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#march 9 2020

I had such an excellent nap today. I slept for multiple hours and it felt pretty great.

I did some drawing today! It’s been quite some time, actually. I really missed it. It isn’t turning out quite like I’d hoped but it’s very cute, so there’s definitely that! I’m looking forward to doing more!

I am getting better at just casually noodling on my ukulele and being able to put chords with melodies without looking them up, which is something I have wanted to be able to do for years. Progress is magical.

We went to visit a 95 year old woman today. She was so pleased to see us. It really doesn’t take a lot to cheer people up. Just have to do it.

I ordered a fun shirt today! I hope it fits when it comes in. I can’t wait to wear it!

I love character development, you guys. I’m all about that.

Tomorrow we go to see children and plan a birthday party. That’s an excellent prospect. I hope our days go well!

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Me: pissed off by specific bullshit content

Also me: follows more people who post that bullshit content, hates myself for following them

Also also me: realizes this might sound like one thing, but it’s really a different thing

Also also also me: regrets posting this before I post it

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Happy Purim from Wolverine ( @great-lakes-selkie ) and Batman (me)! Featured above: dramatic poses, me flexing the way to the beach, the night spent in the bar that Logan forgot and Bruce would like to, and the amazing Batcape.

Costumes featuring: a cape sewn by my selkie from materials gathered at Joann’s, gauntlets and batears they sewed from old combat boots, and adamantium-torn thrift store gloves. Plus two pairs of pants bought at the thrift store specifically for this because we don’t have normal people clothes.

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She stopped at the threshold of his front door, just twenty-seven steps away from the hazy golden afternoon sunlight that drowned the hardwood floorboards of his bedroom. The confusion in his eyes hurt her almost as much as her choice to leave him did.

She faltered as she reached up toward him, the guitar callouses on her fingers just barely touching the beginnings of his beard. It only made him look more handsome when he smiled.

He wasn’t smiling at her now, the tension in his jaw exacerbating the anxiety already roiling in her stomach. He caught her hand as she moved to withdraw it.

His eyes were determined and angry when he asked her, “Why?”

She pulled her hand back, the moment and the memory of the tender way he’d looked at her that morning shattered in the vinyl hallway of his building, a thousand glittering shards, just like her mother’s crystal vase that hot June afternoon she’d turned eleven.

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I go through phases like the moon when I use Tumblr and when I forget to use Tumblr. But I have been preparing for the Worm Moon 🐛🌕

My favorite moon because I’m biased to a certain video game lol.

Although my worship mainly focuses on the new moon 🌑

And I forget Tumblr exists sometimes because I focus intensely on other aspects of my life. There’s not enough hours in the day and night.

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On trying not to compare oneself to others

Classmate who shares most of my classes and thus talks to me: is also mentally ill and works at least as much as me, including weekends, and yet manages to finish almost a whole essay in a day and do most of the class readings on time and spend a whole day straight studying

Me, who is always behind on reading, writes essays the night before, and out of a whole day of attempted focus will get maybe a couple hours of real studying: ok now I just have no excuse when I’m not comparing myself to people who are abled and/or don’t have any other responsibilities

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