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Este compás es el que debería de sonar y suena en algunos barrios de mi ciudad… A quienes nos gusta la Semana Santa y encima hacemos estación de penitencia nos invade la añoranza, la tristeza y a su vez la responsabilidad de no poder realizarla debido a la situación de estado de alarma, aún así intentamos tenerlo presente como buenamente podemos, unos ponen fotos, otros pondrán vídeos, yo sin ser cantante y menos aún saetera me atrevo a subir esto con todos los respetos. Ánimo y fuerza a todos los que están luchando por vencer el #Covid_19, a los que perdieron a alguien en el camino por ello, y a los que luchan en primera línea de fuego como mi madre exponiendo sus vidas para salva la nuestra, esta guerra la ganaremos entre todos!! 💪💪#Working #Life #Love #Dreams #March #Sport #Friends #Music #Travel 📒✒️🏃🔝💪#VillaTamariski 🌅🎉#UnProyectoDeVidaJuntos #UnFuturoCompartido #MirandoAlFrente😉❤👠🎵😀🐾 #Happines #Loyalty #Moon  #Reflection #Poetry #Family #Strength #Struggle #Sun #Nature 🐚🐳🌎🌞🐕🎨🎉🎵 #AsiSonLasCosas
#YoMeQuedoEnCasa #YoElijoSerResponsable #Coronavirus #FrenarLaCurva ES RESPONSABILIDAD DE TODOS!

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@elizabethreaser: Cancelled a breakfast with these two to go social distancing shopping Be safe ❤️ PS just noticed Paget is holding tight to some Tide and also, if you’re asking why is she looking so hot at the grocery store the answer is she can’t help it 

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It’s me, I’m the sponsor, but I am interrupting the typical queer dating content for my own personal life update. So as some of the folks that read this blog know, my birthday was two weekends ago. My birthday celebrations don’t really get crazy, but I do always make sure that there is some plan to celebrate me (the Aries energy is strong with me - so I love the attention) Anyway, this is probably the WORST time to have a birthday. My expectations for how this weekend would turn out were at an all time low and I planned on pushing myself through this time by thinking about what the bday celebration will be like once this covid time is past us all.

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I am going to start posting my weight-loss journey, just so I can look back at it in the future, and see how I was feeling when I began this journey (Even though I started after New Year’s and this is one of many tries since I was 15 xD).

So I started legit the 3rd of January, and have been keeping a schedule so I can track my weight-loss personally, while also using an app to count calories, which I personally has most success with, when looking at me trying to lose weight in the past.

But when I started, I did really good. In January I lost a total of 1 kg, with me not being totally healthy and only gaining weight in one of those weeks in that month. Not a lot, but still not a little.

Then came February and everything went to shit. Mock Exams were coming up and I was getting so stressed about it. So the first half of the week I actually logged in my weight, with me gaining weight and then losing exactly what I gained. And then I didn’t weight myself for the rest of the month, because I knew I had gained weight again, and was terrified to see if I had gained everything I had lost in January and maybe even more.

Then came March, which is the focus of this post. I started counting calories again, and when I weighted myself, I could see I gained almost all I had lost, but I was expecting that. And then I just started loosing weight week after week.


And then my country went into lock-down, and I had to self quarantine at my boarding school. And that is where my weight-loss spiked at 1,1 kg in ONE WEEK! Because I needed distractions from the entire thing, and one of the best ways was to focus on my body and my weight-loss goal. And then when my exams were cancelled, I started to focus even more on it.

I will admit it can be hard, when you have friends who are supper thin or are very comfortable with the curves they have (which is so great for them) and, therefore, can eat a lot of sweets and unhealthy stuff and then keep offering it to you. Or they want to make foods such as pancakes and homemade pizza, it can be hard to say no, but I am staying strong!

My goal is to be down to 75 kg by the 5th of July. The original goal was 70 kg, but with how bad February was, I changed it to something realistic that I knew I could manage. I am now under 80 kg, and I am only 4,7 kg away, and hopefully my progress will continue the way it is going now and I will reach my goal at the end.

So if you are like me and like to stress eat when times are hard, try and turn it around and either keep your body in shape or lose those extra kg you might not like that you might have gained from that stress eating.

Stay safe and inside if you can! 

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30 марта 2020. Оказывается попасть в список умеющих от covid19 не так то просто🧼 #covidmemes #atmosphere #cosiness #fun #selfie #прикрыли #здесьисейчас #archive #dance #smoke #smokekills #march #spring #nofilter #music #Monday (at Москва, Ул. Лескова)

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Seven days into April. Yikes. I need to do better at keeping up with this. March has been a weird month, to be fair. At the start of the month I watched My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising with some family and picked up Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX and enjoyed that for a bit. But then the pandemic hit.

Due to Covid-19 spreading all over the world and cases increasing as time passes I have been doing my part by engaging in social distancing. I have kept hanging out with friends to a bare minimum and at this point I haven’t seen any of them in over a week. The place where I work closed so the organization that it’s a part of has relocated me elsewhere, but my hours are drastically lowered. Being cooped up inside more than usual has proven to be taxing some times. Despite all that, things could be worse. I’ve been using my extra free time to either play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (gotta finish up my playthrough before Definitive Edition comes out in the end of May), or making videos.

Steven Universe: Future ended and with that the series is over. There’s always the chance it gets revived later on, but I’m satisfied with how the series ended. It’s become near and dear to my heart since I started watching it back in 2017 and I’ll never forget what its done for me as a person.

Anyways, I promise, for realz this time, that I’ll be better with getting these out on time. I’ll be inside 99% of the time so there really shouldn’t be an excuse for me to forget.

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