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#marceline the vampire queen

Like many other people in the Adventure Time fandom I am on a bubbline hype🥰🏳️‍🌈

I just had to create a new music video to tribute these two wonderful girls and their sweet and compelling relationship. Through all the hardships they had, they came back to each other. As friends and a team they better each other. I think they may be one of the best relationships I’ve seen in a cartoon show, they’re so complex and interesting.

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And that’s the cliffhanger we’re ending with!

I’m only laughing because I genuinely think Marceline’s going to be fine. My prediction is that the cure worked, but it’s not going to stick. Marcy will have to re-absorb all of that vampire goo that got sucked out of her because it’s better than letting a bunch of other nascent vampires run loose.

It’s going to be a little while before I get to find out if I’m right though because I’m working long hours this weekend, and on Monday, I’m playing Hiveswap!

It’ll probably take a couple of days to get through Hiveswap Act 2, so late next week we’ll be getting back to Stakes. Cya then!

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