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#march 2020

I need you to tell me

How is it possible

For you to know the deepest parts

of my soul

To have swam in my abyss of sadness

To have known how powerful your hands in my hair can be

Just as much as your stare at a red light

Can weaken me

Or your laughter on a Saturday night

Or your cheek pressed into my thigh

Or your tears on my shoulder at midnight

Only to ignore my presence

In a crowded room

When she’s around

- the after party

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January 2020: trump secretly orders assassination/potential world war III. (Notable mentions: Kobe, his daughter, and other guests died in helicopter crash, Australia on fire).

February 2020: trump not impeached

March 2020: COVID-19 officially declared a pandemic.

April 2020: worldwide cases of COVID-19 deaths surpass 1,000,000. Notable mention: unemployment reaches 14.7%, the worst it’s been since the Great Depression.

May 2020: death of George Floyd, inspiring peaceful protests, rioting, and looting. Of course 2020 would get The Purge. Notable mention: murder hornets.

June 2020 potential contender: 17 year cicadas.

The rest of 2020:


Originally posted by setphaserstoshade

2020 has been one clusterfuck after another. Who wants to join me in hibernation?

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Illusions succeed each other because an unspeakeable desire remains untamed. Make it stop to destroy illusions.

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