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Marc, on his last nerve: We have food at home
Khonshu, pushing him away with his staff like a feral little cat: go back to SLEEP, and STARVE
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*checks the age gap between me and my favorite actors*
also me:
Tumblr media
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Marc trying to ask Y/n out
Marc: I love you
Steven: No that’s too soon
Jake: We met this girl this afternoon, Okay fuck
Steven: She’s looking scared
Jake: Maybe like shoulda came prepared
Steven: With a poem? A haiku? Maybe a hug?
Marc: Ya know, I could’ve killed you and hid you with a rug
Marc, Steven, Jake: WHAT THE FUCK!?
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Pairing: Steven Grant x fem!Reader (mention of Marc Spector x fem!Reader/Jake Lockley x fem!Reader)
Fic Type: Drabble
Summary: Steven’s not rough with you, like Marc or Jake. He’s more… Reserved. But he will wreck your shit if you ask nicely.
A/N: So yes this is fluffy Steven smut. No I cannot be stopped and no it is not a part of Red Handed.
Rating/Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, NSFW under the cut, softdom!Steven, sub?Reader, riding, missionary, edging, orgasm denial, squirting, breeding kink, trying for a baby, pregnancy, mention of marathon sex??? I think that’s it???
Tumblr media
Steven Grant was a master of puzzles.
Jigsaws he solved within a matter of hours, if that. You’d long since stopped trying to keep track of his 3000-or-more-piece puzzles, always Egyptian-themed, that he’d clear a table for, finish in record time, and then break it up and put it away before reaching for the next one. 
Escape rooms? You figured when you introduced him to the random little escape room app on your phone that he’d be just as stumped as you were. Instead, ten minutes later, he asked you how he gets to the next world. “Steven,” You breathed in astonishment. “You… You beat the fucking game?!” I think it’s a given to say that he’d also completely owned your consoles when you showed him puzzle-based games like Skyrim or Zelda.
Jenga, Ka-Plunk, DnD, hell, even Clue, he blew your mind with how quickly puzzles were solved by his hands. Incomprehensible, astounding, holy fucking shit your boyfriend is a genius. 
Specifically, one of them in particular.
His Rubik’s cube.
The way he moved those goddamn fingers, those fingers that he could bend and flick and curl expertly against you and in you when you needed him too. Those hands alone could make you see stars if he was really intent on doing so.
He hated it when he had to use both hands for the Rubik’s cube. So he oiled it, ensuring that it flipped and moved with the smallest of touches, one-handed. Shk, shk, shk, he’d already solved it twice while you were watching, restarting the process when you asked him that one simple question. “Just one more time, love. Three times, then I’m all yours, yeah?” His soft voice was deeper, huskier, a little out-of-focus because of how deeply he was concentrating– not that you could tell he was. He looked calm, serene… but calculating. Deep in thought.
You were the puzzle this time.
“S-Steven, please–”
“Just a little bit longer, love.” He tossed the cube up in the air in front of your face, just being a showoff at this point. 
Two weeks ago, you’d started talking about raising a family together. At first it had just been uncertain questions, but then you’d started looking into schools nearby, making lists of baby names, adopting a healthier diet, and going to the doctor. Steven was more determined to get you pregnant than you’d expected, tracking your cycles and ovulation periods– hence why he’d made you take a week off work. He’d seemed a bit nervous when he admitted that he called in for you. “Well, love… you’re ovulating now, yeah? I figured now’s a better time than any to–” You’d never heard the end of that sentence, having immediately dragged him to the bed.
 But now there wasn’t an equal flow, like there usually was.
“Don’t cum until I say you can, dove. You can do that, yeah? Can you be a good girl for me?”
He’d laid back, helping you straddle his lap and sink down on his thick cock; it was then you’d realized that he hadn’t cum earlier, that he was holding off, maybe hoping an extremely powerful orgasm might be what it takes to knock you up. You were a puzzle he needed to solve, so like always when he focused intensely, you didn’t even begin to understand what he might be thinking. 
He hadn’t thrust up into you, although he had allowed you to roll your hips, bounce on his length, do whatever you want at whatever pace you wanted– there were only three rules. You couldn’t touch yourself, you couldn’t cum, and you had to keep your hands on his stomach so he knew you weren’t cheating in your blissed-out state.
Slowly, his dark chocolate eyes trailed from the Rubik’s cube to your red, sweaty face. “S-Steven… Please, please…” 
You found it. Right there. That spot where you can easily drive to your ecstasy. Maybe Steven won’t notice if you cum. Maybe he’ll let it slide. But he knew your body better than you did, and when you started to speed up the rocking of your hips, Steven’s free hand flew to your waist, effectively stopping your impending orgasm. “Steeeevvennn,” You whined, reduced to a blubbering mess of begging to barter for your release. Your approaching euphoria was ripped from you, descending rapidly into a cold pit of roiling tension in your lower belly. 
Steven’s hand crawled up your side, brushing painfully close to your breast without touching it and running up the length of your neck. He stopped at your mouth, fingers expertly running over your top and bottom lip gently. “Sh, dove,” He said, all but absentminded as you tried to fuck yourself without fucking yourself on him, “Almost there.”
He slipped his fingers into your mouth, letting you suck on them. You swirled your tongue and bobbed your head, using the same movements as you would when sucking him off, but aside from briefly glancing to your face, he gave no reaction to indicate that it was turning him on at all. His cock barely twitched inside you, and you weren’t entirely certain if he just had that good self-control, or if you’d gone numb from the waist down from fucking like rabbits all day in any position and location possible in your flat.
Finally– finally– he removed his fingers and twisted to toss the Rubik’s cube onto the nightstand, unintentionally shifting himself deeper inside of you, if possible, and eliciting a moan from you; yep, you could still definitely feel everything down there. If anything, you were over-sensitive, rather than under. He stared up at you with admiration and a small smile, massaging your thighs. “You did so well for me, dove. You ready to cum?”
If it were only possible, you would have cum right then. “Yes, please yes!” Maybe in the morning you’d be a little embarrassed about how easily you begged, and so quickly, too– but you had little time to think about it. Effortlessly, Steven rolled you both over so that he was on top, between your legs and still buried deep inside you– maybe even deeper, oh god, you can’t take it–
Steven’s gentle kiss on your forehead was nothing compared to the sheer intensity of how hard he pistoned his hips into you, the head of his cock bumping your cervix and almost making you scream. “Let it out, darling,” Steven urged, “I like to hear you. Please, love?” He punctuated the question with an open-mouthed, heavy kiss on your pulse point right under your jaw, and this time you didn’t hold back. Your wail of pleasure drowned out his soft moans and gasps as he panted for air. Sweat glistened silver on his tawny skin, dripping from his nose, his hair, the chain necklace he wore– gently, you tugged on it, and Steven’s hands flew to yours. He entwined your fingers together before pinning them on either side of your head, driving deeper, faster, harder, until you can’t breathe, you can’t see, there’s only Steven, who kisses you passionately as his thrusts falter. “You can cum now darling,” He breathed into your mouth, moaning as you screamed his name loudly enough to hurt your throat. You soaked the bed, him, hell, you wouldn’t have been surprised if the whole flat was soaked. You’d never squirted before with him, and you wondered if it was what he’d been planning for. 
Steven came with a cry, finishing as deep as he possibly could– a part of you thought he must have shot himself directly into your womb. He let go of your hands, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck as he held you close, trying to catch his breath. He pressed a lingering kiss to your forehead, wincing as his hips rocked of their own accord in the aftershocks of his high. “Can you keep it all in for me when I pull out, dove? We’ve gotta make sure every drop has a chance, darling, every drop.” His hand rested pointedly on your stomach, making you smile and nod frantically.
When you shivered, he immediately reached for a nearby blanket, carefully pulling out of you and ensuring you were warm enough before moving away. When he came back, he very gently cleaned you up before moving you to a hot bath, letting you lay there while he changed the sheets. Before you could even think of moving from the tub, Steven returned carrying his comfiest hoodie and sweatpants he knew you liked to wear, along with a snack oh-so-typical of Steven. 
“Are those… cookies?”
“Oatmeal cookies,” He specified, sitting on the edge of the tub and carefully handing you your plate. “With raisins. Better for you and the baby, innit?”
You flushed up to your hairline, touched by the gesture. “Honey, we don’t even know if I’m pregnant yet.”
“You will be,” Steven said excitedly, setting the milk (yes, he even brought you milk) on the sink so that he could kneel on the outside of the tub, staring at you fondly with his chin resting on the edge. He caressed your face, smiling when you leaned into him to press your foreheads together. “We’re gonna get you pregnant this week, love, I can feel it.” He kissed you softly, before his face contorted thoughtfully as he pulled slowly away.
“Orange juice,” He said, abruptly standing.
He grabbed the glass of milk on his way out of the bathroom. “Orange juice is better than milk, right? Or, maybe not? Maybe they’re equal? You wouldn’t want them at once, love, so; orange juice, yeah, and a banana? I’ll just drink the milk then, don’t wanna waste it, and I’m not sure if I could pour it back into the container without makin’ a bloody mess…”
You listened to his rambling move about the flat as you nibbled on your cookies, smiling to yourself. You and Steven wanted this baby more than anything; and you wanted it even more since Marc and Jake were both scared but excited at the prospect. You looked at baby clothes together, you had everything planned out, and now you were finally, actually trying without any kind of protection to conceive.
Steven may have planned the week, but they were all so sweet, so supportive, so protective, ensuring that you eat right, drink right, sleep right, rest, bathe– 
–and you loved them with all your heart.
The next morning, when you were making the bed, you found his Rubik’s cube half-finished on the nightstand. A smile made its way onto your face as you realized he’d never completed the puzzle last night in favor of completing you.
A couple weeks later, when you and Steven read the positive results of the pregnancy test, you realize, amidst all the cheering and hugging and crying, that with all of his planning, trying to get you pregnant was yet another puzzle he had solved, effortlessly.
With the help of Marc and Jake, of course.
Thanks for reading! :3
Tags: @dameronsknight @sylkisdagger @atzlena @gucciboots @pastel-0-princess @poeticsorcery @rosaren2498 @love-on-the-murder-scene @wintergirlsoilder2 @blackcat-midnight-thatsme @multifandomsw @bookloverfilmoholic @khaotic-kris @hb8301 @soggumm @simonsbluee @adamcarlsenslvr @bluestuesday @magnet-girl @rosellacwrites @dweeb-central @ilymorepls @drwhofangirl1963 @loonymagizoologist @auszimbo @tealrivers @laters-gators12 @izbelross @xcatnapsx @child-of-the-moon-gods @djarinsgirl27 @sokoviansorceress @eerievixen @cold-buffet-ham @upbeat-cascade @stark-kirk-rogers-grant-blog @candydancey @rqmanoff @jakelcckley @sharin4readers @lovely-cryptid @marc-spectorr @rmoonstoner @oscarisaacsspit @marc-spectorr @lovely-cryptid
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in an argument (hc)
thank you for all the love on my last hc! here is another one that i’ve been wanting to write for a while. enjoy! (part 2 is here )
Tumblr media
okay so we’ve seen how this man reacts to Donna 
I don’t know... salad? bread?
in an argument, I think he would be sassy
rolling his eyes a lot
making comments straight after you say anything
“Oh well that’s bloody wonderful.”
“Do you want a prize?”
“Good job I don’t care.”
And you would get so frustrated 
because when this man starts, he will not stop pestering
“Right, Steven, I’m done with this conversation.”
“Your done? I was done with it an hour ago! But nooo. It only matters when your finished with it, your majesty.”
most of what he says is from the heat of the moment, his annoyance shining through and coming out as waffle.
you would get up to make a tea or something and he would make comments about how loud you are
“Blimey can you do that any quieter? honestly.”
And you would roll your eyes
“for fuck sake Steven, just shh already.”
he would make another sassy comment, maybe do that mimicking thing, just to reiterate how pissed he is.
eventually, he’ll just (not so subtly) excuse himself from the room into the bathroom or something and just stay there for a bit
partly out of pettiness and partly out of guilt
and wouldn’t come back out until he knew you had either left, or were busy doing something else as to avoid further confrontation
and when he did come out, the silent treatment starts.
okay but i feel like he would ignore you whilst purposefully looking over to see if your watching
like he wants your attention, wants you to make the first move at apologising.
which will not happen
so he just pettily ignores you for the next couple hours
which is fine by you, because sassy Steven is a force to be reckoned with.
Marc would be angry in an argument.
i mean we’ve seen what he does to the reflection after arguing with Steven
maybe something big happens and he risks his life and you have had enough
so, naturally, you talk to him
and he gets a tiny but defensive
mistakes your care for confrontation 
“I’m just worried about you.”
A scoff: “No, your worried about yourself. You know if something happens to me, it happens to all of us. Just wanna keep your bed warm.”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”
“Don’t act so innocent.”
his natural instinct is to push you away
and it isn’t even his own fault
he feels insecure.
so, after a particularly heated screaming match, it would get too much.
he would just start shouting
not just at you, but at his alters too
he doesn’t want to let his guard down long enough to be vulnerable, even admit that your right.
“You know what, I’m leaving.”
“Don’t fucking know, anywhere.”
“Marc, please don’t leave.”
Maybe he would hesitate hearing the way your voice cracks
but then he remembers what just happened and he shakes his head, licks his bottom lip
and storms out, slamming the door behind him.
and you would just cry, or groan in frustration and worry
before climbing into bed and falling into an uncomfortable sleep.
okay so I think that Jake wouldn’t be loud
like his face would say it all.
you would be shouting at him, beyond furious, whilst he just sits with a bottle of whiskey, sneering.
or smirking.
and it infuriates you.
“Are you even fucking listening to me?!”
He would shrug, take a swig, and look away.
“No you better look at me. I’m not doing this, do you hear me? You can’t keep doing this shit.”
Jake stands up and suddenly steps close to you, making you step back.
“Or what?” 
You back up into the side of the kitchen cabinet, and he’s close to you, close enough to feel his breath.
“Or what, Cariño?” 
and this always happens: you argue, then you don’t resolve it, you just solve it physically
so you refuse to do it again, push his hand away that’s slowly travelling up your thigh.
“Or I’ll leave.”
It catches him off guard and he instantly steps back, smirk dropping from his face.
“Yes.” Your hesitant, because you don’t really want to leave him or any of them
but he needs to know what he has to lose before he makes the same mistake again.
Jake clicks his tongue in his mouth, slamming the bottle down on the counter beside you, enough that the echo sounds round the apartment.
“Fine. Leave then. Get out, I don’t care.”
You don’t. 
Until he grabs your jacket and shoves it in your hand.
“Get. Out.”
And after scoffing, you do, muttering a ‘fuck you’ as harshly as you can muster and leaving.
and Jake shakes his head, moving to the sofa, anger dissipating into sadness.
You really left.
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You're my emergency
Tumblr media
Summary: You never changed your emergency contact after the breakup. You don't find out about this until the boys show up at the hospital.
Warnings: Angst, but happy ending, mentions of car crashes and injuries.
Word count: 1,290
A/n: I had a moment of writers block for awhile there, but once I found this prompt from @ creativepromptsforwriting 's hurt/comfort prompt list, I just knew that I had to write it! Enjoy 💕
He shouldn't care. He really, really shouldn't. But he does. He shouldn't be speeding on the freeway to get to the hospital right now, but he is.
You broke up with Marc and his alters over six months ago due to them constantly getting themselves into dangerous situations. Actually no, that's not what made you do it. The lying did. Jake and Marc always lied to you about their whereabouts, but never Steven. He told you that he never had a reason to, so you trusted him.
One day, Steven told you the museum was doing an overnight trip for a group of Middle Schoolers and that he would be back in a day or two. A couple of weeks later you found out he actually spent the night at Layla's after a mission went south. That's when you broke up with them. He tried to tell you that nothing happened between them, that he just couldn't come home and have you see him like that, but you refused to listen.
It took you two days to pack your stuff and move in with your Aunt. After that, they hadn't heard from you.
Until now. Technically.
Jake was fronting at the time. He had just finished beating a guy's ass for trying to steal a woman's purse, when the hospital called their shared phone.
"Is this a Marc Spector, Steven Grant, or Jake Lockley?" A female voice asked him. "Sorry about this, you're all listed for the same phone number."
Jake decided to let Marc front, not wanting to deal with whatever it is she wanted them for. "Yeah, this is Marc. What's this about?"
"Right, hello Mr. Spector. I just wanted to see if you were able to come down to St Thomas' hospital for a Miss y/n, l/n. She's been in a car accident and you were at the top of her emergency contacts."
Marc's heart skipped a beat. Then another. Then he was able to choke out a reply. "Of course. How bad is it?" Marc was barely listening to her, trying to get Jake's keys out of his pocket.
Jake took over again so he could drive them to the hospital. He didn't even feel bad when he abruptly ended the phone call. He just had to get to you.
'Should we be doing this, mate? I mean, she broke up with us.. she might not want to see us..'
'We should at least check on her. Make sure she get's home safe.'
'You heard her though. She said she doesn't want to see us ever again..'
Jake gripped the wheel, his alters voices sending a wave of anger throughout his body. "Of course we're going to check on her. She needs us." He ground out. Marc and Steven decided to stay quiet for the rest of the drive.
Marc jogged through countless hospital hallways, murmuring, "room 206..." under his breath until he finally found it. Your room. He raised his hand to knock, but found that he couldn't bring himself to. "What if Steven's right?" He mumbled, knowing his alters would hear him.
Steven stayed quiet, but Jake wordlessly took control of Marc's hand and knocked on the door five times. Marc's breath caught in his throat, panic flooding throughout his veins. "Jake, what the fuck?" He hissed.
"Shh! Listen." Jake muttered.
They all listened closely, waiting to hear your voice after all these months. Once Marc heard you call out a quiet, "come in" he slowly pushed open the door and shuffled into the room.
"Marc?" You asked, confusion evident in your tone. "What are you doing here? How did you know where I was?"
Marc stood there speechless, his eye's slowly running along your body. Your left leg was in a cast, you had a large bruise on your shoulder, accompanied with one ace bandage on your neck and the other wrapped around your head. And these were just the exposed injuries.
He finally met your eyes, noting the expecting look you were giving him. Right, she said something.
Marc cleared his throat, slowly making his way towards your bed. "Um, turns out I'm still your emergency contact. Well, we are I guess." He corrected.
"Right.. Well, you can go. I'm fine. Sorry to waste your time." You mumbled, looking anywhere but at him.
"What? No, no, this isn't a waste of time," Marc hesitantly sat on the edge of your bed, placing his hand on top of yours. "You're not a waste of time."
The look on his face is the same one that's been haunting you for six months. A look of pure sorrow is how you described it to your friends. It's the same look he had when you announced the break-up. "I'm not your responsibility anymore. I'm fine. Seriously, I'm sure you have much better things to be doing." You muttered, looking anywhere but him.
That's when Steven took over for the first time that night. "Darling, emergency or not, we still care about you and wanna make sure you're doing well. Please, just let us take care of you. And when you're all better you can send us on our way again, okay?"
"No, it's not okay Steven! I can't-" You took a deep breath, wincing from the pressure on your bruised rib cage. You then closed your eyes and let the breath go before replying. "I can't send you away again, okay? It hurts too much. These past few months have been hell and I can't go through that again. I just can't."
Steven reached out and brushed a rouge strand of hair behind your ear, his touch feather light. "Love, you don't have to push me away. I constantly think about the things that I've done and honestly? I don't like to front anymore so I don't have to feel the weight of my guilt. It's too much to carry. I'm so, so sorry, love. I never wanted to hurt you. And I really didn't want to break your trust either. I know that there's no excuse for what I've done. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone."
You allowed the tears that were welling up in your eyes to finally fall. They slowly made their way down your cheeks, then slipped off of your chin and into your lap. "Steven.. I don't know what to say. You were supposed to be the one person I could count on and you just.." You didn't finish your sentence; you didn't need to.
"I know, I know. I don't deserve your forgiveness. I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry. I'm sure the guys are sorry too, but I'm probably the most sorry." That made you breathe out a laugh, a small smile spreading across your lips.
"Alright, alright. I get it. Thank you." You finally met his eyes, relishing the way his pupils dilated when they gazed into yours. "I still love you. All of you, actually. I just need some time.. Is that okay?"
Steven reached out and grabbed your hand, gently bringing it up to his lips so he could kiss each knuckle. "Of course that's okay, love. Take all the time you need. We'll always wait for you."
You were allowed to leave the hospital two days later. Jake drove you home and helped you settle into your apartment. For the next two months they all took turns visiting and caring for you. Once your leg had healed you went out to celebrated at your favorite bar with Marc.
That night you ended up kissing and officially got back together. Not even a full year later and Steven had proposed to you, which, of course, you said yes. And for the rest of your life, Marc, Steven, and Jake held their place as your #1 emergency contact.
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soonknight · a day ago
moon knight system + their favorite nicknames for you
content: SFW w/ a little implied NSFW, romantic relationship, all moon boys x reader, nicknames/pet names/terms of endearment
love, my love, sweetheart, darling, dove, angel, precious, dear, your name
The way Steven says your name makes you absolutely melt. It sounds so special, so real, when he says it. Love is his most frequently used nickname, but all the other ones he uses are soft and sweet. He adds them in his text messages too.
He calls you ma chérie to make you laugh.
Baby, honey, sweetheart, babe, my sweet girl/boy, beautiful, gorgeous
Unlike Steven, Marc hardly ever uses your real name. There's a nickname sprinkled in every other sentence. He also manages to make each one feel absolutely filthy, which drives you crazy when you're just going about your day.
Marc imitates Steven's incessant use of adjectives (complete with bad British accent) to mess with you.
My girl/boy, cariño (like dear or darling), babe, baby, princess/princesa, sugar, mi amor (never just amor)
Jake's nicknames are unique and amazing in any context. Like Marc, he can use them for evil very easily, but he says them like they're only meant for your ears. They're a reminder how special you are to him. He loves to make you feel loved when he does get to spend time with you.
Jake calls you random Spanish words because you don't know what they mean. Once, he called you mi impresora, and it stuck. You thought it meant "my precious," until he laughed and told you it meant printer.
thanks for reading! leave some asks, I need ideas! <3
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missdictatorme · 2 days ago
Limitless - Chapter 3 - Moon Knight 🌙✨
Pairings: Jake Lockley x F!Reader, Steven Grant x F!Reader, Marc Spector x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff 💛 Smut 🌝 in later chapters
Summary: After you break up with your cheating boyfriend you move to another part of town. Being single while carrying a child under your heart is hard, but you recieve help and support from the most unexpected person, your grumpy neighbour.  
Warnings: pregnancy hormones put reader on an emotional rollercoaster, but still fluff, I promise
A/N: Thank you for your feedback on my work, I truly love all of you babes 💛 I’m sure y’all noticed by now, but English is not my mother language, so sorry if my fics are full of mistakes 😅
Taglist:  @love-on-the-murder-scene @marshmallow--3 @axolotlqueen @mona-has-frineds @whovianayesha @mslizziesblog @planet-ashtroid @spectrz @bibli0thecary @daddysfavoritesexkitten @stanmixtapes @twwcs @loonymagizoologist @blahdragonageblah @seltsamkind @dailydoseofchoices @dameronsknight @thejamesbuchananbarnes @stilllivindue2spite @freyjasamael @brokenthelovely @mccn-bcys @disregardedplant @stepasidefilth @terry-perry @princessbarnes19 @violet-19999 @lunarlockley @candydancey @devilish-mirage @noahspector @megluv1 @angietricks-blog @hot-mess-express1 @savagemickey03 @irethepotato @laufeyson12 @kingtwhiddleston @dev-angeline​
For some reason the tags don’t work for some of you Idk why 😭 Tell me if you wanna be added to or removed from the taglist! Also if I forgot to tag someone I’m sorry! Kick my ass and I’ll add you 😅
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Jake was kind enough to let you eat his pickles, and boy, you didn't waste any. You haven't eaten them for days, because when you went to the store first you forgot to buy with a jar, then the next time you were craving them, the shelf where they usually were was empty.
But Jake was always there to save the day, and now you were sitting on his couch eating them, while he was drinking a beer, watching a baseball game.
It was getting very late and either Jake had a long day or he just got tired explaining the rules to you, but after a few minutes of silence you glanced at him and saw that his eyes were closed.
You smiled and quietly got up from the couch and put the jar on the coffee table. You walked to him and carefully took the beer bottle from his hand. He only stirred a little when you pushed on his shoulders to make him lay down.
"What? Where am I? Is that you, love?" - he mumbled quietly, with his eyes barely open.
You frowned a little when you heard Steven's brittish accent, but then chuckled when you thought it must be the mix of alcohol and sleepiness why Jake talked like that.
"It's okay, I'm just tucking you in." - you said as you put a pillow under his head. - "Sweet dreams, Jake." - you caressed his hair.
"'m Steven." - he said, nestling further into the pillow as you pulled a thin blanket over him.
"Sure, sure, Steven. Is Marc there too?" - you played along.
"Not right now. He was here a few minutes ago, though." - he sighed while his eyes closed fully.
You frowned again trying to make sense about what he was talking about, but after a few seconds you shook your head, deciding he was just talking nonesence in his sleep.
"Well, good night to all of you then." - you humored him and stood up with a little groan, putting your hand on your lower back and walking back to your own flat with the pickles.
In the next week you haven't seen the boys much. Your flat was fully painted, you had every furniture you needed (except for the nursery which was still empty) and the last time Jake took you to grocery shopping he suggested you buy more stuff, because another heatwave was coming, and this way you don't have to leave the house unneccessarily.
He was busy working, and his brothers must have been too, cause they haven't checked on you personally, only through Jake.
As you browsed on your phone, you were thinking about going back to work, because the furnitures for the baby's room were quite expensive. You were working as a photographer, so it's not like you couldn't do that with your pregnant belly, but it was nice having a break and not having to explain to people what's up with the baby's dad. You decided to post 2 dates on Facebook when you were available in the next week and waited to see if anybody was interested.
You tidied up in your flat and watered your plants, and when you checked on your phone again, you saw that a few of your friends on facebook shared your post and a woman sent a message to you, wanting to hire you to be the photographer for her wedding.
Ohh, weddings were good money. You gave her your number and soon you were talking about the price and shared your ideas with each other.
There was a knock on the door in the evening and you smiled widely when you saw... well, one of the brothers.
"Jake." - he smirked as he walked in your apartment while he gave you a small white box.
"What is it?" - you asked then you moaned as you opened the lid. - "Oh my god, you're a life saver!" - you exclaimed and hurried to the kitchen to grab a spoon and immediately started eating the lemon and strawberry ice-cream which he brought you from your favourite place.
"You're welcome, mami." - he chuckled and watched as you sat down next to him on the couch.
"How was your day?" - you asked with your mouth full of ice-cream.
"Long." - he groaned as he picked up a newspaper from your coffee table and started fanning himself, frowning at the photography equipment scattered on the table. - "What are these?"
"Oh, I accepted a job for a wedding." - you said nonchalantly.
"What? When?" - Jake asked as he turned to you on the couch.
"Today. I mean I accepted it today, the wedding's on next Saturday."
"Why do you wanna do it?"
"I'm running out of money, and the furnitures for the nursery are expensive."
"But last time you showed me a few and said they were on a good price?"
"Yeah, but today I found some I like more."
"I can give you money, you don't have to go back to work because of that." - Jake tried to reassure you, which made you frown.
"I don't need you to give me money."
"Well, looks like you do. You either buy the cheaper ones or let me buy the more expensive ones."
"Orrrr I go to the wedding, make a lot of money and can buy them for myself."
"Listen, I don't want you to-"
"Would you just stop!" - you snapped as you jumped up from the couch suddenly and Jake watched shocked as you threw the box of ice-cream to the ground angrily. - "I don't need you to buy me shit, I don't need you to tell me what I can and can't do! I'm a single expecting mom who has to take care of her daughter and I have to do it alone! And I will do it alone, cause I can! I don't need anyone to help me! Do I look helpless? Cause I'm not! What I need is for you to stop talking like my fucking ex, ordering me around!" - you yelled and turned around, putting your hands on your temples and started massaging your head.
'Uuuhhhh, wow. Mama bear woke up.' - Marc said stunned and Steven was either not present or too afraid to talk even in the headspace.
Meanwhile Jake sat there frozen in place, eyes wide. He snapped out of it though, when he heard a sob and he quickly jumped to his feet and hurried to you, but stopped his hands right before touching your shoulders, not wanting to upset you more.
As if you felt his presence, you turned around and hugged his waist, burying your face in his chest.
"I'm sorry." - you cried into him and his heart broke how ashamed you sounded. - "I didn't want to yell at you, you didn't deserve it."
He put his arm around you and held you close to him, slowly rocking you back and forth in his arms.
"It's okay, hermosa. You're right. I shouldn't tell you what to do. I'm just worried."
"Why? I'm pregnant not deadly ill."
Jake smiled a little.
"I know. I just don't want anything to happen to you or the baby. And there's gonna be a heatwave again and..."
You pulled away and smiled.
"I'll be fine. The ceremony will be outside, but the bride told me there are a lot of trees at the place and they're gonna out up tents too. I can eat and drink for free too, so there's nothing to be worried about, okay?"
"Okay." - Jake nodded and when you let go of him to clean up the ice-cream from the floor, he sat you down on the couch.
"No buts! You made enough mess for today."
You rolled your eyes but smiled a little. You truly felt bad for yelling at him, but of course he continued to be a sweetheart and acted like nothing happened.
"Do you want me to bring you another one?" - he asked as he kneeled on the floor to clean up the ice-cream, but his head snapped up at you when he heard you started crying again. - "Mi sol, what did I do now?!" - he asked panicked as he quickly crawled in front of you and caressed your legs.
"Why do you have to be so nice?" - you sobbed into your hands hysterically.
Jake was looking at you confused.
'Pregnancy hormones are scary.' - Steven said.
'Yeah, the article I read promised us sex and instead we get a mental breakdown every two seconds.' - Marc frowned.
'I hope you know that if you were the one fronting I'd take over the body just so I can punch you in the face.' - Steven scolded him.
'What? I'm not saying I don't feel for her, I'm saying I was hoping for some action.'
'Well, looks like we are just about to have some.' - Steven told Marc.
The boys watched as Jake pushed himself between your knees and hugged you again, caressing your lower back with a little more pressure. The boys saw that sometimes you rubbed yourself there, and they read that expecting mothers could experience back pains from their growing tummies.
You sighed into Jake's neck and he could hear you were calming down again.
"Shhh. I got you, mami."
"I'm sorry, these stupid hormones are driving me wild." - you said as you wiped your eyes, resting your forehead on his shoulder.
"Tell me about it." - he joked and chuckled when you hit his shoulder.
After a few seconds of silence, you admitted:
"I want ice-cream."
On Friday, Marc was the one to drive you to your appointment, and he offered to go with you when you said you needed to buy new clothes.
"Are you sure? I mean men and shopping are not a great combination." - you teased.
"It's okay. Maybe I can be the judge when you can't decide between two bras." - he winked, making you laugh.
'This is your last warning, cabrón...!'
'Easy, Jake.'
"I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't think I'll be looking around the sexy-lacy ones."
"You look good in anything, don't worry, sweetheart." - Marc said as he stopped the car and went around it, to help pull you out.
You entered the sixth month of pregnancy and while your belly wasn't that big yet, you sometimes were still in trouble getting up from low seats.
"How's your back?" - Marc asked as he locked the car and put a hand on your back to guide you inside the shopping mall.
"Sometimes it hurts, but it's not that bad. I'm just a little scared how it will be when I'm nine months far."
Marc lowered his hand and started gently rubbing your lower back. You leaned against him while you slowly descended down on the moving staircase.
"You sure you'll be fine at the wedding tomorrow?"
"Yeah, yeah, I'll just sit down for a few minutes when it gets too much."
"Want one of us to go with you? We can sneak in, no one will notice."
"No, thank you, though." - you giggled. - "You guys are doing way to much for me already. I don't think I'll be ever able to repay you."
"Nonesence, darling, you don't have to repay us. We love to help anyway we can." - he reassured you with a smile.
Marc was like a brave soldier. He endured the whole afternoon without as much as a whine as you dragged him from store to store, and to you it looked like he was even enjoying himself. He not just followed you around, he was actively helping you chose clothes, gave you his advice on colours and of course spent a little more time at the lingerie section.
You chose a few dresses for the wedding to try on, and while he was rather impressed with all of them, you noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off of your body when you were wearing a navy blue colored one, which reached just below your knees and had a nice flowly skirt. It was a bonus that it was very comfortable too.
"Stay in the shadows as much as you can."
"When you feel tired just sit down, don't overwork yourself."
"Got it."
"Don't forget to eat, yeah? The bride is stressed out enough, we don't need a bridezilla destroying the city, cause her photographer passed out due to her low blood sugar levels."
"Steven!" - you laughed as he escorted you to the church's entrance.
"And drink lots of water!"
"Okay, dad!" - you rolled your eyes.
Steven put his hands up in defense.
"All I'm saying is I'm already sweating my bum off and we barely got here!"
"All the reason why you should stop harassing me and get your ass back in the car!"
"Alright, alright!"
When he turned around you grabbed his hand and pulled him back to you.
His heart skipped a beat when you hugged him, and with one arm he hugged you back and with his other he caressed your tummy.
"Be careful, alright love?"
You nodded as you pulled away and Steven leaned down to your tummy.
"Make sure she drinks a lot." - he spoke to your daughter, making you laugh.
"Bye, Steven!"
"Bye, girls! Call me and I'll pick you up!"
The wedding was beautiful, so was the couple. You made at least a hundred pictures, everyone was so happy and the whole ceremony was wonderful. The reception took place on a field surrounded with lots of trees and there were various white tents pulled up to shield the guests from the sun.
As promised you had a chance to eat and the freshly married couple and their family told you numerous times you could eat and drink as much as you want. Everybody was super nice and you even danced with a few people, but you'd be lying if you said there weren't times when your feet didn't hurt or you didn't felt dizzy. You always made sure to sit down for a few minutes in those situations and calmed down when you always felt better after it.
Late afternoon you texted Steven that you were ready to leave and it didn't take much time for him to arrive. You were talking with the bride and groom about when will the photos be ready when he found you and they offered him a slice of the cake which he couldn't resist.
"So you had fun?" - he asked once you were in the car.
"Yes! Everybody was so nice, you saw it yourself!" - you said excited.
"Yeah, they were lovely. Everything went well?"
"Mhm, I'm exhausted though. I drank a lot of water like you asked and I always sat down when I felt dizzy."
"You were feeling dizzy?" - he asked as he looked at you worried.
"Sometimes. It only lasted for a few minutes, it always got better." - you reassured him with a smile.
Steven bit his lip worriedly, but nodded when you seemed okay.
"Take it easy in the next few days, yeah?"
"I will. Once we get home I'm gonna sleep for a whole day." - you groaned and leant back in the seat, making Steven smile.
Once at your building you were met with the devastating news that the elevator was out of order.
"What? It was working when I left!" - Steven growled annoyed at the piece of paper strapped to it.
"Well shit. Fifth floor, here we come." - you sighed and went ahead with Steven following behind you, carrying your camera and a bag full of leftovers from the wedding.
Steven kept a watchful eye on you the whole time, and noticed that you leant on the railing more and more as you passed each floor.
"You don't have to rush, love. We can rest for a bit." - he said.
"I just wanna be in my bed already." - you whined.
You felt dizzy again. If it weren't for the stupid lift, you'd be lying in your comfy bed, drinking cold water and eating more of the delicious cake you got from the wedding before falling asleep.
On the fourth floor you gripped the railing harder and raised your other hand to your temple when you felt like the building started to spin more.
The last thing you heard was Steven calling your name worriedly, before everything turned black.
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sgt-morgan · a day ago
Pause/ Play
Tumblr media
Description: Steven is the sweetest man alive, and he always endeavors to make you feel special, but sometimes he can’t take a hint.
Warnings: None! Fluff central over here.
A/N:Wanted some fluff, made some fluff. There you have it.
Steven is of the talkative sort. He’s a nervous rambler. It’s as if silence makes his skin crawl, which makes sense to you, the void in your head is scary, and you’re not a vigilante. So, the filler talk doesn’t bother you. In fact, you find Steven’s version of filler noise to be really endearing.
His filler is always full of interesting factoids, and a passion for knowledge that you didn’t fully understand. He knew a little bit about everything, Archeology and Ancient Egypt being his prime focus, but it was as if he soaked up every piece of information he thought might be interesting to you.
“Did you know love, that The Beatles got the idea for their name from Buddy Holly and the crickets? Yeah, John Lennon loved the insect thing and puns so Beetles became Beat-les and the rest is history!”
“Did you know that Keanu Reeves does most of his own fight Choreo in John Wick? I wouldn’t wanna fight him in the open, yeesh!”
“Darling? Did you know, that light roast coffee has more caffeine that dark roast? It’s cause when they roast the beans, the longer they roast the beans, the more caffeine they roast out! I bought us a light roast this week to try!”
It always flowed out of him like a fountain, a wealth of knowledge. You loved learning all those little things, you loved that he was reading up on your interests in order to make conversation. It was precious. Every little thing he said made you wanna kiss him. The problem was, you didn’t like to interrupt. You didn’t want Steven to think his knowledge wasn’t valuable to you, so you usually just waited for gaps in conversation.
Today, Steven had out done himself on his little factoid mission. He had taken you, on a wine tasting. You were very excited, any amount of time spent with Steven was worth having, especially when there was good food and good booze to be had. In true Steven fashion, he was a wealth of knowledge. It’s like he had become a Sommelier over night. Each glass and snack pairing they handed you, he would listen patiently as the wine taster talked about tannins and whatever, then he would look at you with his breathtaking smile, hand you a glass, and would whisper a little fact to you while you drank and commented on the wine.
“Darling,” he said as the server handed him your first glass of the evening “did you know, that the tradition of drinking to one’s health started in Ancient Greece?” He smiled, thumbing a bit of your smudged lipstick from your mouth as he handed you the snack that went with the glass you were splitting. “Typically, a host would stand and take a drink before the rest of the guests, in order to prove that the wine was not poisoned.” He laughed, tilted the glass towards you in a salute, and pointedly took the first sip, “so, to your health darling, if it’s poisoned, avenge me!” He whispered conspiratorially as you giggled into your first sip, savoring the wine and the company. You had hoped he would give you a kiss to seal in all the good health luck, but no luck, he was currently telling you about the Roman tradition of ‘toasting’ and you were helpless to his charm.
“Ooh! See that one over there?” Steven chuckled pointing to the bottle you were about to drink, it had a little fox on it, “That one is special, that one is actually called a critter wine!” He chuckled as the server handed him a glass of said wine, “For some reason, when there is a little animal on the bottle, they get a special name, adorable innit?” You looked at him as if he had hung the moon, and muttered ‘you’re adorable.’hoping he would get the hint and kiss you already. Instead, he chuckled at your enthusiasm and kept telling you about the critter wine. He was not catching the hint.
“Oh, love? Have I ever told you the myth of Dionysus and Ariadne?” Steven said as you both sat at your table in the corner, sipping on a glass of your favorite wine in the tasting. At this point, you had learned about the oldest wine on record (some bottle from 200 AD or so in Germany), The oldest wine cellar on record (surprisingly? The Titanic, most bottles were still intact!), and the fear of wine (oenophobia). What you hadn’t learned, was what Steven’s wine soaked lips tasted like at this very second, and by the Gods you were going to find out.
“Pause!” Steven had just started his story when you held up your hand and ground him to a halt, “My love, I love your stories and I have had the time of my life listening to you talk this evening, but I am going to literally pass away if I don’t kiss you right now!” You explained giggling, slightly tipsy. You watched as a mirthful confusion took over his features, before you grabbed the sides of his face and smashed his lips to your own with vigor. At first he was startled, flailing his arms momentarily before settling them on your waist. After releasing him with a loud ‘mwah!’ Steven finally clued into what Marc and Jake had been trying to tell him all evening from the reflections of your wine glasses.
“Oye Papi! They think your brain es muy guapo, hombrecito!” Jake chuckled in the back of his mind.
“Yeah Steven! They’ve been eyeing your mouth all night, and if you quizzed them on your every fact, I think they would ace it!” Marc chimed in with a teasing laugh.
Steven stuttered for a second, looking at you with wide love struck eyes, as he fumbled to find the words for the way his heart swelled. He landed on a bemused, exasperated, huff of laughter as you sat there giggling at him. “Sorry darling! I didn’t want to be rude!” You apologized through love drunk giggles. With the look on his face, you couldn’t resist and kissed him again. “Play!” You said miming a clicker on a remote and leaning forward on your palms. “You can finish!” You nodded encouragingly.
Steven felt his heart swell six sizes as he fought to contain his laughter. You were truly still invested in his stupid stories, they meant the world to him, and all this time he hoped they meant the world to you, and in this moment he knew they did. For all the world, he counted himself the luckiest man in the universe to be witnessing the glimmer of love and fascination that shone in your eyes. “Something about pirates, Theseus, and Dolphins, the end c’mere!” He laughed raucously and pulled you squealing into his embrace, smothering you in affection.
Somewhere far away from this happy scene, Konshu sat in his corner of the sky, where he liked to do his watching. He normally sat guarding over the travelers of the night, but tonight he was watching something different. Tonight, he watched the worm. Steven Grant, was sat in a restaurant with his lover, and they were in their own little bubble. Konshu witnessed as their love infected the moods of the others around them, witnessed as the elderly couple at the table next to them smiled and held hands a little tighter, reminiscing about their young love. He watched as the Sommelier smiled and rolled an old, faded, silver ring around his left ring finger, reminiscing about his deceased partner. He saw as a woman on a failure of a date, with a man who shamelessly flirted with their waitress, rekindled the hope that there may actually be love out there for her. Through this one act of love, Konshu watched, and he was slowly reminded why he cared so much about these humans anyway. He cared, because the smallest acts of kindness, vigorously renewed their most valuable trait of all, hope. Konshu watched, and in his watching decided maybe, just maybe, the worm wasn’t half bad.
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eloisegrant · 2 days ago
Steven: Who’s gonna tell them.
Marc: Not me .
Jake: Don’t look at me you bozos, I wasn’t fronting!
Khonshu: What is the ruckus about?
Steven, Marc & Jake: …
Khonshu: …?
Marc: We dropped Y/N’s Perfume
Khonshu: What’s wrong with that?
Steven: It’s made of glass.
Khonshu: *adjusting feet, seeing broken pieces and wet splotches* Is this the one they-
Jake: Yes, the one they bought yesterday
Steven: And the one they were waiting to get released…
Khonshu: Prepare for your death I guess.
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rosaren2498 · 2 days ago
This has been bouncing around in my head for days now. I'm sorry.
Warnings: angst, mentions of past torture and rape, a bit of fluff at the end? Kind of
The Little Scar
Steven didn't notice it; how could he? Marc didn't notice it at first, either. But Jake... Jake saw it immediately. It was thin, and white, barely visible even, but he still saw it.
When they had first met her, first spoken to her, she'd opened her mouth, but her expression shuttered and she quickly closed it, bringing her hands up to sign her answer. To Jake, it had looked as if she was going to verbally respond and had decided against it; then he saw it. She'd swallowed nervously and his eyes had been drawn to her throat, where a thin, long, white scar sat in the center; he didn't mention it to either of his alters, and he didn't ask her about it.
Marc had noticed it a few weeks later and had made the mistake of pointing it out to Steven, who had asked about it out of concern.
Her fingers made an aborted move towards her throat and her eyes took on a faraway look. When she snapped out of it, she'd signed that she wasn't ready to talk about it, and Steven had apologized before changing the subject.
Jake couldn't forget the look in her eyes; almost haunted.
Jake never pushed, never tried to force her to talk, and never brought it up. Marc and Steven never tried to force her to talk either, but they did, on occasion, bring the scar up. She always told them she wasn't ready and they never failed to apologize for bringing it up.
It'd been almost two years now since they'd met her and she still couldn't talk about it. It wasn't that she didn't trust them - she did - it was just hard to talk about something she'd rather forget. That all changed a week before the anniversary of their meeting.
Her and Marc had been out, just strolling around the streets, basking in the beauty of London at night. There were very few people out at this time and they were using it to their advantage. Marc's arm was draped over her shoulder, keeping her pressed into his side; he noticed immediately when she stiffened.
Her eyes caught a flash of long, curly, dirty blonde hair and it felt like her heart stopped. Her throat ached and her body shook as memories flashed in her mind.
Cold blue eyes, a stern expression, annoyance at her screams, a flash of cold steel.
She hadn't even noticed she'd stopped moving, didn't register Marc calling her name with more and more urgency. She was too busy staring unseeing at where she had caught the flash of blonde hair; she knew it wasn't him, couldn't be, but it looked like him and that was enough.
She flinched when hands gripped her shoulders, no sound leaving her throat even as tears streamed down her face and her vision began to darken; she couldn't breathe. The hands removed themselves quickly, as if their owner had been burned, and was replaced by the gentlest of pressure on one of the sleeves of her jacket; she barely noticed it, even as it lead her back to their flat.
She came back to herself slowly, gentle words of Spanish flowing into her ears. She couldn't understand them yet, was still trying to match her breathing to what she was realizing was Jake's; hadn't she been with Marc?
She blinked her eyes a few times, finally managing to focus her vision enough to see Jake with a devastated look on his face; it broke her heart to see.
"I'm okay," she signed, but Jake only frowned deeper. She didn't realize why until she noticed just how bad her hands were shaking still. She thought about how she had flinched when Marc had grabbed her shoulders, how long it took them to tell her about their past, about how careful Jake was in not touching her at the moment.
She took a slow breath in, forcing her hands to steady enough and let it all come out. She explained how she had been abducted several years ago, how she had been held captive for over a year, how he had made her stay naked, how he had touched her and reveled in her fear, in her screams and cries. How he had eventually gotten tired of them, how he had hired someone to cut open her throat and remove her voice box, damage her vocal cords beyond repair, so he wouldn't have to listen to her anymore. She explained how she had been saved by his brother, who had discovered the truth and gotten her out, gotten her away.
She cried, and her hands shook, but still, she told them. And when she was finally done, she hesitantly told them what had triggered her panic attack, the flash of dirty blonde hair she had seen. Jake hesitantly asked if he could hold her and she had practically collapsed into his arms.
His arms were tight around her, firm yet not confining; they made her feel safe in a way she hadn't felt in years. Her breathing finally evened out, and she fell asleep, unaware of the rage boiling within her boys.
Jake looked down at her as she slept peacefully in his arms and then caught the gaze of his alters in the mirrors by the bed. For once, they were all on the same page. Whoever it was that had done this to her... they were a dead man walking.
Part 2 has been posted!
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rebornlunar · a day ago
you want to step into the footsteps of being a fearless vigilante and the moon boys each have their own way of teaching you.
btw this is me being lazy and not wanting to write a long fic but still having tens of ideas <3
you: “so, what the first step?”
marc: “okay, so first, you just go all in. if you see them step back, means you win.”
you: “alright.”
marc: braces himself
marc: try it on me.”
you: tackle him into the floor and steps away
you: “did i do it right?”
marc: still on the floor
marc: “could use some work, but you got the idea.”
steven: “i don’t even understand why marc and jake put up with this. in my opinion, i think this is a terrible idea. i mean, things like this can have you seriously injured.”
you: “steven.”
steven: “yes?”
you: “can we get to it?”
steven: “i suppose.”
steven: prepares himself with his batons but immediately takes a step away from you
steven: “no, can’t do it!”
marc: ‘what the hell, steven.’
jake: ‘oye, qué haces?’
steven: “i’m not going to fight a child.”
jake: “solo de voy a decir una ves.”
you: “okay.”
jake: “no me importa si estás al borde de la muerte, no los vas a dejar.”
“te golpean en el hombro, les golpeas más fuerte hasta que se caen.”
“marc te puede enseñarte combate, pero el trabajo es mas fácil con un arma.”
jake: hands you his one and only pistol
marc: ‘he did not just give a kid a gun.’
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80pairsofcrocs · 2 days ago
baby scarab || 24
anon - for the baby scarab series jake, marc, or steven (or khonshu who goes and tells the guys) finds out about the developments with casper and all have their different reactions?
-🐀the great🤞😻
@amazowolf - OKAY SO…I found this video on tiktok and it made me think of your Baby Scarab series now that Matt and Frank are involved. I don't know what could happen for Frank to go off on a homophobe, but the thought of him defending Baby Scarab made me laugh and happy. Then the boys finding out later and just getting protective 😂 (I could be projecting there 😂🤔)
I just thought of you and your series and thought I would share!! Hope it's not a bother 💜
A/N : okay, so the requests werent delivered to their best ability, hope they were presented goof enough though since the next one will touch up on them a little
Tumblr media
masterlist - marvel masterlist - series masterlist
A/N : please enjoy, and as always, dont be afraid to leave a request :)
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic)reader, jake lockley x (platonic)reader
TW : medicine (pills), language, spidey stuff, homophobia(barely?), rushed writing, fluff. let me know if i missed anything
you woke up alone. it was weird since you’d gotten so used to waking up with steven, marc, or jake.
yesterday you and steven took a nap on, and then you beat his ass at uno before helping him make food and then falling asleep again after that. 
it was late by then too, it was a long day.
you were about to panic when you heard a clatter coming from the kitchen.
you shoot up in the bed, and slowly get up and softly walking to the source of the sound.
it was steven of course, and he’s just been washing dishes while something was cooking on the stove.
you snuck into the room while stevens back was turned, and sat up on the counter, waiting for him to turn around.
your swinging your legs back and forth, and you begin to get bored as steven doesn’t notice you.
but marc does, he knows you’re there.
but he doesn’t say anything since he also happens to know that you’re planning something.
you decide to stand up on the counter, silently reaching your hand up to the ceiling and pulling yourself up so that your crouching on the ceiling.
you tilt your head at marc in the reflection of one of the many mirrors around the room.
he puts a finger to his lips and smirks, signaling that he’d stay quiet.
you smile at him and nod, moving yourself across the ceiling so that you’re almost right above steven.
the ceilings in stevens place were weirdly higher than yours, so you had room to almost standing up fully before touching him.
you reach down as far as you can and realize you can barely reach him.
you sit there crouched on the ceiling and decide what you should do instead.
you look at the two dirty dishes left to his right, and decide what your next move is going to be.
you’re honestly surprised that he doesn’t notice that you’re literally right above him, but he is a geezer so i guess it would make some sense.
right as steven looks away from the sink to put the now clean plate he was washing in the drying rack, you shoot a web out to grab one of the dirty ones, bringing it up to you and watching as steven thinks he’s losing it.
“i swear there was a plate right here..” he looks to marc. “wasn’t there a plate there?” he asks and you see marc shake his head.
while stevens distracted, you decide to take the other one too, and when steven looks over he stammers over his words.
“okay well obviously i got hit on the head or something” he scoffs, looking around the room and walking carefully around the kitchen.
“or maybe you got dropped on your head as a child” marc chuckles and steven gives him a look.
“well that would mean you did too, idiot” steven retorts, while marc just scoffs.
you keep yourself from chuckling and follow steven around while still on the ceiling.
“now where did those plates go i swear there were two right there” he then says in distress and you shoot a web at the ceiling. and slide down on it so that you’re right next to steven who’s staring down at the sink, and you turn to him.
“bit sad, innit?” you say, which surprised steven as he jumps back and screams in a slightly high pitched voice.
you shrug while still hanging off the ceiling, hands hanging onto the web while your legs are bent up so that your feet are near your hands.
“yOu scared the living shit out of me!” steven exclaims at you, holding a hand to his heart.
you give him a guilty smile. “i’m sorry” you say, flipping off the web and onto the ground, on one knee while one arm is facing outwards to keep you from falling over, and flipping your hair out of your face before starting to get up.
steven and marc are just giving you weird looks as you get up, yanking the web off the ceiling and catching the plates that you stuck to the wall.
you hand them to steven and walk off to sit back up on the counter.
“see marc, i wasn’t dropped as a child” you finally allow yourself to laugh.
marc gives you a look from the mirror, and shakes his head. “hey, why do you do that thing?” he asks and you make a confused face.
“what thing?” you ask, leaning back and leaning on your hands which are planted on the counter.
“that thing you do after you jump off of something” marc elaborates and steven nods, understanding what he means.
“the.. like the thing you do when you whip your hair when you land- steven do the thing” marc says trying to not sound insane.
steven looks at him and then you who’s still confused. “you really don’t know what we’re talking about?” he asks and you shake your head.
“it’s the thing that marc said, you know?” steven gets down on one knee like you were, with one arm out while flipping his hair around.
“you know, the thing with the arm and the hair” he stops and gets up. 
“it’s a total fighting pose, you’re a total poser” steven tells you with a smile on his face while marc chuckles in the background.
“i’m not a poser” you say offendedly.
“yes you are, what do you call the whole hair-flipping thing?” marc teases and you glare at him.
“i mean, you do it as if everyone’s looking at you” he continues and you scoff and roll your eyes.
“don’t come at me, you guys do the same thing” you complain, earning a chuckle from both of the two guys.
you then notice how jake still isn’t there and you sigh.
“have you heard from him?” you ask quietly while steven goes back to the dishes.
“no” marc shakes his head. “he’ll come around” he tries to assure you and you nod.
steven finishes with the dishes, turning his attention back to the food that was still cooking on the stove.
“i made your favorite again, i hope you don’t mind” steven cuts in, making the atmosphere calm again.
“oh uhm.. casper invited me over again for lunch” you start, getting a look from marc. “can i go?” you ask.
both of them take a breath in unison. “if we walk you there and back” marc says and you nod. 
“what about the bruises? wont he get.. you know? worried?” steven asks and you nod.
“i’ll just make an excuse” 
“what about your arm?”
“…” you take a breath. “i’ll wear long sleeves.”
the two nod. “alright, but you can’t stay there for too long, alright?” steven says worriedly and you nod.
you really hoped it would be a good day, i mean it can’t be worse than what happened a few days ago.
can it?
“do you have everything you need?” marc asks, getting ready to leave.
you slip your shoes on and give him a thumbs up. “yeah, it’s just lunch, marc” you reply and he sighs.
“i know, but you’re going to be gone for a couple hours.” he exaggerates.
you snicker and pass him to open the door. “i think you guys need to chill”
marc comes out after you, locking the door. “okay, yes. i know we’ve been a bit.. uhh” he tries to find the right word.
you step onto the elevator. “clingy?” you ask and he nods.
“sadly. yes” he confirms and you elbow him in the ribs.
“whatever will you do without me?” you ask sarcastically, marc pressing the ground floors button.
“i actually have no idea” he says seriously and you raise an eyebrow as the elevator dings and the door opens.
“well what would you do before you met me?” you ask, both of you walking out of the building and to the sidewalk.
“..just moon knight stuff” marc answers. 
“well i used to work at the museum but someone got me fired” you hear steven complain, and marc scoff.
“what about layla? you can spend time with her, she is your girlfriend” you suggest and marc makes a face.
“i don’t think she’d be too happy if she found out about.. the thing” he says, referring to when you were taken by harrows men.
“wait- you haven’t told her?” you start, both of you turning a corner.
marc shakes his head. “well don’t you think she deserves to know?” you interrogate as you see casper’s place coming up.
marc sighs and nods. “i just don’t know how to tell her in a way that she won’t get mad at me” he confesses and you look at him weirdly.
“she would know that i couldn’t  be there in time- but i just get the feeling she’d be mad for me not telling her” he explains and you nod.
“well if you don’t tell her, i will” you say, stopping in front of the wooden door leading to casper’s home.
“fine, i’ll tell her” marc mumbles and you smile.
“i’ll text you when i’m on my way” he changes the subject and you nod.
you knock on the door and hear footsteps approaching it quickly, and then you see it open a little, and you get confused and look down.
“hello, allison” you smile at the girl, and she smiles back.
she looks between you and marc. “i think i can take it from here” you tell marc and he nods, waving a little to allison and turning away.
“if you need me don’t hesitate to call” he tells you.
“don’t worry, i will” you say back, and he turns around to give you one last look before turning away.
“is your brother there?” you ask the little girl and she nods.
“he’s hiding” she says and you give her a confused look while she opens the door wider for you.
you slowly step in and look around for anybody but see no one.
“and where exactly would he be hiding?” you ask allison and she giggles, pointing to the wall between the foyer and the kitchen.
you nod at her and slip your shoes off by the door, hugging your thin jacket to your chest after you take it off.
“why’s he hiding” you ask again, and allison smiles mischievously.
“he said that he needs to make his hair pretty because he wants to impress you” she admits and you let out a quiet chuckle.
“did he now?” you keep the information for yourself and peer around the corner, seeing casper looking at himself in one of the reflective windows.
“come on.. stupid-“ he then sees you looking at him from the reflection.
“ohmygod” he turns around. “you’re here” you nod.
“nice observation” you say and he scoffs.
“i told allison not to get the door” he mutters.
you tilt your head. “aw but then i wouldn’t know that you wanted to impress me” you say sarcastically, and you see the soul leave casper’s body.
“she told you that?” he asks quietly and you nod.
“well like i’ve said- she- she’s only a kid she loves making things up” he shrugs and walks closer to you so that he could speak to you easier.
“sure” you smile at him.
you look up to his hair and see that it looks almost the same as it always does.
“well, you succeeded in making your hair pretty” you say teasingly and casper covers his face with his hands.
“oh! hello, y/n” you hear a new voice, which happened to be grace walking into the room.
“hi grace. how’ve you been?” you ask politely while casper stand beside you embarrassed.
“oh, i’ve been great.” she starts. “what about you?” she asks back and you smile.
“i’ve been good” you say it more to yourself than her, and when she gets a better look at you her smile fades a little.
“oh dear, what happened to your face?” she asks, and casper looks at you closer as well, seeing the faded bruises.
casper couldn’t see them before, since it was the lighting that prevented it.
“yeah, i see it too” he says. “what happened?” the two look worriedly at you but you just send both of them a comforting smile.
“just another usual fight, it’s no big deal” you tell them and grace turns away frowning, preparing lunch for all of you.
casper just gives you a look, nodding to follow him as he walks down the hallway.
you sigh and follow him, ending up sitting in the same spots in his room.
this time you noticed all the paper airplanes you made handing from the ceiling in the corner by his bed.
“what really happened?” he asks you seriously and you sigh shaking your head. 
“i already told you i-“
“cut the bullshit, you’re lying” he hurts out at you, which is very uncharacteristic of him.
“you do this thing when you lie, you always sigh and then shake your head” he says and you groan.
“okay, so what if i’m lying?” you ask. “i turned out okay” you tell him and he’s the one to sigh this time, running a hand through his hair.
“i’m just worried about you” he admits and you soften your expression.
“apparently everyone is” you mutter.
“you know, it’s weird that you got this beat up with that spider vigilante running around” he says skeptically.
you scoff. “well maybe she’s not always around” you try to reason and casper gives you a smug look.
“how do you know that they’re a girl?” he asks with a smirk and you chuckle.
“on the news, we saw her smoking hot bod” you said equally as smug.
casper groans and runs his hand through his hair again. “okay, i’m going to be straight up- i maybe kinda thought you would know them- or- her?” he admits and you let out a silent sigh of relief.
“you know, since you know moon knight, i thought you’d know the spider person” he says disappointedly.
you look at him in pity and let out a breath. “sorry, i don’t know her.” you start. “and she needs a cool name, i do agree with that” you say referring to when casper originally said it.
“and like i’ve previously said before- arachnid is a badass vigilante name” he says, now ignoring the previous subject.
you chuckle and look at casper who’s already looking at you.
“what else did allison say?” he asks quietly, and you shrug.
“just that you were making your hair pretty” you laugh, and casper covers his face again.
“come on, don’t be embarrassed” you say and he turns to glare at you.
“then quit making fun of me” he complains and you keep laughing.
he eventually smiles and shakes his head at you, and then you both hear a familiar knock on the doorframe.
“mama said come get lunch” allison stats. “she said you could come back here if you want” she finishes and leaves.
you look to casper and he gets up, you doing the same and following him.
grace had made delicious looking sandwiches for you guys, saying how she made the bread herself.
you were shocked too, like oh my god, this woman-
she made bread. you don’t even know how bread is bread.
it was so good too, like you can’t get over it.
anyways, your time with casper went by quickly, you guys finished your lunch in his room and you both were seeing who could solve his rubix cubes first.
he had a couple, surprisingly. 
you two were so engaged in trying to beat each other, that you almost missed your phone ringing.
you stopped and put the rubix cube down of course, sliding your finger across the green button after seeing that it was one of the guys.
you pick up and casper looks to you, but you don’t notice that as you stare down at the desk your arm is propped on.
“y/n?” you hear marc’s voice.
“marc” you say back.
“i was just letting you know i was on my way” he tells you and you smile to yourself.
“i thought you said you’d text me” you reply.
“well i just wanted to hear your voice” he responds and you snort.
“clingy” you say, and you hear marc sigh.
“yeah, make fun all you want” he starts. “be there in five”
and then he hangs up.
he’s never good at goodbyes.
you look at casper and give him a smile.
“marc’s on his way here” you tell him and he makes a sad face.
“i’ll see you soon, don’t make that face” you tell him and he chuckles.
casper nods to his door. “you can take some bread with you” he whispers to you and an excited look takes over your face.
casper chuckles. “come on, he’ll probably be here soon” he says while getting up again, you following him.
casper wraps up some of the bread that grace made in some of that clear wrap stuff and hands it to you.
“enjoy it” you take it from him and you tuck it under your elbow. 
“i will” you assure him and you both stand by the door waiting for marc.
which wasn’t long, since you opened the door right before he could knock.
“how’d you..” casper starts but you shake your head. 
“just a feeling” you shrug, forgetting marc was there.
“well, i might stop by the cafe with allison some time this week” casper shrugs and you nod.
“that’d be nice” you say, and you hesitantly put a hand up to his cheek as he panics, marc watching with surprise at what you’re doing.
you lean in and press a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth, pulling back right after that.
you nod to him and step down from the foyer to the outside.
“i’ll see you” you wave and start walking while pulling marc along by the sleeve.
you hear the door close and take your hand off marc, putting it in your pocket while the other one is still holding your bread.
“what the hell was that?” marc says suddenly and you look at him.
“what was what?” you ask back.
“..are you kidding me?” he starts. “you actually just kissed him in front of me” he says, his voice a pitch higher.
your face flushes in embarrassment. “i didn’t kiss him on the mouth though so it’s fine” you mutter and marc scoffs.
“but you kissed him nonetheless” he points out and fakes a throwing up noise.
you elbow him in the ribs and roll your eyes. “what? it’s not like i haven’t heard you and layla ‘snogging’ before”
marc gives you a look. “you’ve… heard it?” 
“well don’t let me catch you kissin’ anyone please” he cringes and you chuckle.
“and i mean anyone, man or woman” he clarifies and you smile at him.
“or woman?” you hear a voice from behind you so both of you turn around to see an older woman with short blonde hair, her looks being identical to the average ‘karen’.
“yeah, you got a problem?” marc asks defensively, and you hold his sleeve to keep him at your side.
“marc, let’s just go” you mutter but he shakes his head, turning back to the woman.
“yeah, just go back to wherever you came from” the lady says grumpily and marc starts walking towards her before you stick your hand to his sleeve, and your feet to the ground.
you shake your head at him and he sighs, turning back to you.
“fine, just don’t listen to her” he tells you and you nod.
“damn queers” the lady says, turning back around while you look down at the ground and try to speed walk away with marc.
you feel like you’re about to crack under pressure when a noise is heard from heard from behind you.
you both turn around and you see a familiar face.
“do you really have nothing better to do than bully a little girl?” the man says to her, and you smile slightly.
“i’m just-“
“no, you don’t have any excuses, now go apologize” he points to you.
you shake your head as the woman scoffs. “sorry” she says angrily and stomps off.
“thank you frank, but that was really not necessary” you say and marc furrows his eyebrows.
“you know this guy?” he asks you and you nod. “he came in the cafe once” you shrug.
“yeah, well it’s nice to see you again, little lady” he starts, giving a nod to both you and marc.
“but i gotta get going, stay outta trouble” he says, reciting what he said to you only a few weeks ago.
“i will, have a nice day” you respond and he starts walking in the other direction.
you and marc start your walk home again. “this day keeps getting weirder and weirder” he shakes his head.
“it does, doesn’t it?” you nod along.
the two of you got home pretty quickly, without any more incidents.
you were glad there were no other problems, besides the one with the lady was already bad enough.
you didn’t show it, but what she said hurt you more than you wanted it to.
you and marc are now just sitting on the couch together and flipping through channels.
“has jake said anything yet?” you ask him impatiently.
you get no answer and look to him in confusion as he gets up and moves to the kitchen.
“..marc?” you ask cautiously.
he turns around and reaches to the hat rack, slipping the newsie hat onto his head and you smile in anticipation.
“sorry for the absence” jake turns around and you smile even wider.
without thinking, you shoot a web out to the ceiling and swing yourself over to him and go crashing into him with your arms around his neck and legs around his waist.
“where did you go? i missed you” you say as jake gathers himself and pulls you away enough to look at you properly. 
“..what the hell was that?” he asks and you sheepishly smile at him.
“it’s a spidey thing” you say simply and jake chuckles softly.
“i missed you too, mi vida” he says to you and you lean back in to hug him again.
he had his arms around your frame, carrying you back to the couch.
“i also have questions about the fighting pose” he smiles into your hair.
you pull back to glare at him.
“don’t even start with that” you threaten.
he puts his hands up in surrender.
“fine, fine”
the rest of the night was just you and jake catching up.
he knew exactly what had happened and all that, he just liked hearing you talk.
i mean, what father doesn’t like hearing their daughters talk about their day?
A/N : ending was rushed but i hope you guys like it, and for everyone asking i am in est, and i post at about 10-11 pm every other day.
see you guys with chapter 25 on sunday!! <3
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terry-perry · 13 hours ago
44 from the Little One prompt list with the Moon Knights boys please 🥺
Choosing little one’s name together.
Tumblr media
“So, we’re having a girl,” you said.
You just came back from your latest doctor appointment. All things were good, baby was healthy. And you also found out you were having a daughter.
“You called it,” Steven said, mumbling into your stomach.
 Out of all the three, he was the one who loved resting against it the most. The other two may find any excuse to have their hands on it, but Steven was the one who had no shame. And now that your baby bump was becoming more prominent, he loved it even more. Anytime he was around you, his hands would find their way to it. If not his hands, then his head. At least his lips.  
“I’m happy,” you said, caressing his hair as he kept his head on you. “You guys came up with a lot of cute girl names.”
Since the start of your pregnancy, the boys would text you different names for the baby. It basically become part of your routine to expect a text with a name suggestion. You could tell right away who would be coming up with something based on the choices.
Steven would come up with names that were fancier and/or from literature like Charlotte, Theodore, Emily, Darcy.
Marc liked simpler names that had one or two syllables like James, Amy, Eric, John.
Jake gravitated towards ones that sounded nice in both English and Spanish like Emma, Oscar, Felix, Anna.
“Well, we agreed you’d have the final say, love,” Steven said, now mindlessly tracing shapes along your belly. “Any of them stand out for you?”
“I really like Marceline,” you said. “It sounds pretty. That’s also the name of that poet you really like, right?”
“Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, yes,” he clarified. “The French translation for it also translates to ‘little warrior.’”
“Definitely appropriate for our daughter. It also sounds like the female version of Marc, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, it does,” he peered down to talk directly to your unborn child. “Marceline it is then?”
He felt a small kick just then, getting the both of you to gasp and laugh in disbelief.
“Marceline it is then,” you confirmed. “And what about a middle name?”
“Well, the three of us really liked one name. Mostly because of its meaning behind it.”
“Oh?” You tried your best to remember which one all three of them suggested.
“Abigail,” Steven answered, smiling more fondly than ever. “In Hebrew, it means ‘father’s joy.’”
Hearing that brought out your own elated smile. “It’s perfect,”
So, it was settled.
Five more months, and you’d be welcoming your little warrior that was your father’s joy.
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nghtwngs · a day ago
the lack of moon knight fics being posted rn :(
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foreverinadais · a day ago
after an argument: hc
(part 2: part 1 here!) this ended up taking way longer than i imagined woops
Tumblr media
the silent treatment he had been giving you eventually turns into reflection time.
the outcome? he feels like a complete dick.
so he when he sees your sitting on the sofa, he would come and sit next to you, his hands placed awkwardly on his knees
he would sneak peaks at you as if to get your attention because our love can’t directly make the first move after confrontation 
finally, you would sigh and face him
to which he would pretend to be really interested in whatever was on the tv.
then he would spill.
“I’m sorry I was such an arse and for the stupid argument. I was acting immature and you don’t deserve that and if there’s anyway I can make it up to you-”
You would interrupt him with a much calmer, “Steven.” and add, “It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not. I was stupid to do anything to risk what we have.”
You could see the hidden fear in his eyes and shook your head.
“You won’t lose me. besides, people in relationships argue!” He isn’t convinced, muttering a string of apologies again.
“I’m not mad anymore, okay? It’s done.”
Steven is relieved. Like super relieved. he physically breathes a sigh of relief.
And he hesitantly reaches out to take your hand
to which you offer a smile and snuggle into his side.
“Wow.” Steven suddenly whispers
“I just love you. And am so lucky to have you, my love.”
to which you smile, because your equally lucky to have him- even when he is sassy.
okay so i feel like he would want to avoid direct confrontation
but would still obviously want to apologise.
so say your asleep and he sneaks into the flat
has gotten a bunch of flowers or something cliché that he debated on getting but decided he needs something romantic to add to his apology.
he doesn’t want to wake you, plans to just leave the flowers in a vase and cook you breakfast.
but he stubs his toe on the side as he walks in and cusses loudly.
of course, you wake up instantly, slightly delirious from your sleep.
he cringed at himself, inhaling deeply before muttering a small ‘nope’.
Marc knows he’s fucked up by the sadness in your tone.
your sit up, noticing the flowers and he follows your gaze and sighs.
“Look, Y/N, I fucked up. And I’m sorry.”
he paces forward and places the flowers on the bedside table
It’s kinda funny to see big, scary Marc Spector be so shy 
and you don’t really know what to do
cause your still pissed at him.
“You upset me, marc. I just care about you, is all. when you get hurt, it hurts me. And I’m powerless to it, you know?”
“I know, baby. I know. I got, defensive and it was wrong of me.”
he feels emotional and turns away from you for a moment.
“Just not really used to people caring about me. I just don’t want to scare you off, or risk losing you. It doesn’t give me an excuse, I know. I’m sorry.”
He sniffles, would desperately try to stop any tears.
But you saw him. Saw all his insecurity, all his pain, all his worry.
and you instantly would get up from the bed, wrap your arms round his waist.
“I know, darling. We can work on it, okay? But we don’t have to right now.” 
to which you would gently urge him to turn around.
and he accepts your embrace, softly sniffles into your shoulder as you stroke his back.
“Let’s go to bed, yeah?”
and he agrees.
and you both lie down, you guiding him to rest his head on your chest as you gently play with his hair
both slowly realising you can work on your problems together.
“I’m worried, mate. She could be anywhere.”
“She isn’t answering our texts.”
“Fuck sake, Jake.”
after you left, of course all 3 of them would be freaking out.
Jake would eventually take control- or lose it.
going back to his bottle but slowly
truth was, he was more worried than anyone.
this was his fault
so if anything happened to you, that would be on him.
and he would never forgive himself
he was pacing the room, calling your phone yet again, practically screaming in frustration when he heard your voicemail.
that was until the door opened.
you half expected one of the others to be fronting, or for Jake not to be there at all.
but to your slight dismay, there he was, instantly turning to face you and throwing his phone on the sofa.
you would take off your jacket, not even bothering to face him.
then walk straight to the bathroom for a shower, avoiding contact at all.
“You need to sort this out, Jake. Just say sorry.” 
he knew he had too. just didn’t know how to communicate it
and all you wanted, no, needed, was for him to communicate.
you come out the shower and to his dismay, your wearing one of your own night tops and not one of his
and you get a glass of water before going to bed.
but before you can, Jake clears his throat.
to which you would stop in your tracks, slightly turning to him so he knows he has some of your attention.
“Are you hurt?”
“You were gone for so long, I thought you might’ve got-”
“Are you kidding? I was ‘gone for so long’ because you told me to leave, remember?” 
okay, tensions were still high
and i have a feeling Jake is stubborn
Jake would stop talking for a moment as he watches you shake your head slightly
“I was angry.”
“well I’m still angry.”
and the atmosphere would be so tense.
one wrong word, and it could all snap.
“What do you want me to do?”
and you scoff.
“Honestly? I want you to be honest. Jake, do you want me?”
“You hardly say it.”
“You hardly say you love me! and maybe I’m selfish but you don’t act like you love me sometimes. I want, I want you to talk to me and be open to me and want me in the way I want you! Because I can’t keep doing this.”
That- he feels his stomach turn in dread, feels his head fill with fire. But mostly, he feels the way his heart breaks slightly.
of course he loves you.
but it was fucking terrifying to admit
you mistake his silence for agreeance and you feel tears well in your eyes
because this is your biggest fear; that one of them could fall out of love with you.
“I’m going to bed.” 
the sentence sends chills down his spine in the worst way
and he shakes out of his thoughts, rushing forward.
“No no no, wait. I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t find the words for you, Y/N, but it’s not because I don’t want to or because I don’t care but it’s because for you, I feel so deeply. I can cope with pain, lord knows I can, but this... loving you means the possibility of losing you and I can’t live with that.”
none of them can
and you pause again, putting down the water and turning to him with watery eyes.
“It doesn’t make up for what happened. I mean it, Jake. We can’t keep doing this thing where we fight and then fuck, and then forget about it.”
“I won’t. I will try and make it up to you, Cariño, every single day. And I might not be able to open up like the others do, but I will try. I will try for you.” 
and you finally nod slightly, tears falling freely now.
and he sighs in utter relief and it’s overwhelming what he feels for you
he walks over and kisses you fiercely and you pause for a moment before returning the gesture
but the dominance dies down, leaving a gentle, loving kiss, making your head dizzy
and finally, Jake says with as much certainty as you have ever heard, “Te quiero. I love you, mi amor.”
and whilst you know it’ll take a while, your willing to wait.
for them, you would wait an eternity
because they are your eternity.
cliché little ending to make up for the angst of p1 hehe. hope you enjoyed :)
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dreaminrubies · a day ago
Soft Saturday Drabble #4
Moon Knight: Steven Grant/Marc Spector with GN!little!reader
Request: Your little!reader stories with Steven and Marc always make me so happy- 🥺 could you write something for little!reader having a nightmare and Steven and Marc calming them down after?
A small whimper escaped your mouth as you clutched the stuffed alligator in your arms.  The same reoccurring nightmare. Her voice heavy and thick, the swirl of purple power radiating off her as one large, taloned hand reached for you.  I’m going to make you mine.
“NO!” you yelped as you woke up, body jolting as sweat clung to your forehead and back.
“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Marc’s warm voice asked and soon you felt his hand rest against your lower back.
“Just a nightmare,” you whispered as your whole body trembled.
“Same one?” Marc asked softly and you gave a little nod before you let yourself rest against his chest.  “Why don’t you go get your book and I’ll let Steven out for awhile, we’ll get you feeling better again.”
You swiped under your eyes with you thumb before you moved out of bed, legs trembling a bit as you grabbed your favorite book off the shelf.
“Alright, little dove, we’ll make sure to chase those nightmares away,” Steven said, now at the front, as he took your hand and led you over to the couch.  He let you get comfortable in his lap and draped a cozy blanket around you, making you feel safe and secure as he started to read to you.  You let out a soft giggle as he did different voices; slowly the jilting nightmares began to fade from your memory.
You were half asleep against his chest when Marc fronted, a warm hand cupped your face gently.  “We are never going to let Ammit take you, little one.  I promise.”
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To Cry for the Moon Part 5 (Moon Knight x Female Eternal!Reader)
Author’s Note: This one is a longer one, and I might be the only update until Monday. If I have time to finish part 6 after I get home from Mean Girls the Musical I might get it out tomorrow but I cannot guarantee it. But enjoy part 5!
I do not have dissociative identity disorder (DID) This is a fictional depiction of DID & characters are based on the Marvel/Disney’s Moon Knight series. I own nothing. The story idea by @jupitersmoon167 (the original post I saw is here!) Also realized I should probably add content warnings, so I did and tagged them. If you think I missed a warning please send me an ask. I try to tw tag even the tiniest thing so no one has to suffer if I can help it.
Y/N = Your Name. Y/N/N = Your Nickname. Reader pronouns She/Her. Story is 3rd person POV. Italics are the reflected alter talking.
Tag Requests are Open just message me.
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Primary Pairing: Steven Grant x Eternal!Reader, Marc Spector x Eternal!Reader, Khonshu x Ma'at!Reader (It’ll make sense eventually)
Content Warning: Mental Illness, arguing, stalking (because Khonshu is just being a creeper), angry Khonshu, Earthquake
Word Count: 2k+
WIP Series Masterlist
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Part 5: Unsteady Times
Y/N was mid-tour when the world around them started to shake. People began to panic, screaming in fear of the large objects and glass displays. She did her best to usher the group away from looming artifacts. As much as she knew she wasn't supposed to use her powers around people unless deviants were around she was already preparing to call on her wings to shield them as best as she could. A nearby statue standing nearly 10 feet tall swayed as the shaking seemed like it might never stop, but in reality could only be a few moments, less than a minute even. The slightly eroded base even on a secured pedestal might not hold much longer. She called on as much strength her cosmic powers allowed her without her armor or her wings to stop it from toppling over. When the shaking stopped and the statue stilled, she let go and looked around. The tour stopped as well. She did her best to calm them, but the group opted to leave. She could understand that. As she headed back from the lobby she decided to see how the gift shop, and a certain employee, had fared.  She managed to catch Steven's attention from the entrance of the gift shop. He was busy straightening a few toppled displays, stopping when he saw her. She gave him a wave and a thumbs up. He grinned and returned the gesture. It was really all they had a chance to do because of the chaotic nature of it all. But it was enough. Steven would take Marc's jabs about being a lovesick puppy because of how happy he was that she'd come to check on him. Marc was just glad she wasn't crushed under one of those giant statues she loved. That was something they both agreed on. 
As she walked back toward some of the more fragile artifacts she froze. She could see something moving, but it didn't make sense. She swore she saw a tall figure moving among the relics. It made Y/N shiver. 
"Do you feel that?" One of the other guides asks. "Is there a draft?"
"I…maybe, I don't know," Y/N replies, glancing back at the poorly lit room that was lit more for dramatic effect than convenient surveillance. She swore she saw movement again. 
"Are you alright?" Her coworker asks, stepping beside her.
"What? Oh yeah, guess I'm still a bit shaken up. Not every day you wonder if you might get done in by a replica of a temple column or take a sarcophagus lid to the head."
"If we did, I'd demand hazard pay," the guide said. 
"Agreed," Y/N chuckled. 
But she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. Her shift was almost over but something made her step into the Ennead exhibit.
She walks up to a set of statues, sighs, and walks over to a recreation of a temple wall. She stops in front of a god not featured throughout most of the exhibit. The lunar deity, Khonshu.
"I've either lost my mind after all these years or you're here for some reason. Part of me hopes you really are." She glances back at the statues of the Ennead. "I know they banished you, and I was sad to hear that, but just so you know, I'm glad you still exist." 
Her phone rings and she turns to leave. A grin on her face when she feels a slight breeze around her. 
"Hey Sprite," she says as she answers her phone. She closes the door to the exhibit and heads towards the lobby. "I'm on my way out now." 
Ancient Egypt:
Ma'at smiles as she watches her fellow Eternals mingle among the Egyptian people. It is unusual for a god or goddess to walk among the people but Ma'at was not a normal goddess. Her task was to directly judge the hearts of humanity. She had not only aided the humans in defining order, aiding in creating standards of judgment, laws and creating a balance with not only the world around them but in themselves. A system of truth and justice that would grow with the people. And grow it did. It grew into a kingdom, but humans and Eternals were not the only beings. Gods joined them. The Eternals welcomed the gods and their devotions to the kingdom they created. The bond between gods and Eternals was forged around a single feather. The feather of truth was offered on behalf of the Eternals and the people to aid the gods in their process so long as the gods agreed to maintain the systems already established, mainly the judgment of humanity and their hearts in this world and the next. The Eternal Y/N, having been the one to offer the feather and her services as the creator of the system to Osiris. In return he deemed her Ma'at, Goddess of judgment, truth, justice and order. Y/N happily accepted the position. That was how she found herself the liaison between the Ennead and the Eternals. The avatars of the gods, good and loyal servants of the deities, were always happy for her assistance. As the only god or goddess without the need of an avatar, a lot of communication went through Ma'at. The Eternals and other avatars helped, but like all things Y/N did, it was a balancing act she eagerly accepted. It was part of her mission after all. Though she would often buttheads with the more stubborn gods. Primary those that also claimed to enact judgment and justice. Osiris would defer to Ma'at more often than not to deal with stubborn deities. Requiring Ma'at to often reside in the temple as Khonshu and often Ammit quarrel. It was a tad bit tedious but all part of the job. But nothing ever lasts. As the kingdom celebrated the Eternals eradicating the deviants in the area. It meant it was time for the Eternals to move on. The humans were safe from deviants and the kingdom was thriving. Osiris had agreed, as well as most of the gods, that Ma'at is allowed to go without losing their backing. If only because she would never truly be gone. She would always be there in part. Her feather and the scales used to judge the hearts of humanity were forged from her energy. Forged by her hands with the aid of Phastos. It allowed her to be aide Osiris in his judgment no matter where she may be in the world. Her power continued to flow through the feather. But not all the gods were thrilled about their departure. That was how despite the joyous celebration going on throughout the kingdom, Y/N was unable to join her fellow Eternals. Instead, she found herself once more in the temple.
"Khonshu, this was always how it was going to be," she told him. "This is my mission, granted by the celestial that formed the world you claim to protect. To defy our creator, to defy his command, is beyond betrayal. Do you wish for my immortal life to be so swiftly ended? Do you not see that I've already done the most I can do? A part of my very being binds my power here. You may believe my power is as vast as the cosmos itself, as vast as the even sky, but I have my limits. Arishem has seen to that. I cannot defy him."
"So you abandon us," Khonshu states. 
"Are you even listening to me? You will still have my power, my judgment. You will have everything you need for your precious justice to continue. You will still be able to protect the travelers of the night. You do not need me."
"Then leave!" Khonshu spat. "You are no god. You are a servant, a slave to a being you never get to see."
"Says the god that cannot be perceived by most mortals beyond a gust of wind. Only the gods and avatars can see you. Which one of us is bound by limitations, Bird?" She retorts. 
"My avatar is bound to me. He serves me." Khonshu says. "And as you said, you are no longer needed. So you waste my time." With that, he vanishes in a gust of wind and sand.
"Goodbye my friend," Y/N spoke to the night. Hoping the breeze and the night sky would convey her message. No longer feeling jovial or wanting companionship. She bid the temple goodbye, assuring the gods she could always be reached. Just hold the feather and she would feel them. She could return if Arishem and Ajax allowed. She returned to the Domo to prepare her heart for leaving the one place since Olympia she felt truly at home. Only bothering to join her fellow Eternals when they were called by Ajax to the main chamber of the Domo. She announced their next destination. Y/N had only been half-listening. She nods as the other agree to the new destination and they finally depart. 
A hand finds her shoulder. She looks up to see Ajax's gentle smile. "One day your heart will feel whole again, until then you still have ours, your fellow Eternals. Arishem is proud of you. The mission continues and you have done well, Y/N/N. Khonshu will see with time. We serve the same power. The cosmos that gives him his sight, flows through you, through all of us. You will never truly leave them. Take heart, my dear. You are proof the celestials provide for all." Ajax brushes a strand of hair from the younger Eternal face. "Your heart forever beats for the sands of time, they will all see that eventually. Even the gods cannot stop time."
Modern Times:
Steven had managed to make it to the last bit of Dane’s birthday party. Apologizing that Donna made him stay late again for inventory. 
“Next time just drag, Y/N/N along, she loves that boring stuff,” Sprite laughs. 
“Just glad you could make it,” Sersi smiles, Dane agrees with a nod. 
“Want me to take Donna down a peg again, you know I loooove to see her get all annoyed but not be able to do anything because both the tour guide and translation departments adore me.”
“So humble,” Sprite laughs.
“They do, don’t they,” Steven chuckles. “Thank you, love, but I can handle Donna.” 
“No you can’t but not like she can hear me,” Marc states from the reflection of a pint glass.
“Be nice, Y/N,” Sersi says. “No need to piss off Steven’s boss, she might take it out on him.” Sersi gave her a look that Y/N and Sprite referred to as the ‘You know how people get’ look. 
“Alright, we can’t have that now can we,” Y/N straightens the lapel of Steven’s jacket. “I won't antagonize your boss. I’ll be perfectly cordial as always.” Earning a snicker from Sprite. 
“I can be nice, I just hate the way she belittles him. Next time I see it, I’m going to HR.”
“You really don’t need to defend me,” Steven says. “It’s nothing new.”
Y/N pouts slightly. “Don’t need to, but I’m going to,” She patted his cheek and grinned. “Someone has to after all.”
“Did you feel that earthquake earlier?” Steven said eager to change the topic. 
"Yes, it was quite shocking. The poor students in my lecture were terrified."
"Poor kids," Steven says.
"Poor everyone," Y/N says. “Scared the hell out of the tour group I had. One lady screamed bloody murder. Glad none of the artifacts shifted too far. Made me wonder if standing the sarcophagi vertically in their displays was a good idea. Even if it didn’t crack the glass might and that would have been a disaster. Then again, Sersi had a fossil nearly crush a kid, so I guess my group got lucky.” She left out the part that both she and Sersi had used their powers to protect people. The guys didn't need to know.
“Y/N!” Sersi slaps her arm. “She’s fine, a bit shaken, but she was fine. Is that why you got stuck on inventory? The earthquake shake up the gift shop?”
“It did, luckily not anything too valuable broke,” Steven nodded.
“Donna better not take it out of your check, she would blame you for tectonic plates shifting, or whatever caused it.”
“Enough about Donna, this is supposed to be a party, i’nnit?” Sprite groaned.
When the party was over they all headed out.
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Tumblr media
As I announced, my digital drawing of Moon Knight as a real knight - an inspiration for an upcoming AU-fic. 🌙
Writing and drawing requests are open
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Stop Dead 🌘🌔🌒
Tumblr media
Description:Things with your moon boys can get heated. When it comes to their Passion, tension, tempers, etc. Heat rises, and with them the heights can be too the moon. What happens when a scary situation overwhelms you all, and it causes you to break.
Warnings: Angst, talk of blood, torture, blood loss and shock, crying, stitches, cannon typical violence, female pronouns given I believe? Could be wrong on that one, over stimulation (not in a sexual way), puking, just.. go with caution. reader puts themselves in a shitty situation and they know it.
A/N: I had a full scale breakdown the other day when I got sunpoisioning, thought of this. I hope y’all like this, if I jacked up the Spanish or references to DID or the system at large, please tell me. I don’t do this intentionally, and I want to fix if needed.
In all fairness, you had almost gotten yourself killed. Recklessness was one of your talents, and that knife looked like it would hurt, but better you than him, your mind rationalized. You knew Marc had the suit and would be fine, but you still don’t enjoy him being stabbed. Leaving without him you would admit, was a terrible choice, but you figured you could handle it, It was just a cult after all. You’d handled cults before, being an avatar yourself, it was nothing new. However, this one you would admit was overwhelming. You had expected something stupid and easy to wipe out, Instead you were met with an organization that seemed to be more interested in torture than worship. You could still smell the stench of rotting and putrid flesh, the tang of fresh blood. It was horrific, you had gotten in way over your head, and thankfully your boys came to the rescue, but you needed a chance to breathe, and by the gods they weren’t letting up.
You suppose you expected gratitude, you had just taken a knife for them. Instead, you got a lecture of epic proportions, and a brush with death you were having a really hard time shaking. Your injuries were totaled to bruised ribs, a black eye, a cut on your right cheek, a nasty headache, and the crowning jewel of a stab wound to your right shoulder blade. You holistically understood what a bad decision you had made, the reasoning of their anger. However, at the moment? Each and every little piece was adding up to what was going to be a meltdown of epic proportions, if they didn’t lay off soon.
Marc started the scolding. He Spit and cursed as you fought off the men, and at the beginning there, before the knife, you had quite a bit of bite to add into the conversation.
“Baby, what the fuck were you thinking!?” Marc yelled, dispatching the last of the first wave of assholes who got you into this situation.
“Don’t you fucking use that tone with me, Spector!” You yell, dispatching another asshole who came at your already pretty injured form.
“Don’t be a fucking idiot then!” Marc yells, throwing another moon shaped dart at an assailant, as you get into the thick of it again.
“Marc, you haven’t actually, truly slept in three days, Konshu had you dealing with something clear across the city, and unfortunately, I have my own nosy ass god I have to listen to hanging over my shoulder about this shit too. I didn’t really have the time!” You yelled kicking another crazy cultist directly in the head, sending him crashing to the floor. Your argument was half hearted at best.
Meanwhile, Marc was still yelling at you about your stupidity, and it was beginning to get on your nerves. Not that you didn’t see where he was coming from, but its honestly annoying and a bit hypocritical. The same man who constantly ran his body to the ground, and jumped head first into dangerous fire fights, was yelling at your inability to take care of yourself? Please.
You had a gash on your forehead that was rapidly leaking blood into your eyes, making everything harder to see, and had the added effect of slowly making you more and more exhausted. You were not to tired however, to see the man with the knife rapidly approaching your busy boyfriend.
“Marc LOOK OUT!” You screamed and threw yourself directly into the path of the knife the man had thrown, earning yourself a really nasty stab wound. You yanked the knife out with a yell, and fell to your knees. Watching as Marc’s suit shifted from his white suit to Jake’s black one.
The cultists did not lay off, even though they were clearly loosing. Jake quickly fronting after you had taken the knife for Marc, and took out the threat, as you lay dazed and bleeding in the warehouse you had busted into. Your head felt like mush, your limbs splayed put on the ground, a stupefied expression turned up to the ceiling with no sign of immediate movement on your part. The blood loss was getting to you, and it was starting to get really hard to think clearly. You heal quickly thanks to your avatarship, but you don’t heal nearly as fast as the boys do, and while you had stoped the heavy bleeding, it wasn’t quick enough to truly stem the blood loss you had already suffered. You felt like a dead slug, laying in your own sticky wet blood.
Jake however, was a ball of raw energy, with no directive and no good place to dissolve, so you took the brunt force of his left over blaze of glory. While his hands were incredibly gentle, his words were not, and they just kept flowing like water from a tap.
“¿Eres estúpido o qué? You could have been killed! pareces la muerte! That is probably the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen you do, and that’s saying some shit because I’ve seen you make a lot of bad decisions, Cariño. Eso fue lo más tonto que jamás hayas visto hacer.” He ranted like this the whole way home, altering between lewd Spanish curses, and scathing comments about your decision making skills. At least he drove careful so as to not jostle your injuries. You tuned him out mostly, head swimming in nausea and in guilt already without the added noise from one of your boyfriends being angry at you. “Clearly you can’t be trusted anymore, I’m gonna have to put a leash on you!” Oof, that one cut deep, and it just kept going from there.
You make it up the stairs with little to no energy, and when you enter the apartment and flop onto a chair, you’re greeted with Steven and a med kit at your shoulder. You’re so tired you didn’t even notice the switch, and In your muddled exhaustion from blood loss, Steven’s disappointed expression seems like a war crime. He steadily fixes your shoulder and mutters his disappointment at you but you keep nodding off, and in your dazed and exhausted state, the sweat and anxiety has settled in. All you want to do is sleep, but Steven’s rambling frustration is just feeding the pit in your chest. Your breathing gets more and more rapid as he talks too, the confusion in your fog filled brain getting worse by the second. The boys are too scared and angry to notice though, and it just keeps getting worse the guiltier Steven makes you feel.
“Love what we’re you thinking? That was a bit reckless, Innit? Just running a muck like that, you were gone and I was so worried! Now look, you’re bleeding and exhausted. You can’t do it all on your own! Don’t you trust us?” He intones making the last stitch, as you sip some juice and eat some crackers, trying to up your blood sugar enough to clear the fog. It’s not working as fast as it should though, and you’re still so out of it. “What if you had died? Do you want to leave us alone?” That was the last straw. You felt your inner dam break.
When you stood up so abruptly, Steve knew something was wrong. You shouldn’t be standing, you were clearly not in good health.
“Darling-“ Steve reached out for you, and you made almost a guttural, animal like noise in the back of your throat as you pushed off of him and stumbled to the bathroom. You knew somewhat subconsciously that you should sit down and just tell Steven you were overstimulated and exhausted. That you knew you had made a bad choice, but that you needed quiet. You just couldn’t seem to get your mouth to cooperate. You were whimpering, and struggling, and clawing your way across the room, stomach and head churning.
Steven followed you almost in a daze of his own, as you stumbled into your small bathroom and slammed the door behind you, locking him out. That’s when the horrible retching began. The over stimulation, blood loss, and guilt were finally catching up to you, and you were messed up to say the least. You didn’t even bother turning on the lights as you sobbed and heaved, brain still in a terrible fog you couldn’t shake. Eventually, stomach empty, you lay on the floor of the bathroom, still crying and making awful groaning noises and sobs. You were slowly starting to become more aware of your surroundings, your body finally healing quicker and beginning to catch up to the situation. You lay against the cool tile of the floor, unconsciously making soft whimpering noises with your eyes closed. To say you were overwhelmed would be an understatement, the guilt giving way to sadness as you lay there. You were too tired to unlock the door, and too exhausted to try and form words, so you just lay there, letting the cool darkness seep into you, letting it relieve your sweaty, exhausted body as slowly but surely the divine nature of your being an avatar did its work.
Meanwhile, Steven was locked out, and needless to say, terribly worried. He tried the door twice, and when he realized there was no getting through, he desperately turned to the others for help, catching his reflection in the mirror.
“What do I do?” He stammered, meeting Marc’s equally bewildered face.
“I- I don’t know? Never had this happen before.” Marc stuttered, seemingly just as concerned as Steven.
“She’s lost a lot of blood, and her body is trying to catch up.” Jake muttered from a reflection in Gus’ tank. “Dame el cuerpo.” As the alter who often took the most physical punishment, Jake felt like the right choice to deal with the matter. Marc was acting skittish and stand off-ish in the face of such scary emotions, and frankly, nobody could blame him. So, feeling helpless in the situation, Steven relented immediately.
Jake came to, and took a deep breath, releasing on a sigh. He stood for a moment, and took an internal review of the situation at hand. His mind played out your injuries, and took stock of your blood loss, noting that it was a significant level, he reviewed your symptoms, the paling of your skin, the sweating, the shaking, the confusion. You were in shock, and coming down fast. So, he prepared as quickly as possible, grabbing juice, some more crackers, a cool cloth, a blanket, and a shirt for you to change into. He knew that as an avatar you heal fast, but nowhere near as fast as he did, so he made sure to grab anything that could aid in the process. Then he carefully made his way to the door, setting all of the stuff right next to him on the ground where he knelt, head and palm of his hand pressed to the door. Now came the hard part, getting you to open the door. Normally, he would just kick it in or pick the lock, but not knowing where you were in the room or what state you were in, he didn’t want to barge in and risk hurting or startling you further.
“Querida, can you hear me?” He softly asked, trying to get through to you, the firm wood of the door resting reassuringly against his skin. He sat with silence for a minute, not hearing a response from you. He was beginning to worry you had passed out, when he got a small whimper in response. “Mijita, can you open the door? You’re hurt, and I want to help, but you have to open the door.” Jake waited with baited breath, letting out a sigh or relief when he heard the lock click. Slowly opening the door, he found you curled in on yourself near the tub. “Oh, cariño, ¿qué ha pasado?”
You let out another terrible sob, the sound breaking Jake’s heart as he reached out to you. “Ven aquí, cariño. Let me take care of you.” He sighed, pulling your nearly dead weight into his arms as you cried, half formed and muttered apologies falling from your lips.
“I’m so-sorry” you wept bitterly, “I’m sor-ry Jake. I did-didn’t m-mean to.” You cried harder, and Jake’s heart shattered in his chest, he could sense the other two watching in horror as you struggled to string together a coherent thought. You were always the firm one, more prone to witty sarcastic banter, or soft measured conversations, than to emotional explosions, that was their thing.
“Shh mi niña, it’s not your fault.” Jake quietly reassured you, wiping the sweat from your brow, and shedding you of your old clothes as you shivered. He carefully pulled one of his large T-shirt’s over your body, and cradled you to his chest as you sniffled and drank the juice and ate what he had brought you. You slowly regained your clarity, sagging into Jake, exhausted, bodies curled together on the cool tile of the Bathroom. You leaned your back into his chest and sighed, eyes fluttering shut as he curled his arm around you, pushing the hair from your sticky forehead and kissing your temple. “You ok there niña?” He mutters where his lips are pressed to your head.
“Yes, that was a lot.” You huffed a humorless chuckle, and pressed a hand to your throbbing head. “I never should have gone without you, sorry I scared you, I should have waited.”
Jake sighed and dropped his hand to rest on his knee where it was propped up at his side. He clumsily pushed his fingers back through your sweaty hair, forcing you to lean further into his chest where your back is pressed against it. “It’s okay, estrellita, you were doing what you thought was right, and I understand how demanding being an avatar can be, but I want to help, be a little more careful next time si?”
You nod and nuzzle into his palm. “Claro que si.” you mutter, “lo siento, mi amor.” you feel him chuckle a bit as you respond and you smile.
“Tish! You spoke French!” He muttered, making you giggle as he placed hasty kisses up your arm. You giggled at the Addams family reference, as he lifted you to your feet. Later, as you lay curled up in bed, completely exhausted, Jake sighs and says, “The boys and I want to apologize for earlier, we were so scared and worried that we didn’t take into account that ranting at you might not have been the best way to speak about our feelings. We care about you, and we were worried, so we got a little worked up.”
“Oh babe,” you sigh snuggling closer, “Don’t ever apologize for loving me, I’m sorry I worried you all, and I’ll be more careful next time.” You muttered as you began to nod off. “Bueñas Noches, hasta mañana, te amo.” You said nodding off as Jake nuzzled into your hair.
“Love you too, goodnight.” He sighed as you both drift off to sleep.
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