
you remembered feeling multiple things that night, you went from being happy to sad in like the span of five minutes, and whenever you felt horrible about yourself you would just take another pill, or have another drink, or a cigarette. whatever made you feel that little spark of freedom from your thoughts for ten minutes.
that all happened three months ago, right before your summer break. three months and you haven’t even had a glimpse of James, until now. You were getting ready to go to the train station, you wanted to avoid him, but you knew it was bound to happen. Having many mutual friends, including sirius and remus.
you gathered your things, getting ready to encounter whatever hell that was going to be brought upon you. you wanted to avoid his lingering gaze, or his soft hazel eyes that once felt like home, but you didn’t want to seem like you still cared about him, you wanted to kill yourself for still having feelings for him. After everything he’s put you through, you should despise him, you should loathe him, but for some sick twisted reason, you still liked- maybe loved him still.
you barely missed the train, having to practically run to platform 9 ¾ and then jumping on the train. Thankfully, since you were late, there weren't that many people still trying to find a place to sit. You looked around for about ten minutes when you finally found somewhere to sit near the back with some other sixth years. wanting to go find Sirius and Remus but not wanting to find James was something you fought yourself about the whole train journey.
Once you finally made it to the castle, you were welcomed by the many warm smiles of the professors. Thankfully, there wasn’t a sign of James, you moved about, trying to find some of your friends. you found Sirius and Remus at the very end of the Gryffindor table arguing over something stupid. “hello dear friends, what are we arguing about today?”
“y/n! it’s so good to see you! I’ve missed you so much, sending letters isn’t enough, to be honest,” sirius said as he hugged you, “y/n! finally there’s someone who is at least near my academic level who I can argue with!” remus said as he took you into a side hug, “how have you been?”
“did you just call me stupid?” you heard Sirius say, “yes,” you heard the other say in a cold tone, “Oh shut it you two, I’m here now, you should be amazed by my presence,”
“wow okay didn’t know the queen of england was sitting with us today,” that’s when your heart dropped, you turn your head around, and who you had dreaded seeing has finally appeared, “oh great, another stupid addition to our already stupid conversation,” you said, james only rolled his eyes at your comment, “hello to you too y/n,”
you zone out for a moment or two, trying to figure out what had brought you into this dreadful mood. was it because he didn’t seem hurt in any way? was it cause he seemed so over it? was it cause he seemed so okay and happy now that you’re off his shoulder? was it-
“y/n! y/n!” you heard Sirius whisper yelling at you, “what?” you looked up at him, “do you by any chance have a lighter on you?”
“Sirius, we just got here, why on earth would I have it on me?”
“I don’t know, you always carry things around in your robes, I thought maybe you had a spare one with you,”
you shook your head no, “anyway, i’m going to class, uhhh see you in transfiguration?” you asked as you put your things in your bookbag, you turned over to Sirius, “catch” you threw him a lighter that you apparently had in your bag, “you can give it back any time you like,”
on your way to potions class you met up with Regulus who was sitting next to the marble stairs, “reg, what are you doing here?” you asked, the boy stood up and shrugged ” i was waiting for you, i haven’t seen you in ages. besides, i wanted to walk you to class,”
“we’re not even on the same year, reg”
“God, I’m just trying to be nice,” he said in a playful tone
“Anyway, how have you been?”
“Same as always y/n,”
“did you miss me?” you asked cheekily, he looked at you and smiled, “how could I not?” you smiled, “I missed you too,” you interlocked your arm into his, “so,” he said, “did you have fun during summer?” he asked, “i wasn’t with you so no not really,”
“That's swee- are you wearing my ring?” he interrupted himself and he took your hand and examined it, “no..” you said quietly, “you are! you fuck i’ve been looking all over for it,”
“mhm sure, that’s why i’ve had it since like last year and you only just noticed,”
“you’re a thief,” he said, you laughed lightly, “but i’ll let you keep it, it suits you,” he smiled, his blue eyes shining brightly at you.
James, Sirius and Remus were behind the two of you, eavesdropping. “pads are they dating?”James asked sirius, “don’t know, regulus barely tells me anything and y/n has been quiet recently, but to my knowledge no they aren’t,”
“but maybe they are,” Remus interfered. There was a burning ball of jealousy in James’ chest, “no, they couldn’t be,” he said,
“why? are you jealous?” Sirius teased, James stayed quiet for a couple of moments, “oh poor James, you totally are, don’t even try to cover it up,”
“am not, I just think it’s wrong for them to be dating you know? it just doesn’t feel right,”
“James no, you don’t get a say in this, you broke her heart, you practically cheated on her and now you’re saying that her relationship doesn’t feel right?” Remus said, “listen, I’m not saying that but-“
“No James, shut it” he interrupted him. they made their way to their charms class while you and regulus separated ways and went to your classes.
it was late at night, you were supposed to be solving your homework but it was useless, your thoughts were too loud and you couldn’t think properly. all you wanted was some fresh air, putting your quill back, you got out of the common room and started walking around the castle. everything was quiet, it was kind of creepy, there was that annoying noise everyone hears in complete silence, that ringing in your ears, but it was better than sitting quietly in a room with your thoughts to fill the silence. at least now you can have the thrill of trying not to get caught.
you moved slowly, trying not to make any noise, “Hey,” someone whispers in your ear, your heart dropped, you turned around to see regulus smiling at you, “fucking shit reg, you almost gave me a heart attack,” you whisper yelled at him, “that doesn’t matter, because look at what I got,” he takes his hands from behind his back, he was holding two rolled-up cigarettes, “roll-ups?” you asked and he nodded, “want to go to the quidditch field or somewhere outside of the castle?” you asked, “sure,” he gave you one of the roll-ups and you two walked quickly to find somewhere that can get you outside.
finally making it outside, the cold night breeze hits your face as you walk towards the black lake. you say down next to regulus, lighting up his cigarette before yours. you lay down, your head hitting the grass softly, “so regulus, tell me. what’ve you been up to since the last time I saw you?”
“Nothing much, just some stuff mum has asked me to do,”
“So, no adventures?”
“sadly, no. but what about you? you were barely in contact,”
“Sorry, sorry. mum made me travel along with her so i barely had any chance to write to you,”
“so you were off on adventures?” he asked, “yes, it was fun actually, and I did get to bring some souvenirs without my mum knowing,” you said as you took out a bag of pills from your pocket, “what are these?” he looked at the bag in your hand, “i don’t know, but i had one some time ago and i felt like i was flying away,” you said and handed him a pill, “make sure to have it with you tomorrow, same time as right now,” he looked at you and smiled. “oh, also that wasn’t the only souvenir I got, just don’t tell the others,” you said before you pulled out a black ring from your pocket, “and you just happened to have this with you?”
“i haven’t changed from my robes yet you idiot, plus I wanted to give it to you earlier today but I forgot,” he took the ring from your hand and examined it.
it had a flat black stone at the top which was held by small skeleton hands, “are those my initials engraved on it?” he looked at the inside of the ring, a small R.A.B was written on the side. “Maybe,” you said, taking another puff of your cigarette, “well, i love it.” he said, “i knew you would,” you smiled and rested your head on his chest.
James Potter was his own enemy. his relationship with you was perfect, until he had to fuck it up. it was in his nature that whenever he saw something perfect he just had to ruin it. Sometimes he feels like he lost the most important thing in his life, and each time he would try to kill those thoughts down because he would never admit that he still loves you, not even to himself. but a gut feeling tells him that he’s right, deep down he misses you, and not in a friends missing each other type of way, he misses the way you made him feel, the smiles you gave him, the little jokes you two had, but now it’s all gone. you won’t forgive him, he knows that, and he won’t be able to not miss you, cause that’s the thing about humans, they don’t realise how much they love something until it’s gone.
“hello? are you even listening, james?” he looked over at abigail who has been talking about some party her friend is having during the weekend, “yes darling, i’m listening”
“anyway, she said you can invite whoever you want, just don’t let them come in groups cause- i don’t remember why, just don’t come in groups. I have to go to class, see you during lunch?” James only nodded before he continued walking.
“James Potter calling someone darling? never thought i’d see the day,” you said from behind him, “so you were spying then?”
“me? never. i just have extremely good ears,” you said smiling,
“would you like to come to a party on saturday night, i don’t know when but i’ll ask,”you shrugged, “don’t know, depends on my schedule,”
“i’m sure moons and pads will be down. they never miss a party,” he said and you nodded, “okay, i have to go now, see you later?”
“i’ll be where i always am,”
“i have no idea where that is but i’ll just look for someone who’s loud and obnoxious,” you gave him a cocky smile,
“wow that’s rude,”
saturday came faster than you expected, and there you were making your way to the slytherin common room. someone let you inside and almost immediately you were hit with loud music, someone took you by your hand and dragged you over to the corner, “y/n! you’re here!” regulus shouted over the music, “well yeah i figured i’d come since i had nothing better to do,” you talked near his ear so he can hear you. he nodded with a big smile on his face before taking a sip of his drink, “would you like one?”
“what is it?” you looked at the drink in his hand, he shrugged, “don’t know, try it though it’s amazing,” he handed you his drink.
“oh that is good, where can i find one?” you asked and he pointed over to another corner of the common room, he took your hand again and dragged all the way over there, “you’re wearing the ring i got you!” you lifted his arm so he could see, “of course, otherwise you would write a ten page essay on how i don’t care about you or the things you do for me,” he said as he shoved the both of you between people.
you finally got your drink and started moving around between people, eventually finding remus and sirius, “already drinking?” asked remus, “shut up, you’ve literally gone through five cups,” you said, “how would you know?” sirius asked, “i just know,”
you smiled before taking his cigarette out of his hand, “excuse you,” sirius said as he watched you take a puff from his cigarette, “maybe i wasn’t done with that,”
“shut up i always share mine with you when you’re too lazy to light your own,” he rolled his eyes before you handed his cigarette back.
“would you like a puff too, moons?” he asked jokingly, “no thanks, i’ve got mine” remus said. “See, now that is a person I respect, he lights his own cigarettes. unlike some people,” he said in a dramatic tone, “wow that’s so funny,” you said in a monotone voice, he only narrowed his eyes and smiled mockingly at you.
“Well anyway, here” you took out two pills from your pocket, “and what are those supposed to be,” Remus asked, “i don’t know, i got them in the summer, and the guy said they’re good, and believe me, they’re amazing.” you took one for yourself and swallowed it down with your drink, and the other two followed your lead.
you were left with an empty cup so you went to get another drink. you bumped into regulus who was drunk off his face dancing around, “looks like you’re having fun,”
“So much fun,” he says over the loud music, “just get more than five of those in your system and I think you’ll be okay. look at james,” he pointed over at james who was seemingly living his best life, “i’ll try to,” you said before moving along.
a couple drinks later and you were completely off the rails. you were dancing on a table when someone jumped up and started dancing with you, “regulus! hi!” you yelled over the loud music, he smiled brightly at you before taking your hand and dancing around with you.
james could see the both of you laughing and dancing around, probably screaming the words to the songs that were being played, and he couldn’t help the spark of jealousy that lit in his chest. he couldn’t help but think how if you two hadn’t broken up it would be him laughing around and dancing with you. but more importantly he couldn’t help the feeling of missing you in every way. and just as he was about to stop thinking of you, he saw you and regulus kissing. and that little spark inside him has now turned into a fire,spreading around making every part of him ache, but he couldn’t do anything about it, not now.
you broke away from regulus before dragging him down and finding somewhere more private. you walked through the swarms of people with regulus behind you. Finally, you found a less populated place, mostly taken over by half asleep teenagers or people who were way too drunk to know what was happening.
“i-i can’t do this, i’m sorry,” you said after you pulled away from him, he didn’t say anything for a while, instead he looked at the ground trying to avoid your gaze, “you still love him, don’t you?” he asked, “i don’t want to, i should loathe him with my entire heart, but i just can't.” you tried giving him an apologetic look, but his gaze was still focused on the floor, “i would choose you over him in heartbeat, reg. you know that, and i love you i swear i do but i don’t think i love you in the same way that you love me,” you said holding his hands.
“you know, y/n, the thing that hurts most is that i would wait decades to make you feel the same way james does, but i know that’s never going to happen,” he finally looked up at you, his eyes had a sad look to them.
“i’ll love you forever, y/n,”
“you will?”
“yes, that’s the problem, because i can’t bear seeing you love someone else when i know i can’t love someone other than you,” he said before dropping your hands and walking away.
you sat down on the floor, tears falling down on your cheeks. “fuck you james,” you whispered, “fuck you for making me still love you even after everything you’ve put me through, you are the shitiest human alive and yet here i am still in love with you. i had to turn down someone who could actually love me for you, and you don’t even know this, you don’t even know i still love you. you’re probably too busy snogging abigail, you probably don’t even think of me anymore, just some random thought flying around in that empty head of yours, and yet here i am, in love with you.”
right now, you’d do anything to numb the pain, but that’s what you always did, pretended you didn’t care, just so it can hurt less. just so it won’t get to your head, but it always did, no matter how much you tried, your heart always got broken in the end, but you’d never tell a soul.
it was about four that you, sirius, and remus decided that it was time to leave, everyone was already passed out on the common room floor. “wait, where’s james?” sirius asked, looking around for any sign of him, “uhh, i don’t know. you two go, i’ll look for him,” the two moved along while you stayed behind looking for that idiot of a man.
“where can he be? there’s literally no place he can go,” you said to no one in particular, you went out of the common room, and some centimetres away sat james with a bottle of butterbeer in his hands, “god, there you are,” you said as you came closer to him, “come on, move it.” you said as you tried pulling him up.
“james come on,” he finally started moving along, and eventually sat up, “oh hey, y/n,” he said drunkenly. you spent some moments alone in silence, trying to sneak around the castle without anyone hearing you, “you look really pretty right now,” he murmured under his breath, you brushed it off, dragging him along with you, one hand was holding his, while the other held your pair of shoes, “has anyone told you how pretty you look?” he asked but you didn’t answer.
he took one last sip from his butterbeer, “remember our first date? when we snuck out to drink some butterbeer and we ended up so drunk that we slept in the courtyard because you wanted to look at the stars?” he asked, and you mumbled a little “yeah,”
“butterbeer doesn’t taste the same anymore.. it tastes like that night, it still reminds me of you, it reminds me of how we used to spend nights in each other’s arms, it reminds me of all the jokes and laughs we had,”
“james, please stop,”
“y/n i think i love you,” he says and you stop abruptly, “what?” you said, turning to face him. “James, no. you’re drunk and you don’t know what you’re saying, just drop this, please,” you said before turning away.
you woke up the next day with the expected headache, you looked at the time, a quarter till twelve, you sighed and pulled the covers over your head. you thanked your past self for doing all your work during the week, leaving the weekend for you to rest.
you tried staying away from james trying not to bring back even more old feelings, which also meant staying away from sirius and remus. you and regulus had mutually decided not to talk about the kiss that happened the night before, even though it was unspoken, you knew the both of you didn’t want to make it more awkward than it already was.
you went downstairs, trying to find a place to go to. the weather was nice outside, which meant there was probably some quidditch training happening. you walked into the great hall, some students sat on their tables doing some homework or something of that sort. you went over to the slithering table trying to find regulus. he was sitting at the very end and was hunched over the table.
“hey,” you said slyly, he looked up at you, “you’re finally awake,” he joked. “not even wishing me a good morning? thats so rude,” you said while taking a seat, “oh so now we’re being nice?” he asked, “i’m always nice with you, what are you talking about?”
“oh sure, you’re not even nice to my mum,” he said while looking down, “if she’s not nice to sirius then i can’t be nice to her, it’s the rule” you said, “anyway, what are you writing?” you asked while trying to see what he’s writing, “stop snooping,”
“fine,” you propped your head on your hand.
“what do you want to do today?” he asked while putting his stuff back into his bag. he put it over his shoulder and waited for you to get up, “i don’t know, what do you feel like doing?”
“we could go to hogsmeade, get some butterbeer,” he suggested, “anything but butterbeer, i’m still drunk.” you said as the two of you walked around the halls. “we can go to honeyduke’s,”
“sure, anything you’d like,”
“let's just stay near the lake maybe,” you nodded and you two moved along to the lake.
“james you can’t tell her,” sirius said, “here we go again, you guys don’t even give me a proper reason why. you’re just like “james don’t tell her” “james that’s not a good idea,” but you never explain why,” he said in a frustrated tone. He laid back on the grass, one hand beneath his head while smoking a cigarette.
“because it’s pointless, what do you think is going to happen, idiot?” remus asked, “she’s not going to forgive you that easily, yeah?” he added. “alright, but what if she did?”
“she’d be stupid to even consider it,” sirius said, james kicked his leg, “no, but think about it. what is anyone going to get from you telling her how you felt and her rejecting you?” sirius asked.
“probably a good laugh,” Remus mumbled, but it was loud enough for the both of them to hear. James sighed and sat back up. “but what if she has forgiven me and is waiting for me to say something? maybe if i didn’t do this i’ll just miss my chance,” sirius shrugged, “prongs, i don’t know. i’m just telling you the most common possibilities,” sirius said.
“just give it up, she’s not going to say yes,” remus added, “you know what? fuck it, i’m gonna tell her,” remus and sirius only looked at each other and groaned, “try being supportive,yeah?” James said, “we’re trying to stop you from getting your heart broken,” remus snapped back.
“besides, what the fuck are you even going to tell her? ‘ i love you, oh also sorry for cheating on you, take me back please?’” sirius said in a mocking voice, james rolled his eyes, “you’re so funny, but no. i’ll have a speech ready or something,”
“god, this is like romeo and juliet all over again,” sirius said, “pads, have you ever even read Romeo and juliet?” Remus asked, sirius shrugged and slightly shook his head.
“hello? i’m trying to get my life back together over here,” james interrupted, “this isn’t about you, this is about sirius not knowing what the plot and ending of romeo and juliet. and i assure you pads, he doesn’t want it to end like that,” remus added.
“another party, cause who needs to solve their homework?” sirius said, he was walking next to you, “i’m not sure how professors haven’t caught us yet,” he continued. “i’m pretty sure they don’t care,” you said, “are you telling me they don’t care about underage drinking and smoking and whatever or are we sneaky enough to not get caught?”
“at this point, i have no idea” you continued walking until you got to the slytherin common room, “also why do these parties always take place in the slytherin common room?”
“s, i don’t know. Why are you asking me all of this?” you said, you were quite tired but dragged yourself with the others to this party.
throughout the night you moved along from dancing to talking with some friends. Once you got tired of the party you decided to leave, it was about two in the morning when you went to Sirius to tell him you’re leaving.
“Do you want me to take you to your dorm or are you sober enough?” he joked, “i think i’m sober enough, but i don’t think I'm awake enough. so there’s a probability you’ll see me passed out in the middle of a random hallway,”
you said your goodbyes and moved through the crowd of people.
you got out and walked to your dorm. “y/n! there you are, where have you been?” james asked. your heart dropped, why now? why? why? why? you turned to face him and smiled a little, “oh hey james, sorry i was busy doing work,” he nodded.
Now's the time James, you’ve been waiting all month for this moment, and there you are, the two of you alone.
“you’re the only one,” James said abruptly, you looked at him for a moment, but you didn’t say anything. “you’re the only one I want, y/n.”
“james, why are you doing this?”
“because i need you to know. i miss you,” you sighed and turned to walk away but he stopped you, “y/n, please listen,” he pleaded, “i miss you so much and-“
“james no,” you said, trying to hold back tears. you didn’t know why you were crying, all those fragile feelings coming back in an instant, it was an overwhelming feeling. “james, you’re being mean. i-i loved you so much and i gave you my all and you just took it and gave nothing back. and i’m not going to allow myself to go through all that again, not when you-“
“y/n i think i might love you,” he stepped closer to you, looking in your eyes. you stepped away, wiping some tears off your cheeks.
“that’s an awfully long sentence, james.” you said before turning away, leaving him alone in the hallway.
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padf00ts-l0ver · a day ago
No Body, No Crime
Dark!Sirius x Reader (she/her pronouns used)
tw:  violence, blood, death
Tumblr media
‘Honey, did you remember to fill out those forms?’ Sirius called out
‘The life insurance ones?’ she arched an eyebrow
‘yeah them, we get a discount if we do it within the week’ he popped his head up from the hood of the car to look at her form, not too far away was Y/N working on the garden.
‘Oh, well that’s good, I did them yesterday and sent them off’ she smiled back at him
She finished up watering the plants and came to stand behind her husband
‘So, how is the car going? Will it be done by the weekend?’ she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and looked at the open bonnet of the car.
‘yeah sweetheart, it should be all done soon, I just have to put the new tires on it’ he smiled at her
Her face scrunched up in confusion, ‘new tires? I didn’t know we had a problem with them’
‘Ah, y’know they were getting a bit flat so I just thought better being safe then sorry, yeah? I mean with this weekend trip we’re doing … we wouldn’t want them to go flat on the road would we?’
She blinked and then cupped his face in her smaller hands ‘ that is true, thankyou Siri, I wouldn’t of even thought of that! Are we packing petrol and oil in the back to fill it up on our way? She asked softly
‘yeah, I already packed them in the back just incase we’d forget them tomorrow’ he smiled down at her, kissing her cheek before turning back toward the car and picking up a screwdriver to fix something else.
‘alright then, well I was just about to go visit Marlene for a bit, wanted to get going before it started raining, so I’ll see you in a few hours okay?’
‘hm?- oh, yea, yea that’s fine go ahead, hey uh what time will you be back?’ he looked back at her
‘uh well it’s already 5, so around 8ish? Why, are you going out?’ she said, after checking her watch
‘no, no- I was just wondering what time to put dinner on that’s all’
‘Oh! No need to worry about making me anything darling, I think I’m eating with Marlene anyway, just remember to put something on for yourself yeah?’ 
He laughed ‘ I know, don’t worry, I’ll see you at 8’ he smiled
She returned it and gave him a quick hug saying ‘goodbye’ before scurrying off inside to get her bag,
Gone too quickly to hear see the owl swooping in, letter in it’s beak reading
I’ll be there at 6 xx 
      Hours passed and by 7:45 Y/N was close to home again, the taxi driving into her quite street she passed a slightly larger black car, the license plate was a customized one, it looked to be a name, probably hers, ‘Mary’ it read. She hadn’t seen that car before. inside was a woman looking quite happy with herself, a smirk decorating her red lips, while continuing to drive in the opposite lane as Y/N.
After a mere few minutes Y/N was back in her driveway, sending a quick message to Marlene letting her know she got home safely, she got out of the car with her bag and climbed up the small stairs that reach the porch and opened her door, unlocked.
She walked inside and called out ‘i’m home!’ , but with no response, she walked up the stairs to her bedroom, looking for Sirius since there wasn’t any noise downstairs.
When she reached the room, she then finally spotted her husband, smiling tiredly at her with ruffled hair and his pyjamas now on.
‘Hi honey, how was your night?’ he got up from the bed to hug her hello
‘Hi Siri, it was good, y’know the usual’ she laughed ‘you look so tired, already in bed at 8pm, had a long day?’ she smiled at him
‘yea, just tired s’all’
She was brushing his hair out of his eyes when her eyes spotted something below his ear, it was- red? she looked to inspect it closer and she recoiled back loosing all contact with his body,
‘what is that?’ she asked, on the verge of panic
‘what’s wha- oh.’ He clamped his eyes shut and let out a puff of frustrated air, muttering under his breath
it was silent in the room for a moment, tension building with the eye contact shared. His vacant eyes staring into her bewildered ones.
‘is this what you’ve been doing, while I’m out each day?!’
What? No honey, why are you freaking out, babe this is your lipstick, you kissed me right there when you were saying goodbye before you left, remember?’ he frantically tried to redeem himself
‘you think I’m an idiot then?, Sirius I don’t even own a lipstick that colour, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed that big bloody mark if I was the one to put it there don’t you think?!’ she shot back at him
‘Ok, ok, ok, listen you weren’t meant to find out like this-‘
‘or at all it seems’ she cut him off
‘Y/N, I can explain, it was nothing-‘
‘No, it’s done now, I’ll just go back and stay at Mary’s tonight’
‘No you won’t, c’mon don’t be silly, let’s just talk’ his eyes bulged wide
‘Sirius, stop it, we’ll talk when we’re both calm, but not right now, ok, I’m leaving now.’ 
She knew neither of them were in the right mindset for a conversation like that, so before saying anything they would regret in the morning, she just wanted to leave for the night and think.
But before she could exit, his hand harshly grabbed her wrist and spun her around his face dangerously close to her own.
‘No you don’t understand, you aren’t leaving.’
‘Sirius, let go! C’mon don’t be an idiot, i’ll talk to you tomorrow and we can talk things over, okay’ she was worn out already, in an overload of intense emotions coming at her blindly in the last 10 minutes
But Sirius wasn’t letting up ‘Baby, just stay with me, i love you, i love you so much, so let’s just talk now and be happy again, okay?’ he was frantic and panicked
She attempted to push and struggle herself out of his harsh hold and was now alarmed and frightened, she had never experienced this side of Sirius herself. She knew he could get angry, she’d seen it, but never toward her.
Sirius was agitated now, jaw clenched, keeping her still was becoming a challenge, so he pushed her backward and she lost her footing.
Albeit too harshly, as he heard a loud thump, he moved his eyes downward to her now motionless body on the ground.
His eyes widened and he quickly lowered himself to the ground beside her
‘Y/N! Baby get up, open your eyes’ he looked at her desperately, too in shock to do much else
It was then he noticed no movement of her body whatsoever, namely her chest, it was no longer rising, not even a little bit.
Red bled through the floorboards, and around her head a small pool of blood was appearing, quickly getting bigger and bigger.
He inhaled sharply and his hands ran through his own hair before gently reaching to tuck a piece of her hair behind her ear, ignoring the fact that there was any blood at all, as his pale face stared at her seemingly calm face.
Missing posters were hung about the entire town,
Search parties went on for days, Sirius leading them.
It was 2 days after the missing person report went out now …
‘What happened Sirius, really?’
‘Marlene how would I know, I’m trying my best to find her, it’s killing me, I haven’t seen her in 2 days ever since she went to your house for diner on Thursday!’
‘What do you mean?’ Marlene asked, voice dropped
‘What?’ Sirius questioned back to her, face scrunched in confusion at her wide eyes
‘No, no … that’s not true.’ Her eyes raking him up and down accusingly
‘Wha- Of course it’s true! That’s what happened Marlene, I was working on the car and she told me she was going to see you for dinner and she’d be back soon, that’s it-‘
‘No. Sirius’ Her eyes now dark and stern ‘She got home safe, I know that, she messaged me about 20 minutes after she left, to let me know she got home safe, it’s our thing, we always make sure we do it... she told me she was home safe’
He went still
‘She did?’ he asked more quietly than the last time he spoke
‘Yeah, she did, and so that means it wasn’t a kidnapping, or an accident or a random murder- Sirius… she got home safe’
He stared down at her, mouth in a thin line, head tilted.
‘you did something didn’t you Black…’
He inhaled tightly and looked down to her distrustful face
‘I don’t know what your thinking McKinnon, but whatever it is, it didn’t happen, I don’t know what happened to Y/N, that’s why everyone’s out, looking. When we find her, you’ll be the first to know, ok, so don’t try and accuse me-‘
She stood closer, a murderous look in her large eyes now.
‘I will find out what you did, and when I do, for your sake I hope your far, far away from me’
And with that she walked away from him into the sea of people searching for Y/N, leaving him with a stiff body and cold eyes.
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requests always open, send in any of your ideas :)
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pregnant-piggy · a day ago
Remus Lupin x reader
words: 1.2k
warnings: fire, death
A/N: “I’m not even sorry” - Joey Tribbiani
Tumblr media
You knew you never should have let his hand go at the start. You should have hold onto it with all the power in your body and mind. You should have entwined your fingers with his. You should have asked him to stay with you. You should have stayed with him.
All the memories you had with him, everything went through your mind at this moment. The first time he asked you on a date, the kiss that same night. The conversations that you had had in the middle of the night in front of the fireplace. The first fight that had made you fear for your relationship and the way you made up. The first time he told you he loved you and the first time you said it back at him. The touches that he planted on your body, sending shivers down your spine every time he was near you.
All the memories that told you that you should have hold his hand.
But instead you had let go.
You had let go of his hand. You had whispered that you would be alright on your own. You had told him to go his own way.
And now, in the dark, you wished he was with you. That he was close to you and holding your hand; that he was whispering in your ear that everything would be alright; that he was caressing your hair like he always did.
You didn’t even know where he was now. Somewhere in the castle with the same mission as you, as everyone: fighting the dark side.
‘Remus where are you?’ you whispered to the dark emptiness that surrounded you.
You wanted to see him, you wanted to touch him. Just to be sure he was alright. You feared for his life more than for your own. You knew he was strong and smart and that he of all people was the strongest to come out alive, but you were scared. All around you people were ripped from their soul, their bodies lifeless lying on the floor with empty eyes.
Some part of you longed to lie there with them. There would be no more worries, no more fear. Just peace. Being taken to a place out of this mad world seemed like the easiest solution now. But you knew that it would never be as peaceful as it now seemed. You couldn’t be taken away now, leaving all you cared for with nothing but the memory.
You had to find him. You had to see him, to talk to him, to hold him. Your mind was restless and you regretted ever letting go of his hand at the entrance of the castle. The sight of the towers and the big doors had given you a sense of calm and strength then, but now you regretted the choice. You regretted saying that you would be alright. You regretted walking in the opposite way, not even looking around.
He couldn’t be far. He could be just around the corner, leaning against the pig pillar with that sly smile he always had whenever you had run into him back when you were at Hogwarts. He could be sitting in the common room, his head bowed over his book, not listening to the talk around him. He could be hidden in the library, far away in the darkest corner, reading a book on astronomy.
But when you turned the corner, you knew that he wasn’t in any of those places. He wasn’t at the pillar, he wasn’t in the common room and he was not in the library. He was somewhere hidden in the castle fighting for his life and that of so many others.
How it had come to this you didn’t know. For years everything had seemed peaceful. You had lived your life with him without any worries. A life filled with ups and downs, but everything was balancing out. The downs were never too deep and the ups never too high. Everything was going well; why did it had to change?
A sudden wave of heat made you turn around. There was an orange glow coming closer and closer to the corridor you were in. You knew you should run away, but your feet stayed in their place. The fire came closer to the opening of your hallway and yet you could not run away. You let the heat wash over you like it was a hot bath.
But as the flames reached your eyes, you blinked. A second it took you to come back to your senses and before your head had realised it you were running away from the fire. The heat licked on your heels as your feet ran for your life. The sound of your heavy footsteps was muted by the blazing fire that kept coming closer and closer.
Nothing but his face came to your mind as you ran. The man you loved;  the man you so deeply cared for; the man that made you want to dance in the street and sing in the middle of the night. He was the reason you were living your best life. He was the one that you woke up to in the morning and the chest you rested your head on when you fell asleep at night. The one that held your hair back when you threw up and the hands that rubbed your back when you woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night.
You couldn’t stop. You had to stay for him.
And as the fire stopped, the voice of the biggest enemy sounded through your bones and the death eaters retreated, you ran through the now deserted halls to find Remus. No words reached you, the damage that had been done did nothing to you and the cries of the people that had lost their loved ones went passed you.
The only words that you heard in your ears where the soft sobs of Molly Weasley. It were three words, but you wished you could have heard any other words.
‘I’m so sorry…’
Her mouth moved, but you heard nothing. The words she spoke to you went up in the air. They hit the invisible barrier that had formed around you the second you heard the words.
You didn’t need to look far.
There, so close to you, was the man that was everything in your life. He was so close, yet he couldn’t be farther away from you. His eyes staring at the ceiling, speaking nothing. His hands numb, lying on the floor. His lips no longer moving, closed to a thin line. His hair not glowing, hanging along his face and spread on the floor like small halo.
Around you the world collapsed. Everything went into a blur. You screamed, feeling as if your soul would leave your body. You wanted it to. You wanted to be with Remus.
You couldn’t live without him. You could never hear his voice again, never see the golden eyes shine so bright in the sun, never feel his warm touch on your skin. His nose would never smell your baking again, his ears would never hear you sweet voice as you sang to him, his fingers would never be intertwined with yours.
Remus was your everything and now he was gone. Because you had let go of his hand. The hand that you should have never let go of.
You had lost him.
- - - - - - - - - -
general HP: @harry-pottery-barn @potters-heart @kingalrdy @missswriter @figlia--della--luna @sexysirius @awritingtree @bi-andready-tocry @lilulo-12fanfiction @ananad1 @treestarrrrrrrr @your-hispanichufflepuff @thefandomplace @theeicedamericano @girllety @moonstarrnghtsky @swearingsolemnly @weasleydream @secretsthathauntus @amixedwitch @izzyyy-1 @gryffindorgirl @kitkatkl @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts @nyotamalfoy @dandyylions @d22malfoys
marauders: @tomshollandz​​ @with-love-anu​​ @fific7​​ @cheoco​​ @classicrocketqueen​​ @natashxromanovfreads​​ @lonegryffindor2005​
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lonelyhe4rts · 2 days ago
nsfw alphabet (sirius black)
explore the sexual side of sirius 
apple bobbing (poly!marauders) 
be taught how to suck cock by the marauders 
mile high club (spencer reid)
join the mile high club with spencer
devil in her heart (james potter) 
nobody expected you to be the dom in your relationship 
academic rivals (james potter)
experience a rivalry with james 
overstimulation (remus lupin) 
explore your first orgasm with remus and then experience many more after
dad’s best friend (james potter)
try and be quiet with dbf!james with your father next door
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spiritualchange · a day ago
somno with sub! poly! marauders (sirius and james sucking your boobs and remus eating your 😺) but instead of punishing them, you just let them do whatever they want and praised them 😻
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, somnophilia, sub!marauders, soft dom!reader
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
Sirius was the first to wake up early that morning, he spent the entire night laying on top of your breast, your tank shifting, leaving your hardened nipple out in the open.
He softly latched his lips around it, sucking constantly, knowing how much trouble he would be in when you woke up.
Remus had been on the other side of him, waking up to feeling Sirius grind against him.
"Pads stop." Remus groaned.
"'S good Y/n/n." Sirius moaned ignoring the male next to him.
Remus peered over his shoulder, as Sirius lapped your nipple, his hips now bucking against the bed. Your breathing was still soft, the occasional whimper while you shifted before snoring softly again.
"So wet." He tucked your shorts to the side, his hands running through your slick folds before resting on his stomach, his tongue replacing his fingers.
James was the last to wake, watching the two of you suck diligently, squinting, James pulled the rest of your tank down before softly wrapping his lips around your nipple, suckling softly before he felt himself drifting back to sleep.
"Ohhh." You moaned softly, bucking your hips into Remus's face, the werewolf never giving up. "Boys."
Each stopped, removing their mouths, staring at you in shock/horror knowing the punishment that was about to come.
"Don't stop." You wiggled your hips. "Had such a good dream."
Each drew the collective breath they didn't know they were holding before cautiously returning to the task at hand.
"My good boys." You smiled hazily.
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band--psycho · 11 hours ago
Young!Remus Lupin x Reader-His Safe Place
For the amazing @heloisedaphnebrightmore 3.5k celebration (Sorry it's taken me so long to write another story for your celebration!)
I hope you all enjoy this 💛
Y/n was sitting on the sofa watching her favourite movie for what felt like the hundredth time, it didn’t matter how many times she saw it, she never got tired of it. She knew the film so well she was quietly quoting every single word each character said, having learnt all the lines from her many viewings of the movie. She was so focused on the movie that she hadn’t even noticed Remus, who was standing in the archway to the living room.
He couldn’t sleep. He didn’t know why. All he knew was that every time he closed his eyes, his mind seemed to become more and more awake, not allowing him to have a moment's rest.
But when he saw Y/n, he couldn’t stop the small smile that tugged at his lips.
He was completely and utterly in love with her. Not only was she the most beautiful person he’d ever seen, but she was also one of the kindest and most loving souls he’d ever met. Though she also had the wittiest sense of humour and her sarcasm almost matched that of Sirius’.
Often he thought that he wasn’t good enough for her abs despite Y/ns constant affirmations that he was more than enough, he still couldn’t quite believe how lucky he was. He never believed anyone could love him, especially not when they found out what he truly was. He’d read so many times about soulmates, he thought that all of that was just fiction. He never thought he would be worthy enough of that type of unconditional love.
But Y/n Y/l/n proved him wrong.
When he told Y/n, she didn’t react the way he’d expected. She didn’t run away, nor was there the slightest glimpse of fear in her eyes like he’d seen so many other times.
Instead, she placed one of her hands on his cheek, while her other hand ran through his sandy brown hair and told him how much she loved him. She said that him being a werewolf didn’t change anything about the way she felt about him. And every day since then, she never failed to remind him just how amazing he was, even if he couldn’t see it himself.
“Rem?” Y/n asked, her voice snapping him out of his thoughts.
“I thought you were asleep,” she continued,as her focus moved from the tv to him.
“I couldn’t sleep,” Remus admitted, a small wave of guilt washing over him, noticing her once joyous eyes were now clouded with worry.
“Come here,” she cooed, holding her hand out to him. At first, he was reluctant, not wanting to spoil her evening but he knew that there was no point trying to argue with Y/n, she had that look in her eyes which said loud and clear that she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
Timidly he reached for her hand, her fingers instantly intertwined with his, pulling him towards her on the sofa.
Y/n could see how tired he was and that was enough to make her heart break slightly. So she gently pulled his body down, allowing him to rest his head on her lap.
Slowly she ran her fingers through his sandy locks, soothing the thoughts running through his mind. Calming him. Just like she always did.
Y/n was his safe place, he knew that with her by his side, he would always be okay.
“I love you, Rem,” she softly whispered.
“I love you too, Y/n,” Remus mumbled, his exhaustion catching up with him.
He tried for a while to fight the urge to shut his eyes but eventually it just became too much to bear.
“Get some sleep baby,” Y/n soothed, her hands continuing to stroke his hair, while her other hand hung over his waist, tracing small circles onto his side.
And just like that, Remus felt his eyes slowly drift shut. The memories of Y/n and him filling his dreams, their past and their future together was all he could think about as sleep encompassed him.
@xacatalepsyx @brown-eyed-babes @gloryekaterina @heyitskat101 @coldlilheart @megaprincesscakes @skyofficialxx @greengecko @findzelda @darthwheezely @ciannemar83 @trishizzl @emily1d97 @amaryllis23 @medalloway-blog @magicalxdream @moonysgf @aboukie @abadamn @ashlovesthemarauders @bxnnywatts @lexondeck @the-chaotic-cow @misshale21 @msmarvelknight @invisible-ninja @howlingmadlady @choochoo284 @mysticalmermaidlady @jazzyllemmon @queen-asteria04
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multifandomrandomgirl · 2 days ago
An Unexpected Order pt6 - Sirius Black sister!reader
Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 Pt5
A/n: Sorry it took so long, I've had a lot on lately!
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come back." I sigh, beginning to go back to the front door, grasping the handle.
"Wait." I stop still. "Go see Remus, he's in the kitchen." Sirius says coldly, I slither down the hallway, past my brother and into the kitchen.
"Remus." I say quietly at the door, not daring to go any further into the kitchen. His head snaps up, he tumbles out of his chair and runs towards me, pulling me into him.
"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have apparated away from you like that. It was completely uncalled for. I am so so sorry Remus." I ramble.
"Y/N, shhhh. It's fine, I completely understand." Remus smiles at me. "Remus, I-"
"Y/N." Remus interrupts again, rubbing circles on my back in attempt to calm me down.
"Where did you go?" Remus asks, lifting my chin up so that we made eye contact.  "Andromeda's house." I whisper. "Your cousin?" I nod.
"I'm glad you were safe then."
"How are you? Tonks filled me in on your emotions when she got back to Andromeda's house." I maintain the eye contact with the werewolf.
"I'm fine, well I am now." He smiles, rubbing his thumb over my cheek. Remus' head lowered itself towards my mouth, both of our eyes shut instinctively and our lips brushed over one another's.
"What in Merlin's name is going on here?!" Remus and I jump apart. Sirius stood in the door way, his arms crossed and an angry expression on his face.
"I said talk to him, Y/n, not kiss him. Is this what mum meant by you 'falling in love with a half-blood Gryffindor'?" Sirius raises an eyebrow at me, I remained silent and didn't make eye contact with either of the men in front of me.
"What are you on about Sirius?" Remus says, his facial expression showed his tiredness as well as his stress.
"The portrait of mum shouted at both of us earlier for being family disappointments and she said something about Y/n falling in love with a half-blood Gryffindor. I asked her who it was and she just replied with 'is'." My brother explained. Remus glanced between both of us, a look of confusion replaced the stress and the tiredness that had been there previously.
"I think we deserve answers, Y/n. Is it Remus?" Sirius pushes, I glance at my feet, knowing that Sirius would kill me if I admitted the truth.
Both men stared at me, expectant on a response, I remain silent. At that moment, Molly walked through the door and told us that dinner was ready, saving me from the awkwardness and then tension of the drawing room.
Sirius gave me a look as if to say 'this isn't over' before we all went and sat down to eat.
Remus sat next to me at the dinner table as Sirius had conveniently sat next to one of the Weasley twins so the only adjacent seats were two right next to each other.
Dinner was awkward, the Weasleys' were making conversation between them , Sirius joined in with them, between mouthfuls of mashed potato. Remus and I didn't even acknowledge one another's existence. I sat, staring at my plate the entire time, only looking up to reply to the odd comment from a Weasley.
The second everyone had finished eating, I leapt up and began to clear the table, running a sink of water at the same time.
"Kreacher could do that." Sirius smirks, passing me his plate.  "Fuck off Sirius, leave the poor elf alone." I sigh, rolling my eyes.
I continue to clear up, washing all the dishes as I went along. Once I was done, I pulled a tea towel out of my cupboard and began to dry them as I normally would. I hated to get Kreacher to do things, he hated me and was still mourning Regulus, I was still upset over my brother but Kreacher was hit insanely hard.
"Y/n?" I turn to see Remus stood behind me.  "Remus?"
"Why is your brother being such a dick to you? He hasn't even apologised to you for earlier, he was so harsh on you, he shouldn't be treating you like that. You're siblings for fuck's sake!" Remus exclaims, putting a hand on my shoulder.
"You evidently didn't know the Sirius I knew as a teenager then. From the moment he got sorted into Gryffindor and mum and dad started being horrible to him, he started being horrible back to us all. Once Reg got sorted into Slytherin, things got worse. He gave me a lot of stick despite the fact I never did anything against him. He just hated all of us."
"I'm so sorry Y/n." The werewolf tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. I shrug and give him a weak smile.
"By the way, you are that half-blood Gryffindor that Sirius was on about earlier when he was talking about Mum's portrait." I say, looking down at my feet in embarrassment.
"Knew it." Sirius pops his head round the door frame and smirks. "Stop eavesdropping Sirius." I roll my eyes at my older brother who still had a smirk plastered on his face.
"Well, I needed to know who it was. Also, did you have to tell Moony about how I 'treated' you? At least he knows now that you're a liar." Sirius throws himself into a chair by the now empty table.
"How do I know she's a liar?" Remus raises an eyebrow, putting a hand on my shoulder, I glance at him. "How am I supposed to make my decision based on a sentence you've said, Sirius?" Remus continues.
"Because. you're my best friend and so you're supposed to trust my judgement." Sirius frowns, realising that this isn't working in his favour.
"So? What if I want to trust her, and not you. Y/n's side might be the truth, I don't know. I can't just trust your judgement Pads." Remus tries to reason with him.
"Remus, from the moment I was sorted into Gryffindor, she treated me like shit, she didn't care about me. She treated me the same way the rest of the family did, even after she was sorted herself." Sirius grumbles.
"That's not how the story went, I was there for you when you got sorted into Gryffindor, I kept sending you letters and parcels that year, despite the fact it meant Mum hit me, I continued because I wanted you to feel like you still had someone. When you came home for Christmas in your first year, who was there to clean the wounds inflicted on you by our parents? And who continued to do that until you ran away? When they called you a 'blood traitor' for getting sorted into Gryffindor, you pushed all of us away, even Reggie and I, who had done nothing. You treated both of us like we were dirt, I know Reggie got sorted into Slytherin, but I was a Hufflepuff and yet you seemed to ignore my existence, make me suffer for something that wasn't my fault." I began.
"When you eventually ran away from home, I was happy for you, you were finally free from the hell hole, but I was worried, I missed you. I know you got my letters but chose to ignore me. Why, Sirius? You acted like I was a part of the problem, despite the fact I was treated the same as you were. I managed to wriggle my way out of a forced marriage, it was only because we'd lost Regulus that I was freed from it, I had to take care of Mum. Thanks to poor Reggie dying, my forced marriage to Dolohov was out of the question, engagement gone and everything." I sigh, leaning against the sink cabinet as I finished, Remus'  hand moved from my shoulder to my waist.
"Dolohov?" Sirius' eyes shadowed over. "She was going to marry you off to him?!" He spat, anger increasing.
"Yeah, why do you care?" I raise an eyebrow at him, Remus shifted from one foot to another before excusing himself out of the room, however, it was extremely evident that he was still in the hallway, listening to us.
"I-. Look, Y/N, I'm sorry. I've been a horrific older brother, I know you're right, I shouldn't have called you a liar, because you aren't a liar. I'm so sorry, I should have been there for you the same way you were for me, you did so much to help me while our parents were being dicks, I was absent when you needed me most, I was blind to what was going on elsewhere, blind with my own selfishness. I've realised now how terrible a brother I've been and I'm sorry, I know that nothing can take back how much a dick I've been to you over the years, but I am genuinely sorry, and also extremely disgusted that our parents tried to marry you off to Dolohov, it's not the eighteen hundreds anymore they had no right too." Sirius says, tears began to pour out of both of our eyes.
"Sirius." I whisper. "You don't have to say anything or forgive me, I wouldn't blame you." Sirius wipes his eyes, trying to hide any evidence of him crying.
"Sirius, don't be so dramatic. Of course I forgive you. You are right, you have been a terrible older brother but hey, you're my favourite terrible older brother. Life is too short to not forgive you, you weren't that bad compared to the rest of our family. Besides, you're all I have left now. I want to be able to spend time with you while I can." I grab him and pull him into a hug, just as he turned to leave the room.
"Are you serious? You'd forgive me for-" He starts. "Shut up drama queen, I forgive you." I laugh, wiping some of the tears from my face.
Sirius grins and then looks at me. "You know, you and Remus would make a cute couple." He whispers in my ear.
"I thought you were against me being in any kind of relationship." I raise an eyebrow. "Well, I know him and I know I won't have to curse him." Sirius giggles.
"If I went and kissed him right now?" I question, seeing how far I can take this. "Y/n." Sirius raises an eyebrow at me. "What?" I grin my famous grin, a mixture of mischief and fake innocence.
"What are you doing?" My older brother asks, a fake look of concern washing over his face. I walk out of the room and into the hallway where Remus was stood waiting for Sirius and I, he looks up the second I enter the hallway.
"You and Sirius done patching things up?" Remus asks, one hand on the wall propping him up, I nod and then make eye contact with the tall man.
I put my hand on the side of his face, mentally preparing myself for my next actions, I raise myself up on my heels and lean forward slightly, looking for permission.
"Y/n." Remus says softly, his face began to lean closer to mine as well.
Our lips inches from each other, one of my hands was on his right cheek, the other on his chest, his hands either side of my face. We closed into one another and-
Remus and I jump apart in shock, a scruffy black dog leapt at us.
A/n2: TAG LIST: @big-galaxy-chaos
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angel4you · a month ago
dating the marauders
smut, porn links, and fluff
what being in a relationship with each marauder would be like. headcanons but includes porn links!!
characters included: remus lupin, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, and lily evans
warnings: smut, fluff, porn links, i think that is it
remus lupin
how he would asks you out: he would try to be causal, starting a conversation while helping you with some homework. even though he is confident. he has a fair amount of nerves, and it is noticeable. he asks you to go to the book shop in hogsmead on the weekend, and after you accept, he is not anxious anymore. a couple of dates later, he confesses he has feelings for you, he takes you to his dorm to hang out, and ends up kissing you.
what he is like sexually/kinks: remus is a hard dom, he doesn’t put up with bull shit and is very strict. he has a list of rules and if you break and you will get punished. the punishment will be more severe the bigger rules you break. you address him as sir or daddy and remmy if the situation is lighter. he uses the pet names, pup, and doll. he has a heavy degradation kink and will use the terms, slut, whore, and brat. he has more of an overstimulation kink rather than edging, he’ll make you cum until you are balling your eyes out. he also has an innocence kink and will call you his good little girl. having control and power over you is his favorite. he loves watching you get all flustered and helpless. even though he is amazing at giving head he absolutely loves watching you gag and chock on his cock. watching your eyes get watery and the bulge in your throat. lastly, his aftercare is the best. even though he is really rough, he makes sure to clean you up and take care of you.
porn links:
remus whispering in your ear while he fucks you deep
riding remus’ thigh
remus making you hump his foot as punishment
being very desperate for remus
remus corrupting his innocent little pup
james potter
how he would asks you out: he is very confident and persistent. always trying to talk to you, when you are in the common room, class, library, or great hall. one day he finally decides to ask you out on a date. he does another one of his grand gestures. brings you flowers, a chocolate frog, and a necklace. after you guys go out for a while he invites you over to the potter manor for holiday. the whole time he is showing you off to his parents and showering you with gifts and affection.
what he is like sexually/kinks: james is very different in each relationship he is in. he is either an obedient sub, soft dom, or in dads bsf/bsf dad au’s he is more of a hard dom. james as a sub has the biggest mommy kink. always wanting to please you and his favorite reward is getting to suck on your tits. when he breaks a rule which doesn’t happen often, you usually overstimulate him until he is a crying whimpering mess. he loves when you peg him and take all the control. as a soft dom, he has a major praise kink. always reassuring how amazing you are doing even during punishment. he uses the pet names, angel, doll, bunny, love, and darling. in an age gap relationship or dads bsf/bsf dad, he is a hard dom. he has a major daddy kink and will get mad and punish you when you call him james or jamie. his favorite thing to do is give you head. watching you try to keep your moans down while harry is in the other room. he loves taking you out on fancy dates and tease you under the table or keeping a remote vibrator in your panties. he loves inviting remus and sirius over so they can all use you. overall james is different in every relationship but in that situation, he is a big sub or dom.
porn links:
pegging sub james and making him taste his cum while calling him a good boy
giving sub james a hand job
dads best friend!james fucking you hard
edging sub james
sirius black
how he would asks you out: sirius would keep jokingly say he likes you and would fuck you but you never take him seriously. it starts to hurt you because you actually like him. one day he sees how up loser you are so he goes to talk to you. you ask him to stop making those jokes but he tells you they aren’t jokes, and he actually likes you a lot. that night he sneaks you out of your dorm to walk around the halls until you fall asleep in his arms.
what he is like sexually/kinks: sirius is a switch. he can go either way and he is very unexpected. in the first part of your relationship, he would never admit he liked subbing. when he is a dom he is still bratty and teases a lot. he loves getting pegged as a dom and a sub. when he is doming, he loves to watch you try and peg him. he also loves riding your strap while pinching and playing with your tits. when he is getting pegged as a needy brat. he will fucking himself on your strap. he whimpers and begs for you to touch him. in a sugar daddy au, sirius is a hard dom. he loves showing you off to james and remus. but at the end of the day, he is yours and he owns you. he loves when you suck him off. if he is fucking your throat, warming his cock, or just giving him a regular blow job with your needy puppy eyes. he loves making you hump pillow and touch yourself. calling you a slut and a whore while he continues to humiliate you. as a dom in any situation, he makes sure to throat train his subs. he will start with his fingers. making you gag and babble around him. when he finally lets you suck his cock, he goes hard. at first he tries to control himself but he loves watching you cough and your eyes get watery while you try to take him. he loves toys. vibrators, paddles, silk ties, gags, and anything you can think of. he is up to try anything and is always looking for new things.
porn links:
sirius going feral while you ride him
sirius fucking you against window so everyone can see who owns you
sirius spanking and teasing you with a paddle
regulus black
how he would asks you out: regulus has liked you for a very long time and kept it to himself. one day he and sirius are joking around and it slips out that he likes you. from that point on sirius and the other constantly tease reg about his crush. you both act oblivious when around each other, even when the boys talk about it. finally one night you see regulus going out to the black lake and he sits under a tree, so you decide to follow him. after awkward small talk, he attempts to nonchalantly ask you to stargaze with him. instead of saying yes, you kiss him. on your date it starts off awkward but ends with his hands up your skirt. 
what he is like sexually/kinks: regulus is a soft dom or a very hard dom, but nothing in between. either heavily degrading you while chocking you. or praising you while you suck him off. he uses the pet names, bunny, darling, doll, kitten, pretty girl. he has a very big innocence kink. like teaching you how to touch yourself, and how to give him a blowjob. he loves watching you get all nervous and needy, but he always turns you into a whimpering mess. as much as he loves fucking your throat, he could spend hours eating you out. he loves watching makeup run down your face as he overstimulates you. holding your hips and legs down so you can’t move. he will try almost anything even if it is just once. he has strict rules and won’t accept bad behavior. his punishments usually consist of, overstimulation or edging. he also loves spanking you with a paddle or his belt, until you are all red. even when he is rough, he makes sure you are comfortable with it. he likes to talk everything through after he cleans you up. he wants to see what you like and didn’t like. he loves having all the power over you even if he is being gentle. finally, he loves aftercare. he loves taking care of his pretty little girl.
porn links:
public teasing with reg
regulus laying you over his lap and overstimulating you
husband!reg fucking you while you try to make lunch for the kids
regulus fucking your face until he can see the bulge in your throat
lily evans
how she would asks you out: you don’t suspect lily has feelings for you, so you have never expressed them. you guys are still close friends and you don’t want to mess it up with her rejection. one day lily asks you to go on a picnic with her, marlene, and mary. but when you show up they are not there. you get all flustered and nervous, but lily comforts you and asks if anything is on your mind. and you say you like her, and instantly stand up. but she pulls you back down and confesses she likes you too.
what she is like sexually: lily is a hard dom, the one in control. she won’t tolerate any breaking of rules but she trains her subs so well that she gets to shower them with please as well as beautiful pain. you strictly call her mommy. she loves watching you such on her soft tits (which is a reward) and babble mommy whimpering with need. she loves to degrade you and turn you into a subby mess at her power. watching you struggle doing the things you beg to do is her most favorite thing. for days and days, you will beg her to let you fuck her with a strap. after she caves in, you start to have a hard time. she starts to tease and make fun of you for not being able to thrust into her properly. she says “my dumb little baby, thought you wanted this” and “pathetic, you asked to do this, and now you can even fuck mommy good”. even when she goes really hard on you, she always makes sure to give you the love you deserve.
porn links:
lily fingering you after she ripped your tights
dom lily fucking you hard with her strap
lily rewarding you after being her good girl the whole day
lily letting you suck her tits after a long day
taglist form
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illiantt · a month ago
Who’s the winner
poly!marauders x fem!reader [smut]
Summary: Your best friends Remus, Sirius, and James can’t stop argue who’s best at eating a girl out. So they make a competition out of it where you’re the judge.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, oral (female receiving), foursome, slut calling, degrading, choking
Word count: 1.8k
a/n: this is my first smut fic. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
It all started when you decided to drink together with your best friends James, Remus and Sirius. Another innocent night turned to something darker.
“James, you’re spilling the whiskey!” you shouted as whisky dripped onto his hand.
“I got it”, James said and licked up the liquid from his hand.
“Using your tongue to solve a problem”, Sirius teased.
“As you haven’t used it before to solve it”, James clapped back, making Sirius frown.
Remus only laughed at the two. You, however, were not so sure about what they were referring to.
“What problem are you talking about?” you asked curiously and took another sip from your drink.
James’ smile turned into a devilish smile, looking at Sirius. With a darker demanding voice, he said to Sirius, “Tell her or I will”.
You looked at Sirius and waited for him to say what this all was about.
Sirius swallowed and drank up the remaining whisky that was in his glass.
He looked deep into your eyes and said, “I was having sex with a girl and couldn’t make her cum, so I solved the problem by using my tongue instead.”
You felt your cheeks heated as thoughts about Sirius’ tongue occupied your innocent brain of yours. You imagined how it would feel to have him between your legs. Just the thought of it made you wet.
Even if the boys were your best friends since many years back, you couldn’t stop yourself thinking how they would be in bed from time to time.
Conversations like this would sometimes occur. But you had never done anything with them.
Remus chuckled, “I bet you wouldn’t be as good as me.”
“Hey!” Sirius complained.
And James added in, “I would probably be better than both of you”.
The three boys were now arguing about who was best at eating a girl out. You only sat there and started to imagine how their tongue on you would feel like.
“Maybe we should let y/n be the judge of that”, Sirius suggested and interrupted the horny daydream you had.
“Sorry, in judging what?” you asked, confused.
“You’re a girl, and you can judge who of us three are the best at eating pussy.” Sirius responded.
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Your best friends were now suggesting eating you out.
“Yeah, funny joke, guys”, you said and tried to laugh it off.
The three of them looked at you.
“No, we are serious,” James said, and you looked at their faces. They were, in fact, serious. You don’t know if that made you nervous or hornier.
“I don’t know” you hesitated, but you felt the wetness building up. Having three boys taking turns eating you out did sounds nice.
“C’mon puppy, do it for us!” you felt you becoming weak at hearing Sirius beg to eat you out.
“I don’t think we can stop argue otherwise,” James said.
“It will only be fun,” Remus said with a smirk.
You looked at the boys that were sitting on the floor in front of you. You had never done anything like this with them before, but the lust was there.
“Ehm—okay then”, you finally said, making them all light up.
“Get undressed and sit on the couch”, Remus instructed you.
The way Remus sounded so demanding when instructing you made it even hotter. So you stood up and slid yourself out from your shorts.
“The shirt too,” Remus demanded.
“But I’m not wearing any bra under”, you protested.
“Darling, you’re about to show us your pussy. You can show us your titties as well.” the way Remus looked at you only showed how hungry he was for you. And the only right thing to do is to obey him.
You sighed and took off your shirt—setting your breast free. You were now only standing in your panties in front of your best friends who couldn’t take their eyes from your body.
“Puppy, we are waiting!” Sirius teased, for you still having your panties on.
Not making them wait anymore, you started to pull down your panties slowly. The boys looked at your body, and their eyes darkened. You were now completed naked. Your naked ass felt the soft material of the couch as you sat down.
“Now, let the fun begin,” Remus said and made his way to you. You felt your heart beat a bit faster at each step Remus took towards you. His eyes are set on yours. But the closer he came to you also made you hornier and hornier.
“Baby, spread the legs wide and open so we can see the pretty pussy of yours,” Remus said and pressed your legs to each side.
“James, Sirius, look at this pussy. How have we not done this earlier?”
“It looks delicious,” James said and couldn’t take his eyes from your wide-opened pussy.
Your pussy was shining with wetness dripping down. They hadn’t even started to do anything on you, but you were already so wet.
Remus started to kiss the inside of your tights—teasing you. All you wanted was him to dive into your pussy.
“So wet. I think this little slut likes showing her pussy for her three best friends. Is that right?” Remus teased.
It was right, but you didn’t know how to respond to that without sounding desperate because you were, in fact, so desperate now for them.
“Fucking answer him, you slut”, Sirius yelled.
Remus’ hand grabbed around your neck—forcing you to look at him.
“Say it”, Remus demanded.
“Y-yes”, you pressed out the word.
“Yes, what, darling?” Remus asked with a smirk and grabbed you harder around your neck.
“Yes, I love showing my pussy because I’m such slut and want to be eaten out, please”, you whined.
Right away, you felt Remus loosen his grip around your neck and something pressing to your heat. It was a tongue—Remus’ tongue. Licking your clit.
You moaned at the way Remus’ tongue moved around on your pussy. Making up and down movements on your clit. How his lips sucked in all the juices.
Your hand grabbed his hair while you couldn’t stop moaning.
You looked over to James and Sirius while you moaned and noticed how the bulge in their pants had grown.
Sirius looked at your naked body and couldn’t hold it anymore. He wanted to taste that pussy of yours now.
“Fucking hell. It’s my turn,” Sirius said and dragged Remus up.
“Now, puppy, I’m going make you moan my name,” Sirius said before he started to eat you out.
He glided in his tongue into your hole. You could feel his tongue inside of you.
Sirius started to glide in and out from your hole—he was tongue fucking you. Making you moan.
“Yes, Sirius! I want to feel your tongue inside of me,” you moaned, making Sirius go faster.
You looked over at James and Remus, who both started to stroke their cock while watching you getting tongue fucked. But it didn’t take long until you heard,
“Enough!” James suddenly said—making Sirius stop. He was disappointed as he enjoyed to fuck you with his tongue. But it was James turn.
“Y/n come and sit on my face,” James said, and you stood up for James to lie down on the couch.
You climbed over and stood just over his face now with legs on each side.
“Such a pretty view. Now sit on my face,” James said, and you lower yourself.
You felt James tongue on your pussy, making you start moan right away again.
Remus came over to you and started to kiss you. He grabbed your boobs while making out with you.
“Such good slut sitting on James’ face. Start grinding on him,” Remus demanded and kept on grabbing your boobs.
You pressed down more onto James and started to grind—making it feel even better. James tongue going crazy on your clit.
You felt Sirius hands all over your naked body as he grabbed your ass.
“Puppy is enjoying herself, aren’t you?” Sirius tried to sound innocent, but his words and tone were filled with dark lust.
“Y-yes”, you whined innocent between your moans as you turned to look at Sirius.
James started to get a little difficult to breathe, so you were about to stand up until Remus pushed you down again.
“Keep going, baby. James can do a little more,” Remus said with darkened eyes.
You did as he said and continued to grind your pussy on James’ tongue.
“She looks so beautiful sitting on James’ face while making out with you, Remus,” Sirius said and gave you kisses on your neck.
You had now three boys on you—your three best friends. They all working and touching your naked body. Your moans were getting louder and louder. You felt you were about to hit your climax until Remus suddenly interrupted you,
“Stand up!” he demanded.
Making you stand up for only be pressed down on the couch by them as soon as James stood up again.
“I think it’s only fair if we all three can make you cum”, Remus said.
You felt their hands on you, making you have your ass up while lying on the couch. Their hands made your legs spread wide open.
Remus, Sirius, and James all had their tongue on your pussy now. They all were eating you out at the same time. You felt all of the three tongues. Your pussy was even more wet now.
Having three tongues on you simultaneously was becoming too much as you felt the feeling building up in you more and more until you couldn’t hold it anymore and felt you hit your climax.
Your body tried to get away from their grip as you came into an orgasm. But their arms were too strong, holding you down while licking your sensitive pussy.
Licking up every drop of your cum. It was until the boys felt satisfied as they let your body go—and your body collapsed onto the couch.
“So who wins?” Sirius said when your breathing had calmed down. You had already forgotten how this all started—forgetting that you were supposed to be the judge of who of them were best at eating pussy.
“Oh—I don’t know. I don’t think it was enough for me to be able to judge just yet,” you responded.
The boys looked at each other and then nodded.
“Then we will have to eat you out until you can’t cum anymore.”
And right away, you started to moan again as tongues were on your pussy again.
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