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Already seen this several times? Don’t care, you’re gonna see it again

Marshmaline humming greensleeves, I like this part

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Thinking about it, Simon is the only being alive with knowledge of human history, various languages, human culture, and loads of other stuff. The only other surviving stuff would be what he taught Marceline / what she learned from Two bread Tom, what the island humans passed down, and the out of context knowledge PB picked up in her 827 years. 

What I’m saying is that Simon is the only being alive (and not either a cosmic entity, or St. Pim) who knows the extent of pre-mushroom war human degeneracy, and intends to take that to his never-coming grave.

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I heard today was “Crack (Friend)ships” for @spop-palentines so here is the first actual idea I had for a SPoP story:


The smoke cleared. Hordak frowned.

“You are not my lab partner,” he intoned.

“Yeah, well, you’re not my vampire, so whatevs,” the other woman shrugged. She was wearing a white lab coat and a crown, and appeared to be made entirely of a pink gelatinous substance.

She looked around at Entrapta’s equipment. “I guess you were working on parallel-dimensional biz too, huh? I think we got our wires crossed. Lemme just fix this for you.”

Hordak took a step back and regarded the pink woman balefully, but did not interrupt. A tiny part of him wished this was the strangest thing that had ever happened to him in a lab.

“Boom-diggety!” the woman cried, mashing some wires together. “I’m outtie five-thou!”

Hordak blinked. There was another burst of energy and a plume of electrical smoke, but when it dissipated Entrapta had still not returned. Instead yet another woman, pale and lost in a mess of black hair, floated several feet off the ground in front of him.

She looked up. “Oh hey. Are you Hordak?”

Hordak hissed. “How do you know my name?”

“Your lady-friend was talkin’ about you. Then she messed with Peebs’ science crud and now I’m here! But it’s chill. If those two are together they’ll probs have this fixed in a hot second. I’m Marceline, by the way.”

She produced a small guitar and began to strum it while hovering.

Hordak sighed.

Marceline glanced at him. “Y’know, I like your spooky vibe. You should all come hang sometime. I’ve got friends who’d like you.”

Before Hordak could answer, there was another flash of light and a whirl of smoke. This time, his familiar purple princess was standing just where she had been a few short minutes ago.

Entrapta grinned, bright-eyed. “Hordak!” she cried, when she saw him. “You’ll never believe the new friends I just made!”

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In the last days of the month of love, have these awful valentines lines from my babes ❤️

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