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Etsy Shop Update: Product Sheets!!

Hi everyone! So I finished up my product sheets this evening and I’m soooo excited to share these with you all. I realize that I don’t have a huge amount of stuff right now, but I’m still starting out and right now this is what I’m comfortable with. I do hope to have some new items in the future though (I know I’m probably disappointing all the folks who followed me for my Lumity fanart, but I promise I have something with those two in the works! 😅).

🌟Just a few quick notes about these items!🌟

▪️Stickers are going to be ready to ship and will have free shipping! That being said, they won’t have tracking number.

▪️Charm will be pre-orders only and will be open Monday, December 21st (when my shop opens) -Monday, January 4th! These little dudes will come with tracking and I’m so excited for these one (especially the Bubbline and Sword of Protection charms!). All charms will come with keychains attached as well. Since these items are pre-orders the turnaround time will be a bit longer than me getting the stickers out (up to 3 weeks for production/shipping and 1 week for me to package stuff up and get it sent out). If you decide to buy stickers and charms together, I’ll be more than happy to send your stickers out first so you don’t have to sit around waiting for those items!

▪️Also, sets such as the She-Ra charms, She-Ra stickers, and Owl House Palisman charms are discounted a bit if you chose to buy the full set!

There will be more details for each item listing when the shop opens, but please feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions! As always, reblogs are super appreciated and thank you all once again! Gonna go do a big sleep now~


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Amity WISHES she could have hair as long as Marceline that somehow still manages to get a brush through it

Its the Rules you know. You fall asleep at someones house and they’re allowed to write stupid shit on your face. She draws like and Extended Toothy Mouth on the side of Amity’s face + like “Luz Noceda’s Homosexual” on her forehead. She gets bitch slapped into the ground so hard she almost breaks her jaw

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I’m opening an Etsy? I’m opening an Etsy.

So I’ve made a few posts over the last month mentioning how I had some She-Ra designs I wanted to make into stickers. Well, I ended up deciding that I want to go ahead and open up an Etsy store. Right now I’m planning on offering acrylic charms and stickers from She-Ra, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Owl House, and Adventure Time (maybe wood for the TOH charms, still debating that though). The stickers will be be ready to ship, but the charms will definitely be pre-orders since you know…COVID, I’m trying to make fiscally smart decisions here lol.

Right now the goal is to open on December 21st, but here’s a wee baby sneak peak of some samples I’ve been putting together! I’m honestly most excited about the Bubbline charm. 💕 Anyways, if you want updates, please be sure to follow me on here or on Twitter!

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I actually started working on these ideas like a month ago, before the special came out, after listening to I’m Just Your Problem on repeat. All the adventure time stuff on my dash inspired me to finish them. I don’t actually have any deep ideas, I’m Just Your Problem just happened to reminded me of Willow

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